Dish Best Served Cold 986-990


Chapter 986 

In a blur, a little light shone in from the darkness.

    After falling asleep for a long time, Ye Fan finally regained consciousness.

    He slowly opened his eyes, and the light from outside the window shone in through the thin blinds, spilling out all over the ground.

    "What am I..."

    At this time, Ye Fan's brain was clearly a bit fragmented.

    A pair of godless eyes scanned the surroundings.

    The simple furnishings were filled with the weight of years.

    The old-fashioned table and chair furniture on display in the front, and a few portraits of China's founding leaders on the walls.

    On the strip table was a radio popular in the nineties.

    Ye Fan remembered standing in front of the old radio when he was a child, listening to a particularly sweet girl singing "Come Home and See", which was popular all over the country at the time.

    There was an old-fashioned wall clock hanging above the radio.

    The pendulum inside is swinging eternally, and the sound of the clock ticking once ran through Ye Fan's entire childhood.

    Looking at the familiar yet unfamiliar scene in front of him, Ye Fan was stunned.

    For a moment, Ye Fan only felt that so everything seemed to go back in time.

    At that time, it was in such a small courtyard, there was an old man, long past his ancient age, accompanying a toddler through his entire childhood.

    When the train of time slowly passed by, the long-established family Ye Fan just sat there, affectionate eyes look over, but all is his own, the way a child.

    The hope from afar was beautiful, but the brief stop of the train was more like a beautiful glance back over the years.

    When the light plays the heavenly music of home, the experienced Ye Fan is here, the affectionate gaze, outlining the touching picture of the once carefree period.

    Nothing had changed.

    Everything is still the way it once was.

    The old radio, the non-stop ticking wall clock, I don't know why, seeing this familiar everything in front of him, Ye Fan only felt as if it was in his throat, actually instantly have the kind of, want to cry.

    "Silly boy, if you want to cry, just cry out, right?"

    "Grandma here is your eternal harbor."

    In his ears, a kind voice suddenly sounded.

    Ye Fan looked up, and at some point, that simple and kind old man had arrived at the door.

    The moment he saw this old man, the still pent-up emotions in Ye Fan's heart felt as if they had found an outlet.

    He rushed over and burrowed into the old man's arms like he did when he was a child.

    Ye Fan didn't say anything, just bawled in the old man's arms.

    If this scene were to be seen by Chen Ao and the others, they would definitely be shocked.

    Who would have thought that the Heavenly Ranking Powerhouse, who once rebuilt the Jiangdong River and swept the Sun Country, was now in the arms of this old man, crying like a child?

    But when you think about it, there was actually nothing to be shocked about.

    Ye Fan was after all just a teenager who had just passed twenty, others at his age were still students who hadn't left the ivory tower, right?

    Yes, a young man in his early twenties, no matter how strong he acted in his normal life, at this age, in the eyes of the elders, he was still just a child.

    Moreover, it didn't matter how old he was, even if he was strong, there were bound to be soft spots in his heart.

    Sometimes, even a man in his forties, after getting drunk, will lie on his friend's shoulder and cry into a brake in the middle of a night.

    Life, it's really too hard.

    Even if you are independent and strong, you will eventually have an emotional breakdown and burst into tears at some point.

    Back then, Qiu Mu Orange was, and now Ye Fan is, too.

    An adult's breakdown was often more touching.

    Just like the old man at this moment, holding the teenager in front of him in his arms, listening to his cries, his heart breaking like a knife.

    Even though, Ye Fan didn't say anything, the old man could guess.

    These years, this silly boy must have suffered a lot.

    Otherwise, her little Fan wouldn't have been so disoriented like he was now.

    After an unknown amount of time, after all the emotions in her heart had been vented, Ye Fan stopped crying.

    For so many years, Ye Fan had suffered too many hardships.

    Ever since he was young, he had been humiliated in the clan.

    Later on, he was even expelled from the Chu family, along with his mother, he was swept out of the clan.

    At that time, Ye Fan thought that the nightmare would end after leaving the Chu Clan.

    But who would have thought that the deeper nightmare had just begun.

    For ten years, the Chu family had hunted him down for ten years.

    During these ten years, that sense of crisis of life and death was like a shadow.

    What Ye Fan didn't expect was that in order to eradicate him, even the senior management of the Chu family, his uncles and elders, had personally taken action against him.

