Super Son-in-law 371-380


Chapter 371

At the same time, in a luxurious top club private room in that international metropolis of Tianhai, a man wearing a white suit and gold-rimmed glasses was watching the news from Nanjiang City with his cell phone.

A long time after the man finished reading the news, he muttered to himself, "It seems ah, it really seems ah, this woman called Shen Shiyan, she really looks like aunt.And when aunt saw her, she cried so sadly ah.Twenty years ago, father and grandfather had always suspected that the child born to aunt was still alive, but at that time aunt had been forced to die, so they didn't investigate further.It's been twenty years, and now the truth has finally come out, since there is still a sister of mine existing in this world, I should take her back to the Leng family ah..."

The man in the white suit was handsome and had a cold and gloomy aura about him.Although he was gentle and elegant on the surface, his eyes were incomparably deep.

He was the eldest youngster of the Leng family in Tianhai City, Leng Feng, the first true heir of the Leng family's three generations.

And Shen Xiyan's own mother, Leng Qiuya, was his real aunt.

Leng Feng put down his cell phone, lit a fine cigar and took a puff, and said to a bodyguard with sunglasses behind him, "How's the matter I asked you to investigate?Did you find out?Who the hell is that sister of mine's husband?"

The bodyguard respectfully said: "Checked out, is an orphan, very strong, when the university began to found Kyushu Group, six years later has developed to the present, the former group Kyushu Group in the integration of most of the resources of the South River City, and even has the impact of the global 500 strong enterprise qualification, that Lin Hao, is a person......Of course no matter how powerful he is, he doesn't have a bottom line, he's considered a fierce man who fought his own way...he's far from you."

The bodyguard wasn't flattering, what he said was the truth, in the eyes of their group of people, money was just a number when it came to a certain level.No matter how much money there was without the corresponding authority, it couldn't be kept.

For example, if you make 100 million this 100 million may be yours.But if you earn ten billion, even if the ten billion is your own earn, it is probably not yours.

Because there will be all sorts of existences out there that will come to trouble you.If you don't have the bottom line or strength, you won't be able to keep the ten billion.

Leng Feng shook his head and laughed, "Xiao Hei, don't be so arrogant.This brother-in-law of mine is very powerful, haven't you seen the news?He had even thrown away his company with a market value of ten billion dollars for two years for Shen Xiyan.What kind of boldness is this.Well, now that my aunt has such an excellent aunt, the Leng family will also accept the two of them back.But the condition is that that Kyushu Group should also be returned to the Leng Family's property, after all, if it stays in the hands of that cheap brother-in-law of mine, he won't be able to keep it ah... In the hands of the Leng Family, it will still be able to gain more development, won't it?" First web site

The bodyguard nicknamed Little Black frowned and said, "Young Master, I feel it's unlikely, that Lin Hao I've investigated carefully, although he's an orphan, but this kind of fierce person will never give in, this kind of fierce person who fought his own way is arrogant in his bones, and even if our Leng Family wants them back, Lin Hao may not even agree..."

Leng Feng smiled indifferently, "Oh fierce man?Are there still few fierce people who have folded at the feet of our Leng family in Sky Sea City over the years?"

"Grass-roots heroes are no match for a hundred-year-old family after all.In other words, is it useful if he agrees to disagree?Would our Leng Family allow its first bloodline to go out into the world?"

"It's just that he agreed to be good and merge the Kyushu Group into the Leng family.Oh right, doesn't he like to be the son-in-law?Then come to the Leng family as a son-in-law huh.If you don't listen, then divorce is fine."

"Our Leng family's first daughter, my Leng Feng's sister, then marry someone from the Gong family.Our Leng family just happens to have no one in this generation to marry the Gong family ah..."


Leng Feng said and stood up, "Let's go, let's go to the Wang family and take a look, I still know that Wang Shu Wen and Wang Shu Tao, these two jumping clowns are Wang Shu Fen's own brother, and that woman Wang Shu Fen is my aunt's best friend from twenty years ago and my sister's adoptive mother, let's go to the Wang family and take a look..."

Little Black nodded respectfully, "Yes, Young Master..."

Then Xiao Hei went downstairs to prepare the car, his face did not raise the slightest wave.Because he had been following Leng ea00961f family, the eldest youngster, for many years, he had long been numb.

These years in Tianhai City don't know how many grass fierce people have been bent by Leng Feng using various means and taken under the Dao.

Leng Feng had become just like the head of Heavenly Sea City's family's eldest youngest.

Smart-headed and ruthless.


And at the moment, the Tianhai City Wang Family couldn't even be called the Tianhai Wang Family, because the Wang Family was far from qualified, it was just a small, third-rate family.But the assets were still over a hundred million.

At this moment in the Wang family's family council hall, Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao were standing in front of Wang Shuo, the old man, in a dreadful state, not daring to breathe a word of air.

