Lost Young Master 11-15


Chapter 11


In response to the man in the suit, another heavy slap was given.

The man in the suit covered his mouth and turned his head to look angrily at the person who slapped him, but he suddenly discovered that it was Manager Wang Long Wang.

Wang Long glared, "You're still rude and want to cause trouble, do you really not put our Jinshan Club in your eyes?"

The man in the suit was also angry and grunted, "I'm a gold member, I call you manager Wang to give you face, and you still dare to hit me, be careful I'll file a complaint against you, so you can't eat your way out!"

"I'll eat your mother!"

Wang Long smacked the man in the suit several times in succession, slapping his teeth several times, and he kept cursing, "Mr. Ye is a distinguished and supreme member, and the casual tip to me is more expensive than your clothes, so you don't pretend to be anything!Angering the Supreme Member and beating him up in the Gold Mountain Clubhouse, I see that you kid is tired of living!"

"What, Supreme Member?"The man in the suit was instantly dumbfounded, and most of the anger in his heart was gone, turning to an apologetic face, "So it's the Supreme Member, forgive my clumsy eyes, there's no need to pay for the clothes, it's all my fault."

Bowing to the strong was never a mistake, and to be in his position, face was often not that important.

Ye Fan had already kicked cool earlier, and now when he saw the man in the suit who bowed his head and apologized, his anger was gone. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Like the fight barker, Ye Fan casually swept 50,000 yuan to the man in the suit, and then the man in the suit left in shame, as for fighting against Jinshan, the man in the suit thought he still didn't have the capital.

As for Little Coco and the others, when they were just fighting, Ye Fan let them leave first to save themselves from being injured.

After this incident, the present crowd also lost the mood to call the little sister to accompany the singing, have sat on the sofa, and then eat and drink, after three rounds of wine, food and drink, as soon as we have had enough, Ye Fan called Wang Long to pay the bill, and then left the Jinshan club with erratic steps.

After that, Ye Fan and the others took Dagger to a nearby clinic, after a diagnosis, Dagger seemed to be swollen and bruised, but nothing serious, the doctor gave Dagger some ointment, grabbed some anti-inflammatory medicine.

The crowd dispersed when they were no longer in the mood, deciding to wait for Dagger to recover before playing again next time.

After sending the crowd away, Ye Fan took a taxi directly to the Hualong Mall.

Ye Fan agreed with Wang Long's suggestion to let him change his outfit, otherwise it would be bad enough for him to be looked down upon all the time.

It's now five o'clock in the afternoon, one hour before closing time.

Looking at the worn out phone in his hand, Ye Fan's mind moved, "How about changing the phone first-it's time to change it, this old phone has been with me for three years."

Thinking that, he went to the branded mobile phone store on the first floor.

Although it was said to be a branded store, it was not selling a single brand, but was similar to a mobile phone hypermarket, which had different brands of mobile phones, ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands, so it could be said to have everything.

The first thing you need to do is to look for a female shop assistant to ask about the new products.

A professional dress female clerk up and down to look at Ye Fan after a glance, see its a courier outfit, the body also emits an unpleasant smell of alcohol, on the cover of the nose and back a few steps, then pulled behind a slightly green female clerk said: "Shanshan, just finished training in the morning, take this to practice."

Saying that, she wiggled her butt to meet the man in the suit who entered the store after Ye Fan.

The girl named Shan Shan came over somewhat nervously and carefully said, "Hello sir, what style of phone do you need?"

"I remember you cell phone stores like this make commission, right, so just get me the most expensive one!"

Ye Fan was somewhat surprised at the shopkeeper who looked down on the dog's eyes, but inevitably, he felt alienated and became vindictive.

Didn't you dislike me?Someone else to entertain?

Then I'll buy the most expensive one and let the girl in front of me make a big profit, so you can be jealous.

Shan Shan was slightly startled and hurriedly waved her hand, "Sir, although I earn commission, but there is no need to specially take care of my business.The most expensive mobile phone here is the 8848 Titanium phone, the price is as high as 29,999 yuan, this business machine is not bad, but some of the functions are completely unusable, you are too uneconomical to purchase."

"It's fine, I'll take this one."

Ye Fan was a little startled, originally he just wanted to get back at the previous clerk, just let Shan Shan earn some commissions.

How did he know that this beautiful female clerk in front of him actually thought of him in every way, Ye Fan was startled and a little touched at the same time, as expected, there are still good people in the world who don't look down on people with dog eyes ah.

See Ye Fan so firm, Shan Shan no longer insisted, then turned to go to the warehouse to get the phone.

