Lost Young Master 276-280


Chapter 276 

With the three sisters of the Wood Family sitting in town, Ye Fan was also completely relieved, after all, Mudou is clearly the most awesome Mudou Lord, what's not to be worried about.

After explaining the identity of the three sisters of the Wood Family to He Mengmeng, He Mengmeng was also completely relieved.

Ye Fan doesn't have the time to explain his current identity to He Mengmeng now, after all, it's not something that can be explained in just a few words.

The main reason was that he would be participating in the Wood Spirit Villa's assessment tomorrow, and Ye Fan was also worried about not passing, so he would have to discuss with Muzhu, and all other matters could be postponed.

Ye Fan brought Muzhu back to the Old Tree Hotel, only the inside of the Old Tree Hotel was the most private and easy to communicate with.

There were cameras in public places, and this presidential suite in the Old Tree Hotel, which Ye Fan had already let the six vajra look at with professional instruments, had no hidden equipment at all, and there was no possibility of stealing messages.

Although it was useless for an ordinary person to steal the news, but if they could, it would definitely be very useful, which was the reason why Ye Fan had to defend it.

As soon as he entered the presidential suite, Ye Fan couldn't wait to say, "Muzhu, tell me quickly, what's the best way to do it, tomorrow is the assessment.You called me just now, you should have found a way, right?"

Muzhu nodded, "Indeed, I have found a way, look, what is this."

Saying that, Muzhu took out a small box. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Ye Fan was somewhat blinded, receiving the box subconsciously opened it, the aroma was overwhelming, Ye Fan couldn't help but drool when he smelled it, a look at the small black pill in this box was different.

"What is this?"Ye Fan extended his hand to take the black small pill.

But Muzhu hurriedly closed the box and said, "This is for you, but you can't eat it yet, you must eat it tomorrow morning."

Putting away the wooden box, only then did Muzhu explain, "This black pill is a Herculean Pill, specially found for you, the greatest effect of this Herculean Pill is that it can double your strength, this Herculean Pill is the only pill that ordinary people can bear, it is a rare and precious treasure.Our Wood Spirit Villa also produces very little, only one can be produced every year."

"Doubling of strength?So strong?"The more Ye Fan felt the importance of the pills, the more he understood the value.

He had just barely reached the fourth level, and if his strength doubled, it wouldn't be impossible to persevere through the eighth level, wouldn't that mean that he could pass the martial arts assessment as well?

Ye Fan looked surprised and said, "Great, now I have no problem with the assessment."

"Indeed."Muzhu nodded his head and lamented, "Originally, this Power Pill can only double the strength, and it can only be used once, it's useless to take more.But I didn't expect Ye Shao to change so much in these seven days, in my opinion, the four hurdles won't be a problem, and with the Herculean Pill, passing the assessment will be easy."

Ye Fan smiled and said, "Who let me be talented and clever."

But Ye Fan still had a doubt, and had to ask, "But what are you going to do with such a precious thing for me to use, it's definitely worth a lot.And why go to all this trouble, can't I just go in through the back door?"

Ye Fan had been thinking about this problem for a long time, after all, it was a matter of penetrating the question and delivering the medicine, and with so much effort, it would be better to go through the back door quickly, and it would be no trouble for each other.

Wood Bamboo sighed: "It's still not because of the old villa master's letter, right, you still don't know, the old villa master's letter to you is a special paper, using the Wood Spirit Villa's technique can see the words hidden in the letter paper, just like the principle of hiding the watermark to see through light.The letter states that you are the young master of Ye Island, you must not go through the back door, you will leave behind a handle for people to hold on to in the future, that's why it's so troublesome to let you take the examination."

"As for the Power Pill, it's not too precious, it's just precious to ordinary people.Doubling the strength of the Power Pill is just stimulating the cells to stimulate the potential, it is only effective for ordinary people, like us martial artists even if we use it, there is no change.Moreover, the Power Pill is a short-lived enhancement that only lasts for one day, which is why you are told to take it tomorrow.The effect of the Power Pill will gradually fade, only the initial effect is the greatest, and can even reach as much as three times as much, while the more you take it, the less potent it becomes."

