Super Son-in-law 381-390


Chapter 381

The next morning, Lin Hao boarded the plane, Mo Lao, who was dressed in a long black robe, followed him, while Shen Qingcheng flew to the European side late last night.This time Lin Hao went north to Yanjing, has a great danger, so must be prepared for everything, otherwise once the branch in Yanjing in trouble, the consequences will be unimaginable.

So Lin Qingcheng can not afford to rest overnight very Europe, Europe over there with Lin's branch of the second largest base camp, Lin Qingcheng will be in today Lin Hao arrived in Yanjing that moment, sent people to deter Lin's branch of the European branch, if Lin Hao in Yanjing something happened, then she will let Lin's branch of the European all to accompany the funeral!

These years Lin Qingcheng had followed Mo Lao's instructions and pulled up a very large force over in Europe as well.

So this time to accompany Lin Hao to Yanjing, only Mo Lao and four bodyguards accompanied.The plane is also Mo Lao's private aircraft, above has advanced equipment, and along the way Mo Lao also use relations, the whole route in the nine skies above have fighter escort.Ensure Lin Hao's safety.

In the air for two hours, Lin Hao from the sky overlooking the land of Yanjing, also can't help but have some feelings, he has been a long, long time to return to this city.

After Lin Hao got off the plane, the airport was suddenly followed by dozens of combat sequences sent by Night One.After Lin Hao met up with those brothers, he gave instructions to Night One....

At ten o'clock in the morning, Lin Hao's grandmother, Lin Yan, as well as Lin Jiuyin, Lin Zai Tian, and dozens of others were waiting in the ancestral hall for Lin Hao's arrival, and they had all been waiting since nine o'clock in the morning.

Old Lady Lin had a hint of worry on her face, as she had sensed that the atmosphere in the ancestral mansion today was very wrong.The atmosphere was very condensed, and most of the branch personnel were quiet to the point of not saying a word.Lin Jiuyin was closing his eyes the entire time, while Lin Jaitian was drinking tea.

Lin Yan also waited quietly with a faint smile on his face, Lin Yan walked up to the old lady, "Mom, we will definitely notify you when Lin Hao arrives, this cold day, you just wait here, it's not good for your body, be careful not to catch a cold, why don't you go back and rest first?"

Old Lady Lin snorted heavily, "Humph!Let me take a break. I'll wait here while I'm gone to see what you'll do to my grandson.Let's see who dares to embarrass my grandson today!The man who tried to kill my grandson was killed by my grandson and some people can't sit still?Huh?You think my old lady's dead?Today I'm going to see what you clowns can do, you jumping clowns!If you don't want to stay in the Lin family, get the hell out of here!"

Lin Zai Tian heatedly laughed at Old Madam Shen's words and got up to respectfully pour a cup of tea for Old Madam Lin, "Eldest Mother, don't be angry, things have already happened.The youngsters now, ah, all very impulsive.I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that, but I'm sure I'll be able to do that.We've been arguing for ten days, so let's wait for Lin Hao to come and confront him.What's more, now that Lin Hao isn't dead, it's our branch's people who have died..." Remember the website

Old Mrs. Lin snorted once again, "Hmph, Lin Zai Tian, don't say anything about matters between juniors.Hao'er, as the first heir of my Lin Clan, without your authorization, then Lin Xi would dare to find someone to kill him?There are some things that everyone understands, so there's no need to hide it anymore, just put everything out in the open and say it!"

Lin a73d85cd was just about to speak when Tian Tian was interrupted by Lin Jiuyin.

Lin Jiuyin opened his eyes and stared at Old Lady Lin, "Yes, everything is out in the open, my son is dead, killed by your grandson right under my nose!I'm here today, just waiting for an explanation!I'll wait..."


Old Mrs. Lin's face stiffened, the truth after all was that Lin Hao had killed Lin Xi under Lin Jiuyin's nose.

If Lin Hao had done it more covertly, then these people of the Lin Clan branch would have had to beat their teeth out and swallow, but now after all, they had given people excuses.

Old Madam Lin didn't reply to Lin Jaiyin's words, but turned to Lin Yan: "Lin Yan, Hao'er is your own son after all!What do you say?Do you want him to give you an explanation today as well?"

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.And I am now the head of the Lin Clan, Lin Clan inheritance for hundreds of years, family rules can't be broken, what Hao'er did this time is really too impulsive, it's time to teach him a lesson, otherwise it will easily cause a big disaster in the future, isn't it?"

"Oh... hahahaha..." old lady Lin let out a fierce laugh at the words.

She stared at Lin Yan with a deadly stare: "Lin Yan, Lin Yan, how did I give birth to such an unfilial son as you!Since ancient times, a tiger never eats its own son. Your own son was assassinated and you didn't care. Now my grandson has killed those people and you want to punish my grandson?Hehe, good, very good, Lin Yan you listen, if you dare to touch a hair of my grandson today, we'll break off our relationship!"