In a short while, Shan Shan returned with the phone in front of Ye Fan: "Sir, are you satisfied with it?"

"No need to look at it, wrap it up for me."Ye Fan didn't even look at it, he couldn't understand a phone that cost nearly 30,000, but there was naturally a reason for being able to sell it at such an expensive price, and the quality was definitely fine.

Shan Shan was a little embarrassed: "Sir, you can't wrap it yet, you have to go and pay first."

"In that case, then take me to pay!"Ye Fan deliberately raised his volume just to be heard by the shopkeeper just now.

The shop assistant was not far away, after hearing Ye Fan's voice, some disdain turned her head, ready to see what kind of mobile phone this poor kid wants to buy.

But when she saw the 8848 titanium phone in front of Ye Fan, she suddenly rushed over and grabbed it: "Shan Shan, let you practice a hand, how to take out the most expensive phone, you are not afraid that he is a thief, really."

Shan Shan was busy explaining, "Sister Zhou, this gentleman is not a thief, he is ready to pay."

Sister Zhou glanced at Ye Fan and sneered, "He's stupid and you're stupid too?Do you know what this is, it's our town's treasure 8848 titanium phone, priced at $29,999, which is something such a turtle can afford!"

"How do you know I can't afford it?"Ye Fan likewise sneered, he is now a billionaire, buying a phone that costs tens of thousands of dollars is not the same as playing?

"Yes, sir, this way."Shan Shan apologized to Ye Fan.

She didn't expect Sister Zhou to speak so badly, even if Ye Fan couldn't afford it, she wouldn't be so evil to speak to her.

Sister Zhou followed with a cold snort, and when she reached the payment desk, she sneered again: "Kid, let's see how long you can pretend, if you can't pay today, don't blame me for calling security to blow you out, and you're still number one for daring to cause trouble in the Hualong mall!"

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for a long time.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and has been working on the development of the new product for the past two years.I've told you before to watch and learn, and say what you see and say what you say, but like this turtle, just take him to see a few hundred pieces of junk."

"I...."Shan Shan was momentarily speechless, she also saw Ye Fan's cell phone, she was a bit apprehensive, feeling as if Ye Fan really couldn't afford the 8848 Titanium phone.

With a kind attitude, Shan Shan whispered to Ye Fan: "Sir, can't afford to buy it is fine, don't fight for a mouthful of hurt money, not worth it, let's go look at something else, there is always the right phone for you."

"It's fine, the district 29,999 yuan, I haven't put it in my eyes."Ye Fan consoled, and scanned the code.

The moment the payment was made, the machine beeped, "Paypal has arrived, 29,999 yuan!"


"How is this possible!"

Hearing the prompting tone, Sister Zhou opened her mouth wide, looking incredulous.

"Didn't you say you'd watch and learn more?"Ye Fan's eyes contained disdain, then he turned his head to remind Shan Shan, "You must never learn from this kind of person, or you'll turn into this ugly face sooner or later, it's very ugly."

Shan Shan didn't say anything, but the way she nodded her head clearly agreed with Ye Fan's view.

"Who are you calling ugly face?"Sister Zhou was not happy and stared at Ye Fan for a while before it dawned on her, "How could a poor kid like you have so much money, I think you stole it!"

"Oh."Ye Fan laughed coldly, he didn't bother to pay attention to a dog-eyed shrew like Sister Zhou, so he said to Shan Shan, "Let's go, wrap my phone up."

"Slow down!"Sister Zhou smiled proudly and said, "What's wrong, you were quite righteous just now, why do you all dare not refute now?I knew I was right. You're the one who stole the money!Security, come on! Security!Catch the thief!"

As soon as the sound came out, the entire mobile phone store was thrown into chaos, several security guards directly poured into the store and detained Ye Fan, the mall manager also rushed over on hearing the news.

Seeing that Ye Fan was detained, the manager frowned, "What thief is being arrested, what's going on here?"

The first thing that happened to her was that she was interrupted by Shan Shan, who knew that if she were to speak with Zhou's eloquence, she would have said white into black, so she took the initiative to state what had happened. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

The manager was somewhat surprised at how generous Ye Fan was after hearing this, and after asking the cashier if he had indeed received money, his face was instantly gloomy, pointing at Sister Zhou's nose and scolding, "Zhou Xiaoyan, you're out of your mind, you're not treating such a distinguished guest properly, and you're shouting for security to cause chaos, I think you don't want to do it!"

