Dish Best Served Cold 991-995


Chapter 991 

Qingyang Town.

    It was early morning.

    Although it was not yet June, Maple Sea City, being an inland city, was the early start of the summer heat.

    While the early morning was still quite cool, there were already many old farmers in the town riding electric bikes down to work.

    But if you look carefully, you will certainly find that nowadays almost all of them are over fifty years old, and few young people are engaged in this ancient production activity.

    This generation of farmers may be the last generation of farmers in Huaxia.

    After several decades, it may be difficult to see the scenes of old farmers enthusiastically plowing their own fields again, and instead, the sound of all kinds of big machinery roaring will be heard.

    Farmers, this ancient and great profession, will eventually go into decline.

    "They, for the prosperity and rejuvenation of Huaxia, have shouldered endless hardships."

    "May this era, not fail them~"

    By the side of the road, there were several professors who had come to visit the countryside, and they couldn't help but let out a long sigh as they looked at the old farmers who were coming down to the ground with the sunrise.

    And then, just a short distance away from these professors, an old mansion, like a flood beast, towered over this ancient and large place.

    That old mansion, covering a huge area.

    In ancient times, to have such a courtyard, one's status was definitely comparable to that of a king.

    Nowadays, in this era, it was extremely rare to see such a high gate courtyard in such a remote town.

    Yes, this old mansion, not elsewhere, was naturally exactly where the Chu family's oldest empress, resided.

    Nearly instantly, this old mansion attracted the attention of the professors in front of them.

    "Boss, may I ask, this old mansion, does anyone still live here?"

    "Is it private?"

    Perplexed, these professors who had come to the countryside for a visit could not help but ask.

    The boss took a look at it, while saying, "Of course it's private."

    "Occupying such a large area, isn't it an illegal building?The government hasn't cared?"The professor asked again.

    The old man laughed, "Tube?"

    "That can't be controlled."

    "This Chu family's old house is mysterious."

    "It has existed since before the founding of the country."

    "I heard my great-grandfather say that when the relevant authorities fought the landowners to divide the land decades ago, they thought of demolishing this old mansion."

    "But do you know how it turned out?"As the old man rolled his cigarette, he said with an air of mystery.

    "How?"These professors from the city came to be interested, and all of them leaned their heads over.

    "As a result, the next day, all the relevant leaders were dismissed, and even the top leader of Maple Sea City was transferred out."


    These people trembled as they listened.

    Their eyebrows were filled with horror.

    Suddenly, the ancient and heavy mansion in front of them had added, a few more mysterious colors.

    However, the two of them, Ye Fan, naturally didn't know about this talk outside.

    At this time, Ye Fan, following the old taijun, had arrived at the inner courtyard of the Chu family's old mansion.

    When Ye Fan was young, when he was living in the Chu family's old mansion, the old taijun had instructed Ye Fan that this inner courtyard was a forbidden place for the Chu family, and he was forbidden to play inside.

    However, even so, Ye Fan had entered it once back then.

    It was that time that Ye Fan obtained the chance to change his voice.

    Now, the old grandmother had brought him here for the second time, and in Ye Fan's heart, he was inevitably a little unsettled.

    "Grandma, is that Yin Scroll, also in our Chu Family's ancestral land?"

    After more than ten years, Ye Fan once again stepped into this place, and the surroundings, hadn't changed too much.

    It was as if time, here, was standing still.

    The trees were still lush, and the spring in the courtyard was still eternally gushing outwards.

    Everything here so witnessed the vicissitudes of the years.

    Old Taijun nodded, "Mm."

    When Ye Fan heard this, he was shocked, "Grandma, this Dragon God Body, is there a connection with our Chu family's ancestral land, could it be?"

    "And Grandma, when I first came here back then, you said that the biggest secret of the Chu family was buried under this old mansion."

    "Back then, you didn't tell me because I was still weak."

    "Now, I'm already able to defeat the title clan, so I should be able to tell me, right?"

    At this moment, Ye Fan finally asked the biggest question in his heart.

    Although he was once the eldest son of the Chu family, Ye Fan always felt that he knew very little about this family.

    It was hard for him to imagine what kind of history and background was behind a family that could compose such a strange book as "The Book of Cloud Dao".

    Also, what was the secret about the Chu family that his great-grandmother told him?

    However, in the face of Ye Fan's question, the old man shook his head.