Old Mrs. Lin was trembling with anger, but Lin Yan still smiled as if he hadn't even taken Mrs. Lin's words to heart and said to her, "Mom, that's serious.Then if you don't punish Lin Hao today, is there still a rule for the Lin family?If we don't teach him a lesson today, do you think he'll be able to control the Lin family in the future?Will everyone at Lam's be convinced?And with his character, if he doesn't change, can Lin still exist?"

Old Lady Lin was speechless for a moment, she didn't expect Lin Yan to say that.And Lin Yan's words were seamless and well-reasoned.

Just how it sounded was superficially good for Lin Hao and good for Lin's.The actual result was still the same, Lin Yan's attitude was still resolute.It was to punish Lin Hao.

Old Mrs. Lin took a few breaths, looked deeply at Lin Yan for a few moments, and then sneered, "Oh, Lin Yan, don't think I don't know what's in your heart, are you thinking of letting that bastard take over?Oh, I'm telling you right now, as long as I'm still around, I will never recognize their mother and son!There is only one daughter-in-law in my heart, and only one of my wonderful grandsons!You want that bastard to take over my family?You're dreaming!"

When Lin Yan heard the words, the smile on his face slowly narrowed and his face became incomparably serious: "Mom some of what she said was too much!U'er wasn't bad in any way, although he was very small, he was much more sensible than Lin Hao!And Mom you're thinking a little too much, and you only have one vote in the decision-making meeting...your words can't decide anything..." One second to remember to read the book

Lin Yan narrowed his eyes at Old Madam Lin, who also narrowed her eyes at him.This issue already involved the future Lin's succession.Mother and son didn't back down from anyone this time!

And judging by Lin Yan's performance in Yanjing all these years, a fool would know that he had completely lost patience with Lin Hao, he didn't want Lin Hao to inherit the Lin family, he wanted to wait until Lin Yu grew up and then let Lin Yu inherit it!

Everyone was very clear about this, and Old Madam Lin was also very clear.

"Lin Yan don't you forget, Hao'er's first heir was decided by your dead father, I'm afraid it's not that easy for you to change it..." said Old Madam Lin, squinting her eyes at Lin Yan.

"Oh, Mom, I've served you for ten years in Yanjing, did I do something wrong?Am I unfaithful to Lin Yan?Oh, so your own grandson Lin Hao is filial again?Has he called me father in the last ten years?Oh, he's so unfilial, and you want me to pass the Lin family on to him?Isn't that a bit ridiculous?"Lin Yan's tone began to have a slight chill in it....

And right now in the back hall of the Grand Hall of Deliberation, Lin Yu was quietly standing behind a huge pillar, listening to the conversation in the Grand Hall.

When he heard Old Lady Lin, addressing him with a mouthful of feral fowl, his young eyes were filled with resentment.His two small hands clenched their fists in a death grip....

Until the nails were embedded in the flesh, popping, and drops of blood landed on the ground, but Lin Yu didn't care in the slightest, only the resentment in his young eyes grew thicker and thicker....


At 11:00 a.m., Lin Hao stepped into the gate of the Lin Clan's ancestral home in Yanjing, with a squinting Mo Lao at his side, followed by four dead bodyguards that Mo Lao had brought with him.

As Lin Hao stepped through the gate of the Lin Clan's ancestral home, he saw dozens of Lin Clan branch children standing behind the gate, all staring at him with murderous eyes, led by a man who was about the same age as Lin Hao, wearing a black suit with a circle of white cloth on the sleeves, and exuding a cold air all over his body, he was Lin Xi's cousin Lin Leng.

Just like his name, his entire body exuded a bone-chilling coldness, and this group of branch children was led by Lin Leng.Lin Leng used to work as a mercenary in Africa, and after five years in Africa, he didn't know how much blood was stained on his hands.A few days ago, when he heard that Lin Xi was killed, he returned home overnight.

Lin Leng was staring at Lin Hao, and naturally, Lin Hao saw Lin Leng too!

Lin Hao's mind couldn't help but recall a scene from his childhood.When Lin Hao and Lin Leng were the same age and often played together when he was a child before the branch was in turmoil, but Lin Hao and Lin Leng hadn't seen each other since that turmoil ten years ago, and they had become enemies ten years ago.

Lin Leng's personality was in some ways very similar to Lin Hao's and he was very, very strict with himself, and five years ago he had entered North Africa alone, changed his name, and didn't ask Lin for a shred of aid.But he had made a huge foundation in North Africa, and was a top-notch ruthless man.

"Lin Hao, you shouldn't have come back... "Lin Leng stared at Lin Hao with deadly intent, a hint of killing intent surging in the depths of his eyes.

Lin Hao sneered, "If I don't come back, won't you go to the south to find me?A lot of things are done is done, your cousin was killed by me, what, you're here today to avenge him?"

