Dish Best Served Cold 916-920


Chapter 916

"Shinichi, is everything okay?"

    Seeing the eight disciples belonging to his Three Gods Pavilion being punched by Ye Fan until he vomited blood.Suzaku Mingzun's eyebrows were gloomy and frowned, and he hurriedly walked forward, worried and asked.

    The one man in the lead spat out the blood in his mouth and said in a fierce voice, "Ming Zun, we're fine."

    "Just now, we were just careless."

    "This time, we will never let him have any chance!"

    The man called Shinichi was filled with rage, speaking in a deep voice.

    With red eyebrows and eyes, the monstrous hatred was close to becoming condensed into substance, and the words were filled with disobedience and unwillingness.

    "Old Two and Three, let's go!"

    "This time, all of you fucking give me your best shot."

    "I don't believe it, the eight of us working together, can't we even beat a Chinese brat?"

    These eight people's old faces were livid, and although their mouths were bloodstained, they did not have any thoughts of retreating in fear, only anger and resentment.

    The confrontation just now had undoubtedly disgraced them.

    The eight of them were naturally unwilling, and they had to get this field back.

    Otherwise, they, the eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion, would have to be laughed at to death.

    Thus, with that leader's roar, these eight people ignored their injuries and charged off again with red eyes.

    These disciples were young and energetic, unwilling to submit to defeat, but Suzaku Mingzun, who was watching from the side, shook his head.

    "It seems that what Moonwatching River said before was true."

    "This Huaxia youth is definitely not as simple as it seems."

    Suzaku Mingzun looked at Ye Fan from a distance, and the expression on his old face gradually became heavy.

    However, even though he realized how powerful Ye Fan was, Suzaku Mingzun didn't immediately take action.

    He still stood there with an expressionless face.

    No one knew what kind of sharpness was brewing beneath this seemingly calm surface of Suzaku Mingzun.

    At this time, those eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion had rushed up once again.

    Their bodies were swept with vigor, and their fronts were gathered.

    Those eight people stepped on the earth, and their sturdy figures were like swords unsheathed, shooting straight into the nine heavens.

    "Bastard, come again!"

    "Last time, it was us eight brothers who were careless."

    "This time, we will behead you!"

    With a roar, these eight people had rushed in front of Ye Fan.The majestic might instantly exploded.

    "Illusory Sword Art!"


    "Sun Extinguishing Palm!"


    "The Three Divine Fists!"


    Or fist or palm, chop or slash.

    It was as if the Eight Immortals had crossed the sea, each displaying their prowess .

    The monstrous might was unleashed without reservation .

    Wherever the attack reached, it brought snow and wind into the sky.

    In the eyes of the crowd, they could only see the several fronts, gathering into streams.

    In the end, the boundless vigor gathered into a tornado with the momentum of sweeping the heavens and rivers, encircling towards Ye Fan.

    In the midst of the storm, Ye Fan stood proudly with his hands in the negative.

    Facing this majestic majesty in front of him, he was not afraid.

    There was only defiance and arrogance above his clear face.

    "I originally thought that the disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion would be the best among men."

    "Now it seems that it's nothing more than that."

    "Not even daring to face defeat, only deceiving themselves here."

    "With this kind of heart, it will be difficult to achieve anything great in the martial path in the future?"

    Ye Fan shook his head and smiled, his words full of contempt.

    In the confrontation just now, he had swept away these eight people with a single punch with the momentum of destruction.

    But anyone with a bit of self-awareness would realize that they wouldn't be a match for him at all.

    However, Ye Fan didn't expect that by now, the eight of them were still deceiving themselves and others.

    Blaming their own carelessness for the defeat just now?

    "Since that's the case, this time, this Dragon Lord will make you lose and be convinced!"


    The moment the words fell, Ye Fan stepped on the heavens and earth and rose into the sky.

    In his dantian, the Cloud Dao Heavenly Determination Technique was operating crazily.

    On top of Mount Fuji, the majestic power of heaven and earth seemed to be summoned, all converging towards Ye Fan's direction.

    As everyone watched, Ye Fan's body expanded at a speed visible to the naked eye.

    It was like a gradually fully stretched bow, and the monstrous power gathered like a tidal wave.

    Until finally, ten thousand mighty forces, bursting forth in one fell swoop!


    A palm that covered the sky instantly smashed down.

    The endless palm wind swept across the heavenly river.

    Just like that, the crowd could only see that Ye Fan's Heaven-Shrouding palm seal slammed down on the dragon scroll formed by the eight people gathered at the Three Gods Pavilion.

    Toyotomi Chuanji had thought that they would be able to hold on for a while longer this time.

    But it was clear that they were overthinking.

    This time, their stalemate was even shorter than last time.

    Under Ye Fan's palm, the dragon scroll crumbled and these eight people once again spat out blood and flew backwards.

