Dish Best Served Cold 911-915


Chapter 911

That same night, in the middle of this hotel, there was a phone call that was dialed out.

    "I need all the information about the Sun Country Moon Reading God and the Three Gods Pavilion Master."

    "Within a day, send it to my phone."

    The low words were like the low roar of the night wind, quietly echoing under the night.


    "What do you need this information for, Little Lord?"

    "You don't mean to..."

    The old man on the other end of the phone, looking shaken and full of worry, said.

    "Little Lord, don't be impulsive."

    "Think twice about it!"

    "Do you know that next, you will most likely face the only God Realm powerhouse in the world."

    "Our Dragon Temple has no quarrel with the martial path of the Japanese Kingdom, there's no need to frown upon them at a time like this."

    The old man couldn't help but persuade.

    However, the man was unmoved.

    The clear and beautiful face was all calm.

    It was only like the water of a peaceful lake, not even the slightest ripple because of the old man's words.

    "I had promised to accompany her to see all the Winter Capital scenery."

    "How can I, Chu Tian Fan, break my word?"

    "My mind is made up, you needn't be persuaded."

    "Just do as you're told."

    The words were low, but they were throwaway.

    In the low tone of voice, but it was as firm as gold and stone.

    No one knew what kind of crazy decision this man in the room had made at this point!

    What's more, no one knew what kind of monstrous waves would be unleashed in this Japanese martial dao next!

    In all these years, he seldom cared about a single person, but once he had decided, even if he went to a million people, I would still go.

    Even though she will die soon.

    But so what?

    Since he had promised to accompany her to see the scenery of the Winter Capital, he couldn't break his promise.

    How could he let that silly girl say goodbye to the world with regret?



    Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, a few days passed.

    It was the first day of May.

    At the beginning of May, all things were new.

    With the first rays of sunlight illuminate the earth, silent night of the winter capital, will once again glow with vitality.

    The men continued to shrink under the covers, comfortably enjoying this rare holiday.

    The women, on the other hand, met up with their friends and went shopping in the mall.

    On the roads, there was a lot of traffic.

    All major attractions, there are people like weaving.

    In the secular world, a prosperous and peaceful scene.

    However, how could the worldly people who were comfortable and enjoying themselves know what this day meant to the martial arts of Japan?

    It's only six in the morning, when it's still light.

    Under Mount Fuji, it was already noisy.

    Just last night, the presidents of the six monopoly consortia of Japan all received orders from the Sword Shrine to arrange manpower to blockade Mount Fuji in a thousand-meter radius.

    All idle people were forbidden to enter!

    Regardless of the other party, what their status and background was.

    So, early this morning, hundreds of luxury cars, from all over the world, gathered under Mount Fuji.

    Thousands of bodyguard guards were set up along the perimeter of Mount Fuji, setting up a cordon.

    The six major consortiums, each on their own side to maintain security around them.

    "Grandfather, what kind of power is the Sword God Palace?"

    "Is it great?"

    "Why do we have to take orders from them."

    "Isn't it, the six consortiums that control the power of the Japanese state?"

    As one of the six major conglomerates, the Sanhei Foundation had naturally received orders to bring people to the bottom of Mount Fuji to take charge of the blockade and vigilance.

    At this time, Chi Chi Jing, dressed in a luxurious dress, stepped down from the car.

    She looked up at the majestic Mount Fuji in front of her, and then looked at the figures of the other consortium bigwigs hurrying past, and asked in a moment of confusion.

    All along, Chi-Chi Jing had thought that the six consortiums were in an absolute dominant position in Japan.

    But today, Chi Chi Jing had never expected that a single call from the Sword Shrine would make all six consortiums go out.

    Moreover, it was only to serve as this kind of janitorial job.

    This had to make Chi Chi Jing feel puzzled.

    Hearing Chiike Shizune's inquiry, her grandfather, Miyamoto Messiah, did not speak, but instead, Iwai Zen, who was on the side, bowed slightly and replied respectfully.

    "Chairman, you've just recently taken over the Sanhei Foundation, you've had very little contact and not enough insight."

    "It's normal that you don't understand."

    "Actually, this world is big, much bigger than you think!"

    "In the secular world, we, the six major consortiums such as Sanhei and Mitsubishi, do indeed rule the entire country of Japan."

    "In terms of power and wealth, the six consortiums do stand at the pinnacle, unmatched!"

    "But President, while we control wealth and power, we do not control power."

    "In this world, the strongest is the strongest."

    "The one who controls the amount of force [81 Chinese] can truly control everything!"

    "In the face of power, such things as wealth and power are nothing more than illusions, and are dependent on power."

    "And the Sword God Palace is the highest institution in the Sun Country that controls power!"

