Lost Young Master 21-25


Chapter 21

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the next two years.

After washing his face, Ye Fan was just lying in bed when he received a call from Zhang Tianzheng.

"Have you thought about it?"A greasy threatening voice came from the other end of the phone.

Ye Fan sneered and said, "Zhang Tianzheng, just dream on!"

After saying that, Ye Fan threw the phone aside and fell back to sleep.

By the time Ye Fan opened his eyes again, it was already the next morning, and he simply cleaned up a bit and prepared to leave for school.

Today was the first day of the sophomore year, and the current Ye Fan was no longer the poor boy he used to be.

Once those school flowers that he didn't even dare to admire with his eyes, in the future he would have the courage and money to strike up a quest!

And those tyrannical two-fifty-eight thousand rich kids won't dare to be cocky in front of him anymore!

A refreshing walk down the stairs, only to find Charles stationed in front of a black Aston Martin. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

"Charles?When did you come, why didn't you call, it's starting to cool down outside, how cold."Ye Fan was a little surprised.

Charles's expression was meticulous, and he said correctly, "Young Master, as the housekeeper, of course I'm responsible for picking you up from school, I'll be here every day from now on."

"You're really too kind, I don't have that many rules, by the way, didn't I buy a floor, if you don't mind that the place is small, you can find a house to live in first, it's also much more convenient."Ye Fan's impression of Charles was a little better.

Worthy of being a professional housekeeper, even if no one was watching, he was still so punctual and disciplined, it seemed that his parents trusted Charles for a reason.

Sands University was very close to home, feeling the comfortable seats and the smooth driving experience, Evan arrived at the entrance of the school without even warming up his butt.

"Young Master, here we are."Charles got out of the car first and pulled open the door for Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was a little flattered: "Charles, don't be like this in the future, it's always weird."

Letting others serve like this, it was still hard for Ye Fan to accept it from the bottom of his heart, perhaps he was really used to being poor.

Charles had a smile on his lips, "Young Master, I'm afraid I can't agree to this.Master has already said that you must be allowed to gradually learn to enjoy yourself, so that it will be easier to deploy maids and the like for you in the future."

"And maids?"Ye Fan wanted to vomit blood, but his heart was still beautiful, and even slightly crooked the maid who called the wake-up service every morning.

"Ye Fan, you kid finally showed up!"

Just at this moment, a shout suddenly came from behind Ye Fan, turning his head to look, he saw Li Feng with a group of black-clothed men rushing over menacingly.

Some students who were getting ready for school suddenly bypassed the area, they didn't want to cause trouble.

In the meantime, when Ye Fan saw Li Feng, he said, "Li Feng, wasn't the lesson you learned last time enough?And you dare to take the initiative to find trouble!"

Li Feng snorted: "Last time it was Chen Qiang's gang who were too doggy, this time is different, the people I invited are professional thugs, I don't believe I can't finish you off this time, be sensible and come with us, or else you won't have a face to learn if you get beaten up here!"

"No face to learn?That's a nice way of putting it, I think you're afraid of being caught on video, but now in this harmonious society, you still have the guts to fight!"Ye Fan sneered.

"Kid, be sensible and come with us, don't talk nonsense!"The black-clothed man who headed behind Li Feng snorted coldly.

This man was tiger-backed and clearly over 1.9 meters tall, he was a master who was not easy to mess with.

Ye Fan subconsciously shrank back, and Charles conveniently blocked in front of Ye Fan and said, "Young Master, do you want me to take action?"

"No no no, I'll take care of it myself."

Ye Fan even waved his hand, Charles was an old man, it wouldn't be good if he really let Charles on and got hurt again.

Eyes averted, Ye Fan said to the big man, "Li Feng said you guys are the thugs he hired right, how much did he pay you guys?"

"Li Shao gave us a hundred thousand, what, you still want to spend money on us to turn back water?Then I'm afraid you're overreacting, we're principled thugs, and even if you give us more, it's useless!"The big man snorted.

"What do you think of two hundred thousand?"Ye Fan still inquired.

The big man's demeanor changed, he also saw that Ye Fan was coming down from Aston Martin and knew that Ye Fan was also a rich master, but he still insisted, "No, a mere 200,000 is too little to break our rules!"

"Less?"Ye Fanton heard something in the big man's words, better too little than too little, as long as you want money, I'll give you a satisfactory price!

Ye Fan once again said, "Brother, you might not have heard me clearly just now, there are five of you, I'm talking about 200,000 each, a total of one million, what do you think?"

"One person....Two hundred thousand for one person?"The big man swallowed hard.

"Wait, Brother Wang you don't want to be really anti-water, but you guys have rules!"Li Feng was stunned, never thought that Ye Fan had such a skill.

"Don't worry, we're not anti-water, we're all about rules."The big man said righteously, but his hand suddenly touched his phone and showed the payment code of Alipay.

