The King of Kungfu in school 2271-2275


Chapter 2271

Shen Yao huffed, "Tang Zichen, I don't know what luck you have had, the heavens have given you such a good providence, hmm, today since I found out and I had the opportunity, don't blame me for being rude, hahaha."

So, Shen Yao immediately cut off Tang Zichen's relationship with Ding Lan, and, Shen Yao also connected Ding Lan, with a person called 'Gao Xiaofei'.

"Hehe, Tang Zichen, hahaha."After Shen Medicine finished his handiwork, he panicked and left.

A few days later, Ding Lan, who was cultivating in the house, suddenly sighed.

A maid beside Ding Lan said, "Miss, what's wrong with you?Why are you sighing ah, is it that you miss the Tang Sovereign."

Ding Lan said, "I don't know, maybe, yes."

Ding Lan didn't say, in fact, Ding Lan felt inside, this life wanted a little bit more tired, it felt as if Tang Zichen wasn't the harbor her heart needed the most.

Ding Lan felt very bored, when she said, "I'm going for a walk."

Ding Lan arrived at one of the most crowded hanging islands in the Immortal Realm to take a walk on the island.

Just at this time, there was a flirtation behind: "Yo, isn't this bitch Dinglan, how drop, your husband Tang Zichen, can't satisfy you is it, come here to have fun ah, how about me."

"Hehehe, positive ah."Several other rogue immortals also looked at Ding Lan's figure with glowing eyes. Remember the website

These rogue Immortals were all Xuan Immortals.

Ding Lan angrily said, "You guys don't want to live do you?"

Just then, a man behind Ding Lan said, "Miss Ding Lan, why get angry with a hooligan, I'll teach them a lesson for you!"

Then the man beat up a couple of hoodlums.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"May I ask who you are?"

"Hello, Miss Ding Lan, my name is Gao Xiaofei.I wonder if Miss Ding Lan would be willing to be gracious enough to come to my restaurant for a drink."

Just like that, Ding Lan and Gao Xiaofei got to know each other.

The acquaintance was strange and inexplicable, not as if it was arranged in the underworld.

However, after finishing the drink, Ding Lan took her leave and went home.

After returning home, Dinglan couldn't stop thinking about that Gao Xiaofei, she always felt that Gao Xiaofei, the jade tree, was graceful and elegant.

Ding Lan was very contradictory, how could she have such a feeling for Gao Xiaofei, it doesn't make sense, that Gao Xiaofei is a few streets behind Tang Zichen.

However, the feeling couldn't fool anyone.

At this moment, Tang Zichen was still in the barracks.

Tang Zichen had no idea what was going on, nor did he know that his wife was 'moving on'.

All of this was caused by that Shen Medicine, who had cut off Tang Zichen and Ding Lan's Heavenly Desire relationship, and, moreover, forcibly linked Ding Lan to Gao Xiaofei.

While Tang Zichen was doing nothing, Ming Cheng pair came.

"Brother Tang, what are you staring at."

"Oh, big brother, you're here, why aren't you assigned to an expat mission?"

"Don't be ridiculous, I'm the captain of the barracks, how could I be sent out, only a celestial soldier could be sent out."

"Oh, so."

"Brother Tang, you're bored in the barracks, so am I. Let's go, let's go to my place and drink."

Tang Zichen said, "Big brother, can we celestial soldiers who haven't been sent out have to stay in the barracks all the time?"

"That's not true, you can take a leave of absence as long as it's approved from above."

"Well then, I'd like to take a leave of absence to go home."Tang Zichen said.

"Brother, leave of absence is applied for on my behalf and then reported to the corps commander, if the commander agrees, you can only go home."

"It's such a hassle, I'm so bored right now, I'd love to go home."Tang Zichen said.

Ming Cheng Dao: "Alright, tomorrow I will help you apply upwards, don't worry, I still have a good relationship with the regimental commander, I think, if I say a few good words, he will

You are granted leave to go home."

Don asked, "How long can I take a leave of absence?"

"Up to six months, and you can only have one chance to take a leave of absence in a hundred years."

"Understood, give me a six-month leave."

"Brother, is that really necessary?It's been six months on leave since the last war, which isn't that long."

"It's necessary, I feel like I'm going to stay crazy."

