Lost Young Master 46-50


Chapter 46

Now that he was in the mission period, in order not to lower his score, Ye Fan didn't want to ask Charles for help because of a trivial matter like losing a card.

And if you want to say that he knew the big bosses in Golden Sands City, then the first one to bear the brunt was Jinshan.

Although he hadn't seen Jinshan make a move, but with Qian Duo's previous performance at the Jinshan Club, he could be sure that Jinshan could almost say something to make Jinshan City tremble for a few big names!

But it was such a big man who had a flattering expression when he answered Ye Fan's call, "Ye Shao, what do you want?"

"It's not a big deal, do you know the owner of the Porsche dealership in our city?"Ye Fan went straight to the point.

"You mean Xiao Chen, naturally I recognize him, what's wrong, it's this brat's brain whip that's pissing you off, do you need me to find someone to beat him up?"Jin Shan's tone grew gloomy.

Ye Fan hurriedly explained, "No, you've misunderstood.It's because I came here to buy a car and ran into a little trouble."

"Understood, I'm going over."Jinshan didn't ask for details, he was going to go directly, after all, no matter what it was, as long as Ye Fan used him, he was going to grab the opportunity to climb this high bar.

When he hung up the phone, Ye Fan heard Xu Lin Rou's sneer.

"Ye Fan, you really can pretend ah, phone call after phone call, you really think you're a person?"Xu Linru mocked and laughed. A second to remember to read the book.

Wang Lianjie also disdainfully glanced at Ye Fan and said, "Xiao Rou, why take care of this kind of people, no skills not to shrink well, but also come out to embarrass, you don't want to hang out with this kind of people, it's too degrading."

But Ye Fan did not retort, but looked at the phone, let these two people fool around first, anyway, there will be these two people suffering later.

The phone's flashing light flashed, and Ye Fan received a WeChat from Jinshan: "Ye Shao, what a coincidence, just now I called to know that the original Xiao Chen is eating at the Jinshan Hotel, wait for me for a while, I'll bring Xiao Chen over now."

"At the hotel ah, no need to come over, it just so happens that I haven't eaten at lunch, let's go there for lunch first."After Ye Fan returned the message, he was about to leave the car dealership.

Now that Qian Duo was helping with the new card, he also needed some time, there was no point in waiting here, Mo not as if to go have a bite to eat.

Knowing that Ye Fan was coming, Jinshan rushed to get ready.

But without waiting for Ye Fan to take a few steps, Xu Linru sneered, "Pretend ah, you go ahead and pretend ah, leaving with your tail between your legs like this, don't blame me for taking a video and sending it to my high school group of classmates, so that everyone can see how wimpy you are now."

"Suit yourself."Ye Fan put down a sentence without turning back, and then left the car dealership.

High school classmates and him originally had no interaction, because at that time, in addition to studying there was only around Bai Tingting, other people's things he was not clear, and he had no relationship with him.

Although his Alipay limit transaction, but that was a large amount of money to buy a car just now, so the ten-odd dollars for the taxi can still be paid as usual.In about ten minutes, Ye Fan arrived at the Jinshan Hotel.

But just as Ye Fan was about to enter the hotel, a familiar taunt came from behind him again.

"Ye Fan, you're really good, you just left from us, and this is now at the Jinshan Hotel, do you know what this place is, can you afford it?"

Ye Fan turned his head, and behind him was Xu Lin Rou who had a sneering face.

"Can't I come, so you can come?"Seeing that Xu Lin Rou was alone, Ye Fan did not frown, could it be that this girl followed him and chased him here just to mock a sentence?That's too sick.

Idiot_Human is nothing more than that!

Xu Lin Rou held her arms and sneered, "Don't imagine me as you, my brother Jie is much more productive than you, he's gone to park his car now, he'll be over in a moment."

"It's time to pretend, right, it's already three o'clock in the afternoon, aren't you afraid that your boss will fire you when he finds out if you leave your post without permission?"Ye Fan looked at the time and coldly snorted.

Xu Linru, however, looked disdainful, "Fire me?The manager of our car dealership is my brother Jay, he can take me out whenever he wants, the boss is nothing, it's a wonder he knows these things!"

