Lost Young Master 16-20


Chapter 16

The price of the Pearl District is only 6,000 per square meter, even if Ye Fan buys the entire floor, it will only be 3 million.

However, choosing a villa of the same size would cost at least ten million or more, and Ye Fan made seven million on the inside and outside.

Although he is already a billionaire, but it's a son of a bitch not to take advantage of an advantage, this kind of heavenly advantage, Ye Fan naturally refused to let go.

At this time the middle-aged lady on the side but coldly snorted: "bragging without a draft, this floor to buy but need three million, even if your parents are rich, will not give you so much at once let you squander it!".

"Swipe the card!"Ye Fan didn't compare much and directly pulled out his gold card.

The salesman didn't recognize the ICBC gold card, so there was no interruption.

"Payment successful!"

Along with the pleasing sound of the POS, the middle-aged lady was completely dumbfounded, not only did Evan pay for the house, but he paid for the entire purchase, all at once!

"How....How is it possible that he's so rich!?"

The middle-aged lady panicked, it would be fine if it was an ordinary second son, it would be fine to mock this kind of person for a couple of sentences. A second to remember to read the book

But the second son who casually buys a floor without even blinking is too rich, right?

You know this is only a fourth-tier city, you can be considered rich if you can have three million in savings, but Ye Fan casually spent three million, how much money should Ye Fan's father have?

"I'm sorry, young master, it's all because my mouth is cheap, don't take it to heart."The middle-aged lady hurriedly apologized to Ye Fan, afraid that because of her cheap mouth, it would cause Ye Fan to retaliate.

Ye Fan didn't take care of her, there was no need for this kind of person to be angry with her.

The more you think about it, the more scared you are, especially when you think about the fact that you're coming to see the wedding house with your son, who just went to the bathroom, and she's just idly teasing a few words here and there.

Thinking of this, the aunt poofed and knelt down.


Ye Fan was slightly startled, it was unexpected that Auntie had taken the initiative to apologize and kneel down, what kind of operation was this?

Although I don't want to go over to help her up, but wait a bunch of people will come around to watch the fun, so Ye Fan hurriedly went up to assist Auntie up.

But the aunt refused to get up: "Young Master, I'm just an ordinary citizen, I have no knowledge, I'm to blame for my bad mouth, please don't get my son into trouble!"

"Get your son involved?No, I don't care about such a trivial matter, and besides, I've spoken angrily, so let's end this matter."Ye Fan was a bit baffled, how did it involve her son.

"Thank you, Little Young Master."The aunt thanked her repeatedly before being helped up by Ye Fan.

"What are you doing!"

Just at this time, a twenty-something year old young man rushed over from afar, pushed away Ye Fan, and turned his head to the aunt's concern: "Mom, are you all right, I see he helped you up, is he knocked you down?Did you hurt yourself anywhere?"


These two words instantly popped up in Ye Fan's mind.

This scene was just like a porcelain touching scene!

"Son, no, it wasn't, it was this little....The young man saw me fall down and helped me up."The auntie was busy explaining, afraid that her son would have a misunderstanding.

Auntie's son couldn't help but feel relieved at the news and apologized to Ye Fan, "Sorry brother, I misjudged you, I thought it was you who knocked my mother down."

"It's fine."Ye Fan was also secretly relieved, and his heart inevitably changed a bit towards Auntie.

"Alright, son, let's go, just now mom looked, the Purple Cloud neighborhood is good."Auntie held her son back.

"The Purple Cloud neighborhood?"Ye Fan is all ready to go, heard the name stopped at once, said: "Where is the purple cloud community, there is a shrew in it, like a psychotic, if you meet it one day can be bad luck!"

Ye Fan previously lived in the Purple Cloud neighborhood, and the shrew he was talking about was Sun Lijuan.

"Yeah?But the Purple Cloud neighborhood is the only public housing around."Auntie was disappointed.

Her son also sighed, "That can't be helped."

"I remember that the lowest house price in Jinsha City is also five thousand, don't choose the Purple Cloud neighborhood to choose other neighborhoods is not also okay, in other words, what is public rental housing?"Ye Fan was a little puzzled.

The salesman explained, "Simply put, it's a policy for poor families, like the Purple Cloud Community, and with all the fees included, it's only fifty thousand yuan in total."

"Fifty thousand yuan?So cheap?"Ye Fan was surprised.

The salesman nodded and continued, "But you can only move in if you meet the conditions, and this house doesn't belong to an individual, so only the person and his family can move in after payment, and the state has the power to repossess the house if it is sublet again."

"What?Is there such a thing?"After Ye Fan was startled, joy appeared in his eyes, "Since you can sell the Violet Cloud Community, does it mean that you have the power to recycle the house after discovering that someone has sublet the public rental house?"