Ming Cheng was very quick to get leave for Tang Zichen the next day.

Tang Zichen left the barracks smoothly, without approval, it was impossible to leave the barracks, the management of the barracks, was very strict, without approval, not even a mosquito could get out.

Tang Zichen's mid-Dao Immortal realm was merely a bit more powerful among the lower celestial soldiers in the barracks.

"Ahhhh."Tang Zichen, who left the military camp, was like a liberated bird.

Tang Zichen went straight to his home.

"Huanhuan, I'm back."Tang Zichen first went to look for Tang Huan.

However, Tang Huan was not there.

"Where did he go?"

"Onward to the Academy of the Fairies."A servant said.


Tang Zichen went to find Ding Lan again.

"Lan'er, I'm back."

But Ding Lan wasn't there either.

"Where have you been again?"

"Miss Dinglan has gone to Taurin Island."

"Going to Taurin Island for what?"Tang Zichen asked.

"I don't know, Miss Dinglan has been there a few times lately."

"Oh, then I'll go and take a look."

Tang Zichen also went to Tao Lin Island to see what she was doing on Tao Lin Island.

Tang Zichen searched around Tao Lin Island and finally saw Ding Lan.

Ding Lan was in a restaurant, an average looking man was sitting in front of Ding Lan, and they were chatting.

Tang Zichen's eyebrows furrowed as he said in his heart, "No way, Ding Lan is eating with another man behind my back?The key guy is still ugly as anything, how is that possible."

Not believing it, Tang Zichen immediately rushed in.

"Dinglan, who is this?"Don Zimmer asked.

"Ah."Ding Lan was startled, thinking it would take a long time for her husband to come back, but suddenly he popped up.

"Husband, why are you back?"

Tang Zichen saw Tinglan's look and felt there was something wrong, and asked aloud, "Who is he?"

"Ah, he, he's a friend of mine."

Don asked again, "Did you guys fuck?"

"Ah, no no, no, we're only meeting for the second time, really."Ding Lan was busy explaining.

Tang Zichen said angrily, "Ding Lan, I heck, I never thought that you would go behind my back and date another man."

"Husband, you've really misunderstood."

"So obvious or misunderstanding?"

"Husband, listen to my explanation."

"Fine, you explain, I'd like to hear your explanation."Tang Zichen said angrily.

Ding Lan was busy saying, "Husband, I know, you won't believe me, in fact, I really still have you deep inside, but I don't know why, I, I can't always forget Gao Xiaofei, it's like, it's like, I don't know how to describe it.But I swear, deep down inside, I love you."

"While dating someone else, you still say that deep down you still love me, do you believe it yourself?"

"Husband, I really, I'm not lying to you, sooooo."Ding Lan cried out.

At this time, Tang Zichen suddenly thought of something, before, that Tian Nian Shi Princess, seemed to have said so, the difference was, Tian Nian Shi Princess said that she obviously didn't like Tang Zichen, why did she have the feeling of being born with Tang Zichen.


Tang Zichen asked, "Do you really, deep down, love me?"


"Then why did you eat with him?"

"I really don't know, it feels like everything is out of nowhere, I met him somehow, like I was driven by something underworld, like today, I didn't mean to come, but my mother ghostly asked me to come here to buy something, and ghostly ran into Gao Xiaofei."

"Alright, I get it, you go home first."

Tang Zichen wondered if this was something someone could really tamper with.

Previously in the barracks, Tang Zichen had heard the captain say that that Shen Medicine was sent out to the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace, and this Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace managed the emotions of everyone within the Three Realms.

Originally, Tang Zichen wouldn't have thought of this aspect, because Shen Medicine was sent here, and Shen Medicine had always resented Tang Zichen, that's why Tang Zichen instantly suspected that there wasn't something wrong with the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace.

Tang Zichen immediately went to the barracks and found the captain.

"Brother Zichen, why are you here again, didn't you take half a year's leave."

"Brother, there's something I don't know." One second to remember to read the book


"When I returned home, I found that my daughter-in-law had somehow met another man, but deep down, she was certain that it was me she loved, but yet she ghostly appeared to have all sorts of chance encounters and ran into another man.Didn't you previously say that Shen Pill was sent out to the Heavenly Emotions Shrine?I'm worried, could Shen medicine have done something to me?"

