Super Son-in-law 531-540


Chapter 531

It was just that what Shen Siyan didn't know was that while she was looking at Lin Hao, Lin Hao was also looking for her in the venue, but the venue was a bit dimly lit, so for a while Lin Hao couldn't find Shen Siyan.But as if it was really like telepathy, the next moment Lin Hao suddenly turned his head to look in the direction where Shen Siyan was.

The Lin Hao in the crowd smiled at Shen Xiyan and lifted his leg towards her, and Shen Xiyan's small mouth opened wide, full of incredulity, because she sensed from Lin Hao's eyes that Lin Hao was coming towards her.

"Mr. Lin ...... Lin, you?"Huo Yan, who was beside Lin Hao, saw that Lin Hao didn't even pay attention to her and walked inside the venue.She felt incomparably embarrassed, and this time Lin Hao instead heard Huo Yan's voice.Lin Hao turned his head to look at Huo Yan and smiled, "I'm sorry Miss Huo, I'm here looking for someone, I'm sorry, you guys have fun ......"

"Oh, oh, oh, it's fine, it's fine, then Mr. Lin, you're busy, you're busy, don't mind us, don't mind us ......" Huo Yan instinctively wanted to get angry, but she suddenly saw the Mo Tianji standing behind Lin Hao, whose eyes were staring at her with cold eyesThere was a strong warning in it.Huo Yan just remembered that this Mr. Lin in front of him wasn't someone who was softhearted.This was a properly forbidden existence in Tianhai City ah.

Lin Hao didn't pay any more attention to Huo Yan, instead, he just lifted his leg and walked towards Shen Shi Yan.Mo Tianji walked up to Huo Yan and whispered in her ear, "My big brother is here to find Miss Shen, mind your mouth as well as those of your girlfriends' mouths, be careful of the misfortune that comes out of your mouth!"Mo Tianji's voice was filled with endless cold killing intent, and the killing intent all over his body was instantly released, and suddenly Huo Yan as well as the group of women behind Huo Yan who didn't know the meaning of heaven and earth, this would all be quite awake.There was a strong fear in their hearts ......

Those men and women in the venue, those elites of Tianhai City, were all shocked to discover in the next moment that the forbidden man of Tianhai City, he was actually going in the direction of Shen Xiyan, the woman they called a jinx!Now they were all shocked to the core, they would never have thought that Lin Hao's target tonight was actually Shen Xiyan.

"Heavens, he, he doesn't like that woman, does he?Male gods don't ah ...... "A sexy dressed beauty roared wildly in her heart, her heart filled with envy of Shen Xiyan, but also has a heart full of shock.

"How ...... how is it possible?He, he likes Shen Xiyan?"Huo Yan's heart was also incomparably shocked.

In fact, it wasn't just Huo Yan and the others who were very shocked in their hearts, even the party concerned, Shen Xiyan, was the same.How could she have never imagined that this forbiddingly powerful man in Tianhai City, this handsome, almost demonic man, he actually walked over to her?Shen Siyan's heart was wildly jumping with shock, after all, in the current Tianhai City, there was no one who could talk about Lin Hao without changing his face!

"Oh ...... Hello again, Miss Shen, may I sit here and have a drink with you?"Lin Hao very politely lowered his voice and smiled at Shen Xiyan.

"Well ...... hmm, can ...... can, Mr. Lin, please sit down, Mr. Lin, please sit down ......" Shen Xiyan spoke now allSome stuttering. Remember the URL

Lin Hao literally sat next to Shen Xiyan in front of the entire crowd, and even personally poured a glass of wine for Shen Xiyan, and drank it with Shen Xiyan clinking ......

Boom ...... With Lin Hao's actions, everyone in the arena was suddenly shocked again in their hearts.This was the most powerful man in Tianhai City, the most powerful man.This would actually sit with a jinx they despised ......

The hearts of the congregation kept roaring wildly, Wuzha Ai Yi closed Wou'er they couldn't figure out why Shen Xi Yan would know General Manager Lin, this completely subverted their imagination.

"Could it be, that General Manager Lin has destroyed the Gong family overnight because he likes Shen Xiyan?After all, he's the one who exterminated the Gong Family, and I've never heard of him having any grudges against the Gong Family, ah?Could it be true?"Huo Yan looked at Lin Hao's endless tenderness towards Shen Shi Yan, and the protective desire that permeated her demeanor, and suddenly such an absurd thought rose in her heart.

But somehow, right after this thought rose in her heart, her reasoning told her that this should be absolutely impossible, Shen Siyan was a woman after all, and one should know that the Gong Family was a top-notch family in Tianhai City, a much bigger family than her Huo Family, would that man go and wipe out such a huge family for the sake of a woman?

Huo Yan was very smart, she felt that theoretically speaking, this idea of hers was a complete fantasy, but somehow she couldn't shake it off after it had risen in her heart, and it was deeply rooted in her mind.

And if her thought was true, then in the future, no matter what, she would not be able to mess with Shen Shi Yan ......


In fact, similarly, she was not the only one who had the same absurd idea as Huo Yan in this venue, and many people had such a thought rising in their hearts at this moment.But no one dared to say anything.

Just for a moment, Shen Suyan's status in the hearts of the crowd was climbing like crazy, and I'm afraid that they would not be able to say anything about Shen Suyan in the future, or if they annoyed that existence, not to mention them, even the family behind them would be in jeopardy!

Lin Hao was naturally unaware of the shocked trembling in the hearts of the crowd, but of course he didn't want to know either.What he was doing now was to use his monstrous power in Tianhai City once and for all to give Shen Suyan a proper name, and a few days later to hold a grand wedding for Shen Suyan in Tianhai City, and cleanse Shen Suyan of all the notoriety on her body in one fell swoop!

