Dish Best Served Cold 996-1000


Chapter 996 



    "What rhymes?"

    Evan was stunned, but didn't care, but continued.

    "Grandma, I was about to tell you."

    "I actually found intruders in the forbidden area of our Chu Family."

    "All the treasures in the Tang Clan were looted by her."

    "Fortunately, your grandson was clever enough to take the Yin Dragon Scroll while she was cultivating, and I took it over."

    "But unfortunately, I miscalculated a thousand times."

    "In the end, I still disturbed her."

    "This injury on my body is thanks to her."

    "But for some reason, she didn't even chase after me..."

    Ye Fan was still speaking there, but the old Taijun's face, however, grew paler and paler, especially when he heard the last, the old Taijun asked in a furious voice, "What did you say?"

    "You said she was practicing when you took the Yin Dragon Scroll?"

    "And you've disturbed her?"

    "It's nonsense!"

    "Right...Right, Grandma, what's wrong?"Seeing the old taijun suddenly like this, Ye Fan was suddenly a little terrified.

    It was the first time he saw that the old taijun was angry with him.

    However, the old taijun ignored Ye Fan and turned his head and ran to the backyard.

    "You bastard, I'll deal with you when I return~"

    Old Taijun cursed angrily and quickly left, leaving Ye Fan flabbergasted and confused.

    "This...What's this?"

    "Could it be, that crazy woman, knows the grandmother?"

    "But I'm the one who got hurt, and even if I knew her, Grandma wouldn't be so angry, would she?"

    Just when Ye Fan was confused, who would have thought that Old Taijun would come back halfway.

    She grabbed Ye Fan's ear and immediately went to the Chu family's backyard.

    "Grandma, it hurts, it hurts~"

    "Lighten up~"

    Ye Fan wailed, and was dragged back out of that dry well by the old taijun just like this for no apparent reason.

    "Bastard, atone for the sins you've done yourself."

    "Now go down and bring Yun'er back to me."

    The old taijun raged.

    Ye Fan's face darkened then, "Grandma, don't trap me."

    "If I go down, I'm afraid I won't be able to come back."

    "That woman wants to kill me~"

    "You shut up!"Old Taijun said angrily, "Don't you know that when cultivating, it is most taboo to be disturbed by others?"

    "Especially the Dragon God Body, such a powerful secret technique."

    "Once the time of cultivation is disturbed and the fire is rushed, most likely, it will go off the rails!"

    "The reason why Yun'er didn't chase her out must be because her training was disturbed to the point that her body's true essence was disordered, and the worst outcome would be that her veins would be broken and she would go off the rails and die!"

    "Now, get your ass down there and bring her back to me."

    "Advise you better pray that Rhyme isn't killed by you."

    "Otherwise, even if you're my grandson, my wife will have to whip you to death~"

    Old Taijun scolded at Ye Fan.

    That woman was after the late Chu family.

    If she fell here, her wife was afraid that she would feel guilty for the rest of her life and would have no face to face her ancestors underground.

    Hearing this, Ye Fan undoubtedly lowered his head with a guilty conscience as well.

    He was barely concerned with running for his life, where was the time to think about this.

    Moreover, he couldn't even think about himself, so how could he think about the safety of his "enemy"?

    However, now it seemed that Ye Fan had misunderstood that woman.

    She shouldn't be an intruder, and she should have been allowed by the old empress to enter this Chu family forbidden area.

    Ye Fan, who knew that he was intruding into trouble, wasn't trying to justify anything to himself.

    "Grandma, I..."

    Ye Fan wanted to comfort the old taijun with a few words, don't get angry.

    But who knew, before this side of the sentence was finished, the old taijun had already kicked Ye Fan into the well.



    "Can't I just make myself dance for once?"

    Ye Fan was bitter.

    Only after entering the bottom of the well, did Ye Fan realize a very serious matter..

    "Bad, I forgot to bring clothes for that woman."

    But now was no longer the time to worry about that, life and safety was more important.

    Therefore, Ye Fan went back to Tang Gate once again to look for that woman's figure.

    Sure enough, when Ye Fan saw her again, he found that the graceful and noble woman had already collapsed in a pool of blood.

    "Damn, it's not really dead, is it?"

    "This lady, wake up and say something?"

    When Ye Fan saw this, he quickly ran over and shouted a few times, but there was no response.

    In anxiety, Ye Fan took off his clothes and wrapped them around her delicate body, while hurrying to take her out of the underground cave.



    When she woke up, she found herself lying in bed.

    In her ears, there was the echoing sound of a clock ticking.

    "Rhyme, are you awake?"

