Lost Young Master 6-10

Chapter 6

"Mr. Ye, I'm really sorry about what just happened, it was a negligence in my work, please forgive me sir."

Qian Duo personally poured tea, full of apologies.

Ye Fan had just taught the security guard a lesson himself, and his anger was almost gone, so he waved his hand, "It's over, it doesn't matter."

"Mr. Ye is really generous."Qian Duo without any trace of flattery again, then handed over a form, "This is the Bank's VIP application form, please fill it out, you will be able to become a VIP user of the Bank later, there will be no idle people to stop you from entering with your card."

Ye Fan received the form and read it carefully, and after confirming that there were no problems, he filled it out.

Half an hour later, Ye Fan got a pure gold credit card.

Unlike ordinary gold cards, this VIP gold card not only had an excellent feel to it, it also had a domineering golden dragon drawn on it with an embossing process, and the cost was extraordinary at a glance, especially with the large VIP lettering on it, highlighting the distinctive identity.

"Hehe, we'll be a VIP member of the bank from now on."

Ye Fan's heart was beautiful, and he was just about to get up and leave, when suddenly there was a cell phone ringing in his pocket.

"Ringing bell!" Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Looking at the phone number, Ye Fan frowned and answered the call, but before he could say anything, an angry growl came from the other side of the phone.

"Ye Fan, do you kid know how big a deal you've gotten yourself into?How dare you hang out and not come back to work?You have ten minutes, get your ass back here!"

After ranting, the caller just hung up, not giving Ye Fan a chance to speak at all.

"Mr. Ye, what's wrong, do you need me to help you with something?"Seeing that Ye Fan looked bad, Qian Duo inquired.

Just a moment ago, he had become Ye Fan's personal manager and was missing an opportunity to express himself.

Ye Fan got up and shook his head, "Don't bother Manager Qian, I'll take care of it myself."

Ye Fan knew that with Qian Duo's ability, he could easily solve this matter, but he wasn't going to rely on the hands of others, after all, he was also a billionaire now, and any problem wasn't a problem for him!

After leaving the bank under the eyes of Qian Duo Duo, Ye Fan took a taxi and went straight to Zhong Tong Express Company.

It is his boss, Manager Zhou, who called him just now. Although Ye Fan is only a part-time employee of the courier company in summer vacation, Manager Zhou despises him and often speaks ill of him.

In addition, there was a courier error, obviously a colleague Dongzi's problem, just because Dongzi is Manager Zhou's young nephew, let Ye Fan take the blame for this, and reported criticism, plus deducted his half month's salary.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan was annoyed.

Although Manager Zhou didn't say anything to him about what happened just now, it was probably Dongzi who had caused trouble again and wanted to dump the blame on him again.

"I'll never swallow my pride this time!"

Clenching his fist, Ye Fan rushed into the courier company and went straight to Manager Zhou's office.

"Yo, isn't this Ye Fan, what's up, what kind of trouble did you get into this time?"Just arrived at the door of Manager Zhou's office, a yin and yang mockery came from behind Ye Fan.

Turning his head, it was none other than Manager Zhou's wretched nephew, Dongzi!

"Dog stuff."Ye Fan spat and turned his head to enter Manager Zhou's office, he didn't even care to argue with Dongzi now.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Ye Fan quietly turned on the recording on his phone, ready to record what Manager Zhou was going to say next and complain directly to the boss of the branch, making both Manager Zhou and Dongzi roll up their sleeves and leave!

He had thought of this plan before, or the first time he was framed, he wanted to record it, but only after thinking that without the job it would be hard to buy gifts for Bai Tingting, and then he swallowed his pride.

But now that he and Bai Tingting have broken up and he's a billionaire, even if he gets fired by his boss for reporting on the leader when the time comes, he won't be afraid in the slightest!

Walking into the office, before Evan could say anything, a palm-sized delivery box flew straight at him.


Fortunately, Ye Fan was quick-eyed and waved his hand to blow away the courier box, then the surface of the courier box gradually oozed red, shedding red liquid, obviously the contents were damaged.

"Insolent, and it's backfired on you!"

Manager Zhou, who was sitting in the boss's chair, stood up after pounding on the table and snapped, "Do you know what's inside this delivery, so you dare to fly with it!"

Ye Fan laughed and asked rhetorically, "I don't know what's in there, and I don't want to know.All I know is that you threw it at me, and if I don't shoot it flying, am I going to stand around stupidly waiting to get smashed?"

"Huh?"Manager Zhou snorted and smiled fiercely, "Kid, it's a fine red wine in here, although it's not an '82 Lafite, it's worth ten thousand, you kid is finished!"

"Why should I be finished?You obviously threw this at me!"Ye Fan sneered, "Or was it Dongzi again who broke something and then dumped it on me?"

Last time it was like this, a two thousand porcelain was broken by Dongzi, then after Manager Zhou called Ye Fan to come to the office, he threw it at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan just instinctively blocked, did not expect the week manager said the porcelain is broken Ye Fan.