"Lin, Mr. Lin, what do you ...... you want from me?"Shen Xi Yan stammered to Lin Hao, her heart was very complicated now that she was facing the man in front of her.On the one hand, it was because she always felt somewhat familiar with this man.The feeling this man gave her was largely similar to Lin Hao.Both were so overbearing, but in the midst of the overbearing, there was endless tenderness ......

But he's not him, and Shen Xiyan knows that very well, and the state she's in, having just lost Lin Hao, is that she instinctively resists any man around her, even if he's handsome and powerful, she has no interest in him, because her heart is dead ......

In response to Shen Xiyan's words, Lin Hao shook his head and said, "Things?No, in the afternoon, Ye Wu Shuang invited me and said you were there, so I came, I was just feeling like we were friends, right?With nearly the same experience ah, with nearly similar to whisk Shandi Yi dye Pa Wu pain, and I heard that you have not lived well, so just want to help you just, Miss Shen, please do not misunderstand, I have no other meaning to you ......"

When she heard Lin Hao say that, her face turned red, yes, with the power and status of the man in front of her, what kind of woman did he want and couldn't get?And how could he really see himself?

Shen Siyan smiled apologetically and said to Lin Hao, "I'm sorry Mr. Lin, of course we're friends."

Lin Hao nodded, "Well, in that case, I heard that your company has just opened, so from now on, the Tianhai Group will give you all of our projects regarding design, I hope we can work together happily ......"

"What?No, no, no, Mr. Lin, your project is too big, I ...... am afraid that I won't be able to take it over, I'm afraid that I won't be able to do it well ......" said Shen Xiyan, quickly waving her hand to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao lifted the wine glass, his white hand shook, watching the wine shake around in the glass, slowly said: "Miss Shen doesn't have confidence in herself?I know about you, and I'm afraid that company of yours was your husband's dying wish, don't you want to make it a success?" One second to remember to read the book

Shen Siyan was just stunned when she heard Lin Hao say that, she fell silent, after a while, Shen Siyan suddenly took a deep breath, stood up and bowed deeply to Lin Hao, "Thank you, Mr. Lin, I'll try my best to do a good job ......"

Lin Hao, who was wearing a human skin mask, smiled at Shen Xiyan and nodded, "Well, I'm sure Miss Shen will be successful, so can I invite you to dance at this ball tonight?"

Shen Siyan faced Lin Hao's request, her heart was incomparably torn, she bit her lips and said very apologetically, "I'm sorry Mr. Lin, I'm really not in any mood ......"

And there were still a lot of people paying attention here in the venue right now, after all, Lin Hao's identity was too terrifying, and the crowd also wanted to know what Lin Hao and Shen Xi Yan were talking about.Just when they heard that, Lin Hao opened his mouth to invite Shen Xiyan to dance, but was rejected by Shen Xiyan, for a moment, nearly everyone in the venue was shocked to the extreme, their heartbeats couldn't help but speed up, some of them even had cold sweat on their faces, while others were throwing gloating expressions at Shen Xiyan ......


Buzz ...... At the moment when Shen Xiyan rejected Lin Hao, the entire venue was completely quiet, the sound of the music, was also lowered a bit, Lin Hao silent, eyes stagnant, the entire crowd, at this moment, no one dared to speak ......

"Crazy, crazy, this Shen Xiyan is not really a crazy person, right?This is the forbidden man in front of him in Tianhai City, the one who overwhelmed the existence of the Gong family overnight ah.She, she actually rejected it so straightforwardly?How dare she?"The crowd's hearts are screaming madly ......

And at this moment, cold sweat was also appearing on Shen Siyan's face, cold sweat was flowing down her miserable cheeks.She was also a little panicked at this moment, and she also remembered that the man in front of her was not a kind character!It's a cruel and powerful man!I can't believe I just rejected him so bluntly?

"Right ...... I'm sorry, Mr. Lin, I ...... "Thinking of the terror of the man in front of her, Shen Xiyan quickly bowed her head and apologized, she could offend anyone in Tianhai City, but if she offended the man in front of her, then her dream with Lin Hao would really never come true again ......

Just when everyone thought that Lin Hao was about to get angry, Lin Hao, however, smiled at Shen Xiwei, "It's fine, since Miss Shen is not in the mood then forget it, for this ball, I'm not in the mood either.Why don't I send Miss Shen home?Will this Miss Shen still refuse?"

"No, no, then Xi Yan will thank Mr Lin ...... "Shen Xi Yan's heart was long relieved.The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the product.

And then in Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan, on the steak Lu Xi Ai Shan dyed ground zero in the whole crowd of shocked eyes, slowly out of the ball, Shen Xiyan in the front, Lin Hao to slightly behind Shen Xiyan half body, to Shen Xiyan to do a state of protection.

Boom ...... By the time Lin Hao escorted Shen Siyan away, the hearts of the crowd in the venue had been shocked beyond words.Shen Suyan had actually rejected Lin Tian (the name Lin Hao used in front of outsiders), but not only was Lin Tian not angry, he had even sent her home in a gentle manner!!!!

For a while, that incomparably absurd speculation in the hearts of the crowd intensified, and the crowd suddenly felt as if it was plausible for Lin Tian to just go ahead and annihilate the Gong Family because of the Gong Family's words of coercion against Shen Xiyan.Because the Gong Family was considered to be a huge thing in front of them, but to Lin Tian, the Gong Family was probably really nothing ......