    "You ninny, you're scaring grandmother."

    "Fortunately, you have the Yin Dragon divine Body, otherwise, grandmother wouldn't be able to retrieve you this time."

    Seeing the woman wake up, the old empress who was guarding the bedside, let out a long sigh of relief and smiled happily.

    "But Yun'er, you really want treasures for your life."

    "Just for a few out-of-body items, you forcibly interrupted your cultivation and eventually went off the rails in a hurry."

    "Almost, your family's ancestral land became the burial ground of this silly ninny of yours."

    Old Taijun said slightly angrily.

    But as soon as the woman heard this, she seemed to recall that day in the Tang's cave, and shyly said, "Grandmother, it's not because of the treasure, it's because of that bastard he stole me..."

    The woman eventually found it difficult to speak, and swallowed the words that reached her mouth.

    "Grandma, the medicine is boiled."

    At this time, Ye Fan carried the medicine and walked in from outside.

    As the saying goes, when enemies meet, they are extraordinarily jealous!

    The instant she saw Ye Fan, the woman on the bed's petite body immediately trembled and pulled up her long sword by her side, about to stab Ye Fan.

    "You shameless man, I'll kill you~"

    The woman screamed in anger.

    Evan jumped a long way in shock.

    "Holy shit, are you crazy?"

    "I saved you, and you want to kill me?"

    Ye Fan shouted.

    But the woman was too badly injured, as soon as she got up, the weakness in her body swept over, and then she spread out on the bed, how could she still have the strength to chase after Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan saw the situation, and only then did he let out a long sigh of relief.

    "Still killing me?"

    "If you can't hold your sword, what are you going to kill me with?"

    Ye Fan laughed heedlessly and said something sarcastic there.

    "Okay, shut up!"

    "Why don't you come over here and apologize to Rhyme?"

    The old taijun, however, glared, indignantly.

    This old taijun was really going to be angry with this grandson of hers.

    She had intended that after sending Ye Fan in, this lonely man and woman could get closer to each other after being alone.

    That way, it would also be beneficial for Ye Fan to master the Yin Dragon divine Body.

    But the old Taijun had never thought that this bastard grandson of hers was simply shameless.

    Just meeting him, he stole someone's clothes.

    Not to mention getting closer, this is a direct enemy.

    Just this, and you still want to learn the Yin Dragon Body, what the hell?

    Old Taijun was no longer hopeful.

    One had to know that if Ye Fan wanted to master the Yin Dragon divine Body, it was impossible without the help of the woman in front of him.


After all, the old taijun was an elder, and Ye Fan still had to listen to her words.

    Just like that, under the Old Taijun's rebuke, Ye Fan obediently walked to the bedside and apologized to the woman in front of him.

    "That, I'm sorry about what happened before."

    "I misunderstood you, I didn't know you knew my great-grandmother, I just thought you were an intruder."

    "That's why..."

    At this point, Ye Fan coughed dryly and was too embarrassed to say anything else.

    Even if his skin was as thick as he was, it was still hard to talk about the events of that day.

    "But don't worry, I'll compensate you for the dress that was ruined for you."

    "I still remember the style, I promise it's exactly the same.The black bud..."

    "Shut up!"

    "You shameless bastard, if you speak nonsense again, I'll kill you even if grandmother protects you~"

    "Now, get out of my sight before I change my mind!"

    "I don't want to see you shameless bastard for a moment."

    Before Ye Fan had even finished saying this, the pretty pale and cold woman on the hotbed, like a fried kitten, raged at Ye Fan.

    The morose tone was filled with endless anger and killing intent.

    And then, turning his head, but not for a moment to see the shameless shameless person in front of him again.


    "You don't want to see me, and I don't want to talk to you yet?"

    Ye Fan is not accustomed to this stink, acting as if he is asking her for forgiveness, but in fact, if she is willing to forgive him or not, it has nothing to do with him.

    But in fact, whether she was willing to forgive herself or not had a single penny to do with her?

    The Yin Dragon Scroll was already in hand anyway.

    How could Ye Fan care about her attitude towards herself?

    After all, she was just a stranger.

    If it wasn't for the Old Taijun's face, with her bad attitude, how could Ye Fan pull down his face to apologize to her?

    After saying that, Ye Fan put down the medicine, turned his head and walked away!

    "What's your attitude, brat?"

    "Come back!"

    "You get back here~"

    Old Taijun was still shouting from behind, but Ye Fan had already gone far away.

    "This bastard, is he trying to piss me off?"

    Old Taijun was so angry at Ye Fan that he wanted to chase after him and give this jerk a few kicks.


