Dish Best Served Cold 1006-1010


Chapter 1006 

In the room, Ye Fan was smiling faintly.

    That bright smile was like the warm sunshine in the winter.

    At that moment, Yu Yun's long-silent heart actually rippled a little.

    She was startled there, speechless for a long time.

    In her eyes and brows, there was only Ye Fan's bright smile left.

    Pure, as if the sky after the rain, without, any colorful.

    For so many years, this was perhaps the purest piece of words she had ever heard.

    Not for strife, not for profit, and not for any unpleasant purpose.

    There was, just simple good intentions towards her.

    However, in the face of Ye Fan's kind words, Yu Yun eventually shook her head.

    To wear a crown, one must bear its weight.

    From the moment she stepped on this road of no return, Yu Yun's life was already not her own.

    Who doesn't want to laugh at life every day?

    However, she was in her position, and if she wanted to command the four corners of the world, she had to be cool to people and dignified to the world.

    "All right, it's time."

    "Strip and go to bed."

    Yu Yun didn't seem to want to talk about these things anymore, so she turned around and walked to the bedside and started preparing for her cultivation.

    Ye Fan couldn't help but smile bitterly at the sound of this.

    Such charming and ambiguous words, coming from this woman in front of him, Ye Fan actually only felt morbid and cold.

    "This woman is really a piece of ten thousand years of mysterious ice that can't be dissolved."

    After laughing, there was no nonsense for Ye Fan.

    The first thing you need to do is to take off your clothes, then blindfold your eyes and quickly climb into bed like a little lamb, and wait for Yu Yun's "blessing".

    "Gentleman, please have mercy!"

    Evan deliberately put on a shy look, then learned the woman's voice and said, "Delicately".

    "Go to hell~"

    Ye Fan was clearly teasing Yu Yun on purpose.

    As a matter of fact, Yu Yun's pretty face turned red as if it was a ripe peach, and she was dazzlingly beautiful.

    And then, in shame and anger, she angrily drew her sword and vowed to slay the shameless thing alive.

    "Cough cough~"

    "Miss Yu, just kidding."



    "You're really cutting it, aren't you?"



    "If you come back, I'll tell the world about the mole on your chest~"


    Such a brazen threat, only Ye Fan could say it.

    However, it couldn't be helped, little lives mattered.

    Moreover, when he was in the Tang Gate's forbidden area, Ye Fan had no intention of seeing Yu Yun's body.

    It was not an intention to tarnish someone's clear name.




    "Old lady, is anyone home?"

    Although Yu Yun's boudoir, off the main hall, was separated by several rooms.

    However, Yu Yun's shy and angry voice was so clear that Lu Tianhe and the others, who were catching up in the room, naturally heard it.

    Lu Tianhe had to be curious and whirled around to look towards the source of the sound.

    After all, he had been stationed here for many years before, and this Chu family's old mansion had almost always been the old lady's solitary residence, rarely seeing outsiders moving in.

    Now that he heard it, he naturally felt curious and surprised.

    The old taijun smiled, "The son of the deceased is borrowing a night here for a few days."

    "No need to bother."

    The old taijun said indifferently.

    Lu Tianhe nodded, seeing that the old taijun did not say more, he did not ask further questions.

    "Alright, old taijun, it's getting late."

    "Shao Hong and I, we'll go back first."

    "When he's free, he'll come back to visit you again."

    "What I've told you today, I'll trouble you old man, take extra trouble."

    "I can't help it, the higher-ups gave a dead order, and we've racked our brains, but we really can't think of any suitable candidates."

    "Your old man is so knowledgeable that he can only shamelessly come to ask for your help."

    Lu Tianhe said respectfully.

    Fang Shaohong, who was on the side, also smiled apologetically at the old taijun.

    Old Taijun nodded, "Alright, I'll try my best to help you find it."

    Soon, the old taijun sent the two military generals, out of the house.

    "Little Fan, come here, Grandma will tell you something."

    After returning to his room, the old taijun went to Ye Fan's room to talk about something for him.

    However, he shouted for half a day, but no one responded inside.

    He pushed the door and even locked it.


    "Hardly, already asleep?"

    Old Taijun was slightly puzzled, while standing by the door and feeling it carefully.

    And then, it laughed.

    "Bastard, playing mind games with me."

    "Do you really think that I, Old Taijun, am so easy to fool?"

    "But I didn't expect that, it went pretty fast."

