Dish Best Served Cold 1096-1100


Chapter 1096 

However, hearing these words from Tan Xiaojing, Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan both laughed.

    In that smile, there was no ridicule or sneer, there was only appreciation.

    After all, in today's materialistic society, there were too few people who were as passionate and sincere as Tan Xiaojing.

    However, Qiu Mu Orange and Ye Fan didn't immediately say that they wanted to buy the wedding dress, but instead asked Tan Xiao Jing if they could try it on first.


    Tan Xiao Jing was clearly in a bit of a bind.

    The store had a rule that only members of the store were eligible to try on the dresses.

    The condition for becoming a member was to be able to prove that one had significant purchasing power over these wedding dresses.

    After all, their store are high-grade wedding dresses, if anyone can try them on, if they get dirty or damaged, the other party can afford to pay for it, if they can't, the loss suffered by their wedding dress store can be big.

    And looking at the dress of the two of them in front of Ye Fan, it was obvious that they didn't have much purchasing power for this wedding dress.

    "If it's difficult, then there's no need to try it on for now."Qiu Mu Orange saw the situation, but she didn't embarrass Tan Xiao Jing anymore and said understandingly.

    "It's fine, sister."

    "As long as you're careful not to break it, you can try it on."

    The goodness within Tan Xiaojing's heart eventually made her not bear to refuse Autumn Mu Orange's request.

    In her opinion, Autumn Mu Orange should like this wedding dress as much as she did.

    Perhaps none of them could afford it, but if she could fulfill Autumn Mu Orange's wish to try it on within her authority, Tan Xiao Jing would be happy to help.

    However, just as Tan Xiaojing was about to take down this wedding dress for Qiu Mu Orange to try on, a crisp sound of footsteps came from behind her.

    "Miss Zhang, please come this way."

    "The next thing I'm going to recommend to you is our shop's town treasure."

    "And, it is also, in my opinion, the most suitable set of wedding dress that matches your noble and elegant temperament."

    Chen Wenwen was full of smiles as she politely and respectfully explained to Zhang Wenya.

    After saying that, she turned around and led Zhang Wenya towards the middle of the hall where the phoenix-crowned cape set was.

    However, as soon as Wenya Chen turned around, she saw Tan Xiaojing fetching that wedding dress for Qiu Mu Orange again.


    "Tan Xiao Jing, what are you doing?"

    "Who told you to touch that [567 Chinese] wedding dress?"

    "Can you afford to pay for millions of dollars worth of stuff, if you break it?"

    Wen Chen was shocked when she saw this, and even went up to take that wedding dress over from Tan Xiao Jing, while she harshly reprimanded her.

    Tan Xiao Jing immediately lowered her head and said in fear, "The guest wants to try it on, so..."

    "The guest wants to try it on?"

    "What guests?"

    "You don't mean they're going to try it on, do you?"

    Wen Chen pointed at Ye Fan's direction and reprimanded Tan Xiao Jing.

    "I think you're crazy, right?"

    "If they want to try it on you give it to them to try it on."

    "If two beggars from outside want to try it on too, do you agree?"

    "Still a college student, simply has no brains, have you forgotten the store's system?"

    "Do you really think our bridal shop is a street stall anymore, just try it on?"

    "Do you know that this phoenix crown and cape is worth millions, if it gets dirty and damaged, can they afford to pay for it?"

    Chen Wenwen was pointing fingers at her.

    It seemed like she was scolding Tan Xiaojing, but she was also scolding Ye Fan and the others.

    Yes, in Chen Wenwen's opinion, Ye Fan and the others are just two poor vain pussies who came here to see the world and took a few photos to show off to their friends while trying it on.

    She has seen many such poor couples pretending to be pussies without money.

    The first thing you need to do is to get a good deal of money for your wedding dress.

    But what Chen Wenwen didn't expect was that Ye Fan and his wife were so shameless that they didn't have the money to buy it, and even picked the most expensive and best ones to try on.

    It was the first time that Chen Wenwen had seen such a shameless customer.

    Faced with Chen Wenwen's reprimand, Tan Xiaojing bowed her head and remained silent in fear.

    After all, she was the one who was at fault for violating the store's rules.

    When Chen Wenwen scolded her, she was naturally unable to retort and could only bow her head and admit her mistake.

    After reprimanding Tan Xiaojing, Chen Wenwen looked at the two of them with an unhappy face and tried to keep her tone calm, "Sorry both of you, the wedding dresses on our side are forbidden to try on."

