Lost Young Master 1-5


Chapter 1

"After this last delivery, I'll be able to save up enough money to buy a gift for Tina!"

In order to buy a new iPhone for his girlfriend, Bai Tingting, Ye Fan, who is still a sophomore in college, has been working part-time as a courier all summer.

After suffering for two months, it finally paid off, thinking about the expression on Bai Tingting's face after receiving the gift, he felt beautiful.


"Who is it?"

After ringing the doorbell of the recipient, a familiar voice suddenly came from the door, and then walked out a beautiful woman with messy hair and wearing pink suspenders, none other than Ye Fan's girlfriend, Bai Tingting.

"Tingting?Why are you here?"

Ye Fan was befuddled, this was obviously the White Birch neighborhood in the south of the city, an upscale neighborhood where rich people lived, why would the poor family Bai Tingting appear here?

Without waiting for Bai Tingting's reply, a short-haired man with a towel and naked body appeared from behind her, grabbed her thin waist, and spoke frivolously: "Tingting, why are you so slow to get a delivery?I was anxiously waiting."

Seeing the ambiguous actions of the two, Ye Fan was completely dumbfounded, he couldn't believe the scene in front of him and shivered, "Li Feng, you, how did you end up with Tingting?" One second to remember to read the book

It turned out that this man was his classmate, the famous rich second generation of Jiangbei University, Li Feng.

"I thought who is it, so it's you, a poor kid!"Li Feng smiled contemptuously, his eyes filled with contempt, his mouth cursed and said: "Deliver the courier and put it down quickly, don't delay me playing with Tingting, if you talk nonsense again watch out for my complaint against you, let you work for nothing this month!"


Ye Fan angrily slammed the delivery in his hands on the ground and stared at the side of Bai Tingting, who seemed to have used all his strength to speak, "Tingting, tell me what the hell is going on!"

"What's going on?"Bai Tingting looked disdainful: "Just you poor like, I've wanted to break up with you for a long time, after two years of dating, I can't even afford to buy a new iPhone, are you ashamed ah?"

"I....I'm trying to make money, aren't I."Ye Fan tried to argue.

"I've only been with Li Feng for two months, he bought me a mobile phone and a car and gave me tens of thousands of dollars in pocket money, compared to him, you're a loser!"Bai Tingting seemed more and more reasonable as she pointed at Ye Fan's nose and scolded, "Even if you deliver couriers all your life, you're still a poor kid!What do you feed me with?"

Ye Fan was completely startled, he never thought that his girlfriend who had been together for two years would say such humiliating words to him, was this still the same Bai Tingting who claimed to love her?

Li Feng, who was hugging Bai Tingting on the side, laughed at the sight: "Well said Tingting!Just you this kind of turtle, less mangy toad want to eat swan meat, quickly put down the delivery, give me a roll."

After saying that, he deliberately kissed Bai Tingting, his eyes filled with provocation and disdain.

Ye Fan was so furious that he clenched his fists to death, his nails seemed to be embedded in his flesh, and how much he wanted to smash over and give this rich second generation who had cuckolded him a good beating.

But when he thought of Li Feng's identity and background and the consequences of hitting someone, it was instantly like a pot of cold water was poured on Ye Fan's head, and with the last bit of courage, he asked, "Tingting, come with me, I forgive you this time."

"Forgive you!You deserve it too?"As if she had heard a big joke, Bai Tingting laughed back and forth, and the thick foundation on her face seemed to have fallen off.

Li Feng also laughed, picked up the courier, the door "bang" heavily closed, and finally threw a harsh words: "Hurry up and get out of here, if not, call the security guards to kill you!".

Hearing the wavy laughter of the dogs and men from the door, a disheartened Ye Fan slowly left the neighborhood, walking aimlessly on the sidewalk, his heart filled with bitterness: "Alas, if only I had money, Tingting wouldn't have been snatched away."

At this time, the sound of brakes squeaking came from the side, and a high-grade car with a particularly cool look steadily stopped in front of him, and even if Ye Fan didn't know anything about cars, he could tell that it was a luxury car worth at least several million dollars!