    "Little Fan, as you know, the great-grandmother has been guarding this place all her life, besides helping the Chu family take care of this old house, her other purpose is to find a worthy descendant for the Chu family, someone who can shoulder the secret."

    "However, the current you is still not enough."

    "My Chu family is the world's number one giants."

    "If you want to shoulder this secret, wait until you're standing on top of the world."

    The old man's low words slowly rang out.

    Ye Fan's heart was undoubtedly even more curious after hearing it.

    What was this secret that the grandmother had kept for her entire life?

    "Okay, cut the crap."

    "Just like last time, go in."

    In between the words, Old Taijun had led Ye Fan, to a dead well.

    The bricks and tiles beside the well were already covered in moss.

    One look could tell that it had been deserted for many years.

    In the mouth of the well, it was even deeper and darker, and no one knew where it would lead to down there.

    Ye Fan still remembered that when he first came to this well, he was so scared that his legs were weak, and the old taijun told him to jump, but he didn't even jump to his death.

    In the end, it was the old taijun who kicked Ye Fan in.

    Now that more than ten years had passed, there was no doubt in Ye Fan's mind that he no longer had the fear he had last time when he came and such.

    "Grandma, you didn't trap me, did you?"

    "That Yin Dragon Scroll, it's really in there?"

    "But why, the last time I went in, I didn't notice?"

    Ye Fan stood at the surface of the well and took a look down, still a little hesitant in his heart.

    Then he turned back, full of suspicion, and asked the old taijun.

    However, the old taijun was lazy and lifted a kick to kick him in the butt, and Ye Fan was kicked right in by the old taijun.


    "Come again?"

    The moment he was kicked in, Ye Fan's old face went straight black, and with a howl in his heart, he fell into the endless darkness below.

    "Dilly-dallying, this brat, after all these years, he still hasn't made any progress.Must I let my wife kick him down?"

    "Oh right, I forgot to tell you, after you go in later, head west, into the Tang Gate."

    "That Yin Dragon Scroll, it's in the Tang Gate."

    Old Taijun just remembered that he forgot to say business, and hurriedly lay down at the mouth of the well and shouted loudly to the inside.

    After saying that, the old taijun also turned around and went back to his room.

    "Hare, if you're lucky, you should be able to get a great opportunity."

    "However, it depends on whether you have that fortune to dissipate."

    The old man smiled shallowly, but that smile, however it looked, was somewhat cunning and would not be kind.

    A look like an old prude.


Down in the well, it wasn't the kind of darkness where you couldn't see your fingers and hands.

    Although it was a bit dim compared to the outside, you could still see several meters away.

    Only a passageway could be seen, extending out towards the front.

    When he was here last time, Ye Fan was curious as to where the light came from in an underground cave like this one.

    But then, Ye Fan guessed that there should be some stones that could glow in this cave.

    However, it didn't matter, what mattered was how to find the Yin Scroll of the Dragon God Body.

    Just like this, Ye Fan walked slowly along the narrow passage.

    Soon, Ye Fan came to a diametrically opposite fork in the road.

    On both sides, there was a stone gate towering over it.

    On the eastern gate, the word "Chu Gate" was engraved in golden handwriting.

    The west gate on the west side had the words "Tang Gate" written on it.

    "Last time, I obtained my Cloud Dao Heavenly Book from the Chu Gate."

    "This time, Grandma let me enter the Tang Gate."

    "It seems that the Yin Scroll of the Dragon God Body should be after this Tang Gate."

    "But it's strange, how can there be a Tang Gate in our Chu Family's ancestral land?"

    In the past, Ye Fan didn't think much about it, but now that he had re-entered this forbidden area of the earth, Ye Fan couldn't help but be curious.

    If the Chu Gate, meaning the Gate of the Chu Family.Then this Tang Gate should be the Tang Family's Gate.

    But why would the Tang family's forbidden land be with the Chu family's?

    "Could it be that the ancestors of the Tang family, and the ancestors of the Chu family, have a very deep connection?"

    Ye Fan was confused and secretly guessing.

    However, now was not the time to doubt this, after finding the Tang Gate, Ye Fan immediately pushed open the stone door and walked in.


    "Strange, this door, why does it show signs of being tampered with?"

    The moment Ye Fan pushed the door, he discovered the weirdness.

    It was reasonable to say that if this kind of place hadn't been visited for years, a large amount of dust would definitely fall on the door when Ye Fan pushed it, but the truth was that it didn't.

