Dish Best Served Cold 926-930


 Chapter 926

"Third Young Master, what now?"

    "This Chu Tianfan is afraid that he already has the strength of a sealed clan master."

    "Nowadays, the people under us are already difficult to deal with."

    "The only ones we can still mobilize may be the two Xuan Ming."

    In the room, Chu Qi Tian's face was gloomy.

    In front of him, an old man asked worriedly.

    Although the Chu family was large and handy.

    But Chu Qitian, up until now, was still not the Chu Family's master after all.Thus, the resources he could call upon under him were undoubtedly very limited.

    It would have been fine if he was facing an ordinary strong man, but now that Ye Fan already had the strength of a Sealed Master, relying only on those under Chu Qitian's men was undoubtedly somewhat insufficient.

    Now, in Chu Qitian's hands, the only ones who could still threaten Ye Fan's life were the two Xuan Ming elders.

    Those two elders were specially arranged to come over to shelter Chu Qitian before the Chu family's old man abdicated his throne.

    Their strength was incomparably strong and unfathomable!

    Martial Dao masters couldn't walk even one move under them.

    It was said that these two could be ranked in the strong Chu family.

    However, in the face of the old man's suggestion, Chu Qi Tian shook his head.

    "Wait a little longer."

    "Perhaps, it won't even take us to make a move, someone will be able to, kill him for us."

    After the brief disorientation, Chu Qi Tian soon calmed down as well.

    He walked to the window and looked at the fiery sunset outside through the huge floor-to-ceiling window.

    On his handsome face, however, there was a gloomy and cold smile.


    "Someone for us?"

    The old man behind him, however, listened confused and full of doubt.

    Chu Qi Tian didn't rush to answer, but instead took a cup of red wine, took a sip, and said indifferently, "Suzaku Mingzun is one of the Three Gods Pavilion Masters, the second strongest man in the Sun Country."

    "Chu Tianfan killed him and stirred up the Sun Country again."

    "Do you think, that person, will still be able to sit there?"

    In the room, Chu Qi Tian's faint words quietly echoed.

    "That person?"The old man was stunned at the sound, and then he said in shock, "Could it be, what Third Young Master said was..."

    The old man's pupils crinkled, and his old eyes were filled with horror.

    Outside the window, the river in the sky rambled, and black clouds rolled in.

    The air, depressing.

    The cold wind, like a devil's roar, swept the world outside the window.

    Mountain rain was coming, the wind had filled the building!



    While the entire world's martial dao was discussing the name Chu Tianfan, within the Sun Country, there was a dull and gloomy atmosphere.

    Shame, grief, helplessness, anger...

    All sorts of emotions permeated the entire martial arts of the country of Japan.

    In the battle at Mt. Fuji, Chu Tian Fan stepped on the bones of their Japanese martial arts and made a name for himself.

    But in the same way, their Japanese Martial Dao was completely reduced to a joke.

    Their Great Japanese Empire, magnificent for billions of people, was trampled down by one man, Ye Fan, the entirety!

    If we can't get this place back, how can we lose face in the Japanese martial arts?

    And how will it stand in the future?

    "One man, and he tramples down an entire nation."

    "This is the shame of our nation of Japan~"

    In the streets and alleys, all the people of the Japanese martial arts felt shame and grief.

    The anger was that the strong men of their country had been slaughtered by a foreigner.

    The sadness is that there are so many people in their country, but there is no one who can stop that Chinese boy.

    Winter Capital, Miyamoto Family Manor.

    As one of the six monopoly consortia in the secular world of the Japanese country, the Trio Foundation, a power like this standing on top of the secular power, naturally paid attention to the martial world from time to time.

    After learning that it was Ye Fan who had swept away the Japanese Country's masters on that day, Chi Chi Jing was surprised and delighted.

    On her pretty face, she was full of worship.

    "Grandfather, Mr. Chu is so powerful."

    "One man, single-handedly, froze from the ten thousand soldiers and killed his way out."

    "This is a truly strong man, right?"

    "One person is worth ten million people!"

    "From now on, with Mr. Chu sheltering us in the Sanhe Consortium, I don't think anyone will dare to mess with us anymore."

    Thousand Chi Jing smiled happily.

    Ye Fan, was the first person she worshipped.

    As Ye Fan's little fan girl, the more dazzling her idol was, the happier she would naturally be.

    However, Miyamoto Intermediary, who was beside her, couldn't be happier.

    There was worry and heaviness in her old eyes.

    "Grandfather, what's wrong?"

    "We should be happy that Mr. Chu is famous."

    Chichi Jing asked in confusion.

    But Miyamoto's intermediary shook his head, "Jing'er, you don't understand."

    "Mr. Chu's wanton killings have now caused public anger in the country of Japan."

    "This morning, the presidents of the other five consortium managers' associations have pressured us."