    "Rhyme, don't get on his bad side."

    "I'll deal with him later."

    "But Rhyme, seriously, Little Fan is a pretty good kid, who has no ill will towards you, but he's just too proud and rarely bows his head to anyone."

    "It's rare enough to bow down and apologize to you just now."

    "You are the head of a noble family, you also bear a little more responsibility."

    In the room, the old empress was also explaining for Ye Fan, trying to ease their relationship.

    "Alright, I won't bother you anymore."

    "You'll drink the medicine later, then rest well."

    "In the last few days, don't be in a hurry to repair your body with the Dragon God Body."

    "Your current physical condition can't handle any more consumption, even if the Dragon God Body is a body refining martial art."

    Before the old taijun left, he gave a few more special instructions.

    Soon, the woman was the only one left in the room.

    She followed the Old Taijun's instructions and took a sip of medicine from the bedside, lowering her head.

    But then, with a puff, she spat it all out.

    "What kind of medicine is this, it's so bitter~"

    The woman complained, making painful shapes.

    After vomiting, she quickly drank a mouthful of fresh water and rinsed her mouth.

    And then, the woman poured out the rest of the medicine as well, determined not to drink it, it was too bitter.

    This scene, if this woman's deceased friend were to see it, he would probably be shocked.

    Who would have thought that the woman in front of her, who was revered in the world, magnificent, and at the top of the pinnacle of power, would be embarrassed by a bowl of medicine.



    While the woman was recuperating in her room, Ye Fan was in the courtyard, finding a secluded spot and began to formally study the sheepskin scroll that he had stolen from the Tang Clan earlier.

    "When I master the Yin Dragon Divine Body, my overall battle power will definitely increase by another level!"

    "On the other day, when I personally go to the Chu family to take revenge, I will undoubtedly have a few more points of success."

    The Yin Dragon Divine Body had the miraculous effect of living and dying human flesh and white bones, and to Ye Fan, it was undoubtedly a powerful card to save his life against the attack.

    That was why, even though he was taking such a big risk, Ye Fan still took the risk to steal this parchment scroll from under that woman's nose.

    Although he took a blow from that woman in the end, but fortunately, that sword was not in vain.

    Just like this, Ye Fan sat down against the locust tree, then took out the roll of parchment and slowly spread it out in his arms.

    In the next moment, on the parchment, the dense and obscure small characters were reflected in Ye Fan's eyelids.


    And the White Dragon Words, Hiei has the world~ .


    Yin and Yang, Heaven, Earth and Man unite


    People who cultivate will always fail to sense the passage of time.

    When Ye Fan opened his eyes again, he found that it was already evening.

    Unknowingly, one day had already passed.

    However, what made Ye Fan feel helpless was that he couldn't feel the slightest effect after practicing for a day.

    The feeling was like water flowing through the fingertips, except for some cold touch, but no trace was left behind.

    "Strange, when I first cultivated the Yang Dragon Body, even on the first day, I didn't make much progress, but at least I gained something."

    "But this Yin Dragon Body, I cultivated it for a day, but I didn't gain anything."

    Ye Fan looked through it again for a while, while shaking his head and sighing, "Hey~"

    "I was too anxious."

    "It's only the first day, how can such a powerful body refining martial art be so easy to get started."

    After enlightening himself, Ye Fan also stopped his cultivation.

    He stretched his muscles and put away the parchment, waiting to practice again tomorrow.

    The rest of the time was naturally spent cooking for the old taijun.

    The old taijun also had to prepare raw creation soup for herself every day, and some chores like cooking and cleaning, Ye Fan consciously took care of it.

    Anyway, Ye Fan has been a door-to-door son-in-law for three years, but he is good at household chores.

    That night, Ye Fan stir-fried three dishes, almost all of which were grown in the old lady's own garden.

    For the cold woman who was used to eating the delicacies of the mountains and the sea, the coarse tea in front of her was really crude.

    Almost seeing it, she lost her appetite.

    "Grandmother, you guys eat, I'm going back to my room first."

    It wasn't clear if it was because she was disgusted with Ye Fan, or if she was really tired.

    After a glance, this cool woman turned her head and was about to go back to her room.

    Ye Fan didn't bother to pay attention to him, and was already barfing and eating.

    He was hungry after practicing his gong for a day, so he naturally gorged himself.

    "Yun'er, sit down and eat some, it's good for your body to get some nutrition."

    "What, are you not disliking Grandma's crude tea here?"

    Old Taijun glared at her.

    The cool woman shook her head and explained, "Grandmother, you've misunderstood."

    "In that case, sit down and eat some."

