Lost Young Master 81-85


Chapter 81


The elevator opened and Ye Fan walked out with big steps.

Just now, Ye Fan also wanted to take action to teach Zhang Zimo a lesson, but he didn't want to dirty the suit, so now Ye Fan was still in a suit with a big back hair, but he had the appearance of a successful person.

"Sir, the invitation."

Without progressing, a reception lady in a cheongsam politely extended her hand to intercept it.

Worthy of being a professional reception lady, the etiquette was straightforwardly pulled full, this slight reach didn't make Ye Fan feel the slightest bit offended, and also expressed the meaning, the strength was moderate.

Ye Fan nodded slightly, revealing a smile, "You wait a moment, my friend will be out soon."

Just now on the elevator, Ye Fan had sent a WeChat to Zhou Leya, and the other party responded that they would come to greet him right away.

No, as soon as Ye Fan finished speaking, Zhou Leya stepped on the lotus steps and slowly came, just like a princess in a painting, noble.The contrast between the cheongsam reception lady and Zhou Leya was like a pearl contrasting the white moon, completely disproportionate.

Although he had already seen it several times, but Ye Fan still couldn't help but feel his heart surging, his little heart pounding wildly. Remember the website .kanshu8.net

"Fortunately, the auction hasn't started yet, if it's any later, we won't be able to make it in time."Zhou Leya slightly wrinkled chided, right after that she naturally took Ye Fan's arm and said to the reception lady, "This gentleman and I are here, can we go in?"

"No problem, Miss Zhou."Miss Reception naturally knew Zhou Leya and took a half step back to give way very sensibly.

With a faint smile, Ye Fan stepped into the auction venue, but felt several cold gazes in an instant.Without much thought, Ye Fan knew that it was because of Zhou Leya, who was holding his arm, that caused this scene.

Not to be outdone, Ye Fan nodded at each of these gazes, and then came out, "What are you looking at, I've never seen a handsome man before, I'm not interested in men."

As soon as this was said, Ye Fan felt these gazes fade away, but then came slightly angry gazes, and even more one person stalked over and snorted, "Who are you, how come you've never seen one before."

Ye Fan looked up, this man was over one meter tall, wearing a fine suit, but he was a standard high rich handsome man.

"I'm Ye Fan, as for you never seeing me, that's because you've never seen me."Ye Fan's tone was not good, he was not really to blame.

First, that Ye Fan wanted to give these people a hard time and tell them that he wasn't easy to bully.Second, that these first gazes that were cast over were young men, clearly recessive rivals, how could Ye Fan have a good face.

"No quality."The man disdainfully looked at Ye Fan, turned his head to Zhou Leya with a spring-like smile: "Leya, how do you bring this kind of man to enter, how humiliating, aren't you afraid that Uncle Zhou will blame you."

"Wu Yilong, please call me by my full name, I don't remember being so familiar with you that I can call you by your name."Zhou Leya, however, did not reply to Wu Yilong's words, but instead looked indifferent.

Just like an iceberg queen, it instead caused Ye Fan to be a little startled.

Didn't think there was such a side to Zhou Leya?

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, instead he became more interested in Zhou Leya.

"Let's go, why bother with him, bad luck."Without even looking at Wu Yilong, Ye Fan walked towards the venue with Zhou Leya.

"Hmph, relying on a woman's little white face."Wu Yilong, however, snorted coldly.

Upon hearing that, Ye Fan couldn't take it anymore and turned his head to angrily scold, "Are you blind?Where do you get the idea that I'm a little white boy?"

"You can't even get in without an invitation, not by fetishia?Don't be funny!"Wu Yilong sneered.

"Wu Yilong are you deaf, I told you not to call me Love Ya, can't you understand?"Zhou Leya frowned.

What she hated the most was this kind of man who was close to her.

Ye Fan nodded his head in deep agreement: "Blind and deaf, with a bad brain, it's really a pity about this good skin."

Wu Yilong became furious and said, "Little white face, try cursing one more time!"

"Nowadays there are still those looking for scolding, I've never heard such an unreasonable demand, but this young man has the air, so I'll reward you again, stinking idiot!"Ye Fan sneered.

"The auction will be held in three minutes, so please take your seats in an orderly manner and keep the venue quiet."

The radio voice came at the right time, Wu Yilong opened his mouth, but he didn't curse out a word.

