Lost Young Master 66-70


Chapter 66

Zhou Leya still cursed, but her tone softened considerably, clearly still fearing the violence on the internet.If this is really famous, then the whole world will really make a fool of itself.

Ye Fan quietly watched Zhou Leya, nor intervene, waiting for Zhou Leya's decision.

Only after a long time, did Zhou Leya lower her head and said, "I know, let me go, I won't bother you again, I hope you will definitely delete the video."

"That's a good boy."Ye Fan would smile, although he was an inaccurate reader, he could also see that Zhou Leya's attitude was serious now.

After helping Zhou L'Oreal to tidy up the hair that was just struggling to get messy, Ye Fan realized that his face was actually less than ten centimeters away from Zhou L'Oreal's face, perhaps just by gently leaning forward, he would be able to kiss those tempting vermilion lips.

Unlike when checking in at the front desk, now Zhou Leya's eyes are a little red, the hair is also slightly messy after being tidied up by Ye Fan, it looks very tragic, so that Ye Fan actually moved in an instant, can't help but just like leaning up.

"No....Don't...."Zhou Leya also felt the hormones emitted by Ye Fan, trembling lips softly stopped, earlier yelling and screaming had already been punished by Ye Fan, now she didn't dare to speak loudly, she could only so microtonal.


Just as Ye Fan was about to kiss it, he heard the words and couldn't help but pause, seeing the fear and reluctance deep in Zhou Leya's eyes, Ye Fan's heart was like dropping a burning coal under an iceberg in an instant, cooling rapidly.

"Sorry."Only then did Ye Fan feel that he had lost his temper, although he wanted to, but forcing others to do something he could not yet do. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

"Thanks."Zhou Leya whispered, her face had turned red, just like a little rabbit, making people want to love her.

Forcing to hold back his inner agitation, Ye Fan even loosened the sheets and said calmly, "Go away, remember what you said, and don't bother me again."


Zhou Leya nodded, and left the room with a single step, even as she closed the door, it was slight enough that she didn't slam it in the slightest.

"Wouldn't it be quite cute if she wasn't grumpy."Ye Fan muttered, having some change of heart towards Zhou Leya.

But as soon as the words fell out, Ye Fan heard the sound of the door locking.

"This girl, did she hear it?"Ye Fan was slightly startled, whirled around and smiled: "Forget it, what the hell, sleep sleep sleep, tomorrow we still need to find a house."

After driving for a day, and making trouble just now, Ye Fan was also tired, and hooded his head is a big sleep, to open his eyes, it was already the next day.

Pulling open the curtains, slightly harsh sunlight, making Ye Fan can't help but squint his eyes.

"Such a big sun, what time is it."Turning on his phone, he saw that it was already eleven o'clock, which was a long time to sleep.

"Ringing bell!"

When the phone in the presidential suite rang, Evan picked it up, "What is it?"

"Sir, check out is at twelve noon, do you want to check out or renew your room?"The sweet voice from the phone, listening to Ye Fan some comfortable.

But let Ye Fan is a little surprised, it is not even Zhou Leya's voice, but asked to check out is the work of the front desk ah.

With confusion, Ye Fan responded: "Sleeping here is quite comfortable, continue the room, has matters I go down to do the formalities and say it."

Hanging up the phone, Ye Fan simply washed up and came to the first floor of the front desk.

As expected, the front desk sat really is not Zhou Lanya, but a fat and a thin two girls.

Ye Fan could not help but inquire, "Where is Zhou Leya?"

"Sir is asking about Miss Zhou it, she is not here at the front desk, yesterday I'm really sorry, sometimes Miss Zhou likes to stay here for a while and tease the guests, sorry sir, if there is any dissatisfaction, this hotel can make compensation."The lean front desk said.

Ye Fan nodded his head, knowing that Zhou Leya was not lying to him, it really was Miss.

But yesterday all said not to let Zhou Leya to bother him again, I guess Zhou Leya will not appear again in the future, so he took out the gold card: "Give me a month to renew it, every day to clean up the room cleaning without coming up, I need will directly call the front desk phone notice."

"A month?Yes sir."The receptionist was slightly startled, it could cost 600,000 a month to move in here, and it could even sell a nice building in Kaiyuan, but just surprised, she quickly helped with the process.