Lin Leng narrowed his eyes, cold killing intent emerging in his eyes, "Yes today I'm here to avenge his death, just not now, I'll come back to kill you after the Elders Council announces the outcome of their treatment of you!"

Lin Hao also narrowed his eyes, and a killing intent also emerged from his body, "Since it's not now, then get out..."

"You're looking for death!"Lin Leng was furious, his body instantly rose up, and behind him, he pinched at Lin Hao's neck, Lin Leng didn't just pinch, the movement of his hands was a ruthless claw work, if he gripped it solidly, Lin Hao's neck would definitely break. The first website

"Get out!"Lin Hao shouted fiercely, grabbing Lin Leng's wrist with one hand in the aftermath and pushing back, then kicking violently at Lin Leng's chest....

After a loud bang... Lin Leng's body directly flew out upside down as he knelt down on one knee and stared at Lin Hao with a deadly stare.There was an intense shock in his eyes!He couldn't even take a single move from Lin Hao!!!!

Pfft... Lin Leng one didn't hold back and lowered his head just a mouthful of blood spurted out, but he was still staring at Lin Hao.

Lin Hao said coldly, "One Lin Xi is a kill, plus you Lin Leng also does not matter, you have the guts to try before taking a step forward?Do you think I dare to kill you in this mansion?Hmm?"

Lin Hao's body was filled with monstrous killing intent, Lin Leng was strong, very strong, but he was even stronger!

In these ten years, his desperate scene from back then no longer flashed in his head all the time, Lin Hao had been training desperately every day since ten years ago, and he had passed out many times in training in these ten years!

And in those same ten years, he had experienced countless life and death crises.

There were never any years of peace in this world, and if there was one person enjoying these beautiful years.Then there was definitely another person behind her silently enduring everything!

So from start to finish Shen Xi Yan and those Shen family members, all they saw was Lin Hao's glory on the surface 813ff86f, but no one knows how much he endured behind the scenes.......

"Lin Hao, no matter how strong you are today, it's useless for you to enter this door, you definitely won't be able to get out!"Lin Leng half-kneeled on the ground not far away, covering his chest and threatening Lin Hao, but he didn't dare to take another step forward because he was certain that if he did, Lin Hao would absolutely kill him!

"Rubbish..." said Lin Hao disdainfully, and then stared at the remaining branch of humanity blocking the far front, "Want to die?"

When Lin Hao's words fell, the large group of branch disciples blocking in front of him suddenly scattered, and none of them dared to block in front of Lin Hao.Lin Hao took a few steps forward, but Mo Lao had his eyes half-closed throughout, and he wasn't even interested in looking at the children of the branch veins.

After taking a few steps forward, Lin Hao paused in his steps and said to Lin Leng, "Oh I just said wrong, you're not the only trash here, all of the people present are trash..."


When Lin Hao's words fell, all the branch disciples present hated it so much that they could not wait to go forward and kill Lin Hao immediately, but they didn't dare, so they could only watch Lin Hao and his group walk inside....

Inside the council hall of the Lin Clan's ancestral home, it had quieted down once again since Old Lady Lin had argued with Lin Yan.

The large deliberation hall, which also had dozens of people sitting in it, did not have a single sound.Quiet to the extreme, the atmosphere became increasingly solemn, like the calm before a storm.Underneath this surface calm, there was a monstrous wave hidden.

Ten minutes later, Lin Hao's figure slowly appeared at the entrance of the council hall, where the four dead men were parked.Mo Lao followed Lin Hao into the hall.

When Lin Hao's footsteps stepped inside the council hall, everyone's eyes saw him at this moment, and those people from the Lin Clan branch naturally looked at Lin Hao with an icy cold killing intent.

Those of the main vein, on the other hand, were defensive, and there was a hint of excitement.

It was because the moment Lin Hao walked into this council hall, they saw an overbearing, kingly aura from Lin Hao!Lin Jiuyin's eyes snapped open the moment Lin Hao entered!As he felt Lin Hao's strength, the killing intent in his heart strengthened a bit more....

"This son!Must die, or it will be another Lin Yan!"Lin was also incomparably horrified!He hadn't seen Lin Hao for ten years, but this time after seeing him, it added a bit of fear to his heart.

At this moment in the council hall, the Qi of the two sides, the branch vein and the main vein, began to fight intensely the moment Lin Hao appeared.The people from the branch vein were sitting on one side and the people from the main vein were sitting on the other side.The qi of the two sides were clashing madly in the middle.The only ones in the middle were Lin Hao, who had just come in through the door, and Lin Yan, who was sitting on the main throne!

Letting the atmosphere of the branch vein and the main vein tit-for-tat in the council hall, Lin Hao didn't even look at it, just quietly staring at Lin Yan who was sitting on the main seat.

And the moment Lin Yan saw Lin Hao enter, he slowly raised his head to stare at Lin Hao as well! Remember the URL

"Do you want to abolish my first succession to the throne because you're afraid I'll fight you?Is that seat that good?"Lin Hao's breath was monstrous and his eyes stared at Lin Yan as he slowly asked.