"In order to avoid others finding out that you're taking the medicine, so you must take it before you leave on tomorrow morning, which means you won't be able to catch up with the triple efficacy, and I'll also arrange the martial arts assessment first to put you in front, at least the double efficacy is still achievable, and with luck you'll be able to double and a half, and then your chances of passing the assessment will become greater."

Ye Fan nodded in a daze, Muzhu's worry was not unreasonable, after all, some of them were also from families, so they might not know the Power Pill, so they had to take it in advance.And Ye Fan's biggest doubt was why the assessment, also explained by Muzhu.

What Ye Fan never expected was that it wasn't a deliberate attempt to make things difficult for the Wood Spirit Villa, but rather an instruction from Muzhu before she left.

However, Ye Fan also had to say that Mu Ziling's concern was correct, after all, if she really went through the back door, although it was no big deal, it would be Ye Fan's black spot if he was picked out by someone who had a mind to do so.

As the young lord of Ye Island, he must go through regular channels to enter cultivation, so as to appear open and aboveboard, at least so that no one could get a handle on him.Even though Ye Fan also cheated, it was better than going through the back door.

And it was said to be cheating, but Ye Fan also needed to memorize all the questions, and also participate in the martial arts assessment, overall, Ye Fan also contributed quite a lot, just a little less detours than the others.

Most importantly, there was no point in thinking about it now, Ye Fan might as well hurry up and memorize the questions.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan just sent the guests off: "Muzhu, you go back first, I still need to memorize the questions and prepare for tomorrow's assessment."

Ye Fan had been training for the past few days, every day after returning to the hotel, he was so tired that he could directly fall asleep as long as he read the questions, in other words, Ye Fan hadn't memorized the questions yet.

But fortunately, memorizing or not memorizing the questions is the same, except for a few big questions that require arguments, most of the questions are multiple choice and judgment questions, Ye Fan only needs to memorize the answers.

Unlike the betting questions, the test paper in Ye Fan's hands is the final version of the test paper, and he only needs to memorize the answers in order.

Although Ye Fan wasn't smart, he was still first-rate at memorizing answers.

"Alright then, Ye Shao, cheer up, I'll go back first."Mu Zhu nodded and left straight away, as for the wooden box, it was also handed over to Ye Fan, but with a thousand instructions, telling Ye Fan never to eat it now.

Ye Fan was no fool, and the natural way was to eat it before leaving tomorrow morning.

And after the wooden bamboo left, Ye Fan put down the test paper, clapped his hands and said, "Assemble, raid!"

That's right, Ye Fan was going to give the Six Vajra a surprise inspection!


Ye Fan entered the Wood Spirit Villa naturally couldn't study by himself, the main thing was to pull the six vajra.

Ye Fan is not a genius, he still has self-knowledge, his purpose of going to Wood Spirit Villa is very simple, that is, to train until he has the ability to defend himself.But why would he need the Six Vajra when he had the ability to defend himself?

It didn't take long for Ye Fan to figure it out, of course it was going to be a fighter.

He only had the ability to defend himself after his exercise, but he didn't have the ability to attack people, especially since he still had a lofty status, even if he didn't care, but he needed to be careful for the sake of Ye Island's face.

So he still needed the Six Vajra to maintain his safety, and at the moment the Six Vajra was a bit weak, so Ye Fan would have to bring the Six Vajra with him on this trip to the Wood Spirit Villa.

Originally, Ye Fan was only joking about the name of the Six Vajra, but if all six of them really cultivated to become martial artists, then it would be the real Six Vajra.

Now among the Six Great Vajra, Tiger had already reached the sixteenth level and would soon break through all of them, while the other five were at least at the fourteenth level and would soon be able to become martial artists.

Ye Fan reckoned that by the time he had the ability to defend himself, the Six Vajra would have no idea how far they would grow.

The biggest weakness of the Six Vajra was also obvious, they were all very stupid, that is, they had no brains and had never been to school.

