Super Son-in-law 451-460


Chapter 451 

The Leng family courtyard, at the moment, the guests are full of friends, Tianhai City all walks of life top celebrities are gathered together, people talk and laugh, just how to look at these people's smile, it feels like the devil's smile in hell, you can say that today everyone who came, who is not clear about Shen Xiyan things.But they came anyway, and they were all smiling and laughing and congratulating themselves on Shen's corpse....

As the saying goes, hell is empty and the devil is on earth....

Shen Shi Yan took a deep breath at the door and slowly walked out.She was just an item, an item that the interests of the two families of the Leng family and the Gong family in Tianhai City had colluded, and no one was treating her like a human being at this moment.Naturally, there wasn't the slightest trace of a smile on Shen Siyan's face.She had come over today just to go through the motions and show her face in front of these people in front of her.

"Xi Yan... "Yue Gu clenched her fist and looked at Shen Xi Yan who came out from the doorway, the current Shen Xi Yan's eyes were incomparably empty, without a trace of radiance, completely like a walking corpse.

When Leng Changjiang saw Shen Xiyan come out, he laughed and waved to Shen Xiyan: "Come Xiyan, here, you come over to meet your Uncle Gong, you will be called Dad later ah......."

Gong Haiyang, who was sitting beside Leng Changjiang, also had a wry smile on his face, and took a deep look at Shen Xiyan and said to Leng Changjiang, "It's really similar to Qiu Ya back then, Master Leng, is Qiu Ya still not awake now?"

Faced with Gong Haiyang's question, Leng Changjiang's face stiffened, who was he?He was Leng Changjiang ah, if it was in terms of seniority, he was all the elder of Gong Haiyang, and if that hadn't happened back then, this Gong Haiyang in front of him was going to call him father.But now, when Gong Haiyang was talking to him, his tone was all high and mighty, after all, the Gong family was recognized as a top-notch family in Tianhai City, and he, the Gu family, was not yet.

After all, Leng Qiu Ya eloped with Shen Congwen at the wedding, making him the laughingstock of the entire Tian Hai City, it would be strange if he was still polite to Leng Chang Jiang.

It was just that Leng Changjiang had to endure now, the Tianhai was about to undergo a huge change, and that forbidden family that was rumored to be in the Tianhai was going to send its young master over to this side to practice again, just like that time more than twenty years ago.And every time that forbidden family came to Tianhai, the pattern of Tianhai City would set off a huge change.

For example, today's Gong family, along with the Xiao family, was the one that seized the opportunity to become a first-class family in Tianhai City after that person came, and he, the Leng family, missed out on it back then, so he lost a great opportunity to become a first-class family.This time, the contemporary young master of that forbidden family was coming to Tianhai again.Leng Changjiang had already made plans to join forces with the Gong Family to get a share of this huge change in Tian Hai!

So right now, despite Gong Haiyang's bad attitude, Leng Changjiang smiled indifferently and said, "Qiu Ya isn't awake yet, but the doctor says it's coming soon, and she should be able to wake up in the next two days, and then she should be able to make it in time for Xi Yan's wedding with Gong Zhao..." Remember in a second.Read the book at

Gong Haiyang had a hateful smile on his face, "Oh... will he wake up in two days?If she doesn't wake up, then the wedding can be postponed later.After all, she is Xi Yan's own mother, her own daughter's wedding day, how could she not be present?How about this, we're not sure about the time, I'll go back and have Gongzhao start setting up the wedding site, and we'll have the wedding whenever Qiu Ya wakes up, Master Leng, what do you think?"

The anger in Leng Changjiang's heart surged, Gong Haiyang's words meant to give Leng Qiu Ya a humiliation that he would never forget ah, a humiliation to Leng Qiu Ya, and likewise to his Leng family.Leng Changjiang's angry beard began to tremble, but he still endured it.

Leng Changjiang took a deep breath and said, "Fine, but please, Palace Master, more or less give my Leng Family some face, after all, our two families can be the Qing Family in the future, we missed out once twenty years ago, but this time we are still a family after all, so Palace Master can take out his anger, but more or less give my Leng Family some leeway..."

"Hahahaha... "Gong Haiyang suddenly sneered, his voice especially loud, causing some of the people around the venue to look this way.The entire lively venue had quieted down at this moment as well.


Gong Haiyang sneered and narrowed his eyes at Leng Changjiang, "Saving face for your Leng family?Oh, who the hell are you guys?Twenty years ago, did you give me face?Twenty years ago, did your Leng family save face for our Gong family?Oh, Leng Changjiang, since you're going to be this bitch today, don't fucking stand in front of me!What's going on with this today, you know it, I know it, including everyone here today knows it in their hearts..."

Gong Haiyang paused and continued, "Isn't your Leng family just trying to appease the anger of our Gong family?That's why we're on the throne, isn't it?Let the anger in our hearts out, and that feud from twenty years ago will naturally go away.And let me save face for you?What if I can't get rid of my anger?Huh?I, Gong Haiyang, have been laughed at for over twenty years in Tianhai City, can't your Leng family even take a few days?Who the fuck are you guys?Hmm?"

Bang... Gong Haiyang said that he suddenly kicked over the table in front of him with a fierce kick, and stood up with a sudden surge.Today he was incomparably happy!The reason he agreed to the Leng family this time was for revenge!Retaliate against Leng Qiu Ya, make Leng Qiu Ya suffer a great shame, and also retaliate against the Leng family, making the Leng family the laughing stock of the entire Tian Hai City!And since Leng Qiu Ya still hasn't woken up, but today here the Leng family has also invited the celebrities from all walks of life in Tian Hai City, he, Gong Hai Yang, naturally wants to take this opportunity to ruthlessly taunt the Leng family, he has endured for more than an hour since he entered the venue, and now that he has let it out, his heart feels incomparably relieved!