"Sir means you found someone for rent?If that's the case, we have the power to repossess the house as long as we have the evidence."The salesman said righteously.

"Evidence is easy to say, I have plenty of it there!"Ye Fan smiled heedlessly.

The salesman saw Ye Fan's excited face and couldn't help but say, "Sir, do you need me to deal with it with you now?"

"Much needed, but I have one more thing to take care of before then!"

Saying that, Ye Fan swept a few eyes over the developments and pointed to one of them, "The Fu Lin neighborhood looks good, is this a hardcover house?"

"Yes sir, but you want to buy more?"The sales clerk was a little surprised, the commission from that floor just now had made her full, she didn't expect to continue making money.

"Let me keep this apartment for now, if you can help me with the public housing later, I can reward you with an apartment!"Ye Fan casually pointed to a house for sale in the Fullwoods neighborhood.

"Really?Then thank you sir first."The sales clerk's face instantly turned red, her small heart pounding non-stop, she was just a small sales clerk here, and she probably wouldn't be able to buy a house in the Fulin District even if she worked for thirty years, but she never expected that this kind of pie in the sky would fall on her.

"Sir you wait for a moment, I'll go and sort out the materials, then we'll leave."Although pie in the sky, the salesman also wanted to make sure that it was foolproof, and hurriedly went to get ready.

Auntie on the side saw this scene intestines almost regretted, can let Ye Fan understand what is public housing, in fact she also has the credit, but Naiyi before offended Ye Fan, otherwise this good thing may not fall on her, but unfortunately it is now too late to beg.

The lady and her son left in a lonely manner, while Ye Fan waited for the salesman in the same place.

It took about ten minutes before the salesman appeared again.

"Where have you been?"Ye Fan some dissatisfaction.

The salesman hurriedly took out a brooch-shaped machine: "This is the latest model of miniature camera, since you are sure that the public rented room was sublet out, I can record the hard evidence, and then let her be ingenious, she can also easily repossess the public rented room with the evidence!"

Upon hearing that, Ye Fan's eyes did not appear brilliantly, "This is good, then let's hurry up and go!"

He can't wait to see Sun Lijuan's suffocating face when the house is repossessed.

Didn't you tell me to get lost, now I'll make sure you don't even have a house to live in!


Soon, Ye Fan and Wang Ling arrived at the Purple Cloud neighborhood.

Wang Ling was the sales clerk just now, and in the taxi, Ye Fan knew her name.

At this moment, Wang Ling had changed into a casual dress, and if she was still wearing the clothes of a salesman, she was also worried that she would be alerted by the other party, which would be more than enough.

"Is the machine turned on?"Ye Fan inquired.

Wang Ling nodded, "It's already opened, now we just need to go and photograph the evidence, then we can repossess the house."

"Good, then let's go."

Ye Fan looked at the miniature camera that Wang Ling had hidden in her chest collar and couldn't help but marvel at how advanced technology was now.

He had thought that he was advanced enough to record with his mobile phone, but he never thought that there was such a device.

If Wang Ling hadn't told him it was a miniature camera, he probably would have thought it was just an ordinary brooch.

"Adjust your mindset, I'll guide everything, you just stand at the side, never show your cowardice and be noticed by the other side again!"Ye Fan repeatedly instructed, and at this moment the two of them had already arrived outside the door of the room. The first website m.kanshu8.net

"Bang Bang!"

Ye Fan hit the door heavily twice, and soon the door was pushed open, and it was Sun Lijuan who came out just in time.

"What are you kid back for, looking for luggage?"Sun Lijuan frowned, "I've thrown all that junk of yours in the downstairs trash can for you, pick it up yourself, there's no more of your stuff in the house, so hurry up and go."

"Throw them away?Do you have any idea how much those things are worth!?"Ye Fan didn't say anything about the rental directly, worried that Sun Lijuan would get suspicious and start arguing first.

In his opinion, as long as he started arguing, he could naturally talk about the rental house.

"Worth it?Just those crap things, don't even take a dumpster dive, what can you get, don't be funny here."Sun Lijuan sneered.

Ye Fan pointed to his clothes: "I this clothes but the most popular ONIARAI tide brand ghost wash series, a set of three thousand dollars, in addition to the one I'm wearing, yesterday I also bought a set of Japanese blue, a set of gezo small king, are ONIARAI tide brand series of products, two sets of clothes total value of six thousand dollars, the trademark is not even picked, you give me to throw it!?"

"What hipster, I've never heard of it!Stinky kid, thinking of blackmailing people at a young age, I'm not going to eat this."Sun Lijuan still sneered, in her opinion, how could Ye Fan afford to buy such expensive clothes, it must be a mystery.

Ye Fan also smiled coldly, "If you don't believe me, we can go to the Hualong mall to confront each other, the manager there was also present when I bought the clothes, the clothes are also marked with a price, hurry up and pay up!I didn't bring anything with me when I was thrown out this morning, in other words, you threw the stuff away!"

