Lost Young Master 31-35


Chapter 31


Zhao Wenbin gave a cold snort, but didn't leave.

Pushing his gold wire glasses, Zhao Wenbin looked Ye Fan up and down and saw that Ye Fan was dressed in casual clothes, so he didn't sneer, "Even you are worthy?A girl as good as Coco, I advise you not to delay people, it's better for me to take care of this kind of flower."

Although Zhao Wenbin's words didn't contain any dirty words, Ye Fan could also hear that Zhao Wenbin had words in his mouth, clearly treating him like cow dung.

Truly worthy of learning languages, cursing people without any dirty words.

"Pampering you paralysis, you're an ass in my eyes."

Ye Fan was not going to be this kind of crepe, but he knew one thing, cursing is, the meaning is conveyed.


Zhao Wenbin's face instantly turned red, how often had he not been abused, how could he stand such straightforward profanity from Ye Fan, he was suddenly annoyed, "Coco, like this kind of unqualified person, why take care of him, being with me is the best choice!"

Xiao Coco poked her head out of Ye Fan's bosom and frowned, "Does it match with a sissy like you?What Ye can give me, can you give it to me?" One second to remember to read the book

"Sissy?Are you calling me a sissy?"Zhao Wenbin's face sank.

Xiao Coco "puffed" a laugh: "You look at you, so you say you are not refuting, have no point of manhood, talking and wishy-washy, so dilly-dallying is not a sissy what?"

"That's a good point!"Ye Fan listened to Xiao Coco's words and also felt that it seemed to be the case.

"Good men don't fight with women."Zhao Wenbin said, turning his head just to Ye Fan, "Ye Fan, I want to prove to you that I'm the man worthy of Xiao Coco, after school, I'll invite Xiao Coco to the Jinshan Hotel for dinner, it's one of the top three hotels in Jinsha City, dressed like you, you probably haven't even been to the Jinshan Hotel, hard power crushes you!"

"Wow, the Sands Hotel, I heard that the consumption there is very expensive, at least 50,000 at a time to start, Bin Shao is really rich."

"Not only is he rich, young Bin is also handsome, this is the standard rich and handsome!"

"A refined boy like Bin Shao is no sissy, he's my god!"

The girls in the class had little stars in their eyes, and one by one, they looked at Zhao Wenbin adoringly.

"Thank you, classmates, for lifting me up!"

Hearing the girls' words, Li Mu modestly waved his hand, especially when he heard others clarify that he wasn't a sissy, he straightened his back even more.

"Ye Fan, if you're capable, let's go together tonight and show you the big scene and recognize how incompetent you are!"Zhao Wenbin smiled coldly and looked like he was winning.

"It's just going for a meal, and I thought you had a lot of skills, Coco, do you want to go eat?We'll refuse if we don't want to eat."Ye Fan said somewhat indifferently.

But in Zhao Wenbin's opinion, Ye Fan is just wimpy, and hurriedly said to Xiao Coco, "Coco, Ye Fan is just afraid that you'll look at him wrongly and abandon him when it's down time.Don't worry, I'm here, if you don't like Ye Fan, you can just break up with him!"

Xiao Coco's eyes turned and said, "Alright then, I've decided to go, let's make someone completely realize reality by the way."

Zhao Wenbin smiled proudly and said, "Then we won't meet again, I'll wait for you at the school entrance after school."

After saying that, Zhao Wenbin left in a dashing manner.

"Why are you so bad."

Watching Zhao Wenbin leave, only then did Ye Fan laughed, "That line of recognizing reality you are deliberately saying to Zhao Wenbin, only can you say that, I'm afraid to let Zhao Wenbin think that it's making me recognize reality gobbledygook."

"That's how you're going to fix him, otherwise, he'll be around in front of me every day in the future, annoyed to death."

Xiao Coco smiled with a smile, looking like she was getting her way.

"Okay, then you go to class first, I'll go out to do some business and come find you after school later."

After saying that, Ye Fan left the classroom and took out his cell phone to dial Jinshan's number.

"Jinshan, does that Jinshan Hotel have anything to do with you guys?"

When he mentioned the Gold Mountain Hotel just now, Ye Fan couldn't help but think of the Gold Mountain Club, that's why he didn't call Charles, but called Gold Mountain.

Jin Shan carefully said, "Hello Ye Shao, I own the Golden Mountain Hotel, is there someone who offended you at the Golden Mountain Hotel?"