This time it's the same technique, just like staging the previous scene, what a damn!

Ye Fan said Manager Zhou was flabbergasted, but soon smiled maliciously: "I can't imagine that you are not stupid, but even if you know what can you do?This bottle of red wine, you're going to pay for it today!"

"Ye Fan, weren't you just so divine, and you dare to curse me, you deserve to take the blame!"

Dongzi also walked into the office and sneered.

Ye Fan looked at his phone without a trace to make sure the recording was still going on, then said, "Dongzi, you mean to say that you're the one who broke this bottle of red wine and then dumped it on me?"

"I'm the one who broke it so what, but who saw it?"Dongzi said rightfully, "But Uncle and I both saw you hit flying red wine, so you can take the blame for that.I'm not afraid to tell you, last time was also my trap you, you know what can do, hahaha!"

"Fine, just admit it if you dare!"Ye Fan stopped the recording button, and this audio was also uploaded to the cloud by him at the first opportunity to avoid any accidents.

With this recording, he didn't believe that the boss still wouldn't fire these two bastards.

Not seeing the color of humiliation on Ye Fan's face, Manager Zhou, an old fox, also found out that something was wrong, thinking of Ye Fan taking out his phone just now, his face changed: "No good, this kid seems to be recording, Dongzi, grab his phone quickly, or we'll be done playing!"

Dongzi was dumbfounded and looked instantly furious, "Kid, still playing tricks with me, hurry up and give me your phone, or don't blame me for being rude!"

Seeing Ye Fan retreating, Dongzi leaned forward and punched Ye Fan in the stomach.

Although Ye Fan was also nearly 1.75 meters tall, he was still too skinny to be a match for Dongzi, a muscular man, and he was knocked over in one punch.


The severe pain in his abdomen made Ye Fan wail out, suddenly attracting the attention of his colleague Wu Hao and four others who were still sorting out the delivery.

Wu Hao four people rushed into the office directly caught Dongzi, although they do not know what happened, but Dongzi and Manager Zhou last time to dump the blame to Ye Fan, we all know, plus the uncle and nephew usually did not less withholding them, and even dare to beat people, Wu Hao four people will not be able to see.

After seeing the broken red wine on the ground, Wu Hao and the others suddenly understood that Dongzi had caused trouble again and made Ye Fan take the blame.

"You guys are bullying people too much, the worst I can do is to move to another delivery house and beat you kid up!"Wu Hao is over 1.9 meters, looks stupid, but those who know him well know that he is merciful, even if he and Ye Fan are just colleagues, he is very warm-hearted.

Seeing the situation, Ye Fan climbed up with difficulty: "Wu Hao, you guys don't hit him, it's not worth it to commit a crime for this scum, you guys just capture him, let me fight myself, I just got beaten up, I fight back belongs to self-defense!"

With that, Ye Fan kicked Dongzi in the stomach!


"Bang bang!"

After several consecutive kicks, Ye Fan only stopped, not that he didn't want to keep kicking, but he was tired of kicking.

Wu Hao, who was holding Dongzi, was a little worried, "Little Fan, I'm afraid this job won't be kept."

"It's fine."Ye Fan chuckled, "Do you know why Dongzi hit me just now?"

"Why?"Wu Hao was a little confused, how could Ye Fan still laugh, wasn't he afraid of being sacked?

Ye Fan took out his phone and opened the Baidu netbook, "Look at this recording file, I just uploaded it, the recording inside is the hard evidence that Manager Zhou and Dongzi just made me take the blame, as long as I pass this recording to the boss, I don't believe these two dogs won't be fired, then we'll be stable!"

"Really?"Wu Hao four people were overjoyed, although they didn't do anything, but they only guaranteed that they would not be held criminally responsible, they should be fired or they would be fired.

But now that they had this recording, they would then have an argument, and they could completely dump the blame on Manager Zhou and Dongzi, and their jobs would be saved.

Ye Fan clicked on the recording in the Baidu net disk, just Dongzi admitted that he broke the delivery of the words once again, suddenly stabilized the mood of Wu Hao four people.

Manager Zhou, on the other hand, was pale and slumped over the seat. A second to remember to read the book


Just then, the office door was opened once again and a middle-aged man with gold-rimmed glasses walked in with a heavy face, "Who's causing trouble here?"

Ye Fan was slightly stunned, the middle-aged man was none other than the owner of their branch, Sun Tao.

Before Ye Fan and the others could speak, six or seven youths dressed in courier suits swarmed in behind Sun Tao, all of whom were Ye Fan's colleagues.

Haifeng, who was the leader, pointed at Ye Fan, "Boss, this guy is the one causing trouble, earlier I heard Dongzi say that Ye Fan broke a courier, it was 10,000 worth of red wine, I just figured this kid would cause trouble if he couldn't pay for it, look, Dongzi still has footprints on his stomach."

