Super Son-in-law 521-530


Chapter 521

Just after Shen Ruoxue finished speaking, she was stunned, she didn't know why she had just said what was in her heart.She was even more scared now, because this Mo Tianji in front of her, but he was Shen Xiyan's friend.

She didn't wait for her to explain, Mo Tianji nodded his head and said: "Oh, so that's how it is, your women's jealousy heart is really terrible, even your own sister for many years, can say such vicious words, Shen Ruoxue, I've seen women like you, I've seen more, scheming and malicious, relying on their own beauty, thinking that you can do whatever you want, everyone around you have to surround you!!As soon as you have another woman around you who is better than you, you will ruin her in every way, so I don't want to keep a woman like you ah ......"

I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, I'm not going to be able to do anything about it...."

Mo Tianji smiled and said, "Oh, I think Miss Shen you might be wrong, it wasn't my idea to bring you here, ah, and Miss Shen Xiyan is not my friend ah.My big brother wants to see you, go in ...... "Mo Tianji gave a meaningful glance at Shen Ruoxue, then pointed to the study next to him.

"You ...... your big brother?"Shen Ruoxue's heart was in a state of shock, knowing that Mo Tianji's big brother was that taboo existence in Tianhai City, even the Ye family Ye Feiye, in front of that man, didn't dare to breathe a breath ah.But why would a man like that be friends with Shen Xiyan?

Shen Ruoxue's heart was already going crazy with jealousy at the moment, an existence like that was actually friends with Shen Xiyan, and Shen Xiyan actually had a relationship with that existence!Then, no need to think about it, no one will dare to mess with Shen Siyan in Tianhai City in the future!!!!Shen Ruoxue's heart was incomparably jealous, and a hint of extreme resentment rose in the depths of her eyes.Shen Xiyan was like that when she was in Nanjiang, and now she was like that again when she came to Tianhai City!Why did she always meet people like that!Why?

Mo Tianji took a deep look at Shen Ruoxue, although the resentment in Shen Ruoxue's eyes was well and well hidden.But it was still obvious to Mo Tianji at a glance.Although this woman was beautiful on the outside, she was still as vicious and vicious as a snake inside.

Shen Ruoxue's body trembled and walked into the study, Mo Tianji followed her, and when she walked into the study, she saw a man sitting on the chair, the man's face was like a blade, his eyes were like stars, handsome and domineering, and his body was constantly emitting a domineering and cold aura.

"You, you wanted to see me?"Shen Ruoxue stammered and said to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao took a deep look at Shen Ruoxue, lowered his head, lit a cigarette, took a drag and slowly said, "Shen Ruoxue, Xi Yan has always been good to you, why do you keep hurting her?Is it wrong for her to be nice to you, too?"

Shen Ruoxue's face was pale white, and she couldn't say a single word in the face of that forbidden existence's question from the opposite side.Only cold sweat was streaming down her entire body. The first website

"Yes, I'm sorry ...... it was me who was too jealous of Xi Yan, but don't worry, I will never bother Xi Yan again, I absolutely won't, I swear ...... "Shen RuoxueHastily giving Lin Hao assurance said.

Lin Hao slowly narrowed his eyes, he honestly didn't believe Shen Ruo Xue's words.To know that Lin Hao had taught Shen Ruoxue a lesson more than once back in Nanjiang City, but this woman still went on to trip up and target Shen Xiyan time and time again!Lin Hao also didn't know how this woman had hooked up with Leng Feng.He actually came to Tian Hai, and every time he saw Shen Xi Yan, he spoke extremely vicious words to sarcasm.


As Lin Hao smoked his cigarette, one mouthful after another, he also saw the malevolence in the depths of Shen Ruoxue's eyes.If it were anyone else, he would have just killed her long ago.Definitely wouldn't keep this kind of woman and let her hurt Shen Xiyan over and over again.But it was so extreme that this Shen Ruoxue was Shen Siyan's cousin, and it could be said that Lin Hao had kept this woman alive solely because of Shen Siyan's relationship.

But Lin Hao never expected that he would spare Shen Ruoxue in Nanjiang Zero Pa Er Zero West Zero Er City and not kill her to the death.But in just a few days, Shen Ruo Xue actually came back to the Heavenly Sea and appeared once again, causing harm to Shen Xi Yan once again.

If he, Lin Hao, let her go again this time, then after Lin Hao went to Yanjing with Shen Suyan, would Shen Ruoxue, a vicious woman, get involved with someone from the Lin Clan branch?Continuing to cause harm to Shen Xiyan?Not to mention, a woman like Shen Ruoxue had such power!Because they will perfectly use everything they can get their hands on, including their own bodies, to move up the ladder, and that's scary for women ......

Although Lin Hao wouldn't take Shen Ruoxue seriously, this kind of woman would hurt the people Lin Hao cared about over and over again.So this time Lin Hao wasn't going to stay.