    "I guess it's the grandmother, who came in, right?"

    After a moment of confusion, Ye Fan was relieved.

    This place had always been guarded by the Old Taijun of the Chu Family.

    It was estimated that in the entire Chu family, there was no third person who knew about it other than him and the old taijun.

    So, if someone entered, it would be either him or the old taijun.

    After pushing the door open, Ye Fan also followed the passage and continued forward.

    At this moment, Ye Fan, who was pressed against the stone wall, walked cautiously.

    The alertness of his entire body was undoubtedly mentioned to the extreme.

    Eyes on six paths, ears on eight, always ready to save his life and run!

    Based on Ye Fan's experience of walking through the Chu Gate, these places were not without danger.

    More than ten years ago, when Ye Fan broke into the Chu Gate, he almost lost his life inside.

    It was full of traps and dangers, and Grandma said that the forbidden place of the Chu Gate, if one trespassed without permission, even the top ten of the Heavenly Ranking would have no return!

    If Ye Fan didn't hold a jade pendant given to him by his grandmother at that time, otherwise, Ye Fan, a melon child at that time, would never have been able to enter the depths of the Chu Gate.

    But now, there is no "pass" for Ye Fan to enter the forbidden area of the Tang Gate.

    In other words, the dangers in this area need to be carried by Ye Fan himself.

    "I hope there aren't any perverted organs."

    "Otherwise, I'm afraid I'll have to fall in here~"

    Ye Fan secretly prayed.

    The current him had yet to recover his strength and his power was greatly inferior to what it used to be.

    If he encountered any powerful danger, Ye Fan really didn't have much confidence that he would be able to carry it.

    So, Ye Fan naturally moved forward even more carefully.

    However, to Ye Fan's delight, he walked along the passageway for a long time, but he didn't encounter a single danger.

    The entire passageway was silent, only Ye Fan's breathing echoed.

    "Guess, it's the grandmother who has waded me in advance."

    "Removed all the dangers for me."

    Ye Fan secretly thought that this was the only reason that could be explained nowadays.

    However, Ye Fan did not relent at all and still proceeded with extreme caution.

    After all, it was better not to be afraid of the unthinkable.

    Even if the old Taijun had really already helped him rifle through the road, what if there was some danger that had slipped through?

    Years of hunting and killing had already made Ye Fan develop a careful and cautious personality.

    No matter where one was, a certain amount of caution and prudence was necessary.

    Just like this, Ye Fan walked along the passageway for a long time.

    During that time, a few secret chambers appeared beside the passage as well.

    But to Ye Fan's disappointment, the secret rooms were all open, as if someone had taken the first step, there was nothing of value to Ye Fan in there except for some tables and chairs and porcelain, not to mention the "Yin Scroll" of the Dragon God Body was not found.

    "Vo Ri~"

    "It's not really a burglar that's been here, is it?"

    As Ye Fan went deeper and deeper, his heart became colder and colder.

    Along the way, he found that all the secret chambers had been opened.

    Moreover, the things inside clearly showed signs of having been taken and moved around.

    At first, Ye Fan thought it was the grandmother.

    But the more he thought about it, the more he felt that it wasn't right.

    Because his great-grandmother had no reason to touch the things in here.

    Her existence was to guard this forbidden area.

    Other than her, it was unlikely that anyone knew about the existence of this dungeon.

    To a certain extent, the things in this place could be completely said to belong to the old grandmother.

    Guarding it?

    Is that possible?

    It was clearly impossible.

    There was no reason for her to take her own things.

    Therefore, Ye Fan had to suspect that a thief had been here.

    "Or maybe, the Chu family's previous elders, had entered?"

    In the past, Ye Fan had asked the old lady, and she said that nowadays, in the Chu family, no one knew that this cave still existed under the old mansion.

    However, that didn't mean that those Chu family members who had passed away, hadn't come here.


    "If that's the case, then I'm afraid the Yin Dragon Scroll is also gone, right?"

    Thinking of this, Ye Fan was lost for a moment.

    After half a day's work, it was a basket full of nothing.

    "Forget it, if you can't find it, you can't find it."

    "I should be satisfied with being able to master the Yang Dragon Body."

    Ye Fan was already ready to return.

    However, just as he was about to return, he suddenly felt that the Heaven and Earth Yuan Power in the air was much thicker than outside.

    Martial dao cultivation was about taking what was left of the heavens and earth to make up for what was left.

