Lost Young Master 71-75

Chapter 71

Zhou Leya was a bit confused, "What's wrong, didn't we say we were going to the arcade?"

"The situation has changed, I can't go there now, Green Hair told me there's movement at the arcade now, just in case."Ye Fan said truthfully.

Although this action is a little wimpy, but Ye Fan did not have any embarrassment, after all, if the head reckless over, the result is also very obvious, that is, by Zhang Zimo pit hand.

Zhou Leya was again asking, "But if we don't go, we can also go somewhere else ah, why go to the 4S shop?"

"Didn't I just come here, how can I even do without a means of transportation, it's not like I have to take a taxi every day."

With money, what Ye Fan cared about most was the brand name, at least the appearance should look radiant, so that he could also avoid a lot of trouble, because he had already thought of the next location that he would go to after buying the car.

Soon, the taxi arrived at a 4S shop, where it sold cars as well as maintenance cars, although not particularly good ones, but Ye Fan still chose the best one of them.

It was a red Ferrari sports car, but before Ye Fan walked over, he heard a tepid voice: "Sir, this car is a display car, it's not for sale."

Hearing that, Ye Fan didn't frown, how come there were these nosy people everywhere he went.

"Isn't the car on display for sale?"Ye Fan frowned. The first website m.kanshu8.net

He'd heard many reasons not to sell cars at Sands before, but this was the first time he'd heard of a light display not for sale.

"You don't want to embarrass people, it might not be the town's treasure."Zhou Lian Ya but different from Ye Fan's thoughts, 4S shops will usually find a good car as a brand face, this is also a matter of common sense.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, and to ensure that its products and services are well received.But I have not heard of Ferrari in recent years out of what classic models, even if there is, there is no role as a front door qualification, you say?"

Ye Fan's last sentence was addressed to the nosy car salesman just now.

The car salesman was about one meter tall and had a plump figure, but Ye Fan looked at her breasts not because she was a nymphomaniac, but because her name tag clearly had the three words Zhang Xiaoli written on it.

Zhang Xiaoli coldly snorted, "This car is a display car, if I say it's not for sale, it's not for sale, if you want to cause trouble, don't blame me for hiring security to throw you out."

"Here, try throwing one out."Ye Fan was just interested in this car and wanted to fight for it, after all, it wasn't like he couldn't afford it.

And even if it really was a display car, Zhang Xiaoli could just explain it properly, so why be so grumpy?

Ye Fan was extremely uncomfortable with this kind of irritable guy, and his heart was filled with four big words: do it if you don't like it!

"You think I wouldn't dare?"Zhang Xiaoli smiled coldly, then summoned the tall security guard with a wave of her hand.

"What's going on?"

Before the security guard could do anything, a question interrupted the security guard's actions.

The security guard turned his head to see a middle-aged man in a suit and glasses walk in, he even stopped and stood aside, while Zhang Xiaoli accosted, "Manager Wang, these two came here to cause trouble."

Ye Fan, however, sneered, "I came to buy a car how to make trouble?"

Manager Wang pushed his glasses, sensing that things were not right, he reached out and interrupted Zhang Xiaoli who was about to speak, and asked Ye Fan, "This gentleman, I am the manager of this 4S shop, Wang Mou, I hope you can tell me what happened, if it really wasn't you causing trouble, I will definitely punish Zhang Xiaoli, but if you are really causing trouble, then don't blame the security guard for throwing you out."

Ye Fan nodded in satisfaction that Wang Mou was still sensible, and began to narrate, "I came here to buy a car and fell in love with this red Ferrari, but before I could look at it carefully, Zhang Xiaoli said the car was a display car and not for sale.I just fought for a few words, and she said to call security to throw us out."

Saying that, Ye Fan pointed at the red Ferrari in front of him.

Although Ye Fan's words were short and to the point, Wang Mou had already clarified what had happened and couldn't help but turn his head to look at Zhang Xiaoli, "What disclosures do you think this gentleman has said?"

"No, no."Zhang Xiaoli stammered a bit, but it made Ye Fan look confused.

After all, this car was just a display car, even if Zhang Xiaoli had done something wrong, she wouldn't be so nervous.

However, Wang Mou's words woke up Ye Fan.

Only after Wang Mou slapped Zhang Xiaoli, causing her to cry out in pain, he bowed to Ye Fan and apologized, "Sorry sir, this car is for sale, we don't have any display cars here.If you need this car, you can pick it up now."