So if this deduction is valid, then what a stroke of luck that woman Shen Xiyan should have had!The reason why the crowd thought that in their hearts and didn't connect Lin Tian to Lin Hao was because they were far away from the Heavenly Sea and hadn't really paid attention to what was happening in that small city of Nanjiang.Maybe with time, the crowd would find out, but it was still short time after all ......

And when the Leng family coerced Shen Xiyan on that day, it was a deliberate basic erasure of all the news of Shen Xiyan in Nanjiang City.The first thing you need to know is that you'll be able to find the best way to get the most out of the product.So the crowd didn't even know that Shen Xiyan had married someone once before, and that person was called Lin Hao.So the crowd didn't even associate Lin Tian to Lin Hao ...... First URL

So at the moment the crowd for Shen Suyan, there is only envy, jealousy ...... ...... Everyone present today, know that I'm afraid that after tonight, with Lin Tian personally escort Shen Suyan home, the future of Tianhai City, I'm afraid that no one dares to say anything to Shen Suyan, not to mention the insult to Shen Suyan ......


Simply because there was no one in this city who could mess with the man known as Taboo!The ones Ye Wushuang invited tonight are all the aristocratic celebrities of Tianhai City, and it is believed that with the end of the ball tonight, that what happened here tonight will also spread at rocket speed, first time all over Tianhai City, and it might even appear on the news tomorrow, the gossip about Shen Xiyan being Lin Tian's girlfriend ......

Of course this is what Lin Hao deliberately created, this was his plan, a little bit to wash away the humiliation of Shen Siyan, until the end and then push Shen Siyan to the highest place in one fell swoop, to give her the greatest happiness ......

At ten o'clock in the evening, a black Rolls Royce stopped in front of Shen Xiyan's house, and Shen Xiyan got out of the car with Lin Hao.When Lin Hao got off, he leaned on the car and quietly watched Shen Xiyan ......

Shen Siyan was just about to say thank you to Lin Hao when suddenly she saw this action of Lin Hao, she froze, and tears flowed down violently without warning ......

Because the movements of the man in front of him were exactly the same as the movements Lin Hao often made, the two of them were so much alike, so much alike!

"Lin Hao ......" Shen Xiyan called out without being able to help herself.

"Hm?Are you calling me, Miss Shen?""Lin Tian" raised his head to Shen Xi Yan and asked pretending to be confused.

It was only then that Shen Siyan saw clearly that the man in front of her was not Lin Hao.Her heart was incomparably pained, but the man in front of her just now looked like her husband Lin Hao in both movement and body shape, so she was mistaken for a moment.

"Yes, I'm sorry, I admit my mistake, Mr. Lin is sorry ......" said Shen Siyan apologizing to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao silently looked at Shen Xiyan's face, looking at the tears on that face, he was silent for a while before he said, "Miss Shen, do I look like your lover?"

Shen Shuyan nodded, but shook her head, "Like nor unlike, you have similar temperaments, but your looks are not similar.I'm sorry Mr. Lin, I've been in a bit of a bad mood lately ......" Remember the website

Lin Hao smiled and shook his head, "It's okay, Miss Shen, you and my dead wife also look very, very much alike, just like you said, different looks but very similar temperament, she was the love of my life, I miss her very much, but I probably won't be able to meet her again in this life, so Miss Shen, can we get together more often in the future?"Lin Hao looked up at Shen Xiyan and asked.

Shen Siyan nodded and a smile appeared on her face as well, "Well good, I'm also willing to be friends with Mr. Lin.Then thank you very much Mr. Lin for sending me home today, some other day when you have time, I'll treat you to dinner ......"

Lin Hao smiled and nodded, "Well, I'm very busy, I usually don't have time, but if Miss Shen you invite me, I'll be there any time, hehe, it's late, Miss Shen, go back to bed early ......"

"Well, thank you, Mr. Lin ......" Shen Siyan bowed her head to Lin Hao and thanked him, then turned around and walked towards the door.

"Miss Shen ...... "When Shen Xiyan was about to walk to the door, Lin Hao once again called out to her.

Yi Closing Shan Covered Piece Zero Love Shen Suyan turned around in confusion and looked at Lin Hao and asked, "Well, what's wrong?"

Lin Hao took a deep breath and asked to Shen Xi Yan, "Asking a rather stupid question, if one day your husband comes back to life and returns to you, but in the future you will still encounter things like the Leng family forcing you.Then may I ask, would you still divorce him?Do you still make that choice?"

Buzz ...... Shen Caiyan was faced with this question, suddenly her entire body froze, as if the entire heartbeat also paused, a cold night wind blew, blowing off a drop of tears on Shen Caiyan's face ......

Shen Siyan just stood there stunned, nothing in her mind, and in the next moment she said with incomparable determination, "No!If he survives, then I will never leave him again in this life, no matter how hard it gets in the future!And I won't let him leave me again!Not in this lifetime ......"

"I'll never be separated from him again, if there are ifs ...... if he ever does come back to life ......"


Under the night, in the icy night breeze, shed tears Shen Xi Yan, turned around to look firmly at Lin Hao, this moment how much she wanted, how much she wanted, at this moment, the man standing with his back against the Lauslei Paosi Zero Whisk Shan Whisk Earth Wus, is Lin Hao, if he is Lin Hao, how good would it be?

If he was Lin Hao, she vowed that she would never leave him again in her life, no matter how much trouble she encountered in the future, and that she would never leave him again, ever, even if it meant death ......

Just is there really an if?In the cold wind, Shen Siyan stood upright as if she was competing with herself.Lin Hao took a deep look at Shen Siyan, didn't say anything more, but turned around and left, and soon the car started, and it disappeared into the vast darkness of the night ......