These things were not something she could guess, she was just the front desk here, only responsible for processing, she still wouldn't talk too much about things she shouldn't ask.

But just as she was about to handle the process, she was stopped by a whisper.

"Slow down!"

Ye Fan turned his head at the news, only to see a tall, handsome man in a suit approach and frown at the receptionist, "Little, don't you know that this room can only be booked by me!"

Xiao Xiao's face turned pale and accosted, "Zhang Shao, I'm really sorry, this room was opened by Miss Zhou yesterday, and we have no right to ask about it."

"You said that Love Ya opened it, what is going on?"Zhang Shao questioned with a somewhat bad face.

Xiao Xiao replied truthfully, "Last night, Miss Zhou came over to play again, this gentleman just happened to check in and there was only one presidential suite left, so I used your one."

"So that's how it is."Hearing that there was nothing between Zhou Leya and Ye Fan, Zhang Shao's expression only improved, turning his head up and down to look at Ye Fan, revealing a Confucian smile, "My name is Zhang Zimo, I haven't seen you before, an outsider, right?This room is exclusive to me, you can change one, right?"

"That's fine, then..."Ye Fan saw that Zhang Zimo's attitude was good, so he didn't mind, it was just a change of room anyway.And his mission this time was to get in touch with the upper class of Kaiyuan, seeing as Zhang Zimo could stay in the presidential suite, which was still exclusive, then he must be an upper class gentleman.

Therefore, Ye Fan inevitably had the intention to befriend him as well.

But without waiting for Ye Fan to finish, a delicate voice stopped Ye Fan, "Ye Shao, don't let him have the room."

Hearing a familiar voice, Ye Fan turned his head to look, only to see that Zhou Leya was approaching from far and near.

"Reason."Ye Fan simply inquired, he would not listen to Zhou Leya without a head, even if once Ye Fan was slightly smitten with Zhou Leya, not to mention that Zhang Zimo still had some use for him.

When Zhou Leya glanced at Zhang Zimo, she attached herself to Ye Fan's ear and explained in a low voice, "This person is the third son of the Zhang family, and he insists on pestering me to go out with me, and always comes to harass me when I don't agree."

"What does that have to do with me?"Ye Fan's ears were tickled by Zhou Leya's breath as she spoke, so he had to pull out his ears.

But Zhou Leya thought that Ye Fan's don't want to help before showing this attitude, so he did not explain to Ye Fan.

Directly pulling Ye Fan's big hand, Zhou Leya used a whiny voice and said coquettishly, "Little brother, please."


"Fuck, what are you doing."

Ye Fan was shocked, never expecting Zhou Leya to engage in such a trick, and he was suddenly a bit confused.

It wasn't just Ye Fan who didn't know what to do, there was also Zhang Zimo and the two front desk attendants who were all in shock.

Although the people outside of Ye Fan belonged to those who had known Zhou Leya for a relatively long time, they had never seen Zhou Leya look like this before.

"What exactly is the relationship between you and Lilia?"

The easy-going elegance on Zhang Zimo's face all evaporated, leaving only a haze that was almost like condensing water, very terrifying.

Under the terrifying low pressure, the two front desk attendants directly backed up and hurriedly left the wrong place.

But Ye Fan frowned, "Why are you so excited, I didn't do anything, are you questioning me now?"

Ye Fan had appreciated Zhang Zimo before because of his easy-going appearance, but now this appearance really annoyed him.It wasn't just because Zhang Zimo was putting on a young master's appearance to question him, but also because he couldn't stand someone as small-minded as Zhang Zimo.

If the real elegant and easy-going, at least can still pretend for a while, but now is nothing more than Zhou Leya simple pettiness, let him react like this, it seems that is not a powerful person. One second to remember to read the book

The purpose of Ye Fan's trip was to get in touch with Kaiyuan's upper class people, and a commodity like Zhang Zimo was clearly not enough to see.

Zhang Zimo's face was gloomy, "So what if I'm just questioning you, let go of Lilia's hand first, then answer my words!"

"Loose?I'm still partial to not letting go."

Ye Fan smiled coldly, he was not satisfied with Zhang Zimo's attitude.Instead, it aroused his fighting spirit and directly embraced Zhou Leya in his arms.