Ming Cheng said, "Impossible, except for the Immortal Emperor, no one dares to disturb the emotional direction of all things in the Three Realms, the emotions of all things in the Three Realms have evolved following the laws originally set by the Immortal Emperor.The administrators of the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace could only correct errors when they discovered them, but they could not haphazardly modify the emotional direction of others.Otherwise, once discovered, it wouldn't just kill the head, but the entire family.Also, not just anyone can modify the direction of another person's emotions, they must be someone with certain authority."

Tang Zichen said, "You take me to the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace, I want to see if someone has really tampered with me."


Soon, Tang Zichen and Ming Cheng arrived at the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace.

At this moment, somewhere in the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace.

An obese man was in a hurry to find Shen Medicine.

"Uncle Oil, what is so urgent."Shen Yao was busy calling out, this Uncle Oil was his father's friend, and it was because of the convenience Uncle Oil gave him that he was able to modify Tang Zichen's Emotion Tree.

"Shen Pill, what's going on ah."That oil uncle hurriedly asked.

"What's going on?"

"Something went wrong, a person in my jurisdiction deviated from the karmic system and, it's been days, why haven't you corrected it, you're really killing me."

"Ah, yes."Shen Dao was shocked.

Shen Yao internally said, "Uncle Oil shouldn't have found out that I intentionally modified it, right?"

"What are you waiting for, come with me to correct it."

Just at this moment, two people came outside the door, it was Tang Zichen and Ming Cheng.

They originally couldn't come in, it just so happened that Captain Ming Cheng also had acquaintances here, so they came in.

When Shen Medicine saw Tang Zichen coming, he suddenly realized that it was bad.

That oil uncle was busy saying, "What are you guys doing?"

Captain Ming Cheng said, "Hello, this is my brother, Tang Zichen, he suspects that his heavenly direction has been maliciously tampered with."

"Malicious tampering, how could


"This team leader, you'd better take us to the scene."

"Truth be told, this area that I manage happens to have an error, I am about to go there to correct it, I don't know if it is your brother's error error error, you can go if you want to."

Shen Pill was shaken inside, busy saying, "Don't go."

Tang Zichen snorted, "Shen Medicine, you don't allow us to go to the scene, hmm, could it be that you really did something wrong."

"You're talking nonsense, I didn't."

"If you didn't, why don't you let me go."

Uncle Oil said, "Alright, I'm in charge here, if you want to see it, come with me."

Shen Medicine was frightened and didn't speak.

Soon, they arrived at a huge, ant hole-like structure and found the place where the mistake had been made.

There was a virtual, green like intricate blood vessels of the human body growing there, as well as a leafy tree.

There were endless things like that, too many.

Each similar tree developed according to a certain pattern.

Tang Zichen said, "Could it be that the emotions of all the creatures within the Three Realms are controlled from here?"

"Of course."

Tang Zichen was a little less than convinced that such a thing represented the emotions of an endless number of creatures.

Soon, an emotional sapling representing Tang Zichen was found.

Tang Zichen's emotional sapling was very developed and, as far as the eye could see, it could also predict that many women would cross over with Tang Zichen in the future, which meant that Tang Zichen had many beautiful women waiting for him in the future.

That oil uncle asked, "Is this you?"

Tang Zichen said, "It's me, as soon as I stood here, I was able to sense his presence, heck, it turns out that my emotions are really governed by someone."

"No, you are wrong, it is bound by the heavens and earth, anyone must exist within the rules of the heavens and earth, no living creature can overstep them.And the controller of Heaven and Earth is the Immortal Emperor."

No matter what, Tang Zichen wasn't very happy inside, it would be great if he could be free from the constraints of heaven and earth, but if so, Tang Zichen wouldn't have any constraints, he could do whatever he wanted, wouldn't this be against the heavens, I'm afraid, even the Immortal Emperor himself might not be able to do whatever he wanted.

At this time, that oil uncle said, "Something has gone wrong here."

The captain was busy asking, "How did it go wrong?"

"In this place, one of Tang Zichen's emotional threads, with one Ding Lan, broke the connection."