"What? It's not a display car?"Ye Fan was startled, but quickly frowned and said to Zhang Xiaoli, "Then why did you lie to me, we have no grudge?To screw me on purpose?"

Ye Fan was furious, and now that he was wearing bright and shiny clothes, at least he wasn't a bumpkin to be looked down upon at a glance.

But the first time he came here, he was picked on by Zhang Xiaoli, so it was obvious that someone was trying to mess with him.

And to say that there was only one person in Kaiyuan City who wanted to mess with her - Zhang Zimo.

"Say, did Zhang Zimo send you to mess with me?"In the meantime, Ye Fan's eyebrows are knitted together, and his heart is also a little panicked, secretly sighing that Zhang Zimo is really magical.

In the meantime, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm sure I'll be able to do that.

How much he wished that it wasn't Zhang Zimo who started to mess with him.

However, to Ye Fan's disappointment, Zhang Xiaoli even nodded, "I'm sorry this young master, I was also forced to do this, everything is Zhang Shao's will, I don't dare to resist ah."

"How did he contact you?"Ye Fan didn't care about anything else, he only wanted to know how exactly Zhang Zimo knew his whereabouts, otherwise, Ye Fan wouldn't be able to sleep at home at night.

Zhang Xiaoli took out her phone from her bosom, "It's this one."

"This?"When Ye Fan saw the content on Zhang Xiaoli's phone screen, he smiled and felt relieved.

On the phone screen, it was a circle of friends, which read as follows, "As long as someone makes Ye Fan touch bad luck and takes pictures or videos to pass to me, they will be rewarded with ten thousand yuan.Pay: Zhang Zimo.Contact information: xxx."

There was also a picture of Ye Fan underneath the message.

After reading this, the corner of Ye Fan's mouth couldn't help but rise.

He was quite impressed with Zhang Zimo's approach, after all, Zhang Zimo was also a first-class young master in Kaiyuan City, and it was normal for a message to be forwarded to friends, but this also gave Ye Fan an evil thought....


"Is this friendzoning your excuse?"Ye Fan snorted coldly, his eyes not looking good at Zhang Xiaoli.

If according to the friends circle, where is Zhang Xiaoli who is forced to do anything, it is not just seeing money, before deliberately messing with him.

But Zhang Xiaoli shook her head and said, "Ye Shao, you don't know, Zhang Shao's eyes and ears are extremely numerous, if Zhang Shao knows that you've been here, and we haven't done anything, then the one who suffers is our shop."

Ye Fan turned his head to look at Zhou Leya and also got an affirmative nod from her, so he knew that what Zhang Xiaoli said was not true.

"Okay, then there's nothing for you to do."Ye Fan waved his hand and waved it like a fly repelling a fly.

Although Zhang Xiaoli was forced to do this, what did this have to do with Ye Fan.

Could this be a reason to screw him?

Ye Fan was sympathetic to what happened to Zhang Xiaoli, but he didn't approve of it, but to really let Ye Fan dispose of Zhang Xiaoli, he really wasn't that cruel, after all, he was just giving him a hard time, it hadn't caused any real impact yet.

Blowing away Zhang Xiaoli, Wang Mou pushed up his glasses and said, "Sir, I feel sorry for my employee."

"You're not afraid of Zhang Zimo?"Ye Fan was a little surprised, and thought that Wang Mou would screw him like Zhang Xiaoli after he knew this news. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Wang Mou, however, smiled disdainfully, "I've heard of Zhang Zimo, but he's just a second generation ancestor at most, and our boss here is a big shot in Kaiyuan City."

"So powerful?"Ye Fan was really surprised at this.

Wang Mou said proudly, "Zhang Xiaoli has just opened this place not long ago and has never even seen our boss, even I, who has been in the industry here for more than ten years, can only see the boss at the annual meeting, the boss gods and dragons, but he is a mysterious figure."

"I'd like to meet him then."Ye Fan smiled, he came to Kaiyuan on this trip to get in touch with Kaiyuan's top-notch characters and complete his mission.If he was sturdy enough to reach the big brother level, he might even get extra points for over-completing the mission.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan took out his golden card and said, "Manager Wang, I'll buy this car first, how about I give you a share of this car sale."

"How is this a good idea."Wang Mou said so with his mouth, but his face was all smiles.

