Lost Young Master 76-80


Chapter 76

"It's okay, just more years of work."The boss smiled, compliments that people love to hear.

Ye Fan, however, didn't fake it in the slightest, because it was really delicious.

"Boss, don't worry, your noodles are so delicious, he will come for noodles next time, he won't come again just because he argued with me, don't worry."

After Ye Fan finished the last bite, he burped contentedly.

After leaving the noodle shop, Zhou Leya was a little surprised: "You're not the same as those men."

"Not the same?"Ye Fan did listen to a foggy head, how it is not the same, not just eat a noodle it.Don't rich people eat noodles anymore?

Zhou Leya shook her head and didn't answer Ye Fan's question.

Ye Fan also didn't know what was in Zhou Leya's mind, but it was a good time to sneak around after dinner to take a bite to eat.

"By the way, is your school far from here?"Ye Fan inquired.

Zhou Leya was startled, obviously not expecting Ye Fan to suddenly ask about the school, and then replied, "Not far, five minutes is enough if you drive." A second to remember to read the book

"So."Ye Fan pondered, driving five minutes in the city was actually very close, a kilometer would be good.Spinning a smile, "Then we won't drive, let's walk, go to your school, there's nothing to do now, it's just a walk to aid digestion."

"Also okay."Zhou Leya nodded, touched her newly full stomach, and went out first.

Ye Fan also do not know the road, on the leisurely followed behind Zhou Leya.

There was a hitch and no hitch talking, about twenty minutes, the two arrived at Zhou Leya's university.

"You wait a moment, I'll take a phone call, it should be the suit delivered to Shining Star."Zhou Leya saw that it was Li Qiuyu's phone and prepared to answer it.

Ye Fan nodded and said, "Answer it."

After resigning just now, Li Qiuyu went directly to the prosperous star to join the company, and also brought the suit dresses that Ye Fan and the others bought just now.

Although Zhou Leya didn't mention much, but Ye Fan also roughly guessed that Zhou Leya should have helped Li Qiuyu get through to the phone.

For this, Ye Fan was still very complimentary.

"Kid, which class are you from?"Just at this moment, Ye Fan was suddenly tapped on the shoulder.

Ye Fan couldn't help but turn his head to look at him, only to see a fat guy with a face full of acne looking at him with a very draggy look.

"Something wrong?"Ye Fan's eyebrows raised.

The fatty stretched out his big fat hand again and patted Ye Fan's shoulder: "Little brother, I'm Wang Chengpeng, a sophomore in the third class of the Department of Finance, I see your face, you're not from the Department of Finance, or you're a freshman.Brother advise you, stay away from Zhou Leya."

"Farther away?What's going on?Is she your wife?"Ye Fan suddenly became interested.

Anyway, there was nothing to do now waiting for Zhou Leya to make a call, so it was quite interesting to gossip with this fatty for a while.

Wang Chengpeng's waistline was straight: "That's right, she is my wife, little old brother, you're quite discerning, later on, if there is any difficulty in the school, mention brother's name."

"Yo, I couldn't tell, Zhou Leya would like you like this.From what you're saying, you're still a party tyrant at school?"Ye Fan's face was as usual, but inside he almost suffocated his internal injuries by holding his laughter.

Although Zhang Zimo was annoying, but also rich and handsome, Wang Chengpeng this fat look, even if he really is a first-class son, compared to Zhang Zimo is also a lot worse.But Zhou Leya can't even look at Zhang Zimo, how can she look at Wang Chengpeng?

Not worthy of being fat, even if he lied his face wouldn't blush, it seemed that his face was still too thick to show his face.

"You can go to the school and ask around, my name Wang Chengpeng is known to everyone!"Wang Chengpeng proudly said, thinking again, "Little old brother, see you have good eyesight, so I don't blame you, don't tail Zhou Leya in the future, or brother's big fist is not long-sighted."

Big fist?It's a big bun, right?

Ye Fan looked at Wang Chengpeng's fat palm and couldn't help but groan in his heart.

Now he was able to see that Wang Chengpeng was a comedian.

Without waiting for Ye Fan to respond, Zhou Leya had finished her phone call and came over, looking impatient, "Fatty Wang, why are you here?"