    "If you want to find a wedding dress shop where you can try it on, please go out and turn left."

    Matilda Chen said once again to Ye Fan and his wife.

    "What's the situation?"

    "Are you guys still selling this wedding dress or not?"

    At this time, there came Zhang Wenya's impatient voice.

    When Chen Wenya heard it, she quickly apologized and smiled, "I'm sorry, Miss Zhang, this staff is new and doesn't know anything, so I made you laugh."

    After apologizing, Chen Wenya then hurriedly introduced the wedding dress to Zhang Wenya.

    "Miss Zhang, what do you think?"

    "This phoenix crown and cape is the treasure of our town, and historically only the princess and queen could wear it."

    "It can be said that when you wear it, it is as luxurious and graceful as can be."

    "It matches your temperament best."

    "If you're willing, you can try it on first to see the effect."

    Chen Wenwen said enthusiastically.

    But when Qiu Mu Orange heard this, she was displeased, "Isn't it true that you can't try it on in your store?Why does she get to try it on?"

    "Holy shit?"

    "Why aren't you guys leaving?"Chen Wenwen's face turned black then.

    She felt that she had just shown her meaning clearly enough, but she did not expect that Ye Fan, the couple, was still relying on this place.

    In a split second, Matilda Chen's attitude immediately turned nasty.

    However, before Chen Wenya could speak, Zhang Wenya frowned.

    She sized up the two people in front of her, and her eyebrows immediately had a few more shades of disgust in them, "Doesn't your bridal shop boast of being an upscale place?"

    "How is this what all three religions let in?"

    "And you want to try on wedding dresses?"

    "If they try on this wedding dress, will anyone else be able to wear it?"

    Zhang Wenya said unhappily.

    Chen Wenya was in a panic and quickly apologized, "Miss Zhang, don't be angry."

    "These two are mixed in, I'll drive them away."

    "As for this wedding dress, you can just rest assured, we guarantee with our reputation that absolutely no one will try it on, and you will be the first one to try it on."

    After placating Zhang Wenya, Chen Wenton glared at the two of them, Ye Fan.

    "Are you guys still not leaving?Do you really want me to yell at someone to kick you out?"

    "You still want to compare yourself to Miss Zhang, and you don't look at your own virtues."

    "Miss Zhang's fiancĂ©, however, is the heir of the Yuan Group in Yunzhou, with assets of nearly a billion."

    "Soon, Miss Zhang will be a noblewoman, how can you two turks be compared?"


"Matilda, don't you?"

    "They're always our store's customers, and if we drive them away, it's our store's reputation that will be affected."

    Seeing that things were getting out of hand, Tan Xiaojing quickly advised from the side.

    "What kind of bullshit customers are they."

    "I think they're purely here to cause trouble."

    "I'll ask you one last time, do you want to leave on your own, or should I call out for someone to kick you out?"

    Chen Wenwen had completely lost patience with the two of them, Ye Fan.

    After all, if it was because of the two of them that she lost a customer like Zhang Wenya, then she would lose a lot.

    However, in the face of Wen Chen's rebuke, Qiu Mu Orange was unmoved, but her stunningly beautiful face did not reveal the slightest bit of panic or embarrassment.

    That kind of unperturbed aura made Tan Xiaojing, who was beside her, slightly surprised.

    Sure enough, Ye Fan stood out at this time, blocking in front of Qiu Mu Orange, looking towards Chen Wenwen, and his deep words, quietly came out, "You dare to insult me?"

    "Now, I'll give one more chance to reorganize the language."

    "Ouch fuck, and give me a chance?Bull shit you?"When Chen Wenwen heard that, her entire body then laughed.

    That laugh was filled with ridicule.

    "What's wrong?"

    "What happened?"

    At this time, the commotion over here naturally attracted the attention of many people.

    Soon, the lobby manager of this bridal shop came over and asked to Matilda Chen what was going on.

    "Manager Sun, you're just in time."

    "These two came to the shop to cause trouble and seriously affect the mood of the customers."

    "I chased them away, and they still won't leave."

    "And they even threatened me."

    When Chen Wenwen saw the lobby manager coming over, as if she had found a patron, her back straightened and she immediately complained to the manager.

    "Oh, and this?"Manager Sun frowned and continued, "Wen Wen, you continue to entertain Miss Zhang, he's a valued customer of our shop, you can't slack off."

    "As for the rest, leave it to me."

