Lost Young Master 26-30


Chapter 26

Inside a VIP compartment of the Golden Mountain Club.

"Thank you both very much for your help this time still, I salute you!"Ye Fan picked up the wine glass and tilted his head to drink the entire glass, a redness appeared on his face.

"Young Master's business is my business, I'm to blame for not discovering it in time, otherwise, how could an unimportant product like the Li family get in the way of Young Master's eyes."Charles chuckled and drank it all in one gulp as well.

Qian Duo Duo, who was full of smiles, on the other hand, drank it all before smiling, "Ye Shao, I didn't contribute much this time, it was all Mr. Charles' hands, and I just signed a few words."

Qian Duo had a respectful expression, and he acted even more respectful towards Ye Fan.

In the past, he only knew that Ye Fan was powerful, but he didn't know the specific strength yet.

However, the handling of this matter of the Li family was directly the branch chief's personal order for Qian Duo to handle it properly, and everything was under Charles' command.

This is even more proof that Ye Fan's strength is definitely not just in the Golden Sands, but more likely to be a big power in the first and second tier cities.

Being able to hug such a big leg, Qian Duo was even more excited, and raised his wine glass again, toasting Ye Fan several glasses in a row.

"Manager Qian is polite, but what's the point of us three grown men being here, I'll go and ask Wang Long to arrange a few beautiful girls to perform."Saying that, Ye Fan called Wang Long over and named Little Coco and the best of the rest. First URL m.kanshu8.net

Wang Long was embarrassed and said, "Ye Shao, I'm afraid I can't call Little Coco today."

"What's wrong?Didn't come today?"Ye Fan was on a roll and felt a bit humiliated by Wang Long's polite refusal.

Wang Long waved his hand and said, "She's here, but there are other customers who ordered, how about I arrange something else nice for Little Coco to toast again?"

"It can't be helped if someone else orders it, so let's do what you say."Ye Fan knew that it wasn't Wang Long who wasn't giving him face, so he didn't care.

Soon other beautiful girls appeared, and it was the same as last time, ten girls lined up in rows, very eye catching.

"Sir, I've come to make a toast."At that moment, the door opened and a woman who was even better looking than the ten girls present appeared, none other than Little Coco.

Qian Duo praised, "It's really pretty, Ye Shao's eyes are really good!"

"Hahaha!"Ye Fan laughed, then waved his hand, "Little Coco, come this way."

"Ah?It's Mr. Ye."

Little Coco looked surprised for a moment, but quickly said in aggravation, "Mr. Ye why did you just come, I thought you weren't coming."

"What do you mean?"Ye Fan was at a loss.

Little Coco took out her phone, "I just sent you several tweets, didn't you read them?"

"WeChat, let me see."Ye Fan took out his phone and looked at it, but the smile on his face gradually faded and finally turned into a roar, "Who is this, daring you to do this!"

WeChat only a few short sentences, but the general idea is that small cocoa in the reception of guests, but the guests have to ask her to dance a striptease, but small cocoa is only a talent show, selling art does not sell itself.

But the other party is a big person, not she can offend, she can only keep drinking and dragging.

Ye Fan was inevitably a little lucky, if he didn't happen to be here celebrating the feast, he might have been really gotten away with it, thinking of this, Ye Fan said coldly, "Little Coco, take me with you, I'll see which bastard dares to do this!"

Ye Fan has long been fond of Little Coco, and after some exchanges, even more subconsciously has already taken Little Coco as his woman, now someone makes his woman striptease, how can he endure!

"Is something wrong, young master?"In the meantime, Charles' eyebrows were his business, Ye Fan's business was his business.

Ye Fan waved his hand, "Someone forced Little Coco to strip dance, I haven't even seen it, why should I....No, no, no, I'm saying that Little Coco sells her art, how can I sit idly by when she's being forced like this."

"Young Master is right, but I have a suggestion."Charles nodded his head.

Ye Fan was suddenly interested, Charles's advice had always been far-reaching, so he hurriedly asked, "Charles, what do you suggest?"

Charles looked righteous, "For someone as distinguished as Young Master, if we take the initiative to go to someone else's private room wouldn't we fall short, I suggest we just leave Little Coco behind, the other party will definitely come over."

"That's a wonderful move!"Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction.

Qian Duo was a bit confused, "How is it wonderful?"

"Manager Qian you don't know, but it's written in the rules of the Golden Mountain Clubhouse that private fights are not allowed here, and guests who trespass into other people's private rooms are also included in this, and will be directly expelled in the reverse."Ye Fan explained.