But Li Feng was annoyed: "Then why did you show the payment collection code of Alipay to Ye Fan!"

"Paypal to the account, a million dollars!"

Hearing the collection reminder tone, the big man laughed and said, "Li Shao, we think you've given too little, so we won't take this assignment, I'll give you a refund."

"I don't accept refunds!"Li Feng was annoyed.

The big man looked cold: "No acceptance?Do you want the brothers to break the rules?"

"Yeah, trying to make us break the rules, you're really damned, Wang, let's do this kid!"

"Yes, yes, yes!"

Ye Fan's money had arrived, and these five black-clothed men turned against the water and surrounded Li Feng in a group.

"Ye Shao, what do you want to do, to interrupt..."

Before the big man finished speaking, Ye Fan waved his hand, "I don't want to know your rules, anyway, Li Feng probably told you how to deal with me before, so just follow that specification and pay me back ten times, after all, I also offered ten times the price!"

"Ten times, huh?All right, all right, guys, you hear that?Take Li Shao to make a tenfold set!"The big man waved his big hand.

"Ye Fan, I'm not at odds with you, either you die or I die!"Li Feng struggled and roared at Ye Fan!

"Then you can go to hell!"Ye Fan rushed over and punched Li Feng heavily in the stomach.


Li Feng suffered pain and let out a scream, then tried to open his mouth to curse, but Ye Fan didn't give him a chance and smacked him with two big slaps with his back hand.


Then without waiting for Li Feng to resist, the five big men took him away.

Only after seeing a few people leave did Charles speak up, "Young Master, I never thought someone would beat you up, it's all my fault, do you want to abolish his Li family?"

"Difficult?"Evan was stunned.

"Only half an hour!"Charles faintly said.

Ye Fan was slightly startled, not expecting Charles to be so bullish, so he said, "Then you go ahead and manipulate it!"

He could solve the school's petty fights by himself, but Li Feng was too much this time and was even looking for thugs.

Coupled with the harassment several times earlier, Ye Fan already hated Li Feng to the bone.

It was indeed better to eliminate assholes like Li Feng before it's too late to prevent them from raising a tiger!

Watching Charles dial the phone to deal with the Li family, Ye Fan also entered the school without lingering, now inside the school, but there was still that asshole Zhang Tianzheng waiting for him.

After refusing Zhang Tianzheng's request yesterday, he didn't believe that Zhang Tianzheng would put up with this!


As soon as Ye Fan entered the class, he saw his classmates talking about him.

Before he could hear the content, a man in his thirties walked into the classroom, it was the class teacher, Chen Yu.

"The other students are studying on their own in the first class, Ye Fan you come with me to the office and finish the withdrawal procedure and then you can get out!"Chen Yu was indifferent.

Going to the office for withdrawal procedures?

Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, he wasn't surprised in the slightest at this practice, obviously this was Zhang Tianzheng's handiwork.

How else could he have called him to the office as soon as school started and said that he would be expelled.

Of course, Ye Fan did not have a good feeling for the class teacher Chen Yu, who had deliberately refused to give him the poverty allowance several times before, all because Chen Yu had pocketed the money.

If not for this, where else would Ye Fan need to go out to work every day, usually this kind of poverty allowance is several thousand dollars.

As soon as Chen Yu's voice fell, the class burst into laughter.

"Stealing a girlfriend from Li Shao, that's how you deserve to end up like this!" One second to remember to read the book

"I don't know how many pounds I weigh, sadly!"

After sweeping away the ugly faces of his classmates, Ye Fan turned his head and snorted at Chen Yu, "You want to expel me even with you?"

Chen Yu was amused by Ye Fan's words, "With just me, of course I can easily fire you, do you have a problem with that?"

Ye Fan smiled coldly and stopped talking.

If this had happened in the past, Ye Fan would have only cried out for mercy, and he would have had to sacrifice his dignity in order to graduate and get a secure job.

But today was different!

He had ten thousand ways to play dead Chen Yu and the man behind the curtain, Zhang Tianzheng.

"The good show is starting, it's in the Finance Academy faculty office, you go hide first, I can delay it for ten minutes at most!"Ye Fan took out his phone and sent a WeChat to Zhang Ke.

Without waiting for Ye Fan to put his phone down, Zhang Ke replied back in seconds, "I already had a guess and have been hiding in the teacher's office."

"Good, then I'm going over there now!"

After Ye Fan returned a tweet, he looked up at Chen Yu and sneered, "Aren't you going to fire me, let's go."

"What's the pretence, I really thought I was scared, today is the day the King of Heaven comes, you are all ironically fired!"When Chen Yu saw that Ye Fan looked fearless, he couldn't help but snort.

But Ye Fan didn't mind Chen Yu's words in the slightest, because neither Chen Yu nor Branch Dean Zhang Tianzheng was any bigger than Zhang Ke!