"No manager, how could he have so much money with this poor appearance."Zhou Xiaoyan's heart was in a rush, she directly touched Ye Fan's pocket, and after taking a look inside, she was pleasantly surprised, "Manager look, I've seen this card once, it's a member card of the Gold Mountain Club, or the Supreme Card, it requires a one-time top-up of one million, and with that much money he would still deliver the goods?I think he's a thief!"

Zhou Xiaoyan excitedly explained, but before she could say anything evil, the manager slapped her in the face, "What are you explaining, don't apologize to this gentleman yet, and the security guard should also quickly untie this gentleman!"

To say that stealing money to buy a mobile phone is still possible, the gold card of the Golden Mountain Club also does not explain anything, but the manager saw one under the membership card - ICBC's VIP gold card, and broke out in a cold sweat.

The manager had been fortunate enough to see it once before from a big shot, and the lifelike golden dragon on the card's surface was still fresh in his mind, and there was no mistaking it, it was definitely real!

A person who can have this kind of gold card is at least a billionaire, and a person of this level has a bodyguard following him, so how could the card be stolen?

In other words, Ye Fan was the owner of this golden card, and by association with the Golden Mountain Club Supreme Card that Zhou Xiaoyan had just taken out, he was even more certain of Ye Fan's identity!

"Sir, are you all right?"

The manager rushed forward to pat the unnecessary dust on Ye Fan and said with an eager face, "I am the manager of the first floor, Jin Ming, this is my business card, this time to let you be surprised is my poor management, I hope to apologize."

"Oh, so it's Manager Jin, I'm Ye Fan."When Ye Fan saw Jin Ming's expression, he knew that Jin Ming saw his identity, otherwise he wouldn't have made a 180 degree change in attitude.

"I've long heard of Mr. Ye's great name, today's meeting is truly worthy of the name, even if I'm wearing a courier uniform, I can't hide your elegance ah!"Jin Ming patted an ass without a trace.

"Manager, what are you doing, he's a thief!"Zhou Xiaoyan covered the swollen half of her face.

Without saying a word, Jin Ming slapped out again, "How can Mr. Ye be a thief, shut your stinky mouth, no one can speak when you are dumb!"

"I...."Zhou Xiaoyan still had to speak, but when she saw Jin Ming's raised hand, she hurriedly shut her mouth tightly, only with anger in her eyes.

"What are you looking at!"Jin Ming's eyebrows furrowed, so he said to the two security guards, "You guys throw her out the back door, she's fired, you guys also go back and do a review, next time you grab someone so blindly, you'll also be waiting to be fired!"

"Yes yes yes!"The two security guards also broke out in a cold sweat, and hurriedly racked Zhou Xiaoyan and left the phone shop.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.We're a mall here, and we can't go too far."

Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, he thought that Jin Ming was just deducting Zhou Xiaoyan's salary, but he didn't expect to be fired directly, and he had just kicked Zhou Xiaoyan, he was really relieved.

Seeing that Ye Fan was smiling, Jin Ming was also pleased, and while the iron was hot, he handed out a golden card, "Mr. Ye, this is our mall's golden membership card, which is entitled to a 20% discount on all goods in the mall, and I hope you don't mind."

Another golden card, Ye Fan skimmed his mouth and pocketed it, don't want it for nothing.

But after receiving such a big favor, it was not good for Ye Fan not to show it, so he took the cell phone box that Shan Shan had just packed and handed it to Jin Ming, "Courtesy, this cell phone will be a meeting gift."

"Is this good?"Jin Ming was really shocked, he could know that this was the 8848 titanium phone, worth 29,999 yuan.

But he just sent out the gold membership card although the value of the card is expensive, but the mall is free to provide quality potential users like Ye Fan, without him paying any ah.

And if the boss knew that he had befriended a billionaire in the mall, he might even give him an extra reward.

Inside and out, Jin Ming was not spending a single penny, but he got a mobile phone and a possible promotion to a position.

However, Ye Fan's handiwork had confirmed to Jin Ming that Ye Fan was indeed a real local tycoon, spending 30,000 without blinking an eye, what a ruthless man!

"Take it and make a friend."Ye Fan said indifferently.

Jin Ming nodded, so he no longer refused, looking at Shan Shan, he suggested, "Mr. Ye, I think this girl is good, let's just promote her to be the store manager here, what do you think?"

Just now Shan Shan did contribute, if it wasn't for Shan Shan taking the initiative to state the facts, I'm afraid Jin Ming would have been brainwashed by Zhou Xiaoyan's rhetoric.

Ye Fan nodded and said, "This is indeed a good idea, congratulations on your promotion, but before you become the store manager, can you help me with one more thing."