    "Otherwise, my wife will be angry."

    In the end, the woman couldn't wipe her face and reluctantly sat down at the table.

    She picked up her chopsticks, grabbed a random vegetable in front of her, and put it in her mouth.

    She had planned to take a bite or two for show, just as a way of giving face to the old empress.

    After all, the dishes she used to eat in the past were all exquisitely crafted and of excellent quality, like the one in front of her, which had no quality, no style, and was still served in that crude iron basin, she really couldn't bear to eat, and her heart instinctively resisted.


However, the moment that dish entered the mouth, the beautiful looking woman at the table was immediately stunned.

    A pair of beautiful eyes, all trembled slightly.

    At that moment, she only felt that a deliciousness and fragrance that she had never felt before, as if it was an aroma bomb, exploded in her mouth.

    Immediately after, the woman took a second chopstick and a third bite~

    By the end of the day, her cherry mouth was filled with this deliciousness.

    It was so delicious~.

    It was so delicious.

    Since she was a child, she had eaten almost all the delicacies in the world, but she had never tasted such a delicious meal before.

    Before this, eating was just a spice of life for her, optional.

    After all, for the clansmen, they could replenish their energy by absorbing the spiritual energy of the world.

    Therefore, they had already said goodbye to the stage where food was the mainstay of their lives.

    However, she had never thought that food could bring such a shocking sensation to people.

    Yes, the coarse rice that had been hard to swallow before her eyes had now become a treat for her.

    Soon, a bowl of rice was all she had eaten.

    "Grandma, is there more?"

    This girl looked at the old taijun and asked with some embarrassment.

    The old taijun and Ye Fan at the side were already confused.

    Just now, the cool and majestic and unstoppable graceful woman, who would have thought, damn it, she's a foodstuff ah?

    You should know that the old lady had only taken a bite of rice and Ye Fan was only a third of the way down, but people had already dried up the entire bowl.

    This night, this girl had eaten three bowls of rice alone, and most of the rice on the table had also been eaten by her.

    If the rice hadn't already been eaten up, Ye Fan could guarantee that she would have continued to eat.

    A powerful martial artist, if he really ate rice, it would undoubtedly be far more than a normal person.

    "Grandmother, I've finished eating."

    "Your cooking is delicious."

    "It's been a long time since I've eaten such a delicious meal."

    "I remember, the last time I felt like this was when my father was alive."

    "Really, your cooking has the taste of my father's food."

    "Grandmother, you continue to eat."

    "I'm going back to my room first, so I won't bother you."

    After this beautiful woman praised the old lady, she put down her chopsticks and quickly left.

    Here, only Ye Fan and the old taijun were left, looking at the plate in front of them that had been swept clean like a wind swept cloud, the corners of their eyes drawing straight.

    "Tai...Grandma, are you sure, this woman is not a rice bucket?"

    The corner of Ye Fan's eye twitched, sweating and saying.

    Damn it, this was the first time he had ever seen someone who ate like this.

    The rice hadn't even touched the chopsticks on this side, but the food had already been eaten over there.

    Is this simply a rice bucket?

    Old Taijun also smiled bitterly, "That, maybe I've eaten too much mountain and sea food, and now that I've suddenly changed my taste, I think it's new."

    "Normal, very normal."

    This situation is not unheard of, before it is said that there was an old emperor in the Qing Dynasty, three meals a day all kinds of mountains and seafood, the Manchu feast almost ate until vomiting, and then they lost their appetite, every day to eat very little rice, day more thin.

    All over the famous doctor also could not be cured.

    One day, a cook named Xiao Fu Gui made him a bowl of egg fried rice with the most common ingredients from his family, and the old emperor cured him of the incurable disease.

    Therefore, the old emperor felt that this situation tonight was most likely because of this reason as well.

    Of course, it was undeniable that Ye Fan's craftsmanship was truly exquisite.

    Otherwise, when she was in Yunzhou in the past, Qiu Mu Orange would rather go home and eat Ye Fan's cooking than go to a so-called five-star hotel and eat the dishes prepared by those great chefs.

    In Qiu Mu Orange's opinion, Ye Fan's cooking was much better than any brand name chef.

    "Alright, don't dwell on this."

    "Let's hurry up and eat too."

    Old Taijun greeted Ye Fan and continued to eat.

    But Ye Fan looked at the empty plate of food in front of him, but his eyes were full of black lines.


    There's no food, how can you eat an egg?

    What do you mean, eat the rice?



    There were no words for the night.

    The next day, Ye Fan continued to practice his Yin Dragon Body.

    However, for five days in a row, Ye Fan made no progress at all.

