Lost Young Master 61-65

Chapter 61

Only after sending out a hidden tweet did Evan feel relieved.

He had chosen not the nearest Jin Ming, but Charles in Jinsha City.Although Charles was far away, but with its prowess, District Jiangcheng should be able to arrange someone soon.

And without a mental burden, only then did Ye Fan reveal a frank smile and said, "Brother Bao, you can think about it, you really want to blackmail my hand, or listen to me!"

"Are you threatening me?"

Bao's eyes were narrowed and his brain was already racing.

Ye Fan said calmly, "That depends on what you think."

The words fell silent.

Brother Bao was thinking about the pros and cons, so the other three big men naturally didn't speak.Zhang Shun, on the other hand, was apprehensive and sweating profusely as he waited for the trial.

As for Ye Fan, he was sitting on the stool waiting for the result, he was not in a hurry and even enjoyed the wait, after all, waiting the longest would buy more time for Charles.

Just in case Charles couldn't find the place, he opened WeChat again and sent a location share, so that Charles could confirm the location. One second to remember to read the book

But Brother Bao saw that Ye Fan was using WeChat and grabbed the phone, and after seeing the conversation between Ye Fan and Charles, he was instantly annoyed, "Bastard, how dare you send a message for help!"

Bao then knew that things were not within his grasp, with Ye Fan being able to take out 400,000 easily, he knew without much thought that Ye Fan was definitely not an ordinary person.

"Discovered by you ah, that's just as well, there's only one path to choose in front of you now."Pausing for a moment, Ye Fan chestily said, "That is to obey my orders!"

"Do you really think you're sure of everything?"Bao sneered, "If I kill you here, rob you and run away, who will find us!"

"If you dare, it won't be a question now, but a direct action, after all, the longer it takes, the slimmer your chances of running away!"

Ye Fan said without being salty, it was all within his grasp.

Since he had given Wang Kexin his birthday last time, his vision or scheming had multiplied several times, and in Charles' words, this was the gesture that a person at the top should have.

Although Ye Fan was still immature, he was still a lot better than these small county bums.

Sure enough, when Ye Fan spoke out the inference, the gloom on Bao's face turned into an accosting smile, "What this young master said is, in fact, I was just joking just now, whatever you command, we will definitely obey, I hope you are generous and don't bother with us."

Having been around for so many years and even daring to loan sharks, Brother Bao was naturally no small character, at least he was number one in Jiangcheng.But the more he did, the more he knew the terror of Ye Fan.

Such a young age to be able to handle things without fear, either there is a bottom or a fool, and Ye Fan's inference is proof that Ye Fan is not a fool, on the other hand, the casual 400,000 just now is even more proof of a bottom.

Without much thought, Bao guessed that Ye Fan was from the big city.Although strong dragons don't crush ground snakes, but that also depends on the situation, a half-hearted ground snake like him, not to mention strong dragons, a random one with a little bit of strength is not something he dares to provoke.

"Very well!"

Ye Fan didn't know what Brother Bao was thinking, but he guessed eight-nine times, that Brother Bao was wimpy.

With his legs up, Ye Fan pointed at Zhang Shun, "Tie this guy up for me first!"

"Okay."Brother Bao accosted and waved his big hand, and the other three strong men swarmed over Zhang Shun who tried to escape.

Zhang Shun struggled for a moment, not giving up and inducing, "Brother Bao, you believe me, this kid has money, as long as you take the money, isn't the North and the South China Sea at your disposal?"

"Swim?I'll swim my ass off, take it easy or don't blame me!"Saying that, Bao Bao was the one who kicked Zhang Shun in the stomach, grimacing in pain and unable to use his strength.

Very quickly, Zhang Shun was tied to one of the pillars of the warehouse with five flowers.

It was only then that Ye Fan leisurely got up and arrived in front of Zhang Shun, shouting in a deep voice, "Just now, you dared to kick me, dog!"

"Bang" a kick, Ye Fan right in Zhang Shun's crotch.

Ye Fan was lying on the ground just now being kicked, his stomach acid was almost turned over, how could he lightly spare Zhang Shun.