    Ye Fan couldn't figure it out, these people, did they really hate him that much?

    Are you really that desperate to get him killed?

    However, no matter how hard life had been in the past, Ye Fan had never cried, much less shed a single tear as a result.

    Because, tears, were reserved for the weak!

    But in front of the old man in front of him, Ye Fan undoubtedly removed all his disguises, revealing his truest side.

    It was only because, this old man in front of him was the person that Ye Fan trusted and was closest to.

    Without this old man, Ye Fan wouldn't have all that he had today.

    "Alright, Little Fan, if you have anything to say, let's heal your injuries first."

    "You're seriously injured this time."

    "If you're a few days late, even the great grandmother, from the gate of ghosts, won't be able to save you."

    The old man smiled kindly, but his faint laughter was filled with pity.

    The first time he saw Ye Fan, the old man almost didn't dare to imagine that the bruised and dying teenager in front of him was actually the naughty boy who was running around all over the yard.

    The old man had lived most of his life, and had self-examined himself through all the vicissitudes of the world, and had seen a lot of things, but it was still rare to see such a serious injury.


    Ye Fan nodded his head and gave a hmmm.

    And then he followed his great grandmother's words and entered a wooden barrel for a medicinal bath.

    "Although your external injuries are serious, you can heal yourself with some time off by relying on the Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve."

    "The real headache is your internal injuries."

    "There is a force that has penetrated deep into the veins and through the lungs, so I'm afraid it will be difficult to remove it in a short time."

    "But it's not that big of a deal."

    "Your grandmother's Living Creation Soup is not a problem for living and dead human flesh and bones."

    "As long as you follow my instructions and soak it for some time, those damaged tendons and lungs will be able to repair you."

    "In less than a month, Grandma guarantees that you will be able to live again."

    "However, if you want to be fully healed, it will probably take quite some time."

    "Alright, you can soak for now."

    "When you're in better spirits, Grandma will come back to you for questions."

    Now that Ye Fan had just awakened, his body was still weak and in dire need of recuperation.

    Therefore, even though the old man had many doubts to ask in his heart, he endured them all.

    After a few days, when Ye Fan was feeling better, he would ask questions one by one.

    "I'd like to see what kind of dog has the audacity to touch my Chu Family's eldest grandson?"The old man whispered in his heart, and a pair of old eyes contained endless coldness.


Just like that, for the next few days, Ye Fan was taking a medicinal bath to heal his injuries.

    Soaking in that medicinal broth, Ye Fan only felt a warm current flowing down his body into his limbs.

    Wherever the warm stream flowed, all the pain was swept away and it was very comfortable.

    Sure enough, within a few days, Ye Fan felt that the injuries in his body were much better.

    His complexion and temperament also began to gradually recover.

    "Grandma, this medicinal soup of yours is fine ah?"

    "Lend me a glance at the formula."

    "Save your grandson from getting injured later and keep coming here to trouble your old man."

    This fellow, Ye Fan, as soon as he looked a little better, he then returned to his usual appearance of putting together shamelessness.

    At this time, he looked at the old man and smiled hehehe.

    "You brat, you're still hitting on your great-grandmother's idea?"

    "It's not enough to give you a free medicinal bath, you want the formula too?"

    "You, you, are really not greedy enough."

    The old man said angrily, but his words were filled with the spoiling of his junior.

    "You're not going to be able to think about this formula."

    "Even if you had the formula, you wouldn't be able to match this Birth Creation Soup."

    "Timing, location, and harmony, one is missing."

    "In other words, this medicinal soup will only work in my hands, in this old mansion."

    The old man shook his head and laughed, speaking mysteriously.

    In fact, the old man had given Ye Fan an extremely mysterious feeling since he was a child.

    He had always felt that his great-grandmother was by no means an ordinary person like those old men and women outside.

    She was definitely carrying a lot of secrets on her body.

    But on second thought, there was nothing strange about it.

    The old woman in front of her, however, was the Chu Family's oldest grandmother, the person with the highest seniority in the Chu Family today.

    Every year on the Spring Festival, the Chu family headquarters would have the head of the Chu family lead the clan to come to the Chu family's old house to pay homage to their ancestors.

    From this, it could also be seen that the seniority of the old man in front of him was so great.

    However, for some reason, ever since Ye Fan had memories, his great-grandmother had been guarding this Chu family's old mansion without taking a single step away.