Without waiting for Ye Fan to speak, Jinshan's words changed again, "Right, Ye Shao, when the acquisition was made before, Mr. Charles was too troublesome, so he simply acquired all the industries under my name directly, now the Jinshan Hotel is also an industry under your name, if someone really offends you, you can just drive them out, it's all on your own territory, no one dares to touch you."

"The Golden Mountain Hotel is also mine?"

Ye Fan was slightly startled, and in his mind, he couldn't help but see Charles' face, and could imagine that if it was Charles, he would indeed be able to do such a thing.

Returning to his senses, Ye Fan continued, "Someone did mess with me, but it was just showing off his wealth with me."

"Showing off my wealth?Rich compared to you?Is there such a big shot in Sands?"

Who the hell is this big talker?Who is the head of the family?

But even then, Jinshan couldn't really think of anyone who would be so rich.

Ye Fan interrupted Jinshan's thinking and explained, "It's either some big shot or a student named Zhao Wenbin."

"Student?Special even if he's a rich second generation, he's just an ass in the Golden Sands, never even heard of it, Ye Shao, why don't I step in and help you deal with it."Jinshanton snorted.

Don't look at the fact that Jinshan was only the general manager's position now, but this position was also given by Charles.

And Charles' only request was not to make the industry earn money, but to let Ye Fan live more comfortably.

Now that Ye Fan was being beaten in the face, if Ye Fan didn't live comfortably, he, Jinshan, would be able to live comfortably?

Ye Fan thought about it and said, "No need for you, just a frog in a well is not enough.Since the Golden Mountain Hotel is my property, I have my own ways."

Jinshan nodded fiercely, "Don't worry Ye Shao, I'll leave you the best imperial box, this box consumption floor is eighty-eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight, the same highest level of service as the Jinshan Club, so you can happily beat the face of that brat, by the way, that brat is called Zhao Wenbin right, when he booked a private room, how about not giving it to him?"

"No!"Ye Fan directly refused, "Not only do we have to give it to him, we have to give him the best, so let's give him the Emperor's Box!"

"Why is that?"Jin Shan was somewhat puzzled.

Ye Fan smiled, "It's an estate under my name anyway, he consumes me to make money, and the emperor's private room needs eighty-eight thousand at a time, can he afford to consume it?"

Jinshan paused for a few seconds and suddenly brightened up, "Worthy of Ye Shao, this is a really clever move, if he can afford to spend, you also make money, and Zhao Wenbin is but a small rich second generation, spending so much money is also puffing up his face, not enough evidence later.But on the other hand, when the time comes that he can't afford to spend, you're making a strong entrance, it's also enough to beat Zhao Wenbin's face, it's really a good way to get the best of both worlds!"


"Good!My plan is just that, thanks to you being so quick to react, as such, there is no need for me to bother with the rest of the details, you can handle the rest yourself, the time is five o'clock in the afternoon, it's almost ready now, do things beautifully this time, the benefits won't be less for you."

"Thank you, Ye Shao, working for Ye Shao is something I'm willing to do, no need for any benefits, just look at this matter, it will be done beautifully for you!"

After Jin Shan answered the call, Ye Fan hung up the phone.

When she returned to the classroom, Xiao Coco looked worried, "Ye Fan, I've given you trouble again."

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "It's fine, it's not troublesome at all."

Afraid that Xiao Coco would feel bad, Ye Fan didn't care about preparing a surprise for her, so he directly said the content of the phone call he just had with Jinshan.

Hearing it, Xiao Coco's eyes brightened, and the previous haze instantly dissipated.

The afternoon passed quickly.

When they arrived at the school entrance, Ye Fan and Xiao Coco waited for Charles, who had previously known the time of the drop-off and pick-up, and would always arrive on time.

However, before Charles arrived, a white BMW came up and parked in front of the two of them, and after the window was rolled down, only Zhao Wenbin pushed his glasses and said elegantly, "Coco, take my car and go, it's not worth it to squeeze the bus with Ye Fan." The first website m.kanshu8.net

Without waiting for him to finish, a luxurious extended Lincoln pulled up in front of Evan, and Charles quickly stepped out of the car, looking apologetic, "Sorry for being a minute late, young master."

"It's fine."Ye Fan waved his hand, rushing is better than rushing coincidentally, if Charles had just appeared, it would not have been possible to run into Zhao Wenbin pretending to be here.