Although Ye Fan knew that Zhou Lelian Ya was just using him, but now Ye Fan could not care about these things, anyway, the one who upset Ye Fan the most was still Zhang Zimo.As long as it made Zhang Zimo miserable, he was fine with it.

"Mmm..."Zhou Leya was suddenly pulled into the embrace, her body trembled violently and said, "Let go of me."

"Stay honest!"

There was no mercy in Ye Fan's tone, and he could not be denied.

Zhou Leya's pupils shrank, obviously thinking of last night's incident, and suddenly her body softened, and she nodded her head nicely, "I know."

Her voice was small, just like a little kitten, and she was well behaved in Ye Fan's embrace, leaning against Ye Fan's chest, no longer speaking.

"Are you guys for real?"

Zhang Zimo originally thought that Ye Fan was being used, but still angry, and also more want to prove himself to Zhou Leya, but now this appearance, how to look at it is true.

What's more, Zhou Lelian Ya is known as a little witch, no boy can get close, although Zhang Zimo also like Zhou Lelian Ya, but don't tell me to hold a small hand, even Zhou Lelian Ya circumference within a meter did not go in.

This is Zhou L'Oreal's safe distance!

It was like having radar installed on his body, as long as someone approached, Zhou Leya would perceptibly dodge and return a cold, hard to approach look.

But just like that, the harder it was to conquer, the more motivating it was for Zhang Zimo, yet it was such a difficult woman to conquer, but she became a good little kitten in Ye Fan's arms, how could he stand it.

"The real one can't fake it, the fake one can't be real."

Ye Fan did not answer Zhang Zimo's question directly, but after saying this, Ye Fan took the initiative to lower his head and domineeringly kissed Zhou Leya's lips.

Zhou Leya's body trembled, and her body even went from soft - softened into a popsicle, instantly stiffening.

However, in Zhang Zimo's view, the fact that Zhou Leya didn't resist was proof that what Ye Fan meant was that the relationship between the two was real.

Zhang Zimo's face darkened, and shouted in a deep voice, "Zhou Leya, I never expected you to be such a woman, I was wrong about you, humph!"

Zhou Leya was already very short-circuited by the strong kisses on her brain, and now that Zhang Zimo suddenly said so, she was furious, "What qualifications do you have to talk about me, who are you, does it matter to you who I'm with?"

"Does it matter?Oh, you're right, it's not related in the first place, so don't have a relationship in the future."

Zhang Zimo laughed at himself and turned his head to look at Ye Fan, his eyes filled with anger.

He had never seen Ye Fan before, but he never thought that Ye Fan had conquered Zhou Leya.

Just now he was saying bad things about Zhou Leya, but he still knew one thing, and that was that Zhou Leya was not such a casual woman, even according to his investigation, Zhou Leya had no male friends and never had contact with boys.

Xiao Xiao also said that Ye Fan is moving in yesterday, this brief contact, just take it straight away, also proved that Ye Fan has real skills.

How could Zhang Zimo, who had been competitive in everything since childhood, stand to have someone stronger than him?

The furious Zhang Zimo then took out a card and said, "This is the address of the Emperor's Bar, if you have the guts, come at eight o'clock in the evening, waiting for you!"

With that, Zhang Zimo turned around and strode away.

"Will you go?"Zhou Leya frowned and asked.

Ye Fan did not even look at the card, directly tore, speechless: "I have no guts and what does he have to do, this kind of silly, but also under the challenge, what era, look at my displeasure to hit me ah.I don't even have the guts to make a move, or is it a man?I don't even want to talk to this kind of person, so let him wait stupidly at the Imperial Bar."


Zhou Leya was instantly amused by Ye Fan's words.

In Zhou Leya's opinion, not going was a wimp, but when she heard Ye Fan's words, she didn't feel that Ye Fan was a wimp, instead she was wise.

Although Ye Fan some words did not say, but Zhou Lelian Ya also know, mixed this circle, if there is a challenge, that issued a challenge is all ready, the challenger to go is also beaten in the face, might as well not go, but she did not expect Ye Fan actually rely on a mouth can say wimp into care, is also really powerful.

At the mention of the mouth, Zhou Leya's face was red again, thinking of the kiss just now.

Now she was still leaning against Ye Fan's chest, and hadn't even noticed earlier, nor had she left.

Zhou Leya couldn't help but blush and detach from Ye Fan's bosom, whispering, "I'll leave first."