Master Wang fiercely took the teacup beside him and slammed it down at the feet of the two brothers, shouting angrily, "Rubbish, you two losers!Lin Hao is Shuk-fen's son-in-law, and you've ruined the relationship!You two underachieving losers!"

Master Wang had white hair all over his head, and he was actually a bit intolerant of the events that drove Wang Shufen out of the house back then for so many years.Especially as he got older and older, he was thinking about Wang Shufen more and more.Just thinking about getting Wang Shufen back. Remember the website

It's just that he's stubborn, so it's impossible for him to invite Wang Shufen back on his own.But if Wang Shufen came back to apologize to him, then he would have forgiven him.

But now it was good that his dying wish had been ruined by his own two trash sons!

And Wang Shufen's son-in-law Lin Hao's hands control a large group with a market value of over ten billion.

If this takes care of the Wang family, then the Wang family won't be able to soar to great heights?

The more Wang thought about it, the more angry panic, anxiously went up to Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao popped two big mouths on each of them and smacked them up!His heart was already raging.

"Dad I'm sorry, we were wrong about this, we shouldn't have looked down on Shufen looking down on Lin Hao.We didn't know at the time that Lin Hao was the CEO of the Kyushu Group ah?And you've seen the news in Nanjiang at that time, they all said that Shen Ruoxue is the girlfriend of the president of Kyushu Group.So we can't possibly associate her with Xi Yan ah?Dad, it's not our fault..." said Wang Shutao, speechless.

"You fucking still say that?You're a piece of shit. How dare you say that?Even if Lin Hao isn't the CEO of Kyushu Group, you can insult him as you please?Who gave you the nerve?No wonder the Wang family has been unable to develop all these years, it's this kind of careful thinking of yours!"Master Wang cursed angrily at Wang Shu Tao.

Wang Shuwen lowered his head deeply, "Dad, it's already happened, it's useless to say anything.Even if you kill us both, it's useless ah, so what should we do now?"

Master Wang's chest rose and fell violently in anger, his face was incomparably heavy, and after a long time he sighed deeply, "Heh, remedy?There's no way to remedy this. It's easy to put icing on the cake, but hard to send charcoal in snow.How can we remedy the situation now that he has been announced as the president of Kyushu Group?It can't be remedied..."

"Oh, Master Wang is joking, there's no need to remedy anything or not.Since you're not going to get any benefit from Lin Hao's side, I'd like to ask now, is there anything you want to cooperate with my Leng family?"

The next moment Leng Feng smiled and said, walking in....


When Master Wang saw Leng Feng, he stood up straight away in fright and quickly said respectfully, "Young Master Leng?What are you doing here?Come come come quickly please sit down please sit down... "Wang old man to Leng Feng polite said and then quickly went to Wang Shutao said: "Still not quickly go to make tea for Leng Shao?"

Leng Feng smiled and waved his hand, "Master Wang doesn't need to bother, I'm too much of a troublemaker, let's just talk if we have something to talk about.When I just came in, I just happened to hear you guys talking about Shen Shi Yan's matter, right?"

Master Wang nodded and said to Leng Feng in confusion, "Yes, we're talking about the matter of Xi Yan, so what do you mean, Young Master Leng?Do you know Xi Yan as well?"

Leng Feng narrowed his eyes as he smiled and slowly said, "No I don't know her, it's just that she's my sister ah.Master Wang, Shen Shiyan is not Wang Shufen's biological daughter, right?"

"What?Is the cherished face... a bloodline of the Leng family?"

Master Wang soared to his feet, unable to sit down anymore.

Leng Feng nodded, "Or else, why else do you think I'm here with you?"

"Twenty years ago our Leng family must have known something about Master Wang as well.Twenty years ago? My aunt and your daughter Wang Shufen were good sisters, and my aunt had a child with a wild man from Nanjiang City, but my aunt was taken away by the Leng family, so this child was raised by your daughter Wang Shufen, and this child was Shen Shiyan!"

Master Wang was deeply shocked by Leng Feng's words, he would never have thought that there was such a hidden secret twenty years ago.

Shen Siyan's true identity was actually the Leng family's eldest daughter!And of the first bloodline!

Cold sweat began to break out on Master Wang's forehead as he thought of this, this matter was a scandal for the Leng family twenty years ago.Only at that time, it was suppressed by the Leng family with a powerful energy. One second to remember to read the book

Old Master Wang asked carefully to Leng Feng, "Young Master Leng, this is a matter of great importance, are you sure?Are you sure that the child that you're cherishing is the one that Miss Leng was pregnant with back then?"

Leng Feng nodded, disdainfully saying, "What?Is Master Wang doubting my ability?If I'm not sure, what am I doing in your house?You think I'm free, don't you?Hmm?"A cold mane flashed in Leng Feng's eyes.