    After being reassured by Manager Sun, he suddenly looked at the two of them, Ye Fan.

    "This gentleman, we still have business to do, so if you don't buy the wedding dress, please leave."

    Manager Sun was polite before he spoke to Ye Fan at first.

    "Who says we won't buy it."

    "This wedding dress, you guys can wrap it up, we'll take it."

    Ye Fan said indifferently, and his words were all lofty.

    And as soon as the crowd present listened, they were all stunned.

    "Sir, are you sure you're not joking?"

    "This wedding dress is hand-stitched by master craftsmen, not only is the garment made of special silk from the south of the Yangtze River, the phoenix pattern on it is even stitched with gold thread."

    "Plus the diamonds inlaid on the phoenix crown, the gold ornaments."

    "The total value, to five hundred and twenty thousand."

    "Sir, are you sure you want to buy it?"

    Manager Sun's words were full of questions.

    As if he was afraid that Ye Fan was mistaken about the unit, Manager Sun deliberately increased his tone on the word "ten thousand".

    "It's only a few million, if Mu Orange likes it, it's no longer a problem to buy your entire store, so why do you need to confirm?"Evan faintly returned.

    "Hungry to cut the grass!"

    "And buy the whole store?"

    "I'm afraid this pussy is all broken for you!?"

    Chen Wenwen's face darkened then, looking at Ye Fan like an idiot.

    In the end, she didn't bother to pay attention to Ye Fan and looked directly at the manager, "Manager Sun, don't bullshit with him, these two are either sick in the head or just here to cause trouble."

    "Just call security to chase them away."

    However, to Matilda Chen's surprise, Manager Sun shook his head.

    As a lobby manager, he had come into contact with many big names.

    Among them were some big shots, plainly dressed, sharp-edged, but magnanimous.

    Therefore, Manager Sun also began to suspect that the couple in front of him was not as simple as it seemed.

    Therefore, he didn't get angry, nor did he drive Ye Fan and the others away.

    Instead, he smiled politely, "Since this gentleman has already decided to buy it, that is, I don't know, will you pay by card, or in cash?"

    "I'll be damned, Manager Sun, you don't really believe his bullshit, do you?"Chen Wenwen was directly anxious when she saw this.

    However, before Manager Sun could reply, Zhang Wenya, who was on the side, held Chen Wenya back.

    "Since this broad young master wants to buy it, I'll just give him a handy favor and let him have it."

    "This broad young master, pay and go, right?"

    Zhang Wenya stood with a sneer on his face and held his hands beside him, laughing coldly as if he was watching a good show.

    Naturally, Chen Wenya heard the meaning of Zhang Wenya's words, so she echoed the laugh.

    "Yeah, this young master, pay and go, right?"

    "Five hundred and twenty thousand dollars, but our shop doesn't allow credit."

    "As long as you can take it, this wedding dress will naturally belong to you."

    Just like this, the crowd present all looked at Ye Fan and his wife, waiting for their answer.

    "Hmph, let's see how else you're going to play this?"

    Chen Wenwen's face contained ridicule and her heart was smiling.

    She didn't think that the two people in front of her could take so much money, and without money and lying, they would just end up humiliating themselves.

    "I don't have that much cash with me, so just swipe your card."Ignoring the ridicule of Chen Wenwen and the others, Ye Fan directly followed Manager Sun and walked towards the front desk.

    "I'll go!"

    "And this jerk has the nerve to go pay for it, huh?"

    "But fine, I'll see how long you can pretend."

    Seeing that Ye Fan had actually gone to the front desk to pay, Matilda Chen and the others were undoubtedly quite surprised.

    Tan Xiao Jing also revealed a surprised look.

    Could it be that they really weren't ordinary people?

    Just like this, under everyone's gaze, Evan arrived at the cashier.

    "Sir, you can just put your card on it and enter your password."Manager Sun said politely.

    Ye Fan nodded his head and asked, "Red Flag Bank's Supreme Black Card, you should support it, right?"


    "Are you a Black Card user of Red Flag Bank?"

    Manager Sun's face changed at the news, and his gaze towards Ye Fan became more respectful.

    Red Flag Bank had existed in Yunzhou for many years, and as a world-renowned private bank, Manager Sun naturally knew what Red Flag Bank's black card users represented.

    Not just wealth, but also a symbol of status.

    "Or else what?"

    "Do you still think I'm messing with you?"

    Ye Fan smiled coldly, his words icy cold.

    Manager Sun's face turned even whiter.