After saying that, Zhou Leya was about to leave.

But Ye Fan pulled Zhou Leya, the corners of his mouth slightly raised: "What, after using me, now you don't use it and want to dump me?"

"What do you mean, using you, you....Didn't you kiss me too, we're even."

Zhou Leya's voice was getting smaller and smaller, but her face was getting redder and redder.

Ye Fan took out his gold card and handed it to the receptionist Little who had just returned, saying, "Renew it for another month."

Xiao Xiao knows Zhang Zimo's power, but Ye Fan actually managed to anger Zhang Zimo away, and also took down Zhou Leya, which made Xiao Xiao feel that Ye Fan is absolutely extraordinary.

Especially since the renewal fee for a month was also 600,000, Little reckoned in her heart that Ye Fan must be the son of a big city.Originally she did not give Ye Fan handle, is afraid of Zhang Zimo, there is a fear of provoking Zhou Leya, but now, what need to have concerns?

The formalities were quickly completed, and after Ye Fan retrieved his gold card, he dragged Zhou Leya back to the presidential suite.

"What do you want?"

Seeing the familiar sheets, Zhou Leya couldn't help but think of yesterday...


Evan smiled and plopped down on the large couch, patting the spot next to him, "Sit next to me."


Zhou Leya sat beside Ye Fan nicely, actually she didn't know why she listened to Ye Fan, it was as if Ye Fan's words had a kind of magic, making her feel surprisingly not resentful.

These years Zhou Leya did not talk about love, since childhood Zhou Fu won't let Zhou Leya contact boys, only after growing up to contact boys, however after growing up, see boys, she only think boys are very annoying, is instinctively disgusting, once once, Zhou Leya also thought she didn't like men it, but by Ye Fan kissed, her heart is a deer in the headlights, actually for the first time feel thumping heart.

Is it possible that I'm in love?

The more Zhou Leya thought about it, the more her face turned red, but Ye Fan was confused.

Ye Fan got up and went to the refrigerator to take out an ice-cream, worthy of being a presidential suite, the refrigerator was still very well stocked with everything that should be there.

"Nov!"Handing Zhou Leya ice-cream, Ye Fan continued, "Are you hot, see why your face is so red."

"Hot, yes hot, it's a bit hot indoors."

Zhou Leya was awakened from her heart thoughts, of course, can not say what is in her heart, naturally nodded her head repeatedly, indicating that it is hot. The first website m.kanshu8.net

And Ye Fan didn't take it to heart and continued to ask, "Let me ask you something, Zhang Zimo is also considered a gentleman in Kaiyuan, but if you divide it according to first class, second class and third class, how many classes does he belong to?"

"First-class ah."

Zhou Leya replied truthfully, thinking and laughing, "What's the matter, are we Ye Shao not scared?"

Ye Fan waved his hand, dismissive, "How can I be afraid, but I was on a mission to get in touch with Kaiyuan's upper class circle within a month, but now it's really troublesome."

Ye Fan shook his head, feeling a little hard.

The more he thought about it, the angrier Ye Fan became, and finally slapped the table, "I thought Kaiyuan was good here, how is it that a top like Zhang Zimo is second-rate, and a top like him is still first-rate?"


Zhou Leya burst out laughing and said, "Ye Shao, I think you're overestimating Kaiyuan, but I'm relieved by what you're saying, like Zhang Zimo, if it wasn't for the power and influence in his family, he'd still be first class in his turn."

Ye Fan nodded and said, "Isn't it, a wimp.But it's this kind of half-assed rather more proof that Zhang Zimo's family is not ordinary, right, because excellent people become first-class, more or less has its own relationship, but this kind of wimp is first-class, then the family background must be even more powerful than the average first-class, otherwise how could there be a presidential suite here all have one to become his exclusive place."

Zhou Leya revealed a surprised look, "I can't believe you've seen so much, indeed, Zhang Zimo's father is the owner of the Emperor's Bar, and the Emperor's Bar is the largest nightclub in Kaiyuan, there are a total of four stores, located in the four districts of Kaiyuan."

"So that's how it is."

This was more or less the same as what Ye Fan thought, opening a nightclub did require the support of forces, and nightclubs were also exceedingly profitable every day, not to mention four of them, simply put, it was eating up the entire Kaiyuan nightclub industry.

