Lost Young Master 41-45


Chapter 41

"Charles, although you're knowledgeable, you may not be able to see everything, sometimes only small places produce treasures ah."The corners of Ye Fan's mouth turned up, mysteriously.

Charles rather agreed with this statement, so he stopped talking and departed for the internet cafe that Ye Fan had designated.

"Young Master, here we are."After Charles pulled the handbrake, he got out and opened the door for Ye Fan.

"Charles, come with me to see the place."Ye Fan smiled faintly and entered the Woodcut Internet Café first.

In the meantime, as soon as he entered the cyber café, Charles couldn't help but frown, and this place could not be described more appropriately with the four words, 'pandemonium'.

Only twenty computers were compactly arranged in the small Internet cafe, where young men and women with colorful dyed hair were frantically typing on the keyboard, holding cigarettes in their mouths and cursing from time to time.

Seeing Ye Fan enter, a young man with a pale face in the bar waved his hand impatiently without lifting his head, "Let's go, there's no room."

Saying that, the young man banged on the keyboard a few times violently, then suddenly cursed, "My - day, this kid is a dog, spent a hundred pieces, the weapon is strengthened thirteen, under normal circumstances a thousand pieces may not even succeed!"

"Young Master, do you need me to take action to teach him a lesson?"Charles didn't look good, this barman's service attitude was so bad.

But Ye Fan waved his hand, then directly jumped up and pressed the shutdown button of the barman's computer case. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Watching the computer instantly black screen, the barman suddenly roared, "Who the hell touches my computer, don't want to live!"

He looked up, but the barman was stunned, looking at Ye Fan in dismay, "Ye Fan, it's you kid, you haven't been here for a few days, I thought you had disappeared!"

Ye Fan laughed: "vigorously, you are still the same, play a broken game hate to drill the game inside, so late sooner or later kidney loss."

Charles saw the situation before it dawned on him, so Ye Fan and the barman knew each other.

Da Li did not look at Charles, but pressed the boot key, a face of dissatisfaction: "Ye Fan, you kid is now fat, all dare to turn off my computer, do you know that I was just learning the technology, a big brother weapon strengthening to 13, only spent a hundred dollars, if I learn this technology can save how much money ah, you see how to compensate me for it!"

Ye Fan hehely laughed Ao: "You're just learning techniques?Aren't you just jealous of other people?If I hadn't turned off your computer, you'd be typing and cursing that guy right now."

As the conversation changed, Ye Fan continued, "But well, I did come here today with something to ask for your help, if you do me this favor, how about I help you strengthen all the equipment in your body to thirteen?"

"All strengthened to thirteen?Your tone is not small, you have a few dollars in your pocket I'm not clear yet, full body equipment up to thirteen, good luck also need five thousand, bad luck, twenty or thirty thousand are not enough to compensate."Da Li glanced at Ye Fan with disdain, not that he despised Ye Fan himself, but he knew in his heart that Ye Fan just didn't have any money.

"I'll give you a chance to admire my balance."

Ye Fan didn't talk nonsense and directly opened the Alipay balance interface, aiming the screen at Li Li.

"What are you looking at, it's just three or five dollars."Da Li said, but still looked at the screen, but instantly his pupils just shrank, then directly grabbed Ye Fan's phone and carefully checked the numbers.

"A hundred million, fuck, you kid is rich, it's over sixty fucking million!"Da Li breathed heavily, looking incredulous.

Only after a long time, vigorously held Ye Fan's hand in excitement, his face reddened: "Brother, Brother Fan, you will be my real brother from now on, didn't you just say something, you can directly say it, what little brother can do is absolutely unambiguous, but......."

"But what?"Ye Fan inquired.

Da Li suddenly didn't feel too good about scratching his head, hehe smiled and said, "But Brother Fan, can you help me strengthen my whole body for fourteen ah, not much money, there is a hundred thousand will be enough."

Ye Fan thought it was a big deal, didn't think it was still a game, it seems that vigorously really is playing games to play the devil.

Ye Fan some helpless forehead support: "All right, 100,000 is no big deal, the thing I asked you to do is to let me go to the back of that room, not difficult to do.As long as it's reached, I'll transfer a hundred thousand directly to you."

"Go to that room?"

Power looked slightly odd for a long time before wondering, "Isn't there a bad old man living in that house?One meeting is worth a hundred thousand?"