    She was like the Chu family's night watchman, guarding this land, this mansion, for decades like a day.

    In the past, Ye Fan still felt that his great-grandmother was bound to be a strong martial artist as well.

    At least at the level of a title grandmaster.

    But later, he found out that he was wrong.

    Because, he couldn't feel any stamina fluctuations on this old man at all.

    In other words, this old lady of the Chu family was an ordinary person who was not well versed in martial dao.

    This was undoubtedly incredible.

    After all, the Chu Family was the world's number one martial dao gentry.

    But the most esteemed generation of this first noble family was a mere mortal who did not know martial dao.

    This was naturally inconceivable.

    However, Grandma's mystery and weirdness was not just a day or two old.

    Ye Fan didn't care.

    All he knew was that his great-grandmother loved him, and that was enough!

    "Alright, let's get down to business."

    "If my perception is good, you should have cultivated the Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve to the third major success by now, right?"

    "With your current realm strength, there are only a handful of people in all of Huaxia who can threaten you."

    "But how, did you get so badly injured?"

    "Moreover, I actually felt a few points of the Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolution from your injuries."

    "Could it be that it was the Chu family who did this to you?"

    The atmosphere in the room was suddenly condensed.

    The old man was expressionless and solemnly asked to Ye Fan.

    While saying these words, the old man's cloudy old eyes, however, flashed with a wise light that seemed to pierce through everything.

    Hearing this, Ye Fan's palm also clenched.

    And then, to the old man, he nodded.


    "Imperial Grandmother, the person who killed me this time is Third Uncle, Chu Zhengliang."

    "He joined forces with the Japanese military and first heavily injured me with modern, highly damaging weapons, then he took advantage of the weakness and used the Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolve to exterminate me."

    "If I hadn't cultivated the Dragon God Physique, this time, I'm afraid that Sun Son is really in danger."

    Ye Fan said in a deep voice, his low words echoing in the room, ghostly.

    The sight of that day, Ye Fan's spine was chilly now as he recalled it.

    For so many years, ever since he had been cultivating the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book, this was the first time that it had brought him so close to death.

    That feeling of walking through the gate of ghosts was really unpleasant.


    As soon as Ye Fan's words fell, the old man, who was blandly angry, smashed the wooden table in front of him with a slap.

    "Sinful wretch, it really is him!"

    "Back then, when your father inherited the Chu Family's headship, this third old man hindered him in every way and secretly caused many stumbles to your father."

    "I originally thought that after your father Zhenghong took charge of the Chu Family, this third old man would be a bit more restrained."

    "I didn't expect that he, an elder uncle, would bully the little ones with his greatness and be so cruel to his own nephew."

    "What a misfortune for the Chu family, to have produced such a beast!"

    Although, in the past few days, the old man had already guessed in his heart that this calamity of Ye Fan was a power struggle within the Chu family in eighty-nine cases.

    However, when the words actually came out of Ye Fan's mouth, the old lady's heart was still extremely angry and burning with rage.

    As the old Taijun of the Chu Family, the last thing she wanted to see was undoubtedly her own descendants, killing each other.

    This was undoubtedly, something that would cause pain to the progeny and pleasure to the enemy.

    "Little Fan, don't worry, this justice will be returned to you by the grandmother."

    "When they return to their hometown again this Spring Festival to pay respects to their ancestors, I will let your father, hang this evil bastard up and beat him!"

    Old Taijun said in an angry voice.

    Ye Fan, however, laughed lightly and shook his head.

    "Grandma, there's no need for you to worry about grandchildren's affairs."

    "This revenge, grandson will take it himself."

    "I will make them and their father and son, regret for the rest of their lives for what they once did!"

    Ye Fan clenched his palms, and his deep pupils were filled with an icy light.

    When Old Taijun saw this appearance of Ye Fan, he opened his mouth and wanted to persuade something.

    However, the words that reached his mouth were eventually swallowed.

    "Just let your juniors settle their grudges."

    "I'm old, I can't care about the present, I can't care about the future."

    "But Little Fan, Grandma still says the same thing, no matter how much trouble you get into with your uncles and clansmen in the future."

    "But you must all remember that your surname is Chu, and you are a son and daughter of my Chu family."

    "You have, in your body, the blood of the Chu family's ancestors!"

    Old Taijun spoke with great emphasis, re-emphasizing to Ye Fan.