    Chen Wenwen and Zhang Wenya and the others, their looks also changed immediately.

    Especially when they saw Ye Fan's confident appearance, their hearts were suddenly bottomless.

    Could it be that this man in front of him was really a black card user of Red Flag Bank?

    In a split second, the mocking voices that filled the hall all but disappeared.

    In the hearts of Chen Wenwen and the others, there were even a few moments of trepidation and remorse.On their foreheads, there was cold sweat flowing down.

    She no longer dared to imagine what would happen to her if the person in front of her was really the owner of the Black Card.

    And right in the middle of everyone's panic, Ye Fan had reached into his pants pocket for the card.

    But in the next moment, Ye Fan's face, abruptly changed.

    "Sub-O, it's broken."

    "Changing pants in the morning, I forgot to take out the card."

    Ye Fan slapped his head and looked at his wife, smiling awkwardly.

    Silence, a long, long silence.

    For a few seconds, the entire hall, silent, only the breeze whispered.

    Everyone was startled on the spot!

    After a long time, the low, suppressed angry voice of Manager Sun came from the party.

    "Brother, are you fucking playing with me?"


Manager Sun's entire body was nearly bursting with anger at Ye Fan, and there was a raging fire burning in his heart.

    Seriously, when he just heard Ye Fan say that he was the Black Card holder of Red Flag Bank, Manager Sun's heart instantly thumped.

    At that moment, Manager Sun almost believed that this young man in front of him was the kind of low-profile descendant of a gentry.

    After all, if he was a turtle, how could he know about the existence of the black card.

    At that time, Manager Sun had almost all thought of how to flatter and flatter Ye Fan after he took out the black card.

    But sub ot ah, after messing around for half a day, this bastard was playing him?

    Manager Sun was not an idiot, he naturally wouldn't believe the nonsense that Ye Fan forgot to bring.

    After all, it was a limited-edition black card, with an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars, how precious it was.

    Even Yunzhou's Second Master Li would keep this kind of black card solemnly.

    How could he just forget to bring it with him.


    "I thought it was a tease to be some kind of a big shot, screwing around, huh?"

    Zhang Wenya, who was on the side, was also amused.

    Just now, she was also shocked and thought that she had really messed with some powerful person.

    Now it seemed that it was purely because she had thought too much.

    Thinking about it, there are some simple and simple styles in the world who like to keep a low profile, but they will not be like Ye Fan, who wears just ordinary clothes, but also dirty, dirty clothes like that, and does not know to change one.

    It's only some dirtbags without money that would be so sloppy and unhygienic, right?

    "Manager Sun, I've already said that this turtle is here to make trouble."

    "It's better to get rid of him quickly."

    Chen Wenwen didn't have the patience to waste time with Ye Fan and urged the manager to hurry them out so as not to affect the other customers.

    "Leave on your own, don't let me kick you out, and give yourself some dignity."

    "But seriously, a guy like you can still find a wife, and she's so pretty, so God is blind."

    "Girl, a word of advice, with your posture, marrying into a wealthy family and becoming a rich wife is not a problem."

    "There's no need to hang yourself on the crooked neck of this class."

    "A man like him who is full of nonsense, has no money and is pretending to be poor, is not worth entrusting."

    Manager Sun took care of his store's image and eventually suppressed his anger, trying hard not to lose his temper.

    He didn't let anyone drive Ye Fan and the others away, but let them go on their own.

    However, when she heard these words from Manager Sun, Qiu Mu Orange, who was on the side, giggled.

    She looked at Ye Fan and jokingly said, "Hmph, did you hear that, people are saying that you're not worth entrusting."

    "It's only because I'm so foolish that I would marry you, otherwise I'm afraid you won't be able to get a wife in your life."

    Qiu Mu Orange said jokingly.

    Seeing Ye Fan embarrassed was undoubtedly a fun thing for Autumn Mucheng Orange.

    After all, she had seen a lot of Ye Fan's majestic appearance, and now that she occasionally saw him being despised, it was naturally a different kind of fun.

    But Ye Fan's face darkened at that time.

    Motherfucker, he was actually being despised?

    And it was still in front of his wife, which undoubtedly made Ye Fan lose face.

    Ye Fan, who was depressed, directly said, "I told you, it's just a few million, it's not a big amount."

    "You guys wait, I'll have someone bring it to you later."

    "No more credit cards, cash payment this time."

    Ye Fan was also anxious, this damn buying a wedding dress could also be despised.