In front of absolute strength, these stinky fish and rotten shrimp could only be cleaned up.

Looking at the clown-like glances at Chen Yu, Ye Fan sneered, "Don't be too full of words, it's not certain who will be expelled!"

"What? You still want to fire me?"Chen Yu was a little insufferable.

This was the first time he had been threatened by a student, in the past, even the most arrogant students would not dare to threaten him!

"Ye Fan, with your words, I have the power to fire you, so cut the crap and come with me to the office!"Chen Yu snorted coldly and turned his head, as for Ye Fan's threat, he didn't care.

The same goes for Ye Fan, Chen Yu's words, in his opinion, were bullshit.

The two of them soon arrived at the office, Chen Yu directly slumped down on the back chair and threw a document at Ye Fan, "Sign it and get out!"

Ye Fan waved his hand to knock down the documents smashed at him and said coldly, "With you, you're not even worthy!Hurry up and tell me, did that bastard Zhang Tianzheng tell you to fire me!"

Ye Fan directly introduced the main topic, otherwise he would have been worried that Zhang Ke would rush out right then and there, and then he wouldn't be able to catch Zhang Tianzheng who was the mastermind behind it.

His words, however, caused Chen Yu to be a bit startled.

Indeed, firing Ye Fan was a factor, but not just because of Zhang Tianzheng.

He had received a call from Li Feng last night, and if he could fire Ye Fan, Li Feng would give him 100,000 yuan, and Li Feng had also found the evidence for him to fire him, which was a fight.

So even without the Zhang Tianzheng factor, he would still fire Ye Fan, it was just one more thing to add to his bottom line.

"Not speaking, is it a tacit agreement?"Ye Fan laughed coldly, "I won't say much, just look at the report card every year, I'm at the top of the list, a student as outstanding as me, you found a reason not to give me those grants even though, now you actually want to expel me, no matter what others think, I can't stand it anyway!"

"Can't stand it?If you can't stand it, just sign off and don't bother!"Chen Yu was not polite in the slightest.

Sweeping the documents on the floor, Ye Fanton laughed, "I thought there was some reason to fire me, but it turned out to be a fight, may I ask what evidence do you have?"

"Evidence?It really won't stop until the Yellow River, I'll show you now!"Chen Yu opened his phone and sent a WeChat to Li Feng.

"Yo, isn't this for Li Feng?So it's you guys who teamed up to do this."Ye Fan glanced at Chen Yu's screen, a little surprised, but more playful: "Too bad, Li Feng can't reply to you now."

"What the hell did you do?"Chen Yu saw that Ye Fan wasn't panicking at all and frowned.

Ye Fan laughed, "What for?I didn't do anything, except that Li Feng brought a group of people to block me at the school gate, and I used love to sensitize the group, and the group took the initiative to carry Li Feng away."

"With love?Bullshit, how is that possible, Li Feng is looking for a bunch of ruthless people!"Chen Yu saw that Li Feng hadn't replied yet, and his heart panicked a bit.

"I'm using a million dollars of love, but these people have turned against me without even thinking about it, and I'm helpless about that."Ye Fan said indifferently.

"A million?"Hearing this, Chen Yu laughed.

Ye Fan what kind of family situation, he still knew very well, every year he was striving for poverty assistance and scholarships, just this kind of poor kid, and a million, what a bragger.

"Just this kind of poor guy like you, still deluded to think a million, I think Li Shao is just busy with things.Hurry up and sign off immediately!"Chen Yu snorted coldly.

Ye Fan picked up the document and smiled, "Fine, since you have to tell me to get lost, I'll sign it."


At that moment, a standing cabinet door in the corner of the office was vigorously broken open, and Zhang Ke stormed out of it.

"No, you can't sign it, Ye classmate think twice."Zhang Ke knew that it would be too late if he didn't come out, and didn't dare to wait for Zhang Tianzheng to appear.

"Scare me!"Chen Yu was so frightened that he stood up from his chair.

But when he saw Zhang Ke, he stayed in place and stammered, "School....Headmaster, why are you here?"

"If I'm not here, you're going to heaven!"Zhang Ke spoke coldly.

"Headmaster, I didn't go to heaven, I was educating the students, this Ye Fan comes from a poor background, but he is not ambitious, he only knows how to climb high branches and study some crooked ways, he even fought in front of the school in the morning, I was thinking of expelling him."Chen Yu even explained.

"Still daring to argue, as a teacher not educating the students properly, instead of doing some thieving things, it really chills me ah!"Zhang Ke looked at Chen Yu with disappointment and said indifferently, "You're fired now, pack up and leave your job."

Chen Yu looked deadly grey, so desperate he slumped in his chair and actually fainted!


The first floor of the teaching building.