This is not to blame Wang Mou, Ye Fan saw the price on the front of the car, clearly marked 1.2 million, even if there was a 5% commission, it was still 60,000 yuan, not a small amount.

Ye Fan didn't get any ink, and paid the full amount by swiping his card, which made Wang Mou look at Ye Fan even more highly.

Without waiting for Ye Fan to say more, Wang Mou pondered, "Ye Shao, why don't I introduce our boss for you?"

"So very good, if things work out, you will definitely not be treated badly."Ye Fan patted Wang Mou's shoulder.

Wang Mou's body shook, and he patted his chest, assuring, "Okay Ye Shao, I promise to help you get in place."

After saying that, Wang Mou took out his mobile phone to the side to make a call, only after a long time did Wang Mou return with a smile and said, "Ye Shao, it's done, our boss is now at Kaiyuan, and said that we can meet at 10 pm."

"Ten o'clock at night?And what was he doing there before?"Ye Fan was naturally happy to get a reply, but he was still a little dissatisfied with ten o'clock in the evening, after all, it was too late, and normally, about eight o'clock in the evening was also the most appropriate.

Wang Mou looked around and saw that no one was there before he attached himself to Ye Fan's ear and said, "Ye Shao, you don't know, there will be an auction at eight o'clock tonight, at that time, all the big shots of Kaiyuan City will go to the auction, there are a lot of good goods in there that you can't even see on the market."

"An auction?"Ye Fan looked at Wang Mou's look and knew that the auction Wang Mou was talking about was definitely not the kind that could be shown in plain sight, but rather one with some special items, so he couldn't help but also pique his interest.

Most importantly, he was only meeting Wang Mou's boss to get in touch with the bigwigs, but the auction was a gathering of bigwigs, and it wouldn't just be Wang Mou's boss that he would be able to see then.

Turning his head, Ye Fan inquired to Zhou Leya, "There's an auction tonight, did you know?"

"Of course I know, I went there a few times with my dad when I was little, but it wasn't much fun, and the things they sold were all weird and odd, nothing I liked."Zhou Leya nodded her head.

Wang Mou was stunned at the news, "Haven't asked this lady for advice, you are?"

"Chou Family Chou Renya!"Zhou Leya faintly said.

Wang Mou's pupils shrank, shocked, "You said you were Zhou Leya, are you Zhou Fu's daughter?"

"Yeah, what's up."Zhou Leya was somewhat indifferent, it was clear that she was used to the shock of others.

Wang Mou accosted her, "Ye Shao, I originally wanted to find connections to help you get an entrance ticket, in my opinion, you also want to participate in this auction, but I shouldn't be needed now."

"How do you say this?"Ye Fan was a little confused, he was indeed interested in this auction and wanted to get an entrance ticket, but what did Wang Mou mean by that?It made Ye Fan completely unable to guess.

Wang Mou smiled and explained, "Ye Shao is confused, aren't you accompanied by Miss Zhou, with her here, you can get in without a ticket, right?"

"Right, why did I forget about this."Ye Fan slapped his head, only then did he remember Zhou Leya beside him.

Spin, Ye Fan to Wang Mou, "The circle of friends that Zhang Xiaoli showed me just now gave me some inspiration, you swap the names of the people on it, the contact information for mine, the photo for Zhang Zimo's, and the bounty for 100,000, I don't believe that no one will take action against this douche!"

Choosing Wang Mou was because of his status, at least he was well-connected and trustworthy, having Wang Mou send out was to find the fastest way to clean up Zhang Zimo.

Using the method of turning over Zhang Zimo, Ye Fan beautifully said: to treat him the way he is!

After this matter was done, Ye Fan drove the car and left the 4S shop with Zhou Leya.

"Where are we going next?"Zhou Leya sat on the passenger side and asked over her shoulder.

Ye Fan thought, "Originally, I was going to go to the security company to hire some bodyguards, after all, I still have to meet Zhang Zimo at night, if I don't have some preparation, I could be undermined.But now there's no need for it, let's go customize the dress."

The reason why Ye Fan went to see Zhang Zimo was simple, it was to get in touch with the first-class, but now that there was an auction with big names, where was the need to start with Zhang Zimo.

Most importantly, it was only after Wang Mou's awakening just now that Ye Fan discovered that Zhou Leya was different.

