Lost Young Master 51-55


Chapter 51

When the other students thought of this, they were even more convinced that Ye Fan might be the hidden rich second generation, but it was too well hidden.

And before, because of Xu Changrong's guidance, they didn't have a good relationship with Ye Fan, so now they wouldn't reveal Ye Fan's true face in order to have a good relationship with him, not to mention the kissing thing, they would only watch Xu Changrong's fun.

The crowd arrived at the hall, but they found that Ye Fan's row was even more terrifying than they had imagined, this was not a so-called private room, but a floor, not only a hall, but also all the private rooms on this floor had been booked by Ye Fan.

"Wow, Brother Fan you're amazing!"

"You're my idol now, it's really strong!"

The students were up in arms, some of them had never been to the Jinshan Hotel, but they all knew the concept of the Jinshan Hotel, that within the Jinshan Hotel, the lowest consumption of private rooms was fifty thousand once, and not to mention the lobby, just the twenty private rooms on this floor was also one million to start, how rich was that ah.

Xu Changrong was also completely shocked and swallowed his saliva.

But then it dawned on Xu Changrong, "Worthy of being Miss Kexin, so well prepared."

He didn't think that these were prepared by Ye Fan, because just now in class, Ye Fan also said that it was Wang Kexin who said to prepare the birthday banquet.

Smiling, Xu Changrong said again, "And thanks to Miss Kexin." Remember the website .kanshu8.net


Wang Kexin was confused, wasn't he thanked once, how could there be a second time, and what was it for this time?

Xu Changrong looked at Ye Fan with disdain before slowly opening his mouth to explain, "Miss Kexin, I'm sure these cars were also prepared by you, in order to ensure that all the students can attend, and there's no one here at all, so the birthday banquet should be all for us, so thank you ah."

The students were stunned, but it would soon dawn on them.

After all, such an expensive hotel could be wrapped up, so even a luxury car was easy, right, and the way they looked at Ye Fan couldn't help but change from flattery to coldness.

It would make perfect sense if Wang Kexin had arranged all of this, because in their opinion, Wang Kexin's dress code was the real rich daughter of a rich family.

"Ye Fan, just you stinky grifter, did you threaten Miss Kexin to make that driver just now call you Ye Shao."

Xu Changrong's dog's leg, Wang Daxiton, came out to bite Ye Fan.

Xu Changrong's face was also smiling, believing that this was the truth.Everything earlier was just an illusion, and Ye Fan was still just a grifter after all.

But without waiting for him to speak, Wang Daxi flew out with a scream.Crawling up from the ground, Wang Daxi became furious and said, "Who kicked me!"

"I'm the one who kicked it, you got a problem with that?"I saw Jinshan coldly look at Wang Daxi.

"No, no comment."

Seeing that there were ten black-clothed people behind Jinshan, Wang Daxi wimped out, not daring to speak.

But Xu Changrong frowned: "Miss Kexin, it's a bit not good how your driver is kicking people around, isn't it."

Wang Kexin's eyes were somewhat complicated: "This is not my driver, it's the person Ye Fan hired, and you can see that his hands do not have calluses, it should not be the driver ah, could it be that you are mistaken."

Xu Changrong, however, thought that this was Wang Kexin speaking for Ye Fan, and was even more annoyed: "This is impossible, Ye Fan is just a stinky grifter, he..."

Without waiting for Xu Changrong to finish his sentence, he also flew out with a scream.

Turning his head, it wasn't anyone else who kicked him, it was the same Jinshan from earlier.

Jin Shan looked annoyed, "Fuck your driver, I'm the vice president of this place, Jinshan!"

"Are you San Francisco?"

Xu Changrong's pupils shrank, not daring to imagine that the person in front of him was the legendary Jinshan, the big man who could make the city tremble a few times with his words!

But soon Xu Changrong's eyes showed disdain and spat, "You're Jinshan, I'm Jinshan's father!"

"What did you say?Kid, you have the guts to say that again!"

Jin Shan's face sank, it was unexpected that a student in the district dared to shout at him, this was something he had not thought of at all when he planned before.

Especially now that Ye Fan was also here, it would be really humiliating if he lost face at this time.