Upon hearing this, Qian Duo said in a daze, "This is a wonderful trick!"

Just like that, Little Coco sat next to Ye Fan, but was still worried, "Ye Shao, what should I do if that person makes Manager Wang call me back."

"It's fine, even if this is a bad move, we're not afraid of him!"Evan said very confidently.

Charles also nodded his head and looked calmly without speaking.

Little Coco stayed slightly moved and sang a few of her signature songs in a row, and the atmosphere in the box was lively again.


Just at this moment, the door was kicked open, and then a rather handsome youth walked in, snarling, "Which one of you doesn't want to live and snatch a woman from me!"

"Ye Shao, that's him."Little Coco was so scared that she hurriedly shrank into Ye Fan's arms.

Ye Fan contentedly inhaled the body fragrance emitted by Little Coco before saying calmly, "It's me, what's wrong?"

"Good, it's good to admit it."Saying that, the youth picked up the red wine bottle and ran towards Ye Fan.

Charles appeared in front of the youth with a flash, and before Ye Fan could see the action, the youth was already caught by Charles.

"So awesome!"Ye Fan was also shocked.

Charles looks like a kind grandfather, the previous work of thunder and lightning has scared Ye Fan once, but I can not imagine that Charles also left a hand, their own kung fu is also first-class.

Ye Fan heart can't help but guess that in the morning by Li Feng blocked the school entrance, if not for him to take money to solve things, I guess Charles would have already shot to waste everyone.

It was really deep and hidden!

"Get off me!"The youth's face was pressed dead against the table because of Charles's tackle.

"Let go of you?Do you know that trespassing in someone's private room will get you kicked out of the Gold Mountain Club, and you're planning to fight us?"Charles was indifferent.

But the youth sneered, "Thrown out?I think you're the ones being thrown out, do you know who I am!"

"It doesn't matter who you are, all I know is that you attempted to harm the young master with a weapon, and that is enough to punish you for the capital crime."Like a judgment, Charles simply pronounced the youth's death sentence.

With that, Charles picked up the bottle and was about to smash it.


Just then, the door opened again.


The one who came in was none other than Wang Long.

But even if it was Wang Lung, it couldn't affect Charles's actions in the slightest, only to see Charles's hand rise and fall the bottle, and the youth's head burst out like a watermelon, bursting with red liquid.

"It's over!"

Wang Long went limp all of a sudden.

"Why is it over?He was the one who rushed in first to move his hand, we were just defending ourselves, and it didn't kill anyone, a bottle of wine is a concussion at best, what are you worried about, Manager Wang?"Ye Fan was somewhat surprised by Wang Long's reaction.

In his impression, Wang Long had never reacted this way before.

Wang Long paled and said, "Ye Shao, this is our boss's youngest son!"

"The son of the owner of the Gold Hill Club?"In the meantime, Ye Fan could not help but knit his brows.

He knew very well the strength of the Gold Mountain Clubhouse, and just saying that these dishes and red wine were not something that an ordinary person could handle.

If you want to say that the Li family is a little famous in Jinsha City, the owner of the Gold Mountain Clubhouse is a real big shot. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

"Young Master, don't worry, the District Gold Mountain Clubhouse is still not enough evidence, the worst case scenario is to acquire it as well."Charles' expression, however, did not change in the slightest and remained indifferent.

In this regard, Ye Fan was very speechless, really trench unmanned ah.

But the Gold Mountain Clubhouse is at this level can just say buy it, so how rich is his family?

The more Ye Fan didn't dare to imagine what his parents' identity was.

Could it be that they were the owners of Alipay or WeChat?

No, aren't the owners of both of them Ma?

After shaking his head and shaking out the thoughts in his head, Ye Fan said in a deep voice, "Charles, strong dragons don't crush small bugs, the Li family was just a small player before, but the Gold Mountain Club is different ah, their status in Golden Sands City can really be at the level of big brothers."

Charles waved his hand, still indifferent, "Young Master is right, but just because a strong dragon doesn't crush a snake in the ground, doesn't mean it doesn't crush a small worm ah."

After taking out his phone and flipping through a few glances, Charles continued, "I had investigated before Young Master came here, the current capital of the Golden Mountain Club plus the fixed capital is only a mere 138 million, which is still enough to see in Golden Sands City, and a slightly larger city is completely inadequate.If they were in a first-tier city, they might not even be able to buy a better house with this amount of capital."

