The King of Kungfu in school 2261-2265


Chapter 2261

A few seconds later, Ting Lan's mind moved and her hair grew out, returning to her previous appearance.

Ting Lan was being held by Tang Zichen's hand, feeling whether this was a dream or not, and was busy biting herself several times.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm afraid this is a dream, and when I wake up, I'm still on the mountain of Godni."

"It wasn't a dream, though I don't know why the Godni suddenly went mad."

"Then let's get out of here, just in case she regains her senses and catches me back."


Tang Zichen quickly flew away with Ding Lan.

Both Tang Zichen and Ding Lan couldn't figure out about why Shenni suddenly went crazy, it felt like she was being forced.

A few days later, Tang Zichen returned to Ding's Immortal Mansion.

"You guys."Ding Cang Dao was silly when he saw that they were back together. First URL

Tang Zichen said, "Dad, I don't have time to talk to you for now, I'll find you later."

Tang Zichen pulled Ding Lan and headed straight to their place.

"What are you guys going to do."

"Doing what couples should do."

"Ah."Ding Cang Qiong was startled, but, with a slight smile on his face, he asked, "So you're still going to marry my granddaughter, Ding Huan?"

As Tang Zichen pulled Ding Lan away, he said, "You watch the arrangements."

Behind him, Ding Cang Dao said, "Then let's take advantage of the half year you're on vacation to do this as well."

"Yes, after that, I'll be both your son-in-law and your granddaughter-in-law."After saying that, Tang Zichen and Ding Lan disappeared into the courtyard in front of them.

"Yeah."Ding Cang Dome smiled bitterly, but everything was worth it to be able to keep a genius like Tang Zichen behind, but the joke would spread again that he, Ding Cang Dome, had not only married his daughter to him, but also his granddaughter in order to keep Tang Zichen's heart.

Ding Lan blushed and said, "What are you pulling me to do."

"You tell me."

"I don't know."Tintan said playing dumb.

"It's time you got to know a real man."

"What do you mean."

Tenzin asked, "What? Have you already learned what a real man is?"

"I don't understand."

"You used to be with that Li Changting, I don't think there's that."

"How is that possible, I was still ignorant and unknown before, he was pleasing me a hundred times, plus he was quite a genius at the Immortal Academy at the time, so for a while, I had a bit of a crush on him.I haven't even held hands with him, and, some time ago, the first kiss was only given to you."Ding Lan gave Tang Zichen a blank look.

"So, your eyes are still pure and flawless, too."



Laughing, they had arrived at their place.

Tang Zichen stopped Ding Lan in his arms and entered the room.

Two hours later.

"How was it."Tang Zichen said wiping Ding Lan's hair.

"How about what."Ding Lan lowered her head with a blushing face, now she was completely clear about this kind of thing, but before she knew nothing, she had never even seen a man's body.

"You understand."

"I don't understand."Dinah said shyly.

"I'm talking about technique."

"Alright, alright, don't say it, shame on you."

"Hahaha."Tang Zichen laughed as he watched Dinglan being conquered by himself.

Two days later.

Ding Cangdome went looking for Tang Zichen.

"Dad, what are you looking for me for?"

"Tzu-Chen, it's for you.

I came here to tell you that the date you and Ding Huan have chosen for your business is in two months, what do you think?"

"Of course, just as long as it's between my six months of vacation, everything is up to Dad to bother."

"Oh, don't bother, after you get married to Ding Huan, if you want to call my dad picket call dad, if you want to call me grandpa, call grandpa."

"Er, haha."Tang Zichen smiled awkwardly.

In fact it was completely possible not to recognize Ding Huan's granddaughter relationship, previously it was Ding Lan who strongly wanted to treat Tang Huan as his daughter, so helplessly, the dean recognized her as his granddaughter, now, all the truth was revealed, Ding Lan and Tang Huan also dissolved their mother-daughter relationship, so naturally, they were no longer his granddaughter.

However, Ding CangDong can't be that stupid, adding one more Ding Huan, one more binding to Tang Zichen, and a granddaughter and son-in-law, to see if he can forget the Ding family when he's developed in the future.

Ding Cang Dong immediately sent someone to the Academy of Immortality to bring Ding Huan up and formally let Ding Huan recognize his ancestors, before, although it was said that Ding Huan was the surviving daughter of one of Ding Cang Dong's deceased sons, but there was no announcement of the world, nor was there any ceremony held in the family, now, it was time.