"Dispose of it, I've given this woman many chances, she won't change ......" said Lin Hao waving his hand at Mo Tianji.Even if this woman was related to Shen Xiyan, so what?Then Lin Hao won't let it go again, because given the chance ah ......

"Yes, big brother ...... "Mo Tianji nodded, then waved to the outside, and soon two combat sequences walked in and grabbed Shen Ruo Xue's arm and went outside.

Shen Ruoxue was stunned, and only when the two combat sequences with killing intent emanating from their bodies grabbed her and walked outside, did she suddenly react.She suddenly used all her strength to free herself from the hands of the two combat sequences and kneeled down in front of Lin Hao with a thud, her face pale, "No, no, no, you didn't give me a chance, I'll never hurt Xi Yan again, I absolutely won't, please give me another chance, give me another chance......."

Lin Hao looked coldly at Shen Ruoxue and shook his head, "No, I've given you the chance ah, in Nanjiang City, I've given you the chance more than once ah, Xi Yan has never endangered your interests from start to finish, yet you've come up with all sorts of schemes and tricks to target her time and time again ......"

Lin Hao paused and continued: "When you were in Nanjiang City, you controlled most of the interests of the Shen Family Company, and Xi Yan started her own business outside.But even so, you still want to marry Xi Yan to Li Jing Ze in order to get more profit, this idea is your idea, right?After you failed, you went on to encourage the Shen family to bully and humiliate Xi Yan at the Purple Bamboo Villa, forcing Xi Yan to cut ties with the Shen family, which you also did, right?I thought you should have gotten enough lessons when you were in Nanjiang again, but this time after you came to Tianhai, you insulted Xi Yan at the Leng family's banquet.Even today, when Xi Yan's company opened its doors, you went to ...... you said, can I still let you off?Still?"

As Lin Hao continued to speak one sentence at a time, Shen Ruoxue's heart became more and more shocked, and she subconsciously asked, "You, how do you know what I've done there in Nanjiang?Who are you ...... you ...... who are you?"

Shen Ruoxue suddenly looked up to stare at the man in front of her, she always felt that this man looked very, very familiar, and this man said that he had given her many, many chances, and was incomparably clear about the things she had done to Shen Xiyan. Remember the website

If you combine all the words to infer, then the man he is, he should be, is ......

Shen Ruoxue's name appeared in her mind, but how was that possible?How could that man be the most terrifying man in Tian Hai City?How is this ...... possible?And the face doesn't look like it either. ......

Lin Hao slowly stood up and looked at the confused Shen Ruoxue, he knew what Shen Ruoxue was confused about, so he nodded his head and slowly said, "Yes, I am ...... Lin Hao!"


...... ...... Shen Ruoxue was deeply shocked in her heart, her mouth opened wide and her fingers trembled as she pointed at Lin Hao and asked: "Impossible, how can you be Lin Hao, how can you be Lin Hao?Your face, your face?"

"Heh ...... Just wearing a mask ......" Lin Hao sneered and reached out and ripped off Lian Shan's imitation human skin mask.A face that Shen Ruoxue was incomparably familiar with was reflected in her eyes.

Bang ...... Shen Ruoxue was directly paralyzed with shock when she saw the scene in front of her.How could she have ever imagined that this man who was now in the middle of the sky in Tianhai City could actually be Lin Hao, how could it be Lin Hao!How could Lin Hao have so much power!

Shen Ruoxue's heart was roaring wildly, she felt like this was all a dream.And there were many things she couldn't understand, if Lin Hao had so much power, then how would the Leng and Gong families dare to force Shen Rengyan?Oh right, the Gong Family has been exterminated.

Thinking of this, Shen Ruoxue asked incredulously to Lin Hao, "So, then, the Palace Family was exterminated by you?"Shen Ruo Xue's voice was trembling as she saw a fact that was far more terrifying than she had imagined ......

"Well ...... did it to me and dared to force my wife to do it when I wasn't there, do you think I would have kept them?Don't worry it's not just the Gong family, there's that Leng family as well, I won't let them continue to exist ......" said Lin Hao, a cold killing machine flashing in his eyes.

Shen Ruoxue was desperate, utterly desperate, if Lin Hao was that man, then everything she had done was in vain.Because only she herself knew clearly that what she had done to Shen Xiyan was even more cruel than the Gong family, and the insults she had imposed on Shen Xiyan were quite a few, in that case, would Lin Hao still let her go?Yeah, Lin Hao has already let her off the hook once. ......

Shen Ruoxue thought of this and struggled to stand up, tears snapping down.Her heart had endless regrets, she was originally Shen Siyan's cousin, if she had made a good relationship with Shen Siyan, then would she still need to worry in her life?I'm afraid that whatever exhausting calculations are not necessary, she just quietly went to accompany Shen Xiyan, this moment is already enough ah.