Little Worm?

It's only $138 million?

Not enough to buy a house?

Not to mention Ye Fan, even Qian Duo, who was facing the money every day, couldn't think about how the words were said so bluntly.

But if you thought about it, it was indeed true.

Ye Fan had a hundred million dollars in pocket money alone, and it was only a month's worth of pocket money.

Perhaps the Gold Mountain Club was really not so good.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan also returned to his normal ways, "In that case, let's continue drinking."

Ye Fan was also big-hearted, but this was also an acknowledgement of Charles, as long as there was Charles present, Ye Fan felt that all difficulties could be solved so easily.

"You guys are just laughing now, you wait for me to call my father!"Jin Li covered the wound on his head and stumbled out.

"We're not doing this right, are we?"Qian Duo was still a little nervous, as long as one was a frequent visitor to Sands City, they all had an inexplicable fear of the boss of Sands.

Ye Fan snorted coldly, "Bad?What's wrong with that?We didn't do anything wrong.I didn't even go looking for him when Gimli made Coco do a striptease.He was the one who initiated the trouble and had to hit me with a bottle, and if Charles hadn't done it, I'd be the one down here right now."

"That's right."Chandos nodded, it was indeed not Ye Fan who took the initiative to cause trouble.

Charles looked at Ye Fan and nodded approvingly, "Young Master, you did the right thing on this matter.I've been with the Master for so many years, and the Master always says, "Don't cause trouble if you're fine, don't be afraid of anything.This matter is wrong on Jin Li, so what you did is not only my support, even if the Master is there, the Master will support you!"

"Does my dad support me too?"Ye Fan clenched his fist quite excitedly.

For a father he had never met before, he couldn't help but feel a little more good about himself.

"Come, come, drink!"After Evan put away his feelings of missing his parents and raised his glass of wine, the crowd got high again.

Without Jin Li interrupting, Little Coco was also more enjoyable, not only singing her best songs again, but also dancing a few newly learned cheerful dances.

Although the movements were not very skilled, Little Coco's body and temperament were so good that they almost covered up the flaws in the dancing.

"Young Master, I have something to report."Charles touched the rapturously watching Ye Fan.

Evan didn't turn back, still looking at Little Coco dancing on the stage, but still replied, "Go ahead."

"I just investigated Little Coco's past, her real name will be Xiao Coco, almost no black history, she was a good student in school, that is, her parents died due to illness when she was in high school, then the economy did not allow it, she dropped out of school and has been living with her grandmother."

"Wouldn't that be similar to my experience?"Ye Fan was a little surprised, never thought that Xiao Coco was also a bitter child.

"The most important thing is, Xiao Coco has no love_experience, although contact with the live industry, but also has not gone out offline, part-time work here is also selling, just now refused to give Jin Li to dance striptease can be seen, not a lie."Charles said according to the information he had gathered on his phone.

Upon hearing that, Evan looked shocked, "So you're saying that Xiao Coco is still zero in terms of romance?Which means..."

Charles nodded his head without speaking.

After getting the confirmation, Ye Fan couldn't help but swallow his saliva, Xiao Coco was still a good girl who was intact.

"Ye Shao, treat people well."Qian Duo was obviously drunk and directly hooked up with Ye Fan's shoulder.

Ye Fan didn't care, still excited, "Then there's no need for you to say, how can I not protect such a good girl!"

After thinking about it, he turned his head to Charles, "Prepare well, if Jin Li really dares to come back later, end it quickly, don't let Xiao Coco appear stressed psychologically."

"I know, young master."Charles nodded his head and went out to make a call.

As for Chandor, he was already drunk and couldn't point now.

"Do I look good dancing?"After the song ended, Xiao Coco returned to Ye Fan's side.

Ye Fan wiped the sweat on Xiao Coco's head with a tissue and said with a smile, "Good looking, you look good in everything you dance."

Coco Xiao was about to open her mouth with a smile, but the door was kicked open once again with a bang.

Immediately after that, Jin Li appeared again.

Not only that, behind Jin Li's back came in a full ten brawny men!

Looking at Xiao Coco in Ye Fan's bosom, the anger in Jin Li's eyes was even greater: "You pair of dogs, don't think of leaving the Golden Mountain Clubhouse today, the men beat them to death, the women tie them up I'll keep them for a while to play, brothers on!"

As he said that, he waved his hand as if he had already seen the tragic face of Ye Fan and the sight of Xiao Coco begging for mercy.