    "As long as they're willing, the wealth and power we're so proud of, they actually have it at their fingertips."

    "Now, you should be able to understand why the six major consortiums, all of them dare not disobey the Sword Shrine's majesty."

    Iwai Zen said in a deep voice, explaining to Chichi Jing very patiently.

    After all, Thousand Chi Jing was just a young girl involved in the world, not knowing the depths of the world, it was perfectly normal.

    He had no intention of explaining it to Chi Chi Jing with just a few words.

    However, to Iwai Zen's surprise, Chichi Jing nodded and said, "Well, I can understand."

    "It's like Mr. Chu alone, but he's overpowering the rich and powerful Trio Foundation!"

    "It's because, Mr. Chu he, holds the power."

    "I should be right about this analogy, right?"

    Chichi Shizu chuckled.

    Both Iwai Zen and Miyamoto Agency were stunned and finally nodded, "Well, almost."

    "By the way, do you guys think that Mr. Chu is still in Winter Capital?"

    "Will we ever see him again in the future?"

    Mentioning Ye Fan, the tall and upright figure from the beginning once again appeared before Chi Chi Jing's eyes.



    Time, gradually flowed by.

    Martial artists from all over the country of Japan began to come up the mountain.

    Today was the day that the Moon Reading Heavenly God returned.

    They, as the people of the Moon God, were supposed to go to the summit of Mount Fuji and kneel down to welcome the Moon Reading Heavenly God back into the world.

    As the crowds gathered, the mountain immediately became noisy.

    Mt. Fuji is one of the three spiritual mountains of the country of Japan, also known as "Hibiscus Peak" or "Tomi no Takeshi" and "Fuji no Takamine".

    This magnificent mountain, which has stretched across the continent of Japan for thousands of years, is like the God of the Moon, and has been the source of many legends and myths.It has long been one of the classic symbols of the spirit and culture of Japan.

    On the summit of Mount Fuji, the snow has been there all year round and has remained there for thousands of years.

    As far as the eye can see, the cold wind is biting, the snow is pale, and thousands of people are gathering!

    All of them, as if they were the most devout believers, the most loyal subjects, kneeled on the top of Mount Fuji, between the white snow.

    Beneath the firmament, everyone could only see, a gorgeous girl, standing there.


Red lips like fire, eyebrows and eyes like ink, clothed in three thousand silks, wearing a seven-foot-long skirt.

    Golden jade draped curtain, red skirt on the floor.

    A stunning face, a gorgeous body posture.

    Just like a generation of empress, standing at the top of the world.

    The long red skirt contrasted most sharply with the white snow on the summit of Mount Fuji.

    The moment the woman appeared in front of them, the crowd felt that even the heavens and earth were overshadowed.

    All of them kneeled down, like the most devout believers, welcoming the god of their faith.

    And Rangong Ying Yue, just like this, under the guidance of Susa Ming Zun, step by step, towards the altar in front.

    Within the altar, there was magma tumbling and fire rising.

    The altar was actually the crater of Mount Fuji.

    It was recorded in the ancient books of Japan that when the moon reads the sky gods, they are reborn in the fire.

    Therefore, the so-called divine awakening ceremony was actually to send Ranggong Yingluck into the fiery magma to be reborn.

    "Songzun, it is ready."

    "The auspicious time has arrived, you can welcome the return of the Moon God."

    Amidst the crowd, Moonwatcher River suddenly stepped out and reminded Suzaku Naruzon.


    Suzaku Mingzun nodded and only returned one, good word.

    After the words fell, Suzaku Mingzun's feet stepped on the mountain.


    The gale swept and swept up the ice and snow.

    In a split second, the golden light around the altar rose and the rainbow light rushed to the sky.

    If one looked closely, one could even see that the altar made of white jade had obscure runes looming over it.

    At the same time, a majestic and revered voice resounded throughout the summit of Mount Fuji in a split second.

    "O God who has slept for a thousand years, you are the ambassador of the heavens and the faith of the country of Japan."

    "You have disappeared for a thousand years, and it is time for you to return."

    "May the Moon Reading God, reborn in the fire, return as king!"

    Suzaku Mingzun clasped his hands in front of his chest, and his reverent voice resounded through the four directions.

    Behind him, the six great masters of the Three Gods Pavilion also kneeled and drank in unison.

    The voice of reverence and respect was like waves that swept over the summit of Mount Fuji.

    "May the Moon Reading Celestial God, reborn in the fire, return as king!"

    As these people kneeled down, the thousands of people from the country of Japan behind them also all knelt down.

    The rising and falling voices impacted the entire world.

    "Kneel to welcome, Moon Reading Heavenly God, the return of the king from the bathing fire!"