    However, just when Ye Fan was taking advantage of the victory and preparing to directly hit these eight Grylls, who would have thought that it was at this moment that there was Qi energy exploding behind Ye Fan.

    Immediately afterwards, a figure, like lightning, dashed across the sky and arrived behind Ye Fan in an instant.A majestic attack, with lightning speed, instantly cut down!

    "Master, be careful~"

    Not far away, Rangong Ying Yue was shocked at the sight of it.

    Nearly with a cry, she shouted anxiously.

    At the same time, Ye Fan clearly felt the deadly threat coming from behind him.

    His eyebrows whirled, and a few hints of gravity rarely appeared on his face.

    Faced with this surprise attack from behind, Ye Fan naturally couldn't care anymore about chasing and killing the eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion, but turned around and hurriedly blocked it.


    Two palms clashed, and a low sound, then rang out.

    Caught off guard, only the palm of Suzaku Mingzun directly smashed through Ye Fan's defense.

    The final remaining momentum remained unabated and slapped hard on Ye Fan's chest.

    The majestic majesty was like a tidal wave that swept down from Suzaku Mingzun's hand and surged towards Ye Fan's body.

    Ye Fan grunted, and blood was already gushing out of the corner of his mouth.

    "It's now!"

    "Two, three, let's join forces!"

    As the saying goes, take advantage of his illness.

    After seeing that Ye Fan was traumatized by Sousa Manggong, the eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion who had just been repelled, actually made a comeback once again.

    As soon as they endured their injuries, they unleashed several attacks without any reservation, smashing all of them towards Ye Fan's body.

    Bang bang bang~.

    There were eight loud noises in succession.

    The attacks of those eight people steadily smashed on Ye Fan's back.

    The roar was so loud that Ye Fan's body flew out like a kite with a broken string.

    Finally, it smashed into the mountain belly behind him.

    The rocks and mountains rolled down, bringing up a rushing snowstorm.

    Ye Fan's entire body was buried in the ruins.

    Here in the world, only blood was left.

    With his abdomen under attack, Ye Fan was eventually unable to resist and was defeated by Susa Mingzun and the others.


    The moment he saw Ye Fan vomit blood and fly backwards, being knocked into the mountain's belly, Rangong Ying Yue could no longer contain herself and ran over with tears streaming down her face, filled with misery.



    "You sneak up on your masters, you're shameless!"

    As Ryouga Ying Yue ran, she shrieked angrily at Suzaku Naruto and the others.

    The miserable bitter sound echoed endlessly through the heavens and earth, moving those who heard it and worrying those who heard it.


"Shut up!"

    "In this world, only success or failure is asked, why ask the means?"

    "Ye Fan is dead, Rangong Ying Yue, your dependence is no longer."

    "You accept your fate."

    "Why don't you go up to the altar and sacrifice your life to welcome the arrival of the Moon God?"

    "It's your destiny, you can't escape it!"

    Faced with Rangong Ying Yue's accusations, Susa Ming Zun frowned and coldly raged.

    All of Rangong Ying Yue's previous actions had already made Susa Mingzun extremely unhappy.

    As a citizen of the Japanese nation, she ignored her position, her status, and the righteousness of her country, and threw herself at a Chinese man and tried to elope with him?

    It's an outright betrayal!

    It's treason against the state!

    If it wasn't for Rangong Ying Yue's special status, Suzaku Mingzun would probably have shredded her into a million pieces long ago.

    However, now that Ye Fan had been defeated by them.

    Without Ye Fan's protection, this Rangong Ying Yue was naturally a fish on their anvil, at their disposal.


    "You're talking nonsense."

    "My master he won't die."

    "He definitely won't~"

    Rangong Ying Yue was in tears, unable to stop shaking her head and weeping.

    There was panic all over her pretty face.

    At this time, Rangong Ying Yue, undoubtedly like a crazy person, ran over and picked her way through the ruins a little bit.

    The rocks and mountains cut her palms, blood dripping her arms, but she turned a deaf ear.

    The master was everything to her, and if the master died because of her, she would never forgive herself for the rest of her life.


    "Miss Ryouga, don't waste your efforts."

    "How powerful is the power under our combined efforts?"

    "That Chinese brat was first traumatized by Naruto and then struck by my eight brothers."

    "Even if he doesn't die, I'm afraid he's still dying."

    "Even if you pull him out of the ruins, what good will it do?"

    "You'd better not waste your efforts."

    "Listen to Naruto Zun, be good enough to walk up to the altar and sacrifice yourself to the Moon God and to my Japanese martial arts."

    "Don't worry, after you die, our Japanese Martial Dao will remember your sacrifice."

    Those eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion also laughed wantonly.

    They were naturally in a good mood after their previous great revenge.

