Lost Young Master 271-275


Chapter 271

"Fuck you, you don't get along with me, I'll get along with you!"


Ye Fan copied up the unfinished cool skin on the table and smashed it directly out, banging the little youth's head, a hole in his forehead, and blood moistening out.

Seven days of training, Ye Fan's body has more than doubled compared to seven days ago, not to mention that now Ye Fan is very capable of fighting, in exchange for seven days ago, to this kind of wine hollowed out of the body of a small youth, Ye Fan is also a fist is not a problem.

Just now He Mengmeng to protect him, he is completely in his eyes, even if the little youth did not insult him, simply insulting He Mengmeng, Ye Fan will neither spare these two little youths lightly.

Full of obscenities, he really thought of himself as an onion!

The little youth held his head and screamed, not expecting that it was Ye Fan who struck first, and reacted by taking a chair and running to Ye Fan, but he saw that Ye Fan had already rushed out of the shop.

The little youth burst out laughing: "Beat me up and still want to run, you're dead!"

The reason why Ye Fan ran out wasn't because he was scared, but because this was He Mengmeng's shop.In other people's homes, smashed to pay for it is, but the bits and pieces here are He Mengmeng's hard work to get out, even if the big spend to decorate better, but also less of He Mengmeng's flavor.

The hard work that He Mengmeng put in was far more valuable than this stinking money.

"Little Fan, you should run!" One second to remember to read the book

He Mengmeng chased after him and poured this time still discouraged Ye Fan to leave.

Ye Fan was touched, but at the same time, he saw a customer who just ate the cold skin without paying and left.

Only He Mengmeng was worried but completely unable to care.

"Damn, there's still a rogue!"

Ye Fan is also not stupid, look at this, this boss is always rogue run single eat tyrannical meals, this escape path is so familiar, are He Mengmeng location dead end.

Ye Fan secretly remembered in his heart, but even more guessed that there were also troublemakers in the past.

I really don't know how He Mengmeng were solved in the past, but it was too late for Ye Fan to think about it, two youngsters had already rushed out of the shop, copied the chair and smashed into Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was not willing to show weakness, the seven days of training did have an effect, just the movements of the two little youths had a lot of flaws, if they were grappling, one was accurate, these were the grappling techniques given to him by Luo Lan.But Ye Fan still had to go after the boss now, so he took the simplest and most brutal method.

Because he knew that the entrance examination of Wood Spirit Villa was mainly weight bearing, so Ye Fan didn't miss weight bearing training.Two youngsters held chairs, while Ye Fan swung a motorcycle at the entrance and directly smashed one youth unconscious on the spot.

The other little youth did not expect Ye Fan's explosive power to be so strong, turned to run, but which can have after exercise Ye Fan is powerful, only to see Ye Fan three steps and two steps, the blink of an eye to catch the back of the neck of the little youth, the backhand is to lock the neck of the little youth, an over-the-shoulder fall down, on the heavy smashed the little youth on the floor.

Although the floor is not broken, but the little youth's mouth is a mouthful of blood, eyes rolled white, it is also on the spot fainting.

He Mengmuang's father, who had been a member of the family for more than 20 years, said: "I'm not sure if this is the case.

But preventing the two little youths from waking up, Ye Fan picked up a stone from the ground and directly smashed it on the knees of the two little youths, along with two clicks, the kneecaps of the little youths were cracked by Ye Fan.

"You won't be able to escape this time!"

Ye Fan snorted coldly, but Ye Fan was not halfhearted about this kind of nuisance spirit boy.

If it wasn't for Ye Fan's good skills, I'm afraid that the current outcome would be him learning how to bark and crawling the crotch of the little youths, and He Mengmeng would be taken to play with them.Thinking of that kind of consequence, Ye Fan was angry again and kicked at the jaws of the two little youths, one of them coming up with a kick that was full of blood.

Ye Fan from the action to the end is only half a minute, just from the shop door to sneak out of the old man scared stunned in place shivering, mouth open so much that you can stuff two eggs, jaw not dislocated are powerful.

Ye Fan You You have the past, one hand in the pants pocket, one hand to the boss waved: "Hurry up."