But now, it was clear who was stronger and who was weaker.

Don't look at the BMW that Zhao Wenbin drove, is only about 200,000 low-grade car, and this extended Lincoln is a luxury version, especially the last three numbers of the license plate tail number '888', is to highlight the difference.

"Coco, get in."With a wave of Ye Fan's hand, Xiao Coco got into the extended Lincoln.

On the other hand, Zhao Wenbin's face was already gloomy enough to drip water.

"Zhao Da Shao, and you're still driving yourself na.If you have money, hire a driver - it, like you are so weak, driving again wears you out.Don't tell me that you can't even afford to hire a driver if you invite us to dinner at the Jinshan Hotel."

Ye Fan smiled hehehe, his eyes full of mockery.

Without giving Zhao Wenbin a chance to retort, Ye Fan entered the extended Lincoln with a flash.

Charles naturally saw that Ye Fan had a conflict with Zhao Wenbin and also had a cold face: "Nothing else, just get out of the way.I remember the old Chinese - national saying that a good dog doesn't block the road, I believe you're not such an unqualified person."


It was the first time that Zhao Wenbin was at a verbal disadvantage, but he had to get out of the way first, otherwise he would really become the dog that Charles was talking about.

Zhao Wenbin's face was cloudy as he watched the extended Lincoln sail away.

Although Ye Fan looked like a debauched - unrestrained appearance, but also does have this capital.The company has a long history of developing new products and services, and the company has a long history of developing new products and services.

And Charles was a foreigner who could speak fluent Chinese with a monthly salary of at least 10,000 yuan to start, not to mention the estimated monthly salary of a private driver of great talent.

"Ye Fan, who the hell are you!"

Zhao Wenbin put away his previously disdainful gaze, and he decided to reexamine Ye Fan.

But Rao, Zhao Wenbin didn't have the slightest idea of giving up on Coco Xiao, after all, one couldn't wimp out the momentum of anything.

Earlier, Zhao Wenbin had seen that Ye Fan didn't know about the Golden Mountain Hotel at all, that's why he picked the Golden Mountain Hotel.

"So what if you're rich, not seeing the same is just being rich and unpromising, not even close to me!"

Zhao Wenbin's heart was comforted and whirled around to drive to the Golden Mountain Hotel....

Since Charles wasn't very clear about the roads here, he followed the navigation and took a lot of big roads, and when Ye Fan and Xiao Coco arrived at the Jinshan Hotel, Ye Fan saw Zhao Wenbin walking out of the Jinshan Hotel in a lost state.

"Zhao Da Shao, why did you come out?"Ye Fan pretended to be puzzled.

Zhao Wenbin's eyes twitched, but he calmly spoke, "There's no box, let's go, I'll show you guys some other day."

"No, that's impossible."Ye Fan looked at the five-storey Jinshan Hotel with a face of disbelief, "There are at least a hundred compartments here, how can there not be even a single compartment?Is it because you don't want to invite us to dinner and are deliberately making excuses."

"Don't be bloody-mouthed, I can still afford to treat you to a mere meal!"Zhao Wenbin snorted, but didn't take a step into the Golden Mountain Hotel.

Instead, Ye Fan stepped forward and walked towards the front desk, "Are there any private rooms here?"

The barman at the front desk covered the headphones on his right ear with his hand, and after seemingly hearing something, he said with an apologetic face, "I'm sorry sir, there's no more ordinary compartments here."

And then Zhao Wenbin, who came in, snorted, "Ye Fan, see, this place says there are no more private rooms."

Without waiting for Zhao Wenbin to finish, the barman continued, "But sir, there's an emperor's box here, may I ask?"

"Imperial compartment ah, of course, it sounds quite good."Ye Fan pretended to be surprised and showed his satisfaction.

Zhao Wenbin pulled Ye Fan with one hand and coldly snorted, "Ye Fan, you're crazy, do you know what kind of consumption the Imperial Box is, and you just dare to book it as you please?"

Ye Fan looked indifferent, "What consumption?What does this have to do with me?Wasn't it your treat?"

The quality triple question made Zhao Wenbin instantly speechless.

Xiao Coco also knew about Ye Fan's plan, so she pulled Ye Fan's corner at the side and whispered, "Ye Shao, don't make it difficult for Zhao Wenbin, he's not as rich as you are, he probably can't afford to eat here, let's just leave and save face for him somewhat."