"Hahahahaha... Pain, pain!"Gong Haiyang let out a loud laugh, the entire venue was incredibly quiet, just his Gong Haiyang's laughter!

"Gong Haiyang!That's enough!Are you really going to rip your face off?Do you really not want to give my Leng family any face?"Leng Changjiang slapped his chair heavily and also stood up directly, his face incomparably gloomy as he drank at Gong Haiyang.

Gong Haiyang's sudden outburst made him not react at all.Because Gong Haiyang had a secret talk with him once before, and at that time, Gong Haiyang said that just making Leng Qiu Ya regret and despair wouldn't have any impact on their Leng family's reputation, but now Gong Haiyang had suddenly changed his mind....

Gong Haiyang sneered, "Hahaha, you said tear your face off?Oh, old thing, yes, Leng Changjiang, don't say I didn't give you a chance, I'm giving it to you now!It's not too late for you to back out!That bastard hasn't married into the Miyagi family yet!If you go back on your word now, I'm leaving!I'll give you a minute to choose!"

"You... "Leng Changjiang listened to Gong Haiyang scold him one old thing at a time, and blew his beard, that old face, all black with anger!

Leng Qiushui, who stood beside Leng Changjiang, the biological father of Leng Changjiang's eldest son Leng Feng, hurriedly came out to make a roundabout, and said to Gong Haiyang, who was busy piling a smile on his face: "Haiyang you calm down, you calm down, don't be angry, what are you talking about, Xiyan will be married to your Gong family in three days, we Leng family always do what we say, come come come come, sit down quickly..."

"Get lost, what kind of thing are you, Leng Qiushui do you think you are ashamed ah, you are at least the eldest young master of the Leng family back then, right?After so many years, still being held by your father as the head of the family, even that son of yours, Leng Feng, is much stronger than you, trash..." scolded Gong Haiyang disdainfully.

Leng Qiushui was scolded by Gong Haiyang was also livid, but still endured, even with a strong smile on his face: "Don't get angry, don't get angry, look at the scene of the guests are still there, the Xiao family and the Bai family's friends are also there..." first website

Gong Haiyang no longer even took care of Leng Qiushui this time, but continued to turn his head and look at Leng Changjiang, sneering incessantly: "Old thing, one minute's time is up, how the hell do you choose to give a word!If you think about your Leng family's face again, then let's just leave it at that and do what we have to do!I'll leave immediately!"

Leng Changjiang took a deep breath, knowing that his old face today was a complete disgrace, after all, the people from all the big families in Tianhai City were there.If this was bowed down, this old face of his would be gone.But face was nothing compared to family interests, especially compared to his obsession of wanting to bring the Leng family into a first-class family!

Leng Changjiang clenched his teeth and bowed his head directly in front of Gong Haiyang, "It's our Leng Family's fault, what Master Gong wants, our Leng Family won't say another word!Sorry about that..."

Gong Haiyang stared at Leng Changjiang, and as he looked at him, he rampantly laughed, "Hahaha, hahahaha..."

The audience was incomparably quiet, and right now there was only the loud laughter of Gong Haiyang alone, Shen Xiyan stood in the middle of the venue, being called by Gong Haiyang one wild seed wild seed at a time, and her eyes were incomparably red....

And this time she Shen Siyan will also become, the joke of the entire Tianhai City....

Anger, humiliation, reluctance, despair, pain, etc. etc. etc. etc.... Shen depressed her head as a single tear dripped down....


"Come up here, bastard, won't you?Why are you pretending to be innocent?You're just like your mother!Disgusting.... "Gong Haiyang turned his head and coldly snapped at Shen Xiyan who was standing under the stage.

Buzz... As Gong Haiyang's words fell, the eyes of the hundreds of people in the arena suddenly looked at Shen Siyan who was standing in the middle, most of them had mocking smiles on their faces.As the saying goes, those who are watching the fun don't mind the trouble, they felt that this time it was worth it, actually being able to see such a big scene in the Leng family.

Shen Shi Yan body trembled fiercely, at this moment she only felt endless humiliation, tears pattered down, she incomparably respected her father Shen Congwen in her heart, but now she was being scolded by Gong Haiyang one bastard at a time.And the discussion of the surrounding people also reached her ears at this moment.

Gong Haiyang was standing on the main pedestal stage, naturally he saw the crowd's finger-pointing at Shen Xiyan.At this moment, he was in no hurry and stood on the stage sneering at Shen Suyan's humiliation.The more humiliated Shen Siyan was, the happier he felt.The insults that Leng Qiu Ya had imposed on him back then, this time he would return them all on Shen Suyan!And when Leng Qiu Ya woke up a few days later, he'd have to make Leng Qiu Ya feel desperate!

In fact, even Gong Haiyang himself had forgotten whether he had feelings for Leng Qiu Ya back then or not.If you really look into it, it should be no, right?Twenty years ago, Leng Qiu Ya was hailed as the most beautiful woman in Tianhai City by the circle, Gong Haiyang just thought Leng Qiu Ya was very beautiful, at that time it just so happened that his father had a good relationship with Leng Changjiang, so he let his father propose marriage to the Leng family, and at that time Leng Changjiang in order to make the Leng family big quickly, naturally it was a mouthful of promise.

Leng Qiu Ya ran away during the engagement banquet, and when she came back again, it was rumored in Tian Hai that Leng Qiu Ya had eloped with that wild man and was pregnant and had a miscarriage.At that time, Gong Haiyang not only didn't get Leng Qiu Ya, but was also given a big cuckold by Leng Qiu Ya, and for a while Gong Haiyang became the biggest laughing stock in the entire Tian Hai City!So he, Gong Haiyang, actually had no feelings for Leng Qiu Ya, there was only hatred!Deep hatred!

"Dad, Xi Yan she... "Yue Gu looked at Shen Xi Yan who was being pointed out by the crowd off the stage, listening to the words that were faintly coming from those insulting Shen Xi Yan, Yue Gu was incomparably anxious and looked towards his father, Gu Sheng Nan with tears in his eyes.

