Lost Young Master 56-60


Chapter 56

At zero o'clock, Ye Fan launched his birthday cake right on time, which turned another wave of tears for Wang Kexin.

Tonight is crazy, it's manic, it belongs to Wang Kexin, and it belongs to Ye Fan!

"Congratulations Young Master, you have a perfect score of one hundred and one percent for this mission!"After the party, Charles drove to pick up a drunken Ye Fan and Wang Kexin, who was already drunk and passed out.

Ye Fan's originally cloudy mind was plunged into an even higher pitch of joy when he heard the score.Suddenly, he thought that it seemed like just a week ago, he was still a poor grifter, if not for the appearance of Charles, he was still muddled, from suddenly rich to now, maybe not long, he did not do it perfectly, but, he still did it ah!

"Is it really a hundred and one points?Thank you very much, Charles Butler!"Ye Fan's heart couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Charles, however, waved his hand and said, "Young Master, it's not me you have to thank, but yourself.And it's not me who scored this audit, but the Master."

"Father?"Ye Fan's body trembled.

Charles nodded, "Master is very satisfied with your performance, the reason for giving you an extra point is to give you courage, shopping malls are like battlefields, sometimes it takes a risk to spell greater success."

Pausing for a moment, Charles was again saying, "The above are the words of your lordship, the next is what I want to say to you.This time, you've really done well beyond my wildest dreams, and perhaps, it's time to leave the city."

"Leave?"Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, why did he suddenly have to leave? First web site m.kanshu8.net

With a sudden surprise, he thought of something and said, "Charles, do you mean I can go back and meet my parents?"


A simple word from Charles but it was like ice-cold water, instantly dispelling all of Ye Fan's previous excitement.

Charles saw the situation and sighed, "Master only recognized your talent, but talent is just paper in actual battle, what you need now is more experience and reserves, I will only bring you back to the family when you are unperturbed by anything you encounter."

"So, can't we just not leave here?"Ye Fan didn't understand, if he wasn't allowed to return to his family, then why did he have to leave the city?

Charles patiently explained, "This city is nothing more than a small city that can do whatever it wants with money, it's like the most powerful gold mountain in the world, but it's under the money and it also obeys you, it's completely incapable of creating a real grind for you, you need a bigger stage!"

"It's..."Ye Fan wanted to retort, but the truth was just like what Charles said.For example, this assessment, if it wasn't for the help of Gold Mountain and the others, it would have been impossible for him alone to complete it.

"Okay, I know, but can you leave two days later, I want to go somewhere."Ye Fan eventually accepted this reality.

Charles inquired, "Is it Miss Xiao Coco?You can take her away."

"It's not Xiao Coco, it's my grandmother, all these years grandmother treated me like her own grandson, now when I have the ability to repay, before I leave, I want to personally arrange everything for grandmother, I want you to stay out of this matter."

Evan knew that a lot of things would be easier if Charles intervened, but he didn't want Grandma to think that he had changed, he was going to go back personally, explain everything, and then follow Grandma's arrangements to give her the best of everything.

"Okay, I got it."Charles looked deeply at Ye Fan, but eventually turned into a smile and agreed to Ye Fan's action.

The next morning, Wang Kexin hadn't gotten up early for a long time, apparently having drunk too much and still not waking up.

But Ye Fan, who was supposed to be bed-ridden as well, took the early train to the departure county, because he suddenly had to leave, making him not sleep well all night.

Grandma's name was Wang Hua, sixty-eight years old this year, living in a small county around Jinsha City called Jiangcheng, living an almost sunrise to sunset elderly life.

"Grandmother, I'm back!"

Rushing into the house with an excited face, Ye Fan saw Wang Hua who was cleaning up the dishes.Don't look at Wang Hua who lived alone, but he would take every meal seriously.

"Little Fan, why are you back?"Wang Hua's face was filled with amazement, but he couldn't help the surprise hidden in his eyes.

"Didn't I miss my grandmother, so I came back."

With a slight hesitation, Ye Fan replied with a smile.Originally, he planned to directly say that he was leaving, but he was afraid that Wang Hua's heart couldn't handle it, so he changed his words and prepared to think about it in the long run.

Wang Hua naturally saw the doubt in Ye Fan's eyes and frowned, "Stinker, it's still school time, so you're rushing back, have you caused some trouble?"