    "They already know that we, the Sanhe Consortium, have a close relationship with Mr. Chu."

    "Therefore, let's have our Trio Consortium take a stand and cut all ties with Mr. Chu from now on!"

    "And join them in a public crusade against Mr. Chu."

    "Otherwise, the five major consortiums will judge us as collaborators and traitors of the Triad Consortium and join forces to impose a commercial blockade and economic sanctions on us."

    "So far, no less than fifty companies and families under the Triad Consortium have already broken away from the consortium to save their lives in plain sight."

    Miyamoto intermediary said worriedly.

    Chichi Shizu heard it, but she snorted, "Grandfather, we don't need to worry about them."

    "They won't dare do anything to us with Mr. Chu here."

    "Mr. Iwai said that in this world, power is paramount."

    "Power is in Mr. Chu's hands, and our Trio Consortium is protected by Mr. Chu, I don't believe they would dare to do anything to us."

    "Hey~ Jing'er, you're too naive."Miyamoto Intermediary sighed, "Do you seriously think that power is in Mr. Chu's hands?"

    Chichiri quietly froze, "Huh?"

    "Grandfather, isn't it?"

    "On Mount Fuji, all those people didn't stop Mr. Chu?"

    "I also heard that the nine strongest men of the Three Gods Pavilion were all beheaded by Mr. Chu."

    "The Sword God Palace Palace Master was even smashed into the mountain by Mr. Chu."

    "Even they were defeated, who else in our Sun Country can stand up to Mr. Chu?"

    Chichi Shizu wrinkled her nose and asked in confusion.

    However, Miyamoto's intermediary nodded heavily, and a curt voice, followed.

    "There is."

    "There is one more person who can rival Mr. Chu!"

    "That is, the Three Gods Pavilion Master, the number one powerhouse of the Sun Country, the Snow Shining Sky God!"


    In the room, there was silence.Only outside the window was left, the sound of the wind was loud.

    "Snow Shining Sky God, is it powerful?"Chichi Jing asked suspiciously.

    "Of course!"

    "The Snow Shining Heavenly God sheltered the Sun Country for nearly a hundred years."

    "When the tsunami hit the country of Japan, the Snow Shining God opened the sky with a sword and saved hundreds of thousands of people from life and death."

    "Not only that, many years ago the Truman Catastrophe swept across the world."

    "Snow Shining God alone guarded the borders of the Sun Country, stopping the ten clansmen, outside the country's gates."

    "For so many years, in the hearts of the people of the Sun Country, she was near god-like."

    "Her grace is remembered by all people."

    "Her strength, no one can know!"

    Miyamoto's intermediary said slowly, his deep voice, like a ghostly low roar, echoing in the room for a long time.

    Chichi Jing's pretty face, however, went white: "Then Mr. Chu, can you win?"

    Miyamoto shook his head, "I don't know."

    "But all I know is that if Mr. Chu loses, you and I, and even the entire Miyamoto family, will find it difficult to survive and will be purged!"

    "Unless, we now make a public break with it and sever all ties with Mr. Chu."



    Outside the window, there was the noise of the wind.

    In the room, Miyamoto's intermediary's low voice quietly echoed.

    Thousand Chi Jing heard this, and her pretty face was already pale.

    She had never thought that this matter would also involve them, the Triad Consortium.

    At this time, Miyamoto intermediary's pair of old eyes looked at Chichi Jing with a ghostly look, as if waiting for her to make a choice.

    Whether to be wise and cut off all ties with Ye Fan.

    Or to serve the Lord with fidelity and stand with Ye Fan with unwavering determination.

    This was not a simple choice, but a matter of life and death.

    Once they were on the wrong team, their Miyamoto family, and even the Trio Foundation, might be trapped in a place of no return.

    Sometime later, some of the Miyamoto family's clan elders, and even some of the top executives of the Triad Foundation's managerial board, had arrived.

    Obviously, these people had also come because of Ye Fan's matter.

    "Chairman Chiike, when it's uninterrupted, it backfires ah."

    "Now, my country of Japan already has tens of millions of people, gathered outside the Three Gods Pavilion, kneeling down to petition.Praying for the Snow Shining Heavenly God to come out and save the country."

    "The Snow Shining God has sheltered the Sun Country for a hundred years, there is no doubt about his power."

    "Mr. Chu is young after all, and he has no chance of winning against him."

    "But Mr. Chu is after all a member of Warsaw, he can retreat to Warsaw even if he loses."

    "But what about us?"

    "Chairman Chiike, there's no way back for us, the Sanhei Foundation!"

    "Once Mr. Chu is defeated, the Japanese realm will surely liquidate all the forces related to him."

    "If we don't glimpse our relationship with Mr. Chu at this time, we will surely die in the next day ah."