Gu Shengnan's eyes were heavy, and he looked deeply at Shen Suyan and said, "If you want to wear a crown, you must bear its weight!All that this child is going through now, I'm sure it will all pay off even more in the future.Wait, wait, Yue'er, don't worry, even if Lin Hao doesn't come today, I'll spoil this banquet!Wait a little longer..." said Gu Shengnan slowly to Yue Gu, his eyes were heavy, he had experienced much more than Yue Gu, and at this moment he saw something different from Shen Xiyan....

Standing at the entrance of the venue, Night One was also staring at the crowd's mockery of Shen Xiyan with a deadly stare.In his eyes, all the people who had mocked Shen Suyan today were dead people.And Night One also wanted to see if this girl, who was destined to become the main mother of everyone in the Lin Clan in the future, could take all the insults today.

This was the last time Lin Hao let Shen Siyan bear such a great insult, on the one hand because it was a choice that Shen Siyan had made herself by fighting for everything she had, and on the other hand, because Lin Hao was going to conduct a reckoning of all the big families in Tianhai City, and later give Shen Siyan a grand wedding in Tianhai, and as much suffering as she had endured today, she would be honored with as much glory in the future.This was a growth for Shen Siyan.

Night One quietly looked at Shen Xiyan, Lin Hao was unconscious, he could have made a move to take Shen Xiyan away, but he didn't do that.In Night One's heart, if Shen Siyan wanted to end up with Lin Hao in the future, then her mind would have to grow to an extremely high level. Remember the website

Shen Siyan felt the despicable and mocking gazes coming from around her and listened to the various words of insults from those people, she began to take a step, step by step walking towards the stage with her head lowered.Only the more she walked all the way forward, the more mockery came from her ears.

"Oh, really the same as the Leng Family Miss back then, looks like ah, worthy of being a mother and daughter, back then her mother ran away with a wild man and threw her into our circle, I heard that this wild seed also found a wild man outside..." a middle-aged woman mocked at Shen Shi Yan.

"Isn't that right, look at her face, I feel disgusted to see her, pretending to be so innocent, who is she looking down on?Don't go back to the Leng family if you have the guts, it's not for the money... Heh, disgusting..."

"That's right, that's disgusting, the ones I despise the most are those women who appear to be noble and do all sorts of disgusting things behind their backs.What's the pretence, trash..."

"If you ask me ah her mother is just a lady, pretending to be noble in Tianhai and messing around with men outside.I reckon the Leng family probably doesn't even know who this bastard's father is..."

Buzz... Shen Shi Yan's body fiercely, she desperately clenched her teeth, fiercely turned her eyes red and stared at the woman who had just been vicious to the extreme, her two fists clenched tightly.

The woman who had just abused Shen Xiyan was a noblewoman wearing a mink skin with her thighs exposed, a third-rate family, and now she saw Shen Xiyan staring at her and became angry, directly opened a curse: "What are you looking at!I'll gouge your eyes out again!Don't you know who you are?A feral pooh!"This woman spat at Shen Xi Yan after she cursed at her.

Shen Siyan wanted to resist, but in the next moment she thought of Leng Qiu Ya who was still unconscious in the hospital, and after she thought of Lin Hao who was seriously injured yesterday.She just endured and allowed the woman's spit to spit on her, she continued to lower her head and walked forward step by step....

Shen Zhaoyan no longer cared about that vicious woman, but Night One took note of that woman, she was finished, she would die, and her family was finished....


"Oh, don't be in a hurry to leave, we meet again, oh, good sister, I didn't think you'd have a day, did you?"A long black dress suddenly blocked Shen Ruoxue in front of Shen Xiyan.She had followed Leng Feng back to the Heavenly Sea a few days ago, and she had been trying to please Leng Feng in various ways for the past few days, and she was very sensible, so Leng Feng simply left her behind.

"Is that you?"Shen Siyan stared up at Shen Ruoxue incredulously, because in her perception, Shen Ruoxue had been crushed by Lin Hao and couldn't hold her head up, the Shen family's company was also finished, and Shen Ruoxue was carrying millions of dollars in debt.But now she saw that Shen Ruoxue was brightly dressed and her face had regained that elevated expression.

Shen Ruo Xue's face darkened at the news, she stared at Shen Xi Yan with a deadly stare, wanting to swallow Shen Xi Yan alive, Shen Ruo Xue gritted her teeth against Shen Xi Yan, "Oh, is it me what's wrong?Shen Suyan, I didn't expect you to have your own day. Where's your Lin Hao?Where's your husband?Why didn't he come to rescue you?Oh yeah, I heard you divorced him, right?Oh..."

Shen Siyan did not pay any more attention to Shen Ruoxue, but fiercely turned her head to look at Leng Feng who was standing not far behind Shen Ruoxue, Shen Siyan stared at Leng Feng and asked, "Did you bring her here?"

Leng Feng smiled and spread his hands and nodded, "Well right, Xi Yan, Ruo Xue is your sister ah, and Ruo Xue is very smart and capable of doing things, so I brought over, why Xi Yan do you have anything to do?"Leng Feng smiled at Shen Shi Yan, a strange and cold smile that also carried endless sarcasm.

He had been hiding his true face for the past few days, because his true intention was to annex the Lin Hao Kyushu Group.So these past few days, he had gone out of his way to deliberately dress up as a good old man in front of Shen Shiyan, in front of Wang Shufen, and even in front of Yue Gu.But these past few days, no matter how hard he tried, he failed, so at this moment, he didn't want to endure any more....

Leng Feng walked up to Shen Xiyan's face, in front of Shen Xiyan's face, ruthlessly grabbed a hand on Shen Ruoxue's buttocks and said: "Shen Xiyan, I told you long ago, give me the Kyushu Group!Give me Kyushu!Why won't you listen?Why?Is it fun to endure this monstrous insult now?Since you're willing to do that, let me do what you want!Roll..."