    Originally, Ye Fan was going to owe it for now and transfer the money to him later.

    Now Ye Fan had changed his mind.

    Aren't these guys dog's eyes looking at people?

    Didn't I say he's poor and pretending to be poor?

    Since that was the case, then smack them hard in the face with cash.

    After that, Ye Fan gave Li Xueqi a call.

    "Xueqi, it's not here yet."

    "Before you come, help me go to the bank and withdraw ten million in cash."


    "It's not that big of a deal, but I was despised by a few guys with eyes."

    "Said I had no money and poor fools, and they wanted to throw me out."

    "I came in a hurry, I forgot my card, so I can only trouble you."

    Ye Fan said mockingly to himself, as if telling a joke, telling Li Xueqi about his encounter.

    On the other side of the phone, there was indeed Li Xueqi's silver bell-like laughter.


    "I didn't expect that Mr. Chu, the hallowed Mr. Chu who rebuke Jiangdong, also has a time to be defeated."

    After a simple conversation, Ye Fan also hung up the phone, while smiling at Manager Sun and the others, "Just wait a moment."

    "Within five minutes, the third miss of the Li family will come over with the money."

    "Ten million, for this wedding dress, it should be enough, right?"

    Ye Fan said with a light breeze, that calm and calm appearance, as if he was not taking ten million, but one or two pieces.


    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "Returning Miss Li San, and ten million?"

    "Why the fuck aren't you in heaven?"

    "It's just frakking normal!"

    "Get the hell out of my face!"

    "If you don't get out of here, don't blame me for calling someone."

    At that time, the Sun Manager was like a ball, and his whole body just exploded.

    Anyone who was being played as a fury like this would be angry, right?

    Just now when Ye Fan said that he had a black card, Manager Sun almost believed him.

    This time, Ye Fan said to withdraw 10 million in cash again, and also asked Miss Li San to send it.

    Miss Li San, who is she?

    That's the sister of Li's sister in Yunzhou!

    Even Second Master Li is afraid that he wouldn't be willing to use his sister like this.

    But this guy in front of me, but he dared to speak out, and asked Li Third Miss to run errands and send money?

    "I fucking believe you."

    "Get the fuck out of here!"

    Manager Sun no longer had the same grace and calmness as before, cursing directly at Ye Fan and even walking up to him, as if he was going to do something to Ye Fan.

    It looked like that, he was going to kick out Ye Fan.

    "Manager Sun, don't."

    "They just like this wedding dress, and they're also guests.The shop explicitly states that it's not allowed to be rude to guests~"

    Seeing that Manager Sun, in anger, seemed to want to hit Ye Fan, Tan Xiaojing, who was on the side, panicked and quickly ran over, blocking Ye Fan and advising him in a bitter voice.

    "Get out of my way!"

    "How dare you educate me, you little docent?"

    "Who gave you the balls to be a dog?"

    Manager Sun was in the midst of his anger, and those words of Tan Xiao Jing were undoubtedly even more fuel to the fire, as he kicked Tan Xiao Jing to the ground in anger.

    "You also get out of here."

    "Starting tomorrow, you won't have to come."

    "You're fired~"

    "If you want to be a Madonna, I'll do what you want!"

    Manager Sun scolded viciously.

    When Tan Xiao Jing heard this, her pretty face went white and one pair of eyebrows, then red.


"Manager Sun, is it too much?"

    "It's just as well you chased me away, but what's her fault."

    "By what right did you chase her away?"

    Ye Fan's eyebrows furrowed, but his words remained calm.It was just that the chill beneath the words was distinctive.

    Qiu Mu Orange knew that this time, Ye Fan was really angry.

    However, that Sun Manager there paid attention to whether Ye Fan was angry or not.

    But then he laughed, with a wanton and eventful face.

    "By virtue of what?"

    "Just because I'm the manager of this, it's my place."

    "I'll fire whoever I want and tell whoever I want to get out of here."

    "And that includes you!"

    "Yes?"Evan sniffed, while shaking his head.

    "You won't be from now on."

    "Effective immediately, the bridal shop belongs to the Mufan Group."

    "And you, you can get lost."

    Ye Fan's faint words slowly rang out in the hall.

    Here, it was suddenly quiet for a moment.

    And then, the surrounding crowd, then laughed loudly.


    "What did you say?"

    "Owned by the Mufan Group?"

    "Haha, I think you're an idiot, don't you?"

    "You're a turtle, what qualifications do you have to represent the Mu Fan Group here."