There was also the Shen family, if the Shen family hadn't been so harsh on Shen Xiyan from the beginning, then not to mention the power that Lin Hao had now, even if Lin Hao's Kyushu Group was there, then what was in front of the Shen family would definitely be a path to heaven.The Shen family would definitely become the largest family in Nanjiang City, and would even be able to extend the family's power to the Tianhai and have a place in Tianhai City, and no one would dare to provoke it!And how much glory could she gain from the Shen family that was controlled by her, Shen Ruoxue?

Shen Ruoxue was crying tears of remorse, her heart was already regretful to the extreme, she looked at Lin Hao, opened her mouth with difficulty, and with the last ray of hope, asked Lin Hao, "Then, then ...... is it still too late for me to go apologize to Xi Yan now?I will definitely be nice to Xi Yan in the future, always ......"

Shen Ruoxue said to Lin Hao with a last shred of hope.Because compared to apologizing to Shen Xiyan, even if she was told to kneel to Shen Xiyan, she was fine with it.Because as long as she won the forgiveness of Shen Serve Steak Lu Yi Ai Steak Xixi Yan, then the glory she gained in the future in Tianhai City was completely what she did not dare to imagine. One second to remember to read the book

Puff ...... just answered her but Lin Hao inserted a dagger into her chest, the tip of the dagger penetrated out from Shen Ruoxue's back, yes, Lin Hao did it directly.Lin Hao returned from Yanjing this time.The hostility in his heart grew heavier by the day after seeing Shen Ruoxue being forced to such a desperate state by those in front of him!He didn't even dare to imagine how things would have turned out if he had come back a few days later.He also didn't dare to think about how things would have turned out if Shen Yutong hadn't found himself that night and he couldn't wake up ......


So Lin Hao was furious, and his heart was filled with a monstrous rage.He didn't want to forgive these people anymore.This time, he wouldn't let go of anyone who had hurt Shen Xiyan in Tianhai City!As the saying goes, to be kind to your enemy is to be cruel to yourself!It's the cruelty to those around you, to those you care about!

Shen Ruoxue couldn't believe it, she looked at the dagger stuck in her chest, she felt the sharp pain from her chest, she watched her blood flowing down drop by drop, she felt death getting closer and closer, her mouth began to bleed out, she knew she was going to die ......

Shen Ruoxue's heart was filled with reluctance, she had always been so strong and hardworking since she was a child.Whether it was her body or her looks, or her scheming, she was all first class.This world was beautiful, people like her were very suitable to survive in this society, enjoying the most beautiful clothes, the most expensive jewelry, going in and out of all kinds of high-end occasions, talking and laughing about life ...... But now as death approached, she found that she couldn't enjoy this moment, she had lost all of them......

"Why ...... I know it's all wrong, I will be good to Xi Yan in the future, I promise ...... "Shen Ruoxue voiced the last trace of doubt in her heart.

Lin Hao shook his head slightly, "Well, I can tell that what you are saying at this moment is true.But I'm sorry, I don't believe it, and the harm you've caused to Xi Yan in the past is not something that can be mended.If an apology is useful, then what's the point of wanting the law?So, sorry, I don't want to give you another chance ......"

Lin Hao said, pulling out the dagger stuck in Shen Ruoxue's body and casually tossed it to Mo Tianji, "Dispose of it, don't let anyone know about it, and don't let Xi Yan know about it!"

Mo Tianji's eyes were also deeply shocked at the moment, he had never thought that Lin Hao would actually do it himself and cleanly finish off Shen Ruoxue.Just thinking about Lin Hao's relationship with Shen Xiyan and Shen Ruoxue, Mo Tianji couldn't help but say, "Big brother, a woman like Shen Ruoxue should be killed, but not by you.Even if your sister-in-law doesn't know about this, it will leave a thorn in your heart ah ......"

Lin Hao Ai Zero Shandi Yi Yi shook his head and said in a deep voice, "No, I caused some things, so naturally I should be the one to end it!I was too kind to them in the past!And for today's incident not to happen again in the future.Nanjiang City Shen family Shen Ruoxue lineage, cut down the grass and eliminate the roots!There are some evil people in this world who may change, but I'm sorry, but I don't want to give them the time to change.Dispose of them all ......"

When she heard Lin Hao's words, her blood-red eyes suddenly stared round, and she opened her mouth to curse Lin Hao or beg for mercy.But she couldn't say a word when she opened her mouth. When she opened her mouth, only a mouthful of blood spurted out one after another ......

Shen Ruoxue's body was dragged out and disposed of by Mo Tianji and two combat sequences.Lin Hao stood alone in the room, his hostility soaring once again, it was his fault before, he gave those snobbish and malicious people of the Shen family a chance to survive because of Shen Xiyan.But what he didn't expect to get in return was that these people would hurt Shen Suyan again!