Knowing that Chen Yu had brought Ye Fan to the office, Zhang Tianzheng hurried to the office, with a Lin Miao behind him.

Lin Miao cried slightly, "Ooh, brother Zhang, you have to make a decision for me, yesterday I reminded Ye Fan and he yelled at me, he scared me to death."

"Don't worry, I've asked Chen Yu to fire Ye Fan, he'll be crying and kneeling in front of you later to apologize."Zhang Tianzheng patted Lin Miao's shoulder, as if he had already seen Ye Fan's panicked appearance.

"Okay, then you go first, I won't go up if I wait here for you, there are a lot of students around."

Lin Miao was well-behaved, she knew that Zhang Tianzheng liked her sensible appearance.

As expected, Zhang Tianzheng nodded his head in satisfaction, "Okay, then you can wait here for my good news!"

After saying that, Zhang Tianzheng rushed to the office.

But to Zhang Tianzheng's surprise, after rushing to the office, he did not hear any sounds of arguing or begging for mercy from inside.

Could it be that it had already been dealt with? First web site m.kanshu8.net

Zhang Tian opened the office door just as he was thinking, and after looking around, he saw Ye Fan slumped on the sofa playing with his phone.

"Ye Fan, do you know what this place is, and you dare to play with your phone here, you're fired!"Zhang Tianzheng snorted coldly.

Putting down his phone, Ye Fan heatedly smiled, "Dean Zhang, which school rule says I can't play with my phone in the office anymore, is it really a good idea to fire me so hastily?"

"Oh!"Zhang Tianzheng sneered, "I'm the dean or you're the dean, I'll fire you if I say so, so pack up and get out of here!"

"The dean is really something, I feel like even the principal here wouldn't dare to dismiss students so casually!"Ye Fan said, his eyes carelessly drifting to the standing cabinet next to the door.

That's right, Zhang Ke was inside.

If it were anyone else, Zhang Ke would not have succumbed to the standing cabinet twice like this, but since Ye Fan can contact the big brother above, he definitely has an amazing identity background, and besides, he also has a cooperative project with the school, which is why Zhang Ke is willing to help Ye Fan.

But Zhang Tianzheng was disdainful: "The principal is nothing, in the finance department I am the biggest, I am the dean of the finance department, it is so easy to fire you!"


Rao Ke, who was magnanimous and calm, couldn't help but rush out of the standing cabinet when he heard this and said good three times in a row.

"Good my ass!"Zhang Tianzheng cursed and turned his head to look at the door, but when he saw that it was Zhang Ke, he instantly became stammering, "Well, hello, hello Headmaster, I was just joking with Ye Fan, don't take it seriously ah."

"Joking?I almost got fired and you're telling me this is a joke?"Ye Fan coldly snorted, Zhang Tianzheng is really treating people like idiots.

Zhang Tianzheng turned his head and snapped at him, "Is there any room for you to talk here, so shut up!"

"Dean Zhang is so official!"Zhang Ke sat on the sofa opposite Ye Fan and was not salty.

"No no no."Zhang Tianzheng waved his hands incessantly.

When he turned his head just now, he didn't see Zhang Ke rushing out of the standing cabinet and thought that Zhang Ke was just passing by.

But now that Zhang Ke was so protective of Ye Fan, even a fool could see that Zhang Ke and Ye Fan had an unusual relationship.

Zhang Tianzheng hurriedly changed his words, "Headmaster, I..."

Without waiting for him to finish, Zhang Ke raised his hand and interrupted, "Think clearly before you speak."

Zhang Tianzheng could not help but swallow his saliva, patrolling around without seeing Chen Yu's figure, his eyes turned, and he suddenly planned on, "Headmaster ah, you do not know, I am only the dean does not directly manage students, a lot of information is reported to me by the class teacher.Ye Fan's matter is what Chen Yu reported to me, otherwise why would I expel a good student."

"Spoken like it's true."Ye Fan laughed and turned on the recording on his phone.

Chen Yu had just explained before leaving that it was Zhang Tianzheng who had ordered him to do it, and when he heard every word of Chen Yu's voice in the recording, it was as if Zhang Tianzheng's heart was pierced by thousands of sharp swords.

"Headmaster, I know I'm wrong ah!"Zhang Tianzheng could not have imagined that there was already such decisive evidence, so he gave up his resistance and began to beg for mercy.


Zhang Ke sighed and pointed at the old photos on the wall, "Although Golden Sands University is not a hundred years old, it has a history of fifty years, and these are the results of the hard work of our ancestors.Zhang Tianzheng, look at you, you only know how to persecute students, not only know that you made a mistake, but also do not correct it, it is really a shame for our education sector.Forget it, you're on your own, you're expelled."

Expelled?Zhang Tianzheng was momentarily confused, this was something he had never expected to happen.

It then occurred to him that he still had a wife and children to support at home and a few female students to keep outside.

