Super Son-in-law 351-370


Chapter 351

The first encounter was when she was about to be hit by an out-of-control truck, and at the last moment of her life, when she was at her most desperate, Lin Hao's figure appeared in front of her with a bang and rescued her with absolute dominance... I'm afraid that the freeze of the moment when Lin Hao saved her will never be forgotten in her life.

The second time she met Lin Hao was when she was attending a party in Tian Hai City. At that time, when she was on the balcony, she saw, in the pouring rain downstairs, Lin Hao was surrounded by dozens of assassins.

At that time, even though Lin Hao was in deep desperation, he was still so strong, still unparalleled.

He was holding a short sword, blatantly backstabbing the assassins that surrounded him one after another, and with a single person, he was alone with dozens of top assassins, how shocking was that scene?

And there was Shen Yutong standing on the balcony upstairs.The moment she saw that Lin Hao was about to die, she didn't know where she got the courage to rush downstairs without hesitation, and drove her car to save him....

Yes, at that moment Shen Yutong wasn't thinking about anything at all, her heart was just thinking about rescuing Lin Hao.It was really nothing, but it was only after she had put Lin Haoji in the car that her heart started to get scared, incredibly scared, because those killers were coming from behind with six or seven cars in a mad chase.

At that time, she clearly and incomparably remembered that Lin Hao, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was spurting blood all over his body, and his face was even more pale, but his eyes were so calm, directing her to keep driving forward....

And just as the car behind them was about to catch up with them, in their most desperate moment.A knight suddenly appeared in the mist in front of them, a man who was one of Lin Hao's men, but he was bravely dying to Lin Hao, delaying the speed of the pursuers behind him at the cost of his own bones.

This wasn't the first, soon it would be the second, the third... the fifth, a whole five knights pledged their allegiance to Lin Hao to the death.

Even a top woman like her, Shen Yutong, was deeply shocked by that scene!

Those people are so determined and righteous in the face of death... Remember the website

Then there was the scene where Lin Hao grabbed her hand and pressed her thigh to leap over the Duan Bridge, and the scene where the helicopter overhead rescued them....

It could be said that that night's scenes had created an unprecedented impact on Shen Yutong, the woman's heart.It was too shocking.

Since ancient times, beautiful women loved heroes, and so did she, Shen Yutong.

Even though she had only met him twice in a short time.But these two times were so thrilling.Wandering on the edge of life and death.Once was her saving him, once was her saving him.Shen Yutong's heart had long been deeply in love with Lin Hao!!!!

It's just that in the end she was sad to discover that this excellent to the extreme man, but his own brother-in-law.It was her own sister Shen Xiyan's husband.

No one knew how much she wanted to stay by Lin Hao's side in her heart, Shen Yutong believed that if she could marry Lin Hao, she would definitely take care of this man to the fullest extent, not embarrassing him outside, and at home she would also give him all her tenderness....

It was just that this fate was so arranged, she was seeing this man, even at this moment she was only a few meters away from the man she loved most in her heart, but she didn't know how to go up and greet him.There were only tears, the tears of love and despair....


Shen Yutong, the beauty, wept and looked at Lin Hao obsessively.Lin Hao was also silent at this moment, looking at Shen Yutong who was not far away.Lin Hao almost instantly read the meaning in Shen Yutong's eyes.

Seriously, Lin Hao had really forgotten about Shen Yutong's situation, and all of his energy these days was basically distracted by the matter of the Kyushu Group with the Yanjing Lin Clan.He felt that Shen Yutong who was in Tianhai City shouldn't come to his inauguration ceremony today.But he had forgotten that Shen Yutong was also a member of the Shen family, and even more so, Shen Ruoxue's sister!

So Shen Yutong came to Lin Hao when he didn't think of what to do.

For Shen Yutong, Lin Hao was also ten thousand times more complicated at the moment.It could be said that Shen Yutong was the best Shen family member to him besides Shen Xiyan, and all of Shen Yutong's character was much better than that group of snobs in the Shen family.The reason why Lin Hao finally chose to forgive Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming, which also has the reason why Shen Yutong saved him in it.

Lin Hao had met with Shen Yutong twice, but had experienced life and death twice.The second time he was even saved by Shen Yutong.To say that he didn't have any slightest ripple in his heart towards Shen Yutong would be unrealistic.

It was just that Lin Hao's heart was also troubled and confused now.He wasn't sure what kind of attitude he himself had towards Shen Yutong.

He had already seen Shen Yutong's information, and his own wife, Shen Xiyan, had a very, very high opinion of her.It could be said that Shen Yutong was a top-notch woman who was truly excellent in every aspect.But he didn't have any possibility with her after all.

Because he, Lin Hao, would basically never fall in love with another woman in his life besides Shen Shiyan.That's what he thought before.But Shen Yutong's appearance, especially the night he was hunted down in Tianhai City.He immediately saw the fear in the eyes of the woman in front of him, saw the fear in her.

Her hands and legs were trembling as she drove that night.But she hardened the fear in her heart with superhuman reasoning to save him.

Since ancient times, the hardest thing for a hero to endure was the grace of a beauty.And right now he could tell the feelings in her heart from Shen Yutong's tearful eyes.

Lin Hao had a bit of a headache and didn't know how to face Shen Yutong, but with Shen Yutong's character, if he wanted to use money to make up for it.I'm afraid Shen Yutong didn't need it. One second to remember to read the book

Even Shen Yutong didn't need him to make any amends, just a word from him, just Lin Hao himself telling her that the two of them were impossible.Shen Yutong would understand, and even right now Shen Yutong already understood that there was no need for Lin Hao to say anything to her anymore.

Because right now, Lin Hao's silent look at her already said it all.

Without the need for any words, Shen Yutong already understood in her heart....

Oh... suddenly not far in front of Lin Hao, Shen Yutong, with tears in her eyes, smiled sadly at Lin Hao, stood up and slowly walked outside....

Shen Yutong purposely walked by Lin Hao's side, she didn't know why, even if she knew that it was impossible, even if she knew that it was inappropriate for her to stay for the glory that was to follow later, even if she knew that she had to leave, she wanted to pass by his side again....

The moment Shen Yutong walked past Lin Hao's side, her stunningly beautiful body Vivienne paused....


With just a slight pause, the world family briefly might not be visible to outsiders, but with Lin Hao's perception it was obvious, that moment in Lin Hao and Shen Yutong's world seemed like a long time had passed.

After that pause, Shen Yutong left.She had returned from the Heavenly Sea, wanting to find the man she loved most in her heart in Nanjiang City.

She left from here, also because she had found that man she loved most in her heart.But to find out that she and he were never going to be able to be together in this life, her heart was especially painful and uncomfortable.But even as much as she ached and felt bad, she still smiled gently at Lin Hao the moment she passed by him....

Since ancient times, women have been pleasing to the eye.She, Shen Yutong, dressed up so beautifully and sexily today.It was because she wanted to show the best side of herself to the man she loved most in her heart.So the moment she passed by Lin Hao's side, she didn't cry anymore, but smiled at him slightly.

Shen Yutong walked by Lin Hao's side, and up to this point she had clearly recognized Lin Hao, but because today here was the surprise that Lin Hao had carefully prepared for Shen Xiyan, even though she had countless words in her heart that she wanted to say to Lin Hao, she didn't say a single word in the end.She just exchanged glances with Lin Hao, and then drifted off....

Lin Hao stood in the same spot, even as Shen Yutong walked past him, he was bowing his head.Just waiting for her to walk away, but Lin Hao turned his head to look at the direction she left, he couldn't verbally send her off on this occasion, but he was still able to see her off.

Shen Yu Tong was just like the results of his investigation, a good woman, a top-notch good woman.Like Shen Shiyan everything was for the sake of others, even if she didn't care about anything else, just the one time she Shen Yutong was in Tianhai City and fought for her life to save him, he, Lin Hao, should go and say thank you to this woman.Go and say thank you in person.

Shen Yutong walked away, and only when her figure completely disappeared outside the main gate did Lin Hao slowly withdraw his gaze.

Regarding Shen Yutong's matter, until now, he hadn't thought of how to handle it in his heart.He could only talk about it after today.Today's banquet was complicated with fish and dragons, Shen Xiyan would be coming out soon, and before Shen Xiyan came out, he still had a lot of things to do.

After Shen Yutong left, Lin Hao arrived in front of Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming and quietly looked at them.