    At this time, they were even more full of pride and said to Rangong Ying Yue.

    However, how could Rangong Ying Yue pay any attention to their sarcasm, still recklessly searching for her master's corpse among the ruins.

    Letting blood stain her arms red and dirt soak her clothes.


    "Miss Ryouga, take solace in your sorrow."

    "This mountain stone is a thousand pounds, how could you, a weak woman, find him out?"

    "And, Song Zun and the others are right."

    "Having suffered that heavy trauma earlier, the chances of him being alive are slim to none."

    "The dead are dead, and the living are still alive."

    "Ryougu-san, you must be in mourning~"

    Toyotomi Kawayoshi, however, couldn't watch anymore and walked over, pulling Ryouga Ying Yue down from the ruins.

    He shook his head and sighed, his words actually contained a bit of regret.

    After all, a young master in his early twenties had already fallen here before he had even made a name for himself in the world.

    Even though he was a Huaxia, his death was nothing less than a loss to the entire world martial arts world.

    "I can only say that the sky is jealous of him."

    To Ye Fan, Toyotomi Kawayoshi felt sympathy and pity.

    "What the hell is Heaven's Envy!"

    "That Chinese erector, not knowing whether he's dead or alive, single-handedly rushed into Mount Fuji in a vain attempt to abduct the god of my Japanese martial faith?"

    "Now that he has died under Ming Zun, he has no one to blame but himself!"

    Moonwatching River gloated, and his sneer was filled with a smooth laugh.

    Ryuichi Shiano, who was on the side, echoed, "A yellow-haired kid, who also dares to challenge my entire Japanese martial art with one person?"

    "If he doesn't die, where is the face of our Japanese martial arts?"

    "Die well!"

    "He's proud enough to die under Ming Zun."

    Shi No Ryuichi said with a sardonic smile, but in his heart there was an euphoric sense of revenge!

    Because of Ye Fan, his right arm was crippled.

    Because of Ye Fan, my sister died a horrible death!

    Also because of Ye Fan, the holy relic of the Japanese martial arts fell to a foreign country.

    The hatred for Ye Fan is only like the waves of the East Sea, flowing endlessly.

    If it were possible, Ishino Ryuichi would hate to eat his flesh and drink his blood.

    Letting him die so easily, Shi No Long Yi felt that it was cheap for that Ye Fan.

    "Alright, don't waste any more time."

    "Bring her to the altar, God's Awakening Ceremony, continue with it!"

    Because of Ye Fan's appearance, the Divine Awakening Ceremony was forced to be interrupted.

    Now that Ye Fan has been defeated, there is no more spoiler in this world.

    Naturally, the Divine Awakening Ceremony should also continue.

    However, just as the Sword God was about to forcefully take Rangong Ying Yue onto the altar and push her to the crater of Mount Fuji.


    A loud sound, like thunder, exploded.

    Immediately after that, rocks exploded.

    Where Ye Fan fell, the rubble was scattered like rain.

    In the midst of the dashing rain, a thin figure, once again, lay across the heavens and earth.

    It was like a phoenix rising from the ashes, reborn from the fire!

    Just standing there, it was as if a ten thousand high mountain stood across the heavenly river.

    That defiant arrogance, that domineering dominance, made countless people's hearts tremble!


    "It's...How the fuck is this possible?"

    "Under the combined attack of the nine strongest people, he...He's even managed to stay alive?"

    In a split second, heaven and earth were horrified.

    At the summit of Mount Fuji, the elegant sparrow was silent.

    Everyone, staring with dead eyes, like looking at the devil, looked at the young man who was once again, standing proudly between the sky and the river.



    "I knew you wouldn't fall, Master~"

    Once again seeing the familiar figure that stood above the ruins, Rangong Ying Yue smiled tearfully.

    As if sunlight shone into the darkness, the young girl who was grief-stricken a moment ago, then immediately opened her eyes and smiled.

    To Ranggong, Ye Fan was her entire world.

    "This brat, he's still alive?"

    "It's really tough!"

    Even the corner of Suzaku Mingzun's eyes twitched a few times without a trace at this point.

    He had never expected that Ye Fan would not only survive but also stand up once again after suffering that kind of severe trauma just now.

    Ye Fan's degree of difficulty had undoubtedly far exceeded his expectations.

    While the crowd was trembling, at the top of Mount Fuji, that figure, was still standing.

    His eyebrows and eyes were cold, and he swept the four directions.

    He stood with his hands in the air, his face full of cold smiles.

    The cold and majestic voice was like thunder, rolling across this world.

    "Suzaku Mingzun, right?"

    "Do you seriously think that you can take my life with that despicable tactic?"

    "I can only say that you're too naive."

    Ye Fan shook his head and laughed, rolling the flood like a thunderstorm.

    As he said that, he lifted his feet and stepped forward.

