Super Son-in-law 461-470


Chapter 461

"Xi...Xi Yan, what nonsense are you talking about, could I possibly go and marry Lin Hao?I...I'm your sister ah...I...I...", Shen Yutong quickly stammered and explained to Shen Shiyan.

Shen Xiyan looked at Shen Yutong incomparably seriously, "Sister Yutong, even if you don't come looking for me, I will still go looking for you.The two of us have been like sisters since we were young, I know what kind of person you are, we really seem to be alike.When you told me that time in the Purple Bamboo Beyard that the man you liked in your heart, I had a strange thought in my heart, was the man you liked like Lin Hao?"

"Xi Yan, you... "Shen Yutong didn't dare to let Shen Xi Yan speak any further.She suddenly felt like Shen Xiyan knew something, but it was true that she hadn't had anything to do with Lin Hao, nothing at all.Even if she wanted to be impulsive and go do Lin Hao's underground hiring, Lin Hao didn't even agree to it, and up she wouldn't allow herself to do that!!!!

Shen Si Yan looked sluggish again, her spirit had been in extreme overdraft every day for the last few days, and then resting badly.So Shen Caiyan's entire body was in a trance-like state these days.

Shen Xiyan was dazed for a long time, and suddenly her eyes were stunned and said, "Sister Yu Tong, that night Lin Hao went out to see you, I know, I was at home watching the news from Nanjiang City, and someone filmed you, filming you hugging Lin Hao, only when I wanted to look closely, that news had already been deleted......."

Boom... Shen Yutong's heart was in shock, she had never thought that she would be caught on camera when she met with Lin Hao that night!And just by coincidence, the news that was sent out to be immediately deleted, was seen by Shen Xiyan!How coincidental must that be?

"Xi Yan, don't misunderstand, I swear to you, I really didn't do anything with Lin Hao, if I say half a word of lies, let me be struck by lightning and run over by a car when I go out!I really don't have anything going on with Lin Hao... "Shen Yu Tong swore to Shen Xi Yan through gritted teeth!The attitude was very firm, Shen Xiyan's heart was already bitter enough, she really didn't want to make Shen Xiyan feel even worse and more painful because of herself.

"Oh... "Shen Xiyan suddenly smiled, it was a genuine smile, she smiled and looked at Shen Yutong and said, "Sister Yutong, how many years have I known you?How long have I known Lin Hao?So you don't need to explain, I know that you and Lin Hao are innocent.So I guess you don't even know that the man who saved you when you almost had an accident was Lin Hao, right?Otherwise you wouldn't have told me so much that night, so much..."

Shen Yutong's tears snapped as she shed tears and shook her head at Shen Xiyan and said, "Xiyan, don't say any more, don't go any further, I will never have anything to do with Lin Hao in my life, she's yours, you love him so much, how would I, as a sister, go and steal from you?I won't, pity you believe me, I really won't, I really won't..."

Shen Xi Yan was also incomparably pained and shook her head at Shen Yu Tong and said, "Sister Yu Tong, I know you won't, but I also beg you.You go find Lin Hao, stay by his side for me, take good care of him and love him.And besides you, I don't feel comfortable with other women appearing beside him, he is so good, but his heart is so kind.All the pain he thinks he's going to carry on his own, he's... too tired and worn out..."

Shen Xi Yan paused and continued to say to Shen Yu Tong, "Sister Yu Tong, and you, you are much stronger than me, you fought hard in Tian Hai long ago, you have also made it to the executive of a big company, you are very capable, you are good, you can definitely help him, so Sister Yu Tong, you go to Lin Hao's, stay with Lin Hao, stay with him, love him, and take my share with you.All I ask is one thing, that you help him go higher and further, so that he will have no regrets in his life, okay?" First web site

Shen Yutong had even more tears, and kept shaking her head in deadly disagreement.In her heart, she really, really liked Lin Hao.But that was on the premise that she didn't know that Lin Hao was Shen Xiyan's husband.When she met Lin Hao the last time she went to Nanjiang on the scene of Shen Siyan's marriage proposal, she knew she herself should disappear.

She knew that she herself couldn't bother Lin Hao and Shen Ziyan no matter what.One was a man she loved dearly, and the other was a sister who hadn't been her real sister since she was a child, but was more than her real sister.How could she go and be that damned mistress?Especially since Shen Xiyan had told her again that night that her story with Lin Hao was so difficult....


Shen Yutong shed tears and shook her head vigorously, "No, I won't, Xi Yan you don't talk nonsense, I won't talk to Lin Hao, I won't be her woman either, this thing of yours will definitely turn around, it will definitely happen ah... Oh right, my general manager is also surnamed Gong, I'm going to find him, I'm going to find him, I'm going to find him, you must never think blindly ah, don't think blindly ah..."

Shen Yutong finished not waiting for Shen Xiyan to speak again, then she hurriedly ran out.After meeting Wang Shufen and Yue Gu outside, she didn't even care to talk, Shen Yutong kept running, kept running, and when she was far away from the Gu family's villa, she suddenly held onto the wall and squatted down, crying loudly and silently.

She, Shen Yutong, was not going to destroy Shen Xiyan's marriage no matter what!No matter how much she loved Lin Hao in her heart and how much she wanted to be by his side.This was her bottom line!She just never expected that Shen Siyan would know about it, and that silly girl Shen Siyan actually asked her to go and accompany Lin Hao, to marry Lin Hao, to be Lin Hao's wife....

Shen Yutong knew what Shen Xiyan was thinking, what she was really thinking was exactly what she said on her lips, Shen Xiyan really wanted her to accompany Lin Hao, just could she?It can't, she and Lin Hao can't in this life....

"Pity trust me, things will turn around, you just wait, you just wait!Yue Gu, Lin Hao, me, your mother...all of us are helping you figure out what to do, don't ever do anything stupid again ah... "Shen Yutong took a deep breath, turned around, and drove off to find her boss.