The first time I saw him, I was in the middle of the night. The first website

But guesses are just guesses after all, and after seeing the facts with their own eyes today, they were still deeply shocked.

It turned out that a man could really do this for the woman he loved.To give up his monstrous power to be a son-in-law in a small family, to be insulted.

Shen Jiancheng's eyes were incomparably complicated as he looked at Lin Hao, and then he bowed deeply to Lin Hao, as did Shen Yiming.

Lin Hao gently nodded his head and looked at Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming, "Don't worry, what I promised will be kept, the Shen family is the Shen family, and you... are you.From now on, you guys can do whatever you want, whether you continue to rebuild the Shen Family in Nanjiang City or whether you leave to develop it, you guys choose..."

Shen Jiancheng laughed bitterly and shook his head.This smile seemed to have let go of all the weight of the heart.

Yes everything was over, the end of their Shen family was finally doomed.His heart also finally didn't have to be pressured anymore.

Even though this result was very unwilling for him to accept, but that kind of Shen family is finished, and now his own son Shen Yiming has changed his ways.Now that his son, Shen Yiming, has changed his ways, they will rebuild the Shen family, no big deal...


So Shen Jiancheng took a deep breath and said with a smile, "Yiming and I intend to rebuild a Shen family, a Shen family with sound family rules, a Shen family that understands manners and is honest..."

"Mm..." nodded Lin Hao.Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming once again paid their respects to Lin Hao and also got up and left the place.

They, the Shen family, didn't need to stay on this occasion anymore.The role was gone, and it was time to leave.Next was the glory of Lin Hao and Shen Shi Yan, and their Shen family didn't deserve to stay here.

Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming had also left, and since then all the Shen family members who had come here today had left.

Lin Hao looked around at the whole place and finally found Wang Shufen in a corner, and Wang Shufen was accompanied by a woman with a hat on her head, which was very inconspicuous if you didn't look closely in the corner.

But Jiang Shaoming, who had been sending people to follow Wang Shufen since the night before, immediately recognized who the woman beside Wang Shufen was.Jiang Shao Ming walked up to Lin Hao and whispered in Lin Hao's ear.

"I know, you guys don't follow, I'll go over there by myself, and also don't let too many people notice over there, I'll go say hello..." said Lin Hao nodded and whispered.

Lin Hao then headed over there by himself, while Jiang Shao Ming, Li Jianghai, Xiao Yuanshan, and Scar Six began to greet the elites from all walks of life in Nanjiang City in the hall.It was distracting them from paying attention to Lin Hao's side.

The elites of Nanjiang City also understood, and naturally, they were very proactive in cooperating.So for a while, even though there were a large number of people in the banquet hall, no one dared to look at Lin Hao's side....

But not Wang Shufen and the woman with the hat beside her, they both watched Lin Hao slowly walk towards them.Wang Shufen was fine, she still had a smile on her face, and also had tears that hadn't dried.

But the women beside her wanted to leave the moment they saw Lin Hao coming, but the two of them themselves chose a corner and couldn't leave at all for a moment.If they forced themselves to leave, I'm afraid they would attract Lin Hao's attention even more... Remember the URL

Lin Hao walked up to Wang Shufen and said with a smile, "Mom, thank you for not telling Xi Yan beforehand so I could surprise him.Mom has worked hard for the past two days..."

Wang Shufen quickly smiled and waved her hand, "Oh, not hard, not hard, compared to your hard work, Hao'er, what's this bit of hard work for me.Hey, Hao'er, it's me who's sorry to you, I've treated you so badly these past two years, but you still treat me like this, Hao'er, I'm sorry, I've made you suffer these past two years..."

Lin Hao waved his hand and said: "Mom, didn't we say it long ago, it's all in the past, let's not mention the past.Mom pay attention to your image ah, you're now the mother-in-law of the president of the South River City Kyushu Group.The status is honorable huh..."

Wang Shufen quickly sniffled and nodded heavily, "Mmhmm, I pay attention to my image I pay attention to my image..."

Lin Hao nodded with a smile and asked Wang Shufen, "By the way mom, this aunt next to you is?"

After Lin Hao finished asking, Wang Shufen's face changed dramatically, and the woman's body trembled violently.

But she quickly lowered her head, and under the concealment of her hat, although Lin Hao couldn't see her face clearly, he could still feel the tears that fell from her face drop by drop....


"Ohhh, she... she's a friend of mine, yes, a friend from Tian Hai City, she even hugged Xi Yan when she was little..." said Wang Shufen quickly in a panic.

"Oh?Mom's friend?Well, then Mom, you can take Auntie to the house later for a meal together, since you've come all the way here, you can stay at home for a few days, there's plenty of space at home anyway..." said Lin Hao to Wang Shufen with a smile.

"Mmhmm, good, good, thank you Hao'er, Hao'er, you should hurry up and get busy, Xi Yan will be out soon..." said Wang Shufen, afraid that Lin Hao would continue to ask questions, so she quickly changed the subject.

Lin Hao nodded and turned around to leave when he suddenly turned around again to stare at the woman with the hat, "Auntie, are you alright?I see you're in a bad mood, huh?Do you want to go to the back and rest for a while?"

"No... nothing... just too moved in my heart, Lin... Lin is really too good to Miss Shen, I couldn't help but weep after hearing your story..." the woman fidgeted, but didn't dare to look up at Lin Hao the whole time.

"Well that's fine, then you and my mother stay here for a while, I'll go ahead and get busy, just talk to the waiter directly if you need anything.This hotel has my shares..." said Lin Hao again and left.

It was only after Lin Hao left that Wang Shufen heaved a sigh of relief.She was afraid that Lin Hao would return again, only this time, Lin Hao was really gone.Because Shen Xiyan was about to come out....

At the moment in a room behind the Half Moon Bay Hotel, Shen Xiyan, who had changed clothes and put on makeup, looked at herself in the mirror.The actual fact is that you will be able to find a lot of people who are not in a position to get rid of their own personal belongings.

At the moment Shen Xiyan wearing a white evening dress, slender white neck with a beautiful crystal love necklace, earrings with crystal love earrings, hands also with crystal love ring.On her feet, she wore white high-heeled shoes.A head of long black hair flowed behind her, and her face was fair and alluring.

When Yue Gu looked at the exquisitely dressed Shen Xi Yan in front of her, she couldn't help but pounce on him directly and was about to make a move on him. One second to remember to read the book.

Shen Xiyan stared at Yue Gu fiercely and said, "Hmph, you still say!Yueh-Lue, I still think you're my best friend. You already know that the new CEO of Kyushu Group is Lin Hao, right?I can't believe you didn't tell me, I I I... So all of you knew, even my mother, and I was the only one who was still in the dark..."

Yue Gu was speechless and said, "Damn it, little girl Xi Yan, don't say that to me, I've already warned you.Do you know how hard it is for me?Lin Hao is the CEO of Kyushu Group. He's worth billions, why do you need me to help him?It's almost as if he helped me... "Yue Gu slapped her forehead speechlessly.

"Err... "Shen Xi Yan was stunned, it seemed like that was really the case, no wonder when she went to find Yue Gu these few times and asked him to help Lin Hao operate, Yue Gu's expression was so wonderful.

Shen Siyan then turned to look at Wang Weiwei, "Weiwei, tell me honestly now, when did you know Lin Hao's true identity?Did you know that the day he left?"


I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," he said.But in the end, I couldn't hold back, because I was deeply shocked by what Lin Hao did.

Shen Siyan listened to Wang Weiwei's words, thinking about half a year ago, when she saw the rose petals floating outside the Crystal Palace again, when Wang Weiwei told her that all of this was done for her by Lin Hao, she was incomparably moved.

Thinking of this, Shen Caiyan's tears flowed out again and nodded heavily to Wang Weiwei, "Mmhmm, don't worry Weiwei, I'll never give up on him, no matter what happens in the future, I'll be with him for the rest of my life..."

"The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Shen Xi Yan adorably smacked her little nose: "Hmph, let him wait, who told him to hide it from me, it's a pity that I've been worried for so long, but it turns out that everyone knows, I'm the only one who's stupid!Hmph, just let him wait... "Shen Xiyan sat on her chair with her butt, pouting that she didn't want to go out.

Just when she sat down, she found that no matter whether it was Wang Lulu or Yue Gu and Wang Weiwei, none of the three of them actually came forward to persuade her, they just looked at her with great intentions.