Although it was a whisper, Xiao Coco controlled it at just the right volume for Zhao Wenbin to hear.

When he heard Xiao Coco's words, Zhao Wenbin's face reddened, but it wasn't anger but gratitude.

He thought that Xiao Coco was trying to preserve his face, but even though he happened to hear it, he was also very grateful to Xiao Coco, and in order to otherwise leave a bad impression in Xiao Coco's mind, Zhao Wenbin made a shocking decision as soon as he bit his teeth.

"We'll eat at the Emperor's Box today!"

"Really?That's great!"Xiao Coco jumped up at once, but then her words changed, wondering, "Zhao Shao, didn't you say that the Imperial Box is very expensive?Or we should just forget it, and actually eat something else."

"No, let's just eat this!"

The more he listened to Xiao Coco's persuasion, the more Zhao Wenbin felt that Xiao Coco was kind-hearted and also felt that he couldn't lose face, so he just pulled out a credit card and slapped it on the counter!

"Just book the Emperor's Box!"


When they entered the emperor's box, the waiter called Zhao Wenbin out.

And the only people left in the room were Ye Fan and Xiao Coco, who suddenly burst out laughing madly.

"Coco, you're so bad, and you're deliberately irritating Zhao Wenbin, I'm afraid this guy doesn't know it yet while being grateful to you in his heart."Ye Fan gave a thumbs up to Coco Xiao with a face of admiration.

Xiao Coco smiled, "Ye Shao, wasn't it you who came up with this plan in the first place, I was just adding to it, but then again, it's guys like Zhao Wenbin who are sold out and still help count money, right?"

"Isn't it, it's easy to fall into this kind of trap when you're a deadbeat like this."Ye Fan laughed, "This meal can require eighty-eight million, I'm afraid this guy is going to be bleeding heavily."


While the two of them were laughing at Zhao Wenbin, the door was suddenly kicked open.

Only Zhao Wenbin walked in with a gloomy face and roared, "So it was you guys who set me up, I said what's going on, if I wasn't smart, I would have been kept in the dark!"

"Down set?Who set you up?"Ye Fan looked confused and inquired, "Am I cheating money or sex, you yourself wanted to invite us to dinner, it's not like we forced you."

"You!" Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Zhao Wenbin was speechless, but still snorted, "Forget it, see who you are, Xiao Coco, I didn't expect you to be this kind of woman, I'm really disappointed, I'm not buying this meal!"

Saying that, he seized the door, but before he could walk out, he was blocked back inside by a group of black-clad men.

"What are you guys doing?"Zhao Wenbin panicked, "Do you guys know that this is against the law?"

"Breaking the law?"The fat man leading the group was none other than Jinshan.

Jin Shan sneered, "What's the law, don't pay for food, we're asking for it normally, give the money and you can leave now."

"But I didn't order anything, why should I give you money?"Zhao Wenbin questioned.

Ye Fan was looking a bit confused and asked, "Jinshan, what's going on?"

Jin Shan even ran to Ye Fan's front and explained, "Ye Shao, after this guy booked the imperial box, he couldn't swipe the eighty-eight million from his credit card at all, that's why we didn't let him go, don't worry, this isn't illegal."

"So that's how it is."It suddenly dawned on Ye Fan, "Zhao Da Shao, you were so angry just now, are you trying to run away because you don't have any money, trying to trap us?I've made a deal, the meal was promised to be your treat, and Coco has refused, but you still insist on treating us, so we can't be blamed, so if you know what's good for you, take the money out yourself and it'll be fine, otherwise I don't know what these people will do."

"You guys know each other?Are you guys in cahoots?"Zhao Wenbin, also with the benefit of hindsight, sneered, "You guys are just setting me up, I'm going to call the police and arrest you all!"


Jin Shan slammed down on the table and snarled, "How dare you!"

"Why wouldn't I dare, and I don't order anything!"Zhao Wenbin was not afraid to say, "Even if your hotel is powerful, you can't make me spend money compulsorily, it's illegal!"

With a sardonic wave of Jinshan's hand, one of the black-clothed men at the end took out a form and handed it to Zhao Wenbin.

Jin Shan sneered, "Look carefully for yourself, the imperial box is different from an ordinary box, it is to pay before entering the private room, since you booked and entered the box, that is already equivalent to consumption, the back kitchen has started to prepare all kinds of ingredients, and there are some dancing girls on their way here, are these not consumption?"