"No, what trouble can I cause, but good things are almost as good."Evan chuckled.

"Good thing?What good?"Wang Hua's tightly furrowed brows loosened as he saw that Ye Fan didn't seem to be faking.

"Keep it a secret for now."Ye Fan smiled and changed the topic: "Grandmother, now that Sun is rich, it's time to be filial to you, you've worked hard for so many years."

Wang Hua was slightly startled, but the tears instantly gathered and swirled in her eyes: "Stinker, just have such a heart, you are still in school, if you have a bit of money, keep it for yourself to buy good food, don't starve at school."

She also knew that Ye Fan was working during the holidays, and thought that Ye Fan had earned that money during the holidays.

Ye Fan didn't explain much, so he shoved Wang Hua: "Go go go, grandchildren are really rich now, take grandma to buy good clothes."

Although Wang Hua's clothes weren't patchy, but ten years like a day, Wang Hua's clothes were just a few, and even if they were clean, they were faded from washing and looked old.

Wang Hua couldn't resist Ye Fan, so she had no choice but to nod her head and agree, after all, Ye Fan had such a heart, when the grandmother was still very happy.

Soon, the two of them arrived at the nearest Hualong Mall.

Jiang Cheng is just a small county, usually buy clothes are to go to the bazaar, but the bazaar is only available on weekends, if you usually buy clothes, you still have to go to the Hualong Mall.

But seeing the word Hualong, Ye Fan couldn't help but pick up the phone and get through to Chen Qiang.

"What's the matter, Ye Shao?"Chen Qiang didn't seem to be awake yet, it was so early after all.

Ye Fan didn't talk nonsense and went straight to the point, "I'm in Jiangcheng now, and I saw a Hualong Mall, does this have anything to do with your house?"

"All the counties under Sands City have Hualong Mall's, it's a branch of our family, what's wrong, what happened?"Chen Qiang thought that Ye Fan had run into trouble.

Ye Fan smiled and replied, "It's nothing, I just saw it, so I thought to ask."

Hanging up the phone, Ye Fan brought Wang Hua into the Hualong Mall.

Although it was a branch, not as large as the one in Jinsha City, but the mahjong was all there was.

"Little Fan, I'll just look at this one, or I'll buy this one."When Wang Hua entered the mall, he picked up a piece of clothing and suggested.

But when Ye Fan looked at it, he decisively refused, "Not this one!"


It was true that Wang Hua still felt sorry for Ye Fan, so the clothes he chose were nothing more than a dozen pieces of ground.

Without thinking too much, Ye Fan knew it wasn't a good fabric, so how could he agree to it.

Pulling Wang Hua, Ye Fan arrived at the fourth floor.

The fourth floor was the top floor of the place, but even the top floor was a bit too sparsely populated, as far as Ye Fan's eyes could see, apart from the salesman, there were only five or six scattered customers, but in the end, it was because the fourth floor was a shop ready to operate extravagant accessories.

The prices of clothes here weren't that commonplace, basically at the thousand-dollar level, and were basically out of reach for the residents of the small county town.

Ye Fan didn't know why he still needed to get luxury shops in a small county town, but this was just enough to satisfy him, he was going to take his grandmother to buy the best clothes!

Entering a store called Blessed Mother, this place was a brand store that specialized in middle-aged and elderly women's clothing.

Wang Hua casually picked up a piece of clothing, but when he saw the price on it, he was shocked: "Xiaofan, why are the clothes here so expensive, let's go."

Don't really blame Wang Hua for being too expensive, it was just a black jacket, but it cost 1888 yuan, in a small county like Jiangcheng, 1888 yuan was a month's average income.

Ye Fan smiled: "It's okay, Sun's rich now, this money is still harmless, you like which one to try, we'll buy.There is a reason for being expensive, the clothes here look pretty good." Remember the website .kanshu8.net

Without waiting for Ye Fan to touch the fabric of the clothes, a young saleswoman came up to him.

I saw her pull the clothes, then it was to carefully pat the unnecessary dust on it, impatient, "Kid, your grandmother is right, this is not a place you can come to, hurry up and leave."

"Little Fan, let's just go."Wang Hua said again.

In her opinion, even if Ye Fan worked, he only had a few thousand dollars on him, and even if he wanted to be filial to her, he wouldn't be able to buy such expensive clothes, it would be too much for him to lose.