    And with each step he took, his majesty soared by several points.

    Until in the end, his majesty was so majestic that he was actually as powerful as a dragon!

    To the horror of the crowd, they saw the rocks and mountains tremble in front of him.

    Behind him, the sea of clouds tossed!


Finally, as Ye Fan got closer and closer to Suzaku Mingzun and the others, Ye Fan's momentum, also at this point, reached an extreme level.

    The feeling was as if a generation of kings were standing here, looking down on the world!

    Subsequently, an unparalleled explosion that had the power to sweep the four directions like a stone shattering the sky.

    "You insects, you have no idea what kind of existence is standing in front of you at this moment?"

    "I, Chu Tian Fan, am the Lord of the Dragon God, when I am invincible to the world."

    "Suppress, all enemies!"

    Amidst the majestic explosion, under the nine heavens, only Ye Fan stood proud.

    His eyebrows and eyes were profound, his face was clear and beautiful, and on top of his morose face was a cold smile that dominated the world.


    "Lord of the Dragon Gods?"

    "Still invincible to the world [51 Novels]?"

    "And suppress all enemies!"

    "I'll fuck it up!"

    "Faking it is overrated, isn't it?"

    However, when they heard Ye Fan's words, the eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion all snorted.

    The pair of them looked at Ye Fan as if they were looking at idiots.

    They had lived half of their lives, but it was the first time they saw Ye Fan so able to pretend.

    "A strong crossbow brat."

    "Where did you get the strength to spout off here?"

    "Give me a fuck!"

    Amidst the furious curses, the eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion actually rushed out again.

    A monstrous might swept over them, and the dao attacks ranged across.

    Once again, they attacked towards Ye Fan.

    They didn't believe that Ye Fan, who had suffered a serious injury, could still turn the tide?

    "Illusory Sword Art!"


    "Yin and Yang Fingers~"


    "Split Flame Palm!"

    As the saying goes, the eight immortals were each displaying their prowess.

    In the mere blink of an eye, these eight people's attacks had swept out.

    This time, to be on the safe side, Susa Mingzun didn't just watch, he even followed suit.

    Everyone could only see that Susa Mingzun, who had been standing still, stepped on the ground and jumped up.

    The figure, swift as a rainbow.

    Worthy of being the second master of the Three Gods Pavilion, the second strongest person in the renowned Sun Country, his speed alone was almost unmatched.

    "Sousa divine Art, Snow Kill!"

    At the summit of Mount Fuji, Susumu Naruto's hands cupped his hands, his might swept over him, and his mouth was even more intoned.

    And then, a low cry!


    The moment his words fell, a violent storm arose on the summit of Mount Fuji, and snowflakes filled the sky.

    The snowflakes that swept the heavens and earth were as hard as steel and as sharp as swords under the summoning of Susa Mingzun.

    In the end, the overwhelming snowflakes were like tens of thousands of swords, slashing towards Ye Fan.

    The monstrous sword Qi, like a net of swords, surrounded Ye Fan in 360 degrees without any deadly angle.

    However, facing this monstrous attack that was as majestic as an abyssal sea, Ye Fan was not afraid.

    He did not retreat, nor did he dodge.

    In Ye Fan's dictionary, there is no word "retreat" at all.

    When the enemy cuts me with his sword, I will return with blood!

    A tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye!

    Just like this, amidst the trembling and terrified gazes of the crowd, they only saw Ye Fan's feet on the heavens and earth, soaring into the air.

    A thin body, but it was close to having the power to shake the heavens and earth.

    Stepping on the heavens, almost even the stars and rivers were crushed by it!

    At the same time, a majestic and ethereal voice seemed to sweep over from the depths of the starry river.

    "Cloud Dao Heaven's End, First Style."

    "Yunyang kick!"


    Between the heavenly rivers, only one foot of Ye Fan stepped down.

    The force of ten thousand feet was close to shattering the Void Heavenly River.

    Just like that, Ye Fan stepped down and directly shattered the combined momentum of those eight people from the Three Gods Pavilion.

    And, the remaining momentum did not diminish and kicked one person in the chest.

    How powerful was this kick of Ye Fan's?

    The crowd watched as one of them, after being kicked by Ye Fan, sliced like a knife to tofu and exploded right at the sternum.

    Tendons and bones were broken and internal organs mixed with blood spilled into the sky!

    With one kick, Ye Fan actually kicked that person, raw through.

    Yes, it was through!

    Front chest in, back chest out.

    The man, like a balloon that had been kicked to pieces, hadn't even had time to scream before he died instantly.

    "Third Brother?"

    "Son of a bitch, you're so cruel!"

    "Take a life?"

    In the blink of an eye, one of them was killed.

    The rest of those seven brothers, their eyes turned red at that time.