"Kid, don't leave if you have the guts, the auction is over, let's see if I get you or not!"Wu Yilong left angrily with a cold snort.

"Ye Shao, don't look at Wu Yilong's appearance, but he is the only son of Wu's Building Materials Company, the next heir, and he is also a first-class young master in Jinsha."Zhou Leya reminded.

Ye Fan disdainfully said, "Who cares what grand young master he is, he's not even a fart in front of me, let him derp first, when it's over it's fine if he doesn't find trouble with me, if he really dares to find trouble with me, I won't show mercy."

Anyway, being Zhou Leya's pursuer, Ye Fan didn't have the slightest fear of Wu Yilong, and if he had the chance, even more so, he wanted to pinch Wu Yilong early.

"Alright....By the way, where's Zhang Zimo?Haven't seen him, did something just happen downstairs?"Zhou Leya was confused.

According to Zhang Zimo's personality, it was impossible to see Ye Fan come to the auction and not show up, unless he didn't come up at all.

Ye Fan smiled, "That silly kid was looking for someone to beat me up, but unfortunately the group of people he was looking for was the group of non-mainstream thugs he met at noon hotpot, so without waiting for me to do anything, these thugs directly beat up Zhang Zimo."


Zhou Leya was startled at the news, she also thought that Ye Fan would find someone to teach Zhang Zimo a lesson, but she never imagined that Zhang Zimo would bring the thugs that Ye Fan had recovered before, this was really dramatic.

"Don't just stand there, the auction is about to start, let's go, where shall we sit?"Ye Fan used his hand to shake in front of Zhou Leya's eyes.

Zhou Leya came back to God, then took Ye Fan's arm: "go, let's go to the box, our Zhou family has an exclusive box, do not have to sit in the hall, in the box there is a TV direct transmission screen, it is also convenient for gossip, to protect personal privacy."

Zhou Leya's tone had a bit of smugness, to which, Ye Fan also dawned.No wonder Wu Yilong had just argued with him and no one had come out to stop him, so the big brothers were all in the box.

The one who was in the hall, that is, one who was in the same level as Wu Yilong, or even inferior to Wu Yilong, naturally wouldn't come out to stop him.

After thinking about it, Ye Fan had been brought in front of a box by Zhou Leya, and the door number was written 666, so it looked extraordinary.

After Zhou Leya pushed open the door, Ye Fan saw two reception ladies standing on either side of a sofa on which sat a middle-aged man full of superiority!



The middle-aged man was wearing a tang suit, and without even lifting his eyes, Ye Fan felt a great deal of pressure.

Was this the might of a big brother?

Ye Fan whispered in his heart, although his instincts were a little daunted, but reason told Ye Fan there was no need to be afraid, his family's power was definitely much bigger than this.

But Ye Fan also thus found out the reason why Charles had exposed him to first-class circles, not only because of socializing and insight, but also to cultivate magnanimity.

If he was often with these big men, Ye Fan reckoned that he could invariably cultivate the imposing presence of a top-ranking person.

Thinking that he would be like the big brother in front of him in the future, Ye Fan's heart was a little tingly, thinking that he had made a very correct choice this time out.

"Dad, let me introduce you, this is Ye Fan."Zhou Leya loosened her hold on Ye Fan's arm and leaned in front of Zhou Fu, taking Zhou Fu's arm in a very natural way.

In fact, no need for Zhou Leya to say more, Ye Fan also knew that the one in front of him was Zhou Leya's father, after all, being so young, it was never possible for him to be Zhou Leya's grandfather.

Zhou Fu only slightly raised his eyes at the news, and after seeing Ye Fan, he didn't have much to say, but said lightly, "Sit down." One second to remember to read the book

Not even a question?

Ye Fan was a little surprised by Zhou Fu's actions, but not angry.

After all, if it were him, if his daughter showed up with a man, he would definitely ask more questions or drive him out, but like Zhou Fu, who didn't have the slightest indication, it was baffling to him.

However, Ye Fan was in no hurry to ask questions, so he sat down on the sofa with a big grin and waited for the auction to start.

As soon as Ye Fan sat down, his butt wasn't even warm, a beautiful woman in a white cheongsam appeared on the TV, holding a microphone, "Hello everyone, I'm the host of this auction, Shasha, welcome to the Kaiyuan Auction, I'm sure you all can't wait, I won't say any more nonsense, please bring out the first auction item right away."