But Ye Fan was unmoved and comforted Wang Hua, "Grandmother, it's fine, I really have money, not to mention that I have this card."

Saying that, Ye Fan took out a card from his wallet and handed it to the saleswoman.

The saleswoman took one look at it and just threw it away, her tone was not good, "Kid, if you want to act like a little, at least take out a bank card, what kind of stupid card are you taking."

Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, the card he had just handed out wasn't a bank card, but it was the Hualong Mall membership card that Jin Ming had given him, and he thought the saleswoman would know it.

"You're new here, don't you know membership cards?"Ye Fan asked out of his mouth.

The saleswoman smiled coldly: "What's wrong with the newcomer, I've never heard of any membership card, just now it was to save face and let you leave quickly, now well, I'm going to have a good word with your grandmother."

Turning her head, the saleswoman again to Wang Hua: "old lady, what kind of your grandson you still do not have points, the clothes here are brand goods, this kid brought you here, I guess he wants to deliberately angry to death, and then inherit your family property, you can not be angry ah."


Wang Hua's wrinkle-filled face reddened, and he busily pulled out a quick-acting heart-saving pill from his bosom and swallowed it before improving slightly, "Bastard, let's go!"

Without waiting for Ye Fan to speak, footsteps came from outside the door, and then the crowd heard a surprised, "Hey, Hualong's membership card, or the headquarters?"

Ye Fan turned his head and saw a middle-aged man in a suit picking up the card that had just been thrown on the ground by the saleswoman.

The saleswoman's face changed dramatically, "Mr. Jin, do you think this is really a membership card?"

"Yes, the membership card of this headquarters, you haven't seen it yet since you just arrived."The middle-aged man nodded, turning his head to see Ye Fan, but his majesty turned flattering in an instant, "Ye Shao, what are you doing here?"

"What a coincidence, Manager Jin, no, it's Mr. Jin, it looks like you've been promoted."

Ye Fan slightly nodded his head, the middle-aged man in front of him was none other than Jin Ming.

Jin Ming chuckled, "Thanks to your blessing, I've just been promoted from manager to general manager, and now the Hualong Mall in Jiangcheng is under my control."

Seemingly thinking of something, Jin Ming took another careful glance at the membership card's number, then he even handed it over to Ye Fan, "Ye Shao, this is your membership card, I just picked it up at the entrance, so put it away and don't lose it again, although you're not bad at this discounted price."

"You think it's me who lost it?"Ye Fan said without being salty.

Upon hearing the words, Jin Ming could not hear the words it, not to mention that he had encountered this situation once at the headquarters of the Hualong Mall in Golden Sands City, he understood what was going on in an instant.

Couldn't help but turn his head to look at the saleswoman who was already pale, and even more so, he concluded in his heart.

"Were you the one who threw away Ye Shao's membership card?"Jin Ming's eyebrows were furrowed and he looked a little bad.

It was hard to get promoted to the general manager position because of Ye Fan, and if he were to offend Ye Fan again because of his employee's negligence, then he would really even have the heart to kill the saleswoman.

"I, no, it's..."The saleswoman shivered and couldn't say a complete sentence.

Seeing this, Jin Ming was more certain of what was in his mind and lashed out, hitting the saleswoman with a slap, causing her to scream violently.

"Get out!You're fired!"Jin Ming's tone was cold.

"Mr. Jin, I know I'm wrong, don't ever fire me, this job was something my family had to beg for with great difficulty."The saleswoman begged.

Working in a luxury jewelry store was not only a chance to meet rich people, it was also very leisurely, and in this small county basically no one came to luxury shops.

"Don't get out of here yet!"Jin Ming's tone didn't change, in his opinion, if the salesman didn't roll over, then he would be the one to roll over.

Ye Fan's tactics he had heard of, and besides, it was indeed his mismanagement, and he couldn't find any reason to excuse himself.

When the saleswoman saw the cold mane under Jin Ming's eyes, she eventually didn't dare to insist on it, so she packed up her things and fled.

"This isn't too good."Wang Hua was slightly worried.

Upon hearing that, however, Ye Fan shook his head helplessly.His grandmother was just old and kind, even if others bullied her, she was still so kind-hearted.But almost all of them were angry with Wang Hua just now, so how could Ye Fan tolerate it.