"Isn't this immediately three o'clock, I'm coming to class ah."Seeing Zhou Leya, Wang Chengpeng converged and smiled accostingly.

"Then you can go to class."Zhou Leya nodded and bypassed Wang Chengpeng.

Wang Chengpeng was slightly surprised, "Aren't you going to class?Why don't we go together."

"Don't, you can go by yourself, I don't have to go to class, I have things to do."Zhou Leya waved her hand.

Ye Fan had already seen Zhou Leya running towards him, and got up and came to Wang Chengpeng's side, looking surprised: "Peng, didn't you say that Zhou Leya is your wife, why don't you go to class together?"

Ye Fan was deliberately loud, and the words naturally fell into Zhou Leya's ears.

In the meantime, Zhou Leya stared at Wang Chengpeng and said, "Fatty Wang, what are you talking about blindly?"

Wang Chengpeng hurriedly covered Ye Fan's mouth and said, "Love Ya, don't listen to this kid's nonsense, I didn't say that."

"Don't you call me Lilienya, call me by my full name, I'm not that familiar with you yet."Zhou Leya frowned tightly, then pulled over Ye Fan: "Ye Shao, you too, nothing to talk nonsense with him."

Ye Fan hehely smiled: "It's nothing to do, this fat guy is quite good, much better than that kid Zhang Zimo, why don't you try?"

"Try my ass, if you want to try you go, I'm not taking you around the school, I'm going to class."Saying that, Zhou Leya turned her head and walked away.

"So you guys already know each other."Wang Chengpeng scratched his head, he wasn't an idiot, Zhou Leya had called Ye Fan young master, and Ye Fan also called Zhang Zimo by his first name, so he didn't have to think much about it, he must be the eldest young master.

So, Wang Chengpeng wasn't mad at Ye Fan.On the contrary, he was a little embarrassed because of the bragging just now.

Ye Fan patted Wang Chengpeng's shoulder and said, "Little old brother, listen to my brother's advice, let's change someone else, Zhou Leya can't even look at Zhang Zimo, much too much to say, it's too piercing."

Saying that, Ye Fan trotted and chased after Zhou Leya in the direction she left.

On the other hand, Wang Chengpeng was still stunned in place, carefully pondering over Ye Fan's words.Even Zhang Zimo was out of the picture, so he was definitely out of the picture.

"Ah!!!I'm not happy about it."

Hearing a cry of grief behind him, Ye Fan stumbled in shock and jumped on top of Zhou Leya.

"What are you doing!?"In the meantime, Zhou Leya's brows were tight.

Ye Fan took a half step backwards before hehehe laughing, "It's fine, just shocked by Wang Chengpeng, it seems that this matter has hit him very hard."

"What is it?"Zhou Leya came to be interested, so she inquired.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "The sky is the limit, anyway, you just need to know that there is no harm to you."

Although Ye Fan already had Xiao Coco and Wang Kexin, but he had at least kissed Zhou Leya, and instinctively paddled Zhou Leya to himself, so all obstacles must be clear, even if this rival is a fat man who poses no threat at all.


Seeing the evil on the corner of Ye Fan's mouth, Zhou Leya couldn't help but shudder.

"Forget it, I don't want to know yet."Zhou Lelian Ya waved her hand, and then proceeded to walk forward.

Ye Fan followed behind and poked Zhou Leya's shoulder: "You won't still be angry because of what just happened, I'm just teasing you, how could I be willing to let you go to Wang Chengpeng."

"Hmph, speaking as if I'm your person."Zhou Leya pouted and said.

Ye Fan could clearly sense that Zhou Leya was not angry, but in a state similar to being spoiled.

This kind of tongue in cheek, could it be that this girl was moved?

Thinking of this, Ye Fan could not help but be shocked.Don't look at him jokingly, but the real chapter of him is still a little difficult to accept, the point is not that he can't accept it, but worried that the two ladies in Jinsha City can't accept it.

Reaching out and ruffling Zhou Leya's hair, Ye Fan smiled: "Okay, you go to class first, no need to accompany me around, I'm a little sleepy, go home and sleep for a while to refresh yourself, but also to prepare for the night, you come to my room after school to find me, by the way to try the dress fit."

After saying that, without waiting for Zhou Leya's reply, Ye Fan turned around and left.