    They cursed angrily, like mad dogs with fried hair, their red eyes, recklessly rushing towards Ye Fan to kill.

    However, facing that rushing resentment, Ye Fan was unmoved.

    There was no joy or sadness above the clear face.

    There was only that monstrous coldness!

    After a foot fell, Ye Fan's five fingers curled up and his right hand clenched into a fist, then smashed down.

    "Second style, Blazing Mountain Collapse!"


    Only like a boulder entering the sea, in the split second that Ye Fan's fist fell, this side of the world, all set off huge waves.

    Underfoot, the mountains crumbled.

    In the sky, the sea of clouds tossed.

    The monstrous fist swept out.

    Just like this, Ye Fan smashed directly on the second person's body with his invincible fist.

    There was no hindrance at all, just like the autumn wind sweeping down, boiling oil melting the remaining snow.

    Under Ye Fan's fist, that person's defense was directly smashed open.

    But Ye Fan's fist didn't decrease and landed on that man's skull without any reservation.


    Like eggs falling from a stone.

    Hearing only a bang, the man's head exploded instantly.

    Blood mixed with brain matter poured out, and a sentence of headless dead bodies, like autumn leaves, fell like that.

    In just a few breaths of time, the second person, died in the afterlife!

    The cold wind blew through, and the world here was like a blood rain.

    On top of that pale snow, a bit of red was splashed.

    "Fifth brother!"

    "Son of a bitch, son of a bitch~"

    "You give me back my fifth brother, give me back my fifth brother!"

    After the second man lost his life, the remaining six people were undoubtedly even more furious.

    That one, they were all Jairus.

    Hatred had dashed their senses.

    They roared and they shrieked.

    In Ye Fan's eyes, they were like the moths that put out the fire, forward and backward, pouncing on death!

    "The third style, the Overturning Seal!"

    There was no mercy, nor was there the slightest halt.

    After two moves were released in a row, the third style of Yun Dao Heaven's End appeared once again.

    Between the firmament, the crowd could only see that the fronts converged.

    Boundless vigor actually condensed into a heaven-blocking palm seal.

    The palm seal was huge, a hundred zhang long, mine width white feet, almost covering the sky.

    It was as if it was the hand of God.

    After it appeared, it slapped ruthlessly against the earth below!


    The summit of Mount Fuji trembled once again.

    As the crowd watched, another figure was struck by Ye Fan's attack.

    When the sharp edge dissipated, the light and shadow dissipated.At the summit of Mount Fuji, only an eventful and huge terrifying palm print was left.

    Among that palm, only shredded clothes and a body that had turned into mud were left.

    Yes, with a single palm, Ye Fan had slapped one of the eight protector disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion into rotten mud.



    "This is a fucking devil, right?"

    With one punch, one palm, and one kick, the three strongest men were exterminated.

    The first one, was kicked through the chest, the second one, was blown out of his head.

    The third person, even more so, was not even able to leave a whole body and was beaten into a pulp.

    Looking at the scene in front of them, the crowd was undoubtedly all scared to death.

    Toyotomi Chuanji was even staring with dead eyes, his heart filled with waves of shock sweeping over him, and his entire body was numb and clawed.

    He originally thought that Ye Fan was a world-rare Junior Master.

    But now it seemed that he was wrong.

    All of them had underestimated this teenager.

    He wasn't a clan master, but, rather, a killable, title clan master!

    A twenty year old title master?


    What kind of existence is this teenager?

    Toyotomi Kawayoshi was filled with shock, and all he could feel was his brain, all blank.

    Yes, he was confused!


The summit of Mount Fuji.

    The ground was covered in wolves and soaked in blood.

    As far as the eye could see, ravines were everywhere, and two corpses, just like that, lay on top of the cold snow.

    One of them, the chest was directly penetrated.

    The other, only half of the body was left.

    What was even more trembling was the eventful palm print that entered the ground on the earth below.

    Red blood mixed with snow water was flowing through it.

    The scene in front of them undoubtedly shook the crowd completely.

    Who would have thought that in just a few breaths of time, Ye Fan directly killed the three great powerhouses of the Three Gods Pavilion with a thunderous momentum.

    And, each was killed in a single strike!

    The fierce tactics chilled everyone to the core.

    Even the old faces of Sousa Mingzun and the others had a rare gravity.

    "Damn it!"

    "Why is this jerk so strong all of a sudden?"

    Suzaku Mingzun's heart trembled, and his old eyes stared at Ye Fan with deadly intensity.

    He had thought that Ye Fan, who had suffered a heavy blow from them, even if he didn't die, it would be a strong crossbow and was simply unbearable.

    However, the scene in front of him was undoubtedly a fierce blow to his face.

    It was because of their carelessness in taking the enemy lightly, resulting in the instant loss of three strong Ancestors.

    This undoubtedly made Suzaku Mingzun extremely angry!