"I...."Zhao Wenbin didn't know how to argue, this form was indeed available at the front desk, but Zhao Wenbin didn't look at it carefully, according to Jinshan, it was indeed already consumed.

"I don't care, I'm not hiring anyway, this meal AA, I can only pay a third of the price, I can't pay the full price."Zhao Wenbin gritted his teeth and started to be unreasonable as well.


Ye Fan suddenly laughed: "Zhao Da Shao, you're such a rich young master, what's the point of pretending if you don't even have a mere 800,000?Coco's right, coming here is to make you recognize reality, now is that clear?"

Only then did Zhao Wenbin react, from just now at school, Xiao Coco had actually been ordering him around, but unfortunately he was unaware of it and thought he was self-conscious.


Zhao Wenbin sat down weakly on the ground, he finally saw the truth in front of him, no wonder Xiao Coco was indifferent to him, he was nothing but a joke in Xiao Coco's eyes.

"Ye Shao, I have something to report to you."Just at this moment, Jinshan suddenly said.

Ye Fan nodded his head and motioned for Jinshan to continue, to be able to say something on this occasion, it must be related to this place.

Jin Shan smiled, "I have paid special attention to the records of today's guests, just to see if there are any relatives of Zhao Wenbin, I didn't expect that today it's Zhao Wenbin's father, Zhao Dahai, who is also eating here, should I ask him to come over to see Zhao Wenbin's current appearance."

"Ye Fan, no, Ye Shao, I know I was wrong, please don't let my father come over, please!"Zhao Wenbin panicked when he heard Jinshan's words.

"Good idea, go quickly."

Ye Fan, however, brightened up, this kind of complete and utter crushing was the only way to make Zhao Wenbin completely die.

Ye Fan wanted everyone to know that there was no good ending for anyone who treated his woman with crooked brains!

Within a few minutes, an obese middle-aged man ran into the room and saw Zhao Wenbin, who was paralyzed on the ground, and frowned, "Wenbin, what are you doing here?"

Zhao Wenbin, however, didn't say a word, he didn't know what to say.

Jin Shan smiled, "Old Zhao, I'm sure you know that now the Jinshan Hotel has been acquired, it's this one in front of you, why don't you give Ye Shao a greeting."

"Ye Shao, hello hello!"Zhao Dahai revealed a flattering color and extended his fat hand.

But it was slapped away by Jinshan: "Just say hello, with you also wanting to shake hands with Ye Shao!"

"I'm the one who offended."Zhao Dahai accosted but didn't get angry.

Seeing Zhao Dahai like this, Zhao Wenbin's heart was even colder, knowing that he had met a hard target this time.

"I don't know where Wenbin has offended Ye Shao, I'll give you an apology."Zhao Dahai was also an old fart and saw with a glance that Ye Fan and Zhao Wenbin had a conflict.

Ye Fan sneered, "Your son is very capable, chasing after my girlfriend in front of me and saying that I'm not knowledgeable enough to invite me here for dinner.But when you get here, you still don't pay, do you think it's meaningless?"

"What!"Zhao Dahai's color changed, it was already a capital crime to dare to steal the girlfriend of a big shot, but he still dared to come here to spend money, this wasn't one of those ordinary compartments down there, it was an imperial compartment ah.

A single consumption required eighty-eight hundred thousand, even Zhao Dahai couldn't afford to eat, his son could really be capable.

"Wenbin, is this matter true!"Zhao Dahai's eyes narrowed.

Seeing that Zhao Wenbin didn't say a word, Zhao Dahai picked up a chair and smashed it on Zhao Wenbin's body, roaring, "You unfilial son, I worked hard outside to earn money to pay for your education, but you're good, you're actually causing trouble for me, see if I don't kill you!"


"I was wrong, I know I was wrong."Zhao Wenbin howled, but didn't dare to resist in the slightest, after all, the person who beat him was his father, Zhao Dahai, and even if he called the police, it wouldn't help, let alone, would he dare?

Looking at Zhao Wenbin who was like a grandson in front of him, Ye Fan's heart was in a rush - feeling.

If it wasn't for the money, I'm afraid that he would be the one howling now, so Ye Fan didn't feel the slightest bit of guilt, after all, Zhao Wenbin was to blame for everything, but he had nothing to do with it.


Zhao Dahai seemed to be tired of fighting, and after throwing his chair aside, he put his hands on his knees and couldn't stop breathing - breath.