"Haifeng, don't spill blood, it was Dongzi who started the fight, Ye Fan was justified in self-defense."Wu Hao became anxious.

"You say self-defense is self-defense ah, who saw it?"Haifeng sneered.

Sun Tao waved his hand to interrupt their quarrel and said in a deep voice, "Gathering a crowd and damaging objects, you can explain to the police!"

Saying that, he took out his phone and prepared to call the police.

Ye Fan was also a little anxious, and was busy clicking on the recording within the Baidu netbook.

Sun Tao was no fool to be a branch boss and quickly reacted that it was Manager Zhou and Dongzi who conspired to make Ye Fan take the blame.

"Manager Zhou, I didn't expect you to be this kind of person!"Sun Tao is a little annoyed, he didn't treat Manager Zhou wrongly on a normal day, but he couldn't imagine that there were these schemes and tricks going on behind his back.

In the past, there were a lot of people who had no idea what they were getting into, and they had no idea what they were getting into.And he robbed me first and hit me, so my counterattack just now was self-defense."

"You're such a disappointment to me!"Sun Tao hated the iron eyes of Manager Zhou, turned his head and bowed slightly to Ye Fan: "I'm really sorry, delivery this is hard work, earning hard-earned money, I can't imagine that you are also - traitorous people to play tricks to trap, is my management negligence, you can rest assured, this matter I will deal with impartially!"


Ye Fan waved his hand repeatedly, originally thought that Sun Tao would be enough to deal with Manager Zhou and the two of them directly, unexpectedly he even bowed and apologized personally, which suddenly made Ye Fan a little flattered.

Sun Tao smiled, "Don't worry, this kind of scum who harshly deducts subordinates, this company will do the firing, and the money you were unjustly fined before will also be repaid to you from Dongzi's unsettled salary."

"No, boss, you can't fire me!This matter was made by the rich second generation Li Feng, he has a personal grudge against Ye Fan, you should consider it carefully, boss."

Dongzi was busy telling the whole story, pointing out the real culprit behind it.

Ye Fan instantly woke up, so this time it was actually Li Feng's mastermind, no wonder the morning delivery would meet that pair of dogs, the feelings were all planned by Li Feng.

It's just that Li Feng couldn't count on the fact that Ye Fan suddenly had a pair of rich parents, otherwise Ye Fan would have been green in the morning and fired in the afternoon, he would have been really miserable!

"Li Feng, it's you again!"Ye Fan hated it so much that he secretly vowed to bring down Li Feng sooner or later.

"Li Feng?The Li family's unworthy second ancestor?"But Sun Tao sneered, "Don't say Li Feng, even if Li Feng's father comes, so what?I, Da Zhongtong, am renowned throughout the country, why should I be afraid of a small local turtle?"

That's right, the Li family is owned by millions of assets and is also a person in this fourth-tier city, but compared to the nationally known Zhongtong Express, it's a heaven and a hell.

Looking at Manager Zhou and Dongzi, who left in disgrace, Ye Fan's heart was so happy, he really deserved it!

"Boss, although Manager Zhou is the one who dumped the blame, this matter is not right, but Ye Fan Wu Hao and the others are not right either, even if they are not fully to blame, they still have some of the joint responsibility, right?"

Haifeng was from Manager Zhou's faction, now that Manager Zhou had fallen, and then promoting a new manager could easily be Wu Hao or Ye Fan, this was something he didn't want to see, after all, he had already offended Ye Fan and Wu Hao by bringing in Sun Tao.

Wu Hao said urgently, "Haifeng, don't talk nonsense, you heard the recording just now, it was Dongzi who made it on purpose, why should we be responsible!"

"Forget about it, don't be ordinary with Haifeng."Ye Fan was also quite angry, but when he saw the four people of Wu Hao, he retracted his curse words.

He could have not wanted the job, but the four of Wu Hao were not much of a diplomat in the first place, and if they lost the job and had a new black history, it would be hard for other companies to hire them.

"Boss, it's just a bottle of wine, I'll fill the money, so let's make it trivial."Saying that, Ye Fan took out the gold card he had just applied for.

"Trivial matter?I've heard about this bottle of wine, but it's ten thousand yuan, you poor college student acting like a big tail wolf."Hai Feng sneered, and several people behind him laughed as well.

However, when Sun Tao saw this card, he stared at it fiercely, no longer having his previous calm appearance, he asked in surprise, "This....This, this is the ICBC's VIP Gold Card!?"

Not many people can have this card in a small place, but Sun Tao had the privilege of seeing it once before and knew that the minimum standard for this card was to make a one-time deposit of 100 million into the ICBC!

One hundred million?What concept is that!

One more look at that lifelike golden dragon on the card face and yes, it's true!

Is it hard to tell which of the board's young men is micro-managing?

10,000 is only needed for WeChat Paypal, but deliberately taking out a gold card can be a stark demonstration of identity!

The more he thought about it, the more Sun Tao felt that he was right, his back was soaked in sweat without even realizing it.