"Okay, stop talking, let's go in and eat."

Wang Lianjie came from afar and saw Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, "Little Ru, didn't I just tell you, less with this kind of people."

"Good."Xu Lin Rou still wanted to explain, but seeing that Wang Lianjie looked bad, she followed and walked in.

But just as they were about to enter, a big fat man came out of the door and collided directly with the two of them.

Xu Lin Rou was knocked to the ground and roared, "You're blind!"

"Fuck you, no one has ever dared to talk to me like that!"The big fatty kicked Xu Linru directly in the stomach, twisted his head and breathed another slap on Wang Lianjie's face: "You kid is also blind, can't you see that I came out of it?"

Wang Lianjie was directly stunned in place, while Xu Linru was rolling around on the ground in pain, not to mention how miserable it was.

"Haha."But Ye Fan couldn't help but laugh, not only because the two of them were beaten up, but more importantly, the big fat man was none other than Jinshan.

When Jin Shan saw Ye Fan, he even jogged to Ye Fan's front and said, "Ye Shao, I've made you laugh, quickly inside please."

"Mm."Ye Fan nodded slightly, without even looking at Wang Lianjie and Xu Linru, he walked into the hotel.

Jin Shan led the way, "Ye Shao, knowing that you're here for dinner, I'll tell Xiao Chen to call a manager and a car salesman at the dealership, and when the time comes to describe who messed with you, these two people will know who it is, and then we'll clean up the unsightly guys."

"This..."Ye Fan was startled, Jinshan's arrangement was thoughtful, but how did he feel that the two people Little Chen had called for were Wang Lianjie and Xu Linru.

It couldn't be such a coincidence, right?

Ye Fan couldn't help but chuckle, but didn't say much, he would know when he reached the private room.

As soon as he entered the private room, Ye Fan saw a middle-aged man with a blessed body sitting at ease, and when he saw Jinshan and him enter, the middle-aged man hurriedly stood up and said, "Brother Jin, this is Ye Shao, isn't he, what a hero!"

"Sit down."After Ye Fan shook hands with the middle-aged man, he naturally sat on the main seat.

The middle-aged man handed out a business card, "Ye Shao, my name is Chen Fu, just call me Little Chen."

"Chen don't be polite, order whatever you want to eat, this meal is on me."Ye Fan put the menu on the table in front of Chen Fu and said casually.

Chen Fu was flattered and said, "Ye Shao atmospheric, don't worry, I will not tolerate any trouble caused in my shop, no matter who it is, it will be dealt with seriously!"

"Okay, on the way over just now, I heard from San Francisco that you called in two employees, how soon will they be here?"Ye Fan inquired.

Although the tone was flat, but Chen Fu was brushing out a large portion of cold sweat, only because Chen Fu saw Jinshan's unkind eyes, as if he was blaming him for his low efficiency.

Chen Fu hurriedly took out his phone, "Ye Shao, I'll call them now and hurry them up."

Without waiting for Chen Fu to dial the phone, the door of the room was snapped.

Right after that, Ye Fan saw two familiar figures, it was Wang Lianjie and Xu Linru!


"Coming so slowly, you guys lost your bonus for this month, let's find a place to sit first."When Chen Fu saw Wang Lianjie and Xu Linru, he snorted out coldly.

Turning his head but to Ye Fan with a face accosted smile: "Ye Shao, make you laugh, don't look at their slow arrival, usually in the car dealership but excellent employees."

"Just this?A good employee?"

Without waiting for Ye Fan to speak, Jinshan sneered.

Chen Fu shuddered at the sight and asked carefully, "Brother Jin, what do you mean?"

"These two idiots and blind, walking without looking just now bumped into me in the doorway, and not only that, but this little bitch fucking scolded me, and this is your good, good employee?"Jin Shan pointed at Xu Lin Rou and coldly snorted.

Chen Fu didn't realize that his back was drenched in sweat, and his lips trembled, "Sorry Brother Jin, it's my mismanagement."

When he got up, he walked directly to Xu Linru and Wang Lianjie, and sternly said, "What a shame to me, praising you in vain, next, do a good job for Ye Shao, otherwise don't say salary, you can just leave, hear me clearly!"