    "That Rhyme kid, he really got it right?"

    In between the words, the Old Taijun looked up, looked in the direction of Yu Yun's boudoir, but at the corner of his mouth, a wisp of an inexplicable smile emerged.

    Previously, the old taijun hadn't had much hope in this matter.

    After all, the Dragon God Body was a dual cultivation technique.

    Usually, it would only be practiced between husband and wife partners.

    Ye Fan and Yu Yun, on the other hand, had never lived together, and their status was vastly different.

    Especially Yu Yun, the Old Taijun knows her nature well, she has been in a high position for a long time, cold and arrogant, at the top of the power and influence.

    No man in the world would be able to conquer a woman like her.

    The old empress has introduced her to many noble families, but without exception, none of them have been able to get into her eyes.

    Later on, Yu Yun's career took a step further, almost standing on top of the power in this world.

    Under these circumstances, she was even more disdainful of others.

    So, for her to let go of her grudges and engage in a double cultivation with a member of the opposite sex, one can imagine the courage and determination required.

    I just didn't expect that it would really come to pass.

    One night passed quickly.

    The next day, Ye Fan pretended to walk out of his room, stretching out his lazy waist.

    "Comfortable, last night's medicine bath was too comfortable."

    "Grandma, just give me the formula, right?"

    "Otherwise, by the time you're a hundred years old, you'll have lost this craft."

    Ye Fan's face was not red and his heart was not jumping, making up nonsense.

    Yu Yun on the side rolled her eyes and thought to herself that this guy could really pretend, not even blushing when he spoke nonsense.

    And the old taijun saw through it and didn't say anything about it.

    She knew that Yu Yun cared about face.

    "Okay, cut the nonsense a bit."

    "You sit down, I'll tell you something."The old taijun suddenly got serious.

    Ye Fan was suddenly curious: "What is it?"

    "Someone visited last night, you know that, right?"

    "It's someone from the Yanjing Military Region."

    "They want to secretly form a special war team in Jiangdong, in preparation for the, soon to be held in the Australian continent, International Special Forces Competition."

    "Therefore, they need to find an instructor who will be in charge of training this squad."

    "I think, you're good."

    "Anyway, you heal your wounds at night, so there's nothing to do during the day."

    "Simply enter the military area and help them lead this team."

    Old Taijun slowly said.

    Ye Fan, however, had no interest, when he was in Ye Yang Town, someone had come to ask him to be an instructor and he had directly refused.

    Now, naturally, he wasn't interested in going either.


However, the old lady advised.

    "Little Fan, just go ahead and return the favor."

    "People have guarded the Chu family for fifty years, and they're quite kind to the Chu family.It's always a favor to help."

    Old Taijun persuaded bitterly.

    For so many years, Old Taijun had guarded the Chu family's old house alone, and had always been peaceful to each other first.

    Apart from the prestige and power of the Chu family itself, it was of course also related to the protection of Huaxia.

    One hundred thousand generals, on the edge of Maple Sea City, had been defending it for fifty years.

    Even though, the other side was also trying to return the favor.

    But this sincerity and steadfastness was also enough to make the old empress very moved.

    Now after so many years, the first time someone came to ask for something, how could the old Taijun refuse.



    In the end, on the face of the old taijun, Ye Fan nodded his head and agreed.

    However, while the old taijun on this side coaxed it to be happy, Yu Yun on the other side was not happy.

    While practicing her sword in the backyard, Yu Yun asked to Ye Fan.

    "You went to the military area, what about the evening practice?"

    "Dragon God Body, no more refining?"Yu Yun asked coldly.

    When Ye Fan heard this, he smiled cheaply and said, "What, it's hard for Miss Yu Yun to sleep at night without my company?"

    "I'm talking business with you."

    "If you talk nonsense again, I will behead you!"

    Yu Yun gritted her teeth in anger.

    This guy, teasing her all day long.

    However, it was fortunate that there was no one here.

    Otherwise, if someone who knew her knew everything about her and Ye Fan, her image of Yu Yun would have to completely collapse.

    "Don't worry, it's definitely more important on your side."

    "It won't delay us."

    Ye Fan had already planned it out.

    Even though the military side was busy, Ye Fan, however, was definitely still focused on cultivation.

    After all, the mastery of the Yin Dragon Body was a matter of his own strength, so naturally, he wouldn't delay.