In confusion, a middle-aged foreign man dressed as a butler, yet full of nobility, came down from the car, his cold, steely face suddenly softened the moment he saw Ye Fan, and his fluent Mandarin was full of surprise: "Finally found you, Young Master Ye Fan!"

"Young Master?"Ye Fan looked confused and quickly waved his hand, explaining, "You've got the wrong person, sir, haven't you?I'm just an ordinary student, not some young master."

"Young Master, my name is Charles, and I am the King's gold medal steward.You were separated from your parents when you were a young child, and after that, Master and Lady never gave up looking for you.It wasn't until recently that they found a clue, look, I still have your picture here."Saying that, Charles took out his phone, and on the screen was exactly the picture of Ye Fan as a child.

"I can't believe I have parents..."Ye Fan was dumbfounded, then his eyes gradually turned red and he said angrily, "It took so long to find me, do you know how much I've suffered?I don't want such parents!"

Charles no longer said more, just took his phone and operated a few times, then Ye Fan's phone received a bank deposit text message.

"Dear user, your card number 4399 account arrived at 100,000,000 yuan."

"One, ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand....It's one hundred million!"

After carefully confirming it again and again, Ye Fan gulped down his saliva, his red eyes already streaming with hot tears.

Charles smiled faintly, "This money was called to you by the Master, since you're not the young master, then give it back to me!"

"No, no, no, that's my own father not running away!"Evan kissed the phone screen several times in excitement, "Charles, where's my dad now, I want to go find him!"

"Not for the time being."Charles shook his head and explained, "Young Master, I've already reported your current situation to the Master, and he doesn't think you have the ability to inherit the family business for the time being, so he needs me to train you for a while yet.When the time is right, I'll take you to the Master."

"Then....Okay."Ye Fan also knew that he couldn't do anything right now, and that he might disappoint his parents if he went, so he could only accept this decision.

Charles nodded his head in satisfaction and said, "Young Master, the Master's wealth is far beyond what you can imagine.A mere 100 million has already made you excited to this extent, it is difficult to become a great person.That's why I've already thought of the first task, set a small goal to spend the first 100 million in January!"

"What?100 million a month?"Ye Fan's brain was a bit of a downturn, in the past he had only spent a hundred dollars a day at most, or invited Bai Tingting to dinner.Now he was suddenly being asked to spend 100 million, that was simply something he wouldn't dream of!

But when he thought of the pair of dogs just now, Ye Fan had a lot of ideas.

Bai Tingting, aren't you a gold-worshipper?

Now that I'm rich too, I'll make you regret leaving me!


"Young Master, I will not interfere in your affairs in order to make you more independent,"Charles added.

Evan nodded and said, "Suit yourself then, I'll leave first."

Reaching out to stop a taxi, he headed straight to the Birch neighborhood.

Usually he was on foot for such a short distance, but now that he had the money, he was finally able to take a taxi without any worries.

Within two minutes, the taxi arrived at the White Birch neighborhood, and without waiting for him to get out, he saw a Porsche driving out of the neighborhood, and in the car was the dog couple, Li Feng and Bai Tingting!

"Come on, follow this car!"Ye Fan pointed at the Porsche.

The driver didn't start the car right away, as if reminding, "Young man, this car in front of us doesn't know how far to drive, we can't guarantee how much the fare will be."

Ye Fan didn't talk nonsense, and directly scanned the code to pay one hundred yuan, urging, "Not enough to add more, keep up!"

"All right!"

After the payment, the driver's indifferent face suddenly appeared smiling, a foot of the accelerator and rushed out. The first website m.kanshu8.net

It didn't take long for the Porsche to stop at the entrance of a private club, and after tossing the keys to the doorman, Li Feng and Bai Tingting entered the club.

Looking at Bai Tingting who was hugging Li Feng tightly, the anger in Ye Fan's heart added a few more points.

"Keep the change!"Evan said and rushed out, flying to the clubhouse.