Shen Yutong's supervisor was Gong Jun!!!The Gong Jun who met with Lin Hao half a year ago at the Half Moon Bay Hotel!And that time, Gong Jun had also given Chen Shanshan an exquisite necklace.Shen Yutong had heard a long time ago that the family behind Gong Jun was very powerful, and now after she associated it with the Gong Family in Tianhai City, she suddenly understood.Nine out of ten, Gong Jun was from their Gong family!

Doing as she said, Shen Yutong directly stepped on the gas pedal to the bottom and rushed towards the place where Gong Jun was, Gong Jun was at the moment outside talking to his foreign partner.The reason why Shen Yutong put her hope on Gong Jun was also because she felt that Gong Jun's ability was too strong, and at a young age, he had become the Asia president of the world's leading luxury goods, with an annual salary of several hundred million dollars.So in Shen Yutong's heart, an outstanding figure like Gong Jun should be very powerful even in the Gong family, and might just be able to help!

Shen Yutong drove the car as fast as she could in her anxiety, the red Ferrari was as fast as it had been that night when she had fled with Lin Hao in Tianhai!

Half an hour later, an eager Shen Yutong found Gong Jun in front of an upscale office building, and after Shen Yutong parked her car, she hurriedly pulled Gong Jun aside, "Mr. Gong, I have something to ask you for help, you must help me!"Shen Yutong incomparably said solemnly to Gong Jun.

Gong Jun, who was dressed in a silver suit, raised his hand to look at his watch and frowned, saying, "Yutong, are you in a hurry?The guys from European HQ are waiting up there, I'm going up there now!Can we talk about you later?"

I've always been obedient to Gong Jun in the workplace, Shen Yutong, this time went to deeply shake her head: "No, Mr. Gong, my matter is really very important, please help me, if you don't help me, I really don't know who to go to... I beg you, Mr. Gong, I really really need you!Help..." said Shen Yutong, tears streaming down her face. Remember the URL

Gong Jun was shocked when he saw Shen Yutong like this, in his impression, Shen Yutong, the strongest woman in the workplace, his most competent subordinate in the past few years, had never been so desperate, and she was actually crying?Gong Jun and Shen Yutong were not only partners at work, but in private they were also good friends.

So Gong Jun nodded to Shen Yutong and said, "Okay, Yutong you don't cry, hurry up and tell me what's going on?What the hell happened to you?"

Shen Yutong's eyes were red and shedding tears, she said to Gong Jun, "Mr. Gong, tell me the truth, the family behind you is the top-notch Gong Family in Tianhai City, right?"

Gong Jun nodded and looked at Shen Yu Tong in confusion and asked, "Well, what's wrong?You have something to do with the Palace?"

Shen Yutong nodded her head with tears streaming down her face, "Well yes, it's related to the Gong family, did you see the morning news?The Gong family wants to marry the Leng family, and the woman of the marriage is called Shen Shiyan, she is my sister ah, and she is already married, she was forced, his husband just a few days ago in Nanjiang City to propose to her, three days ago she was the most envied woman in the whole Nanjiang City ah, but now she is forced by the Leng family to divorce her husband, and three days later will marry to the Gong family, Mr. Gong, can you help me?Please..."

Shen Yutong said that she was about to kneel down to Gong Jun.Gong Jun quickly reached out his hand to hold her, not allowing her to kneel down.Gong Jun's mouth opened wide, his face was also incomparably shocked, quickly said: "Yu Tong you don't worry ah, I've been busy with the company's business for two days, I only returned home last night, the family thing I really don't know ah, so that later I finished the meeting, I'll go back to see what's going on, okay?"

As soon as Gong Jun finished speaking, his phone rang, Gong Jun picked it up and said a few words to go up right away, then hung up the phone.After hanging up the phone, Gong Jun grabbed both of Shen Yutong's shoulders hard and said, "Yutong, it's been so many years, the first time you've begged me, don't worry, I'm done talking about things, I'll go back to the Gong family tonight, you wait for my call!If it's the Gong family bullying boys and girls, I'll get an explanation from them!Don't be afraid, I'm here..."

Shen Yutong looked deeply at Gong Jun, for the past few years, she had always known in her heart that Gong Jun liked her, otherwise she wouldn't have been able to sit all the way to her current position in just four or five years after graduation.It's just that she didn't like Gong Jun, she just got along with him as a best friend.

Shen Yutong took a deep breath and said to Gong Jun, "Gong Jun, if you can help me stop this, then I'll marry you!Be your wife!"

Gong Jun's face suddenly rose with a hint of joy, and he quickly nodded his head vigorously, "Mmhmm, Yu Tong don't worry, I won't let you down!Your sister, that is, my sister!This is going to happen anyway, and I promise I'll do everything in my power to stop it, but I've got to get up there now, and I'll call you tonight, okay?"

"Good, then I'll wait for your news... "Shen Yutong nodded her head in incomparable sadness....

Gong Jun left, Shen Yutong stood alone on the side of the road, watching the tide of people coming and going, she had just given away her whole life's happiness for Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan, but she didn't regret it, she knew that if she didn't say yes to Gong Jun, Gong Jun wouldn't put too much effort into helping her even if she did, and only after she said yes to Gong Jun could Gong Jun go and help her with everything he had....

"Since I can't be with you in this life, it's the same for whoever I marry, Lin Hao, Xi Yan, you must be together ah, things will always turn around, always turn around, always turn around..." murmured Shen Yutong in her heart.

And when she told Shen Yutong that things would turn around, she had already made this plan in her heart, to marry Gong Jun herself in exchange for Gong Jun's help....


At four o'clock in the afternoon, in the hall of the Leng family villa, the banquet had already dispersed, and there were only two people sitting inside the hall at the moment.Gong Haiyang, with an incomparably gloomy face, and Leng Changjiang, who also had a dark face.