He was afraid that if he said it again, Zhou Leya might be sincere, and then there would be no room for maneuvering. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Ye Fan still had to go back and think carefully to see if he could be responsible for Zhou Leya.In his mind, if he simply played irresponsible, what was the difference between that and scum?

He didn't want to be the type he used to hate the most.

When he returned to the hotel, Ye Fan plopped down on the big bed, but not before falling asleep, he received a phone call.

Seeing that it was a strange call, Ye Fan did not answer it, after all, many of them were selling products.

But the phone rang one after another, so noisy that Ye Fan could not sleep at all, so he picked up: "What for, something to say!"

"Little - pervert, you're fucking wasted, and you dare to find someone to teach me a lesson, I think you're tired of living, come to the Emperor at night if you're capable!"

An angry growl came from the phone, and when Ye Fan heard it, he smiled and said, "Yo, isn't this Zhang Da Shao, what, deflated?What are you yelling so loudly for, we'll go to the Emperor tonight, see you later, whoever doesn't come is a grandson."

"Kid you have guts!"

Zhang Zimo snarled and hung up the phone.

"This idiot."Ye Fan helplessly put down the phone, yet in his heart was somewhat bottomless, after all, it was a local snake, Ye Fan's verbal high was fine, but if the other party was really looking for someone, then it was one hundred percent would lose.

After thinking about it, Ye Fan is not ready to sleep, it was just a lie to Zhou Leya's words, he is actually not sleepy at all, let's prepare for the night.

Opening his mobile browser, Ye Fan began to search for nearby security companies, the one with the best reputation was called the Dragon and Tiger Hall.

"Dragon and Tiger Hall?The name of this house is interesting."Ye Fan played with the smell, the name sounded very Jianghu, it was not easy to mess with at a glance.

He went downstairs and drove the Porsche, and in a flash of smoke, Ye Fan arrived at the Dragon and Tiger Hall.

"Hello, are you hiring a bodyguard?"The receptionist lady at the front desk saw Ye Fan driving the Porsche and put a smile on her face.

Ye Fan nodded and said, "Right, find the bodyguard."

"Sir, please wait a moment, I'll go arrange a coach, just a few minutes."The receptionist lady dialed the phone, said a few words, and then took Ye Fan to the meeting room to wait for someone.

Dragon Tiger Hall's reputation really wasn't something to be blown out of the water, even while waiting, the reception lady wasn't idle, but enthusiastically served tea and poured water, highlighting the service in place.

Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, and after waiting for about five minutes, a strong man with a height of nearly one meter nine walked in.If it wasn't for the fact that the strong man was wearing a security uniform, Ye Fan would have thought that he was someone sent by Zhang Zimo to beat him up.

"Hello, my name is Chen Xiang, I'm in charge of the bodyguard work, sir can call me Xiangzi."Chen Xiang showed a silly smile and handed the resume in his hand to Ye Fan.

"Hello, Xiangzi, my name is Ye Fan, you can sit down first."Ye Fan received the resume and opened it to look through, don't look at the fact that Chen Xiang was tall, but his actual age was just nineteen years old, a little younger than Ye Fan.

There was no bad record and had completed several bodyguard jobs, all of these advantages made Ye Fan more than satisfied, but what made Ye Fan surprised was Chen Xiang's weight, which actually reached two hundred and thirty pounds.

However, Chen Xiang was not obese, but extremely strong.

With this punch, I guess I'll be able to see the king of hell, right?

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, but he was still extremely satisfied, "Xiangzi, you're pretty good, tell me your expected salary."

"What do you expect, Ye Shao?"Chen Xiang inquired.

Ye Fan thought, "I'm attending an event tonight, I need bodyguards to guard me, if there are no accidents, someone will attack me, and I may need your help then.I will stay in Kaiyuan for a month, you don't need to follow me every day for this month, but you must be on call."

"According to the rules, we are not allowed to fight, we can only protect your safety.In that case, you can pay me fifty thousand a month."Chen Xiang replied.

"Fifty thousand? I'll give you two hundred thousand, four times the price, but you must hit me back if someone else does it."What Ye Fan needed was not just a bodyguard, if Zhang Zimo made a move, he couldn't just turtle away, it would be too ruinous.

He also needed to climb relationships with the big brother, if he saw him being so wimpy, he probably wouldn't think highly of him either.

