Lost Young Master 36-40


Chapter 36

"Hooray!Kexin-san will henceforth be the class flower of our second class, no, the department flower of the Finance Department!"

Although Wang Kexin only introduced herself in two simple sentences, it made the boys in the class cry wolf, and the applause was like waves of the sea.

If Bai Tingting used to be the class flower of the second class, Wang Kexin could be the absolute department flower, or even the school flower!

Especially in a situation like the science class where there were so many wolves and so little meat, Wang Kexin was a goddess!

Although Ye Fan didn't let out a wolf cry, he gave an encouraging applause.

It was a long time before Yan Li waved her hand and interrupted the excited boy.

"Classmate Wang, where do you want to sit?"

Even Yan Li, who was normally meticulous, was extremely soft-spoken towards Wang Kexin.

However, as soon as this question was asked, the boys began to speak enthusiastically again, expressing their desire to have Wang Kexin sit next to them.

But what no one would have expected was that Wang Kexin actually pointed at Ye Fan in the penultimate row by the window, "Teacher, I want to sit there, is it okay?" Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

"Evan?Why this kid?"

The male classmates' were emitting jealous glances, if their eyes could kill, Ye Fan would have been cut by a thousand cuts.

Although Ye Fan was surprised, he was more curious, he wanted to know Wang Kexin's true identity.

Since it was linked to his parents, it must not be an ordinary person.Or rather, this appearance and temperament was definitely not something ordinary people could have ah.

Wang Kexin stepped on a lotus step and walked to Ye Fan's side, blushing slightly, "Brother Ye Fan, may I sit next to you?"

As soon as this was said, the whole class went silent.

Immediately after the boys howled with pathos, it turned out that Ye Fan and Wang Kexin already knew each other.

The boys are very incomprehensible, like Ye Fan this kind of lick dog why so lucky, first white Tingting, existing Wang Kexin, to be so feminine ah, not to say that lick dog is ultimately nothing it, why good things are let Ye Fan accounted for?

Ye Fan avoided the fierce eyes of the boys and nodded slightly, "Sit down, I still have something to ask you."

"Ye Fan, don't shame yourself, you don't want anything against Goddess Kexin!"

"Speak politely, or you'll be in for it!"

The boys were looking at Ye Fan furiously, they desperately wanted Wang Kexin to look at them, but where did Ye Fan put them with such an attitude towards Wang Kexin!

Ye Fan rolled his eyes, never seen these boys so united before, but now it's good to attack him en masse.

I have to avoid the whole class of male students irrational rushing up, Ye Fan also dare not casual conversation, had to take out the phone to open WeChat, and Wang Kexin also knows what Ye Fan thought, scanned the QR code, add each other friends.

At the same time, the bell rang, and this is Yan Li's class, so the students did not dare to act rashly, so they had to secretly pay attention to the actions of Ye Fan and Wang Kexin, but not again bad words.

"Kexin, you know who my parents are right, can you tell me?"

Ye Fan's first question was straight to the point, asking the most important question.Compared to Wang Kexin's true identity, Ye Fan was more concerned about his parents.

Although he had always known that his parents existed, but he had been unable to meet them, making Ye Fan's heart feel like ants on a hot pan, very difficult.

After a slight hesitation, Wang Kexin wrote back, "Uncle and aunt didn't tell you, so I can't tell you without permission, sorry, brother Ye Fan."

After receiving the reply, Ye Fan's appearance was clearly dim, but even so, he still didn't give up on finding the truth.

After all, Charles hadn't even told him and obviously didn't want him to know now, let alone expect Wang Kexin, so his inquiry just now was just a chance at luck.

Once he had no more clues about his parents, Ye Fan changed his words and sent another letter asking, "I've always had a question just now, why do you call me brother Ye Fan, are you my cousin?"

Because if it was a real sister, Wang Kexin would have to be surnamed Ye, so it could only be a cousin.If Wang Kexin admitted it, Ye Fan would at least know that his mother's surname was Wang, and although it wasn't very useful, it was better than nothing.