"Ming....Understood!"Xu Linru and Wang Lianjie were busy standing up, also scared out of cold sweat.

After all, it was an existence that their bosses feared, so what did they count. The first website m.kanshu8.net

But when Xu Lin Rou turned her head and saw the so-called Ye Shao, she exclaimed, "Ye Fan, how come it's you?"


Chen Fu slapped Xu Lin Rou's face and shouted harshly, "No big, no small, call Ye Shao!"

"Ye....Ye Shao."Xu Lin Rou covered half of her slapped face and sobbed in a low voice.

Her face no longer had the complacency and ridicule from earlier, there was only puzzlement and grievance, but more fear and confusion.

Ye Fan laughed and waved his hand, "Ah Chen, there's no need to be so heavy-handed, at any rate, you're my high school classmate, it doesn't matter if you call me by my first name."

"This, this, this is your high school classmate?I'm sorry, Ye Shao, I was wrong."Chen Fu panicked, never imagined that in order to save 10% of his life, he would once again fail to hit Ye Fan's high school classmate, how could this be.

Not waiting for him to come up with a way, he heard Ye Fan lightly say, "Actually it's not a bad name to call, I remember just now she called me a grifter, a poor pimp, a turtle.Alas, at least a high school classmate, it really hurts my heart to be called that."


Upon hearing that, the tension in Chen Fu's heart turned to nothing, it seemed that the two of them were not that close.

And where Ye Fan couldn't see, Jinshan also secretly let out a sigh of relief, he had just kicked Xu Lin Rou.

"Ye Shao, now that we're all together, why don't you describe what kind of people are looking for trouble, I definitely won't condone it!"Chen Fu finally introduced the main topic, he didn't want to breed any more strife.

"Describe ah, my modifiers aren't that good, I'll just describe it briefly."

Ye Fan chuckled, "The one who messes with me is a man and a woman, the man is human and the woman is sharp and mean."

"That description is a bit elusive ah, how about some more hints from Ye Shao?Or later, after dinner, would you be so kind as to go to the car dealership and identify it?"Chen Fu cautiously inquired.

"Give some more hints ah."If Ye Fan was thoughtful, he suddenly clapped his hands and said in surprise, "By the way, I have a habit of recording, and I just happened to record this couple's conversation."

Saying that, Ye Fan pulled out his phone and clicked on the recording.

"Ye Fan, you're really good, you just left our place, and this is now at the Golden Mountain Hotel, do you know what this place is that you can afford?"

"Can't I come, so you can come?"

"Don't imagine me as you, my brother Jay is much more productive than you, he's gone to park his car now, he'll be over in a minute."

"It's time to pretend, it's already three in the afternoon, aren't you afraid your boss will fire you when he finds out if you leave your post without permission?""Firing me?The manager of our car dealership is my brother Jay, he can take me out whenever he wants, the boss is nothing, it's a wonder he knows these things!"

"Okay, stop talking, let's go in and eat."

"Ru, I just told you, didn't I just tell you to keep away from such people."



The recording was only a few words, but after hearing it, the entire room was silent.

Only after a long time did Chen Fu craned his neck, smacked Xu Linru's face, turned around and kicked Wang Lianjie's stomach again.

"I've been so good to you guys on a regular basis, the feeling turned out to be that you guys teamed up to deceive me ah, and not to mention, you guys also messed with Ye Shao, you guys are really tired of living!"

Wang Lianjie and Xu Linru didn't dare to resist in the slightest, so they were violently kicked a dozen times in a row by Chen Fu.

"I'm sorry, boss, I know I was wrong, I just said that on purpose to dislike Ye Fan."Xu Lin Rou explained as she begged for mercy.

But it was fine not to explain, but after explaining, it was even more so that the kicking army added another person to the list.

I saw Jinshan get up violently and kicked Xu Linru's ass, shouting angrily, "Ye Shao is also someone you can mess with, you really think you're a person!"

As he watched Chen Fu and Jinshan kick out one by one, Ye Fan's heart couldn't help but feel beautiful.

This, was what had happened to him for messing with them!

However, Ye Fan did not get involved in the matter, and used his own way to treat the other, before Xu Lin Rou didn't do anything, and now he wouldn't do anything either.

