Super Son-in-law 441-450


Chapter 441

"That Leng Feng behind big brother is following..." said Night One, who was sitting in the front row of the car, turning to Lin Hao.

"Get rid of him..." said Lin Hao directly, he was not interested in meeting that Leng Feng, in his heart, the Leng family who had pushed Shen Shi Yan so hard was already dead, and the Leng family still wanted to be promoted to a first class family?Heh, don't even think about it in this life, by offending Lin Hao, a figure like the Prince of the Heavenly Sea, the end of the Leng family is already doomed!Lin Hao is going to make the Leng family feel great pain and regret!And then to watch their families fall apart bit by bit without any hope while leaving them in endless fear!This is the end of the Leng family and the end!

"Yes!"Night nodded, then the car accelerated violently, just as soon as Night accelerated, Leng Feng behind him was also accelerating, Lin Hao through the rearview mirror, looking at the approaching Leng Feng, the killing machine in his eyes just kept spreading.He didn't want to meet with Leng Feng now, and another reason was that he was afraid that he would just kill Leng Feng if he couldn't help himself, so that Shen Xiyan blocked everything to pay, and then it was gone, so what would be the blow to Shen Xiyan?

And Lin Hao's idea was also very simple, it was to let Shen Xiyan know that all her efforts had value in these few days, so that Shen Xiyan's spirit would not collapse.And when Shen Siyan feels that all her efforts are going according to her own ideas, when she feels that she has to suffer in silence for her choices, to pay for all the suffering, then Lin Hao will appear and pull this silly girl out of despair again, and Lin Hao believes that after this calamity, Shen Siyan will also truly grow into a great red face!........

The next moment a sudden sharp braking sound reached Lin Hao's ears, and when Lin Hao looked up, he saw Leng Feng's car directly in front of them, so Night One could only come to a quick stop.In the next moment in the car in front of them, Leng Feng stepped down, walked to the side of the road, and waved at Lin Hao who was in the car.

"Big brother?"Night One turned his head towards Lin Hao and asked.

Lin Hao didn't say anything, he just opened the car door and walked off, he wanted to see what kind of words a dying man could still say.It was nothing more than the same snobbery as the Shen family in Nanjiang City, who thought they were very powerful, but in fact, in Lin Hao's eyes, they were completely a trash, even worse than a trash existence.

When Leng Feng saw Lin Hao get off the car and walk towards him, he laughed, lit a cigarette, stepped one foot on the railing by the river, facing the river, and when Lin Hao came to him, he suddenly laughed and said, "Actually, there was a first plan at first, and that was for you to compensate your Jiuzhou Group to the Leng family, so that Xi Yan and my aunt could return with an honorable identity, and they bothNo longer a sinner of the Leng family, and still a meritorious servant, if I had told you so, you would have agreed, right?"

"Will..." said Lin Hao.

Hehehe... Leng Feng suddenly lowered his head and laughed, after laughing for a while he lifted his head to look at the river in front of him and smoked a cigarette, "Well, I just thought you would, and I also made a promise to Xi Yan that after you came to the Leng family, you and I, I really appreciate you, you can do it in that small place in the South River!To that extent, what if you were given a bigger stage?If you follow me, then in a few years I'll give you a bigger company..."

Lin Hao was silent, waiting for Leng Feng's next words, he didn't want to make any comment on Leng Feng's words, because in his heart, Leng Feng's words were a complete joke, and Night One, who was holding an umbrella for Lin Hao on the side, looked at Leng Feng with a look like a fool. Remember the URL

"Heh... A second-rate family man who says he wants Lin Hao to follow him around?When it's really a big mouthful, with He's stupid..." thought Night One with disdain in his heart.


Leng Feng saw that Lin Hao did not speak, so he took a deep smoke, then threw the cigarette into the rolling river water, turned to Lin Hao and said: "Well nonsense, things have come to this, there is no room for manoeuvre.Tell you what, these days I will send someone to the Jiuzhou Group, give you a few very profitable projects, these projects you want to do how you want to do, the Leng family does not want a single point of interest, this is a pity to fight for you... compensation...."

After Leng Feng finished speaking and left, Lin Hao's body stood dumbfounded after Leng Feng finished his last sentence.Silly girl, as expected, did you still go this far for me?

In fact, when Leng Feng had just appeared beside him and Shen Siyan, the thought had flashed through Lin Hao's mind that the reason Shen Siyan had been able to agree to the Leng family's request was probably that a large part of it was for him, Lin Hao... Now after hearing Leng Feng's own admission, it really was....

Lin Hao quietly looked at the rolling river in front of him, silenced and kept his mouth shut, Lin Hao didn't speak, Night One just stood behind him quietly holding an umbrella for him.

"Silly girl, since you chose this for me, then how could I let you lose?"Boom... Lin Hao looked up fiercely, a hint of determination flashed in his eyes, he was going to let that silly girl Shen Siyan know that she wouldn't lose!

Half an hour later, Night One drove the car and brought Lin Hao to the entrance of Tianhai Group, it was now two o'clock in the afternoon, the sky was still dark and gloomy, and it was still raining and snowing, there was no intention of stopping at all.

At the entrance of Tianhai Group, after Lin Hao got off the bus, he saw Mo Tianji with a hundred Lin's in charge of various places in Tianhai, standing quietly waiting in the rain, and these people had been standing here for four hours, stunned that no one dared to leave.And basically everyone here hadn't slept all night.