When the time came, Tang Huan would truly become Ding Huan.

However, Tang Zichen called like Tang Huan.

So, Ding Cangding found Tang Zichen again.

"Dad, what is it again?"

"Zichen, before Ding Huan, name plus Tang Huan, right."


"You've gotten used to being called Tang Huan before, and now you want to change your name to Ding Huan, I'm afraid it's a bit uncomfortable."

"It's fine, you'll slowly get used to it later, it's just a name."

Ding Cang Dong said, "Considering you don't like what you call it, then let's do it, when Ding Huan officially recognizes her ancestors and fixes her name on the family tree, I'll have her name modified to 'Ding Tang Huan', after that, it will be logical for you to call her Tang Huan."

"Er, surname Ding, name Tang Huan."

"Yeah, what do you think, so you won't have to change your name."

"Thanks dad, you're so good to me."Tang Zichen smiled hehehe, recently Ding CangDong was really obedient to Tang Zichen.

"I'm your father and your grandfather, if I don't treat you well, who will I treat, alright, the rest is fine, go ahead and get busy, just tell me if you need anything."

"Okay, I'll leave first then."

As soon as Tang Zichen returned home, Ding Lan welcomed him out.

"You're back, what did dad want to see you about?"

"It's fine, just in case I have trouble changing my name, take Tang Huan's name and change it to Ding Tang Huan."

"Well, that's fine, my family hasn't fixed the name for Tang Huan yet anyway, it's still not too late to change it to anything you want.Zichen, come inside quickly, there's someone who calls himself your captain looking for you."


Tang Zichen busily entered the house, and suddenly saw Captain Mingcheng.

"Haha, Tang Zichen."

"Captain, what brings you to my place."

"What? I'm not welcome, I'm here to give you an award, it's a prize given by our barracks to every warrior who fought in the war."

"What is it?"

"It's not anything precious, it's just an Immortal Pill."

Next to him, Ding Lan said, "A tenth-grade immortal pellet."

"Yes, it's not just a tenth-grade Immortal Pill, it's also a Fetal Pill."

"Wow."Ding Lan was shocked.

"What's a Fetal Pill?"

"A fetal pellet is, ten people take it, and five of them can raise one level of immortal pellets."

"Yes, Tang Zichen, this military camp, there are only a total of one hundred fetal pills to take out as rewards, I got you a quota."

"Ah, got me a quota ah."

"Yeah, you still don't accept it, with your performance on the battlefield, aren't you worthy of this Fetal Pill."


Tang Zichen didn't think much about it, he smiled and accepted it.

However, Ding Lan was a little confused, this kind of birth pills, too precious, this time the army camp took out a hundred as a reward, it hadn't even been handed out yet, it was probably internalized, those who didn't have relations and backstage, don't even think about it, Tang Zichen, despite performing well on the battlefield, had no relations in the army, it was impossible to get a reward.Although the captain said that he helped Tang Zichen ask for the quota, but with the position of captain of Ming City, he wasn't qualified to ask for this kind of tire dan.So, what was going on?Who gave Don Zixon the quota?

Ding Lan might somewhat understand why her father was so pleasing to Tang Zichen, I guess Tang Zichen had really shown something extraordinary on this battlefield, and all the immortals had seen it.

Captain Ming Cheng said, "Tang Zichen, just now this is just a reward from the army, I heard that the Immortal Emperor praised you all, perhaps, the Immortal Emperor also has a reward for you later."

"Haha, is that so."Tang Zichen was overjoyed, what luck, there's no stopping it.

"That's fine I'll leave first."Captain Mingcheng stood up and said.

"Won't the captain stay for a few drinks?"

"Haha, no, I'll see you in six months."


Captain Ming Cheng left.

Tang Zichen happily looked at the Immortal Pill and said, "It's been a long time since I had a breakthrough, I'm always still in the middle Heavenly Immortal stage, but hopefully I can break through to the late Heavenly Immortal stage." Remember the website

Ding Lan said, "Five out of ten people who take the Fetal Pill can break through one layer, there's no reason why you can't."

"Hehe, that's good."

"It's just that, Zichen, I'm a bit confused."

"What doubts?"

"Why do you have access to the fetal pills?"

"Didn't the captain say, I performed well, declare me a chant."