    At her age, there were many things that she had already seen through.

    The younger generations had all grown up and had their own ideas, and she was a wife, and even if she said a lot of things, they wouldn't be useful anymore.

    Therefore, many times, for the strife in the Chu family, the old lady went along with them.

    She had seen too much of life and death, as well as the ups and downs of the world, and the only thing she wished for was that the Chu family's fragrance and legacy could not be broken!


"Right, Fanny."

    "I hope you have time to have a frank conversation, with your father, sometime."

    "After all, it's father and son, and it's not good that the relationship is always so stiff."

    "If there is still someone who can help you in the Chu family in the future, it will definitely be your father."

    "As for the time when you and your mother were swept away, the reason why your father ignored it, I think there must have been his reasons for doing so."

    "Your father has deep feelings for you mother and son, besides, Zheng Hong he is not a desperate and unrighteous person."

    "Between you, there must be some misunderstanding."

    After a brief silence, Old Taijun's words changed, but he suddenly talked to Ye Fan about his father.

    However, Ye Fan turned his head and turned his back to the old taijun, "Grandma, I don't want to talk about him."

    "I'm tired and want to rest alone for a while."

    The old taijun saw this and didn't say anything else.

    Just shook his head, sighed, and then turned around and left.

    For some time afterwards, Ye Fan continued to heal his injuries in the Chu family's old house.

    Old Taijun would carefully change the medicinal soup for Ye Fan every day, and Ye Fan's body was rapidly recovering from his injuries under this medicinal bath treatment.

    In the blink of an eye, January had already passed.

    This January, Chu Zhengliang and his son, were still frantically searching for Ye Fan's whereabouts.

    However, still nothing was found.

    The salvage team over the Sea of Japan, not to mention salvaging Ye Fan's body, they couldn't find any scraps.

    The more this happened, the more the uneasiness in Chu Zhengcheng's conscience intensified.

    "Tian'er, deploy additional manpower to secretly search for this abandoned son's whereabouts across the globe."

    "Now, the more I suspect, he's still alive."

    At the room's place, Chu Zhengliang's eyebrows were dark and cold as he said coldly.

    Chu Qitian was shocked and looked up, "Father, I don't think so, right?"

    "Didn't you say that you exterminated him yourself?"

    "My Chu Family's Cloud Dao Heavenly Resolution is best at attacking."

    "And again, you personally performed it."

    "That bastard, how could he have survived?"

    "The reason we couldn't find any body parts, I think the fish ate them, right?"

    Chu Qi Tian guessed and said.

    However, Chu Zhengliang shook his head, "Before this, I was thinking the same thing as you."

    "However, I just received news from the Sun Country that that Chu Tianfan has cultivated, the Dragon God Body."


    Chu Qi Tian was shocked when he heard the news, and a face, then went white.

    "Dragon God Body?"

    "This.... how is this possible?"

    "Isn't the Dragon God Physique something that only the Chu Gate Master, can practice?"

    "That abandoned son of the Chu family, a lowly bastard born to a countryman, how did he cultivate the Dragon God Body?"

    "That's never going to happen!"

    Chu Qi Tian was truly shocked.

    There was trembling in his heart, and even more jealousy.

    One had to know that body refining martial arts were extremely rare in the martial world, and the appearance of every body refining martial art was bound to create a huge stir in the martial world, causing multiple parties to fight over it.

    This "Dragon God Physique" was even the strongest known body refining martial art in the martial world today.

    Back then, the strongest members of the Chu Sect came out from their nest, and only then did they seize this secret technique amidst the competition among the various martial forces in the world.

    All these years, this supreme body refining technique had been in the hands of the Chu Gate Master.

    The rest of the people were simply not qualified to touch and practice it.

    Even the Chu Family's master had no way to practice it.

    Back then, in order to obtain this Dragon God Body, Chu Qitian shamelessly let his grandfather be a lobbyist and eventually worshipped under the Chu Gate Master, Tang Yun, as the Chu Gate Master's disciple.

    Deludedly relying on this relationship, he learned this body refining technique from the hands of the Master of the Chu Sect, Tang Yun.

    After all, the Dragon God Physique could greatly improve physical strength, enhance body defense, and drastically increase battle prowess.

    Even at the level of a Sect Master, relying on the Dragon God's Body Protection, one could still cross over to challenge a Sealed Master.