Lin Hao lifted his feet and walked inside, and the moment Lin Hao appeared, the hundredth alligator in Tianhai City all bowed their heads respectfully to him, and none of them dared to look directly at Lin Hao again.

At the front of the group, Mo Tianji stepped forward and paid a deep obeisance to Lin Hao, "Mo Tianji pays his respects to Young Master!"

"Members of the Tianhai Lin Clan, pay their respects to Young Master..." after Mo Tianji was the first to speak, suddenly the hundred people at the entrance of the company all bowed down to Lin Hao.

At this moment, Lin Hao's body rose with an extremely strong kingly aura... One second to remember to read the book...

KATY's eyes were wide open and her heart was shocked beyond words, the only reason she was able to come to this occasion today was because she had been Lin Hao's secretary half a year ago, and in her heart, the Lin Hao at that time was handsome, kind and easy to get along with.So at that time, although Lin Hao was the president of the Tianhai Group, she really didn't have much awe in her heart.

But right now when she saw the hundred or so Tianhai City's alligators in front of her, who were so careful and respectful and even fearful of Lin Hao, her legs were softened, and suddenly she felt deep fear for the words she had spoken to Mo Tianji before and told everyone to rest.She was just a secretary of Tian Hai Group to be frank, she hadn't been absorbed into Lin's.Her status was far worse than the people present.At this moment KATY hurriedly bowed down to Lin Hao, terrified by the scene in front of her....

At this moment, at the entrance of the Tianhai Group, in the gloomy sky, a bolt of lightning suddenly descended, and under the lightning's mapping, one could see Lin Hao standing straight in the middle of the crowd, with hundreds of Tianhai City's big men and giants around him bowing and worshipping him....

If this scene was seen by an outsider, they would definitely be scared to death, and if the Leng and Gong families were to see this scene in front of them, they probably wouldn't even have the courage to stand in front of Shen Xiyan and say harsh words.

Only at that level would they understand how terrifying the scene in front of them was, the Lin Hao of this moment, after mastering all of the Lin Clan's power in the Heavenly Sea for so many years, was just like the Prince of the Heavenly Sea, the Gestapo of the Heavenly Sea, no one would dare to provoke him in the Heavenly Sea, and everything that he passed in front of him would vanish....


After stopping at the entrance of the Tianhai Group for a while, Lin Hao headed inside, while Mo Tianji and a group of big shots from Tianhai City slowly followed behind, but as soon as Lin Hao entered the interior of the Tianhai Group not too far away, he suddenly felt a blackness before his eyes, and his entire body fell straight down towards the front....

"Big brother!"When Night One saw that Lin Hao had suddenly fainted, he turned pale and rushed forward to help Lin Hao, and when he did, he realized that somehow Lin Hao's face had already gone pale, and there wasn't a bit of blood on his face.

"What's going on?Young Master him?"Mo Tianji, who was following closely behind, was also turning wildly pale, his entire body was incomparably shocked, he never expected Lin Hao to faint directly in front of him on his first day back in the Heavenly Sea.For a moment, he didn't even know how to explain to Mo Lao.The hundreds of bigwigs behind them in Tianhai City, one by one, also turned wildly pale, feeling both worried and afraid.

Night One looked at Lin Hao as another bit of blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth, and quickly took out a pill and stuffed it into Lin Hao's mouth.Night One's face was incomparably gloomy: "This morning, big brother fought Lin Yan when he left the Lin Clan's ancestral home!Don't talk about that, go get checked and treated!"

"Lin Yan!!!"Mo Tianji's heart was in a state of shock, knowing that Lin Yan was the head of the Lin Clan, an absolute hegemon of hegemons, an existence of unparalleled battle power.And Lin Yan also had a layer of identity, that was Lin Hao's biological father!Clever as Mo Tianji, at this moment, he also didn't know what to say.His heart was incomparably complicated.

He had learned from Mo Lao that the young lord he would follow, Lin Hao, was an exceptional figure that the Lin Clan had never met in a hundred years, but the same was true of Lin Yan.But these two people who were clearly father and son had turned against each other!Mo Tianji's heart was incomparably complex, but equally he had a monstrous battle intent in his heart, thinking that he would be able to go up against Lin Yan someday, he was so hot-blooded, that was a legend more than twenty years ago....

The unconscious Lin Hao was brought to a hidden stronghold by Night One and Mo Tianji for medical treatment... The good news was that after their examination, they found that Lin Hao was only suffering from severe mental and cardiac overdraft, and the injuries on his body were only caused by the vibration of his internal organs, so he would be fine after a few days of recuperation...It was just that Lin Hao's mental overdraft had been so severe these past few days, so adding the injuries from this morning's battle with Lin Yan had caused him to fall into a coma....

The outsiders didn't know about Lin Hao's coma, but Wang Shufen didn't know, she knew that Lin Hao had returned to Tianhai today, but she hadn't met Lin Hao yet, after Shen Xiyan went back, after Wang Shufen asked Shen Xiyan, she started calling Lin Hao, but no one answered at all.

After Shen Xi Yan returned from her meeting with Lin Hao, she lay down on her bed and fell deeply asleep.Wang Shufen was afraid of disturbing Shen Suyan's rest, but she called Lin Hao and no one answered, so Wang Shufen was confused for a moment.

When she returned just now, her eyes were red and swollen from crying, and she pursued Shen Xiyan for half a day, but Shen Xiyan only told her that she and Lin Hao had divorced.But just this sentence, let Wang Shufen heart despair, Lin Hao's phone call and can not get through, she herself can not help Shen Xiyan, even she can not help her anything.