"No surprise, his family also has a bathing industry or something like that,"Ye Fan inquired again.

Zhou Leya was even more surprised, "You even know this?"

Ye Fan helplessly shook his head: "Are you really don't know or fake don't know ah, for example, your family five-star hotel, is from eating to play have a one-stop service, and nightclubs this industry, in order to maximize the money to earn naturally will have a chain industry, young men and women hi shortly after to find a hotel, or go with a partner to the bath it."

"You men are so bad!"Zhou Leya said with a pout after it dawned on her.

"Bad?Shall I show you something worse?"

Ye Fan suddenly laughed and put his face towards Zhou Leya, scaring Zhou Leya backwards: "No, no, I don't want to know.

Although kissed once, but Zhou Leya previously so stiff, but Ye Fan did not cool at all, but Ye Fan is sure of an idea, can not help but ask: "You are never a virgin, right?"

"Of course there is, a lot of it."Zhou Loves Ya boasted.

"Really?"Ye Fan smiled and leaned in close again, "If that's the case, why are you so afraid of me?Want another kiss?"

"No, no, I was wrong, to be honest, there's none, you're satisfied."Seeing Ye Fan approaching, Zhou Leya wimped out and could only tell the truth.

However, Ye Fan was only guessing, but right now, he got confirmation directly from Zhou Leya's mouth, instead, it made Ye Fan panic.

The kiss just now was just to be angry with Zhang Zimo, or even to make up for last night's regret.But Ye Fan was just having fun, but if Zhou Leya hadn't touched a boy before, kissing like this would be a first kiss!

Ye Fan was in bitter thoughts due to his nosy question, the pure little girl was kissed by him, then he should be responsible, but....There were already two in Golden Sands City, and this would be the third if he wanted more!

Seeing Ye Fan's silence and sudden stillness, Zhou Leya inquired, "What's wrong?"

"No, nothing."

Ye Fan didn't know what to say, taking such a big advantage of someone else made him feel a bit uncomfortable, and only after thinking about it, did Ye Fan say, "Didn't I just say that to get in touch with the upper class, it's a task that must be completed.And since Zhang Zimo is top-notch, I'd better go to the Emperor's Bar at night, but before I go there, I still need to prepare for it, do you want to go with me?"

"Ready, ready for what?"Zhou Liangya was also interested.

"I won't tell you, you'll know when you get there."Ye Fan said with a mysterious smile.

In the meantime, Zhou Leya looked at her phone and said, "But I still have classes in the afternoon, I have an elective at three o'clock."

"Three o'clock is fine, there's time above, but you're still in school?It's not obvious at all ah."

Ye Fan thought that Zhou Leya was just a little princess who could just play at home every day.

"Che, I'm studying well, who do you look down on."

For Zhou Leya's words, Ye Fan did not say anything, anyway, if Zhou Leya was at this age and went to college, it would be reasonable, so he didn't ask any further questions.

And there was plenty of time, so Ye Fan took Zhou Leya out with him.

Half an hour later....

"So this is what you said about preparation."Zhou Leya was somewhat speechless as she looked at the hot pot in front of her.

Ye Fan hehely smiled and said, "You don't understand this, in ancient times when you fight a war, you have to have a full stomach, not to mention I still have to deal with Zhang Zimo at night.So the first thing to do is to eat a full belly and think of other things after you're full."

Zhou Leya nodded and said, "Alright, you can order the food first, I'll go to the bathroom."

Saying that, Zhou Leya left.

But after waiting for close to twenty minutes, Zhou Leya hadn't returned yet.

The dishes were all served, some of them were even down to be cooked.

Ye Fan frowned and muttered, "Did this little girl not like hot pot and just ran away?"


Ye Fan didn't know if Zhou Leya had left, but just in case, Ye Fan went to the restroom.

At the door of the restroom, Ye Fan pulled a girl who had just walked out of the restroom and said, "Excuse me, I need to ask you something."

"Who are you?"The girl glanced at Ye Fan and was about to leave.

When Ye Fan saw that the girl was only about twenty years old and was dressed in a revealing manner, his eyes turned, he pulled out a hundred dollar bill from the inside pocket of his jacket and handed it to the girl, smiling lightly, "Just ask a question, answer it, and the hundred dollars is yours."