Zhang Shun shouted in pain, busy begging for mercy, "Nephew, my good nephew, it was a moment of confusion ah, you let me go, I won't dare again, you look at my mother's sake, forgive me."

"Hmph, if it wasn't for the sake of my grandmother, I would have thrown you in the river to feed the fish!"Ye Fan snorted coldly, already very dissatisfied with Zhang Shun who had been defrauding Wang Hua, and daring to kidnap him just now, even more so, making Ye Fan kill people for the first time.

"I really know I was wrong ah."Zhang Shun cried with one snotty nose and one tear, crying as miserably as he wanted.

But Ye Fan didn't believe that Zhang Shun knew it was wrong at all, because this crying performance wasn't the first time he had seen it, every time Zhang Shun asked Wang Hua for money, it was the same expression, it hadn't changed in so many years, and Ye Fan had already gotten used to it.

Unbidden, Ye Fan asked once again, "Wrong?Where did it go wrong?Tell me about it!"

"I..."As expected, Zhang Shun was momentarily stuck, but quickly replied, "I shouldn't have kidnapped you, I was just joking, I'm not that serious."

"Joke?Are you kidding and you kick me?"Ye Fan was so angry that he laughed back and kicked out again, "I don't think you know what's wrong with you, so I'll wake you up!"

"Nephew, no, Grandpa Ye, I didn't ask you to mess with me other than kidnapping you."Zhang Shun replied with painful difficulty.

Seemingly thinking of something, Zhang Shun said again, "I know, I'm the one who didn't honor you right.Don't worry, as long as you get through this time safely, you'll be fine after that.I have a red hand these days, go out and gamble, I'm sure I can make a fortune, how about splitting it with you 50/50 when the time comes?"


However, the only answer to Zhang Shun's question was Ye Fan's size 43 big foot!

Zhang Shun struggled to say, "No, it's either six-four open!"


"Seventy-three open!You seven me three!"


"Nine-one on!You nine, me one!It can't be any less, any less and I won't have a single point!"


"Forget it, I know, I'll give it all to you!"

As Zhang Shun's words trailed off, he saw Ye Fan stop kicking him and said with great joy, "Nephew, in that case, just let me go, I'm really willing to give you all of what I won, except for the original capital, the rest."


But in response to another kick from Zhang Shun, right under Zhang Shun's confused gaze, only then did Ye Fan panted and spoke, "I was just tired of kicking, take a break!"


"I don't care about your stinking money, you're so incorrigible that you don't even realize your mistake now."

Ye Fan sighed, knowing that Zhang Shun was hopeless.

He couldn't help but turn his head to Bao, "Bao, isn't it true that you're especially happy when you see this kind of person."

"Yeah, this kind is our main customer, if there weren't these whimsical daydreaming gambling dogs, it wouldn't allow us to get rich, hehehe."Brother Bao had no scruples.

Upon hearing this, Zhang Shun's color changed dramatically and he cursed angrily, "Wang Jia Bao you are not a human being, you are deliberately trying to trap me?"

"You just found out, do you think you're likely to win a few hands if you don't work in secret?Keep making you lose, and you probably won't be in the pit."Wang Jiabao sneered.

"Now do you know it's wrong?Gambling dogs is the ultimate nothing!"

Ye Fan completely woke up Zhang Shun with the cold reality.

He took an approving look at Wang Jiabao, in fact, in Ye Fan's opinion, the main reason why Wang Jiabao was able to tell the truth was because he felt that Zhang Shun was no longer completely useless, so he might not even be able to get a piece out.Although he knew that Wang Jiabao was just doing a favor by the way, he was still very grateful to be able to tell the inside story.

Zhang Shun, who knew the truth, was disheartened and did not look too good, like a defeated rooster in a fight. The first website m.kanshu8.net

"Ye Fan, I know I was wrong, please help uncle, uncle really won't touch gambling from now on."

Zhang Shun said very pleadingly.

Without waiting for Ye Fan to speak, the door of the warehouse opened, only to see Charles appear in Jiang Cheng in such a short amount of time, and there were more than ten black-clothed men behind him.

A group of people swarmed up and instantly captured Wang Jiabao and four other strong men.