"Mr. Ye, take your card, I will directly deduct this amount from Manager Zhou and Dongzi's remaining salary, let them bear the burden of what they did!"Sun Tao even said.

"Okay then."Ye Fan had heard Qian Duo Duo say that as long as he showed this VIP gold card, generally anyone with a bit of eyesight wouldn't dare to offend him, and he didn't expect it to work so well.

Sun Tao then said, "Mr. Ye, Hai Feng and the others insulted you, should we fire them as well?"

Ye Fan shook his head, saying no.

Hai Feng and the others were damnable but didn't do anything really out of the ordinary, but even so, Ye Fan still had a way to screw them.

Earlier, he had thought that filling in orders was a troublesome thing, a single order to prevent filling in mistakes took several minutes, so Ye Fan had also freely thought that if he had money, he would let Haifeng's group of people who offended him keep filling in orders.

Thinking about it, Ye Fan's lips couldn't help but smile, "Boss, I want to mail 10,000 express deliveries, randomly sent to all over the country!"


Sun Tao understood, naturally knew that Ye Fan wanted to deliberately make things difficult for these people, 10,000 orders were enough for Haifeng and the others to fill in for more than twenty hours, of course the punishment was not excessive, after all, it didn't smash their jobs.

Sun Tao was happy to do a favor, so he nodded and ordered, "Haifeng, and you guys, don't leave work today unless you fill out the list, or else your wages will be deducted double!"

"What?How can this be accomplished!"Haifeng wanted to cry, but having offended the wrong people, he could not regret it, so he had to fill up the list silently.

After settling this side of things, Ye Fan finished paying the delivery fee, gave Sun Tao a greeting, and offered to invite Wu Hao and the four of them to a nice meal.

After this happened today, it was fortunate that Wu Hao and the others helped out, otherwise even if he fired Manager Zhou and Dongzi, he would have to take a beating, how painful that would be!

Along the way, Wu Hao and the others curiously asked Ye Fan how he had suddenly become so rich, was he the son of some big boss?

Ye Fan didn't answer them, casually looking for something to change the subject, a few people joking and laughing, and soon came to the familiar Jinshan Clubhouse.

Before, if you didn't have any money, you could just find a roadside stall and eat some barbecue, but now Ye Fan wasn't short of money, he was ready to thank the four people of Wu Hao for their righteousness just now.

"Little Fan, the consumption here isn't low, why don't we go have a barbecue."Wu Hao had never been to the Golden Mountain Clubhouse before, and was a little scared as he looked at the glorious hall.

Ye Fan smiled, "It's okay, the consumption here is okay, it's not high." First website m.kanshu8.net

"Huh?Not too high?Not too old to have a big mouth!"

A woman dressed as a waitress walked up to him, and her name tag said Zhao Ya on it.

Zhao Ya looked up and down and saw that all five of Ye Fan's people were dressed as couriers, and said in disdain, "This silly guy is right, you guys are just worthy of a barbecue, so hurry up and leave, don't embarrass yourselves here."

"Shut your mouth if you can't speak, dog's eyes look down on people's stuff!"

Ye Fan glanced coldly at Zhao Ya and turned his head to Wu Hao, "No need to take care of this kind of goods, let's go to the second floor for Karaoke, sing a good children's song, and then go eat a big meal!"

"This is not good, Little Fan."Although he knew that Ye Fan was rich, but Wu Hao had already heard that this kind of private club was spending tens of thousands of dollars less, and more was even more immeasurable, even if Ye Fan was rich, such a single consumption would be a hemorrhage, and it was too uneconomical to fight for breath.

Ye Fan patted Wu Hao's back, "Haozi don't worry, this consumption is just a dime a dozen to me."

"Gobble gobble!"

Zhao Ya Ton let out a creepy laugh and sneered, "If you have money, go look at your brains, lol, you know how to brag!"

"What are you laughing at?"Ye Fan couldn't help but curse, pulling out the club's supreme VIP card from his pocket and flinging it in front of her eyes, "Open your dog eyes and take a good look, what is this?"

Ye Fan didn't even have to take care of this kind of goods, but if he didn't prove his identity, I'm afraid that Wu Hao and the four of them would still have concerns and wouldn't have a good time.


Zhao Ya directly knocked away the VIP card and sneered, "Just take out what the hell, get out of here or I'll call security."

Seeing this scene, Wu Hao and the four of them had puzzled expressions, feeling that what Ye Fan had taken out was not very good.

Ye Fan was embarrassed and looked odd, "You don't recognize it?This is the supreme VIP card for this clubhouse!"

"What supreme VIP card, never heard of it."Zhao Ya rightfully said.

Ye Fan instantly realized that Zhao Ya must have been recruited after that dog-eyed waiter was fired in the morning and didn't know anything.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan pointed at the recharge instructions on the wall, "See? Supreme VIP card, this is it!"

