Dish Best Served Cold 1001-1005


Chapter 1001

No one had ever actually caused him to tremble so much.

    At this moment, she only felt that the youth in front of her was as dazzling as a sun.

    As dignified and majestic as she was, she couldn't help but be a little ashamed of herself.

    It turned out that in this world, there really were demons that existed.


    "What's wrong with you, what are you staring at there?"

    "You don't fancy me, do you?"

    "I'm warning you, I, Ye Fan, am a married man."

    "So, even if you like me, you can only be a lover or something, you can forget about being a wife."

    At some point, Ye Fan had withdrawn his sword.

    At this moment, he was looking at the dumbfounded woman in front of him with a bitchy tone of voice, flirting with the woman in front of him.

    If it had been an ordinary situation, someone daring to be so disrespectful and flirt with her like this, she would have already thundered and ordered her entire family to be exterminated.

    However, she was already used to this kind of behavior towards Ye Fan.

    This guy, is a brazen Dengtu Zi.

    What kind of slutty words came out of Ye Fan's mouth, she was already used to it.

    There wasn't even blandness in her heart anymore.

    However, even so, she still put on a cold and unpleasant face and glared at Ye Fan, "If you can't speak, just shut up!"

    The woman in front of her gave Ye Fan a fierce white glance, then suppressed the shock and trembling in her heart and continued practicing her sword as if nothing had happened, trying to put on a calm appearance.

    But the more she did so, the more amused Ye Fan felt in his heart.

    This kind of stubborn and arrogant woman was really a bit "cute".

    If the woman in front of him heard that Ye Fan would use the word "lovely" to describe her, she would probably feel extremely uncomfortable.

    It's like describing a fierce tiger, the king of beasts, as cute.

    I guess that tiger would also be furious.

    Because this was a defiance of its supreme majesty.

    But Ye Fan didn't stay around for long, seeing that woman's Cloud Smoke Sword Technique used with so many loopholes, he just couldn't watch anymore.


    "Is there anyone who practices swords like you?"

    "Is this your cloud smoke sword trick?"

    "You're afraid you're not teasing me again?"


    "Oh my God!"

    "Teach you not yet?"

    "Could it be any dumber?"

    "Where's Niko?"

    "Did you put tofu in your head?"


    "I say, did you not hear what I just said, this sister?"

    "The essence of the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique is to be yin and soft."

    "Are you being feminine and soft?"

    "You're as tough as a fucking old man's cart!"


    "It's a good thing I'm not your teacher, or I'm afraid I'd have to cry at your stupidity~"


    Over the next few days, Ye Fan turned into a martial arts instructor and tutored the woman in various ways from the side.

    After all, after learning someone's sword techniques, one had to give something back to them, right?

    What's more, Ye Fan had a request for her, so naturally, he had to be a little more enthusiastic and positive .

    But after these few days, that cold woman was close to being scolded by Ye Fan and crying.

    Ye Fan's mouth was too poisonous!

    She was mocked for being stupid, for being brainless.

    She'd never been so wronged in her life.

    She was so angry that she stopped practicing sword wrestling several times.

    Every time this happened, Ye Fan laughed so hard.

    Pointing at the woman in front of him, he laughed so hard that tears were almost flowing.


    "You know what you look like now?"

    "It's like the youngest daughter-in-law in the family who gets frustrated and throws a temper tantrum."

    "You shut up!"

    "Keep talking nonsense and I'll chop you up~"

    At that time the cold woman blushed, ashamed and angry.

    What kind of asshole analogy is this?

    She was the head of a great family, a majestic one, standing at the top of power and high above the rest.

    How could she be wronged?

    And how could it be like a little daughter-in-law.

    It must be this shameless man talking nonsense.

    After being told so by Ye Fan, this woman naturally didn't dare to play petty tricks anymore.

    Strongly enduring Ye Fan's villainous appearance, she continued to practice her sword.

    However, perhaps even she didn't feel that in between this kind of fighting, the relationship between the two of them was rapidly getting closer.

    All the resentment and hatred she had in her heart towards Ye Fan was just gradually smoothed out by time.

    Sometimes, when this woman was thirsty and went back to her room to get water, she would also bring a bottle for Ye Fan.

    "This brat, with his ability to pick up girls, he's just following his father."

    Not far away, the old taijun was quietly watching, his vicissitudes were filled with a pleased smile.

    Previously, the old taijun thought that this Yin Dragon divine Body, Ye Fan was designated to be unable to learn it.