Old Master Wang was so frightened by Leng Feng's breath that he shivered and quickly waved his hand, "No, no, Young Master Leng has misunderstood, okay.Then just say it straightforwardly, what do you want?My royal family is fully cooperating!"

Leng Feng nodded in satisfaction: "Good, I will go to Nanjiang in these two days, my aunt is in Nanjiang right now, I will also go to meet that sister of mine, Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao followed me for a few days, I want to ask them some details.Later, if necessary, please let your daughter, Wang Shufen, give a testimony.Our Leng family's first bloodline is absolutely not allowed to go missing!"

Old Master Wang nodded hurriedly, "Mmhmm good, everything is at Young Master Leng's command!"Master Wang then said to Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao, "You two, follow Young Master Leng for the next few days!Just do what you're told, okay?"

Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao's eyes revealed a glimmer, the one in front of them was the Leng family's young master, and if nothing else, the Leng family would be handed over to him in the next few years.

If the two brothers got on good terms with Leng Feng, then they wouldn't have to worry for the rest of their lives if Leng Feng promoted them a little.

Thinking of this, the two brothers quickly nodded to Leng Feng, "We brothers will do everything at Young Master Leng's command..."

Leng Feng nodded his eyes depths flashed a trace of disdain, it was just that these two were somewhat useful now, otherwise with his identity, he wouldn't have taken care of them at all.Leng Feng got up and walked out, with Master Wang respectfully seeing them off behind him.


When he reached the door, Leng Feng stopped, "By the way, Master Wang, I heard that your Wang family has always wanted to open the North African market, right?This way you don't have to bother, in the future, your Wang family's goods will just go directly through the Leng family's logistics system, just give a cost price..."

Old Master Wang was delighted at the news and quickly bowed deeply to Leng Feng, "Thank you, Young Master Leng..."

After leaving the Wang Family, Little Black behind Leng Feng asked Leng Feng in puzzlement, "Young Master, the benefits you've given the Wang Family are too great, and I don't know how many people on this side of the Heavenly Sea want to take our logistics system.The Wang family is expected to make a lot of money this time..."

Leng Feng waved his hand indifferently, "Xiao Hei ah, don't be too short-sighted, like the Wang family this kind of wall, what they're good at is seeing the wind, didn't you hear that when we went in they were still thinking about how to get in good with Lin Hao?"

"Heh, this kind of person ah is like a dog that wags its tail, whoever gives him a bone, he wags his tail at whomever he wants, and we currently need this dog of the Wang family to do our best work for us.Naturally, we have to give a bone ah, and for us, it's just a matter of a bone, isn't it?"

"If we're just relying on the Leng family's power, then it'll get more and more troublesome to do things in the future..."

Little Black lowered his head in shame, "Yes, Young Master has taught me a lesson..."


For the series of actions of Leng Feng in Tianhai City, Lin Hao didn't pay attention to this, so naturally he didn't know.

And he didn't put the Leng family in his eyes either.The matter in Nanjiang City was almost dealt with, and the Shen family was finally resolved, so it would never be as troublesome as a fly buzzing around in his ears again.

The next thing he has to deal with his own matter, and his own matter, more troublesome, a carelessness, may be a full plate, or even broken bones, then he and Shen Xiyan basically have no future. The first website

Lin Hao and Shen Siyan went to the Kyushu Group the next morning, early in the morning.

It was just that this time Shen Suyan was different, from the moment she followed Lin Hao into the gate of the Kyushu Group, all the employees on the way, greeted her respectfully.

"Hubby, I'm a little nervous... "Shen Siyan took Lin Hao's arm, her hand tightly gripping Lin Hao's clothes.

Lin Hao smiled, "You don't need to be nervous, it's them who should be nervous.One second to remember to read the bookWhat about the resources of the Kyushu Group, take it as an investment to you, you as the person in charge, the Kyushu Group is your shareholder, so you will not have pressure in your heart, let go of it...."

Shen Xiyan smiled sweetly, design is her dream, she thought of one day to make a national brand to show in front of the world.In the past, she didn't even dare to think about it because it would require too much investment, as well as personnel and so on.

Now that she had Lin Hao's support, then she could finally strive towards her dream.

"Mmhmm, okay, then you go ahead and get busy, I'll go straight to Jiang..."

Shen Xi Yan said to Lin Hao, and after that she went to find Jiang Shao Ming.Lin Hao, on the other hand, went to the CEO's office on the top floor.

As soon as Lin Hao pushed the door in, he saw Lin Qingcheng, who was dressed in a long red skirt and red high heels, sitting on his chair.

Lin Qingcheng's face was somewhat heavy, "Brother, Mo is waiting anxiously, I'm afraid we have to go to Tianhai immediately, those people from the Lin branch of the Yanjing Clan have started to make trouble with Grandmother, I'm afraid Grandmother won't be able to delay for a few days..."