Ye Fan nodded his head in satisfaction, a simple opening speech like this was good, if he said a lot of things, it would instead make him lose patience.

And back in the daytime, Ye Fan knew at the car dealership that the auction wasn't formal, so he also looked forward to the auction items even more.

Two black-clothed men with masks pushed a cart onto the stage, and on top of the cart were items wrapped in black cloth, which couldn't be seen and immediately grabbed Ye Fan's interest.

"According to the usual rules, the first auction item is a secret auction with a starting price of ten thousand, and it will be shown to everyone after the bidding."Sasha smiled faintly, explaining the item in front of her.

"A secret auction?"Ye Fan was slightly startled, he had never heard of an auction of things with a secret auction, it was not worthy of being irregular, it really didn't follow the pattern.

Zhou Leya explained at the side, "Ye Shao, this secret auction has produced millions of items in previous years, as well as ordinary items worth just over 10,000 yuan, so there is a large element of luck in it, I suggest not to auction."

With Zhou Leya's brief understanding of Ye Fan, she knew that Ye Fan was someone with an adventurous spirit and was even more generous with his hand, she was afraid that if she didn't remind Ye Fan, he might not auction this item.

But Zhou Lelian Ya's reminder didn't work, only to see Ye Fan turn his head and ask the reception lady, "That, what do we call shooting the item?"

"If the gentleman wants to bid just quote me the price and I'll take care of calling the auction for you."The reception lady said with a professional smile.

Ye Fan nodded and said with satisfaction, "That's quite convenient, you can call the bid for me for one hundred thousand."

"One hundred thousand?Ye Shao, the general public won't steal it, in fact, the starting price of ten thousand you called is enough."Zhou Leya was somewhat speechless.

Ye Fan waved his hand and said, "How troublesome it would be if there were people bidding with me."

The reception lady instead did not open her mouth, but directly operated.

Immediately the Sasha on the TV received the news through the intercom headset and revealed a surprised expression, "The guest in room 666 is asking for 100,000 yuan, is there still a bid increase?$100,000 once, $100,000 twice, $100,000 three times, deal!Congratulations to the guest in room 666, I will now unveil the item and it will be delivered to room 666 later."

It was as Zhou Leya said, there was no one bidding at all, but the unveiling of the item's original appearance still made many people interested, including Ye Fan.

Although 100,000 was not much, but Ye Fan was also somewhat looking forward to it, in case he gambled on a treasure that would be a profit.

However, to Ye Fan's disappointment, after Sasha uncovered the black cloth, there was only an ice bucket on the cart, and on the ice bucket was a bottle of red wine inserted.

"The first bid is a bottle of '82 Lafite, congratulations to the guest in room 666."Sasha said with a smile, and then the two masked black-clad men from earlier pushed the cart off the stage, followed by two new masked black-clad men pushing it onto a new cart.

The items on this cart, however, were not covered, but directly displayed.

"I told you, it doesn't need 100,000 at all, this bottle of 82 Lafite is 80,000 at most, you're losing out."Zhou Leya shook her head and said helplessly.

Ye Fan, however, smiled: "It's fine, just thirsty.And 82 Lafite inventory is not much to get a bottle, in fact, counting its own commemorative value, but also far more than 100,000, no loss no loss."

"Knock knock!"

The door buckled, and the next thing you know, the two men in black who had just been on TV appeared, and in addition to the cart, there was a POS machine, apparently to pay on the spot.

Ye Fan didn't get any ink, so he took out his gold card and swiped it, followed by saying to the reception lady, "Find three glasses and pour wine."

The point that Ye Fan was most satisfied with was still this ice bucket, looking at the amount of melting in it, he knew that the bottle of red wine had already sobered up, and it had an excellent taste at this time.

To Ye Fan's surprise, Zhou Fu didn't even have the courtesy to take a sip of it, showing a look of approval.

"Young man, not bad."

Zhou Fu took a deep look at Ye Fan's golden card and stopped talking.

Ye Fan also had a mind of his own, he purposely pulled out his card instead of scanning the code, in order to use the golden card to attract Zhou Fu's attention, after all, this golden card was a SIP card of ICBC, which needed to be credited with at least 100 million at a time, which indirectly revealed Ye Fan's identity and wealth.