    This kind of divine technique, Chu Qi Tian could be said to have dreamt of it.

    But to his regret, he had studied under the Chu Gate Master for many years, not to mention mastering the Dragon God Body, the hairs he had never seen.

    But now, the powerful secret art that he had longed for, appeared on Ye Fan.

    Chu Qi Tian was naturally jealous and jealous, not believing it at all.

    "Father, that's impossible."

    "It must be a mistake."Chu Qitian shook his head repeatedly.

    Chu Zhengliang nodded, "Well, I also think that it should be a mistake."

    "The Dragon God Technique is the Chu Sect's supreme technique, the Chu Sect Master's exclusive divine technique."

    "An abandoned son of the Chu family, he's not even qualified to touch it."

    "However, what is certain is that the abandoned son should have cultivated some sort of body refining martial art."

    "At the time of the battle at the Clear Sky Tower of the Sun Country, many people Sun Country Martial Daoists had seen it."

    "Therefore, I have to suspect that this abandoned son on that day was most likely relying on this body refining martial art to save his life."

    "Even though the possibility of this is minuscule, it still cannot be ignored."

    "Do you understand my words?"

    In the room, Chu Zhengliang said in a deep voice.

    Chu Qitian nodded instantly, "Mm, father, I understand."

    "Don't worry, I know what to do."

    "I'm going to deploy extra manpower to pay attention to this abandoned son's news everywhere.And, focus on spying on his friends and relatives."

    After leaving, Chu Qitian began to shift his focus from searching for Ye Fan's remains to investigating Ye Fan's whereabouts.

    At the same time, Chu Qitian also had his men call up all of the Chu family's forces in Jiangdong.

    "Enlightening Third Young Master, the economic growth of Jiangdong has been slow over the years, so our Chu Family has not invested much in Jiangdong."

    "I investigated the investment memos of the past ten years, and our Chu Family's investments in Jiangdong totaled thirty-two."

    "Twenty of those investments have been declared failed, and five have been suspended."

    "There are only seven investments that have yielded results."

    "The two largest of these investments, after years of our funding, the investors have already gained a lot of power in Jiangdong."

    "One man is named Zhao Wuji, and his industries are spread across eight cities in Jiangdong."

    "Order a power, it's the Liao Cheng Meng family.In Jiangdong, it is considered to have an extremely strong prestige."

    In the room, Chu Qitian sat at the table with his eyes closed, listening to his men's report.

    Since he already suspected that Ye Fan wasn't dead, the first thing Chu Qitian had to do now was to find him and eradicate him again.

    To find someone, of course, he had to start from his hometown first.

    Therefore, Jiangdong Province was the first place Chu Qitian considered.


    "Immediately contact the Zhao and Meng families in charge in Jiangdong, and tell them to use all their energy and connections in Jiangdong to give me all they have to find Chu Tianfan's whereabouts!"

    "If there is any news, report it to me immediately."

    Chu Qitian gave the order, and his men went to do so immediately.

    However, a few minutes later, the subordinate even returned and reported to Chu Qi Tian with an ugly face, "Third Young Master, I have just learned that the Zhao and Meng families' power in Jiangdong has been eradicated by Chu Tian Fan by the roots."

    "The Meng family has relocated their clan, and the Meng family's young master was forced to kill himself.As for the Zhao Family's head, Zhao Wuji, he was even put in a coffin alive and thrown into the Yellow River!"


    Chu Qi Tian was shocked at the sound of the news.A pair of eyes, suddenly tightened.


"What about the others?"

    "My Chu family, there are seven forces in Jiangdong, aren't there?"

    "Two down, five to go?"

    "Then go contact the remaining five forces!"

    After trembling, Chu Qi Tian blackened his face and asked in a stern voice.

    Faced with Chu Qi Tian's questioning, the men sighed and shook their heads.

    "It's all gone."

    "I just learned from the Family Investment Department that just half a year ago, all of our Chu Family's eyes and forces in Jiangdong were wiped out overnight."

    "As if by a demonic hand, they were uprooted."

    "It can be said that today, there is no longer any group power in the entire land of Jiangdong that has anything to do with our Chu Family."


    Hearing these words, Chu Qi Tian, who was already pale, looked even more ugly.

    The red wine cup in his hand also fell in response to the sound.

    It fell to the ground with a crack, and the red wine, which was ardent red, flowed all over the floor.

    "All the forces, all...All gone?"