Leng Feng mocked Shen Xiyan to the utmost, but he hid it too well, and he still had his back to Leng Changjiang Gong Haiyang and the others.So those people didn't see Leng Feng's real face, naturally they didn't hear what Leng Feng said to Shen Suyan.

It's just that Night One heard, or rather Night One read Leng Feng's lips.The next moment Night One looked at Leng Feng like a dead man....

And Leng Feng, who had wanted to continue to mock Shen Xiyan for a few more sentences, suddenly felt a coldness all over his body.When he looked up, he saw Night standing in the doorway looking at him like a dead man.Leng Feng's throat moved, and for a moment, he didn't dare to say anything more to Shen Shi Yan, and quickly made his way out of the way....

"What's wrong young Maple, your face is sweating..." asked Shen Ruoxue, frowning at Leng Feng. One second to remember to read the book

Leng Feng said in a low voice, "Just now there was an assassin standing at the door, a man under Lin Hao's hand, very strong..." said Leng Feng and a drop of cold sweat came down his face.

Shen Ruoxue smiled and said: "Oh Feng Shao, you are too worried, just a killer, with your status, just find a few people to do him over, won't it?Where's the trouble..."

Leng Feng, who was subconsciously going to refute Shen Ruoxue, was suddenly stunned, seemingly Shen Ruoxue had a point.Who was he Leng Feng afraid of?Leng Feng looked at the dozens of security guards on the outskirts of the venue and thought to himself, "Well, this is the Leng family, what am I afraid of.......Thinking of this Leng Feng fiercely raised his head to stare at the night one.......Only that the night one has disappeared..........

Shen Shiyan continued to walk forward, she was about to step up the steps, when Gong Haiyang said to Leng Changjiang: "Leng family master, the people have already come, then simply today will become an engagement banquet?How do you feel about getting engaged today and married in three days?"

Leng Changjiang nodded, "But, everything is up to the Palace Master..."

Shen Caiyan's body trembled again at the news, but she had already reached this point, there was no way back behind her....

"Lin Hao, I'm sorry... I only have the next life to be your wife again... Lin Hao, I'm really happy that I was able to meet you in this life..."

"Lin Hao, forget about me and go find a better woman to marry..." after Shen Xi Yan said one last silent sentence in her heart, she was about to lift her foot and step up the stairs, step up, and from then on, go to hell and the abyss....


"Wait!"As soon as Shen Xiyan walked onto the stage, just as Gong Haiyang thought everything had been capped off, a deep voice suddenly resounded through the arena!

Gong Haiyang and Leng Changjiang and the others looked fiercely, and then they saw that not far from them, the Gu family, Gu Shengnan, stood up with a gloomy face and a hint of determination in his eyes.

The moment Gu Shengnan stood up, Gu Yue looked at her father with some shock, Lin Hao hadn't come, and for Gu Shengnan to get up now actually meant that Gu Shengnan would have to directly confront the two great families by himself!Originally this was what Yue Gu wanted to see, but when Gu Shengnan stood up and faced Leng Changjiang and Gong Haiyang directly, Yue Gu still felt deeply shocked for his father!At this moment, Gu Shengnan had a dominating aura spreading out all over his body!

Yue Gu naturally knew what Gu Shengnan wanted to do when he got up, so the first thing he did was to run to Shen Siyan's side, pulling her hand tightly and pulling her directly behind his father before Shen Siyan had even slowed down.

And the atmosphere on the scene was instantly quiet and heavy at this moment.The head of the Xiao family, Xiao Nuo, and the head of the Bai family, Bai Hang, had a playful look in their eyes, as they looked at each other and nodded at each other vividly.It seemed that this matter wasn't that simple today, but the Gu Family Head, Gu Shengnan, was actually going to step forward?Although the Gu family was far inferior to the Gong family and the Leng family.But Gu Shengnan's Gu family was also a top-tier, second-tier family, and even if a first-tier family wanted to annex and exterminate a second-tier family, it wasn't that easy, and hadn't the Gong family suppressed the Leng family for more than twenty years and didn't let them exterminate it?

At this point in their lives, neither of the two big families could end the war in a short period of time if they wanted to start a war.And now that Gu Shengnan had gotten up, he could tell by his attitude that he was going to intervene in this matter.The Xiao and Bai families were originally unhappy with Gong Haiyang's union with Leng Changjiang, so now they were happy to see this matter.Even if Gu Shengnan was the one to take the lead in this, even if he died, it wouldn't be them who would die?

The playfulness in Xiao Nuo and Baihang's eyes grew stronger, and even the corners of their mouths raised a hint of a smile...

When Gong Haiyang saw that Gu Shengnan's daughter had actually taken Shen Xiyan away, his eyelids adjusted and his face instantly turned cold, staring at Gu Shengnan with deadly coldness and narrowing his eyes, "What does the Gu Master have to say?"

Gu Shengnan likewise squinted his eyes in a chilling voice, "Heh... what's the instruction?I'm sorry, Shen Siyan is my goddaughter, her father entrusted her to my care before he died, and if her real father died, I'm her father!That's why I don't agree with her marrying into the Gong family!I'm sure that brother of mine, Shen Congwen, wouldn't agree either!"

Naturally, Gu Shengnan had never met Shen Congwen, Shen's real father, and these words were just a superficial statement.Let's first take up the Da Yi!

Gong Haiyang's face was completely black, the eyes that stared at Gu Shengnan were now all with a hint of killing intent: "Gu Shengnan, you're also a number one in the Heavenly Sea, it's not easy for your Gu family to develop to this point, I'll give you one more chance, I hope you know what you're doing now!"Gong Haiyang threatened Gu Shengnan. The first website

Leng Changjiang also stared at Gu Shengnan with a deep frown, "Master Gu, this matter is already settled between me and Master Gong, so why do you need to interfere?And you're the godfather of the cherub, so why don't we know about this?"