"Two hundred thousand?"Chen Xiang raised his volume, followed by a series of nods, "Zhong Zhong Zhong."

"Fine, then you go and find nine more people like you."Ye Fan said with a smile.

Chen Xiangton frowned, "Ye Shao, why are you still calling people, are you not satisfied with me?"

Ye Fan patted Chen Xiang's shoulder and said, "You're thinking too much, there's no telling what will happen at night, you need to be more prepared, otherwise if a group of people want to teach me a lesson, can you alone do it?"

"Ye Shao said so."Upon hearing that he was still used, Chen Xiang laughed, then went to call for someone.

It didn't take long for Chen Xiang to find a whole bunch of people and said, "Ye Shao, the ones still in the company, the ones that meet your requirements are the remaining nineteen, you pick them."

"Pick me, Ye Shao pick me!"

"He can't, Ye chose me, I'm good at fighting, one against three won't be a problem!"


Listening to the people arguing, Ye Fan knew that Chen Xiang had told these people about the salary, otherwise these people couldn't be so disoriented.

But Ye Fan didn't blame Chen Xiang, it wasn't a big deal anyway, so he said it.

Whirling, Ye Fan waved his hand, "No need to fight, I'll take it all, two hundred thousand each, responsible for protecting me for a month, I must be on call, you can secretly protect me, don't disrupt my rhythm of life when I don't need it, don't take action without permission, can you do it?"



The crowd burst into unison, truly like a dragon and tiger roaring, which shook Ye Fan's ears.

At the front desk, Ye Fan directly swiped his card to pay the full payment.Originally, like this kind of bodyguard job, they would pay half of the payment and then settle the final payment based on performance.After all, there would be times when a bodyguard would fail, but Ye Fan was fine with it, he didn't care about this amount of money.

Counting Chen Xiang, there were only twenty people, which was four million.

Looking at the twenty people neatly arranged behind him, Ye Fan smiled, and his heart was even more full.

Ye Fan didn't believe that Zhang Zimo dared to find more than twenty people, then even if it was a large brawl, it would be easy to make things worse.

And if Zhang Zimo also found more than twenty, Ye Fan didn't care, because the twenty bodyguards he hired were each about one meter nine strong, and it was completely trivial for one to fight three.

"Alright, I've built a WeChat group, I'll notify the group if there's anything in the future, pay attention to the news in the group, I'll be leaving first, I'll arrange for the group if anything happens, dismissed!"

With a big wave of his hand, the crowd dispersed and Ye Fan returned to the hotel in the Porsche.

When he arrived at the hotel, the first thing Ye Fan did was to open the group of bodyguards and send a sparring hand red packet. Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

The moment Ye Fan sent the red envelope, it was empty.

Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, then he voiced, "Good, everyone is in good shape, keep it up.I have an event tonight, you guys gather early and go to the Emperor Bar at 7:30 to squat, everyone remember to wear casual clothes, just think of it as going for fun, all consumption is on me, I will reimburse you tonight."

"Thank you, Ye!"

"Ye're atmospheric!"

This group of bodyguards were suddenly overjoyed, even typing in the group to praise Ye Fan.

Having solved the security aspect, Ye Fan couldn't help but feel relieved, looking at the time, it was already five o'clock in the evening, about a little while later Zhou Leya would be back from school, and Ye Fan made a call to Wang Kexin.

"Ke Xin, what are you doing?"Ye Fan smiled faintly and spoke with a little concern in his tone.

But Wang Kexin snorted, "Tell me, suddenly calling me isn't someone outside."

Ye Fan was stunned, but didn't hide it, "Kexin, you're really God, you know all this?"

"Hmph, my teacher told me that nothing is out of the ordinary, and a man's sudden call of concern is cheating."Wang Kexin's voice was a bit lonely.

Ye Fan even explained, "But it's nothing, I just helped a little girl out, and after kissing her, the little girl seemed to be smitten with me, and now I don't know what to do."

"Haven't you had sex yet?That's easy, you can just not see her, it's not like you have thoughts about her too, right?"Wang Kexin hit the nail on the head, leaving Ye Fan speechless for a while.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the results.