"Any questions?"Ye Fan's eyebrows raised.

Dali waved his hands incessantly, "No problem, no problem.You just promised me to recharge 100,000, but you'll recharge me first, then you can go if you want."

Saying that, vigorously, unable to wait for the computer to boot up, he took out his phone and opened the recharge interface, allowing Ye Fan to directly scan the code.

Shaking his head helplessly, Ye Fan just scanned the code, and then walked with Charles to the innermost room.

Looked at the two people walking inside, vigorously is scratching his head: "Ye Fan this kid is deliberately show off rich?Isn't it Old Zhao who lives inside, would this kid not know?"

But it was just a casual spit, and right after that, vigorously opened the computer and couldn't wait to get on the game.

On the other hand, Charles, who was following behind Ye Fan, was somewhat puzzled, "Young Master, what's the drug you're selling?"

Ye Fan, however, looked like he had succeeded in his devious plan and explained, "Although the Woodcut Internet Café is a small Internet café with only twenty computers, yet it is able to operate in a place where the rent is very expensive, Golden Sands University, so there must be something special about it.Chia-chia I know just how it works."

After a pause, he continued, "In the past, I was greedy for a bargain, so I chose this kind of small Internet café for my Internet access, after all, the fees here are much cheaper than Internet cafes.But as time went by, I realized that the daily income of an internet cafe was far less than the expenses, and I was completely unable to make ends meet.So I had a question, even opening a small restaurant or a small supermarket is more profitable than opening an internet cafe, but why do you insist on opening an internet cafe?"

"Yeah, why?"Charles also revealed a puzzled look.

Ye Fan continued to explain, "Out of curiosity, I started paying attention to the people in the cyber cafe, and only after a long time did I discover the secret of the woodcut cyber cafe, that there was actually another transaction beneath the appearance that the cafe was open for business!"

"The other deal?"It suddenly dawned on Charles, indeed, if there were no other deals, this place wouldn't be able to stay afloat, unless there was a lot of money to burn.

Evan pointed to a computer seat near the bathroom, "I used to surf the internet here a lot, so I can basically notice eight-nine people who go in and out of the bathroom, but every few days, several people would go in and then one would come out, so where did the others go?There's only one exit, the front door, so I deduced that there was a hidden agenda in that room I've never been in before, most likely after trading valuables and leaving through the other doors in the room to ensure the client's privacy."

"Fair point."Charles nodded and looked at Ye Fan with approval, he hadn't thought at all that Ye Fan was usually so careful to pay attention, this instinct to spot business opportunities, although green, was simply the same as his lordship!



With a slight hint of nervousness, Ye Fan finally pushed open the door.

After all, it was all his assumptions before, not actually having been inside, having just bragged with Charles and done a meticulous analysis, it would be a real punch in the face if it was just a bad old man inside, as Hercules had said.

"This is..."

The moment he opened the door, Ye Fan saw the scene inside and was stunned in place.

Unlike the noisy din outside, there was no smoke, only two wooden carvings stood in it, the left was a dragon, the right was a tiger, the carvings were lifelike, a terrifying pressure and the ferocity of the beast hit Ye Fan's heart straight away, making Ye Fan take a half step backwards.

"The Dragon and Tiger Gate's technique?"Charles suddenly blurted out in alarm.

Evan came back to his senses and asked, puzzled, "What Dragon and Tiger Gate?"

Charles carefully wiped his golden glasses while gazing for several breaths before nodding his head in approval, "There's no mistake, this is the art of the Dragon and Tiger Sect.Young Master doesn't know anything, the Dragon Tiger Gate is also reclusive, but not a family, but a clan, it has existed since the Southern Song Dynasty, the most prosperous period was during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, when the wood carving culture was renowned and almost everyone knew about it!"

"That good?"Ye Fan was slightly startled, unexpectedly really let him pick up a treasure, even Charles is so excited, must be not ordinary goods. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

Charles pushed up his glasses, "The now famous Chaozhou wood carving still has Dongyang wood carving, but it's just a branch of the Dragon and Tiger Gate, you see the golden dragon on the left side is so bright, it's the most famous golden lacquered wood carving in Chaozhou wood carving, and the white - tiger on the right side has such a natural pattern, it's the white wood carving of Dongyang wood carving."

"But how does this prove that it is a dragon and tiger?"Ye Fan was a little confused, after all, as long as there was money, you could buy it ah.