    He couldn't even find where the door was, not to mention the introduction to cultivation.

    How the hell could he still practice?

    "No, I'm sure something's gone wrong somewhere."

    "What do we do?"

    "It's not a good idea to consume it like this."

    "I have to train into a Yin Dragon Body as soon as possible, then repair the veins in my body and recover my strength as soon as possible."

    Ye Fan couldn't afford to consume it, a group of men from the Dragon Temple were waiting for him?

    Ten years of planning still needs to be completed.

    More importantly, the Jiangdong side needs to go back as soon as possible to stabilize the situation!

    Of course, it was not impossible for Ye Fan to go back now.

    However, before his strength returned to its peak, Ye Fan's rash return to Yunzhou would most likely attract the attention of Chu Zhengliang and his father and son.

    Ye Fan was sure that the Chu family would send people to keep an eye on the Cloud Peak Villa at all times.

    At that time, not to mention stabilizing the situation, even Ye Fan himself is afraid that there would be no return.

    The power under Chu Zhengliang's control must not be underestimated!

    Before Ye Fan's strength returned to its peak, he naturally didn't dare to fight hard against Chu Zhengliang.

    "Looks like I really need to beg that woman~"

    Despite Ye Fan's reluctance, at the moment, this was truly the only option.

    He had seen that woman, casting the Yin Dragon Body.

    Therefore, she definitely knew how to cultivate it.

    After making up his mind, Ye Fan also went to that woman's room.


    "It's not even there?"

    "Where are the people?"

    Ye Fan was suddenly confused.

    At this time, he faintly heard, in the backyard, the sound of swords chiming, coming from without ceasing.

    Sure enough, Ye Fan followed the sound to find the cool woman in the Chu family's backyard, a purple dress added to her body, red lips like fire, and picturesque eyebrows and eyes.

    Just like this, holding a seven-foot green blade, dancing under the Heavenly River.

    The city-dropping figure, the stunning face, almost causing this heaven and earth to lose its color!

    Today, she may not have recovered from her injuries, but she was already moving freely.

    Unable to endure the dullness in the room, she came out to practice her sword as well.

    However, seemingly sensing Ye Fan's arrival, the woman's sword blade turned abruptly and a sword qi suddenly attacked.


    The cold wind whistled and rolled up three thousand flying leaves.

    Ye Fan's sleeves, too, hunted under this sword Qi.

    "Three seconds, speed away!"

    "Otherwise, don't blame me for being merciless with my sword~"

    The cold and ruthless voice quietly sounded.

    Ye Fan heard it, but shook his head and laughed, "Tough words can be said by anyone, but the current you can't seem to kill me."

    "You provoked me, looking for death!"


    The cold woman's words fell and she held a long sword, stabbing at the moment.

    Ye Fan's left foot stepped and dodged sideways, easily dodging her sword.

    The woman, seeing this, was about to stimulate her body's true qi to launch the strongest strike.

    But just after she circulated her true qi, she tugged her injury, her delicate body trembled, and a mouthful of blood was spat out immediately.

    Ye Fan saw the situation and hurried over to assist.

    "See well, I told you not to be strong, you had to be strong."

    "Why bother?"

    "Hurting people hurts you."

    "Didn't I just break a black lace lingerie of yours, I even said I'd pay for it later."

    Ye Fan shook his head and sighed.

    Hearing his words, the woman in front of him was near to being angry with him, her pretty face shamed with anger.

    "Shameless man."

    "You shut up!!!"


Even if she was as cold as her nature, she couldn't help but go crazy when facing Ye Fan at this moment.


    Why are there such impudent people in the world?

    If she hadn't been so deeply injured, she guaranteed that she would have stabbed this shameless thing with ten thousand swords.

    While the woman in front of her was shy and angry, Ye Fan, however, did not blush at all and smiled faintly, "Shutting up is fine."

    "As long as you teach me the Yin Dragon Body, I promise not to say a word about it."

    Ye Fan finally spoke out his intentions.

    But how could that woman agree?

    The only thing that responded to Ye Fan was the icy long sword and the angry words of disgust.

    But Ye Fan had patience, he didn't believe that he couldn't handle a weak woman with his three-inch tongue.

    Just like this, for the next few days, Ye Fan would pester her with deadly ruthlessness.

    At first, the girl was furious and wanted to stab this wretched thing to death with a sword.

    But gradually, she became calm and automatically ignored this annoying guy.

    No matter what Ye Fan said, she would ignore it.

    She was practicing her sword technique on her own.

    But Ye Fan was thick-skinned and still came over every day to lobby.