Wang Kexin sent a shaking head expression, followed by a reply, "No, I'm your fiancée!"

I said, and sent out a shy emoji.

"What did you say?"

Ye Fan scuffled and stood up, too excited to use his phone to reply, but instead just questioned.

"Ye Fan, what are you doing, if you don't want to go to class, please get out!"Yan Li frowned and said.

The other male students looked at Ye Fan angrily, and some boys even scolded, "Ye Fan, don't bully Goddess Kexin, or I'll fight you!"

"Goddess Kexin don't be afraid, if Ye Fan bullies you, tell us and we'll help you take care of him!"

Male classmates seven mouths, Wang Kexin even waved his hand, revealing a soothing expression: "It's okay, it's me who scared brother Ye Fan, I don't blame brother Ye Fan."

Looking at Wang Kexin defending Ye Fan, the male students instantly howled, how so a moment's work, it progressed so fast, could it be that Ye Fan when licking the dog when out of the realm, licking fresh out of the realm?

With all the doubts, the male students also looked at Ye Fan in a different light, and some boys who had never been with a man before even had the thought of wanting to ask Ye Fan for advice after class rose in their hearts.

But Ye Fan, who was the party in question, shook his head and said, "Teacher, go on with your lesson, I won't affect the class."

After saying that, Ye Fan sat down.

Underneath the seemingly calm exterior, waves of shock had already risen in his heart.


Wang Kexin is my fiancée?

With doubts, Evan sent another letter asking, "Ke Xin, this matter is no joke, are you sure?"

"It was my aunt and my mother who used to decide to finger me, does brother Evan hate me?"

Wang Kexin wrote back and gave an aggrieved expression.

Ye Fan turned his head to look at Wang Kexin, only to see Wang Kexin's large eyes filled with mist, about to cry out.

Ye Fan even sent a message to comfort her, "No, Kexin you are so good looking, completely goddess level, absolutely loved by everyone, flowers bloom, how could I hate you, just too surprised, how could I have such a perfect and flawless fiancée like you."

Seeing Ye Fan's news, Wang Kexin broke into a smile.

On the other hand, Ye Fan had already set off huge waves inside.

Compared to the previous acquisition of inexhaustible money, the impact of the sudden appearance of a fiancée was obviously even greater.

The parents were so thoughtful in their arrangements, although they hadn't found him all these years, but they had done everything they should have done, not bad at all.

Even Ye Fan felt that there were many things that Ye Fan would never have thought of that his parents had arranged for him.

Especially when Charles said that his parents' identity could not be told to him, it made Ye Fan feel that his parents were playing a big game of chess!


After returning to his senses, Evan even sent a tweet to Charles, "Charles, my fiancée is coming to school."

"Do you mean Miss Kexin?"Charles replied quickly.

Seeing this, Evan's eyes drew slightly and sent a letter, "If you knew already why didn't you tell me?"

"I was trying to surprise the young master, but Miss Koshin is outstanding in every way."Charles replied indifferently.

Ye Fan was even more angry: "Charles, you're not surprising me, you're scaring me ah.Why didn't you tell me about such an important matter earlier ah, and you even made a special effort to help me look up Xiao Coco's information, you're trying to derail me ah!"

Charles sent an aggrieved expression and replied, "Young Master, it's not what you think.It's true that Miss Coccin is the one Madame has instructed to marry, but Madame has instructed more than just Miss Coccin to marry.In Madame's words, she is asking you to pick the one you are most satisfied with."


Ye Fan was petrified on the spot and immediately sent another letter asking, "You mean, there will be many more girls coming to me in the future?"

"A lot?It's not a lot, just twenty-three."Charles replied faintly.

Twenty-three?And already? One second to remember to read the book

Isn't that a lot?

Ye Fan could not help but help his forehead, Charles was worthy of having seen the world.Helplessly, Evan once again issued a question, "Do these girls know each other?"