One hundred thousand yuan, not only to buy a bottle of wine, but also a good start with Zhou Fu, Ye Fan felt very earned.

The entrance of the awakened Lafite is not so strong, but a mellow aroma, after one bite down, lips and teeth, let Ye Fan can't help but reveal the color of praise, this bottle of wine awakening is just right, obviously the auction has been prepared before the start of the auction, the time is also carefully calculated out.Especially when Ye Fan just asked the reception lady to take out a cup, the reception lady didn't panic, almost as soon as she finished speaking, the cup appeared.

Especially this kind of drinking red wine cups also need to be slightly cold, certainly not only this room prepared, but other rooms are also prepared, after all, do not know who will shoot.

All of this highlighted the uniqueness of the auction, the preparation was very thorough.

Ye Fan was becoming more and more interested in the auction, and when he put down his wine glass, he watched as Sasha was introducing the second bid on the TV.


"The second item to be bid on must be familiar to you, it is the purpose of many people coming over on this trip.It's a Song dynasty built calendars, confirmed by experts, it has been determined that it is indeed a Southern Song dynasty imperial built calendars, the starting bid is 100,000, now, the bidding begins!"

Ye Fan does not know how to build a marigold, from the outside, it's just a bowl, so he couldn't help but ask, "Is this a tea bowl?"

"Really let you blindfolded right, is the tea bowl, but but also different, this is the essence of the ancient craftsmen, and the royal family supplies, extraordinary value.Haven't you heard the saying, if a tea drinker doesn't have a piece of Jianzhu then he doesn't know tea."Zhou Leya explained.

Ye Fan was slightly startled, never thought that Zhou Leya knew so much.

But to Ye Fan's surprise, Zhou Fu actually spoke up as well, "Eight hundred thousand."

The words fell, and the reception lady called for the auction synchronously, while Sasha also revealed her surprise: "Room 666 again, called for the auction 800,000, is there a higher price?"

"A million!"

Sasha looked startled and suddenly spoke out of turn, but quickly regained her natural voice, "Sorry, a little out of order, room 888 is asking a million dollars, is there a higher price?"

"Two million! the asking price for room 666 is two million, is there any higher?Two million dollars once, two million dollars twice, two million dollars three times, Sold!Congratulations to the guest in room 666, the bid was successful again, and the Jianzhan will be delivered to room 666 later."Sasha hammered away.

On the contrary, the atmosphere in room 666 was once silent. The first website m.kanshu8.net

Still Zhou Leya broke the silence: "Ye Shao, what are you doing, my father bidding, why are you also following the robbery, don't you know how to build a marigold?"

Although Zhou Fu did not say anything, his eyebrows were still slightly furrowed.

Didn't wait for Ye Fan to explain, the man in black with a mask will build the marigold sent over, Ye Fan swiped the card before saying: "I'm not looking at uncle like it, 888 number of people so insensitive to raise the price, I'll just double, save uncle bother to speak."

Saying that, Ye Fan will build calendars and appraisal certificate handed to the front of Zhou Fu said: "Uncle Zhou, the boy does not know what to build calendars, but if you like to say so, do not bother you shoot, I'll come into.It would have been a little embarrassing to come to see you empty-handed, this Jianzhan just as a meeting gift."

Ye Fan said casually, but his attitude was sincere, making Zhou Fu slightly startled.

Zhou Leya also recoiled and said: "Ye Shao, so you bought it to give it to my father ah, I was wrong to blame you."

Ye Fan waved his hand: "It doesn't matter, it's good that Uncle Zhou likes it."

"Ye Fan isn't it, young man is very good.Aiya, you can correspond more with Little Fan in the future."Zhou Fu nodded slightly, took out a pair of gloves from his bosom, obviously prepared beforehand, and carefully admired the Jianzhan.

Although Ye Fan knew that Zhou Fu was a big shot, but the expression on Zhou Fu's face as he looked at Jianzhan was like looking at a lover, not just infatuation, but also the heat that was reflected from the heart to the eyes.

Ye Fan knew that his two million wasn't a loss in exchange for Zhou Fu's approval.

If two million to buy a car for Zhou Fu, Zhou Fu may not even look at, but this Jianzhan is firmly grasped Zhou Fu's heart, the auction, the more Ye Fan feel worthy.

Zhou Fu didn't take a look at any of the items that came up for auction afterwards, and apparently wasn't interested.