Charles shook his head slightly and said with a smile, "Young Master, these two are fine pieces, definitely from the hands of a master, if you bought such a treasure, would you put it outside to watch the door?"

"Indeed."Ye Fan nodded slightly thoughtfully, just now after pushing the door open, in addition to the two wood carvings, there was another door after the wood carvings, in other words, these two fine products were only for the role of watching the door.

Charles went on to explain: "Don't look at the Chaozhou wood carving and Dongyang wood carving belong to a sect, but after the independent portal, a focus on finishing lacquer, a focus on the texture itself, the two from the nature of the mutual displeasure.And wood carving collectors will not accept both, the only way to explain the two wood carvings in front of the only Long Hu Gate.Rumor has it that the Dragon and Tiger Gate is just that, unlike other sects that put stone lions, but instead put a golden dragon and white - tiger at the entrance."

"Rumors, you say?"Ye Fan immediately grasped the key in Charles' words.

Charles nodded, "The Dragon and Tiger Gate is just the name our descendants gave it, because no one has ever seen the real Dragon and Tiger Gate, only that the heirs of the Dragon and Tiger Gate would place the golden dragon and white - tiger at the entrance, and in time, it was just called the Dragon and Tiger Gate."

"Can't you investigate?"Ye Fan was a little curious, after all, Charles this level is already a big man in the minds of many people, and also unable to know the truth, a little hard to say.

Charles sighed, "Alas, there's no way, the wood carving industry belongs to the craftsmen, all of them have only started out from one generation to the next, there's no way to find out the source."

"Forget it, don't think about those, now inside that door in front of you could be the successor of the Dragon and Tiger Gate, this is the right time!"Ye Fan clenched his fist while stepping out, pushing open the middle door of this door.

"Buy what you pick yourself, just choose and pay, all the prices are clearly marked."

Although the door opened, but the people inside did not look up, just self-consciously holding a knife on the wood to keep cutting.

"Old Zhao, how can it be you?"Ye Fan suddenly exclaimed in shock, the unkempt bad old man in front of him he was too familiar with, in the past, as long as Ye Fan came here to play games, Old Zhao often pointed out the mountains.

Old Zhao raised his head at the news and was slightly surprised to see it was Ye Fan, "You kid has been mixed up in a few days, you're wearing a brand name, where did you get rich?"

Evan pointed at Charles beside him, "See, my butler, a professional Emperor's butler, my parents sent him here."

"Yoho, coming from such rich parents, then you kid is a step up to heaven."Old Zhao revealed his surprise, then threw the wood in his hands aside, then grabbed Ye Fan's shoulders, with a flattering face: "Come come come, normally Old Zhao I'm also good to you, nothing also instructed you to play games, now you're developed, how about taking all my goods here, count you 20% off?"

"Eighty percent off?"Ye Fan glanced at the approaching wood carvings, the price marked on it was one thousand dollars, and then scanned the whole field, all the wood carvings are basically priced at around one thousand dollars, a row of ten, a total of ten rows, a rough calculation of two hundred thousand more than enough.

Eyes a turn, Ye Fan smiled, "Old Zhao, what two who with who, no need to discount, I'll take it all."

"What?No need for a discount?"Old Zhao looked startled, then stared at Ye Fan for a few moments before he said, "Ye boy, it's not your style to be so magnanimous, huh?When I asked you to buy me a fifty-cent popsicle, you wouldn't even buy me one, and the sun was beating down on the west?"

"Hehe, this is all for your old man to find out."Ye Fan rubbed his hands and he laughed.

Old Zhao toned down, "I knew you kid didn't hold your fart, say it, what's the matter?"

Ye Fan smiled, "It's like this, just now I heard the housekeeper say that the Dragon and Tiger Gate can be remarkable, take the liberty to ask, are you the successor of the Dragon and Tiger Gate?"

"The Dragon and Tiger Gate?This foreigner knows quite a bit about it."Old Zhao glanced at Charles and continued, "That's right, I, Old Zhao, am the successor of the Dragon and Tiger Gate, but to be precise, it should be called the Woodcut Gate, but unfortunately the world blindly passed it on, so it became the Dragon and Tiger Gate, but unfortunately nowadays, the Woodcut Gate has fallen out of favor, and arguing with others about the name of the sect is no longer helpful."

Ye Fan nodded his head in a daze, sure enough, Woodcut Gate sounded more apt.