Xu Changrong, however, sneered, "Don't pretend, you should be an actor invited by Ye Fan, not me, this is called the Jinshan Hotel, so no need to think, Jinshan is the owner of this place, how could he be the vice president, so your words are illogical, you don't want to fool me."

Jinshan instantly dawned, so it was because of this, that's why Xu Changrong was talking like this ah.

But Jinshan sneered, "You are unaware, now this place has been acquired, and the owner is none other than the person in front of you, the one you think is the poor grifter, Ye Fan Ye Shao!"

"What? Ye Fan is the owner of this place?"

Xu Changrong couldn't believe his ears, after all, in his opinion, Ye Fan was just an ordinary smelly grifter, how could he be the boss here?

If you say that Ye Fan is Jinshan's godson is possible, but if you say that Ye Fan is the boss here, he is completely unbelievable, because not to mention other things, Jinshan's status here is different, even his father mentioned Jinshan is also awe-inspiring, let alone Ye Fan such a little-known orphan.

So no matter how Jinshan explained it, Xu Changrong still couldn't believe it, and even more decided that Jinshan was the actor, and Ye Fan was the liar.

"Look everyone, Ye Fan still hired actors, what a living suffering for the sake of face, I guess he spent a lot of money this time to hire actors, no, like this kind of poor acting, it can't be that he spent a lot of money, after all, just like this, even my three year old brother can act it out, and the logic is clearer than this, this is a big fool."

Xu Changrong laughed, completely ignoring Jinshan.

Jinshan was furious and was about to kick.But Xu Changrong was dodging backwards, and had the confidence to say, "If you can't say it, you want to hit someone, you're really powerful, do you know what place this is, this is the Jinshan Hotel, I heard my father say that there can't be a fight here, unless you don't put Jinshan in your eyes."

Jin Shan was so angry that he laughed back, "Brothers do it, tell him who I am!"

Ye Fan was also smirking, the person who dared to do this to Jinshan, Xu Changrong was really number one!

"Squad Leader is really great, I didn't expect brains to be so bad, can't you see that there are ten black-clothed people behind him, even if he's an actor, he can't make such a big row.You ah, you really have no brains, you deserve to be beaten!"

Ye Fan smiled coldly and glanced at Xu Changrong with disdain.

Xu Changrong's face was a bit unpleasant, after all, he was still a bit scared in his heart for such a group of strong men, although he felt that these people couldn't possibly do anything, at most they were just scaring him.

But what he didn't know was that who could imagine such a simple truth?

If these people really dared to fight, it would prove that they were not ordinary people at all.

The other students all looked on with indifference, not that they didn't trust Xu Changrong or Jinshan, but the highs and lows would soon be clear.

As long as Jinshan really dared to make a move, and no one from the hotel had shown up yet, then things could pretty much be concluded that the fat man in front of him was Jinshan himself!


The other black-clothed men also swarmed over, and soon surrounded Xu Changrong, not caring at all about Xu Changrong's feelings, that is, a kick.

Only then did Xu Changrong know that he regretted it, but he couldn't make any other sound for mercy other than holding his head and screaming.


Ye Fan saw the beauty in his eyes.

Originally, Ye Fan had actually prepared other ways to prepare for Xu Changrong's attack, even framing Xu Changrong.But it was unexpected that Xu Changrong's own brainstorming, but it was so simple to reveal his weakness, and even directly pissed off Jinshan.

Originally in the plan, Ye Fan and Jinshan also planned to prepare to let the waiter deliberately spilled hot soup on Xu Changrong, while Xu Changrong rage nonsense, and then launched an attack, unexpectedly Xu Changrong took the initiative or taunted him, which let Jinshan how to endure, naturally direct action.

And Wang Kexin watched for a while before revealing a sudden color, attached to Ye Fan's ear and whispered, "No wonder Jinshan directly appeared with people in black, he had already wanted to take care of Xu Changrong ah."

Ye Fan laughed without saying anything, Wang Kexin said again, "Or else let's just forget about it, it's already been a terrible fight, if we fight again, we'll be in trouble."

"Are you worried about Xu Changrong?"

Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, if Wang Kexin cared about Xu Changrong, what was the use of the effort Ye Fan had made. One second to remember to read the book

Without waiting for Ye Fan to say more, Wang Kexin shook her head and said, "How could it be for him ah, people are doing it for you, there are so many people here, it would be bad if you really beat Xu Changrong up."