However, Ye Fan did not let go of a single item, and each item was entered at double the bidding price of the others.

Anyway, if it wasn't too bad, he didn't care, and it would be even more interesting to buy it back and make some discoveries.

Unknowingly, the auction had already passed one and a half hours, there were only twenty items in the auction, and the bidding was completed in two hours, averaging about six minutes for one item.And bidding up to now, Ye Fan had already auctioned fifteen items.

But apart from bidding and enjoying the pleasure of crushing others with money, Ye Fan cared most about Wu Yilong who was sitting in the hall.

It had been an hour and a half, and Wu Yilong hadn't made a single move, and Ye Fan had planned to crush Wu Yilong financially, but he was too late to find the opportunity.

But just when he was about to give up, the sixteenth lot was introduced on the stage, and Sasha said, "The sixteenth lot is called Deep Ocean Love, and it is exquisitely crafted by Italian master Pozzi, who was a top gemstone designer in the eighteenth century and his works have won many awards.The bidding has reached the sky-high price of five million, this Deep Sea Love is a derivative of Master Porky's creation of Ocean Love, the bidding starts at one million, the bidding begins!"

"A million and one!"Wu Yilong directly raised his hand.

The corners of Ye Fan's mouth rose slightly, Wu Yilong had finally made his move, but it was clear that he wouldn't let Wu Yilong have his way.

Not only because he wanted to crush Wu Yilong, but more importantly, this Deep Sea Love was not just a gemstone, but also made into a series of necklaces, seeing the heat in Zhou Leya's eyes and the empty space on her swan neck, Ye Fan knew that this Deep Sea Love, he was bound to take it!

"Two million!"Ye Fan smiled faintly and started bidding.

Wu Yilong's look was clearly startled, but when he saw room 666, he couldn't help but gnash his teeth, he naturally knew that room 666 was the Zhou Fu family, but he also knew very well that Ye Fan was in there.

Without thinking too much, Wu Yilong guessed that it was Ye Fan who had made the move, and with his heart in his mouth, Wu Yilong raised the number plate again and said, "2.1 million!"

"Three million!"Seeing Wu Yilong's twisted expression, Ye Fan couldn't help but steal joy in his heart, Wu Yilong's look right now was like he was stuffed and eating shit.

"Mr. 22, do you still want to raise the price?"Sasha asked at the right time.

Wu Yilong wanted to hold up the sign, but then backed down when he saw the price of three million.After all, even if this was good, it was only a derivative, not a true Ocean Love, and the price topped out at two million, three million was just too much.

"Forget it, don't."Wu Yilong angrily put down the sign.

"Three million once, three million twice, three million three times, congratulations to room 666 for bidding successfully again."Sasha's tone became sweeter and sweeter.

It wasn't that she was deliberately sweet, but it was really not sweet enough.Every bid Sasha had a commission, the more bids she called for, the more her commission would be.And not only did Ye Fan take sixteen items, but each item was taken beyond expectation, and Sasha's heart was naturally incomparably more beautiful.

Very quickly, the Deep Sea Love was delivered to room 666.

No need for Ye Fan to speak, the man in black consciously picked up the gold card on the table and swiped it, after all, it's already the sixteenth time, long ago, which is better.

And Ye Fan is also too much trouble, did not withdraw the gold card at all, just put it on the table.

Getting the Deep Sea Love, before Ye Fan carefully scrutinized it, he felt a burning gaze!


"Don't look, I'll take a look first, I bought it for you anyway, I'll give it to you later."Ye Fan was somewhat speechless as Zhou Leya's gaze was too hot, like a big bad wolf who saw a lamb.

As expected, no matter what kind of woman, there was no resistance to jewelry.

Carefully scrutinizing a few eyes, Ye Fan could not help but nod his head in satisfaction, although three million was expensive, it really wasn't a loss.This gem is ingenious, there are many complex lines inside, but it is all natural, more importantly, these seemingly angular lines are the inner light, but the appearance of the gem is very rounded, no angles at all, just on the hand to touch, Ye Fan felt very comfortable, and also the gem also came from a burst of coolness, it seems to have refreshing effect.

Worthy of being called Deep Sea Love, it did indeed match the name!

"Alright, I'm done watching, turn around and lift up your hair, I'll bring it on for you."Evan got up and came to Zhou Leya's body.