If he lost his job, everything would be over!


With a soft foot, Zhang Tianzheng kneeled directly in front of Zhang Ke and wept bitterly, "Headmaster, I was wrong, give me another chance, it's all because I was blinded by money, I'm willing to make a review, please don't expel me!"

Zhang Ke shook his head and faintly said, "Retreat."

Although there were no more words, Zhang Tianzheng knew that he was truly done playing this time.

It was obvious that Zhang Ke was not even taking care of him anymore.

Knowing that it was hopeless, Zhang Tianzheng, who was no longer kneeling, left the office in a lost state of mind.

"Brother Zhang, how's it going, is it that Ye Fan has been fired ah, it's really great!"

When she arrived at the first floor, Lin Miao excitedly greeted Zhang Tianzheng, her face not as pear-shaped as before.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the future.Do you know that I have a family and kids, and I still show up all day dressed as a demon, what a bitch!"

Two teeth came out of her mouth and flew off to the side, and Lin Miao's soul seemed to have been slapped away as well, slumping to the ground.

She looked at Zhang Tianzheng who was shrieking in front of her, and she couldn't stop the tears from slipping from her eyes.

It was Zhang Tianzheng who had taken the initiative to oppress her and seduce her with power and money because he was interested in her beauty, but now all he got in return was a slut and a dislike.

"Zhang Tianzheng you son of a bitch, I'll fight with you!"Lin Miao, who was wearing high heels, stomped out, and the sharp heels nailed Zhang Tianzheng's feet.

A pig-killing scream was heard!

"What a wicked man, he deserves it!"

Ye Fan, who saw this, smiled gloomily and spitefully, then stepped out of the school building first, never wanting to see this ugly tearing scene again.

"Having an untoward relationship with the dean and causing a bad impact on the school, Lin Miao, you're also expelled."

Zhang Ke said indifferently, thinking that this Zhang Tianzheng could really not be a good thing, there was a big pile of black material, and sighed and followed up with Ye Fan, continuing to discuss about investing in the school's research.

The two negotiated for half an hour, and Zhang Ke also became more and more amazed at Ye Fan's vision and talent, and had a few more points of recognition and praise in her heart.

At the same time, Charles also showed amazing strength.

In less than an hour, he used his incomparably strong network of contacts to easily identify all of the Li family's partners and pull them together or acquire them, and at the moment, if Ye Fan wanted to destroy the Li family, a single thought would be enough.

Afternoon, inside a cafe.

"Young Master, may we begin?"Charles inquired.

Ye Fan waved his hand and played with his taste: "There's no rush, I'll call Li Jinrong first."

Li Jinrong was Li Feng's father, originally Ye Fan wanted to call Li Feng, but just now he received a call from that gang of thugs, Li Feng had been wasted by them and was undergoing surgery.

So in a compromise, Ye Fan dialed Li Jinrong's phone.

In the top floor office of the Li Group, on the expensive boss chair, a middle-aged man with a big belly was sipping tea, and it was none other than Li Jinrong.

"Who is it?"Li Jinrong was mid-air.

Even though he was on the phone, Ye Fan also felt that invisible pressure.

Truly worthy of being the head of the Li family, he really had some skills, and was very different from trash like Li Jinyi and Li Feng.

But being able to suppress such big brothers, Ye Fan felt even more accomplished in his heart.

"I, Ye Fan."Ye Fan faintly said.

Li Jinrong paused for a few seconds and said, "What do you want?"

Although he didn't know Ye Fan, but since he was able to call his personal phone number, he was obviously someone with a bit of an origin, and that's why he didn't hang up the phone.

But at this moment, his secretary rushed in and said anxiously, "Young Master has been beaten up and is now in the hospital."

"What!"Li Jinrong stood up violently and was about to hang up the phone.

However, a mocking laughter came out from the phone: "I'm the one who asked someone to call."

"It was you?Do you know you're playing with fire?"

Li Jinrong's cold voice, he knew from his secretary that Li Feng was in surgery, there was no rush to get there, the most important thing now was to catch Ye Fan and take revenge for his son.

After going over it in his mind, Li Jinrong was sure that there was no power surnamed Ye in Jinsha City, if there was a foreign power, Li Jinrong would be even more fearless, he still knew the truth that a strong dragon would not suppress a snake in the ground.

If there was a foreign power invading, he wouldn't believe that the whole of Jinsha City wouldn't embrace it!


"Playing with fire?Your son is the one playing with fire, but unfortunately he's not skilled enough to set it on fire, hahaha!"Ye Fan mocked ruthlessly.

To the Li family, but Ye Fan didn't have half a fondness for them.

"Bastard, the water in Jinsha City can be deep, hurry to the Li Clan, if I don't see you in half an hour, you'll be useless!"Li Jinrong coldly snorted.