"What is it?"Shan Shan was surprised to be suddenly promoted, but at the same time, she was also a little confused as to what exactly Ye Fan needed her help with.

Ye Fan shook his mobile phone and smiled, "I just gave my mobile phone to Manager Jin, you'd better recommend me a suitable mobile phone for me to use - let's do it."

Soon, with Shan Shan's attentive help, Ye Fan chose a new phone again.

This time, Ye Fan also did not choose the 8848 Titanium phone again, but chose a Chinese smart phone of about five thousand dollars, configuration and memory and so on are enough to support the mainstream of the current large games, fully meet Ye Fan's needs.

After Shan Shan said thank you for the thirtieth time, Ye Fan also left the mobile phone shop and came to the second floor of the store selling men's clothing, as for Jin Ming, something just now has long since left.

"Delayed by that woman for a while, it's 5:40 now, have to go buy clothes quickly."Ye Fan looked at the time on his new phone and muttered.


In the past, Ye Fan also came to the Hualong Mall to buy clothes, but they were the kind of promotional models, which are commonly known as cheap clothes from street stalls, and often a whole set of them cost only fifty or sixty dollars.

But now it was different, as Ye Fan shook himself into a billionaire, he directly chose the trendy brand store that he had never been in before.

"Every penny counts, as expected, the trendy brand is really better than the street stalls ah!"Ye Fan came to a black jacket and casually touched the cuffs, the material was extremely soft - soft to the touch, it should be one hundred percent cotton.

"It really is a trendy brand, the material is really good!"

Ye Fan took the clothes in his hand and was about to go to the fitting room to try them on, when suddenly he came face to face with a shop assistant with heavy makeup, snatched the clothes from Ye Fan's hand and disliked him, "Let's go, I'm closing here."

Saying that, she also patted the dust on her clothes that didn't even exist, clearly disliking Ye Fan.

"That's fine."If he encountered a shop assistant with dog eyes, Ye Fan would have wanted to throw a good deal of money at it, but there was nothing he could do about it when they indicated that they were closing.

As soon as he walked out of the shop, a sneer came from behind him, "Yo, isn't this brother-in-law, what's up, got kicked out?"

Ye Fan turned his head and saw a young girl with heavy makeup, holding a balding middle-aged uncle.

Seeing a young girl in uniform, Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, this was Bai Tingting's younger sister, Bai Fangfang, who was a year younger than Bai Tingting and also attended the same school. A second to remember to read the book

"I'm not your brother-in-law, the place is closed, so hurry up and leave."Ye Fan said coldly, now as long as he saw something related to Bai Tingting, he had a stomach full of anger.

Especially since Bai Fangfang was still hugging a balding middle-aged man, who really was also a gold-worshipping woman, really worthy of being a sister.

"Could it be that you already know about Li Feng's matter?It feels good to be cuckolded, doesn't it?Hahaha!"Bai Fangfang smiled playfully and turned her head to the balding middle-aged again, "Honey, when I saw that Ye Fan was still a little handsome, I took the initiative to get close to him, but I never thought I'd be rejected, but it was fortunate that I was."

"There's still such a thing?"The balding middle-aged man wasn't angry, just slightly surprised, "Then I really have to thank you, it's a pity that the shop is closed, otherwise I would have bought you a dress."

The latter half of his sentence was directed at Ye Fan, and his words carried a sense of pride and mockery.

Not waiting for the balding middle-aged and Bai Fangfang to leave, the shopkeeper who was wearing heavy makeup just now walked out quickly and said hurriedly, "Just a moment, sir, we are still open and not closed."

"Gobble gobble!"

Bai Fangfang was stunned, then pointed at Ye Fan and scoffed unscrupulously, "Didn't you say it was closing, I think it's only closing to you."

Ye Fan was slightly stunned, then reacted to the fact that the waiter had just said close, but it was also the wording to oust him.

"Why are you like this!"Ye Fan was a little annoyed, the district clerk was really desperate to oust him, but what really made him angry was making a fool of himself in front of Bai Fangfang for this, which was something he absolutely couldn't endure.

The waiter looked at Ye Fan with a despicable look, "What's wrong with me, don't you see what kind of place this is, how can a turtle like you afford to spend?I didn't want to waste my breath before saying close, if you're smart, just leave, don't delay the noble guests coming in."

Ye Fan was a little angry, I didn't think there was snobbery anywhere.

"Go play on the side, my courier brother-in-law."

Bai Fangfang pushed Ye Fan away, laughed twice in a wave, hugged the balding middle-aged arm and walked in.