    "Could it be that you still want to tell me that you are the founder of the Mufan Group, Mr. Chu?"

    After hearing Ye Fan's words, Manager Sun and the others all snickered and laughed.

    Chen Wenwen and Zhang Wenya were even bent over with laughter.

    At this moment, Ye Fan became a joke in everyone's eyes.

    However, facing the sneers of the crowd, Ye Fan was not afraid.

    He stood with his hand held back, he majestically coldly shouted, "You're right, I am Mr. Chu."


    Ye Fan's words wouldn't stop.

    After Ye Fan's words fell, but the crowd couldn't laugh anymore.

    Especially this wedding dress shop Sun Manager, with an iron face, directly cursed.


    "Are you crazy?"

    "What words do you dare to say?"

    "The name of Mr. Chu is also something you, a turtle, can impersonate."


    "Don't get us into trouble if you want to die, huh?"

    "Get out, get out!"

    Manager Sun no longer had the patience to spend any more time with Ye Fan.

    Particularly after he posed as Mr. Chu here, Manager Sun was undoubtedly terrified.

    Who is Mr. Chu?

    He's the most powerful man in Jiangdong.

    If Mr. Chu says so, who dares to disobey him?

    Especially in this recent period, it is said that Mr. Chu has returned as a king and returned strong, not only kicking King Chen Ao of Jiangdong directly off the altar with his iron-blooded methods, but also destroying the Feng Hua Group which was previously in the limelight.

    Moreover, there are still rumors in the community today that the two CEOs of that Fenghua Group have been directly killed by Mr. Chu for plotting to kill Mr. Chu's friends and relatives!

    The iron-blooded tactics undoubtedly shook the entire Jiangdong.

    Today, all the forces were enveloped in the fear of being dominated by Mr. Chu.

    It was precisely because Mr. Chu's fame was so great that Manager Sun and the others had turned pale when they heard that someone was impersonating Mr. Chu's name.

    They were afraid that, implicated by the idiot in front of them, they would get into trouble.

    "Why don't you get out of here?"

    Matilda Chen also growled low in anger.

    "Get out!"

    The rest of them also competed and roared in unison.

    In a split second, Ye Fan and his wife were actually accused by a thousand people.

    In the midst of everyone's anger, Ye Fan stood there with a blank face.

    The bright sunlight outside was shining down on him, but it cast a shadow on his body.

    At this time, Ye Fan was as if he was an outcast in the world, and his thin body was all curtains.

    However, this appearance of Ye Fan, when it fell into the eyes of the crowd, it was as if he had resigned himself to his fate.

    On the faces of Chen Wenwen and the others, there were unrestrained and unrestrained smiles.

    At this moment, almost everyone present was cursing at Ye Fan and telling him to get lost.

    Only Tan Xiao Jing, looked at Ye Fan with sympathy in her eyes.

    As if, in his body, she also saw herself.

    Ever since she was little, wasn't she also like Ye Fan, being ostracized everywhere she went?

    However, their humble origins and family backgrounds are destined to leave them with no choice but to go against the grain in the face of setbacks.

    The only thing they can do, perhaps, is to work hard, so that in the future, they can become better and stronger.

    Let those snobbish people not dare to embarrass themselves.

    "Sir, you should leave now."

    "If you don't leave, they'll really call security to kick you out."

    Tan Xiao Jing eventually couldn't watch any more, and with pain, she got up from the ground and pulled Ye Fan and the others to leave the place.

    However, in the face of Tan Xiaojing's words, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled.

    "Go, why are you leaving?"

    "I said, with immediate effect, this wedding dress shop belongs to the Mufan Group."

    "My territory, why should I leave?"

    "Fuck, fuck me, right?You don't know what you're talking about, and you're still talking nonsense?Where's security, get them all out of here!"

    Manager Sun had completely lost his patience, especially after hearing that Ye Fan was still full of nonsense at this time, he was even more angry.

    However, at this point, an icy voice suddenly and quietly came out.

    "Who wants to kick them out?"

    The words were icy cold and carried an unquestionable majesty.

    The clear and cold voice, however, frightened the crowd.

    "Which bastard, minding his own fucking business again..."

    Cursing angrily, Manager Sun followed the sound, only to see in front, the crowd scattered like a tidal wave.

    After that, a cold woman wearing a red cheongsam appeared here.