Tang Zichen took a look, and sure enough, the connection that brought him to Ting Lan was broken.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "I'm afraid it's more than that, my lord, let's see if my wife Ding Lan's emotional line is connected to someone named Gao Xiaofei."

"Let me see, hey, it's true."That oil uncle's face changed, if Tang Zichen's broke off, it could be an accident, but Ding Lan was connected to a person with no connection, this was by no means a mistake, this was someone's malicious intent ah.

At this moment, Shen Pill's face turned livid, Shen Pill only knew afterwards that randomly modifying someone else's emotional line was to kill the entire family's head.

Captain Ming Cheng said, "My lord, this is definitely someone's malicious intent."

"This."That lord was also thinking about something.

Tang Zichen pointed at Shen Pill: "You did it, and sure enough, my intuition was right."

However, Shen Yao didn't admit it at all: "You're talking nonsense, I didn't, Uncle Oil, I really didn't, he's talking nonsense."


Captain Ming Cheng said, "My lord, it's already obvious, two people with no karmic implication, without any intersection, are even connected, if it wasn't done maliciously, I wouldn't believe it.Moreover, Tang Zichen and Shen Medicine, have a grudge from when they were in the barracks, things couldn't be more obvious."

Uncle Oil immediately waved his hand and tied up Shen Medicine.

"Uncle Oil, I didn't."

"Shen Medicine, thanks to me trusting you so much to let you watch over it for a while, I didn't expect that you would dare to tamper with it, do you know that a small mistake could cause the entire system to collapse, if the entire system collapses, the consequences would be the destruction of countless living beings in the slightest, or the rebuilding of the heavens and the earth, but can you afford the responsibility?"

"Uncle Oil, they wronged me, I really didn't."

Shen Medicine still wanted to argue.

At this time, that oil uncle passed a voice to him: "Shen Medicine, don't struggle, now in front of them, I have to calm down, when they leave, I'll release you, now be good."

After that, Shen Dao did not yell anymore.

Tang Zichen and Ming Cheng both thought that Shen Medicine had really been arrested and held accountable.

That oil lord said to Tang Zichen, "I'll help you rectify this."

Quickly, Tang Zichen and Ding Lan's line was reconnected, breaking the line between Ding Lan and that Gao Xiaofei. First URL

At this moment, Ding Lan, who was in the Ding's Immortal Mansion, felt a sudden relaxation in her body.

"Wow, it's so comfortable, as if the puppet strings that were suddenly forced onto my body were broken.Husband, I'm sorry, I really didn't want to get to know that Gao Xiaofei inwardly."Ting Lan was filled with guilt, and she vowed to make it up to Tang Zichen when he returned.

At the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace, Tang Zichen and Ming Cheng left.

Tang Zichen said, "That trash, Shen Medicine, really did something to me, fortunately I found it in time, or else it would really be a big mistake."

"Alright, it's fine now, but even if we hadn't come today, I think that Lord Oil, would have gone to correct it right away, after all, it's impossible for the Heavenly Emotion Shrine to allow such a mistake to spread, it would ruin the entire Emotion System.For such a serious matter, I'm sure that Shen Medicine will be punished."

"Next, I just want to see if Shen Medicine will be killed by his entire family."Tang Zichen said.

Ming Cheng said, "It is unlikely that the whole family will be killed by the head, after all, the Immortal Court is very dark, at most, Shen Pill alone will be killed by the head."

"Forget it, it is fine for Shen Medicine to be killed by his head alone, my request is not excessive, just kill him."Tang Zichen's heart flowed freely, this trash Shen Yao was finally going to die.

At this moment, in a certain palace.

"Shen Medicine ah, you're really crazy."

"Uncle Oil, I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose, I hate that Tang Zichen too much, Tang Zichen that trash, I really want to kill him."

"Alright, you know what, if this is traced down, you'll kill your head."

"Uncle Oil, will it be alright now then?"

"Don't worry, I was able to hold this down, and, now that it's been corrected, I've pretty much cleaned up the evidence that can prove that it's been tampered with, even if that Tang Zichen sticks it up there, he won't find any evidence, and your father is from the Judicial Shrine.Alright, to show your punishment, you don't need to enter here from now on, go guard the gate."

Tang Zichen returned home.

Ting Lan had already returned to his former self.