    He was idle during the day anyway.

    "You're practicing your swordsmanship, right?"

    "But I see you swinging around all day with the same move, no point of progress, this talent is poor as can be."

    "If you beg me, I'll be able to instruct you a bit."

    In the courtyard, the woman in the black dress wielded her sword.

    The lotus steps moved lightly and the white wrist turned.

    The seven-foot long sword in her hand, under her dance, brought up a gust of sword wind.

    However, Ye Fan had been watching here for a few days and found that she practiced the same move.

    And the movements were stiff and slow, with no sense of fluidity.

    It felt, like she was new to practicing some kind of sword technique.

    Ye Fan's sudden comment almost didn't make the woman in front of him pass out.

    For so many years, she had stood at the top of the pinnacle, everywhere she went, she was a star gazing at the moon, an existence that countless strong martial artists looked up to.

    Now, someone actually said that her talent was poor.

    And they want to point out to her?

    It was really an arrogant person who didn't know the meaning of heaven and earth.

    If it were ordinary, she would have already cut down the bastard in front of her with a single sword, who had repeatedly disrespected her.

    But now, her injuries hadn't yet improved, and trying to kill Ye Fan would undoubtedly be heartless.

    "I advise you to take care of yourself first."

    "When I recover my cultivation, I'll be the first to behead you first!"

    The cold and clear voice was then heard.

    This woman's pair of cold eyes stared at Ye Fan as a warning, and then continued practicing that sword move.

    Ye Fan smiled bitterly at the sight of her, "What a proud woman."

    "To die to save face~"

    "But, rather similar to my wife's personality.,"

    "You~" Ye Fan's words were not small, and after the woman in front of her heard them, her pretty face was livid.

    She had been alone all her life and had a clean name, how could she allow Ye Fan to repeatedly speak lightly?

    In the next moment, her stunning face could no longer remain calm, and in anger, she held her sword and cut at Ye Fan.

    But when Ye Fan saw this, he shook his head and smiled.

    After that, I saw the young man in front of me, stepped on the front foot, a dragon claw hand directly clasped the woman's green onion-root arm, and then turned in a downward motion, only to hear the woman's wince, the sword in her hand was taken away by Ye Fan.

    Nowadays, she was only just able to move around and couldn't use the slightest bit of strength in her body, so naturally she wasn't a match for Ye Fan.

    Therefore, in just a single glance, the woman was unloaded by Ye Fan with her weapon, her pretty face pale and her petite body retreating several steps.


    "Just know to take advantage of a crisis!"

    "If I were still practicing, you'd be a dead man beneath my sword~"

    This girl was close to having tears from being bullied by Ye Fan, one pair of eyebrows were red.

    In all these years, where had she ever been humiliated like this?

    First, her clothes were stolen by this shameless bastard in her cave, and the innocence she had kept for a lifetime was also seen by this bastard.

    Now, she's the head of a prestigious family, and then she's unloaded her weapon by a junior teenager and repulsed head-on.

    Plus, it went off the rails and her cultivation was all but lost.

    She has been practicing her sword for days without any progress.

    Wronged, angry, humiliated~

    All sorts of emotions, erupting at nearly the same time.

    So much so that the woman who had always been cool and majestic also found it hard to control herself at this time and once lost her temper.

    However, just when the woman's hatred and anger towards Ye Fan was intense to the extreme.


    Suddenly, a sword roar resonated, just like, a dragon out of the sea!

    Immediately afterwards, in the courtyard, she only saw the young man, holding a seven-foot green blade, sword walking.

    "Qiankun Yishu celestial downstream, the moon is like a hook, it's hard to ask for anything else!"

    "First Sword, Windstream~"


    The cold light stacked up, and the sword Qi was rampant.

    In a misty voice, the woman only saw that a sword light suddenly lit up, sweeping the four directions.

    Eventually, the cold, clear light actually outlined a hook-like curved moon in the sky.

    "This...This is, the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique?"

    "This.... how is this possible?"

    "How can he know the heirloom sword secrets of my Tang clan?"

    At that instant, the woman in front of her was completely confused.

    She was startled in place, and her beautiful eyes were filled with boundless shock and trembling.

    She had never thought that the secret sword technique that she had been practicing for days with no progress could be used so smoothly in the hands of an outsider.

    Running clouds and flowing water, from sword out to sword down, it was only as if it was done in one go.

    "The Cloud Smoke Sword Technique, it is the most yin to soft sword."

    "I've watched you practice your sword for several days, and your sword intent, which is too fierce and swift, is diametrically opposed to the sword intent of the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique."