    As for Yu Yun, naturally, she didn't want to interrupt.

    After all, it was hard for her to make up her mind to double cultivate the Dragon God Body with Ye Fan in the first place.

    If it was to be settled like this, then wouldn't it be a waste of feelings in vain?

    What's more, Yu Yun also needed a protective martial art like the Yang Dragon Body to improve her defense.

    The cultivation of the Dragon God Physique was a win-win situation.

    Early the next morning, Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong arrived at the Chu family's old residence once again.

    The moment they saw Ye Fan, these two, undoubtedly, were all shocked.

    A pair of old eyes, both staring huge!

    "Mr. Chu...Mr. Chu?"

    "I go, what are you doing here?"


    "This world is too small, I didn't expect that I could even meet with you here."

    Seeing that the person recommended by Old Taijun was Ye Fan, Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong were both undoubtedly surprised and happy.


    "Is that you?"

    "Aren't you guys in Yanjing, why did you come to Jiangdong?"

    Ye Fan was equally surprised.

    Initially, when Lu Tianhe and the others invited Ye Fan to be the Chief Instructor of Yanjing Military District, he had already refused once.

    However, he didn't expect that the creation of the world would lead him to fall into their lane after all.


    "Orders from above.Old Taijun should have told you about it."

    "The higher-ups have moved us to the Jiangdong Military District to secretly train a special squad of martial artists here."

    "As you know, there are too many eyes on places like Yanjing, there's nothing secret about it."

    "This place in Jiangdong is smaller though, more suitable for this task."

    Lu Tianhe laughed.

    He was undoubtedly extremely pleasantly surprised at being able to invite Ye Fan, a great god.

    Back years ago, Lu Tianhe had invited Ye Fan to be the Chief Instructor, but the purpose was actually for this matter.

    At that time, Lu Tianhe, Fang Shaohong and the others deliberated for a long time and weighed their options again and again, Ye Fan being the chief instructor and presiding over the training of the special battle team was undoubtedly the last choice.

    But Na Na, Ye Fan refused.

    Now that the peak had turned around and Ye Fan had agreed, Lu Tianhe and the others were naturally delighted.

    "Haha, thank you, Old Taijun."

    "On behalf of the Huaxia Military Region, I, Lu Tianhe, would like to express my most sincere gratitude to you, Old Taijun."

    "If it wasn't for your presence, we wouldn't have been able to invite this great god."

    Lu Tianhe thanked the old taijun repeatedly.

    Then, he looked at Ye Fan, "Mr. Chu, thank you also for your support of my Huaxia military."

    "Don't worry, the treatment that was promised to you is still valid."

    "After you debrief with our military, I will immediately recommend to the Commander-in-Chief that you be given the rank of General."

    "You will, perhaps, become the youngest general in the history of our Huaxia Military District."

    Lu Tianhe laughed and was in an extremely good mood.

    But Ye Fan calmly returned, "I don't care about these vain names."

    "Rank conferred or not, I don't care."

    "However, before joining, I need to make an appointment with you."

    "First, I need to have free access.I don't need to ask permission to enter or leave the military, and I don't need permission from anyone else."

    "Second, even if I'm chosen as the instructor of the Special Warfare Team, then how I train is at my sole discretion, and no one, no one can interfere!"

    "Thirdly, I won't stay in the Jiangdong Military Region for too long, and I will leave when the time is right.Of course, you guys can just rest assured that before I leave, I will definitely take this squad and train it up."

    "These three points, you may agree?"

    Ye Fan looked towards Lu Tianhe and the others and asked in a deep voice.


    Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong looked at each other, while smiling bitterly.

    "Mr. Chu, we can agree to the latter two points."

    "Just the first point, I'm afraid it's a bit difficult for us."

    "After all, the military district has a military management system, and the key to military management is the need to restrict access."

    "What's more, this mission is extremely secretive, and the fact that you want free access, I'm afraid it will cause discontent among your superiors."

    "Moreover, if this kind of privileged behavior of yours were to be known to the military generals, I'm afraid that it would also cause criticism."

    "So, Mr. Chu, what do you think?"

    Lu Tianhe said from the side.

    However, before even waiting for Lu Tianhe to finish his sentence, Ye Fan directly interrupted him in a stern voice, "These three demands are non-negotiable."

    "You know, I'm a person who doesn't like constraints."

    "The reason why I refused last time was because of this."