Zhao Ya looked at the instructions on the wall, stunned for a moment, and then sneered: "I can't imagine you kid pretending to be quite like, previously came here to investigate, but unfortunately your brain is not good, if you get a 10,000 card will also confuse me, but you actually impersonate the need to recharge 1 million to deal with the supreme card, really take me for a fool!"

Wu Hao saw the recharge instructions also shocked, pulled Ye Fan's clothes, whispered: "Xiaofan, so expensive we can't afford to spend is not a shame, making fake cards can be illegal ah, we should leave quickly."

"Then wait until I send a WeChat."Ye Fan knew that the explanation was impossible, so he directly sent a WeChat to Wang Long to come down and deal with the matter at hand.

In less than half a minute, Wang Long ran to the hall panting, and was speechless when he saw Ye Fan and the others.

Normally, people who were dressed cheaply and obviously didn't have spending power would be stopped, which was why Ye Fan was stopped in the morning, but now, not only was Ye Fan still dressed as a courier, he had brought four couriers with him, so it was strange that he wasn't stopped.

"There's nothing for you to do here, apologize to Mr. Ye and his friends and then go down."Wang Long said to Zhao Ya.

Zhao Ya had just been recruited by Wang Long in the afternoon, and hadn't been formally trained yet, so she only knew how to welcome VIPs with a smile and chase away ordinary city folk, so Wang Long wasn't angry with Zhao Ya.

But Zhao Ya frowned, "Manager Wang, why should I apologize to them, they didn't take a leak, look at their poor appearance, they dared to come to our clubhouse without knowing the sky, it's already good that I didn't call security to drive them out."


Wang Long directly threw a slap at Zhao Ya's face, his face was livid and roared, "Okay, you've been fired, get out of here."

Not to mention that Zhao Ya's words just now had already offended Ye Fan, to say that Zhao Ya didn't listen to Wang Long's command and was below him was to not put Wang Long in her eyes.

"By virtue of....By what right do you fire me?"Zhao Ya wowed and cried, half of her cheeks swollen so high that she couldn't even speak properly.

"And ask why?Do you know that Mr. Ye is a supreme VIP, you're not serving him properly, but you're still spouting nonsense here."Wang Long's eyes darted to the ground, hurriedly picked up the card on the ground, took a look at it and said furiously, "This is Mr. Ye's card?I thought Mr. Ye didn't reveal his identity, it's fine if you don't know, but Mr. Ye has shown you the supreme card, but you still dare to throw it on the ground, do you not take the Golden Mountain Club in your eyes?!"

"Someone, drag this dog-eyed contraption out for me, and I'll beat him up once I see him around here in the future, and see who still dares to mock the guests recklessly!"

With a big wave of Wang Long's hand, the security guards poured in and racked Zhao Ya up.

Looking at the erected Zhao Ya, Ye Fan said indifferently, "Again, if you can't speak, keep your mouth shut, and don't look down on people in the future."

"I...."Without waiting for Zhao Ya to finish her sentence, the security guards racked her out, which could be counted as helping Ye Fan take out a sulking breath.

"Little Fan, are you really a supreme VIP?That's a top-up of one million, you're too deep, awesome!"Wu Hao only then reacted, and couldn't help but give a thumbs up to Ye Fan.

Wang Long had also read countless people, and could tell from the way they talked that Wu Hao and the four were indeed ordinary couriers, so he no longer paid attention.

After handing the supreme card to Ye Fan with both hands, he said in a low voice, "Mr. Ye, although you may be experiencing civilian life, if you come back to the clubhouse in the future, you should dress appropriately and stop embarrassing us so much, this is firing two waiters, girls with good figure and good face are not big cabbages, it's not that easy to find."

Looking at Wang Long's speechless look, Ye Fan was somewhat amused, in fact, he was not experiencing life, it was before he really did not have the money to buy good clothes ah, but Wang Long's words did give him a hint, being looked down on is mainly outfits, it seems necessary to go for a good outfit.


"Hozi, everyone sit anywhere, open to play, don't worry about spending."

After bringing everyone to the second floor, Ye Fan was as comfortable as his own home, sitting on the largest sofa.

Although Wu Hao four people didn't know how rich Ye Fan was, but this supreme card alone was already above a million, they indeed didn't have to worry about spending to play here.

Wu Hao hehe smile: "Polite words we don't have much, brother remember this favor, after soaring to the top, please you again!"

Saying that, Wu Hao opened the menu and took a breath of cold air.

The cheapest snack on it cost 500 yuan a serving, and the most expensive imported fruit plate actually cost 50,000 yuan!And wine is even more expensive, with the cheapest ones starting at $1,000!

The hand holding the menu trembled, Wu Hao and the other three looked at each other and gave a thumbs up to Ye Fan, saying that they had seen a lot today, this was too awesome, so this was what the rich man's world was like.

"Knock knock!"

The door knocked and Wang Long walked in, followed by two waiters, one with a fruit plate in his hand and the other with red wine in his hand.

