Dish Best Served Cold 921-925


Chapter 921

May 1, Gengzi year.

    Ye Fan leaves China and enters the Winter Capital of the Japanese Kingdom.

    Beheaded the second strongest man in the Japanese Kingdom, Susa Naruto, at the summit of Mount Fuji!

    The eight disciples of the Three Divine Pavilion, together under Ye Fan's divine power, flew into oblivion.

    The mountains and rivers were silent, and there were no corpses left.



    At that moment, everyone was confused.

    Everyone present was dumbstruck in place, staring at the scene before them with dead eyes, incredulous.

    "Ming...Ming Zun he...He, is dead?"

    "One of the Three Gods Pavilion, the leader of the Japanese martial arts, the second strongest man in the world...Just like that, dying...Died?"

    Toyotomi Kawayoshi was dumbfounded and shouted out of breath.

    Because of the horror, a pair of eyeballs, nearly all of them were about to jump out.

    Susa Mingzun, that was one of the martial arts leaders of the Sun Country.The second strongest person in the world in the Sun Country, even the Sword God Palace Master Wang Yuehe, worshiped him and served him as his master.

    But now, just like that, he was dead?

    A title grandmaster, and he fell like that?

    How many years had passed since the World Martial World, and no title masters had fallen.

    But today, they had actually witnessed history!

    What was even more desperate was that even the eight disciples under the Three Gods Pavilion had all been killed by Ye Fan.

    Those eight people could be the future of the Martial Dao of the Sun Country.

    Today's battle was tantamount to cutting off the future of the future of the Martial Dao of the Sun Country.

    "Son of a bitch, son of a bitch!"

    "You actually killed Songzun?"

    "How dare you kill him?"

    "How can you cut off the future of my country of Japan?"

    "You beast, you be ten thousand deaths!"

    "You have destroyed the foundation of my Sun Country, severed the future of my Sun Country, and robbed my Sun Country's gods."

    "The Martial Dao of my Sun Country will never end with you!"

    "It's not going to stop~"

    Looking at the Moon River with crimson eyes, he roared at Ye Fan like a mad dog, cursing madly, his entire body nearing a corner.

    After all, this Ye Fan was too ruthless!

    In one fell swoop, he killed the nine great leaders of the Japanese Empire.

    Even the second strongest person of the Sun Country, Susa Mingzun, was also killed by his poisonous hand, and not a single scrap was left.

    Seeing the scene in front of him, Moon River's heart was undoubtedly dripping blood.

    The combined losses of their country of Japan in the last hundred years were not as much as the ones that died under Ye Fan.

    It could be said that Ye Fan, alone, had life-givingly set back the overall strength of their Sun Country's martial dao by a hundred years!

    How could Moonwatching River not be angry at such a great loss?How can you not be angry?

    He now wanted to skin and bones Ye Fan to quench the hatred in his heart!

    However, facing Moonwatching River's piercing curses, Ye Fan did not laugh in anger.

    The corner of his mouth glanced at Moonwatching River's gaze, which was filled with coldness and mortification.

    "Since you are so reluctant to them, this Dragon Lord will send you down to accompany them."

    With a sardonic laugh, Ye Fan furiously slapped his palm before slamming it down towards the Moonwatching River.

    Moonwatching Moon River was in a state of panic.

    Even Suzaku Mingzun had been killed by him with a single finger, let alone him.

    "Senior brother, there's no need to panic."

    "After the repeated battles, this shaft must have consumed a huge amount of energy, and at this point, I'm afraid there's not even one left of his power.

    "Now is the perfect opportunity for us to take revenge!"

    "Taking advantage of this moment, the people of my country of Japan will join forces to completely exterminate it with a thunderbolt."

    "Take revenge for the dead souls of my Sun Country!"

    Even though Ishino Ryuichi had his arm crippled by Ye Fan, he still had the heart to kill Ye Fan.

    At this time, he even urged the Japanese martial arts crowd to join hands and kill Ye Fan.

    After all, Ye Fan's strength was too strong.

    Even the nine strongest members of the Three Gods Pavilion had joined hands and lost.

    Therefore, even though it was expected that Ye Fan was already at the end of his crossbow, Ryuichi Shiano definitely didn't have the courage to go forward and fight alone.

    "If one person can't kill you, then a thousand people and a hundred people.

    "I don't believe it, a small Chinese child can still fight against our entire Japanese martial art with one person?"

    Ryuichi Shiano said in a sardonic voice.

    As he called, the crowd behind him, surprisingly, responded with a call.

    They were filled with anger and echoed with righteous indignation.


    "That's right~"

    "This son of a bitch killed Naruto, and we, the Japanese martial path, will not rest until he dies with it."