    "This first condition, if you don't agree to it, then it's not negotiable."

    Ye Fan's tone was cut and dry, there was no room for discussion at all.

    It wasn't that Ye Fan was unsympathetic, but mainly, Ye Fan needed to make a trip back in two days to double cultivate the Dragon God Body with Yu Yun.

    So, the right to enter and exit freely in the military area was something that Ye Fan had to fight for.

    Otherwise, even if he was given the rank of general, Ye Fan would not agree to serve as an instructor.


    Seeing that on Ye Fan's side, there was no room to turn the situation around, Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong couldn't help but feel embarrassed.

    Having no choice, Lu Tianhe could only consult his superiors first and try to help Ye Fan fight for this right.


"Okay, Commander, I'll inform him of this."

    In the end, under Lu Tianhe's efforts to win, the higher-ups nodded and agreed to this privilege for Ye Fan.

    After everything was agreed upon, Ye Fan then took a car and headed to the military compound.

    Because time was short and the task was heavy, after finding a suitable instructor candidate, they naturally didn't dare to delay.

    The Jiangdong Military District was located on a piece of wasteland northeast of Maple Sea City, and it was about a three-hour drive.

    As the heavy iron gate opened, a military green SUV pulled Ye Fan and entered the military zone.

    "Mr. Chu, please wait in the guest house first."

    "I'm going to report to the commander."

    "I believe that soon, the commander will receive you."

    "In the meantime, you can take a stroll around the military district now, and it's a good way to familiarize yourself with the environment beforehand."

    Lu Tianhe said with a smile after he brought Ye Fan into the guest house inside the military district.

    Ye Fan nodded, "There's no rush, you guys are busy first."

    "Okay, Mr. Chu, we won't bother you."

    "Haha, no, in a little while, we should be called General Chu."

    Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong laughed, then they left.

    As for Ye Fan, after a short rest, he walked out of the guest house and strolled around the military area.

    It was surrounded by living quarters, so the atmosphere was relaxed.

    There wasn't any intense training to be seen, and all that came and went were soldiers who were laughing and talking.

    Some were carrying bath tubs and had just returned from bathing.

    Some were drying out their clothes, and a few others were heading out with basketballs in their arms.

    "Ziyang, Mingbo, let's go, let's go play basketball."

    At this time, there were two handsome men in military uniforms with long stature who were also heading out.

    When they saw them, the people around them greeted and called out for them to go play basketball.

    However, Li Ziyang shook his head.

    "Fei, you guys go ahead, we won't go.Today's training mission isn't done yet, we have to continue."

    "I'll go, Brother Yang, is it necessary to fight so hard?"

    "You don't mind tiring yourself out by filling your free time every day."


    "Haha, okay, don't delay people from moving up."

    "Brother Yang and the others, half a year into the army, they've been promoted to platoon leader."

    "And, this Special Forces selection, Brother Yang and Brother Bo, are also among the candidates."

    "Great future is right in front of them, can people not strive for it?"


    Ignoring the discussion of the crowd, Li Ziyang and Ma Mingbo, however, were already running away.

    According to the plan, they still had to do a 3,000-meter weight-bearing run.

    "Brother Yang, let's take a break for an afternoon."

    "Always so tense, we're afraid that we'll collapse from exhaustion."Ma Mingbo seemed to be a little tired and looked towards Li Ziyang, saying bitterly.

    "No, Ming Bo, have you forgotten why we chose to enlist in the army in the first place?"

    "When you want to give up, think of our goal, think of the humiliation we suffered when we were at the Sea Feast."

    "If we want to surpass him, this is the only way we can do it."

    "Even though he is revered in the business world of Jiangdong, but one day, you and I will be crowned marquises, so what if he is the lord of Jiangdong, the lord of giants?"

    "When the time comes, that bastard won't be able to respectfully shout General when he sees the two of us!"

    Li Ziyang clutched his palm.

    He could never forget the humiliation the man called Ye Fan gave him on that New Year's Day, at the Sea and Sky Feast.

    He, however, didn't dare to refute it, only to be honestly at his feet, forced by his father, apologizing like a dog.

    He was a proud man, and for so many years, he had been an existence that his peers looked up to.

    He would never allow, a man of his own age, to trample him underfoot.

    Therefore, after the Haitian feast that day, Li Ziyang asked his own father to trust someone and enlist in the army.

    He vowed to make his own way in the army.