    "Mr. Chu is alone, he can afford to play, but we, the Triumvirate Consortium, can't afford to play ah?"

    "So please, Chairman Chiike, publicly break with Mr. Chu!"

    In the room, a white-bearded old man, spoke in a deep voice, respectfully worshipping.

    However, in the face of these words, Qian Chi Jing remained silent for a long time, her face pale, her teeth biting into her red lips, her pretty face full of fear.

    She was, after all, just a young girl who hadn't been involved in the world, untouched by the storm, and she was naturally terrified and indecisive about such a big situation that was a matter of life and death.


    "I can't believe that one of the six major conglomerates, the Sanhee Consortium, is now putting a weak woman in charge?"

    "Could it be that it's your Triad Consortium, no one else?"

    "If not, talk to me."

    "I, the Suzuki Consortium, can send someone to guide you, lest you go further and further down the wrong path."

    The sound of cold laughter suddenly came from outside.

    Only a balding man in a suit, escorted by several people, walked in.


    "Suzuki-ji, is that you?"

    "This is an internal matter of our Triumvirate Consortium, there is no need for you, an outsider, to interfere."

    Seeing the visitor, Miyamoto's intermediary frowned, but said unhappily.

    "Brother Miyamoto, don't be angry yet."

    "I came here this time to show you a way out on the basis of many years of friendship."

    "The relationship between your Trihealth Consortium and Chu Tianfan, but the entire Japanese business community knows about it."

    "Now a large number of people have gathered His Excellency Trihe God to invite the Snow Shining Pavilion to come out."

    "It can be said that Chu Tianfan's demise is at hand."

    "In this situation, if you Triad Consortium doesn't wise up, it is estimated that in a few days, you will cease to exist."

    "Therefore, Chairman Miyamoto, and Chairman Iwai, I suggest that you, immediately and publicly sever your ties with Chu Tianfan."

    "At the same time, kill Chichi Shizune to vote your heart out!"

    "So that the party can solve the dilemma at hand."

    Suzuki-ji smiled slowly.

    However, his words made Chiyoshi even more terrified.

    "Chairman Iwai, Suzuki-kichi-senpai is right."

    "This Chi Chi Jing is just a yellow-haired girl, a puppet of that Chu Tianfan."

    "How is she capable of commanding my Triad Consortium?"

    "So, please, Chairman Iwai, immediately shoot Chiike Jing and publicly sever all ties with Chu Tianfan that!"


    As one person came forward, it was as if a boulder had entered the sea, creating a monstrous wave.

    In a split second, all the people in the hall bowed and begged miserably.

    "Please, Chairman Iwai, shoot Chichi Jing, regain control of the situation, and break off contact with Chu Tianfan!"


    "Please, Chairman Iwai, shoot Chiike Shizune and regain control of the situation~"


    As the saying goes, walls fall down.

    In their view, when the Snow God is out of the gate, even if Ye Fan doesn't die, he will definitely be defeated and flee from China.

    A good bird chooses a tree to live on, and a good minister chooses his master to serve.

    In this situation, cutting off the relationship with Ye Fan is undoubtedly the wisest move for the Sanhe Group.

    Watching the group churn, Iwai Zen was silent.

    Intermediary Miyamoto didn't speak either.

    Everyone looked at Iwai Zen, waiting for his answer.

    After all, Iwai Zen had been at the helm of the Sanhei Foundation for many years, and even though Ye Fan had newly established Chiike Jing as the master, it was still Iwai Zen who had the most prestige in the hearts of the crowd.

    Iwai Zen's old face was gloomy, his hands clenched in his palms, and his old eyes were cloudy.

    Clearly, Iwai Zen was also in a huge tangle.In his heart, the heavens were at war.

    For a long time, he lifted his head, his eyes burning.

    Suzakuji smiled at the sight of him.

    "Brother Iwai, it looks like you've figured it out."

    "That's more like it."

    "We are all Japanese people, why should we serve the Chinese?"

    "Well, make a quick decision and kill Chike Shizu."

    Suzakuji smiled faintly.

    However, Iwai Zen shook his head, "Miss Chiike is the master of the Triad that Mr. Chu has handpicked, how could I kill him?"


    "Did you..."

    Suzuki-ji was stunned, his old eyes staring huge.

    But Iwai Zen said in a deep voice, "Mr. Chu has been kind to me, and even more so to the Trihexa Consortium."

    "Ten years ago, if it wasn't for Mr. Chu's help, the Triad Consortium would have disbanded long ago."

    "Now that Mr. Chu is in danger, how could we, the Trihealth Consortium, fall victim to this?"

    "No man is trustworthy!"

    "We, the Sanhe Consortium, since we have sworn our allegiance to Mr. Chu, we should naturally honor and shame each other."