It's still raining and snowing outside, and Wang Shufen is walking down the street all by herself. The first website

"Obviously well and good, Lin Hao is the CEO of the Kyushu Group, bought a car and a villa for Xi Yan, obviously the two of them are about to live a good life, but why, why did things develop into what they are now?They love each other so much, but why can't they be together?Leng family, Leng family, it's not enough that you ruined Qiu Ya's happiness more than twenty years ago, do you want to ruin Xi Yan's life again today?"Wang Shufen mumbled to herself as she walked down the road, she didn't even have an umbrella, she just let the cold rain pour on her body.

As she walked, Wang Shufen came back inside the hospital, and when she bumped into the nurse who passed by her, she suddenly realized that she was unknowingly outside of Leng Qiu Ya's hospital room.

Wang Shufen pushed open the door of the hospital room and walked in, and the nurse on duty inside got up and left after seeing Wang Shufen's arrival.Wang Shufen's eyes were incomparably complicated as she looked at Leng Qiu Ya who was lying on the bed.

"Qiu Ya, Qiu Ya you tell me, what should I do now ah?I've been living in that small place in Nanjiang for so many years, I really don't know how to solve things here in Tianhai ah, Xiyan and Lin Hao have mentioned divorce, do you know, Xiyan for you and Lin Hao, she has decided to marry into the Gong family ah, Qiu Ya you quickly wake up, I really don't know what to do ah......."Wang Shufen didn't open her mouth, just said to Leng Qiu Ya in her heart.

For so many years she was completely like a country woman in front of Leng Qiu Ya, with little insight, and now when she encountered such a big thing, she was already completely panicked in her heart.

Wang Shufen walked to the door of the ward and saw Xiao Hei who had followed Leng Feng to the Purple Bamboo Other Hospital a few days ago, Xiao Hei had been shot by Night One that night and was also staying in the hospital these days.The moment Wang Shufen saw Little Black, she hurried to Little Black and said, "I'm Wang Shufen, I'm Xi Yan's mother, I want to see Leng Feng!"

Xiao Hei looked deeply at Wang Shufen and frowned, but finally nodded and took out his cell phone to call Leng Feng....


An hour later, in a private room of a club in Tianhai City, Wang Shufen kneeled in front of Leng Feng with a thud: "Young Master Leng I beg you, please help Xi Yan, don't let her go and marry the Gong family, okay?"

Leng Feng stared at Wang Shufen with a speechless sneer, "Aunt Wang, do you think I didn't help?Don't you think it's her choice?I've been advising Xi Yan to choose the first path and have Lin Hao give the Kyushu Group to the Leng family, but Xi Yan didn't choose ah.What do you want me to do now?"

Wang Shufen was paralyzed when she heard Leng Feng say that, yes, regarding Leng Feng's first choice, she had also advised Shen Xiyan, but Shen Xiyan didn't agree at all.She felt that it wasn't easy for Lin Hao to build up the Kyushu Group for so many years, and she didn't want Lin Hao to lose everything because of her....

"Is there really...really nothing we can do?"Wang Shufen looked at Leng Feng bitterly.

This time, Leng Feng didn't even say anything, he just shook his head indifferently and walked out of the private room.Inside the private room, Wang Shufen sat alone in the same place for a long, long time....

By the time Wang Shufen came out from where Leng Feng was, it was already six o'clock in the evening.She took out her phone and looked at it, and found that Lin Hao still hadn't replied back to her, and she didn't know what Lin Hao was doing right now, but she didn't need to think about it to know that after Shen Xiyan had mentioned divorce to Lin Hao, Lin Hao must have felt very, very bad about it.

Wang Shufen, who was walking alone on the street, had completely lost her mind, completely like a walking corpse.Wang Shufen's mind was desperately thinking of all the places she could help Shen Xi Yan.Suddenly a flash of light in her mind, she thought of the Wang family, she was born in the Wang family, in her impression, although the Wang family is far less powerful than the Leng family, but also much stronger than her, Wang Shufen thought whether the Wang family can help... Thinking of this, Wang Shufen immediately took a taxi and rushed to the direction of the Wang family!........

When Wang Shufen took a taxi and arrived at the Wang family villa, her father, Master Wang, was drinking and eating in the living room with her two brothers, Wang Shuwen Wang Shutao, and when Wang Shufen entered, the entire living room was silent, and Master Wang Shuo's face was even darker in an instant, snorting heavily.

"Humph!What else would you be doing here?"Wang Shuo slapped the table heavily.A few days ago, he was originally thinking about how to get Wang Shufen to come back, because at that time he had just learned that Wang Shufen's son-in-law was the president of the Kyushu Group.But now that Shen Suyan was actually the Leng family's illegitimate daughter, and even more so, she was about to marry into the Gong family, and he knew from inside information that Shen Suyan was completely an abandoned son of the Leng family, then Wang Shufen would be useless, and even their Wang family might be angered by the Leng family if they were to get close to Wang Shufen again.

"Dad, I'm begging you to help me, help Xi Yan, I... I really can't help it, will you help me?I was wrong I'll kowtow to you, I'll kowtow to you... "Wang Shufen thumped Wang Shuo's head as she cried....