    But now, it seemed that there was still drama.

    "However, it's a pity that this child, Little Fan, got married and started a family so early."

    "Otherwise, my wife would have to take this child, Yun'er, and receive her as my Chu family's granddaughter-in-law."

    Old Taijun thought darkly, but then she shook her head and solemnly said.

    "No, no, what about the difference in seniority?"

    "If the two of them really become one, then the seniority will be messed up."


    "They, it seems, are not destined to be."

    Old Taijun was filled with regret.

    Their two families were friends from the past, and although there had been marriages in the past, they were between equal generations.

    Otherwise, when this generation was in disarray, many relationships would be unclear.

    Soon, the sun was waning in the west.

    The setting sun's Afterglow dyed the entire sky red.

    At this time, it was time for Ye Fan to go back and cook.

    Since Ye Fan was in charge of the kitchen, the old Taijun simply learned to be lazy and let Ye Fan do the cooking every time.

    In the backyard, the woman, on the other hand, continued to practice the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique according to the method that Ye Fan had taught her.

    "Hey~, wrong."

    "The speed of this third sword must be fast, the fight is an unexpected one."

    "You continue practicing, I'm going back first."

    "By the way, I say this lady, I've been a teacher for so long, aren't you going to tell me your name?"

    On a whim, Ye Fan's words caught up with him, so he also asked for the other party's name.

    After so many days of learning swords together, Ye Fan found that he didn't even know the other party's name.

    "Don't say pull down."

    Seeing that the woman ignored him, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, so he also turned around and walked away.

    Anyway, he had never expected from the start that she would tell him her name.

    Ye Fan was self-aware and reckoned that in her eyes, he was an image of a scoundrel.

    No woman would be willing to tell a scoundrel her name.

    Ye Fan had just said it casually, and didn't expect her to answer.

    However, what Ye Fan didn't expect was that he didn't take a few steps before a woman's cold voice came from his ear.

    "Yu Yun."

    The cold and clear words were as clear and pleasant as a stream flowing through the mountains.

    Ye Fan looked back and smiled, "Yu Yun?"

    "Well, the name is as good as it gets."

    "My name is Ye Fan."

    Ye Fan smiled lightly and soon left as well.

    Here, only Yu Yun was left alone, practicing her sword alone.

    However, after Ye Fan left, a rare and inexplicable smile appeared on Yu Yun's ancient and unchanging pretty face.

    It was as if a touching snow lotus was in full bloom on the snowy mountain.

    "This guy, it turns out that he still knows how to boast."


It's evening.

    The setting sun's rays stained the mountains and forests.

    In the old house, the smoke from the cooker is curling.

    The intoxicating fragrance of rice, along with the spring breeze in May, blew across the land.

    After smelling the fragrance of the rice, Yu Yun no longer had any intention of practicing her sword, so she put it away and returned.

    She wanted to see what her grandmother had made this time and what it was delicious.

    In her lifetime, Yu Yun had tasted countless delicacies.

    However, the one she found most delicious was still the home-cooked food that grandmother made in this Chu family's old house.


    "Grandma, is dinner ready yet?"

    Back in the front yard, Yu Yun saw that Old Taijun wasn't in the kitchen, but was in the yard drumming up flowers and plants, then she couldn't wait to ask.

    Yes, these days, Yu Yun still believes that those meals were made by the old Taijun.

    However, the old taijun was smiling slowly, "Whether it's done or not, it's useless to ask me, the wife, it's better to go in and ask the head chef."

    "The head chef?"

    Yu Yun was stunned.

    And then, the look trembled.

    "Grandmother, are you saying that the food, all of it was cooked by Ye Fan?"

    These days, every time Ye Fan came back earlier than her.

    At first, Yu Yun thought that it was just that Ye Fan was lazy.

    But now, it didn't seem so.

    "Or else what?"

    "Grandma I'm not that good of a cook."

    "That jerk, I don't let him do it, but he has to take it."

    "He didn't say why, but I guess ah, he's because of you."

    "Knowing that you like to eat his cooking, that's why he's so proactive."

    Old Taijun helped Ye Fan put in a good word for him, while the conversation continued.

    "Yun'er ah, the feud between your juniors, I shouldn't reasonably interfere."

    "Before, Little Fan, what you did was indeed a bit excessive."

    "But, you see these days, he has been quietly making amends, hasn't he?"

    "It's better to untie the wrongdoer than to close it."

    "Think about it yourself."

    Old Taijun said slowly.

    Yu Yun, however, was flabbergasted.