    "Kneel to welcome, the return of the Moon Reading Heavenly God~"



    The heavens and earth trembled, and the cold wind was biting.

    In the midst of countless kneelings, that stunning girl, so bathed in the gazes of the crowd, slowly walked towards the altar in front of her.

    Exceptional style, magnificent posture.

    The girl here was like the emperor who ascended to the throne in those ancient times.

    Thousands of people bowed down, and ten thousand people kneeled in worship.

    Bells and drums chimed, music officials sang.

    The phoenix crown and cape draped with jade and pearls.

    However, in the face of this endless glory, there was no joy or excitement on Liang Gong Ying Yue's pretty face.

    There was only endless sadness and attachment.

    The final moment finally arrived as promised.

    A few minutes later, there probably wouldn't really be a person in the world like Rangong Ying Yue, right?

    Just like the snow on the summit of this mountain, scattered in the world with the wind, no one remembers, no one remains attached.

    However, even if Rangong Yingyue is still attached to this world, what can she do?

    It was her destiny, and she couldn't escape it.

    She had no choice.

    From the very beginning, she had been sacrificed to someone else, her life.

    She was born a sacrifice, and she was destined to be sacrificed for it.

    Red skirt matting the ground, blue silk like snow.

    Rang Gong Ying Yue's lotus steps moved slightly, walking slowly.

    Obviously she was only a few meters away from the altar, but for some reason, walking at this time was as long as a century.

    Finally, when she reached the edge of the altar, she suddenly stopped.Stopping for a long time, she never came forward.

    In the end, as if she could no longer help herself, tears flowed uncontrollably down her face.

    At the last moment of her life, Ryouga Ying Yue thought that she would face death calmly and would end her life without any worries.

    However, she found that she was still wrong.

    The first thing you need to know is how to make sure that you're going to be able to get the best out of it.

    Because, she found that, at this time in her mind, are actually the figure of the young man.

    How she wished, to see him in one side.

    Even if it's just a quick glance before dying, she's content.

    However, Rangong Ying Yue was very clear that her thoughts were only extravagant hopes after all.

    Master he would probably have already returned to Huaxia by this time, right?

    Why, though you know you'll never see your master again, are you still so unhappy?

    Still so eager for that miracle to happen?

    The tears were still flowing, already blurring the eyes of the woman in front of her.

    She looked back one last time to see the world behind her.

    How she wished that a miracle could happen right now.

    And how much she hoped that a young man, like her master, would descend from the sky, like Ultraman, defeat all the monsters, take her away, and escape this world.

    However, she was disappointed after all.

    In the distance, apart from the pale snow and the vast expanse of the world, it was empty and no one appeared.

    Nor was there an Ultraman falling from the sky.

    And even less, the one she had been thinking of, the young man.

    Rangong Ying Yue, in the end, despaired.

    She no longer fantasized.

    She resolutely turned around and stepped onto the altar in front of her.

    Beneath the altar, lava was rolling and fire was burning.

    And she stood there, seemingly crying and laughing.

    Under the sunrise, red with white snow.

    The wind and sand that filled the sky could not see her expression.

    The mountains and rivers are silent, only the noise of the wind remains.

    This day, she will eventually fall.

    Thousands of Buddhas chanting sutras, thousands of crowds of pilgrims.

    When she left, she smiled.

    Only to the pale sky, she shouted

    "Master, farewell forever."

    The sky and earth were silent, the grass and trees silent.

    Only the maiden's whisper pervaded.

    Tears slid down, under the sunrise, crystal clear, reflecting the cold light of the snowy sun.

    And just like that, this peerless girl, in full view of everyone, leapt at the sea of molten fire outside the altar!

    Fire, shining sun.

    Red dress, white snow.

    The scene in front of us was like a stunning painting that shook the heart.

    "Kneel to welcome, Moon Reading Heavenly God!"


    "Kneel to welcome, Moon Reading God!"


    At the summit of Mount Fuji, a thousand Buddhas chanted sutras and ten thousand people made pilgrimages.

    Thousands of people kneeled together in worship, and the deafening sound impacted heaven and earth.

    Whoosh~ .

    However, at this moment, who would have thought that there was a qi explosion in the void.

    Immediately afterwards, a blue light cut through the heavens and the earth, cutting through the long whistle.

    Like lightning, it traversed thousands of meters and leapt into the nine heavens.

    Finally, in front of everyone's shocked and violent eyes, it passed through the altar and steadily struck the delicate body of the girl who had leapt down.

    Wrapped in soft green light, Rangong Ying Yue, who had originally leapt down, was wrapped up and flew out towards the distance.