"Wait, tie me up for what, they're over there!"

What Jin Li didn't expect was that the group of big men surrounded him the moment he gave the order, followed by tying him up with the rope that should have tied Coco Xiao.

The leading big man pointed at the intercom headset and said indifferently, "It's the boss's order."

"No way, how could my father tie me up, you guys must be mistaken!"

As soon as the words were out of my mouth, the door opened, followed by a middle-aged man with a big belly saying, "Come in, Mr. Charles!"

Charles nodded slightly and walked slowly behind Ye Fan before speaking, "Manager Jin, this is Young Master Ye Fan."

The middle-aged man with a big belly trembled and ran in front of Ye Fan, bowing ninety degrees before raising his head and smiling, "Hello, Young Master Ye Fan, I am the former owner of the Gold Mountain Club, and I am currently serving as the General Manager of the Gold Mountain Club, my name is Jinshan."

"Former owner?"

Ye Fan was slightly surprised and looked at Charles.

Charles faintly spoke, "Young Master, you have just acquired the Golden Mountain Clubhouse, and now you are the owner of this place."

"So that's how it is."Ye Fan was a little surprised by Charles' tactics, but he quickly adapted, "Manager Jin, that Jin Li over there is your son, right."

"That's the canine son."Jin Shan nodded his head, "Just now, Canine gave you a fright and tried to take possession of your woman, for which I am deeply sorry, so as long as Ye Shao is satisfied, you can dispose of Canine as you wish, and I can slap myself ten times with a frown!"

Dispose of it at will?

Jin Li is momentarily confused, is this still my real father?

But what really scared Jin Li was what Ye Fan said.

Only Ye Fan was slightly playful: "Manager Jin atmospheric, but since you've said it, if you don't do anything, it'll seem like I'm being stingy, so I'll just do whatever I want!"

Then, with a hint of a bad smile on his lips, Evan walked towards Jin Li.


Looking at the slowly approaching Ye Fan, Jin Li let out a helpless scream, legs shaking like a sieve, a sudden wet_moist between his legs, a smell of slut came out, Heck, he was scared to pee!


"Ye Fan, no, Mr. Ye, I know I was wrong, please let me go, I really know I was wrong."

Jin Li two trembled, the foul odor soon filled the entire room.

Ye Fan also didn't frown, the smell was really too big, even he couldn't stand it.

Jin Shan, on the other hand, coldly snorted, "Kid, do you have the right to speak here?Ye Shao handling you is a reward for you, don't be ungrateful, kneel down quickly."

Jin Li was obviously afraid of Jinshan, and really just stopped talking, just a slight tremble of his body highlighting his nervousness at the moment.

Thinking differently, if someone else wanted to play with his woman, he would have stripped them of their skin and cramped their muscles.

But to Jin Li's surprise, Ye Fan just waved his hand and said, "Get lost."


Kim Lipton was stunned, why was it so simple to just get the hell out?Not even a few kicks?

Ye Fan actually wanted to beat Jin Li up, but the smell was too strong, causing Ye Fan to not want to get close easily.Moreover, Jinshan's sincere attitude gave Ye Fan enough face, if he made another move, it would really be a bit of bullying the small with the big. One second to remember to read the book

But how could an old fox like Jinshan fail to see Ye Fan's thoughts, he directly got up and overturned Jin Li with a kick, and said coldly, "Mr. Ye Atmosphere doesn't deal with you, but I can't let you off, so humiliating to my Jin family, you're still the first share.You guys beat him up and send him to the hospital."

"Thank you Brother Ye, thank you Brother Ye."

Although he still couldn't escape punishment, Jin Li knew that this kind of going to the hospital was already a reward for him.

Especially since a few security guards were still familiar with him and wouldn't do anything harsh, Jinshan was just superficial.

Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, and now there is no mood to play, after all, the smell of urine all over the house, so he really can't stand it.

Turning his head to look at Xiao Coco, Ye Fan said, "Coco, go change your clothes, let's go out for a walk."

"May I?"

Xiao Coco did not respond right away, but turned her head to Jinshan and asked.

Jin Shan chuckled, "Coco, you're confused, now Ye Shao is the boss here, he said it's natural to be okay."

Only then did Xiao Coco smile and hurriedly went to change her clothes.

After waiting at the door for more than ten minutes, Xiao Coco changed her clothes and came out.