    She did not expect that Ye Fan would silently, do so much for her.

    Yu Yun, who had learned of all this, suddenly trembled slightly inside.

    She was startled in place for a long time, as if she was struggling with something.

    But after looking at the thin back that was still busy in the kitchen, Yu Yun bit her teeth, as if she had made some major decision, and then walked towards the kitchen.

    Seeing this scene, on the old empress's face, a smirk of a scheme came to life.

    "Xiaofan, Xiaofan, this is all that Grandma can help you with."

    "The rest, it's up to you."

    Actually, seriously, this old lady of the Chu family was cunning?

    The reason why he, Ye Fan, took the initiative to take over the household chores of cooking was out of filial piety, to share some of the household chores for the old Taijun.

    Where is the forgiveness, let alone to please Yu Yun.

    Old Taijun said that just now, it was just to pull goodwill for Ye Fan.

    But now it seemed that it had really worked.

    "What are you doing here?"

    "The food isn't ready yet, so go wait in your room."

    "I'll naturally bring it over when it's ready."

    When Ye Fan saw Yu Yun come in, he thought that this eater was hungry and came looking for food, and suddenly he didn't have the good fortune to drive her out.

    Yu Yun looked at Ye Fan and hesitated for a long time, while coldly saying, "After eating, take a shower first.Then tonight at ten, come to my room."

    "Remember, act gently and don't let anyone see you."

    "If grandmother finds out, I will not spare you!"

    The cold, clear words quietly rang out, full of threats.

    When Ye Fan heard it, he was stunned.

    "Fuck, shower?And to your room?"

    "What do you want?"

    "I'm warning you, I, Ye Fan, am not someone to be taken lightly."

    "There are some things that you should not presume."

    Ye Fan also warned at Yu Yun.

    "However, Miss Yu Yun, I never thought that you would be such a person."

    "Moral appearance Behind the scenes, it turns out that you would do such humiliating deeds as well, huh?"

    [PEN]At this time, Ye Fan smiled badly and wiggled his eyes at Yu Yun, that cheap look made Yu Yun hate to slap him to death.

    "You bastard, what are you imagining?"

    "Are you going to learn the Yin Dragon Body or not?"

    "Forget it, come or not, it's up to you."

    "But I promise, you only have one choice tonight."

    Yu Yun blushed her pretty face and said shyly and angrily, while she turned around and left.

    Ye Fan, who was behind her, was undoubtedly greatly pleased after hearing this.

    It looked like the iron tree had blossomed.

    This iceberg beauty was planning to teach him the Yin Dragon Body?

    "Still, this woman has a conscience, and it's not a waste of my painstaking efforts over the past half month."

    Ye Fan smiled happily, then continued to cook his meal.

    Tonight was probably because Ye Fan was in a good mood, six dishes and one soup, it was very sumptuous.

    Although this table full of food was just as delicious as before, there was undoubtedly a subtle change in Yu Yun's state of mind.

    It was hard for her to believe that this delicacy in front of her was from the hands of this shameless man, Ye Fan.

    "Pity about this good cooking skill."

    Yu Yun shook her head and sighed.

    Ye Fan stared at her then.

    What did this stinking bitch mean, that he, Ye Fan, was not worthy of this culinary skill?

    However, as angry as Ye Fan's heart was, he endured it.

    After all, there was a need for someone else.

    As for these grudges, they would be settled after mastering the Yin Dragon Body.

    The time, soon came to ten o'clock at night.

    Ye Fan followed Yu Yun's instructions and before leaving the room, he purposely looked to see if the old empress was resting.

    After making sure no one was there, only then did he tiptoe around and flip through the window into Yu Yun's room.

    But bitterly, as soon as Ye Fan jumped down from the window, he was nearly split alive by Yu Yun.


    "What are you doing?"

    "Are you trying to lure me in here and slaughter me?"

    Ye Fan regretted it then, thinking that he had fallen for Yu Yun's scheme.

    Seeing that it was Ye Fan, Yu Yun only then withdrew her sword.

    "Blame me?"

    "There's a door and you have to climb a window?"

    "You should be content that I didn't take your life with a sword just now."

    Yu Yun coldly said.

    Ye Fan glared to, "Wasn't it you who said that you wouldn't let anyone find out?"

    Yuyun: "..."

    Yu Yun was full of words, she actually meant to not let the old taijun know that Ye Fan came to her room.

    Now that the old taijun had rested, Ye Fan wouldn't be discovered even if he walked through the door.