    "Mustn't let him go like that?"

    "Let's join forces and attack the group."


    "Can he defeat one person and ten, and can he defeat ten million?"

    On top of Mount Fuji, everyone's emotions were stirred up.

    They roared, they cursed wildly.

    In their eyes and brows, killing intent surged.

    In their chests, hatred boiled!

    Every one of them was red-eyed and close to spitting fire.

    One by one, with a roar, the men rushed out.

    Punch or palm, chop or slash.

    Thousands of attacks, then it was like a tidal wave, pouring madly towards Ye Fan's direction.

    "Cyanwood Sword Technique, Cyanwood Chop!"


    "Dragon God Fist!"

    Moonwatching Moon River and Shi Nuo Long Yi didn't watch anymore, and instantly made their move, along with everyone else, to cut wildly at Ye Fan.


    At the summit of Mount Fuji, the wind surged and the sword qi was rampant.

    The overwhelming attack was like an ocean storm, sweeping towards Ye Fan's direction.


    Ranggong Ying Yue, who was being protected by Ye Fan's bosom, saw the magnificent scene in front of her, her pretty face was bloodless, but even paler.

    The small hand tightly grasped the corner of Ye Fan's clothes, tilted up her pretty face, full of guilt and worry.

    However, facing the crowd surrounding him, Ye Fan was smiling boldly.

    "Yue'er, there's no need to worry."

    "Master said that he would take you away in peace, accompany you to ascend the Sky Tree, accompany you to see the sea calm, accompany you to see the scenery of the world."

    "No one can stop you!"

    "If one person stands in my way, I will kill one."

    "If ten stand in my way, I will kill ten!"

    "If you stop me by any means, I, Chu Tian Fan, will slay all the people of the world!!!"


    The words were resounding, only as if golden stones were thrown to the ground.

    Under Ye Fan's flooding voice, this world was filled with Ye Fan's sloshing voice.

    At a certain moment, Rangong Ying Yue was startled.

    She tilted up her pretty face and looked at the young man beside her just as quietly.

    The beautiful eyes were filled with overflowing colors and infatuation.

    It turned out that such a young man really existed in this world.

    Willing to fight the world for her sake.

    "Master, thank you."

    "Thank you, for bringing all the emotion and romance to Yue'er."

    "In this life, to meet a young man like Master, Moon, I have no regrets in dying~"

    Rang Gong Ying Yue whispered in her heart and smiled tearfully.

    On her pretty face, all of it was filled with tears.

    But they were tears of emotion, tears of joy.

    Naturally, Ye Fan did not know the voice of Rangong Ying Yue's heart.

    At this time, he looked up to the sky with a long whistle.

    And then, carrying the drunken maiden in his arms, just like that, he went ahead and killed the crowd in front of him!

    Sword Qi was pervasive, and the blade light was rampant.

    Blood mixed with ice and snow filled the sky, and blood connected with snow.

    Just like this, Ye Fan had a beauty in one hand and a fist sweeping with the other.

    At this time, Ye Fan was like a sharp sword that pierced into the crowd.

    One by one, people fell down, one scream after another.

    Thousands of people couldn't even stop Ye Fan in the slightest.

    As for their so-called combined force, they were like turkeys and dogs, crushed by Ye Fan in an instant.

    On top of Mt. Fuji, Ye Fan's entire body was like no one else's!

    It was as if an unparalleled swordsman had killed a man at ten paces and had not stayed a thousand miles.

    The red blood burned throughout the long sky.

    That blood was even redder than the dazzling sun!


In the martial arts world, the strongest is the most powerful.

    When you have mastered enough power, it makes no difference at all whether the number of people is large or small.

    After all, mole crickets were mole crickets, and even if there were a thousand or ten thousand of them, they were not worth mentioning at all in the eyes of an elephant.

    Yes, in the eyes of Ye Fan, these people in front of him were no different from ants.

    After the people from the Three Gods Pavilion were cut down, the strongest of the group in front of them were just one or two people from Moonwatching River and Shi No Long.

    The rest of the thousands of people, although they were numerous, they weren't even clerics.It was a complete rabble and couldn't block the might of Ye Fan's punch.

    Just like this, in just a few minutes, Ye Fan held the beauty in his arms and walked hundreds of meters in a row through the snow.

    Wherever the blade passed, not a blade of grass grew.

    In the end, Ye Fan even released several palms in a row.

    The third stance of Yun Dao's Heaven Reversing Seal smashed down one after another.

    Might swept, giant palms were huge.

    At the summit of Mount Fuji, the crowd could only see that Heaven-Shattering Palm Seal, with the force of thunder, wildly bombarded towards Shiye Ryuichi and Moonwatching River.