"Yoho, and threatening me?"Ye Fan laughed, "But what a coincidence, I'm calling you to tell you to hurry over and apologize to me, if I don't see you for half an hour, I'll laugh at Li's group, I'll be at the Fresh Cafe across from Sands University."

After saying that, Ye Fan hung up the phone.

In the meantime, Charles said, "Young Master, if he apologized to you, you wouldn't have regained the Li Clan?Don't be softhearted and leave behind consequences ah."

Ye Fan smiled and said, "Don't worry, even if he does come over to apologize, I won't let go of the Li Clan, I'm still clear about raising tigers as trouble, I'm just giving them a glimmer of hope before giving them even more despair, hahaha!"

Saying that, Ye Fan made a phone call, "Zhang Qiang right, you first go find Li Jinrong to withdraw funds."

After making several calls in a row, only then did Ye Fan say to Charles, "Watch it, now that there are several sudden withdrawals, even if Li Jinrong is really stable, he will panic."

Charles cocked his head slightly, and the corners of his mouth couldn't help but curl a smile, he was still quite satisfied with Ye Fan's plan. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

And on the other side, Lee's group.


After Li Jinrong hung up the phone, he slammed it down on the couch in anger.

"Knock knock!"

The room door knocked.

Li Jinrong was in the middle of his anger, and now there were people coming to touch his bad luck, making him even more annoyed: "Who is it!"

"I, Zhang Qiang!"

Zhang Qiang walked into the office, looked at the angry-looking Li Jinrong and indifferently said, "I'm going to withdraw my capital, Mr. Li."


It was like a pot of ice water that instantly calmed Li Jinrong down.

Zhang Qiang's investment also had several million yuan, and had a very important position for the Li Group.

So the Li Group was preparing to develop new projects, and the sudden need to withdraw the capital made Li Jinrong a little unprepared.

"Mr. Zhang sit down first, what made you so anxious to withdraw your capital ah?"Li Jinrong took a deep breath and made himself try to ensure calmness.

Zhang Qiang waved his hand, "That's none of your business, but after so many years of cooperation, I'm not afraid to tell you that someone is trying to mess with you, and the other party is not an existence you can mess with, so it's better to gather your funds and prepare to run."

"What?"Li Jinrong was a little surprised.

Even Zhang Qiang said that the other party wasn't an existence he could mess with, so wouldn't that be some big shot?

Could it be that Ye Fan?

"Is the person you're talking about named Evan?"Li Jinrong asked.

Without waiting for Zhang Qiang to answer, the office door was opened again, and a middle-aged man came in and said, "That's right, it's Mr. Ye Fan, since you know Mr. Ye's name, you should get ready to run, I'm also ready to jump ship."

"Old Feng, what are you doing, am I not good enough for you?"

Li Jinrong never expected that Old Feng, who had been with him for many years, would also be leaving him.

Unlike Zhang Qiang, Old Feng wasn't an entrant, but a brother in a pair of pants when Li Jinrong was a child, and now even a brother of decades was leaving, making Li Jinrong's heart tremble even more.

"You're very good to me, but the other party gave an amount that can't be refused, sorry."Old Feng was indifferent, as if he was a stranger.

Old Feng's performance made Li Jinrong incomparably surprised, and he couldn't help but also say angrily, "Fine, fine, fine, then you all should leave!"

"We're leaving too!"

The office door was opened, followed by a group of people rushing in, not only many managers, but also employees at the grassroots level.

Seeing this scene, Li Jinrong was completely stupid.

At the same time, he was also frightened of the other party's power, how even the grassroots were alarmed, the other party obviously made a deadly move, no way for him ah.

Just at this moment, his phone rang again.

Seeing that it was from Ye Fan, he even picked it up and begged for mercy, "Mr. Ye, I was wrong, please let me live."

"There are still twenty minutes left."After the faint voice came out, the phone was hung up.

Without even thinking about it, Li Jinrong rushed out of the office and drove straight to the hospital.

"The surgery was a success, I..."The doctor saw that Li Jinrong was so hot and bothered that he came over and said in a hurry.

But Li Jinrong pushed the doctor away, followed by a slap to wake up Li Feng who hadn't passed the anesthetic strength.

Li Feng saw Li Jinrong was not surprised: "Dad, you're here!"

But seeing Li Jinrong's bad face, the tone of his voice was again: "Dad, I'm fine, but that brat Ye Fan dares to ask someone to beat me up, he really doesn't put our Li family in his eyes, this time I must teach him a lesson, let him know that our Li family is not easy to bully!"


Responding to Li Feng was another slap from Li Jinrong.

"Lecture my ass, don't you know who the other guy is?"Li Jinrong hissed.

Li Feng was blinded: "Identity?Isn't he just a turtle, I don't know how he suddenly got rich, it's like he doesn't even care about millions of dollars, I guess he won the lottery."