    "If we fall down at this point, what trust and justice will we have in the future in the Sanhee Consortium?"

    "What's more, will Mr. Chu really lose?"

    "It's too early to draw conclusions!"

    "So much for that, Miyamoto, send the guests away!"

    Iwai Zen snapped low, his words majestic and with an unquestionable coldness.

    "Good, very good."

    "Good for you, Iwai Zen."

    "You're a traitor to the enemy and obsessed with comprehension."

    "When the day comes when the Snow Shining Patriarch's sword beheads that little Chinese child, it will be the day that your Triumvirate Consortium, will be destroyed!"

    "When the time comes, don't blame us for ignoring our old feelings!"

    With an iron face, Suzukiji snorted angrily as he immediately brushed his sleeves away.

    After the outsiders left, Iwai Zen suddenly addressed Chiike Jing, kneeling down, "Chairman Chiike, the situation just now forced me to decide on your behalf, I, Iwai Zen, can only decide on your behalf."

    "Please, Chairman, forgive my subordinates for overstepping their bounds!"


"Forgive my subordinates, for the crime of overstepping!"

    The low words, as if they were golden stones, were hurled and echoed throughout the room.

    Iwai Zen's words seemed to be an admission of wrongdoing, but they were actually an attempt to establish Chiike Jing's authority in front of everyone.

    Sure enough, as soon as Iwai Zen's words fell, the room full of people all knelt down and admitted their mistakes to Chiike Jing.

    "Chairman Chiike, please forgive your subordinates, for the crime of disrespect!"


    "We were also confused just now, so please forgive us, Chairman Chiike~"


    Earlier, many people present had advised Iwai Zen to kill Chi Chi Jing and get out of Ye Fan's control.

    Now that Iwai Zen had still chosen to side with Ye Fan, they, the people, could only admit their mistake.

    After a few moments of panic, Chi Chi Jing soon calmed down as well.

    For the first time, she stepped forward to face the crowd and summoned the courage to say.

    "I know that many of you here are actually still afraid of implication in your hearts."

    "But that's okay."

    "I'm giving you guys the chance to leave if you don't want to stand with Mr. Chu, then leave."

    "Today, just quit the Triad Consortium."

    "We won't force anyone."

    Thousand Chi Jing said in a deep voice, and a rare touch of the authority of a family member appeared on her green and pretty face.

    Setbacks and storms would always cause one to grow.

    At this time, Thousand Chi Jing might just be a young girl who had not yet been involved in the world.

    But after many years, who could be sure that the greenish girl in front of her wouldn't grow up to be the Queen of the Sun Country who helped Ye Fan to guard her side?



    Daylight, it was soon past.

    Darkness, like a tidal wave, swept in.

    The night life of Winter Capital had begun once again.

    The streets and alleyways were crowded with people coming and going.

    Under the moonlight, there were three or two friends, meeting each other.

    There are passionate love couples, saying touching words of love.

    On the street, the thousands of cars, like fireflies, from all directions, into the front of the endless vehicles.

    From afar, the entire city is an endless ocean of light and darkness.

    Light and shadow intertwined, light and darkness intertwined.

    However, while the citizens of Winter Capital were enjoying the quiet time at night, little did they know that thousands of meters away, on the outskirts of Tokyo, a huge palace lay across the sky.

    Outside the palace, countless luxury cars gathered and thousands of people gathered.

    Each person held a candle in their hands, full of poignancy, and served on their knees.

    Behind them, hundreds of luxury cars were neatly parked in a row, their orange lights flickering endlessly in the night.

    Bright and dark intertwined, light and shadow flickered.

    As far as the eye could see, this side of the world was already a sea of light!

    In the dark of night, it's as bright as day.

    The lights flickered and the candles flickered.

    The thousands of people, like the most devout believers, knelt down to His Excellency the Three Gods.

    "Today the thieves are in charge, and the Sun Country is in danger."

    "Thousands of years of artifacts have been robbed, and the Moon God's whereabouts are unknown."

    "Naruto has been killed, and countless spirits of the nation of Japan have been slaughtered."

    "It is now the time of life and death for the martial arts of the Japanese Kingdom."

    "We are incompetent, so we can only ask the God of Snow to come out, kill that Chinese madman, save our country, and strengthen the martial arts of our country."


    "Please Snow Shining Sky God, save my country of Japan~"


    "Please, Snow Shining God of Heaven, turn the tide and save my country of Japan~"


    Poignant voices and words of grief were like monstrous waves, resounding unceasingly .

    Your Excellency, the Three Gods, countless people kneeled in unison, tears streaming down their faces.

    They sobbed to the heavens and wretched tears flowed.

    The sound of kneeling prayer rose and fell, churning the entire heavens and earth.

    Under the moonlit night, the candles swayed, orange lights, flickering unceasingly.