"Okay, go ahead then."

Seeing the hundred dollar bill, the girl was suddenly moved.

Ye Fan then went straight to the point, "Did you see this girl just now?"

Saying that, Ye Fan took out his phone, the picture on the screen was precisely Zhou Leya, which was taken by Ye Fan and Zhou Leya on the way here just now.

"This girl ah, coincidentally, I just saw her when I went into the bathroom."After the girl answered, she was about to take the hundred dollar bill in Ye Fan's hand.

Ye Fan's hand was raised high and didn't let the girl get the banknotes. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

With a little hesitation, the girl said, "This girl was just washing her hands and the water stain splashed on a young man who had been drinking too much and got tangled up in the purple hair and pulled away.Can I have it now that I'm done?"

"What?"In the meantime, Ye Fanton inquired, "How long has he been gone?"

"About five minutes."The girl casually replied, but her eyes couldn't leave the bills.

Evan stuffed the bills into the girl's collar and just ran away.

But don't let anything happen!

Ye Fan's eyebrows were furrowed, five minutes was not long or short, and he didn't dare to guarantee whether Zhou Leya had been violated now.

But what Ye Fan could be sure of was that Zhou Leya didn't leave the hotpot restaurant, because just now he had the waiter keep an eye on whether Zhou Leya left through the front door, which was why he came to the bathroom to look for her.

Skipping the hall directly, Ye Fan headed for the private room on the second floor.Just because the first floor lobby, if there was a drunk man and woman tearing it up, there would definitely be people pointing fingers, yet now there was no sound, obviously on the second floor.

Fortunately, this hot pot restaurant is not particularly large, only the first floor lobby and the second floor private rooms, and the second floor private rooms are only twenty, so Ye Fan went along 201 and started to kick the door.

Originally, Ye Fan is ready to knock, but knocking may not have a response, after all, may not be that drunk man is going to molest Zhou Leya.

So Ye Fan directly began to kick, this kind of private room door will not be locked, as long as the kick can not be, it represents a drunk man's room, because other people will be virtual door, convenient waiter to come in to send food and so on.

And when it came to 218, the room door finally couldn't be kicked.

Evan knew that this was the place.

After listening briefly on the door twice, he heard Zhou Leya's voice vaguely coming out of the box, making Ye Fan not to be furious, and started kicking the door with great force.

After all, kicking open the door was a bridge that appeared in a TV drama, and in the real situation, it was completely impossible to kick the door open.

But the door still opened, after all, no one would be able to maintain their composure in a kicked door situation.

A yellow haired young man walked out of the box, yellow haired glared, "Who are you kid, do you know who is eating here, do you again..."

Not waiting for the yellow hair to finish his sentence, Ye Fan directly kicked out and kicked the yellow hair's crotch, the painful yellow hair directly fell into place.

"Crap really!"After Ye Fan spat, he entered the box directly.

After Ye Fan entered, he saw youths with colorful hair dyed around, and on the main seat was a strong purple hair.

At this moment, the purple hairs did nothing else, what he did was very simple, that is, he took a bottle of wine and poured it violently into Zhou Leya's mouth, with an evil smile on his lips.

Ye Fan was suddenly furious, reaching out his hand was to pick up a beer bottle on the table and fly over at the purple hair.


The bottle hit Violet Hair right in the forehead, knocking him right off the stool.

The other youths just saw Ye Fan coming in and were about to stop him.

Ye Fan's eyes widened in anger and shouted, "I'll see who dares to move, if you don't want to live just try, do you know who I am."

As expected, a scare like Ye Fan's was very useful.

If Ye Fan wimped out, these people would naturally go straight on, but this kind of frankness from Ye Fan instead made a group of youths very afraid, especially since Ye Fan was so young and was dressed in a brand name, he looked like a gentleman at a glance.

"What are you guys still looking at, don't give me a go yet!"

Purple Hair ate the pain and stood up, about to strike.

When Ye Fan saw that Purple Hair was a meter and nine meters tall, he was also furious, but had no choice but to harden his heart, "You dare to move one try, or follow this young master, and I'll cover you to eat and drink, or I'll have ten thousand ways to kill you."

"Follow you?"

One of the green-haired youths was somewhat impressed, if he was on the list of the Grand Young Master, then he would not worry about food and drink.