Lin Yan smiled playfully, "Don't you want to take this seat?Isn't it in your heart that you'd rather have me dead already, when you're drunk on the knee of a beautiful woman and awake to power over the world?"

Lin Hao nodded, "Yes, I'd hate for you to die early and then for me to take that seat..."

Lin Yan smiled, "Unfortunately, if you weren't killing those trash in the Heavenly Sea ten days ago, you would have had a chance to sit in this position, but now you don't, do you?"

Lin Hao said, "Even if I can't sit on it, that bastard of yours isn't going to sit on it, is he?"

Lin Yan continued to laugh, "Whether or not Yu'er can sit in this seat is up to you.You can't sit in it anyway, can you?"

Lin Hao also laughed, "I don't know, what if you die one day?Those trash tried to kill you ten years ago..." said Lin Hao, pointing to the side of the hall, those people in Lin Jiu Yin Lin.


Lin Hao and Lin Yan were talking next to each other, and from the way they were talking, it wasn't like father and son at all, but more like enemies!The weird thing was that father and son didn't put the people of the branch vein in their eyes at all the entire conversation, calling them trash one by one.

What was even more bizarre was that the people of the branch vein, under the pressure of Lin Hao and Lin Yan's momentum, didn't even have the chance to open their mouths to refute, so they could only listen, their hearts frustrated to the extreme....

Lin Hao stared at Lin Yan, the hatred in his eyes growing thicker and thicker!

Ten years ago if Lin Yan hadn't been greedy for Lin's power.His mother wouldn't have died!

All of this could have been avoided, if only Lin Yan had backed off a little in the first place.But Lin Yan didn't!

And before Lin Hao's mother was buried and his bones were still cold, Lin Yan was hanging out with that Dong Xue, which he Lin Hao would never forgive!

Lin Hao stared at Lin Yan with hatred in his eyes, while Lin Yan looked at him with a seeming smile....

For a while, no one spoke in the entire hall.Because no one in the stained water expected that the first moment Lin Hao came in, he would directly confront the current Lin Clan's biggest ruler, Lin Yan....


Lin Hao and Lin Yan were staring at each other, their auras were invisibly fighting, Lin Hao and Lin Yan didn't speak, and no one in the hall dared to interject any more, everyone was silent for a while.

"Hehe, when you meet me as a junior and meet my father, don't you even take the initiative to ask nicely?"Lin Yan said playfully to Lin Hao with a smile.

Before Lin Hao could speak, the Mo Lao on his side took a step forward, his Qi also booming and overpowering Lin Yan, "Oh, as a junior you don't even take the initiative to greet me when you meet this uncle of mine?"

Lin Hao's momentum was already able to compete with Lin Yan, and now with Mo Lao joining in, he instantly pressed back the momentum on Lin Yan.Lin Yan's face couldn't help but turn white as he squinted his eyes at Mo Lao and slowly said, "Oh, Uncle Mo so you're not dead?Looks like you fooled everyone in that battle ten years ago..."

Mo Yuntian similarly narrowed his eyes at Lin Yan, "Oh you're not dead either?"

Lin Yan smiled and nodded his head slowly, "Well, I see.I say, this kid pulled up a Kyushu Group without saying a word, so you're the one guarding him..."

Mo Yuntian smirked, "Heh good, so it's not that easy for you to think of putting that bastard on the throne today and abolishing Hao'er's first heir!"

Lin Yan shook his head indifferently and stood up, taking a deep look at Mo Yuntian and then at Old Mrs. Lin: "Well everyone is here, the ones who shouldn't have come are all here.It's time to leave, isn't it?The council of elders has been waiting for a long time too, and the verdict of right and wrong has to be settled at noon today, hasn't it?"

Mo Lao nodded, "But..." then Mo Lao gave Lin Hao a sideways glance, his eyes heavy.Lin Hao similarly smiled and nodded to him.Then Mo Lao followed Lin Yan to the back of the hall... The Lin Clan Council of Elders was held in the fully enclosed underground chamber at the rear of the Lin Clan's ancestral home.It was very safe, and likewise no sound from the outside world could be heard.

Lin Yan left with Mo Lao, and Old Lady Lin also stood up and walked up to Lin Hao, stretching out her wrinkled hand and touching Lin Hao's face, a smile was added to her kind old face: "Hao'er, my good boy, all these years you suffered outside Grandma knows, don't worry Grandma will never let those people hurt you again!"

Lin Hao looked at Old Lady Lin, his eyes slightly red, and bowed deeply to Old Lady Lin: "Grandmother, Hao'er was unfaithful, he didn't come back to see you all these years, it was Hao'er's fault..." One Second Remember to Read Books .net

"No, you're right, you're right not to come back!You're safer out there!Grandmother has gone to a meeting first, after the meeting, you can stay with Grandmother for a while..." old lady Lin's eyes got a little moist as she smiled.The last time she saw Lin Hao, Lin Hao was still a child.In the blink of an eye, he had grown so big.