After all, as long as the facts were stated and guided, someone would naturally take action.

Flipping through the menu, Ye Fan shouted, "Waiter come in one and order."

As the words fell, a sweet-looking waitress walked in, seeing Jinshan and Chen Fu kicking and swishing her small face in fright.

Ye Fan waved his hand, "Don't mind them, they have fire in their bellies, it's hard if they don't let it out.You recommend the dishes here, I want that kind of tonic body, wait, what's your look, not that I mend my body, my body times great, I mean they are tired of kicking, later should be nourished."

After ordering a few nourishing herbal meals, the waiter retired.

At the same moment, Chen Fu and Jinshan were also tired of kicking, and were slumped in their seats.

"Tsk tsk."Looking at Xu Linru and Wang Lianjie who collapsed on the ground, Ye Fan couldn't help but smack his lips, "Hey, this is tragic, how can you beat someone up like this."

"Ye Fan, no, Ye Shao, I knew you still cared about the friendship of your classmates, I know I was wrong, it was my dog's eyes before, please let me go, and by the way clean up this dog thing Chen Fu, I'm willing to accompany you tonight."Seeing that Ye Fan slightly blamed Chen Fu, Xu Lin Rou knew that Ye Fan still cared about her.

"Xiao Ru how can you be like this, you're my object."Lianjie Chen climbed up with difficulty, looking indignant, he never expected that Xu Linru, who had previously treated him like a little bird, would be this kind of person!


Xu Lin Ru paused to sneer, "What are you, in front of Ye Shao, you're not even a fart, break up, just your fast and small rotten thing, I've already had enough."

At the words, Wang Lianjie's face reddened instantly, but he didn't dare to do anything, because Ye Fan was too terrifying in his opinion.

"I'm sorry, Ye Shao, I'm to blame for not being able to hold back at the moment, luckily because of you this time, otherwise I wouldn't have found out that these two people are going against the grain."Chen Fu did by Ye Fan's side and breathed heavily.

Ye Fan waved his hand, "What are you apologizing for, I'm not blaming you, I mean..."

"Well done!"


As soon as Ye Fan said this, three faces were confused.

Xu Lin Rou was the quickest to react and crawled in front of Ye Fan, hugging Ye Fan's thigh, "Ye Shao, I know I was wrong, aren't you willing to forgive me?"

"Haha, bitch, you deserve to be on your knees licking!"Chen Lianjie looked like he was relieved.

Chen Fu, on the other hand, was the last to react, but was the first to make a decision: "Okay, you two are fired, get out of here." Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Xu Linru still wanted to plead, but Ye Fan was the first to speak up, "Xu Linru ah, you don't think highly of me, I'm just a turtle, a poor pimp, a grifter.I don't have that much power to command General Manager Chen, since General Manager Chen has already made up his mind, you guys should just do as you're told and get out of here, or else always so disturbing to eat, I think General Manager Jin should not be satisfied either."

As soon as Jin Shan heard the mention of himself, he put on a serious face: "Hurry up and get out, do you want me to call security to help you carry out?"


Seeing the coldness in Jinshan's eyes, Xu Linru eventually left without saying a word and left in ashes.As for Wang Lianjie, he had already left after Chen Fu had made his decision.

The room was messed up, so the three of them Ye Fan changed to a private room and waited for the food to be served.

Jin Shan sat across from Ye Fan and said with a bitter smile, "Ye Shao, there's something I don't know whether I should say or not."

"Go ahead."Ye Fan nodded, this was the first time Jinshan took the initiative to speak.

Jin Shan brewed for a few moments before carefully saying, "Ye Shao, I think you actually don't have to deliberately make things difficult for people, if you had shown your gold card earlier, it wouldn't have led to this situation.It turns out that when we were at the Golden Mountain Club, we heard Wang Long say many times about you wearing a courier uniform."

Ye Fan was somewhat speechless: "I thought you were going to say something.I didn't wear a courier uniform this time either ah, what I wore wasn't cheap, this AJ on my feet alone is 100,000 yuan, but unfortunately they don't know how to read the goods and had to find trouble with me.And I lost my gold card, Qian Duo is now replacing it, right, I sent a message to Qian Duo, tell him to send the gold card directly here later, there's still something to ask him."