    These eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion were the eight people with the highest talent and the greatest potential that they had picked out of hundreds of millions of people.

    And, they had poured out their resources and nurtured them for decades.

    Only then did they allow them to step into the realm of Ancestor!

    It could be said that these eight people represented the future of the martial arts of the Japanese State.They were to be cultivated as the future leaders of the martial dao of the Japanese State.

    The fall of every single one of them, that would undoubtedly be a huge loss to the martial arts of their country of Japan.

    Now that three had been lost in one fell swoop, one could imagine the heartache and blood dripping in Suzaku Mingzun's heart.

    "This damn Chinese."

    "Killing several people from my country of Japan one after another."

    "Today, even if I have to risk my life, I'll bruise you to dust!"

    Because of his resentment, Susumu Naruto's eyes also turned crimson.

    He clenched his palms with such force that his fingertips were nearly sunk deep into his flesh.

    The monstrous hatred in his brows and eyes was close to spewing fire!

    "The rest of you, listen up!"

    "Form the Four Phases Heavenly Harmony Formation, follow me and join forces to kill this son!"

    Suzaku Mingzun couldn't care less about saving face and directly decided to join forces with his disciples to deal with this Ye Fan.

    "If we were able to defeat you once before, we can naturally defeat you a second time!"

    In the midst of the thunderous rage, Susa Mingzun rose into the sky.

    His body's energy lingered, and his boundless fronts gathered.

    The majestic power in his veins was like a tidal wave, flowing wildly.

    Until finally, all the power was gathered on the palm of Sousa Mingzun's hand.

    "Susa Divine Technique, Ghost Execution!"

    In the midst of his majestic cold voice, Susa Mingzun turned his hand into a sword and slashed at the sky.


    It was as if a sharp sword had split the heavens and the earth, or lightning had torn apart the stars and rivers.

    Everyone could only see that under the hands of Susa Mingzun, black manes sprang out like meteors.

    Among the black mane, ghostly shadows could still be seen floating and evil ghosts moaning.


    "Could this be, the Ghost Endurance Technique?"

    Seeing the scene before them, Toyotomi Kawayoshi and the others were shocked, losing their voices in a frenzy as their pupils crinkled between them.


    "Ghost ninjutsu?"

    "Master Toyotomi, what is Ghost Ninjutsu?"

    The crowd was confused and foggy at the news, and looked at Toyotomi Kawayoshi in front of them.

    "The Ghost Endurance Technique, also known as the technique of imperial ghosts."

    "Of course, the so-called "ghost" is actually the soul of a person."

    "Back then, when the imperial ghost masters were in full bloom in the country of Japan, they imprisoned the souls of the deceased after killing them, erasing their consciousness and refining their souls into harsh ghosts, making them eternally immortal, strong and bizarre."

    "Later, due to the cruelty of this cultivation method, it aroused the wrath of the martial arts public and positioned the technique as an evil art, which was heavily boycotted and hunted down by the Japanese martial artists of the time."

    "After that, the Ghost Endurance Technique declined.Not many years later, the Onii-jutsu completely disappeared."

    "I had thought that this kind of some ghost endurance art had long since died out, but I never thought that I would see it again today?"

    Toyotomi Kawayoshi couldn't stop saying, filled with incredulity, and his old face was filled with trepidation.

    He had never thought that one of the Three Gods Pavilion Masters, the second strongest of the Japanese martial arts, would have the long lost technique of Ghost Endurance.

    Moreover, looking at the might before him, I'm afraid that Susa Mingzun had secretly refined many powerful souls over the years.


    Beneath the nine heavens, the gale gusted.

    Beneath the daoist black mane, there was a painful roar like that of a fierce ghost.

    The shout was mournful and piercing to the ears.

    It was like a lonely ghost that had died of injustice, with a grievance that raged to the heavens.

    It made people, shudder!

    "Four-Phase Heavenly Harmony Formation, rise!"

    The other five weren't idle as Susa's majesty showed itself.

    They cooperated with Susamu's attack and once again united to perform the Combined Attack Sword Formation.

    Although they had lost three of their teammates compared to before, this combined attack sword formation could still be displayed, but it was just a little weaker.

    In the blink of an eye, a huge lightsaber lay across the heavens and earth.

    The golden body of the sword reflected the cold light of the blazing sun, and the might emanating from it was chilling.

    Just like that, the Ghost Beheading Technique, along with the Four Phases Heavenly Healing Sword, slashed furiously towards Ye Fan.

    "Huaxia Junior."

    "Today, I'll give you a taste of my Sun Country's long lost, Ghost Endurance Technique!"

    "Of course, when you die, my Honour will also take your soul and refine it into a fierce ghost for eternity!"


    The gale rolled.

    In the midst of the boundless energy, Suzaku Naruto's face was eventful, his cold old face only as if he were a demon hidden in time.