"Mmhmm."Zhou Leya happily turned around and lifted up her hair, revealing a snow-white swan neck.

Seeing such tender and smooth skin, Ye Fan almost drooled, if it wasn't for the fact that there was still Zhou Fu around, Ye Fan would have been beastly - in a frenzy.

Swallowed his saliva and held back his inner desire - desire, Ye Fan pretended to casually help Zhou Leya put on the Deep Sea Love.

"Wow, thank you, Ye Shao, it's really beautiful."As soon as Deep Sea Love was put on Zhou Leya's neck, Zhou Leya let out a little girl-like excited squeal, then turned on her toes and pecked at Ye Fan's face like a dragonfly.

"This..." Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

Ye Fan was stunned in place and couldn't be bothered to recall, so he even looked at Zhou Fu.

Zhou Fu, however, didn't have much change in his expression, just said lightly, "Little Fan, be nice to Lilia in the future, or I won't spare you lightly!"


Ye Fan was directly confused, why did he give it for free?

Although Zhou Fu's words were simple, they were a hammer blow.

And Ye Fan clearly saw a hint of resentment in Zhou Fu's eyes, as expected, daughters are all daddy's lovers from his last life.

He's stealing Zhou Fu's lover now, this is killing him.

"Dad!"Zhou Leya's little face was also slightly red, and she looked at Zhou Fu, then at Ye Fan, and finally ran out of the room shyly.

The two reception ladies also left the room in a sensible manner.

Zhou Fu sighed, "Stinker, sit down."

"I'd better stand."How could Ye Fan be so scared that he dared to sit down, he was just befriending the big brother, but now it suddenly became meeting his father-in-law, how could Ye Fan stand it.

"I told you to sit down, sit down, if you don't listen to me now, you won't be rebelling against the sky later!"Zhou Fu's tone was unquestionable, and there was a hint of grumbling.

Ye Fan helplessly had to sit down, saying: "Zhou uncle, you see this trouble, I give love ya choose dress today, but forgot the necklace, this does not happen to auction it, hehe, hehe."

Ye Fan laughed dryly a few times, seeing that Zhou Fu did not speak, even more embarrassed.

Zhou Fu a moment, before sighing: "female big to stay, I can see that Lilia likes you.In the past, other boys also bought things for Lilia, but Lilia looked down on them all, and even put them in the warehouse and never took them out."

Ye Fan did not speak, waiting for Zhou Fu to continue.

Zhou Fu continued: "Liao Liao Ya lost her mother when she was a child, I did not look again over the years, just in case Liao Liao Ya is sad, I am dedicated to work, I want to give the best to Liao Liao Ya, but there is one thing I can not give Liao Liao Ya, that is, a complete family.So, brat, Lilia will be cheap for you, you must promise me one thing, that is, you must give Lilia a complete and warm family in the future, can you promise me!"

"Can, can, can!"Ye Fan's heart was scared, in fact, he didn't even know how he felt about Zhou Leya right now, suddenly being arranged so that Ye Fan had no way to adapt.

Moreover, in addition to Zhou Leya, outside he had Wang Kexin, Xiao Coco....

But these, Ye Fan could not say anything.

Zhou Fu nodded his head in satisfaction, his words changed, and he suddenly laughed: "All these years for the sake of Love Ya I didn't even remarry, and I didn't even dare to go out to look for a woman, just in case Love Ya knew it was sad.Now it's good, I'm finally free, I can find as many as I want, hahaha!"


Zhou Fu's words made Ye Fan not know how to take it, so the big brother also had such a scene ah, it really made him quite speechless.

But Ye Fan also admired Zhou Fu, giving up his own happiness just for his daughter, it was really great.

Although the other words Zhou Fu did not say much, but Ye Fan knows that if you are sorry Zhou Leya, then the end will not be too good ah.

After they finished chatting, Ye Fan didn't know how to open his mouth, so he thought of changing the subject by looking at the TV, at this moment, the auction had reached its end and started the last item to be auctioned.

Seeing the bidding item Ye Fan suddenly came to be interested, this time really interested.

Because it was an item that Ye Fan could understand, only a black token was placed on the stage, it was an ancient object at first glance, just like the general's order on the TV.But to Ye Fan's surprise, what was written on the token was not a general or a marshal, but a 'dragon', and on the back of the token was a dragon totem drawn, but both the totem and the words were a bit blurry.