"Yo, I just remembered, I haven't paid yet, you see uncle I'm old and my memory is not very good, come come come, a bowl of cold skin and a bottle of iced tea, thirteen yuan, a minute not less."The old man scratched his head and quickly handed the money to Ye Fan respectfully.

And then there was a floundering, bragging, "It's really a hero, your two moves are really great, I can't see such a strong explosive power in your little body, tell the master, how did you train this?"

"That's easy, give me the money from the previous run-ups as well."Ye Fan waved his hand again, with an expression like he had already seen through it.

The boss's face was red: "That, young man is really great, this can be seen, the specific master also do not remember, but a hundred yuan tube enough, you take it, now can teach me."

The boss from his pocket are all feel out a wrinkled hundred yuan bill handed to Ye Fan, full of heartache.

"That's all?You're not sincere in your learning, uncle, but I spent three hundred thousand to learn it."Ye Fan didn't tell a lie, the black card that he went to Arashi for was indeed three hundred thousand.

The boss's face paled: "Young man you don't want to teach even if you don't want to pit me ah."

"It's really so much, but there are also free tutorials, so you can go back and figure it out yourself."Ye Fan's eyes averted.

"What tutorial?Tell me quickly?"When he heard that he didn't want any money, the eldest man suddenly showed joy.

Ye Fan hehely smiled, "I once saw a trick in the anime, as long as you stick to 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 kilometers of running for a day, when you become bald, you'll become strong!"

"Medium!"The boss was happy and then left quickly, looking like he was going to study.

After doing all this, only then did Ye Fan return to He Mengmeng, looking at the stunned He Mengmeng, Ye Fan stretched out his hand in front of He Mengmeng's eyes and said, "Sister Mengmeng, it's finished."

"Ah!"He Mengmeng came back to her senses and squealed, looking at Ye Fan with eyes full of surprise, "What have you been through all these years, when did you become so strong?"

In the past, Ye Fan also did it, but every time, he was always injured, and Ye Fan who was afraid of being seen by his grandmother, always hid in He Mengmeng's house for several days, waiting for his injuries to heal before coming home.

But now, not only was Ye Fan not injured after doing everything, he didn't even breathe a word of air, this was too big a change.

"Exercised a few days ago."Ye Fan smiled hehely, he didn't believe himself when he said this, but it was true, it was the result of a few days of training.

But this was still due to the fact that these two youngsters themselves were meat worms that were hollowed out by alcohol, otherwise a normal person would have done the usual work.

Ye Fan handed the boss's money to He Mengmeng and changed the subject, "Mengmeng sister, next time you should pay attention, don't get run down again oh!"


He Mengmeng lost her mind for a moment before she took the money from Ye Fan's hand and said with some curiosity, "Brother, how did you become so powerful?But even if it's powerful, it's no good, they have big brothers behind them, it's not a force we can mess with."

"It's fine, no fear, I'm not afraid of a dozen or five, I have a group of little brothers too."Ye Fan didn't hide anything, he had always told the truth about He Mengmeng.

And even if he didn't tell the truth, he had to tell He Mengmeng the truth about this matter.He could know He Mengmeng's character, although he didn't say anything on the surface, his mind was very sensitive - sensitive, if he didn't tell the truth, He Mengmeng's heart would definitely be a thousand worries.

And now that Ye Fan's strength was in front of him, it was the best proof.

As it was, after Ye Fan finished speaking, He Mengmeng's face was obviously much better.

"You can go in first, leave this place to me."Ye Fan patted He Mengmeng's shoulder and then pushed He Mengmeng into the shop, after all, the current situation of the two mental youngsters was just too miserable.

However, Ye Fan's subconscious action caused He Mengmeng's body to stiffen.

Indeed, He Mengmeng has no defense against Ye Fan, but He Mengmeng has not been touched by a man for years, and even said that since childhood, no man has touched He Mengmeng except her father.

Ye Fan's push was physical contact, and He Mengmeng's face was red, so he was pushed in like this.

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He hurriedly closed the glass door of the shop before Evan breathed a sigh of relief.

"What have I gotten myself into."

Ye Fan looked at his hands and was also a little puzzled.

In the past, but he used to blush for a long time when he touched a woman and was very nervous, but now he was so natural.