Husband, I'm sorry, you chastise me."Ding Lan kneeled in front of Tang Zichen.

"Alright, you can't be blamed for this, all the creatures in the three realms are bound by the heaven and earth kneeling in restraint, between you and me, if we follow the normal rules, we would become husband and wife and love each other lovingly forever.However, someone took advantage of their position to modify the relationship between you and me, and that's why we are gradually separating.It wasn't your fault, it was that Shen medicine that set it up.However, that Shen Pill will definitely be killed in the head as well, so it's revenge."

"Thank you for understanding, but I still can't forgive myself, now that I think about it, I can't figure it out anyway, I actually ate with that restaurant owner named Gao Xiaofei twice, that trash is not even worthy of a single hair of mine ah."Ding Lan said reproachfully to herself.

"Oh, it's okay."

"Husband, could it be that the world is really so magical that when that Heavenly Emotion Shrine's emotional threads are modified, we'll send out changes accordingly, pulling people who aren't even connected together?"

"Yes, because that is the rule of heaven and earth, and as long as everything that lives under this heaven and earth, even Immortal Emperors, are bound by that rule.If they are not bound by the rules of heaven and earth, what is it if I want the mountain to be less high and it is not so high; if I want the earth to be less big and it is not so big; if I want the gods and demons to crawl at my feet, they will crawl at my feet?This is simply becoming a creator."

"Well, I see, Husband, let me make it up to you."

"Uh, what are you doing."

"Will you close your eyes and let me make it up to you?"

"Oh."Tang Zichen closed his eyes, and after a moment, Tang Zichen laughed, "Lan'er, you're so dirty, but I like it, hahaha."

Tang Zichen and Ding Lan this then recovered as before.

Tang Zichen played at home for half a month.

After half a month, Tang Zichen internally said, "It's been half a month, I'm sure that Shen Medicine has already killed his head.I'll go make some inquiries."

Tang Zichen immediately went to the Heavenly Emotion Shrine to see if Shen Medicine was dead.

However, as soon as Tang Zichen arrived at the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace, he saw Shen Medicine sitting at the gate, looking like he was helping guard the gate.Shen Medicine was no longer able to enter the core now, having been relegated by Lord Oil to guard the gate.

"Shen Pill, you, why aren't you dead yet."Tang Zichen asked angrily.

"Hey, if it isn't Tang Zichen, hahaha."

"Shen Medicine, answer me, why aren't you dead yet."

"Don Dumbass, you've been dead for countless years, but I'm still alive."Shen Pill let out a loud laugh.

"Shen Pill, you modified my emotional line without permission, it's reasonable that the whole family should kill the head, I thought that even if you didn't have the whole family to kill the head, at least your head must be killed, I didn't expect that you're fine as a person."

"Tang dumbass, you're fucking naive ah, who do you think you are ah, and kill the whole family, I go you."

"Shen Pill, you maliciously destroyed the emotional system of living creatures, you wait, I will report it to the police, I don't believe that there is no king's law in this immortal world anymore, you can be allowed to be wild."

Shen Medicine sneered, "Idiot, go, hurry up, my father is Shen Gang, a fourth-ranked immortal official of the Immortal Court Judicial Divine Palace, you go, hahaha, what an idiot."

Shen Medicine mocked to his heart's content.

Tang Zichen left in anger.

The reason why Shen Yao dared to be so arrogant was that he was confident that any report from Tang Zichen would turn into a slander made out of nothing, moreover, his father, Shen Gang, was the Xian Court Judicial Divine Palace, even if this was reported to the Judicial Divine Palace, it would still be reported to the Judicial Divine Palace.


Tang Zichen immediately went to the barracks to look for the captain, Tang Zichen could only go to him because Tang Zichen didn't know anyone else who was more powerful.

Although he knew Princess Nian Shi, he had only met her once, and Tang Zichen couldn't find her at all if he wanted to find her.

"Brother Tang, why are you here again."

"Brother, guess how Shen Medicine is doing?"

"It's been half a month, I think, even if he hasn't killed his head yet, he must be detained in the Heavenly Prison, waiting to kill his head."

"Brother, wrong, Shen Pill is still well in the Heavenly Emotion Shrine watching the gate, that surnamed Oil, actually let Shen Pill only watch the gate, no other punishment, the most important thing is, that Shen Pill is actually arrogant to death, and also said that his father is Shen Gang, let me sue."