Because Zhou Leya had attended several auctions since she was a child, then Zhou Fu must be at the level of a big brother, or rather, someone who could open a five-star hotel would not be a big brother?

From the very beginning, Ye Fan had gotten into a dead end, and on second thought, although he hadn't come into contact with the first-class circles in Kaiyuan City yet, he had already met the first-class Zhou Leya, would it still be far for him to mix into the first-class circles?

So, Ye Fan's goal now changed, and that was to blend into the top circle of Kaiyuan City - the Big Brother circle!

"To customize a gown?Then I'll take it too, okay?"Zhou Leya blinked her big eyes and looked like a spoiled child.

Ye Fan nodded his head: "Good, good, you don't say also have your share of the night will have to see you."

Touching Zhou Leya's head, Ye Fan focused on driving, and drove to the prosperous district of Kaiyuan in a flash.


The red Ferrari was driving on the road, although it was a sports car, but Ye Fan did not dare to drive too fast, after all, it was in the city, or in the busy district.And, Ye Fan also can not drive fast, here is too much traffic jam.

Bored, Ye Fan inquired, "Loveya, what kind of auction is this one?"

"It's not convenient to reveal that and it's not good enough to say, so you'll know when you go there yourself."Zhou Leya seemed to recall something and didn't want to say more.

"Alright, then I won't ask, you can just take me there at night anyway."Ye Fan didn't care, after all, the purpose was different, and he wasn't going for the auction, but to get in touch with the big brother.

Hesitating for a moment, Zhou Leya still said, "Because of the nature of the auction, it's not formal, so the place chosen is also a regular auction house, but the top floor of the Emperor's Bar."

"At the Emperor's Bar ah."Ye Fan was startled, then it dawned on him, "No wonder Zhang Zimo still dared to ask me to meet at the Emperor's Bar at night, so it's the effort of going up and down the stairs."

"Pull over to the side, it's this one."Just as Ye Fan spoke, Zhou Leya suddenly patted Ye Fan's arm.

Fortunately, the car was not driving fast enough to make a scene.

Ye Fan rubbed Zhou Leya's little head in dissatisfaction and went to park the car.

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"This place is nice."

Arriving at a shop called Private Tailoring, Ye Fan looked around, his eyes showing some approval.

"You didn't even look at who recommended it."Zhou Leya's chin lifted slightly, looking like she was proud of herself.

Ye Fan nodded and said with satisfaction, "It's good."

The decorating style here was on the European style, and it was still cold-colored, the walls were all composed of black and white in a minimalist style, while the suits and dresses were also cold-colored, and the brightest color was only sapphire blue.

Saying that, Ye Fan reached out his hand, ready to touch the garment.

Under the gorgeous shell, Ye Fan paid more attention to the touch, after all, it was worn on the body, and it was still mainly comfortable.

But before Ye Fan could make a move, he was interrupted by a stern voice, "Don't touch!"

"Well?"Ye Fan's eyebrows furrowed and he turned his head in dissatisfaction.

Only to see a short-haired woman in a small black suit approaching quickly, the nameplate on her chest had the three words Li Qiuyu written on it, and above the name was the job title, and only then did it dawn on Ye Fan that the person in front of him was a shop assistant.

"I'm here to buy clothes, can't I touch them yet?"Even if it was the shopkeeper who drank him down, Ye Fan was still dissatisfied.

Li Qiuyu didn't touch the clothes either, but looked at them carefully for a few moments before letting out a sigh of relief and turned her head with an apologetic face and said to Ye Fan, "Sorry, this gentleman, I was the one with a bad attitude just now, and I was also in a hurry."

"Huh?"Ye Fan thought that Li Qiuyu was a dog's eye kind of clerk, but on second thought, just now in the 4S shop, Zhang Xiaoli was not the kind of dog's eye kind of clerk, not to mention that a name came to Ye Fan's mind, so he then asked, "Are you also because of what happened to Zhang Zimo?"

"How do you know?"Now, it was Li Qiu Yu's turn to be surprised.

"It really is that guy!"Ye Fan heart fierce fury, Zhang Zimo do things really desperate, even engage in what friend circle forward, and now everywhere need him to take the initiative once.

But even if he was able to settle things, this endless distress made Ye Fan very irritable.