So even memorizing the answers was very difficult, especially lifting the pen and forgetting the words was even worse.Therefore, Ye Fan's daily homework is to assess the memorization of the answers of the Six Great Vajra, which incidentally also helps Ye Fan himself to consolidate his impressions. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

However, unlike Ye Fan memorizing the answers was still somewhat different, Ye Fan's assessment still disrupted the order, and the multiple choice questions also had to memorize what the answers were written.

In fact, it was not that Ye Fan was deliberately making things difficult for the six vajra, but that it had to be done.

The questions in the assessment were not simple questions where one plus one equals two, all of them had questions about cultivation, and it was necessary to make the Six Vajra remember these things, after all, they would be used in cultivation afterwards, so it would be better to make the Six Vajra remember some of them in advance, which would also be a once and for all thing.

Of course, Ye Fan also had selfish intentions, because the Six Vajra didn't worry about the martial arts assessment, these days when Ye Fan was training hard, the Six Vajra had actually been playing outside, which was the hardest for Ye Fan, so he also wanted the Six Vajra to suffer hard so that Ye Fan's heart would be balanced.

But Ye Fan beautifully said that it was to supervise the study....

"Come come come, test me first."Ah Hu took the initiative to rush forward.

Seeing the situation Ye Fan was somewhat speechless, remembering that in the beginning, Ah Hu was hiding at the end, just afraid of being asked questions by Ye Fan, but now he was so tough, it was obvious that he hadn't studied less these days, and it was time to test the results.

Ye Fan can't help but be a little speechless, even someone as stupid as Ah Hu has worked hard and even achieved something, how can Ye Fan not work hard?

With no more reason not to make an effort, Ye Fan began the assessment, and it was a disrupted order assessment.

"Please listen to the first question..."

Ye Fan picked up the test paper and started the assessment.

Ten minutes later, strong applause erupted inside the presidential suite.

"Yay!All right, one right!"Ah Hu shouted excitedly, but on the other hand, Ye Fan looked extremely pale.

Indeed, Ah Hu did try hard, one question to no mistakes.

Ye Fan could actually make things difficult on purpose, but there was no need to, Ah Hu was also the result of hard work, since the test papers were all finished, Ye Fan would continue with the assessment.

An hour later....

"Grasp the grass!"Ye Fan was completely speechless, although the six vajra were not memorized backwards, but surprisingly all of them were answered correctly, just like the standard answers, not a single wrong word, even the punctuation was the same.

The test paper was a total of one hundred questions, forty multiple choice questions, forty judgment questions, and twenty big self-reporting questions.

It's not just a matter of time, it's also a matter of time before you get to the bottom of it.Hurry up and go out, don't delay me to memorize the questions."

"Then we're going out to play oh."Tiger smiled hehehe, and with a wave of his big hand, they all poured out of the room.

Looking at the room with only himself left, Ye Fan couldn't help but think back to his childhood, when the other students who had completed the assessment went out to play, and the rest who didn't answer the questions stayed in the room, how similar was this.

The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the results.

Now if you understand the memorized questions, Ye Fan can't memorize them, the point is that many of the cultivation methods Ye Fan is also ignorant.Although I've read a lot of fantasy novels, but the cultivation inside the fantasy novels is completely different, where there is no such thing as three flowers gathering the top five qi towards the yuan.

If you want to cultivate, the most basic method is to exercise your body and enhance your physique with the equipment, if you are able to reach the physical limit, you have reached the critical point of a martial artist.

And only after becoming a martial artist, the way of cultivation will be different, and those are not within the scope of the assessment, so Ye Fan's test only has questions like the following: one thousand push-ups a day, what kind of warm-ups need to be combined with in order not to tire out the body, and how much water needs to be replenished.

This kind of question is like a biology question, but different, because the biology question will not assess such a perverted question either.

There's also a similar math question: how many times a day does Ming need to squat 30,000 times a month.

This is not a multiple choice question, but a self-referential question.

A normal person's idea should be to squat a thousand times a day, but the answer is different, according to the principle of cultivation, each week squat twice as many times as the previous week, so as to achieve the purpose of exercise, this is not an elementary school question, but the need to solve the equation.

The correct answer also has the solving process: let's say the first week is squatting X number of times, the second week is 2X, and so on.