"This token is pretty cool."Ye Fan praised.

The item was then about to be auctioned off, but the starting price of the item was even more surprising to Ye Fan, it started at five million.

Sasha explained, "This token has no documentary records, but the substance on it has been tested by experts, it has existed for more than two thousand years, it's an object from the Qin dynasty, and has good collection value."

"Qin Dynasty object, I'm sure Charles will like it."Ye Fan thought, and gave Charles a call.

Not only because Charles might like it, the point was that he had spent all the remaining tens of millions on the sixteen items he had just bid for, and only two million was in his account, which was not enough to bid for this token.

"Young Master, is there a problem?"Charles picked up the phone, the first sentence wasn't a greeting, instead it was because Ye Fan was in trouble, which made Ye Fan speechless.

Ye Fan nuzzled his mouth and said, "It's also considered trouble, I've spent all my money, can you give me some more money."

"Spent it all?That fast?Good sign."Charles chuckled, "Young Master you finally got the hang of it and know how to do things with money, I thought you'd still be so frugal, buying millions of broken cars and houses and such."


Ye Fan was speechless for a while, it turned out that a million luxury cars and a million houses were broken cars in Charles' heart ah.

"I did buy a million broken car, I didn't spend my money on myself, I was attending an underground auction and bought some things that I'm spending it on now.But the last auction item was a token, I looked very interested and wanted it."

Ye Fan explained.

Charles, however, was suddenly silent, and Ye Fan thought that Charles was unwilling, and became a little anxious, "What's wrong?No?"

"Young Master, can you describe what the token looks like?"Charles's voice was suddenly a bit quick, and even Ye Fan felt that Charles was a bit nervous.

It was the first time that Ye Fan saw Charles lose his temper, and suddenly felt bad, could it be that there was still some mystery in this token?


"This token is a bit marvelous to say the least, it looks like an ancient general's order, but it's not a general's order, it has a dragon written on the front and a dragon totem painted on the back, the host just said that it was unearthed during the Qin Dynasty, I thought you would like this kind of ancient object and wanted to buy it back for you."Ye Fan explained.

"Dragon....Dragon sign!"Charles spoke straight into a stutter this time, breathing extremely fast.

"Charles, are you okay, do you want to go to the hospital?"Ye Fan didn't hear Charles' words clearly, and thought that Charles was having a heart attack, after all, Charles was also old, and it was easy to have physical problems when excited.

Charles coughed a bit, took a few deep breaths, before stabilizing his mind: "young master, now is not the right time to say too much, I do not know if my phone is being monitored, anyway, is to make sure to take this item, the items you describe and the family has been looking for many years is very similar, rather shot wrong, can not let go, I will give you a billion, must be shot, not enough to give you again!Fight, young master cheer up!"

"What?A billion?I..."Before Evan could finish, Charles hung up the phone, apparently going to go call him money.

"What the hell is this?"Ye Fan's mentality couldn't be tensed, but it was surprising to have Charles lose his temper to such an extent, and the exit was one billion.Even a billion might not be enough?

Ye Fan's brain was confused for a moment.

Zhou Fu saw and heard only a few words from Ye Fan, and frowned, "What's wrong?"

"It's fine, my housekeeper is from England, and has always yearned for our country's culture, so he likes to collect ancient objects, and as soon as I said the token just now, he fell in love with it, so it seems that I'm bound to get it."Ye Fan didn't exactly tell the truth, after all, he had heard something related to the family.

So it was very likely that it was something big, not telling Zhou Fu was not intentionally hiding it, but he was worried about Zhou Fu getting involved in the incident. One second to remember to read the book

Although he hadn't entered the family, but Ye Fan knew from touching Wang Kexin that the family's methods weren't simple, and there was no telling how Zhou Fu might be silenced just by knowing some information.

Don't be afraid of the ten thousand, just in case.

As expected, Zhou Fu was also convinced of Ye Fan's words, after all, they were all the sons-in-law he had identified, so there was naturally no reason not to believe in Ye Fan.

"If it's inevitable, I suggest just using five million to make a move."Zhou Fu pondered for a moment and said.

Ye Fan, however, was somewhat puzzled, "Why? I've gotten it at double the price before, just five million, will it work?"

"This item doesn't look special, saying five million is just because of its age, but if you bid ten million, you'll definitely be assumed to know what other secrets are in it, and it will naturally be competed for by someone who is interested.So five million, a guaranteed auction price, or come more reasonable.Especially since you've shot every item before, and people have no doubts about you."