Charles even arrived in front of Ye Fan as fast as he could, and after looking up and down, he saw the shoe print on Ye Fan's stomach, and suddenly turned pale and panicked, "Young Master are you alright?"

"Nothing."Ye Fan waved his hand.

Charles was relieved and turned his head to the dozen or so black-clothed men, shocked and furious, "You guys cut them into diced meat and throw them in the river to feed the fish, how dare you lay hands on young master, I think you're really tired of living!"

As soon as Wang Jiabao's face changed, he knew that indeed Ye Fan had a bottom, he even explained, "This lord, we didn't move our hands ah, it has nothing to do with us at all ah, we were also called here by Zhang Shun, that kick was also kicked by Zhang Shun, we didn't do anything ah."

Ye Fan nodded his head and spoke faintly, "Indeed, they did nothing, they just wanted to blackmail the money, and they just collected 400,000 from me."

"I'll pay you back the money right away."Wang Jiabao opened his mouth evenly.

Ye Fan thought about it and said, "I remember you are a loan shark, right, then you also know the rules, 10,000 becomes 500,000, so do I have to pay 20 million for my 400,000?"

"Twenty million?Where am I?"Wang Jiabao was suddenly disheartened, and only then did he realize that he was caught in Ye Fan's trap.

But on second thought, in fact, if he had just done it, he couldn't run away at the moment at all, and only then did he react to the fact that everything was within Ye Fan's grasp.

"You just have to promise to go back and shut down the small underground gambling - venue, and this matter can be put to rest."Ye Fan was not an unreasonable person, although Wang Jiabao was taking advantage of the situation, it did no real harm to Ye Fan, and he had just returned to obedience, so Ye Fan was lenient.

Ye Fan was not a meddlesome person, but seeing that Zhang Shun had already gotten into debt from gambling and almost destroyed a family, he was also really intolerant.Since it was a handy job, he let Wang Jiabao handle it.

Wang Jiabao didn't dare to hesitate and agreed to leave.

But before he left the warehouse, Charles snorted, "Did you forget something."

"Right right right, Ye Shao, this money back to you, just kidding, we really didn't want it."Wang Jiabao even folded back.

But Ye Fan waved his hand, "Take it, it's all good to help me with things, but it's not such a good idea to mess things up or go against the grain.Also, the money that Zhang Shun owes you is included, so it's not a loss."

"It's not a loss, no loss!"

Wang Jiabao waved his hand repeatedly, it was already no loss to leave safely, let alone get the money.

As for Ye Fan's explanation of closing the gambling house, he didn't dare to slack off, just by virtue of Charles arriving so quickly, it was by no means an existence that he could provoke, it was better to be honest and forget about being a human being, otherwise he wouldn't even dare to think about really being fed to the fish.

"Young Master, then this is the one who kicked you, do you want me to drop him to feed the fish?"Charles narrowed his eyes at Zhang Shun.

Zhang Shun felt a numbness in his scalp and a vague urge to urinate, followed by his pants getting wet, "Ye Fan, I know I was wrong, please let me go, I will definitely change my evil ways in the future."

"The gambling-grounds are closed, there's no place to play if you don't mend your ways."Ye Fan helplessly looked at Zhang Shun, although Zhang Shun's exertion to no longer be corrupt made Ye Fan very happy, but he couldn't be sure that Zhang Shun was just 100% on being a good person anymore.

After all, in the past, when Zhang Shun was gambling for money, he had actually been asking for money from Wang Hua in different ways.

In order to let Wang Hua live for a few more years, he definitely can't let Zhang Shun go home again.

Thinking, Ye Fan said indifferently, "Don't worry, feeding the fish is out of the question.But you don't want to go home either, go to the detention center and reflect for a few years, and when you completely change your ways, I will naturally find someone to bail you out."

"What?How is this going to work, Maya is still in school, my mom is still so old, and they all need me!"

Zhang Shun ten million unwilling.

But Ye Fan knows Zhang Shun very well, Zhang Xiaoya school are Li-Mei has been taking care of, and Wang Hua side even less need Zhang Shun, or Zhang Shun does not come home that would burn incense.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the photos of the children.