The answer then writes out the solving process also needs to be written out who came up with the principle of training, and finally the amount of squatting training needed to be written out every day according to the stats.

Initially when Ye Fan saw this question, he wanted to die, and didn't know who made such a cruel test question.Now that the cultivation test was so difficult, one couldn't even practice without some knowledge.

The only thing that Ye Fan was glad about was that he came from a finance background and was okay with math.

But the most disgusting question came, and it was the last question, the free play question.

Writing a small essay praising the Wood Spirit Mountain Resort must reach 2000 words, and there must be at least ten ancient poems in it.

Although there was a model essay, but Ye Fan was not participating on his own, there were still six vajra, for the small essay, Ye Fan spent a lot of money to hire a writer to write several articles specifically.

The other answers Ye Fan just memorized for an hour, but this essay made it difficult for Ye Fan for a full night, and by the time Ye Fan finished memorizing it, it was dawn.

Having not slept all night, Ye Fan's eyes were filled with blood, and simply, Ye Fan did not sleep.

"Damn, what's the point of sleeping, get up hey, it's an exam later, get up and get ready, morning practice!"


The morning exercise was short-lived, and only after the morning exercise did Ye Fan's health improve after he drank a bowl of hot soybean milk in a beautiful way.

He hadn't slept all night, but fortunately he had worked hard these days to exercise his body, so one night wouldn't be much better, so it would be a regular late night in college.

After breakfast, it was already five minutes past seven, and the assessment of the Wood Spirit Villa only started at eight.

To leave for Wood Spirit Villa now, it would only take seven forty to arrive, which was still early.

But now there is nothing else to do, it would be better to go there directly, but Ye Fan is still worried about falling asleep in the exam later, so let Ah Hu hire a van, Ah Hu will be in charge of driving, while Ye Fan will sleep in the back of the car.

Hiring a car in the morning is quite troublesome, after all, some shops are still open, in fact, to hire a van, Ye Fan is also quite contented.

On the car, Ye Fan did not take the medicine, he was ready to take it after arriving at the place, in order to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the medicine, and with the van, if you take it in the car, you will not be found.

It can be said that hiring a van to sleep as well as take the medicine is really a good solution for multiple purposes.

And Ye Fan, who thought of this solution, had to praise himself as a little genius.

The first time I was in the car, I was in the car, and the second time I was in the car, and the third time I was in the car. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Especially after the teacher's experience, now he was thunderstruck, especially after a sleepless night, got on the train and went to sleep, and by the time he was woken up, it was already 7:55, and when he looked outside through the window, he was already at the Wood Spirit Villa.

The purpose of the entry was all kinds of luxury cars, which was rather surprising to Ye Fan.

Didn't it say that the entrance assessment, how to find so many luxury cars, get such a big row?

As a reclusive sect, Wood Spirit Villa is showing off so much, it doesn't look like it doesn't want to be like a reclusive sect should be at all ah.

Ye Fan was a little curious, but didn't rush to get off the bus, but first ate the Herculean Pill, the Herculean Pill was the most important means of winning.

According to what Muzhu said, there is no need to drink water to eat pills, originally Ye Fan did not believe, but the vigorous pill melted in the mouth and went straight down the throat, then Ye Fan knew the reason why there was no need to drink water.

So smooth, it didn't need to drink water to take it at all.

And after the Herculean Pill entered his body, Ye Fan felt a warm current spreading from his stomach and flowing into his limbs, as if he was in the middle of a hot spring, he was incomparably relaxed.


Ye Fan couldn't help but cry out, and his heart was pounding, even more powerfully than before, and his malaise was also swept away, becoming extraordinarily energetic.

How can I put this feeling, it was like a cup of coffee on a late night, a pot of cold water on a third-volt day, it was refreshing, as if there was inexhaustible energy.

"Grasping grass, I feel like I can fight ten at a time now!"

Ye Fan roared with excitement.With a casual punch, he actually broke the front backrest right away.

"Grasp the grass!"

Tiger cried out in pain and turned back to Ye Fan with a grumpy face, "Ye Shao, can we be a little lighter?"

"But I'm not using my strength?"Ye Fan did not expect that he had achieved this effect with a casual punch.