    Ten years!

    He gave himself ten years to catch up.

    Within ten years, he would be in the army, a marquis and a general!

    "You and I step through the thorny thorns in front of us in different ways.You are arrogant and not afraid to retreat, I am low and silent but firm."

    "Ye Fan, one day, I, Li Ziyang, will recover my lost dignity and trample you completely underfoot!"

    Li Ziyang said in a deep voice, his eyebrows full of determination.

    "Well, Ziyang, you're right."

    "To surpass him, we must work hard."

    "If you want to become a general as soon as possible, you have to make merit."

    "If you want to make merit, you have to go to the battlefield.And the Special Forces are the closest thing to a battlefield."

    "Right now, it's our best chance."

    "The Yanjing Military Region is personally supervising the war, and the top instructors are teaching personally."

    "The two of us must work hard, prepare well, and strive to enter the Special Warfare Team together.,"

    "Maybe this is our chance to overtake that jerk!"

    Just like this, Li Ziyang and the two of them once again erupted with endless fighting spirit and continued to devote themselves to the arduous training with endless enthusiasm.

    However, how did they know that the young man that Li Ziyang and the others had verbally wanted to step on was now less than a hundred meters away from them.

    Perhaps, Ye Fan had seen the back of the two of them, but he probably wouldn't be able to recognize them.

    After all, insignificant characters such as these were barely even drag queens in Ye Fan's life.

    How could Ye Fan waste his energy on these insignificant people?

    After loitering outside for a while, Ye Fan also returned to the guest house.

    When he entered, he found a touching silhouette standing in the middle of the room.

    In a place where green military uniforms were everywhere in sight, the girl in front of him wearing a long printed dress was undoubtedly extremely striking.

    She has a head of broken hair, slightly swinging in the wind.

    Her snow-white neck was just like curdled jade.

    The waist-hugging skirt, but also the slim waist, outline.

    The slender figure was quite eye catching.

    If this scene was seen by the other soldiers in the army, they probably would have been unable to hold back the hormones erupting in their abdomens.

    But for Ye Fan, who had seen a lot of beautiful women, he was undoubtedly indifferent and calm.

    "Sit down."

    "There's tea over there, pour it yourself."

    At first glance, Ye Fan recognized her.

    The woman in front of him was, indeed, his own uncle's daughter, Ye Yuyan.

    Ye Yuyan had been following Lu Tianhe to receive training, and now that Lu Tianhe had been transferred to Jiangdong and formed a special battle team, he had naturally brought him, his beloved disciple, over.

    Half an hour ago, Ye Yuyan had just received the news of Ye Fan's arrival from her own teacher, Lu Tianhe, so she then ran back to her dormitory to change her clothes and immediately came over.

    However, the encounter between the two of them siblings was not as cordial and warm as Ye Yuyan had imagined, there was, only coldness and calmness.

    After hearing Ye Fan's voice, Ye Yuyan quickly turned around and timidly shouted out to cousin Xiaofan.

    Ye Fan heard it, but shook his head and smiled.

    "If it was when I was a child, when I lived in the Ye family's old house, when you called out to me like this, I would have agreed."

    "But now, there's no need."

    "I've been kicked out of the Ye family, and your father has already removed me from the Ye family tree."

    "In other words, we no longer have a brother-sister relationship."

    "So, there's no need to reluctantly call out brother."

    "There's no need for it in the future either."


Ye Fan's faint words, each sentence was like a sword, piercing straight into Ye Yuyan's heart.

    Ye Yuyan's pretty face was pale, a pair of beautiful eyes looked at Ye Fan, wanting to explain, "Cousin Xiaofan, my father and the others were momentarily confused, when I go back this time, I will persuade them to personally apologize to you, please..."

    "No need."Ye Yuyan was just in the middle of her sentence when she was directly interrupted by Ye Fan, "It's hard to be round in a broken state."

    "Since it has already come to this point, why is there any need to salvage it."

    "The past is the past, and even if you try to salvage it, it's impossible to go back to the original point."

    "But cousin..."Ye Yuyan still wanted to say something before trying to say something, but Ye Fan had already turned his body around.

    "Well, if you came over today and only want to talk to me about this, then please go back."

    "I came to the military area this time to do something important.I don't want to waste my time on this trivial matter."

    Ye Fan's words were calm, but low and slow, giving Ye Yuyan a sense of distance that rejected people.