So instead of doing that, I'd rather just destroy it!And all the consequences of this matter, he, Lin Hao, would bear them all alone!He never thought of himself as a good person, some things are done, maybe later God will forgive those wicked people and will give them a chance to regret in the future, but he Lin Hao will not, all he has to do is to go and send those wicked people to God ...... First website

"Sigh, even if I had to make an enemy of this world for you, I'd do anything!When I was in Nanjiang, I promised you that I would never let you be hurt in the slightest again in this life, but I failed to do so and actually made you cry and despair again!Never again, and I'll make anyone who dares to hurt you regret living in this world!"At this moment Lin Hao's heart was extremely black and tyrannical!

He wouldn't give those who had harmed Shen Xiyan another chance, even if they would change later!He also doesn't want to gamble on whether those people will actually go on to change ......

Inside the study room, Lin Hao drew the curtains and turned off the lights, leaving the entire study room in darkness .The darkness of reaching out, and Lin Hao was in this darkness, sitting quietly on a chair, with killing intent...


After Lin Hao dealt with Shen Ruoxue, he stayed in his room for more than an hour, this time outside the sky was almost dark, winter darkness was earlier, Lin Hao suddenly felt very bored, he could also feel that his mind was now very unstable and full of tyranny.

"Big brother ...... "After Mo Tianji dealt with Shen Ruoxue, he walked to the study room and saw Lin Hao pulling the curtains and sitting alone in the dark, thinking about his heart and not moving a bit.There was too much pressure on Lin Hao, before he and Lin Hao, he had learned from Mo Lao that Lin Hao was bound to go up against Yanjing's Lin Clan branch in the future, even against Lin Yan!The enemy was unprecedentedly strong, and at this time, there were people on the Tian Hai side who didn't know what they were doing, and step by step, they were pushing Shen Xi Yan to despair!

Lin Hao was silent for a long time and said to Mo Tianji, "Go, come with me to a place, go to that quiet place to stay ......"

"Yes ...... big brother" Mo Tianji nodded respectfully.

Half an hour later, a black Rolls Royce Phantom was parked in front of a cemetery in Tianhai City.This cemetery was very remote, and it was now five o'clock in the afternoon, and the sky was gradually getting darker.This cemetery is unusually quiet inside, the quietest place in the world is probably no better than this, this is a gathering place for the dead, the living are not allowed to enter.And there was a hint of gloom in the quietness of this place.

A black-clothed Lin Hao and Mo Tianji, got off and slowly entered the cemetery.Lin Hao's fake tomb was placed here.And since Mo Tianji had given Lin Hao a sitting grave here, Lin Hao himself hadn't been here, and today he was so bored that he wanted to come over and see for himself what his tomb was like.Lin Hao walked in front, the body's breath is very cold, Mo Tianji felt Lin Hao's body emitted breath, also do not dare to speak, is behind the silent follow Lin Hao, guiding Lin Hao towards his own tomb ......

Under the dim sky, Lin Hao and Mo Tianji were like two ghosts, interspersing next to a tombstone.It's just that when Lin Hao Mo Tianji walked in front of Lin Hao's own tombstone, there but suddenly dyed Wu Lu zero Lu whisk Wu Pa see a person: Wang Shufen!

Lin Hao never expected that Wang Shufen would be in front of his grave.Mo Tianji wanted to open his mouth to call Wang Shufen, but he was stopped by Lin Hao, who took Mo Tianji and quietly hid behind Wang Shufen's tombstone.

Then Lin Hao heard Wang Shufen talking to herself in front of her own grave, "Lin Hao, Mom came over to see you, although you are not my real son, I am not Xi Yan's real mother, even I used to treat you so badly, in the year when you were the Shen family's door-to-door son-in-law, to you all kinds of beatings and scolding, hey, but not only do you not hate me, when you were in Nanjiang, you were so good to me, I'm afraid I will not be able to find such a good son-in-law as you in my life, I really want you and Xi Yan to be able to go together until the end ah ......"

"Xi Yan said you are an orphan, I also know, but your mother can't come to see you, but I am a mother, I'll come to see you every month from now on, Mom knows you like Xi Yan, you love her very, very much in your heart, then I'll tell you about Xi Yan every time I come in the future ......"

"Hao'er, you know, the company you left to Xi Yan opened today, it's officially open for business.Xi Yan is working very hard now, she is going to realize her dream, she is going to work hard to fulfill your last wish and make an internationally famous brand in three years ......" Remember the URL

Wang Shufen was still talking to herself in front of Lin Hao's grave, and Lin Hao listened silently from behind.He could never have imagined that this fake grave of his would come more than just Shen Shi Yan, but it would be Wang Shufen.After all, in Lin Hao's consciousness, Wang Shufen was a woman who loved money and was vain.But how could he have never thought that Wang Shufen's temperament had actually changed completely after experiencing so many things, was really changed ......


Lin Hao thought to himself, but his foot suddenly bumped into something.Wang Shufen fiercely turned back, looking frightened and shouted, "Who?Come out?Who's there?I'm telling you, I'm a believer in Buddhism, I'm wearing an amulet, I'm not afraid of ghosts ......"

Wang Shufen was very scared, knowing that it was already dark, and she was in a cemetery, but there were thousands of dead people buried inside.I have to say that the movement behind her really scared her ......