Worthy of being a Power Pill, this effect was really strong!

Pulling the door open, Ye Fan got out of the car, and now the time was almost up to take the assessment.

Originally, Ye Fan was still a little unsure of himself, but with this arm strength, he was also confident to complete the martial arts assessment.

Striding towards the mountain gate of the Wood Spirit Villa, the six vajra also got off the car and followed behind Ye Fan.

Only just reached the mountain gate, Ye Fan was blinded, compared to the luxury car that had just entered, but here it was blocked, and it was a double guardrail.

Closest to the guardrail next to the mountain entrance were two old men in white robes, which looked like a fairy-like appearance, a look was not an ordinary person.

And beside the white-robed old men was a sign that read, "Introductory Assessment Instructions, this assessment is divided into two parts.The first part is the martial assessment, only those who pass the martial assessment can go up to the mountain to take the written test, the minimum martial assessment is to pass the eighth level of the forge test."

This rule was the same as what Muzhu had said, and it was also clearly written that the minimum standard was to pass the eighth level, in other words, if you could only pass the eighth level, then you would need to answer all of them correctly to go up to the mountain to take the written test.

And each additional level passed, the written test would also have more error tolerance.

But for someone like Ye Fan, who already had standard answers, passing the eighth level would be enough.But this was also Ye Fan's previous thought, since he ate the Powerball, Ye Fan is extraordinarily confident, how to say this kind of feeling, that is to say, the world is big, I call II-VI also no one dares to call the boss.

Of course, Ye Fan knows that it is the confidence brought by the Powerball, although he is not blindly confident, but in general is more confident that he can pass the eighth, ninth and even further levels.

After all, now that there was a chance, Ye Fan didn't want to reach the passing line to enter the clan, and to go in was to get a high score to go in, so that when discussing it in the future, it wouldn't be discrediting Ye Island.

After looking at the protection leaning inside, Ye Fan will look at the outer layer of a protection, this layer of protection is more interesting, it is the protection to participate in the martial arts assessment.

Previously, Ye Fan had also heard from Muzhu that this layer of protection was the position prepared for the martial assessment, after all, the Wood Spirit Villa was a martial sect, if the physique was not up to standard, it was not qualified to enter the Wood Spirit Villa or even take a look at the Wood Spirit Villa, and most of the people who participated in the assessment every session would be stopped here, so it was also to exclude, so the first level of martial assessment was prepared.

In previous years, the average number of people in the assessment was two hundred, and this year, it looked like there were nearly the same number of people as well.

But the martial arts assessment is only twenty positions, in other words, it needs to be conducted for ten rounds before it is over, and each round on average actually takes two hours to go through, so the assessment is divided into two days.

The reason for this is to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the medicine.Ye Fan also had a deep understanding of this, in just a minute, Ye Fan also felt that the energy in his body was diminishing at a faint rate.

However, at this moment, there were already twenty people inside the protection, and there was no place for them.

And according to the rules, one could actually not officially enter until eight o'clock, so why was the position occupied?

Ye Fan's heart was indignant, for this kind of breaking the rules, Ye Fan really couldn't endure it, and the duration of the effect of the medicine in his body didn't allow Ye Fan to endure it.

Without even thinking about it, Ye Fan rushed out and went straight into the guardrail.


When Ye Fan moved, the Six Vajra naturally couldn't just sit there and wait for death, and directly followed Ye Fan and headed straight to the guardrail.

Ah Hu even arrived in front of Ye Fan in a flash, and took the initiative to open the guardrail for Ye Fan.

But just as Ah Hu was about to open the guardrail, two shadows appeared and directly stopped Ah Hu.

Before Ah Hu could react, the two shadows struck together and directly knocked Ah Hu back a few steps.

"Grasp the grass!"

Tiger was so angry that there was still someone who dared to lay a finger on him?This was the first time that Ah Hu had encountered since following Ye Fan for so long.

Turning his head, Ah Hu saw two brawny men, brushing up against the guardrail position, clearly not allowing Ah Hu to enter.

"Remove the arm and throw it out."Ye Fan faintly spoke up.