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.Is it hard to understand?"

"Yue Yue, your father..." even if Shen Shi Yan was stupid, she knew that something was wrong.Because others weren't sure, but she knew very well that she had never recognized Gu Shengnan as her godfather, and right now, Gu Shengnan was saying this solely to help her!Shen Xi Yan's eyes were red as she looked at Yue Gu.

Yue Gu held Shen Xi Yan's hand tightly with a firm face and whispered in Shen Xi Yan's ear, "Xi Yan don't say anything, my father and Lin Hao have joined forces, don't be afraid, don't worry, you don't worry either, everything has my father and Lin Hao to fight against, my father has stepped forward and there is no turning back...."

Shen Shi Yan's heart was deeply shaken, she and Yue Gu were just good friends, but Yue Gu had blocked the future of the entire Gu family for her!She didn't know how to express the gratitude in her heart at the moment.Just like what Gu Yue had said, Gu Shengnan had already come forward, and if she were to refute Gu Shengnan now, then Gu Shengnan would be in a very difficult position.But she was incomparably worried, if the Gu family suffered a loss because of her, then let her be truly ashamed....


Boom... As Gu Shengnan's words trailed off, the entire audience was shocked.Everyone here today knew what this was all about.No one even believed at all that Gu Shengnan was Shen Xiyan's godfather.After all, if Gu Shengnan was really Shen Siyan's godfather, then why hadn't he come forward earlier?

The crowd offstage didn't believe it, and Leng Changjiang and Gong Haiyang naturally didn't believe it either.Gong Haiyang simply stopped holding back, seeing that the many years of hatred in his heart was about to be lifted, Gu Shengnan suddenly jumped out, he was now incomparably furious, and directly shouted at Gu Shengnan, "Surnamed Gu, if you want to die I'll fulfill you, including your Gu family!"

Leng Changjiang also said to Gu Shengnan with a sunken face, "Master Gu, you've gone too far, you've meddled in my Leng family's family affairs like this, then don't blame me in the future!"

Gu Shengnan sneered, "Oh, you guys do whatever you want!I don't care if I'm alone. If you can, destroy my family in a short time!If you can't destroy my Gu Family, you won't be able to let Xi Yan marry that trash Gong Zhao!"

Gong Haiyang shouted fiercely at the periphery, "Someone!Take that bastard back to me!"With a loud shout from Gong Haiyang, there were four security guards rushing up around the venue, just trying to grab Shen Xiyan!

"I'll see who dares!Protect Miss Shen!"Gu Shengnan also let out a loud shout, and the next moment the ten people he brought rushed over from the edge of the venue, blocking the four people Gong Haiyang had brought with him.And the ten people Gu Shengnan brought with him, each of them had a strong presence, and at a glance, they were not ordinary security guards, but people who had been professionally trained!

Gong Haiyang's face was as dark as water as he looked at the ten people surrounding Gu Shengnan, his voice incomparably chilly: "Surnamed Gu, you're good!It looks like you've been planning to do this for a long time!"

After Gong Haiyang finished speaking to Gu Shengnan, the next moment he fiercely turned his head to look at Leng Changjiang, "Master Leng, this is your Leng family's villa, is there no one in your Leng family?"

Leng Changjiang's face was also incomparably gloomy, Gu Shengnan obviously came prepared, just now when Gu Shengnan shouted, he came out with ten battle-hardened men, who knows how many people Gu Shengnan had brought today?Leng Changjiang was an old fox, he didn't want to start a war with Gu Shengnan right now, this was the Leng family after all, and a fight here wouldn't be good for him.

But if he let Gu Shengnan just take Shen Shiyan away like that, then his Leng family's face would be gone, and he wouldn't be able to give an account to Gong Haiyang.Thinking of this, Leng Changjiang was about to call out when suddenly the Xiao family head Xiao Nuo from the opposite side stood out....

The first thing you need to know is that you can't even see what's going on in the world of the world's most famous brands.In the hospital..." Remember the URL

Xiao Nuo paused, then scoffed, "People's mothers are in a coma in the hospital and you force them to abandon their new husbands to marry a loser!Hehe, I'm asking the Palace Master and the Leng Master, do you still need some face?Do you still have a conscience?"

After Xiao Nuo finished speaking, Leng Changjiang frowned deeply, the Xiao family, as the second largest family in Tianhai City, was even more powerful than the Gong family, so he naturally didn't dare to provoke it, so he could only nod at Xiao Nuo, "Master Xiao, I'm sorry, but there are many things that you don't know about, allow me to explain this to you slowly later..."

"Heh... "Xiao Nuo didn't pay any attention to Leng Changjiang, instead he smirked, what does Shen Xiyan's matter have to do with him?He didn't care, his goal was just to not allow the Leng family and the Gong family, two twenty-year enemies, to reconcile....

Gong Haiyang took a deep look at Xiao Nuo and suddenly understood what Xiao Nuo meant, but the Xiao family was stronger than his Gong family after all, so he softened his tone a bit, but only a bit: "Brother Xiao, you know about the humiliation I suffered more than twenty years ago, so are you sure you want to interfere?"

Xiao Nuo hadn't spoken yet, the Bai family's head Bai Hang came out again, smiling and said to Gong Haiyang, "Brother Haiyang, don't be so grumpy, do you have something to say? We all know what happened back then, that Leng Qiu Ya was a great insult to you, but if you take revenge on her daughter for that matter, isn't that a bit too ugly?You have a grudge, just go get revenge on Leng Qiu Ya, what's wrong with you persecuting a little girl like this?"

"You want to get involved, too, surname Bai?"Gong Haiyang stared at Baihang with a deadly stare, he still had a slight fear of Xiao Nuo, but he was not the least bit afraid of Baihang....