"So that's how it is."Ye Fan laughed, then waved his hand and said, "Alright, stop fighting, all stop."

On hearing that, the other students suddenly showed disdain, they still didn't look at Ye Fan, because Xu Changrong just said something reasonable, but they couldn't imagine that Jinshan really stopped.

Wang Daxi was suddenly blinded and couldn't help but exclaim, "How is it possible, why are you talking so effectively?"

"Because....I'm the owner of this place."Ye Fan smiled faintly.

Ye Fan didn't expect that the one who drew out his identity wasn't Jinshan, but Xu Changrong's dog, Wang Daxi, and it really was a coincidence, a coincidence!

Only then did Wang Daxi feel that there was something wrong with his words and hurriedly shut his mouth, cursing himself for being really nosy.

But it was already too late, hearing Ye Fan's words and then seeing how obedient Jinshan was, so without thinking too much, the students understood the truth of the matter.No one had come out to manage it for so long, so then they were sitting on the identity of Jinshan.And Ye Fan was the owner of the place.

The classmates who wanted to laugh at Ye Fan and Jinshan earlier, moved backwards and shut their mouths.

"Alright, let's end this matter here, today is Kexin's birthday, let's be happy, Kexin, you can arrange it."

Naturally, Ye Fan could not hustle and give Wang Kexin the right to speak, the main thing was to make Wang Kexin the protagonist of today, otherwise becoming a transparent person, I guess Wang Kexin would not be too happy.

As expected, when the eyes of all the students focused on Wang Kexin, Wang Kexin showed the corners of his mouth turned up, and there was a small hint of satisfaction in his eyes.

"Since everyone is so well prepared, why don't we take a look at the gifts everyone has prepared first."Wang Kexin suggested.

The whirling students all took out all sorts of things in their bags, in order to have a sense of surprise, so the students bought small items in order to be able to hide them in their bags.

And since they were small things, they didn't have that strong visual impact, so there was only one way to go other than handmade, and that was expensive.

And these people were all ordinary families, so what they took out were nothing more than silver necklaces and silver rings.

When Wang Daxi saw the scene in front of him, he even helped Xu Changrong up and suggested, "Squad Leader, it's time for you to show off your skills."

"Right, the gift."

Xu Changrong's bloated face that had been beaten up suddenly appeared with a hint of pride, after all, he was very confident about the gift.

Everyone's attention was also focused on Xu Changrong's body, further making him forget about the beating he had just received, and he was filled with pride.

"I'm not like this kind of dirtbag, profiteer, the Crystal Love that I prepared is a natural gemstone that my cousin brought back from abroad, meaning mystery and beauty, especially the noble feeling of the gemstone, with Kexin, it's just right.This Crystal Love is my gift to you, Kexin, do you like it?"

Xu Changrong patted the dust on his body, then he took out a small box from his bag, and when he opened it, it was a jewel that emitted a radiant light.

He gentlemanly handed the sapphire necklace in his hand to Wang Kexin, but did not give it directly to Wang Kexin, he also had a small intention to take the initiative to help Wang Kexin put it on after Wang Kexin accepted the gift.This kind of contact that broke through a safe distance would deepen the relationship.

However, Wang Kexin's reply disappointed Xu Changrong.

Only Wang Kexin said indifferently, "Thank you for the gift, class commander, take your seat first."

Saying that, Wang Kexin placed the necklace on the pile of gifts on the side, then bypassed Xu Changrong and lovingly said to a girl handmade bear doll, "You are really good at craftsmanship, this kind of handmade I like the most, I also like to compose dolls, let's talk together sometime."


The girl originally saw Wang Kexin's love for Xu Changrong and thought that her bear doll would be discarded, but she never expected to get Wang Kexin's appreciation, and blushed, obviously extremely happy and excited.

Xu Changrong stood awkwardly by the side, but knew it was impossible to take offense with Wang Kexin, so he turned his head to mock Ye Fan, "Everyone else has given it to you, where's your gift, don't say you didn't prepare it."

But Ye Fan sneered, "The emperor is not anxious eunuch anxious, Kexin is not anxious, what are you anxious about!"