Could it be that he had experienced too much during this time and had formed an instinct?

Ye Fan didn't know when, but had changed from a dog licker to a great gentleman who now had countless imperial ladies.

Shaking off the thoughts in his head, Ye Fan walked in front of the two spirit lads.

Out leg is two feet, each stepped on the stomach of the two spirit lad, the pain eating spirit lad suddenly woke up from fainting, followed by screams.

The kneecaps were cracked, and no one else could endure the pain.

"Don't show up around here in the future, if you're found harassing Moe Moe again, you can guess the consequences, get out!"Ye Fan faintly opened his mouth, and the mighty pressure that had been stored up for months on his body completely exploded.

Although it wasn't a substantial pressure like that of a martial artist, it was a pressure that only a superior person had, and it actually made the air lower by several degrees as well.

The two spirit boys were so frightened that they even forgot to scream for a moment.

Hearing that Ye Fan let them go, they didn't even utter a word of hi and hurriedly crawled towards the far side of the street with their hands.

Not to mention, people did indeed explode with potential that normal people wouldn't reach when they were in a dangerous situation.

Even if they crawled with both hands, they were faster than the average person running, and in just half a minute, the two mental boys completely disappeared from Ye Fan's sight.

Seeing the blood trailing out from the ground, Ye Fan shook his head, "Bad luck."

When he returned to the shop Ye Fan went straight to the back kitchen, took a bucket and filled it with water, then went out to flush the blood.

Now the entrance of the hotel were all well covered sewers, with a flush of water, the mixture of blood and water flowed directly down the sewer, and the entrance of the shop returned to normal, leaving no trace of half of it.

After doing everything, Ye Fan wiped a head of some sweat, as for the other shops have just distant onlookers or video, Ye Fan but completely do not care.

Ye Fan knew that the people sent by Charles would handle these things.

Now that Ye Fan had made a lot of progress, so he also saw a few shadows scurrying around, apparently the people sent by Charles to destroy the evidence, after all, Ye Fan's identity still hadn't reached the point where he could be exposed online.

And without these video evidence, Ye Fan is not worried about the presence of the police, after all, there is no evidence, even if the police have witnesses without evidence, it will not be sentenced.

And Ye Fan just so brave, and who would be looking for trouble to call the police.

With the empty bucket, Ye Fan went back to the shop and continued to eat the remaining half bowl of uneaten cold skin, as if nothing had happened.

"Why don't I make you another one."He Mengmeng looked at Ye Fan, who was acting like a normal person, and felt more and more unreadable.

Was this still her childish brother?It's a completely different person!

"It's fine, this is enough to eat."Ye Fan said, and buried his head to deal with the half bowl of cold skin.

Seeing the familiar gobbling, He Mengmeng fell into memories, once Ye Fan was like this, every time he ate as if he was afraid of being robbed, he ate with great effort and a particularly ugly appearance.Seeing this, He Mengmeng couldn't help but feel relieved, it seemed that her brother was still her brother, some things didn't change.

And those that didn't change were enough to ensure the beginning.

He Mengmeng's greatest fear was that Ye Fan would turn out to be a complete stranger to her, then she wouldn't know how to talk to Ye Fan, and for now, He Mengmeng wasn't worried.

Not being rusty was actually the best outcome.

Meng Meng He couldn't help but think about how she had just been touched by Ye Fan and seemed to have touched her shoulder straps, and couldn't help but blush again.

"Meng Meng sister, why are you blushing, are you too hot?"Ye Fan raised his head and saw the redness on He Mengmeng's face and was a little puzzled.

He Mengmeng gave Ye Fan a blank look, not knowing what to say, can't say because the body lifted it.

Fortunately, the shop door was open again, so He Mengmeng took the opportunity to get up and said, "No more talking to you, we have a customer."

Saying that, He Mengmeng walked towards the door, but before taking two steps, He Mengmeng's body was fixed.

Ye Fan clearly saw the trembling of He Mengmeng's body, and couldn't help but also frown and get up, but at this moment, Ye Fan's phone rang.

Ye Fan originally wanted to just hang up, but seeing that it was an incoming call from Muzhu, he thought about it and answered it.

"Ye Shao, your side..."