After confirming his identity, Ye Fan took out his phone and scanned the payment QR code on the wall, Old Zhao's phone directly sounded, "Paypal arrival, 200,000 yuan!"

Looking at Old Zhao's smiling face after receiving the money, Ye Fan knew the time was ripe, so he coughed, "Old Zhao, don't you feel frustrated in this smoky little Internet cafe?Do you want to make a big show of bringing your woodcut door back into the eyes of the world?"

Old Zhao's eyes flashed a glimmer of light, as if he had thought of something, and then instantly dimmed: "You kid think too much, can go out I myself already went out, now not good mix, might as well wait for death here, you don't have a few million to start floating."

Ye Fan, however, saw that there was drama, and directly pulled out the ICBC's VIP gold card: "Old Zhao, do you know this?"

"ICBC's VIP Gold Card?Where'd you get that, kid, it's a hundred million dollars that needs to arrive at once!"Old Zhao suddenly stared at him with wide eyes, looking incredulous.

But he quickly returned to business as usual and sighed, "Even so, it's not enough at all to revive the woodcut door, 100 million is still almost enough, it would be nice if you had twice as much money, unfortunately."

"But, this is only my month's allowance!"

Evan said as if he was on the sidelines.

"Zero....Pocket money!?"Old Zhao was so startled in place that he couldn't even spit out half a word.


"That's right, pocket money."Ye Fan smiled hehehe.

Old Zhao returned to normal only after a long time, exclaiming, "You kid is really turning into a rich second generation ah, at the starting line all of a sudden to the finish line, that I have nothing to say, will follow you, you chuck me I won't even leave."

Charles was very satisfied with this result, after all, he was the heir to the wood carving door, such master craftsmanship is rare in the world, but there was one thing that made Charles a little puzzled, and he could not help but ask: "Master Zhao, with your skills, isn't earning a hundred million a common occurrence?Just like the two at the entrance, if they were to be shot at the same time, they could at least shoot for over ten million."

Old Zhao looked startled and said, "How do you know that I'm called Master Zhao, worthy of being the Emperor's butler, something."

Ye Fan helplessly helped his forehead, never would he have thought that Old Zhao's real name was really Master Zhao.

Master Zhao laughed and said, "Actually, it's not hard to make money, but it's hard to save money ah.So many years of savings are smashed in the above food and drink, and you can not see my wood carving it, the selection of materials are some dozens of pieces of broken wood, that's why only sell a thousand.Or else give me a chunk of wood over ten thousand yuan, I guarantee I can make his price increase by at least a hundred times."

"A hundred times over?Is that so exaggerated?"Ye Fan was surprised.

Charles, however, agreed with Master Zhao, explaining: "Young Master, you don't know, like Master Zhao, I have never seen such a level, especially the dragon and tiger outside, I can feel the urgent pressure, this kind of drawing dragon and dotting-eye skill, really is the world's second to none.It's too modest for Master Zhao to say that it's a hundred times more, a thousand times more, or even ten thousand times more is possible, after all, if the world were to know, Master Zhao's wood carving could be an intangible cultural heritage."

"This is too fucking exaggerated?"Ye Fan was a bit confused about the behavior of rich people, a piece of broken wood would cost millions of dollars, but he also knew that he really picked up a treasure this time.

If it wasn't for his familiarity with Master Zhao and Master Zhao's lack of money, where would he be able to pick up a bargain. One second to remember to read the book

"Master Zhao, there's one more thing I don't understand, why can't 100 million work, but 200 million will?It makes no difference to me."Charles issued another inquiry.

Master Zhao sighed and said, "When I was young and addicted to gambling stones, I mortgaged the dragon face that my master inherited from me, but now it has soared to two hundred million, only when I get this dragon face can I prove my identity, and only after that can I revive the woodcut door!"

"Long Yan, what's that, don't tell me a wood carving in the area costs 200 million?"Ye Fan looked incredulous.

Charles, however, showed surprise: "Master Zhao, you said that Long Yan was inherited to you by your master?What a coincidence, this Long Yan happened to be acquired by my master, but you don't know, the price of Long Yan has now risen to 500 million, but the master likes it and has kept it in his collection at home."

"That's really great, I had to search for the whereabouts, but now I've saved the effort!"Master Zhao revealed his joy at once.