    The dreamy lights and shadows, mixed with the mournful cries of anguish, haunted and circulated like this.

    Endlessly, without end.

    That cry was filled with despair and misery.

    To think that they, the Martial Dao of Japan, were dominating Asia.

    But now, a thousand years of artifacts had been taken away, and even their God of Faith had been taken away by them.

    Several great and powerful masters were killed.

    The top warriors of the Japanese Martial Dao could be said to have been slaughtered by Ye Fan overnight.

    Single-handedly, he had trampled down the entire Sun Country.

    Now they had become the laughing stock of the world.

    Shame, anger, despair, grief~.

    A variety of emotions enveloped the martial practitioners of the entire Sun Country.

    They had no other choice but to converge on His Excellency the Three Gods and candlelight petition.

    With a sincere heart and a passionate desire to serve the country, they asked Snow to shine on the gods and fight Ye Fan for the honor and shame of the nation of Japan!



    Outside of the Three Gods Pavilion, the sounds of misery gathered like a flow, as if they were tides, churning the entire world.

    However, let them kneel and beg, inside the Three Gods Pavilion, it was already quiet as usual.

    At all, no one moved.

    Nor did any silhouettes appear.

    At this time, among the crowd, there were suddenly two people sitting in wheelchairs, being pushed in.

    These two, and they were not bystanders, were Heck, it was Moonwatching River and Ryuichi Ishino, who had been dug out of Mount Fuji by Toyotomi Kawayoshi and the others.

    The two of them, being pushed, arrived at the front of the crowd.

    At the front, the main hall was closed.

    In front of the door were the words "Three Gods Pavilion", which danced and danced with the force of a dragon and a phoenix.

    Moonwatcher took a deep breath, and then gritted his teeth, trying to stand up.

    But in the end, he failed. He fell to the ground, but tried to kneel up.

    And then, he raised his head and looked forward, his eyebrows and eyes red.

    On the vicissitudes of his face, there were almost old tears.

    Immediately afterwards, a low, miserable voice also sounded.

    '"Snow Shine Pavilion Master, you have been in hiding for long enough."

    "It's time to appear."

    "Our country of Japan, needs you."

    "The billions of people of the Sun Country also need you."

    "The face of the martial arts of my country of Japan needs you even more~"

    "Please Snow Shine Court Master, strengthen my country of Japan!"

    As Moonwatcher's words fell, it was as if a boulder had fallen into the sea, creating huge waves.

    Thousands of people behind them also knelt down in unison, weeping with grief.

    "Please shine snow on the God of Heaven and strengthen my country of the sun~"

    "Please, Snow Shining God, turn the tide~"


    The voices of woe and words of grief gathered into a stream that shook the heavens endlessly.

    However, just when the crowd was already desperate .



    A dull boom was quietly heard.

    Immediately afterwards, there was a rainbow of light in the Three Gods Pavilion.

    It was majestic and raging like a dragon!

    The earth trembled and the heavens trembled.

    This heaven and earth, in a moment, was actually swept by a storm.


    "This is..."

    At that moment, everyone stared with wide eyes.

    In their eyes, there was trembling, ecstasy, relief, and tears.

    They knew that, having disappeared for decades, the guardian celestial god of the Sun Country had finally appeared.

    Just like this, in the midst of everyone's trembling and ecstatic eyes, a cold and majestic silhouette quietly appeared.

    How magnificent it was, standing at the top of the pinnacle, magnificent in style.

    It's also how the beauty, ice skin and jade skin, closed moon shy of flowers.

    The first thing that you need to do is to look down on the people.

    The moment she appeared, everyone only felt that the world had lost its color.

    Gengzi year, May 4.

    After decades of secluded cultivation, the number one strongest person in the Sun Country, the Master of the Three Gods Pavilion, the Snow Shining Heavenly God, finally appeared!


At that moment, His Excellency the Three Gods, countless people burst into tears.

    They prostrated themselves and they worshipped each other sadly.

    They were like the most devout believers, worshipping their faith.

    And as if they were the most loyal subjects, worshipping their king.

    There had never been a moment when they were touched like this.

    The feeling was like a desperate moment of life and death, finally waiting for the king to come!

    "Please, Snow Shining God, turn the tide and strengthen the martial power of our Sun Country!"


    "Please Snow Shining Heavenly God, forcefully turn the tide and strengthen the martial power of our Sun Country~"


    Under the Heavenly River, there were candles swaying and lights flickering.

    In the midst of that interplay of light and dark, countless people knelt in unison in worship, and the sound of misery, only as bright as a flood, struck this heaven and earth once again!

    In front, the silhouette towered.

    Her dress was fluttering, her blue silk like snow.

    She stood proudly on the Heavenly River, misty and majestic, like a god, looking down on all beings.