Er ...... Lin Hao was also a little startled, but he didn't expect that he had just accidentally touched something and scared Wang Shufen like this.In order not to frighten Wang Shufen, Lin Hao walked over with Mo Tianji.

"Auntie don't be afraid, we're not ghosts, I just came over to see my friend ......" Lin Hao spoke to Wang Shufen.

Wang Shufen looked deeply at Lin Hao and Mo Tianji, it was just that it was already a bit dark and she couldn't see clearly.But no matter how much she couldn't see clearly, she could still tell that the two in front of her were living people, not ghosts ......

Wang Shufen was greatly relieved and asked Lin Hao, "Scared the hell out of me, right, you said you came to see your friend?Are you friends with our Hiro?"

Lin Hao listened to Wang Shufen's words and looked at the tears that hadn't dried on Wang Shufen's face.Lin Hao's heart was touched, and Wang Shufen actually cried for him.He didn't expect Wang Shufen to be able to do this.It seemed that Wang Shufen was just unforgiving with her mouth, but she still had a good heart.

Lin Hao nodded and said, "Well yes, I Wu Ai shade ground whisking closed and Lin Hao is a friend, I heard Jiang Shao Ming said he died, so I came to see him ...... I didn't expect to see him for several years, when I see him again, it's already such a result, auntie also please save your grief."

The sadness in Wang Shufen's eyes was even stronger, her eyes were red, and she wiped her eyes and said, "Well, no one would have thought that something like this would happen to Hao'er, sorry ah, I should go, my daughter will be home soon, I have to go back and cook dinner for her.If you have time you can go to the house and sit in, auntie will cook for you ......" Wang Shufen wiped her tears and stood up.

"Well, I'll go when I have time, thanks auntie ...... "Lin Hao bowed deeply to Wang Shufen.Wang Shufen waved her hand, wanting to say something polite, but there really wasn't much temperament, and a sadness was all over her body.Wang Shufen stood up and went outside ......

Lin Hao turned his head to look at Wang Shufen's distant back, his heart was very touched, it seemed that Wang Shufen's mood had changed a lot this year, and he had become attached to him.It was really treating him as family.Lin Hao secretly said that he hadn't treated Wang Shufen well in the past six months in vain ...... One Second Remember to Read Books ......

"Sky, has my mom been in any trouble lately?"Lin Hao looked at Wang Shufen's back and asked to Mo Tianji.

Mo Tianji also looked at Wang Shufen's distant back and thought slowly, "Yes, big brother when you were in a coma, at that time the Leng family and Gong family were pushing too hard on sister-in-law, Auntie Wang tried to do everything to help, but her influence was too small, in the end she just had to go and find the Wang family, to find her family in Tianhai City, to seek help, just ......"

"Just what?Say!"Lin Hao's tone suddenly became icy cold.

"Yes!"Mo Tianji bowed his head and quickly said, "That night, Auntie Wang braved the rain and went to the Wang family to beg her father and brother, wanting them to help her sister-in-law, but in the end, it wasn't even ten minutes before she was kicked out of the house by the Wang family.What exactly Auntie Wang talked to the Wang family about, I don't know about that.But I'm sure that the moment Auntie Wang was kicked out, her entire body was like a walking corpse, devoid of spirit and full of despair, it was raining that night, Auntie Wang was walking outside alone and hungry, while the Wang family went to warm up at home eating and drinking, even when Auntie Wang came out, the Wang family, not a single person came out to see her off!......"

Boom ...... After Lin Hao listened to Mo Tianji's words, a hint of icy killing intent and chill rose up on his body.

"Wang family, heh, a small third-rate family, but they can actually bounce around.Let them go bankrupt tonight, and keep the people, if the Wang family dares to go looking for trouble with Xi Yan and my mother, then kill them, no need to stay ......" Lin Hao looked at Wang Shufen's somewhat rickety back, and said to Mo Tianji behind him ......

"Yes ...... I'm on it!"Mo Tianji nodded respectfully, he looked at Wang Shufen's back and knew that from this moment on, this middle-aged woman had been completely recognized by Lin Hao, then in the future, she would be well-fed and well-fed for the rest of her life ......


Time passed quickly, in the blink of an eye, another five days passed, the weather in Tianhai was getting colder and colder, and the New Year's Day on January 1st was getting closer and closer, and it would be another new year in like ten days.The people in Tianhai City have already started to prepare for the New Year, everyone is busy, and in this, basically not many people care, five days ago, a small third-rate family in Tianhai City went bankrupt, that third-rate family, I'm afraid this year is not good, after all overnight they lost everything in their hands, company, savings, house, car, everything!......

And this family is the Wang family, the family Wang Shufen was born into, the family that cut ties with Wang Shufen over twenty years ago, the family that Wang Shufen went on her knees to beg for more than ten days ago in the rainy night.Her father and her two brothers had been on the streets.It's not that they didn't want to go over to Wang Shufen, but on the one hand, they are in the way, now they go to Wang Shufen, they can't afford to lose that face.