Shen Shi Yan stood in the same spot for a long, long time, and only after half an hour or so did she return home like a walking corpse, only this night, it was impossible for her to sleep peacefully.All she could think about was what that man had said before he left, what if Lin Hao could live?No one in this world wanted Lin Hao to live more than she did, just was it really possible?Is that really possible?Do you still turn back time?

The confidence, the strength that Shen had tried to put on these past few days, when she was alone in her room at night, all the disguises she had put on herself during the day, when she was outside, would vanish.Gone.

The next morning, the overwhelming news of Tianhai City greeted her, both on paper and on the internet.All of them were spreading a piece of news, and that news was that Shen Siyan was suspected to be the scandalous girlfriend of the first president of Tianhai, and the news was accompanied by a photo of Lin Hao sending Shen Siyan back last night.Photos of the two getting into the car together and leaving together ......

At one time, almost everyone in Tianhai City heard the news and saw it.Suddenly the previous impression of Shen Xiyan in everyone's heart underwent a drastic change.How could a woman with bad luck cross paths with the number one CEO of Tianhai City?Stop it, it's impossible, okay!To know the wealth that Lin Hao possessed, and that Lin Tian's name could now be seen on the world's richest people's rankings, that string of zeros, you didn't have to count them to know that it was an astronomical number!

And if Shen Siyan really became Lin Tian's girlfriend, then her worth would definitely jump to the top.All of them were respectable figures in Tianhai City, calling her the number one redhead in Tianhai City was not bad.

Yes, it was the title of the number one redhead, Shen Xi Yan had all of her nicknames of Broomstick Star and Lone Star of Heavenly Severance disappear overnight, and the good people called her the number one redhead!!!!

For a time, Shen Siyan's name, a name that was not already silent in Tianhai City.Because last night, the first president of Tianhai City personally sent her home, once again leapt into the minds of the people.Watching Lin Tian, the first president of Tianhai City on the news, and his incomparably gentle actions towards Shen Suyan that were full of protection, suddenly many smart people, they thought that the destruction of the Gong family, was it because the Gong family forced Shen Suyan, so that angered Lin Tian?

Lin Tian, the overbearing president, had exterminated the Gong family overnight in a fit of rage!Not to mention, this news really had infinite possibilities, especially those brain-dead women who were willing to believe this fairy tale like speculation.Such a powerful and excellent man had destroyed the great villain Gong family overnight for the sake of his confidante!For a time the women of Tianhai City had an infinite longing for this story, and their hearts began to fantasize, how romantic it would be, and the first president of Lin Tian, really handsome ah ...... a second to remember to read the book it ......

At ten o'clock in the morning, in the president's office of Tianhai Group, Lin Hao sat in his chair and looked at the news on his phone.The corner of his mouth couldn't help but curl up with a smile on the face of Mo Tianji, who was standing in front of him.

"Big brother, once the news was released last night, by now, the bad reputation on your sister-in-law has been cleared away, and you personally stood up for your sister-in-law, now in the entire Tianhai City, I'm afraid that no one will dare to say anything in front of your sister-in-law ......" said Mo Tianji to Lin Hao with a smile.

Lin Hao also had a smile on his face and nodded his head with a smile, "Well, that's good, that's exactly what I want, and this number one red face, that's a good name, go give a bonus to the person who published this news.Let them beat out the reputation of Xi Yan, the number one red face ......"

Lin Hao also had to admire that news writer's writing, but the number one redhead had come up with it.And he was also crowned as the first president of Tianhai City, the overbearing president.It really was powerful ......

"Yes big brother, I'll do it right away, and with us behind the push, online about sister-in-law all the negative remarks have been deleted, now about sister-in-law positive remarks with the news, is constantly fermenting, big brother can rest assured ......" Mo Tianji said with a smile ......

After Mo Tianji went out to make arrangements, Lin Hao picked up his phone and dialed Shen Siyan's number, Shen Siyan's side should be busy, it took a long time before Shen Siyan answered.

"Mr. Lin ...... Lin, you, why are you calling me?"There was a confused voice on the other end of the phone from Shen Xiyan.


Lin Hao said with a hint of apology in his tone, "Well, there's one thing I'm quite sorry about, did you see the news today?Maybe it's because my identity is a little too sensitive, so I'm afraid that the whole of Tianhai City is now rumored to have you as my girlfriend.I'm sorry about this, I didn't know it would come to this ......"

Shen Siyan's side hurriedly said, "It's okay Mr. Lin, my reputation, I don't care about it already.And this kind of reputation is much better than my previous total, this scandal does not affect me much, but it may affect you, the one who says sorry should be me, sorry ah Lin ......"

The company said, "We should not apologize to each other, but the rumor is that it's their business, so let's have lunch together.I have an actress under my umbrella, who will be holding a concert in Tianhai next week, and her costumes will have to be designed for a few sets. If you have time, come over now, help her measure the size and design a few sets, and we'll order them right away. ......" Lin Hao, in order to meet with Shen Xiyan again, casually saidLooking for an excuse.

Shen Xiyan heard that there was an order, and it was a clothing design order for a female star who was about to hold a concert.That actress would definitely make a name for herself if she sang out in the clothes she designed.Thinking of this, Shen Siyan quickly nodded her head and said, "Mmhmm, okay, I'll go over there right now, thank you, Mr. Lin ......"

After Lin Hao said a few more words to Shen Xiyan, he hung up the phone.The first thing that I want to do is to tell you that I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, but I'm not going to be able to do anything about it.This ...... and our entertainment company doesn't have a popular actress signed, ah?"