Shen Caiyan knew that her small thoughts were seen through by the three women in front of her, and laughed awkwardly, then quickly got up and said to the few people, "I'm going out ah, my husband is still waiting for me outside...."

After Shen Siyan said that, she carried the sides of her skirt herself and trotted out on her heels.

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Just let the three of them chase after each other as much as they could outside, they couldn't catch up with Shen Xi Yan, because the Shen Xi Yan in the first 11b6662b surface was running faster and faster....

Shen Shi Yan was incomparably moved, as she ran, she silently said to herself in her heart, "Hubby, thank you, thank you for everything you've done for me, thank you for your generosity, thank you for your tenderness, thank you for your silent devotion... Hubby if it's to see you, then I must be running..."

Shen Siyan ran to the banquet hall stage as fast as she could in one breath, and like Lin Hao she gasped for air, while she was now standing on the stage when she saw Lin Hao who was chatting with various big men in Nanjiang City below.

Shen Xi Yan's face showed a happy and happy smile, flashing off the lights, the stunning Shen Xi Yan on the catwalk shouted at Lin Hao, "Hubby..."


Lin Hao, who was laughing with a group of big shots in Nanjiang City, directly left everyone behind and smiled at Shen Siyan when he heard her voice, "Wife..."

This moment the whole audience quieted down again, this moment everyone in the audience looked at the stage Shen Xiyan, a heart incomparably marveled, after the change of clothes, exquisite dress Shen Xiyan actually can be beautiful to such a degree.And at this moment plus Shen Suyan body that set worth millions of crystal love jewelry, but also let Shen Suyan at this moment appear incomparably noble, just like a fairy tale princess.

This moment's Shen Suyan, can be completely called a blooming red face.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to provide a wide range of products and services.Smiling at his stunningly beautiful wife, he said, "Xi Yan, you're so beautiful..."

Shen Xiyan originally didn't want to cry, and in her heart she was constantly telling herself that she absolutely couldn't cry after she came out later.But she just couldn't really control it as she shed tears again.The tears were popping down.

Lin Hao, her own husband, he was actually the CEO of the ten billionaire Kyushu Group.

But in order to take care of her, he actually abandoned everything and went to her house to be a son-in-law at her home, and she was beaten and scolded at will, she herself couldn't even remember how many times she had thrown a face at Lin Hao, but Lin Hao never said a word about her.

Even half a year ago, when Lin Hao left Nanjiang City, he was still instructing her where the cold medicine was at home, where her thick clothes were....

How much does this man love himself?

Shen Siyan looked at Lin Hao in a daze, and the next moment she fiercely jumped into Lin Hao's arms, "Hubby, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it was all my fault before.Hubby I'm sorry..." cried Shen Xiyan in Lin Hao's arms.

Lin Hao, on the other hand, smiled and patted her back gently, "Well everything is over, Xi Yan no matter what happened in the past, don't mention it anymore, the past is the past.And now you are my wife.Do you still remember what I told you?That is that from now on I will never let you suffer half of it again... Don't cry, lots of people are watching..."

"I don't care I don't care, I just want to cry, no, I don't want to cry either, but but but I just can't help it, oooooh..." Remember the website

Shen Siyan stomped her feet on the stage, her little head buried deep into Lin Hao's embrace, she knew that countless people were watching her and Lin Hao at this moment.The flashing lights of the cameras were also taking pictures of her and Lin Hao.

She was feeling so ashamed, but she really couldn't help it, it was just that everything Lin Hao had done for her was too shocking, too shocking....

Behind the stage, Yue Gu and Wang Weiwei as well as Wang Lulu, the three women looked on, and were deeply touched by Shen Xiyan who was crying on stage.

"Hey anxious me, Miss Shen don't cry ah, so many people are watching ah..." although Wang Lulu understood, but still felt anxious for Shen Suyan.

Yue Gu also shed tears at this moment and said to herself, "If I were her, I'm afraid I would have cried even harder than her, it's just that everything Lin Hao did for her today was so touching, just ask which woman could resist such a surprise, such a romance?Such unconditional giving?"Yue Gu shook her head deeply with tears streaming down her face.

"Well, yeah, when Lin Hao left Nanjiang half a year ago, he instructed me to never say anything to Xi Yan, but I still couldn't hold back and told her everything Lin Hao had done for Xi Yan in the past two years.I just didn't tell Xi Yan about Lin Hao's true identity.At that time, I thought that if there was still a possibility of a future between Xi Yan and Lin Hao, Lin Hao would definitely give Xi Yan a big surprise..." Wang Weiwei smiled at the scene on the stage, but the same tears still couldn't stop flowing.......


The other corner of the banquet hall peripheral there, Shen Xiyan office of several female colleagues, looking at the stage that incomparably happy Shen Xiyan, looking at Shen Xiyan body that is worth more than 10 million crystal love jewelry set, in looking at Shen Xiyan tightly in the arms of the Jiuzhou Group's president Lin Hao.The shock in the hearts of those female colleagues was immeasurable.

"Yeah, Sister Xi Yan even sent me a WeChat the night before last saying that she resigned ah, ah ah, Sister Xi Yan is definitely showing off, definitely, are the president's wife, what else do they do for work ah, Sister Xi Yan is so happy, so happy..." shen Xi Yan's co-worker Xiao FeiI'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm going to be able to do it.

The same look at the stage Shen Xiyan crying a disgraceful scene, deep feelings are also in the corner of the Wang Shufen with her side of the woman.

Wang Shufen and the woman next to her two tightly holding hands, both of their tears popping down.Wang Shufen even lamented, "See, this is the husband of Ji Yan, isn't this kind of man a thousand times stronger than Shen Convinced?This kind of man can really be called a Gestalt hero, and we should feel happy for her if she can find such a home, this child is too bitter ah, too bitter ah..."

"Mmm..." the woman beside Wang Shufen grunted heavily and nodded her head vigorously.But her voice was incomparably hoarse.

The tears on Wang Shufen's face suddenly increased even more, and she turned her head to look incomparably apologetic at the woman beside her, "Qiu Ya I'm sorry, I'm really sorry ah, more than twenty years ago I was blinded by lard, I didn't treat her well when she was small... I'm sorry, I'm really sorry ah...I'm sorry ah..."

With a bang Wang Shufen kneeled down to Leng Qiu Ya, yes the woman with the hat beside her was Leng Qiu Ya, Shen Xi Yan's own mother, Leng Qiu Ya!

Leng Qiu Ya was surprised as she watched Wang Shufen kneel down to her, and she tried to help Wang Shufen up, but she didn't move.

Fortunately for the two of them, this place was a corner, and right now the attention of the crowd was drawn to Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan on stage, so no one paid attention to their side for a moment.

After Wang Shufen kneeled down to Leng Qiuya, she smacked her big mouth with a fierce force. One second to remember to read the book

"Akiya I'm not a good person, I deserve to die I deserve to die."

"Xi Yan has been very, very understanding since she was a child, she knows I'm not her real mother, but she's always helped me to be treated like her real mother, she's been helping me with my chores since she was four years old..."

"She was always in the top three in her class in every exam, and sometimes she even helped me work to earn money on weekends and summer vacations... She, she was so sensible since she was a child, but I wasn't able to fulfill my responsibilities as a mother......."

"A lot of times, I still call her names and hit her, I deserve to die, I deserve to die.Xi Yan is so pitiful, so pitiful.She grew up without a mother, her own mother is no longer around, her own father Shen has to go out to work hard every day, sometimes I also go out to work, she's just a little girl, left alone at home... I... I......"

Wang Shufen regretted it immensely, hitting herself hard in the mouth as she said.

"Qiu Ya, now that you're back, I beg you, I beg you, I beg you, you, your own mother, don't leave this time, don't leave, Xi Yan really misses you, misses you very much.She has been thinking of seeing you since she was a child, a few days ago when the Shen family forced her, she said in front of them that she wanted to change her surname, from now on her surname is Leng, and her name is Leng Xi Yan......."

Leng Qiu Ya's soul at this moment is like a heavy blow, she turned her head to look at the stage has come out of Lin Hao's bosom Shen Xi Yan, pulled by Lin Hao, at the moment Shen Xi Yan her own biological daughter, was the attention of thousands of people.......

Cherish the face, cherish the face, pouring redness....


"Alright wife, don't cry, we should go say hello to everyone..." on stage Lin Hao hugged Shen Xi Yan for a full ten minutes before Shen Xi Yan's emotions calmed down.