    For some reason, at this moment, Ye Yuyan had the urge to cry in her heart.

    It was as if, something in her heart cracked open and sour water flowed out.

    Her cousin, Ye Fan, hadn't forgiven her after all.

    Yes, just like what Ye Fan said, the past is the past.

    Some people, some things, once missed, that can never be recovered.

    Just like today, her brother-sister relationship with Ye Fan.

    But Fan, when she was young, her heart held a little bit of her sister's respect for her elder brother, instead of always looking superior, disdainful of Ye Fan and even deliberately cold to others.

    Presumably, today, Ye Fan's attitude towards her is a different one.

    Not like now, so cold, without half the kindness and warmth of a brother and sister, cold like two strangers.

    She really, so regretful.

    "Mr. Chu, the commander has an invitation, please come with me."

    At this time, a low voice came from outside the door.

    Only Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong were seen, with smiles on their faces, inviting Ye Fan to the command headquarters for a gathering.


    Ye Fan nodded his head and then followed them out of the room.

    Here, there was only Ye Yuyan left, standing there all alone.

    Let her figure be outstanding, let her face be pretty and beautiful.

    Unfortunately, there was no one to watch.


    "Yuyan, what are you doing here?"

    "Ohhh, must be here to congratulate your cousin."

    "I'll give you that, your cousin sealing the rank of General, that's definitely a sure thing."

    "Lieutenant General I can't guarantee it, but at least, it's the rank of Major General."

    "A twenty-year-old Major General~"

    "Tsk tsk~"

    "This is the youngest general since the founding of Huaxia, right?"

    "In the future, your cousin, the future will be boundless, he might become the Commander-in-Chief of the Three Armies in the future?"

    "Yuyan ah, you can be content with having such a cousin."

    "In the future, with your cousin covering you in the army, you will definitely be on the same level and bright, ah."


    At this time, Fang Shaohong seemed to have forgotten something and turned back for a run.

    As soon as he returned to the guest house, he noticed Ye Yuyan who was dressed in a flowery outfit.

    Immediately laughing, like Ye Yuyan conveyed the good news.

    After that, Fang Shaohong also hurried to chase after Ye Fan and the others.

    The Ye Yuyan in the room, however, was undoubtedly even more lost.

    Only at this moment, did Ye Yuyan Fang realize what she had missed back then?

    She was filled with remorse and loss, looking at the back of Ye Fan and the others leaving, but Ye Yuyan's beautiful eyes were red.



    "Mr. Chu, you don't need to be nervous."

    "I reckon the Commander-in-Chief summoned you this time to have a few words of hospitality with you."

    "Maybe he'll even throw a banquet and give you a reception?"

    On the way, Lu Tianhe was chatting with Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan nodded, "This commander, is he the one who came to Ye Yang Town last time?"

    Ye Fan still remembered that on the day of the previous New Year's Day, Lu Tianhe and the others came to invite him to be the chief instructor of the military district.

    At that time, it seemed like there was also a military district commander who came to invite personally.

    "You're talking about Commander Rong An Rong, right?"

    "Commander Rong is the commander of the Yanjing Military Region."

    "Now we see that it is the commander-in-chief of the Jiangdong Military Region, named Wuyang."

    "The commander-in-chief of the formation of the special battle team this time is also Commander-in-Chief Wuyang."

    Fang Shaohong explained from the side.

    This time, the formation of the Martial Special Battle Team was jointly led by the Jiangdong Military Region and the Yanjing Military Region.

    Among them, there would naturally be people from the Jiangdong Military Region involved.

    What's more, now that the training was on the Jiangdong Military Region's territory, so regarding the selection of this instructor, the one who could really make the decision was the Jiangdong Military Region's Commander-in-Chief, Wu Yang.

    Lu Tianhe and the others, mainly recommended candidates.

    In the middle of the conversation, Ye Fan and the others, they had already arrived at the command headquarters.

    However, as soon as they arrived at the headquarters, they were stopped by the guards at the entrance.

    "General Lu, please wait for a moment."

    "The commander is in session, and no one is allowed to enter."


    "What's the situation?"

    "Being deliberated?"

    "Wasn't it all right just now?"

    "Is there, like, an emergency?"

    Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong were both stunned, obviously not expecting it to come at such a bad time.

    But it couldn't be helped, a military order was a military order.

    Since Wu Yang had said that it was forbidden to disturb them inside, Lu Tianhe and the others could only wait outside first.