    "What kind of evil beast dares to disturb my country of the sun and the great cause of God's awakening?"

    "Er, deserves ten thousand deaths!"

    In shock, the people here were furious, and Susa Mingzun's murderous voice swept the heavens.

    In the midst of their rage, the crowd turned around and looked towards the place where the blue light came from.

    There was only a young figure there, quietly appearing.

    The wind was bitterly cold, blowing the tips of his hair on his forehead.

    His robes fluttered, hunting under the firmament.

    A thin body, just like a long spear standing up, stretching across the firmament!

    The majestic anger is even more like a raging fire that burns the heavens!




Under the firmament, the river of heaven rises across the sky.

    Mount Fuji rises high into the sky.

    The wind was bitterly cold, and snow was falling all over the sky.

    And in that firmament only a young man was seen, carrying the Heavenly River on his back, treading the snow.

    The sound of a mundane voice was even like thunderbolts that swept across the heavenly river.

    "Since you respect me as your master, then you should accept my order!"

    "How dare you die without my permission?"

    The heavens and rivers trembled, and wind and snow filled the sky.

    This heaven and earth was filled with the echoes of Ye Fan's angry voice.

    The low and deep words were as if they contained the power of the entire universe.

    The moment she heard Ye Fan's words, Rangong Ying Yue was as if her soul had been struck by lightning, her delicate body trembled, and in a moment, she had burst into tears.


    That call, however, spread through the ages.

    Rang Gong Ying Yue looked up, her stunningly beautiful face filled with tears.

    She had never thought that her master would actually arrive.

    The miracle that she had thought would never happen had actually happened.

    For a moment, Ranggong Ying Yue only felt that her life, which was originally gray, was instantly illuminated by this young man.


    As the crowd trembled, Ye Fan's figure flickered, and with one arrow step, he had arrived in front of Rangong Ying Yue.

    As if floating duckweed found sustenance, there is as if a person who walks in the night, found a warm harbor.

    But the Rangong Ying Yue, then shedding tears, recklessly jumped into Ye Fan's arms.



    The young girl sobbed miserably, her pretty face buried in Ye Fan's chest, letting her tears flow.

    She didn't say anything, just hugged the man in front of her tightly.

    With great effort, she could not wait to rub herself into Ye Fan's body.

    That way, you would never be separated from your master, right?

    "Don't cry, silly ninny."

    "Master will take you away now."

    "No one can hold your life or death but me!"

    Ye Fan comforted in a deep voice.

    The low and slow words were full of determination.

    Rangong Yingyue nodded her head and gave a soft "hmm".

    At this time, the trepidation in her heart had already dissipated, snuggling into the man's bosom, feeling her master's pulse and heartbeat, Rangong Ying Yue only felt so peaceful.

    With her master here, it seemed that no matter how big the storm was, she wouldn't be afraid of it.

    "Bastard, it's you again!"

    "You destroyed my Sword God Palace, killed my senior sister, and stole my Sun Country's greatest treasure, and we haven't even gone looking for you yet, but you still have the nerve to send it up of your own accord?"

    "I don't think you really know what you're doing!"

    Seeing Ye Fan again, Sword God Looking Moon River had a pair of old eyes that were nearly crimson.

    The gaze that looked at Ye Fan was filled with resentment.

    That look, it was as if it wanted to cut Ye Fan to pieces by a thousand cuts!and

    In fact, not only Moonwatching River, the second strongest person in the Sun Country, Suzaku Naruto Zun, also immediately frowned when Ye Fan appeared.

    Especially when he saw that Rangong Ying Yue was actually being held in Ye Fan's arms, Suzaku Naruzon's heart burst into rage and his palms immediately clenched.

    "You are that Hua Xia junior?"

    "How dare you blaspheme my Sun Country's Heavenly God?"

    "Let her go now if you don't want to die without a body."

    "Right now, right now."

    Suzaku Naruto roared in a low voice.

    The icy words were filled with killing intent raging.

    The Moon Reading Heavenly God was the god of faith for thousands of years for the people of the Sun Country, divinely solemn and inviolable.

    But now, the two were behaving so intimately, which undoubtedly made Susa Mingzun feel angry that his faith had been blasphemed by others.

    However, in the face of Susa Mingzun's icy words, Ye Fan was expressionless and said back in a deep voice, "I don't know any Moon Reading Heavenly God, I only know that her name is Ranggong Yingyue."

    "She respects me as her master, I will protect him!"

    "Rather, you are the ones who let a flower boy sacrifice his life just to welcome the faith in your hearts."

    "You insects have no guilt in your hearts?"

    Ye Fan's angry words echoed, like thunder sweeping the four directions.

    "Shut up!"