    Ugly, yet eventful!

    In a roar, the might in his hands was once again several points fiercer.

    Lord of the Black Mane, countless fierce ghosts howled and shrieked like life-claiming evil ghosts, rushing towards where Ye Fan was standing.

    "Master, it must be alright~"


    Not far away, gazing at the suddenly violent Suzaku Mingzun, Rangong Ying Yue's pretty face was pale, her small hands clasped in front of her chest, her eyebrows closed tightly, unable to stop praying.

    In her heart, she was filled with intense worry for Ye Fan.

    However, facing the Herculean majesty of Suzaku Mingzun and the others, Ye Fan was not afraid.

    He stood with a negative hand, and he smiled proudly.

    His feet stepped on the Heavenly River, and his eyes were full of majesty.

    "The blue sky and the clear sky, how can you, a stern ghost, be allowed to be wild?"

    "Today, I, Chu Tian Fan, will inherit the will of the heavens and break your magic of the imperial demons on behalf of the heavens!"

    Morbid laughter only sounded like thunder rolling, shaking the heavens and earth.

    Mountains and rivers trembled, and wind and snow exploded.

    In the midst of that rushing torrent, the crowd could only see that the boundless might was once again gathering towards Ye Fan.

    At this time, Ye Fan was like that dried up sponge, crazily absorbing power.

    "Cloud Dao Heavenly Determination."

    "Fourth style, Red Flame Finger!"

    Finally, with a burst of energy, the charge exploded.



    The muddled sound was only as if it came from the nine depths.

    Under this drink, the entire Mount Fuji actually trembled in distance.

    In the next moment, in the midst of everyone's horrified gaze, there was magma spewing out of the long-silent volcanic crater of Mount Fuji.

    It was like a red flame fire spring, pouring out crazily.

    Then, amidst everyone's shocked and violent gaze, the gushing red flame magma actually converged towards Ye Fan's palm!

    In the end, the red-flame magma actually condensed into a huge fingerprint.

    It was a hundred meters long and several zhang wide.

    That red flame giant finger was like a thunder dragon that ran across the heavens and the earth.

    Between the heavens and the river, the crowd could only see Ye Fan's arm raised and a finger pressed down, destroying the firmament!

    It's like sunlight piercing the darkness, or a sword cutting through the sky!

    In an instant, red flames swept across the sky and candle dragons loomed.

    Everywhere one could see, there was actually Ye Fan's divine might rolling.

    Under the Heavenly River, Ye Fan stood proudly.

    He held a candle dragon in his hand, and he furiously cut down the world.

    The monstrous divine might was only like a god in the world, looking down upon the four directions.

    "I am the Dragon Lord, when I suppress the Ancient Enemy!"


    In the midst of a muddled rage, press the giant finger of red flame, and it finally falls.

    Hundred-meter fire dragon, flying under the stream.

    It was as if thunder ran through the heavens and earth, or like lightning shooting straight into the heart of the sky.

    With such a sharp and unstoppable momentum, it instantly collided with the attacks of Susa Mingzun and the others.


    The deafening sound was only like thunder rolls.

    Boundless vigor, centered where the two sides touched, spilled out in all directions, wildly.

    Wherever the storm reached, the earth cracked and the sea of clouds churned.

    Even the immortal Fuji ice and snow were instantly evaporated into nothingness under this attack.

    The entire summit of Mt. Fuji was nearly flattened by this might.

    The mountains crumbled and the heavens and rivers trembled.

    The sound of a great roar was incessant!

    Even the foot of Mount Fuji, which was a thousand meters away from the summit, was swept away by that gale.

    The six major consortiums, thousands of people, were all hit by that forceful wind and flew backwards.

    "Chairman, get on board!"

    "Hide in the car~"

    Iwai Zen was horrified when he saw this.

    With his old face pale, he immediately pulled Chi Chi Jing to hide in the buggy behind him.

    However, even so, it was still unable to block the power of the energy.

    Only the Land Rover that was in the middle of several tons was lifted out alive.

    It rolled along the ground several times before stopping.

    But fortunately, the speed of the roll wasn't fast enough, so it didn't cause too much damage to Chi Chi Jing and the others, only blood gushing from the forehead area.

    Chi Chi Jing and the others, who had escaped, struggled to climb out of the car.

    They looked up with frightened eyes.

    On top of Mount Fuji, the red-flame giant finger seemed like a fire dragon falling.

    The mountains and rivers crumbled, and the sea of clouds tossed.

    Hundred tons of boulders exploded and rolled down.

    This side of the world was as if it was raining, meteorites.


    "What's going on here?"

    "What happened?"

    "Could it be that a god has come down to earth?"

    Under Mount Fuji, everyone had been confused.