Before Mu Zhu could even finish his sentence, Ye Fan interrupted, "Mu Zhu, come to the city center, I'll send you a location, there's something over here that needs your help."

"Ah?Okay, okay, then it's okay to meet and talk."After Muzhu promised, Ye Fan hung up the phone.

Putting away the phone, only then did Ye Fan feel completely at ease.

This wasn't Ye Fan's territory after all, and it was quite troublesome to deal with anything, but Ye Fan had to manage He Mengmeng's matter.Before He Mengmeng also said that there was someone behind the spirit boy.

Ye Fan outsiders wanting to root out the problem is still quite troublesome, but calling in Wood Bamboo is different, Wood Bamboo is a local, but also the young master of Wood Spirit Villa, everything is left to Wood Bamboo to handle, it's much simpler.


Ye Fan got up and came to He Mengmeng's side and patted He Mengmeng's shoulder, signaling He Mengmeng to relax.

Although Ye Fan didn't know what had happened to make He Mengmeng so afraid, this pat at least relieved He Mengmeng's tension.

In fact, it wasn't the regular relaxation of He Mengmeng's nervousness, but when Ye Fan patted it down, He Mengmeng was directly aromatic, blushing with shame, and couldn't care less about her nervousness.

But no matter what, He Mengmeng was not nervous.

Only then did Ye Fan look at the door, it was two youths in uniform, and on the left cuff, they still carried a red thing with three big words written on it, Health Bureau.

Ye Fan suddenly suddenly, no wonder He Mengmeng is nervous, it is the Health Bureau also check, but He Mengmeng is not so nervous.

Ye Fan but know that He Mengmeng's shops are very formal, especially with Ye Fan's understanding of He Mengmeng, He Mengmeng idle like to wipe things, everything is very clean, it is impossible that the health failed.

"It's just to inspect it, it's fine."Ye Fan whispered in He Mengmeng's ear.

He Mengmeng cringed, and Ye Fan's breath entered her ear, tickling her.

"It's not like that, they're in cahoots with those two just now, ugh..."He Mengmeng explained. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Ye Fan didn't frown, not expecting the Health Bureau to still be in cahoots with the hooligans, it was really excessive.

And just rushing to come here at this time, don't even think about it, it must be to take revenge ah.

Ye Fan was lucky that he had just gotten Muzhu to come over, otherwise he wouldn't know how to deal with it, the opposite side was here to take revenge, it would definitely be soft and hard, it would be bad if he made a move to poison the opposite side.

For the hotel, the most terrifying force was the Health Bureau.After all, a word from the Health Bureau could close the hotel, which was a reasonable thing to say.

All the Health Bureau had to do was arrange a trumped-up charge that the hotel was not up to standard in terms of hygiene, and then the hotel would be completely finished.

"Don't worry, I've called the people, you rest first, I'll maneuver around with them."Ye Fan comforted He Mengmeng and sat down and walked up to the two uniformed youths.

"What for?"The uniformed youth shrank back, he could know that Ye Fan had just fought a big fight, it was really unforgiving, they all came down to death, and he was also worried about Ye Fan's sudden attack.

They were here to help the spirit boy take revenge yes, but if it put them in danger, even threatening their lives, they would also scatter their legs and run regardless of anything.

Although Ye Fan didn't know what was in the mind of the uniformed youth, if he did, it would definitely be easier to deal with and just scare them away.

But even if he didn't know, Ye Fan could see the uniformed youth's internal stubble, so he stepped forward and said, "Here for dinner?"

He was knowingly asking if the other man would eat and not wear a uniform, but it was all he could do, so it was more useful to stall for time.Stalling for a minute would buy one more minute anyway.

"Right, for dinner."The two uniformed youths still wimped out, and after finding a table to sit down, they shouted, "Two bowls of cold skin."

"Okay!"When He Mengmeng heard that it wasn't an inspection, she was delighted, and hurriedly went to prepare it.

Because it is cooking for the health bureau, she is also more careful, although usually more careful, but this time is more careful, the bowl are washed three or four times before they are assured to load the cool skin.

Only after making sure that it was correct did He Mengmeng bring out the coolie: "Two coolies."

"No problem, right?"Ye Fan inquired.