"Ah?The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, and to help them meet the demands of their customers.And just now she had been crying in Lin Hao's arms for a full ten minutes.After she came out of Lin Hao's arms, she was very uncomfortable.

Lin Hao smiled indifferently and said, "My Lin Hao's wife, who dares to say anything?Don't worry those media won't dare to report it blindly, don't worry, I'm here, no one will dare to laugh at you!"A monstrous domineering aura rose up from Lin Hao!

Who dares say that about his wife?

Shen Xi Yan listened to Lin Hao speak so domineeringly, her heart incomparably sweet, incomparably well-behaved and gentle, held Lin Hao's hand and gently nodded, "Mm, husband I'll listen to you..."

Lin Hao smiled and nodded, then he took Shen Siyan's hand and walked down to the stage with her.The thirteen vice presidents of the Jiuzhou Group all greeted Shen Suyan respectfully.Shen Suyan had also worked at Jiuzhou Group before, and this time she was a little embarrassed and flattered to see Jiang Shaoming and the others bowing their heads to greet her.After she wanted to politely greet the others, she felt Lin Hao pull her hand tight, and Shen Siyan immediately reacted.Now her identity was different.

She was now the wife of the CEO of Kyushu Group!None of the women present today were of a nobler status than her.So Shen Shi Yan just smiled and gave a slight nod to Jiang Shao Ming and the others.

Then Lin Hao dragged Shen Suyan to greet all the bigwigs from all walks of life in Nanjiang City, and a large area was instantly vacant wherever they went.

Shen Siyan felt dozens of big shots from Nanjiang City that she normally couldn't see, taking the initiative to greet her with respect.For a while she was very happy.Walking all slowly became confident.

And no matter where Lin Hao and Shen Siyan walked, there were several reporters taking crazy pictures behind them.At this moment, Shen Siyan was completely distinguished in front of people, unspeakably expensive.No need to think about it, after today, her picture would be on the headlines of the major news media in Nanjiang City.And after the same today, all the elites in all walks of life in Nanjiang City would know Shen Sik Yan's name.There would definitely be a place for Shen Xiyan in the top circles of Nanjiang City....

Lin Hao pulled Shen Xiyan around the entire arena and finally arrived in front of Wang Shufen.Wang Shufen quickly wiped the tears from her face, smiled at Shen Xiyan and said, "Xiyan, mom wishes you well..." First website

Wearing a white evening gown, Shen Siyan happily took Lin Hao's arm and bowed slightly to Wang Shufen, "Mom, thank you... Lin Hao and I will definitely be filial to you in the future, so you won't have to live a miserable life anymore..."

Wang Shufen nodded her head with a strong smile after hearing Shen Xiyan's words, "Mmhmm, I know, I know that our Xiyan won't forget me.Right Xi Yan, come and say hello to your Aunt Qiu, she was your mother's best friend before she died..."

Shen Xiyan's heart trembled at the news, but still said to the woman with the hat beside Wang Shufen, "Hello, Aunt Qiufe46d60a..."


Leng Qiu Ya saw Shen Xi Yan come to her, she tried to hold back her tears, biting her lips and smiling as she nodded straight: "mmmm, good, good, good child, you've suffered all these years, aunt... I wish you happiness, if there's anything you need in the future, speak directly to aunt, you must be happy ah..."

Shen Siyan smiled at Leng Qiu Ya and nodded, "Mmhmm, thank you Aunt Qiu, but don't worry Aunt Qiu, Lin Hao will definitely treat me well, Aunt Qiu, then tonight you should go to my house, stay at my house for two days, and also tell me properly about my mother's life..."

Leng Qiu Ya's heart trembled and her face stiffened.Listening to Shen Xiyan's words, how much she wanted to say at this moment, Xiyan, I am your real mother, but she couldn't say that she left her after she gave birth to Shen Xiyan.She hadn't reappeared for so many years, and Shen Xiyan had always thought she was already dead.

I'm afraid that there is no greater sorrow in the world than this.Knowing full well that the person in front of you is your own biological daughter, yet you can't go to recognize her, and not only can you not go to recognize her, but you have to approach her as an outsider.This feeling was so bitter and so helpless.

Leng Qiu Ya carefully looked at Shen Xi Yan and found that Shen Xi Yan was really beautiful, even more beautiful than when she was younger.And the current Shen Siyan was very happy to have Lin Hao by her side.

At this moment, Leng Qiu Ya thought about it, in fact, for the past twenty years, she had been thinking about Shen Xi Yan almost every day.It was only when she was living that she wasn't doing well.

Now after seeing her daughter so happy, she didn't care if she was able to meet with Shen Xiyan.Even if it's just as an aunt to stay by Shen Xiyan's side, it's enough.Then she would be satisfied with being able to see Shen Xiyan every day.

Thinking of this Leng Qiu Ya smiled at Shen Xi Yan and nodded: "Mmhmm, okay, then auntie will go to stay for two days, I'm good friends with both of your mothers, Xi Yan you were a child, I also hugged you, in the blink of an eye you've grown so big and so beautiful, but also found such a good husband, auntie believes that your mother will be happy for you......."

Shen Shen smiled and nodded, "Well, I'm sure she and my father down there will wish me well..."

Lin Hao saw that the two of them were almost done talking so he said, "Mom, Aunt Qiu, later on, Xi Yan and I will have a dinner with Shao Ming and the others, so you and Aunt Qiu can go home after dinner, we'll be back later..."

"Well good, Hao'er you guys are busy if you have something to do, no need to consider us, we haven't seen the two sisters for years.I'll take her for a stroll in Nanjiang City this afternoon..." said Wang Shufen with a quick nod of her head. Remember the website

"Well okay mom, then you and Auntie Qiu will go shopping and buy whatever you want..." said Shen Xiyan who also smiled at Wang Shufen.After saying that, she looked up at Lin Hao, "Isn't that so ah husband..."

Lin Hao spoiled Shen Xi Yan's little nose by reaching out and scratching it, smiling and nodding....

At noon, Lin Hao brought Shen Siyan to have lunch with a few of the top bigwigs of Nanjiang City.Lin Hao was very natural at the table, but Shen Siyan was still a little nervous.After all, it was the first time she had grown up to attend such a gathering of top people.And Lin Hao did not care about the impact, personally to Shen Xiyan food and so on.It caused Shen Xiyan's little face to blush all the time.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Lin Hao smiled as he drove and asked, "Why are you always looking at me like that?"

Shen Xi Yan squinted her eyes and smiled, looking like a little fan girl and said, "Honey, you're so handsome..."


"That's right, don't you see who your husband is?Properly rich and handsome do, hey, this society ah, obviously can rely on face value to eat, but have to fight talent, really... "Lin Hao sighed deeply, incomparably lamented.

"Err... "Shen Xiyan was stunned on the spot, her cute little mouth opened wide, deliberately thrusting her waist, her little face put on an angry appearance: "Honey, can we not be so narcissistic?"

"Hahahaha..." laughed Lin Hao 770f7eae, and after a couple of teasing mouths with Shen Xiyan, he drove home in earnest.

Shen Siyan looked at the scenery outside the window, at the roses that were placed all over the road, at the pictures of her and Lin Hao scrolling on the screen of the shopping mall on the street, and the 1314 prayers that were floating in the sky in the distance, she couldn't help but lose her mind, although she was past her previous excitement, her heart was still full of emotion: "Lin Hao, thank you, thank you for giving me such a romantic proposal, I'm really happy..."

Lin Hao trailed off, "Che, little girl this is just where to where, this is just a proposal, I still owe you a wedding.I still have some things to take care of, when I'm done, I'll give you the most beautiful wedding..."

After hearing Lin Hao's words, Shen Siyan felt that something was wrong in her heart, and her good moving emotions were lost by Lin Hao's words.Although Shen Siyan knew that what Lin Hao said was true and there was nothing wrong with it, she just felt angry in her heart.Shen Siyan stared at Lin Hao and suddenly opened her little mouth with a whimper and bit a bite on Lin Hao's arm....

"Ah, why did you bite me?"Lin Hao was confused and asked Shen Xiyan.

"Hmph, who let you bite you when you lost Miss Ben's mood..." said Shen Xiyan in a very cute manner.But after a while, when Shen Xiyan saw that Lin Hao didn't speak, she thought that she had bitten Lin Hao painfully, so she quickly lifted Lin Hao's sleeve to check the place she had just bitten and found a patch of red.Shen Xi Yan then took her finger and gently dabbed at the place she had bitten, "Does it hurt?"