    "Sacrifice yourself to welcome the return of the Moon God."

    "It's a gift from the gods and an honor for her."

    "Why should we have guilt?"

    "Rather, you, you Chinese vertical, nameless junior, what qualifications do you have to meddle in the martial affairs of my country of Japan?"

    "If you still have a name for yourself, let her go at once, then break your own arms and get out of Mount Fuji."

    "On the day of God's awakening, I don't want to see blood and defile this holy land."

    Suzaku Mingzun was majestically furious, but a pair of cold eyes were locked onto Ye Fan.

    It seemed that if he made the slightest move, Suzaku Mingzun would kill Ye Fan with a thunderbolt.

    "Right, how can my Sun Country's sacred land allow you, a Chinese junior, to be wild?"

    "Break your arms and get the hell out of Mount Fuji!"

    "Otherwise, we, the Martial Dao of the Sun Country, will definitely bruise you to the ground!"


    "Get out of Mount Fuji~"


    "Get out of Mount Fuji!"

    Behind them, thousands of people all raged.

    A gaze, however, locked Ye Fan and the two deadly.

    After Ye Fan appeared, the crowd had surged over and surrounded Ye Fan.

    Rangong Ying Yue, was the god of faith of their Sun Country.

    Now that Ye Fan wanted to take her away, it would undoubtedly be an enemy of their entire Sun Country Martial Dao.

    Therefore, naturally, none of the people present would sit idly by.

    Seeing that Ye Fan's surroundings were already overflowing with powerful people from all walks of life, the intense killing intent around him was almost chilling.

    The Rangong Ying Yue in Ye Fan's bosom saw the situation, and her pretty face went three points white.

    And then, she whispered, "Master, you'd better leave, leave me alone."

    "With so many people, you can't escape with me, for sure."

    "Being able to see you one last time, Yue'er is already satisfied."

    Rangong Ying Yue lowered her head and whispered to advise Ye Fan to go by herself.

    Today, at the summit of Mount Fuji, almost the entire martial power of the entire Sun Country was gathered.

    The strength of Suzaku Naruto alone was extremely powerful, not to mention, there were the eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion behind him.

    Add to this the Moonwatcher River as well as the Shi No Ryuu class.

    At this point in time, it would never be an exaggeration to say that Mount Fuji was a dragon's pond and tiger's den.

    From Rangong Ying Yue's point of view, there was almost no possibility that Ye Fan could bring her back with her whole body.

    However, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled faintly.

    "Yue'er, there's no need to worry."

    "These people, even though they are large in number, in my eyes, they are just dirt and dogs."

    "I will take you away, and no one in the entire Sun Country will be able to stop me!"

    "I told you, I am your master."

    "No one in this world can decide your life or death but me, and no one can hold your freedom!"

    The words were majestic and carried the pride of dominating the world.

    Rang Gong Ying Yue was stunned then.

    She was startled and looked at Ye Fan, her eyebrows were all touched.

    She had never thought that one day, she would also meet a young man like this.

    Willing to make an enemy of the entire world for her!

    That kind of touch, that kind of romance, was already indescribable by words.

    In the end, Liang Gong Ying Yue was in tears.

    She smiled tearfully and once again jumped into Ye Fan's arms, her pretty face buried deeply into Ye Fan's chest.

    The surrounding crowd, seeing the scene before them, their eyes were almost red.

    There was anger in their hearts, and even more jealousy!


"Son of a bitch!"

    "Let go of the Moon Reading Tenjin~"

    "How can you blaspheme my Sun Country's Heavenly God?"

    "Let her go~"

    The crowd all roared with rage, their angry words sounding like the roar of a wild beast.

    The words were filled with a monstrous killing intent.

    "Ming Zun, the Moon God cannot be insulted!"

    "This son must not be retained either."

    "Otherwise, if this gets out in the future, will it be laughed at by the whole world?"

    Moonwatching River was equally furious.

    The Moon Reading Heavenly God would definitely be the martial leader of their Sun Country in the future.

    The Heavenly God of the Sun Country was blasphemed by a Chinese junior, what would people from other countries think if they knew?

    This was undoubtedly an extremely huge blow to both the reputation of the Martial Way of the Sun Country and the authority of the Moon Reading Heavenly God.

    To think about it, the God of Faith of the Martial Dao of the Sun Country was having an affair with a junior in Huaxia.

    It's like when Wu Zetian, who was the emperor of China, was soaked up by a nameless brat, just throwing his arms around her, but also shouting one master at a time how intimate he was.

    If you want the people of other countries to know about this, they will not think that the leader of the Japanese martial arts, is a servant of a Chinese boy.

    Such a thing was undoubtedly a strange shame.