    "Mr. Chu, you are more than welcome."

    "The army is like this, many meetings happen suddenly."

    "Sometimes, at two o'clock in the middle of the night, you can sleep soundly, but you can also be woken up by a sudden alarm."

    "After all, the military situation is changing rapidly, and the security of the country is at stake."

    "If your superiors have an order, you're just making out with your wife, you'll have to be good and roll out of bed and return to your post!"

    "Military orders are like mountains~"

    Fang Shaohong and the two laughed and explained to Ye Fan..

    Ye Fan nodded, "Well, I can understand.Soldiers take it as their duty to obey orders."

    "And that's exactly why I don't like enlisting in the army."

    Ye Fan returned indifferently, but he was speaking the truth.

    He was used to being free and unrestrained, he didn't like restrictions, and he couldn't stand the feeling of being called around.

    So, by nature, Ye Fan disliked military life.

    This time, if it wasn't for Old Taijun's personal persuasion, even if the appointment was made, it was unlikely that Ye Fan would have come.

    Just like this, the three of them were waiting outside for an hour.

    During that time, the sound of cheerful laughter was also faintly heard from the room.

    At this time, the sun was already on the pole.

    When Lu Tianhe looked at the time, it was already close to one in the afternoon.

    "What's the situation?"

    "Isn't it over?"

    "What kind of meeting is this, taking so long?"

    "And, is it a meeting?"

    "Why the laughter?"

    Lu Tianhe was a little impatient with the wait.

    After all, there were fucking guests?

    He, Ye Fan, had been waiting outside for such a long time on his first visit, and although it was because of a special situation, it was always a little hard to say.

    However, after Lu Tianhe asked for half a day, the guard couldn't say anything.

    "He's a janitor, what the hell does he know?"

    "Tianhe, you guys wait here, I'll go in."

    Fang Shaohong was also a little impatient, pushing the guard away and barging right in.


"General Fang, General Fang~"

    At the door, the guards still wanted to stop, but Fang Shaohong had rushed in.

    However, after going in, Fang Shaohong only found that where is the meeting, but several people sitting around together, is laughing and eating it?


    "Didn't I tell you that if it's not important, it's forbidden to disturb personnel."

    "If you disturb the guests, I'll take you as a question!"

    The one who spoke was a short, stout man.

    After seeing someone intruding, this man became furious and immediately shouted harshly.

    This person, was the deputy commander of the Jiangdong Military Region, Lin Qinghe.

    However, no attention was paid to Lin Qinghe's anger.

    Fang Shaohong, however, looked at a middle-aged man at the side.

    The man was strapping and majestic, with tiger eyes, and his brows were also slightly furrowed at this time, obviously disturbed by someone, making him a little unhappy as well.

    Yes, this middle-aged man with a heroic appearance was the Commander-in-Chief of the Jiangdong Military Region, Wu Yang.

    "Commander Wu, what is your intention?"

    "We're waiting outside, while you, you're in there messing around?"

    "Mr. Chu is a talent we had a hard time hiring, and you're not afraid of chilling Mr. Chu's heart by treating him like this?"

    Fang Shaohong's words clearly carried a bit of anger.

    He was truly enraged!

    Thanks to them before, they thought that Wu Yang and the others had gotten emergency orders and were meeting to discuss things.

    This fucking messed up, they were just spending their time.

    Wasting their time for nothing!


    "Is that the proper tone of voice for you to speak to Commander Wu?"

    "Fang Shaohong, I'm warning you, don't think that just because you're a member of the Yanjing Military District, you can flaunt your power here and not even put our commander in your sights."

    "I'm telling you, this is Jiangdong, not Yanjing!"

    "In Jiangdong's territory, there's no room for you outsiders to behave!"

    However, Wu Yang hadn't spoken yet, but Vice Commander Lin Qinghe clapped his hands and scolded Fang Shaohong angrily.

    "What's wrong?"

    "What happened?"

    "Why is this still a fight?"

    Hearing the commotion inside, Ye Fan and Lu Tianhe, who were waiting outside, also hurriedly walked in and inquired about the situation.

    "Tianhe, you're just in time."

    "See for yourself!"

    "Motherfucker, we've been waiting outside for an hour, and they're drinking and chatting inside."

    "Is this bullying, or are you trying to give us a hard time?"

    Fang Shaohong was furious.