Wang Shuo sneered, "You want me to help that bastard of yours?Wang Shufen, are you crazy?Huh?Do you still want to drag the Wang family into your funeral?I don't have a daughter like you! Get out of here!Get the hell out of here!"Wang Shuo furiously pointed at the door and yelled at Wang Shufen. Remember the URL

This is Wang Shutao also despised: "Third sister this is your wrong, you raise that bastard but the Leng family's illegitimate daughter!She's about to be married off to appease the Gong family's wrath, and there's nothing anyone can do to save her!What do you think you're doing coming to Dad at this hour?Huh?"

Wang Shufen saw that Wang Shuo as well as Wang Shutao had clearly refused, she looked towards Wang Shuwen, after all, Wang Shuwen was now the head of the Wang family: "Big brother, what do you say?I know the Leng family is powerful, but the Wang family isn't weak either, can't you really help me?"

Wang Shuwen sighed deeply and shook his head, "Hey, third sister, you should go, the matter of Xi Yan is already on the board, there's no room to operate, if the Wang family helps you out, then it will definitely cause the Leng family's displeasure, then our Wang family will be finished, and even if we want to help you out, there's nothing we can do about it, hey, you should go... go..."

After Wang Shuwen finished speaking, she stopped looking at Wang Shufen and turned around to continue drinking... Wang Shufen looked at her own father Wang Shuo again, Wang Shuo gave a heavy cold snort and also turned his head to drink with Wang Shuwen, and Wang Shutao even ignored her.

Wang Shufen looked at such an indifferent trio, and at this moment she understood that there was no affection in Leng Qiu Ya's Leng family, so what about her Wang family?And just now, Wang Shufen had seen deep disgust in the eyes of the three Wang family members.They were actually incredibly disgusted with themselves?Hehe... Wang Shufen laughed in despair, got up and headed out the door....

When Wang Shufen walked to the door, she vaguely heard Wang Shutao's mocking words: "Cut, a little brainless ah, the Leng family a few days ago gave us the project, our Wang family next year's profits absolutely doubled, and now let us go to disgust the Leng family?How is that possible?Kicked in the head by a donkey?"

Wang Shuwen interrupted Wang Shutao: "Can we cut the crap!Little sister hasn't left yet!"

Wang Shutao sneered: "Just let her listen, if she helps Leng Shao to persuade that Shen Shiyan, Leng Shao can definitely guarantee her food and clothing for the rest of her life!The Leng family has a lot to learn about the Leng family, and the Leng family has a lot to learn about the Leng family, and the Leng family has a lot to learn about the Leng family...."

Wang Shufen's body trembled fiercely, and at this moment when she listened to Wang Shutao's words again, her heart was completely cold...


At the same time, inside a luxurious European-style villa in the Southern District of Tianhai City, Yue Gu bit her lips and walked in, this was the Gu family, the Gu family that had come out of Nanjiang City back then, and was now the top second-rate family in Tianhai City.And this time, Yue Gu returned to the family in order to find the next possible help for Shen Xiyan.Shen Siyan's death knot was the attitude of Gong Haiyang, the head of the top-tier family in Tianhai City, the Gong Family.If Gong Haiyang took the initiative to give up, then Shen Suyan's problem would be solved.

It was just that the hatred for Leng Qiu Ya in Gong Hai Yang's heart was too deep and too deep, and Gong Hai Yang wanted Shen Suyan to marry into their Gong Family solely to take revenge on Leng Qiu Ya and make Leng Qiu Ya live in deep pain for the rest of her life.And now as the current head of the Gong family, Gong Haiyang was lacking nothing, money, power, women, nothing.So if you want to make Gong Haiyang change his attitude, it's hard as hell, but it's not impossible, but the price you need to pay is just a little too big....

Just when the thought of Shen Xiyan's desperate face came to mind, Yue Gu's heart was in great pain.That night three days ago if she hadn't suddenly led people into Shen Xiyan's villa, Leng Qiu Ya might not have been shot, and if Leng Qiu Ya hadn't taken that shot for Shen Xiyan, then it was very likely that Shen Xiyan wouldn't have recognized Leng Qiu Ya.Then the Leng family would have pressured Shen Xiyan, and Shen Xiyan would most likely not have complied....

So in a way, Yue Gu attributed a large part of the reason for Shen Xi Yan's current choice to herself.An hour ago, Yue Gu met with Shen Suyan, and Shen Suyan told her about her divorce from Lin Hao, and how she was going to marry into the Gong family.When Yue Gu looked at Shen Shi Yan who seemed to have lost her soul, she made a decision in her heart.

She was going to come and find his father, Gu Shengnan!She was also the head of the Gu family, she wanted to ask his father for help to see if there was a way to help Shen Shi Yan, but she also knew that this hope was very slim, after all, not to mention the Gong family, even the Leng family, their Gu family was no match for them, and it was simply unrealistic to confront the marriage of two big families head on.But Yue Gu still wanted to give it a go.

In the hall of the Gu family villa, Gu Shengnan, who had half white hair but had an elegant temperament, looked at his daughter with a frown, "Yue Yue, you didn't say anything before you came home?What's wrong with you?"

When Gu Shengnan looked at Yue Gu's expression, he was incomparably worried, he had only one precious daughter like Yue Gu, and he had loved Yue Gu to the extreme since he was a child.It was just that three years ago, after the man that Gu Yue liked died in an accident, it was as if Gu Yue's life had lost its luster.No matter how much he, as a father, tried to persuade him, at that time, Gu Yue couldn't get out, and it was three years, and Gu Yue spent three years in Nanjiang City by himself.