He Mengmeng nodded, "No problem, don't you worry about what I've made."

Ye Fan nodded, indeed, there was no need to worry about the hygiene of the things that He Mengmeng made.

Once when He Mengmeng opened a shop in his hometown, the leftover side dishes Ye Fan also suggested leaving them until the next day, but He Mengmeng all said that they were not fresh after a day, so they were just thrown away.

In front of their own families are so sanitary, the throw, not to mention the guests it.

However, what Ye Fan did not expect is that a mouthful of uniformed youth did not eat directly vomited, frowning low drink: "Is this for human food, this is how long it has been put, are sour!"

Ye Fan is somewhat speechless, this uniformed youth is really in charge, even from here to find things.

Go up to Ye Fan explained: "You just want the cool skin is not said to add vinegar it, acid is not normal?"

"Huh?"The uniformed youth snorted, after observing for such a short time and seeing that Ye Fan was no big deal, he felt that the spirit boy was exaggerating, and was not afraid of Ye Fan anymore.

He also began to show his original face, yelling, "No, I say no means no, the hygiene here is not up to standard, the food is not fresh.The tables are also not clean, and inside the trash cans, you have to make sure that the trash is not more than half, or else there are a lot of bacteria accumulated, purpose, this place is very substandard!"

"Are you here for dinner or to check on things so much?"Ye Fanton frowned.

To get rich by the year is nothing to look for, but also looking for the problem of the trash can, that trash inside the trash can more also did not come out, are guests wipe mouth with paper thrown in the trash can, did not have time to clean up in time are common.

He Mengmeng would have been a person to take care of a store, just after lunch, the trash cans full still can't?That means there's a lot of traffic and they make good cold skin.

The uniformed youths who were so capable of finding fault were obviously just looking for nothing.

Ye Fan couldn't help but have anger building up in his heart, and the more he looked at the two uniformed youths, the more he disliked them.

"With this attitude and still open for business?I think it's better to close the door quickly, just in time to stamp you with a sanitary failure."The uniformed youth sneered.

"Bad attitude?You fucking deliberately came here looking for trouble, and you want me to put a hot face on my cold ass?"Ye Fan also sneered more than a little, "If you are able to do so, give me the investigation here, I'll see what you can find out, all of you gather your evidence, and then I'll send my lawyer's letter to your health bureau, I'll see if your evidence is sufficient or not!"

Ye Fan wasn't easy to mess with, even if Muzhu couldn't solve it, Ye Fan had figured out that he had ten thousand ways to solve this matter.

The easiest way was to go to Charles for help, not to mention the two junior employees of the Health Bureau, even if the director of the Health Bureau of Muzhu came, Ye Fan felt that Charles had a solution.

After all, Ye Island was already an independent autonomous region, and to have the country give such a big face, it would be a testament to Ye Island's energy, and the small fish and shrimps in the district of Mundu was just a younger brother to Ye Island.

And Ye Fan is not bullying the small with the big, and can not trouble the family.

Ye Fan said the lawyer letter is to spend a lot of money to hire the best lawyer, not to make trouble, Ye Fan will make trouble in the end, a lawyer can not, find a professional legal team.


As long as the money is spent in place, Ye Fan doesn't believe that there is a lawsuit that can't be won.

After all, this matter is Ye Fan reasonable, and the shop is the health standard, although not as star restaurants, but for this kind of stores small shops, can do He Meng Meng so clean, are few.

So Ye Fan is not afraid of a lawsuit, as long as the uniformed youth dare to issue substandard results, Ye Fan will dare to sue to low.

It is not just a trouble, Ye Fan really did not fear, and now he also has a justified, even more not to encourage these two fake uniforms youths.

Ye Fan's voice, the two uniformed youths face is also worse, they also know that Ye Fan accounted for, but now can't get down, uniformed youths are also hard-headed: "Good, then I'll give you a check!"

Saying that, the two uniformed youths began to check.

Ye Fan turned his head to look at He Mengmeng and said, "Sister Mengmeng, you're okay here, right?"

The first thing you need to know is how to get the best out of your shoes," he said.

He Mengmeng nodded and said, "As long as we go through the regular channels, our shop is absolutely qualified and meets all the standards according to the regulations.It is not as good as a star hotel, but for a small shop like ours, the requirements are not too high, so it is absolutely up to standard."