Seemingly to anger Ye Fan, Bai Fangfang took a random dress, deliberately surprised: "Wow, this dress is so beautiful, my husband bought it for me, OK."

Without even looking, the balding middle-aged nodded his head and agreed.

Bai Fangfang picked up the clothes and walked in front of Ye Fan, smiling playfully, "Oh, look at the value of this dress, it's worth 999 yuan, a turtle like you in one piece doesn't even add up to a tenth of this dress, right!"

Ye Fan coldly snorted and ignored Bai Fangfang, turning his head to the clerk, "I'll take care of everything here, give me a figure on how much!"

"All-inclusive?"Bai Fangfangton sneered, "Do you think it's a big cabbage, it's terrible to see, can't even pretend."

The clerk also echoed, "Each piece of clothing here is about a thousand dollars, counting almost a thousand pieces of inventory, a million you can take out?It's not even enough to sell a kidney."

"It's only a million, swipe the card!"Ye Fan sneered, he didn't care about the price, now was the time to get back in the game!

When he pulled out his card, Ye Fan suddenly saw the gold membership card that Jin Ming had given him before, this gold membership card could be used throughout the mall and enjoyed a 20% discount, in other words, he would virtually save 200,000 yuan, which was not bad.

"Hurry up and pay, if you don't have money, get out, don't delay my business!"When the shop assistant saw Ye Fan stop, he thought that Ye Fan definitely couldn't get the money, and couldn't help but chase Ye Fan away like a fly.

"What's your hurry, Nuo, this is a gold membership card, you go and account for the whole package, then I'll swipe the card!"Ye Fan handed over the golden membership card.

But the clerk didn't even look at it and just flew off, sneering, "What gold membership card, I've never heard of it, hurry up and pay up, if you don't have money, get out!"

Bai Fangfang also sneered, "Get a broken card and try to fool around, now it's humiliating, fortunately my sister has already discovered your nature and chose Li Feng long ago."

Without waiting for Ye Fan's retort, a soft whisper came from outside the shop, followed by a man walking inside.

"Hello, Manager Jin!"The shopkeeper was busy welcoming him.

The visitor was none other than the general manager, Jin Ming.

Jin Ming picked up the card that had just been slapped away by the clerk from the ground and asked the clerk, "Did you just come to see some precious guest, why did you leave your gold membership card here so rashly."

"You said this is a gold membership card?"The shopkeeper's heart trembled and he subconsciously looked at Ye Fan.

Jin Ming followed his eyes and also saw Ye Fan, and was surprised, "So it's Mr. Ye, did you drop this card?"

Ye Fan coldly snorted, "Manager Jin, I think I'm good to you, why are you just fooling me?This clerk, however, was completely unaware of the existence of a gold membership card, and I was mercilessly beaten away when I handed it over, huh?"

"Fight....Hitting fly?"

Jin Ming was slightly startled, twisted his head is a slap in the face of the shopkeeper, angry reprimanded: "You do not know the gold membership card?You still dare to fly without permission, are you not taking the Hualong Mall seriously!"

"Manager Kim, I'm sorry, woo-hoo!"The shopkeeper cried out, she had just arrived, indeed she did not know about the gold membership card, but Jin Ming was so shocked and furious, I'm sure the significance of this card is by no means simple.

And from Jin Ming's attitude towards Ye Fan, we can see that Ye Fan's identity is by no means a small courier, could it be that a rich family is playing with the idea of pretending to be a turtle?

Thinking of this, the clerk directly hugged Ye Fan's thigh and wailed, "Mr. Ye, I was wrong, please be generous, don't be ordinary with a small person like me."


"Mr. Ye, I'm sorry that it's my job again."

Jin Ming was a little embarrassed, he had just humiliated Ye Fan at the mobile phone shop, and now the same thing happened again, and after Ye Fan took out his gold membership card, this was really embarrassing.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "It's fine, I also wrongly blamed Manager Jin, I blame this shop assistant for not knowing what to do."

Jin Ming nodded, glancing at the clerk with a little more anger in his eyes, "Pack up and leave, you won't have to come tomorrow."

"I know."Knowing it was too late, the clerk let go of Ye Fan's thigh and left in ashes.

"Mr. Ye, how else can I serve you?"Jin Ming wasn't in a hurry to leave, he was afraid that in the blink of an eye, someone would find trouble with Ye Fan again.

Ye Fan took out his gold card and said, "Just now I wanted to cover the clothes in this store, you can take it and swipe your card."

"All of it?"Jin Ming was flabbergasted.

"Yes, that's all."