"Yeah, I know."Charles said matter of factly.

Evan was confused, "Why would these girls come to me if they know, don't they feel angry?"

Not to mention the others, Ye Fan himself thought differently, if he was one of the girls, he would never compete with the other girls for a guy, especially one as average in appearance as Ye Fan.

The more he thought about it, the more confused Ye Fan became.

After sending an expression of shaking his head, Charles explained, "Young Master, you have no idea that Madame's power is far more terrifying than you can imagine.If it wasn't for the fact that Madame had already screened a large number of them in advance, I'm afraid there would be a reinforced company of girls lined up wanting to find you.And these twenty-three is just after screening after layers of left behind, not only each excellent character, but also beautiful as a flower, without any bad habits and black history.If you're not satisfied, you can always replace Miss Kexin with the next one.If you're not satisfied with all of them, Madam will help you choose a new one to come over."


Seeing Charles' explanation, Evan was completely stupid, never imagining that his mother had done this for him.

What was the concept of strengthening the company?That's a big lineup of nearly 200 people!

With so many girls sifted out from underneath, no wonder Wang Kexin looked so extraordinary, there really was something different.

But what shocked Ye Fan even more was what kind of power his family had that could make these lovely girls grab their heads and marry into it, really as Charles had said, it was simply not something he could imagine!

Putting down the phone, Ye Fan stopped replying.

On the one hand, Ye Fan does not know what to ask, on the other hand, he did not write back to Wang Kexin for so long, Wang Kexin actually began to sob quietly.

The student who has been observing this side of the situation to see Wang Kexin crying, suddenly stood up and scolded: "Ye Fan, how the hell are you, is not you bullying Kexin, you lick dog, lick can't, but also want to come strong?Don't be afraid, Kexin, I'm here!"

"Yes, we're here!"

The crowd of boys didn't care if it was Yan Li's class, they were suddenly attacked by a group.They couldn't find an opportunity to contact Wang Kexin, and at the moment it's just a heroic rescue.

But without waiting for Ye Fan to speak, Wang Kexin shielded Ye Fan behind her back, wiping her tears, "You are not allowed to bully brother Ye Fan!"


A beautiful woman rescuing a licking dog?

What kind of operation is this?

The students were blinded, and although Ye Fan knew Wang Kexin's reason for defending him, he didn't want to cause trouble, so he just left the class.

After Wang Kexin and Yan Li greeted each other, they also immediately followed him out.

Before they knew it, they arrived at a small forest behind the school.

Every university has such a grove, perhaps because of the greenery, or perhaps because it is a holy place for silly men and women to fall in love, anyway, those who can come to the grove are usually in pairs, just like Ye Fan and Wang Kexin at the moment.

Ye Fan walked in front, Wang Kexin paced behind Ye Fan, her small fists clenched tightly, her eyes wandering, and she did not know what to think.

Finally, Wang Kexin summoned up her courage and grabbed the corner of Ye Fan's coat, asking, "Brother Ye Fan, do you not like me?"

"Who wouldn't like it when you're so good looking, especially since you helped me block the boys in my class just now."

Ye Fan was slightly stunned, then replied truthfully.

Upon hearing that, Wang Kexin was puzzled, "In that case, why didn't brother Ye Fan take care of me?Where did I go wrong?"

Ye Fan stretched out his hand and hesitated for a moment or placed it on Wang Kexin's little head, ruffling her hair.

Although it seemed to be bullying Wang Kexin, but Wang Kexin felt a different kind of magic, so that her heart actually gradually calmed down.

Seeing Wang Kexin's expression returning to normal, Ye Fan nodded in satisfaction.

This move was something that Ye Fan used to do when he was teasing a dog, and it worked every time, but I never thought it would work on people as well.

And doing so also allowed Wang Kexin to sink in, otherwise any explanation would probably become a justification in Wang Kexin's opinion.