"Oh, Zichen, you don't even understand the darkness of the Immortal Court, a good thing like this, would someone with no military background like you really give it to you?Even if you perform well, you still don't have it, I'm afraid this kind of thing is already internalized before it's even handed out."

"Ah, no way, by the way, this Fetal Pill, is it a 50 percent chance of increasing by one level for every realm you take it?"

"Anyone under the Golden Immortal."

"Oh, that's really expensive."

"However, it's a tenth-grade fetal pellet, so it's aimed at people below Xuan Xian, and anyone who takes it above Xuan Xian will either be useless or have a reduced probability."

"It's still very expensive."Tang Zichen knew that although the Heavenly Realm was overcrowded, the offspring of immortals were not all immortals at birth, and the offspring of immortals had to struggle to start as immortal cultivators, and there were many offspring of immortals who failed to become immortals and then lived out their lives in just a few thousand years.Only, the offspring of Immortals, after all, possessed richer resource conditions, but this tenth-grade fetal pellet was still expensive.

Tang Zichen felt that Ding Lan's words made sense.

"According to you, then, this fetal pellet, it's a bit strange to come."

"Well, I think that this fetal pellet was not rewarded to you by the barracks, it was most likely rewarded to your captain, and then he gave it to you."

"But, I'm not related to him, so I can't break the rules."

"Then I don't know, maybe, he admired you, he thought, you're the only one who's worthy, so he gave it to you, and your captain's realm exceeded Xuanxian, and the effect of taking it was greatly reduced, anyway, since it's given to you, you shouldn't be polite, take it."

"Good."Tang Zichen didn't think too much about it, he desperately needed to improve his realm.

At this moment, after Captain Ming Cheng left Ding's Immortal Palace far away, a woman ran out.

"Brother, did you give it to him?"


p; "Oh sister, brother really doesn't understand you."Mingcheng sighed.

That woman was exactly his sister, Ming Yue.

"Brother, don't you think that this time, the army rewarded 100 fetal pills, if it was based on performance, Tang Zichen could definitely get one.But unfortunately, where the military camp could have divided it up according to performance, I think it's very unfair."

Captain Ming Cheng said, "No matter what, this fetal pellet, father got it for you."

"Yes, father declared it to me, I performed well on the battlefield, and the barracks even approved it and rewarded me with one.But what, did I perform as well as Tang Zichen?It's so unfair to Tang Zichen."

"So, you're going to take the Fetal Pill and give it to Tang Zichen."

"Yes, if my performance is all right, then his performance is even better."

Captain Mingcheng said, "Little sister, do you know that there are many who didn't participate in the war who received this reward, and you at least participated, so it's not too much."

Ming Yue gasped, "It's really dark, even those who didn't go to the war can be rewarded, those who died in the battlefield are really too worthless."

"Oh, people don't die for themselves, isn't that how this world is."

"Brother, did you tell Tang Zichen that it's because he got the reward for performing well?"

"Of course, I didn't say you gave it to him."

"Uh-huh, that's good, I was afraid he wouldn't want it if he knew I gave it to him."

"I don't know you for being a nice guy and not letting people know."

"I just think that he's the only one who deserves to get this immortal pellet, right, when you go home, don't tell your family that I gave the fetal pellet to Tang Zichen, if father asks, just say that it didn't work after I took it.Everyone only has a fifty percent chance of breaking through anyway, and I happen to belong to the half that didn't."

"Alright, let's go back."

Mingyue went back with her brother.

In fact, there were other reasons why Ming Yue gave Tang Zichen Fetal Pill that weren't completely for Tang Zichen's injustice.

At Ding's Immortal Mansion.

Ten days later.

Tang Zichen walked out of the room.

"How was it?"Ding Lan was busy asking.

Tang Zichen laughed, "Thanks to the fetal pills the captain gave me, I've broken through to the late Heavenly Immortal stage."

"Congratulations."Ding Lan said happily.

Tang Zichen said, "It would be nice if I could have a few more."

"You're so whimsical, how could such a fetal pellet appear so easily, unless you're a descendant of an Immortal Emperor and give it to you the first chance you get."

"Oh, also."

"Alright, in the ten days you've been in seclusion, Tang Huan has successfully recognized her ancestors, she's now inherited her father's house, are you going to find her?"

"Of course, she's my wife too."

"Well, I'll have a servant take you there."Ding Lan was busy ordering a servant.