Without waiting for him to catch his breath, Jinshan snapped in a deep voice, "Finished?"


Zhao Dahai didn't dare to resist Jinshan, so he was going to get another chair.

But he was interrupted by Ye Fan with a wave of his hand, "No need, let's leave this matter at that, let your son stay more attentive in the future, not everyone is someone he can provoke!"

Seeing Zhao Wenbin, whose head was bleeding, Ye Fan was also a little intolerant, if this fight again, I'm afraid there will be a life, but also as long as the timely stop. A second to remember to read the book

Although Jinshan was now sitting in town, Ye Fan was still somewhat resistant to making a scene in his heart.

"I know, I know, thank you, thank you Ye Shao."Zhao Dahai was relieved and thanked Ye Fan incessantly.

He then grabbed the back of Zhao Wenbin's neck and dragged him out of the room like he was carrying a small chicken.

However, he was blocked at the door.

"Boss Jin, Ye said it's okay, you see?"Zhao Dahai's heart was hairy, not knowing what else Jinshan had to do.

Jinshan took out a POS machine and swiped the credit card that Zhao Wenbin had previously handed to the front desk, faintly saying, "Ye Shao kindness, should have charged this kid eighty-eight million, but now pay a third on it, the details will not carefully forget, just swipe three hundred thousand."

Ye Fan nodded in satisfaction, although it was a trap for Zhao Wenbin, but it was indeed Zhao Wenbin himself who took the initiative to jump inside, and did not force him to buy or sell, so the 300,000, Ye Fan received it in a heartbeat.

"Since you've paid, let's sit down and eat together."Ye Fan suggested.

Zhao Dahai busily waved his hand, "Sorry Ye Shao, I'll take the good intention, I still have to take the dog to the hospital."

"In that case, then go, don't say you're not allowed to eat."Ye Fan didn't want to keep the Zhao father and son at all, but he just didn't want to leave a bad taste in people's mouths.

Zhao Dahai wiped the sweat on his head and pulled Zhao Wenbin away from the Imperial Box with a sour smile.

"The matter of Zhao Wenbin's failure will soon spread throughout the Chinese Language Department, and deliberately no unsighted guy in the Language Department will dare to mess with you in the future."

Ye Fan smiled heedlessly and Xiao Coco nodded her head.

Although she didn't say many words of thanks, Xiao Coco knew that Ye Fan was really good to her, after all, Ye Fan had also paid six hundred thousand dollars ah.

"I'm afraid that I won't be able to repay this money, so let's give it to her in return."Xiao Coco smiled and said casually.


Ye Fan instantly spurted out the water he had just drunk, shocked beyond words by Xiao Coco's words.

Jin Shan smiled at the side and said, "Congratulations Ye, the brothers will not be disturbed, I wish the two of you a happy meal."

Saying that, Jinshan exited the private room, leaving only Ye Fan and Xiao Coco in the room.

"Is it that I'm not cute?Look at you, you're spraying water, woo."Xiao Coco's eyes were instantly dull, and the mist soon filled Xiao Coco's large, watery eyes.

Ye Fan even waved his hand, "No, it's the water that's too hot."

Picking up the cup of water, Ye Fan put it down again in succession, looking as if he had been scalded.


Xiao Coco's small mouth pouted, but the mist in her eyes gradually receded.

Ye Fan hehely smiled, "Coco, is what you just said true, do you really want to give your body to me?"

"It's...I'll think about it again."Xiao Coco was also moved beyond words just now, before her words couldn't be chosen, after all, she was a girl, she still had to be more reserved.

Ye Fan but saw the door, but also not forced, just nodded: "good, good, no hurry, take your time to consider, eat first, the last time I ate Australian lobster in the Jinshan Clubhouse, I did not eat enough, this time I specifically ordered Jinshan, specially prepared a lot more Australian lobster, you also try it.If you're not satisfied, then let the back kitchen make something else you want to eat."

Xiao Coco shook her head, "Ye Shao, this meal is too lavish, we won't be able to finish it at all, or it's better to have the back kitchen not sit so much."

Ye Fan couldn't help but think highly of Xiao Coco, Xiao Coco's housekeeping skills were really good.

Following Xiao Coco's advice, in addition to two large plates of Australian lobster, the other dishes were only prepared for six, but Rao also made the two of them eat a slight rise in their abdomens, and they were so braced.