Lin Hao's heart sank at the words, and there was a flicker of cold in his eyes....


When his grandmother sent him a text message the day before yesterday, she was telling him that he must return to Yanjing in seven days.But judging from the current situation, I'm afraid that his grandmother's side won't last much longer.

Lin Hao narrowed his eyes and said, "If it's just a branch vein that's in distress, it's no problem for grandma to last for seven days.I suspect that Lin Yan has made a move and that Lin Yan is secretly fueling the problem!"

A hint of pain sprang up in the depths of Lin Qingcheng's eyes and sighed, "Brother, you decide, I'll take you as my main priority now, what do you want to do, I'll fully support you!"

Lin Hao said, "Sister since you rushed back to Nanjiang overnight, it seems that Mo Lao's side is really anxious, that's fine, I'll talk to her when Xi Yan comes up later, and we'll leave for Tian Hai immediately!"

Lin Qingcheng nodded with a heavy face, yes, things were now imminent.

Ten days had passed since the time when Lin Hao had killed seventeen people of the branch in a row in the Heavenly Sea!

The patience of those people in the branch vein had completely worn out, the branch vein's children were killed seventeen people, there was no way the branch vein could endure this, they would definitely let the main vein give them an explanation.

Mo Lao is still in Tian Hai, but he's already started to operate in Yanjing.

Early tomorrow morning, Lin Hao must go north!This was the deadline that Mo Lao had given Lin Qingcheng last night.Things had changed, the enemy wouldn't give them enough time to prepare anymore.

Time was running out, so Lin Hao took out his cell phone and called Yuyi, "Yuyi, time is running out, there might be some changes over at Yanjing, I must go north tomorrow.But you shouldn't worry too much.When we hang up the phone, you'll order all the combat units under our command to head to Yanjing and standby immediately.When I arrive in Yanjing tomorrow, surround the main camp of the Lin Clan branch!"

Night One was silent for a moment and said, "I'll go with you, big brother!I don't feel comfortable with you going alone!" Remember the URL

Lin Hao's eyebrows furrowed slightly, "Don't go, there might be problems on Xi Yan's side as well, I reckon the Leng family will go to the Southern River in the next few days, you leave a team of brothers to protect Xi Yan and Leng Qiuya's safety.Let Scar Six cooperate with you!"

"In any case, no matter what, no one from the Leng Family is allowed to take away Xi Yan and Leng Qiuya!"

"As for me, you don't have to worry, Mo Lao is still alive, there's still my grandmother over there in Yanjing, and there are thousands of brothers protecting me, my injuries are almost healed, you don't have to worry on my side, listen to my orders!No disobedience!"

"Yes, brother!"Night One's respectful voice came from the other end of the phone.

Lin Hao hung up the phone with a hmmm and sneered, "If those people really think that they can put me under house arrest if I go to Yanjing, that's really too whimsical!If they dare to start a fight, then just go to war!Everyone...die together!"

A monstrous hostility surged out of Lin Hao's body.The Lin Clan branch really underestimated his Lin Hao's determination.

As Lin Qingcheng listened to the arrangement Lin Hao had just made with Night One, she couldn't help but nod in her heart, this brother of hers had grown up.In just ten years, he had pulled up a strong force of his own.

No matter if it was the Lin Clan branch or Lin Yan trying to easily make Lin Hao submit, it was absolutely impossible.

Just as Lin Qingcheng looked at Lin Hao, her heart couldn't help but feel a bit more distressed.

Lin Qingcheng walked over to Lin Hao and reached out and touched Lin Hao's face, "Hao'er, you have grown up, you adbf7035 have really grown up.It's just that when I look at you like this, my heart aches for you..."

Lin Hao grabbed Lin Qingcheng's hand, shook his head and smiled, "Sister, I'll be fine, I'm a man, my mother's revenge, I can't let you be a woman to fight against it, don't worry, I'll have everything from now on..."

"Lin Hao, I've finished talking to Shao Ming, I've come to discuss this with you..."

Shen Siyan suddenly pushed the door and walked in, and was talking excitedly when she suddenly saw this scene in the office.

She looked at Lin Hao who was holding the hand of a wonderfully beautiful woman and was very kind, and the smile on Shen Siyan's face disappeared and her eyes instantly turned red.


Lin Hao you...why are you like this, she...who is she?"

Shen Xi Yan was about to cry at the scene in front of her.She had actually been worried since yesterday about Lin Hao, the big CEO, who was handsome and rich and powerful.She was worried that there would be many women around Lin Hao in the future.She just didn't expect her fears to come true so soon.

The first day she came to the CEO's office of the Kyushu Group, she saw Lin Hao in the office, kissing a top-notch beautiful woman.For a time Shen Caiyan was incomparably aggrieved.