    This is how the ancient Daoists spoke of refining qi.

    To absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and use it for cultivation.

    Today's martial dao cultivation was naturally the same.

    Especially when one has reached the level of a title grandmaster, if one wants to take one's strength a step further, one naturally needs the Yuan Force of Heaven and Earth to nourish it even more.

    But the Earth's Yuan Power was really thin, so Ye Fan had raised jade many times before in order to absorb the spiritual energy within it.

    But now, in this cave, the Heaven and Earth Yuan Power was so much more concentrated than the outside world, so Ye Fan naturally felt very strange.

    Perplexed by this, Ye Fan continued to go deeper.

    Until, after he reached the end of the passage, Ye Fan's eyes, in a twist, stared at it.

    Looking at the scene in front of him, Ye Fan's body trembled and his pupils crinkled.

    Eyeballs, almost staring out.

    "This...This is..."


At the end of the passageway was a pool of water several feet square.

    The pond's aura was dense, and among the ripples, there was a reflection of light.

    At the edge of the pond was a long, blue sword.

    That long sword was extremely delicate, as if it was made by a ghost and heavenly craft, it was very beautiful.

    Ye Fan swore that he had never seen such a finely crafted sword in his life.

    It was as if, it was not a weapon used to kill at all, but a piece of artwork that was tied up on a shelf.

    Underneath the longsword was a yellowing parchment pressed against it.

    Through the faint light, Ye Fan could vaguely see that on the back of that parchment, there were dragon patterns surfacing.

    "This is, the Yin Dragon Scroll?!!!"

    "There's no mistaking it!"

    "That's it."

    The moment he saw the parchment, Ye Fan's eyes then turned fiery.

    He was almost one hundred percent sure that the parchment that was pressed under the seven-foot green blade was the Dragon God Body that Ye Fan was looking for in this trip, Yin Scroll!

    Because, this parchment was exactly the same as the one given to him by the Old Taijun back then, the parchment that recorded the Yang Dragon Body!

    However, Ye Fan's excitement only lasted for a moment.

    Near the next moment, Ye Fan's entire body, froze in place.

    His face, for a moment, went white.

    On the clear face, there was no more of the excitement from before, and only gravity and scruples remained.

    It was only because, at this moment, Ye Fan discovered that there was a silhouette surfacing in that pool of water!

    Yes, just a hundred meters underground, the Chu family's forbidden area, and Ye Fan actually found it, an intruder?

    There were no words that could describe the terror and trembling in Ye Fan's heart at this time.

    How could he have never thought that beneath the Chu family's old mansion, the forbidden land of the Chu family that had been sealed underground for hundreds or even thousands of years, there was a third person besides him and Old Taijun, who had even set foot in it!

    On the other side, a human?A ghost?

    An enemy?Is it Tomo?

    Ye Fan didn't know anything about it.

    It was just that, the moment he sensed the silhouette, Ye Fan's nerves, instantly tensed up.

    His whole body was like a bow full of power, the slightest movement, and Ye Fan would, full speed...Run away!

    It couldn't be helped, Ye Fan was now injured, and the old taijun had instructed that he must not use his body's strength to fight, otherwise he would also injure his veins.

    What's more, the other party was able to invade the Chu family's forbidden area right under the Old Taijun's nose, and also broke through so many dangerous organs, without thinking, he knew that the other party's strength, must be extremely strong!

    Normally, in this situation, Ye Fan should leave immediately to save his life.

    But with the Yin Dragon Scroll right in front of him, and driven by his inner curiosity, Ye Fan even ghostly took a few steps forward again.

    Finally, as the distance drew closer, through the dense aura, Ye Fan finally saw clearly, the figure in the pool of water.

    Green silk like snow, eyebrows and eyes like pictures.

    Skin like curdled fat, ice-cold skin and jade body.

    Snow-white carcass, not an inch of it, just like that in the pool water, if hidden.

    Exquisite delicate body, but also outline the world, the most beautiful curve.

    But compared to its exquisite jade body delicate body, more people sink, is her stunning face!

    Sleeping silkworm's beautiful eyes, like the brows of leaves.

    The lips are not red, and the eyebrows are not green.

    It's like a golden wind and jade dew meeting, but it's so much more than a thousand!

    Even for Ye Fan, who had seen many beautiful women, the first time he saw the woman in front of him, there was only astonishment in his eyebrows.