Gu Shengnan was incomparably heartbroken for Gu Yue, it was just that she could only come out of her emotional wounds by herself, and no one else could help her even if they wanted to.But this time, this daughter of his suddenly came back, especially when her face still looked incomparably sad and depressed, which made Gu Shengnan anxious in his heart.

Yue Gu kneeled in front of Gu Shengnan with a thud, "Dad, I beg you to help me, please help me?"

Gu Shengnan soared to his feet and hurried to Yue Gu's side, asking, "Yue Yue what's wrong?You stand up and say what you have to say directly to your father, and he will help you out..."

Yue Gu shook her head bitterly, "Dad that good friend of mine Shen Shiyan is in trouble, her real identity is the eldest daughter of the Leng family, and now the Leng family is forcing her to marry into the Gong family, I don't want her future to be ruined like this, she has a marriage ah... this is too cruel to her, dad I'm in thisShe's the only friend in the world, I really don't want to watch her jump into the fire, Dad I know our Gu family is far from the Leng and Gong families, but I still want to help her, she's too bitter, she's really really bitter ah..." One second remember to read the

Gu Shengnan frowned, "Shen Xiyan's husband is Lin Hao, the CEO of the Jiuzhou Group in Nanjiang, right?"

Yue Gu nodded, "Well, Dad you know?"

Gu Shengnan nodded vigorously, "Well I know, I watched the video of him proposing to Shen Xiyan in Nanjiang City a few days ago, that Lin Hao is a character, and I like him too.What, now Shen Siyan is being forced by the Leng family to divorce him?And marry into the Miyagi family?As compensation from the Leng family to the Gong family?"


Yue Gu nodded, "Well yes that's right, more than twenty years ago Leng Qiu Ya, the eldest daughter of the Leng family eloped with Xi Yan's father, causing the Gong family as well as Gong Hai Yang to suffer a strange shame, Gong Hai Yang let Xi Yan marry over to get back at Leng Qiu Ya.Dad then do you have a way to help Xi Yan?"

Gu Shengnan's frown deepened, "There are four top-notch families in Tianhai City, and the Gong family is one of them, although it's not as good as the top-ranked Yang family, but it's also ranked third, our Gu family is far worse than the Gong family.And this is an obsession in Gong Haiyang's heart, if we want to make him give up, it's not that simple..."

Yue Gu looked up at Gu Shengnan and said, "Dad, then I'll compensate all the properties under my name to the Gong family, do you think the Gong family will agree?"

Somewhat shocked, Gu Shengnan looked at Yue Gu and asked, "Daughter, is that Shen Xiyan's place in your heart that important?"

Yue Gu nodded, "Well, she's the only friend I have left, she and Lin Hao truly love each other.Dad I don't want my tragedy to happen to her, the pain of losing the person I love the most, I've experienced it before, it's really desperate, very desperate... Dad then, do you think that if I give all of the Purple Bamboo Beyard to the Gong Family, the Gong Family will agree to let go of Xi Yan?"

Although Gu Shengnan wanted to tell Yue Gu that he would, he eventually shook his head and sighed deeply, "No, Yue Yue I know that person Gong Haiyang, he will do what he wants to do, it's impossible to persuade him or threaten him and make him give up.And he doesn't even lack money ah, the Gong family is far richer than our Gu family ah..."

Yue Gu sat down on the ground in despair and muttered, "Then... is there really no way out at all?Is there no hope at all?"

Gu Shengnan didn't say anything but lit a cigarette, he usually rarely smoked.But today, after Yue Gu came to beg him to do this difficult thing, he still lit one.After ten minutes, Gu Shengnan fiercely said to Yue Gu, "Yue Yue, it's been three years, and the first time you came to beg me, I promise to do this.No matter how hard it is, I will definitely help you, so that I have a way to break the ice..."

"Dad what way?"Yue Gu quickly asked to Gu Shengnan.

Gu Shengnan took a deep breath, "The only way now is for me to recognize Xi Yan as my goddaughter!That would give me the status to intervene in the matter, after I've claimed Xi Yan as my goddaughter and Xi Yan's real father is already dead.Then I'm the father of Ji-Yan!Even though I have no blood relationship with Xi Yan, as long as Xi Yan calls me Dad.Then I will absolutely not allow her to marry into the Gong family!"

Yue Gu's face changed dramatically, "But then the Gong family and the Leng family won't let you go ah dad... then you'll have to bear too much pressure..." First website

Gu Shengnan sneered, "Oh, the Gong and Leng families are stronger than our Gu family, but that's only in terms of their heritage.Yue Yue you listen no matter what, our Gu family is still a top second-rate family, if you really push me to the edge, the worst that can happen is that we will all die, we all have one life, if he Leng Changjiang and Gong Haiyang dare to start a war, then let's do it!Even if we lose, if we go to war, the two families won't be any better!You know there are plenty of people in Tianhai City who are watching their two families, so I'll bet that his hot blood between Leng Changjiang and Gong Haiyang has gone cold!"

Gu Shengnan's body emitted a monstrous domineering aura as he spoke, "Yue Yue your mother died early, and I haven't married again for so many years, I only have one daughter like you, in the future, after you get married, the Gu family would rather fight than give it to those branch people, why are you living so grievously?That Lin Hao is the same, an orphan, so the two of us, barefoot, aren't afraid of them wearing shoes?"