Lin Hao looked at Shen Xiyan's anxious appearance and couldn't help but smile.

Lin Qingcheng also looked at Shen Xiyan and smiled, "Miss Shen is really beautiful, the real person is even more beautiful than the photo..."

Shen Siyan was shocked on the spot when she heard Lin Qingcheng speak to her, this woman actually dared to speak to her like that?She pointed at Lin Qingcheng and asked, "You you you... who are you?"Shen Siyan was full of caution.

The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to your own website.I knew him much earlier than you did, oh..."

"Huh?You're his sister?"Shen Caiyan's pretty face reddened, incomparably embarrassed.

She almost cursed out just now.Fortunately, she endured it at the last minute.

Lin Hao also smiled and said to Shen Xiyan, "Well, she's my sister, Xiyan that set of Crystal Love jewelry you have, that's the one that my sister brought back from Europe, she had something to do in Tianhai these past few days, and only rushed back to Nanjiang late last night..."

When Shen Shiyan heard Lin Hao say that, she quickly blushed and was incomparably embarrassed to Lin Qingcheng, "Sister, I'm sorry, I thought... I thought, oooooh, it's a shame, it's all because of Lin Hao, she actually didn't even tell me about you.But Sister is really beautiful, Sister's person is like Sister's name, she's like the country and the city, I've never seen such a beautiful woman as Sister..." one second remember to read the book

Shen Xi Yan was heartily exclaiming to Lin Qing Cheng, it was really Lin Qing Cheng was really beautiful, very beautiful.

It was not the same type as her, Lin Qingcheng's beauty was the kind of beauty that was very imposing, and Lin Qingcheng had a very high momentum.

No disobedience!"I'm sorry, but I'm going to take you to the Heavenly Sea to do something important.

Shen Xiyan looked at Lin Hao in confusion, Lin Hao nodded to her, "Xiyan, I'm sorry, I have to leave right away, things are very urgent on the Tianhai side, and I have to go to Yanjing tomorrow morning, don't worry it's all business.It's just that I might be gone for a few days, sorry ah..."

After hearing Lin Hao's explanation, Shen Xiyan smiled very gently and nodded, "Well, if you have something to do, go busy, I'll just wait for you at home, don't worry about me, there's still Mom and Aunt Qiu at home..."

"Good," Lin Hao nodded with a smile.

Shen Xiyan quickly said to Lin Qingcheng again, "Sister, I just met with you, I was thinking of you going to stay at home for a few days.Then this time when you come back from your business, you have to come find me."

Lin Qingcheng smiled and nodded, "Mmhmm, don't worry, I will definitely come to you, I haven't seen Hao'er for a few years, I was all over Europe before, but now that I'm back, I'm not leaving for a short time.I've only got one family member over here, and when I'm done with my business, I'll be back with Hiro..."

"Mmhmm, that's a deal, make sure you come to the house ah.Hehe, sis, you don't know that I have a best friend called Gu Yue, she always thinks she's the prettiest in the world, I'll pull you in front of her then, let her see what it's like to have someone outside the sky, hmmm..." said Shen Shiyan in a very cute way.

Lin Hao chatted with Shen Xiyan alone again, and half an hour later, Shen Xiyan dropped Lin Hao off downstairs.

Lin Qingcheng drove a red Ferrari supercar, carrying Lin Hao towards Tian Hai....


Lin Qingcheng dumped a great beauty of the country, on the high speed, driving a car is also fast, the speed is much faster than Lin Hao himself to drive all, often after a roar of the engine, a red phantom has appeared on the spot.Lin Qingcheng wore light red sunglasses, and the throttle was pressed down directly towards Tianhai City.

Lin Hao himself was a first-class expert, and even if Lin Qingcheng's speed was fast, he didn't react at all, instead he was very calm.Since childhood, his sister has been very strong in every aspect, the top car skill is only one of Lin Qingcheng's many skills, even the most inconspicuous one, in addition, Lin Qingcheng also has a top make-up artist, Brazilian Jujitsu, Japanese ninjutsu, etc....

Lin Hao and Lin Qingcheng, two desperately ruthless people, were madly heading towards the Heavenly Sea....

At the moment, the southern suburbs of the sea, has an area of thousands of acres of forest, where each tree has nearly a hundred meters high, but in the deepest part of the dense forest, but there is a black castle, the castle in the deepest part of the forest, even if an idle person can not come in and find.And in the outer forest of the castle, underneath the thick fallen leaves, from time to time, one could see one bulging drum bag after another.Underneath that was hidden one top warrior after another.

At this moment in the castle courtyard, more than a dozen dressed in suits with sunglasses bodyguards in the middle, sat a white hair but full of energy, a word very high old man, the old man's eyes deep, in his hand has a tablet computer, at the moment the computer is displaying a quick movement of the red light point.