    Of course, it wasn't that the beauty of the woman in front of him was far above Qiu Mu Orange, Xu Lei and the others.

    The reason why Ye Fan was stunning was more because of her aura.

    It was ethereal and graceful.

    That feeling, as if she was a Nine Heavens Mysterious Maiden, standing on top of the world, magnificent!

    It was the first time in Ye Fan's life that he saw such a noble woman.

    The first time he saw her, Ye Fan guessed that the woman in front of him must be someone who had been in a high position for a long time.

    Otherwise, there would never be such an aura of a superior person!

    The moment he discovered this strange woman, Ye Fan stood in place, not daring to move.

    From her scent, Ye Fan could sense that this woman's strength was strong, unfathomable!

    Even, far above the strongest person in the Sun Country, Snow Shine.

    The last person to give Ye Fan such a feeling was the highest god of the Sun Country, Moon Read!

    Ye Fan had no doubt that if this woman found out that she had seen all of her body, she would not hesitate to slaughter her.

    "No, I have to feel like running away before she finds out."

    Ye Fan had already felt like retreating.

    As for the Yin Dragon Scroll, Ye Fan didn't care anymore, his little life was most important.

    So, after making up his mind, Ye Fan carefully turned around and retreated back, his movements were extremely subtle and slow, afraid of making a little noise.

    But sometimes, destiny makes people, if you are afraid of something, he will come.

    As soon as Ye Fan took a step, he didn't pay attention and stepped on a piece of gravel.


    A sound of gravel rolling sounded quietly in the quiet cave.


    Ye Fan's face darkened then, cursing himself for being a loser, so frightened that his heart was in his throat and he didn't dare to move.

    However, the worst situation that Ye Fan expected didn't happen.

    In the pool of water, the woman was still naked with her delicate body, sitting with her eyes closed, not making any movements as a result.


    "This woman, could it be that she's practicing?"

    It was only then that Ye Fan noticed that there was a dense Yuan Power lingering around the woman, which was absorbed into her body as she exhaled and followed her skin.

    Moreover, vaguely, Ye Fan also saw that there were faint dragon patterns surfacing on her curdled jade body.

    "She's not practicing the Dragon God Body as well, is she?"

    The corner of Ye Fan's eye twitched.

    But now was not the time to be curious about this, the other party was cultivating, which was undoubtedly good news for Ye Fan.

    Usually in cultivation, the spirit would be extraordinarily focused.

    The slightest movement outside couldn't attract the other party's attention.

    This undoubtedly gave Ye Fan an opportunity to take advantage of it.

    So, after realizing this, Ye Fan made a quick decision.

    He bent his knees, saving his strength like a spring, and then like an arrow, he rushed to the edge of the pool with a swish.

    After taking the parchment, he ran like a madman.

    No, just now Ye Fan not only took the parchment, but also the woman's clothes that she took off at the pool.

    And that sword!

    Yes, this Ye Fan, stole all the things that the woman, who was in the pool, had placed by the pool, including the intimate clothing of someone's girl, in one go.

    While running, Ye Fan even inadvertently looked down.

    Discovered that this woman's intimate clothing, but it was black, or...Lace edging?

    It still seemed to be the same style as his own wife.

    "It seems that women's aesthetics are similar~"


    Ye Fan was still laughing shamelessly there.

    If this scene were to be seen by those powerful bigwigs in Jiangdong, they would probably be directly confused.

    Was this fucking still the Mr. Chu who rebuilt Jiangdong?

    This was a fucking shameless and nasty creepy guy, right?

    But seriously, this was an act of necessity for Ye Fan.

    That woman in the pool, she was clearly a ruthless character!

    If she catches up, Ye Fan will die.

    So, in order to save himself, Ye Fan could only take her clothes.

    This way, even if that woman found out, she wouldn't dare to chase after her.

    Nonsense, the clothes were stolen, how could she chase after her?

    Naked and chasing?


Only a crazy person would do that, right?

    But any more normal woman would definitely not do that.

    After all, the more noble a woman was, the more she cherished her feathers.

    Naturally, they also cared more about their clear name.

    To be honest, this kind of behavior of Ye Fan was indeed a bit shameless.

    But it wasn't like Ye Fan had been shameless for a day?

    What's more, Ye Fan wanted to live even more.

    As for why he even stole someone's sword?

    Isn't that just in case?