Gong Haiyang squinted his eyes, his fingers tapping on the mahogany seat one by one, his voice low and cold: "That bastard was taken away by Gu Shengnan, the wedding must be held as soon as possible, originally I was planning to wait until Leng Qiu Ya woke up before holding it.But late is late, and the attitude of the Xiao family and the Bai family is already clear today, the two of them absolutely do not want to see you and me join forces!"

Leng Changjiang nodded heavily, "Well, that's right, Xiao Nuo and Bai Hang's attitude is already obvious, they would like us to fight with Gu Shengnan, you're right, the longer things drag on, the more variables there will be!Shen Siyan and Gongzhao's wedding must be as soon as possible!Just the Yeerks' attitude?I'm a little confused!What's going on with Ye Wushuang?Did he really just come here to drink?But if we didn't have his help today, it definitely wouldn't be that easy for Gu Shengnan to take Shen Shiyan away!"

Gong Haiyang frowned deeply and tapped his fingers on the mahogany chair for a while before saying, "Ye Wushuang's attitude today is strange, but there's no way he's taking Gu Shengnan's side.Maybe it's like he said, he came just because he didn't want to affect his drinking.And for so many years, the Ye family never participated in the battles of these families below Tianhai City.They've always sat high and steady, never coming down to the game themselves!"

Gong Haiyang said, a hint of cold mane in his eyes, paused and continued: "Maybe Ye Wushuang also wants us to fight with Gu Shengnan, but even if he has this intention, then we just need to let Shen Shiyan and Gong Zhao directly to the wedding, he Ye Wushuang will have no choice, according to my understanding of the Ye family, they like to play idle chess in nothing, if Gu Shengnan is reallySpelling out part of our forces is good enough for them, even if Gu Shengnan doesn't have the courage to go on against us, their Ye family doesn't have anything to lose, right?"

Leng Changjiang nodded: "Well, that's good, and I know Gu Shengnan's character, he definitely didn't recognize Shen Siyan as his goddaughter, our Leng Family's intelligence network isn't for nothing, Gu Shengnan is trying to protect Shen Siyan today, and it's also because of his own daughter, Gu Yue!As long as we snatch Shen Shiyan out of the house tonight and get married tomorrow morning, it's a done deal!He, Gu Shengnan, won't continue to kowtow to our two families, will he?"

Gong Haiyang also nodded, "Well, yes, the scene in Tianhai City is already very chaotic now, there's a feeling of a storm coming, that person has already arrived in Tianhai, but for some reason hasn't made a move yet.So in this resultant eye, the quicker we can get things done, the better, then we'll find someone to snatch Shen Shi Yan out later, and we'll just have the wedding tomorrow!"

Leng Changjiang's face changed dramatically, he looked at Gong Haiyang and pointed to the top of his head, he quickly asked, "Master Gong, there are many hidden secrets in Tianhai City that my Leng Family was not qualified to know before, who is the existence you are talking about?All these years I could also vaguely sense that there was a huge thing hiding in the back of the Heavenly Sea, but why had I never heard of that family?"

Gong Haiyang sneered, "Heh, originally I didn't want to talk to you, with your Leng family status naturally you can't get in touch, you haven't reached our level after all.But this time, what you did this time, Leng Family Master, made me very satisfied, made my heart free, and untied the knot I've had for many years!And in the future, you and I will be in a state of marriage, an alliance to advance and retreat together.Then I'll go out of my way to tell you that in the Heavenly Sea, the largest family will never be the Ye family!His Ye family was far from qualified in front of that existence!This is the very reason why the Ye family is so low-key!"

"What?There's a family in the Heavenly Sea that's even more powerful than the Ye family?"Leng Changjiang soared to his feet, his face full of fear, in his sight and consciousness, there were only four big families in Tianhai City.But now Gong Haiyang's words were frightening to him.


Gong Haiyang put away the smile on his face and nodded with an incomparably heavy face, "Well, that's right, there's still the biggest family hiding in the Heavenly Sea, that family is one of the Yanjing Gate Warlords, and the Heavenly Sea is just the backyard of that forbidden family.Let's not talk about that, it's too far away, let's just settle the matter at hand first..."

Leng Changjiang's heart was still raging, but Gong Haiyang didn't want to say much, and looking at Gong Haiyang's face, he was also incomparably jealous of that family, so Leng Changjiang suppressed the shock in his heart and looked at Gong Haiyang, "Then what does the Gong Family Master plan to do?I'm all in!People were taken from my Leng family after all, if you have any needs, just say so!"

Gong Haiyang was incomparably satisfied with Leng Changjiang's attitude, so he slowly said, "It's no trouble, pull out all of your family's battle sequences, join my Gong family's manpower, and just capture that bastard tonight, and if Gu Shengnan resists, then capture Gu Shengnan and that precious daughter of his, together!Tomorrow morning, we'll make sure Gongzhao and that bastard cook the raw rice as fast as we can!That way after tomorrow, neither Gu Shengnan nor Ye Wushuang will have any reason to interfere, and it's useless for them to interfere..."

Leng Changjiang nodded deeply and said, "Good, then I'll tell this to gather my men, and tonight I'll just wait for your order!"

Gong Haiyang raised his hand and looked at his watch: "Okay, it's almost five o'clock now, it's already dark outside, but it can't be too late, at night Gu Shengnan will instead be more guarded, then we'll hit him with a surprise!We'll do it at eight!"

Leng Changjiang nodded in agreement, then Gong Haiyang stood up and headed out the door, he was going to go back to the palace house to plan and set up the wedding site tonight, and finish the wedding tomorrow at nine in the morning!He believed that at such a fast pace, the parties would never be able to react, and by the time they did, it would all be over....

"Palace Master stay, can you reveal to me how much more powerful that forbidden family is than the Ye family?I'm really curious powerful..." just as Gong Haiyang walked to the door, Leng Changjiang suddenly asked Gong Haiyang.