"Thanks a lot little brother."The taxi driver beautifully watched Ye Fan leave.

As soon as he walked into the door of the clubhouse, an attendant with heavy makeup came over, and after looking up and down a few times, he saw that Ye Fan was dressed like a courier and didn't have a package in his hand, so he frowned and said, "Don't go through the front door when receiving couriers!"

"I'm here to spend money, not to pick up a package!"Ye Fan was a little upset, how come he only entered the door to be blown out.

The waiter was happy to hear this, with a mocking smile on his face, he said, "It's pretty hard to deliver a delivery, it's not easy to save two dollars, I'll let you go as soon as you can, this place is not something you can afford to spend."

"Don't you dog eyes look down on people, how do you know I can't afford to consume, today I'm still partial to consume here!"Ye Fan was indignant.

"Good intentions to let you go you still won't leave, I'll dog eyes to see how low people are."

The waiter directly spat and scolded, "You delivery guy, don't you know what place this is?This is the Gold Hill Private Club.A private club. Do you understand?The people who come here to spend money are rich, and a year of delivery for a turd like you wouldn't be enough to spend money here once!"

"Who are you calling a turd?!"Ye Fan was so angry that his veins were blue.

"What's going on?"

Just at this moment, a middle-aged man who looked like a manager came over.

The waiter hurriedly recounted what had just happened, adding to the jealousy, and the manager listened with a knitted brow, "Sir, please excuse me, this is indeed not a place where you can consume, this club has adopted a membership system, and the lowest VIP card needs to be topped up with 10,000."

"Huh?Ten thousand?A mere ten thousand, why should I not be able to spend it!"Saying no more, Ye Fan took a few steps to the front desk and looked at the price list of membership levels posted next to him.

Charge 10,000 to become silver VIP.

Recharge 50,000, become gold VIP

Charge 100,000 RMB to become Diamond VIP.

Charge 1,000,000 to become the Supreme VIP.

"One million?That's bullshit!"Now with a hundred million, Ye Fan inner stability as an old dog, decisively pulled out the phone on the front desk to scan the two-dimensional code.

Directly transferred a million over, and casually did the supreme VIP card, anyway, just add two extra zeros to the payment, it's no trouble!

"You're so poor, acting like a big tail wolf, you'll have security serve you well if you can't swipe out later!"The waiter laughed coldly, just waiting to see Ye Fan make a fool of himself.

A mere delivery turtle, still learning how to get a card from a rich man, he's out of his mind!

"Okay, done sweeping, am I a member here now?Is it just so you can spend your money here?"Ye Fan pointed his phone screen at the manager, his tone unquestionable.

After glancing at the screen, the manager opened his mouth so fiercely that he probably could have stuffed it with eggs, and his face, which was always calm and steady, was filled with shock and incredulity.

"Neng Neng Neng, a guest as distinguished as sir is naturally able to spend here!"The manager nodded repeatedly, and spoke a little shivered.

The side of the waiter but disdain: "Manager, it is just a district 10,000 yuan it, even if the payment success is not to let you so it, may be this turtle puffed up face to fill fat, the next few months living expenses are accounted for in this it."

"Can't you see the difference between ten thousand and one million?Never been to elementary school?"Ye Fan pointed his phone screen at the waiter and sneered.

"A hundred million, this, this is really a million, how can you have so much money?You're just a delivery turd!"The waiter let out a scream, his eyes were staring out.

"No way, you must have stolen this money, yes, other than stealing it, there's no way a turtle like you could have so much money, manager, call the police to catch the thief, don't let him get away ah!"


The manager slapped the waitress in the face and cursed, "Steal my ass, are you crazy?A guest as distinguished as sir, you don't serve him properly, but you still dare to slander him!"

The slapped waitress wowed and cried, wiping the blood coming out of the corner of her mouth, sobbing and not daring to speak.

The manager snorted, turned his head and flattered Ye Fan, "Sir, what do you think should be done about it?"