And since it's family, it's still a kidnapping, but it's really sad.

Originally Charles also wanted to handle this matter himself and not spare Zhang Shun lightly.But after all, Ye Fan's relationship was here, and Ye Fan had already dealt with it in his own way, so Charles was only more pleased, at least proving that Ye Fan was growing and not purely relying on it.

It didn't take long for official officers to come and take Zhang Shun away, after all, it was still easy to lock him up for a few years on suspicion of kidnapping.

But this matter could not let Wang Hua and Li-Mei know, or else they would all blame Ye Fan.So Ye Fan also made a special phone call to Wang Hua, saying that he met Zhang Shun when he left, and took it to go out into the world.

And Li-Mei's side also said the same thing, but Li-Mei was very unbelieving, but when Ye Fan directly WeChat transferred to Li-Mei 500,000, Li-Mei was beaming with joy, hating to have Zhang Shun never come back and still get more money like.

"Human heart na!"

Ye Fan sighed, now half a million was about the same as fifty dollars to him, so he spent it, but he also completely saw through the Zhang Shun family, they were all birds of a feather.


"Young Master, here we are."

Charles's lightly called Evan.

Evan leisurely opened his eyes, nodded, and got out of the car.

"Young Master, be safe along the way, forgive me for not being able to accompany you this time."Charles drove off after a light sigh.

Evan was wearing a hooded jacket and had his hands in his pockets, not really knowing where to go for a while.

It was now dark, with only the faint light from the street lamps.

After leaving Jiangcheng, Ye Fan did not return to Jinsha City, but was taken directly to Kaiyuan by Charles.

Jinsha City was just one of the cities in the Golden Yuan Province, and the capital of the Golden Yuan Province was Kaiyuan.

The mission arranged by Charles this time was simple and clear, that was to live alone for a month, no matter what the cost, within a month, just blend into the upper class of Kaiyuan City.

"Upper class, it sounds like....It's not that hard." Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Ye Fan muttered, at least that's what he thought.

After all, as long as one had money, wasn't it easy to go to any level?

Without waiting for Evan to think about it, the cold air blew him out of ideas.It was now autumn and the nights were still very cold.

"Forget about it, let's find a place to stay first."

Reaching out to stop a car, Evan shivered, "It's still much warmer in the car."

The driver inquired, "Young man, where are you going?"

"Find a five-star hotel."Ye Fan said without thinking.

Although Jinsha City was nice, it didn't have a five-star hotel, the highest was three stars.And now that Ye Fan had money, he naturally wanted to experience the best.

"Okay."The driver didn't ask too many questions and started the car.

Not long after, the car stopped in front of a five-star hotel, and the two big characters on the hotel were illuminated very brightly by the lights: prosperous stars!

"Looks good."

Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, and walked into the Prosperous Star Hotel.

The magnificent hall was several times bigger than the average hotel, just the first floor receiving hall showed the word rich, Ye Fan didn't look much, after all, it was too cold and tired now, he just wanted to check in early.

When he arrived at the front desk, Ye Fan took out his gold card and said, "Open a presidential suite."

"A presidential suite?"The little girl at the reception desk didn't look very big, only eighteen-nine, but she was extremely delicate looking, perhaps this was the legendary doormat.

With just a slight hesitation, the little girl swiped her card and checked in for Ye Fan.

"Looking at you eye-candy, why don't I take you up there."The little girl politely said.

Those who could be at the front desk of a five-star hotel needed eyesight in addition to looks.It was impossible to remember all the guests who came here, but it was very simple to remember the ones like Ye Fan who was young and still had money, because there were very few people who were young and still had money.Especially this kind of ones who came alone, even fewer.

"That's pretty good, I'm Ye Fan, what's your name?"Ye Fan was somewhat surprised that there was still such a good service, and his heart was satisfied.

"Back to Ye Shao, I'm Zhou Leya."Zhou Leya got up and replied.

It was good not to get up, but when Zhou Leya got up, she suddenly straightened Ye Fan's eyes.