Gong Haiyang's footsteps paced, and instead of returning, he sneered with disdain, "Oh Ye family?That unattainable existence in your eyes, in front of that family, the terror is worse than a dog, right..."

"What? is this possible?Is that family so horrible?"Leng Changjiang sucked in cold air and asked incredulously to Gong Haiyang.

Gong Haiyang was a bit speechless towards Leng Changjiang, Leng Changjiang was a person in his heart, but he had a fatal hard wound that he was too old, listening to Leng Changjiang's voice that sucked in cold air and looking at his shocked appearance, Gong Haiyang couldn't help but think of his own expression when he first came into contact with that hidden secret, at that time, he and Leng Changjiang's expression and mentality were so similar....

Thinking of this Gong Haiyang turned his head to look at Leng Changjiang with interest and said playfully, "Well yeah, that forbidden family is so terrifying, it's considered one of the top high families in the entire country!What to say, if you, the Leng Family Master, got the help of that forbidden family, then your Leng Family wouldn't need to be so calculated for decades at all, as long as they say the word, you can replace the Ye Family and become the largest first-class family in the Heavenly Sea, hehe..." First published URL

Hiss... Leng Changjiang was stimulated by Gong Haiyang's words, and his blood couldn't help but surge, and when he came back to his senses again, Gong Haiyang had already gone far away....

"How good it would be if my Leng family could get help from that family, but unfortunately I'm empty and full of ambition, but I'm really old, hey, I just hope that in my lifetime, I can meet with that existence that arrived at the Heavenly Sea, ah, if possible, leave a good impression in front of him, so that the Leng family will soar to the sky..." within the large living room, Leng Changjiang was alone and deeply sighed....

Towards the forbidden existence that arrived in the Heavenly Sea two days ago, there were thoughts of wanting to meet, versus unrealistic fantasies....


At seven o'clock in the evening, in front of the Gong family, quietly standing hundreds of people in black combat uniforms, Gong Haiyang and his son Gong Wei stood on the steps, looking down at the crowd that radiated icy coldness.

"Dad, the people have already arrived, from our place to arrive at Gu Nan Sheng's villa, the time will take forty to fifty minutes, counting the traffic light wear and tear, if our people arrive at Gu's house is at most eight o'clock, I don't think Gu Sheng Nan will guess how we won't be able to do it in the middle of the night, but at eight o'clock tonight, he is definitely not prepared enough..." said Gong Wei with a dark smile to Gong Hai Yang.

Gong Haiyang nodded with a cold smile, "Well good, but just in case, after catching that kind, don't rush back to the Gong family, you guys go to our secret base in Tianhai, and wait until tomorrow morning at eight o'clock directly back to the family!"

After Gong Haiyang said that, he said to one of the leading Gong family branch below, "Gong Fang do you remember?Tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. you bring back that bastard!If the slightest mistake is made, you get out of the family!"

A black combat uniformed Gong Fang quickly nodded, "Yes!My lord, Gong Fang promises to complete the mission!"

Gong Haiyang nodded heavily, "It's all up to you, don't let the Leng family get close, and don't point at them!I don't trust that old fox Leng Changjiang!And just a small Gu family, we are completely enough for ourselves, after you do this, your parents side of the treatment doubled!Don't let me down!!!"

A sharp edge of excitement rose in the depths of Gong Fang's eyes, "It's the Master!"After Gong Fang said that, he took a hundred people and horses into a commercial vehicle, and the next moment the car roared, and the Gong family sped off towards the Gu family....


At the same time, Gong Jun and his European business partner were almost done talking in the conference room.The topic of their meeting was the marketing plan for the next new model of jewelry, facing the whole of Asia.

A very handsome foreigner sitting opposite Gong Jun said to Gong Jun: "Oh yes, Mr. Gong, I heard that the owner of the crystal love that has been passed down from our European mid-world is now a Chinese woman?Do you know who it is?"

Gong Jun wondered, "I also just returned home last night, the crystal love that is known as jewelry aristocracy in Europe, has it reached us?Mr. Tom, forgive me if I really don't know..." Remember the website

Gong Jun said casually, he was a little anxious now, he didn't expect this meeting to go on for so long.He had to know that he still had to give Shen Yutong an answer tonight.He wanted to hurry back to the Gong family and get it over with right now!

He Gong Jun is the best person in the Gong family branch, and all these years his uncle Gong Haiyang has always wanted to let him return to the family, sincerity, and even yo put a part of the Gong family business let him to take care of!So Gong Jun was thinking that it shouldn't be a big deal if he went back and talked to Gong Hai Yang about it properly.And after he got this thing done for Shen Yutong, Shen Yutong would marry him!So he was really in no mood at all to stay with these foreigners in front of him right now!He just wanted to hurry back now.

Just he wanted to leave, the two foreigners came to a strong interest, that tom even took out his phone to open an interface, said to Gong Jun, "Mr. Gong you see, is this woman, called Shen Siyan?Hmmmm, this oriental woman is really beautiful and pretty, and Crystal Love was bought for her by her husband!She's really happy, this woman..."

"What?Shen Sik Yen?Quick, show me... "Gong Jun was shocked when he heard Tom say the name Shen Xi Yan, because when he came up here, that sister of hers that Shen Yutong told him about was called Shen Xi Yan.

Gong Jun hurriedly took Tom's phone and opened it to look at it, and when he saw Shen Xiyan's face, he was sure that Shen Xiyan was Shen Yutong's sister!Because Shen Siyan and Shen Yutong look a bit alike, they are family and their names are right, Shen Yutong is from Nanjiang too!

When Gong Jun looked at the Crystal Love necklace that Shen Xiyan was wearing around her neck, he was confused.Because although Crystal Love is worth more than ten million, there are many, many rich people in this world.The problem was that others might not know that he, Gong Jun, had always been the jewelry maker, and he was well aware that it was absolutely impossible to buy it from the hands of that English royal family in Europe without a horrible status!It's not even about the money!So Gong Jun just hurried down to continue reading, wanting to see who that husband of Shen Xi Yan's was that was actually able to buy back Crystal Love!