Ye Fan looked unconcerned, then turned his head to look at Bai Fangfang, snatched the dress he had just picked out from her hand, patted the unnecessary dust on it, and mocked, "This dress is also mine, and I'm glad you didn't touch it dirty." The first website m.kanshu8.net

Bai Fangfang blushed red and became extremely annoyed, almost getting a stomach ache.

"Hubby, look at him bullying me, ooooh."Bai Fangfang directly jumped in the arms of the balding middle-aged, an aggrieved look, "Honey, help me teach him a good lesson, I'll accompany you at night


The balding middle-aged man's eyes flashed with evil thoughts and glanced at Ye Fan as he faintly said, "Bring me the clothes and apologize to Fang Fang."

"Apologize?"Ye Fan chuckled.

Without waiting for him to continue, Bai Fangfang grunted, "Honey, I want him to kneel down and apologize to me, and get over my crotch-."

"This...."The balding middle-aged man hesitated slightly.

Bai Fangfang was busy saying, "Honey, you're the best, as long as you do it, I'll call my sister to come, and we'll accompany you together tonight."


The balding middle-aged slut laughed, he had long wanted to try Sisterhood, but hadn't had the chance, it seemed that Ye Fan was really a thorn in Bai Fangfang's side, even daring to make such an offer, what a bargain for him!

"You heard what Fangfang said just now, I'll give you a hundred thousand, hurry up and learn how to drill through the dog."The balding middle-aged ordered.

Ye Fanton laughed, "Uncle, I'll give you a million, how about you lick the shit on my shoes."

In the morning, he asked Li Feng to lick it, but Li Feng did it directly without licking it, so Ye Fan's shoes still had some dog shit residue on the bottom.

"I know you're a little rich, but I'm not putting it in my eyes yet, just now I said I'm happy to give you 100,000, now well, I decided not to!I know the boss here, so come over here and drill, or I'll make you suffer, don't think you have arrogant capital just because you have a little manager covering you!"The balding middle-aged man sneered.

"Don't you dare!"

A familiar voice suddenly came from outside the shop door.

Turning his head to look, Ye Fan saw the three brothers Chen Qiang.

"Ye Shao, don't listen to this man's nonsense, my father has nothing to do with him."Chen Qiang stepped forward and hurriedly explained to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was confused, "Your father?"

Chen Qiang nodded, "Yes, my father is the owner of the Hualong Mall, although I don't care about my family's business, I am clear about it, my family only has a bit of a partnership with the Li family, but it has absolutely nothing to do with this person."

"You said the Li family?"Ye Fan's eyebrows furrowed.

Chen Qiang pointed at the balding middle-aged man, "Does young Ye still not know?This Xie Ding is Li Feng's second uncle, Li Jinyi, but although he is the Li family's owner's own brother, he is a wandering - loafer who has no real power and only knows how to idle all day long."

"It's the Lee family again!"

A haze flashed across Ye Fan's eyes, but soon it dawned on him, "No wonder Bai Fangfang is on the list of big spenders, she picked up Bai Tingting's leftovers ah, what a perfect match!"

When Chen Qiang saw the anger under Ye Fan's eyes, he turned his head to Jin Ming and said, "Manager Jin, what just happened?"

Jin Ming also knew Chen Qiang's identity, so he told the truth about what had just happened, and after understanding the cause and consequence, Chen Qiang burst out cursing, "Bald ass, you really have the ability to let Ye Shao drill through, you really have eaten the guts of a bear, don't you believe that I will make you not see the sun tomorrow, don't think that the Li family will back up for a trash like you."

Li Jinyi's face swished white and said in fear: "Chen Shao, I know I was wrong, it was all her idea, it has nothing to do with me at all ah."

Saying that, Li Jinyi smacked Bai Fangfang's face with a slap, hating his voice, "Almost got hurt by you!"

"Li Jinyi, you actually hit me!"Bai Fangfang couldn't believe that Li Jinyi, who had always doted on her immensely, had hit her.

Li Jinyi coldly snorted, "The one who hit is you!"

He slapped several more - continuously before he looked flattering to Chen Qiang, "Chen Shao, it's all her fault, do you think I can leave?"

"Go?You'll have to see what Ye Shao has to say about that."Chen Qiang said indifferently.

Ye Fan also knew that Chen Qiang was giving him face, but to really start a fight here, it would more or less affect the reputation of Hualong Mall, so he coldly snorted, "Get lost, it's not bad to clean up the Li family, go back and tell Li Feng, sooner or later it will bring down your Li family!"

Li Jinyi wanted to break into a rant, but when he saw the cold mane under Chen Qiang's eyes, he ran away without a word.