    In the room, Chu Qi Tian was speechless for a long time, and finally Fang looked trembling and muttered to himself.

    In his heart, he only felt trembling and fear.

    Using his toes, Chu Qitian could also guess that these were definitely the handiwork of that Chu family's abandoned son.

    All these years, Chu Qi Tian had been trying to find ways to deal with Ye Fan, and Ye Fan had only seen the moves and passively defended himself.

    But it wasn't until this moment that Chu Qitian realized that the prey in his eyes had already become a hunter without him realizing it.

    Chu Qitian had never thought that that Ye Fan, had already secretly made a move against the Chu Family's forces.

    Their Chu family's power in Jiangdong had, without even realizing it, been plucked out by Ye Fan, all of them.

    "Good you Chu Tianfan!"

    "And you were secretly put up to it?"

    "No wonder, I know very little about your whereabouts in Jiangdong, but it turns out that our Chu Family's forces and eyes have already been eliminated by you."

    "It looks like you want to take Jiangdong, as your own place of refuge, ah?"

    Chu Qitian said coldly, feeling only fear and trepidation in his heart.

    Only then did Chu Qi Tian realize what kind of an opponent he had been fighting against all these years!

    "Father's right, it's me who's too proud."

    "It's also that I've always, underestimated him~"

    "But, Chu Tianfan, Chu Tianfan, do you really think that you can rest easy by pulling out our power in Jiangdong?"

    After a brief tremor, Chu Qi Tian seemed to have a plan in mind.

    "Third Young Master, what do we do now?"Beside him, that underling was worried.

    With their Chu Family's local power gone, it would undoubtedly be much more difficult to do anything in the future, whether it was doing anything or gathering information.

    "It's simple, since the local power we fostered is gone, then send other local powers to enter Jiangdong!"

    "I remember, there was information that said that Chu Tianfan, was the Lord of Jiangdong, right?"

    "Now that that abandoned son has fallen, it's time for Jiangdong to embrace a new master."

    Chu Qitian smiled coldly, and his handsome face was filled with cunning.

    Thus, that night, Chu Qitian sent his trusted aide to Huaxia on a special plane.

    A storm began to brew.

    With the Chu family's pushing and pushing, no one knew what kind of vastness of ocean waves would be whipped up next in Jiangdong.



    Naturally, Chen Ao, Li Er and the others were not aware of the Chu family's plans in the slightest.

    At this time of Jiangdong, it was still calm.

    Chen Ao and the others still continued their daily work as if nothing happened.

    Whenever someone asked about Mr. Chu's whereabouts, Chen Ao and the others also frankly returned: "Mr. Chu is divine, a few days ago he went to the country of Japan, these days he is probably in Thailand playing with human demons, right?"


    "The hell knows when Mr. Chu will be back."

    The crowd also laughed off this and had no doubts.

    However, while Chen Ao and the others could act as if nothing had happened, Qiu Mu Orange, who had lost her own husband, was not having such a good time.

    "Mu Orange, what's wrong with you?"

    "How long has it been since you've been over there at the office?"

    "All those new employees don't know the company's CEO, named Autumn Mu Orange."


    "Orange Orange, don't scare me, say something, huh?"

    "What the hell happened?"

    "Did you fight with Evan again?"


    These days, Qiu Mu Orange guarded the Genting Mountain villa every day, stubbornly waiting for that teenager to return.

    As for the company side, Qiu Mu Orange had long since lost interest in managing it .

    Back then, her original intention of founding Mufan Group was to live a rich and happy life with Ye Fan.

    Now, Ye Fan was gone.

    What does power and wealth mean to her?

    However, Autumn Mu Orange's abnormality frightened Suzy.

    Almost every few days, Suzy would come to visit Autumn Mucheng Orange and ask her what was going on.

    Without speaking, Qiu Mu Orange waited quietly for her teenager in front of Cloud Top Mountain, just like countless days and nights before.

    However, these days didn't last long.

    One day, a number of cars with foreign license plates drove into this ancient land.

    And with their arrival, the peace of Jiangdong was immediately broken.

    This long-peaceful world was once again plunged into great turmoil.

    Of course, all of this was to come later.



    The sun was setting.

    The setting sun's afterglow stained half the sky red.

    In the courtyard, just finished the last medicinal bath Ye Fan, looking up at the firmament, but greedily enjoying the warmth of the sunlight on his body.