Once again, Lin Hao bowed deeply to Old Madam Lin to the end, "Hao'er is unfaithful, and has caused trouble for grandmother..."

Old Mrs. Lin laughed and walked towards the back, "Hahaha, I'd like to see who dares to touch my grandson today!"Old Lady Lin's tone was full of determination!Even if Lin Hao had killed seventeen people of the branch in the Heavenly Sea, but so what?If a child of a branch lineage dares to attack and kill an heir of the main lineage, this is a capital crime!

Not everyone was qualified to enter the Lin Clan Council of Elders, for example, Lin Jiu Yin Lin didn't have that qualification.


Of course their father was already inside.And Lin Yan was able to go in because he was the contemporary head of the Lin Clan.

After Lin Yan, Mo Lao, and Old Lady Lin all went in, Lin Hao walked over to where Lin Yan had just been and sat right down.Sitting in the seat that was supposed to be reserved for the Lin Clan's family head!

Lin Jiuyin Lin Jie Tian's eyes narrowed as Lin Jie Tian looked at Lin Hao with a cold smile, Lin Jiuyin opened his eyes at this moment and stared at Lin Hao with a deadly stare.

Lin Hao narrowed his eyes and looked at Lin Jiuyin who was sitting to the side, "Ten days ago I killed your son right under your nose, do you still tolerate it?Is it to do it now?"

As Lin Hao spoke, he looked towards the hall door, which was now surrounded by hundreds of Lin Clan branch children, and there were some killers among that group of branch children.Also while Lin Hao was speaking, the sound of secret slight and rapid footsteps came from all around the hall, and it was clear that there were a large number of people coming over here.

Lin Hao looked at Lin Jiuyin, who stared gloomily at Lin Hao, until those footsteps outside the door disappeared, and Lin Jiuyin knew that all the personnel who had attacked and killed Lin Hao today were already in place, so he spoke, "I underestimated you, you're even more arrogant than Lin Yan!And the arrogant ones tend to die faster, like today?"

Lin Jiuyin's body was filled with a murderous aura, and at this moment, the four dead men brought by Mo Lao outside the door were already surrounded by people from the Lin Clan branch, meanwhile, as Lin Jiuyin said this, dozens of icy qi machines directly locked onto Lin Hao.

"Hehe..." laughed Lin Hao faintly, then indifferently pulled out a black pistol from his bosom, the muzzle of which was pointed straight at Lin Jiuyin's head.Lin Hao smiled, "Do you want to die together?"

Lin Jiuyin's pupils contracted violently, he never would have thought that Lin Hao would actually dare to point a gun at him in the Lin Clan's ancestral home!His heart trembled fiercely He still underestimated Lin Hao's ruthlessness.And the moment Lin Hao pointed the gun at Lin Jiuyin's head.Those four dead men outside the door directly tore off their jackets, revealing a body full of explosives, and those outside the door branch exploded back several meters one by one.

"How?Can we put the farce away now?"Lin Hao laughed at Lin Jiuyin.

Just as Lin Hao was laughing, Lin Zai Tian also laughed, and Lin Jiuyin also took out a gun and pointed it at Lin Hao and said, "The children of the branch vein are ten times and a hundred times more than the main vein, so you can trade me for you.Then do you exchange?" First web site

"Oh... Lin Hao, Lin Hao, do you really think that just your main vein would dare to duel to the death?"Lin Zai Tian couldn't stop sneering at Lin Hao.Then the same took out a gun and pointed it at Lin Hao's head, "The two of us brothers, you'll kill at most one person, won't you?"

Brushing... In the next moment, everyone in the branch vein took out their weapons, and the people on the other side of the main vein looked extremely pale.Because they were unprepared and Lin Yan would never allow them to bring in weapons.

"Oh, so what now?I would have left you in peace, but you got yourself killed. How dare you point a gun at us?Since you were the first to do the first year, we've got a gun going off, and even if the elders will chastise us later, we'll just have to say we're sorry, won't we?"Lin Zai Tian squinted his eyes in disdain at Lin Hao.In his opinion, Lin Hao was just too arrogant to have taken the initiative to give them the best chance.Things were better now with this situation....

Lin Hao put down his gun, lit a cigarette, took a drag, and said to Lin, "Oh... do you really think I'm stupid?"


"What do you mean?"When Lin Zai Tian saw this expression on Lin Hao's face, his heart suddenly trembled, and a bad feeling flashed in his heart.Right now though, they were in complete control of the situation.And it was Lin Hao who pointed his gun at them first.Both gave them a perfect excuse.