"Dad, daughter is unfilial, I'm sorry... "Gu Yue was deeply shocked by Gu Shengnan's words.Because this method of Gu Shengnan's, he had gone to gamble everything for her!It was even likely that the huge Gu family would be destroyed in ashes under the attack of the Gong family and the Leng family....

Gu Shengnan had a spoiled smile on his face, he touched Gu Yue's head and said, "Yue Yue, you're everything to me, your mother died early, then I, as a father, must not let you suffer a little, as long as you're happy, a Gu family is just a Gu family, I don't care..."


Inside a secret base established by Night One in Tianhai City, the unconscious Lin Hao was immersed in a huge pool of medicine just like the last time he was injured, his main injury this time was internal, while his last wound was also torn a bit.And apart from the injuries on his body, Lin Hao's most important thing was that he was mentally overdrawn and overdrawn very badly.

At the moment Lin Hao in the medicine pool deep sleep in the past, he has a precise instrument beside him to detect his physical condition, the instrument above shows that Lin Hao's physical signs are rapidly improving, just mental overdraft, the best way is to add sleep, deep sleep, for this night a special injection to Lin Hao a deep sleep drug.

It was just that even in the deep sleep Lin Hao was in, his face had a thick haze that couldn't be waved away, and his body was still emitting a monstrous hostility....


Outside, early the next morning, a sensational piece of news spread from within the Leng Family throughout Tianhai City....

"The long-lost bloodline of the Leng Family, the Leng Family's contemporary eldest Miss Shen Siyan returned to the Leng Family and, as the Leng Family's contemporary eldest Miss, married into the Gong Family three days later, marrying the third son of the Gong Family branch, Gong Zhao..."

"Congratulations to the Leng family, congratulations to the Gong family, the two families put aside their old enmity from today, and turn a dry feud into jade, three days later the Gong family will hold a wedding banquet, the Leng family and the Gong family sincerely invite celebrities from all walks of life in the sky and sea to come to the meeting..."

"Leng family's eldest miss Shen Shiyan, a beautiful and unparalleled beauty..."

A piece of news passed out from within the Leng family as well as the Gong family, and suddenly the entire Tianhai shook, knowing that Tianhai was still recognized to have four great families, the Ye family, the Xiao family, the Gong family, and the Bai family.And the Leng family is vaguely the fifth largest family in the Heavenly Sea, and now the Leng family and the Gong family announced their marriage at the same time, suddenly setting off storm clouds in the Heavenly Sea City, the two previously hostile families in the Heavenly Sea City, suddenly married, this is a great reshuffle for the entire Heavenly Sea's masses of power.

The Ye family, Xiao family, and Bai family couldn't do anything after hearing this news, especially the Bai family, it was the last of the four big families, it would probably be surpassed by the Leng family, and then after the Leng family was promoted to a first-class family, his Bai family's profits and right to speak in Tianhai would naturally have to be divided by half.

The Leng family has been developing very rapidly over the past few years, with Leng Changjiang in the front and Leng Feng in the back, both of whom are extremely ruthless, especially Leng Feng who is the leader of the young generation of the Tianhai Sea. Remember the website

It was just that the Ye family didn't take it too seriously, as the largest family in Tianhai, the Ye family had been standing in Tianhai for many years, other than that forbidden existence in Tianhai, the Ye family wouldn't put any family in their eyes at all, in other words, even if the rest of the three big families united, they wouldn't be a match for the Ye family.The Ye family was just watching this farce with interest.

At this moment in the Ye family's conference room, the head of the Ye family, Ye Feiye, was talking with the young master of the Ye family, his own son, Ye Wushuang.Ye Wushuang was domineering, with a handsome and upright figure, and naturally had an air of superiority about him.

"Father, now that the Leng family has joined forces with the Gong family, are we going to suppress it?"Ye Wushuang said with a smile rather than a smile, words he, the young master of the number one clan in Tianhai City, clearly did not take the Leng family and the Gong family to heart.

Ye Feiye, the head of the Ye family shook his head, a cold smile flashed across his face, "Let them make a scene, this should be the last moment of glamour for these two families, I guess these two big families will cease to exist after a few days, hehe..."


"Well?What does Father mean by that?"Ye Wushuang suddenly frowned and asked, he, the eldest youngster of the Ye family, was usually very reclusive, that was why the outside world had heard that Leng Feng was the best young man of the Tianhai generation, and Ye Wushuang had never taken Leng Feng to heart.This time, it was also the sudden marriage between the Leng family and the Gong family that made him feel slightly threatened just a little bit, that's why he would test it out with his father.It was just that he didn't expect the result of his test to shock him.His father actually said that those two families were about to be annihilated!

Ye Feiye's eyes were incomparably deep: "Shuang'er, do you know who that Shen Xiyan is?"The expression on Ye Feiye's face was incomparably heavy when he spoke of Shen Shi Yan.

Ye Wushuang was deeply shocked, he hadn't seen this kind of expression on his father's face for too long.And the same Ye Feiye didn't care about the marriage between the Leng family and the Gong family, yet he suddenly brought up Shen Suyan.This made him even more confused.

Thinking about it, Ye Wushuang frowned, "I've investigated Shen Siyan's information, she's an excellent woman, she's beautiful and even dumped into the city.But she doesn't have much of a powerful background ah?Why does Father think so highly of her?Isn't her biggest background the Leng family, and her real father died last year ah..."

Ye Feiye smiled faintly and said, "Oh... Shen Xiyan's identity background is indeed nothing to be scrupulous about, but aren't you forgetting someone?The one who proposed to Shen Xiyan in Nanjiang City a few days ago?"