After finishing his speech, Ye Fan spoke: "It is impossible not to see her, I came to Kaiyuan you also know, in order to complete the task arranged by Charles, this girl is a knocking brick.Besides, I am slightly that little thought, and I've kissed someone, I can't be irresponsible."

"Then I even kissed you, but you left without me, bad guy."Wang Kexin snorted, her tone filled with aggravation.

Ye Fan slapped his own mouth, cursing in his heart that he was really nosy.

Had he known that he wouldn't have called Wang Kexin, there was nothing to do, but after such a call, nothing had turned into something.

"But..."Wang Kexin said again.

"But what?"Ye Fan was slightly startled.

Wang Kexin hesitated for a moment before saying with difficulty, "Didn't I tell you that it's fine to let me know, as long as you like it, I'll support you, but you must be sure of your heart, whether you simply want to play or how, don't mix up your thoughts."

"It's....I'll think about it."

Ye Fan could not have imagined that Wang Kexin was really so generous, this was no longer generous, but a knowledgeable person who had been cultivated for many years.

The more he thought about it, the more Ye Fan felt sorry for Wang Kexin, and after a few idle words, he hastily hung up the phone.

"Do I like Love Ya?"Ye Fan put down the phone and fell into suspicion.

Only after a long time did he shake his head, "Forget it, don't want to, the boat is straight, the eight words haven't left a mark yet, what's my hurry here ah."

Since he decided to let nature take its course, Ye Fan went to take a shower, tired after a day, it's time to take a shower, otherwise the suit change later will certainly get dirty.

The patter of fading clothes, Ye Fan was ready to enter the bath, but before stepping into the bath, the door is the first to open, then Ye Fan heard Zhou Leya's voice.

"Ye Shao, I'm here!"

"Fuck, you're not coming in here!"Ye Fan screamed strangely, and was about to rush into the shower.

But it was still a step too late, Zhou Leya's body hadn't come in yet, but her little head poked in, and she immediately saw the unarmed Ye Fan.

"Ah!Bad guy!"Zhou Leya lost her voice and immediately closed the door.

Ye Fan was scolded and was also upset, "Who let you in, didn't I say I wouldn't let you in?"

"How was I supposed to know you were taking a shower."Zhou Lian Ya said outside the door.

Ye Fan shook his head helplessly and said, "You can come back in ten minutes, I'll take a shower."

After saying that, Ye Fan entered the shower room.

Said ten minutes, in fact not five minutes Ye Fan finished washing, but Zhou Leya was nearly twenty minutes late to arrive.I guess it was because she wanted to give Ye Fan more time to prepare, or maybe because she was shy.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

But girls are shy, like Zhou Leya, for example, even in the room, she was sitting squarely in the middle of the room, without her joking appearance during the day.

"I'll order a meal, after dinner you also shower and change your clothes, then we'll leave."Saying that, Ye Fan made a phone call.

"Shower?Change of clothes?Here?"Zhou Lelian Ya can't believe her own ears, since she grew up she's always changed at home, where is there a time to change outside.

Ye Fan pointed his phone screen at Zhou Leya: "See, it's already six o'clock, almost six thirty after dinner, if you go home it will be too late, even if you change at my place it will be almost seven o'clock, and then you will have to leave for the Emperor's Bar."

"Then..... okay."Zhou Leya nodded, she really didn't have any reason to refute Ye Fan's words.

Soon, the food delivery came, and Ye Fan was planning to finish his meal and still be able to peek at Zhou Leya's bath, but he didn't want to be pushed out of the room directly by Zhou Leya, not giving him the slightest chance to peek.

Nothing happened, and at 7:10 pm, the two of them finally drove their Ferrari sports car and officially headed to the Imperial Bar!


The red Ferrari sports car parked in front of the Emperor's bar, but did not stir up any big - waves, only because tonight the luxury cars are endless, so that the passers-by have also blinded.

It didn't matter to Ye Fan, it was better if no one messed with him anyway, it saved a lot of trouble.

"Ye Shao, everything is normal."

Ye Fan saw the message sent by Chen Xiang on WeChat and nodded his head in satisfaction.

"Let's go."Ye Fan got out of the car to help Zhou Leya pull the door, I must say, Zhou Leya's dress really bright, the whole way Ye Fan drove did not dare to look carefully more, afraid of being distracted and then a car accident.