As for the four dead men outside the door, so what if they lost some of their branch children 057d391f?There are so many people in the branch vein anyway, so if they die, they die.It's no big deal.But now that Lin Zai Tian, who was clearly winning and in control of the situation, had that bad feeling in his heart more and more, because Lin Hao's expression was so calm.

Lin Hao nodded and said, "It should be almost time..."

Back ten minutes ago, the thousand combat sequences under Lin Hao's command had all hidden near the Lin ancestral mansion and were moving as fast as they could to complete the closure of the ancestral mansion.Lin Hao hadn't put his hopes on anyone else since the beginning, and he wouldn't trust his life on anyone else in these ten years.

Brush brush brush brush brush... The next moment as Lin Hao finished speaking, countless red points of light shone through the windows of the palace and focused on everyone in the Lin Clan branch, each person had at least five red points of light on their bodies.

Lin's face finally changed dramatically when he saw the dozen red dots of light on his own body.Fingers trembling, he pointed at Lin Hao and said incredulously, "You you you... you actually dared to surround the ancestral home?"

Lin Hao sneered disdainfully, "How refreshing, doesn't your branch also have hundreds of people placed inside your ancestral home?Why don't we see if you 100 people can stand up to my brothers outside?Oh yeah, you guys have a backup, after all, this is the ancestral home and there are dozens of regular combatants.Oh, want to give it a try?"

Lin Zaitian swallowed hard, his head was starting to have cold sweat running down.He was like this, not to mention the people of the branch, some of whom were so scared that their faces were white.Many of them were usually high and mighty and had never seen such a scene before.

"You're ruthless!But don't you dare retain your position as first in line to the throne today!"Lin Jaitian stared at Lin Hao with a deadly stare.

Lin Hao took his gun and pressed down on those in the Lin Clan branch, "Put them all down, don't anyone go off, we'll die together.Don't anyone say anything, just wait here for the results of the Council of Elders..."

Just to Lin Hao's words, some of those in the branch vein put down their guns, but most of the others didn't, and Lin Zai Tian and Lin Jiuyin didn't. Remember the URL

Lin Hao looked at the two, stunned then laughed: "Well also right, you branch of these rats, nests must be more than one right, is not in Europe over there, huh, you can make a phone call to ask, well or you are waiting, there should be a phone call in right away...."

This time Lin Zai Tian soared to his feet, he quickly took out his phone, but not before dialing.I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, so I'm going to be able to do that.Lin Qingcheng is a madman, Lin Hao is also a madman, Dad you and Uncle San must calm down ah..."

Lin Jaitian hung up the phone after hearing this, only for the cold sweat on his face to increase even more at this moment.Lin Jaitian stared at Lin Hao with a deadly stare, "Lin Hao, as the saying goes, misfortune is worse than family!"

Bang...a gunshot was heard, and bullets whizzed out....


The bullet grazed the side of Lin Jaitian's ear, and Lin Jaitian's right ear was torn off a piece of flesh, and blood instantly flowed down.

And then Lin Hao's muzzle was aimed directly at Lin Jaitian's head: "Misfortune less than family?You deserve to say that too?How did my mother die after 10 years of marriage?Do you really think I'm a child?Huh?I dare you to say one more word. I dare to die with all of you right now.You try?"

Lin Zaitian felt the sharp pain coming from his ear again, but he didn't dare to move at all because the killing intent on Lin Hao's body was already rushing to the sky.

He didn't have the slightest doubt that if he said even just one more word at this moment.The next moment Lin Hao's bullet would definitely enter his head!

Boundless fear rose in the hearts of everyone in the hall at this moment, as none of them had expected today that things would turn into the outcome of the upcoming second war between the main vein and the branch vein.The people of the main vein didn't expect it, and the same people of the branch vein didn't expect it either.All of them had misjudged Lin Hao.Thought that Lin Hao would go into hiding just like Lin Yan and go into hiding for the greater good of the Lin Clan.But Lin Yan wouldn't go into secrecy at all.Coming up here was directly the same way of going to death.

At this moment in the hall, everyone except for Lin Hao was dripping with cold sweat, and only Lin Hao's rising killing intent permeated the surroundings.

Within the hall, Lin Hao had one person pointing a gun at Lin Zai Tian.And apart from him, the remaining dozens of branch vein personnel in the main vein were all pointing their guns at Lin Hao.But Lin Hao was unafraid.He wasn't a reckless man, and this situation had been calculated in his heart for a long time.Likewise, he was certain that those people from the Lin Clan branch wouldn't dare to really fight him to the death right now.After all, even if he died, Lin Yan was still here, and so was that bastard Lin Yu.And yet the Lin Clan branch had to lose sixty percent of its power.The gains and losses did not outweigh the losses.

"All put down your guns!Take it easy!All of you, calm down!"Lin Zai Tian finally couldn't carry it any longer and roared wildly at the surrounding branch veins.Yes the moment he opened his mouth, the moment their branch vein fought against Lin Hao alone, they lost completely.He could only make concessions because they couldn't afford to lose, even if they could kill Lin Hao here today, all of them, all of their loved ones, would have to die!This is Lin Hao's ruthlessness!This was Lin Hao's dominance!