Charles also explained for Ye Fan, "Long Yan is carved from a complete descending fragrant sandalwood, the raw material alone is worth millions, with the ingenious technique, not to mention 500 million, it is estimated that if it doubles again, someone will acquire it."

Only after hearing this did it dawn on Ye Fan, although he didn't know about the preciousness of wood carvings, but he knew about the descending aromatic sandalwood, commonly known also as Hainan Huanghuali, it was the most expensive wood, no wonder a wood carving was worth hundreds of millions, getting a complete descending aromatic sandalwood was not an easy task.

In other words, nowadays, money couldn't even be bought, the strings and such on the market were just marginal materials, but a single string was over a hundred yuan.

"Kid, no, Ye Shao, as long as you nominally let me have Long Yan, I'll follow you."Master Zhao pulled Ye Fan's hand, he also knew that the current price of Long Yan couldn't be recovered even if he tried hard, but as long as he followed Ye Fan into the Ye family, then he could also be justified in name, at least in plain sight others still recognized the existence of the woodcut door, which would help him to redevelop.

"No problem."

Ye Fan naturally didn't mind, exchanging a name for a master, this kind of business, how to earn.

Regardless of the inexplicably moved Master Zhao on the side, Ye Fan began to carefully examine each wood carving, although they were all made of wood, the types were extremely different, but one thing was the same, that is, all the wood carvings presented the image of animals, other than that, there was no other category.

"Just this one, the little rabbit."After looking at it for a long time, Ye Fan finally chose a relatively inconspicuous bunny, although there were better and more gorgeous options, but Wang Kexin's zodiac sign was the bunny, choosing a bunny was the only way to reveal his feelings ah.

But before Ye Fan could pick it up, it was slammed to the ground by Master Zhao, followed by all of the wooden carvings being continuously waved by Master Zhao, all of them falling to the ground.

"Fuck, you're crazy, these are all treasures!"Ye Fan was suddenly distressed and hurriedly pulled Master Zhao.

Master Zhao, however, snorted, "Ye Shao, since I've followed you, why would I give you this kind of low grade thing to use, it's too degrading."

"It's still out of style?"Ye Fan felt that every single one of them was good, they were all lifelike and three times more touching than living things, but when it came to Master Zhao's mouth, it turned into disdain.

Master Zhao said coldly, "These things were built to sustain life, and they were chosen from dozens of pieces of broken wood, from the raw materials are not up to par, how can my hall's woodcarving door skills be so shallow!"

Charles agreed, "Indeed, if Master Zhao were to make a name for himself as a woodcarving door, the fine quality of the shot would be at least ten million above, and a thousand dollar woodcarving in the district would indeed not make it to the stage."

It was only then that it dawned on Ye Fan, but somehow it was still heartbreaking, after all, it was all carved bit by bit, and to say that it fell was a bit too overbearing.


Isn't this my fucking stuff?

Ye Fan tugged at Master Zhao and growled, "Do you fucking know that I bought this, and you even dropped it."

Master Zhao, however, looked as normal: "These things are second rate, what kind of wood carving does young Ye want, I can create one for you on site!"

Saying that, he took out a square piece of wood that was only thirty centimeters long and wide and high from under a bed.

Charles was suddenly shocked: "This is a blood sandalwood log, a catty will cost nearly ten thousand yuan, according to the density of one cubic centimeter per gram, this piece is worth at least half a million yuan!"

"You understand that too?"This time it was Master Zhao's turn to be a little surprised, "Indeed, this piece of blood sandalwood was bought when I was trying to start a family, the price was forty-seven thousand at that time, according to now, it should have exceeded half a million."

Charles smiled faintly and said, "It's just a little bit more than what I've seen with my lord, it's not worth mentioning."

In this regard, Ye Fan but thought in his heart, it seems that in addition to money, insight and experience is also a large part of it, or else others will not be able to interject their words later.


On second thought, Ye Fan discarded the desire for knowledge, after all, there is Charles around, no Charles there are other people, there will always explain a lot of things to him, why do you still have to specifically learn, what you encounter know what is not good enough.

After thinking straight, Ye Fan pointed at the blood sandalwood log, "Old Zhao, I want one in the shape of a rabbit."

"A rabbit?That's just the right size too."Master Zhao nodded his head.