Looking at the calm Wang Kexin, only then did Ye Fan explain, "No, Kexin didn't do anything wrong.But I was just confirming with Butler Charles, after all, this reality is hard to accept instantly."

"So that's how it is, oh."

Wang Kexin broke into a smile, as if there were countless stars shining at the same time in her eyes, giving Ye Fan hope for life.

This strange feeling made Ye Fan very surprised, could it be that Wang Kexin had just died of a broken heart?

Not to be outdone, Ye Fan asked the question that had occurred to him earlier, "Kexin, I heard from Butler Charles that there were many girls who were chosen by my mother, and you were one of them.But you are so good that you were forced to be sent to my side and have to compete with others, don't you think it's unfair?Especially just now, when I clearly felt like you had to be me, and I don't know if it's just me."

"It does feel like I have to have you, and why should it feel unfair?"Wang Kexin was confused.

But when he heard Wang Kexin say that it was natural, Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, "But you haven't even seen me before, how come you like me and have to compete with more than twenty people, don't you feel aggrieved?Is it any wonder you've been brainwashed by my mother?"


The first time I was in a position to do so was when I was in the midst of a fight with the police.

It wasn't that Ye Fan wasn't confident in himself, but he really couldn't find his own merits.

The most important thing to remember is that you can't be too sure of what you are doing.

Wang Kexin shook her head and smiled coquettishly, "No, we all played with you when we were little, don't you remember, when you were little you said that the eldest would marry me?Otherwise it wouldn't have been arranged for me to meet you first."

"I said marry you when I was a kid?"

Although Ye Fan couldn't remember, but a child passing through saying such words, he could still imagine dealing with it.

Wang Kexin nodded and continued, "And I'm very satisfied that brother Ye Fan is so gentle and will consider my opinion."

"Are you so easily satisfied?"

Evan couldn't imagine why there were such simple and easily satisfied people now in the twenty-first century.

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It's no longer easy satisfaction.

Rather, it's a straightforward free for all!

Wang Kexin puffed out a laugh: "Brother Ye Fan, you shouldn't dwell on it.You're a stray and probably don't know some of the hints and secrets of big families, but there are actually many girls like me in big families, and there are no less than a thousand with good posture and conduct, so the only role of girls in the family is just as props for marriage."

After a pause, she was again saying, "Sooner or later, they will be props for marriage, so you might as well choose the ones you have seen and know a bit about."

Ye Fan clearly saw a hint of sadness in Wang Kexin's eyes and couldn't help but retort, "You said seen and understand?But I don't even remember you, even if I met you when I was a kid, but is that even understanding?Don't you dare say you fell in love at first sight."

Wang Kexin was slightly sad, "Compared to other boys, I do know the most about you.Girls in our kind of family are the ones who hire tutors when they reach school age, don't go back to school, and study at home all the time, in order to avoid developing bad habits, so that when they grow up, their qualities and so on will be more outstanding.It is also commonly known as a lady's daughter, and I have only played with you before going to school, and over the years, out of study, is to understand your family and system, as well as your young photos of various kinds, although there has been no meeting, but I can understand, only you, even if it is only young."

Hearing Wang Kexin's words, Ye Fan couldn't help but shrink his pupils, how in the world did Wang Kexin come over all these years, a completely closed education?

Somewhat sympathetic to Wang Kexin's experience, Ye Fan was surprised, "This is the first time I've heard of these things, so even big families have their difficulties.Are there many people like you then?"

A hint of sadness tugged at the corner of Wang Kexin's mouth, "Not many, but all.Basically, those who want to reach a level like mine are all living in this mode of life.But this is also done in order to cultivate excellent juniors, so that the family can prosper even more!"

"But I watch TV and often report to some aristocratic school.Aren't the aristocratic schools for the upper class young ladies and gentlemen?"Ye Fan was somewhat puzzled.