Lin Hao nodded seriously as he drove, "Well, it hurts..."

"Huh?I'm sorry ah husband, I didn't mean it..." said Shen Shiyan quickly and heartily, then she used her sexy little mouth to blow air on the place where she had bitten.

Lin Hao was all over a smart, Shen Xiyan blowing on his arm, blowing he had a reaction, and today after exquisite dressing Shen Xiyan is also beautiful to the extreme.It was almost as if Lin Hao couldn't hold on and his body shook a bit.Scared Lin Hao quickly said: "wife don't blow, I'm still driving, pay attention to safety ah..." One second remember to read the book

"Ohhh..." only then did Shen Siyan quickly stop, and then very gently put Lin Hao's sleeve down again.Then Shen Xi Yan sat on the passenger side to take out her phone so as not to disturb Lin Hao's driving.As soon as she opened her cell phone, she found that it was full of news about her and Lin Hao at the Half Moon Bay Hotel today.

The news was all about her and Lin Hao's deeds together.The news was all about her and Lin Hao. What "CEO of a big family willing to be a son-in-law for love..." what "The CEO of Kyushu Group prepared a sensational marriage proposal for his wife..." what "The CEO of Kyushu Group prepared a sensational marriage proposal for his wife..." what "The CEO of Kyushu Group prepared a sensational marriage proposal for his wife..." what "The CEO of Kyushu Group prepared a sensational marriage proposal for his wife..." what "The CEO of Kyushu Group prepared a sensational marriage proposal for his wife..." what "The CEO of Kyushu Group prepared a sensational marriage proposal for his wife..." what "The CEO of Kyushu Group prepared a sensational marriage proposal for his wife..." what "The CEO of Kyushu Group prepared a sensational marriage proposal for his wife..." what "The CEO of Kyushu Group prepared a sensational marriage proposal for his wife..." what "The CEO of Kyushu Group prepared a sensational marriage proposal for his wife."Wait wait wait...

When Shen Xi Yan looked at those news, her mind couldn't help but recall the scenes of the past two years between her and Lin Hao.First, there was Lin Hao's work as a door-to-door son-in-law in her house, and then there was Lin Hao's divorce from her out of frustration, and then there was Lin Hao's kind of anger when he saw her hanging out with another man in Tianhai, and then there was her going back to Nanjiang City with Lin Hao, strolling through the streets of Nanjiang City, holding hands, hugging, kissing....

And then to this heavenly surprise that Lin Hao had silently prepared for her, Shen Xiyan knew that from today onwards, the joke of her marrying a loser two years ago would completely vanish.Instead, there would be a city full of admiration and endless romance, and from now on, there would be absolutely no one in the entire Nanjiang City who would laugh at her like she did two years ago.


And it was all given to her by the Lin Hao beside her, and it was all Lin Hao had been silently doing for her.Shen Xiyan's eyes became red and moist again as she thought about it.

When Shen Xiyan recalled, Lin Hao had already driven the car to the door of his house.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the news, and it's a good idea to take a look at the news.

After Shen Xi Yan got out of the car, she suddenly pulled Lin Hao to run home, very, very fast and very anxious.

"Xi Yan, what's wrong?"Lin Hao was confused and asked Shen Siyan.

Shen Siyan closed the door with a bang, the whole person jumped into Lin Hao's arms, standing on tiptoe two white lotus arms hugged Lin Hao's neck, sexy red lips took the initiative to kiss Lin Hao: "Don't talk, kiss me..."

Lin Hao knew that Shen Xiyan was emotional, the key was that Shen Xiyan, who was already very beautiful and sexy, was even more alluring after the emotion, Lin Hao couldn't help but lower his head and just kissed Shen Xiyan's red lips....

They went from the doorway all the way upstairs to the bedroom... This time, Shen was incomparably crazy, and she was going crazy on Lin Hao, venting her love for him without reservation....

This time Shen Caiyan's madness shocked Lin Hao, and only after a full two hours did Shen Caiyan fall into a deep sleep.Lin Hao tenderly kissed Shen Siyan's forehead, Shen Siyan's whole body was sweaty, Lin Hao was afraid that she would catch a cold, and covered her with a good blanket before going downstairs.

Wang Shufen had gone shopping with Leng Qiu Ya and hadn't returned yet, so Lin Hao was alone in the living room, reading documents and looking at all the information about the Leng family in Tianhai City that Jiang Shaoming had transmitted to him.In fact, Lin Hao had let Jiang Shao Ming check once before, but that time it was only a cursory look.But this time, it was using some of Lin's power to look into it.

Just this check out a lot of hidden things, the Leng family was only a second-rate family level on the surface, but it was actually already a hidden first-rate family in Tianhai City, the Leng family inheritance for hundreds of years, the bottom line was very large, the Leng family's family business was far from the Lin family's huge, but it was also spread all over the world, if estimated.The Leng Family has two or three companies like the Kyushu Group, and dozens of smaller ones.And there were also so many years down the line, the Leng family had people in all walks of life and even some power departments.To this day, the Leng Family has become a latent tiger in the local Tianhai City.

After reading the information about the Leng family, Lin Hao had somewhat of a spectrum in his heart about the events of twenty years ago.Don't tell me that society didn't have to follow any gatekeepers now.It was only for the bottom.But for those top family warlords, the children of the family still have to be door to door, after all, it is related to the long-term development and stability of a family. The first website

So it wasn't hard to understand why the Leng Family had taken Leng Qiu Ya back to house arrest twenty years ago.Twenty years ago, the Leng family would never allow their eldest daughter to marry a poor kid from Nanjiang City.Even if that poor brat was nice and talented, it was still impossible.

Lin Hao frowned slightly, Leng Qiu Ya had come to Nanjiang now.She was Shen Siyan's biological mother, sooner or later Shen Siyan would know about this matter, and now in this information-based society, the Leng family would know with a little investigation.

Although Lin Hao wasn't afraid of the Leng family, it was somewhat troublesome, like if he just went to fight the Leng family with his current strength, even if he could win, it would be a lose-lose situation.

Lin Hao walked out onto the balcony and lit a cigarette against the wind, "It seems that Tianhai City is going to get its Tian Yao Group back, and it's time for Tianhai's Mo to meet with him..."


At five o'clock in the afternoon, Wang Shufen and Leng Qiu Ya came back from shopping, the two women have no more tears on their faces, carrying big bags and small bags, very happy, apparently shopping makes women happy this saying is true.

"Mom, Aunt Qiu, you're back 745c458e..." the Lin Hao in the living room smiled and greeted the two.He was also depressed now, these two were both mothers-in-law ah.

Both Wang Shufen and Leng Qiu Ya smiled and nodded at Lin Hao, and Wang Shufen even asked, "Hao'er, where's Xi Yan?Out?"

Lin Hao shook his head and laughed and said, "She drank some wine at noon, she's still sleeping up there now, so she'll probably wake up soon, so why don't I go get her..."

"Don't, don't, let her sleep, your mother and I will cook first, wait for the meal to be ready, if she doesn't wake up then call her..." said Leng Qiu Ya quickly before Wang Shufen spoke.

Lin Hao looked at Leng Qiu Ya with great intentions, not to mention that Leng Qiu Ya and Shen Shi Yan really looked very much alike.When Leng Qiu Ya was looked at by Lin Hao like that, she also knew that she was talking too much, so she quickly explained to Lin Hao, "That I... I..."

Lin Hao waved his hand and smiled: "It's fine, Auntie Qiu, it's hard for you, I'll try your cooking with Xi Yan later.You are my mother's friend and also a friend of Xiyan's birth mother.You're here, don't treat yourself as an outsider..."

The embarrassment on Leng Qiu Ya's face eased quite a bit when she heard Lin Hao say that.With an apologetic smile on her face, she said, "Well, I'm sorry then, thank you... Lin Hao" Leng Qiu Ya was very serious when she said the word thank you to Lin Hao.

"Ooh... Honey, where are you?What are you doing?"While Lin Hao was talking to Leng Qiu Ya, the sound of Shen Xi Yan's voice came from the stairs, Shen Xi Yan was wearing a white pajama and walked down with her small, bare white feet.

"Hm?Why don't you say something?Ah... "Shen Siyan looked at Lin Hao on the stairs with her mouth open, she scratched her head in confusion and then saw Wang Shufen and Leng Qiuya on the other side of the living room.Only then did Shen Siyan react to the fact that she was wearing a nightgown, and quickly covered her face and ran up....