    Under the afterglow, Ye Fan stretched his body, and his entire tendons and bones, also gave off a crackling sound.

    "En, it seems that you've recovered well this month."

    "The external injuries have mostly healed."

    "But the damage to the tendons and veins will take some time if you want to fully recover."

    "Until it's completely recovered, use the power in your dantian sparingly."

    At some point, the old Taijun had arrived behind Ye Fan, and seeing his grandson alive and well again, some relief and joy appeared on the old Taijun's pale face.

    Ye Fan nodded, "Mm, Grandma, I remember."

    Old Taijun nodded, "By the way, didn't you say that you're already married?"

    "That granddaughter-in-law of mine must be worried sick if you haven't heard a word from her in a month."

    "Aren't you going to get in touch and report it?"

    "Or, go see him?"

    Old Taijun suddenly said.

    Ye Fan was silent for a moment, but he shook his head.

    "Still, forget it."

    "If what I expected is right, the Chu family is definitely searching everywhere for my whereabouts."

    "I haven't recovered my strength yet, so if I contact Mu Orange at this time, I'm bound to expose my whereabouts."

    "On the contrary, it's very likely that it will put Mu Orange in danger."

    Actually, this matter had already been considered by Ye Fan.

    But after weighing the pros and cons, Ye Fan felt that he, until he had recovered his strength, it was better not to show himself for the time being.

    The opponent he faced now was no longer Chu Qitian.

    Rather, it was the more old-minded Chu Zhengliang!

    Evan had to be cautious.


After all, dealing with a ruthless person like Chu Zhengliang, the slightest mistake would end in a total loss.

    Therefore, before Ye Fan's strength had returned to its peak, hiding his tracks was undoubtedly the best option.

    As for the situation in Jiangdong, Ye Fan wasn't worried for the time being.

    As long as the news of his fall had not spread out, then Jiangdong would not be in chaos.

    And that was exactly what happened, Ye Fan's month of recuperation didn't hear of any major turmoil in Jiangdong.

    The entire Jiangdong Province was still calm as usual.

    Therefore, in the next period of time, Ye Fan could completely use more of his energy to improve his own strength.

    "Right, Grandma."

    "At first, you said that this Dragon God Body is an extremely powerful body refining technique."

    "Not only can it improve the strength of the physical body and strengthen the body's defense."

    "It can also repair tendons, heal injuries, and has the effect of healing itself."

    "But why, I didn't feel the self-healing healing effect of the Dragon God Body?"

    "Did you remember wrongly, Grandma, or did I neglect something in my cultivation?"

    Back then, this secret art of the Dragon God's Body was exactly what Old Taijun had given to Ye Fan.

    Otherwise, with Ye Fan's status at that time, how could he have come across such a powerful body refining martial art?

    Hearing Ye Fan's question, the old taijun laughed suddenly.

    "You little pup, you're downright irritating."

    "I thought, you can't see it?"

    "To tell you the truth, you didn't neglect anything, and I didn't remember it wrong."

    "This Dragon Divine Body, attaining the best state, can strengthen the body externally to resist enemies and heal injuries internally."

    "It's an extremely rare and powerful martial art in the world's martial world."

    "But the reason you feel this way is because the Dragon God Physique you're cultivating is not complete."



    Ye Fan was shocked after hearing this.

    The doubts that had been plaguing his heart were undoubtedly resolved with it.

    "So, there's another Dragon God Body?"Ye Fan asked in a shocked voice.

    Old Taijun nodded.

    "This Dragon God's Body is divided into two volumes of yin and yang."

    "What you are cultivating is one of the "Yang" scrolls, and if you refine it to a great extent, you can become the Yang Dragon God Physique.It is invulnerable to sword and spear, invulnerable to fire and water, and extremely strong and fierce."

    "And the other scroll is the Yin scroll.After it is fully cultivated, it can become a Yin Dragon divine Body."

    "The effect of this Yin Dragon Body is that it has a powerful self-healing effect.It brings back broken bones and reconnects veins."

    "You've only cultivated the Yang Scroll and not the Yin Scroll, so naturally you don't have the ability to heal yourself."

    The old taijun said slowly, with a nonchalant and calm tone.

    But Ye Fan was not so calm.

    After years of confusion, there was finally an answer.

    His heart was brightened, and after that, he quickly asked, "Grandma, what about the Yin Scroll?"