Just this, when Gong Jun saw Lin Hao, whom Shen Xiyan was holding on to, he was suddenly so frightened that he screamed violently and threw his phone directly onto the ground, and in an instant, his entire face was white and covered in cold sweat....


Shen Sik Yen's husband is actually Lin Hao!!!!It's actually Lin Hao!!!

Lin Hao he knew, half a year ago the Tianhai Group replaced a young president over, and at that time that president was Lin Hao.It was just that Lin Hao was very, very low-key after he arrived at the Tianhai Group.He, Gong Jun, was also fortunate enough to meet Lin Hao when he gave Chen Shanshan his birthday!

And when he went back to Tian Hai last night, he heard that Tian Hai Group had annexed Tian Yao Group!The power was extremely expansive, and he had heard rumors that the one who now controlled the Tianhai Group would be coming to Tianhai in the next few days, rumored to be coming from the Yanjing side with an identity that could even be called taboo.And Gong Jun also knew that the owner behind the Tianhai Group was surnamed Lin!

And then remembering that half a year ago Lin Hao had briefly been the president of the Tian Hai Group, Gong Jun's heart grew hairy and frightened to the point where his face began to turn blue!Lin Hao was also surnamed Lin, and had been the president of the Tian Hai Group!Then Lin Hao's true identity was....

Gong Jun swallowed his saliva in fear, thinking of this, he didn't dare to think about it anymore now.Because Shen Yutong had told him this afternoon that the Leng family and the Gong family had forced Shen Xiyan to divorce Lin Hao and then let Shen Xiyan marry into the Gong family... And he had also heard that that terrifying existence in Yanjing was going to come to Tianhai in the next two days, and if two days later when people came back and then found out that their wives had actually been forced to that extent........

Gong Jun couldn't help but shiver with cold sweat....

"It's over, it's over, the Gong family is finished, looking for death ah, those idiots Gong Haiyang Gong Wei, really fucking looking for death ah, looking for death ah!If you offend that existence, the entire Gong family will cease to exist ah!Stupid, stupid, grass grass... "Gong Jun was completely furious and fearful in his heart, he was in a position where he couldn't explode in front of everyone at all, but now it seemed like that was the only way he could hide the fear in his heart!Deep fear....

"Mr. Miyagi, what's wrong with you?Are you...are you okay?"Tom looked at Gong Joon in confusion, wondering what was wrong with Gong Joon, he was obviously just fine, but after he looked at the pictures on his phone, Gong Joon was like this....

"Yes, three days later, three days before the wedding, it's still too soon, it's not too late, I hope everything is still too late... "Miyazaki didn't even care to listen to what Tom had to say at this point.He got up from the ground, he couldn't care less about getting his computer, documents, etc., he just ran down the stairs as fast as he could....

Gong Jun heart anxious, this will even dare not sit in the elevator, directly run the stairs, rushing down, while running, body cold sweat while falling down....

"Gong Haiyang, you big idiot, you mustn't make things up for me!You've pierced the sky this time. You've fucking pierced the sky!You know what?You big fool..." in his heart Gong Jun was frantically cursing Gong Hai Yang, if it was normal, even he, Gong Jun, would have been respectful in front of Gong Hai Yang, but now Gong Hai Yang himself was dying, actually forcing the wife of that terrifying existence to marry into the Gong family? One second to remember to read the book

"Gong Haiyang!I'll rub your ass!"Gong Jun cursed and vented the endless fear in his heart.He now had to return to the Gong family at the first opportunity to stop Gong Haiyang, he only hoped that everything was still in time.

Rushing downstairs Gong Jun couldn't even care to drive, directly into a taxi, threw all the money in his pocket to the driver without even looking, yelling, "Go to the Jiangbei District Dihou Bujian, fast, fast, give me a red light, how fast, give me how fast, all that money is yours, fast..."

The driver was also a fierce man, looked at the stack of bills that Gong Jun threw in front of him, there were dollars and euros and yuan, a thick pile, it was estimated that there were tens of thousands of dollars, he directly slammed the gas pedal to the bottom and drove wildly in the direction Gong Jun said....

The driver was driving along in a frenzy while Gong Jun was taking out his phone in the car to check this morning's news.Just when he saw the pictures of Shen Xiyan at the Leng family banquet, humiliated, and saw the short video of Gong Haiyang cursing Shen Xiyan one bastard at a time, Gong Jun's heart went ice cold, only feeling like he had fallen into an endless abyss....

"Gong Haiyang, just expect that it's not too late for you to kneel down and apologize... "Gong Jun after watching this morning's news from Tianhai City .He closed his eyes in despair....

But then he opened his eyes again and shook his head to himself, "No, Gong Haiyang, you're finished, you kill yourself so that maybe your son can still live, you're finished, you're really finished..."

Gong Jun couldn't wait to rush to the Gong family now, the news said that Shen Suyan would only be married to the Gong family in three days, he felt that it was still not too late for him to meet Gong Haiyang, but he didn't even know that as he was rushing to the Gong family, the men and horses from the Gong family to catch Shen Suyan had already left, and the Gong family had already started to reveal the news to the outside world that Shen Suyan would be getting married tomorrow morning....


"Master hurry up, in hurry up!!!"The more Gong Jun looked at his heart the more desperate he became, he was originally a member of the Gong family, no one knew those people of Gong Haiyang better than he did, although the news said that Shen Xiyan would marry into the Gong family only three days later, but who knew if those idiots of Gong Haiyang Gong Wei would do something horrible to Shen Xiyan in advance?Desperately urging the driver to drive faster....

"Okay, sit tight..." the driver directly stepped on the gas pedal to the bottom, the entire taxi began to smoke, and the speedometer needle on the dashboard directly soared to the end.