Soon, Tang Zichen arrived at another courtyard of the Ding family, and as soon as he entered the courtyard, he saw Tang Huan in there, with a servant girl waiting by his side, and the clothes and such on Tang Huan's body had changed, becoming even more noble.



"Haha, Huanhuan, how does it feel to have become Miss Dingjia."

"This, it's fine."

"In a month or so, we're getting married, how are the preparations going."

Tang Huan was speechless, "It's not like we've never been married before, it's just that this time in a different capacity."


More than a month later, Tang Zichen and Ding Tang Huan, held a long-awaited wedding in the Ding family.

This time, a hundred tables were also invited, but this time it was a full house, and all those who received invitations came.

Only, under the surface compliments, but in private, many people were laughing at Ding CangDong, scolding him for being shameless, his daughter married Tang Zichen, and his granddaughter also married Tang Zichen, this matter, soon spread in the Immortal World, and became a joke after dinner for a while for others.

Time passed slowly, and in the blink of an eye, half a year's vacation time was almost upon us.

Tang Zichen seemed to be waiting for something every day.

"Zichen, what's wrong with you?Every day you're anxious."Ding Lan asked.

"Alas, it's been half a year, didn't your father say before that the Immortal Emperor appreciated my performance on the battlefield, didn't he say that he would summon me and reward me?"

"You were waiting for this."

"Yeah, but it's been six months."

"There's nothing to force it on me."

"I'm going to ask Dad." One second to remember to read the book

Tang Zichen immediately went to find Ding Cangding and ask what was going on.

Ding Cangding said, "Ah Zichen, I'm afraid this matter is yellow."

"Why ah, didn't you say before that the Immortal Emperor said in public that he would reward me heavily."

"The Immortal Emperor was excited at the time, but now it's been half a year and there was no intention to summon you, so this matter is yellow in ten.Maybe now the Immortal Emperor has calmed down and thought about it, and doesn't want to summon you."

"Alas, I'm happy for nothing."

"It doesn't matter, you saw this big wedding, so many people came to drink your wedding banquet, it means, although you are still weak, but many people see your potential, those people are not looking at my face, you keep working hard."

"Alright, then I'll go back to the barracks tomorrow."

"Well, work hard, although the Immortal Emperor didn't summon you, I'm sure the barracks won't treat you badly, so work hard."


That night, Tang Zichen went to stay at Ding Lan's place, although both Ding Lan and Tang Huan were now Tang Zichen's wives, Tang Zichen didn't let them both serve Tang Zichen together.


"Well, Husband, what is it."Ding Lan asked with a good face.

"It's been so long, I still don't even know what spell you're practicing."

"Ten Thousand Methods Without a Trace."

"Ten Thousand Methods Without a Trace?This spell, I've heard it's very strong."

"It's hard to practice after all, if it wasn't, I would've been stronger."

"This Ten Thousand Methods Without a Trace, specifically has those powers."

"You'll know if you try it with me, I also want to see if you can beat me."

Tang Zichen said with interest, "Yes, I've even killed Xuanxian."

Ding Lan said, "However, you may not be able to defeat me, you have killed Xuan Xian, that's because you used the Star Hidden Law, however, not everyone you can use the Star Hidden Law on him.For example, me."

"Haha, I don't believe that you're any special."

"If you lose, you're at my mercy tonight."Tang Zichen said.

Ting Lan nodded shyly, "Fine, whatever you want."

Tang Zichen's heart rippled.


At that moment, Tang Zichen noticed that Ding Lan had disappeared.

"Huh?Where are the people?"

In the next second, Tang Zichen felt a soft attack killing behind him.

This soft attack felt like a ball of cotton.

Tang Zichen immediately activated the Star Hidden Power, but the attack was like cotton, but the Star Hidden Power couldn't store any power.

What was even more unbelievable to Tang Zichen was that although it was like cotton, it had a thousand different strengths after hitting a person.

"Boom."Tang Zichen was instantly struck and flew out of the window.

"Ah."Tang Zichen incredibly climbed up.

In the next second, Ding Lan appeared behind Tang Zichen and called out, "Husband, I'm behind you, how come you have no defense at all, if I'm your enemy, you're in danger now."

Tang Zichen turned back and said, "Stop it, Lan'er, I've lost."