Wang Kexin clearly had a good family upbringing and didn't show disdain, but his tone was still full of indisputability: "The so-called noble schools are for those obviously rich disciples, and I don't think a reclusive family like ours would be linked to them, only existences that are deemed unworthy of cultivation by the family would be sent to noble schools."

Only those who are not worth cultivating will be sent to noble schools?

Ye Fan was a little speechless, this was clearly looking down on the noble school ah.

It's like Bill Gates is the richest man, but there are even richer families, but they are hidden, that is, the hidden families that everyone has heard of but never seen.

The reason is because the obvious rich people are only in recent years some chance to get up, but the hidden family is not the same, these are likely to be the common kind of fiction, a disagreement is to survive for many dynasties, not the so-called rich, but the real family has a mine.

After getting to know Wang Kexin, Ye Fan really couldn't pick out any faults, whether it was character, temperament, or looks, they were all first class.

But suddenly having a fiancée, Ye Fan still found it a little hard to accept.

Although he knew it was all true, he didn't want to accept it right away.This was what the grandmother who raised him told him, quit being arrogant, don't blindly accept all gifts, be sure that you can afford this before you accept.

But Ye Fan already had endless money to spend now, and Xiao Coco for company.

Did he really need to accept other women?

Ye Fan didn't know....

"By the way, brother Evan, can I you stay at your house?I'll cook the rice."Wang Kexin suddenly pulled on Ye Fan's corner and said.

Ye Fan was in a state of confusion and inevitably frowned, "Stay at my house?Cook me dinner?Don't you have a place to stay?"

Forcing him to accept so much made him resist.

Wang Kexin nodded slightly, "Yes, I'm actually alone when I come here, I can only live in your place, and I can't go back to the family if I fail, because the girls in the family can only choose once with a single voice, and if they choose the right one, they'll marry, and if they choose the wrong one, they'll only be expelled from the family."

"What?Why?"Ye Fan was instantly blinded, how could there still be this kind of operation.

Wang Kexin sighed, "These are because we girls have to remain pure, and if we have an affair, the men from other families won't want us, and even if you don't touch me, this choice of mine will make other men not consider me."

"The girls from big families are really miserable, so are you so sure that I will marry you?What would you have done if you had chosen someone else?"Ye Fan was a bit headstrong, unexpectedly, whether he accepted it or not, Wang Kexin was going to be hurt, it had become an established fact.

Wang Kexin shook her head and smiled sweetly, "We don't care about these things, because our family has existed since the Ming Dynasty, there was already a system of three wives and four concubines, we also accept it, as long as you are willing to take me in, it's fine even if it's not a regular wife."

"It's fine even if it's not a regular wife?"

Ye Fan nosebleed almost spurted out, it was so good, and this view of the family, it was really excellent.

Originally, Ye Fan still felt a little afraid to accept it, but now he instantly thought straight.

Other girls didn't even care about three wives and four concubines, why did he care about this?

Originally, Ye Fan was afraid that if he could only accept one, he would have to discard the other, but now all problems were solved, and Ye Fan had never felt that 'three wives and four concubines' was actually such an excellent word.


Seeing Ye Fan's piggy face, Wang Kexin where still unable to see what Ye Fan was thinking.A grieving face: "I'm just saying, I still really want to be the rightful wife, no I won't care if there are other women around you."

"All right, all right.Ah, no, no, no..."Speaking once, Ye Fan waved his hands repeatedly and said righteously, "Kexin, you are underestimating me, how could I be a man who has a second wife.I was trying to say, what if I cheat on you, wouldn't you be jealous?"

Wang Kexin hesitated for a moment, looking like she didn't believe Ye Fan, but still shook her head, "No problem, if I know, at least I still know your movements, if you go behind my back it's a lack of trust, so as long as you let me know, I can approve it, how about it, I'm generous."

Ye Fan looked at Wang Kexin's brilliant smile, his heart suddenly hurt, feeling very sorry for Wang Kexin.

Because Wang Kexin was just an ordinary young girl, even if it was a big family, it was just a girl, why would she still have to endure so much pressure, was this the pressure of a big family?