Originally Zhou Leya's bottom is good, a little dressed up is a beautiful evil, especially in a million white dress more like a little princess, just get off, let the road people have sideways glance, attention.

Even so, Ye Fan can still feel a slight beauty deficiency, that is Zhou Leya did not match any jewelry, this is Ye Fan's negligence.

In fact, Zhou Lelian Ya did not expect to change clothes in Ye Fan's room, otherwise, in their own home dressing, will naturally match the jewelry, but now time is too late, so, the two into the emperor's bar.

The unexpected thing for Ye Fan is that the emperor's bar is not as noisy as an ordinary nightclub, but a quiet one.

Zhou Leya saw Ye Fan frowning and couldn't help but explain, "The nightclubs at the Emperor's Bar are on the underground floor, from the first to the sixth floor are all KTVs, while the seventh floor on the top floor is where the auction will be held today." One second to remember to read the book

"So that's how it is."Ye Fan nodded and said, "You're not dressed for a nightclub, so why don't you go to the seventh floor first, I'll go down and meet Zhang Zimo, if I don't clean up this kid honestly, he'll come after me later.When I go up, I'll send you a WeChat, and you can just pick me up then."

"Alright."Zhou Leya nodded slightly and took the elevator to the seventh floor.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, took the stairs to the nightclub, and there was no special elevator on the underground floor, after all, there were too many hippies in the nightclub, drinking too much and vomiting everywhere, and it was not convenient to set up an elevator.

"Knock knock knock!"

As soon as he reached the underground floor, Ye Fan was wrapped in deafening sounds, his eardrums nearly burst open.

Ye Fan had never been to a place like this before, having seen it on TV, and this was his first time in a nightclub.

I don't know if the stereo sound was too loud or what, but Ye Fan only felt the ground trembling slightly, and as soon as he took a step, Ye Fan felt his legs go a little soft.

"Is everything alright, Ye Shao."Just as Ye Fan fell, a tall figure rushed over and grabbed hold of Ye Fan.

When Ye Fan looked up, it was none other than Chen Xiang.

"Xiangzi, it's you!"

Ye Fan almost shouted out in the loudest voice, before Chen Xiang nodded in a daze, "It's me, Ye Shao louder, it's noisy here, can't hear."

Ye Fan shouted in deep agreement, "Yes, it's too noisy, I can't hear anything."

Originally, Ye Fan thought that KTV kind of even the maximum noise, unexpectedly nightclub is even louder.

Especially the subwoofer's electric turmoil, Ye Fan also blood spurting, unable to control the uncontrollable would like to jump up.

After adapting for a while, Ye Fan only after standing steady again, this is to see the full picture of the nightclub.Originally an underground floor, this place was completely dark, with only some light from the psychedelic lights, but it was still basically at a semi-dark level.

Quite a few young men and women were working hard to move their bodies on the dance floor at the very center of the nightclub, and at the edge of the dance floor, there were also five small platforms, four of which each stood with a woman, dancing a flirty pole-dance, while the last platform stood with a man wearing a hood playing a disc, which should be the legendary DJ.

"Ye Shao, let's go sit down first."

Chen Xiang brought Ye Fan to the sofa area on the outside of the dance floor, there were five or six strong men sitting and drinking at the moment, and when they saw Ye Fan come over, they all stood up and said, "Hello, Ye Shao."

"Fine, fine, let's keep playing."Ye Fan waved his hand and sat paralyzed on the sofa inevitably spat, "Zhang Zimo this guy is sick, he had to choose this kind of place, what's so good about the chaos."

"Isn't this a good place to do it in the dark, there's no surveillance anyway, and even if you do it, you can't see who did it."Chen Xiang explained.

Ye Fan nodded his head and said, "You're right, but it's not certain who's going to clean up the mess!"

Shaking his fist, Ye Fan also took a sip of beer.

Red wine or whatever, Ye Fan was still not used to drinking it, and as for cocktails, Ye Fan knew even less.

Looks like there is a chance, I have to learn how to drink.

Ye Fan thought in his heart, or else it will be too degrading to go out to play.

Before Ye Fan put down the wine glass, a voluptuously dressed and exposed woman came over and sat beside Ye Fan, her small hand directly raided Ye Fan's chest and slowly drew circles.

