The King of Kungfu in school 2266-2270


Chapter 2266

"No, it's you who is so good to me."Miss Mingyue looked at Tang Zichen with emotion.

"Cough."Tang Zichen awkwardly coughed and said, "Put this fetal pellet away."

Tang Zichen placed the Fetal Pill in Mingyue's hand.

"No, I won't take it."

"Don't be silly, if you don't take it, I won't dare to use it myself, or else what kind of person will I become, Tang someone."

"Then, I'll take it."

"That's right."

As soon as Ming Yue accepted it, she said, "What's that thing in your mouth?"

"Huh?"Tang Zichen was startled and didn't understand, but at that moment, Ming Yue suddenly shoved the birth pills into Tang Zichen's mouth, but it turned out that there wasn't anything in Tang Zichen's mouth, but Ming Yue deliberately tricked him into opening his lips and then took the opportunity to shove the birth pills into Tang Zichen's mouth.

"You."Tang Zichen was about to protrude the fetal pellet.

But at that moment, Ming Yue suddenly pounced on Tang Zichen and kissed him. One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen was shocked, his eyes wide open, incredulous, and was forcefully kissed again.

A kiss to Tang Zichen's Ming Yue, to Tang Zichen's mouth a breath of air, originally in Tang's mouth of the fetal pills, a moment into the abdomen, once into the abdomen turned into a clear stream, at this point want to spit it out again, is no longer possible.

Only then did Ming Yue let go of Tang Zichen, blushing and lowering her head.

Tang Zichen sighed, "Why are you suffering, this is good, I can't even give it to you if I want to.Besides, I've taken advantage of you."

Ming Yue said softly, "This is my first kiss."

"Ew."Tang Zichen was startled, this girl was too casual.

"Why are you so stupid."

"I do, Tang Zichen, actually, I like you."

"I know you like me."Tang Zichen said unsurprisingly.

"Ah, how do you know."

"Because there's hardly any beautiful woman who has ever met me who doesn't like me."

"Oh."Akatsuki rolled his eyes.

"Tang Zichen, so what now?"Akatsuki asked.

"What about what?"

"I've already given you my first kiss, what to do."

"I don't know about that, I wouldn't mind marrying one more, just in case your family doesn't like it, hahaha.Well, let me put some medicine on you."

"Ah, this."

"What? You don't even mind giving me your first kiss, do you mind if I see that ass of yours, and it's a busted ass, if you don't want to, I'm not interested in seeing it."

"How so."

Tang Zichen pulled down Miss Mingyue's clothing to reveal the bloody place.

"Your father is so cruel."

"I don't blame my father, after all, that Fetal Pill is really rare, even my family doesn't have many chances to obtain it in a hundred million years."

"It's so rare."

Tang Zichen chatted with Mingyue as he applied the medicine, but of course, even though Mingyue's ass was bloodied from the spanking, it still couldn't hide her sexy curves.

After the drugging, Tang Zichen left shortly afterwards.

He didn't know anything about his relationship with Ming Yue, so let's just take it one step at a time, even if Tang Zichen did go out with Ming Yue, her family wouldn't agree.Now the entire Immortal World knew that Tang Zichen had married Ding Cang Dome's daughter and granddaughter, of course, no one said it was abnormal for a man in the Immortal World to marry a hundred wives.

That evening, Tang Zichen arrived at the Northern Immortal Gate and waited for about ten minutes before the fairy who had come to invite Tang Zichen in the morning appeared.

"Mr. Tang, here."

"Fairy sister."


bsp; "Mr. Tang, please come with me, my master is waiting for you."

Tang Zichen smiled, "It must be the emperor who wants to invite me to dinner."

Tang Zichen had waited for so long and finally the fairy emperor was looking for him.

That fairy said, "You've misunderstood, my master is not an immortal emperor, you'll know when you arrive."

Under the leadership of that fairy maiden, he soon arrived at the Yao Pond.

At this moment, in a pavilion in the yao pond, a colorfully clothed woman was waiting there, that colorfully clothed woman's demeanor looked very charming and noble, only, the appearance wasn't ugly, but it wasn't very beautiful either, the figure was fine.

Entering the pavilion, the fairy was busy saying, "Mr. Tang, not yet paying a visit to my master, the Fourth Princess."

"Ah, the Fourth Princess?"