"Sir, I'm really sorry, this suit was custom made by Zhang Shao.Zhang Shao has a germophobia and doesn't like people touching his things, so other than the craftsman who touched this suit, no one else dares to touch it, and it has been placed here, waiting for Zhang Shao to come over and try it on."Li Qiu Yu said, that is, she bowed and apologized to Ye Fan.

Ye Fan was startled at the news, but turned his head to look at Zhou Leya, and only after getting affirmation did Ye Fan wave his hand, "Nothing nothing."

It turned out that it wasn't because of the news from the circle of friends that Li Qiuyu was giving him a hard time, but for work reasons.

Li Qiuyu was slightly surprised, a gentleman like Ye Fan, usually has a violent temper, how can he be so amiable, and then revealed a smile: "Sir, you want to no longer look at other suits, if you want to customize it, you can."

Ye Fan's eyes turned, then he waved his hand, the corners of his mouth turned up, "No need, I want this suit."

Saying that, Ye Fan pointed to a suit.

Li Qiuyu followed Ye Fan's point and looked over, her face changed, "Sir, you shouldn't joke, this dress was chosen by Zhang Shao, why don't you look at something else, and you and Zhang Shao have different body types, why don't you find someone to customize one for you again."

"No, I want this one, but instead of wearing it, throw it in the trash for me!"

Originally, Ye Fan wouldn't start from the suit even if he was taking revenge on Zhang Zimo, but just now when he was in the car, Ye Fan knew that the auction at night would be at the Emperor's Bar, and since this suit was displayed outside, it must be the suit that Zhang Zimo would wear at night.

If it was messed up for Zhang Zimo, then Zhang Zimo would be disgraced at night.

Maybe for some ordinary people, a mere piece of clothing, just change it.But this was a custom-made one, and some subtle arrangements might not be able to cause repercussions in their circles, but if they only tried on the regular model, then they would definitely be mocked.

Thinking of how Zhang Zimo was mocked by the crowd at night, Ye Fan couldn't help but be pleased.

"Sir, you have to stop thinking about it."

Li Qiuyu was a little frightened and bit her lips tightly to beg.

Li Qiuyu was able to work in this kind of high-class shop where custom suits were made, so she was naturally good at reading words.And if Ye Fan knew that it was Zhang Zimo's suit and dared to think crookedly, then it meant that Ye Fan's rank was at least not lower than Zhang Zimo's.Even if Ye Fan makes a move, Zhang Zimo really won't find trouble with Ye Fan, but she Li Qiuyu is just a district clerk, Zhang Zimo can't vent her anger, and will definitely end up blaming the shop.And if the shop doesn't want to bring calamity to the fish pond, it will definitely take the initiative to give her up, and then she will be the only one who will be miserable.

In the past, Li Qiu Yu knew some of Zhang Zimo's tactics, although not cannibalistic, but also a small belly chicken, Jairus's vicious guy.If she fell into Zhang Zimo's hands like this without power or influence, the consequences were simply unthinkable.

"No, I want this."Ye Fan, however, didn't notice Li Qiuyu's tangled expression, who at the moment was still enjoying the appearance of Zhang Zimo making a fool of himself at night.

Without waiting for Li Qiuyu to speak again, Ye Fan suddenly gave a strange cry of pain and turned his head to look, only to see that there was an onion jade hand squeezing him at his waist.

"Zhou Leya, what are you doing?"Ye Fan glared at Zhou Leya, and even took Zhou Leya's hand away from his waist.

Zhou Leya attached herself to Ye Fan's ear and whispered, "Are you really stupid or fake stupid, can't you see that this little girl is about to cry?"

"Crying, for what?"Ye Fan looked confused and turned his head to look at Li Qiuyu, who really looked like he was about to cry.


Not to be outdone, Evan inquired, "Isn't it just buying this dress, so why are you crying?"

It was good not to say it, but when Ye Fan said that, the tears that Li Qiuyu was spinning in her eyes rolled down, just like a river bursting its banks.

"Stop stop stop, don't you cry."Ye Fan couldn't bear to see a girl cry, as long as a girl cried, he was at his wit's end.

Zhou Leya cupped Ye Fan's waist again and pouted, "Look at you, you're the one who made someone's little girl cry, so don't go and coax her."

Ye Fan was speechless, but he didn't know how to coax people, after all, he didn't know what he had done wrong.After brewing for a while, only then did Ye Fan waved his hand, "Forget it, I don't want this dress."

"Really?"Li Qiuyu's face stopped and revealed a look of surprise.