Lin Hao waved his hand indifferently and said with a smile, "Is it not a big deal to arrange one?Its entertainment company does not have a female star, now go and sign one over at a high price, within half an hour, I want to see her in the Tian Hai Group, and under the arrangements of the Tian Hai Stadium, three days later let her wear the clothes designed by Xi Yan, and hold a concert!I'll be over later, so hurry up ......"

"Er ...... Yes yes yes, okay Lin, I'll do it right away, I'll do it right away!"Katy's heart was incomparably shocked, he, the CEO, was really reckless in order to see Miss Shen.But Lin Hao had plenty of money and didn't care about these details.

After Katy went out, she kept calling, and she urged even more urgently: "Manager Sun, what?You're saying you don't have any famous actresses?Hurry up and sign it over to me, no matter what it takes, in half an hour, let her report to Tianhai Group, money is not a problem!Half an hour?No, I'll only give you twenty minutes, and if the man doesn't arrive, get the fuck out of here!"

What Lin Hao didn't know was that because of that random excuse he came up with, there were hundreds of people busy in an instant ......

At the same time in the hall of the Leng family villa, Leng Changjiang, the head of the Leng family, and Leng Feng, the heir of the Leng family, were sitting there talking about things as usual.The daily meeting of the Leng family's master and grandson had become a habit in the past few days.Because these days, ever since they had coerced Shen Shiyan, their Leng family had been in trouble one after another, and early this morning, their Leng family company's stock, even more so, had continuously fallen to a halt, from the morning until now, in just two hours, the Leng family company's market value had shrunk by a third!

The root cause of the shrinking market value of the Leng Family Company was the news that was prevalent in Tianhai City at the moment.The news that last night the first president of Tianhai City, Lin Tian, personally escorted Shen Xiyan home, and that Shen Xiyan was suspected to be the first president's girlfriend! First web site

And Shen Siyan's identity was already known to everyone in the current Tianhai City.The Leng family's abandoned son, a few days ago the Leng family even coerced Shen Shyan to marry into the Gong family, thus leading to the overnight annihilation of the Gong family, and the person who annihilated the Gong family was Lin Tian!Then the Gong family has been destroyed, and now the Leng family who drove Shen Xiyan out of the house, will it still be okay?

So today, as soon as the Leng family's stock opened, it continued to fall, and all the people who held shares were selling them like crazy.And not only that, but even multiple families in Tianhai City that worked with the Leng family started calling Leng Changjiang to terminate their cooperation!

For a moment, just a rumor had caused the Leng family to face a life and death crisis!Leng Changjiang and Leng Feng were now anxious, but there was nothing they could do about it.

"Grandpa, it seems that we were right, the day Mo Tianji attended the opening ceremony of Shen Xiyan's company, he went there on behalf of Lin Tian ah.Grandpa then what should we do now ah?If our stock continues to fall like this, the company will soon be unable to hold on, and those families that work with us are starting to cut ties with us ......" said Leng Feng incomparably worried about Leng Changjiang, the crisis the Leng family encountered this time really made him panic, and it involved the one in Tianhai City.Taboo exists, and he is incredibly scared in his heart ......

Leng Changjiang frowned deeply and said, "Our Leng family is in big trouble ah, if we don't handle it well this time, our Leng family will probably fall to the altar ......"

Leng Feng looked at Leng Changjiang's face and cautiously asked, "Then grandfather, why don't we bring aunt back?Putting the cherished face too ......"

Bang!Before Leng Feng could finish his sentence, Leng Changjiang slammed the table and roared at Leng Feng, "Impossible!To make me bow down like that traitor?Make me bow down like that bastard?Absolutely not!The Leng family is still going strong! We don't need them!And that Lin Tian only gave away that bastard once, it's still unclear what their relationship is!Don't forget, we have another killer!It's enough to kill all thoughts of that bastard!She wants to marry Lin Tian?Oh, she's dreaming!Any woman will do, but not her ......!"

Leng Changjiang said coldly, with a strong sense of confidence in his tone.Leng Feng lowered his head and thought, suddenly as if he had thought of something, he looked up sharply at Leng Changjiang and said, "Grandpa, are you saying that Shen Xiyan's marriage in Nanjiang City?"


Leng Changjiang nodded: "Yes, and back then Shen Suyan was still looking for a door-to-door son-in-law, and Shen Suyan and that ex-husband of his had already been married, and had been living together!Do you think that taboo exists, that powerful man, would still want a woman like that?Oh, how could it be!"

Leng Feng also nodded deeply, "Well that's good, facts are facts, this stain on Shen Xiyan's body can't be washed away, there's no way that man would want this kind of woman!Grandpa, I understand, I'm going to the company to stabilize the market!"

Leng Changjiang smiled: "Go ahead, don't panic, our Leng family has been floating and sinking for decades, we've all met more than once when it was more difficult than this, this time, although it's troublesome, but it's not too hard to get through, I'm not dead yet, a bunch of my old relations from back then didn't die yet, don't worry, there's still me, you just go and do your own thing though ......"

After talking with Leng Feng and Leng Changjiang, he actually made such a decision, but for their scheming, Lin Hao naturally didn't know, and even if he did, he wouldn't take it to heart.Because he was Lin Tian ah, probably Leng Changjiang and Leng Feng would never dream that Lin Hao and Lin Tian would actually be the same person!So no matter how Leng Changjiang and Leng Feng struggled, their fate, and the fate of the Leng family, had already been predetermined when they used their dirty tricks to coerce Shen Xiyan.

At ten o'clock in the morning, inside the Tianhai Group, the current domestic actress ENGLE, with sunglasses on her heels and a large group of bodyguards, walked into the Tianhai Group with high spirits.At the moment she is in an extremely inflated mood, half an hour ago, the Tian Hai media under the Tian Hai Group spent a huge amount of money to sign her over, and the Tian Hai Group also promised to fund her in three days in the Tian Hai Stadium, to hold a Tian Hai's history, the largest scale concert.So she was in a particularly good mood at the moment.