These two brawny men were wearing suits, and they were not from the Wood Spirit Villa at a glance.

And right at this moment, Ye Fan also received a text message from Mu Zhu. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net.

"Ye Shao, participating in the assessment is from eight o'clock, every year before eight o'clock there will be some people who go in early, and our Wood Spirit Mountain Villa actually won't care, in order to see how bold these people are."

Ye Fan read the text message and also understood that daring to drill holes means some strength some background, otherwise facing the big mountain of Wood Spirit Villa, who would dare to casually drill holes.

So Ye Fan's action is all the more justified.

Anyway, now it's time to fight for hard power, whoever is awesome will be able to assess first.

Ye Fan waved his big hand, and the six vajra directly jumped on it, seemingly chaotic, but orderly, and in no more than ten seconds, the five vajra locked up two brawny men.

As for Ah Hu, but a sardonic smile, a fist blast directly on the abdomen of the brawny man, along with the "bang" sound, the brawny man suddenly spurted out blood, eyes rolled over and fainted.

The same brawny man, but Ah Hu obviously more strength, the body of tendon meat is not beauty out, but the actual combat exercise out.

Although it couldn't have the power of killing a bull with a single punch, but after all, it was already at the level of a half-step martial artist, so how could these fancy fists and legs withstand this punch.

As if by magic, Ah Hu beat another brawny man with blood flying everywhere.

"The little brats inside hurry out and make room, or don't blame Master Tiger's fists for being unforgiving!"Tiger revealed a sardonic smile.

Ye Fan couldn't help but look at it with a raised eyebrow, the corners of his eyes filled with black lines.

Ah Hu was really born with the look of a bad guy, but he was a first class master at bluffing people.Just by looking at his appearance, he was indeed able to scare many cowards to death.

But what Ye Fan didn't expect at all was that the people inside didn't move a muscle, as if they hadn't heard anything.

Only one little fatty looked at the brawny man who had been knocked unconscious and snorted, "Rubbish, eating our Li family for so many years for nothing, can't be lined up at critical moments."

Just after saying one sentence, the little fatty closed his eyes again, not paying any attention to Ah Hu's words at all, and there was even less cowardice in his eyes.

Ye Fan even saw some arrogance on Little Fatty's body, at a glance, he was not from an ordinary citizen, but from a big family.

But on this, Ye Fan was even more interested.

After all, no matter what big family it was, could it still be more awesome than Ye Island?

Ye Fan was unable to think of any family that could be so capable, so he spoke, "All of you inside, this young man is really anxious to assess, if you all can't do something convenient, then don't blame this young man for being ruthless."

Once this was said, the people inside didn't react in the slightest and seemed to treat Ye Fan as if he was farting.

Ye Fan spit, also put away the light and elegant face, and instead frowned, "Go, if they don't come out, they'll all be crippled and thrown out, we'll be treated equally."

Ye Fan is not a stunned young man who knew nothing back then, in this kind of place, it's actually equivalent to a small society, there are laws that exist, and only by touching the laws can you mix like a fish in water.

And the law here is simple, only one, that is, only the strong deserve to have the right to speak.

The face that should be given has already been given to Ye Fan, if these people don't listen, then don't blame Ye Fan for being ruthless.

Reasoning here, others would only think it's just being obsequious, what kind of place is this, this is a martial arts clan, a place that advocates force, in other words, a big fist is hard truth!

The Six Vajra was not a saver in the first place, and loved nothing more than making trouble.

So when Ye Fan gave the order, the six vajra directly rushed in, like a tiger entering a herd of sheep.

Although those who could participate in the assessment were all agile and had some means.But for a half-step martial artist like Ah Hu, it was a bunch of stinky younger brothers.

And these people on the other side couldn't imagine that the Six Vajra would make a move, so they were unprepared and threw all twenty of them out like they were carrying a small chicken.

The little fatty from just now was furious and said, "Damn it, if you dare to touch me, you're not putting the Li family in your eyes, boy you're wasted!"

The little fatty did not shout at the six vajra, but at Ye Fan, after all, Ye Fan was the mastermind.