At this moment, with Gu Shengnan jumping out first to clearly oppose, followed by Xiao Nuo and Baihang, the two first-class Heavenly Sea families, also came out to stir things up, and suddenly the atmosphere within the venue became strange....

Leng Changjiang and Gong Haiyang's faces were incomparably gloomy, behind Gu Shengnan, Gu Yue was tightly protecting Shen Shiyan, while Xiao Nuo and Bai Hang were looking at Gong Haiyang and the two of them with a sneer, and the crowd of small families offstage were trembling with fear, like Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao who were also present today, who were so frightened by the situation in front of them that they didn't dare to say a word....

For a time, the entire atmosphere in the venue was bizarre to the extreme....


"Ye family's son Ye Wushuang has arrived..." just when the atmosphere in the venue was strangely heavy, a voice suddenly came from the entrance, then a handsome and dashing Ye Wushuang in a black suit walked in, followed by a man with a cold and stern breath behind Ye Wushuang.

The moment Ye Wushuang appeared, the eyes of everyone in the audience were suddenly directed towards Ye Wushuang.Ye Wushuang was also known as Prince Wushuang, the strongest male in Tianhai City, and the Ye family he was in was also known as the most powerful family in Tianhai City, Ye Wushuang automatically became the focus of the entire crowd as soon as he appeared, and if it was about honorable status, Ye Wushuang was the worthy number one in the entire crowd, even the head of the Xiao family, Xiao Nuo, was polite in front of Ye Wushuang.

"Hahahaha, Wushuang is here, come, come, sit here, sit here with me..." after Xiao Nuo saw Ye Wushuang arrive, he quickly smiled and gave up his seat to Ye Wushuang, polite to the extreme.

"Meet Mr. Ye..." said Bai Hang, the head of the Bai family, who was also incomparably polite to Ye Wushuang.After all, although there were four big families in Tianhai City, no, if you counted the Leng family, it would be five big families.But the rest of their four families combined were no match for the Ye family, which was already the largest family in Tianhai before they had even risen to prominence.If the Ye Family in Tianhai hadn't split with the Yanjing Main Vein, then Tianhai City would have been completely the Ye Family's backyard!This shows the Ye family's supremacy in the Heavenly Sea!

Although Gong Haiyang was furious in his heart, but at this moment after Ye Wushuang's arrival, he also squeezed out a smile at Ye Wushuang and said respectfully, "Gong Haiyang has met Mr. Ye..."

At this moment below the crowd, Leng Feng, who was hailed by Tianhai City as being able to be on par with Ye Wushuang, lowered his head deeply, he used to take himself against Ye Wushuang, but at this moment after looking at the attitude of the crowd towards Ye Wushuang, he instantly understood that he was still far from being able to compare to Ye Wushuang.

Shen Ruoxue, who was beside Leng Feng, looked straight at Ye Wushuang with her eyes, looking at Tianhai, the strongest male, she only felt that Ye Wushuang was so handsome, so excellent and charming.The first thing that I want to do is to get rid of the problem, and I'm not going to do that," she said.

Just as Shen Ruoxue was looking at Ye Wushuang's heart fantasy, she suddenly felt a pain in her buttocks, she turned back and saw Leng Feng looking at her with an icy face.

"Don't daydream, I can't even look at you, do you think Ye Wushuang can still look at you?Be my dog and I'll make sure you're rich and famous for the rest of your life, okay?Remember who you are!Don't let there be a next time!"Leng Feng's tone was icy cold as he whispered to Shen Ruoxue.

"Yes... yes..." the cold sweat on Shen Ruo Xue's body instantly came down, she incomparably regretted just going to look at Ye Wushuang like that in front of Leng Feng, she was now Leng Feng's dog, her entire life was also in Leng Feng's hands, she didn't dare to disobey Leng Feng....

Besides, Ye Wushuang, after smiling and nodding to the whole audience, he walked up to the stage and directly in front of Shen Xiyan and said with a smile, "Miss Shen really is a beautiful city, it's just that Miss Shen your choice is very important, there is darkness in this world, but there is also light.I hope Miss Shen will think about it well before making a decision..." One second remember to read the book

Shen Xiyan never dreamed that this young master of the rumored first family of the Heavenly Sea, Ye Wushuang, would actually say such words to her, she nodded, "Well, Xiyan thanked Mr. Ye..."


Ye Wushuang's eyes were incomparably complex as he looked at Shen Xiyan, I'm afraid that everyone present, only he knew how terrifying the man behind Shen Xiyan really was!But that man didn't appear, so he couldn't say anything.So he just turned to Gong Haiyang and Leng Changjiang and said, "When I was just outside, I heard what you guys said.Since things have come to this point now, then Master Leng and Master Gong, I wonder if you two, could you give me a thin face?Tell Miss Shen to go back with Master Gu, then you can talk it over?Obviously you guys can't talk today, so many people are here today, it's also noon, everyone hasn't eaten yet, the two owners give Wushuang a face, how about Wushuang having a few drinks with the two seniors later on?"

Ye Wushuang said it with a smile, but there was an unquestionable meaning in that tone, and Leng Changjiang and Gong Haiyang nodded quickly, "Good, good, if Mr. Ye wants to drink, we will naturally accompany him..."

"Someone, bring up all the daughter's red I've been collecting for years!"Leng Changjiang said to the few people from the Leng family at the entrance.

Ye Wushuang then turned to look at Gu Shengnan and said, "I'm sure the Gu Family Master isn't in the mood to drink, so you can take Miss Shen and go back first..."

Gu Shengnan looked deeply at Ye Wushuang and bowed his head to say thank you, "Gu Shengnan thanks to Mr. Ye..." then Gu Shengnan didn't say anything else and took Gu Yue and Shen Shiyan home.With Ye Wushuang present, Leng Changjiang and Gong Haiyang naturally didn't dare to stop them, and could only watch Gu Shengnan take Shen Shiyan away.