"That's good." A second to remember to read the book

With He Mengmeng's words, Ye Fan was even more at ease, and immediately after, he took out his phone and started recording.

Although there is no fear of two uniformed youths engaging in some fancy little moves, but Ye Fan so video recording also has evidence in hand.

In the past, Ye Fan liked to videotape as evidence, and after a long time, it became a habit.


When Ye Fan took the phone, but the two uniformed youths came to the back kitchen first, there was the sound of broken bottles and cans.

Ye Fan secretly said that it was not good, and ran directly to the back kitchen, and saw all the bottles and cans on the table fell on the floor, soy sauce and so on spilled all over the floor, it looked like a mess.

"This is it?Hygienic standards, spice items all over the floor, buried in this state, not up to standard!"The uniformed youths had a sneer on their lips.

Ye Fan hadn't looked like this just now when he came to the back kitchen, so he didn't have to think much, but he knew that the two uniformed youths had slammed something down on the floor and deliberately created it as a proof.

"Fuck you old mother!"Ye Fanton cursed furiously, couldn't care about the video, and went forward and kicked over the uniformed youth.

Nima, these two than is really too much, actually do something so desperate.

Just now, Ye Fan went out to fight in order not to damage the inside of the shop, but these two uniformed youths even directly broke things, and it could be seen that every spice product was a different style of bottle, thinking that they were all carefully selected by He Mengmeng, so they were wasted for nothing.

These two than are really not human!

"Ah!"The uniformed youth screamed and became angry as he got up from the ground, "You still dare to openly obstruct our inspection of hygiene, you have failed, your shop has failed, wait for it to close!"

With their goal accomplished, the two uniformed youths were ready to run away, now that they were aware of Ye Fan's force, they didn't dare to resist and snatched the door and ran out.

"Damn it, don't run!"

Ye Fan cursed under his breath and chased after him.

But before he could go out, he heard screams coming from the two uniformed youths.

When Ye Fan went out, he saw that Muzhu was holding the two of them by the neck with one hand, like grabbing a chicklet.

"Ye Shao, what's going on?"Kizhu heard the sounds of chaos inside, and then just caught the two uniformed youths running out.

"You're just in time, or else these two than really got away!"

Ye Fan briefly said the cause and effect, Wood Bamboo's clear and beautiful face also appeared incredulous expression, after entering the shop to see a messy kitchen, also forehead burst veins: "I Cao, these two than really not human ah!"

Seeing the expression on Wood Bamboo's face, Ye Fan knew that Wood Bamboo was in and out of high class places, and had never seen these dark sides, after all, Wood Bamboo was the young master of Wood Spirit Villa, growing up in a greenhouse, how could he have the opportunity to see these darkness.

This was good, Ye Fan didn't even have a chance to make a move before Muzhu beat him up, directly knocking out the two uniformed youths.

"Damn it, these two carriers!"Muzhu gasped.

Ye Fan were somewhat speechless, I really didn't think that there were people in society today who were so jealous of Wood Bamboo.

It really was growing up in a hothouse and had never seen darkness.Other people were also so meddling in other people's affairs, so that Ye Fan didn't even get a hit.

Only Ye Fan is still up front, this is the turn of Muzhu some puzzlement: "Ye Shao, what else do you go over, they are fainted, wake up also a few hours it."

Muzhu just hit no light hand, the two uniformed youths were bruised and swollen.

But what kind of person was Ye Fan, he could see right away that the two uniformed youths were okay.

"You didn't even bleed and this is called beating?You quickly put away your spot-on gentlemanly behavior."Evan shook his head and walked over and kicked the uniformed youth directly in the crotch of his pants.


With a scream, the uniformed youth woke up in pain and curled into a shrimp over his crotch.

"Look, it's still a fight!"

Ye Fan smiled proudly, but his fist was even harder, but not in a fatal way, but in a soft position.

These locations are not bad, but they can hit the most painful, and Ye Fan's hand doesn't hurt.

These places were all honed by Ye Fan's fights over the past few months, and now he was the one who knew that it wasn't necessary to hit to kill, the most important thing was to torment the opponent.