Engle caused a sensation when she first stepped into the Tianhai Group, after all, she was one of the most popular actresses in China at the moment, not only was she pretty, but she also had a good temperament, and the key was that her songs were also very, very good.She has tens of millions of fans on Weibo.So at the moment, thousands of employees within the Tianhai Group are boiling, and there are constantly groups of employees running over to see her and cheer her on.

And engle is also very happy, not the slightest body child to everyone autograph, how to see her are kind of approachable people, she signed, there is a look very cute little girl running over, engle squatted down, the little girl to hold up, signed half a day, engle only to the sky sea group to her designated clothing interior go ......

The first time I saw her, I thought that she was a good girl, but she didn't know what to expect.Shen Xi Yan's heart couldn't help but long for the scenario of engle wearing the clothes she designed and having a concert in Tian Hai three days later ......

Shen Jiyan can't help but get a little excited thinking about it, and the first time she saw such a big star, she was incomparably nervous, nervous sweaty palms, even though she's been waiting here now for almost an hour, but she still tried to keep a smile on her face and stand with a straight posture ......

At this moment in the Tianhai Group CEO's office, Lin Hao, who hung up the phone, but had a hint of dissatisfaction in his heart, said to Mo Tianji in front of him, "What's going on with that stupid woman?You're an hour late?You go tell her she doesn't have to come and tell her to get lost!"Lin Hao was directly on fire, this actress was actually putting up a fight for herself because she was hotter?It's a real death wish!

Mo Tianji also frowned and took out his phone to make a call, saying to Lin Hao, "Big brother, the people have already arrived, let's forget about it this time, sister-in-law has been waiting here for an hour, if there's a temporary replacement, I'm afraid it will be too late, sister-in-law will have to wait even longer!" Remember the URL

Lin Hao heard Mo Tianji say so, also forced down the anger in his heart, to Mo Tianji: "Good, since we are here, then we will also go down to see ......" Lin Hao said, he got up and followed Mo Tianji, he also wanted to see Shen Xiyan, serious work.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to ensure that the company's products and services are in compliance with the highest quality standards.How do you do things?How do you do things?But do you know if they're going to clear the place beforehand?The next time you do, you're out of here!"

For engle this attitude, her that assistant but used to nod quickly, carefully said: "Sorry, sorry engle sister, next time I will pay attention, next time I will pay attention ......"

Engle snorted and waved his hand, "Forget it, I don't blame you for coming to Tian Hai Group in a hurry this time, but next time, deduct a month's salary from you!"

Shen Xiyan mouth open wide shocked at the scene in front of her, engle she is aware of, used to see this actress on TV, on the Internet often, and Shen Xiyan also listened to her singing songs.Seeing engle usually interview, how is also a gentle and elegant woman, very quiet, and there is not a little shelf on her body.But now what Shen Siyan saw was completely different from what she had imagined ......


"Well?Who are you?What are you looking at?Wait, you're the costume designer that the Skysea Group found for me, right?What's your name again?Shen Xiyan right?"engle suddenly saw Shen Xiyan, directly to Shen Xiyan high and snapped at her.

Although Shen Siyan's heart was shocked at engle's true face, but she came over today just to design a costume for engle, so this will not want anything else, quickly nodded and said: "Well yes, sister engle, I am your costume designer, I came to measure your size first ......"

Engle woke up late today, she stayed up late last night, so she didn't read today's Tianhai City news, naturally she didn't know how big a reputation the Shen Shiyan in front of her has in Tianhai City.In her eyes Shen Xiyan is just an ordinary fashion designer.And all these people are the ones who have to surround her.

Thinking of this inherently very sleepy engle directly to Shen Xiyan said: "Later on to measure, I'm tired, rest will, right you go to pour me a glass of water, and then go to buy me some food up ......"

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.So at the moment, thousands of employees within the Tianhai Group are boiling, and there are constantly groups of employees running over to see her and cheer her on.You ......"

"Are you deaf?Didn't you hear me?I told you to get the water!If you don't want to do it, get out!Let the Tianhai Group give me another person to come over, your kind of designer, in this Tianhai City to have as many as ...... "Shen Xiyan has not finished, was engle cold voice to interrupt, and she continued to snapped at Shen Xiyan loudly.

Shen Xiyan's body trembled, feeling her nose sore, she was scolded by engle so much, and her heart was also very difficult.But she also had to endure, Shen Siyan took a deep breath, nodded, and turned around to go pour water for engle when ......

Suddenly Lin Hao walked in, grabbed Shen Xiyan's hand, and said to Shen Xiyan, "Don't go, there's no one qualified to command you in the Heavenly Sea yet!"

"Mr. Lin ...... Lin?"The engle who was about to get angry suddenly saw that it was the number one CEO of Tianhai City and got scared, jumping off the sofa and bowing her head respectfully in front of Lin Hao, who was trembling under the pressure of Lin Hao's momentum ......

"Who the hell are you to make my friend?You think you're popular, you're awesome?Hmm?"Lin Hao said coldly to engle. A second to remember to read the book.

"No ...... not ...... I'm sorry, I'm sorry Lin, I ...... I didn't know Miss Shen was your friend, I'm sorry ......" engle was now facing Lin Hao, completely without the just high and mighty look, there was only endless fear in his heart.

"Tianji, is this how you work for me?Hmm?"Lin Hao turned his head to question Mo Tianji.