After waiting for Gu Shengnan to leave, Gong Haiyang still couldn't help but ask Ye Wushuang, "What do you mean about this matter, Mr. Ye?"

After Gong Haiyang asked, Leng Changjiang also listened carefully, after all, if Ye Wushuang were to interfere in this matter, then it would be difficult for both of them.

Just the next moment, the two of them put their minds at ease.Just heard Ye Wushuang smiled and said, "I'm here, you guys have to let me have some food before leaving, right?With Gu Shengnan here, how else are we supposed to eat?So many people here, what a spoilsport!As for your two families, that's your family business, I'm not interested... Oh..."

The stone in Gong Haiyang's heart finally landed, he just thought that Ye Wushuang was going to stand with Gu Shengnan.After getting Ye Wushuang's words of affirmation again, Gong Haiyang, Leng Changjiang followed Ye Wushuang and drank wine together, next to Xiao Nuo and Baihang also hurried over to accompany him....


Ten minutes later, Shen Xiyan who followed Yue Gu into the car was incomparably complicated, her eyes were still red, she looked at Yue Gu as she opened her mouth to say something, but she didn't know what she should say.Things were still deviating from her plan.She had never expected that Yue Gu would actually pull the entire Gu family to help her, which made her feel both touched and worried... First URL

Yue Gu knew what was on Shen Xi Yan's mind, so she said to Shen Xi Yan, "Xi Yan, do you know how hard it was for me after that man I loved the most disappeared three years ago?You've seen me live like a shell these past three quest..."

Yue Gu continued without waiting for Shen Xiyan to speak, "Yes, even if the Gu family joins forces with Lin Hao's Kyushu Group, it's not a match for the Leng family and the Gong family.But those two families, if they want to knock us out, it's not that easy, this time will probably drag on for a few years, and after a few years, who's to say.Xi Yan, listen to me, don't be so silly anymore, I know that person Lin Hao very well too, he really can't... without you..."

Shen Xi Yan's mouth opened wide and tears popped down as she said to Yue Gu with tears streaming down her face, "Yue Yue, but I don't want to risk him anymore, I don't want to bring disaster to him, and now there's still you and your father.It's not worth it for you guys to help me like this..."

Yue Gu smiled at Shen Xianyan and said, "There's nothing worthless in this world, money is just a number after it's too much, why do you need so much?"

Shen Xi Yan still shook her head, "Yue Yue, don't help me, this will drag you guys down, if something happens to the Gu family because of me, then I'll have to feel guilty for the rest of my life, don't help me, and I'm already divorced from Lin Hao... divorced..."

Shen Xi Yan said and lowered her head, Yue Gu sighed complexly and looked ahead, she didn't know what the future would hold.Can the Gu family and Lin Hao really carry over under the pressure of the Leng family and the Gong family?She didn't know, she really didn't know....

At noon, Shen Siyan had just arrived at Yue Gu's house, and before she had a chance to eat, Wang Shufen rushed over with Shen Yutong.The first thing that you need to do is to get your own copy of the book, and then you'll be able to get your own copy of the book.

In a room in the villa of the Gu family, Shen Xiyan had just entered, an eager-looking Shen Yutong arrived at her door, and Shen Yutong's eyes were incomparably complicated as she called out to Shen Xiyan: "Xiyan..."


Shen Xiyan was incomparably surprised, she did know that Shen Yutong was in Tianhai, but she didn't expect Shen Yutong to actually find her way here, Shen Xiyan's lips slightly opened and called out, "Sister did you come here?"

The first thing I noticed was the fact that there were a lot of people in the world who were not able to get their hands on a piece of paper, but they were not able to get their hands on a piece of paper."

Without waiting for Shen Yutong to speak, she continued, "Do you think Lin Hao is willing to let you choose like this?What do you think his life will be like after he loses you?Even if he succeeds later on, so what?Are you going to let him be alone when he's at the top of his game?"

Shen Siyan cried out with a wow when she heard Shen Yutong's words.Shen Yutong's personality was very similar to hers, and Shen Yutong had been especially good to her since she was a child, and in Shen Siyan's heart, Shen Yutong was not her real sister, but was more than as close as a real sister.Shen Siyan immediately jumped into Shen Yutong's arms, venting out all the grievances of the recent days at this moment.

Shen Yutong's heart remembered Lin Hao's face, and her heart also rose with a hint of pain, because Lin Hao was also the man she loved the most in Shen Yutong's heart, the Gestapo of her heart.After she had met Lin Hao in Nanjiang a few days ago, she had thought that she would deliberately avoid Lin Hao in the future and she would never cross paths with him again in her life.

And Lin Hao loved Shen Shi Yan so much, and Shen Shi Yan loved Lin Hao deeply, then in her heart, Lin Hao and Shen Shi Yan would never, ever be apart in this life.After all, in Nanjiang City, Lin Hao had done so and so much for Shen Suyan, and had given Shen Suyan a heavenly surprise, giving her a heavenly honor in front of everyone in Nanjiang City.But what she could never have imagined was that she had just separated from Lin Hao for a total of just a few days, and Shen Siyan had divorced Lin Hao....

It was so sudden, not a bit prepared beforehand, when she Shen Yutong called her father Shen Jiancheng to inquire.Shen Jiancheng actually thought that Shen Xiyan was still in Nanjiang City, and didn't even know.

In the morning, Shen Yutong had two thoughts in her mind after she found out the news about Shen Suyan's divorce from Lin Hao.The first was that she wanted to go to Lin Hao and accompany him through the pain.The other thought was to try her hardest to help Lin Hao get back together with Shen Xiyan!And Shen Yutong's choice was that she chose the second one almost without the slightest hesitation, no matter how hard it was, she wanted to help Lin Hao get back together with Shen Xiyan!

It was only when she found Wang Shufen and followed her over here that she realized the complexity of this matter.It wasn't that Shen Xiyan didn't want to be with Lin Hao anymore at all, but the pressure the two of them were facing now was completely unprecedented.