"Yes, the Fourth Princess is the fourth daughter of the Immortal Emperor."

"Fuck."Tang Zichen cursed inside, this Fourth Princess, looking at her demeanor, she definitely wasn't much of a serious woman.

That fourth princess looked at Tang Zichen and smiled slightly, then waved her hand, "Yongqing, you stand down."

"Yes, Fourth Princess."

In the quiet yaoi, only Tang Zichen and that Fourth Princess remained.

"Micro Immortal Tang Zichen, pay your respects to the Fourth Princess."Tang Zichen bowed.

The Fourth Princess said, "Tang Zichen, no need to be polite, get up."

"Fourth Princess, I didn't know you were looking for me?"

"I've asked you to come here, naturally I have something to do, I wonder if little brother Tang, would you like to accompany this princess to drink a glass of wine."

"Of course, it's just that, how can I, a Heavenly Soldier, be worthy of drinking with the princess."

"Little Brother Tang is courteous, come on, first drink a glass of wine with this princess, then you can go to the Heavenly Pond to wash and send it to my Secret Pavilion."

"Ah, I didn't understand?"

The Fourth Princess said, "Tang Zichen, why are you so silly, do you want me to say it a little more bluntly?Alright, no more wine, you can go straight to the Sky Pond."


The Fourth Princess shouted, "Yongqing."

"Subordinate is here."

"Take Tang Zichen to the Heavenly Pond for a bath, then send him to my secret pavilion."

"Yes, Princess."

Before Tang Zichen could react, that Fourth Princess disappeared.

That fairy said, "Mr. Tang, come with me to the Heavenly Pond."

"Wait, what the hell is this trying to do?"

"You're silly."

"I really don't know, Sister Fairy, I thought you invited me over for dinner?"

"Khan, dinner that's just a superficial cover up, do I have to say that the fourth princess wants to visit you so bluntly."

"What, what did you say?Prosper me?"

"Yes, Tang Zichen, you are so lucky to be favored by the Fourth Princess, normally, a genius as lowly as you, the Fourth Princess would not spoil her body, you can definitely make the Fourth Princess happy later, it's not in vain that the Fourth Princess is gracious to you."

Tang Zichen laughed, what is this.

Tang Zichen said, "Sister Fairy, may I refuse?"

"Refused?Tang Zichen, you're crazy, now at this time you're telling me no, do you know how lucky you are to be chosen by the Fourth Princess?"

"I don't want this luck."

"Tang Zichen, if you dare to disgrace the Fourth Princess's reputation again, you're not welcome, you've already accepted the eleventh grade tire pills given to you by the Fourth Princess, and now you're telling me no, don't you want to hang around?"


"Tang Zichen, if you're not afraid that the entire Ding family will perish, then be good and go with me to the Heavenly Pond to take a bath, then go to the Fourth Princess's secret chamber."


Tang Zichen was incomparably depressed inside, he said well, that Fourth Princess is not good, as expected.

However, this Fourth Princess was the daughter of an Immortal Emperor, and she wasn't weak, at least at the Immortal level, Tang Zichen was no match for this level.

Do we really have to sacrifice ourselves today?

"Go, Tang Zichen, don't make the Fourth Princess wait."

Tang Zichen said, "I'm sorry, I can't do that, I'm so lowly that I'm not worthy of the Fourth Princess's noble body, so I'm dead set against it, and I hope the fairy sister will tell the Fourth Princess to take her leave."After saying that, Tang Zichen walked away.

Tang Zichen was a man of principle and could not do it to death.Someone else might not be able to hold it, although that Fourth Princess was much older than Tang Zichen, her appearance and body was only a middle-aged woman, and she was extremely well maintained and had a good figure, at least not worse than an ordinary woman.

"Tang Zichen, do you really want to offend the Fourth Princess?"

"Not even to death."


Tang Zichen walked outside, but inside Tang Zichen was afraid, wondering if the Fourth Princess would kill him.

At this moment, in a certain cozy room. First URL

The Fourth Princess and another even younger and more beautiful maiden stood together, and in front of them, a picture appeared in the air, and in the picture, it was the scene where Tang Zichen was determined not to do anything.

The Fourth Princess said to that young maiden, "Shi'er, it seems that this Tang Zichen, is indeed not bad, he was able to pass my first level test, this level, count him as having passed."