    "Okay, don't waste time."

    "Have you showered?"Yu Yun asked in a cold voice.

    Ye Fan nodded.

    "Okay, put the blindfold on."

    Yu Yun handed another piece of black cloth, folded and handed it to Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan was confused, "What's the blindfold for?"


    Catch the peat!

    Yu Yun was so angry that she almost didn't bring up her sword to cleave the bastard to death.

    "If you want to learn the Yin Dragon Body, do as you're told."

    "Otherwise, walk away."

    Yu Yun said in a cold voice, like an emotionless machine.

    Ye Fan had no choice but to do as he was told.

    After all, he really wanted to learn the Yin Dragon Divine Body.

    As for what this woman was up to, although Ye Fan was curious, he wasn't worried.

    Her current cultivation hadn't fully recovered, and she was almost half a catty to his own strength.Even if she played tricks, Ye Fan wasn't afraid of her.

    "Blindfolded, then what?"

    Ye Fan asked again.

    Yu Yun didn't answer, but walked over and inspected it herself, before making sure that Ye Fan was really blindfolded.

    "Then, take off your clothes."


"Mm, good."

    Ye Fan subconsciously responded.

    However, right after that, Ye Fan seemed to sense something wrong and stared.


    "Take off your clothes?"

    "Oh shit, and you're saying you have no designs on me?"

    "I told you, I'm not just a random guy."

    "I know, I'm a bit more handsome in person, but you can't either..."

    Ye Fan had never thought that this Yu Yun girl in front of him, who was born with great natural beauty, would be so free-spirited inside.

    They had only known each other for a few days, and Ye Fan considered her a friend, but she actually wanted to fuck him?

    "No no no."

    "Miss Yu Yun, please take care of yourself."

    Ye Fan shook his head repeatedly and turned around to leave.

    And the Yu Yun on the side was simply going mad at this bastard Ye Fan.

    "Is there nothing else in your head but these shameless and dirty dirty thoughts?"

    "Who told you that I was coveting your body by making you undress?"

    "Or what?Did you covet my clothes?"


    Yu Yun was really going to be mad, her nose was nearly crooked by Ye Fan.

    This bastard was not only shameless, but also sharp-tongued.

    Am I sick to covet your clothes?

    "Fine, it seems you don't want to cultivate the Yin Dragon Body."

    "If that's the case, then get the hell out!"

    Yu Yun gritted her teeth, at this time, he was being tortured by Ye Fan, and his entire petite body was trembling.

    When Ye Fan heard this, he quickly changed his face and said, "Miss Yu Yun, don't, I'm just joking to liven up the atmosphere."

    "However, I can't be blamed for thinking too much about it."

    "Before you take off your clothes, you should at least give me a clear explanation, right?"

    Ye Fan was busy explaining, smiling with his face.

    In fact, from the moment Yu Yun asked him to blindfold him, Ye Fan had already guessed something.

    This cultivation tonight was definitely unusual.

    The fact seemed to be true.

    Otherwise, Yu Yun wouldn't have asked him to take off his clothes as soon as he came up.

    Seeing Ye Fan softening, the anger in Yu Yun's heart only faded a little before she said coldly, "You should know that the Dragon God Body is divided into two volumes, yin and yang."

    "Yang volume, suitable for men to cultivate."

    "Yin volume, suitable for women to cultivate."

    "That's why, even if you get the Yin Scroll of the Dragon God Body, you won't be able to cultivate it."

    Yu Yun's clear and cold voice slowly rang out in the room.

    Only when Ye Fan heard this did it dawn on him.

    No wonder, no matter how much he tried to cultivate the Yin Dragon God Physique before, he couldn't get started.

    Before, he had thought that he was heading in the wrong direction, but now it seemed that it wasn't himself at all, but this Yin Dragon Body, it wasn't suitable for him to cultivate ah.

    "So, the Yin Dragon Body and the Dragon God Body, cannot be mastered at the same time?"Ye Fan was confused and asked.

    Yu Yun shook her head, "Normally, it's true that you can't master both."

    "However, there is a method that can."

    "What method?"Evan asked anxiously.

    "Double cultivation."Yu Yun's words were calm.

    But the corner of Ye Fan's eyes snapped, "Double...Double cultivation?"

    Yu Yun nodded, "This Dragon God Physique is originally a Yin and Yang dual cultivation technique."

    "The Yang Dragon Body is mastered by a man, and the Yin Dragon Body is practiced by a woman."