"Sister, I'm so sick, I'm so sick, and now that things have come to this, Yue Yue and her father are involved.I... I really don't know what to do anymore, I want to carry everything on my own, but I'm finding that I can't fight it.I can't do anything..." said Shen Xi Yan crying to Shen Yu Tong.

Yes even before today's noon banquet, Shen Xiyan's heart was still thinking of carrying all the suffering down by herself.This way sacrificing her alone, everyone would be fine.Everyone would be fine, so she summoned all her courage to go and mention divorce to Lin Hao.But she never thought that Yue Gu would actually bring the whole Gu family to help her, and now things were out of her control... Remember the url


Shen Yutong took a deep breath, patted Shen Xiyan's back and said, "Xiyan, since you don't know what to do, don't think about anything else, leave the rest to us, Yue Gu's father, Gu Shengnan, is the head of the Gu family and has a strong influence in the Tianhai Sea, while Lin Hao has a Kyushu Group under him, Jiang Shaoming, Li Jianghai, Xiao Yuanshan, Scar Six.Those people are all peerlessly fierce, just give them a little more time, they may not be lacking the strength to compete with the Leng family and the Gong family!So just don't do anything right now, just wait and be quiet...okay?"

"Don't think about it silly girl, we women, isn't the greatest happiness in this life to meet a man who is excellent and really loves us?"Shen Yutong incomparably complicated to Shen Xiyan persuaded.

Shen Siyan nodded, but the sadness in her eyes could not be dissipated, she stared blankly at Shen Yutong for a long, long time, and slowly said with red eyes, "But, but Lin Hao and I have already filed for divorce... My words are still so outrageous, and no matter what I'm for, but I did hurt him very, very deeply, and even where he is now I don't know, maybe he's already back in Nanjiang, maybe he's still in Tianhai..."

"I've hurt him, hurt his burning heart that loves me with my own hands, sis... He's such a good man, such a loving man who would give anything for me, I... I really don't want to drag in theHe's up, and so is the Gu family, Yue Yue is so good to me that she's even willing to press up the entire Gu family's future for me.There's also you, I know you'll definitely be involved next, and my mother, Wang Shufen, who also went to the Wang family last night and came back lost in a state of shock.You're all being good to me, you're all giving to me without reservation, but I really don't want you to go on like this..."

Shen Xiyan paused and continued, "So I married into the Gong family by myself, and things were resolved, everything was resolved.Sister, I'm tired, I'm really, really tired, Lin Hao is a Gestapo hero, I don't want to drag myself into dragging him down anymore.I've already dragged him down in Nanjiang for two years ah, he built up a company as powerful as the Kyushu Group a few years ago.But it's because of me that the Kyushu Group was stagnant in Nanjiang for almost two years.Sister... I really, really don't want to drag him down anymore..."

Shen Yutong was deeply moved by Shen Suyan's words, and her heart was violently filled with extreme pain.Shen Xiyan loved Lin Hao also loved deeply, Shen Yutong was sure, but if Shen Xiyan had any other way, she wouldn't have made the current choice to come.The reason was that she hadn't, she had given everything she had, but the enemy was just too powerful, powerful enough that she could only go towards the abyss of despair....

Shen Yu Tong hugged Shen Xi Yan's shoulders and let Shen Xi Yan lean on her bosom, Shen Yu Tong gently touched Shen Xi Yan's hair, "Xi Yan, hold on, give Lin Hao some more time, it's too hard, too hard for both of you, I'll go to Lin Hao later and tell him your pain, I believe he will never give up on you, absolutely not..."

Shen Xiyan broke away from Shen Yutong's embrace and asked with a complicated look at Shen Yutong, "Sister Yutong, you told me last time that you also have a man you like in your heart, so what would you do if you met something like me?"

Shen Yutong suddenly heard Shen Xiyan mention the person she liked in her heart.The last time she had talked to Shen Xiyan in Nanjiang, at that time she hadn't known that the person she liked was Lin Hao, Shen Xiyan's husband.But now she knew, so when Shen Siyan mentioned Lin Hao, the two times she had gone through life and death with Lin Hao somehow came up in her heart....

It was good that it was as if Shen Xiyan didn't notice that Shen Yutong's face wasn't right and she continued to ask, "Sister, tell me, how should you choose?"

Shen Yutong fell silent at Shen Xiyan's words, because her personality was so much like Shen Xiyan's, and if she were Shen Xiyan, she knew that she would end up making the same decision as Shen Xiyan.After all, the other side was two first-class families, two behemoths of Tianhai, and she would also not let the man she loved in her heart, along with her loved ones around her, get into danger, she would also choose to sacrifice herself... One Second Remember to Read the Book

"Sigh, you're so bitter, there's got to be another way, there has to be, don't make this decision in a hurry, okay?Sister begs you, sister begs you, give yourself some more time, give Lin Hao some more time, things will definitely turn around, they will definitely develop in a good direction ah..." shen Yutong did not answer Shen Xiyan's question directly, but continued to counsel Shen Xiyan with bitterness and consolation.

Shen Xiyan also didn't answer Shen Yutong's words positively, but instead asked Shen Yutong, "Sister, how do you evaluate that person Lin Hao?How do you feel about him?You haven't met him a few times, but tell me your impressions of him..."

Shen Yutong subconsciously said, "Lin Hao is good, a very good man, handsome and responsible, he is obviously the president of a large group, but for you he is willing to come to our home as a son-in-law, to be beaten and scolded at will.Such a man in this society has been very, very few... "Shen Yutong's words were still exhorting Shen Xiyan, not thinking about anything else at all, such as why Shen Xiyan suddenly asked such a question to her.

Shen Xiyan nodded her head and suddenly said, "Then sister, you marry him, love him and take care of him for me, okay?"

Boom... Shen Yutong's mouth suddenly opened wide, looking at Shen Shi Yan incredulously....


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