    Iwai Zen was staring at his eyes, and Miyamoto's intermediary pupils were crumpled.

    Thousand Ikari's eyebrows were even more filled with shock.

    Before this, Chichi Jing had thought that the most powerful person in the world was Mr. Chu, right?

    But now, she realized that she, it seemed, was wrong.

    It turned out that there was an existence in the world that was even more powerful than Mr. Chu's methods!

    Perhaps this is the miracle.

    Under Mount Fuji, it was dead silent because of the shock.

    On top of Mount Fuji, however, thunder rolled.

    The deafening sound, like thunder from a tile kettle, resounded through the four directions of the sky.

    The distance between the top and bottom of the mountain was only a thousand meters.

    But now, it was a completely different scene.

    It was as if one was connected to heaven and the other to hell.

    It was a complete disparity between fire and ice.

    However, the roar on top of Mount Fuji did not last long.

    I saw that Susa Mingzun's Demon Slaying Divine Art, under the burning of Ye Fan's Red Flame Finger, was emitting rolling black smoke.

    In that black smoke, there were fierce ghosts shrieking and demons howling.

    The miserable sounds were chilling.

    Only a moment later, the black smoke dissipated and the Red Flame Finger pierced directly through the Demon Slaying technique performed by Susa Mingzun.

    The fierce ghosts that were controlled by Suzaku Mingzun were directly burned into nothingness under Ye Fan's Red Flame Finger.


    Seeing this scene, Suzaku Mingzun's color changed greatly.

    He had never thought that his strongest attack would be broken by a single finger of Ye Fan.

    Yes, no suspense!

    Under the Red Flame Finger, not a blade of grass could be found.

    Even the air was evaporated into nothingness.

    As for those lonely ghosts, they were even burned by the fire and their souls flew to the heavens.

    Just like that, Ye Fan directly destroyed all of Susa Mingzun's attacks in an instant with a destructive force.

    As for the Four-Phase Heavenly Healing Sword that the remaining Three Gods Pavilion disciples had gathered to form, it was even more vulnerable.

    In the blink of an eye, all of the attacks from Suzaku Naruto and the other six were broken by Ye Fan.


    After the attack was broken, Susa Mingzun and the others were devastated, their bodies trembled, and they spat out a mouthful of blood, their faces turning white at a rate visible to the naked eye.

    However, just as Susa Mingzun and the others were vomiting blood from their injuries, the Red Flame Giant Finger, after breaking their attack, didn't lose any of its momentum and once again criss-crossed towards the risk of Susa Mingzun and the others.

    It looked like Ye Fan was preparing to completely finish off this group of obtrusive people with a thunderbolt.

    Toyotomi Kawayoshi and the other people of the Sun Country were shocked at the sight of this.

    Could it be that this Chinese brat was going to cut off Ming Zun and the others, killing them all?

    Thinking of this, Sword God Moonwatching River as well as Shi No Ryuichi and the other two trembled and angrily shouted in a low voice, "Stop!"

    "Junior, do you dare?"

    However, it was still too late after all.

    Ye Fan's one finger had already fallen.

    Fiercely pointing on the body of Susa Naruto and the others.


    Under the Red Flame Finger, the mountains and rivers are broken.

    The ice melts and the snow is stained with blood.

    The mountains dance with silver snakes, and the waxed elephants run wild!

    And, what made Moonwatching River and the others even more desperate was that after Ye Fan's finger fell, he came back with another finger.

    Bang bang bang~.

    Ye Fan smashed down with three fingers in a row.

    He held a candle dragon in his hand, and it was majestic.

    In a split second, beneath Ye Fan's feet, there was a sea of red flame fire.

    "No, don't~"

    "Bastard, stop it!"

    "Stop it~"

    On top of Mt. Fuji, the miserable voice of Moonwatching River mixed with the wind that swept unceasingly from that mountain top.

    However, if he let his throat break, what could he do?

    He could still only stand there and watch as Suzaku Naruto and the others were devoured by that sea of red fire.


    The wind was cold and the red flames swept the sky.

    I don't know how long it took before the divine power of the red flames dissipated.

    The clouds and rain cleared, and the place was once again calm.

    However, the place where Susa Mingzun and the others were standing before was empty.

    Only a little ashes remained, blowing down with the mountain wind.

    Yes, under the Red Flame Finger, His Holiness Susa Mingzun and the Five Protectors of the Three Gods Pavilion were obliterated by flying ashes!

    Directly crushed by Ye Fan, with a single finger, in an invincible manner!

    Where he stood, there was nothing but scorched earth.

    Who could have imagined that the magnificent Sun Nation, Susa Naruto, who had been so famous in life, would be crushed into flying ashes, leaving nothing behind.

    At that moment, heaven and earth fell silent.

    The entire world trembled.

    On top of Mount Fuji, there was only the young man, standing aloof and proud.


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