Ye Fan was even more baffled by this, but seeing that Li Qiuyu was not crying, he was finally able to ask the question in his heart: "It's just a piece of clothing, is there anything to cry about?"

A blush appeared on Li Qiu Yu's small face, clearly embarrassed and feeling humiliated.

"Sir, I can't do anything about it.Zhang Shao explained that this dress must be handed over to him intact, if you buy it, then I will be in trouble, I have heard of Zhang Shao's tactics, it is by no means something I can afford."When Li Qiu Yu thought of Zhang Zimo, there was a little fear in her eyes.

Ye Fan nodded in a daze, it was indeed true, Ye Fan only wanted to have a good time, but forgot that Zhang Zimo would take revenge on Li Qiuyu.But even so, he was bound and determined to get his hands on this dress. First URL m.kanshu8.net

With a twinkle in his eye, Ye Fan said, "How about this, after you sell my clothes, just resign, Zhang Zimo won't hold you accountable."

Seeing the anger in Li Qiuyu's eyes, Ye Fan said evenly, "Not to make things difficult for you, as long as you resign, I'll find you a better job."

"A better one?"Li Qiuyu looked like she didn't quite believe it.

Ye Fan pointed at Zhou Leya beside him: "See, she's the daughter of the boss of Prosperity, as long as you have your work in place, you'll have no problem going to her as a supervisor or something."

"Really?"For the Prosperous Star, Li Qiuyu was very clear, it was the only five-star hotel in Kaiyuan.

Zhou Leya did not say anything, turned her head to stare at Ye Fan, but heard Ye Fan laughing: "Leya, a job post just well, isn't it a small token for you, later to compensate you."

Upon hearing that, only then did Zhou Leya nodded her head.This little thing was indeed not difficult for her to handle.

"Thank you, Mr. Ye, thank you, Miss Zhou."Li Qiu Yu was busy thanking her.

Ye Fan nodded slightly, then took out his gold card, "Swipe your card, I'll take this dress, plus find me a suit that fits, pick out a suitable evening dress for her."

Originally, Ye Fan also wanted a custom-made one, but now it was already two in the afternoon, even if it could be rushed and made before eight in the evening, it wouldn't be a good one, so it would be better to just pick a ready-made one, and Ye Fan wasn't afraid of being mocked anyway.

But just because Ye Fan was thinking this way, it didn't mean that Zhou Leya was thinking this way.

As a son of a rich family, especially a girl, Zhou Leya was still very concerned about clothes.

"No, I want it custom made, how long will it take you to call and ask?"In the meantime, Zhou Lelian Ya's eyebrows.

Immediately will go to Zhou Leya over there to work, Li Qiu Yu for Zhou Leya words or obey, immediately went to the phone to ask.Not a moment's work, Li Qiu Yu came back, but for: "Sorry, Miss Zhou, the fastest customization also need to be twelve o'clock in the evening, you see how to do?"

"How can this be!"Zhou Leya turned her head to look at Ye Fan, "Think of something, if it doesn't work, I won't go."

"How can that work!"Ye Fan was waiting for Zhou Leya to bring him in, if not Zhou Leya, he wouldn't even have the qualifications to enter the auction.

Originally this matter is very simple, if you look for Charles help, it is estimated that two hours will not be needed to bring the best custom clothing, but this time to Kaiyuan, Ye Fan is alone, even if Charles really come, then for his mission evaluation can be subtracted a lot of points, which is unacceptable to Ye Fan.

Thinking about it, Ye Fan's eyes drifted to a white dress and said, "I have a solution."

"What way?"Zhou Leya looked like she didn't believe it, and decided that Ye Fan was the plan of de-escalation.

And what Ye Fan was thinking was indeed a plan of mitigation, but it was the best plan of mitigation.

Only Ye Fan walked up to a white dress and said, "The so-called customization is to reveal the difference, but in my opinion, even if you reveal the difference, it's easy to run into the same model, and then how awkward you are."

"Yes, there are times when there is a run-in with the dress."Zhou Leya nodded her head and waited for Ye Fan to continue.

Ye Fan didn't even look at the white dress, but instead picked up the trademark price tag underneath the skirt and said, "Look, the price of this dress."

"Ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine?"Rao Zhou Leya, who had seen the world, was also stunned by the price of this jumpsuit.