That young and beautiful girl said angrily, "Fourth sister, you're also really, what's the point of testing him properly."

"Shi'er, before I heard your servant say, you often say Tang Zichen's name, and often ask, whether the father has summoned Tang Zichen, sister I knew right away, you must have liked to press Tang Zichen."

"Fourth sister is talking nonsense."

"Fourth sister has no nonsense, you know best, it's just a pity ah, although Tang Zichen passed my test, but I still do not support you, after all, Tang Zichen is nothing but the most handsome in the world, the rest is nothing, very ordinary."

"Fourth sister don't talk nonsense, I don't like him."

"It's best if you don't, you and him, are from two worlds.Since Tang Zichen is here, let you meet him, let you have a meal with him."After the Fourth Princess said that, she immediately ordered, "Yong Qing, bring Tang Zichen here."


Tang Zichen, who was walking outside in Yaochi, suddenly couldn't move his body, and then his body fell backwards out of his own control.

"Hey, what's going on here?"

"Tang Zichen, the Fourth Princess is letting you go."

In the next second, Tang Zichen's body rushed backwards, and then, he appeared in a hall.

When Tang Zichen looked up, he saw the Fourth Princess and another maiden of countless beauty looking at him.

Tang Zichen was startled when he saw the girl of countless beauty, and for some reason, there was a feeling of déjà vu, or that his life belonged to him.

Tang Zichen looked at that beauty maiden and stayed.

Of course, that beauty maiden looked at Tang Zichen and was also startled, secretly saying, "Why is this so?Why do I have a feeling inside that I should be in the vitamins?Do I really like him so much?But there's no reason. He's not good enough for me to like him that much. There are more than a thousand of them.


The beautiful maiden couldn't understand herself, all she knew was that she always felt inside that she and Tang Zichen were a natural pair, even though a lot of reasoning didn't make sense.

The Fourth Princess said, "Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen scrambled back to his senses and said, "Fourth Princess has shown mercy, I really don't deserve to defile the Fourth Princess, and I won't be able to do it in three seconds, so I hope the Fourth Princess has shown mercy and found someone else."

The Fourth Princess laughed, "Come on, you think you really deserve it?"

"Er."Tang Zichen raised his head in puzzlement.

"Tang Zichen, I'm just testing, but fortunately you passed my test, if you had actually gone to the Heavenly Pond to bathe just now, I'm afraid you'd be on the Yellow Spring Road right now."

"I'm going."Tang Zichen cursed in his heart, what maliciousness, fortunately, Tang Zichen didn't have an essence, of course, with this kind of posture of the Fourth Princess, it wasn't possible to make Tang Zichen an essence yet, if this beautiful maiden beside him, then Tang Zichen would definitely agree without even thinking about it.

The Fourth Princess said, "Tang Zichen, this is my youngest sister, her name is 'Tian Nianxi', she is the youngest princess in the Immortal Court, her age, and she is not even ten million years old."

"Paying homage to Princess Nianxie."

The beautiful woman said, "You're welcome."

The Fourth Princess said, "Alright, I won't bother you anymore, the one who wants to invite you to dinner today isn't me, it's my sister Nianxie."

"Ah."Tang Zichen was a bit shocked as he looked at that beautiful woman, it was her who invited the meal.

That beautiful woman said to the fourth princess, "Fourth sister, please watch out for me, don't let anyone know."

"Don't worry, no one will know that you've eaten with this kid."

"Thank you, Fourth Sister."

In the next second, that Fourth Princess disappeared, leaving only Tang Zichen and that beautiful woman.

Tang Zichen always had an urge to kiss that beautiful woman when he looked at her.

Likewise, that beautiful woman, looking at Tang Zichen, also felt like wanting to pounce on her and fall into Tang Zichen's embrace.

However, Tang Zichen controlled it, Tang Zichen thought that it was this princess who was so attractive.

Princess Tian Nianxi, however, didn't think that Tang Zichen was really that attractive.

Tian Nianxi said, "Tang Zichen, sit down."

"Thank you, Princess."

"You're welcome."

"Princess, I don't know you, so why did you invite me to dinner and give me an eleventh-grade fetal pellet."

Princess Tian Nian Shi said, "Tang Zichen, actually, I didn't really just invite you to dinner today, I just have something unknown and want to resolve the doubts in my heart."

"What's the matter that's unclear?"