    But as it was, the only solution was to kill Ye Fan here!

    As long as Ye Fan died, this matter would naturally be over and done with.

    "Yes, Second Court Master."

    "This son, must not be retained!"

    "Order it."

    "As soon as you give the order, the eight of us will be sure to slay this son!"

    "Let this arrogant erector pay the price in blood!"

    The eight disciples belonging to the Three Gods Pavilion also came out, their eyes filled with anger and a blood-red light in their eyes.

    Their swords were already sheathed in their hands.It seemed that as soon as Suzaku Mingzun gave the order, they would immediately storm up and cut straight at Ye Fan.

    "Second Court Master, give the order."

    "The Moon Reading Heavenly God will never be blasphemed~"

    At the top of Mount Fuji, thousands of people angrily begged each other, all looking at Susa Mingzun, waiting for his decision.

    Suzaku Mingzun didn't answer, but looked at Ye Fan again and asked again in a cold voice, "Junior, I'll give you one last chance."

    "Let go of the Moon God, break your own arms, and get out of Mount Fuji."

    "In that case, I can spare your life."

    "Otherwise, even if the blood stains the holy land of my Sun Country's martial arts, I, Susa Mingzun, will be sure to behead you!"

    The words resounded, bringing a wild wind sweeping across.

    Mori's words, however, were suppressed with a monstrous anger.

    However, in the face of Susa Mingzun's threat, Ye Fan ignored it.

    He turned around and brought Rangong Ying Yue with him, but he walked towards Mount Fuji as if no one else was around.

    "Junior, you're looking for death!"

    Ye Fan's disregard finally completely infuriated Suzaku Naruto.

    With anger burning in his heart, he clenched his palm with such force that his fingertips were nearly deep into his flesh.

    "Originally today, I didn't want to kill."

    "But nay, you junior is arrogant and insists on seeking death."

    "In that case, my lord will do as you wish!"

    "The eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion are ordered to form the Four Phases Heavenly Merging Formation and work together to destroy this son!"


    As Susa Mingzun's words fell, the boiling heavens and earth here finally exploded.

    At the order of Suza Mingzun, the eight disciples behind him all rushed out.

    It was as if a dragon soared ten thousand miles and a fish leaped nine heavens.

    After the eight disciples rushed out, they joined together and stood apart.

    One in front, one behind, one left, one right.

    In the blink of an eye, they surrounded Ye Fan and Rangong Ying Yue, both of them.

    "Four-phase Heavenly Harmony Formation, rise!"


    These eight people drank in unison, and then the rainbow light, from beneath their feet, rose up into the sky.

    The long swords in their hands flew out in unison.

    In the end, amidst everyone's trembling eyes, those eight long swords actually converged to one spot.

    A gigantic long sword, just like this, stretched across the heavens and appeared in front of everyone.


    The cold wind surged, and the sound of the sword's chime was unceasing.

    The long sword that was formed by the convergence of the formation was like a sword of judgment across the summit of Mount Fuji.

    The sharp sword god reflected the cold light of the blazing sun.

    "Bastard, this is the end!"

    "You're proud enough to die under my Three Gods Pavilion's supreme sword formation."

    These eight people laughed coldly, and their words were full of contempt.

    The eyes that looked at Ye Fan were only as if they were looking at a dead corpse.

    Feeling the biting coldness coming from the longsword, Lian Gong Ying Yue's pretty face once again paled a bit.The worry in her heart also became more and more intense.

    "Master, be careful..."

    Rangong Ying Yue whispered, a pair of small hands, perhaps out of fear, but gripped Ye Fan's corner of his shirt even harder.

    Ye Fan lightly smiled, "Moon, why be terrified?"

    "It's just a few rats, dirt dogs."

    "One punch from your master is enough to blow it up!"

    "What an arrogant junior."

    "In that case, let's see if your fists are tougher or our Four-Phase Heavenly Healing Sword is better?"

    Hearing Ye Fan's words, the eight disciples were immediately furious.

    And then, without any further delay, the eight of them manipulated the golden light great sword and descended from the sky, towards Ye Fan's head, cutting down wildly!

    Sword qi swept, setting off a snowstorm that filled the sky.

    In the midst of the storm, Ye Fan stood proudly on top of the world, leaving the world behind.

    Looking at the monstrous might of the eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion, Ye Fan just shook his head, his deep eyebrows full of compassion.

    "I, Chu Tianfan, Lord of this Dragon God."

    "I have no intention of killing anyone here in the Sun Country."

    "But nay, you rats are blocking my way."

    "Since you insist on seeking death, then don't blame this Dragon Lord, let this blood stain the continent of the Sun Country!"