    "I, Snow Shining Heavenly God, have retired from the Three Gods Pavilion, and have been in closed-door cultivation for tens of years."

    "Half a lifetime of cultivation, a single epiphany."

    "Today, I have finally achieved the Green Lotus Sword Intent!"

    "Yesterday's day cannot be left behind, after today, it is time for my Green Lotus Sword Secrets to be passed down to the world."

    The profound and misty voice echoed for a long time.

    Under her majesty, Toyotomi Kawayoshi and the others couldn't help but tremble and kneel in submission.

    In their minds, they only felt deafening!

    And then, the Snow Shining God turned his head and looked at the crowd in front of him.The cold and majestic words rang out once again.

    "Inform down, after three days, I will make an appointment to fight Chu Tianfan at the top of the Sun Country!"

    "This battle will be fought to determine victory and defeat, to determine honor and shame, to determine life and death!"

    "And, the banquet invites the world!"


    Clear cold words, majestic words, brought a gust of wind sweeping across the Heavens.

    Tonight, the number one strongest god of the Sun Country, Snow Shining Heavenly God, came out of the gate.It was destined to be a sleepless night for the entire Martial Dao of the Sun Country.

    The next day, when a ray of morning light rose.

    A powerful news, like a nuclear bomb, exploded from the World Martial Dao World, with a bang.

    "Hey, Old King Head, did you guys hear about it?"

    "The number one powerhouse of the Sun Country, the title clan, Snow Shine, is out of the gate!"

    "And, to have a martial appointment with Chinese Junior Grandmaster Chu Tianfan, at the summit of the Sun Country, three days later!"

    "By the looks of it, it's a battle to divide and conclude, huh?"



    "Ancestor Snowshot?"

    "Just the Japanese country's Three Gods Court Master?"

    "Oh my God!"

    "She's alive, isn't she?"

    "I haven't heard from her in almost fifty years."

    "I didn't think the woman, she's still alive?"

    "How strong must she be, then?"


    As the saying goes, one wave has yet to settle, another wave has risen.

    A few days ago, the waves caused by Ye Fan's single-handedly defeating the Japanese martial dao had not completely dissipated, but the matter of the strongest person in the Japanese country, Xuezhao, coming out of the gate and asking to fight Chu Tianfan had once again set off huge waves in the martial dao world.

    For a while, whether it was the online martial artist forums, or the teahouse bars where martial artists in major cities often gathered, it immediately exploded.

    Everywhere, there was talk about this matter.

    Indian Country, Floating Palace.

    A Japanese ambassador, suddenly visited.

    In the palace, the Florentine King is sitting in awe.

    Below, there was an ambassador from the Japanese State, coming to deliver a letter.

    "Three days later, the strongest person of the Japanese State, Snow Shining God, will make an appointment to fight the Chinese Patriarch Chu Tianfan at the summit of the Japanese State.Today, we are sending an invitation to King Fro, to watch the battle!"

    The ambassador of that day country held the invitation in his hands.

    After delivering it, he also left.

    Of course, it wasn't just the Martial Dao of the Indian State.

    The royal family of the English Kingdom, the Kremlin of Russia, and even the Lord of the Cold Country Martial Way, all received the invitation invitation from the Japanese side.

    Huaxia, Yanshan.

    Within the palace, the God of War and the others were all present.

    In front of them, there was an exquisite invitation card with a black background and gold pattern.

    However, looking at that invitation, the Fist Emperor Mo Lone City and the others couldn't be happier.

    "Tell us all, what do you think of this matter."

    The Sword Saint said in a deep voice, his old eyes filled with gloom.

    After a brief silence, the Hao Tian Clan Master, however, smiled bitterly.

    "This time, things are getting bigger."

    "The number one powerhouse of the Sun Country is openly asking for a fight, and has widely invited martial dao from all countries, to go watch the battle."

    "This is afraid, it has risen to the point of a martial dao national war."

    Tang Hao said bitterly.

    The martial dao national battle was no small matter, it was a matter of national glory and national disgrace.

    Once they lost, it would undoubtedly mean that they, the Huaxia Martial Dao, had also lost.

    At that time, what would be lost was the face of the entire country.

    "Well, then please post it with deliberate emphasis on the Huaxia clan, it's obviously intentional."

    "It's obvious that it's trying to use this battle to suppress my Huaxia Martial Dao."

    "Therefore, this battle is a matter of great importance, and we must be cautious and consider many aspects."

    "I think it's extremely inappropriate to have a teenager, representing my Huaxia Martial Dao to fight."

    "How about this, I will run to the country of Japan, and at that time, this Champion will fight on behalf of me."

    "I guarantee that I will definitely guard the dignity of our Huaxia's martial dao!"

    Mo Guocheng's face was sullen, but he volunteered to fight on his behalf.