"Tang Zichen, the day you killed the enemy in the Heavenly Demon Battlefield, I saw you in the Nine Heavens Temple, for some reason, the first time I saw you, my heart fluttered with excitement, as if I had finally found the man in my life, a feeling of falling in love at first sight."

Tang Zichen smiled hehely, "Princess, don't be like that, I'll be embarrassed."Tang Zichen said in his heart, "Princess, I actually like you too, come on, let me serve you well tonight."

At this time, Princess Tian Nian Shi said, "However, deep down inside my heart, I am very sure that I don't like you ah, and, if you think about it carefully, you don't have the conditions to make me like you ah, you are more suitable for me than excellent and outstanding, there are not a thousand or eight hundred, how can I fall in love with you at first sight, I am very confused."


Tang Zichen said, "So that's how it is, then I don't know, anyway, I, Tang Someone, from the moment I was born, almost all the beautiful women who saw me liked me, and expressed their desire to marry me and have a bunch of children for me."

"Oh, what kind of sophistry is this, I don't believe there's such an evil thing in the world, no matter which way you look at it, I don't have a reason to be tempted, but I am, I think, there must be something wrong with it.And, to tell you the truth, as soon as my fourth sister left just now, my arms and legs suddenly got a little out of control and I wanted to jump into your arms."Tian Nianxi said with a blush, but she had to say it.

Tang Zichen busily raised his head and said, "Hey, I just had that feeling too, and the moment I saw you, I had a feeling inside that you belonged to me in my life."

"Yes, yes, I also had that feeling."

Tang Zichen said, "Then could it be, we really fell in love at first sight?Anyway, I feel that I have no pick for you, I am a hundred percent willing to be with you, I have no doubts."

Tennenshishi said, "But deep down inside, I'm very clear that I don't like you at all, and it's too strange to feel that way about someone you don't like."

"Oh, don't like me."

"I'm sorry, don't be mad."

"It's okay, I really don't deserve you right now."

"Alright, it seems like you can't find anything wrong at the moment, so go home."

Tang Zichen, feeling reluctant inside, said, "Will we meet again in the future then?" Remember the URL

"Me."There was also a sudden wave of reluctance within Tennieshi.

"What's wrong?"

Tennessee said, "Not anymore."


Tang Zichen walked away.

Tang Zichen touched his head, it was so baffling, he obviously liked me, but he still had to say that he didn't like me, making it seem as if he was forced by the heavens.

After Tang Zichen returned to the barracks, he had to prepare for his retreat.

However, instead of returning to his own barracks, Tang Zichen headed to Brightmoon's barracks.

"Brightmoon, I'm going to be in seclusion for ten days and half a month, but I'm afraid of being disturbed, I don't have a separate dormitory, so I want to be in your dormitory in seclusion, I wonder if it's okay?"



Tang Zichen immediately entered the closed door.

This afternoon, Tang Zichen took an eleventh-grade fetal pellet, which must be absorbed properly, and if it was successful, he might be able to pass two levels in a row and step into the middle Dao Immortal stage in one fell swoop.

This closure was more than ten days.

It was also fortunate that Tang Zichen was in Ming Yue's separate dormitory, if he was at a collective speed, he was afraid that he would be disturbed, especially with that speed of Tang Zichen, Shen Medicine and the others hated him very much.

Ten days later, Tang Zichen ended his retreat.

Tang Zichen's realm had broken through to the middle Dao Immortal stage from the late Heavenly Immortal stage before.

"Tang Zichen, you really have broken two realms in a row and have become a mid-Dao Immortal."As soon as Tang Zichen opened his eyes, the voice of Mingyue was heard.


"Tang Zichen, congratulations, now you're higher than me, I'm only in the early Dao Immortal stage."Mingyue said.

"Mingyue, if you don't be so stupid and take my eleventh grade Dao Immortal, then it's very likely that you'll become a late Dao Immortal.Do you regret it now?"

"I'm not sorry."

Don sighed and asked, "Is your ass healed yet?"

"I don't know, huh?"Akatsuki said.

"It's, well, you lie down."

"Oh."Mingyue blushed and lay down.

Don pulled her dress down somewhere, because it was so elastic, and when it was pulled down a few

As it popped out, into view were two round, snow-white tender skin with no scars at all.

"Uh, Akatsuki, isn't that better already?Why are you lying to me about not knowing."