He never plays with these people of the branch vein with any kind of schemes and calculations.He directly just laid out two choices and let these controllers of the 3a8c199a vein choose for themselves.To trade all of their lives for one of his, or to retreat from here!For this choice, Lin Hao blocked his own life!But he had won.

Everyone in the hall from the Lin Clan branch put down their guns, except for Lin Hao, who was left holding them.Lin Hao said to Lin Zai Tian in a low voice, "Tell them to throw out their weapons..."

"All of you throw out your weapons, quick..." the cold sweat on Lin Zai Tian's face continued to flow down, and as his words fell, all of those people from the branch in the hall threw out their weapons. One second to remember to read the book

"Tell all of you out there in ambush to back off!Get out of the house!Do it!I'll count to three, one..." before Lin Hao even shouted two, Lin Zai Tian continued to yell at the people outside the door, telling them to retreat.

Two minutes later, a heavily armed combat sequence ran up to Lin Hao and respectfully reported to Lin Hao, "Young Master, all the assassins of the Lin Clan's branch have been killed by us!"

"Lin Hao, you?How dare you?"Lin Zai Tian's teeth were bared when he heard this, he hadn't even heard a single scream just now, so it must have been a blow to the head.

Lin Hao sneered, "Oh, those people who come to kill me, they have to be prepared to be killed by me, don't they?In other words, do I...have...any...what...not...dare?"Lin Hao's words trailed off as the muzzle once again aimed at Lin Zai Tian's head....


Inside an underground chamber at the rear of the Lin ancestral mansion, a circular conference table in the middle of the chamber.Lin Yan, Mo Lao, Old Lady Lin and nine others were sitting here, talking about the Tian Hai incident that Lin Hao had done ten days ago.

"Lin Hao, as the 47th generation first succession of the Lin Clan, has killed seventeen sons of the Tianhai Lin Clan in a row, his virtue is unworthy of his position, I propose that Lin Hao's position as heir to the Lin Clan be abolished with immediate effect!And accept the punishment of Lin's family rules, expulsion from Lin's!Deprive Lin Hao of all his assets!"Lin Jiuyin's father, Lin Wang, spoke directly.

"Fart your mother's fart!The old man was your grandson who attacked Lin Hao in the Heavenly Sea first, and the branch children attacked the main line's first successor, huh, do you think you don't have to take responsibility for Lin Xi's death?And according to the Lin Clan's rules, anyone who collaborates with Japan will be executed by the entire Lin Clan!Do you need to see the evidence from that night?"Elder Mo directly slapped the table and cursed at Lin Wang.

At this moment, a branch elder next to Lin Wang looked at Elder Mo and slowly said, "Oh, Mo Yuntian, don't forget your last name is Mo, you are only an honorary elder of the Lin Clan, you only have the right to vote, not the right to speak on Lin Clan decisions!"

Old Mrs. Lin's eyes narrowed and she slowly said, "Ten years ago your branch split the Lin Clan, and ten years later you attacked and killed my grandson!Then simply don't talk about it, you can just split it up..."

As soon as Old Lady Lin said this, the faces of Lin Wang and that branch elder shifted violently.The Lin Clan's legacy was several hundred years old, and the family business was too big.Splitting up the Lin Clan to stand on its own would be just like the ancient division of the territory.They absolutely couldn't do such a thing.They would just have to be like a viper, waiting for an opportunity to slowly encroach on the power of the Lin Clan's main lineage.

Except for the eight elders outside Lin Yan, they blew their beards and bickered.The end result was a four to four.Half an hour later all the elders were looking at Lin Yan who was silent.And the faces of Old Lady Lin and Mo Lao became very unpleasant.

Lin Yan raised his head and glanced faintly at Old Lady Lin and Mo and said: "Do I need to decide now?Yes, with immediate effect, Lin Hao abolishes his status as the first heir..."

Old Lady Lin and Mo's faces changed dramatically, this was just like the ancient crown prince, although now Lin Hao didn't have too much authority in his hands to control Lin's.But the reputation of that one first heir was there, just a signboard, and it carried a lot of weight.

Old Lady Lin and Mo looked at each other and both saw the gravity in each other's eyes... Only the corner of Lin Yan's mouth curled up in a wry smile and said, "I have two sons, as you all know, so now that Lin Hao has abolished the status of the first subordinate heir, Yu'er..."

"You try it?"Mo Lao leaned back and spoke in a flat tone with a hint of killing... Then Mo Lao stopped speaking, while Old Mrs. Lin snickered, "Heh, sorry, that bastard I won't even admit it in the end.That bastard wants to get to the top and take away everything from my Hao'er?Heh..." debut URL

Lin Yan's face slowly darkened, then he looked at the two elders of the branch and the four neutral elders and said, "What do the uncles mean?"