Seeing that what Ye Fan said seemed to be true, Sun Lijuan panicked a bit, but with a twinkle in her eye she scoffed again, "You also said that you were kicked out by me in the morning, at that time I told you to pack up your things and get out, this place has been rented by someone else, who told you not to take the expensive things away at that time.From the moment you stepped out of the room, you weren't a tenant anymore, what was left in there was abandoned by default, I can do what I like with it, why should I accompany you with money!"

Hearing the word rent, Ye Fan's heart was not excited, but on the surface, he was still angry, "Don't you talk about the rent, obviously I still have half a month before the rent is up, what makes you kick me out, I'm still a tenant, and you're going to pay for my clothes!"

"Yo yo yo, Ye Fan why do you still have the face to come back, you've been kicked out and you're not ashamed.If I were you, I'd hurry up and find a rental room, or you won't be able to live here even if you rely on it."Another person walked out of the room, it was Li Feng's dog's leg, Zhou - Qiang.

Without waiting for Ye Fan to open his mouth, Zhou - Qiang seemed to have thought of something and mocked, "But even if you go to look for a house, you won't be able to find one around here, I've already sent people to put small ads all over the area saying that you're a wanted criminal.Even if you go to prove that you're not, no one will dare to rent out a house in this vicinity to you then, that's the human heart, hahaha!"

Ye Fan was so angry that he laughed back, never thought that Zhou Qiang would be so open-minded.

At the same time, his heart was inevitably grateful to Wang Ling, if it wasn't for Wang Ling bringing the miniature camera, I'm afraid that it would be difficult for Ye Fan to clear his name even if he was wrongly accused.

"You what you, get out of here if you know what's good for you!"Zhou - Qiang spat.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, turned his head to Wang Ling, "Is the fetching over yet?"

"It's been synced to a netbook via microcomputer, that's enough evidence to repossess the house, and the video that framed you, do you need to give it to the police?"Wang Ling inquired.

"Naturally, I have to give it to the police, otherwise I would have jumped into the Yellow River!"Ye Fan smiled, bringing Wang Ling out this time had indeed played a crucial role.

"What recycled houses?"

"What forensics?"

Sun Lijuan and Zhou - Qiang's faces sank, and a bad feeling rose in their hearts.

Ye Fan said with a carefree face, "It's nothing, it's just that all your conversations just now were captured through this miniature video recorder."

"What!"Zhou - Qiang made a gesture and rushed forward to grab it, but unexpectedly, he was held back by Ye Fan.

"Don't do it, this miniature video recorder is still filming, if you dare to do it again, you'll have to go to the bureau for tea.It's a simultaneous upload, and that part just now is already on the netbook, so it's useless even if you destroy the miniature video recorder!"Ye Fan looked at Zhou - Qiang with a mocking face, as if he was looking at a jumping clown.

Sun Lijuan, who had already bypassed Ye Fan and quietly approached Wang Ling, heard this and also stopped her stance, her entire features distorted.

"Ye Fan, what the hell do you want!"Sun Lijuan roared.

In the past, with Sun Lijuan's violent temper, she would have lashed out, but with the camera in front of her, she couldn't do anything unless she also wanted to go to the bureau for tea.

"What for?What not to do ah, is that the state rules that public rental housing does not belong to individuals and cannot be rented out, you have already violated the law without permission."Ye Fan laughed happily, then said, "I am a law-abiding five good youth, since I saw this matter, of course I can't condone it."

"You're just getting back at me, what have I ever offended you in, you actually harmed me like this!"Sun Lijuan growled.

"Offend me?You made me do all sorts of work for your family every day in the first place, and when you didn't, the water and electricity were cut off, and I put up with that, and you kicked me out today, so you should have thought of the consequences, huh?"Ye Fan snorted coldly.

"Give me the rent back, I'm paying four times the rent, or one year, a total of twenty-four thousand, so pay up!"Zhou - Qiang saw that all the houses were going to be repossessed, and suddenly asked Sun Lijuan for rent.

Previously, Li Feng promised to pay this money, but only after the matter was completed, and the twenty-four thousand was all his own advance.

If Li Feng knew that the matter was done badly, this money might not come.

"Wanting me to refund the money, you're dreaming!"Sun Lijuan sneered, "The house is going to be gone, I'll give you a refund, get out of here!Aren't you posting fake wanted lists and waiting to get caught if you don't leave for a while?"

"Pay up now!"Zhou - Qiang kicked Sun Lijuan in the stomach.

The twenty-four thousand were all borrowed from other places by Zhou - Qiang, and it would be bad if they didn't fill the hole.


"Dog bites dog, a mouthful of hair, hahaha!"Watching the dog bite dog duo, Ye Fan's heart was not to mention how beautiful!