Akatsuki pursed his lips, "I just wanted you to molest me."


Tang Zichen pulled on her clothes.

"Akatsuki, thank you, now I have to hurry back to the barracks or the captain will chastise me."

"How dare he."

"Don't be childish, I'm leaving."

"Oh."Ming Yue watched Tang Zichen leave with eyes full of reluctance, obviously liking it, but not being able to be together.

Tang Zichen soon returned to his barracks.

"Tang Zichen, where did you run off to, do you know that the captain is looking for you."As soon as he entered the barracks, there was a yelling voice.

Tang Zichen took a look, it was Shen Medicine.

What the hell is he, Shen Medicine, what kind of thing is he, how dare he yell at Tang Zichen.

Without saying a word, Tang Zichen walked up.

"Pah."Tang Zichen slapped Shen Medicine away.

"Tang Zichen."

Tang Zichen said, "Shen Medicine, if you fucking speak loudly in front of me again, I believe I'll pinch you, don't think that you can have your way in front of me just because you broke through to the middle Dao Immortal stage.I'm not afraid to tell you, I'm now, also at mid-Dao Immortal stage."

"Ah, how is that possible."

Everyone just saw that Tang Zichen was indeed a mid-Dao Immortal, and his realm was level with Shen Medicine.

This was too unbelievable, remembering when Tang Zichen was just a Heavenly Immortal, he was only a mid-Dao Immortal, and how long had it been now, he was a mid-Dao Immortal.

Just then, the captain's voice sounded behind him, "Tang Zichen, what are you doing."

"Captain, you're here."Tang Zichen was busy letting go of Shen Medicine.

Shen Pill immediately complained, "Captain, Tang Zichen bullied his fellow celestial soldiers, do you want to punish him?"

"This."Captain Mingcheng was in a difficult position.

"Captain, do you want to take sides with Tang Zichen?You just saw it with your own eyes, Tang Zichen slapped me away."

Captain Ming Cheng could only say, "Tang Zichen, you have violated military rules, how you should be punished, you tell me yourself."

Tang Zichen laughed, "Captain, are you sure you want to punish me?"

"Shouldn't you be punished for assaulting a brother on the same team?"Captain Ming Cheng was a little annoyed at Tang Zichen's lack of knowledge of his mistakes.

Tang Zichen said, "Captain, you should know that more than ten days ago, someone invited me to dinner at the Yao Pond, and that person also gave me an Eleventh Grade Birth Pill, so I am only now becoming a mid-Dao Immortal.The person who invited me to dinner was Princess Tian Nianxi, do you know why Tian Nianxi was looking for me?"

"Uh, why?"Captain Mingcheng was startled.

"Because, Princess Tennenshuu, wants me to work hard and serve her in the future, well, that's all I can say, in a word, I'm now Princess Tennenshuu's man."

"Ah, really?"Captain Akagi was shocked.

"Why should I lie to you, Captain, you should know what to do by now."

"This."Captain Ming Cheng was depressed, and at the same time, he was jealous of Tang Zichen because, the goddess in Captain Ming Cheng's heart was Tian Nian Shi, and he had longed countless times that he could one day become a guard by Tian Nian Shi's side, so that he could guard the goddess forever.However, Captain Ming Cheng did not dare to have any illusions about the goddess because he knew that he was not even worthy of giving Princess Tian Nianxi shoes.Moreover, the best immortals in the heavenly realm loved Tian Nianxi, and he, an army captain, wasn't even worthy, so becoming her guard was Captain Ming Cheng's lifelong desire.

But unexpectedly, Tang Zichen was somehow favored by the goddess to serve her, and Captain Mingcheng's lifelong pursuit, Tang Zichen had already achieved it.

Right now, Captain Ming Cheng was very jealous of Tang Zichen.


"Tang Zichen, you're not lying to me, are you."

"Captain, why would I lie to you, you should know what to do by now."

"What do you mean?"The captain was startled, which Tang Zichen had said twice.

"Speak for yourself, what would happen if I help you put a few beautiful words in front of Princess Nianzhi?"

"Ah, beautiful words for me?"

"Yes, so, Captain, you should know what to do by now."

The captain immediately said, "Brother Tang, please accept my obeisance."

"Haha, you're welcome, if the captain doesn't mind, I might as well call the captain a big brother now."