    The words were eerie, only like thunder, rolling across from the nine heavens.

    The moment Ye Fan's words fell, all the momentum exploded.

    In a split second, the earth trembled and the sea of clouds tossed.

    The crowd at the scene saw the situation, but they all changed color.

    "With a single drink, he is so powerful."

    "It seems that this Huaxia teenager is by no means an idle person, ah?"

    Many lost their voices and lamented.

    Before this, they had thought that Ye Fan, a nameless junior, was overwhelmed by lust and only then did he rushed into the summit of Mount Fuji without knowing what to do.

    Therefore, before, the crowd didn't care too much about Ye Fan at all.

    A nippy junior, with so many of them here, it wouldn't be easy to kill him with just one person's hand.

    But now they realized that they were wrong.

    This young man in front of them, he was afraid that his strength was not as simple as his age.

    "A few days ago, something happened to the Sword God Palace, the third palace master, Yami Nakai, suddenly died violently."

    "The Sword God announced externally that it was an error while practicing and went off the rails and died."

    "Now it seems that the incident at the Sword God Palace is by no means that simple?"

    "I'm afraid it has a few connections to this young man."

    Among the crowd, there were still wise people.

    Just like the martial arts leader of Kyoto City, Toyotomi Kawayoshi, who noticed a few things through a little bit of minor details.

    Previously, Ye Fan had swept through the Sword God Palace with one person, and the three great palace masters were injured, one dead, and one maimed.

    Not many people knew about this matter, and it was all suppressed by the Moonwatching River.

    After all, this wasn't something glorious, the three great masters, being completely abused by a young man, if it was spread out, the Sword God and the others wouldn't need their old faces.

    Therefore, Moonwatching River directly blocked the news and declared that Nakai Yami's death was due to her practice going off the rails.


However, while Toyotomi Kawayoshi was whispering in a deep voice, the crowd beside him was all shaking their heads and snickering.


    "Does the Toyotomi Clan Master think that the Nakai Clan Master, one of the Three Great Masters of the Sword God Palace, was beheaded by this junior?"

    "Don't tease."

    "Just a punk kid, I'm afraid he's not even hairy?"

    "Lord Toyotomi is only thinking too much."


    "Yes, Lord Toyotomi, you're just overthinking it."

    "Martial dao cultivation is never something that happens overnight."

    "Even if this Hua Xia little boy started studying martial arts from his mother's womb, he's only been practicing martial arts for twenty years."

    "In this little amount of time, even if he's talented, how far can he cultivate?"

    "I'm just afraid that it's, not even a clan master."

    "You know, the fastest known person to step into the realm of a clan master today is the Chinese War God Ye Qingtian."

    "I remember, he was nearly thirty years old at that time."

    "The Nakai Palace Master is at the realm of Ancestor, and if it's true as the Toyotomi Family Master said, he was killed by this junior."

    "Wouldn't that mean that he's also a clan master?"

    "A twenty-year-old clergyman, maybe?"

    Everyone shook their heads and laughed, clearly disagreeing with Toyotomi Kawayoshi's speculation.

    To think about it, in the last hundred years, the youngest martial arts grandmaster had only reached the age of thirty.

    And this man in front of him, bracing for death, was only in his early twenties.

    In the world of martial arts that was easily a hundred years old, an age of twenty was only a teenager.

    The crowd certainly didn't think that a hairy boy would have the power of a clan master.

    In the face of what the crowd had said, Toyotomi Kawayoshi did not refute anything further, only saying in a deep voice, "Whether or not this teenager did this, in a moment, we will naturally see."

    Toyotomi Kawaji was expressionless and said slowly.

    However, the gaze he looked at Ye Fan gradually became heavy.

    "Could it be you?"

    In Toyotomi Kawayoshi's mind, he whispered.



    In the East Sea sky, jade fans hang upside down.

    In the sunrise, Fuji is white with snow!

    Under the combined attack of the eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion, a gigantic long sword, stretching a hundred meters across, was erected on top of Mount Fuji like this.

    Then, with a long whistle, the eight disciples cupped their hands, spreading the sword across the sky.


    Swords cut through the sky, rainbows cut through the river!

    In the next moment, under the control of the eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion, the golden longsword swept towards the place where Ye Fan was standing like a tarzan.

    "Bastard, go to hell!"

    The crowd laughed sardonic whispers.

    All of them looked at Ye Fan in front of them with compassion, like looking at a dead body.

    The eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion, four Martial Dao Grandmasters, and the other four, although they weren't yet at the level of Grandmasters, they were only a step away from it.

    The power that erupted under the combined attack of the eight of them, it was estimated that even a Sealed Master wouldn't dare to fight hard against it.