Saying that, Ye Fan opened his phone and sent a message to Qian Duo.

Jin Shan couldn't help but inquire, "What's the matter?Can't I help you with that?"

"This is going to be a brainstorming session, by the way, Mr. Chen can also participate in this operation."Ye Fan turned his head and said to Chen Fu.

Chen Fu was delighted, nodding his head incessantly, "All knowledge and no words are exhausted!"

After waiting for about ten minutes, the dishes were served one by one, and Qian Duo Duo happened to rush over.

Only after seeing Qian Duo Duo take his seat did Ye Fan speak up, "The thing is, the family has an assessment mission that requires me to give the fiancée Wang Kexin sent by the family a birthday.This assessment is a comprehensive judgment based on the various actions during the birthday."

"Family appraisal?"Jin Shan was so alarmed that his heart nearly missed a beat.

To say that the thing Jinshan was most interested in was not only Ye Fan, but also the family behind Ye Fan, he didn't have to think much about it, he knew that this family was a huge thing!

"So what's in this test?"Jin Shan inquired again.

Ye Fan couldn't help but sigh and said, "If I knew, I would have asked you guys for a discussion.This birthday banquet is a surprise for Wang Kexin without our whole class knowing.Charles only said that I was going to show absolute strength to crush the whole class, and the other point was to prepare the most surprising gift for Wang Kexin, but after all, it was Charles who came up with the question, it can't be that simple, there should be something else I can't think of."

After thinking about it, Ye Fan said again, "Just because of that, I didn't think of what to do, so I went to buy a sports car first, and I encountered these things just now.The only thing I'm glad about now is that I've prepared an absolute surprise gift."

"Leave the sports car matter to me, I'll arrange it!"Chen Fu patted his chest and assured.

Qian Duo, on the other hand, spoke up for the first time, "In my opinion, the first thing is that the venue should be luxurious, and for the surprise, a cruise can be prepared, but it may take more than three days."

"Three days?It's the day after tomorrow, the timing won't match."Ye Fan shook his head.

Jinshan chanted, "How about this, we several first arrange to choose the venue, after which we plan to check for leaks and fill in the gaps, Sands City I have a wide range of contacts, you can investigate your classmates, starting directly from them, at least the strength of the crush to do it, as for the other aspects of the temporary can not think of, how about Ye Shao first to probe Miss Kexin's mouth, we have good ideas on this side, and then WeChat informed!What do you, what do you think?"

Jinshan spoke very fast, but everything he said was spot on.

In fact, if it was a normal birthday, he would have been able to think of many ideas, but because it involves the family behind Ye Fan, Jinshan is a bit unsettled, after all, if it is done well this time, it can be a step to the sky, climbing the high bar and entering the eyes of the Ye family.

But if he messed up, then not to mention not getting any benefits, even the Jin family might be gone.

Under tremendous pressure, Jinshan was inevitably a little more cautious.

Seeing that Jinshan was like this, Qian Duo and Chen Fu were even more directly silent.

In response, Ye Fan helplessly shook his head and said, "Then according to what you said, I'll go to probe, your side first plan to do everything that can be done, this time only success is not allowed to fail, good job, full reward!"

"Thank you, Ye!"

While seeing Ye Fan leave, the three people in the room looked even more solid.

Although from Ye Fan's point of view, it was fine for him to speak and give rewards.But in the view of the three people in the room, this was not a small matter of playing house, or was it a small matter as long as it involved the Ye family?

The worries of the three people in the room were unknown to Ye Fan.After leaving the room, Ye Fan only felt light, as if all the burdens had been thrown off.

"Three cobblers race the gods, these three old guys should be even more different!"

Now it was rich, but Ye Fan still didn't have that kind of mentality, and more importantly, experience, don't look at Wang Kexin as if she was a little bird, but was it the same in her heart?

Ye Fan was not sure.

The most crucial part of this scoring was Wang Kexin, and it seemed that he still had to go back and find out what Wang Kexin was saying.

Thinking, Ye Fan got into a taxi and headed straight to the Jinjiang Villa!


"Brother Evan, you're back!"