After seeing this red dot, the old man nodded and smiled, a hint of emotion couldn't help but emerge from the depths of his eyes, "Little Rat, it's been ten years since I've seen you, you've finally grown up, and you've grown up even better than I thought, very good, you're very good... you're even better than your father Lin Yan!"

The old man was Mo Lao, formerly known as Mo Yuntian, an unparalleled ruthless man who had rebuilt Kyushu thirty years ago, only to later, when he was at his peak, voluntarily return to the Lin Clan and become the protector of the Lin Clan's main vein.

Ten years ago in the Battle of Yanjing, everyone thought he was dead.

But no one thought that he didn't die, but instead hid in the Heavenly Sea and had been quietly guarding Lin Hao's growth in secret for ten years.

Shortly after the old man put away his tablet, the roar of an engine sounded outside the ancient castle.Lin Qingcheng didn't slam on the brakes until she was at the entrance of the ancient castle.

"Young lady, young master!"After Lin Hao and Lin Qingcheng got off the bus, the eight black-clothed bodyguards standing at the entrance greeted Lin Hao and Lin Qingcheng respectfully. The first website

Lin Hao nodded slightly and followed Lin Qingcheng, as soon as Lin Hao entered the courtyard, he saw Old Man Mo who was smiling at him in the courtyard.The moment Lin Hao saw Old Man Mo, his eyes couldn't help but moisten, "Grandpa Mo, you really aren't dead..."

Mo Lao smiled faintly, "Oh, what, does the little rat want your grandfather Mo to die?"

"No no no no, I'm just curious, I saw you die in battle before me ten years ago, what?"Lin Hao was confused and asked to Mo Lao.Yes, in that battle ten years ago, Mo Lao had fallen to protect him.But Lin Hao didn't expect that Mo Lao didn't die.

Mo Lao shook his head and laughed and said, "Oh, at that time, although it was seriously injured, it wasn't enough to die, and you'll understand the specifics when you come into contact with that level yourself later.But the little rat who was timid and afraid of thunder and rain, has grown up now.And become very strong, I'm very happy..."

Lin Hao looked at the smiling Mo Lao, his nose was sore and tears snapped down.He opened his mouth but swallowed the words back.

Mo Lao waved his hand at him, "Alright, don't say the rest, right now you are facing a big trouble, you ah you are still too impulsive, ten days ago you killed seventeen people in a row in the branch vein, giving the branch vein an excuse, it's a trouble after all..."


Lin Hao nodded and apologized, "I'm sorry Grandpa Mo, because of my impulsiveness, I've also caused you trouble.What I did in the beginning was a bit ill-considered..."

Mo Lao suddenly looked serious and earnest, "What are you saying 30df5fef!"

Mo Lao shouted fiercely, and his breath was overpoweringly fierce!

Mo Lao stared at Lin Hao and coldly shouted, "Good kill!I'm not saying you're doing it wrong, you're doing it right!But now is not the time for a complete war with those people of the branch vein, what I care about is that you do it too fast, so fast that I do not have time to react.You hear me clearly, what I'm saying is that your impulsiveness just gave those people of the branch vein some excuses.But the fact that the branch vein sent someone to attack and kill the first heir of the trueborn line is something that many elders of the main vein won't let go of so easily!So what if those people kill?"

"So what if we kill it?"Mo Lao's words were incomparably overbearing.Overbearing, yes, just kill it, what's the big deal?Are you saying we don't care if the first heir of my main lineage is killed by you?

Don't say anything about evidence or lack of evidence, within a top-notch gate like Lin's, there are many things that don't need evidence!

Lin Hao looked at the domineering Mo Lao, and it occurred to him that although the one in front of him was now old, he wasn't just a kindly old man.Lin Hao had heard legends about this one when he was very young.This was a top ruthless man!

"Yes, Grandpa Mo Hao'er knows he's wrong!Kill if you want. Even if I return to the capital tomorrow, I won't bow to anyone!Whether it's those people from the branch, or Lin Yan!"Lin Hao's body also surged with a domineering kingly aura.

"Hahahaha!Good, this is the grandson of that old man Lin Zhantian!That's the kid I grew up with!That's how it's supposed to be!You were born to be a king, you don't have to bow down to anyone in this life, some things are done.What you can't resist, I'll resist with the old guys like your grandmother!We can't resist it either, so let's fish out!"Mo Yuntian's lofty spirit.

Lin Hao was drawn by the momentum of Mo Yuntian's body, and for a moment, he also felt spirited.