When they left the Jinshan Hotel, the sky was already dark, and Ye Fan's heart was inevitably a bit restless: "Coco, why don't you don't go home tonight, how about coming to my house?"

"I'm afraid this won't work, grandmother won't be relieved, when I was an anchor before, I also went home before midnight every day, and I only work part-time during the day and don't go at night at the Gold Mountain Club."Xiao Coco shook her head and rejected Ye Fan's proposal.

In fact, she could somewhat guess what Ye Fan was thinking, but she didn't want to progress that fast yet, only what she couldn't get was the best.This was what her grandmother told her, so she couldn't let Ye Fan get her so early, or else she should not cherish it.

But she didn't know that in her heart, she was already accepting Ye Fan, and sooner or later, she would fall into Ye Fan's tender land.

When Ye Fan saw Xiao Coco's face, he didn't force her, so he let Charles drive and sent Xiao Coco back first, and then he went home alone.

The night went on without a word, and the next morning, when it was still dawn, the doorbell of Ye Fan's house rang.

"Oh no, I'm late!"Evan bounced out of bed with a start, thinking it was Charles calling him to school, but when he looked at the time on his phone, it was only five in the morning.

"Who the hell is it, disturbing people's dreams in the morning!"

Ye Fan cursed and went to open the door, he knew that Charles wouldn't come to call him this early.

However, when the door opened, Ye Fan was dumbfounded, and the anger on his face instantly faded as quickly as a glacier melting, leaving only a spring water lingering in his heart, which was the breath of spring.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the newest generation of the new generation.Although her face was slightly powdered, it was just a light layer of thin makeup, just right and not overdone in the slightest, making it look soothing.

The large glasses, the pointed narrow nose, with a mouth of cherry-peach small mouth, the golden ratio of facial features, simply like a picture out of the ordinary.In particular, the swan-like neck white - fair excessively, faintly can also see a hint of green blood vessels, the skin with a blow-out to describe, can not be more appropriate.

Although it didn't reach the level of evil, but it was also a solid pouring of the country, and looked even better than the first-tier stars on TV.Especially in terms of figure, about 168 in height, slender, model figure is nothing more than that.


Ye Fan suddenly stammered, and what little wakefulness there had been was instantly swallowed back into his stomach, such a beautiful woman, knocking on his door in the morning, made him a little overwhelmed with desire!

Young lady, who the hell is that?


The young girl blushed and played with her hair with her fingers, her eyes filled with surprisingly shyness.

"Hello, may I ask if you are Ye Fan?"The young girl's voice is like an oriole, pleasant to the ear.

Know my name but don't know me?

And what's with that shy look?

Ye Fan was a bit confused, so he had to respond, "I'm Ye Fan, may I ask who you are?"

As soon as the words came out, the young girl fell directly into Ye Fan's arms and spoke excitedly, "Brother Ye Fan, I've finally found you!"


Feeling the person in his arms, he instantly hit Ye Fan's brain downtime.

It took a long time for him to come back to his senses and think of the two most crucial words in the young girl's words, 'finally'.

The last time he had heard this tone and voice was when Charles appeared, which made Ye Fan think that the young girl was also most likely sent from her parents' side. First URL m.kanshu8.net

"You were sent by my parents?"Ye Fan asked out the doubt in his heart.

The young girl was lying in Ye Fan's embrace, hugging Ye Fan's waist tightly, her little head heaved on Ye Fan's chest a few times and swirled and shook, making Ye Fan a little confused.

What did it mean?Yes or no?

Ye Fan couldn't figure out what to do, but the lovely person in his arms was rapidly heating up, making Ye Fan's hands don't know where to put them.

If he abruptly hugged the girl, Ye Fan always felt that he had taken advantage of her and caused her to resent him.But if he didn't hug her, Ye Fan would still feel a little disadvantaged.

Finally, Ye Fan made up his mind and hugged the young girl all at once, trying to speak as gently as possible, "Are you someone sent by my parents?"

The young girl shuddered and whispered, "I came to see you secretly."

Sneak in?What's going on?

Ye Fan was a little startled, but without giving Ye Fan time to ask questions, the young girl detached herself from Ye Fan's embrace and apologized, "Sorry to bother you so early, brother Ye Fan, see you in a bit!"

After saying that, the young girl ran out of the room, and in the blink of an eye, she was out of Evan's sight.


Ye Fan stood dumbfounded at the door, completely blinded by the maiden, if not for the remaining fragrance of the maiden in his arms, Ye Fan even felt that it was a hallucination from a dream.