Zhou Leya's looks are on the cute wind, that can get up, Ye Fan found Zhou Leya's body extremely exaggerated, not only the front convex back, a person is also similar to Ye Fan, although Zhou Leya wore high heels, that at least is at least 168, absolute model body, so that Ye Fan some can not stop, saliva almost all flow out.

"Ye Shao, give you a tissue."Zhou Leya gave Ye Fan a blank look.

Only then did Ye Fan know that he had lost his temper, but he also had to lose his temper, because even if Zhou Leya was compared to Wang Kexin, she was still not inferior in the slightest.

Just like this, Zhou Lelian Ya led Ye Fan upstairs in front, and not long after Ye Fan and the others had gone upstairs, two more receptionists came at the front desk.

The slightly chubby receptionist was curious: "Little, why do you think Miss Lilienya personally sent that gentleman up, isn't it because she is fond of him?"

"Don't talk nonsense, beware of misfortune from the mouth.Fat girl you are new here only don't know, Miss Love Ya is the only daughter of Zhou Fu, the owner of this five-star hotel, here, she is the sky, who dares to mess with her, I guess she saw this gentleman's pig face and wanted to tease him,"Little whispered.

Hearing Zhou Leya's true identity, the fat girl quickly shut her mouth and cold sweat flowed down.

On the other side, Ye Fan had come to the presidential suite with Zhou Leya, and Ye Fan did not know Zhou Leya's real identity in the slightest, and thought that Zhou Leya was just here to work, inevitably sighed in his heart, such a beautiful girl as a waitress unfortunately, otherwise, income in the bag?

The sudden thought shocked even Evan, since when had he become so fraternal?

Seeing the change in Ye Fan's demeanor, Zhou Leya said with a professional smile, "Young Master Ye, do you need a massage?Do you want me to press it for you myself?"

At the moment, Ye Fan was deep in introspection, now that he had already gotten involved with Wang Kexin and Xiao Coco, if there was another one, it would be really hard to explain and completely messed up.

"Forget it, no need."Thinking about it, Ye Fan waved his hand, suppressing his desire - desire.

But Zhou Leya's glasses sharply lit up, somewhat surprised by Ye Fan's reaction, and couldn't help but tease, "Ye Shao, could it be that you're meeting someone?I don't mind the three of us playing together oh."

"Get out!"

Originally, Ye Fan's patience was limited, and when he let Zhou Leya leave just now, he was a bit reluctant and began to feel bad.But to hear that Zhou Lelian Ya can accept three people to play, the first thought is not to feel exciting, but to think that Zhou Lelian Ya play too messy, is a whore - son.

If a good girl he would be tempted, but the prostitute - child type, will only make him think of Bai Tingting, the heart is even more disgusting.

Zhou Leya's face changed dramatically, and snapped in a deep voice: "What did you say?You want me to fuck off?Do you know that no one has talked to me like that since I was a kid!"

"Do I have to repeat myself a second time?Watch out that I'll complain about you seducing a customer and have you fired straight away!"Ye Fan was a little impatient and was about to call the complaint phone.

Zhou Leya snorted, "You hit, if you can, you hit me and say you molested me!"

"Why are you so unreasonable?You are just trying to blackmail money, tell me, how much do you pay for one night, after I give you, you should leave quickly."Ye Fan didn't want to talk nonsense, because the more he looked at Zhou Leya, the more he looked like Bai Tingting.

"Five thousand, no, ten thousand!"Zhou Leya said.

There was also cash in the backpack that Ye Fan carried, so he directly took out a stack of it, exactly 10,000, and slammed it on Zhou Leya's face, saying, "Now you can get out."

But what Ye Fan never expected was that Zhou Leya, who had just made a racket, was stunned in place after the money fell on her face.

For a long time, it actually fell into silent tears!


"What's wrong with you?"

Seeing Zhou Leya crying, Ye Fan instantly panicked.

He hadn't been able to see girls cry since he was a child, and when a girl cried, he was at his wit's end.

It was fine not to ask, but after he asked, Zhou Leya cried even louder.

"Is it because you don't like the money, do you want to stop giving you tens of thousands?"Saying that, Ye Fan went to get the money.

Even though he knew that he was being trapped, Ye Fan had no choice, or his heart would be in chaos.