"Grandmother, what can I do when people manage their employees, how do I have that much right to stop them."Ye Fan said with a smile, passing a look to Jin Ming.

Jin Ming would nod his head, acting serious, "Grandmother, this employee doesn't serve the customers properly, he should be fired, for the impact that this employee caused to you earlier, this brand store's goods are all 50% off, as compensation for you."

"Fifty percent off?So good?"Wang Hua's eyes showed surprise.

Ye Fan praised Jin Ming with a glance, then turned his head to his grandmother and said, "Jin has said so, so he must be true to his word.How much of a loss not to take advantage of such a great advantage, grandmother, feel free to pick one, no problem."

Only then did Wang Hua start picking out clothes without any worries, while Ye Fan attached himself to Jin Ming's ear and said, "I want all the information about that saleswoman just now, I'm almost mad at my grandmother, I won't let this kind of person go!"

Jin Ming nodded repeatedly, he had seen the indifference under Ye Fan's eyes, scared and at the same time somewhat beginning to pity the saleswoman.


After calling Charles and briefly explaining the process, Charles went about his business.

Although Ye Fan didn't explicitly tell Charles how to punish the saleswoman, there must be nothing to be gained from it.

After buying a large pile of new clothes, Ye Fan had Jin Ming send someone to deliver things to his home, followed by a short spin with Wang Hua, changing the new ones from the inside out.

Originally, Ye Fan was going to buy gold bracelets, but Wang Hua said that money was not an option, so he didn't buy them.

Back home, Wang Hua was a little tired and slumped on the sofa, but still asked, "Stinker, you honestly explain where you got this money, and why that General Manager Jin is also so close to you, don't think that I can't tell when I'm old, he's scared of you like."

"This....Let's take a break, let's talk about it later for dinner."Ye Fan hadn't brewed up a good vocabulary yet, not knowing how Wang Hua would react after suddenly saying that his parents had come to him.

Wang Hua had a son, named Zhang Shun, but was a loser, coming home and reaching for money, or else he wouldn't come home.In recent years Zhang Shun is also married and moved out, otherwise there is no doubt how to be angry with Wang Hua.

And Wang Hua is alone, that's why she adopts Ye Fan, and treats him as her grandson.If he suddenly said that he went to his parents, I'm afraid there would be a barrier in Wang Hua's heart as well.

"There's no soy sauce, I'm going to buy a soy sauce and I'll make you your favorite braised tofu when I come back."Wang Hua said and went out to buy soy sauce.

Originally, Ye Fan wanted to go buy it for Wang Hua, but he was stopped by Wang Hua's eyes.It was obvious that Wang Hua knew that he was hiding something, so leaving some time was also a good way to let him think about the wording more. One second to remember to read the book

"Hey, what to do?How about the truth?"Ye Fan scratched his head in annoyance, if it were anyone else he would have said it explicitly, but he knew that Wang Hua was reluctant to leave the house, and it would be impossible to take Wang Hua away.

That's why Ye Fan would inform Charles a few days late, to make arrangements for Wang Hua.Although there was a chance to come back later, it was a long way away and there was no telling where he would go, so let's prepare ahead of time if we can.

Not long after, Wang Hua returned, but his face was a bit bad.

"Stinker, I'll talk about you later."Wang Hua glared at Ye Fan, then went to the bedroom to rummage through his things.

Ye Fan was a bit confused and followed him in, seeing that Wang Hua had even taken out his bankbook, he asked, "Grandmother, why did you take out your bankbook?If you're in a hurry to spend money, I've got it here."

"You do?What have you got there!"Wang Hua spoke in a bad tone, but didn't say too much and hurriedly went out.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, followed him out uneasily, and the scene in front of him made him a little annoyed.

Only to see Wang Hua actually handed the bankbook to a demonically dressed woman, this woman was not unknown to him, but very familiar to him, it was Wang Hua's daughter-in-law, Li-Mei, and Ye Fan also called her aunt.

"Auntie, what are you doing, - coming to ask for money from grandmother again?"Ye Fan was angry.

In the past, before Zhang Shun got married, only Zhang Shun came to ask for money, but now it was good that Li-Mei also always appeared every now and then.

But what Ye Fan didn't expect was that Li-Mei sneered, "Bastard, you still dare to come out!"