Ye Fan did not expect the manager to be so ruthless, but his sharp eyes saw one of the waiter's teeth being slapped away by the manager, and while his heart was tingling with joy, the cloud of anger also dissipated.

"You can watch it."Ye Fan was out of anger and couldn't think of any good ideas, so he simply let the manager handle it.

"Okay, then I'll see to it."The manager laughed a few times with the manager, then said coldly to the waiter, "You're fired, get out of here, don't dirty sir's eyes here!"

The waitress shuddered and covered her red and swollen half face, begging, "Manager, please don't fire me, I know it's wrong!"

The manager snorted, "You know you're wrong and you don't get out of here, it's generous of Mr. Mister not to be with you, if you don't know what you're doing, just wait until security throws you out!"

"I...."The waiter still wanted to plead with Ye Fan, but when he saw the cold mane under the manager's eyes, he got scared and left the clubhouse in a hurry.

After the manager glanced at the door, he flattered Ye Fan, "Sir, I guarantee that woman won't even appear in front of you in the future.As a supreme member, you can pick someone at will to be your exclusive manager, so I'll make a furtive offer, do you think I'm up to the task, sir?"

Ye Fan was satisfied with the manager's performance just now, so he said without thinking, "Okay, then you're it."

The manager looked excited and took out his mobile phone, "Sir, let's add a WeChat, my name is Wang Long, just call me Xiao Wang."

"Manager Wang, you're too polite, my name is Ye Fan, just call me Xiaofan."With that, Ye Fan exchanged WeChats with Wang Long.

"Sir, you are a supreme customer, how can I call you Xiaofan, I'll just call you Mr. Ye, what other services do you need?"Wang Long waved his hand evenly.

"Fine, I won't force it then, but the service will go first, there's a man and woman coming in ahead of me, take me to them."Ye Fan thought of that pair of dogs and men, he was furious.

Seeing that Ye Fan looked wrong, Wang Long didn't ask more questions and went straight to the front desk to easily find out, busy saying, "Mr. Ye, they are in box 206 Karaoke on the second floor."

"206?Then Manager Wang you are busy first, I'll go take a look."Ye Fan was a little too impatient to wait, so he took the elevator and headed straight to the second floor.

He wanted Bai Tingting to know right now what a wrong decision it was to leave him!


When he arrived at 206, Ye Fan directly broke into the door, he really couldn't wait, but what he didn't expect was that there were not only Li Feng and his two friends in the box, but also four youths who were drinking and playing.

One of them is a fat man who weighs over 200 pounds, who is known as Chen Qiang and is a famous second-generation rich man.

The other three, Ye Fan did not know, must be some rich dudes.

"Yo, the delivery has been delivered here, which of you bought something?"When Chen Qiang looked at Ye Fan dressed as a courier, he asked to the others in confusion.

Without waiting for the others to speak, Li Feng scoffed and scoffed, "I can't believe this poor kid has chased him here."

"What's the matter?"Chen Qiang's small eyes erupted with a brilliant light, he had smelled the story.

Li Feng took a sip of red wine and smiled, "It's nothing, didn't I just tell you guys that Tingting is my girlfriend who I just recently dated, and this poor guy is Tingting's ex-boyfriend."

"And this?"Chen Qiang turned his gaze to Bai Tingting.

A poorly dressed Bai Tingting, tipsy, said: "Brother Qiang, I was just blind to let this stinky grifter take advantage of it, and now I'm disgusted to think about it."

Saying that, she leaned on Li Feng's bosom, with an adoring face: "Which is like our Li Shao, not only young and promising, but also handsome and rich, this is the kind of man who deserves my Bai Tingting!" Remember the URL .kanshu8.net

"Just like your little mouth that talks like this."As Li Feng laughed, he kissed Bai Tingting's fragrant lips as if no one else was around.

Looking at the two of them being intimate in public, Ye Fan couldn't help but think of the old days, when he could only touch his little hand after buying a gift for Bai Tingting, where was this backstabbing scene.

Thinking of this, Ye Fan hated it so much that his teeth itched, "Bai Tingting, I never thought you would be such a woman, what do you like about him, his money, or his person?"