As soon as Ye Fan saw that someone had taken the bait, he directly took out the only remaining stack of bills from his bosom and said, "10,000 as a meeting gift, it's for you."

When the green-haired youth saw 10,000, he gulped and said, "Really give it to me?"

"Here you go."Ye Fan faintly spoke, and immediately afterwards threw the banknotes over.

The youth was delighted when he received the banknotes, while the other youths who didn't get any money were also looking at Ye Fan expectantly.

Ye Fan's hanging heart directly dropped, and smiled lightly, "All of you have a share, as long as each of you submit to me, then each of you will be given 50,000 yuan, and it's only one month's salary!"

"Really, that much?"

The youths were shocked, 50,000 per person, but together they needed 500,000, after all, besides Yellow Hair and Purple Hair, there were ten other people here.

Ye Fan didn't get any ink, and directly took out his mobile phone: "If you want to follow me, come over and scan the code, WeChat Alipay can do it!"


The youths were suddenly in deep thought.

The purple-haired youth frowned as he saw the situation, "What are you guys doing, don't do it yet!"

The green-haired youth who received ten thousand, however, was the first to get up and said, "This young master, as long as you pay, I'll follow you!"

He had just gotten 10,000 yuan for all the benefits, but he didn't hesitate to eat the sweetness.

It's not bad for people like them who are out, it's not bad to be able to feed and clothe themselves for a month, and they still have to work hard, not to mention how long Ye Fan can let him follow him, even if it's a month, it's still fifty thousand.

The average monthly income in Kaiyuan City was only 3,000 yuan, and 50,000 was equivalent to nearly two years of salary a year more.So Green Hair didn't hesitate, and stood in line to Ye Fan's side.

Ye Fan didn't say much nonsense and directly paid the transfer, and a familiar beep sounded in the private room.

"Alipay has arrived, 50,000 yuan!"


The familiar voice, however, made the crowd present unable to say half a word for a long time.

"Boss, you'll be my boss from now on!"

Still Green Hair broke the silence, at the moment his eyes were filled with excitement and surprise, who would have thought that he could get fifty thousand just by standing in line.

And with the 10,000 meeting gifts he had just gotten, it was already 60,000, equivalent to two years of his salary.

"I want to join too!"

"Brother, please take me in!"

As soon as the crowd saw Green Hair get the money, how could they endure, in front of money, the so-called brotherly loyalty was like a bubble, it would burst with a poke.

"Don't worry, take your time, we all have a share."Ye Fan smiled, the hanging heart was only completely put down, then turned his head to look at the purple hair, his gaze was cold, "The money is all shared, whoever takes this purple hair for me, I will reward 50,000 more!"

"Insolent!"Zi Mao slapped the table in anger and laughed fiercely, "Do you really think money is great?My brothers wouldn't betray me, you....Ah!!!"

Without waiting for Purple Hair to finish, Green Hair took the brunt of the blame, taking the bottle and slamming it against Purple Hair's head. A second to remember to read the book

The others were also scrambling, after all, it was fifty thousand dollars, which was considered no small temptation for them.

"You treacherous dogs, I've brought you for nothing!"Purple Hair directly clutched under the table, furiously scolding the people present.

It was good not to curse, at least these people felt somewhat guilty, and could not kill him.But this scolding caused everyone to tear their faces off, lifting up the table and kicking at Zi Mao.

It was a crackling mess, with dishes and rice spilling all over the floor.

Ye Fan looked to shrink in the corner of the Zhou Leya, not by Guan Er, stride past the crowd, came to Zhou Leya's body, pulled Zhou Leya's small hand: "Well, all right."

Seeing Ye Fan, Zhou Leya seemed to have found her main heart, fiercely jumped into Ye Fan's bosom, tears running like a fountain: "I'm so scared, just scared me to death, I thought, I thought..."

Zhou Leya was too late to continue, but Ye Fan also knew that if he didn't appear, Zhou Leya would probably be inevitably molested.Unbidden, Ye Fan patted Zhou Leya's back and softly said, "It's already fine, I'm here for everything."

"Mmhmm..."Zhou Leya's eyes were red, but there were many little stars in her eyes when she looked at Ye Fan.

"I'm sorry, don't fight, I'm sorry!"Purple Hair had the strength to beg for mercy, and at this moment, his face was completely different and miserable.