"You say that again!"Zhou- Qiang looked at Ye Fan with angry red eyes.

Ye Fan took a few steps backwards and pointed at the miniature video recorder in front of Wang Ling's chest, "Don't forget, the video is uploaded simultaneously, if you dare to do anything, you won't get away with it!"

Zhou - Qiang loosened his clenched fist, Ye Fan dared to plot against him like this, he would like to skin Ye Fan to the bone, but with this miniature video camera, he knew how serious the consequences of taking action would be, at least the police station would not be able to escape.

"Just like to see how you want to kill me, but you still can't kill me, what a relief, hahaha!"Seeing Zhou-Qiang daring to fight in anger, Ye Fan's heart was beautiful.


With a crisp sound, five red marks appeared on Zhou - Qiang's face.

But the one who took action was not Ye Fan, but Sun Lijuan who had just been kicked over by Zhou - Qiang and had just gotten up.

"You're the first one to dare to hit me, I'll fight you!"

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"Wang Ling ah, I think the fetching is almost done, let's go, don't delay people's business."Ye Fan laughed and withdrew first with a big wave of his hand.

He also wanted to stay and watch the good show, but Zhou - Qiang seemed to be intentionally hiding from the camera, so he never fought back, and the earlier kick was also in the dead corner of the camera.

So as soon as Ye Fan and Wang Ling walked away, they heard crackling sounds coming from behind.

Turning his head to look, Ye Fan saw Zhou - Qiang was blasting and hammering Sun Lijuan.

"Nothing will happen if you fight like this, right?"Wang Ling was slightly worried.

"That's right, so let's add one more person."Ye Fan smiled and knocked on the door of a house by the stair railing.

"Add one more person?"Wang Ling was a little confused, but it soon dawned on her.

Only a big man walked out of the door of the room, and when he saw Ye Fan, he wondered, "Ye Fan, what are you doing here?"

"Big Brother, Sister Sun is wrestling with a man, go take a look."Ye Fan pretended to be panicked.

The big man rushed out at the news, cursing, "Whoever dares to touch my mother-in-law, doesn't want to live!"

"Honey, this guy kicked me, oooooh!"Sun Lijuan cried to.

The big man kicked out and wrestled with Zhou - Qiang, and Sun Lijuan got up and joined the chaos for a moment.


Ye Fan laughed so hard that his stomach hurt, but knew that he would be easily pulled in if he didn't leave, so he quickly left with Wang Ling.

"Sir, it's not good for us to do that, right?"It was the first time Wang Ling had seen a group fight, and she was a little flustered.

Ye Fan waved his hand and sneered, "What does it have to do with us?I ask you, did we pick the fight to make them fight?"

Wang Ling shook her head.

"That's not it, we just found a public rental house for sale that violated the regulations and took evidence to go back and collect the house, we didn't do anything wrong."Ye Fan said indifferently.

"But that's still not good all in all, why don't we call the police?"Wang Ling was genuinely worried about someone getting killed.

Obviously Wang Ling had thought too much, this level of petty fights would never rise to too big a level, because no one was stupid enough to make a fuss over a small matter.

"Then you can call the police, and by the way, you can give the police a copy of the forensic images, and also save the need to take a statement, the evidence is overwhelming, it is inevitable that these three people will go to the bureau for tea."


Wang Ling nodded, took out her phone and dialed the number, explaining the current situation that was happening to the operator.

Soon, the police car came and took away the three people who were fighting.

Looking at Sun Lijuan and Zhou - Qiang whose faces were full of injuries, Ye Fan was greatly out of breath this time, and his heart was so beautiful.

"You did a good job this time, thanks to the miniature video recorder, otherwise there wouldn't be this amazing effect, give me the paypal payment code, I'll sweep you."Ye Fan pulled out his phone.

"Alipay Receipt Code?"Wang Ling was a little puzzled, but still took out her phone.

"Ding!Paypal to account, $600,000!"

At the mention of the payment beep, Wang Ling stayed in place, the hand holding the phone was trembling, almost the phone fell to the ground in shock.

"This is what I promised before, I'll give you a suite if you get this done, but I'm too lazy to make another trip, here's the money, just buy it yourself!"Ye Fan looked breezy and indifferent.

The price of the Fulin District was six thousand dollars a flat, and six hundred thousand was enough to buy a house of one hundred square meters.

"This....Thank you so much, thank you Mr. Ye!"Wang Ling, who had returned to her senses, burst into tears in her eyes and couldn't stop nodding her head and bowing in gratitude.

It was six hundred thousand!You'd have to struggle half your life to earn that!Today was like a dream!

The first thing that you need to do is to take a look at the shoes and shoes that you are wearing.