As soon as this was said, the students burst out laughing.

After all, Ye Fan's strength was on display here, and it was a really interesting statement, the students couldn't help but look at Ye Fan in a different light.

The original class clown character also transformed at this moment, from Ye Fan to Xu Changrong.

Xu Changrong's face turned red and said, "What did you say, who are you calling a eunuch!"

"Who's in a hurry and who's a eunuch ah."Ye Fan played with taste, and even more so sealed Xu Changrong's words.

Xu Changrong at the moment was neither saying nor not saying.

Fortunately, it was soon Ye Fan's gift that made Xu Changrong not so embarrassed, instead, he was holding his arms and looking at Ye Fan, ready to see Ye Fan make a fool of himself.

Only Ye Fan snapped his fingers, and then Jinshan handed over two boxes that looked the same on the outside.

Ye Fan smiled, "Ke Xin, you choose one, you can't choose the other one."

"What's with the mystery, I think it's just a mystery."Xu Changrong coldly snorted, he was very disdainful of Ye Fan's words.

However, Wang Kexin was very careful in picking one, through the past few days of understanding, she found that one problem with Ye Fan was that he spoke one way or the other, so it was one or the other, and that was why she hesitated.

After a moment of hesitation, Wang Kexin finally chose the box on Ye Fan's left hand.

When she opened it, she saw that there was a purple rabbit sitting inside the box...


"Wow, what a cute little bunny, but why is it purple?"

Wang Kexin became alarmed and was about to take out the bunny, but as soon as the touch entered his hand, he realized that it wasn't a live bunny, but the texture of wood.

"What is this?Wood carving?"

Worthy of being a lady's daughter, Wang Kexin directly dawned, then began to carefully detail, only after a long time to reveal the color of shock, "Absolutely a masterpiece, the joint work of several wood carving families, although the style is very different, but perfectly integrated together, muddled, is this specially made for me?".

"Yeah, don't you like it, I'll take it back if you don't."Evan smiled faintly and said he would take it back.

"No, I won't give it to you, I said it's a birthday present for me."

Wang Kexin, however, held the rabbit in her bosom with a death grip, completely losing the temperament of a lady's daughter, like a child guarding a toy.

To see this scene, Xu Changrong but disdain: "Thought it was what jewelry, it was just a district wood carving, I have a large number of it at home, but if you like it I can send you a few."

Wang Kexin but frowned: "What do you know, this wood carving is not a simple wood carving, in my opinion, at least it is ten million level."

"Tens of millions of levels, you're joking."Xu Changrong looked incredulous. The first website m.kanshu8.net

"But it's also possible that I'm wrong."Wang Kexin was pondering again.

"I told you, it must be that you're thinking wrong."Only then did Xu Changrong reveal his pride.

But before he could laugh out loud, he heard Wang Kexin say thoughtfully, "Perhaps the true value of this wood carving can reach the billion dollar level."

"What?How much did you say?Hundreds of millions?"Xu Changrong's face changed dramatically.

But thinking about Ye Fan's current worth, perhaps it was most likely true, but just like that how could he bear to be compared, he had already lost a game earlier, and now he definitely wanted to win.

Eyes a turn, Xu Changrong sneered again, "Ye Fan, I told you that you are playing mysterious tricks, this wooden carving is worth a lot, how could you prepare two copies, isn't the other box empty ah, it's a pity that it was chosen by Kexin really, in fact, your heart is dripping with blood right now."

This is not unreasonable, the others were also interested in the box, and they did not let Ye Fan open it.

Ye Fan had no choice but to open it.

There were only different colored beads in it, ten in total.

"As expected, even though it's not empty, it's almost the same, just ten beads, large glass ball it is."Xu Changrong suddenly laughed.

But the lights in the arena were instantly turned off, and then everyone let out a scream.

Seeing that the ten beads actually emitted various colors of light without light, it was the Night Pearl!

"How is this possible!"Xu Changrong's face was extremely ugly.

Although the natural night pearl was only a few hundred thousand each, but ten of them added up to several million, not to mention the different colors and the same size, these together were enough to be on the level of ten million, although not enough to be comparable to wood carvings, but still not bad at all.