If the other side made him angry, he would have to fight back a hundred times more.

Hearing the screams of the uniformed youth, the corner of Muzhu's mouth twitched, and finally he stuck out his thumb, "Ye Shao, worthy of being you, really high!"

Just listening to the sound, Muzhu felt creepy, but Ye Fan still landed punch after punch, as if it was a perpetual motion machine that never tired.

But Muzhu didn't stop them, because these two uniformed youths were too desperate to do anything.

When Muzhu turned his head, he saw He Mengmeng frothing at those bottles on the ground, and that pitiful appearance made Muzhu all the more heartbroken, and relatively more angry at the uniformed youths.

Such a pitiful woman, it was already not easy to run a business on her own, not to help even if she came, but also to find trouble, this is what people do?

The more Mu Zhu thought about it, the angrier he became, but he also couldn't help but rush up again, and kicked out at another fainting person, learning Ye Fan's posture, and as expected, he directly kicked the other uniformed youth awake.

Before the uniformed youth woke up, Muzhu's fist came down, this time not using the strength of a martial artist, but learning how to punch like Ye Fan, fist to flesh, hitting the uniformed youth screaming, but not to the intensity of unconsciousness.

At one point, the scene became harmonious, resounding with a screaming duet!


Ye Fan's fist was full of power, while Kizhu's fist was both full of power and speed.

So the result was that Kizhu, who was obviously the one who did it later, was the first to knock out the uniformed youth, or to be precise, to be painfully unconscious.

"You handle the rest."Ye Fan faintly spoke up, he was tired of fighting.

Although not relieved, but there was no other way, now his most important thing was not to take revenge on the uniformed youth, but to comfort He Mengmeng, after all, it was He Mengmeng's shop that was damaged.If the saddest, it was definitely He Mengmeng.

Arriving at the kitchen and seeing the pitifully weak and helpless He Mengmeng squatting on the floor, Ye Fan squatted down and said, "I'm sorry."

"Huh?"He Mengmeng was awakened by Ye Fan, he even waved his hand, "It's not your problem either, you don't need to apologize, instead I want to thank you for helping me teach them a lesson, it's a pity I can't open my shop, but it's fine, I just want to rest, I'll sell my shop and go out and walk around."

He Mengmeng said this on her lips, but Ye Fan clearly heard the bitterness in He Mengmeng's words.

If she really didn't like the shop, why would He Mengmeng hold on to it for so long, and why would she secretly hurt herself over a few bottles?

He Mengmeng was like this from the past, loving to be strong, burying everything in her heart and taking on everything herself.

Ye Fan has seen it many times before, but at that time, Ye Fan was weak and had no backing, so if he helped, it would just be adding to the mess, but now it's different, Ye Fan is capable of solving problems, so he naturally wants to be a shoulder for He Mengmeng to snuggle on. One second to remember to read the book

"Just leave this matter to me, don't worry, your shop will be absolutely fine."Ye Fan said just with a big wave of his hand, and Muzhu came over.

"Ye Fan, what is it?"Muzhu inquired.

Ye Fan's eyes averted, "The Health Department over there to make connections, no more harassment, there is another group of thugs, you go to find out the nest and swallow it all together."

Ye Fan's request wasn't excessive, ordinary people Ye Fan couldn't manage, or else the store would be out of business then.

And a lot of people who came to eat the cold skin, in fact, they were all colorful and gutsy, if there were no thugs and the Health Bureau to make trouble, the rest of He Mengmeng himself would be able to deal with it, after all, the rest of these were not a big deal.

"Will it be too much trouble."He Mengmeng worried.

Muzhu waved her hand, "It's not troublesome, sister-in-law just feel at ease to set up shop here."

"Sister-in-law?"He Mengmeng blushed greatly and directly covered his face.

Ye Fan didn't expect Wood Bamboo to say that, and he didn't know if Wood Bamboo was superior or too gossipy, but anyway, Ye Fan's heart was beautiful.

But obviously Ye Fan still didn't show it, but he didn't explain much.

He Mengmeng didn't explain anyway, so why did he need to explain more.

Ye Fan didn't explain because he didn't want He Mengmeng to be embarrassed, otherwise it wouldn't be good to hurt the brother-sister relationship.That's right, Ye Fan wasn't because he was fancying He Mengmeng, that's all.