In the past, whether it was a live broadcast or a club, all Ye Fan saw was Xiao Coco in exposed clothes, or it was the first time he saw Xiao Coco in casual clothes.

Although it was only a sports style, it still couldn't stop Xiao Coco's round - round figure, which made Ye Fan's eyes feast.

"Where to?"

Coco Xiao blinked her eyes and inquired.

Although Xiao Coco did not say it outright, Ye Fan clearly felt Xiao Coco's question and withdrew his gaze, saying, "Where do you want to go to play?"

"Let's see, I've got a live broadcast at six in the evening, and it's two in the afternoon, so it's only four hours, so why don't we go to a park or something."Xiao Coco pondered.

Ye Fan was extremely surprised by this, he thought that Xiao Coco would choose to go shopping on the pedestrian street, but he never thought that Xiao Coco would be like this, and even more so, he looked up to Xiao Coco, and his heart was even more convinced that Xiao Coco was the girlfriend he wanted.

Unbidden, Ye Fan once again asked what he hadn't said just now in the clubhouse, "Coco, do you still want to go to school?"

"School, ah, very much so.But now grandmother is old, and I still have to earn money, so I'm prepared, so if she gets sick, she won't be able to support it."Xiao Coco was despondent.

Ye Fan brightened up and extremely agreed with Xiao Coco's point of view.

Because the grandmother who raised him was also like this, even though she wasn't his own grandmother, Ye Fan still wanted to go back and see his grandmother, and now that he had money, he would bring her to the big city to enjoy his happiness.

After shaking off the thoughts in his head, Ye Fan seriously said, "If you want to go to school, you can come to our school, I know the principal and can transfer you in directly, and as for the financial aspect, you don't have to be too serious, I can pay for it."

After thinking about it, Ye Fan said again, "Why don't you quit your live broadcast job as well, how much this affects your energy ah."

Xiao Coco's face sank at the words, saying, "You want to cover me too?

A sponsor?

Ye Fan was stunned, but quickly thought that Xiao Coco should have misunderstood, for this kind of charity, it was obvious that Xiao Coco was seen as a gold-worshipping girl.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan quickly apologized, "I'm sorry, Coco, I didn't mean that, what I meant was, you can go to school first, I'll pay for it, and then when you are successful in your studies, you can just go and earn money for me, as a credit, no interest."

"So that's how it is, you said that earlier."

Hearing Ye Fan's words, Xiao Coco's appearance only became better, patting her chest, "Scared me to death, I thought you were no different from Jin Li."


Ye Fan smiled somewhat awkwardly, he actually did have this thought, but the only thing that was different about Ye Fan was that he wasn't just playing, but he really had feelings for Coco Xiao.

Xiao Coco smiled, "Since that's the case, I'll give my boss a call and say that I'll resign, and I won't need the live broadcast at night, so I can also play a bit more."

"Fine fine."

Ye Fan nodded repeatedly, his heart was satisfied.

Taking out her phone, Coco Xiao made a call, but didn't say a few words.

Very quickly, Xiao Coco's face changed and her eyebrows locked, "Why, can't I quit my job?Why don't you settle my salary, that's not what we talked about in the first place!"

Ye Fan's eyebrows were raised, and he quickly thought that it should be the agency's side that was making things difficult for Xiao Coco, so he made a call to Charles, "Charles, check the company behind Xiao Coco."

Charles was silent for a moment: "It's just a small company, is it offending Young Master?Do you need me to take over this company?"


Ye Fan brightened up and nodded, "If it's okay, I'll give you half an hour to acquire the company, I don't want Xiao Coco to be aggrieved."

Charles responded and hung up the phone.

Xiao Coco also hung up the phone just in time, full of aggravation, "Ye Shao, I'm afraid I still need to broadcast live, because they won't let me go."

Ye Fan had expected this, so he patted Xiao Coco's shoulder and said, "It's okay, it's a small matter.Let's go, I'll go with you to the agency to check it out, there might be a turn of events."


Xiao Coco nodded, but still didn't quite believe it, thinking that Ye Fan was just comforting her.

After all, the brokerage company she was in wasn't good for anything, no matter what, Ye Fan was still just a student, how capable could he be?

But Xiao Coco did not say what was on her mind, and Ye Fan did not explain, anyway, what is said now is empty talk, until the agency everything will be decided.


Because Charles went to deal with the agency's affairs, so Ye Fan just need to drive a taxi.

In the car, Ye Fan thought it was time to buy his own car, anyway, now is not bad money to buy a car, if you always take a taxi, it's too impractical.