Evan thought about his mother, was there a whole bunch of women around his father too?

Some of the original excitement instantly turned into nothingness.

Seeing that Ye Fan looked lonely, Wang Kexin thought she had said something wrong and explained, "Brother Ye Fan, I'm not a watery woman, I haven't had any contact with other men since I was a child, everything around me, whether it's a maid or a governess, is girls, and today is the most I've ever seen a boy.What I just said was just to reassure you, not to indicate that I'm very messy."

Ye Fan patted Wang Kexin's little head and said with a forlorn face, "Not talking about you, I was thinking of my mother, if my father was also surrounded by a whole bunch of women like this, how miserable my mother is, so pitiful."

Hearing this, Wang Kexin suddenly "puffed" laugh, and said: "Brother Ye Fan, don't worry about this, Uncle is famous for being afraid of his wife, so he only married Auntie in his life, I also want to be such a strong woman like Auntie in the future, so I can be on my own.". Remember the website .kanshu8.net

Upon hearing that, Ye Fan's eyebrows furrowed, "Then you've been fired, and you're already thinking of controlling me before you've even become my daughter-in-law, that's not good."

Wang Kexin's face turned pale and said, aggrieved, "No, brother Ye Fan, I'm just joking, don't take it seriously, otherwise, I'll have to go and become a star, I don't want to be a star."

"What to be a star?What's going on?"Ye Fan was suddenly interested.

Wang Kexin explained, "The thing is this, although the family doesn't want us anymore, but just no longer materially help us, after all these years of cultivating us also spent a lot of effort, otherwise it wouldn't have gone to such great lengths, but then, you can imagine how much money was spent, so this result is that we need to repay ourselves."

After a pause, she added, "We can't repay this money, so we'll have to sell art for a living, because this kind of thing is still very simple.We've been learning since we were young, and we know all the items like art, so as long as we go to be stars, that's a very high level, and we'll be able to bring benefits to our family then."

Hearing Wang Kexin's words, Ye Fan couldn't help but ask, "Kexin, do you want to be a star then?"

"Being a star, I don't want that, that's proof of a woman who failed in the family."Wang Kexin shook her head vigorously.

Ye Fan couldn't help but sweat and didn't understand: "Stars are bright and shiny, why don't you like to make stars, there's no point in being at home, when stars can play whatever they want and still be admired."

Because in Ye Fan's opinion, a woman as good as Wang Kexin wants to go as a star, and if the family gives resources, it's definitely a first line.

Wang Kexin even waved her hand, "These things aren't so simple, being a star, the family excludes me, and I can't get married, the family thinks that marrying an ordinary person is an insult to our family."

On hearing that, it instantly dawned on Ye Fan, no wonder many female stars didn't get married in their forties, now it seemed most likely that they were from big families, and it would make perfect sense to explain it that way.

Without any doubts, Ye Fan brought Wang Kexin back to the class, and halfway to Wang Kexin received a phone call and left first.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.

Xu Changrong face gloomy: "Ye Fan, you kid honestly, is not bullying Kexin, do not tell the truth, then do not blame me rude!"

"Yes, yes, yes, you're welcome!"

The other boys also swarmed up and made a show of attacking Ye Fan.

Looking at class president Xu Changrong, Ye Fan could not help but feel disdain in his heart.If it was before, Ye Fan would have thought highly of Xu Changrong, after all, Xu Changrong was also a small rich second generation and had some power in his family, but now....

Ye Fan directly sneered, "It has to do with you?Stay where you are!"

"What?Ye Fan you've got the nerve to speak to me like that?"In the meantime, Xu Changrong's eyebrows are knitted, and he is the boss in the class, so Ye Fan is obviously not giving him face and putting him in a bad position.

Ye Fan dug his ear wax, with a face of indifferent look: "What, do I need to talk to you more formal?If it wasn't for your usual heroic invitation to dinner, who would give a shit about you.Do you really think you're an onion?"