And then there's Shen Xi Yan's side, since the company opened five days ago, she put all her energy into the company, the company, every day and every night, working overtime to make designs.It's the only way for her not to think about the man she misses in her heart.

Inside the president's office on the top floor of the Tianhai Group's headquarters, Lin Hao stood in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling window, looking at the incomparably prosperous city in front of him as usual, listening to Mo Tianji's report to him from behind him.

"Big brother, after this half a month of integration and digestion of Shan Wu Wu Ai whisked Shan closed, all the forces under our umbrella have now been integrated together.Including the previously annexed Tianhai Group, as well as the Kyushu Group that moved over last week, have also been secretly integrated with us, as for your former squad, Jiang Shaoming, Xiao Yuanshan, Li Jianghai, and Scar Six, they have also been secretly integrated into the Tianhai Group.There is also the Gong family that we annexed, these combined, now just the Tianhai Group's power and scale, is ten times stronger than the Ye family.In short, the current Tianhai City, our side of the force is the most powerful ...... It can be said that all walks of life in Tianhai City are also under our control, our initial plan has been completed, the foundation has been stabilized ...... "Mo Tianji on theJang Lin Hao reported respectfully with a hint of fervor in his tone!

And such a large group, Jiang Shao Ming's ability is no longer enough to manage, Jiang Shao Ming also knows this, and took the initiative to request to go to be Mo Tianji's deputy, of course, Lin Hao in Nanjiang City, the group of old people, because now Lin Hao does not want to be exposed to Shen Shiyan face, so they are secretly merged into the Tianhai Group.In the open they are still managing the Kyushu Group, it's just that outsiders don't know about it ......

Lin Hao nodded, "Create momentum, continue to create momentum, let the name of the Tianhai Group, completely resound throughout Tianhai, I want to make Tianhai City known to no one, no one, because in ten days, I'm going to go as an absolutely powerful person to give Xiangyan a grand wedding!"

Mo Tianji nodded, "Yes, in fact, now the reputation of the Tianhai Group, as well as the identity of Big Brother, has been known by all walks of life in Tianhai City, now as long as Tianhai City has a little bit of power, everyone knows the terror of Big Brother, according to my analysis, Big Brother, you can go contact your sister-in-law now, if you delay any longer, it may be too late, after all, there is only ten days left ......"

Lin Hao nodded: "Inform the Ye family, let Ye Wushuang hold a party for the young generation of the Heavenly Sea tonight, invite Xi Yan over, I'll be there too ......" Lin Hao said slowly to Mo Tianji, with a hint of anticipation in his heart "Xi Yan.Now that all of our hurts are behind us, I'll take you to the top and enjoy the glory together!"


Mo Tianji nodded his head and went out to make arrangements, he would try to do a good job on this matter, he had followed Lin Hao for the past few days, he had understood how high and how heavy Shen Suyan's position was in Lin Hao's heart.Likewise, for that world-defying wedding ten days later, Mo Tianji's heart was also incomparably looking forward to it, and on that day, Shen Siyan, as the hostess of that wedding, should be so, so happy ...... because the one she was about to marry was the most powerful person in Tianhai City, and also the one who loved her the most!......

And Ye Wushuang, who received Lin Hao's order, shook off all the things of the day and directly set up inside the Ye family at the first time, Lin Hao let him do his work, which was his honor, and he also personally called Shen Xiyan over at the first time.

At eight o'clock in the evening, in front of the door of the Ye family villa, a sexy, well-groomed Tianhai City's top debutantes, and an elite from all walks of life of Tianhai City wearing suits, walked into the gala door.Inside the Ye family villa area, this night is even full of all kinds of luxury cars, the cheapest are more than seven figures.This is a top Wu Shan Yi dye Wu whisk closed ground level party!

Shen Siyan also came, only that Shen Siyan wasn't very exquisitely dressed, wearing just a long black dress.Her face also didn't have any particularly delicate makeup on it, so her appearance naturally didn't look as bright and gorgeous as those top debutantes.And inside this venue, there weren't many people who actively spoke to her.

After all, her reputation is very bad inside the current Tianhai City, and there are still rumors outside that she is a jinx, a heavenly lone star, and whoever is with her will have bad luck ......

"Eh, Sister Huo Yan, look at that woman sitting over there, isn't that Shen Xi Yan ah?I heard that the woman who was going to marry into the Gong family half a month ago, but the Gong family was exterminated that night?"A woman dressed in revealing clothes, showing her long white legs, whispered beside Huo Yan.

Tonight, Huo Yan was wearing a bright red, deep V strapless dress, red high-heeled shoes, a crystal necklace around her neck, and the set of clothes and jewelry on her body added up to over a million dollars.As one of the top debutantes in Tianhai City, Huo Yan was naturally a focal point tonight, and this Huo Yan was the beautiful woman who took the initiative to befriend Lin Hao at the banquet Lin Hao held that day, and gave Lin Hao a toast but Lin Hao didn't pay any attention to her ......