    In case that woman was really crazy and chased even with her bare ass, without a weapon in hand, the woman's fighting power would naturally be greatly reduced, at least Ye Fan would have more chances of survival.

    Of course, this possibility was extremely slim.

    Not many women would give up their once-in-a-lifetime clean reputation for something outside of themselves.

    However, just when Ye Fan was being proud of his wit.

    Suddenly, for a moment, Ye Fan only felt as if something was staring at him from behind.

    The gloomy coldness was like an ice blade that wanted to pierce through Ye Fan alive.

    An invisible oppression, even heavier than Mount Tai, then descended on Ye Fan's body.


    "No way, right?"

    At that time, Ye Fan's heart thudded, and a bad premonition came to his heart.

    In fear, Ye Fan just took a glance backwards.

    However, it was this quick glance that became a nightmare that Ye Fan could not shake off for the rest of his life!

    Only to see, deep in the corridor, that magnificent and exquisite figure had rushed out from the pool of water.

    The blue silk whipped, and on top of the delicate body, there were glittering water pillars, dazzlingly beautiful.

    Clear water out of a lotus blossom, naturally de-embellished!

    The scenery here was so breathtaking.

    But Ye Fan, was clearly not in the mood to enjoy this stunning scenery.

    Right now, he only wanted to live!


    "This madman~"

    "And she's really after it?"

    At that time, Ye Fan had already peed himself.

    He was so calculating that he thought that he would probably get out of this time with his whole body.

    However, Ye Fan had never thought that the person he met this time was really a madman?

    In order to kill him, he really didn't even care about his clear name.

    Yes, the woman behind her was really just a threadbare, petite and naked, straddling this passage, full of killing intent, chasing after Ye Fan.

    She was really angry.

    In her life, she had been through all the floating and enjoying all the glory, but this was the first time she was as angry as this moment.

    She asked herself, she had seen millions of people.

    Good people, bad people.

    The great men of chaos, the capable rulers of the world.

    All kinds of people, she had seen them all.

    However, she swore that this was the first time she had ever met someone as brazen as the one in front of her.

    Trying to steal a secret martial art, that's all!

    But this shameless man had rolled up her dress too?

    Not a single thing!

    Such a shameless and nasty person can be tolerated, but not tolerated.

    The moment she was awakened, she had already pronounced a death sentence on the young man in her heart.

    As for her name, does she mind?

    Of course I do!

    However, if you kill him, no one will know what happened today.

    No one knew that she had been seen naked.

    No one even knew that she went naked to chase after people.

    So, to her, as long as Ye Fan was dead, then all her so scruples were no longer scruples.


    The wind is fierce, and the naked jade feet on the cobblestone ground, but leave a path of water stains.

    The wind in the face, stirring up her forehead blue silk, messy as snow!

    However, in this passage, what was even colder than that cold wind was that vertical and horizontal sword qi.

    Yes, it was the sword qi.

    Even though this woman no longer had a long sword in her hand.

    However, to a truly strong man, grass, wood, bamboo and stone could all be swords.

    Now the woman, using her fingers as a sword, sliced at the sky.


    A longitudinal sword qi immediately flew out.

    "Damn it!"

    "What a strong sword intent~"

    Feeling the fierce sword edge coming from behind him, Ye Fan's face was extremely pale.

    He took the thing in his arms and fled madly.

    As he ran, Ye Fan also gathered shamelessly shouted, "Your Excellency, it is not my intention to offend you and take your clothes."

    "I was merely acting out of self-preservation, Fang!"

    "As long as you do not pursue me, let me retreat in peace."

    "I guarantee that Your Excellency's clothing will be left safe and sound, outside the Tang Gate."

    "Your Excellency's sword, I will also return it."

    "I will also rot in my stomach about today's incident and never reveal a word to anyone."

    "I wonder what Your Excellency, what do you think?Would you be willing to give me a hand?"

    The passage was narrow, but Ye Fan's fleeing speed was still as fast as the wind.

    However, no matter how fast Ye Fan was, how could he be faster than the woman behind him?

    The opponent's figure was almost at a terrifying speed, drawing closer to Ye Fan again.

    It was only a matter of time before they were caught up.

    Therefore, Ye Fan had no choice but to make a deal with her.

    However, Ye Fan's wishful plan naturally did not succeed.

    The cold woman responded to him with only ice-cold killing intent.

    "Compared to your assurances, I trust a dead corpse more!"


    In a cold and gloomy voice, the woman's men attacked again several points harder.