As soon as Ye Fan walked into the house, he saw Wang Kexin stand up from the living room sofa.


Ye Fan's look was a bit unnatural, after all, it was to test Wang Kexin's word.

Hopefully, it wouldn't be discovered!

Ye Fan prayed in his heart, whirled around and smiled, walking towards Wang Kexin.


Two short days passed quickly, Ye Fan had already gotten some words out of Wang Kexin, but in order not to be detected by Wang Kexin, so Ye Fan asked about trivial things and then speculated and studied them with Jinshan and the others.

For Ye Fan's secret preparations, Wang Kexin did not have the slightest inkling of it.

On the other hand, Charles also, as Ye Fan expected, did not participate in this matter at all, even the birthday living room that Ye Fan originally asked Charles to prepare, and the birthday gift, Charles did not prepare. A second to remember to read the book

Luckily, San Francisco found out early on, which didn't embarrass Evan.

Friday's classes were full until four o'clock in the evening.

As soon as the class was over, Xu Changrong came over, held out a rose and handed it to Wang Kexin, saying, "Miss Kexin, flowers with a beautiful woman, it's just right for you."

"What is this?"

Wang Kexin was a little confused, if usual, as soon as the end of class everyone would fly away, these two days she went to school already see.

And it was only the first day that someone came to her to ask questions, but after arriving, there was no one looking for her.

Even Wang Kexin herself had doubts about herself.

And thought it was because she was not charming enough, completely unexpected that Xu Changrong would suddenly take out flowers.

And not only Xu Changrong, there were also other male classmates who were eager to be the first to come.

Not only roses, but also lilies and other dainty flowers, making Wang Kexin a little flattered, extremely shocked at the scene in front of her.

Fortunately, she had been in a high position for many years and had long had simulation training for these things, so she quickly regained her composure and said with a calm but polite expression, "Thank you all for the flowers, but why is this?"

"Because it's your birthday today."Xu Changrong said smugly.

Wang Kexin was very surprised at this, never would have thought that these people would know that she had a birthday.

However, she didn't accept the flowers, but instead turned her head and extended her hand, aiming at none other than Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was also aware of something and took out a long box from his backpack, after opening it, it was a bunch of violets inside.

"You are as mysterious as a fairy, and this violet is a match for you."

Ye Fan's expression was very serious, this was actually not his fault, not his pretensions, but Jinshan asked for it, even looking for many girls, specially accompanying Ye Fan to contact, so that it was so natural now.

I remember the first time, Ye Fan was completely confused, not even knowing what he was thinking about, and stuttering when he spoke, completely disproportionate to the present, but now it is very smooth, not at all see any pretence and acting components, completely from the heart.

Wang Kexin's small face could not help but reveal a shy expression, which made Ye Fan's heart relieved, in fact, this method is also Jinshan thought of, that is, first to take out flowers to prepare, but could not think of the class all prepared, even the most silly few boys also prepared.

So obviously not everyone thought of it, it should be these people combined together to get out.

It seems that these people should not be underestimated yet!

Ye Fan sighed in his heart, these guys really were a group, completely excluding him.

Xu Changrong didn't expect Ye Fan to prepare flowers as well, he couldn't help but frown, but quickly released, "Kexin, forgive us for being so presumptuous, we've already booked a place, do you want to go together?"

Without waiting for Wang Kexin to speak, Ye Fan spoke up, "Right, Kexin, didn't you say you've already prepared a birthday party, why don't you go to the place you've prepared!"

"Oh oh, yes, I remember, let's go to the place where I prepared."

Wang Kexin reacted quickly and immediately caught Ye Fan's words, but Wang Kexin's heart was confused, when exactly was the preparation made, could it be that Ye Fan had secretly prepared it without telling him these days?

Thinking of this, Wang Kexin couldn't help but look at Ye Fan in a different light, her heart filled with emotion.

It seemed that Ye Fan still cared about her, and even prepared a surprise birthday party for her.

With a sweet smile, the crowd left the classroom.

But when they arrived at the school entrance, they saw Xu Changrong driving a black car, which looked extremely extraordinary, and it was a BMW.