Looking at the beautiful woman in front of him, Ye Fan could not help but reveal a smile, moved forward and held Wang Ling's shoulder, softly said: "Okay, it's all a little money, come with me to the Pearl District to take a look, there will be opportunities in the future will not treat you badly."

Wang Ling was flattered, feeling the strength and temperature coming from her shoulders, blushing and nodding her head, revealing a look of recognition, forcibly holding back the thought of going further, and stopped a taxi.

Not long after, the two arrived at the Pearl neighborhood.

Although this was only a five thousand one flat neighborhood, the layout and environment was still excellent, and the neighborhood had all kinds of greenery as well as fitness equipment, especially once they entered the neighborhood, a huge stone sculpture with the word Pearl carved on it was majestic.

"This place is indeed nice."Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction.

While Wang Ling went to the property side to go through the house handover procedures, Ye Fan stood outside the guard room looking around in boredom, ready to familiarize himself with the environment of the community, when suddenly a back figure in a pink dress, caught his eye.

Seemingly sensing something, this woman turned her head, revealing a pretty face like a peach blossom, she was obviously a little surprised to see Ye Fan: "Ye Fan?"

"Hello, classmate Lin."Ye Fan waved his hand symbolically.

This beautiful woman was called Lin Miao, a college classmate of Ye Fan's, and also Bai Tingting's roommate.

"Why are you here?"Lin Miao's white little face was filled with surprise.

She had also heard about Ye Fan and Bai Tingting, it was Bai Tingting who was showing off in the class group that she was with Li Feng, so shouldn't Ye Fan be sad at this point?

"It must be hard for you after something like this."Lin Miao laughed a little awkwardly.

"It's fine, look at her character."

Ye Fan saw that Lin Miao didn't mean to mock him and couldn't help but feel a little bit better about Lin Miao.

At this moment, Wang Ling walked out from the guard room and handed over a thick stack of contracts, nodding to Ye Fan, "The formalities are complete."

Ye Fan reached out and took the contract, wanting to introduce Wang Ling to Lin Miao who was on the side, and by the way inadvertently showing off the 10 housing contracts he had just signed.

But after Lin Miao saw the mature and gorgeous Wang Ling, she looked different and sneered, "I said how come you're not sad at all after losing your love, so you've found a new lover, or a mature big sister, humph, it seems that your character is not good either!"

"It's not like that."Ye Fan wanted to open his mouth to explain.

But Lin Miao interrupted, "Only yesterday, Bai Tingting said in the group that she was with Li Feng, today you're hooking up with such a big beauty, I don't think it's that simple."

Glancing at Wang Ling, Lin Miao sneered again, "In my opinion, you just have two boats on your feet, but unfortunately Bai Tingting's boat has turned over.Originally I was a little heartbroken for you, but from the looks of it, it should be Bai Tingting who found out you were cheating on her before she went to Li Feng, hey, it's really bitter for Bai Tingting, you deserve to be green for a scum like you!"

"Who are you calling scum!"Ye Fanton was annoyed.


Being green by Bai Tingting had become a scar in Ye Fan's heart, and now not only was the wound revealed by Lin Miao, but also by her as a scum, it was strange that Ye Fan wasn't angry.

But Lin Miao thought that Ye Fan was annoyed and even more ridiculed, "What? You dare not do it, are you still a man!"

"You shut up!"Ye Fan roared.

Lin Miao was famous for her big mouth, if she didn't explain, I'm afraid that Ye Fan's reputation at school would be completely stinky.

"Tell me to shut up?"

Lin Miao laughed and turned her head to Wang Ling, "I see you're also a beautiful woman, when did you go blind?I'm telling you, Ye Fan is a real poor man, I don't know what trick he used to deceive that big beautiful woman Bai Tingting, and now he is still ambiguous with you, this kind of man with two feet on two boats, you'd better stay away as soon as possible."

Seeing that Wang Ling's expression remained unchanged, Lin Miao added, "Look at how smart Bai Tingting is, if you knew that Ye Fan was a scum, you would have fallen in love with a rich second generation and backhandedly brought a cuckold to Ye Fan, Bai Tingting like this is the kind of role model for you to learn from!"

"Mr. Yap has no money?You're not kidding, are you, little sister?"Wang Ling was a bit cryptic, feeling that the girl in front of her had a bit of a bad brain.

Then she shyly looked at Ye Fan, puffed up her full chest and said, "Even if Ye Fan really has no money, with his temperament and boldness, the girls chasing him can still be ranked three blocks ahead!"

A divine hero like Ye Fan who gave away a suite at will, if he really wanted a girl, not to mention three streets, thirty streets could be lined with girls wanting to date him! One second to remember to read the book

But Ye Fan hid it too well, keeping a low profile so that all his classmates thought he was just a poor kid.