Ye Fan muttered in his heart and tried to comfort himself.

It was thanks to the fact that his face was big now, otherwise he would have blushed long ago.

Muzhu saw the atmosphere appear ambiguous, not much to say, took out the phone to make a call, and in a short time came three people, or three people who looked the same.

Ye Fan was somewhat blinded: "How did you call them here, Mu Zhu?"

These three people that Ye Fan had an impression of were the triplets that were with Muzhu when he first met her.

Originally, I thought that they were just people that Mu Zhu was casually playing with, but now that they appeared here, it was obvious that they were not just people playing with, but some strength.

Muzhu explained, "These three are the three thousand daughters of the Lord of Mudou, with them sitting here, the other overnighters won't dare to come over and act rashly, so you can say, meet one and fight a nest."

Ye Fan was suddenly surprised and somewhat surprised.

He could know that the biggest in Wood Capital was the Capital Lord, he had never thought before that Wood Bamboo would take the Capital Lord's thousand gold out for a blind stroll, and there were still three of them along with him.

Looking at it this way, Wood Spirit Villa's position in Mudou was even more powerful than he had imagined ah.Otherwise, if it were anyone else, would Lord Mudou still be able to sit idly by?You'd rather have three daughters with one man?

The Three Thousand Jins were Wood Lotus, Wood Tsubaki, and Wood Orchid.

Hearing the Three Thousand Jin's self-introduction, Ye Fan was even more surprised, "Wood Bamboo, their last names are all Wood?"

Ye Fan knew that there was no one surnamed Wood in Mudou, only the people in Mulin Villa were surnamed Wood, and how could the Mudou Lord also be surnamed Wood?

Muzhu explained, "Mudou was originally under the jurisdiction of our Wood Spirit Villa, but now that our family is all reclusive, only the branch family manages Mudou, and each generation of Mudou Lord is not set by the state, but by our Wood Spirit Villa, which is a privilege promised to us by the state, but it must still be small compared to Ye Island.And every generation of Wood Capital Lord is inherited by the Wood Family's split family lord, and the current Wood Capital Lord Mu Zijun is the contemporary Wood Family's split family lord."

"So that's how it is."Ye Fan was suddenly surprised after hearing that, according to what Wood Bamboo said, the Wood Capital Lord was a split family, so that's why Wood Bamboo was able to take Wood Zijun's three daughters out, but then, weren't Wood Bamboo and Wood Family's Three Thousand Jins cousins.

"Grasping grass, you guys are brother and sister ah, why are you still going to the hotel?"Ye Fan couldn't help but cry out in shock.

Muzhu waved his hand and said, "This is the tradition of the Wood Family, our family will need to marry the person who splits the family, the first child born will be the heir of our family, and the second child will be the heir of the next head of the family.But we usually pick the ones who are not related by blood, i.e. more than four generations.Unlike the inheritance system of our family, the separation of families is based on ability to inherit the head of the family, in other words, my children may not become the head of the family in the future.For example, my own brother, Mu Hua, is also in a split family now, but there's still no absolute certainty if he can run to become a split family head."

What Mu Zhu said was very specific, and Ye Fan heard it in the clouds, but in a nutshell, Ye Fan still said, "Then you can't marry three at once, right?"

Ye Fan wasn't in a position to say anything about anyone else, after all, he also had a whole bunch of women around him, but all the women didn't come from one family ah.

The practice of having three sisters serve one husband together, Ye Fan could not do it yet.

Without waiting for Muzhu to speak, the three sisters of the Muzhu family said in unison, "We are proud to be Muzhu's wife."


Ye Fan was a bit speechless, but he didn't interject.

Families had a hard way of saying things, and the Wood Bamboo family looked so understanding, but it might be hard to read as well.

Since the parties involved were indifferent, why should Ye Fan have the nosiness of being nosy?

Moreover, the three sisters of the Wood family didn't come here to shock Ye Fan, but to help Ye Fan solve He Mengmeng's problem.

And so, after returning to the main topic, Wood Bamboo arranged for the three sisters of the Wood Family to sit here while Wood Bamboo was to take Ye Fan away.


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