Gong Jun's heart was incomparably anxious, and now that this had happened for most of the day, he quickly took out his cell phone to call Gong Haiyang, but a few minutes in a row, he called Gong Haiyang seven or eight times without answering.

Grass Grass!Gong Jun quickly called Gong Wei again, this time after ringing a few times Gong Wei did answer, the phone came from Gong Wei's confused voice: "Gong Jun brother?What's wrong? Did you miss me?You don't usually call me ah... "Gong Wei is now in a very good mood, with Gong Jun all joking, while in fact, he and Gong Jun actually do not have a good relationship, he is the first young master of the Gong family, but Gong Jun, this branch of the family for so many years, all aspects of the head over him, he heartIt had always been displeasing to Gong Jun, but after tomorrow it would be different.

When the Gong family united with the Leng family, the Gong family's power would definitely go up a level, and he was the young master of the Gong family, then he would be much stronger than Gong Jun, the branch that was fighting outside.So Gong Wei, who was in a great mood, actually joked with Gong Jun in an unprecedented way.

Gong Jun felt disgusted in his heart when he heard Gong Wei's laughing voice, but he still pressed his heart and said, "Gong Wei I'm asking you, are you and your uncle going to let Shen Xiyan marry into the Gong family in three days?"

Gong Wei on the other end of the phone pretended to be confused and said, "Oh?Gong-jun, you just got back and now you know?I'm not sure if I've ever had a problem with it, but I'm not sure if I've ever had a problem with it, but I'm not sure if I've ever had a problem with it...."

"What?Shen Xiyan is marrying into the Gong family tomorrow morning?You didn't lie to me?"Gong Jun fiercely drank loudly.

Gong Wei's side got a little upset when he heard such a tone from Gong Jun, and said in a somewhat low voice, "Oh, why do you have any objections, Brother Gong Jun?But it's too late for you to disagree, my dad and Leng Changjiang have already booked a wedding for Shen Xiyan and Gongzhao tomorrow at 9am!You don't have to attend if you're upset!"Gong Wei's voice had become completely gloomy by the end....

"Grass Grass Grass!!!!Gong Wei, you fucking idiots! Don't touch Shen Shiyan!Don't touch Shen Xiyan!!!Remember this, I'll be at the Palace in a minute, and you have your father out waiting for me!!!!Grass grass... "Gong Jun was instantly furious, he was so frightened by Gong Wei's words that his face was completely white, and his body was already drenched in cold sweat....

"Oh?Sir, are you talking about the Leng family's stray bastard?Hehe, that bastard is going to marry into the Gong family, and enjoy a blessed life ah, the Gong family I heard is a big family in our Tianhai City ah... that girl is blessed ah..." the driver heard Gong Jun's words, butHe didn't see Gong Jun's furious expression, and he said that with a brainwave. The first website

"Shut the fuck up!You don't know shit!Drive your car!Or I'll rip your rotten mouth off!"Gong Jun, who was in an extremely unhappy mood, was yelling at the driver.

The driver saw Gong Jun directly scolded him, and was too frightened to speak, Gong Jun was now hostile, and his face was incomparably gloomy.There was a hint of killing intent all over his body, and with Gong Jun's tens of thousands of dollars, he, the little driver, would never dare to mess with him!

The first thing you need to do is to take care of the problem.


And now is walking aimlessly on the roadside Shen Yutong, heard the bag's phone has been ringing, she just realized it was dark, Gong Jun said the night will call her, back to consciousness Shen Yutong quickly took out the phone to pick up: "Hello, Mr. Gong?How come you've got news?"

The phone over there soon came Gong Jun's incomparably urgent voice: "Yutong you listen to me, things are more complicated than you think, I don't have time to explain to you now, I haven't seen Gong Haiyang yet, I'm desperately rushing over there now.Listen carefully, Shen Shiyan is in danger!There's a big danger!Tomorrow morning, Gong Haiyang and Leng Changjiang want Shen Xiyan to marry into the Gong family, tonight Shen Xiyan may be in great danger, you quickly go to find Lin Hao, only Lin Hao can save her now!Don't ask me why, there's no time to explain, hurry up and get to Lin Hao!Come on..."

The shocked Shen Yutong didn't have time to ask anything, the over there Gong Jun directly hung up the phone in a hurry, before Gong Jun hung up, Shen Yutong also heard Gong Jun's incomparably urgent voice on the phone yelling at the driver to speed up and speed up again....

Hanging up the phone Shen Yutong stunned for a moment, and then her face changed wildly, in her impression, even if she encountered even the greatest difficulties.Gong Jun had never been so disoriented, so anxious, then now that Gong Jun could be so anxious, it meant that something was really going to happen tonight, Gong Jun was a member of the Gong family, Shen Yutong believed that Gong Jun wouldn't lie to her!And Gong Jun told her that tomorrow morning, Shen Shi Yan would be married off to the Gong family, and she had just met Shen Shi Yan at Yue Gu's house this afternoon!!!!That means that tonight Shen Siyan will be in danger and the Gong family will rob her!!!!

Shen Yutong is also an ice-cold smart person, so after thinking everything through, she quickly called Yue Gu, "Hello?Yue Gu, tell your father that the Gong and Leng families are going to rob someone tonight!They're taking Xi'an away and tomorrow morning, they're going to let Xi'an get married to Gongzhao!Come on, get ready!Don't ask me why, there's no time to explain, the information is accurate!"

Shen Yutong didn't wait for Yue Gu to ask a question, after that she just hung up the phone, then she called Lin Hao, she had Lin Hao's phone number, but Lin Hao's phone was off at the moment, it couldn't be reached at all!!!!

"Lin Hao, what the hell are you turning off at this time?Why are you turning off your phone now?Where are you ah, Xi Yan is in danger ah, hurry out ah... "Shen Yutong was standing alone on the road yelling, she wanted to go find Lin Hao, but she didn't even know where to look....