Seeing Ye Fan go to get the money, Zhou Leya burst into fierce tears, sobbing, "Bastard, I'm going to tell daddy that you're bullying me!"

Saying that, Zhou Leya ran out.

The room that was just filled with cries instantly became quiet, leaving Ye Fan somewhat confused.

Especially just Zhou Leya's words are even more confusing to Ye Fan, how the bastard, he is not ready to take more money. A second to remember to read the book

And tell Dad what the hell it is?

Childish ghost?....

Ye Fan shook his head helplessly and just plopped down on the huge sofa.

Although from just now into the presidential suite he did not look carefully at the structure of the room, but just sitting on the sofa, Ye Fan felt a different touch, surprisingly with his home sofa has a fight, worthy of the presidential suite, the room furniture small details are dealt with in place.

Of course, Ye Fan referred to the sofa is not Wang Hua home, but Charles prepared the villa inside the sofa, that kind of sofa are more than a hundred thousand high-grade sofa.

In fact, there were more expensive ones, only that they couldn't get them in the short term in Jinsha City.

Although Kaiyuan is bigger than the Sands, but such an expensive sofa is also superior, can be placed in this kind of suite, it is evident that the five-star hotel does have its own bottom line.

But before Ye Fan could enjoy it more, his room door was violently kicked open!


Ye Fan bounced up directly from the sofa and nervously looked towards the doorway.

After the last kidnapping, Ye Fan was instinctively wary of some unknown things.

But seeing the person who came in, Ye Fan did not wince, although the visitor was not someone he knew, but the most important point was that the uniform this person was wearing was the uniform of the security guard here in Prosperity, when on the first floor, Ye Fan specifically noticed.

Seeing Zhou Leya behind the security guard, Ye Fan couldn't help but frown, "How did you really get your father here?What have I done to offend you that you have to make things so difficult for me."

On hearing this, the security guard's face instantly paled, cold sweat "swish" flowed down, waving his hands repeatedly: "No, sir you misunderstood, I am not his father, I am just a small security guard here.".

Saying that, he also deliberately looked at Zhou Leya, and a touch of fear flashed across his eyes.

Although Zhou Leya stopped crying, her eyes were still red, and she coldly snorted, "What did you say you offended me with, what makes you think you can hit me with money!"

"You just want money, don't you, and you won't listen to me if I talk to you properly, so what can I do."Ye Fan also sensed the abnormality of the security guard, but no matter what, he still didn't believe that a receptionist in the district could still call the shots with him.

Moreover, Ye Fan didn't do anything wrong, he just let Zhou Leya go out, and Zhou Leya still wanted money if she didn't go out.

Ye Fan self-consciousness has been unjustly given money, Zhou Lelian Ya still do not go, that is to get an inch, want more money.

For this kind of greedy people, Ye Fan is not at all despised.

"Bastard, who said he wants your money!"Zhou Leya became furious and smashed all the money that Ye Fan had just given her at Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was instantly blinded, followed by the veins on his forehead, annoyed, "Security, is this your service staff here, hurry up and arrest me, I want to call the police!"

Ye Fan hadn't bothered to say half a word to Zhou Leya, he hadn't seen such an unruly person before.

"You dare!"Zhou Leya glared at the security guard, the security guard wince, Zhou Leya smiled proudly, "You tie him up for me, see how Miss Ben will deal with him!"


The security guard hesitated, can live in the presidential suite are not ordinary people, but he knew Zhou Leya is the boss's daughter, if you do not listen to the words will lose the job.

A slight choice, the security guard strode out in front of Ye Fan, sighing, "Sir, I'm sorry, I can't do anything about it, if you want to blame you shouldn't have messed with this big miss."


Ye Fan was stunned at the news, did not resist at all, because the security guard's body one topped him two, and resisting was merely more flesh suffering.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the new product, and then you'll see that it's a good idea to take a look at the new product.I won't make it difficult for you, I have 130,000 cash here, as long as you kidnap this smelly girl for me, this money is yours!"

Although I don't know why security guards feared Zhou Leya, but money could make the devil move, not to mention district security guards.

As expected, he was moved when he saw the 130,000.