"Really so arrogant?"

"Lying to you as a puppy, brother, I can't swallow this, I want to go to the Judicial Shrine to sue Shen Medicine, and that Lord Oil."

"Brother, don't worry, what happens to you is what happens to me.But, it won't work to go to the Judicial Divine Palace to sue Shen Pill, Shen Pill's father, Shen Gang, is from the Judicial Divine Palace.Leave this matter to me, I'll go back and find my grandfather, if my grandfather is willing to take action, I think that Shen Gang is incapable of changing right and wrong."

"Big brother, that's hard work for you."

"No need to be polite, I'll go now." Remember the website

Ming Cheng this departed and returned to his home.

Tang Zichen sighed deeply, no wonder countless immortals, cutting their heads to drill into the Immortal Court, without a powerful background, only to be slaughtered.

Ming Cheng found his grandfather.

"Ming Cheng, what are you looking for me for?"

Ming Cheng told his grandfather the whole story.

However, his grandfather shook his head and said, "Ming Cheng, you are really getting more and more foolish the more you live, to offend the Shen family for an irrelevant person?And you're even letting me go?"

"Grandpa, Tang Zichen is not an irrelevant person, he is my befriended brother."

"Nonsense, how can that Tang Zichen be able to befriend you?Because he did so well in the field?Do you know that the Immortal Emperor didn't even summon him later, what does this mean about Tang Zichen's future, over this.Tang Zichen seems to have good talent now, but who is the Immortal Emperor?The Immortal Emperor could pierce through anyone's past life and future, and the Immortal Emperor knew at once what kind of person Tang Zichen would become in the future, that's why the Immortal Emperor hadn't summoned him.If Tang Zichen was really strong in the future, for example, able to become a strong person like the Three-Eyed Battle God or the Wind and Fire Battle God, then the Immortal Emperor would have summoned Tang Zichen long ago, got it?And you, you actually befriended him, I really don't understand you anymore."

Ming Cheng was in a state of bliss, was it really as grandpa said?

"Grandpa, this can't be, I feel that Tang Zichen has quite a bit of potential."

"My grandson yo, why don't you understand, as the Immortal Emperor, he even knows the picture of Tang Zichen's future until his death, must be because of the future Tang Zichen, but come on, the Immortal Emperor only felt there was no need to summon him, you, but you still befriended him and helped him to offend the Shen family, you're really elm-headed."


"Alright, I won't force you to associate with him, but, you will never be allowed to help him offend the Shen family, you and him, you can only be friends in general, that's all."

Tang Zichen waited in the barracks for half a day, Ming Cheng finally returned.

"Brother, how is it?Will your grandfather do it?If your grandfather takes action, he can definitely make Shen Medicine suffer."Tang Zi.

The minister said.

However, Ming Cheng did not look very good and looked at Tang Zichen in a rather complicated way.

Listening to his grandfather's words, Ming Cheng seemed to see Tang Zichen's future as if, Tang Zichen's future, I dare not say that he would not surpass him, nor would he say that he could not become the head of the group, or even a general.However, it definitely could not reach a level that would make the Immortal Emperor even appreciate and actively draw Tang Zichen in, otherwise, the Immortal Emperor would have summoned Tang Zichen long ago.

The Immortal Emperor was in charge of the three realms, and anyone's past and present futures were already known.

Don't tell me that the Immortal Emperor couldn't see Tang Zichen's future, the entire Three Realms, no one had left the Three Realms yet, and the fact that even a broken emotional thread could trigger Tang Zichen and Ding Lan's relationship was enough to explain everything.

"Brother, why are you looking at me like that?"Tang Zichen felt something was up, and it was a big deal.

"Ugh, Tang Di, I'm really sorry, but not only did my grandfather not help me, but he actually made me only have a general friendship with you."

"Ah, why?"

"I'm sorry, but my grandfather and the others are too snobbish."

"But what makes your grandfather think I'm not a person worth dating?"

Ming Cheng said, "Ah Tang Di, with all due respect to big brother, you know that the Immortal Emperor originally wanted to summon you and wanted to reward you heavily, right, but then he didn't summon you."