    With two booms in succession, under the giant palm, Moonwatching River and Shi No Long Yi were like flies, directly smashed into the belly of the mountain by Ye Fan.


    Ahead, there was the howling and remorseful sound of the Moonwatching River.

    In the next moment, the earth cracked and the rubble crumbled.

    The majestic force, wrapped around the bodies of the two men, smashed raw into Mount Fuji a hundred meters deep.

    Life and death, unknown!


    "Ishino Palace Master?"

    "O son of a bitch, you're so cruel~"

    "I, Suzuki Jiro, will never die with you."


    Among the crowd, there was a big man whose eyes were red and cursed in anger after seeing Moonwatching River and Shi No Long Yi being severely injured by Ye Fan.

    However, he hadn't even finished his words before a Heaven-Shattering Palm Seal came down with a bang.

    A bang.

    The ground caved in, splattering dust that rushed skyward.

    The original curses came to an abrupt end.

    When the crowd looked again, they found that there, however, was only a puddle of flesh and mud left.



    "That tough?"

    The crowd's eyes twitched and shouted in disbelief.

    At this moment, on top of Mount Fuji, it was quiet.

    The vast world was deadly silent!

    It was as if a basin of cold water was instantly poured down on the crowd that had sworn to kill Ye Fan with righteous indignation, and at that time, they wilted.

    To be precise, they were pandered with fear.

    Everyone, all of them, were flabbergasted, looking forward with terrified faces.

    Seeing there, the wind and smoke feared silence, and the celestial river stood across!

    A youthful figure was standing there like this.

    He looked askance at the four directions, and he was full of cold smiles.

    The ethereal voice only sounded like it was sweeping in from the nine depths, resounding through the four directions.

    "Now, who else dares to stand in my way?"


    Tyrannical words, majestic voice, only like a rolling flood of thunder swept.

    Under Ye Fan's might, Toyotomi Chuanji and the others were all terrified, their old faces pale and their heads bowed, but they didn't dare to let out a fart.

    In the end, they just watched, the heavenly god of their country of Japan, Ranggong Ying Yue, being taken away from the summit of Mount Fuji by Ye Fan.

    No one dared to stop him!

    No one was stupid, the two top martial powers of the Three Gods Pavilion and the Sword God Palace were both trampled down by Ye Fan.

    These people, they weren't even clerics, and if they were to stop Ye Fan at this time, it would be a mantis looking for death!

    What's more, just now, Ye Fan had killed the nine strong masters of the Sun Country with an invincible force.

    Suzaku Mingzun's corpse was gone, and Sword God Moonwatcher was even smashed into the mountain's belly with a palm, living and dying without knowing.

    Ye Fan's fierce methods undoubtedly scared the guts out of the crowd.

    At this time, no one had any guts at all to provoke Ye Fan in the slightest.

    They could only gaze at them, slowly moving away.

    "Your Excellency, please stay!"

    However, at this moment, Toyotomi Kawayoshi, who had been silent, suddenly walked up to the front and shouted in a deep voice in the direction of Ye Fan.

    The crowd was shocked at what they saw.

    "Toyotomi Family Master, what are you doing?"

    "Are you crazy?"

    "And you messed with him, you want to die?"


    "Don't hurt us if you want to die~"

    The people around them were all scared to death at that time, yelling at Toyotomi Kawayoshi one after another.

    They thought that Toyotomi Kawayoshi's heart didn't know whether to die or not, and still wanted to provoke Ye Fan.

    The forewarning was right in front of them, the last one who provoked Ye Fan had just been shot to death, who would have thought that Toyotomi Kawayoshi would come out again.

    "Are you a fury?"Many people were frightened and cursed under their breath.

    However, Toyotomi Kawayoshi did not pay any attention to the people's curses, and a pair of old eyes, still looking far ahead at the thin back, asked again in a deep voice.

    "Dare I ask Your Excellency, may I leave my name?"

    "Heavens, we of the Martial Dao of the Sun Country, so that we can come to the door for instruction!"

    Toyotomi Kawayoshi is not humble, his articulate words are only like gold and stone.

    Ahead, the Heavenly River crossed, a young man and a woman, walking alone.

    After a long time, a cold voice, following the breeze, slowly drifted in.

    "I am Hua Xia, Chu Tian Fan!"


    The words of heaven and earth, only Ye Fan's proud voice echoed.

    Toyotomi Chuanji and the others stood there, silent for a long time, but the name "Chu Tianfan" echoed in their ears for a long time.

    After a long time, Toyotomi Kawayoshi let out a long sigh.


    "After today, I'm afraid the name of Chu Tianfan will be celebrated all over the world!"

    At a young age, he single-handedly fled to the country of Japan.