"Mr. Ye, this is a fixed gift for the Supreme VIP every time they come to spend, I hope you don't mind!"Wang Long chuckled. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Looking at the fruit plate and red wine, Wu Hao compared the menu and was surprised: "This fruit plate is $8,888 Summer Smooth, this bottle of red wine is $8,888 Boston, the free gift alone is over 10,000, what a luxury!"

"But you can't really tell, the fruit plate is really worth the price!"The small knife beside Wu Hao said.

This fruit platter was not an ordinary fruit platter, but a small fruit tree shape, filled with all kinds of expensive fruits, Ye Fan also came to be interested in this, took out a small fork and poked the bark of the fruit tree, and discovered that the black bark was actually a chocolate cake.

No wonder it was sold for 8888 yuan, it really wasn't a pit stop, maybe this was the rich man's treat!

The beautiful wine and fruit plate was in front, and the crowd was not polite and picked it up.

Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction to Wang Long and casually sent Wang Long a 50,000 tip by WeChat.

Receiving the tip, the joy on Wang Long's face grew even greater: "What service does Mr. Ye need?"

"Just come for the most expensive, just come straight to the 8888 fruit plate and the 8888 wine bar, is there anything else?"Although the consumption here wasn't low, Ye Fan was still a little dissatisfied, always feeling that just the fruit plates and wine without the mountains and seafood couldn't satisfy the appetite.

"Little Fan, this isn't good, the ones you ordered are really too expensive!How many deliveries would it take to make that kind of money?"Wu Hao grimaced in distress as he watched Ye Fan spend over a hundred thousand in a single sentence.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said it didn't matter, he was rich now anyway, and he didn't see this small amount of money in his eyes.

As soon as he had a look at Ye Fan's wealthy appearance, Wang Long pondered for a moment before saying, "Mr. Ye, how about recommending you the Supreme Package."

"What is the Supreme Package?"Ye Fan was suddenly interested, bringing the word Supreme with it, it definitely wasn't a mortal item.

Wang Long smiled and explained, "The supreme package is a special package that can only be ordered by the most powerful guests of our club, it's not even shown on the menu, but it's just a bit expensive."

"How much is it?"Ye Fan was not impressed.

Wang Long's voice lifted an octave: "The Supreme Package requires $888,000!"

"Oh?It's a bit interesting, let's have this."Ye Fan's eyebrows shot up and immediately shot up, he really wanted to feel what set menu actually required such a high price.

"Okay, please wait a moment!"Wang Long responded and exited with two waiters.

"Eighty-eight million?It's a money grab!"Wu Hao didn't want to be surprised anymore, he was really afraid that his heart couldn't handle it.

"That's right, I won't be able to save this much money even if I deliver couriers for ten years."The skinny monkey-looking youth beside Wu Hao echoed.

Ye Fan chuckled, "Haozi, Dagger, don't take the money thing to heart, money is for spending, otherwise what's the point of making money, it's most important to eat and drink well today, I'm happy when I think of the two cubs of that company being fired!"

"Yeah, it's so cool that these two got fired!"

"Exactly!"The others were in agreement.

The crowd just casually chatted, and before long, Wang Long reentered, bringing with him ten beautiful young girls, each wearing a stewardess uniform, their devilish figures on display.

The one at the head of the group, Ye Fan, still had some impressions and was not surprised, "Isn't this the female anchor of Teasing Fish TV!"

"That's right, I'm Little Coco, meet Ye Shao."Little Coco smiled beautifully, seeing Ye Fan was excited.

Wang Long was a bit proud, "As long as there is money, don't say netizens, even stars can be found, our Gold Mountain Clubhouse doesn't look like it's in a fourth-tier city, but we still have a wide network!"

Ye Fan nodded his head in agreement, his eyes no longer able to leave the ten beauties.

Wang Long also saw it, so he clapped his hands.

Immediately five girls fell in turn to sit beside Ye Fan five people, there is not the slightest dislike of the dirty courier clothes, just directly hugged a few people's arms.

Which has seen this scene of Ye Fan suddenly heartbeat accelerated, gasps are a few points heavier.

The other five girls did not take a seat, but stood in front of the wine table lined up, with the dynamic music began to twist - moving, performing the glamorous dance that can only be seen in the live broadcast, looking at the hot dance, Ye Fan and others a dry mouth, eyes are looking straight.

Little Coco blew in Ye Fan's ear, "Ye Shao, let me sing you a song!"

"Fine, fine, just sing your famous "I Do", I loved watching you live in the first place."

Ye Fan lovingly let go of the arm that was holding Little Coco, if it wasn't for the many people present, he would have wanted to jump on Little Coco and have something happen on the spot.

Somewhat reluctantly watching her twist her small waist and stroll towards the jukebox, Ye Fan patted Wang Long's shoulder and praised, "Manager Wang, good job, this package is indeed worth the price."

Wang Long laughed and said, "That's just where to where, there's still something wonderful behind it!"