Ye Fan couldn't help but frown and waved his hand, "Okay, stop fighting."

Although Ye Fan was angry at Purple Hair's previous actions, Ye Fan was only like letting these people teach Purple Hair a lesson, but these people were too dark to do it, and if they were going to die and not stop it, they would probably make a scene.

After dividing 50,000 to each of these people, Ye Fan gave them an additional 10,000 each, as a reward for catching Purple Hair.

It was only after leaving the box that Zhou Leya asked in a low voice, "Ye Shao, why did you give them so much money, they are not good people, do you have other uses for them?"

Ye Fan nodded and said, "Don't look at these people as ruthless and ungrateful, but one thing is particularly good, that is, if you give them money they will do things.I'm not going to go to the Emperor's Bar in the evening, there's no chance that Zhang Zimo will choose to crush me, a foreigner, by force, and now I'm leaving a hand open, and if Zhang Zimo dares to call someone in the evening, I'll come to a violence to violence!"

"I didn't expect you to be thinking so much."Zhou Leya was a little surprised, because in that situation just now, where would a lot of people be in the mood to think about anything, such as herself, who was so scared that her soul almost flew away just now that she didn't have time to think about anything at all.

Ye Fan shook his head helplessly and said, "Forget it, don't think about those, let's go, let's go eat."

Saying that, Ye Fan was about to bring Zhou Leya back to the first floor.

However, Zhou Leya shook her head and said, "Or not eat, I can't eat."

Ye Fan was about to ask, but when he saw Zhou Leya, whose eyes were still red, he knew that Zhou Leya's mood hadn't completely relaxed, so he nodded and smiled, "I just came to Kaiyuan, I don't know anything about this place, so why don't you stop your classes this afternoon and take me around, I also want to go have some fun."


As soon as she heard that she wanted to go out, Zhou Leya's eyes instinctively glowed and her mood brightened up.

"Where should we go?"

When she left the hot pot restaurant, Zhou Leya frowned her eyebrows, extraordinarily torn.

"What's wrong?"Ye Fan saw Zhou Leya hesitating and couldn't help but ask.

Zhou Leya opened her mobile phone map: "Look, we Kaiyuan fun places, such as Nanshan Park, playgrounds, riverside and so on, a time I can not choose which is the most fun."

Ye Fan looked at the map, he couldn't help but sweat, it turned out that Zhou Leya was struggling because she didn't know where to go to play, so he said somewhat helplessly, "Go anywhere, or else go to the nearest place to play."

"The nearest ah, the nearest is the Emperor's Video Game City."Zhou Leya flipped through her phone.

"Di Hao?Was it opened by Zhang Zimo's family?"Ye Fan's eyebrows raised, and he came to his interest, "Then let's go here."

"It's Zhang Zimo's house, in Kaiyuan, anything called Dihao is his, although it's not registered trademark, no one dares to use the same one from his house, unless they pay a protection fee."Zhou Leya explained, thinking about it again, "Maybe we'd better change to another place, go to the Dihao arcade, there's no doubt that we'll be ambushed, Zhang Zimo is famous for his small belly, there used to be people who talked to me, and he secretly made several times."

"Don't be afraid, just go there and play."Ye Fan waved his hand fearlessly and whirled around to take out his phone to send a WeChat to Green Hair.

Don't look at Ye Fan's powerful words, but the bottom of his heart is still afraid, after all, life is unfamiliar, it would be miserable if he got a dirty hand.

So Ye Fan sent a WeChat to Green Hair, to tell Green Hair and the others to go to the Emperor's Casino City to explore the road first, and if there is any danger, these people can still cover up, and also take the opportunity to find out the truth about Zhang Zimo.

After making the arrangements, Ye Fan stopped a taxi and rushed with Zhou Leya to the Emperor Mansion Video Game City.

In the car, Ye Fan received a WeChat sent by Green Hair, indicating that there seemed to be something too unusual on the side of the Emperor's Casino City, but Green Hair didn't see any clues, and it was all based on the intuition of years of hanging around.

Seeing this message, Ye Fan knew that Zhang Zimo had really moved.Then, as soon as his eyes turned, Ye Fan said to the taxi driver, "Driver, find me a 4S shop."

"Alright."The driver agreed without hesitation and steered to drive in a different direction.


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