Mo Tianji knew that Lin Hao was angry, and the cold sweat on his face brushed down, and he quickly said to Lin Hao, "Big brother I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's my fault for doing something bad and causing Miss Shen to be wronged!Sorry ......"

Shen Siyan felt the hostility of the man beside her getting heavier and heavier.Shen Siyan was scared silly by the scene in front of her, quickly pulled Lin Hao's arm and said: "Forget it, it's fine, it's just a matter of pouring a glass of water, don't blame Mo, he didn't know ah ......"

When Lin Hao heard Shen Xiyan's words, this was the reason why he gave a heavy cold snort and said to Mo Tianji, "I'll let you off the hook this time, no exceptions!"

Mo Tianji hurriedly wiped the cold sweat from his face, busy giving thanks to Shen Xiyan: "Thank you Miss Shen, thank you Miss Shen ......"

The engle who was watching at the moment was completely scared silly, the Tianhai Group's nominal CEO, Mo Tianji, was actually scolded like that by Lin Tian just because that Shen Xiyan was wronged.And what about her?What will Lin Tian do to her?Thinking of this, she no longer had any trace of sleep in her heart and wanted to quickly apologize to Shen Shi Yan.But Lin Hao didn't give her another chance.

Lin Hao pointed at her and said coldly to Mo Tianji, "Find out her black history, within a day I want to make her reputation notorious, and you've already signed this person over, right?Then seal it until death!"

Boom ......engle was so frightened when he heard this that his face went white to the extreme, and his entire body fell to the ground at once as well ......

And Shen Shiyan is also small mouth wide open, incredibly looked at Lin Hao, how could she not imagine, for her to suffer a little aggrieved, the man in front of her, did such a step ......


"No, no ...... Mr. Lin I was wrong, I really know I was wrong, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't block me, please don't block me ah ...... "engle is now reallyScared, because she was aware of the terror of the man in front of her, as a top-notch family in Tianhai City, the Gong family was destroyed overnight with the wave of a hand ah.This terrifying man, if he were to seal her off, it would simply be a matter of words ah ......

It was just that Lin Hao didn't give a damn about her pleas, and ever since Lin Hao had returned from Yanjing and saw how desperate Shen Xiyan was, the hostility in his heart grew heavier every day!

Engle see Lin Hao does not speak, he quickly kneeled in front of Shen Xiyan, while kneeling while slapping himself, to Shen Xiyan begged: "Miss Shen, I was wrong, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I really know wrong, please, you help me say a few words in front of Mr. Lin, from now on you are my sister, I as a sister to you, please, please, I really do not want to be blocked ah, I still dream, I still want to sing, I really know wrong, I change, I change, I will never dare again, never dare again ......"

Shen Caiyan frowned deeply because she didn't dare to say that her words would be useful.And she had only met this man beside her twice at full strength, and he had been helping her for the past few days, so how was she going to ask for his help?

Just looking at the engle who was now kneeling in front of her and crying her eyes out, Shen Xiyan couldn't help but feel some pity for her.So she bit her lips and spoke to Lin Hao, "That, can, can you let her go this time?I'm sure she'll change in the future, but is ...... okay?"Shen Si Yan asked carefully, her voice was very, very small, she was also frightened by the monstrous hostility around Lin Hao, she also had fear in her heart.She didn't know what exactly the man in front of her had gone through to have such heavy hostility on his body!

In fact, Shen Shiyan's heart doesn't hold much hope, after all, people aren't familiar with her.I just look like his dead wife.But what shocked Shen Caiyan was that Lin Hao nodded his head without even thinking: "Good, listen to you ......" and with these words, the hostility in Lin Hao's body also disappeared in a moment.

The next moment Lin Hao turned to Shen Shiyan and apologized, "Sorry, I didn't scare you just now, right?I'm sorry ah, since my wife left, there are times when I just can't help myself ......"

Shen Siyan quickly shook her head and waved her hand, "No ...... nothing, thank you Lin, thank you ......"

The engle kneeling on the ground also hurriedly thanked Lin Hao, "Thank you Mr. Lin, thank you Mr. Lin".

It was just that Lin Hao could speak kindly to Shen Xieyan and had no good impression of her, snorting, "You should be grateful for my friend's kindness, remember that if you continue, I will make you regret living in this world!"Lin Hao said emitting an icy cold killing intent.

Engle shivered in fear, and quickly turned to Shen Xiyan and thanked her vigorously: "Miss Shen thank you, thank you, you will be my own sister.Oh oh yes, you still have business later, right?Sister, then you can measure me now, I believe that the clothes you designed by Sister Xi Yan are definitely the best, you say how to measure, I will cooperate with you ......" first website

Engle is now to Shen Xiyan is a sister, a sister call, that is a kind ah.She then got up and went to measure the size with Shen Xiyan, while Mo Tianji quietly wiped his cold sweat and retreated.He was still very worried about Lin Hao, after all, the hostility in Lin Hao's body was still too heavy and heavy, and this would have a very detrimental effect on Lin Hao's mind.

Before Mo Tianji went out, he looked at Shen Xiyan again, and said in his heart, "It seems that the best way to eliminate the hostility in big brother's body is still sister-in-law ah, as long as sister-in-law accompanies big brother, the hostility in big brother's body will completely dissipate ...... "Mo Tianji looked deeply at Shen Xiyan, and made a decision in his heart.

Shen Xi Yan to engle measurement size, while measuring while asking engle style as well as her own preferences, as well as the style of her singing songs, in short Shen Xi Yan's design philosophy, she is not simply just to measure the figure, but she has to consider all kinds of factors, so as to make the best clothes, have a soul to ......