    This woman has an outstanding appearance, tall figure, clover earrings swaying in the wind, exquisite pretty face with a kind of ice cold and pressure, silver-white high heel color knocking the ground, and two bodyguards with sunglasses accompanying behind her.

    The moment she appeared, there was an invisible aura emitted.

    After seeing the woman in front of him, Manager Sun's face changed dramatically, and the anger that reached his mouth was stunned that he swallowed it.

    After that, all the previous viciousness suddenly dissipated, he bowed slightly and said in the most respectful and flattering tone: "Li...Miss Li San, you...Why have you come?"

    "What, could it be that I, Li Xueqi, am not qualified to step into this high family of yours?"The woman snapped back.


    Suki Lee?

    "Could it be that he is the eldest princess of the Yunzhou Li family, the second master's own sister?"

    Li Xueqi's name clearly had quite a reputation in Yunzhou.

    After hearing her name, all the people present were shocked.

    Many of them even drew a breath of cold air, and their gazes towards Li Xueqi were filled with awe and admiration.

    Even Zhang Wenya, who was previously proud as if she was a princess, could not help but lower her head in front of Li Xueqi, ashamed of herself.

    "No...No, Miss Li Third, you are joking, this land of Yunzhou, other than Mr. Chu's Genting Mountain Villa, where else are you not qualified to be able to set foot in?"

    "I mean, why didn't you let me know before you came so I could go out and greet you."Manager Sun wiped the cold sweat from his forehead as he compensated with a terrified smile.

    However, Li Xueqi was cold and frosty, "No need, even my brother's friend you dare to rush out, what qualifications do I have, bother you to go out and greet?"

    Li Xueqi said coldly.

    When Manager Sun heard this, his entire body trembled violently and his face went white right then and there!


"Third Miss, don't tease me anymore."

    "Thanks to Second Master taking care of us, our Xin Xin Wedding Shop is able to stand firm in Yunzhou."

    "When Second Master's friends come to our shop, they must be guests of honor."

    "Even if you lent me ten guts, I wouldn't dare to rush out."

    "So Third Miss, you must be mistaken."

    The manager of this bridal shop was full of smiles and sweat and said, but didn't even associate it with Ye Fan.

    "Is that so?"

    "Sun Haizhou, do you really think that this lady is an idiot?"

    "The man you just offended is my brother's friend!"

    Li Xueqi's face was frosty, and she said in a cold voice.

    Hearing this, the crowd was all in shock and the room was filled with uproar.

    "You're saying that he...He is the second master's friend?"

    Manager Sun sat waxing then and there, trembling and terrified.

    "This...How is this possible?"

    "This turtle, is he a friend of Yunzhou's Li Er?"

    "It's a joke, isn't it?"

    Chen Wenwen's pretty face went white at the sound of this.

    There was incredulity in the gazes that looked at the two of them, Ye Fan.

    "Or else what?"

    "What kind of person would you dare to mess with, you eyeless bastard?"

    "Get over there and apologize!"

    Li Xueqi is obviously acquainted with this Sun Manager, while angrily rebuking, one would tell Sun Haizhou to hurry up and apologize to Ye Fan.

    This manager saw Li Xueqi so angry, immediately realized the severity of the matter.

    So he followed what Li Xueqi said and turned his attitude around and hurriedly went to put in a good word for Ye Fan.

    "That...That, sir, I'm sorry."

    "A misunderstanding."

    "I didn't know you were Second Master's friend."

    "If I had known, I would have sold this wedding dress directly to you at a 20% discount."

    Manager Sun's face was flattering, but it was a stark contrast to his previous attitude.

    In between the words, Manager Sun glared at Chen Wenwen again and said sternly, "What the hell are you still standing here for?"

    "Why don't you pack this phoenix crown and cape and send it over to this lady."

    "But manager, do you really want a 20% discount?"Chen Wenwen was obviously still thinking about her commission.

    After all, this wedding dress was only a 20% profit for them.

    Now that it was sold to Ye Fan and the others at a 20% discount, it was almost the cost price.

    Without a profit on the list, Matilda Chen naturally didn't have a commission to take.

    "Which is so nonsense, hurry up and wrap!"

    Manager Sun was black with anger.

    Although he also had a flesh ache, but he couldn't help it, who let them have eyes to see and really offended the big man.

    Although, Manager Sun didn't know Ye Fan's real identity yet, the identity of Li Er's friend alone was enough to be worth the 20% profit.


    "I disagree."

    "I like the wedding dress too, why should I give it to him?"