"Of course, it's my honor, I'm older than you, so I'll take the liberty of calling you brother."

"Big brother on top, please accept the worship of my younger brother."Tang Zichen worshipped.

"Please rise, brother." One second to remember to read the book

At this moment, more than a hundred celestial soldiers were looking at Tang Zichen in stunned silence, especially that Shen Pill.

Shen Pill was busy saying, "Captain, what about the chastisement you just said to chastise Tang Zichen?"

"Yes, Captain, Tang Zichen just beat up Shen Medicine and broke the unity of the squad, and he hasn't even been punished yet."

"This."The captain was stunned.

Tang Zichen said, "Everyone, the captain is now my big brother, you've seen this too, from now on, if anyone is disobedient, I'll beat up whoever is upset, you heard me.Alright, let's break up today."

Shen Medicine said angrily, "Tang Zichen, the military camp is not run by your family."

"It's true that it's not run by my family, but that doesn't stop me from beating you."

The captain also said, "My brother is right, you should not embarrass him in the future, otherwise, I won't be able to protect you."

"Captain, how can you be so partial to Tang Zichen."

The captain said, "Alright, let's call it a day, everyone is dismissed.By the way, I almost forgot one thing, please gather early tomorrow, tomorrow it will be announced who will be sent out and who will stay behind."

After saying that, the captain said to Tang Zichen, "Brother, how many drinks at my place?"


Tang Zichen went to the captain's place to drink, Shen Pill's group of turtles could only stare dryly, even the captain had called Tang Zichen brother, how else could he drop, the most important thing was that Tang Zichen was actually favored by Princess Nianzhi, in the future, Tang Zichen would be the person beside the princess, that status, which was not comparable to them, these little heavenly soldiers.

A person by the princess's side, that status was hardly inferior to a head of a troop.

Moreover, this princess wasn't just any princess, but the most beautiful princess in the history of the Immortal Court, and the most talented princess in history.This Princess Nian Tides, the youngest daughter of the Immortal Emperor, it could be said that the oldest daughter, so far, was less than ten million years old, less than eight million years old to be precise, only seven million years old.

Of course, compared to Tang Zichen, Princess Nianzhi was a bit older, and although Tang Zichen's appearance modified his age, in reality, Tang Zichen was only over three million years old.

"What the heck."Shen Pill cursed in anger.

Tang Zichen arrived at the captain's military tent, and the captain ordered his men to prepare a lot of generous food.

Ming Cheng raised his wine cup and said, "Brother, brother will first toast to you, brother will be counting on you from now on."

"Brother, what are you talking about."

Tang Zichen smiled, only, Tang Zichen was also quite bitter inside, because, he was talking nonsense before, Princess Nianzhi did not say that at all, Tang Zi

I will serve her in the future.

Tang Zichen was only boasting about it because, Princess Nianzhi liked him, only, what depressed Tang Zichen was that Princess Nianzhi didn't admit that she really liked Tang Zichen again.

This, Tang Zichen was very depressed.

Originally, Tang Zichen thought that Princess Niancius would be the reincarnation of some woman from his previous life.

However, Tang Zichen got to know Princess Niancius, who was older than Tang Zichen, so the possibility was overturned right away.

It couldn't be the reincarnation of one of Tang Zichen's wives in the mortal realm, moreover, Princess Niancius was the daughter of the Immortal Emperor, and the Immortal Emperor controlled the three realms, whoever was reincarnated was arranged by the Immortal Emperor, he couldn't arrange for a mortal from his previous life to be his daughter in this life.Therefore, no matter which way you looked at it, Tian Nianxi had nothing to do with the woman from Tang Zichen's previous life.

To be honest, Tang Zichen didn't know what was going to happen afterwards, so he could only take one step at a time, hoping that one day in the future, Princess Nianxie would come to realize that she had fallen in love with Tang Zichen from the bottom of her heart, and from then on, Tang Zichen would be able to take the pinnacle of his life and marry a rich and beautiful woman.

"Brother, you must speak beautifully for me in front of Princess Nianxie ah ah, do you know that big brother I, my biggest wish in this life, is to be able to become a guard by Princess Nianxie's side, if I can achieve this, I will die without complaining."Captain Ming Cheng said.

"Big brother don't worry, little brother I will definitely do my best, however, big brother don't be too hasty."