Ye Wushuang was confused, "That Lin Hao?The CEO of Kyushu Group in Nanjiang?But according to the news from the Leng family, Shen Xiyan had divorced him yesterday.Father was actually so attached to that Lin Hao?Wait..."

Ye Wushuang said, and suddenly his face changed wildly, and a hint of extreme fear was suddenly added to the depths of his eyes, "Lin Hao... Lin Hao... his surname is Lin, is he from that forbidden family in Yanjing?And father you just said that the Leng family and the Gong family are about to disappear, and the only existence that can make the two families disappear in an instant is the one who resisted Tian Hai yesterday!Father you're saying... you're saying that the person from the Heavenly Sea Group at this moment is... is..."

Ye Wushuang swallowed his saliva with difficulty, at this moment he didn't even dare to go any further.He was truly incomparably terrified of that person in the Tianhai Group at the moment.Lin Xi, who used to be a head over him in Tian Hai City, was directly killed half a month ago, and the rumor was that person did it... And if Shen Xi Yan's husband was really that person.Then the heavens would change in Tianhai this time!The Leng family and the Gong family actually dared to force that man's wife, they were really looking for death....

Ye Feiye incomparably nodded, "Well, our Tianhai Ye Family was originally a branch of the Yanjing Ye Family, and although we've been separated for so many years, we still know some of the news from Yanjing.Three days ago, there was a drastic change in the Lin Clan's gate, but the end result was that that Lin Clan's Gestapo completely took over all of Lin Clan's underpinnings in Tianhai, and had arrived yesterday..."

"What, this...what should we do about Father our Ye family?"Ye Wushuang was a little frightened and asked to Ye Feiye.

Ye Feiye frowned deeply and said, "Don't do anything, watch and cooperate with that existence if necessary.That existence we can't afford to provoke, it is reasonable to say that he has already arrived at the Heavenly Sea yesterday, but today the Leng family and the Gong family announced this matter, he didn't even make a move, this matter is somewhat complicated, we can't make a choice right now, we can only wait, don't you say anything to any of this!Otherwise my Ye family would be in trouble..." One second to remember to read the book

Ye Wushuang nodded heavily, but then he lamented with disdain, "Oh, these two jumping clowns of the Leng family and Gong family, I feel speechless for them, it's not good to provoke anyone, but to provoke that most terrifying existence, it's hard for them to die now... heh. should I say they are ignorant and fearless?Or are they dogs?"

Ye Feiye smiled coldly and thought to Ye Wushuang: "Right, the Leng family and Gong family forced Shen Xiyan to do this, I'm not good at stepping in, if you meet Shen Xiyan after some occasions in the future, you can show your goodwill, it's good for us, at least we can win that person's goodwill......"

Ye Wushuang nodded seriously, "Yes, Wushuang has written it down, father please rest assured..."

"Well... "Yuffie nodded heavily, there was only so much they could do when they didn't know what that being was thinking....


In the morning at ten o'clock Tianhai City Leng family villa, a very simple room, a white evening dress Shen Xiyan is sitting in front of the dressing table dazed, Shen Xiyan's skin like snow, white red, behind the stand a also wearing a white lace skirt, white tube boots long-haired girl, is giving Shen Xiyan combing hair.

This girl is that night to Leng Qiu Ya phone call report Leng Xue'er, Leng Xue'er just graduated from college, the body has a pure breath, Leng Xue'er has a pair of bright big eyes, flickering especially beautiful nimble.But at the moment her eyes also have a trace of sadness, this is the first time she saw Shen Shiyan, the first time she saw her own nominal sister.But she was feeling deep sorrow for this sister of hers at the moment, who had obviously found such an excellent husband and had such a happy marriage, but now she was forced to divorce to marry someone she didn't even know.

Shen Xi Yan naturally does not know the Gong family that Gong Zhao, but she Leng Xue'er is acquainted with, that Gong Zhao incomparably ugly-looking or a cripple, and also infected with syphilis, is a complete a dude, thinking of their own this beautiful and fairy sister, three days later will go to marry such a waste, cold-blooded child's eyes are red.

"What's wrong with you, Xue'er?"When Shen Xiyan saw Leng Xue'er's soon-to-be-crying face from inside the mirror, she spoke up and asked.

"Oooh, Sister Xiyan, do you know what kind of person they want you to marry?Ye Wushuang was deeply shocked, he hadn't seen this kind of expression on his father's face for too long.... "Leng Xue'er directly cried out.

She originally thought that Shen Xiyan would be agitated after hearing her words, but Shen Xiyan was incomparably calm, Shen Xiyan laughed to herself, "It's fine, I've already made my decision, if the Gong family dares to use force on me, then I'll kill that person... and then commit suicide... All they want is a name that I married over, but if they dare to touch me, I'll kill their Gong family before committing suicide..."

A trace of shock flashed across Leng Xue'er's small face, but she still shook her head, "Sister Xi Yan, it's not like that, this world isn't as simple or as beautiful as you think.You've never seen the disgusting backstabbing of those big families in Tianhai City, they...they'll do anything ah, Sister Xiyan, listen to me, you run, run abroad, or it'll really be too late ah..."

Leng Xue'er was almost in tears as she persuaded Shen Xiyan.She was the Miss of the Leng family in Tianhai City, growing up in a big family, but it was because of this that she was used to seeing those disgusting tactics of the big families in Tianhai City.The world was never as beautiful as it appeared, and the more prosperous the place was, the dirtier things were behind the scenes.