Bai Tingting snorted and mocked, "Does it matter to you what you like?Are you richer or more handsome than young Li?"

Pointing at the various red wines on the table, she disdained: "You delivery for a year can not afford to buy these red wines on the table, such as you poor boy, a lifetime is only worthy of drinking white water, find a rural woman, but also want to climb up to me, really funny!"

"Bai Tingting, I can't believe you've gone to this extent with your gold worship.To tell you the truth, now that I'm rich too, I'll give you one last chance!"Ye Fan sucked in his breath and said in a deep voice.

"Hahaha, giving me back my chance?How many broken bucks do you have."Bai Tingting laughed and looked at Ye Fan like a fool.

Li Feng also mocked, "Okay don't pretend, my shoes are dirty, come, lick them clean for me, I'll give you a thousand!"

"Huh?Why are you pretending for a thousand dollars?I'll give you ten thousand, lick my shoes clean, I just stepped in dog shit this morning."Saying that, Ye Fan stretched out his foot and stepped on the table in front of Li Feng.

"Kid, you're looking for death!"Li Feng slammed his cup on the ground and cursed, "Brothers, I have 30,000 yuan here, give me a beating, this money is who's!"

"Is this true?"Chen Qiang was a little surprised, never would he have expected Li Feng to be so generous with his money.

Although they were rumored to be second generation rich in school, their family fortune was just around ten million, a small amount was fine, thirty thousand was not a small amount for them.

"Hahaha!"Hearing Li Feng's words, Ye Fan burst out laughing.

Li Feng narrowed his eyes and said, "What are you laughing at, you'll have good luck later!"

"I'm laughing at you trying to beat me with 30,000, are you trying to get rid of a beggar."Ye Fan laughed disdainfully, then pulled out his phone and said, "Chen Qiang, if you slap Li Feng, I'll give you 50,000!In case you don't feel at ease, I'll transfer the money for the first slap to you."

Although Chen Qiang was confused, he still took out his phone and teased, "Brother, the bull isn't blowing like that ah, if you give the money I'll beat Li Feng right away, but if you can't get the money out, you can't blame the brothers for hitting you."

He and Li Feng were already wine and meat friends, besides, Li Feng's family background was just like that compared to his, fifty thousand a slap was worth more than this layer of wine and meat relationship, provided that Ye Fan was really rich.

"Gobble gobble."As if she had heard a big joke, Bai Tingting said to Chen Qiang, "Brother Qiang, this poor kid is just bragging, I know very well how much money he has, if he can come up with fifty thousand, I'll learn to bark like a dog and crawl out of here!"

Without waiting for her to finish her sentence, Chen Qiang's phone rang, "50,000 yuan in the payment account!"


The entire crowd sucked in a breath of cold air.

The doubts on Chen Qiang's face also completely dissipated, praising, "Brother, efficient!"

After giving a thumbs up to Ye Fan, Chen Qiang stepped in front of Li Feng and revealed a sardonic smile.

"What do you want?"Li Feng was a little afraid to shrink back, he and Chen Qiang are both rich second generation, daily do not pay attention to physical exercise, but also by the wine empty, but Chen Qiang has an innate advantage, is 190 body height and more than 200 pounds of weight.

Chen Qiang chuckled: "Li Shao, understand brother, take someone's money, for someone to avert disaster, offended ha!"

After saying that he didn't wait for Li Feng to explain, Chen Qiang slapped Li Feng's face.


Li Fengton let out a scream, and a tooth flew out in response.

"You!How dare you hit me!"Li Feng's eyes widened in anger, and he directly pounced back at Chen Qiang, about to strike.

When Ye Fan saw this, he said to the three people watching the show, "Brothers, you're also slapping 50,000 for taking action."

"What? You still have money?"

One of them was a little surprised, but when he turned back, he found that the other two had already joined the fray and were waving their arms and slapping Li Feng wide open!

"You bunch of animals, leave me a space so my brother can earn some too!"

The man cursed and immediately joined the slapping brigade as well.