"Calm down, calm down, you must calm down...hoo...hoo...hoo...hoo... "Shen Yutong forced herself to calm down, the more anxious things were, the more she needed to calm down, or else everything would be over.

After Shen Yutong took a minute of deep breathing, she called Wang Shufen and Yue Gu to ask where Lin Hao was.It's just that Yue Gu and Wang Shufen didn't know either.And after she called a few times, neither Yue Gu nor Wang Shufen answered her calls anymore, and there was also a frantic preparation going on there....

At this moment, in the villa of the Gu family, Gu Shengnan's face was ashen after hearing Gu Yue's words, "But I underestimated the intrigue of Gong Haiyang and Leng Changjiang, I originally thought that the earliest they should come over to rob someone is late tonight, but according to that friend of yours, it's likely that Gong Haiyang will come to me to take me by surprise, and even he won't be able to wait until late at night at all!!!!Since that's the case, Yueh-Lue, you should follow me and arrange for people to come over, call in all the people you can!It has to last through these three days!"

Gu Shengnan's face was also completely heavy at this moment, he wasn't afraid, but it was clear that his preparation was definitely less than that of Gong Haiyang and Leng Changjiang.Now he was expecting Gong Haiyang and Leng Changjiang to come not so fast... Remember the website

"Yes, father, I'll immediately go and transfer people over... "Gu Yue's face was also incomparably heavy, knowing that right now her Gu family only had fifty or sixty people in the villa area, if this would have been enough in normal times, but if the Gong family and the Leng family sent more people, these people would definitely not be enough.

When Gu Shengnan took a deep breath and stood up to go arrange the set up, suddenly he turned around and looked at Gu Yue and asked, "Hasn't Lin Hao heard anything yet?Where the hell is he?"

Yue Gu's face paled at the news and shook her head bitterly, "Dad, Night One said that Lin Hao was injured, very badly, and he'll still be in a coma, right in Tian Hai!But he didn't revive, but Night One told me again and again that Lin Hao would never give up on Shen Xiyan no matter what!"

Gu Shengnan nodded slowly at the words, "Well, I see, the fate of these two children is really bitter... Since Lin Hao is still in a coma, my Gu family will bear this crisis by itself!Yue Yue, don't be afraid, you make arrangements for Xi Yan now and send her to the underground chamber!"

Yue Gu nodded, "Well father, I had someone give Xi Yan a sedative shot in the afternoon, she's still asleep right now.I'll have Aunt Wang send her in, and I'll come back out to wait with you for the Gong family and the Leng family!"

He was originally a scholarly man, but at this moment he seemed to have turned into a fierce and decisive general on the battlefield.You know I have a nickname, the Scarlet Scholar!If the Leng and Gong families dare to come today, I'll make him bleed to death!"

Gu Shengnan said in a domineering manner....


Shen Siyan was sent by Yue Gu to the underground chamber of the Gu villa, she was still unconscious, in the underground chamber, Wang Shufen and Yue Gu were accompanying her, while outside Gu Shengnan was making all sorts of arrangements and constantly deploying people....

Just in the next moment, that is, just after Shen Xiyan was sent into the underground chamber, Gu Shengnan turned around sharply, his eyes narrowed, and he heard the roar of whisking Er Lu Zero Service's car from the distance of the villa, along with the sound of a slight battle: "Is it here already..."

Gu Shengnan squinted his eyes, but it was good that that call from Shen Yutong was timely, even though it was only a few minutes, he still made all sorts of arrangements at once .So the raid by the Gong family and the Leng family was no longer a surprise attack, but was hardened and changed to a strong attack by Gu Shengnan....

"My lord, all units are ready, just waiting for that group of trash to come over, my lord please rest assured, our brothers are sworn to protect the safety of my lord and my lady!"The captain of Gu Shengnan's guard walked up to Gu Shengnan and said in a resolute tone.

Gu Shengnan waved his hand and said, "Things aren't that bad yet, the Gu villa area, I've already set up the strongest defense system in Tianhai, it's not that easy for those people to attack and kill in a short time, and our people are also coming this way.One hour, just give me an hour to hold on!Then the ones who lose tonight are his Leng and Gong families!"

"Yes!My subordinates are sworn to last an hour!"The guard captain spoke to Gu Shengnan with a heavy tone.

Gu Shengnan looked deeply at the guard captain and said, "What you need to do is not to fight them hard, what you need to do is to delay, okay?"

"Yes!"The captain of the guard nodded and walked out quickly, he was going to personally lead the crowd of brothers to resist, knowing that they, all of them, were retired special forces from the army, and even many of these men had fought in real wars outside the country!It wasn't that they had encountered a more desperate situation than this once or twice.And now that it was mainly about blocking, he was confident that he could bring his brothers to complete the task that Gu Shengnan had laid out.

After Gu Shengnan saw that everything was arranged properly, he sat down on a chair and began to drink tea, truly sitting in front of Mount Tai without changing his face, and naturally having a general's style in his chest.


Besides, on Shen Yutong's side, she was completely at a loss as to what to do, anxious as hell, and now that Yue Gu and Wang Shufen couldn't be reached, she also knew that both Yue Gu and Wang Shufen must be busy now.Even she was wondering if the Gong family and the Leng family had already arrived, then Shen Xiyan would be in great danger, but what could she do?Tianhai is so big, she has no idea where Lin Hao is... One second to remember to read the book...

Shen Yutong was anxiously circling the street, people around her walked past her one by one, some cast curious glances at her, while more people were just walking on their own, not paying any attention to her at all, she simply couldn't find anyone who could help her now.

Just when Shen Yutong was incomparably anxious, suddenly she saw a young man dressed in all black with a rigid face walk past her, she stared blankly at that man, and that man also looked at her a few more times at this moment.Shen Yutong suddenly felt that this man's eyes were very familiar, but she couldn't remember where she had seen such eyes before....