"Right, is it because of this?"

"You have no idea, Tangdi, the Immortal Emperor, he has insight into your future, and your future is not to the extent that the Immortal Emperor will actively recruit you, understand?"

"I don't understand."

"In short, your future, probably just average, there are too many talents of this level under the Immortal Emperor's hand."

"Understood."Tang Zichen said with great displeasure in his heart, "The Immortal Emperor really has insight into my future?"

"Isn't this nonsense, within the Three Realms, which Immortal Emperor would not know the past and present future of any living creature."

Tang Zichen clenched both his fists, "But I don't believe that what hasn't happened to me yet is set in stone."

"I understand how you feel, but unfortunately, this is heaven and earth, it's like, your emotional line was cut, and you and Ting Lan had problems.Your future, it's already set, whether it's sadness, pain, or resignation, there's no point, not only you, in the eyes of the Immortal Emperor, me, and the entire camp, from the moment of birth, the Immortal Emperor can know the end, if he wants to know."

Ming Cheng patted Tang Zichen's shoulder and comforted him, "Brother Tang, forget it, don't think about Shen Pill's matter, let him be.Maybe when the future comes, you will be able to punish him openly and honestly one day.By the way, you must not kill him in private, no one will know until you do.Otherwise you'll be the one to harm yourself, sorry, it's not that big brother won't help you, but, I can't do anything about it now ah."

Tang Zichen clenched his fists, at this moment, it seemed as if all the determination to fight was gone, because, the ending was already known, no matter how much you fight, the ending would still be the same, even if, at this moment, Tang Zichen knew that he knew his ending, the Immortal Emperor had already seen it.

Unhappy?Not happy?Not fast?Not smooth?

So what, the beings of the three realms are all insects in front of the heavens and earth.

Captain Ming Cheng advised, "Brother Tang, no matter what, you and I, will always be brothers, although the Immortal Emperor has not summoned you, it does not mean that your future is mediocre, it just shows that your future has not reached the level that would make the Immortal Emperor take the initiative to draw you in, your future, could still be a generation of gods, come on.Alright, go home and rest well, don't think too much."


A few days later.

In the Earth Immortal Realm, in an uninhabited mountain forest.

"Princess, I'm sure no one will be able to find you now."

"I'm not trying to hide from anyone, I just want to get away from the Immortal Realm and see if I can't miss that Tang Zichen so much."

"Princess, are you still in love with Tang Zichen?He clearly belongs to a toad in front of you, so how can you like him.By the way, Princess, could it be that someone has made a move on you at the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace?"A fairy maid said.

Princess Nian Shi said, "If it's that simple, that's good, I already checked at the Heavenly Emotion Divine Palace, my emotional tree line with him and I are separated by a hundred and eighty thousand miles, eight poles apart."

"Ah, then why ah, it can't be that you really like him inside, right?Can't explain it otherwise."

"How is it possible, you've just said it yourself, that what I am now, and what he is now, is like a white swan versus a toad, how can I like him."

"Oh, I can't imagine what that would be like.But I've heard that if the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace is forcibly tied together, then those two will naturally meet by chance, spells all sorts of coincidental things."

Princess Nian Shi said, "That's why I'm afraid of such things happening, I'm staying away from the Heavenly Palace and hiding so that I won't be forcibly arranged by fate and have inexplicable chance encounters, if this happens in the long run, the invisible kind of relationship I have with Tang Zichen will fade away, I think."

The maid said, "If you really don't like him, then why don't you just kill Tang Zichen?" One second to remember to read the book

"Killed him?Didn't think about it, and besides, it's not necessarily his problem."

"Princess, then the Immortal Emperor and the Immortal Mother, have no intention of helping you?"

"I didn't tell them about this, so only my fourth sister knows."

"But the Immortal Emperor is in charge of the three realms, even if you don't tell him, he should know."

"I don't understand this either, if he knows, why doesn't he come to me?Therefore, they should be unaware of it."

"How strange, all the creatures in the entire Three Realms, Immortal Emperors and Immortal Mothers know everything about them, so why don't they know about you.Could it be, then, that they knew, but they didn't stop you from being with Tang Zichen?Or did they acquiesce to you and Don Zixon?Or even that they were secretly operating to get you and Tang Zichen together?"