At this moment after Lin Yan asked the question, but the six people uniformly bowed their heads and remained silent, Lin Yan's face became increasingly gloomy... The atmosphere inside the meeting fbc958d4 also became more and more heavy and tense.

And then back inside the antechamber council hall, Lin Hao put away his guns and sat very naturally in the seat of the head of the family, drinking tea.The thousand combat sequences on the outskirts of Lin's ancestral home were still ready to go.Lin Zai Tian Lin Jiuyin and a few others no longer spoke up.The atmosphere was quiet and bizarre.

An hour later, a neutral Lin Clan elder, walked in from behind.When he saw Lin Hao sitting on the throne, his body gave a pause.But without saying anything, he then announced loudly to the crowd, "With immediate effect, Lin Hao abolished his status as the 47th Lin Clan's first subordinate heir, and the ranking was postponed to the second subordinate heir.The position of first heir due to Lin Hao's vacancy is put on hold for the time being and will be discussed again in three years!And in light of Lin Hao's assassination in Tianhai, all of Lin's properties in Tianhai will be owned by Lin Hao as compensation from now on!"


After this elder announced, he looked at Lin Hao and said, "Lin Hao, do you hear me clearly?From now on, you may no longer hold yourself out as the first subordinate heir of the Lin Clan!"The elder said to Lin Hao in a stern tone.

Lin Hao got up and nodded his head, "Lin Hao remember."

"Well, but the first succession position is still vacant, you are the eldest son of the family's 47th generation, and although Fan made some mistakes, it's not your fault in the first place.Behave well, and you may not be unable to return to the first heir position from a fresh start after three years!"This neutral elder said somewhat appreciatively to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao nodded his head, "Yes Lin Hao, I respectfully follow the teachings, I will definitely restrain myself in the future"

The elder smiled and patted Lin Hao's shoulder, "Well, not bad, there's your grandfather's shadow from back then, I'm optimistic about you, okay this is settled, your grandmother is waiting for you in the Western Hall, hurry up and go, your grandmother misses you very much..."

After this elder finished speaking to Lin Hao, he glared at Lin Jai Tian Lin Jiuyin and said, "Listen to me clearly, both of you, Lin Hao is no longer the first heir, if you dare to make any small moves again, don't blame us for being merciless!"

Lin Zaitian and Lin Jiuyin also hurriedly bowed their heads, but they weren't too happy with the result in their eyes.Lin Hao's punishment was actually just one step back in the line of succession!It was far worse than they had in mind!And the first heir apparent is still vacant!This proved that there was a great possibility that Lin Hao would become Lin's first heir again in the future!

In other words, this punishment amounts to nothing!Lin Hao is the second heir, and then the first is vacant!The hatred in Lin Zai Tian and Lin Jiuyin's hearts towards the Yu Main Vein increased once again.The eyes of the lowered a7aee1d4 heads all flickered with a supreme hatred!

The elders left after saying that, Lin Hao disdainfully looked at Lin Zai Tian and Lin Jiuyin and said, "Thank you ah, thank you for giving me the Tian Hai Group and Tian Yao Group, thank you for taking care of it for me for so many years.The first time I saw you, I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital.Oh, 47 generations of Lin's heritage, this is an unprecedented first time, right..."

As Lin Zai Tian and Lin Jiuyin listened to Lin Hao's words, the hatred in their hearts intensified.But right now, they didn't dare to show it in the slightest and just kept their heads down and didn't speak or look at Lin Hao.

"Heh... trash... trying to plot against Lin, am I calling you inflated, or ignorant?"Lin Hao sneered disdainfully and threw his sleeves down, heading out the door... Remember the URL

Things had turned out pretty much like what Mo Lao had told him last night in Tian Hai, which was the best outcome.It was completely a clear fall and a dark rise.After all, Lin Yan was still alive now, and if Lin Yan lived, then he, Lin Hao, could never truly inherit the Lin Clan.A prince would always be a prince!Might as well just take over the two groups now, that way it's a real profit, and three years from now?Oh, with his ability, who among the three generations of Lin's sons could surpass him?

Lin Hao now had some admiration in his heart for how Old Man Mo and his grandmother had managed to do it, after all, there were still two branch elders in that council of elders....

It was just that the more difficult it was to do, the more grateful Lin Hao felt after the result was achieved.He wasn't sure how much effort and compromise Mo and his grandmother had made in order to get this result....

Lin Hao went out and headed to the west palace where Old Lady Lin and Mo Lao were, the four dead men that Mo Lao had brought behind him were close to protect him, after turning a few corners, Lin Hao suddenly stopped, and the four dead men behind him were also ready to fight at once.

In the next moment, Lin Hao waved his hand for the four of them to be disarmed as a cheerful little boy came out from around the corner, and upon seeing the little boy, Lin Hao narrowed his eyes....


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