Shen Xiyan was too innocent, she thought she could control everything, no, in reality, she couldn't do anything in front of those big clans, she couldn't even resist....

Shen Xieyan was stunned and bit her lips, although Leng Xue'er didn't make her words too clear, she also vaguely understood something, but she had already made her decision, her heart had died yesterday .There was no way out for her....

Half an hour later, a shout came from outside the door: "Miss Shen, it's your turn to go out, the guests who came to congratulate you outside have already arrived..." First URL

Shen Shi Yan nodded in a daze and walked out....


After the Leng Family released the news this morning, a ceremony was held in the Leng Family's compound that she had returned to.The head of the Leng Family, Leng Changjiang, had specially invited guests from all over the world for this purpose, and today was mainly the home of the Leng Family and the Gong Family, but the remaining three big families in Tianhai City, apart from the first ranked Ye Family who didn't come, the second ranked Xiao Family, and the fourth ranked Bai Family were all there.

In addition to these first-ranked families, there were also a dozen or so representatives from second-ranked families, as well as people from third-ranked families here today.Yue Gu's father, Gu Shengnan, also came to the scene, but his face was incomparably heavy, because Lin Hao didn't come, then if he was to be in trouble later after confronting the Leng family and the Gong family.

Gu Nan Sheng looked at Yue Gu who was sitting beside her, Yue Gu also looked anxious, she quickly got up and went outside the villa, since last night her father promised her, she had been calling Lin Hao vigorously, but Lin Hao's phone was off.This made her incomparably anxious, according to her brother her father's plan, today the Gu family would join forces with Lin Hao and bail Shen Xiyan out from under the noses of the two first-class families, Gu Shengnan had already prepared for this, but it was just that Lin Hao hadn't come yet....

Yue Gu was anxious, in her heart, Lin Hao loved Shen Xiyan so much, so how could Lin Hao not come on this day today, the day Shen Xiyan was about to suffer great humiliation?Yue Gu was anxiously looking at the door, someone inside the venue had already gone to the house to call Shen Xiyan, Shen Xiyan would be coming out soon.......

"Lin Hao, Lin Hao, why aren't you here yet?You can't really be that stupid and foolish to think that the pity face really wants to divorce you, right?Yue Gu stomped her foot anxiously at the front door and took out her mobile phone to call Lin Hao, but she couldn't get through.

At that moment when Gu Yue was most anxious, she suddenly saw Night One standing at the far side of the gate.Gu Yue immediately ran to Yei Yi and asked, "Yei Yi, where is Lin Hao?Where is he?Is he still coming today?"As soon as Yue Gu saw Night One, she immediately threw out several questions.

Night One frowned down at Yue Gu and said, "Miss Gu?My big brother won't be able to come today..."

"What?He's not coming?Do you know what today's banquet inside means for Face?Huh?He's not coming?What about Shyam?The Leng and Gong families will definitely finalize things at the banquet later!Even if we can save her, her reputation will be ruined!Tell me where that guy Lin Hao is.Say!"The fiery natured Yue Gu directly grabbed Night One's collar.

Night One frowned deeply and took a deep breath to slowly say, "This time, big brother went to Yanjing, things were very big, he was injured and his spirit was very much overdrawn, he is now in a coma..."

"Uh...what?Is Lin Hao injured?And unconscious?"Yue Gu stared fiercely, it was true that Lin Hao wasn't not coming, something had really happened.Just thinking of this, Yue Gu was incomparably helpless, she took a deep breath and looked at Night One incomparably seriously, "I'm asking you, if my Gu family keeps Xi Yan alive today, what will Lin Hao do in the future?Will you give up your cherished face for his company?"

Night One's face was incomparably serious as he shook his head, "No, even if big brother doesn't want his own life, he won't let Miss Shen be harmed!" Remember the URL

Yue Gu stared at Night One with a deadly stare and asked, "Can I trust you?"

Night One nodded deeply, "Yes... Big Brother is still awake, but Miss Gu has any plans, feel free to cast them, I'll do my best to cooperate with you..."

Yue Gu felt a hint of firmness from Yu Yi's words, and only then did she feel somewhat comforted in her heart, since Lin Hao was determined, then there was no problem.As for what to do after Lin Hao and her Gu family had offended the two big families of Tianhai today, it didn't matter, we'd talk about it later!

"Well, okay then if you get into a conflict with the Leng family later on, you be prepared for a strong breakout!"Yue Gu said something to Night One and hurriedly turned around to walk inside the venue.

In fact, with Lin Hao's power, even if he was in a coma right now, as long as he let a word out, no one in the entire Heavenly Sea would dare to hurt Shen Xiyan.

It was just that if that was done, everything that Shen Xiyan had done all these days to summon up all her courage would be meaningless, and Lin Hao also wanted to see this time how many people in the Heavenly Sea were waiting to see Shen Xiyan's joke, how many forces were good with the Leng family and the Gong family, today these people would jump out in one go, and in the future they would directly purge it all in one go!

Lin Hao wouldn't let everything that Shen Shyan had done with all her courage grow to nothing.In the future, Shen Suyan will definitely become the most powerful woman in the Lin Clan, and there are things she must go through.This was the view of Night One's heart, if Shen Shyan was just plain and ordinary, too kind, then in the future when Lin Hao was up against those people from the branch, Shen Shyan would be in trouble....


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