Shen Xiyan's adorable reaction made the three people in the living room laugh without saying anything.Wang Shufen was even more red-faced and laughed: "Hey, this child, at home also have to wear more ah.And isn't it all told her, Hao'er's injury is still not well, do less of that... Hey really, even if you're young, you have to take care of your body ah..." remember the website

"Err..." said Wang Shufen so, and Lin Hao's face was red.This mouth of Wang Shufen's, is it still too embarrassing for Lin Hao to be with Shen Xiyan?It wasn't Shen Xiyan's fault, after all, Wang Shufen had been away from home for two or three days, and Shen Xiyan thought she hadn't come back.

Ten minutes later, wearing clothes and shoes Shen Xiyan this red face came down from upstairs.It's just that the two long legs were still trembling slightly when she came downstairs.Wang Shufen and Leng Qiu Ya are people who have come over, one look at Shen Xiyan's appearance and they knew what she did with Lin Hao before....

Shen Siyan's little face blushed red, lowering her head and greeting Wang Shufen and Leng Qiu Ya with some embarrassment.

Shen Xiyan was very embarrassed, but it was good that neither Wang Shufen nor Leng Qiu Ya said much.The two women chatted with Shen Xiyan for a couple of sentences and then went to work in the kitchen.Shen Shyan, on the other hand, sat next to Lin Hao and accompanied him on the sofa to watch TV.


Shen Shiyan just sat over, her little hand gently pinching Lin Hao's waist, "It's all your fault, Mom and Aunt Qiu came back and you didn't say anything to me, it's just humiliating.And also my legs are weak..."

Lin Hao was shocked on the spot, and his mouth opened wide as he looked at Shen Xiyan, "Daughter-in-law, you can't blame me for this, right?Who took the initiative today?You came in the door and jumped into my arms?And who was just in bed..."

"Ooh, you still say it, don't say it... Shame on you all..." shen shi Yan quickly reached out her hand to cover Lin Hao's mouth, afraid that Wang Shufen and Leng Qiu Ya who were cooking in the kitchen would hear.

After chatting with Lin Hao for a while, Shen Siyan said to Lin Hao, "Hubby, you rest yourself, I'll go to the kitchen to see if there's anything I can help you with..."

Lin Hao nodded his head with a smile, and Shen Siyan gave Lin Hao a kiss on the face, and then happily went to the kitchen to help.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.

After watching the TV for a while, Lin Hao saw Wang Shufen come in and go out in front of himself several times, every time he came to his own place, he looked like he wanted to say something, so he knew that Wang Shufen should have something to say to him, so Lin Hao went to the outside balcony by himself to smoke.

The first thing I noticed was that I was not sure if I was going to be able to make it, but I thought I would.She came all the way from Tian Hai, we haven't seen each other for years, and she was especially fond of Xi Yan when she was little, do you think it's okay?Hao'er don't worry, your Aunt Qiu is quite nice, really quite nice, she will never cause any trouble for you and Xi Yan..."

Lin Hao took a drag on his cigarette and smiled at Wang Shufen, "Mom, look at you this tangled look, how big a deal, I agreed, she can stay here for as long as she wants, after all, it's Xi Yan's own mother..."

"Mmhmm, thank you Hao'er, thank you... er..." seeing Lin Hao agree, Wang Shufen subconsciously gave Lin Hao thanks, but suddenly reacted as she said it, and the next moment she violentlyLooking up at Lin Hao with a face full of tension, he stammered and asked, "Hao, Hao'er you... how did you know?"

Lin Hao shook his head and laughed, seemingly smiling at Wang Shufen: "Mom, did you forget that your son-in-law I'm the president of Jiuzhou Carbon, there are still networks, and Aunt Qiu looks a lot like Xi Yan, I let Jiang Shao Ming a little bit to find out, you can rest assured, I know what to say and what not to say, about Aunt Qiu's real identity, I will not tell Xi Yan in a short time......."

Wang Shufen looked at Lin Hao with incomparably complicated eyes, she just realized that she and Leng Qiu Ya trying to hide it from Lin Hao was simply a joke, what kind of status and position did Lin Hao have ah.Thinking of this Wang Shufen could only smile awkwardly and then sighed deeply, "Hey, Hao'er since you know all about it, what do you think about this ah?" One second to remember to read the book

Lin Hao seriously asked Wang Shufen: "Mom, this matter is not up to me, the key is what Aunt Qiu and Xi Yan think.I know more or less what happened to you twenty years ago, and I don't comment on the others.You tell Aunt Qiu for me that if the Leng family comes looking for trouble, I can help her block it, so that she doesn't have any more scruples in her heart..."


Wang Shufen's body trembled, she took a deep look at Lin Hao, and after a moment of silence, she bowed her head to Lin Hao and said, "Hao'er, I thanked you for Qiu Ya, don't blame her, what happened back then wasn't her fault.We couldn't make decisions about many things in those days.And all these years, she's also lived a life worse than death..."

Lin Hao nodded, "Well, I know mom, that's why I asked you to tell Aunt Qiu.Do whatever you want, if you want to meet with Xi Yan, it's no big deal, the Tian Hai Leng Family is nothing, if they can accept Xi Yan, then give her the status of a Leng Family Miss, if not, then don't bother..."

Wang Shufen nodded heavily, she said thank you to Lin Hao twice more and then went back to her house, when she went back Wang Shufen felt that the big stone in her heart was finally on the ground.She didn't know why, but she cared about Lin Hao's opinion now.And if Leng Qiu Ya wanted to meet up with Xi Yan, the Leng family's hurdle had to be fought by Lin Hao.The three of them women definitely didn't have any strength to face the Leng family.

After Wang Shufen left, Lin Hao leaned his back against the balcony railing and looked at Leng Qiu Ya and Shen Xi Yan who were cooking together in the kitchen, laughing and joking.He also had a smile on his face.

Shen Xiyan was still better than Lin Hao, although she couldn't recognize Leng Qiu Ya now, but at least Shen Xiyan's real mother was still alive, while Lin Hao's real mother had long since ceased to be in this world.So Lin Hao understood more than anyone else, understood the pain of that kind of child losing their mother, and his heart really, really hurt....

At the evening meal, Lin Hao sat with Shen Xiyan, and opposite Wang Shufen sat with Leng Qiu Ya.Leng Qiu Ya's eyes looked at Lin Hao from time to time at the dinner table, and they were very complicated, with wonder, satisfaction, and thanks.

It was obvious that Wang Shufen had said something to her.When Lin Hao saw that Leng Qiu Ya was looking at him, he also smiled and nodded to Leng Qiu Ya.Then he gave Leng Qiu Ya a piece of meat and put it on Leng Qiu Ya's plate: "Aunt Qiu you are welcome, just make this place your home, don't be a stranger, no one dares to say anything with me here...."

Lin Hao's words were profound, and Leng Qiu Ya naturally understood them instantly.There was no need to speak too thoroughly between intelligent people, Leng Qiu Ya looked deeply at Lin Hao and nodded, "Thank you Hao'er..."

Leng Qiuya understood and said thank you to Lin Hao, Shen Xiyan grabbed Lin Hao's ear and said: "Humph, what are you talking about?What do you mean, no one dares to say anything when you're around?Are you saying that I won't let Aunt Autumn stay here?"

"Ah pain pain pain... I didn't say you I didn't say you... "Lin Hao hurriedly gave Shen Shiyan an admission of fault.Just a moment of helplessness, this silly girl ah, don't you think that Leng Qiu Ya looks and resembles you?Don't you ever think about it?Lin Hao sighed deeply in his heart helplessly.What should I do if my daughter-in-law is too stupid in the head, do I need a beating?But can't let go of what to do....

After the meal, the three women went to the kitchen to clean up.The first time I was in the hospital, I had to go to the hospital to see the doctor. The first website

Lin Hao smiled and sat on the sofa to watch TV, as for his announcement as president of the Kyushu Group, that he is not much of a company.He will control the general direction on the good, and then do a shake hands, the specific things have Jiang Shao Ming it, and he is now to Jiang Shao Ming pulled three very powerful helpers in the past, Li Jianghai, Xiao Yuanshan, as well as scar six.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.I want to see you..."


Lin Hao looked at this message and frowned slightly at the number, which he didn't recognize.But this message let him know who the owner of this number was: shen yutong!