In Kaiyuan, 130,000 was equivalent to four years of income for him as a small security guard.

"Sorry, miss, I can't help it."The security guard was eventually convinced by the money, pulled the sheet and tied Zhou Leya up, then took the money and ran straight away.

Before leaving, he only left behind one sentence: "Miss, there's no need to check my identity, I didn't use my own ID card when I joined the company, and I can't be checked."

"This bastard!"Being tied Zhou Leya blushed greatly, obviously the atmosphere was abnormal.

Seeing the situation, but Ye Fan laughed.

Looking at Zhou Leya who was wrapped like a caterpillar, Ye Fan sneered and sat on top of the sheets, naturally sitting directly on Zhou Leya's lap.

"Bastard, what do you want?"

Zhou Leya wasn't overly angry yet, but Ye Fan's sudden action was a shock to her.

Ye Fan showed a pitying smile and ridiculed, "Why me?What do you think I want?"

"Get off me, you know who I am!"Zhou Leya's phoenix eyes widened.

Ye Fan slightly shook his head: "I don't know, and I don't want to know.I only know that now you can't escape me, just now a hundred times want to make things difficult for me, what exactly are you after?Say, tell me the truth, or else..."

Saying that, Ye Fan was a slap on Zhou Leya's muddy - round body.


Zhou Leya also cried out in pain, tears coming to her eyes again, "Bastard, you bastard, how dare you do this to me, do you know that my father is Zhou Fu!"

"Chow Fu?No recognition."Ye Fan was indifferent.

Thinking that, Ye Fan was the one who slapped and hit Zhou Leya's body again, causing her to scream in pain!


"Bastard, you bastard!"Zhou Leya struggled hard, but in the sheets, could only squirm like a caterpillar, and with Ye Fan sitting on her lap, she couldn't turn over and struggle, and could only lie on the bed, unable to resist in the slightest.

"Zhou Fu is the boss here, the boss of Prosperity, now you know!"Zhou Leya still had a shred of sanity, so she sold her explanation, hoping to scare Ye Fan with Zhou Fu's name.

But Ye Fan smiled calmly and said, "You said your father is the owner of this place?Is it whatever you say it is?Didn't you want money just now, and aren't you the front desk attendant, and you're trying to cheat me?"

But as soon as Ye Fan finished speaking, he thought of the security guard who had just called Zhou Leya a lady, and inevitably added, "Besides, even if your father really is the owner of this place, so what?"

"You're not afraid?"Now it was Zhou Leya's turn to be shocked, in the past, as long as she showed her name, no one dared to mess with her at all, they all pampered her as a princess.

Ye Fan shook his head: "Afraid?Why are you afraid?So what if he's even more powerful, but now you're in my hands, you're so bold to threaten me even if you don't beg for mercy!"

Zhou Leya was completely confused, because when you think about it, what Ye Fan said was indeed reasonable.

The unfortunate thing is that Ye Fan had just been kidnapped not long ago, and went back to carefully ponder this matter, before, if not for Wang Jiabao encouraged, perhaps he really can't live in peace.

So Ye Fan's conclusion is that when you are kidnapped, you can only obey, never resist, don't threaten, and try to satisfy the robbers before you can live in peace.

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Right now, Ye Fan is the identity of the King's treasure, and right now, he's the Grand Master!

"Let go of me, you're breaking the law now, it's kidnapping.Even if my dad isn't Chow Fu, it's not something you can mess with!"Zhou Leya's only card was Zhou Fu, and now that Zhou Fu was no good, she could only soften the blow and hope that Ye Fan was scared.

But the only thing that responded to her was another slap on the ass from Ye Fan.

"You still dare to threaten me?You really don't know how to be good if you don't suffer."Ye Fan smiled faintly, "I'm a tenant staying here, it's fine if you don't serve in place, but you still brought security guards here to cause trouble, and even tried to kidnap me, I'm in self-defense, it's not illegal."

"No, you're just being sophomoric, I came in here to serve, what evidence do you have to prove it!"Zhou Leya bit into Ye Fan no evidence, as long as the bet is right, then Ye Fan would not dare to do anything wrong.