Ding Lan laughed, "Is it a shame to lose to me, I am at least a Dao Immortal, while you are still a Heaven Immortal, of course, the only reason you lost to me is because I practiced the Ten Thousand Methods Without a Trace spell, I'm sure you are already aware of the characteristics of this spell.That's right, traceless can be summed up in two words, power without a trace, shadow without a trace, traceless also means non-existent, but not really non-existent, the enemy is simply unguardable.No matter if it's the Star Shifting Great Law, or the Star Hidden Great Law, the enemy is facing a hard fight against it, but you can't shift an attack like the Ten Thousand Wonders Without a Trace at all."

"I see, I didn't expect that the spells you practiced would be so powerful."

"You're right, the Ten Thousand Methods I practiced, the number of people in the entire Immortal Realm who can practice it is much smaller than practicing the Star Shifting Great Law.Of the top ten geniuses and beauties in the Heavenly Realm, I'm the only one who was able to practice this spell.In fact, on the ranking list of the Heavenly Realm's spells, the difficulty of practicing the Ten Thousand Methods Without a Trace is much further ahead than the Star Shifting Great Law."

"Since you were able to practice the even more difficult Ten Thousand Methods Without a Trace, why can't you practice the Star Shifting Great Law?"

"I just didn't practice it, I had the chance to choose Ten Thousand Methods Without a Trace, so why would I practice the Star Shifting Great Law.Of course, Husband you're not bad now, you've upgraded your Star Shifting Great Law, and your Star Hidden Great Law is already as good as Ten Thousand Methods Without a Trace."

"If I can't even beat you, if I run into someone practicing the Ten Thousand Methods Without a Trace, wouldn't I be finished."

"Any technique has a nemesis, and I, Ten Thousand Methods Without a Trace, have the same nemesis.In the Immortal Realm, there is a spell called the Star Devouring Great Law that can devour all attacks, if my Ten Thousand Wondrous Wondrous Wonders encounter the Star Devouring Great Law, it will be finished in a flash, I can't defeat even someone weaker than me, and this Star Devouring Great Law is even harder to practice than Ten Thousand Wondrous Wondrous Wondrous Wondrous Wondrous Wondrous Wondrous Wondrous Wondrous."

Tang Zichen busily said, "Where can I go to give find the secret of this spell?"

Ding Lan shook her head, "You, Three Hearts and Two Minds, the Star Devouring Great Law, belongs to the Emperor's family spells, outsiders can't practice it, only the Immortal Emperor's clan can practice it, outsiders can't even see the secret, and even if they get lucky enough to see it and practice it, whether they do or not, it's against the rules of the heavens."


"Yes, several of the strongest spells in the Immortal Realm can only be practiced by Immortal Emperor's clan, and the Star Devouring Great Law is one of them."

"What other spells are also only practiced by the clansmen of Immortal Emperors?"

"There's also the Solar Power Law, the Instantaneous Movement Law, the Life Ordeal Law, and so on, all of which are forbidden."

"Oh, so."Tang Zichen was sorry, otherwise, he really wanted to practice the stronger ones, his Star Shift Great Law, although it was among the stronger spells before, it wasn't the strongest, there were also stronger ones such as Ten Thousand Methods, and so on, stronger than Ten Thousand Methods, there were many more, but most of them belonged to taboo spells.


Even though Tang Zichen had upgraded his Star Shifting Great Law to Star Hidden Great Law, it was still very suspenseful to run into a stronger one.

Ting Lan blushed and said, "Husband, just count me as a loser, tonight, you can do whatever you want."

"Haha."Tang Zichen stopped Ding Lan by the waist and went into his room.

The next day, Tang Zichen reported to the military camp.

"Reporting to the captain, subordinate Tang Zichen has come to return to his unit."

"Tang Zichen, you're here, not bad, last time you took the tire pill I gave you, you actually broke through to the late Heaven Immortal stage, good, you didn't waste one of my tire pills."Captain Ming Cheng smiled.

Tang Zichen said, "Captain, that fetal pellet, was it rewarded to you by the camp?"

"Who said that, no, I was the one who declared it to my superiors, and they also thought you were qualified to receive it, so they gave it to you."

"Captain, don't lie to me, the Fetal Pill can be said to be one of the most expensive kinds of immortal pills in the Immortal Court, no one has too many, and I'm afraid it's already internalized before it's even distributed to the barracks."