And 67 North Tian Bei Road, in Lin Hao's impression, it was there that he had saved Shen Yutong about ten days ago.And it wasn't hard to explain that Shen Yutong could know his cell phone number, after all, Shen Jiancheng was her father.Lin Hao knew that Shen Yutong would definitely come looking for him in the next few days.Even if Shen Yutong didn't come looking for him, he would still go looking for Shen Yutong.He was obliged to meet with Shen Yutong and see him to make a lot of things clear.

It's just that now after meeting, how and what to say to Shen Yutong, he hadn't thought clearly in his heart.But since Shen Yutong had now sent a message over, Lin Hao thought about it and gave her a reply, "Well okay, I'll be there in ten minutes or so..."

After returning the text message, Lin Hao spoke to Shen Siyan and went out.Shen Siyan several people did not think much about it, after all, Lin Hao is the president of the Kyushu Group, so large group of companies, things must be very much.

8:30 p.m. on Tian Bei Road, where the car accident ten days ago has been repaired, it is now winter, even if Nanjiang City belongs to the south, the night is still very cold, the temperature is also around zero degrees.But at the moment in the North Road of Tian Bei Road that dim street lights, stands a long black skirt wearing a0a72c0c, bare legs, dew white lotus-root arms of the woman standing there lonely and dazed.

If you look closely, the woman's face still has tears on it, she is Shen Yutong, she has been standing here for two hours, the body has been cold one, and even the body can not control the start of the cold shiver, but she seems to not care at all.Because her heart was even colder.She stood at the place where she first met Lin Hao, waiting for Lin Hao to appear.

Lin Hao saw Shen Yutong from a long distance away and watched her standing there wearing so little.Lin Hao frowned and drove the car to Shen Yutong's side: "Get in the car..." Lin Hao shouted to Shen Yutong, but it was as if Shen Yutong didn't hear him, still standing there dazed.

Lin Hao pulled the handbrake and got out of the car and walked to Shen Yutong's side, pulling Shen Yutong's arm and dragging her to the car.Just when Lin Hao touched Shen Yutong's skin, what he felt was a cold, Shen Yutong's entire body had been frozen.

"Go to the car, let's find a warmer place to talk..." said Lin Hao, feeling that Shen Yutong would definitely get sick if she went on like this, so he quickly advised her.

Shen Yutong's eyes were foolishly looking at Lin Hao, and tears flowed down, shaking her head, "No, I'm fine, don't worry about the cold at most, let's say it here, this is the place where we first met, and where you saved me, let's say it here, okay?"Shen Yutong's tone had a hint of pleading in it....

The night breeze blowing the hair in front of Shen Yutong's forehead seems so beautiful and poignant... Remember the URL

Lin Hao looked at Shen Yutong like this, and somewhere in his heart was trembling.He took off his jacket without saying a word and draped it over Shen Yutong, only to be rejected by Shen Yutong in the next moment.

Shen Yutong smiled and said to Lin Hao, "Don't drape me, you know, when I went to the banquet at Half Moon Bay today, I had a premonition that I would meet you there, I don't know why, it was just a hunch.So ah I'm dressing myself up the best I can, and I'm going to show you one of the best moments of me.So now, take a closer look at me, am I beautiful?"


Lin Hao looked deeply at Shen Yutong and nodded, "Well, beautiful, you're beautiful... I'm not lying, you're really beautiful" Lin Hao's tone was very serious.

"Heh..." laughed Shen Yutong, the smile made her even more beautiful by a point, she looked at Lin Hao and said, "Well, that's enough with you.By the way, when you saved me here more than ten days ago, at that time you knew that I was Shen Yutong of the Shen family, and what you did to you because of the Shen family, my father and the others, you didn't want to take care of me right?"

Lin Hao's eyebrows furrowed deeply, but he nodded, "Yes, but even if I had known you were a member of the Shen family before I saved you, I would have.Because I didn't take those people from the Shen family to heart."

Shen Yutong also nodded seriously, "Well, I believe that, because with your identity, you really don't have to take those snobs of the Shen family to heart... I understand... Thank you Lin Hao..."

Shen Yutong was silent after she finished speaking, she had asked Lin Hao to come here tonight and was just waiting for this one answer.In fact, she already had an answer in her heart, but she just wanted to hear Lin Hao say it herself.

When Shen Yutong didn't speak, Lin Hao didn't know what to say either.Lin Hao's heart was very, very confused, if Shen Yutong wasn't smitten with him, then he could do whatever he wanted, even if it meant rebuilding a Shen family for Shen Jiancheng, it was nothing.But the problem was that Shen Yutong was smitten, and we were all adults at this point, so there was no need to pretend not to know anything.

Lin Hao was very serious and said to Shen Yutong, "That night in Tianhai, thank you for saving me, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have survived that night, so thank you..."

Shen Yutong laughed and waved her hand, "You don't need to say thank you to me, didn't you also save me once here?Look ha, you saved me once, I saved you once, doesn't that pay off?Isn't it?So you don't need to feel guilty about me."

Lin Hao was silent and would look deeply at Shen Yutong, he could feel that even her smile was permeated with sadness at this moment.Lin Hao said, "I'm sorry..."

Shen Yutong sighed with a smile, then took a deep breath and looked at Lin Hao, trying to put a smile on her face, "You don't have to say anything sorry to me, do you?I didn't even know your name before today..."

Lin Hao was silent, about Shen Yutong, the only woman he didn't know how to deal with.Maybe it was Lin Hao's machismo, but he just thought that he owed Shen Yutong, because that night in Tianhai City, if it wasn't for Shen Yutong, then he would have died.And if he died, then a lot of people attached to his existence would be in trouble, and a lot of people would die. One second to remember to read the book

Not to mention, if his really died in the Heavenly Sea that night, then Night One would lead all his brothers in a direct fight to the death against the Lin Clan!And Shen Yutong's appearance averted much, much more.

"Lin Hao..." suddenly Shen Yutong called out to Lin Hao.

"Please speak, Miss Shen, Lin Hao is listening" Lin Hao nodded seriously and agreed.

Shen Yutong said, "You love Xi Yan very much, you are Xi Yan's husband, Xi Yan is my sister, so according to the generation, I am your sister right?"

Lin Hao nodded, "Yes, according to the generation, you are my sister."

Shen Yutong nodded, "Well, I'm your sister, you're my brother-in-law, and you love pitying Yan so much.So you and I will never have a chance in this life, right?"

Lin Hao nodded his head once again, "Right."Lin Hao had a hint of sadness in his heart for some reason this time as he nodded his head and spoke.He really didn't want to hurt Shen Yutong, and this was the only Shen family he didn't want to hurt.But no matter what he was thinking, he had already left a deep scar in Shen Yutong's heart.Perhaps a scar that would never dissipate in this lifetime.

Shen Yutong's eyes looked at Lin Hao and tears hazily said, "Lin Hao I'm asking you, if you didn't get married and didn't get to know Xi Yan, would you... would you consider me?Will we ever be able to?"


Lin Hao was silent for a long time before he said, "Sorry, no ifs..."

"Well, I understand, go away, I'll watch you leave..." said Shen Yutong, nodding to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao stood still, he opened his mouth and finally said to Shen Yutong, "Miss Shen, I owe you, maybe you'll think I'm conceited if I say this.But the truth is that my life is worth more than yours, because what I am carrying is far more than you can imagine.So I owe it to you.Whenever there is any dispatch from now on, Lin Hao will go to the fire and do his duty..."

After Lin Hao said that, he curtsied deeply to the dazed Shen Yutong, then turned around and walked to the car, Lin Hao felt bad, but many things had to be made clear, Shen Yutong was very close to Shen Xiyan after all.Or sisters.And Shen Yutong was much more intelligent than he thought.

"Lin Hao..." just as Lin Hao walked to the car to drive away, Shen Yutong suddenly shouted at him again.

"Hm?Is there anything else Miss Shen" Lin Hao turned to Shen Yutong and asked.

Shen Yutong stretched out her hand and stayed with her palm facing the sky for a moment before saying to Lin Hao, "It's raining, just like the last time we were together that night..."

A drop of rain fell on Lin Hao's face, and Lin Hao felt the slight coolness, his heart was shaken, and his thoughts couldn't help but return to the night of life and death in the Heavenly Sea.