Huo Yan was dressed up very beautifully today because she had vaguely heard that the strongest, most handsome man in Tianhai City would be coming over tonight, and Huo Yan, who had seen Lin Hao that night before, had been looking forward to meeting Lin Hao again in her heart these days.And it wasn't just her, there were too many top women in Tianhai City who wanted to be with Lin Hao, because they had heard that Lin Hao wasn't married yet and didn't have a woman around him ......

Huo Yan glanced at Shen Shi Yan who was sitting alone in the corner, smiled and shook his head to the woman who had just spoken and said: "Well right it is her, I didn't expect her to come, let's stay away from her, although we all know that the fall of the Gong family has nothing to do with her, but bad luck this thing, rather believe in it ah ......" Huo Yan said and walked away with a few women around him ......

Huo Yan was accompanied by a similarly sexy beauty, who nodded and said, "Stay away from her, isn't that one here yet?I really want to meet him. Huo Yan, do you think I'm pretty?Do you think he'll agree if I ask Lin to dance with me later?"There was incomparable anticipation in that beauty's eyes.

Before Huo Yan even spoke, the beauty with the long legs exposed before spoke, "Oh just you?With Sister Huo Yan, where is your share of the ah, so domineering General Manager Lin, must be Sister Huo Yan's ...... And only the top beauty like Sister Huo Yan, can match the General Manager Lin ah ......" Remember the website

"Don't talk nonsense, I've only met with Mr. Lin once, we can't even talk about knowing each other, don't spread it ...... "Huo Yan's face rose with a touch of shyness, although she said on her lips to tell that woman not to say anything, but her heart was still very happy.After all, that's what she was thinking in her heart, thinking of staying by the side of that domineering and incomparable man!To be his lady love!How happy would that be?


For Huo Yan these three women's words, sitting in the corner of Shen Xi Yan although she lowered her head, pretending to look indifferent, but Huo Yan their words still reached her ears, especially when listening to these women said she is a jinx, Shen Xi Yan incomparably lonely ......

Yes, tonight's banquet hadn't started yet, but it was a game that Ye Wushuang had set up, so basically no one dared not come.All those who should be here, those top figures of Tianhai City were all talking to each other.And from time to time, there were also handsome looking men who took the initiative to accost the beautiful girl inside the venue.But ever since she came in, there wasn't a single man who wanted to strike up a conversation with her, wanted to talk to him!Everyone hid far away, she alone even took up a big table, no one dared to come over ......

"Miss Shen over there is staying alone, shall we go over and say hello?"Bai Jiaqi, who was dressed in a white suit, said to Ye Wushuang and Xiao Cold Night, who were beside him, that the three of them knew Lin Hao's true identity.The three of them knew Lin Hao's true identity. But Shen Shiyan was Lin Hao's woman, now in this venue, being so indifferent, no matter how you thought about it, it was inappropriate.

Just Ye Wushuang for his proposal but shook his head: "forget it, do not go over, we go over is too awkward, after all, our identity placed here it, and later Mr. Lin will come over, it is reasonable to say that Mr. Lin should also be to ah, now the time from the start of the banquet, have been over five minutes ah ......" Ye Wushuang frowned and looked at the table, because Mo Tianji told him that he and Lin Hao will not be late, but now look at this situation, obviously late ah.

At the moment, Mo Tianji was in Tianhai's villa, Mo Tianji was going crazy, because since the afternoon, Lin Hao had been changing clothes at his house, all kinds of clothes, and there were four of Tianhai's top makeup artists to match Lin Hao.But Lin Hao wasn't even satisfied, no one would have thought that Lin Hao, now the strongest man in Tian Hai City, the most cold and domineering man, would actually care so much about his outfit in order to see Shen Xi Yan tonight!

"Big brother, the Ye family's banquet has already started ah, we really should go ah, if we are late again, Miss Shen might leave ......" said Mo Tianji to Lin Hao with worry in his heart.

"Well, good to go ......" Lin Hao looked at himself in the mirror.The upright figure, the delicate features, the slightly hesitant eyes, coupled with the overbearing and cold temperament of his body, he was more than satisfied.To know that those men who had gone to Ye Wushuang's banquet tonight also had handsome faces, Lin Hao's requirement was naturally to be more handsome than them!Can't let your wife be abducted by another man. ......

At 8:30 p.m., after Ye Wushuang made another phone call to Mo Tianji, he announced the start of the banquet, and suddenly the whole venue was lively, romantic music was playing inside the venue, and all the exquisite men and women inside the venue began to dance, brain, very lively ......