"Right, with a declaration from you, you'll give it to me?This is by no means possible, there is only one possibility, this fetal pellet was fought for by your family, and you, however, gave it to me." First published at

Ming Cheng said, "Tang Zichen, don't speculate, I'm not if I say I'm not."

"In short, Captain, I have no teeth to forget your great kindness."Tang Zichen bowed.

"Stop stop stop."Captain Mingcheng looked embarrassed for a moment.

"Tang Zichen, I can't afford to bow to you."

"No, you can afford it, if there is anything you can use me for in the future, please feel free to command.Captain, please accept my three bows."

Captain Mingcheng was busy saying, "Alright, alright, it's always alright if I tell you the truth, yes, it's true that that fetal pellet, it wasn't given to you, it was my father, who fought for my sister, Ming Yue, but, my sister felt that his performance in this war was far better than hers, she fought for you, and thought that you were the only one who was worthy to obtain it, so, she asked me to give it to you.But, my sister was afraid you would refuse, so she let me say that it was a reward for you.Now you know, alright, you can go now."

Tang Zichen was incredulous that it was given to him by Akatsuki.

"Why did Miss Akatsuki give it to me."

"I don't understand her either, in fact, I've been preventing her from giving it to you, so I can't afford the bow you just made."

"Does your father know, then?"

"Nonsense, of course I don't know, if my father knew where it would be."

"But, on your father's side, how will Miss Akatsuki explain."

"No need to explain, my sister will just say that it's ineffective to eat it.However, with my sister's talent, it's hard for my father to accept that eating it didn't work, and in a fit of anger, he put my sister in solitary confinement."


"You can forget about this, and you shouldn't go looking for my sister, or my sister will be even worse off if my father finds out."

"I can't forget Miss Mingyue's great kindness.I will definitely return it to her twice as much in the future."Tang Zichen said.

Ming Cheng nodded his head.

Tang Zichen asked, "By the way, Captain, how is the Fetal Pill made?How can I make a fetal pellet?After all, I also know how to refine pills, even though I'm only a seventh-grade Immortal Pill Master."

Captain Ming Cheng said, "Don't waste your energy, fetal pills are forbidden pills, except for the Immortal Emperor Clan

No one else could refine it.Firstly, no one knows the recipe for the Fetal Pill, secondly, even if they do, they can't find all the materials to refine the Fetal Pill, because one of the materials to refine the Fetal Pill is only in the hands of Immortal Emperors, and thirdly, anyone who dares to refine the Forbidden Pill is violating the rules of the heavens and will receive heavenly punishment for disposal."

"Oh."Tang Zichen said in his heart, forbidden pills again, this Immortal Court, there are so many restrictions, the really good stuff, almost all of them are restricted.No wonder so many Immortal Demons and Gods disobeyed the Immortal Court and set up their own mountains in the Earth Immortal Realm to fight against the Immortal Court.

Of course, such a thing as setting up your own mountain was still too distant for the current Tang Zichen to even think about.

"Tang Zichen, you go back and prepare your internal affairs first, now that there is no more war, all the celestial soldiers next, it is very likely that they will be sent out, this is another opportunity to make merit, you should strive to come, only the more merit you make for the Immortal Court, the more chances for promotion."

Tang Zichen said, "What does expatriate mean?"

"In non-war time, it's impossible for so many celestial soldiers to stay in the barracks every day, so there will be some excellent celestial soldiers who will be sent out to various places, perhaps the Earth Immortal Realm, or perhaps the various departments of the Celestial Realm, to do various things in those places.Of course, those who can't be sent out will have to stay in the barracks, and to be honest, those who stay in the barracks will have a very boring life, nesting in a tiny barracks and practicing boring training every day, I'm sure you don't want to have such a life."

Tang Zichen said, "If I'm not mistaken, those heavenly soldiers who have connections and backstage must have been sent out, those bitter and okay ones, end up staying in the barracks as dogs to guard it."

"You're right, it's true, but the barracks aren't so chaotic yet, although there are a lot of those who have gone through connections, there are also some really good ones that will be sent out, you don't have to worry, besides, I'm very optimistic about you.Alright, go."

Tang Zichen left the captain's tent and returned to his quarters in the barracks.

"Tang Zichen, you're back too."

"Commander Tang, it's been a good half year's vacation, hasn't it."More than a hundred survivors from the same squad greeted Tang Zichen.

"Well, it was fine."