"Ye Shao, Chen Shao, I know I was wrong, please let me go."Without Li Jinyi, Bai Fangfang declined, unable to see the previous arrogance in the slightest.

"Get lost, and don't let me see you again!"

Looking at Bai Fangfang, whose teeth had been knocked out several times and whose face was swollen like a pig's, Ye Fan couldn't bring up any desire for revenge and felt that it was disgusting to say more than a few words to such people.

"Mr. Ye, do you see if you still have the entire store's clothes covered?"Jin Ming took the gold card and was careful.

Ye Fan shook his head and said, "I originally wanted to piss off Bai Fangfang, but now that I'm relieved, I don't need it, but these sets of clothes look good, so wrap them up for me."

Ye Fan pointed to the set of clothes he had just touched, and picked two more with good styles at random, and let Jin Ming take his bank card to pay the bill.

"Manager Jin, give the card back to Ye Shao, Hualong Mall has a lot of responsibility for today's matter, these clothes will be a compensation gift for Ye Shao."

Chen Qiang stopped Jin Ming's actions, his sharp eyes saw the gold card, his figure also trembled, he had seen it once before at one of his father's elders, naturally he knew what this card represented.

It was a symbol of being worth hundreds of millions of dollars!

If in the morning at the clubhouse, Chen Qiang had only treated Ye Fan as a riot, now he had to treat the relationship between the two afresh.

Of course, Chen Qiang's heart was more gloating, Li Feng, the idiot who usually yelled and pretended to be quite good, now he's kicked the iron plate!

"Then thank you, Chen Shao."

Don't want for nothing, Ye Fan felt that Chen Qiang was a pretty good person, also being a rich second generation, he was much better than Li Feng, it would be nice to get to know each other in the future.

After a pleasant chat, Ye Fan went home with his new clothes, today he was really tired of playing, lying on his bed, he started to think about how he should spend his money tomorrow, and before he knew it, he went to sleep.

The next morning, it was just dawn.

"Bang bang!"

The loud smashing of the door woke up Ye Fan, only to hear the landlady's sharp curses from outside the door: "Ye Fan, take your things and get out!"


"Get out?"

Ye Fan was instantly awakened by the aunt's words, his sleepiness gone.

This aunt was none other than his landlord, Sun Lijuan.

"What's wrong, Sister Sun?"Ye Fan even opened the door.

Sun Lijuan sneered, "What's wrong, didn't you hear me tell you to get out?You have half an hour, hurry up and pack your bags, don't blame me for throwing your stuff out if you're late."

Ye Fan frowned, "Why should you kick me out, my rent isn't due yet."

"I read the contract, there's only half a month left, I'll give you five hundred, that's one month's rent, get out of here."Saying that, Sun Lijuan threw out five hundred dollars and hit Ye Fan's head.

Ye Fan was annoyed, "Who are you dumping!"

Before when he was poor, Sun Lijuan didn't let him do dirty work, but in order to live here, Ye Fan endured it, but now that he was rich, this anger must not be endured.

"You're still growing skills right, see you pitiful to give you five hundred, now well, one point I won't give, immediately, immediately leave, otherwise don't blame me for forcing you to blast out!"Sun Lijuan took back the five hundred and snorted. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

"Just go, I don't care to live in this doghouse!"Ye Fan spat, turned his head and went straight back to the house to get his ID card and the new clothes he just bought yesterday.

As for the bedding and old clothes and so on, just leave them in the house, these broken objects are not worth much anyway, now that he has the money, he can directly buy new ones.

Walking down the stairs, Ye Fan suddenly saw a familiar person and couldn't help but frown, "Zhou-Qiang, why are you here?"

Zhou - Qiang was his college classmate, and even more so, Li Feng's dog's leg, and he didn't speak badly of him in school on a regular basis.

Zhou - Qiang eyebrows, playful: "Yoho, isn't this Ye Fan, why did he come out with a chicken nest head on top and got kicked out?"

"Did you do this?"Ye Fan's face changed, guessing that this matter was related to Zhou - Qiang.

The revealed Zhou - Qiang also does not hide, the playfulness on his face is even stronger: "Who told you to offend Li Shao, now you don't even have a place to live, it's really miserable, you can sleep on the street!"

"Dog stuff!"Ye Fan snorted coldly and ignored the dog-legged Zhou - Qiang, but in his heart, his hatred for Li Feng was even greater.

Li Feng, you're really good, I haven't even bothered you yet, but you did it first, you're really good enough!

After cursing Li Feng several times in his heart, Ye Fan caught a taxi and rushed to the sales center.