    "If you want to practice this sword, first remove the hostility from your heart."

    At some point, Ye Fan had appeared in front of her.

    Faint words quietly rang out.

    After saying that, Ye Fan also returned the sword to the woman in front of him, and then he turned around and left in a dashing manner.

    It was as if a peerless swordsman had gone to the Buddha's clothes afterwards, deep in merit and fame.

    Only endless legends about the swordsman remained behind him.

    In the courtyard, the frightened falling leaves, slowly falling.

    But the woman here was still startled in place, lost in thought for a long time.

    The tremor and shock in her brows and eyes never dissipated.



    The next day, before Ye Fan even woke up, he heard the sound of swords resounding in the backyard.

    Sure enough, when Ye Fan arrived at the backyard, he found that it was that woman, still practicing the first sword of the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique.

    After Ye Fan's spotting yesterday, her sword technique today had really improved a lot.

    However, it was still almost on fire, never able to bring out the true power of the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique.

    "It's just that, let's give you another hand."

    Ye Fan shook his head and smiled at the situation.

    And then, in the midst of the woman's panic, he only saw Ye Fan rush over and take her into his arms.

    Her snow-white white wrist was even more forcefully held in Ye Fan's hand.

    "What are you doing?"

    "Bastard, let go of me~"

    The woman was terrified, her pretty face pale, and a sense of shame and blasphemy came over her.

    "Don't struggle!"

    "I'll only teach you once."

    "Feel the sword intent of it with your heart!"

    Ye Fan sternly drank, his words were low and solemn, as if an order, with an unquestionable majesty.

    Just like this, by Ye Fan's drink, the woman in his arms didn't know if she was scared or because of something else, but she actually ghostily listened to Ye Fan's words and stopped resisting.


In the courtyard, Ye Fan was teaching the sword technique with his hands like this.

    The longsword swept across, blue light swept.

    In the midst of the sword intent, a round of hook-like curved moon, actually under that woman's sword, outline.

    If you have suffered, you will know the pain of living beings.

    If you have succeeded, you will know how you can succeed.

    Only when one had personally felt that sword intent could one truly discover one's own shortcomings and deficiencies.

    Just like a path to success, it was naturally different to be led by someone versus being bored by oneself.

    Just like the current woman, under Ye Fan's hands-on teaching, it was only like being enlightened with the purest essence, and all the previous doubts were dissolved.

    It turned out that this was the Tang family's heirloom sword secret, the true sword intent!

    "Qiankun Yishu heavenly stream, the moon is like a hook, it's hard not to."

    "Cloud smoke sword secret, first style, wind flow."

    The woman's cold and melodious voice only resounded like heavenly music, making people enthralled by it.

    Under Ye Fan's professor, the first style of the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique that had plagued the woman for a long time was finally practiced.


    "A little bit goes a long way."

    "Looks like it's not too stupid."

    Ye Fan, who was beside him, held his hands and smiled faintly.

    In front of him, the stunning woman was holding a long sword, practicing warmly over and over again, her swordsmanship only like flowing clouds and water.

    At this time, it was close to noon, so Ye Fan didn't bother her anymore and turned around to leave.

    Looking at Ye Fan's thin back, she didn't say anything, but obviously, the hatred for Ye Fan in her beautiful eyes had subsided a little.

    In the following days, this cool woman continued to cultivate the subsequent stages of the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique.

    Earlier, when she entered the Tang Clan's ancestral land, she obtained not only the Yin Scroll of the Dragon God's Body, but also the Tang Clan's Unheralded Sword Technique, the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique.

    However, this sword secret was powerful, but it was obscure and difficult to understand, and even for her, it was extremely laborious to practice and progressed slowly.

    If it wasn't for Ye Fan's help, she would probably still be trapped in the first style right now.

    Ye Fan, on the other hand, apart from taking medicinal baths at night to heal his wounds, he still watched the woman practice his sword during the daytime hours.

    As for the Yin Dragon Scroll, he had already given up.

    He had asked the old Taijun before, if he wanted to become a Yin Dragon divine body, it would be impossible for him to practice without that woman's help.

    So, having no choice, Ye Fan could only stalk her and let her teach him the Yin Dragon Body.

    Of course, for this kind of deadbeat behavior of Ye Fan, that woman didn't pay any attention to him and still practiced her sword.

    Ye Fan wasn't in a hurry, if he couldn't learn the Yin Dragon Body, it wouldn't be a loss to learn a powerful sword skill.

    Therefore, whenever that cold woman was drilling the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique, Ye Fan would also run over to watch.