    He killed the Sword God, destroyed the Mingzun, and swept away the Six Nations!

    Bring the gods, seize the weapons, and rebuke the Eight Wonders!

    With his own strength, with one foot, he stepped over the entire Sun Country.

    Everyone was clear that after today, this young man named Chu Tianfan would undoubtedly step on the tired bones of their Sun Country and move up to the top of the Martial Dao!

    One can imagine how many countries will be shocked by the results of the Mt. Fuji battle soon after it's spread all over the world.

    What kind of horrific waves will Chu Tian Fan's name create in the world of martial arts?

    "There are no heroes in my country, it's the verticals that make them famous!"


    "There are no heroes in the country, it's the erector who is famous~~"

    On the summit of Mount Fuji, countless people sighed to the heavens and shed tears.

    It is as if their heroes are in their twilight.

    A hundred years ago, how dazzling was the glory of Japan?

    Sweep East Asia, unrivaled!

    Even the great dragon of Kyushu, which had dominated the world for 5,000 years, boasting that it was on the list of heavenly dynasties, at the center of the world, and standing in the east, had not been able to stop the steel torrent of their country of Japan.

    But now, one hundred years have passed.Times have changed.

    A mere young man from China has trampled down the entire Japanese State.

    This tremendous change in circumstances, but it made many people present, sighing and lamenting.



    Under Mount Fuji.


    "Has the storm subsided?"

    "It looks like it's safe."

    With Mt. Fuji no longer trembling, Chike Shizune and the others let out a long sigh of relief.

    "Iwai-san, what the hell just happened?"

    "What happened?"

    "Mount Fuji, why is there such a sudden riot?"

    "Just now, that red flame fire dragon that filled the sky, what was it?"

    "Do you think it'll be Mr. Chu who draws it?"

    After everything had calmed down, Chi Chi Jing was in a state of shock and asked Iwai Zen and the others with fear in her heart.

    She didn't know why, but at this time, Ye Fan's clear figure suddenly appeared in his mind.


    "Although the Dragon Lord he is young and promising, he is ultimately young."

    "Due to his age, his martial attainments must be extremely limited."

    "That heaven and earth aberration could never have been induced by the Dragon Lord."

    "Moreover, on top of Mount Fuji today, countless powerful people from the Sun Country have gathered.The Three Gods Pavilion and the Sword God Palace are both there."

    "Unless the Dragon Lord he is seeking his own death, he would never dare to take half a step into Mount Fuji at a time like this."

    Iwai Zen shook his head and said.


Under Mount Fuji, Iwai Zen was still talking.

    But he suddenly realized that there was no sound around.

    Everyone, in unison, looked up Mount Fuji.


    "What's wrong with you guys?"

    "Why aren't you all talking?"

    "Did something happen?"

    Iwai Zen couldn't help but wonder, as the atmosphere around him, quiet as it was, made him a little panicky.

    Until, he also looked up, to the top of Mount Fuji.


    Immediately afterwards, as if struck by thunder, Iwai Zen was momentarily stunned there.

    He stared at his old eyes in disbelief and looked forward.

    There, there was a young man, carrying a stunning woman, carrying mountains and rivers, bathed in blood, stepping on the rocks and earth, walking slowly.

    From his body, the majesty that emanated from him was only as bright and radiant as the shining sun.

    The feeling was as if the one who came along at this time was not a young boy, but a Nine Heavens Xuanxian Immortal who feathered and ascended.

    At this moment, the sun, moon and stars were all dimmed.

    The heavens and the earth were all reduced to a foil!

    In the eyes of Thousand [PENCIL] Chi Jing and the others, there was no longer this sky or this land.

    There was only that youthful figure, carrying the Heavenly River on his back, walking alone!


    "Mr. Chu?"

    In that instant, Chi-Chi was startled in place.

    With a distant-looking forehead, she cried out with a loss of voice.

    The beautiful eyes were filled with boundless overflowing colors and shock.



    With the departure of Ye Fan and Rangong Ying Yue, the battle on top of Mount Fuji had finally come to an end.

    The summit of Mount Fuji was filled with wolves.On top of the eternal ice and snow, there was even boundless blood staining.

    However, even though Ye Fan had already left, Toyotomi Kawayoshi and the others were still in a state of heartbeat.

    Inside, it was hard to calm down for a long time.

    "Toyotomi Family Master, say something?"

    "What now?"

    "Is it really possible to let that Chu Tianfan, take away the God of Faith of my Sun Country?"

    "That's our Sun Country's Moon God, a heavenly god who has been believed in for a thousand years in our Sun Country's martial world, how can he become that Chinese boy's woman?"

    "If word gets out in the future, won't our Japanese Martial Dao be unable to hold its head up for generations to come?"