Under normal circumstances, even if it was custom-made, it was only about 100,000, but this window display actually needed a price of millions.

Li Qiu Yu also saw Zhou Leya's puzzlement, busy explaining: "This dress is not made by our shop, but by Anima's masterpiece, from the design drawings to consume a full three years of work, our boss bought this also not for sale, but as the treasure of the shop."

"Then it's going to be this one."Ye Fan smiled faintly, "Others customize it just for the details to be different, but we'll hard power to finish crushing it from the price, L'Oreal, what do you think?"

"I think it's....It's quite good.But isn't it too expensive?"Rao Zhou Leya was also a little hard to accept for this price.

In exchange for jewelry and the like, it's easy to accept, but a dress actually needs to be so expensive.

Zhou Lelian Ya but carefully looked at, this even the clothes close to the design, is to highlight the body curves, so except for parties, usually no one will wear on the street, unless they like to be peeped at.And this kind of clothing is extremely inconvenient, will restrict a lot of action, anyway, she will not wear this kind of clothing on the street.

But if you attend a party, you'll be wearing something different every time, in other words, this dress will only be worn once.

The disposable items amounted to millions, who could accept it instead?

Ye Fan said indifferently, "As long as you approve of it, what's the problem with the price.At any rate, you're my companion for the night, so I'll naturally have glory on my face if you look good."

Ye Fan didn't care about a million, money has to be spent anyway, and spending it on a knife edge is even more refreshing.

Thinking about the night with Zhou Leya stunning appearance, Ye Fan's heart is very beautiful.

Zhou Lelian Ya did not raise objections again, after all, is a girl, no matter what kind of girl can never get rid of one thing, that is, vanity.And such expensive clothes, she is unable to refuse.

And Ye Fan was also inspired from the dress and directly bought the matching men's suit.

When he swiped his card, Ye Fan spent a total of two hundred and ten thousand.

In other words, Zhang Zimo's custom-made suit was only ten thousand....


"Rubbish!"Ye Fan glanced at this sapphire blue suit and directly took it off the hanger, stepping on it a few times before throwing it into the trash.

On the other hand, Zhou Leya had already called the manager of Prosperity Star and arranged Li Qiuyu into a job.

As for the compensation that Ye Fan had just said, Zhou Leya didn't want it either, after all, this dress was already enough to make up for everything.

"Now, it's just waiting for Zhang Zimo to make a fool of himself, haha!"

When he left the shop, Ye Fan felt refreshed, and it wasn't even night yet, but Ye Fan had already pitched Zhang Zimo a hand ahead of him.


But Ye Fan's stomach was indisputably screaming, he hadn't eaten since he woke up, and he was supposed to eat hot pot for lunch.


Zhou Leya couldn't help but laugh out loud and waved her hand, "Alright, alright, let's go eat, I'm also a bit hungry, let me recommend a shop to you, the taste of this one is very good, I used to always come here to eat when I was in high school."

"Let's hurry then."Don't look at Zhou Leya is very easy-going, but at least she is a thousand gold lady, if she can make Zhou Leya praise it, then it must be an excellent shop, especially since Ye Fan is very hungry now, he can't help drooling. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

In a short while, the two of them arrived in front of a shop, but when Ye Fan saw the shop, he was stunned.

Because it wasn't a big hotel, not even a restaurant, just a small store in a deep alley, and the plaque was also made of cloth, and had even lost its eyesight over the years, Ye Fan could only vaguely see the word slab.

"This is it?"Ye Fan's eyebrows raised, and thought that Zhou Leya had brought him to the wrong place.

Zhou Leya, however, didn't explain, striding in and shouting naturally, "Boss, a small bowl of slab noodles with a lion's head."

"Okay!"The owner responded and started to cook the noodles.

Ye Fan also walked into the shop, and a wave of heat swept over him, making him feel a warmth even in late autumn.

It wasn't that there was warmth in the noodle shop, but the steam from cooking noodles swept through, and this feeling couldn't help but remind Ye Fan of the small county town back home, many of which were just such small shop fronts.

There were only four tables, and it was a semi-self-service operation, so if you needed a drink, you could get it yourself, in stark contrast to those restaurants with good service.

Ye Fan did not reject this feeling, after all, when he had no money in the past, Ye Fan was always this kind of life and was used to it.

What surprised Ye Fan was that Zhou Lelian Ya would come to such a place, she was a thousand gold lady.