"Big brother is satisfied with your words."

Tang Zichen asked, "Big brother, with all due respect, why are you so eager to become a guard by Princess Nian Shi's side?You are so good that your dream is to be a guard."

Ming Cheng laughed, "Brother, it's not that my dream is too low, it's just that I am not worthy at this level, it's not bad to be able to be by Princess Nianxie's side and be a shoe lifter.Throughout the three realms up and down, no matter if it is young talents or ancient immortals, almost all the immortals, they all like Tian Nianxi, I want to marry Tian Nianxi, and for someone of my level to be her guard, it is really already the greatest honor."

"Nian Shi is so powerful, young talents like her, I can understand how those ancient Immortals, who are a big age, would want to marry her."

"Because she's so beautiful."

Tang Zichen said inwardly, "It doesn't feel like she's beautiful to this extent, isn't this too exaggerated."

"Come, big brother toast you again."


That day, Tang Zichen and Ming Cheng drank very late, and, Captain Ming Cheng kept toasting as if he was very afraid that Tang Zichen wouldn't be beautiful for him in front of Princess Nianzhi.

At this moment, in the depths of the Immortal Palace.

The Immortal Emperor and the Immortal Mother were lying on top of the bed.

"Immortal Emperor, what are you thinking about again?"

"Ugh, what else can I think about."

"After all these years, Nian Shi is almost eight million years old, and you're still thinking about her."

"Can I not think about it, I really don't know if it's right or wrong to give birth to Nian Tze."

The Fairy Mother said, "You are in charge of the three realms, the three realms whether they are the heavens or the ants, their births and deaths, their past and present life arrangements are all decided by you, in the past, each of our children, before they were born, we chose ourselves, whether we wanted a daughter or a son, whether we wanted to be clever or stupid, it was up to us to choose.Only this time, the birth of the tides was something we didn't expect at all."

"Yes, this means that Nian Tze is above the Three Realms, her destiny, I can't even see or take charge of her, which means that she is the only one that makes it impossible for me to predict her future.Within the three realms, apart from her, there is no one else right now, not even an ant, and I can see its end."


The Fairy Mother said, "Are you afraid?She's your daughter."

"Oh, I know she's my daughter, I just, habitually have fear of the unknown."

"Now throughout the Immortal Realm, I don't know how many young talents, and even how many ancient immortals and great demons, all want to marry Nian Tze, their purpose, can't I be more than that."

"These people, marrying Nian Tide is nothing more than because of Nian Tide's destiny that is above the three realms."

"If they really let those people who possess malicious intentions, marry Nian Tides, and merge with Nian Tides, it is very likely to cause, the other party who merges also appears briefly, the destiny that overrides the three realms, this is a possibility to overthrow me."

"Otherwise, why do those old shameless ones also want to marry Nian Tides, your position, everyone wants to sit, but unfortunately, everyone's destiny is within your grasp, those people, no matter how powerful they are, it's useless."

"Alright, let's leave it at that, Nian Shi is still young, and her destiny is above the Three Realms, creating her to be extremely discerning, there is no man she sees within the Three Realms."

"Then it's best that this matter, Nian Tze herself doesn't know, don't let her know that much."

"Of course."

Early the next morning, Tang Zichen arrived at the military camp early to assemble.

Today, it would be announced which people would be sent out and which ones would stay behind to guard the barracks. The first website

The captain had a form in his hand.

It was written on the form, who was expatriated to where and who was expatriated to another place.

The captain looked it over, and there was no place for Tang Zichen in the list of expatriates.

"What's going on?"

Ming Cheng called Tang Zichen aside and asked, "Brother, how come you're not on the list of expatriates given to me from above?"

"Ah, meaning, I will stay and guard the barracks?"

"Yeah, didn't you say that you're a Nenesis, did, Princess Nenesis not arrange for you?"

Tang Zichen said, "The princess definitely won't do such a thing ah, she just told me that I will be strong and serve her in the future.Brother, Nianxie won't personally arrange what I'm going to do, then you have to help your brother ah."

Ming Cheng said, "Little Brother Tang, this is decided by the top brass of the military camp, not by me ah, I thought that since Princess Nianxie said that you are her, she will definitely pave the way for you."

"Haha, maybe she wants to see what I can do on my own."

"Maybe, but what about now, when you're scheduled to stay?"