"Lin Hao, I want to hug you once, can you hug me?First and last time, okay?"Shen Yutong said almost pleadingly to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao was silent, and Lin Hao silenced Shen Yutong.After a while, until Shen Yutong was all starting to shiver in the hazy drizzle, Lin Hao said, "Sorry, no, you're Jiyan's sister, I'm Jiyan's husband, I won't love any other woman in my life besides her, sorry..."

"Oh, well, I knew it, you know, actually when I went back to Nanjiang last time, Xi Yan told me about you.Said that I envied her for her story with you, but I'm actually not worse than her, it's just that she met you a little earlier than me..." smiled Shen Yutong at Lin Hao in the rain. First URL

"Sorry..." said Lin Hao, taking a deep breath again to Shen Yutong.

"Hey pity face is here..." said Shen Yutong, suddenly pointing behind Lin Hao.Lin Hao subconsciously turned his head to look, but found that there was nothing behind him.

Lin Hao turned back and said, "Xi Yan didn't come..." only before he could finish his sentence, Shen Yutong suddenly jumped into his arms and hugged him tightly with his cold to cold body, it was as if Shen Yutong had used all his strength to hug Lin Hao tightly once....

Lin Hao raised his hand to push Shen Yutong away, but before he could make a move, Shen Yutong had already left his embrace and took the initiative to take a few steps back, keeping a certain distance from him.

Shen Yutong smiled and said to Lin Hao, "Okay, now you don't owe me.Lin Hao, from now on I'm your sister and you're my brother-in-law, there won't be any connection between me and you other than this, you treat Xi Yan well, and if you treat Xi Yan badly, I won't forgive you, alright, that's it!"Shen Yutong turned around and walked away after saying that, no more hesitation....

That hug just now was a farewell, Lin Hao believed that with Shen Yutong's character, she would do what she said she would do .Lin Hao looked at Shen Yutong who was walking farther and farther away in the drizzle, Lin Hao paid a deep obeisance to Shen Yutong's back....


Shen Yutong walked away, leaving very resolutely, and never looked back.Lin Hao was also very complicated about Shen Yutong, he just unintentionally intruded into Shen Yutong's life.He was just sincerely sorry for the impact he had caused on Shen Yutong.

It was just that next he and Shen Xiyan were going to the Heavenly Sea, and Shen Yutong was also in the Heavenly Sea, and somehow Lin Hao had a feeling in his heart that he would still meet Shen Yutong in the Heavenly Sea.

After separating from Shen Yutong, Lin Hao smoked in the same place for a while longer before driving back.

By the time he arrived home it was already ten o'clock at night, Wang Shufen was chatting with Leng Qiu Ya in the bedroom, and Shen Shi Yan had also changed her clothes in the upstairs bedroom.

Lin Hao pushed the door in and saw Shen Siyan in her white silk pajamas leaning on the bedside table reading a book.Very quietly reading a book.

Shen Siyan saw him come in and sweetly called out, "Honey, you're back La, hurry up and go to sleep..."

Lin Hao smiled and nodded his head hmmm, he looked at his own wife on the bed and thought about how hard it was to be with Shen Xiyan for so many years.He had fallen in love with Shen Xiyan when he was in high school, but it was not until eight years later that he actually got together with Shen Xiyan.

Eight years later Shen Siyan also became his wife and loved him very, very much.When Lin Hao looked at the sleeping Shen Suyan who was waiting for him to go to bed, he just felt incomparably satisfied in his heart.

It was enough that he had one woman in this life, he Lin Hao was not the kind of woman who was fancy, although he was rich, he only loved Shen Shiyan in his heart.When his mind recalled Shen Yutong's figure again, Lin Hao could only shake his head and say sorry to her, his heart would only have Shen Suyan in the future.

"Honey, you... why are you looking at me like that?"

Shen Xi Yan saw Lin Hao standing on the bed looking at her staring at her, so she couldn't help but ask, then touched her face, thinking that she had something on her face. Remember the URL

Lin Hao smiled and took off his shoes and got on the bed, hugging Shen Xiyan into his arms and said, "Look at you pretty ah, Xiyan, I just feel like life is not real now ah, eight years ago I was following you quietly watching you and secretly in love with you, now you really have become my wife..."

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.It's you, your real identity is actually the president of the Kyushu Group, it's amazing.You know what, Lin Hao, I'm really happy and touched today, I've really become the most beautiful woman in town..."

Shen Xi Yan said as her little finger, happy, drew circles on Lin Hao's chest, her heart was both happy and sweet, and there was also the fact that she was deeply moved.

She was afraid that she would never forget this morning when she was leaving the venue, Lin Hao's words that came from behind her, "Hello, Shen...".It was so romantic, so surprising....

"Honey, thank you, thank you for touching me, these two years with you, you have fulfilled all my fantasies about love, for the rest of our lives, we will be happy together..."

Shen Si Yan raised her head in Lin Hao's arms and kissed Lin Hao's lips deeply.

Lin Hao nodded, "Mm, let's go on together for the rest of our lives..."

As Lin Hao said that, he rolled over and pressed Shen Shi Yan underneath him, and his hands began to be dishonest.


"Mmm, light... lightly, it hurts..." naturally Shen Siyan knew what Lin Hao was going to do, what else could she do at this time of night.

It was just that she had done something crazy in the afternoon, her legs were still shaking this time.It was just that she had already messed with the big devil Lin Hao, Lin Hao wouldn't let her off easily....


And this afternoon, from the end of the inauguration ceremony of the new president of the Jiuzhou Group in Nanjiang City, the entire Nanjiang City was in a state of flux, and the various industries in Nanjiang City were frantically shuffled.

The families that had flattered the Shen family in various ways a few days ago had been liquidated that afternoon.

Under Jiang Shao Ming's cold-hearted tactics, all the families and companies that had shown affection to the Shen family two days before were killed at one point, leaving the Shen family utterly and completely desperate, and no one could help them any longer.

In the evening, Old Lady Shen was wearing her hair loose, her face was emaciated to the extreme, her eyes were filled with blood, and the place she was in was a private room in a very ordinary small hotel.

Because the house was seized by the court in the afternoon, her house will also be auctioned off next, and then the money from the auction will go to pay off the supplier's debts.

This time Old Mrs. Shen was alone, sitting on the bedside with two blank eyes, and in front of her stood a complicated-looking Shen Jiancheng.

Shen Jiancheng is very complicated to look at his mother, in fact, he had already thought of such an outcome in his heart.

How spirited Mrs. Shen had been in the morning, and how wretched she was now at this moment. One second to remember to read the book

Old Mrs. Shen sighed and looked up at Shen Jiancheng, "Jiancheng, I was wrong, I don't say in good conscience that I don't regret or anything, I really do regret.This was originally a path to heaven placed in front of our Shen family, but it was ruined by me, hey.......If only I had been kinder to Xi Yan and her son, then to this day there would still be room for things to be eased, hey........"

Shen Jiancheng also sighed deeply, "Mom, it's all in the past, regrets... it's useless.It's good that Lin Hao didn't kill everyone. The money is gone, but we're still alive, and I still have one million, which is enough for you to retire.It's just that I have to begrudge you going to live in the suburbs, or if you don't mind, you can live with me..."

Old Mrs. Shen waved her hand and said: "Oh, Jiancheng ah, I won't drag you down ah, tomorrow you go to the suburbs to rent me a small house, smaller on the line, I'm alone, it doesn't matter......and I'm old, I do wrong things, I bear alone, I also don't want to drag you down.......if I had listened to you, then today our Shen family would not have come to such a state, Shen family three generations of decades of hard work, all destroyed.......".

" doesn't matter if the money is gone, just that the people are still here..."

Shen Jiancheng looked at Old Mrs. Shen without a bit of spirit anymore, afraid that she would not be able to think of seeking death, so he quickly advised.

Old Mrs. Shen waved her hand and said, "I'm fine, you can go.I won't commit suicide.If I kill myself now, it would be a moral kidnapping of Lin Hao, Lin Hao will never let you go, then your life will really be over ah.Zhiyuan is useless, but the Shen family still has you, and Yiming, fortunately you apologized to Lin Hao before, your lineage still has a way to live, do well later..."

Shen Jiancheng left and walked downstairs, he looked up in the direction of Old Mrs. Shen's room, but in the end, he could only sigh.

This mother of his has been strong all her life, he thought that with Mrs. Shen's character, she would seek death.

But he didn't expect Old Mrs. Shen to endure it with a hard edge, only to live later on, I'm afraid it would be even harder than death....


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