    However, at this time Zhang Wenya couldn't help it and walked over to grab the wedding dress from Chen Wenya.

    Fortunately, Manager Sun was quick-eyed and stopped her in time.

    "Miss Zhang, I hope you can understand."

    "This is the second master's friend, let's give it to them first."

    "When the next shipment arrives in a few months, we will definitely keep one for you."

    Manager Sun persuaded in a good-natured manner.

    But Zhang Wenya didn't listen at all: "No, this wedding dress Miss Ben won't allow it yet."

    "What about the second master's friend?"

    "There has to be a reason for everything!"

    "Even if the second master is here, I won't let."

    "I was the one who saw this wedding dress first, why should I give it to them?"

    Zhang Wenya spilled out and ended up going straight up to grab it.

    When Sun Haizhou saw that he didn't listen to any persuasion, he ended up getting directly annoyed and slapped this Wen Ya's face.


    "Not even listening to the rascals, are you?"

    "And you won't even let the second master here?"

    "What the fuck are you!"

    "Get out of here!"

    Sun Haizhou cursed angrily.

    Sun Haizhou was originally depressed enough because he had provoked Ye Fan.

    But this woman in front of him was still causing trouble, how could he not be angry?

    In a stern voice, Sun Haizhou directly had Zhang Wenya kicked out.

    "Son of a bitch, you guys wait."

    "We're not done!"

    "I'll tell my husband when I get back, and I'll make sure you die a horrible death~"

    Zhang Wenya, who was thrown outside, was in a mess like a dog, cursing at Sun Haizhou and the others with an eventful face, and drove away after the cursing.

    After Zhang Wenya left, the hall here was a lot quieter.

    Chen Wenya also handed over to Sun Haizhou after loading the wedding dress.

    "Sir, I'm really sorry about what happened today."

    "This wedding dress, you can take it for now, as for the money to be paid whenever you want, we are not in a hurry."

    Sun Haizhou was all smiles, and he was respectfully pleasing to Ye Fan.

    However, facing Sun Haizhou's accompanying smile, Ye Fan's eyebrows remained icy cold.

    "Do you think, right now, you still have the qualifications to talk to me about money?"

    "Well?"Ye Fan's words stunned Sun Haizhou, "Sir, what do you mean?"

    "As I said, you've been fired."

    "Effective immediately, the shop belongs to the Mufan Group."

    "And you, you can get lost."

    Ye Fan's cold voice quietly sounded.

    And when Sun Haizhou heard this, the original accompanying smile disappeared, and the pent-up anger in his heart sprang up.

    "Sir, don't be shameless."

    "I honor you, it's for the sake of the second master's face."

    "But even so, there is a limit to my patience with you."

    "Sun Haizhou, what are you doing?Are you out of your mind?How dare you be so rude?"

    "Do you have any idea who he is?"

    "You don't want to live you!"However, when she heard Sun Haizhou's words, Li Xueqi, who was on the side, was terrified.

    She had been familiar with Sun Haizhou for many years, and the Sun and Li families were neighbors before the Li family became rich.

    At that time, Sun Haizhou and Lu Xueqi were similar in age, so they were good playmates when they were young.

    It was because of this relationship that Sun Haizhou, a junior high school graduate, was able to gain a foothold in Yunzhou.

    So now, seeing Sun Haizhou Chu so confused, Li Xueqi was naturally anxious and full of worry.

    "I don't care who he is!!!"

    "Even if you are a friend of the second master, you can't bully people like that and play me as a fury, right?"

    Sun Haizhou said in an angry voice.

    "Xueqi, it's not that I'm not giving you face, not giving face to the second master."

    "Millions of wedding dresses, I directly gave him a 20% discount, and I even bowed low and apologized in a nice voice, I think, I'm already benevolent enough, right?"

    "But what about him, he's just unforgiving, and he's still fucking trolling there."

    "And on behalf of the Mufan Group, he's still telling me to fuck off?"

    "This is playing with me as a brake!"

    "Who does he think he is?"

    "Mr. Chu, the esteemed gentleman of Jiangdong?"

    "Even the Second Master wouldn't dare to pretend to be here on behalf of the Mufan Group, right?"

    "Forget it, let him get lost, I'm not selling this wedding dress."

    "This lord, I won't serve him either."

    Sun Haizhou waved his hand, but he directly told Ye Fan to get lost.

    However, when Li Xueqi heard this, she looked at him with odd eyes, "Haizhou, don't be displeased yet, he really is Mr. Chu."


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