Charles was a little hesitant, hesitated for a moment before saying: "Young Master, although the logs are only half a million, but it is Master Zhao shot, at least ten million to start the finished product, and this is Master Zhao's first official shot in many years, its price and significance are unusual, if the wood carving fans know, even if hundreds of millions of dollars is not difficult ah, you want to think about this as a gift!To Miss Kohin?If you give the wooden carving to your wife who is also a Chinese zodiac rabbit, your wife should be very happy."

"Is my mother also a zodiacal rabbit?"Ye Fan's body was pounding, and he finally learned a piece of information about his mother.

But Ye Fan thought about it, or said: "No matter what, this is Kexin's birthday, let's give it to Kexin.Moreover, how can it be such a small wooden carving to give to mother, if you want to give it, you have to send a big one just like the golden dragon and white - tiger outside, that's the only way to get it."

Seeing that Ye Fan's mind was already made up, Charles stopped saying more, just a bit sorry, but also admired Ye Fan's approach, this kind of handwriting

Even if it was given to just one person, the other party would have to give it to him, after all, this finished product could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, not to mention giving it to Wang Kexin's fiancée, who had already made an internal decision.

"Right."Seeing that Master Zhao was about to do it, Ye Fan suddenly thought of something and said, "Old Zhao, the rabbit will be fine on a one-to-one basis, I guess it can have an edge, and when you make a string, you'll have to make it more delicate as well."

"Okay, no problem."Old Zhao nodded, making a skewer was simply too much material, but since he had followed Ye Fan, he had no choice but to do whatever he could. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Charles was a little puzzled, "Young Master, why are you making strings?These are all old people's playthings."

"Yeah, just because they're old people's playthings, that's why I'm giving them to you ah, you won't mind, right?"Ye Fan smiled heedlessly.

"Give....Give it to me?How can I accept young master's gift."Charles' voice trembled as fluctuations appeared for the first time in the depths of his eyes.

"Looking at your appearance, I guess you don't dislike it, after all, it's at least Old Zhao's hand, even if it's just the leftover trimmings, the finished product isn't bad, the best strings on the market probably aren't as good as this Old Zhao, right?"

Ye Fan thought back, "Actually, every time you picked me up from school in the morning, I was thinking that you should be very clean at such an age, so I guess life is boring and there's nothing to play with.Our old people there like to play with strings, even though you're from England, you can always try to try, and when I'm waiting for you later, you can also play with them when you're fine and pass the boring time."

Although Ye Fan's tone was normal, Charles's lips trembled slightly and he was slow to say half a word.

Charles has been in the world for so many years, what big storm has not seen, so Ye Fan is not an ulterior motive to see at a glance, right now Charles sees only innocence.

That's right, Ye Fan really does not want anything, and is devoted to Charles.

However, he was only a housekeeper, he took a lot of salary every year, it was the right thing to do, and at the moment, he received a sincere gift from Ye Fan, which touched Charles in a strange way.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website.

Thinking of this, Charles' face once again returned to normal, hanging a faint smile, "Young Master, I've thought of a second task to enact for you!"

"A second assignment?"Ye Fan suddenly thought of Charles coming here not only to take care of him, but also to assess and train him, and he was a little nervous.

Charles nodded, "That's right, it's the second task.This time Miss Kexin's birthday, all the students will be there, and naturally there will be those chasing Miss Kexin.So the second task is to crush everyone with absolute strength and gain Miss Kexin's heart, this time the task is mainly to cultivate your superior temperament and resilience, the final assessment score will be judged by me, and the results will be directly notified to the master."

"What?And tell my dad to play this big?"Ye Fanton panicked, he was just going to crush everyone with a gift, but suddenly there were characters and this gift crushing would be too one-sided, and with Charles' vision, he shouldn't give high marks.

Besides, it was the first time he had told his father about his recent situation, and he didn't want to disappoint him.

There was no time to ask why Charles would suddenly send out an assignment, Ye Fan directly transferred one million to Master Zhao: "Old Zhao, half a million is the cost of the logs, I'll give it to you first, the other half a million is considered the manual fee, you can go buy some good tools, this time the wood carving must reach new heights ah, I'm counting on you."

"Okay, no problem."

Old Zhao promised, but before the words fell, Ye Fan had already rushed out of the house and went to make preparations for Wang Kexin's birthday the day after tomorrow....

"Master, go to Porsche's 4S shop."Getting into a taxi, Ye Fan specified the location.

People rely on clothes and horses rely on the saddle, now Ye Fan has a good line, the difference is a car, for the time being, Ye Fan can not think of any good way, so he chose to go first to decorate the outside, at least to crush the class with the economy in plain sight.