But for the incomparably lively venue in front of her, Shen Shiyan looked incomparably different, and she was somewhat resistant to such an occasion inside.In the past when she was in Nanjiang City, she rarely attended such gatherings.And now in Tianhai, she was even carrying a reputation of being a jinx, and no one came to her, so she continued to sit alone in the corner, she had the intention to leave, but today she was specially invited by Ye Wushuang, Ye Wushuang had given her several orders over the past few days, and she was too embarrassed to refuse Ye Wushuang, so she just sat here alone and waited for the banquet to end......

Just although Shen Shiyan's heart was somewhat resistant to such an occasion, looking at the men and women dancing inside the venue, she was somewhat envious.In her heart, she thought, "How great would it be if Lin Hao were still alive?Lin Hao was so handsome, hugging himself and dancing in an occasion like this, how romantic would that be?Yes, at this moment, the idle Shen Xiyan is missing Lin Hao again ......

Shen Siyan dazed looking at the incomparably lively banquet in front of the eyes, ears listening to the music playing in the venue, looking at those dressed up in front of the bright and shiny, light steak zero ground cover land whisking color moving, sexy incomparable women laughter.She picked up the wine glass, a person silently drinking wine ......


But in the next moment, just as Shen Xiyan had just lifted her wine glass and wanted to take a sip, the music in the entire venue suddenly stopped, and then inside the venue, a burst of screams, a burst of women's screams, many women jumped up like crazy, covering their mouths and screaming, and a red hue rose on their sexy faces ......

Shen Siyan followed the direction of the crowd and then saw the entrance of the venue at this moment, when the most powerful man in today's Hai Hai City, Lin Tian, stepped in from the outside, Mo Tianji silently followed behind Lin Tian.

The moment Lin Hao appeared, the overbearing king's momentum directly covered the entire venue, one person facing hundreds of people, but the overbearing and unparalleled momentum of his body, one person was able to hold down the opposite hundred people, the momentum was super powerful.And Lin Hao was tall and cold, with fair skin, plus the top-notch suit that was shipped over from England, plus Lin Hao's slender figure, making this moment as if he was a prince coming out of the darkness, as well as Lin Hao's eyes with a touch of sadness, making tonight's Lin Hao, handsome and almost demonic!

"Wow so handsome, how in the world can there be such a handsome man?So handsome, so handsome, no I want to get him, I want to get him ......" a beautiful woman screamed through the wine the moment Lin Hao appeared ......

"So stylish, so high and cold, the realistic version of a domineering president ah, no no no, I'm going to faint, I'm going to faint ......" another beautiful woman screamed loudly ......

"So handsome, so domineering, so manly, such a man, only such a man can make me go willingly to accompany ...... Lin Tian, I want to be your woman!I'm going to marry you!"Huo Yan's eyes looked at Lin Hao, who walked in through the doorway, with a direct determination in her heart.

Yes, no matter which way you look at it, Lin Hao was an incomparably excellent man, in terms of power and status, Lin Hao controlled the Tianhai Group which was much more powerful than the Ye family.In terms of looks, Lin Hao was handsome, almost demonic, not even like a man in this world, and Lin Hao still had that overbearing and unparalleled aura about him, what kind of woman could resist Lin Hao?This is every beautiful woman, the man of her dreams. ......

Lin Hao walked inside step by step, searching for Shen Shi Yan's location as he walked inside, not having the slightest interest in these women in front of him.Even now, he had a mental cleanliness fetish and didn't want to take care of those women at all.And tonight's banquet was supposed to be held just for Shen Siyan.

It's just that Lin Hao wasn't interested in those women, but those beauties were very, very interested in him.Huo Yan even more courageous, incomparably sexy frontal facing Lin Hao, Huo Yan walked up to Lin Hao, her face put on an elegant and sexy smile, red intention to love whisk Shan closed dye whisk face to Lin Hao said: "Mr. Lin, may I invite you to dance with me?"

As Huo Yan's words fell, the whole venue started to rise, after all, Huo Yan was also a top-notch beauty.It could even be said that tonight, there was no woman sexier than Huo Yan in this venue.A top beauty with a top handsome man, this was naturally what everyone was looking forward to seeing ......

"Promise her, promise her, promise her ......" suddenly the men and women in the venue started shouting in unison after Huo Yan took the initiative to meet up with her.In their impressions, this was the first time Huo Yan, a great beauty, had taken the initiative to invite a man to dance.What did this mean?This meant that if Lin Hao was willing, he could even take down Huo Yan tonight!Take down this Tian Hai City's top beauty! First web site

Hearing the calls of the people around her, Huo Yan's face also had a hint of a shy redness rising on her face, somewhat embarrassed, after all, it was the first time she had taken the initiative to talk to a man like that.

At this moment, in a corner of the venue, the atmosphere there was out of place, and that was where Shen Suyan was.Shen Siyan this time also stared blankly at this side ......

"This man, it's like Lin Hao, it's like, his temperament, his eyes, they're all like, like ...... "Shen Xiyan looked at the middle of the venue and snapped her eyes shut ......

Yes, that man was very, very much like Lin Hao, but he wasn't after all, he wasn't Lin Hao, how great would it be if he was...


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