As a birthday gift, it was definitely a great deal to get!


Xu Changrong's face grew increasingly ugly, unexpectedly Ye Fan's preparation was actually so adequate, it was no longer even adequate that could be described, but an absolute surprise.

"I like this one too, like I want to, oooooh."

Wang Kexin pampered, she was a sweet department herself, and her look at the moment suddenly made a group of boys want to stop.

Not to mention the existence of Ye Fan, who couldn't stand beauty at all.

"Fine, fine, this one is also for you."

Ye Fan handed the box in his hand to Wang Kexin, in fact, he was originally going to give it to Wang Kexin as well, but he was just teasing her.

Purposely chose the night pearl or Jinshan's opinion, girls like gems, even if they are always in the upper class of the family is even more not an exception, but instead doubly so.

The gift-giving session also ended hastily after Ye Fan took out the precious gift.

After all, no matter who it was, they simply couldn't come up with a better gift, not to mention that Ye Fan had given not one, but two.

Without a doubt, this gift-giving contest was another big win for Ye Fan!

As everyone settled down, a delicious dish began to be served, and the students all ate happily.

But even though the food was so delicious, there was still someone who couldn't eat it, and that was Xu Changrong.

Wang Daxi said sympathetically on the side, "Class President, since the gift won't work, think of some other way."

"Is there any other way?"Xu Changrong was a little discouraged, not only did he lose this contest, but he lost completely, and even his position in the class afterwards might be affected.However, it was already the best he had prepared in terms of gifts.

Wang Daxi thought about it and suddenly had a bright idea, "Look at how ugly Ye Fan eats and is not very good looking himself, how about deliberately disgusting him?"

"This is reasonable."

Xu Changrong brightened up and then let out a cold snort, interrupting the eating crowd.

All of the students had the attitude of watching the fun, ready to see what other moths Xu Changrong had.

Only Xu Changrong got up and walked directly towards Ye Fan, sneering: "Ye Fan, even if you are rich, your psychology is a grifter, look at your eating face, haven't you eaten for 800 years?"

"I'm spending money and I'm not allowed to eat?Is it any of your business if I eat mine?"Ye Fan frowned at once, this impromptu raid session he hadn't expected.

Xu Changrong also saw the panic in Ye Fan's eyes, and looked like he had succeeded in his wicked plan, mockingly saying, "Look at you now, and listen to what you're saying, you're really unqualified.This kind of occasion should be for students to drink and gossip with each other, like you who eat and drink nonsense, it's too degrading."

Once this was said, the other students couldn't help but put down their chopsticks as well.

It was indeed true, when watching TV, the banquets inside were all about chatting with each other over wine glasses, how could there be such huffing and puffing.

Seeing the atmosphere drop at one point, Ye Fanton sneered, "You really can't see others well, didn't you say that there is no standard?"

After a pause, Ye Fan snapped his fingers and said, "Jinshan, play music."

"Okay, Ye Shao."Jin Shan nodded his head and walked out.

Xu Changrong sneered even more, "Do you think playing some music will do?It will only seem more low-class and cluttered, like many wedding scenes."

"Who was it that said my music was cluttered?"

It wasn't Ye Fan who spoke, but a voice from outside a door that still sounded familiar.

It wasn't until the door opened and a tall and handsome young man walked in with big steps that the students were alarmed.

The person who came in was none other than Leng Ye, the country's top piano master.


Although Leng Ye was a piano master, he was also approaching a first-tier existence in the entertainment industry, and if Leng Ye hadn't only joined the entertainment industry in the past two years, he might have been a superstar already.

But in the eyes of all the students, Leng Ye was a superstar.After all, it was a small fourth-tier city like Jinsha City, and they students had never really seen a big star before.

"Why did he come back here?"

"Could it be that Ye Fan invited it?"

"Wow, God, I love him so much!"

The students, both boys and girls, all looked like stargazers.

And Leng Ye also affably waved at everyone, opening his mouth to emit a magnetic voice, "Who was it who just said that my music is disorganized, might as well come out to PK."

Once this was said, everyone's eyes were focused on Xu Changrong's body.

Leng Ye also noticed, and couldn't help but turn his head towards Xu Changrong, "Not bad young man, promising, come over to PK, and I'll also learn your masterstroke."