"Out?Why should I be afraid to come out?"Ye Fan was a bit confused, he was only back temporarily, how come he didn't look surprised at all Li-Mei.

"Since you dare to come out, you can take the money out."Li-Mei's hand extended, naturally asking for money from Ye Fan.

"Why should I give you money!"Ye Fan's eyebrows could not help but wrinkle, Li-Mei's attitude was too abnormal, according to the past, Li-Mei would not even pay attention to him.

Without waiting for Li-Mei to speak, Wang Hua sighed, "Bastard, I know you want to be filial to me, but you can't steal your aunt's money either."

"Steal money?When did I steal money?"Ye Fan looked confused and whirled his head to question Li-Mei, "Speak clearly, who stole your money!"

"You're the one who stole it, who else could it be!"Li-Mei's attitude was extremely certain.

Ye Fan was so angry that he laughed back: "If you say I stole it, I stole it.Then I also said that you stole my money, speak about a proof for everything, don't lie with your eyes open!"

"It seems that you are not going to cry until you see the coffin, you want evidence, right, I will give you evidence."Li-Mei sneeringly pointed at Wang Hua's clothes, "Let's not talk about anything else, I've seen this clothes before in Hualong, a set of them add up to more than three thousand yuan, where else could you get this money if you didn't steal it?"

"Are you out of your mind or are you mentally ill, what's wrong with me having money to buy clothes, what's wrong with just buying clothes, and you're calling me a thief?"Ye Fan laughed then, he kind of saw that Li-Mei was just trying to blackmail money.

"Who are you saying is bad in the head, mom, look at this little brat, he didn't go out to school for a few days, but this mouth has stunk up quite a bit."Li-Mei's face reddened by Ye Fan's words.

"Stinky brat, say less."Wang Hua frowned.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, waved his hand and said, "Grandma, I really didn't steal her money."

Turning his head over, Ye Fan questioned Li-Mei, "Didn't you say that I stole your money?Just tell me how much you lost, you tell me the exact number."

Li-mei sneered, "What, still have to reconcile the account can't, I lost five thousand, if you didn't steal the money, I'll slap myself three times, but if you stole it, I'll smack you to death, if you dare to resist, I'll call Shunzi!"

"Haha!"Ye Fan almost forked out laughing when he heard Li-Mei's words.

"What are you laughing at?"Li-Mei's eyebrows furrowed, turning her head to see Wang Hua also somewhat endured, and suddenly said something was not right.

Ye Fan patted Wang Hua's shoulder: "Grandmother, I told you, I didn't steal her money at all.And did you hear what she said just now, she wants to slap herself, this is not something I took the initiative to ask for."

"Well, got it."Wang Hua originally looked worried, that is, she was afraid that Ye Fan would learn something bad, after all, stealing was wrong in any way.

But now she was relieved, because Ye Fan was buying her more than just one piece of clothing on her body.

"Who said to slap yourself, I meant to slap you."Li-Mei didn't know what the two in front of her were laughing at, but she was laughing so hard that she was a little scared.

Ye Fan didn't directly reveal it, but continued to lead the question: "Aunt, then I'll ask you one more thing, I just came back today, how could I have time to steal your money.Just tell me when you lost your money."

"I went out shopping at nine o'clock, and when I arrived home at eleven to clean up my room, I found my money missing, and I can assure you that it was there until then.My daughter, however, said that you had come to my house for a little while."Lee-May said truthfully.

Seeing that Li-Mei said it didn't seem like a lie, Ye Fan almost believed it too.

But Ye Fan is clear that he was shopping with Wang Hua in Hualong from nine to eleven, there is no time to run to Li-Mei's house ah, then it is also obvious that the problem appears on Li-Mei's daughter!


"Did Maya lie?"Wang Hua said at the side.

Obviously, she and Ye Fan thought of going together, because in the morning she and Ye Fan were both together, so how could they have time to go to Li-Mei's house?

And since it was Li-Mei's daughter, Zhang Xiaoya, who told her, it was very likely that Zhang Xiaoya was lying.

To this, Li-Mei scoffed, "How is it possible, Xiao Ya is a good student, much better than Ye Fan, normally obedient, how could she steal!"

"If you don't believe me, you can ask around."

Ye Fan said, and he saw a black Mercedes drive by in the distance, slowly stopping in front of him.