    "And then, through the method of dual cultivation, yin and yang can be reconciled, and then it can be completely trained into a yin and yang divine body."

    After a brief tremor, Ye Fan still had some concerns and asked again, "Then may I ask, this double cultivation, how is it a cultivation method?"

    "Do, do you and I really want that?"

    This was a very serious issue.

    You have to know that Ye Fan is still a virgin, not to mention, a married man.

    No matter how beautiful the woman in front of him is, Ye Fan can't give his body, which he has been "guarding" for twenty years, to a stranger whom he has known for less than a month.

    This is a matter of principle that must be clarified beforehand.

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, a bit of shame and anger appeared on Yu Yun's pretty face.

    This bastard, his mind is really full of filthy things.

    At this moment, Yu Yun also had to wonder if her decision to double cultivate with Ye Fan was the right one.

    "What do you think yourself?"Yu Yun coldly glared at Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan laughed at the sound of it.

    That's right, a woman who would go so far as to hunt down and humiliate her clear name naked couldn't be so casual.

    "Okay, I believe you."

    Between the words, Ye Fan blindfolded himself once again.

    And then, three times, he took off all his clothes.

    "And then what?"

    Then peat!

    At that time Yu Yun was near mad.

    "Who told you to take off all your clothes?"

    "Bastard, put your pants on yet!"

    Yu Yun covered her eyes in anger.

    She was close to being pissed off at this bastard, she was still finishing her side of the sentence, who would have thought that Ye Fan had already finished taking off all his clothes.

    It was so sudden that Yu Yun almost saw something she shouldn't have, and her pretty face was as red as fire.

    Even in the martial world, she had supreme power.

    However, when it came to matters of men and women, Yu Yun was undoubtedly a blank piece of paper that no one had ever ventured into.

    And now, this ice-clear white paper was stained with an unbearable mark by this bastard, Ye Fan.

    Yu Yun only felt greatly blasphemed and offended.

    She was so angry that she wanted to strangle Ye Fan to death!


    "Why didn't you say so earlier?"

    Yu Yun has anger, but what about the anger in Ye Fan's heart?

    You know, he had made a considerable amount of determination earlier to take off his clothes so cleanly.

    After all, everything was about mastering power, and taking off clothes with bite.

    Wasn't it just being seen naked?

    Anyway, when he was a kid bathing by the river, Ye Fan's body had already been seen by a bunch of aunts and grandmothers, so it wasn't bad this time.

    Moreover, he has also seen others, this time as returning it.

    But who would have thought that he would have taken off his pants for nothing.

    At that time, Ye Fan's face went black, and he quickly fumbled to put his pants on.

    "Well, then what?"

    Evan asked again.

    "Face the bed and sit on the bed."

    It took Yu Yun a long time to calm down and try to remain calm, and said to Ye Fan.

    Just like that, Ye Fan followed Yu Yun's instructions and groped his way onto Yu Yun's hotbed and sat down on his knees.

    In a short while, Ye Fan only heard a rustling sound coming from the bedside, which must have been Yu Yun taking off her clothes.

    The next thing you know, a warm fragrance hits your nose, and even if your eyes are covered, even if your back is turned, you can still feel it, and a beautiful, petite jade body sits on the bed.

    Just as Ye Fan was about to ask, what to do next.

    Suddenly, Ye Fan only felt, on the back, there was a touch of warm and cool as jade, quietly came.

    In the split second when their bodies touched, Ye Fan only felt that Yu Yun's delicate body, as if it had been electrocuted, trembled slightly.

    But soon, Yu Yun's snowy white back was firmly attached to Ye Fan's back, and the bone-like and provocative touch, even though it was covered, Ye Fan could still feel how the owner of this delicate body would be so soul-stirring at this time.

    It was a pity that no one was able to enjoy such a beautiful view.


"Calm your mind and straighten your chest."

    "Prompt the Dragon God Body."

    From the ear, came Yu Yun's cold voice.

    Ye Fan didn't speak, but was trying his best to cooperate.

    Soon, in the dark room, a golden light lit up from Ye Fan.

    Immediately after, countless fine dragon patterns emerged from Ye Fan's body.

    A majestic masculine Qi, like a monstrous river, swept out from above Ye Fan's body.

    And at nearly the same time, there were also dragon lines appearing on the alluring ketone body that was closely attached to Ye Fan.

    But unlike Ye Fan's golden light, what emerged above Yu Yun's naked delicate body was a dark blue light.

    In between the flow of ice blue light, a long and lingering power of superiority flowed out from Yu Yun's delicate body like this.