"Little brother, want to play together for a while?"The woman revealed a flirtatious smile.

The youthful Ye Fan was really unable to resist such a mature and charming woman, and instinctively hugged the woman's waist and smiled evilly, "Fine, how to play."

"Come on, little brother, I'll take you to a nice place."The woman grabbed Ye Fan's big hand and walked in a direction.

Ye Fan didn't resist, so he followed her.

But after walking for a while, Ye Fan realized that the woman wasn't taking him to the dance floor, but to the bathroom.


Ye Fan had a spring in his step, was it hard to just fuck?

In the past, Ye Fan always saw this kind of report on TV, nightclub crazy play to the bathroom to do something shameful.

But before Ye Fan started, the woman suddenly looked indifferent and pushed Ye Fan away, then Ye Fan saw ten youths like gangsters gradually approaching and surrounded him.

Then, from behind the thugs, a handsome young man slowly walked out, it was none other than Zhang Zimo.

"Kid, I didn't expect that you would really dare to come!"Zhang Zimo sneered.

"What, you want to beat me up?"Ye Fan, however, didn't feel fearful, just looked at Zhang Zimo coldly.

Zhang Zimo snorted coldly and laughed fiercely, "So what if I just beat you up, this is my territory, you kid really don't know the sky, you dare to run into my territory.I don't know if you're really confident, or just arrogant!"

"I think well, it's confidence."Evan laughed.

"Give it to me, beat him up!"Zhang Zimo said no nonsense and waved his big hand as if he had already seen the miserable face of Ye Fan being beaten up and begging for mercy.

But what Zhang Zimo didn't expect was that he was directly buckled to the ground before the words fell.

"What are you doing, what are you guys grabbing me for, Ye Fan is over there!"Zhang Zimo shouted at once.

Ye Fan, however, looked as if he had expected, "Look, did I tell you that I'm confident, but in my opinion, you're the one who's really arrogant!"


Although Ye Fan came over and didn't let Chen Xiang and the others follow, and didn't know if Chen Xiang had discovered the situation here, Ye Fan didn't panic at all.

Just because the group of thugs that Zhang Zimo had found, all of whom Ye Fan knew, were the same group of non-mainstream youths that he had met at the hotpot restaurant at noon.

The one who made the fastest move to capture Zhang Zimo was the green hair who had gotten 60,000 during the day.

"Ye Shao, when Zhang Zimo called for someone to come today, a few of us agreed to this matter in order to be able to help you capture Zhang Zimo, I'm really sorry to have frightened you just now."Green Hair came in front of Ye Fan with a flattering face.

Seeing the situation, Zhang Zimo was confused, followed by a roar, "You gullible things, let go of me, or you won't have any good fruit to eat!"


Green Hair kicked Zhang Zimo directly in the face and sneered, "Eating the inside out?You really think highly of yourself. No. 10 of us are all farmers from out of town. If you hadn't made a lot of promises, could we have become thugs here to watch the field?And how much did you pay us, three thousand a month, not even fucking enough to live on.There's no good fruit to eat yet, is there now?"

At that, Green Hair was again angry and kicked Zhang Zimo in the face, then pointed at Ye Fan, "Look at Ye Shao again, being generous, a month's salary can catch up with working here for two years, why should I work hard for you!"

"Well said."Ye Fan showed an approving gaze and took out his phone from his bosom after applauding, directly transferring 10,000 yuan to Green Hair.

"Ye Shao, what are you?"Green hair received the red packet of sudden joy. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Ye Fan smiled lightly, "Doing things for me and making me comfortable, you should give rewards."

"Zhang Zimo, look at you, how generous Ye Shao is, out of the blue is a reward of ten thousand, look at you again, you're normally a dime a dozen, like an iron rooster, what else is a gongzi brother, what a bullshit!"Green Hair took out his phone and shook it in front of Zhang Zimo's eyes.

"You kid....Fuck..."

Zhang Zimo just scolded Green Hair, and the other non-mainstream thugs started kicking Zhang Zimo hard.

"Ye Shao, how do you like my kick?"

"Your kicks count for nothing, look at my shadowless kick, that's cool!"


Ye Fan can't help but help his forehead, these people's small mind Ye Fan can't see it yet, just competing for the bonus ah.