Jin Ming slowly stepped down from the car, and it had to be said that this aura was truly amazing, a kind of CEO's smell came to the fore.

But it was only a brief moment of imposing, and soon, Jin Ming trotted to Ye Fan's side and smiled obsequiously, "Ye Shao, I've brought you all the clothes you purchased, I'll make sure they're all fine."

"Okay, where's the invoice."Ye Fan stretched his hand, originally he didn't even want to issue - invoices, and he couldn't reimburse the public funds, but now it was different, but there was another Ms. Li - Mei in front of him.

Jin Ming was flabbergasted, but quickly took out the invoice, and couldn't help but be glad that he had brought the invoice, or else it would have been bad. The first website m.kanshu8.net

And when he got the invoice, Ye Fan handed it directly to Li-Mei: "Take a good look, what is the total price of these clothes!"

"The price, how much can it be."Lee-May laughed scornfully, but still looked at the invoice, but her eyes just glanced at it, and she couldn't move them away, and it was a long time before Lee-May burst out with a scream, "No way, how is it possible that it cost more than a hundred thousand?"

Li-Mei checked several times in disbelief and finally confirmed that it really cost over a hundred thousand.

"Look carefully, do you think your family's money is still stolen by me?"Ye Fan smiled, now that the evidence was overwhelming, even if Li-Mei had great eloquence in defense, he wouldn't be able to round out his argument.

"Hmph!"Ten thousand words eventually turned into a cold snort, and right after that Li-Mei was about to leave.

But before taking a step, he was pressed by Ye Fan's shoulder, "Aunt, words must be kept, I remember that you gave it to me, think carefully, did you say something before?"

Lee-May turned pale and frowned, "What was said, I don't remember, let go of me or Junko will come and get you."

"If you don't remember I can remind you ah."Ye Fan turned his head towards Jin Ming, "Mr. Jin, just now she said that I stole money from her family, if I didn't steal it, she would slap herself three times.By the way, she said she lost five thousand yuan."

Jin Ming burst out laughing, "A mere 5,000 yuan and you still need to steal it?Ye Shao, you really know how to joke."

For a local hero who casually spent over a hundred thousand dollars, was he still willing to steal five thousand?

And Jin Ming also saw that Ye Fan and Li-Mei didn't get along, and even more so, he frowned, "This lady, but words have to be counted, if you say you'll slap yourself three times, you'll have to slap yourself three times, or else I can help you fulfill your promise."

"Slap slap!"

Li-Mei face several times, but eventually slapped herself three times, followed by a desperate escape.

Although Li-Mei didn't say anything, but Ye Fan also guessed eight-nine out of ten.In a small county like this, someone like Jin Ming who could afford to drive a Mercedes Benz was already a big shot, even if Jin Ming was just meddling in his own business, but someone like Li-Mei was obedient to his words and afraid of causing trouble.

"Good job!"

Ye Fan patted Jin Ming's shoulder with a face of approval.

Jin Ming's face also showed joy as he said, "A casual favor, it's not enough, then you're busy first, Ye Shao, I'll be leaving first."

Jin Ming quickly left after delivering all the clothes to the room.He actually wanted to stay a little longer, but he clearly felt that the atmosphere was not right, so he quickly retreated.

Back in the room, it was still Ye Fan and Wang Hua.

However, Wang Hua did not cook, but sat on the sofa and kept staring at Ye Fan, and even without saying a word, Ye Fan felt a strong sense of urgency.

In the end, Ye Fan couldn't resist saying, "Grandmother, I'll say it then, don't be sad after you hear it."

"Sad?Is it any wonder you went robbing to get this money?"Wang Hua frowned and asked.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "How is this possible, actually.When I was in school, a housekeeper named Charles suddenly came to me, saying that my parents sent him.I didn't believe him, but he casually transferred me a lot of money, and the number made me believe it."

"How much?"Wang Hua also heard the crux of the matter.

Ye Fan stretched out a finger, and before Wang Hua could guess, he took the initiative and said, "One hundred million!"

"So much?Your parents must be very rich then, but why would they still abandon you?"Wang Hua was somewhat confused.

Ye Fan sighed, "Actually, I only understood after Charles' explanation that I wasn't abandoned by my parents, but I was kidnapped when I was young, after which the robbers ripped me off and dumped me.My parents have been looking for me all these years, so I don't blame them.And Charles came to me mainly to teach me how to be a human being, so....I'll probably be leaving Sands City soon."