    On one side was the golden light sweeping, while on the other side was the blue light lingering.

    Two very different kinds of light, two diametrically opposed forces, just like this, at the point where their bodies touched, unceasingly mingled and converged.Interweaving, flowing.

    As if, water and milk mingled!

    Until, it was absorbed by the other's body, slowly.

    At the moment when the two forces melded, Ye Fan and Yu Yun, almost coincidentally, their bodies trembled slightly.

    Truly, it was a wonderful feeling.

    It was as if the lingering one between lovers, all of the other's everything, melted into their own bodies.

    Yin and Yang, water and milk mingled, perhaps that described this moment?

    As the two of them entered their cultivation, the entire room, for a sudden moment, fell into an endless silence.

    Outside the window, the moon was like water.

    This heaven and earth was also unusually quiet, as if, could hear the sound of time passing through their fingertips.

    The night passed quickly.

    Before dawn, Yu Yun forcibly aborted her cultivation.

    After all, although this kind of dual cultivation method was already very conservative, but a lonely man and woman sharing a room together and having skin-to-skin contact, this kind of thing was always difficult to talk about.

    So, Yu Yun didn't want the matter to be discovered by the Old Taijun.Naturally, she had to get rid of Ye Fan before dawn.

    However, before leaving, Yu Yun once again sternly warned Ye Fan, "I don't want a third person to know about your and my dual cultivation."

    "Otherwise, I will never let you go!"

    Yu Yun's words were icy cold with an eerie chill.

    Ye Fan smiled back, "Well, don't worry, I will definitely not say anything nonsense."

    "However..."Ye Fan's words changed and paused for a moment.

    "But what?"Yu Yun looked at Ye Fan, confused.

    Ye Fan smiled heedlessly, "You have a nice body oh?"

    After saying that, Ye Fan turned his head and scattered and ran away.

    Behind him, there was indeed an almost murderous roar from Yu Yun.



    Because it needed time to solidify and digest the power drawn from the other's body, Ye Fan and Yu Yun's dual cultivation was set at two days.

    In other words, every other night, they would do it.

    After all, a powerful martial art like the Dragon God Physique could never be practiced to great heights overnight.

    Like Ye Fan's Yang Dragon Physique, it took several years of practice before he was able to master it and put it away.

    It took nearly ten years to reach great success.

    So, it could be imagined that if Ye Fan wanted to fully control the Yin Dragon Body, he would need a lot of time.

    Of course, with the pavement of the Yang Dragon Body, and with the help of the remaining rhyme, the control of the Yin Dragon Body would definitely be much faster compared to the Yang Dragon Body.

    However, even so, Ye Fan estimated that without a month or two of time, I'm afraid it would be difficult to fully control it!

    Just like this, Ye Fan and Yu Yun, in the daytime, acted as if nothing had happened in front of the Old Taijun and continued to practice the Cloud Smoke Sword Technique as usual.But at night, these two did that unspeakable thing behind the Old Taijun's back.

    However, one day at dinner, the old Taijun suddenly asked Ye Fan, "Little Fan, why didn't you make the raw creation soup I prepared for you last night?"

    "The medicinal power in it is wasted."

    "What exactly did you do last night if you didn't take a proper medicinal bath to heal your wounds?"

    "Could it be that you've been fooling around with some girl?"The old taijun glared.

    Hearing the old taijun's words, Yu Yun, who had been eating quietly, her petite body trembled and her appearance became tense.

    Her pretty face reddened unconsciously.

    In a guilty state of mind, Yu Yun's pretty face was almost buried in the bowl, but she lowered her head and ate, not daring to breathe for fear of being discovered by the old Taijun.

    After all, if the old Taijun knew that Ye Fan went to her bed almost every night to do such things, then his image in the old Taijun's heart would be ruined.

    Although it was forced by cultivation, it would always tarnish its own image, and Yu Yun was naturally guilty.

    But Ye Fan was a calm comparison.

    He was always thick-skinned, and when he faced the old taijun's berating question, he instead smiled, "Grandma, how did you know that I went to Miss Yu's room?"

    Cough cough...

    As soon as Ye Fan's words fell, Yu Yun's side trembled, and then she choked on the rice porridge in her mouth and coughed violently.

    "Rhyme, are you alright?"Old Taijun quickly patted Yu Yun's descendant.

    "Milk...Milk, I'm fine, just drink some water."Yu Yun choked her pretty face red and whispered back.