    Sometimes, he even snatched the parchment containing the secret of the Cloud Smoke Sword from the woman's hand and carefully studied it.

    At first, this kind of forceful snatching behavior of Ye Fan undoubtedly made the woman extremely indignant.

    But then, she was relieved.

    Anyway, even if she didn't show the sword recipe to Ye Fan, he would still learn it even if he peeked at her to practice.

    This living under the same roof, naturally there was no secret to speak of.

    Since he couldn't be stopped, let him be.

    However, where did the woman know that the reason why Ye Fan used the first sword of the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique before wasn't because she learned it by peeking at her sword practice.

    Rather, it was because, in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, there was a record of this kind of sword technique.

    However, the records in the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book were not complete, so even if Ye Fan had studied it, he would only know one move.

    For the rest of the moves, if he wanted to learn them, he would naturally have to refer to the original secret book in this woman's hand.



    In the blink of an eye, a week had passed.

    Early this morning, after that cold woman finished freshening up, she went to the backyard to continue sword practice as usual.

    However, as soon as she walked out of the room, a burst of sword sounds rang out in her ears.

    "Could it be?"

    The woman's beautiful eyes slightly trembled, and then her lotus steps lightly moved, hurrying to the backyard.

    There was a young man, using peach wood as his sword, hunting and dancing wildly.

    The sword qi swept, and the blue light swept across.

    Under his sword, like a hooked curved moon, it quietly took shape.

    At this time, the sword technique that Ye Fan was displaying was the first style of the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique, Wind Flow!

    After a sword fell, Ye Fan stepped on the sky and rose again.

    In a split second, the cold air surged and the sword flowed wildly.

    The temperature here suddenly dropped straight down.

    Only as if winter had descended, it actually made the woman here, feel a, inexplicable chill.


    "Is this..."

    At that moment, the woman's petite body trembled, her pupils crinkled, and she lost her voice.

    However, before she could finish her words, Ye Fan's misty and majestic voice then rang out.

    "How much the world hates, how long the lonely voice weeps in the night."

    "Cloud Smoke Sword Technique, Second Sword, Ice Heart!"


    The sword was like a rainbow, cold as ice.

    The moment the second sword cut down, the red leaves in this place drifted down, boundless fallen trees, dashing down the rain.

    Looking at such a scene, the mannish beauty under the heavenly river was already startled in place.

    Those beautiful eyes were filled with tremors.

    She had never thought that the young man in front of her would once again be one step ahead of her, practicing the second sword of the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique.

    Could it be that her own talent for the sword dao was really that bad?

    It was just as well that the first sword was behind, but the second sword, she was once again behind.

    She asked herself, she had fought hundreds of battles without a single defeat in her life.

    But now, in her sword cultivation, she had actually lost to a junior boy.

    Just when the woman in front of her was feeling lost and frustrated.


    In her ears, there was actually a buzzing sound once again.

    She looked up abruptly and saw Ye Fan, after the two swords fell, actually stepped on the sky once again.

    At this moment, the beauty in front of her was completely confused.

    The entire person was as if struck by thunder, and a pair of beautiful eyes stared at her tremendously.

    In her heart, there was a crazy thought that quietly appeared.

    "Difficult...Could he..."

    "No, it's impossible."

    "By no means."

    "In the world, there can never be such a demon who can comprehend three swords in a row in seven days?"

    The woman shook her head, her beautiful eyes filled with trepidation and incredulity.

    However, no matter how unbelievable she was, the young man here was already holding his sword again.

    He used the mahogany wood as his sword and waved it horizontally and vertically.

    That skinny back, just like a national painting master, using the sword as a brush, wielding vicious.

    That dazzling sword stroke was his most beautiful painting!

    "The sword is like a roving dragon with ten thousand soldiers, and my life is like a yellow spring."

    "The third sword, the Green Dragon!"


    In a clear and cold voice, a dragon roar sounded as if from the depths of the Heavenly River.

    Immediately after, the woman only saw that a blue dragon's virtual shadow was actually taking shape under Ye Fan's sword!

    Like a dragon soaring ten thousand miles, a dragon roaring nine heavens!

    A monstrous mighty force that swept across the Heavenly River.



    "This...How is this possible?"

    Under that light and shadow, this beauty was completely stupefied.

    She tilted her pretty face up, looking at the virtual shadow of the blue dragon, looking at the stunning back of the sword-bearing maniacal dancer.

    In her brain, there was already a blank.

    The sleeper's beautiful eyes were filled with endless shock and overflowing colors.

    Three swords, three consecutive comprehensions in just seven days.

    She couldn't believe it, how could there be such a young man in this world?


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