"Commander Tang, the war is over for now, some of the Sky Soldiers in the barracks may be sent out, now that everyone is active, do you have any connections ah, if you do, help me get an outstation as well, I'm grateful."A celestial soldier said to Tang Zichen, who was previously in the same group as Tang Zichen.

"I wish I had connections."

At this moment, a man walked in at the door, the man snorted, "He's got shit to do with it, I'm sure there's one of him among the group of bitter people who ended up staying behind to guard the barracks."

This man who spoke was none other than Shen Dao.

This Shen Medicine, in this war, actually didn't die.

Tang Zichen snorted, "Shen Medicine, you actually didn't die, what a surprise, I thought, you died in the Heavenly Demon Old Demon Battlefield."

"Tang Zichen, my son Shen Medicine, at any rate, is a genius ranked among the war gods, hmph, but ah, someone did well on the battlefield, I heard that he even killed the Xuanxian Demon King, but where so what, hahahaha."Shen Medicine let out a triumphant laugh, Tang Zichen performed so well, but so what.

A Heavenly Soldier asked, "Shen Medicine, what do you mean, Tang Zichen has performed well, the captain has praised him."

Shen Yao proudly said, "What's the use of the captain's appreciation, you all don't know, after this war ended, the Immortal Court gave 100 fetal pills to reward the 100 best performing sky soldiers, Tang Zichen performed so well, may I ask, did he get the reward?I, on the other hand, have been rewarded with a fetal pellet, and I've been promoted to mid-Dao Immortal now that I've taken the pellet, hahaha, hahaha."


"What? Fetal Pill."Everyone was shocked when they heard what Shen Pill said, as they hadn't even heard the news.They couldn't even hear about it, let alone get a reward.

Shen Pill said, "So ah, guys, what's the point of being strong, it doesn't matter if you don't have a backstage, it's just a fart."

Everyone actually nodded, and suddenly, the people who were just admiring Tang Zichen were now all falling over to Shen Yao and sticking their necks out to Shen Yao.

"Big Brother Shen Medicine, much care."

"Big Brother Shen Medicine, are you tired ah, do you want me to help you massage, I have an ancestral massage technique."

Shen Medicine: "Yes, quick, press it for me."

"Okay Le, it's my honor to be able to give Shen Yao a massage."

So, that Heavenly Soldier gave Shen Medicine a massage in front of Tang Zichen, and Shen Medicine looked at Tang Zichen proudly and said, "See, this is the difference."

At this moment, a fairy came in from outside, that fairy was gorgeously dressed, and at a glance, she was someone of great importance, and that fairy asked, "May I ask if Tang Zichen is here?"

Everyone looked towards the fairy at once.

Tang Zichen was busy saying, "I am, what is it that you want?" Remember the URL

The fairy said, "Tang Zichen, may I ask if you are free tonight?"

"Uh, what for?"

"Anyway, you've been invited to dinner at Yoshi's tonight."

"What, dinner at Yoshi's?"All of a sudden, everyone was shocked, Yoshi, what is that place?Ordinary people weren't even qualified to go to Yao Chi, such as Shen Pill's level, Yao Chi was just a legend, even Shen Pill's parents' grandfather had never eaten at Yao Chi, right?

Everyone couldn't help but look at Tang Zichen, who invited Tang Zichen to eat at the Yao Pond.

Tang Zichen said, "This fairy sister, who invited me to dine at Yao Pond?"

"Anyway, you don't need to ask, you'll know when you go, by the way, were you guys just talking about fetal pills."

"Yes, Shen Pill sarcastically mocked me, it doesn't matter, no matter how well you perform on the battlefield, you won't be able to obtain a Fetal Pill."

That fairy immediately took out one from her bosom, "This is the gift my master asked me to bring you."

"Er, what is it."

"Truth be told, it's exactly a fetal pellet, but it's not a tenth grade fetal pellet, but an eleventh grade fetal pellet.Alright, my words have been delivered, please tonight, head to the Northern Immortal Gate and I'll come out to pick you up."

"Okay, I will definitely go."

"Then I'll leave first."

After saying that, that fairy walked away.

Everyone looked at Tang Zichen, incomparably shocked, no matter who invited Tang Zichen, it was already extraordinary to be able to enter the Yao Pond for dinner, the Yao Pond, that was the place that the Imperial Mother used to entertain the various Immortal Powers.

Tang Zichen looked at Shen Pill and smiled, "See, the eleventh-grade tympanic pellet that you obtained, I'm still not impressed."