"Turtle, a turtle, daring to take action without even investigating the other party's identity, what a jerk, hurry up and come with me, go apologize to Ye Fan!"Li Jinrong could not be divided.

"Apologize, on what grounds?He beat me up like this, why should I apologize to him, dad don't you usually spoil me the most."Li Feng very much did not understand Li Jinrong's approach.

The doctor on the side was kind enough to say: "Yes, Mr. Li, he is now wearing a cast all over his body and can't walk, he needs to recuperate quietly."

"Resting?Any more stillness and the Li family will be gone!"Li Jinrong said, and rushed out of the hospital directly pushing the wheelchair Li Feng was sitting in.

"There are still three minutes left, it's a good thing I made it, Li Feng, go in later and do whatever Ye Fan tells you to do, or else your future days of glory and wealth will be gone!"

At the front of the cafe, Li Jinrong instructed again.


Li Feng's expression was filled with humiliation.

Just now in the car, Li Jinrong had already said everything that had happened in the past half hour, and Li Feng had to accept this fact.

"Hello, Mr. Ye, I didn't expect you to be so divinely plump and handsome, a hundred times stronger than my undisputed son!"

As soon as he entered the cafe, Li Jinrong grasped both of Ye Fan's hands and looked excited.

"Yo, didn't you call me an asshole, how come I'm a hundred times better than your son, can't it be that your son is a stinker?"Ye Fan chuckled.

"You...."Li Fengton couldn't help but scold Ye Fan.


"How are you talking to Mr. Ye, there are no rules, quickly apologize to Mr. Ye."Li Jinrong slapped Li Feng's face.

"Right, sorry!"Li Feng didn't dare to contradict his old man and could only apologize.

"Li Feng, is this your apology?It doesn't look sincere at all, if so, please return."Ye Fan said indifferently.

Li Jinrong's eyebrows furrowed, but he still sank down and said, "Mr. Ye, my son's entire body is plastered, so it's not very convenient for him to kneel."

Ye Fan took a sip of coffee and faintly said, "Oh, that's so.Aren't you his father, if he can't kneel, then you can kneel."

"Don't you go too far, my father but..."

Before Li Feng finished speaking, he saw Li Jinrong poof kneel down.

"Li Feng, your father is much better than you, at least he knows how to bend, just like you, he's still a hundred years away."Ye Fan glanced at Li Feng with disdain.

He used to think that Li Feng was an existence that he looked up to, but now it seemed that he was just a mere mole.


"Mr. Ye, I hope you can spare our Li family, I'm willing to apologize to you on behalf of Li Feng!"

Kneeling in front of Ye Fan, Li Jinrong said in a deep voice.

There was gold in a man's knees, let alone a figure like Li Jinrong who had some status in Jinsha City.

Ye Fan nodded in satisfaction, having the big man grovel so much, his heart soothed.

But was this the end of it?


Ye Fan took a sip of coffee and played with the taste: "Mr. Li is really a great man, able to bend, I really admire him.But after all, it wasn't Li Feng who personally kneeled down to apologize, I'm still not too satisfied, so why don't you kowtow?"

"Insolent, what are you!"Li Feng roared, if he wasn't covered in plaster, he would have rushed up to fatten up Ye Fan.

"Hey..."Ye Fan let out a sigh, "Mr. Li, look at your son, this is the attitude, how do you make me satisfied?"

Li Jinrong glared coldly at Li Feng and said in a deep voice: "No one will treat you as dumb if you don't speak, shut up and stay!" One second to remember to read the book

As he said that, he clenched his fists and fought his way to the floor in front of Evan, knocking down with a "thud".


Ye Fan praised, clapping his hands incessantly, "Worthy of Mr. Li, what a city, this head seems to be knocking on my heart, what a relief!"

"I'm glad Mr. Yeh is satisfied, I wonder if I can spare my company?"Li Jinrong pleaded.

But Ye Fan shook his head and said, "Although it's soothing, it doesn't mean I forgive, maybe if you kowtow a few more, I'll be satisfied."

"Mr. Ye don't go too far."Li Jinrong clenched his fist and stared at Ye Fan with a deadly stare.

Ye Fan scornfully said, "Excessive?Why didn't you say it was too much when your son sent someone to beat me up?How come you don't go too far by hitting on my girl and cuckolding me?"

"And cuckolded?"Li Jinrong couldn't help but turn his head to look at Li Feng, as if inquiring about how this matter wasn't said in the car.

Li Feng was shocked by Li Jinrong's gaze, he even explained: "It's not my fault, it's that cousin who followed me in a deadly manner, I didn't find her."


Not far away came the sound of coffee cups breaking, and it was none other than Bai Tingting.

Just now in front of the school he saw a person who resembled Li Feng, so he also followed in, bought a cup of coffee and was about to come over, just in time to hear Li Feng's voice as well as the content.