Leng Ye said politely, but his eyes were filled with disdain. Remember the website .kanshu8.net.

The piano he played had a place not only in the country, but even in the world, a district child with unkempt hair dared to do so, and really didn't know the heights of heaven.

Xu Changrong's face was so gloomy that it was almost curdling, but he didn't dare to retort, after all, going up there would also be offering a scandal, so he might as well not squeal.

"Okay, Leng Ye, go play the piano, don't ruin the atmosphere, today is my birthday, play your best track."

Wang Kexin faintly said, but such a calm tone is so calm that the students are even more shocked, this but Leng Ye, the standard first-tier big star, how can you talk like this?

But what everyone didn't expect was that Leng Ye actually just nodded his head obediently, "Happy birthday Miss Kexin oh, I'll play an adapted happy birthday song."

"You know it?"

Ye Fan was a little surprised, Leng Ye is a big star that he called Jinshan prop to find, how could he be so polite to Wang Kexin.

But Wang Kexin glanced at Leng Ye Ye with some disdain before explaining to Ye Fan, "Brother Ye Fan, didn't I tell you before that girls will go to be stars if they can't get married, and boys also have this, of course, the Leng family is also because they are at the end of our hidden family, that's why it's like this, boys from big families usually won't go to be stars."

"So that's how it is."

Ye Fan nodded in a daze, but then revealed his puzzlement, "Didn't you say that all you've been exposed to since you were a child are girls?"

"My piano teacher and his piano teacher are the same person, and Lengye is indeed a genius, so my teacher has often mentioned Lengye's name to me, and I'd like to see what Lengye can actually play."

Wang Kexin's expression changed from disdain to fighting spirit.

It was also clear to Ye Fan that Wang Kexin was disdainful of Leng Ye's choice to be a star, but the fighting spirit was because of Leng Ye's superb piano skills.

But without waiting for Ye Fan to think too much, he heard the rippling sound of the piano.

It's like a small river of water, refreshing his heart, but not wait to enjoy, the river but instantly turned into a raging waves, like a tsunami, fiercely impacting every nerve of Ye Fan, the powerful pressure seems to crush him, but completely unable to stop.

Fortunately, the tsunami came and went quickly.Without stopping too long, it turned into a spring rain again, seeming to make everything nourish, and it was then that the familiar Happy Birthday song surfaced.

The piano was but a short five minutes, but it allowed Evan to experience layers of mind, and the final Happy Birthday was even more of a finishing touch, reminiscent of a spring where everything nourished, a breath of life, and the birthday was just the right connection, without any barriers, just so natural and smooth!


Not only Ye Fan, all the students also stood up and applauded, this short five minutes was like a feast for the ears, Ye Fan never thought that the piano could give him so much impact.

As expected, the live version was just not the same as the one played on mobile phones, this kind of waves and dancing little details were not something that mobile phones could reproduce perfectly.

"Miss Ke Xin, are you still satisfied?"

Leng Ye stood up and arrived in front of Wang Kexin.

"It's worthy of what the teacher said about geniuses, I'll reach this state sooner or later."

Just now, Wang Kexin also listened as if she was rapt, but she knew how to play the piano, it could make her all create a state of mind, this kind of piano was no longer an ordinary playing, but a living interpretation, just like the wood carving that Ye Fan had just given her, transforming dead things into living things.

It was definitely a level only a master could possess!

However, the more she did so, the more she also felt the gap between the two.

Seeing the unconcealable fallenness under Wang Kexin's eyes, Ye Fan cursed himself for screwing up this time by hiring Leng Ye, and couldn't help but comfort her incessantly, "Kexin, it's okay, with your talent, it's absolutely a matter of minutes to catch up."

Wang Kexin mechanically nodded her head, but soon the lingering loneliness under her eyes faded as quickly as the ice melted.

"Brother Ye Fan needn't worry about me, I'm very satisfied with this preparation, if I hadn't heard Leng Ye's scene, I would have thought that I was very good, I never thought that I would have times when I was a frog in a well.But that's good, at last I'll be able to recognize myself, sooner or later I'll surpass you!"

The first half of the sentence was addressed to Ye Fan, while Wang Kexin's last sentence was addressed to Leng Ye.