Tang Zichen was also depressed, he was at the top of the barracks, no relationship is trouble.

Tang Zichen asked, "By the way, has your sister Mingyue been sent out?"

"Of course, my father has already made arrangements for my sister to travel to the Heavenly Division Divine Merit."

"Heavenly Division Divine Merit, it's not bad there."

The Heavenly Division Divine Gong was the place that managed the order of the three worlds, and the order of the three worlds was not something that could be finished in one sentence, nor was it just the order of people, it was the order of everything.For example, water must flow lower, rain must have dark clouds in the sky, what type of ants can only have as much life as they want; mortals in the mortal realm must live according to a certain destiny, and so on, the order of all things within the three realms.Once there is no order in all things in the three realms, this universe is in chaos.

The Heavenly Division divine power manages this.

Ming Cheng said, "Also, there is Shen Medicine's name on the list, and I'm sure that Shen Medicine's family has already made arrangements.Shen Medicine was sent out to the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace."

> The Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace is to manage the seven emotions within the three realms, so animals, humans, and all kinds of creatures and so on.For example, if a certain man and woman meet, will they love each other?Whether or not they would become a couple, these were all managed by the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace.Of course, the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace didn't just arrange who had feelings for whom haphazardly, there was a set of karmic procedures within the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace, and all creatures within the three realms followed that procedure.Those administrators, just to prevent if there were any mistakes, if there were any mistakes, such as whoever was with whom, without meeting both parties liked each other, that was a mistake and had to be corrected immediately.But obviously, this is a huge institution, and if mistakes are not corrected in time, it's easy for the whole cause-and-effect procedure to fall apart.

Tang Zichen actually wanted to be sent out to a place, especially these Heavenly Shrines, where he could also learn about how the universe worked.

"What should we do, Tang Zichen, you weren't sent out, you'll have to stay in the barracks, I can't really help you with this."Captain Ming Cheng said.

"It's fine, then I'll stay for now, I'll think of something later, if I can't do it, I'll go find Princess Nenshu."


After that, the list of expatriates was announced.

The people who were sent out were more than ten in total.

After the list was read out, Shen Pill scoffed, "Tang Zichen, didn't you say that you're from Princess Nennian Tides?What? You're still staying behind to guard the barracks, hahaha."

"Hahaha."Everyone laughed, thinking that, Tang Zichen would be sent out to a very nice place to take over nothing.

Tang Zichen's previous lies seemed to be broken now, at least Shen Pill and the others didn't believe that Tang Zichen was really Princess Nian Shi's person.

Tang Zichen raised his fist to fight.

Shen Medicine was busy saying, "If you dare to touch me again, I'll definitely go home to my family and go to the higher-ups in the barracks to react."

Captain Ming Cheng stopped Tang Zichen.

Tang Zichen didn't bother to say anything and turned around and walked away.

This Immortal World, a very realistic place.

Now Tang Zichen finally knew how poorly he had chosen Ding Cangding, which was not even remotely relevant in the Immortal Realm, otherwise Tang Zichen wouldn't have stayed behind to guard the barracks.

Of course, those who stayed behind to guard the barracks accounted for eighty percent, and Tang Zichen wasn't the only one.

In the following few days, those expatriates left one after another.

The barracks were also a bit empty.

Those who hadn't been sent out could only stay in the barracks in boredom.

Boredom was nothing but a lack of opportunity.

Those who were sent out, for example, to the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace, if they performed well, or, were rewarded by the Immortals of the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace, they could possibly stay there permanently, and then, smoothly transformed from a soldier to a minister of the Immortal Palace, from a soldier to a small Heavenly Sesame Official.

Right now, that Shen Medicine had arrived at the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace.

After arriving at the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace, because of his family connections, Shen Yao was appreciated by a small Seventh Grade Master of the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace, and that Seventh Grade Master asked Shen Yao to look after an area he was in charge of for him.

Shen Yao was given a little bit of power.

As a result, Shen Yao immediately entered the Heavenly Emotions Divine Palace's core organization to inquire about Tang Zichen's situation.

It didn't matter, Shen Yao discovered that Tang Zichen's heavenly desire was so strong that it was like a lush tree, spreading everywhere, the number of beauties that had a relationship with him was so large, and, judging by the trend of his heavenly love, there were many beauties that would have a relationship with him in the future.


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