Zhou Fu said a big push in one breath, and Ye Fan also gradually double-eyed, indeed, what Zhou Fu said was reasonable.

Whirling around, Ye Fan called the reception lady in, so he called for five million, and sure enough, no one continued to call for the starting price, so Ye Fan got the item.

"Still, Uncle Zhou is powerful and came up with such a brilliant plan."Ye Fan couldn't help but give a thumbs up to Zhou Fu.

Just like what Zhou Fu had said, if you kept bidding high and there was competition, it might not have cost more.Money was one aspect, but more importantly, after getting the item, it would also be missed, and Ye Fan was still rather annoyed at this potential threat.

Being praised by Ye Fan, Zhou Fu couldn't help but reveal a cheerful laugh, getting up and patting Ye Fan's shoulder, "Stinker, you still have a lot to learn, I'm going to meet some of my old friends later, if you don't mind, you'll come along?"

Chow Fu's old friend, isn't that a big shot?

Ye Fan whispered in his heart, nodding his head and agreeing, "Go go go, of course I'll go."

He came here just to get in touch with the big brother, now there's a chance why not go.

"Lian Ya sent me a message saying she's going back first, little girls are just thin-skinned, after that you take her out for a good walk."After a glance at the phone, Zhou Fu got up and prepared to leave the room.

"Sure sure sure."Ye Fan accosted and after paying to get the token, he followed Zhou Fu and walked out.

As for the other auction items, Ye Fan directly called Chen Xiang to come upstairs to pick them up and send them to him to the presidential suite, anyway, they were all unimportant, and Ye Fan bought them just to demonstrate his financial strength to get closer to Zhou Fu.

Now have become a son-in-law, do not need these things.

As for the token, but Ye Fan did not have any bag, but directly in the inner chest pocket of the suit.

Although it is better to put it in the box, but Ye Fan is also afraid of people who have a mind to miss, in the bosom or more solid heart.

"Yo, isn't this Wu Yilong."When he left the room, Ye Fan saw Wu Yilong.

Wu Yilong was about to break into a curse, but after seeing Zhou Fu, he suddenly put back the swear words that came to his mouth and said with a sour smile, "Meet Uncle Zhou, how is Uncle Zhou doing?"

"Well, it's not bad."Zhou Fu nodded, so he bypassed Wu Yilong, as if he had thought of something, Zhou Fu stopped and turned his head, "By the way, Wu Jia boy, stay away from Lilia in the future, she's already with Xiaofan.Don't blame me if I find out that you're doing something behind my back!"

"I....Got it."Wu Yilong opened his mouth and finally gave in.

Ye Fan, on the other hand, made a ghost face, which made Wu Yilong's veins pop out in anger.

Ye Fan was right in Zhou Fu's dead corner, so Zhou Fu didn't see Ye Fan's expression, but when he saw Wu Yilong's expression, Zhou Fu suddenly snorted, "What, you're still not satisfied?"

"No no no, Uncle Zhou is wrong, I will stay away from Miss Zhou in the future, and I won't....Nor will I find trouble with Ye Fan."Wu Yilong said this with seemingly all his strength.

He was already ready to take care of Ye Fan, but now like this, he didn't dare to do it at all.It was like struggling to save up for a punch for a long time, but not allowing it to go out, almost suffocating him with internal injuries.

Zhou Fu snorted coldly and left without looking back, while Ye Fan followed Zhou Fu and left together.

Only after walking for a while did Zhou Fu turn around and knock Ye Fan's head, saying, "Don't make small moves, do you really think I can't see it.Don't look at Wu Yilong who seems to be obedient to me, but don't provoke him, his father is a building materials tycoon in Kaiyuan, his power doesn't have to be much smaller than mine, try not to provoke him in the future."

"District Kaiyuan's building materials tycoon, can he be worth more, one billion, or two billion?"Ye Fan fell somewhat indifferent and took out his phone, saying, "Uncle Zhou, look, my family just gave me some pocket money."

"You're still young, don't be so crazy, a little pocket money from your family is nothing, you have to rely on yourself in the future."Zhou Fu glared at Ye Fan with some hatred, but he still glanced at Ye Fan's receipt text message and suddenly stared at him, "So much!"


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