Leng Ye, being in the entertainment industry, was still very shrewd in his brain and quickly grasped the main point of Wang Kexin's words, but he was also increasingly surprised, "Miss Kexin, you called him brother Ye Fan, is he from the Ye family..."

"Shut up!"

Before Leng Ye finished speaking, Wang Kexin snapped coquettishly, suddenly scaring Leng Ye to a halt.

But Leng Ye not only didn't get angry, but looked gratefully at Wang Kexin, "Thank you, Miss Kexin, you almost caused a murderous disaster."

"A body killing disaster?"Ye Fan was confused, but he was clear that Leng Ye was about to reveal his true identity just now, so he couldn't help but frown, "Leng Ye, you know about my family, why don't you tell us?"

"Unspoken unspoken, Ye Shao should spare me."Leng Ye almost cried out.

Seeing Leng Ye Ye's expression, Ye Fan also knew that Leng Ye really didn't dare to say anything, so he couldn't help but ask another question, which he had originally wanted to ask: "Leng Ye, since you are the son of a hidden family, then you simply don't care about Jinshan's arrangement, or don't care about this amount of money, right, why did you come before you knew my identity?"

"This is simple, it was my piano teacher who told me that Miss Kexin came out of the family, so I wanted to find her to compete, and just saw the invitation from Jinshan, this kind of money earned for nothing, so naturally I took it in passing ah."Leng Ye smiled.

The three of them, Ye Fan, were chatting happily, but the other students were already shocked beyond words.

Although they were far away and couldn't hear, but the three of Ye Fan were talking like old friends, so how could these students not be shocked?

In particular, Xu Changrong's face was as black as coal!


"Let's keep eating, and when we're done we'll play at the next venue!"Evan said with a big wave of his hand.


The students burst into rapture, thinking that they would be done after dinner, but never thought there would be activities.

Even the boys were very agreeable to Ye Fan's arrangements at the moment, and there was nothing to be picky about at all.

"There are other arrangements?"

Wang Kexin was a little confused though, in the past she only had dinner and cake on her birthday, there was nothing else.

"Miss Kexin has been in the family for years, she shouldn't know, but there are actually many interesting places."Leng Ye looked like he was complacent, in fact, when he was just out of the family, he was also blinded by the flowery world.

Ye Fan was aware of this and couldn't help but ask, "Leng Ye, with your looks and family background, don't the other family's thousand daughters like you?"

After all, Leng Ye can get into the entertainment industry with just the piano, attracting countless fans, it is reasonable to assume that some of those family members will be attracted to it.

Leng Ye threw his hair, proudly saying, "Naturally there are those who like me, but I still have big brother above me, in any case the family is not my inheritance, I might as well enjoy my life, and how boring the family is, this flowery world has a lot of fun things.The most important thing is..." One second to remember to read the book

Halfway through, Lengye suddenly stopped, and Ye Fan couldn't help but ask, "Most importantly?"

Leng Ye sighed and replied, "The most important thing is that our family is only the last, although much stronger than many rich families in the open, but in the hidden world, but only the bottom, and I'm not the boss of the family, all day long to be looked down upon is not as good as being a star, enjoy the feeling of admiration of all people, the feeling of a star is simply too wonderful!"

"Isn't it, I feel the same way."Ye Fan nodded in agreement and pointed at Wang Kexin, "Leng Ye, not long ago I was advising Kexin to enter the entertainment industry as a big star, it's a good thing to get fame and fortune, but unfortunately she can't bend her mind, she's all solidified, so she thinks it's embarrassing to be a star."

"This..."When Leng Ye saw Wang Kexin's almost murderous eyes, he didn't dare to agree with Ye Fan, but all the same, after he knew Ye Fan's identity, he didn't want to offend Ye Fan even more.

With a turn of his eyes, Leng Ye laughed and hurriedly changed the topic, "Miss Kexin, didn't Ye Shao prepare other arrangements for you, I'm also quite interested, now that the food is almost done, why don't we go to the next venue?"

Wang Kexin snorted, but was also interested in Leng Ye's proposal, so she nodded and said, "Alright then, brother Ye Fan, let's go to the next venue."