Shen Yao snorted, "Tang Zichen, don't be cocky."

Tang Zichen didn't bother to pay attention to him and directly walked away.

This eleventh grade fetal pellet was very noble and suitable for people above Xuan Xian, and if someone above Xuan Xian used it, it was very likely to break two realms in a row.

Therefore, if Tang Zichen took it, he would most likely go from late Heavenly Immortal to mid Dao Immortal.

However, Tang Zichen didn't dare to take it because, Ming Yue had been so generous in giving her a fetal pellet, and now that he had it, if he just ate it himself, wouldn't it be too selfish for others to be so generous to him while he was selfish and only cared about himself.

So, Tang Zichen endured the pain and went to Ming Yue to give her this eleventh grade fetal pellet.

Some might say it's silly, but what Ming Yue gave to her was a Grade 10, while what he gave to Ming Yue was a Grade 11.But things have to be thought of the other way around as well, people were sending Ming Yue first!

To Tang Zichen, Tang Zichen would never have given it to Ming Yue if she hadn't given it to Tang Zichen first.

Tang Zichen came to the barracks where Ming Yue was and didn't know if she was in the barracks.

"Hello, may I ask, do you know if Miss Ming Yue is in the barracks?"

"Ah, Akatsuki, she's just arrived, but she shouldn't be able to see visitors."


"I heard that she was beaten by her family, her buttocks are open, and she was limping when she first arrived."

Tang Zichen went straight to Ming Yue's dormitory.

Ming Yue was related, so she didn't live in a group dorm, but in a single dorm.

"Akatsuki, are you there?"Tang Zichen shouted from outside the dormitory.

At the moment, Ming Yue was lying on her bed, her ass facing upwards, and her ass was bloody.

Her father was also really cruel, perhaps, because he knew that Ming Yue had given away the fetal pills, otherwise he wouldn't have beaten her ass to blossom.

"Is that Tang Zichen?"Akatsuki was busy asking.

"Yeah, can I come in?"

"This."Ming Yue was a bit hesitant, after all, it wasn't very convenient at the moment, she had wanted to, take off her pants and put on some medicine or something, what his father had beaten wasn't an ordinary injury, but a beating using the Heavenly Lightning Whip, if she didn't deal with it, not only would it not heal that quickly, but it might leave scars on her buttocks, and it would be too ugly to leave scars on her buttocks, which were originally big and white and upturned.However, she didn't know how to deal with it on her own.

"Tang Zichen, what are you looking for me for?"Akatsuki asked.

"Miss Akatsuki, may I come in?"

"Ah, this."

"Don't worry, I'm not that kind of guy, now get ready, I'm coming in."

"Okay."Akatsuki was busy covering her ass with a blanket, Don walked in a few seconds later, Don just wasn't on the bed.

"Miss Akatsuki, are you okay."

"I'm fine."

"But I just heard one of the girls from your barracks say that you got your ass kicked."

"Ah, where is it, no."

"Can you stand up then?"

"Tang Zichen, don't, by the way, why did you come to see me."

Tang Zichen said, "I already know that you gave me that tire pellet, I'm here today to return it to you."

"What? You haven't taken it yet."

"No, no, I've already taken the one you gave me, but by coincidence, I obtained a fetal pellet myself, and to thank you for giving me a fetal pellet last time, I'm giving it to you right now."Tang Zichen didn't say that the Fetal Pill he had given was an eleventh grade one.

"How did you obtain a fetal pellet?"

"Don't bother with this, just take it."Tang Zichen took out the fetal pellet and handed it to Ming Yue.

Tang Zichen said, "Your ass is broken, I'm sure your parents knew you gave me the fetal pellet, that's why they did this."

Ming Yue said, "Tang Zichen, I don't need it, you had a hard time obtaining one yourself, take it, I might still have a chance in the future."

"Your parents definitely won't give you another chance, quickly, take it."

At that moment, Ming Yue said in shock, "This fetal pellet of yours is an eleventh grade fetal pellet."

"Oh, yes, eleventh grade."

"You're crazy, I'm only giving you the tenth grade."

"That can't be said, the important thing is not what you gave me, but your affection for me, you gave it to me first, so no matter how many levels of fetal pills I give you now, it's not as good as your affection, Miss Mingyue, I really thank you, you're so good to me."Tang Zichen said gratefully.


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