    At the same time, Yu Yun's afterglow stared fiercely at Ye Fan, as if a sword was placed on Ye Fan's neck.

    It was as if it was warning Ye Fan, if he talked nonsense again, he would be chopped!

    But the more Yu Yun did, the more interesting Ye Fan found it.

    After all, it was rare to be able to appreciate an iceberg beauty's guilty embarrassment.

    However, Ye Fan didn't dare to offend her too much.

    In case she pissed her off and put her foot down and stopped playing, his Dragon God Body would undoubtedly be ruined.

    So, Ye Fan then continued, "Miss Yu Yun, don't be angry, I'm just joking."

    After pacifying Yu Yun, Ye Fan looked at the old Imperial Grandma, "However, Imperial Grandma, Sun Son is so old, you should not ask more about such private matters."

    "Don't worry, I have a count on my body."

    "I will definitely not delay the healing process."

    "If you don't believe me, take my pulse and see if my injuries have improved."

    Ye Fan licked his face and stretched his arm over, and when the old empress touched it, he nodded his head.

    "Well, the recovery is really good."

    "Originally, I thought that it would take at least half a year for all the injuries in your body to heal."

    "But now it seems that it won't take that long."

    Old Taijun was quite pleased.

    Seeing that Ye Fan had muddled through, the string taut in Yu Yun's heart was then loosened.

    However, just as the three of them continued to eat, outside, there was actually a knock on the door.

    Knock knock~.

    That low echo was like the night shift ghost knocking on the door, which was particularly strange in this ancient courtyard.

    Nearly instantly, Ye Fan's heartstrings, then tensed up.

    One had to know that this Chu family's old residence was rarely visited by anyone for many years.

    The old empress also almost never dealt with outsiders.

    But now, the sound of knocking on door was even heard from outside.

    Who could it be?

    "Could it be that Chu Zhengliang's people, have found them?"

    Ye Fan's face was sullen, and his pair of eyebrows were steeply icy and murderous.


Knock, knock, knock.

    Outside, the low knocking sound of the door still echoed.

    In the courtyard, a cold and gloomy wind slowly blew through, blowing up several fallen leaves.

    On top of Ye Fan's appearance, it was cold and gruesome.

    Yu Yun, who was on the side, did not feel secretly frightened when she saw such an expression on Ye Fan's face.

    After all, after spending so much time with Ye Fan, the impression of this young man had always been calm and unimpressed in her mind.

    To be so condensed like this now was the first time she had seen it.

    It seemed that this teenager was afraid that he was carrying a lot of secrets, right?

    For the first time, Yu Yun took some interest in a person's life.

    At this time, Ye Fan had already gotten up openly and turned towards the door, ready to open it.

    "Little Fan, sit down, I'll go."

    Old Taijun was obviously aware of what was going on, but pulled Ye Fan and told him to stay in his room and wait.

    "Grandma, I don't want to drag you down."

    "They're here for me."Ye Fan said in a deep voice.

    But the old Taijun glared, "I told you to wait here?"

    "What, the grandmother is old and her words don't work?"

    The old empress drank harshly, while she walked out towards the courtyard with staggering steps.

    And then Ye Fan's spirit also tensed up.

    Finally, as the door opened, two figures, then appeared outside the old mansion.

    "You guys are?"

    The old taijun sized up the two men in uniform in front of him and asked in confusion.

    "Old Taijun, you have forgotten that I am Tianhe ah."

    "Back then, I was leading the army stationed in the Maple Sea for ten years."

    "In the past, what about the pride that was sent to you by Old Taijun?"

    When Lu Tianhe saw the old man, his eyes were full of respect, and his posture was also very low, with no appearance of a general.

    Hearing this, the old man recalled something and smiled, "Oh, I remember, you're the deputy next to Little Gold, right."

    "I didn't expect that your hair, which hasn't been seen for many years, would be a bit white."

    "It's changed so much, I can't even recognize it."

    "Isn't that right, in the blink of an eye, it's been seven years since I was transferred away from Jiangdong."Lu Tianhe smiled back.

    Previously, Lu Tianhe had served in the Jiangdong Military District.

    At that time, he just happened to follow the troops and was stationed at the edge of Maple Sea City, guarding the Chu Family's old house.

    It was said that the ancestors of the Chu family had been gracious to Huaxia.

    In return, Huaxia sent ten thousand soldiers to guard the Chu family for fifty years at the edge of the Maple Sea City.