"Ah."Princess Nian Shi was startled there.

What a word to wake up a dreamer.

"This, could it be like this?"

"Princess, think about it, it's impossible for the Immortal Emperor not to know about this, but he didn't seek you out, nor did he have any intention of helping you, besides, your emotional line with Tang Zichen at the Heavenly Emotions Shrine is fine, so why do you feel very fond of Tang Zichen even though you obviously don't like him?Within the three realms, do you think that the average person can do such a thing?Only Immortal Emperors can do it without going through the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace."

"Oh my god, no way."Princess Nian Shi was completely silly inside.

In fact, this was simply bullshit.

Because Nian Tze's destiny was the only one above the three realms, the Immortal Emperor could not perceive Princess Nian Tze's past present and future, and only the Immortal Emperor and Immortal Mother knew about this matter, and Nian Tze herself did not even know about it.

But unexpectedly, today, a misunderstanding had been created.

If the Immortal Emperor knew and didn't stop it, it would be clear that the Immortal Emperor wanted them to be together, and even more so, it was the Immortal

Emperor secretly set it up.

"How is that possible."Princess Nian Shi, muttered to herself, seemingly frightened by this result.

That maid said, "Princess, the Immortal Emperor is able to see through everyone's future, perhaps, that Tang Zichen is very powerful in the future, far more powerful than those who like you now, so the Immortal Emperor tacitly allowed you to be together, and even set you up together."


"It's very possible, that Tang Zichen, you saw how he performed in the Heavenly Demon Battlefield, you saw it too, he was able to create the Upgrade Star Shift Great Law on the spot."

"But, many, many geniuses who can do that can ah."

"Right, that Tang Zichen, who is so handsome again, it can almost be said that he is the most handsome in the world, perhaps, the Immortal Emperor feels that only someone so handsome will be worthy of you in the future."

Listening to the maid's words, Tian Nianxi's heart was much smoother, and she herself basically believed that it was her father's secret permission.

Tian Nianxi said, "Good, then I will not dwell on it anymore, I will, for one thing, see if this is really my marriage destiny, I will live in this Earth Immortal Realm, a place with no human habitation, and if, in that case, I can still meet Tang Zichen, I will accept my fate and listen to my parents' arrangements, and gradually accept Tang Zichen."

"But, this place is uninhabited and no one knows we are here, so how could Tang Zichen come here."

"I'm sorry then, it means that he and I, we are not destined to meet."

At this moment, in the Heavenly Realm.

Tang Zichen was alone, walking without a look.

Ever since three days ago, Tang Zichen had learned from Captain Mingcheng that his future was not as good as he thought it would be, and his heart was very lost.

"Hahaha, hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed wildly as he drank.

Tang Zichen himself didn't know where he was going.

It wasn't that Tang Zichen didn't want to return to Ding's Immortal Mansion, it wasn't that Tang Zichen wasn't satisfied with her future, after all, it was already great that she had been able to grow from a mortal to this point.

It was just that, knowing her future, there seemed to be no expectations within her, and her entire body was spiritless.

It turned out that 'hope of the unknown' was so important to one's spirits.

Tang Zichen unknowingly ran away to the Earth Immortal Realm.

"Eh?What is this place?Why did I come here."Tang Zichen held a jug of wine in his hand, these days, Tang Zichen had been drinking nonstop for a moment and had long since become confused.

Tang Zichen lay down in the same place and exhaled to sleep, whatever place he was, sleep for a while.

At this moment, in the Immortal Court.

The Immortal Emperor had just returned from retreating from the Nine Heavens Divine Hall.

The Fairy Mother was busy going up to him to take off his coat.

The Immortal Emperor asked as he said, "By the way, where did Nianxi go?"

"How would I know, I haven't seen her in days, and the last time I saw her, I always felt like Nian Shi had something on her mind,"

The Immortal Emperor sighed, "Out of all my children, everyone else can sense where they are, what they're doing, and can know their future, only Nian Shi, can't sense anything, and now it's good that she doesn't even know where she's gone."

"Forget it, if you don't know, you don't know."

"Ugh, I really don't like this feeling, I know about any living creature in the three realms, just one of them doesn't know, I'm really uncomfortable inside.


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