Engle, the little assistant, didn't dare to breathe from the moment Lin Hao came in, and was so scared that his face was white.He didn't even dare to move a bit as he stood there, while Lin Hao was sitting on the sofa, waiting for Shen Xiyan to finish, because he had made an appointment with Shen Xiyan to have lunch together later.

Just with the passage of time, and also because engle came an hour late, so the time quickly arrived at 12 noon, and Shen Xiyan's side of the measurement is still not finished, and all her questions to engle are still not finished.

Engle was now cooperating with Shen Xiyan while secretly looking at Lin Hao who was sitting off to the side.Cold sweat was running down her body as she saw that Lin Hao had been looking at his watch a few times with some impatience.And every time Lin Hao looked at his watch, there was more cold sweat on engle's face.

"惜 ...... 惜颜 Sister, that's about right, Mr. Lin ...... Lin is still waiting for you, you guys go eat first, I, I'm waiting just fine, we'll measure after you finish eating, okay.... okay?"engle this would be almost scared to tears because she felt the hostility of the man behind her again.

It was just that Shen Shishi shook her head at her words, "Sorry, no, I still have things to do this afternoon, wait a little longer, after I thoroughly understand your style ......"

Engle heard Shen Xiyan say that, tears directly flowed down.Shen Xiyan was facing her, she did not know why engle suddenly cried, so she quickly asked: "Serving Chak West whisking Chak Lu zero you what's wrong?Uncomfortable?"

Engle shook his head and then desperately gave Shen Xiyan a wink.It is only then that Shen Xiyan thought of sitting on the back of the sofa waiting for her Lin Hao, er ...... really, serious work up Shen Xiyan, is really the man behind the forget.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website and see if it's a good idea to have it on your website. ......

So Shen Siyan could only turn her head and looked at Lin Hao very apologetically and said, "I'm sorry about that ah, I might be late, I still have to do the design drawings this afternoon, you see ......"


"Okay, it's okay, I'm not hungry either, you're busy first, then I'll go outside and have a cigarette and wait for you ......" Shen Xiyan hadn't finished her sentence, she was interrupted by Lin Hao smiling and the hostility in her body really dissipated without a trace when Lin Hao spoke to her.

Then Lin Hao really went out ......

When Lin Hao went out, engle directly on the ground, tears can not stop flowing down ah, this is really scared, by Lin Hao frightened, engle incomparably fear of Shen Xi Yan said: "Xi Yan sister, it seems that Mr. Lin only care about you ah, Xi Yan sister, how to do ah, I am now scared to stand up ah, oooooh ...... too frightening ......".

Err ...... Shen Xi Yan looked at Lin Hao just left, and was so frightened that she could no longer stand up engle.And engle that expression is not a fake, she was really caught, was really scared by Lin Hao to cry ......

Shen Shyan was very speechless in her heart, sighed and said, "Well, let's sit and talk, the size is almost measured anyway, then just tell me about your style ......"

The next half an hour, engle to Shen Xiyan is a question and answer, and even told her how many boyfriends she had, her own emotional experience, and all sorts of nonsense.

When it was almost over, engle suddenly said to Shen Xiyan: "Right, Sister Xiyan, but seriously, although Mr. Lin is terrible, but he is really good as your boyfriend, really good for you.Sister Xi Yan you must cherish ah, you don't know, now in Tian Hai City, I don't know how many women are staring at General Manager Lin ......"

Don't talk nonsense, I'm just an ordinary friend with him, I'm not his girlfriend ......" Shen Xiyan said and got up to leave.And the original place is still paralyzed on the ground, unable to get up engle full of shock.

"Xiao Selenium, you said, you said ...... you said Sister Xi Yan, know today Lin asked her to come over to make clothes for me, I was temporarily just bought over?Don't you think it's just because he met with Sister Xiyan that Mr. Lin signed me over?And then you're going to give me a concert in Tian Hai in three days?You said ...... my guess is not true, right?I ...... I wouldn't be so cheap would I?Tian Hai Group should have bought me because they want me to create value for their entertainment section, not because Mr. Lin wants to meet Sister Xi Yan, right?"Sitting on the floor engle suddenly as if remembering something, to the side of the assistant called Xiao Selenium said ......

That small selenium eyes incomparably complex look at engle Dao: "engle sister, I'm afraid your guess is true, because the Tianhai Group is a group that does industry with high technology, their entertainment company, is just a joke ah ......"

"I ...... "engle suddenly felt lifeless, it turned out that she was just a commodity that Lin Hao called in to help Shen Xiyan, but even so, Lin Hao was actually willing to spend an astronomical amount of money to sign herself over and give her a biggest in the sky sea to run the concert.This was entirely Lin Hao's way of helping Shen Xiyan just to make himself appear in the concert three days later, when the clothes designed by Shen Xiyan would make a name for himself. 

If you want to get rid of the problem, then you need to get rid of the problem and get rid of it.

Thinking of this, engle hurriedly said to Xiao Selenium: "Xiao Selenium you quickly make a plan, wait until the clothes designed by Sister Xie Yan come out, we will use all the relations to help Sister Xie Yan publicity, we let the circle fans more people, help us forward, must help Sister Xie Yan make a name for herself!Be sure to ......"

Xiao Selenium also hurriedly agreed.Just then when they both left from the Tianhai Group, they couldn't help but feel a deep envy for Shen Shi Yan.There was actually a man in this world who was willing to do this for her!It's an overbearing romance, it's an overbearing happiness!

And right now, Lin Hao is walking inside the Tianhai Group with Shen Xiyan, just strutting around, and Lin Hao has a gentle smile on his face ......

And Yi Wu Er Xi Lu Er Wu who saw the scene in front of them, those employees of the Tian Hai Group, are incomparably envious ......


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