    After a long period of trepidation, many of them looked at Toyotomi Kawayoshi, who was on the side, with miserable, bitter faces.

    On the old faces, there was despair!

    Originally, today was the day of their great joy to welcome the return of the Moon God, but who would have thought that it would end up like this?

    It's just as well that Susa Naruto and the others were killed, but the Moon God of their country of Japan was also kidnapped.

    The Moon God of the Sun Country is now kidnapped and taken away as a press-girl?

    "What the fuck is going on here?"

    Many people were depressed and only felt shame, and some were even close to crying.

    "The matter of the Moon God will be discussed later."

    "For now, let's dig out the Sword Gods and the others first, shall we?"

    Toyotomi Chuanji sighed, while he quickly called on the crowd to rescue Moonwatching Moon River and Shi No Ryuichi first.

    Previously, Moonwatching River and Shi No Ryuichi were smashed into the mountain belly by Ye Fan with a slap, and they were still alive or dead.

    However, even if there was a glimmer of hope, they still had to find a way to dig them out quickly.

    Suzaku Mingzun was dead, and the eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion had also fallen.

    The peak of Nichiren Martial Dao had already been devastatingly hit, and if the Sword God and the others fell again, they were afraid that there would truly be no one left in Nichiren Martial Dao.

    One must know that before this, there were only a total of four title masters in the Sun Country.

    But now, Suzaku Naruto was dead.

    If Moonwatching River and Shi No Ryuichi or two fell again, their Sun Country Martial Dao, in the future, would probably be completely reduced to a second-rate power among the world's martial dao.

    Soon, everyone who was still alive started digging for earth and stones, and began to dig inside the ruins to dig for Moonwatching River's corpse.

    And as time went on, the events of the Battle at the top of Mount Fuji finally began to ferment.

    At first, it was only rumored within the country of Japan.

    But soon, it spread to East Asia, South Asia, Western Europe, and finally, the martial arts of the American continent, and all the countries knew about it.

    This battle, like a twelve-grade gale, swept wildly through the entire world martial world.

    Until finally, the whole world knew about it!


    "Oh my God!"

    "Have you heard?"

    "The martial path of the Japanese nation has suffered a catastrophe of extinction."

    "A Chinese master, who collapsed the entire country of Japan with his own strength?"

    "The two great seals are all dead!"

    "The eight great masters, their bodies are gone."

    "The Three Gods Pavilion and the Sword God Palace, all of them were blown up by it."

    "The Sun Country Sword God, Moonwatching River, is still buried in the mountain and hasn't been dug out?"




    "Who? So awesome!"

    "Could it be that the War God of China, Ye Qingtian went there?"


    "No, it's a man named Chu Tianfan!"

    "Supposedly, just a teenager in his early twenties."



    "You mean, a teenager who blew up the entire Japanese Kingdom with his own efforts?"

    "Holy shit!"

    "I'm going to Nima, right?"


    "A twenty year old teenager?"

    "Motherfucker, at this age I'm still a virgin who's never even played with a woman?"

    "How the fuck is that possible?"


    All over the world, there was an uproar.

    The world is in a state of shock!

    Teahouses and restaurants everywhere, wherever the sun and moon were, where martial artists gathered, nearly all of them were talking about this matter.

    As if a nuclear bomb had detonated, Ye Fan's extermination of several strong warriors of the Sun Country had undoubtedly set off huge waves within the entire world martial range!

    South Asia, Indian State.

    The Flore Palace, as the highest authority in the martial arts of the Indian State, has been ruling over the martial arts of the Indian State for a thousand years.

    It is said that a thousand years ago, the first title master was born, named Fro, who was revered as King Fro, and established the Fro Palace.

    Thereafter, as a token of respect and remembrance for the first title clerics, every master of the Florentine Palace was given the title, King Flore!

    There was a man in the palace, dressed in a long robe and sitting majestically.

    At his feet, there were men who were reporting to him about the movements on the Japanese side.

    At first, King Froh just shook his head and smiled.

    "Hua Xia is worthy to boast of being the upper state of the heavenly dynasty, the son of the Fist King on the front foot was crippled in the country of Japan.On the back foot, he sent someone, to seek revenge in the Japanese Kingdom."

    "I just didn't expect that the strength of the martial arts of the Sun Country has declined to this extent."

    "Huaxia went to just one person, and stirred up the martial dao of the Sun Country."

    "Even Susa Naruto, was killed?"

    "If I remember correctly, in the World Martial World, it's been nearly fifty years since a title master has fallen, right?"

    "It's just that what I'm curious about is when did Warsaw produce a Chu Tianfan?"

    "As I recall, there is no one, surnamed Chu, among the Six Pillars."