    It was during that period that Lu Tianhe followed the then Commander-in-Chief of the Jiangdong Military Region and visited the old Imperial Monarch every year, and this was how he got to know her.

    However, at that time, Lu Tianhe was just a small role next to the Commander-in-Chief and didn't attract attention.Now that he was visiting again after many years, it was normal for the old taijun not to recognize him for a while.

    "Quick, come in and talk."

    It was natural to rejoice at the sight of an old friend.

    In the middle of the conversation, the old taijun greeted Lu Tianhe and the others and walked towards the room.

    At this time, Ye Fan and Yu Yun, on the other hand, had already left.

    Obviously, the two of them, didn't want outsiders, to know about their existence.

    Therefore, after hearing that the other party was from the military district and had come to visit the old empress, Ye Fan's previously tense heartstrings loosened and then left the main hall and followed Yu Yun back to her boudoir.

    "It's not time yet, come back at ten."Looking at the following Ye Fan, Yu Yun coldly said.

    She didn't want, with any opposite sex, to have life interactions.Except, of course, for cultivation.

    In response, however, Ye Fan smiled lightly.

    "What? It's not okay to sit in your room for a while?"

    In fact, Ye Fan was just too much trouble, he had to come over sooner or later to cultivate the Dragon God Body, so why bother coming back and forth.

    Anyway, it would be time in a little while, so Ye Fan simply came to her room and waited.

    "Hey, you, you're so good-looking, but you're putting up a face that rejects people all day long."

    "Aren't you tired of putting on a stand like that?"

    "What a waste of a face."

    "Someone like you definitely doesn't usually have any friends."

    Faced with Yu Yun's eviction order, however, Ye Fan was thick-skinned.

    Before waiting for someone's permission, he had already found a chair to sit down and had also made himself a pot of tea.

    Not treating herself as an outsider in the slightest.

    Yu Yun was not surprised by this.

    She didn't expect that this improvised shameless thing would leave of its own accord.

    "Sit down and have a cup of tea together."

    "Let me tell you, not only am I a good cook, this tea-making skill is also a masterpiece."

    "Don't believe me, you try it?"

    In between the words, Ye Fan brought the brewed tea over to Yu Yun.

    This time, Yu Yun did not refuse.

    After spending so much time together, Yu Yun is actually not as hostile and guarded as before.

    The reason why she drove Ye Fan away just now was out of a woman's reserve.

    Moreover, Yu Yun doesn't know why, she even likes the state of being with Ye Fan.

    There was no flattery, no hooking up.

    There was even less conflict of interest and crisis tension.

    This period of time was almost the most relaxing period of Yu Yun's life.

    Although Yu Yun would often be angry at Ye Fan's shameless words, she had to admit that after getting to know this young man, her dull and cold life had suddenly become interesting.

    It was as if a boring black and white painting was rendered with color.

    Before, she was always surrounded by many people.

    However, no matter how many people she was surrounded by, she always felt that she was the only one in the world.

    High above the world!

    The supreme power was destined to be accompanied by endless loneliness.

    But now, her feelings had changed.

    She truly felt the presence of other people around her.

    Ye Fan's cheekiness, Grandmother's kindness.

    In their eyes, they didn't see themselves as the lord of a noble family with supreme majesty, just an ordinary person like them.

    This true feeling was something that Yu Yun had never experienced in her entire life.

    So much so, that even Yu Yun herself gradually put down her own noble and majestic frame, and for the first time, received the tea he made for himself from a person of the opposite sex.

    And after that, take a light sip.


    However, when that strong tea entered the mouth, Yu Yun spat it out immediately afterwards, her pretty face filled with pain.

    The coolness just now dissipated, and the whole person became extremely angry: "Bastard, what did you give me to drink?"

    "Why so bitter!"

    Yu Yun kept throwing up, and her stunningly pretty face was full of embarrassment.

    When Ye Fan saw this, he burst out laughing, "Haha~"

    "This is the first time I've ever seen a strong Ancestor, but he's so afraid of suffering?"

    "Don't worry, it won't hurt you."

    "It's called thin ding, which is a roadside dandelion, it's considered a Chinese herb."

    "Dried out and soaked in water, it can have the effect of clearing heat and removing poison."

    Ye Fan laughed, seemingly enjoying seeing Yu Yun's embarrassment.

    "But, seriously, you look better when you're angry than with a straight face."

    "Guess, it looks better when you smile, right?"

    "Come on, give your master a smile."

    "Don't be cold all day."

    "Everyone is the director of their own life, so why make yourself miserable?"


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