Immediately after he clapped his hands, a few more waiters walked in the door, two of them carrying the $88,888 fruit plate and the $88,888 wine respectively.

"What kind of wine is this so expensive?"The little knife is addicted to wine, inevitably asked.

Wang Long chuckled and explained, "This is an '82 Lafite, in the entire city, only our Jinshan Club can get it, but Rao, there are only ten bottles in stock, so the average person can't even buy it if they want to.Of course, Mr. Ye is so distinguished, that's why I sold a favor to send it over."

"Manager Wang is so kind!"

The words sounded even more refreshing to Ye Fan, and the sense of pride and satisfaction in his heart was even greater.

Wang Long also pointed to a few dishes brought in from the back, "These are all made by Michelin chefs, Australian lobster, and Arctic scallops, they are all mountain and sea delicacies, I hope Ye Shao likes them."

When Ye Fan heard the introduction, he couldn't wait to taste the lobster meat, the tender shrimp meat along with the aromatic juices, instantly burst open in his mouth, fresh, tender and smooth!

Previously, Ye Fan had never even eaten crawfish a few times, and had thought it was an exceptional delicacy, but compared to the incomparably tasty Australian lobster in front of him, it was heaven and earth!

One bite and you'll want a second bite, this almost addictive taste is fantastic!


Delicious to the head, a few young people who were delivering a moment ago, where willing to give up this luxurious incomparable enjoyment, constantly eating, drinking, every now and then praise two sentences, even the girl on the side of the subconscious ignored.

"Not worthy of 82 Lafite, a sip of it is lip-smacking, I can't imagine that I'm also someone who has drunk 82 Lafite!"Dagger closed his eyes in contentment, his face full of happiness.

"Drink as much as you like, if it's not enough we'll ask for more, don't worry about the money, eat and drink as you like."Ye Fan waved his hand in a big way.

At this time, Little Coco also finished singing, Ye Fan saw her working harder, and there were a few drops of sweat on her forehead, so he touched his phone from his pocket and said atmospherically, "Happy today, fifty thousand each, come over and scan the code!"

The crowd was overjoyed and came over to scan the code.

Ye Fan did so with an eye out, earlier Wu Hao four people saved him, apart from food and drink, all the red envelopes and so on were confiscated, so why not take the opportunity to give a reward to a beautiful woman and also give each of them a red envelope in passing.

"Thank you, Ye Shao!"

After everyone received the red envelope, their faces were overflowing with joy, and Little Coco was even more sticky as she leaned into Ye Fan's arms, one good brother at a time.

"So cool!"

Soft jade in his arms, Ye Fan then thought about what had happened to Bai Tingting in the morning, not to mention how beautiful his heart was. A second to remember to read the book

In the midst of his dark pleasure, Ye Fan suddenly glanced at Wang Long who was standing on the side, thought about taking out his gold card and handing it to him, saying, "Punch another million into my membership card and let the brothers eat and drink well!"

"This....Is this the ICBC's VIP Gold Card?"

Wang Long was startled, before he knew that Ye Fan was rich, but thought that he just suddenly won the lottery and got rich by chance, and when Ye Fan's money was gone, he didn't need to take care of it.

But this golden card in front of him, that required a one-time deposit of one hundred million to process!

In other words, Ye Fan was a genuine rich man, a rich second generation!

And, with all this funding at such a young age, how terrifying is the power behind him?

Thinking of this, Wang Long hurriedly took the card and retreated, the flattery on his face even more full.

Ye Fan, however, paid no attention to this, just hugged Little Coco singing and wooing her from time to time.

"Why do you keep eating, and you don't even take care of the beauty around you?"

Ye Fan, who had a bit of an advantage on his hands, also wanted to see what his brothers did, but to his surprise, Wu Hao only cared about the food, not even paying attention to the little sister next to him.

Wu Hao chewed a few bites of the big lobster, and said excitedly, "I've never eaten such a delicious dish before, every bite is hundreds, even thousands, a plate of food is worth several months of my salary, don't eat feel a loss ah!"

"Exactly!"Dagger was full of flush - red in agreement, obviously already drunk.

Dagger just loved to drink, and this opportunity was probably once in a lifetime, so he was also born to drink foreign wine into a beer frame.

"No way, I'm so up on my drink, I'm going to go pee and come back for more."Dagger sashayed out with the bottle.

Ye Fan laughed and shook his head, this guy was really rude.

But Ye Fan didn't care, he was now thinking about how to take down Little Coco and something hehehehe happened.

You have to know that Xiao Coco in the teasing fish tv, that is popular hundreds of thousands of big anchor, looks and temperament talent to have anything, Bai Tingting compared to her is simply a stinky fish rotten shrimp!

"Sister Coco, it seems like you swiped the wrong code just now, come on, swipe it again."

Little Coco's eyes lit up, showing a sweet smile, close to the body and a little closer, the whole body almost snuggled into Ye Fan's bosom, her hands are not polite, her phone is aimed at Ye Fan's transfer code is a sweep.