    His own son was crippled in the Japanese country, and these days, Mo Guocheng had been holding his anger in his heart for a long time.

    Now the great opportunity to take revenge, of course, he was not willing to miss it.

    However, in the face of what Mo Guocheng said, Sword Saint Xiao Chen shook his head.

    "Sun Country Snow Shine, nearly a hundred years of fame."

    "A body of Green Lotus Sword Intent, unrivalled and indestructible."

    "Back then, even I was not confident that I could steadily defeat her."

    "Now, she has been in seclusion for tens of years, and no one knows how far her strength has refined."

    "Lone City, it's not me who's hitting you."

    "If you go up against her, the odds aren't great."

    "The most prudent solution is to let Old Ye fight."

    "The number one strongest person in Huaxia against the number one strongest person in Japan, it's fair and just."

    "Old Ye, what's your opinion?"

    Xiao Chen and the others all looked at Ye Qingtian, waiting for his answer.

    However, Ye Qingtian shook his head, "Not properly."

    "You and I have special identities, representing the Huaxia Martial Dao to the outside world, the Martial God Palace."

    "Once I fight on behalf of you, it is undoubtedly sitting on the fact that what this Chu Tianfan did was authorized by our Martial God Palace."

    "You know that authorizing a strong person from this country to go to a foreign land and slaughter indiscriminately is a great taboo in the Martial Dao."

    "When the time comes, it will surely be condemned by the united voice of the international community."

    Ye Qingtian said analytically.

    But Mo Guocheng was anxious: "According to you, we'll just have to put the glory of our country, the dignity of the nation, on this hairy brat who came out of nowhere?"

    Mo Guocheng asked rhetorically.

    Ye was silent for a moment and finally said, "It's useless for us to argue about this matter here, we'll see what we can do then."


While the entire martial world was boiling over because of the matter of the Snow Shining Heavenly God's appointment.Ye Fan, who was one of the protagonists, was as if he was unaware.

    There was no panic, no trepidation, as if he hadn't cared about the matter from start to finish.

    These past few days, Ye Fan just accompanied the young girl, stopping along the way.

    Seeing the cherry blossoms blooming in the mountains, seeing the sun sweeping over the city.

    Going to see the beauty that once everything the girl wanted to see but had never gone to see.

    In the evening, they will also go to the movies together, to patronize a variety of food stalls, walk together in the moonlight.

    The night is quiet, and the moon is like water.

    The two of them didn't talk and just walked quietly.

    Rangong Ying Yue liked this feeling, this feeling of quietly enjoying life.

    Only when she was with Ye Fan would she feel that the world was so beautiful.

    A tree full of blossoms on a clear day, a lake rippling on a rainy day, the sun sweeping the city, the breeze crossing her fingertips.

    How the girl wished that she could stay with her master like this all the time.

    It's a good idea to go with him to see the spring and summer breeze, autumn leaves and winter snow.

    It's also a good idea to go to the south water, north mountain, east foothills and west ridge.

    Together experience the four seasons, spring and autumn, vicissitudes of mountains and rivers.

    However, both Ye Fan and Liang Gong Ying Yue are very clear that these are destined to become nothing more than the girl's wishful extravagant expectations.

    The soul seal on Rangong Ying Yue's body had already been lifted, and even if she was saved from the altar, it would only delay her for a few days.

    Maybe today, maybe tomorrow~.

    The thousand and one delicate girl in front of her would then be a completely different person.

    And the truth, the more it verified all of this.


    "05.02, I went to Tokyo Bay with my master to see the sea, the sea is really big, and my master said that the other side of the sea is heaven."


    "05.03, Went to the Imperial Residence with my master.Sensei said that the Imperial Residence used to be the place where the Moon God lived.Maybe, I'll live in it from now on~"


    "05.04, went to the amusement park for the first time, rode the roller coaster and experienced the big pendulum.The big pendulum was scary, but the owner was there, so it wasn't scary~"


    "By the way, I'm going to climb the sky tree with my master tomorrow."

    "It's the closest place to the sky, and mom says the most romantic place in the world is at the top of the sky tree~"


    As time slowly passed, the young girl used words to record the last moments of her life.

    And, every night before going to sleep, the young girl would read the diary from beginning to end.

    Someone once said that people's memories are like footprints on the beach, time will eventually erase everything.

    And she, too, would eventually forget the teenager at this point.

    But she didn't want to forget, so she would write it down in a journal.

    Write down everything that she experienced with her owner.

    That way, even if she really wasn't there anymore in the future, perhaps the other soul occupying her body, when reading these diaries, would recall everything that had happened.

    Time, finally came to May 5th.

    Ever since Ye Fan had brought her down from Mt. Fuji, Rangong Ying Yue had been sleeping longer and longer, and her consciousness had become dull and awake for shorter and shorter periods of time.