    Although, he had come to anticipate before coming here that this time, they would definitely suffer a lot of local resistance when they parachuted into Jiangdong and supervised the construction of the Martial Special Force.

    After all, to the Jiangdong Military Region, Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong were after all outsiders sent by Yanjing, and it was inevitable that they would be ostracized by the local forces.

    But I didn't expect that the other party would be so arrogant and difficult for them after only a few days.

    After seeing the scene before him, Lu Tianhe also then frowned.

    "Commander Wu, what do you mean by this?"Lu Tianhe looked towards Wu Yang and asked unhappily.

    Wuyang, who had been silent, only then smiled back and said, "Tianhe, Shaohong, don't be angry."

    "It's all a misunderstanding."

    "It's all the men who did the wrong thing."

    "I told them to keep the idlers out, who knew they would stop you guys too?"

    "I'll give them disciplinary action when they finish eating."

    "Sit, you guys sit down, places are reserved for you."

    "Today's meal is not only for Master Wei Qing to receive the dust, but also for you."

    This Wu Yang was worthy of being the master of the military district, and with a few words, he resolved the conflict.

    Let Lu Tianhe and the others, they couldn't pick out any faults.

    "By the way, where's that Mr. Chu you guys invited?"

    "Not here yet?"

    "I've got a bottle of Maotai left unopened, but it's reserved for that esteemed Mr. Chu you're talking about?"

    Wu Yang smiled as he looked at the door.

    However, other than a few of Lu Tianhe's followers, there was no sign of that so-called Mr. Chu at all.

    "Forget it, Tianhe, Shaohong, you guys sit down first."

    "This, is your newly recruited security guard, go, move a seat for your General Lu."

    Wu Yang looked towards Ye Fan and gave a casual command.

    At that moment, Wuyang and the others only felt that the air had frozen a bit.

    Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong's old eyes snapped, and their faces darkened at that time, full of weirdness, and said to Wu Yang, "Commander Wu, he's the one we told you about before, the Honor of Jiangdong, Mr. Chu."


    "He's Mr. Chu?"

    "A teenager?"Wu Yang was stunned then.

    Before this, he had thought that Mr. Chu, who was held in high esteem by Lu Tianhe and the others, had to be a highly respected old man?

    After all, being able to become the esteem of Jiangdong and shocking the bigwigs from all walks of life was almost impossible without an old-fashioned mind and enough experience.

    But now, it was clear that Ye Fan's youth was far beyond Wu Yang's expectations.

    Immediately afterwards, the original thick smile on Wu Yang's face faded away.


    "General Lu, you don't, by any chance, want a junior descendant to lead training, do you?"

    "Are you sure you're not joking?"

    "I was under the impression that the Mr. Chu you speak of was some kind of highly respected master powerhouse?"

    "I didn't expect it to be just a melon."

    "Let him train the squad, what's a bunch of pussies out of this training?"

    "Commander Wu, if you want me to say ah, we can only feel at ease when we have to have a professional like Master Wei Qing train this special battle team character."

    When Lin Qinghe heard this, he burst out laughing.

    While ridiculing Lu Tianhe and the others, he recommended a man beside him to Wu Yang.

    The man, who seemed to be in his forties or fifties, was so tall that even through his suit, one could feel the majestic muscles beneath his shirt.

    After Lu Tianhe and the others entered, this man, throughout, did not speak, did not even look up at them, just sat there with his eyes closed and a very high posture.

    "Lin Qinghe, watch your words and actions!"

    Hearing Lin Qinghe's undisguised sarcastic words, Lu Tianhe and Fang Shaohong's eyebrows chilled down as they coldly shouted.

    "Alright, let's all cut the crap."

    "Master Wei Qing is new here, don't let anyone see the joke."

    Wu Yang spoke out to stop their bickering and signaled to eat first.

    "But Commander Wu, Mr. Chu has something to do later, is this military chief instructor position to be finalized first?"Lu Tianhe advised again.

    In order to conceal the truth, this posting was openly the chief instructor of the Jiangdong Military Region, but the main job that he was responsible for was still the training of the Special Warfare Team.

    "I told you, everything will wait until after dinner."

    "If this Mr. Chu really has something to do, you can let him go ahead and get busy."

    "We won't hold him up."Wu Yang returned in a deep voice.

    Few words, but they blocked the old faces of Lu Tianhe and the others, who could no longer say anything.


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