Xu Changrong was so dumbfounded that he turned his head to look at the other students who were trying to hold back their laughter, and became furious: "Ye Fan, I won't spare you, if you know what's good for you, leave Kexin quickly, or else..."

Without waiting for Xu Changrong to finish, Ye Fan looked playful, "Or else what?Are you going to bite me again?"

Ye Fan originally thought that Xu Changrong had some tactics, but just now the other students were holding back their laughter, so he knew that these people were thinking the same as him, and that they would only respectfully call Xu Changrong a class president because they treated him as a treat machine, but in fact, in their hearts, they didn't care about it at all.


Xu Changrong was so angry that he smashed his fist on the table, his face reddened, "Ye Fan, then I'll tell you with my strength, only I can be worthy of Kexin, a licking dog like you is not worthy at all."

Saying that, Xu Changrong took out a form, "I just went to the class teacher's office and saw this enrollment form, Kexin's birthday is tomorrow, so everyone will give Kexin a surprise then."

The students suddenly agreed, while Xu Changrong saw the situation, he could not help but sneer at Ye Fan, "Just watch, tomorrow I will definitely let Kexin be very surprised and moved to actively become my woman!"


Ye Fan casually coped, "Then let's look forward to Grand Squad Leader Xu's brilliant performance!"

If it were anyone else, Ye Fan would still have no idea, but Wang Kexin is his fiancée ah.

Ye Fan can't help but look forward to how Xu Changrong will embarrass himself in public tomorrow!



As soon as the school bell rang, all the boys rushed out of the classroom as fast as they could, and Ye Fan just glanced around to see what these boys were going to do.

Apparently they were going to prepare tomorrow's birthday present for Wang Kexin ah!

Ye Fan shook his head helplessly, inevitably feeling some pity for the boys, after all, Wang Kexin was his fiancée ah, even if these boys tried hard, I'm afraid they would just be doing useless work.

Wang Kexin watched all the boys run out and was a little confused, "Brother Ye Fan, what are they in such a hurry to do?"

"This..."Ye Fan wanted to say it straightforwardly, but he also wanted to prepare a surprise birthday gift for Wang Kexin, so his words changed, "They're usually like this, they're in a hurry to go out after school, so don't worry about them."

"Okay."Wang Kexin nodded, but didn't care too much, immediately after that, she hugged Ye Fan's arm and said sweetly, "Brother Ye Fan, I'll live with you, okay."

Feeling the warm - softness coming from his arm, Ye Fan directly pinched his nose and almost blurted out a nosebleed.

Wang Kexin's operation was really unexpected, fortunately the students walked fast, otherwise he would probably be rounded up now.

"That, Kexin ah, it's better for a little girl to behave like a little girl and be more reserved, don't you think so." A second to remember to read the book

Ye Fan accosted, but didn't pull back his arm, after all, this warm - soft he couldn't let go.

Wang Kexin pouted her small mouth, dissatisfied, "Brother Ye Fan, isn't it normal for you and my fiancé, and fiancé to be like this."

"Ahem, that's right."

Ye Fan awkwardly coughed a few times, indeed Wang Kexin was right.

But for a girl to attack so actively, it was the first time Ye Fan tried it, cool is very cool, but he was worried that the nutrition couldn't keep up.

"How about living together?"

Wang Kexin petulantly hugged Ye Fan's arm and shook it back and forth, instantly making Ye Fan's brain short-circuit, and instinctively responded, "Good, good, live together."

"Yay!"Wang Kexin jumped up in excitement, looking like he had succeeded in his wicked plan.

Ye Fan shook his head helplessly, knowing that this was Wang Kexin's small mind, but what could he do, he couldn't refuse at all ah.

"That, don't you want to hold hands and go?"Ye Fan saw that Wang Kexin was about to walk out of the classroom and couldn't help but suggest.

But Wang Kexin shook her head and laughed, "I don't, Teacher Mary said that the easier it is to get, the less it will be cherished."