Xu Changrong opened the car door and the gentleman said, "Do you want to be my car, Miss Kexin?"

Wang Kexin smiled and waved her hand, "No need, I'll take a car with Ye Fan."

"With him?A taxi?Or squeeze the bus?"Xu Changrong had disdain in his eyes.

The other students also scoffed, after all, everyone's impression of Ye Fan was that he was a poor kid, where would he get a car?

Not waiting for everyone to finish laughing, the crowd saw the number of cars from afar, the first one is exactly a red Porsche 911, the back is also a neat Porsche, although not a sports car, but also looks expensive, at least better than Xu Changrong's BMW.

The team is nearing a stop, from the Porsche 911 down on a fat man, is none other than Jinshan.

Jin Shan smiled, "Ye Shao, I'm ready, I'm not late, right?"


Ye Fan faintly smiled, in his heart even more felt Jinshan excellent acting, in fact, had planned to let Jinshan directly appear, but could not reach the effect of face and shock.

And waiting to appear after Xu Changrong first offered a scandal would be even more of a contrast and deter these students.

"Ye Shao?He calls Ye Fan Ye Shao?"

"What's going on, are all these cars arranged by Ye Fan?"

"Such a big row?Did Ye Fan really do this?"

The students were shocked and had an instant change of heart towards Ye Fan, and there were even a few infatuated little girls whose eyes had revealed little stars.

Ye Fan smiled faintly and said, "There's no need to do the bus, let's go in the back, there's plenty of space."

Saying that, Ye Fan glanced at the bus not far away.

Xu Changrong's face changed dramatically, he hadn't introduced the bus yet, so why would Ye Fan know in advance?

However, Jinshan had already found out, and Xu Changrong had even chartered a bus in order to bring his classmates for this preparation.

However, Ye Fan was the last to arrive, making Xu Changrong extremely embarrassed.

"Then, Lord Class President, we'll leave first, you can catch up with the fleet at the back, although your bus can't even compare to the worst bus."

Ye Fan deliberately teased, whirling around and taking Wang Kexin to the Porsche.

This Porsche only had double seats, so it was Ye Fan who was driving.Fortunately, Ye Fan had gone to school all right before to get his driving license, otherwise this pretend couldn't be so perfect.


Xu Changrong's face was extremely gloomy, but the students were waving their hands to enter the limousine.

Although no words, but the high and low, not that these students are snobbish, but who else, would not choose a cheap bus, after all, this luxury car is not always able to sit, miss this time, may not be able to sit on such a good car in this life.Moreover, after sitting, bragging is also capital ah.......

Watching the fleet of cars go far away, Xu Changrong did not hammer the car in anger, resenting, "Ye Fan, you wait for me, isn't it just the car prepared, but grifter is grifter, the next gift is definitely not something you can compare to."

Thinking of the gift prepared for Wang Kexin, a smile gradually appeared on Xu Changrong's face.

Ye Fan didn't know about this, nor did he want to know.

Originally, Jinshan wanted to check on Xu Changrong's preparation, but Ye Fan said that he didn't need to, because no matter what Xu Changrong prepared, it couldn't compare to Master Zhao's wood carving, after all, that thing was a multi-million, even hundreds of millions of works.

Not only did it have economic value, but it was also incomparable in terms of art, and more importantly, it was carved by Wang Kexin's Chinese zodiac rabbit, so Xu Changrong was bound to lose in terms of gifts.

As for the other students, Ye Fan didn't put it in his eyes, these people are only coaxing, the assets are just ordinary family, at least Xu Changrong is still half rich second generation.

How can Ye Fan have a sense of urgency for something that is not enough to be feared?

Driving the car and whistling, Evan gradually ran to the prepared field. The first website m.kanshu8.net

When Wang Kexin saw that it wasn't a villa, nor was it the original layer of apartments that Ye Fan had purchased, she couldn't help but ask with some curiosity, "Brother Ye Fan, where are we going?"

"Keep it a secret for now."

When Ye Fan smiled mysteriously, he didn't say anything more.

Rao, looking at Ye Fan's not too handsome side face, Wang Kexin's smile also appeared red, after all, this matter was all something that Ye Fan prepared without her knowing, in other times, no matter how Ye Fan did things, it was told to her.