    Therefore, in most people's eyes, Ye Fan would definitely die under this sword.

    However, was that really the case?

    Between the storms, Ye Fan remained calm.

    He stood proudly in the face of the golden light magic sword that came across the sky, and he was full of cold smiles.

    "A worm of firefly, even daring to compete with the white moon?"

    "A bunch of rats, who aren't even title clerics, and they dare to stop me?"

    With a sneer, Ye Fan's feet stepped on the earth and rose up.

    On top of Mount Fuji, all the crowd could see was that Ye Fan stood across the sky and smashed down with one punch!


    There was no retreating or dodging.

    Facing the combined force of the eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion, Ye Fan did not fear, and directly took a violent stance, the most primitive way, with its frontal hard anal.

    The crowd shook their heads and sneered at the situation.


    "This kid, it seems, is an idiot!"

    "The Four-Phase Heavenly Harmony Formation is inherently known for its rigidity and tyranny."

    "But anyone with a bit of brains wouldn't choose to fight it head-on, it's a death wish!"

    "It's only a stunner like her who doesn't know how to rush up to get killed, right?"

    "Lord Toyotomi, how am I doing?"

    "I already told you, you're overreacting, this guy is just a fledgling brat."

    "Not enough to worry about at all."

    "I guess after this sword, he turned into a dead body, right?"

    The crowd around them laughed and looked at Ye Fan like he was looking at an idiot.

    Toyotomi Kawayoshi also shook his head, "It looks like I was indeed overthinking."

    However, just as the crowd was snickering, Ye Fan's fist finally went up against the Four Phases Heavenly Healing Sword.


    A loud sound shook the four directions.

    The crowd could only feel that the entire Mount Fuji was trembling under the collision.

    The rocks and mountains crumbled, and the ice and snow melted.

    The fierce qi, like an ocean storm, swept out in all directions.

    However, this stalemate didn't last long.


    Nearly the moment after the collision, the faces of those eight disciples all changed abruptly and their pupils crinkled.

    Clearly, Ye Fan's strength was far beyond what the eight of them had expected.

    However, it was undoubtedly too late to realize it at this moment.

    In the next moment, everyone only saw that the giant sword with golden light was directly blown apart by Ye Fan's punch.

    The longsword broke and the golden light scattered everywhere.

    It was only like falling glaze, scattering in all directions.

    The Four Phases Heavenly Harmony Sword Formation, just like this, was broken by Ye Fan's fist!

    Near the same time, the eight disciples of the Three Gods Pavilion also all suffered severe injuries, spitting fragrance, and flew out like cannonballs.

    Red blood was pouring out in all directions.


    "This...How the fuck is that possible?"

    In a split second, the entire arena was horrified, and the entire summit of Mount Fuji was dead silent.

    Everyone, stared at the scene before them with dead eyes, incredulous.

    Toyotomi Kawayoshi's pupils crumpled, and Suzaku Naruto looked tremendously shaken.

    The rest of the others were even more trembling, nearly forgetting to even breathe.

    Those who had just said with conviction that Ye Fan would die were undoubtedly muddled in place as well.

    One punch!

    Just one punch!

    Who would have thought that with a single punch, Ye Fan would have broken the Three Gods Pavilion's strongest formation, the Four-Phase Heavenly Harmony Formation.

    There was no hindrance at all, the monstrous power was only like the autumn wind sweeping through the falling leaves, and with the force of destruction, it just exploded!


    "I'm going to Nima, right?"

    "How can this Chinese teenager be so strong?"

    After a long silence, the crowd then exploded.

    All the doubts and contempt for Ye Fan just now disappeared.

    Everyone looked at the Ye Fan in front of them like a ghost.

    There was only shock and fear in their eyes.

    Toyotomi Chuanji even lost his voice and said, "Patriarch, this young man's strength is at least a martial arts master~"

    "A twenty year old martial arts master!"


    "He made history~"

    Toyotomi Kawayoshi could no longer remain calm.

    Before, he was merely skeptical.

    But now, when the facts were right in front of him, Ceti Toyotomi Kawayoshi's heart naturally could no longer remain calm, almost as if a monstrous wave was sweeping over him.

    A few decades ago, the Chinese War God Ye Qingtian had defeated the Moonwatching River at the age of thirty and had become famous, sensationalizing the entire world martial arts scene.

    Of course, the reason why that battle caused such a big stir was not because of the victory or defeat, but because of Ye Qingtian's age.

    A thirty year old clan master was rare in the world, refreshing the history of the martial world.

    But now, a twenty year old Junior Grandmaster had appeared, bringing this record forward by another ten years.

    One could imagine what kind of ripples would be created in the world martial world after this battle?


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