The city is only a fourth-tier city, the most expensive car dealership is Porsche, Ye Fan has no other choice.

Not out of ten minutes of work, the taxi arrived at the 4S shop, this is the benefit of small cities, to nowhere there is no traffic jam, even from the south of the city to the north of the city is barely an hour away.

"Hello sir, inside please."The security guard saw Ye Fan get down from the taxi, but there was no disdain in his eyes, only endless obsequiousness, especially staring at Ye Fan's shoes and looking at them, his sight completely unable to move.

In the past, just the security guards would have become roadblocks, but a few days ago, Charles had helped Ye Fan buy some imported goods from brands that were well known to the public.

For example, the one he was wearing now added up to over a hundred thousand dollars, but of course the most expensive wasn't the clothes, the full body clothes only added up to over forty thousand, not particularly high.The most valuable is the pair of AJ sneakers on his feet, a single pair of shoes is worth $99,999!

I'm sure the security guard is often concerned about the people who come and go to buy cars, more or less to the sneakers have research, before it will be so flattering.

Worthy of branded goods, backing up the face is really good enough.

Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction and walked into the store with his head held high.


"Stomp stomp!"

As soon as he entered the car shop, Ye Fan saw a plump figure twisting her small waist and walking over.

"Yo, isn't this Ye Fan."

After dressing up and down the voluptuous woman looked Ye Fan up and down, after seeing Ye Fan's outfit, she was first surprised, but seemed to have thought of something and soon showed a disdainful look again.

Ye Fan was slightly surprised, how can you buy a car and still meet someone you know.

The car salesman in front of him was none other than his high school classmate, Xu Linru.

I remember when I was in high school, Xu Linru had chased after him, but apart from his busy schoolwork, he spent his free time looking for Bai Tingting to play, so how could he have time to take care of Xu Linru.

Could it be that this girl is still holding a grudge?

Ye Fan accosted and smiled, "Old classmate, long time no see, really getting prettier and prettier."

Ye Fan was just complimentary words, after all, at any rate a classmate, if you don't tear your face off, of course it's best. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

But Xu Lin Rou revealed a proud look at the news, "Now you know that this girl is good looking, but unfortunately it's too late, now that this girl is already famous."

"Then congratulations indeed."The corner of Ye Fan's mouth slightly twitched, somewhat too lazy to say anything else, so he began to look at the car.

When Xu Lin Rou saw that Ye Fan was silent, she took the initiative to step forward and said, "Ye Fan, do you know anything about cars?Don't pretend you don't understand, old classmates are here, don't even ask me, how rude."

"Okay, then you can tell me."

Ye Fan responded casually, he really didn't want Xu Linru to introduce it.

The high school had offended Xu Linru no matter what he said in the beginning, and Xu Linru just looked at him with obvious disdain, if he really wanted Xu Linru to introduce him, he would probably just say some cheap car and make fun of him.

But Ye Fan is now in need of crushing his classmates, so naturally he wants an expensive car.So even without Xu Linru's introduction, Ye Fan has a number in his heart, that is, not the most cost-effective, nor the most beautiful appearance, to buy the most expensive!

But what Ye Fan didn't expect was that Xu Lin Rou didn't take Ye Fan to the cheap car area, but came directly to the most premium model, which was a red sports car.

Ye Fan didn't know anything about cars, he only knew that it was a Porsche, but he couldn't see the specific model, but one look at the open-topped exterior and he knew the cost was extraordinary.

Xu Lin Rou saw Ye Fan's surprised look, inevitably proudly said, "This car is a Porsche 911, or the latest high end sports car, limited to 1,948 units worldwide, we have one here in the whole of Jinsha City, how about it, this car has style right, how about picking it?"

"Okay, then choose it."

Only then did Ye Fan understand Xu Linru's intention, it turned out that Xu Linru was even more disgusting than he thought, she actually took him directly to buy the most expensive one, if it was before, he would have been in a very awkward situation, fortunately, now Ye Fan was not bad with this money.

Moreover, all Ye Fan wanted to choose was an expensive car, and Xu Linru really made a fool of herself by helping him.

"It's fine, there's no shame in not being able to afford it, after all, it's over a million....Wait, you said to choose it?"Xu Lin Rou's mocking remark halfway through came to an abrupt end, and it dawned on him that Ye Fan was agreeing.