Li Feng's matter made Ye Fan angry, but revenge was not urgent.

School would start tomorrow, and when he got there, Ye Fan would have plenty of opportunities to punish Li Feng and let him know what would happen if he went against him!

But now that he didn't have a house to live in, it was imperative that he buy a house to take care of his needs.

"Buy a house!"

As soon as Ye Fan walked into the sales center, he pulled a female sales clerk to get straight to the point.

A black OL skirt, body face are more than 80 points of the saleswoman up and down to look at a few eyes, after seeing Ye Fan a trendy brand, a face attentive: "Sir, this way please!"

"Well!"Ye Fan nodded faintly, but his heart was beautiful.

It was true that people relied on their clothes and horses relied on their saddles, and the attitude of the salespeople was much different when they changed their trendy clothes.

"What's the costume, a body of clothes isn't relying on mom and dad to buy it."At this time a middle-aged lady watching the room next to her muttered.

The voice was not loud, but it reached Ye Fan's ears.

Ye Fan was instantly amused and returned the grievance, "What's wrong with relying on mom and dad?Do people not rely on their parents to pop out of a rock?"

"You!"The middle-aged woman glared at Evan, but couldn't find a retort.

"Sir, do you have a favored area?"The mature and pretty saleswoman inquired.

Ye Fan pondered for a moment and replied, "I start school tomorrow, so pick one that's close to my school, preferably in a villa area, by the way, I'm at Golden Sands University."

"Golden Sands University?This is the only undergraduate college in our city of Golden Sands, you're amazing!"The salesman gave an indistinct flattering pat on the back.

Ye Fan was also very amused by this and smiled, "It's just so-so, just a fluke."

"But there is no villa area near Jinsha University, how about this White Birch neighborhood, it's the closest high-rise to Jinsha University, the neighborhood is nice, and there are plenty of parking spaces, but most of them are rough houses that need to be renovated before you can move in."The salesman pointed at a property and introduced it.

Hearing the White Birch neighborhood, Ye Fan couldn't help but think of Li Feng, and then waved his hand, "Forget it here, my request is simple, I want a hardcover room to be fine, the handbag move-in kind, and I don't want to spend effort on the decoration."

"Don't want to spend effort?I guess you don't have the money to buy it, it seems that your parents aren't doing well either, they can't even afford the White Birch neighborhood."The middle-aged woman sneered, the White Birch District, because it is considered a school district, so each flat costs twelve thousand, and with an average property price of six thousand in Jinsha City, it is considered the most expensive grade of that district.

The sales clerk glanced at the middle-aged woman and thought that this person was really troublesome, but she didn't say anything because of her own identity.

She was still a very accurate judge of people, like the middle-aged woman this kind of plain dress, is just an average family, can afford to buy a second-hand house is good, she is not even bothered to waste her breath.

The reason why she was eager for Ye Fan was because of Ye Fan's clothes, it was a trendy brand from Hualong Mall, a single piece of clothing added up to tens of thousands of yuan, just one set of clothes alone was like this, it was clear that Ye Fan was definitely a super rich second generation.

"Speaking of well-furnished houses, the Pearl District is also not bad, all the houses here were well-furnished when they were built, and they can satisfy your idea of moving in with your handbag, but there are no ones above a hundred square feet, they are all fifty square feet of one and a half rooms."The salesman spoke casually.

"Oh, I think this kid will definitely choose this neighborhood, it's cheap after all."The middle-aged lady sneered again.

Without waiting for Ye Fan's reply, the sales clerk could no longer watch and snorted, "If you don't buy a house, don't interfere with other people buying houses, you think this gentleman is the same as you ah, hurry up and leave!"

But to the salesman's surprise, Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, "Okay, let's go with the Pearl District, I have a college classmate who also lives here, and I've seen the structure inside, and it feels pretty good."

"No way."The salesman was a little surprised.

The middle-aged lady, however, looked excited: "Look at you, I told you that this kid is trying to be cheap, you're looking away, hahaha!"

"Well, it's not for you to pry into the intentions of the gentleman!"The salesman's face was a little red, but he still spoke for Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was a little surprised, "As expected of a professional salesperson, you can see my intentions at a glance."

"You really have intentions?"The middle-aged lady was also stunned, but soon it dawned on her: "I see the intent is to try to be cheap and pretend to be rich, huh."

Ye Fan glanced at the middle-aged aunt, then pointed to a building, "Right here, the twelfth floor of building six are not for sale, a total of ten sets of houses, just to buy each other to get through, but also barely considered spacious."


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