    "Could it be that some reclusive old demon from Warsaw has come out of the mountain?"


The Buddha King guessed secretly.

    As the saying goes, experts are in the folk.

    The truly strong were often unknown to the public.

    Now that a Chu Tianfan had popped up, the crowd was surprised, but they all felt that it was within reason.

    Huaxia was a vast land, and it wasn't strange for a few hidden strongmen to appear.

    However, since they had appeared, it was time to get to know them properly.

    "Pass on my orders to properly investigate this old demon's background."

    "Also, make a call to the Huaxia Martial God Temple side."

    "First, express congratulations for their great victory, and in addition, in my name, express my condolences to the old senior."

    "Let's just say that if possible, I hope to invite this old senior Chu Tianfan to be a guest in my country of India."

    The Buddha King said slowly.

    As Huaxia's closest neighbor, now that they had suddenly emerged with a title-level powerhouse, Froh naturally responded solemnly.

    However, that attendant beneath the palace, the corner of his mouth twitched in an indistinct manner, and finally, he smiled bitterly and returned, "That...That, King Froh, this Chu Tianfan, doesn't seem to be very old, so he can't be called an old senior."

    "Oh?If it's not a senior, then it looks like it's someone of the same generation as me."

    "In that case, it's all the more reason to meet."Fo Luo's appearance was solemn, and he was holding a cup of tea in his hand, preparing to drink it, but after learning that this Chu Tian Fan was a title grandmaster close to his age, he only felt that the strong tea in the cup, suddenly did not smell good.

    If this Chu Tianfan, was an ancient and rare old demon, the threat wasn't much.

    But now that he was even in the same generation as himself, the threat, undoubtedly, was much greater!

    It must be known that the younger the title clan master was, the greater the future potential could be.

    That's why, back then, after learning that Ye Qingtian had entered the clan at the age of thirty, the martial dao of many countries sent strong men to assassinate Ye Qingtian, just to scruple his potential.

    "Also...Neither."The waiter smiled bitterly and shook his head again.

    After a moment of silence, the party whispered, "This Chu Tianfan, seems to be just a, a teenager in his early twenties."


    The Buddha King's cup of tea was still not drunk after all.

    After hearing this, at that time, he trembled all over, and the teacup in his hand, all snapped and fell to the ground.

    The tea mixed with the broken pieces of porcelain and splashed all over the floor.


    "What did you say?"

    "This Chu Tianfan, is he a teenager in his early twenties?"

    At this point, King Froh could no longer keep his composure.

    He scuffled and directly leaped up from his seat.

    His old face trembled tremendously, and his deep pupils were filled with tremors and scruples.

    A thirty-year-old clan master ended up becoming the number one strongest man in Huaxia.

    Now, in his early twenties, he was able to behead a title clan master?

    The Buddha King already didn't dare to imagine how terrifying this Chu Tianfan would be in a few decades?


    "Immediately contact the Huaxia Martial God Temple and call the Martial God Temple Master, Sword Saint."

    "No, I'll make this call myself~"

    In a panic, King Fo Luo then hurriedly called the Huaxia Martial God Temple side through official channels.

    This matter, he had to be sure.

    A title clan master in his early twenties, it made one's head spin to think about it.

    Nowadays, the six pillars of Huaxia were already intimidating to other countries in East Asia.

    If another twenty-something title clan master appeared in the Martial God Temple now, in the future, wouldn't this Asian region become the domain of Huaxia's family?

    Not only in India, but also at the top of the martial arts hierarchy in other countries.

    Western Europe, the British royal family.

    In the main hall of the royal palace, several people are gathered at this time.

    Those who could appear here were not at the level of the martial dao leaders of the British Kingdom.

    "Jack, what did you say?"

    "This Chu Tianfan, is he a teenager in his early twenties?"

    "God, how is this possible?"

    "It must have been misinformation."

    "Maybe, it's the intelligence officer, who understated a zero!"

    Above the hall, a middle-aged man with a leftover beard said in an alarmed voice, his words filled with incredulity.

    Yes, this man was the core member of the British royal family, the Duke of Carlo, who was in charge of the country's martial affairs.

    "No, Carlo, the information is not wrong."

    "I've asked for confirmation many times."

    "If you still don't believe me, you can contact the Huaxia Martial Shrine to inquire about it."

    "With the appearance of the Seventh Sealed Patriarch of Warsaw, we always need to pay attention."

    Up ahead, Jack, however, suggested.

    Duke Carlo nodded his head, "Well, you're right!"

    "No one should know more about this matter than the Valkyrie."


    "Pray that this isn't true."

    "Otherwise, a twenty-year-old title master is too scary~"

    The face of the Duke of Caro had become gloomy.