"Li Feng, you bastard!"Bai Tingting's tears fell from her eyes, resentful, "If you didn't take the initiative to send me cell phones and gifts in the first place, how could I have taken the initiative to find you, you think too highly of yourself, you scum!"

Li Feng snorted coldly, "Get out of here, we have nothing to do with each other from now on!"

Li Jinrong also helped and said: "Mr. Ye, this kind of girl like her must be a gold-worshipping girl, to see my son rich, otherwise my son can't go anywhere without finding a whole lot better looking than this girl, so this cuckold is either my son to you ah, or this girl's mistake!"

"Yeah? Then let's call it that."Ye Fan laughed and looked at Bai Tingting, "Hear that, there's a whole bunch more than you to grab, so get out of here and don't be an eyesore."

"I..."Bai Tingting still wanted to argue, but Ye Fan didn't look at her again at all.

Bai Tingting knew that she and Ye Fan were strangers from now on.

Ye Fan, long ago, was no longer the licker dog that he was, but an existence that she, Bai Tingting, couldn't reach.

After all, even Li Feng's father was kneeling in front of Ye Fan, so what was she to her?

With a miserable smile, Bai Tingting left the cafe, but she didn't go back to school, she just went home and rolled up and prepared to run away.

She knew that Chen Qiang and the others had said that they wouldn't leave her alone!

After Bai Tingting left, Ye Fan turned to Li Jinrong and said, "The eyesore is gone, now you decide, continue to kowtow or bankrupt the company?"

"I knock!"Li Jinrong made a difficult decision and then proceeded to kowtow.

Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock!

In one breath, Li Jinrong kowtowed nine times to show his sincerity, and when he raised his head, his forehead had swollen high and was oozing blood.

"Is that enough?"Li Jinrong almost roared out.

Ye Fan laughed, acting frightened, "I was feeling almost done, but you actually yelled at me, now you must kowtow ten more, no, a hundred more!"

"A hundred?Are you playing me?"Li Jinrong growled.

"Yeah, just tired of playing, did you just find out?It's really the same as your stupid son, Stupid Bi!"Ye Fan laughed, his eyes full of mockery.

"Ding Dong!"

Ye Fan looked at the WeChat new message, then pointed his phone screen at Li Jinrong and played: "What a coincidence, just as you were apologizing, your company has been acquired by me."

"How is that possible!"Li Jinrong was confused.

As if he had thought of something, Ye Fan said again: "I remember when I was reading the information just now, you guys are starting salaries today, right, now that your company's corporate card has been frozen, your personal card should still be enough to start salaries."

Saying that, he turned his head to look at Charles.

Charles made a call in a heartbeat, and it didn't take a minute for Charles to state, "Young Master, we have just forced Li Jinrong's private card, and all this money went to the employees' salaries, and now the remaining funds are only $9.8."

"Yo, that's really unfortunate, now there's not even a runaway fund, it's really pitiful."Ye Fan looked at Li Jinrong, playfulness written all over his eyes.

Li Feng, who was sitting in a wheelchair, looked frightened: "Dad, take out my phone and see how much money I still have on my card?"

"Right, son you still have the card."Li Jinrong instantly came to his senses, but when he opened his phone, he found that Li Feng's funds had also been frozen.

"Why? Why should mine be frozen too, you guys are breaking the law!"Li Feng protested.

I don't wait for Ye Fan to speak, the cafe door ran in a suit of middle-aged, panting: "I am the ICBC account manager Qian Duo Duo, Mr. Li Jinrong company was acquired, before the bank to apply for a loan is still four million short of the need to repay, in order to prevent running away, all the property under your name are frozen, limited to you to repay within three days, or my bank has the right toConduct an auction to offset the debt."

"It's over, it's all over..."

Li Jinrong was paralyzed, and now he didn't even have the strength to beat his son.

Years of accumulation, it was unexpected that it had turned into a bubble in a single day.

Seeing that Ye Fan was about to leave, Li Jinrong hurriedly grabbed Ye Fan's pant leg and said, "Mr. Ye, please help me, all this has nothing to do with me, it's all this unfilial son's fault, I'm willing to draw a clear line with him and break the father-son relationship, please give me back the company."

"Cut off the father-son relationship?That's pretty interesting, so do you agree?"Ye Fan was surprised and looked at Li Feng.

Li Feng could not have imagined that Li Jinrong would say something so desperate, and a sardonic smile appeared on his face: "Li Jinrong, you dog, you can't even give up your son for yourself, are you still human?But I'm not going to let you get away with it, I'm not going to agree to severing the father-son relationship, so you can go drink the northwest wind."

"Mr. Li, since your son won't agree, I can't do anything about it!"Ye Fan spread his hands to show that he had no choice, and then left with Charles and Qian Duo.

Behind them, there was Li Jin Rong beating a plastered and bloodied Li Feng.


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