"Pop, pop, pop!"

"It hurts like hell, ouch!"Being constantly slapped in the face by the heavy slap, Li Feng was confused and howled continuously.

Bai Tingting on the side also panicked and stayed on the spot, not knowing what to do.

Seeing Li Feng being slapped into a pig's head in less than a minute and losing several teeth, Ye Fan's heart was just soothed.

"Mr. Ye, what happened?"

The door opened, and it was Wang Long who came in, looking at the chaos, and was also shocked.

Ye Fan smiled hehely and said, "This man offered 30,000 for the others to beat me, so I raised the price, and the others turned against me."

"Raise the price?"Wang Long was not a fool, looking at these people who shot as if they had a grudge against their father, it must not be a small amount, busy asking, "Mr. Ye, what price did you offer?"

"No more, no less, fifty thousand for a slap."Ye Fan chuckled, fifty thousand was indeed not much for him now.

"What?Fifty thousand?"

After Wang Long shouted in shock, he couldn't care less about his image and rushed into the slapping army as well.

"Young masters, you've all earned a lot, let old brother earn some too!"

"Go away and play, I've only slapped you ten times."

"Cut it out, it's only ten slaps, I've slapped you fifteen times!"


Wang Long wanted to get in but couldn't, but Chen Qiang, who was tired of fighting, took the initiative to give up his position and gasped, "You stand here and fan me."

Wang Long was suddenly grateful, but when he went in he found that Li Feng had been fanned unconscious, his teeth almost all knocked out, not at all - a human being.

People were fainting, so what the hell!

Wang Long lost back behind Ye Fan, while the other people also came over to check out.

Ye Fan is not a detailed count of how many slaps, but a total - issued three million, combined with Li Feng's miserable appearance, it is probably not far behind.

Looking at the money received a few people, although each hand swelling, but can not hide the joy, Wang Long regretted just why not directly follow up.

But his afterglow saw Bai Tingting, who was trembling on the side, and his eyes lit up, excitedly saying, "Mr. Ye, does this chick use a fan?"

"Just her?"

Ye Fan had been completely disappointed in Bai Tingting, seeing her looking like she had lost her mind, he said with some disdain, "She's not worth fifty thousand, if you want to make a move, just slap three dollars, she's only worth a bottle of green tea money!"

"That's all, forget it."Wang Long was a little disappointed, and didn't even have the desire to do it - desire to do it. A second to remember to read the book

"Ye Shao, this place is a mess, let's move to a private room and play, brother's treat!"Chen Qiang, who earned the most money, proposed.

Ye Fan's heart was incomparably smooth at the moment, and there happened to be nothing going on, so he nodded his head and agreed, before leaving, he also spit on Li Feng who was lying on the ground moaning - "This time it's just interest, there's still something for you to see behind, we'll see."

After saying that, he left 206 amidst the bragging of the crowd.

But as soon as he left the room, Chen Qiang folded back into the room and said to Bai Tingting who was about to leave, "Just now, I can remember you saying that Ye Shao took out the money and you crawled out from here.Don't try to go back on your words and spill the water."

Saying that, Chen Qiang said to Ye Fan, "Ye Shao, to prevent her from being rascally, let's watch her climb out and have some fun, what do you think?"

Ye Fan knew that Chen Qiang had some concerns about his factor, so he said indifferently, "Bai Tingting dumped me in the first place, I've already given her a chance, but she doesn't know how to cherish it, and she has repeatedly been cheap and challenged my bottom line, and now we don't have any relationship!"

"It's okay it's okay, hehehe!"Chen Qiang smiled sardonicly and walked towards Bai Tingting.

Bai Tingting's face changed and grabbed Ye Fan's pant leg and begged, "Ye Fan, you can't be like this, please save me, I know it's wrong, I'm willing to return to your side."

Ye Fan looked at the woman who was kneeling in front of him and crying into tears, no longer could he see the appearance of the once goddess, so he pulled back his leg, "That request to crawl out just now was your own words, it's not something we forced you to do, words must be kept, but if you are shameless, there's nothing I can do."