    The great kingdoms were fighting over what?

    A strategic force, no doubt!

    Once the United States and the Soviet Union were engaged in an arms race in order to overwhelm each other in terms of strategic nuclear power.

    In the martial arts world, a title clan master was a strategic level of power.

    The strategic deterrent ability of a twenty year old title clan master was too great.

    Carlo simply didn't dare to imagine that if the Martial Temple really had such a demon in existence, then in the future, the martial power of Huaxia would skyrocket to what extent?

    Worried, Duke Carlo immediately dialed the phone number of the Martial God Temple side of Warsaw.

    Just like that, near the same time, dozens of calls from all over the world were made to the Martial God Temple in unison.

    Huaxia, the summit of Yan Mountain.

    Sword Saint Xiao Chen as well as Boxing Emperor Mo Liao Cheng were nearly mad.


    "Chu Tian Fan?"

    "I don't fucking know, do I?"


    "I'm really not lying!"

    "We really don't have this number of people in the Martial God Hall?"


    "We don't know each other, do we?"

    "There's no one of this number on the Huaxia Master List either?"

    " You're afraid there's been a mistake, aren't you?"


    "No way, there's no way I can remember wrong."

    "I really don't remember that we have this number in Warsaw!"

    "If there were, our Martial God Hall would have been offered up as an ancestor long ago."


    "Hey, old friend, it's been a long time since we've been in touch, huh?"

    "Why are you calling me out of the blue?"


    "Is it Chu Tianfan again?"


    "We really don't know~"

    "The Valkyrie doesn't have this number~"


    One call after another, as if calling the soul, kept ringing.

    In just half a day, Mo Lone City and the others only felt that half the world had come to ask questions.

    Without exception, all the calls had only one purpose, and that was to ask about "Chu Tianfan".

    At that time, Mo Kucheng and the others were all confused.

    They swore they had never heard the name Chu Tianfan.

    But now, everyone in the world was certain that this Chu Tianfan was their Martial Hall's title master, the seventh pillar powerhouse of Huaxia.

    "What the hell is this called?"The Sword Saint was on the verge of tears.

    An unheard of person had become the seventh title master of the Martial God Temple?

    This is ridiculous!

    "Old Ye, you have wide access, do you know who this Chu Tianfan is?"

    "He's really one of us from Warsaw?"


Ye shook his head, "I've been in the military for a long time, so I naturally know even less about today's martial descendants."

    "It's that Junior Grandmaster Ye Fan from Jiangdong, I've only heard about it from him occasionally."

    Ye Qingtian shook his head and said.

    However, when it came to Ye Fan, Ye was stunned, and immediately a bold thought appeared in his mind.

    He looked up abruptly and looked at Mo Lone City and the others, "Right, as far as I know, that Ye Fan is also in his early twenties."

    "Nowadays, this Chu Tianfan seems to be similar in age to Ye Fan."

    "Do you guys think that the two of them, could they be the same person?"

    "In other words, that Chu Tianfan, could it be Ye Fan?"

    As if he had discovered a new continent, Ye Xintian guessed in a deep voice.

    It was quite possible!

    Otherwise, it would be too coincidental for two Junior Masters to appear one after the other in Huaxia in a similar time frame.

    Unless, these two were, in fact, the same person.


    "That Ye Fan I've learned about."

    "It's just a humble disciple from the countryside who later even joined the family as a son-in-law."

    "He was previously invited by the Yanjing Military District to be a military instructor, but he declined."

    "War God, ask yourself, is it possible for a humble superfluous son-in-law from such a humble background to enter the clan at a young age?"

    "The martial path is a spendthrift profession."

    "If a martial dao family didn't have a ten thousand dollar fortune, otherwise, it would be impossible to support a strong master."

    Boxer Mo Guocheng directly and harshly vetoed it, thinking that those words of Ye Qingtian were pure nonsense.

    However, it had to be said that what Mo Guocheng had just said did have some truth to it.

    The path of martial dao was definitely not something that someone from a poor family could take.

    Not to mention the fact that there was no strong person to lead it, just some medicinal herbs that strengthened the body and quenched the body, and made up for blood loss were not something that an ordinary family could afford.

    Martial Dao, external cultivation of the muscles and bones, internal refinement of the spleen.

    In addition to personal cultivation in ordinary days, medicines were also needed to nourish and replenish the body.

    Otherwise, it simply couldn't withstand the high intensity of martial dao training.

    Of course, if one relied on extreme perseverance, one could step into the realm of innate talent.

    However, if one became a master, it would be almost impossible.

    That was why, just based on Ye Fan's origin, Fist Emperor Mo Gucheng vetoed Ye's speculation.

    Sword Saint Xiao Chen also nodded in agreement, "Yes, Old Ye."