Zhou Lelian Ya seems to see what Ye Fan thought, and then proudly said: "Ye Shao, you have never been to this kind of small place, the first time I came here I and you have the same expression, but this taste is really good.By the way, what do you drink, I'll go get it for you, usually take the drinks yourself, but also a little meal you just look at the writing on the wall, choose a direct shout on the line, over there will be done for you."

Seeing Zhou Leya chattering, Ye Fan can't help but Guan Er, just about to explain that he actually comes here often, but before he could speak, he heard a cold snort.

Ye Fan turned his head to look, only to see that a dry and thin youth had been seated at the neighboring table at some point.

The youth glanced at Ye Fan with disdain, then shouted, "Boss, a large bowl of slab noodles, make it wide and extra spicy."

After saying that, the youth smiled proudly, as if he was provoking Ye Fan.

Ye Fan's heart suddenly dawned, because he used to be like the dry and skinny youth, very rich-hating.

When he saw rich people coming to such a place and looking like they were not comfortable, he wanted to mock them.But do not dare to directly mock, will mostly take the initiative to order food, as a way to tell the rich, no one here to serve you such a young master, what you want to eat on your own, those Confucian manners to quickly clean up.

After knowing the reason, Ye Fan did not care, instead, very understanding of the dry and thin youth, but also can not fall out of favor.

Whirling, Ye Fan shouted, "Boss, a large bowl of slab noodles, thin noodles, less spicy."


Right after Ye Fan finished speaking, the dry and skinny young man smirked.

Although Ye Fan and his order was different, the format of speech was the same, so it was clearly a mimicry, or so the dry and skinny youth thought.

However, Ye Fan also revealed a smile and raised the corners of his mouth, "Boss, can I have some garlic?Give me a head of garlic!"


The dry and skinny youth was still swaying with his legs crossed, but he was suddenly confused by Ye Fan's words and almost fell to the ground with a stumble.

"Older brother, just like you, you're still a bit young."Ye Fan blinked his eyes and smiled proudly.

The dry and skinny youth's face instantly turned red and nuzzled his mouth, "What's the big deal, what's the point of having money and coming to a place like this."

"What for?Of course it's food."Ye Fan was a little speechless, the dry and skinny youth's hatred for the rich was really too strong, even stronger than he was in the first place.

Ye Fan was not going to take care of the dry and skinny youth when he had had enough fun, he thought about it and shouted, "Boss, add two sausages and a lion's head for me."

"Boss, give me four more intestines and two lion heads!"The dry and thin youth shouted right after.

After he said that, he looked proudly at Ye Fan, but saw that Ye Fan wasn't annoyed at all, but was leisurely peeling garlic.

"Don't you have money, you add more!"The dry and skinny youth sneered.

Ye Fan didn't even look at the dry and skinny youth and casually said, "You're afraid of being a fool yo, I'm enough to eat, so add a fart."

"You..."The dry and skinny youth had a breath blocked in his chest.

Ye Fan raised his head and glanced at the dry skinny youth and said, "Little old brother, it's you instead, so skinny and adding so much, can you finish it?"

"Does it matter to you if I can finish it or not!"The dry, thin young man tugged at his neck.

"So, does it matter to you how much I add to my meal?"Evan cut in, then got up and went to the freezer to get a bottle of peanut butter, "Look, I still have a stomach for an extra bottle of water."

"The noodles are ready!"The boss made a timely appearance.

The dry and skinny youth shook his fist and said, "Boss, pack it up and go."

Thinking about it, the dry and skinny youth said again, "Boss, I also want a bottle of peanut butter."

The boss made no move and also looked at the dry and thin youth with some suspicion, "Young man, can you finish it?"

"Don't worry about that, just pack it for me."The dry and skinny youth snorted coldly.

Ye Fan patted the boss's shoulder and said, "Boss, what do you care, he's willing to spend more money, you can sell it, you won't lose anything."

"This.....Okay."The boss couldn't argue with the dry and skinny youth, so he had to agree.

It was originally a small shop, and he didn't want to offend the customers, after all, small shops relied on word of mouth and repeat customers.

Ye Fan also saw the boss's concern, but his noodles were already done, and he was so hungry that he couldn't help but try a bite of the noodles first, however, as soon as he chewed in his mouth, he fiercely opened his eyes and said, "Fuck, it's so delicious!"


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