    This morning, Ye Fan even screamed for a few hours before waking her up from her slumber.

    Her pretty face was pale, and her entire body was already bloodless.

    Like a desperately ill person, her consciousness was gradually blurring and her vitality was gradually dissipating.

    Rang Gong Ying Yue only felt that her control over her body was getting weaker and weaker.

    In the end, she couldn't even stand up.

    Upon seeing this scene, Ye Fan knew that the final moment was getting closer and closer.

    When she completely lost control of her body, it meant that, her consciousness, was completely erased.

    At that time, Ranggong Ying Yue, would truly be gone.

    Looking at the weak and painful appearance of the young girl in front of him, Ye Fan's heart was extremely heavy.

    He walked over and sat in front of Ranggong Ying Yue's bed, and said softly, "Yue'er, don't go anywhere today, just rest well, I'll be here with you."

    Ye Fan couldn't do anything at all, the only thing he could do was the girl in front of him, finish the last part of her life's journey.

    However, Rangong Ying Yue didn't seem to want to spend her last time in bed.

    She tried to climb out of the bed and tried to stand up.

    However, her body's weakness simply made her unable to support herself, and she could only end up falling to the ground.

    At that moment, she cried.

    Tears rushed down her face.

    Perhaps, it was angry at herself, not fighting for it.

    Obviously, she had agreed yesterday that she would go with her master and climb the Sky Tree today.

    But, I was dragging my feet again.

    By late afternoon, Rangong Ying Yue didn't know what happened, and as if she had returned to her senses, she suddenly gained strength.

    She then got up, sat down in front of the dressing table to freshen up and dress up, put on her most beautiful dress, and put on her favorite clover earrings.

    Today's girl seemed as if she was the most beautiful and stunning in the world.

    When she stood in front of Ye Fan, Ye Fan only felt that the world had lost its color.

    At two o'clock in the afternoon, the two of them left the hotel and drove to the landmark of the Winter Capital of Japan, the Winter Capital Sky Tree.

    In the same afternoon, the world's martial arts leaders from England, Russia, India and other countries of the world, all took a special plane, departed for Japan.

    Tomorrow will be the day that Ye Fan and Xuezhao will fight.

    Due to the long journey, many countries departed a day early.

    At this time, nine skies away, dozens of planes took off from this airport, like swords cutting through the sky, all heading towards one place, soaring away.

    Only if, a hundred rivers meet the sea!


    3:10 PM.

    A man and a woman entered the first floor lobby of the Sky Tree to buy tickets and line up.


    3:40 PM.

    The six major consortiums of the Japanese country got the news and sent people to blockade the Sky Tree.Within a radius of a thousand meters, people were strictly prohibited from entering.



    Ye Fan and the two of them checked their tickets to enter and started to ascend the Sky Tree.


    Four o'clock ten.

    The inside of the "Sky Tree" began to clear, and hundreds of tourists were evacuated one after another.


    Four o'clock fifty.

    Ye Fan and his two men reached the first observation deck 350 meters from the ground and took a short break.


    At 5:09, the presidents of the major consortia gathered under the sky tree, and the scene was directed to blockade the perimeter.


    At 5:30 p.m., the two of them, Ye Fan, finally arrived, at the top of the Sun Country!

    This place, also known as the "Skywatch Corridor," is the highest point of the Sky Tree.

    From there, you can look down on the whole of Tonkyo City.



    "Enlightenment Chairman, according to the surveillance records, Mr. Chu has already entered the Sky Tree at 3pm."

    "If nothing else, at this time, Mr. Chu, is at the top of the Sky Tree, where the Skywatch Cloister is!"

    Under the Sky Tree, a thousand people gathered.

    Heck, the ones who were ordered to come and clear the field, the six major consortiums.

    After all, tomorrow's battle was the pinnacle duel between the Sealed Masters.

    Even if the residual power that spilled out, it would be a catastrophe of extinction for ordinary people.

    Blocking the scene was also to reduce unnecessary casualties.

    At this time, one of the subordinates under the Trio Foundation, who was in charge of clearing the scene of the Sky Tree, hurriedly came to report.

    When Chichi Shizu and Iwai Zen and the others heard it, they were shocked.


    "Mr. Chu he's already at the Skywatch Cloister?"

    "Isn't the appointment tomorrow?"

    "Why are you here at this hour?"

    Iwai Zen's old face was sunken and he said in shock.

    The chairman of the Suzuki Consortium on the side, Suzuki Ji, sneered, "I guess, it's that Chinese little boy who can't wait to come and die, right?"

    "That's good, since he can't wait so long, we'll make it happen."

    "Pass on my orders, immediately contact the Three Gods Pavilion side, and let's say that the target, has appeared in the Skywatch Cloister."

    "Request the Snow Shining Heavenly God, descend!"


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