Thinking back on the conversation of these two days, Wang Kexin gradually revealed her surprise, "Brother Ye Fan, is it possible that the strange questions you asked me these two days were all to surprise me?Then I guessed what you had prepared oh."


Ye Fan's face changed, it would be bad if he was guessed.

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem, and then you need to get rid of it.Therefore, the idea of Ye Fan is very simple, as if Wang Kexin is a sparrow in a cage, grew up so big, although it likes different things, but the most desirable or freedom.

Without much thought, Ye Fan set the theme of the birthday is freedom, and the location is very easy to choose, naturally Jinshan Hotel.

Eating and drinking was just to shock and deter the classmates, the most important part was the Gold Mountain Clubhouse after dinner, where was the key to all the surprises.There are many ways to be free, but the most important thing is to experience something new.It may be an ordinary person, think birthday to go outside the five-star hotel is a great thing, but I guess Wang Kexin root despise, because Wang Kexin is exposed to these since childhood, may also feel that Ye Fan is not heart.The choice of Jinshan Club, singing, crazy, is Wang Ke Xin absolutely do not dare to think of things.

For this plan, there is no Jinshan's opinion, is completely Ye Fan through his own thought, because before Ye Fan poor, in fact, is also a bird in a cage, but just by the poor of this cage trapped.In fact, both the great rich and the great poor were the same, unable to experience the happiness of normal people, so at this time, it was enough to just go and do some normal people's things.

But there was still some risk in this matter, after all, Wang Kexin would probably get bored of playing for a while just like Ye Fan did before, but the most important thing was the surprise at the beginning.That's right, the theme of this time was surprise, giving Wang Kexin unexpected surprises, that would be enough, there was no need to design other small thoughts at all.

Just like the previous fire movie "your name", in fact, this movie to say good is only the fullness of emotion or even overflow, before reaching the shock of the world's feeling.And Ye Fan was emulating this thing, in order to be able to achieve the same feeling as this, so that the surprise completely filled Wang Kexin's brain, making it unable to think normally, so that he achieved the purpose of this action.

As for the score, although it wasn't as close to a perfect score as Jinshan had planned, it would depend on Wang Kexin's self-play, and if Wang Kexin really ate this, it would most likely exceed expectations, allowing Wang Kexin to score a straight 101.But if Wang Kexin didn't like these things at all, there was a good chance that this matter would go down the drain, and not even a passing grade would be possible.

But Ye Fan took the gamble, after all, if he didn't, this would be the end of the matter, and it wouldn't have any explosive effect at all.

Ye Fan knew Charles' purpose, wanted him to be moderate, but Ye Fan could not, in order to make his unseen father completely satisfied, Ye Fan only had to gamble, give two hundred percent of his effort to be able to, so maybe risky, but young, isn't that what should be risky?

After stabilizing his mind, Ye Fan drove the Porsche smoothly.

Soon, it arrived at the hotel, just as Ye Fan thought, Wang Kexin wasn't very surprised, but pursed her lips, "See, it's just like I said, it's true that you were probing me before just to prepare the surprise.But I'm happy now, after all, you prepared it."

Saying that, Wang Kexin took the initiative to offer a kiss and directly kissed Ye Fan.

The scene was seen by the students coming from behind and they were shocked.

When Ye Fan saw the male classmates with a different look, he quickly released Wang Kexin and said, "Kexin, pay attention, don't do that in front of people."


Wang Kexin was a little dissatisfied, but still agreed, after all, it was Ye Fan's words and he had to listen to them.

When the crowd entered the hotel, Xu Changrong arrived late.

But at this time, the crowd was no longer looking at Xu Changrong's expression, because everyone knew that Xu Changrong was sure to lose, because Ye Fan had kissed Wang Kexin, although they didn't know what happened in the car, but from this action alone, Ye Fan had succeeded in most of it, or more.

The other male classmates were also not jealous, because Ye Fan used to be a grifter, they could still ridicule, but with so many luxury cars, they couldn't and didn't dare to mock.

They guessed that the cars might not be Ye Fan's, but they knew one thing: these luxury cars can't be rented with money, they need connections, otherwise who would rent out the cars freely?


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