    "Do you know where it is?"

    Ye Fan's words were filled with eagerness.

    After all, the Yin Dragon Body's self-healing ability could undoubtedly greatly improve Ye Fan's survival and sustainable fighting ability.

    Just like in this calamity, if Ye Fan had mastered the Yin Dragon Body, how could he have almost fallen in a foreign land after nine deaths?

    Moreover, with this self-healing ability, Ye Fan wouldn't have to trek all the way here to trouble Grandma her old man to heal his injuries.

    He would be able to recover completely by self-healing.

    So, after hearing this from the old grandmother, Ye Fan was naturally moved towards this Yin Dragon Body.

    "You're really greedy, you turtle grandson."

    "Earlier, you wanted the formula of my Birth Creation Soup, and now you can't wait for this Yin Dragon Body?"

    "Next, are you trying to take my old mansion, too?"

    Old Taijun teased.

    Ye Fan's old face blushed, and he scratched his head, smiling hehehe, "Grandma, aren't I afraid of troubling you?"

    "Think about it, I'm going to get hurt a lot in the future, I can't just run to you whenever I get hurt, can I?"

    "Grandma, you're suffering, and I, being the grandson, am also distressed~"

    Ye Fan was thick-skinned, this speaking nonsense, a set of nonsense.

    It was obvious that he coveted the ability of this Yin Lightning Body, yet he acted as if he was distressed by the old man.

    However, how could the old lady be unaware of these flirtatious thoughts of Ye Fan.

    "You brat, you only know how to say nice things to make my wife happy."

    "But, Little Fan, it's actually useless for you to get this Yin Scroll."

    "You're a man, you can't cultivate it at all."

    "So, don't even think about it, the Yin Dragon Body is not something you can cultivate at all."

    Old Taijun poured down a basin of cold water, ruthlessly.

    Ye Fan's mood, then fell low.

    After messing around for half a day, it was a waste of joy.

    But Ye Fan was still unwilling and asked after him, "Grandma, is there really no way to cultivate?"

    "Can't this yin and yang dragon body have both at the same time?"

    "Well..."Old Taijun hesitated and continued, "Actually, it's still possible to have both."

    "Haha, then what are you waiting for?"

    "Quickly, Grandma, tell me the Yin Scroll is there, I'll go cultivate."

    After hearing that, Ye Fan's original malaise was once again delighted, then he eagerly said.

    However, in the face of Ye Fan's joy, the old grandmother's words changed and continued, "However, the method is somewhat special, it is by no means mere cultivation~"

    "What method?"Evan pursued the question.

    "That is..."Old Taijun opened her mouth and was about to say, but finally turned to think, "Forget it, that method doesn't suit you, in any case, you can forget about the Yin Dragon Body."

    "Damn it, Grandma, don't play with me, say it~"

    "As long as I can master the Yin Dragon Body, I can endure any hardship!"

    Evan was all anxious and kept asking questions.

    "You really want to learn?"

    Unable to resist Ye Fan's insistence, the old empress eventually took a step back and asked again.

    "Of course!"

    Ye Fan's will was strong.

    What he needed the most right now was strength.

    If he could master the Yin Dragon Body, Ye Fan's overall strength would undoubtedly be able to take another step.

    At that time, with the addition of the Yin-Yang Dragon Body, it would be the top ten strongest people in the Heavenly Ranking, and Ye Fan would have the confidence to break wrists with them.

    "Okay, Little Fan, since you are so insistent, Grandma will give you a chance to master the Yin Dragon Body."

    "However, whether or not you can grasp this chance depends on whether or not you have enough chance yourself."

    "But said, it's your own choice, if something happens in the future, Grandma can't be held responsible."

    The old Taijun didn't know what was going on in her mind, but she had left herself clean in advance.

    It seemed as if there would be some serious consequences for Ye Fan's choice.

    Ye Fan was not stupid, and clearly sensed that something was wrong, and was suspicious, "Grandma, you're not trying to trap your grandson, are you?"

    When the old grandmother heard this, she seemed to still have a temper and turned her head and walked away.

    Ye Fan saw the situation and quickly pulled it, while hehehe smiled, "Grandma, I'm just kidding."

    "You love me the most, I'm your own grandson, how could you trap me?"

    "Sun Tzu trusts you."

    "Next, you can tell me what to do, can't you?"


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