    "You're not exactly lifting that Jiangdong descendant up a bit too much."

    "Even if, that Ye Fan is really a Junior Master.But that doesn't have, the ability to step down the entire martial path of the Sun Country!"

    "This Jiang Dong's descendant is simply not comparable to Chu Tian Fan."

    "After all, this Chu Tianfan, however, has swept the entire martial path of the Sun Country with one man."

    "Even the second strongest person in the Sun Country, Suzaku Naruto, fell under him."

    "This strength is feared to be comparable to you and me."

    The Sword Saint said in a deep voice, and it looked like he didn't think that Chu Tianfan and Ye Fan had a half-assed relationship.

    The Sword Sage and the others were arguing there, but Hao Tian Clan Master Tang Hao remained silent and just listened quietly.


    "Don, don't just look at it, say something too, Don?"Mo Lone City looked to the side at Tang Hao.

    Tang Hao shook his head and laughed, "What's the use if I say it or not?"

    "To be frank, it's all just wishful speculation on our part."

    "If you want to know who this Chu Tianfan really is, just wait until he returns to Huaxia and ask in person."

    "It's useless to say anything more now."

    Tang Hao said, but he directly ended the arguments of the few people in the boxing king.

    He was right, and any more talk now would be speculation on their part.

    Chu Tianfan's identity background would still have to be asked in person after he returned to Huaxia.

    "However, if the news out there is good, our Huaxia Martial Dao, the future is promising!"


    Sword Saint Xiao Chen laughed.

    The sound of laughter echoed throughout the land of Yan Mountain.

    And while the laughter in the Martial God Hall was loud and clear, ten thousand miles away in the American continent.

    Downtown New York City.

    A huge private manor was located here.

    At this time in the manor, a handsome young man sat there with a gloomy face, and in front of him, there was a document that had just been sent by his men.

    The first line of the document was a huge plus black title.

    "Huaxia teenager Chu Tianfan sweeps through the country of Japan and makes a name for himself!"

    Under the title was an even more detailed and detailed description.

    The more the handsome youth looked down, the darker the gloom on his face became.

    Seeing the end, the youth shot up in anger!


    In a muffled sound, the long red pine table in front of it, which was handcrafted by top Swedish craftsmen, shattered instantly.

    Wood chips shot everywhere, and the wine cups on the table even shattered!

    "Rubbish, bunch of rubbish!"

    "Ten years, huh?"

    "In ten years, you haven't gotten rid of this hillbilly."

    "What use am I, Chu Tian Qi, to raise you?"

    In the room, Chu Qitian was dressed in a straight suit, but beneath his well-dressed appearance, he was endlessly eventful and angry.

    Back then, when Ye Fan was expelled from the Chu family, he was just a child with no hands.

    A single bullet would probably have sent him to the west.

    But who would have thought that the mole that everyone didn't care about back then would have become so powerful now.

    Killing even the nine strong masters of the Sun Country, the two top martial forces of the Sword God Palace and the Three Gods Pavilion were nearly trampled to extinction by them.

    How many people in the Chu Clan and even the Chu Sect could achieve this feat?

    "The fledgling eagle has already spread its wings!"

    "Once a tiny, microscopic mortal, but now you have the ability to stand alone."

    "Big brother, third brother I really underestimated you, underestimated you ah~"

    "Back then, I really should have done whatever it took to kill you!"

    In the room, Chu Qitian's eventful face and cold, dark laughter, however, made the surrounding attendants shudder to hear it.

    However, who could know the remorse in Chu Qitian's heart at this time.

    During these ten years, although the pursuit of Ye Fan had been uninterrupted.

    However, Chu Qitian had not paid much attention to this matter before and had casually left it to his men to take charge.

    So much so, that for a long period of time, Chu Qitian had never asked about Ye Fan's matter.

    After all, who would care about a lowly bastard born to a country woman, a wimp and incompetent superfluous son-in-law?

    Chu Qitian used to be too dirty to deal with Ye Fan.

    But Chu Qitian never expected that in just a few years of work, Ye Fan had grown to such a terrifying level!

    Slaying Naruto Zun and sweeping away the country of Japan.

    This was the strength of Iron's title clan.

    "No wonder, the previous actions failed repeatedly."

    "No wonder, Ying Tian and Ying Long all broke into your hands!"

    "And no wonder, the Sword God Moonwatching River stepped east of the sea and couldn't even cut you down?"

    "Chu Tianfan, Chu Tianfan, you're hiding really deep."

    "Brother I've been so bitterly deceived by you all these years~"

    Chu Qi Tian's eyebrows were red and his palms were clenched as the force was so great that his fingertips were nearly sunk deep into the flesh.


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