"With him?"Lin Miao was shocked by Wang Ling's words, it took a while for her to slow down and look at Ye Fan with more disdain, "I thought it was just Bai Tingting who was a gold-worshipping girl, but it seems you're not bad, you can still be a little white girl, tsk tsk!"

"Blah blah blah!"

Just at this moment, a Mercedes Benz sedan slowly drove by in the distance, honking at some people.

Ye Fan stood to the side, wanting to make way for the sedan, but suddenly saw Lin Miao on the side with a spring in her face, and couldn't help but sneer, "Still calling me a white boy, I think you're the one who's being kept!"

"Who are you talking about, this is my husband, huh?"The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the car.

"Yo, run so fast what to do, still afraid that we see what your husband looks like not?"Ye Fan decided that Lin Miao didn't dare to be seen with her so-called husband and followed up with an arrow.

After getting closer, Ye Fan finally got a good look at the person in the driver's seat.

It was a balding middle-aged man in his forties or fifties, with a big belly and a greasy face, Ye Fan almost opened his mouth wide in surprise at the sight of him, this was actually their Finance Department's branch dean, Zhang Tianzheng.

"I remember that Zhang Tianzheng's daughter-in-law is the teacher of the Finance Department ah, how could she be your husband?"Ye Fan pretended to be surprised, then showed a sudden color, "Oh, I see, so that's how it is, Lin Miao you are a proper underground mistress for Zhang Tian, right, I said how can you fail every subject and still not be expelled, so there is this kind of hook ah."

"Don't you bully people too much!"Lin Miao blushed when she was told.

"What's wrong, Miao Miao, is someone bullying you?"Zhang Tianzheng walked off the bus and frowned when he saw Lin Miao's look.

Lin Miao nodded and pointed at Ye Fan, "He's the Ye Fan of our class, he knows about us, so think of something."

"This is?"Zhang Tianzheng didn't panic, just pointed at Wang Ling and asked Lin Miao.

Lin Miao did not brighten up and said, "Right, this woman is a rich woman, Ye Fan is the one who hooked up with her, just now I heard her say that she was filling out something in the property, there should still be evidence, let's start from this aspect."

Zhang Tianzheng nodded slightly, turning his head to Ye Fan in a deep voice, "Fellow student Ye Fan, you also know the rules of our school, although we are not against romance, but messing around with a man-woman relationship is still something that tarnishes the image of the school, I advise you to voluntarily withdraw from school as soon as possible, otherwise it would be humiliating to be expelled."

"Disgraceful?Aren't you ashamed of what you did with Lin Miao?If the school finds out about this, I'm afraid you won't have any good luck either."Ye Fan sneered.

Zhang Tianzheng, however, didn't panic and remained calm, "I was just passing by and happened to see fellow student Lin Miao, do you have any proof that we have an improper relationship?"

"Evidence?That may not be nothing."Ye Fan turned his head to Wang Ling and inquired, "Did you see the footage captured just now?"

"No, the biggest flaw of this miniature video recorder is the power problem, it's dead."Wang Ling shook her head in disappointment, she should have known to bring a spare battery.

According to Ye Fan's personality, if he helped solve this matter, he might be able to get a big reward, what a pity.

"Hahaha, it's a pity you have no proof."Zhang Tianzheng laughed with the ease of an old god.

"Without evidence, sooner or later I will find evidence, and I don't believe that you won't see each other again."Ye Fan also sneered, "But I'm afraid that the reason why you just wanted to fire me can't be counted, in fact, I don't have a girlfriend at all, Wang Ling is just a salesman who accompanied me to look at the house, it's a pity that you have your wishful thinking."

"Just you still buy a house, what a bragger, don't I know how many pounds you are?"Lin Miao face disdain, the entire finance students, everyone knows that Ye Fan is an orphan, a grifter, barely enough to eat, but also to buy a house?What a joke.

With that, she walked quickly towards the property to ask questions, and returned shortly with a hint of a trance.

"How about the name of the head of the household who filled out the bill?"Zhang Tianzheng saw Lin Miao walk out and couldn't help but inquire out.

Lin Miao's look at the moment was somewhat complicated, there was confusion, puzzlement, and shock, and it all eventually turned into one sentence, "It was indeed Ye Fan who bought the house, and it was an entire floor!"

"You you you, what did you say?First floor?"Rao Tianzheng Zhang was also shocked by this data.

It was only in order to keep Lin Miao that he bought a house here for Lin Miao to live in, firstly because it was convenient, and secondly because the house prices here were cheap.

But even if the house price was cheap, one suite would need 300,000.And what Ye Fan bought was even one floor, a total of ten houses on one floor, in other words, it would require three million!

An orphan has $3 million to buy a house. Who would believe that?But the truth was right there in front of him, and he had to believe it!

"Oh, now you know how many pounds I have."Ye Fan revealed a mocking look.