But Ye Fan didn't care about this little money, instead Zhang Zimo was kicked, his heart was not to mention how pleasant.

"Well, well, the kicks are all good, the bonuses are for everyone."Ye Fan looked at the kicked Zhang Zimo with a smile, and gave each non-mainstream another 10,000 red envelopes.

Seeing the money, these people worked even harder, until Zhang Zimo was foaming at the mouth, these people only stopped kicking.

"Ye Shao, do you need to deal with that woman?"Green Hair attached himself to Ye Fan's ear and said.

Upon hearing the words, Ye Fan brightened up and said, "Good idea, damn this dog thing is still messing with my hand, if you don't tell me I really forgot, I'll leave this matter to you to handle."

"Okay Ye Shao, don't worry about my work."Green hair caracal smile, and then scampered out, the others saw the situation, didn't think much about it, and figured out what Green hair was going to do, followed by all of them going to catch that woman in a flash.

Ye Fan helplessly shook his head, actually he knew in his heart that these people didn't really believe in him.It was only because he had money and these people lacked money that they would rack their brains to try to help him.

But that's fine, anyway, what Ye Fan needs is this kind of nimble people to do things.

Opening his phone, Ye Fan created a group for these punks, and then sent an order: help me do things, all good, cheer up, sluts.

After saying that, Ye Fan sent a red envelope to spell luck, and then turned off his phone and returned to the sofa area.

Seeing Ye Fan back, Chen Xiang smiled silly, "Ye Shao, how is it, did you have a good time just now?"

"Cool my ass, looking down on me like that, if I'm late, how can I play cool for an hour, a mere ten minutes."Ye Fan laughed and scolded, so he said what had just happened.

Chen Xiang's appearance changed dramatically and he got up and bowed, "Sorry Ye Shao, we were negligent, fortunately this group of little brothers took action, otherwise we would really be to blame for our deaths!"

"Okay, sit down.I'm not saying this to blame you, I just want to tell you that if you don't make a move, there are others who will, but let someone else take the benefits."Ye Fan patted Chen Xiang's shoulder.

When Chen Xiang nodded, he took out his cell phone and informed the group of bodyguards to gather.

Not long after, all these bouncers scattered around the nightclub assembled, and Chen Xiang stretched out his hand just to give each of them a slap and roared, "Now, we have a competitor.A group of thugs also work for Ye Shao, Ye Shao said, whoever succeeds in the work, benefits to whoever.Just now the thugs protected Ye Shao, and each of them got ten thousand yuan, and look at you guys, still playing loose, what a disgrace!"

"What, ten thousand each?"A bodyguard voiced out in surprise.

Immediately afterwards, the crowd of bodyguards said in unison, "I would do anything for Ye Shao!"

Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, this he also recorded as a video and uploaded it to the gangster group.

In a short while, there was an additional video in the group, and Ye Fan called his bodyguards to watch it together, only to see the one led by green hair also roared, "Bodyguard scum, you can't do it, you have to watch us when you're working for Ye Shao!"

"Fuck, this bunch of jerks, and they're still shouting at us."Chen Xiang was indignant and turned his head to the bodyguards, "Hear that, cheer up from now on, don't let a bunch of punks look down on you, or we won't be able to hold our heads up in the bodyguard world in the future!"


The bodyguards responded in unison, their eyes also filled with anger and battle intent.They were professionals, if they were really compared to a bully, they really couldn't be bodyguards anymore.

Seeing everything in front of him, Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, this effect was what he wanted.As long as there was competition, he would be more progressive, and relatively, his safety would be more guaranteed.As for the prize money, that little bit of money Ye Fan didn't care.As long as it made him comfortable, not to mention ten thousand, even fifty thousand one hundred thousand was a small amount.

The first task that Charles had originally given him was to spend one hundred million a month, and now Ye Fan hadn't even spent it all.Seeing that there were still forty million left in the balance, Ye Fan decided to make an effort to spend the forty million in the auction later.

After all, there were only three days left before the one-month deadline, and if it wasn't completed, the mission would fail, which was unacceptable to Ye Fan.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan looked at the time and saw that it was already 7:50, it was almost time to start the auction, so after greeting the crowd of bodyguards, he left the nightclub on the underground floor and took the elevator to the top floor of the auction.


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