But just as the young man was about to walk away, Shen Yutong fiercely grabbed his arm and asked, "Excuse me, my name is Shen Yutong, do you... do you know me?"Shen Yutong was also panicked, she didn't know what to say, so she simply held her name out.

But the young man frowned and indifferently and forcefully took her hand away and said, "Sorry, I don't know you..." the young man continued to walk forward after saying that.

Shen Yutong hurriedly bowed her head and apologized, but the moment she did, she suddenly saw the military boots on that young man's feet, and there was a sign of a forest on them, a forest?Shen Yutong finally knew why she felt that young man's eyes just now looked so familiar, because just over half a month ago, she had seen that look five times!Those were the five people who had bravely died for Lin Hao when she and Lin Hao had fled in a mad dash!

Thinking of this Shen Yutong looked up sharply at the young man who was about to walk away and yelled, "Do you know Lin Hao?"

After Shen Yutong shouted, that young man's body froze, and in the next moment he turned around abruptly, and in an instant he rushed in front of Shen Yutong, staring at Shen Yutong with a deadly stare and asked, "You said my brother's name, what do you want?"The young man's eyes had become more than a hint of icy coldness!

Shen Yutong was shaken by the eyes of the man in front of her, but her heart was overjoyed, grabbed the man's arm and said urgently, "My name is Shen Yutong, Lin Hao is my brother-in-law, my sister Lin Hao's wife Shen Shiyan, now there is danger, someone wants to arrest her, where is Lin Hao?Take me to him!Come on..."


That young man was originally from the combat sequence under Lin Hao's command, so he naturally knew about Shen Xiyan being Lin Hao's wife.This time, when he heard Shen Yutong say that, he was a little more convinced, but he still said, "What evidence do you have to prove it?"

Shen Yutong was on the verge of tears, quickly took out her cell phone, opened the photo of her and Shen Xiyan, pointed at the photo and said to the combat sequence: "Look, look, this is a photo of me and Xiyan, taken in the villa of the Purple Bamboo Villa in Nanjiang City, which is Lin Hao's home, is this okay?Quickly take me to Lin Hao, if I'm late, I'll be in danger..."

After running a few steps, he got on a motorcycle and took Shen Yutong with him to the place where Lin Hao was recovering from his injuries.

Ten minutes later, the combat sequence brought Shen Yutong to the place where Lin Hao was recovering from his injuries, only to wait for Shen Yutong to enter and find Lin Hao lying in a glass house with his eyes closed in the middle of a medicinal pool, his entire body unconscious....

Shen Yutong eager to Yi Ai zero intention Lu Wu Yi whisk to the inside, but the glass front there are two combat sequences a hand to stop Shen Yutong: "Shen Miss, sorry big brother is not awake!He's hurt badly this time..."

Shen Yutong was going crazy in her heart, she had obviously seen Lin Hao, but she found that Lin Hao was still unconscious.At this moment, Shen Yutong was so anxious that tears were falling from her eyes and quickly asked, "How did he get injured?How long does it take for him to wake up?Is he hurt badly?"

The combat sequence that brought Shen Yutong over frowned, "Big brother's injuries are a bit troublesome this time, his physical injuries have stabilized, and he'll be fine after a few days of recuperation.But his mental overdraft is too severe, big brother has been unconscious since yesterday noon, and it's been a full thirty hours since then, yet he still shows no signs of waking up..."

Thud thud thud thud... Shen Yutong's body couldn't help but take a few steps back out when she heard the words, she looked through the glass window at the inside, lying unconscious in a glass pool, Lin Hao, her heart was incomparably desperate.

Shen Siyan's side is going to be in great danger tonight, and she's not even sure if the Gong family and the Leng family have already gone to catch Shen Siyan, which if they do, then tomorrow morning Shen Siyan will be forced to marry that waste from the Gong family.And if there was another slip-up in the middle of this, then everything would be over, and it was just Lin Hao who was still unconscious at this time....

Shen Yutong was lying in front of the window and said to Lin Hao, "Lin Hao, you have to wake up quickly.I really don't know what to do.I really don't know what to do ah, Xi Yan is in danger ah, the Gong family and the Leng family have gone to arrest her, tomorrow morning she will be forced to marry into the Gong family... Lin Hao you quickly wake up ah, I beg you, I beg you, I beg you...."

The combat sequence standing in front of the glass window, with complicated eyes, looked at Shen Yutong and shook his head, "Sorry Miss Shen, big brother has to revive on his own accord this time, if we forcefully awaken him, it will cause damage to his brain, and we don't dare to take any chances..." First web site

"Is there really no other way?"Shen Yutong pleaded bitterly and looked at the combat sequence.

The combat sequence shook his head and said, "Miss Shen please don't disturb big brother anymore, this time he was injured and also tore up the wound from half a month ago, and in the medicine pool we also put in a tranquilizer that can put people into a deep sleep, so big brother has to wake up on his own..."

"And how long do you reckon it'll take him to wake up?"Shen Yutong continued to ask anxiously.

The combat sequence frowned, "According to our records and the pharmaceutical rationing we performed on Big Brother, he will be able to wake up automatically tomorrow at 1:00 noon, which is 48 hours after his complete sleep..."

"Forty-eight hours?Tomorrow at noon?Then it will all be too late ah, it will all be too late ah... okay then I'll leave first, I'll think of something else, think of something else... "Shen Yutong turned around in some despair and turned around and headed out the door........

But almost as soon as she turned around, the Lin Hao who was still inside the medicine pool at the moment, going into a deep sleep, the Lin Hao who still had his eyes closed, the Lin Hao who still hadn't woken up, but his body suddenly stood up with a bang!!!!

Boom... Shen Yutong turned around sharply after hearing the sound in the glass room behind him, looking at Lin Hao who was standing upright, looking at Lin Hao who was still closing his eyes even though he was standing upright, seeing Lin Hao who was desperately trying to open his eyes... looking at the domineering Lin Hao...

Shen Yutong's heart was shocked to the extreme....


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