"Yeah, what's the problem?"Ye Fan smiled faintly.

Seeing Xu Lin Rou's expression go from mocking to befuddled to puzzled, his heart couldn't help but feel beautiful, thinking that later this puzzled look would turn into shock and then kneel down to lick him, he was even more expectant.

But to Ye Fan's surprise, Xu Lin Rou suddenly burst out laughing, and only after a long time did she reveal her disdain, "Ye Fan, I didn't even realize that you were still so hypocritical before."

"Hypocritical?"Ye Fan was startled.

Could it be that Xu Lin Rou already knew that he had become rich?

Impossible, even her classmates hadn't noticed, how did Xu Linru know?

Without waiting for Ye Fan to think clearly, Xu Lin Rou continued to mock, "Dumb and dumb, it's me who got it right.I've seen you wearing a knock-off since you came in, but the imitation is good, but unfortunately there's one thing you've missed!"

Hearing this, it dawned on Ye Fan that it wasn't finding him rich that made him feel hypocritical, but simply just mocking him.

Shaking his head helplessly, only then did Ye Fan play the game, "You said there was a little mistake, what mistake was it?"

"You shouldn't have bought a knock-off AJ, I've seen this AJ again online, the real one is worth $99,999, it's enough to buy an ordinary family car.You're really poor and crazy, trying to compensate for your vanity with knock-offs, but unfortunately you're ignorant, if you choose one that costs a few thousand, I probably wouldn't be able to find out that you're wearing a knock-off."After Xu Lin Rou finished speaking in one breath, she stared straight at Ye Fan, ready to see Ye Fan make a fool of himself.

"Then go pay for it."

Ye Fan, on the other hand, took out his mobile phone and prepared to directly scan the code to pay and use the truth to beat Xu Lin Rou's face.

But when he reached the cashier, Ye Fan scanned the code but was prompted to cap the daily transaction and was limited.

Ye Fan suddenly thought of just now to vigorously look at the phone, in order to have a sense of picture, he deliberately transferred all the money on the gold card into the Alipay, but now is limited.

And a touch of his pocket, Ye Fan found something even more terrifying, that is, his gold card is missing!

Did it just slip off in the taxi holster?

Thinking of this, Ye Fan was busy dialing the phone number of Qian Duo of ICBC.

"Hello, Qian Duoduo?I lost my card."Ye Fan went straight to the point.

Qian Duo Duo heard the news and comforted Ye Fan, "Ye Shao don't need to panic, this card can be replaced, don't worry, I'll just lose it now, the person who picked up the card can't swipe it, where are you now, I'll send the new card to you after half an hour of processing."

"That's okay, then it's troublesome for you."After saying that, Ye Fan hung up the phone.

When Xu Linru saw this, she mocked, "Yo, the play is quite good, acting is really good, it's a pity that you're not an actor."

Ye Fan didn't mind, anyway, he had money and could buy a car sooner or later, so he didn't need to show off his tongue with Xu Linru.

"What's wrong, Xiao Ru?"Just at this moment, a man with a scholarly air walked over, with a hangtag on his chest that had the three words Wang Lianjie written on it, and a manager position above his name.

Xu Lin Rou saw Wang Lianjie, the sarcasm on his face instantly turned into tenderness, tenderly said, "Brother Jie, this kid is my high school classmate Ye Fan, came here to buy a car, I just made a joke to introduce an expensive one to him, unexpectedly this kid can't afford to joke, and still had to buy."

"Oh?And did he pay?"Wang Lianjie gave a light sigh.

Xu Linru laughed, "Buy?What can he buy for a poor kid, not like our Jie who is so capable."

"That's right, but I was blind to the fact that he's wearing a knock-off."Wang Lianjie initially saw Ye Fan's AJ and also looked up to him before asking politely, but now that he saw that Ye Fan had no money, he locked his eyebrows.

"With his poor looks, he's still buying a Porsche, it's more like going out and turning left to buy a bike."Xu Linru echoed.

Ye Fan didn't defend his words, if it were before, Ye Fan would be annoyed right now, but now he had already stopped putting Xu Linru in his eyes, and in his eyes, a product like Xu Linru didn't even give him a chance to fight.

However, he wasn't going to let these two go.

Aren't you mocking me?I'll let you walk out of here!

Thinking about it, Evan took out his cell phone and dialed Jinshan's number


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