Sniffing the hands that had hugged the young girl, two big words emerged in Ye Fan's mind, 'True Fragrance'!

"Is there really such a good-looking beauty in the world?"

"Why did she call me brother Evan?"

"Who the hell is she?"

"Were they sent by my parents?"

"Why did you say it was a sneak?"


With all the questions, Evan once again collapsed onto the warm - soft bed and slept back to sleep.

By the time he woke up, it was already eight o'clock in the morning, and after briefly washing up, Ye Fan got into Charles' car and arrived at the school.

On the way, Ye Fan also asked Charles if he knew the young girl, but after Ye Fan described the girl's appearance, Charles showed his confusion, but soon showed a dawning color, but did not give Ye Fan an answer, just left a sentence.

"Young Master, after you see that girl again, ask me if you don't understand anything, it's a good thing not a bad thing."

After mulling over this sentence several times in his mind, Ye Fan didn't think it through, but it didn't matter, after all, Charles had said that it was a good thing not a bad thing, so he had nothing to worry about, everything would just go with the flow.

Putting aside his doubts for the time being, Ye Fan stepped into the class.

The class, which was still chaotic, instantly became extremely quiet when it saw Ye Fan's appearance, but soon burst into laughter.

"Ye Fan, you lick dog still dares to come to school!"

"Tsk, tsk, I really don't know what to think, people Bai Tingting has dropped out of school to avoid you, why are you still shamelessly coming to school, I wish people like you would have been expelled earlier.Zhang Qiang class guide is also pitiful, just in the middle of things, otherwise, you would have been expelled last time, what a pity."

"I advise you to behave yourself in peace in the future, if you ever hit on a female student like that again, when we catch on to it, we'll definitely report you to the new class guide!"

The students were all over the place, apparently Bai Tingting had spread flare in the class group before.But it's a pity that now that Bai Tingting has run away, there's no one to help him clarify.

But Ye Fan doesn't care, after all, most of these gossips are boys, these boys, just to see him holding a beauty before, jealous.

In the past, Ye Fan would have wanted to argue a few words, but now, Ye Fan is very indifferent.These boys are typical of those who can't eat grapes and then say grapes sour, this is all they have in life, no pattern.He's not so bad as to lower his compelling style and quarrel with these scum.

But seeing that Ye Fan doesn't speak, these boys even more intensified their efforts, only to be interrupted by a stern shout before any substantial verbal attack.

"Class is about to begin, what a mess, if you still want credits, go back to your seat!"

Only a tall, thin woman in her thirties walked in, she had become the class teacher of this class after Zhang Qiang had been expelled, and her name, like her style, was Yan Li.

The students were obviously very afraid of Yan Li and didn't use half a minute to hurry back to their seats.

Only then did Yan Li nodded her head in satisfaction and said, "A transfer student has joined our family today, let's give a round of applause to welcome the new student!"

"A transfer student?Is the university still able to transfer schools, this is the first time I've heard of it."

"To be able to transfer schools in the sophomore year, I'm afraid there's quite a bit of power, I guess it's another rich second generation young master of which family."

"What young master, can't you say something good, I do think that it might be a young lady, if a thousand-year-old girl like this can chase after her, then the remaining three years of the university will be easy, hahaha!"

Some of the students were shocked, some were YY, but most of the ones who made suggestions were boys, after all, it was the Department of Finance, there were still more boys and fewer girls, and even if there were girls who spoke, they were overshadowed by the boys' loud voices.

"Stomp stomp!"

The sound of high heels came from outside the door, and the class instantly became extremely quiet.

Ye Fan clearly saw the joy in each boy's eyes, yes, the sound of high heels meant that the one coming must be a female classmate, no wonder these single dogs couldn't stop!

However, when the owner of the high-heeled shoes entered the classroom, Ye Fan was also stunned.

Only to see a young girl in a lavender dress slowly stepped into the classroom, although not saying a word, but that invisible lightness filled everyone's heart.

Even Ye Fan was no exception, but what surprised Ye Fan was not how surprised the maiden was, but because the maiden was the one who appeared at his doorstep in the early morning.

The young girl slowly walked up to the podium and picked up the chalk and wrote three big words 'Wang Kexin' on the blackboard.

"Hello everyone, my name is Wang Kexin, I am a transfer student, please take care of me in the future!"


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