Saying that, Wang Kexin walked out of the classroom.

"This little girl, she can still hang people's appetites."Ye Fan was a little speechless, but he had no choice but to stop and follow Wang Kexin.

At the school entrance, Charles was already waiting early.

"Young Master, school is over early today, do you want to go somewhere to turn around?"Charles smiled faintly.

Ye Fan waved his hand and pointed at Wang Kexin, "I was going to go play, but she's going to live with me, it's better to send her home first, I'll bring her to familiarize herself with the environment."

Charles paused for a moment, "Young Master, the renovation workers arranged a few days ago have already started work today, so that side can't live there for now.But young master, please rest assured, I have acquired a villa close to the school, and your luggage as well as Miss Kexin's luggage have already been transported to the villa."

"Well done."Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, just like Charles to do everything prepared foolproof, very reassuring.

The extended Lincoln drove for no more than five minutes before arriving at the villa, which was indeed very close.

Ye Fan had heard of the Golden River villa area before, but it was the first time he had ever stayed in one, and his villa was Villa No. 5, which covered an area of two thousand square meters, and besides a three-story European-style villa, there was a separate small garden in front of the villa.

The reason why it was called the villa area named Jinjiang was because it was right behind the villa, facing the only symbol of Golden Sands City, and could see the entire Jinjiang River.

"It's really a villa area, rich people really enjoy it!"

Standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window of the living room on the first floor, looking at the entire Golden River, Ye Fan was heartily impressed.

"Young Master, although this villa was acquired, I've already found someone to clean it up and all the furniture has been replaced with new ones.If you're still unhappy with anything, you can tell me and I'll order someone to arrange it."

Charles said as he stood behind Ye Fan.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "That's fine."

He wasn't that knowledgeable about life, he used to live in rented rooms, and now he was asked to pick out the faults of the villa, he wouldn't be able to pick them out for a while, only after living in it would he slowly discover the deficiencies, right?

After sweeping around, Ye Fan suddenly thought of something, so he whispered in Charles' ear, "Charles, tomorrow is Kexin's birthday, classmates said they would come to give a celebration, so while we are going to school tomorrow, you set up the first floor, I don't know how to operate the specific, you just look at it, I believe in your ability to do things!"

"Yes young master."Charles nodded and also whispered, "Do you need me to prepare a gift for you?"

"No need, the gift still depends on the intention, I'll just prepare it myself, you stall Kexin later, and we'll set off."After thinking about it, Ye Fan was again saying, "Forget it, you'd better help me prepare a spare one, and if what I prepare doesn't fit Kexin's appetite, then give her your one."

Charles nodded slightly and went to find Wang Kexin.Ye Fan, on the other hand, came to the car and waited for Charles to come out.

Within a few minutes, Charles came out, apparently having stalled Wang Kexin.

"Young Master, where are we going?"Charles inquired.

Ye Fan didn't answer right away, but took out his phone and opened the map software, if it was someone else, Ye Fan would only need to buy an expensive gift, after all, money could make up for everything.

But for Miss Wang Kexin, a lady of a thousand dollars, expensive gifts were actually very common, so the most important thing was still the heart.

After looking at it for a while, Ye Fan suddenly brightened up and said, "Charles, let's go here!"

"Here?Yes!"Charles sent off after a slight hesitation, he was obviously dissatisfied with the place that Ye Fan had chosen, but as a butler, he had no right to interfere with Ye Fan's decision.

Seeing the confusion on Charles' face, Ye Fan couldn't help but smile, "Charles, you're thinking that there's something wrong with the place I'm going to, right?"

"Sorry young master, I was out of line, the place you picked was indeed unexpected."Charles was a little sweaty.

Originally, in Charles' opinion, even if Ye Fan didn't know how to pick a location, it would at least be a place like the Hualong Mall, but who would have thought that the place Ye Fan picked was a small internet cafe next to the Golden Sands University!


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