But Ye Fan is slow to take out his phone, said: "really unfortunate, I have the habit of recording, just now you come in all the words I recorded, you do not look at the security guard ran away, there is a recording, plus the hall's surveillance, can definitely catch him, but also want to take my money for nothing, really want to think too much.And you, too, trespassing in the room, looking for someone to kidnap me, the one who broke the law is you, right, stinky girl."

Saying that, Ye Fan took out his phone and played the recording he had just made.

Hearing her own words just now, Zhou Leya was confused, she didn't expect in any way that there was even such an operation as recording Ye Fan, she was only surprised, "How could you think of recording, this kind of operation is impossible ah!"

"That's what you'd do if you always experienced unfair treatment."Ye Fan was somewhat despondent, thinking back to the past, he was forced to record every time, or else he would really be bullied or even backstabbed.

Although he couldn't see Ye Fan's face, Zhou Leya also felt Ye Fan's loneliness, and the anger in her heart couldn't help but subside quite a bit.If you think about it, it was her fault, if it wasn't for her playfulness, she wouldn't have come here to provoke Ye Fan, and what is happening now wouldn't have happened.

But even if she figured it out, Zhou Leya was not prepared to apologize, her nature being what it is, she is still a girl, she can't lose face like this, especially since Ye Fan has just hit her buttocks.

See Zhou Leya suddenly silent, Ye Fan could not help but raise his eyebrows: "What's wrong, thinking of strategy?Listen to me, beg me and I'll let you go!"


Zhou Leya was about to curse out, but thinking of the forceful beating Ye Fan had just given, she quickly restrained it.

With a turn of the eye, Zhou Leya thought of a brilliant plan, that is, to admit to being a wimp first, and then find someone to come back for revenge after Ye Fan released her.

Thinking of doing it, Zhou Leya clamped her voice and whined, "Little brother, I know it's wrong, please let me go, I really know it's wrong."

"Know?Well then, if you had said so earlier, it wouldn't have been over."Ye Fan was suddenly beaming with joy as he helped Zhou Leya loosen the sheets.

Zhou Leya regained her freedom and snorted, "Stinker, let you just help me, just wait, as long as you're still in Kaiyuan, I don't believe I can't break you!"

Saying that, she was about to seize the door.

But before Zhou Leya moved, she felt a tightness on her body, and then was tied up and thrown on the bed with a sheet by Ye Fan.

Ye Fan raised his eyebrows, "I knew your little girl's sudden change of heart was to think of crooked ideas, but you made the mistake of waiting until you called someone, you can dispose of me as you wish, but you haven't even gone out yet, you just told me the plan, do you think I can still let you go?"

"Ouch."Zhou Leya was thrown onto the bed and gave an ouch, followed by a pitiful expression, begging for forgiveness, "Little brother, I was joking with you, I really know I was wrong."

"You say that again?"The corner of Ye Fan's mouth slightly raised, take out the phone in the hand to play.

Zhou Leya held back her anger, whining: "Little brother, please let people go, people really know that it's wrong, I won't bother you again, just joking with you, I can guarantee with my personality."

Ye Fan nodded in satisfaction, put away the phone and spat out two words, "Useless."

"You're playing me?"Zhou Leya's cute little face was red with anger, but there was nothing he could do about it.

"Playing tricks on you?"Ye Fan revealed a thoughtful look for a long time before he spoke faintly, "So what?"

"You bastard, shameless, you don't keep your word."Zhou Lian Ya growled in aggravation.

"Yes, yes, yes, you're not an asshole, you're also shameless and your words don't count."Ye Fan helplessly shook his head, took out his phone and clicked on a video, rushing the screen towards Zhou Leya.

The content of the video was exactly what had just been recorded, the one where the personality guarantee admitted to being wrong.

Seeing such a bad self, Zhou Leya bit her vermilion lips, "What do you want?"

"What for?No why ah, as long as you don't bother me anymore, this video will be in my netbook forever, but if you still dare to come back, then don't blame me for being rude."At this point, Ye Fan paused for a moment, "Do you think I'll find a few big anchors and release this video of you live, and you'll become a netcom, look at this pitiful little face full of seriousness."


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