Now that Ye Fan's clothes have been replaced with trendy brands, it's time to think about the car.

When he thought of this, Ye Fan wanted to discuss with Xiao Coco about buying a car, but when he turned his head and saw Xiao Coco's sad face, he took back the words that came to his lips, now chatting would only be asking for trouble.

Fortunately, the taxi drove for ten minutes to the brokerage firm, so it wasn't too boring.

"Is this a small company?"

Looking at the five-storey building in front of him, Ye Fan muttered in his heart.

Although five floors wasn't high, a company with five floors wouldn't be called a small company, after all, the Gold Mountain Club was only seven floors.

"Let's go."Xiao Coco pulled Ye Fan a bit and entered the inside of the company.

Without anyone stopping them, the two of them arrived at the manager's office. The first website m.kanshu8.net

But as soon as he entered the manager's office, a big fat man in his early forties split his head and scolded angrily, "Xiao Coco, what do you mean, just come and go as you say, do you think this is your home!"

Xiao Coco blushed and said, "Manager Li, it's my freedom to leave or stay, what right do you have to restrict me, the contract signed in the beginning, but it clearly states that I can leave at any time."

"Yes, it was clearly written in the contract, do you still want to deny it?"Ye Fan said on the side.

On the way, Ye Fan had also read the electronic version of the contract, and knew even more that the manager in charge of Xiao Coco was called Li Zhuang.

Li Zhuang sneered, "This is a company, not your home, and you're talking about the contract, I'll talk to you properly, but it's clearly written on this contract, if you leave, you have to compensate one million in damages, leaving one million, you can leave now, or you can do a good live broadcast."

Saying that, Li Zhuang threw out a document.

Ye Fan opened the document and scanned a few eyes, it was roughly similar to the electronic version he had seen before, except that there was an additional requirement for liquidated damages.

Xiao Coco also saw the liquidated damages requirement and was surprised, "Impossible, I could clearly see it at the time, there's no liquidated damages at all, wait, this drop signature isn't in my handwriting either, this isn't my contract at all!"

"If you say it isn't, it isn't?Then I'll say yes."

Li Zhuang chuckled, speaking without any hesitation, obviously not the first time doing this kind of thing already.

After Ye Fan understood everything, he became angry and said, "People like you are not worthy of being a manager, you don't care about your employees at all, and you make yin and yang contracts, how disgusting!"

Li Zhuang's eyes narrowed as he glared at Ye Fan, "What's the matter with you, who are you, are you the big money that Xiao Coco is rumored to be hugging?Take the money if you have it, or don't bleep here, or don't blame me for having security kick you out!"

Li Zhuang's merciless words made Ye Fan very uncomfortable.Although it was the first time we met, but this kind of person who was full of foul language at the first meeting was even more excessive than the manager of the courier company.

After Ye Fan looked at the WeChat sent by Charles and learned that he had already acquired the company, he sneered, "Listen to me, now hurry up and apologize to Xiao Coco, I'll pretend that nothing has happened, or else you can watch what happens!"

Li Zhuang looked up and down at Ye Fan and said disdainfully, "It's just a small rich second generation, it's fine to pretend to be a pussy in school, I'm not afraid of you.What qualifications do you have to tell me what to do here, I advise you to get lost, the boss here is not something you can provoke!"

Ye Fan chuckled, "You're sort of right about that, the boss here is indeed untouchable, but it's not me, it's you!"

"Oh, shame on you, I..."

Before Li Zhuang's profanity could be cursed out, he saw a tall, thin middle-aged man wearing glasses run into the office in a panic: "Which one is Mr. Ye?"

"I am."Ye Fan echoed.

This person even nodded and said, "I'm Wang Qiang, the former boss here, Download Nai served in the position of general manager, meet Mr. Ye, I never expected you to be so young, you're really a hero!"

"Brother Wang, what are you talking about, this little - pup is just coming in to cause trouble!"Li Zhuang's face was puzzled.

Wang Qiang could be the boss, and his ability to read people's words was very strong, so he didn't need to say much to see that Li Zhuang and Ye Fan had a conflict.He picked up the wooden mop and struck Li Zhuang's body with a bang, and the wooden rod turned into two sections.

"You fucking can't speak, Mr. Ye is now the boss of this place, if you dare to insult the boss, you're fired!"

Wang Qiang snapped harshly, turning his head and fawning over Ye Fan, "Ye Shao, do you think it's okay for me to make decisions without permission?"