    The longitudinal sword qi sliced through the void and was instantly behind Ye Fan.

    "Damn it~"

    "You crazy woman, did you make me do this?"

    Ye Fan was irritated by the other party's aggressive tone.

    Special mother, to come under my Chu family's old house to steal things, not knowing that a guilty conscience is just that, she fucking still has a reason?

    She won't even listen to you.

    You want to get rid of her, don't you?

    "If that's the case, don't make me feel better, and don't you dare!"

    Ye Fan roared while throwing the lace-trimmed lingerie that was the same style as his wife behind him from his bosom.


    With a flash of sword light, the piece of clothing was naturally split apart.

    In an instant, it was chopped into millions of pieces, and black lace fragments were scattered everywhere.



    "Fuck you~"

    The woman behind her, seeing such a scene, her entire body was both shy and angry.

    A pretty face, suddenly blushing red with shame.

    It was not known whether it was because of anger or shyness.

    After all, Ye Fan had destroyed her intimate clothing.

    Even if she were to behead Ye Fan on the spot today, then she would definitely have no underwear to wear.

    This revenge of Ye Fan's was vicious and tricky.

    Of course, it was even more shameless.

    Thanks to her just now, she thought that the teenager in front of her was going to fight with her openly and honestly by putting out such harsh words.

    After messing around for half a day, it was still this kind of dirty tricks.


    "You can't blame me for that."

    "I warned you, but you wouldn't budge, so what can I do?"

    "It's not too late for you to stop now."

    "Otherwise, you'll be really, really naked later!"

    Ye Fan deliberately laughed in order to disturb her mind and gain a chance of survival for himself.

    "You shameless lecher, trying to threaten me, Hugh?"

    "Today, I'll bruise you to dust!"

    Behind her, came the woman's hissing voice.

    It looked like she had entered a violent state.

    Immediately afterwards, the overwhelming attacks swept out from behind Ye Fan.



    The wind was cold and the sword was rampant.

    The underground cave that was once calm was now like boiling water, exploding in no time.


    "This crazy woman?"

    "She's really trying to kill me, isn't she?"

    Ye Fan had already peed himself, and the powerful might coming from behind him had made him feel fatally threatened.

    "No, at this rate, I'm afraid that I'll really fall under her."

    "It seems that I can only use the Dragon God Body~"

    Ye Fan's heart was on fire and his forehead was already covered in cold sweat.

    He suddenly regretted messing with this crazy woman.

    Perhaps, he should have just turned around and returned, even if he returned empty-handed, it was better than being in a desperate situation now.

    Forced to do so, Ye Fan could only choose to push his internal strength and use his Dragon God Body to hard pit this attack.

    Other than that, he had no other choice.

    The woman in front of him was extremely powerful.

    Even in Ye Fan's prime, she probably wouldn't be his opponent, not to mention, the current Ye Fan hadn't recovered from his old wounds.

    If he faced her head on, he would definitely die.

    Might as well, use the Dragon God Body to gain a chance of survival!

    Surely resisting the opponent's strike, Ye Fan would have to peel off his skin if he didn't die.

    However, by relying on the other party's attack, Ye Fan could completely use his strength to accelerate his escape.

    Now that he was less than a hundred meters away from the cave entrance, as long as he escaped from this underground cave and returned to the Chu family's old mansion, Ye Fan would undoubtedly be safe.

    Old Taijun had been sitting in the old mansion for so many years and was mysterious and unpredictable.

    She definitely had a way to deal with this intruder in front of her.

    "Mudd, spell it out!"

    Having made up his mind, Ye Fan couldn't care less about the old taijun's previous advice that he didn't need to use his internal strength.

    He forcibly endured the stabbing pain from his veins, and the Cloud Dao Heavenly Determination in his body was running wildly.

    Nearly instantly, the majestic power in his dantian moved towards Ye Fan's back and gathered.


    In the next moment, a dragon's roar resounded through the clouds.

    Immediately afterwards, behind Ye Fan, dragon patterns emerged, and golden light shone greatly.

    The Dragon God's body, instantly triggered!


    The moment Ye Fan used his Dragon God Body, the overwhelming sword qi behind him had landed on Ye Fan's back.

    After hearing a muffled sound, Ye Fan's brain was suddenly dizzy and his mind was shocked blank.

    Immediately after, Ye Fan who suffered from the impact, his entire body flew out like a cannonball towards the outside of this cave.