When he was very young, Mo Yuntian and his grandfather Lin Zhantian's generation were also top-notch hot-blooded characters who had made legend after legend in the land of Kyushu. Remember the website

"But some specific details still need to be said, come little rat and follow me into the secret room, there are many things I should tell you.This time go to Lin's you have to be tough to the end, put away those childish ideas of yours, we old men are not dead yet, it's your turn to start a war with those people?"Mo Yuntian gave Lin Hao a fierce stare, turned around and walked inside the castle.

Lin Hao looked at Mo Yuntian's domineering back as his mind reverberated with the words that Mo Yuntian had just said.

"We old things aren't dead yet?Your turn?"Lin Hao's heart was filled with emotion.

Because all along he had thought that he was fighting alone, but today Mo Yuntian's appearance let him know that he was definitely not alone on this road, thinking of this, Lin Hao's strength suddenly burst forth again, before he still had some scruples in his heart.A lot of things still had to be hidden a bit, but now? No need!

Ka-cha... A soft sound entered Lin Hao's ears, and an invisible shackle in his heart was opened and smashed at this moment.

Boom... Lin Hao's aura doubled, and his domineering kingly aura spilled out wildly into the surroundings...

The long hair on the side of Lin Qingcheng's face was moved by Lin Hao's momentum, looking at Lin Hao's phoenix eyes with an extra hint of shocking brilliance, this momentum, this momentum, she had only seen on Lin Yan, this was the momentum of a peerless king!

In the past, when Lin Hao faced Lin Yan, Lin Qingcheng would have endless worries in her heart, but now that Lin Hao possessed this momentum, she was somewhat relieved, she believed that when Lin Hao met with Lin Yan tomorrow, at least she wouldn't be pressured by Lin Yan in terms of momentum....


Late at night in the deliberative hall of the Lin Clan in Yanjing, Lin Zai Tian and Lin Jiuyin, the two leaders of the clan, were sitting on the main seat, and below them were a dozen or so senior personnel of the Lin Clan.The entire deliberative hall was filled with an incomparably heavy atmosphere.

Lin Zaitian's eyes were downcast without speaking, Lin Jiuyin's eyes were closed, his chest rose and fell violently, and a cold killing intent spread from Lin Jiuyin's body.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm sure I'm going to be able to do that, so I'm going to be able to do that.So let's all talk about how we should respond now..."


As soon as Lin Zai Tian's words fell, the closed-eyed Lin Jiuyin slowly spat out a word.Only Lin Jiuyin still hadn't opened his eyes.

Lin Zaitian's eyes narrowed and he slowly nodded his head, not continuing to speak, but observing the reactions of the crowd below.

Sure enough, after Lin Jiuyin spoke, everyone's faces below changed dramatically DEFF614a.

After all, Lin Hao was the first submissive heir of the Lin Clan.If they killed the current Lin Hao in Yanjing, the consequence would be a direct war with the main vein.And apparently they weren't ready for that.Everyone's faces were incomparably heavy for a moment.

They were all considering the gains and losses in their hearts; Lin Hao had killed seventeen people of the branch vein in a row in the Heavenly Sea ten days ago, which gave them a good excuse.But if they killed Lin Hao in Yanjing, then I'm afraid that things would no longer be under control.

Lin Zaitian squinted his eyes, sipped his tea, and looked at Lin Jiuyin as he slowly said, "Third brother, I'm sorry about Xi'er's matter, but Lin Hao killing is fine.But it can't be killed in Yanjing, you... know the meaning!"Lin Zaitian spoke in a solemn tone.

Lin Jiuyin slowly opened his eyes at the words, but there wasn't the anger that everyone imagined, only an icy coldness in them, "Second brother, if you all think that, then those people from the main vein won't think that we'll really do it to him in Yanjing, right?And the last time Tian Hai failed to assassinate Lin Hao, if you want to have such a good opportunity again, I'm afraid you won't be able to wait for it in a short time..." One Second Remember to Read Books

Lin Zai Tian looked deeply at Lin Jiuyin and nodded slowly, "But Lin Yan's side?"

Lin Jiu Vagina: "He's old, he's sat in that position for a long time, in his heart power is more important than feelings.All he cares about is that position, kill Lin Hao first, then Lin Yan, maybe some of the old guys in the main vein will get mad, but Lin Yan... he won't."Lin Jiuyin closed his eyes again after saying that.

Lin Zai Tian slowly nodded his head, he fell silent, his fingers lightly tapping the table, ten years ago they had set up a big game against the main vein, that time the main vein lost a lot of money, but in the end Lin Yan and Lin Hao survived.

And ever since then their branch vein had been crazily suppressed by the main vein.The past ten years had been even worse than before.

There were some things that once done there was no turning back, and after they attacked the main vein once, then they could only keep going.There was no second path to choose in this life, so they could only walk hard into the dark.

Lin was silent for a while before he slowly said, "Okay, then where is the location?"