Saying that, he kicked Li Zhuang's ass again and shouted angrily, "What are you still standing stupidly for, you're fired, get out, do you still need security to frame you out?"

Li Zhuang was well aware of Wang Qiang's terror and didn't dare to say half a word of complaint, so he quickly left in ashes.

"Yes, quite good."

Ye Fan applauded in satisfaction, without even looking at Li Zhuang, he and Wang Qiang continued, "Xiao Ke but the anchor here, it's okay if I'm directly in charge from now on."

"You're the boss, what you say is fine."Wang Qiang nodded his head repeatedly.

Ye Fan nodded slightly, turned his head to look at the surprised Xiao Coco and winked, "Alright, you can leave the company now, and your salary will be settled in full as usual."

"No, I don't want to leave!"

Xiao Coco suddenly shook her head, making Ye Fan a little surprised.

Xiao Coco smiled and said, "Now that the company owner is you, wouldn't that mean that I can broadcast live whenever I want, and I don't have to follow their rules very much."

The words changed, she was again, "And if I want to go to school, I have to look for you on credit, to open a live broadcast to earn some money also as to pay you back, and also a point is a point."

"You're really a little clever guy."

Ye Fan shook his head helplessly and turned his head to Wang Qiang, "The company is still your responsibility, do a good job, don't let me down ah."

"Okay Ye Shao, don't worry about my work."

Wang Qiang nodded his head repeatedly, if other people spoke he might still disobey Yin and Yang, but for Ye Fan he was afraid to be half disrespectful.

The other party's sudden strong acquisition just now made Wang Qiang understand that Ye Fan was far from an existence he could provoke, otherwise he wouldn't have violently beaten Li Zhuang.

Under Wang Qiang's personal escort, Ye Fan and Xiao Coco left Wang's agency, no, it should be called Ye's agency now!


"Where do you want to go for fun?"

Out of Ye's agency, Ye Fan inquired.

Xiao Coco thought about it and suggested, "Why don't we go to the school, I haven't been to the school for a long time, it would be satisfying if I could go there, and I'll have motivation to study for the exams afterwards."

"Revise and prepare for exams?"

Ye Fan was slightly startled, "No need, you can just come to our school directly."

"What?Directly?Is it any wonder you've acquired the university?"

Xiao Coco was extremely surprised, already unable to see through Ye Fan.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "It's not that great, but I know the headmaster, so it should be about right to say hello to him."

"This won't be too troublesome, right?"

Xiao Coco was hesitant, Ye Fan had already helped her a lot, if the school side also helped, she didn't even know how to repay. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

How about giving yourself to me?

Xiao Coco suddenly thought of a common bridge in dramas, and a blush appeared on her face.

"No trouble, no trouble."

Seeing Xiao Coco's blush, Ye Fan thought that Xiao Coco was too embarrassed to trouble him, so he even took out his phone and prepared to dial Principal Zhang Ke's number, he didn't want Xiao Coco to be psychologically burdened again.

"Coco, which major do you want to go to."Ye Fan inquired, "If you don't have one in mind, then go to our Finance Department."

"Department of Finance?That's the science department, right."Xiao Coco looked embarrassed, "I'm not that smart, I can't learn anything in the science department, otherwise, let's say the language department, I can still graduate later and be a teacher, my childhood wish was to be a teacher."

"Department of Languages?It's not bad either."Ye Fan nodded, but a hint of loneliness still flashed in his eyes.

After all, if Xiao Coco and him were in the Finance Department, under getting along every day, they would be able to get close to the water.

But on second thought, the language department seemed to be good too.

Although the school was mostly filled with boys, it was only for science majors.Liberal arts majors basically had more girls, especially the language department, which basically didn't have many boys.

This way there wouldn't be a situation of being close to the water.

After discussing the majors, Ye Fan called Zhang Ke.Originally, Ye Fan also felt more or less to stuff red envelopes, but did not think that Zhang Ke agreed.However, Ye Fan was not the one to take small advantage of people, and only after the appointment did he hang up the phone with satisfaction after inviting Zhang Ke for dinner.


Putting down the phone, Ye Fan smiled proudly.

"Ye Shao, you're amazing!"

Xiao Coco's eyes were full of little stars, and with a little thought, she took the initiative to hug Ye Fan's neck and kissed Ye Fan's cheek with a "pop" before running out without looking back.


Touching the remaining warmth on his face, Ye Fan froze in place.