    Soon, he disappeared at the end of his sight.



    In the old mansion.

    As usual, the old lady was in the courtyard, drumming up her flowers and plants and some of the vegetables and fruits she had planted.

    At the entrance, a large wolf dog was napping, leisurely basking in the sun.

    This dog Old Taijun had kept for some years, at least a dozen years.

    When Ye Fan boarded here back then, this dog was there.

    But after all these years, it hadn't aged at all.

    It was still lively and energetic.

    "Woof woof woof~"

    Suddenly, the black dog that had been napping there, whose ears had been drooping, suddenly stood up, and then rushed towards the backyard, unable to stop barking.


    "Blackie, what's wrong?"

    The old lady was confused and then turned back.

    But as soon as she turned her head, she saw a bloodied Ye Fan, like a devil, just looking at the old man in a ghostly way.

    The old taijun was so shocked that her heart attack was almost out.

    "Little Fan, what did you do?"

    "Why so much blood?"

    Old Taijun hurried over and supported Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan's face was full of bitterness:[Yo-Yo Reading]"Grandma, it's hard to say everything."

    "Spare words, don't say anything yet."

    "Hurry up, get me a pot of raw creation soup."

    "Otherwise, I'm afraid I won't be able to make it through tonight~"

    Ye Fan endured the pain and spoke weakly.

    Mother, I don't know what's wrong with him lately, he's always injured.

    This old injury hasn't healed yet, and it's adding new injuries.

    Fortunately, the other party's attack wasn't as deadly as Ye Fan thought it would be.

    However, Ye Fan's Dragon God Body was still broken.

    The abdomen was almost flesh and blood, and the red blood stained Ye Fan's entire shirt.

    It looked like Ye Fan's injuries would not heal well in a short time.

    However, if he mastered the Yin Dragon Body, he might still have a chance.

    "Grandma, go quickly~"

    "It hurts like hell."

    The old taijun seemed to want to ask something, but before she could speak, Ye Fan's side was already like a beckoning spirit, urging successively.

    "Good good good."

    "It's only you brat, who dares to command my wife like this."

    "If it were anyone else, your grandmother would have already ripped his head off and kicked it as a ball."

    Old Taijun cursed and hurried to go and hook Ye Fan up with raw creation soup.

    As for Ye Fan, he was also not idle, listening with both ears, his eyes staring at the backyard place with dead eyes.

    However, what was strange to Ye Fan was that there wasn't any movement coming from it.


    "Did that woman, give up hunting me?"

    "Don't you want clothes too?"

    After Ye Fan hard pitted his opponent's blow and escaped from that dungeon with the help of her sword qi, he heard no more movement, as if the machine had gone out.

    "Presumably, it's a scruple to the Chu Family's might, right?"

    Ye Fan thought darkly.

    He also looked down at the dress hidden in his bosom.

    It still had a faint virgin fragrance on it, naturally it was the body fragrance of the woman from earlier.

    But Ye Fan wasn't interested in that, he was more concerned about what was wrapped in the dress, the Yin Dragon Scroll.

    "Little Fan, it's ready for you."

    "Why don't you come over quickly?"

    Up ahead, there was a call from Old Taijun.

    Ye Fan couldn't care less about the Yin Dragon Scroll and hurried over to the medicinal bath to heal his injuries.

    It had to be said that the old taijun's raw creation soup was extremely miraculous.

    Even if the injuries were heavy, as long as he was in it, all the pains on Ye Fan's body would disappear.

    Instead, there was an inexplicable warm sensation coming from the wound.

    It was as if, it was repairing Ye Fan's skin.

    Just like this, Ye Fan soaked in this raw creation soup for one night.

    The next day, although Ye Fan's face was still pale, at least he could move freely.

    "You kid, you're pretty lucky."

    "This time, the injuries are mostly external, much lighter than last time."

    "However, you didn't listen to the advice and still used your body's strength."

    "The tendons that were just repaired somewhat are once again cracked."

    "I'm afraid that the strength you can use now is only 20% or 30% of what you had at your peak, right?"

    "If you want to return to your peak, I don't think you'll be able to do it for a year or so."

    Old Taijun shook his head and said.

    But instead of being frustrated, Ye Fan smiled and asked, "What if, then, I master the Yin Dragon Body?"


    "So, you saw Rhyme?"The old lady was shocked when she saw this and whirled around to ask.


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