On Wang Kexin's birthday, Ye Fan would naturally not go against her wishes, especially with the task at hand.

As soon as he got up, Ye Fan clapped his hands and said, "Has everyone eaten well?Let's eat well and then we'll leave for the next venue!"

"All right, all right!"

Don't look at the mountains and seafood, but after eating a few kinds, you will feel a little full.

If there hadn't been another arrangement, everyone probably would have continued to eat, but knowing that there was an arrangement, everyone purposely kept a little bit of their stomachs ready for the next one to keep making things up!

"I'm not feeling well, so I'll leave first."Xu Changrong said with a gloomy face as he stood behind and hesitated.

Wang Daxi saw the situation and echoed, "I'm not going either."

In response, Ye Fan didn't even look at it and said, "Then the rest of the students come with me, the car is still at the entrance, so feel free to sit down."

The students praised Ye Fan's atmosphere and left with him.

As for Xu Changrong, he had already failed to enter Ye Fan's eyes.Since he didn't even have the courage to participate in the event, did this kind of person still deserve to be his opponent?

In the end, Xu Changrong was nothing more than a stepping stone for Ye Fan to perhaps score higher.

Driving the car, the corner of Ye Fan's mouth couldn't help but hang a hint of a smile, now that his classmates had been impressed by his display of strength, the next step was just to see Wang Kexin's reaction.

Hopefully, Wang Kexin would like his arrangement.

Secretly praying, before he knew it, the car drove to the Golden Mountain Clubhouse.

"What are you doing in a place like this?"Wang Kexin was a little surprised.

Seeing Wang Kexin's reaction fluctuate, Ye Fan knew there was a show, but for now he couldn't tell if it was good or bad, after all, he wasn't an expert in micro-expressions.

"Coming here to give you a birthday ah, surprise, surprise?"Ye Fan revealed a hint of a smile and pointed at the scrolling text under the plaque of the Golden Mountain Clubhouse, "Look, it's for you."

Wang Kexin looked up and saw the scrolling caption that read, 'Happy birthday to Miss Wang Kexin, youthful and beautiful, forever eighteen!'


Wang Kexin directly covered her small mouth, this was something she had never experienced before.

The other students then arrived and also showed their admiration when they saw the subtitles.

"Wow, Ye Fan is so romantic!"

"It's so overbearing, it's the rolling captions of the Gold Hill Club, the bull doesn't explain!"


Ye Fan snapped his fingers and a 'swoosh' sounded.


Immediately after that, the pitch-black night sky erupted with shining fireworks, reflecting in everyone's heartland.

It was like a hundred birds chirping, and with the first fireworks appearing, soon the dark night sky emerged with more fireworks, like a hundred flowers, completely lighting up the entire sky.

"Do you like it?"The corner of Evan's mouth lifted up in a smile.

"Like, so pretty!"

Wang Kexin's eyes were like a starry sky, in which countless little stars erupted and eventually turned into a fine stream, actually moved to tears.

"Brother Ye Fan, I love it so much!"

Wang Kexin jumped directly into Ye Fan's arms, forgetting for a moment about the warning Ye Fan had given at the time, and took the initiative to offer her fragrant lips and printed them on Ye Fan's mouth.

"Together, together, together!"

In response, they were cheered by all the students, who were the focus at this moment, a pair of groomed beauties that even the white moon couldn't stop from shining in their bloom.

"I like it so much, so much!"

The first time I saw her, I was so happy that I couldn't believe my eyes.

But although the fireworks were beautiful, but too short, leaving only the smell of smoke permeating, so that Ye Fan can not help but spoil the atmosphere in front of him: "Everyone go in hi, first floor nightclub random food and drink, the expenses count me!"


The crowd swarmed into the Gold Mountain Clubhouse, the first floor that was originally a private room had already opened up the walls and transformed into a nightclub.

Heavy metal music paired with lights and greenery, and Ye Fan was also drawn by the atmosphere at the moment, cheering and shouting with Wang Kexin in it.

All the more so because of Leng Ye's appearance, making the young men and women within the nightclub, even more excited, excited!

Walking up to the stage, Evan picked up the MC's microphone and shouted, "Let's all wish Kexin, always beautiful, always eighteen years old, happy birthday to Kexin!"


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