Lin Miao still hadn't gotten over the shock and was a bit panicked, "What should we do now?"

"What to do?"After Zhang Tianzheng muttered, he smiled with success, "Ye Fan, I'm an adult, I'll let today's matter go, and you can continue to go to school, but well..."

"But what?"Ye Fan couldn't figure out why Zhang Tianzheng was still laughing.

Zhang Tianzheng chuckled, "But as long as you don't spread the news about me and Lin Miao everywhere, plus transfer two more houses to me, I won't pursue it further."

"Dead pig head, you're dreaming!"Ye Fan was so angry that he laughed back, Zhang Tianzheng would really be whimsical.

Zhang Tianzheng wasn't angry, just a bit smug, "I'm the dean of the Finance Department, it's easy to fire you without any reason at all, think about it yourself!"


Ye Fan's fist clenched tighter as he watched the Mercedes Benz sedan that was flying away.

"What a pup!"

Ye Fan gritted his teeth and cursed, wishing that he could beat the pair of dogs violently right now, but thinking about it was not an option.

Indeed as Zhang Tianzheng had said, it was really easy to fire him.

Even though it didn't matter if a district was a second-rate university with his current wealth, it wouldn't matter, but this couldn't be swallowed just like that!

"Sorry Mr. Ye, if the video camera hadn't run out of power, there would still be evidence."Wang Ling felt a bit guilty.

"It's fine, I can handle it myself, you can go back first."Ye Fan waved his hand and said with an intentional smile.

Originally, Ye Fan wanted to invite Wang Ling to go up and sit down, and there was no chance that something pleasant could happen, but now he was in no mood, so he had to make another appointment with Wang Ling.

With a whole 10 strings of house keys, Ye Fan casually opened a set of houses, and with a glance over, the decoration inside was decent and fully furnished, much better than his original rented room.

"It's good to be rich!" First web site m.kanshu8.net

Evan lamented and took a shower with the brand new water heater, he was tired after a long day and he was ready for a good night's sleep.

"Ringing bell!"

Who knew that as soon as he was lying on the soft - soft bed, Evan's phone rang.

"It's Charles' phone, could it be that he's been secretly watching and knows that I'm in trouble?"Ye Fan some surprise, really dozed off to someone to hand pillows.

After answering the phone, Evan did not talk nonsense, he directly invited Charles to the Pearl District, and soon, the doorbell rang.

"Charles, you're here, come in."Ye Fan flew open the door, looking at the suit-wearing Charles with a happy face, not to mention how enthusiastic he was.

The two of them casually - conversation a few words, Charles took out a few documents from the file bag, serious: "Young Master, after investigation, I know that you are in the Department of Finance, so I want to first train your ability in business, these documents are the ones I sorted out yesterday, you first look at which investment to choose to practice."

"So it's training ah."Ye Fan calmed down, originally thinking that Charles had come to the door today for that Zhang Tianzheng thing, which thought not.

However, after all, it was Charles's first time to officially train himself, Ye Fan did not dare to be negligent and adjusted his mind and began to seriously review a few documents.

The first document was an investment in the development of a building, geographically located in the center of trade and commerce, if operated well it would definitely make a lot of money.

The second document is an investment in the development of tourist attractions, it is estimated to be able to create a triple-A attractions, the short term will not have a huge profit, after a year of operation, there should be double the profit.

After reading the two documents, Ye Fan had a bottom in his heart, the documents Charles brought this time should all be profitable investments, depending on which is more profitable, it is clear that this is a test of his investment vision.

But just as Ye Fan flipped to the third document, he suddenly revealed his ecstasy, "This is it, I want to invest in this!"

Only on the title of the third document was written in eight large, bright red letters, Sands University Investment Prep!

"Young Master, won't you take another look?"Charles couldn't help but frown at Evan's hasty decision.

"No, I'm going to invest in this."Ye Fan nodded his head seriously.

Although he was dissatisfied, Charles still reminded, "Young Master, even if you don't look at the back, but just looking at the first three, the first and second are both more promising, so why did you choose the third?"

Charles purpose was to test Ye Fan's vision, and not all of the items taken out were the profitable items that Ye Fan thought of, there was also a loss-making item, which was considered a trap, and this document was the third one.

Ye Fan took a deep breath and paused for several breaths before intoning, "Charles, I know you are trying to test my vision, but I think the most important thing is not to make money, but to acquire contacts."

"Connections?"Charles was somewhat puzzled.

Ye Fan nodded his head, and only then did he slowly say the scene at the entrance of the district slowly, word for word.

"The dean of the district department dares to speak so boldly?Young Master, don't worry, in just one hour, I will be able to have Zhang Tianzheng remove his position and kneel before you to apologize!"

Hearing Ye Fan's words, Charles was also very angry, not expecting to have this kind of jumping clown bouncing around right under his nose, it was abominable.

But Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "I originally wanted to ask for your help, but I don't need it now, I've already found a way to solve Zhang Tianzheng."

"Young Master is saying that relying on the third document?"Charles inquired.

Ye Fan nodded his head, "That's right, the third document is exactly an investment in scientific research for Sands University, as long as there is a partnership with Sands University, I don't believe that Zhang Tianzheng would dare to screw me."

"But the one talking about this project is just a branch dean, so it's not much of a threat to Zhang Tianzheng, do you want me to call the president of Sands University to come over and talk to you about this project?"Charles suggested.

"Headmaster?That would be perfect, go ahead and contact him and tell him to come to the Gold Hill Club at two!"Ye Fan was a little surprised by Charles' connections, but thinking of his parents who casually transferred 100 million pocket money to him, he was relieved.

Scheduled to talk about the project at two o'clock, so Ye Fan said goodbye to Charles, 1:30 came to the Jinshan Mountain Club, directly booked a supreme private room, in Wang Long's arrangement set up the wine fruit plate.

Before two o'clock, a middle-aged man in a suit rushed into the Gold Mountain Clubhouse, led by the waiter to the private room where Ye Fan was, this person was none other than the president of Golden Sands University, Zhang Ke.

"Hello Mr. Ye, I'm Ke Zhang, I wonder why you want to invest in our school's research?"

Zhang Ke was very restrained at the door, so much so that Ye Fan could easily catch the panic in his eyes.

Indeed just like what Ye Fan saw, Zhang Ke was very panicked at the moment.

Two hours ago when he was still sleeping at home, the phone rang, it was a call from the big man above, asking him to discuss the project.

When he arrived at the Golden Mountain Clubhouse and saw such a grand scene, Zhang Ke's legs were inevitably trembling.

Ye Fan said lightly, "I'm actually a student of Golden Sands University, President Zhang need not be restrained."

"What?You are actually a student of this school, no wonder you have such an eye at such a young age, it's amazing, then you must be a student of the Academy of Sciences, right?"

Zhang Ke was shocked by Ye Fan's identity, but more than that, he was happy and relieved, and the more he looked at Ye Fan, the better he looked at him.

Ye Fan waved his hand and explained, "I'm actually from the Department of Finance, this is also my first time investing, there were many good projects, but I felt that this school is the best, so I chose to invest in the school."

"Ye really has vision, having a student like you is really a blessing for Jinsha University."Zhang Ke smiled brightly.

But Ye Fan suddenly pulled down his face and sighed, "What a good thing, I'm about to be expelled from the school, this is the last thing I'll do for the school."

"Expelled?Who dares to expel Ye?"Zhang Ke's heart trembled, if Ye Fan was expelled, the funds might be soaked.

Ye Fan said in a deep voice, "It's the Dean of our Finance Department, Zhang Tianzheng."

"Dean Zhang?Why did he fire you, was it some small mistake you made?If it's not serious, I'll go and intercede."Zhang Ke said tactfully, in fact, he was sure to leave Ye Fan behind, after all, he was asked to meet with him by his superiors, how would he dare to offend him.

Ye Fan said helplessly, "Make a mistake?I didn't actually make a mistake, it's all Dean Zhang's problem, he wants my house when he sees I'm rich, and he's going to fire me if I don't give it to him."

"How dare he!"Zhang Ke was annoyed.

Ye Fan continued, "Why wouldn't he dare, but he said that he is the dean, so even if I don't make any mistakes, he can find any reason to fire me.I didn't think that the dean's power is all that great now, so I thought that even if I was fired, I wouldn't give him a house, and this money would be better spent on research for the school."

"Good boy, good boy."

Zhang Ke was touched, then his face was gloomy, "Isn't he Zhang Tianzheng just a small dean, it's fine even if he normally disobeys yin and yang, but now he still dares to mess with our good students like this, it's really abominable, don't worry, I will deal with this matter seriously, I will expel him now."

Ye Fan thought about it and waved his hand, "That's not necessary, after all, this is just my word, I'm sure the principal still has doubts in his heart, how about this, tomorrow on the first day of school, Zhang Tianzheng will definitely look for me, when the time comes, he will directly catch the evidence on the spot, if the evidence is solid, you also have a justifiable reason to fire him, you can't let such a pest continue to scourge the students."

"What classmate Ye said is right, it's still you who is thoughtful, so let's do as you say."Zhang Ke nodded and chuckled, "It's really worthy of studying finance, your brain is just good!"

Ye Fan also chuckled, "These are all due to the good teaching of Sands University, the president's leadership is good!"


The next thing you know, the two of them start to drink in advance to celebrate, Ye Fan is celebrating Zhang Tianzheng's downfall, Zhang Ke is celebrating the funds in place, it's really a double blessing.


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