But this in Ye Fan刊例, as if Ye Fan was the best bully, this made Ye Fan angry, backhanded is a slap, directly slapped down the little fatty, also did not have time to step two more feet, Ye Fan entered the protective area.

Just because his alarm went off, it apparently reached eight o'clock.

And the other nineteen people got up and called their respective house guards, but without waiting to do anything, two white-clothed old men floated to the outside of the guardrail and blocked the way: "Now the assessment begins, please enter in an orderly manner, all those who make nonsense will be disqualified from the competition!"

As soon as this was said, the people who were thrown out were filled with rage, but no one dared to do anything, after all, they didn't have the ability to do anything against the people of Wood Spirit Villa.

Even if they did, they wouldn't dare, after all, they were here to seek education, could they still have trouble with the Wood Spirit Villa?


Ye Fan couldn't help but laugh out loud at the sight of the pig.

Indeed, just like what Muzhu said, it was to let the holes be exploited, but the rules were still rules, and when it was time for the assessment, there were no holes to be exploited, and at the moment, Ye Fan and the six vajra all entered the assessment area within the guardrail, as if they had entered a safe area.

The other side was trying to do something but couldn't move, and Ye Fan liked to see how people looked down on him but couldn't beat him up yet.

But before Ye Fan could mock him, a familiar voice sounded beside Ye Fan.

"Okay, don't be skinny, get ready for the assessment, it's questionable whether you can even hold on to the fifth level now."

When Ye Fan turned his head, he saw the person who spoke, it was none other than Luo Lan.

"Luo Lan?When did you get in?You're good at muddying the waters, we fought hard and you came in by drilling holes..."

Halfway through his speech, Ye Fan didn't squeak when he saw Luo Lan staring.


Of course Ye Fan wanted to squeal, but he couldn't afford to offend Luo Lan, after all, it was because of him that Luo Lan was forced to come to the exam, and he was filled with guilt, so he didn't want to mock it.

And he thought that he couldn't beat Luo Lan, even if Ah Hu made a move.

Of course, the main thing was that now that Ye Fan had eaten the Power Pill, he was also afraid of leaking his words, and anyway, he would be able to surprise Luo Lan with practice later.

Thinking that Luo Lan could take a big surprise, Ye Fan couldn't help but sneak a smile.

"The assessment has officially begun!"

The old man in white's words made Luo Lan return to his position above the corresponding assessment without continuing to speak.

But what Ye Fan didn't expect was that after the little fatty was knocked down just now, he was still able to sneak in at the last chance, which was also really a bull's eye.

It was just that no matter how Ye Fan looked at it, he didn't feel like Little Fatty had any real ability, so why did he come to the assessment with such confidence?

However, soon Ye Fan saw Little Fatty's true talent.

Only to see Little Fatty raise his hand and ask for a straightforward 400 pounds, in other words, a challenge from the thirteenth level! One second to remember to read the book

Ye Fan was also furious, he clearly saw the provocation in the little fatty's eyes and also raised his hand, "I'll have 400 pounds too!"

Anyway, there were two chances for the assessment, and even if you didn't succeed, you'd have the next chance to start from the beginning.

And most importantly, if Little Fatty could hold on to 400 pounds, why shouldn't he?

The thirteenth level is 400 pounds to persist for 5 minutes, the fourteenth level is to persist for 10 minutes, the fifteenth level is to persist for 20 minutes, and the fifteenth level is now the limit of what the Big Five can persist, and only Tiger, the pervert, can persist for 40 minutes of the sixteenth level.

And this also depends on the state, just now Tiger has been shot a few times, also do not know if he can have the patience to finish the sixteenth level.

As long as he could persevere through the sixteenth level, Tiger would be able to get a full score in the martial arts assessment, and with the answers already memorized for the written test, in other words, Tiger was hopeful of getting a full score.

The other person who had hope of getting a full score was Luo Lan, in Ye Fan's opinion, Luo Lan's true level was above Ah Hu's, and Luo Lan also had the standard answers to the questions, so it would be easier to get a full score than Ah Hu.

Only this is all that Ye Fan thought, when the 400 pound sack buckled on Ye Fan's back, Ye Fan almost fell directly on the ground, fortunately the effects of the medicine permeated out from his limbs and supported Ye Fan.