"Lin's...ancestral home!Seemingly the safest place for the seventeen people of the Heavenly Sea branch to be killed, then find a few of their relatives to act as dead men and make a dead game with Lin Hao!We can't stop people from taking revenge, after all, there are too many people in the branch vein..." said Lin Jiuyin slowly.

Lin Zai Tian's eyes narrowed, I have to say that this plan of Lin Jiuyin's was perfect, to do it right under the noses of those people from the main vein.This way the first was no one's surprise, and the second was death.

And compared to them, those people of the Lin Main Vein were even more reluctant to start a war.

"Fine, do as you say, I'll go find the dead man, for the glory of the branch vein, someone will go.It's just that it's really a bit too cheap to kill that brat like that, ah, after all, when he killed Xi'er in the Heavenly Sea, but he killed Xi'er when she was at her most desperate, Jiu Yin I'm afraid that you're unhappy in your heart..." said Lin Zai Tian to Lin Jiu Yin gloomily.


"Nothing, Xiu'er is dead, it's a fact, the rest of the words are useless.I will get my revenge on Lin Yan for Xi'er's death... "Lin Jiuyin still had his eyes closed.What was most frightening was that even when Lin Zai Tian said that his own son had been brutally killed by Lin Hao, Lin Jiuyin's breath was very calm and didn't stir up a single ripple.It was as if it wasn't his son that had been killed....

Just the calmer the person is, the more vicious they are behind his back, and he, Lin Jiuyin, would never let Lin Hao leave Yanjing alive this time.And he was going to kill Lin Hao right under Lin Yan's nose.

Just like the day Lin Hao killed his own son, Lin Xi, right under his nose.

Only he, Lin Jiuyin, was playing even bigger and more ruthless, and he was going to kill Lin Hao right in the Lin Clan's ancestral home, right under the noses of those in the Lin Clan's main lineage!

If the branch vein wants to rise to power, the heirs to the main vein must all be exterminated, and Lin Yan has been sitting in Yanjing for ten years, with countless people around him to protect him, both overtly and covertly.It wasn't very realistic to try to take on Lin Yan in Yanjing.

And the second point was that even if they could kill Lin Yan in Yanjing, then Lin Hao would automatically be promoted as the Lin Clan's head.This was even more disadvantageous to them, and with Lin Hao's Jairus character, he might want to exterminate all of their branches regardless of anything after inheriting the Lin Clan.On the other hand, Lin Yan would still be reclusive, and as long as he didn't move his power, Lin Yan would turn a blind eye to them as well.

Moreover, Lin Yan?Oh, how much longer can you hold it?Lin Jiuyin had an extra hint of a disdainful sneer in his heart .


At the same time in a house in Lin's ancestral home, a middle-aged woman in a long white dress was reading a book with an eight or nine year old boy, the woman was gentle and serene, she naturally exuded an air of quiet and peace.

She was Lin Yan's current wife, Dong Xue.The little boy in front of her quietly reading a book was Lin Yan's youngest son and Lin Hao's nominal younger brother, Lin Yu.

"Mom, I'm done with my homework, isn't dad coming back yet?"After a while Lin Yu closed his book and turned his head to smile innocently at Dong Xue. The first website

Dong Xue doted on Lin Yu's head: "Yu'er don't worry, your father has something to do outside, he'll naturally come back when he's done with it ah..."

"Ummm, mommy, when I was out playing today I saw a beautiful purse, I bought it and I'm going to give it to daddy later when he comes home, mommy do you think daddy will like it?"Lin Yu was a little nervous and asked to Dong Xue.

Dong Xue nodded her head with a smile, "Mmhmm, the gift that Yu'er bought, dad will definitely like it.After all, Yu'er has been so well-behaved and sensible since she was little..."

"Mmhmm..." the smile on Lin Yu's face grew even more when he heard Dong Xue's affirmative words.Then he ran to his bedroom to get a fine black wallet out and waved it around happily in front of Dong Xue.

"Alright, hide it, when your dad comes back later, you can give him the wallet as a surprise..." the smile on Dong Xue's face grew as she saw her son so happy.

"Mmhmm, then I'll hide it for now and I'll give him the wallet when dad comes back later... "Lin Yu jumped up and walked inside the house.

Just when he was almost at the door, he suddenly seemed to remember something and turned his head and smiled at Dong Xue and asked, "Right mom, brother Lin Hao will be back tomorrow right?Mom, I also bought a purse for Brother Lin Hao, do you think he'll like it?"

The expression on Dong Xue's face stiffened, but she still smiled and nodded, "Yu'er is such a good boy, your brother Hao will definitely like you, don't worry so much, okay?Hurry up and hide it..."

"Uh-huh... okay..." nodded Lin Yu very nicely, only to wait for the moment when he turned his back to Dong Xue, his young eyes filled with viciousness and the wallet in his hand was deformed by his grip...

Only this scene Dong Xue didn't see....


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