Only after a long time did a single word emerge in Ye Fan's mind.

So soft!

Those kitty lips are so warm and soft!

"What an abrasive little goblin, looks like we'll have to hold on to her!"

Ye Fan smiled heedlessly and stepped forward to chase after Xiao Coco where she had escaped.


"Bye bye!"

After waving to Ye Fan, Xiao Coco ran into the Golden Sands University.

Although Ye Fan and her came to the school by taxi, the two of them didn't know how to open their mouths along the way, but there was just an ambiguous feeling lingering between them.

Ye Fan was in no hurry to confess, but anyway, having come to a school, there were many opportunities.Now it was better to let Xiao Keke go to class first, familiarize herself with the school environment, and give Xiao Keke a time to think calmly.

Watching the wonderful body slowly disappear from sight, only then did Ye Fan stepped into the campus with satisfaction.

But after entering the campus, Ye Fan remembered that there was no class in the afternoon, so he took out his mobile phone.

Just now, Zhang Ke sent Xiao Ke's class schedule to Ye Fan's phone, so Ye Fan started to look at Xiao Ke's afternoon classes, preparing to give Xiao Ke a surprise.

Unlike high school, an extra student in a college class won't attract the teacher's attention.

Ye Fan just sneaked into the classroom through the back door and sat on the seat behind Xiao Coco when she wasn't paying attention.

"This girl shouldn't expect me to appear here, hehe."

Ye Fan smiled hehehe, but didn't disturb Xiao Coco.

Xiao Coco had only entered the school, she obviously didn't adapt, and there was definitely still the idea of novelty, so let Xiao Coco adapt to the university classroom first.

After making up his mind, Ye Fan fell asleep on his desk, bored in a hundred ways....

"Together, together!"

In his sleep, Ye Fan suddenly heard a bunch of girls coaxing, and couldn't help but open his eyes.

Only to see that it was already the end of class time, and a crepe-looking man with glasses was standing in front of Xiao Coco and was holding a bouquet of flowers, "Xiao Coco, I've liked you since the first moment I saw you, and only you are my Zhao Wenbin's destiny!"

"Wow, Bin is so romantic!"

"Together, together, together!"

The language department already had few boys, and even fewer would be as romantic as Zhao Wenbin, the girls couldn't help but be jealous of Xiao Coco, but between Zhao Wenbin's might, they could only coax.

"Together you're paralyzed!"

Ye Fan slapped the table with a bang, and the class was instantly silent.

"Who are you?!"Zhao Wenbin looked at Ye Fan with a gloomy face, he all felt like he was going to succeed, but a spoiler appeared at this time.

"Finance Department Ye Fan!"Ye Fan spoke resoundingly.

"Ye Fan?"

Xiao Coco turned her head to also see Ye Fan, her eyes showed joy, and without hesitation she rushed to Ye Fan's bosom, "Luckily you're here, otherwise I wouldn't know what to do."

Xiao Coco had been working part-time at the Gold Mountain Club for a year, and from Zhao Wenbin's temperament and dress, she knew that Zhao Wenbin was a young master, but Xiao Coco didn't like this one, but she couldn't directly refuse it.

It was obvious that the language department was Zhao Wenbin's world, and if she refused, she was afraid that she wouldn't be able to mix, and she still wanted to go to school in peace.

"What's your relationship with Xiao Coco?"Seeing Xiao Coco rushing into Ye Fan's arms, Zhao Wenbin's face was so dark that it wanted to drip.

"She's my boyfriend, Zhao Wenbin you give up."

Ye Fan would always appear at the most critical time, this was the case at the Gold Mountain Club and also at school, Xiao Coco felt that the sense of security Ye Fan gave her was the highest other than her grandmother since she was a child.

The accumulation of emotions coupled with Zhao Wenbin's questioning made Xiao Coco not be able to get out of her mouth.

The words came out and Xiao Coco blushed even more and directly tied herself to Ye Fan's bosom like a little sparrow, not daring to show her head.

Also blushing was Ye Fan, but Ye Fan wasn't shy, but excited.

Ye Fan did not expect that the sudden appearance of a Zhao Wenbin would stimulate Xiao Coco to say such words.Although it might be worded, it meant that Xiao Coco was at least interested in him ah.

"Hear that, Coco, my woman, go away from where you came from."

Ye Fan said proudly, especially when he said 'my woman', he clearly felt Xiao Coco in his arms tremble, making his heart even more beautiful.


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