"Going away?"Wang Hua's look was really as Ye Fan expected, but it didn't last too long, she said again: "This is a good thing, brat, it's good that your parents are still looking for you, no one will say you're an orphan anymore, since it's the family's arrangement, you should go back and work hard, don't disappoint your parents' expectations, if there's a chance in the future, remember to come back to see, don't forget this old lady!Just fine."

Wang Hua said easily, but Ye Fan clearly felt her bravado.

Her eyes were very uncontroversial and let the tears slide down.Ye Fan jumped right into his grandmother's arms and sobbed, "Grandmother, you've been suffering all these years to raise me, and every now and then there are still uncles and aunts who come to trouble you, so why don't you come with me, go to the big city and see a better scenery!"

"Forget it, old, the soil is half-buried people, can't walk.You have this heart grandmother is already very happy, you are still young, life has just begun, don't have money and be unscrupulous, there are many more powerful people in the world, outside of the world to learn to keep a low profile, humble, never impetuous.If you can't stay at home anymore, you come back, this will always be your home!"

Wang Hua's tears also slipped unconsciously and dripped on Ye Fan's cheeks.

The tears were cold, but Ye Fan's heart was warm.

"Grandmother, no matter what, you will always be my grandmother, and I will always be your own grandson."

Ye Fan held his breath for half a day and finally only said such a sentence.

What he actually didn't expect was that although Wang Hua was lonely, there was more encouragement and tolerance, as well as warm words of advice.

In an instant, Ye Fan didn't even want to leave, wanting to keep guarding Wang Hua.But rationality told him that he still had to leave, there was a wider world and future waiting for him to make his mark!


Parting was always full of sadness, and Ye Fan stayed at home for two days without taking Wang Hua out shopping or buying any more gifts for him, just spending two days as plain and warm as before.

Perhaps, ordinary everyday life was what home looked like.

Before Ye Fan departed, it was early in the morning on the third day, the sky was still bright, he left without saying goodbye, he didn't dare to say goodbye.

But he left behind a handwritten letter and a bank card with a million dollars stored in it.

He had wanted to leave more, but his fortune was not exposed, and he was afraid that his grandmother would be missed by those who had an interest in her, and even more afraid that she would be raided again by his aunt and uncle, who had intensified their search.Most importantly, if he left too much money behind, he might make his grandmother feel as if he was never coming back.

For all these reasons, Ye Fan left his hometown just like that.

But what he didn't know was that after he left the house, his grandmother opened the door and muttered, "Stinker, be more careful out there, come back when you have time to check on him, and if you don't have time, you can also call to report your safety ah..."

But these, Ye Fan did not hear.

Loss, sadness, separation and other thoughts condensed and superimposed, so that Ye Fan's heart could never be silenced, reached out to stop a taxi, reported the location of the train station, and asked the driver to call him when he arrived at the place, Ye Fan fell asleep.

"Boom!" Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

The loud noise woke Evan from his sleep and opened his eyes, but the sky was black.


It was that he was blinded by something that obscured his vision.

Why Evan was so sure was because his breath all smelled weird and his nose would vaguely touch material like linen.

His arms, on the other hand, were even tied back on top of the stool.

In an instant, a word came to Ye Fan's mind: kidnapping!

Although his memory was unclear, he had the vague feeling that it wasn't the first time he had experienced this, as if he had encountered it as a child, but as he tried to recall it, a sharp pain came to his brain, causing him to muffle a grunt.

"This kid's awake, take the hood off!"

After a familiar harsh drink, the object on Evan's head was violently removed, and the sudden bright light made it difficult for Evan to see for a moment, but it quickly returned.

Only then did Ye Fan see clearly, the original wear on his head was a small burlap bag, and this time he was in a dilapidated warehouse, just now the strong light is the broken roof shining in.

And what came into view was even more four strong men and a sharp-tongued, dry-skinned middle-aged man.

"Uncle, how come it's you?"The four strong men Ye Fan did not know, Ye Fan only knew one of them, the sharp-tongued, dry-skinned middle-aged, this person was Wang Hua's son Zhang Shun!