As soon as you have a chance to see a few tens of thousands of dollars transferred over, Ye Fan said he didn't care, some money attack, the two of them WeChat have added each other as friends, it seems that taking down Xiao Ke tonight is not a problem!

However, just when Ye Fan was about to be more reckless, the door was kicked open with a bang, and then Dagger, whose nose was bleeding, was thrown in.

"Dagger, how are you?"Wu Hao hurriedly helped Dagger up, Dagger's face was red and swollen, with a bruise and a purple patch, looking extremely miserable.

Ye Fan's eyes also turned cold, looking at the man in the suit who was crowded in by three big men, and said in a deep voice, "Did you do it?"

"That's right, I'm the one who moved my hand."The man in the suit sneered, "Stinky courier, soiled my suit, it's light to beat him up, pay up!"

Ye Fan swept towards the man in the suit and saw that he did have some wine stains on his suit, instantly associating it with what had just happened outside the door.

But Ye Fan didn't care what the situation was, his brother had been beaten up, how could he endure?Grabbing the bottle from the table, he ran to the man in the suit.

"Hiroko, fuck him!"

"Brothers go, avenge Dagger's death!"

Wu Hao and the other two brothers were furious when they saw Dagger all wounded, and now with Ye Fan leading the way, they rushed up at the first opportunity.

Don't look at the opposite side of the three big men, but Wu Hao's 1.9 meters tall still crowned the whole field, just when he was drinking he took off his courier suit, the ligatured muscles under his vest looked shocking.

"Peng Peng!"

Wu Hao came from behind and struck two punches left and right in a row, the big man on the other side was like a soft-footed shrimp lying on the ground and couldn't get up again, the other two brothers also held a big man in check respectively.


Evan's bottle of wine greeted the man in the suit's head directly, and the bottle turned into glass slag while the man in the suit's head exploded like a watermelon with red liquid.

"Ah!!!"The man in the suit fell to the ground with a scream and said in horror, "Don't fight don't fight!"

The killing pig-like plea for mercy is simply different from just now.

But Ye Fan didn't hold back at all, without causing any fatalities, he chose the soft stomach of the man in the suit and kicked him several times in a row, until the man in the suit was foaming at the mouth before he stopped.

"How dare you bully my brother and beat him up for a piece of clothing, what a skill!"

Ye Fan spat, not fading into anger just because he hammered the man in the suit, turning he ran towards the other three big men.

The first big man had already been hammered down by Wu Hao, lying on the ground grunting and begging for mercy, "Everyone don't fight, we are the security guards of the Gold Mountain Club, we have nothing to do with him."

"You're lying to the devil, it's okay to still be together?"Ye Fan sneered.

The first big man was busy explaining, "It's really okay, we three brothers went to the bathroom and met this man and his friend to beat up your friend, so we stopped it, because all the rules of the Gold Mountain Club, you can't do it privately in the clubhouse, so that's why we came over ready to mediate."

"Guys, stop first, I'll call Manager Wang to come over and ask."Ye Fan waved his hand to stop him, if it was really like what the big man said, then he was really wrong to blame the big man's good intentions.

In a short while Manager Wang came, and when he saw the mess in the house, he snapped at the big man, "Xiaoliu, what's the situation with you guys, why did you run to Mr. Ye to make trouble?"

Seeing that Manager Wang knew the big man, Ye Fan's heart couldn't help but be a little more sure of the identity of Little Six's security.

Xiao Liu truthfully recounted the incident where he just went to the toilet and met the man in the suit to beat the knife, and then the three of them stepped in to reconcile.

Manager Wang after hearing, raised his leg is a kick on the man in the suit, fainting man in the suit ate pain woke up, saw in front of Manager Wang, suddenly hugged Manager Wang's thighs: "Manager Wang, you also do not care, there are people here trouble ah!"

"I think you're the one making trouble, don't you know that the Gold Mountain Club can't do it privately?"Manager Wang said coldly.

The man in the suit shuddered and defended, "Manager Wang, I didn't pick the fight, it was him who first soiled my clothes and didn't have the money to compensate me before I did it."

Saying that, he pointed at Little Knife.

Little Knife lay on the sofa and said with difficulty, "Little Fan, it's all my fault, I bumped into this man when I was walking, and that's why I accidentally spilled wine on him, can you lend me some money to compensate him first, after that I'll pay you back when I have the money, do you think it's okay?"

"It's fine, it's just a piece of clothing."Ye Fan waved his hand and turned his head to stare coldly at the man in the suit, "How much are your clothes?"

"This dress of mine is designed by a master, handmade and worth 49,999, can you afford to pay for it?"The man in the suit looked disdainfully at Ye Fan's courier suit, and now with Manager Wang present he didn't believe that Ye Fan dared to be violent, so his bottom line was full: "You four don't know how to get in, so quickly make up the money to compensate, or don't blame me for being rude!"


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