"Just you two, hurry up and admit defeat, you can't, hahaha!"

Ye Fan heard the sneering laughter of none other than the little fatty who had just provoked him.

"I can't?If I can't do it, you can?You're nothing!"Ye Fan cursed in his heart, but his mouth didn't speak, he didn't even have the strength to speak now that the veins on his forehead were exploding.

Just afraid that if he opened his mouth, he would just fail.

Five minutes was a long time, it was even more tedious than waiting for the end of class, and with so much pressure, Ye Fan had a hard time saying anything, it was like a second.

Silently calculating in his mind, Ye Fan only wanted to finish these five minutes quickly.

"Five minutes!"

A voice that sounded like heavenly music sounded, and Ye Fan's heart rejoiced as he hurriedly said, "Alright, alright, help me get it down!"

The voice fell, Ye Fan only felt a lightness behind, the sack was taken down by the invigilator.

Seeing the invigilator holding the 400-pound sack as if it was as light as a feather, Ye Fan was also envious, but what made Ye Fan happiest was that he passed the thirteenth hurdle in one go, which was far beyond his previous expectations.

If he got the full thirty points of the written test later without any accidents, then his total score would exceed 80 points, reaching 86.8 points, which for Ye Fan, was an achievement that he didn't even dare to think of before!

Even though Ye Fan's entire shirt was now drenched in sweat, as if it was a mess as if it had been splashed with water, Ye Fan's heart was still unusually happy.

Only before Ye Fan was proud of himself, he heard a sneer, "Oh da, that's it?"

The most important thing is that Ye Fan found that the little fatty's forehead didn't bulge out with veins, obviously he didn't use his full strength yet.

Of course, there was no guarantee that Little Fatty was so fat that he couldn't see the veins at all, so maybe Little Fatty's veins were about to explode now.

"Yoho, still holding on?Are you tired?"Ye Fan didn't get angry, but came to Little Fatty's front.

He spun around the little fatty, strolling leisurely.

"What do you want?"Little Fatty's eyebrows furrowed, somewhat dissatisfied.

Ye Fan smiled hehely, "What for?Nothing to do ah.What do you think I can do, I'm just looking at how you're so fat and so strong, I can't believe you're so strong."

"Oh dah, don't lift me up, I'm not going to relax."The little fatty was proud of himself, but not at all fooled.

"Is that so."Ye Fan laughed, then his eyes turned, "Then you must hold on to it, there's still three minutes before you reach level 14, I can see your arms shaking, hold on."

Ye Fan took out his phone and operated it quickly, making the time go a minute faster, then handed it to Little Fatty.

Little Fatty stared at the time dead in the air and stopped talking until the time jumped to ten minutes before Ye Fan clamped his voice behind Little Fatty and shouted, "Ten minutes!"

"Shit, get it off me now!"

"Bang!"The invigilator directly threw the sack flying out, still so light, as if it was not four hundred pounds.

Ye Fan is found, the speed of the invigilator is very fast, after all, some people's body to the limit, if not take down easily fatal, this is four hundred pounds of weight, fractures are the lightest.

Without the weight of the sack, the little fatty was lying on the ground breathing heavily and roughly, more than ten seconds passed before he slowed down, and the first sentence was to sneer at Ye Fan: "Look at your virtue, the little master but persevered for fourteen levels, you scum, fourteen levels but 61 points, the little master but safely into the Wood Spirit Villa, don't even need to take the written test."

"Is that so?"Ye Fan smiled and didn't get angry, but put away his phone and started fiddling with it.

Little Fatty was upset, but didn't know what was wrong until the invigilator said after half a minute, "Ten minutes!"Little Fatty only then reacted, it turned out that the voice that shouted ten minutes earlier was wrong.

Ye Fan smiled and took out his cell phone, "Sorry, I forgot that I like to advance the time by one minute, after all, this is how you can advance anything, but I delayed your assessment.Oops, what a sin, you've worked so hard for so long, but you're still just like me, just thirteen levels."

Little Fatty shivered with anger and pointed at Ye Fan and cursed, "Kid, you cheated me!"


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