"Was I surprised?I can't believe you didn't leave the house for two days, but I had to wait!"Zhang Shun's face showed a hint of impatience, and he kicked out directly, actually knocking Ye Fan to the ground.

Ye Fan grunted in pain, but his hands and feet were tied back with ropes, and he couldn't get up on the ground, so he could only squirm like a maggot on the ground.

"Bastard, let go of me!"Ye Fan roared.

But Zhang Shun sneered, "Let go of you?It's okay too."

Without waiting for Zhang Shun to say more, one of the strong men disguised his fist on Zhang Shun's back and snorted, "Hold on tight, don't get inked, don't you think you can pay back the money?Then pay it back!"

"Brother Bao, wait, wait, I need it right away."Zhang Shun smiled like a grandson and even gave the strong man a smile.

Turning his head, Zhang Shun kicked Ye Fan's stomach again, clearly taking his anger out on Ye Fan's body.

"You dog!"Ye Fan cursed furiously, but his brain was working fast, he had seen from the simple words that Brother Bao was not Zhang Shun's subordinate, and decisively shouted, "You four, untie me, tie up Zhang Shun, I will pay 100,000 each!"

"A hundred thousand?"Bao looked startled, but soon it was a sneering wave of his hand, "Untie him!"

"Wait, I haven't..."Zhang Shun was busy blocking him, but before he could move, he was dragged by Bao's collar and slammed out.

"You shut up and abate and stay."Brother Bao snorted before the other strong men made a move to untie Ye Fan.

After Ye Fan moved a few muscles and bones, he took out his phone and said, "WeChat sweep code, one hundred thousand each, never break a promise, take the phone - it."

Bao took a deep look at Ye Fan, and took out his mobile phone: "400,000 all sweep to me on the line."

Ye Fan didn't get any ink and directly scanned 400,000.

Seeing that the money had arrived, Brother Bao's face also showed joy and said, "Not bad, didn't cheat me.If you had lied to me by untying you just now, now your tendons and hamstrings have been picked off by me, you're pretty smart!"

Seeing Bao's appearance turn better, only then did Ye Fan ask, "Who was the mastermind behind this kidnapping of me?"

"Tie you up?We didn't tie you up, we saw you tied up when we came here, I think it was Zhang Shun."With no wrongdoing and having received 400,000 from Ye Fan, Bao was still in a very good mood and would answer any questions.

Ye Fan was asking again, "Zhang Shun asked me for money, did he owe you guys money?"

"Him?He owes us more than just money."Bao glanced at Zhang Shun on the ground and sneered, "He placed a bet on our opening gambling game and borrowed ten thousand from us after losing all his money, and now he's already half a million with interest."

Half a million with interest after borrowing ten thousand?

Isn't that what loan sharks are for?

Ye Fan's heart was shocked, no wonder these people were so heavy handed, they were gangsters.

"Nephew, please save me, I can't do anything now, I heard Mei Zi say that you're rich, that's why I thought of asking you to borrow some money."Zhang Shun saw that the relationship between Ye Fan and Bao was rapidly getting better, and he was inevitably a little nervous.

Ye Fan suddenly sneered and said, "Are you sure you're looking for me to borrow money?Instead of kidnapping me for blackmail?"

Zhang Shun turned pale several times, finally settling on a gloomy expression, "Kid, if you know what's good for you, you'd better get the money, or no one will leave!"

"Can't walk?Why can't I leave, and it's not that I owe people money, a gambling dog like you, once there's a second time.What did you and grandmother originally say about quitting gambling, but now, you're still borrowing money to go out gambling and even kidnapping me, you're incorrigible!"

Ye Fan didn't have the slightest sympathy or pity for Zhang Shun's heinous deeds.

As soon as Zhang Shun's eyes turned, he said to Bao, "Bao, this kid can take out 400,000, there must be money left, what you want from him is what you have, he is my nephew, you can ask for 500,000 from him, no, you can ask for a million too!"

When he heard Zhang Shun's suggestion, a touch of thought and greed appeared on Bao's face, indeed, at one million, he was still extremely tempted, and could not help but, when he looked at Ye Fan again, it was like looking at a lamb to the slaughter.

"Zhang Shun, you really are a mongrel - bastard!"

Ye Fan's face changed dramatically as he suddenly thought of being ripped off as a child, and if these people ripped him off after asking for money, then his life would really be in danger!


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