"I'm already shameless, so I'm leaving."Bai Tingting accosted her and was about to leave.

But Chen Qiang stopped it with one hand and sneered, "It's the first time I've seen a woman as shameless as you, but even if Ye Shao let you go, we don't want to let you go, crawl out of here quickly, if you don't, you know the consequences when you return to school!"

Bai Tingting bit her lip and tried to resist, but thinking about her future situation at school, she slowly got down on the ground, apparently ready to crawl out.

"Don't forget to learn how to bark."Chen Qiang smiled and reminded a mouthful.


Seeing Bai Tingting leave the clubhouse with humiliation in her eyes, Ye Fan breathed a sigh of relief, his first love was finally a thing of the past at this moment.

"Let's go, go in and get drunk or not!"

Re-found a private room, Chen Qiang ordered a large pile of fruit plate drinks, with a red face tilted his head and then drank a glass of champagne.

A couple of rich kids bragged on Ye Fan, pouring all kinds of wine, making Ye float, sweeping away the sultriness of the morning, thinking it's good to be rich!

Just at this moment, his phone suddenly rang.

"Hello, is it Mr. Ye Fan, my name is Qian Duo Duo, an account manager at ICBC, as you have previously deposited a large amount of money, you need to go to the bank to confirm, after which you can enjoy ICBC's VIP treatment, do you have time now?"

Seeing that it was the official phone number of the ICBC, Ye Fan replied, "There's time now, I'll be there in a moment."

After hanging up the phone, he patted Chen Qiang's shoulder and said, "There's something to deal with over at the bank, you guys take your time, I'm leaving first."

It was actually him who had just gotten a little dizzy from a few rich kids and wanted to go out for some fresh air, which was the perfect opportunity to leave, hence why he decisively agreed to the bank manager's request.

"Okay, then you go ahead and get busy, just call us if you need anything WeChat."Chen Qiang waved his phone and continued to drink and sing with a few rich kids.

After being personally escorted out of the clubhouse by Wang Long, Ye Fan casually hailed a car and went to the industrial bank.

It was now at noon and the bank counter was about to close, so there weren't too many people.

But even if there were a lot of people, it had nothing to do with Ye Fan, the manager of the industrial bank had just told him to go straight to the VIP lane when he arrived, no need to queue or wait.

"It's good to be rich."Thinking of the past when he had to take a number and line up, Ye Fan's heart was beautiful.

When he entered the lobby of the ICBC, Ye Fan asked the security guard, "Brother security, which side of the VIP channel is it?"

After the security guard looked Ye Fan up and down and saw him dressed as a courier, he frowned and said, "Don't ask questions you shouldn't ask, honestly take the number and go to the queue, there's a number taking machine over there."

Saying that, he pointed to a machine in the hall.

"I don't need to line up, the manager here just called me and told me to go straight to the VIP lane."Ye Fan took out his phone somewhat proudly, the latest call record was the official phone number of the ICBC.

The security guard glanced at Ye Fan's phone and was a little impatient: "Go go go go, go play while, don't think you can muddle through with a call record, those who can go VIP are big customers, just you a courier, go is also humiliating yourself, quickly and honestly queue up!"

"How you people like this, despise delivery it, see how I call your manager, how to beat your tip!"Ye Fan was a little angry and dialed a cell phone number, which was the private number the manager had just left for him.

"Pretend, keep pretending."The security guard spat and sneered, "Want to pretend to be a big customer also at least have some appearance, you don't change a good outfit even, the phone is still less than a thousand pieces of rotten - goods, if you like this can go VIP, I call you grandfather!"

"Call me Grandpa?"Ye Fan was a little surprised, but still shook his head, "If I have a grandson like you, I'll have to suffer eight lifetimes of bad luck, I'd better forget it."

The security guard didn't think so, he was thinking that Ye Fan was a wimp, thinking of this, he couldn't help but laughing fiercely, "Pretend, you continue to pretend, aren't you able to walk VIP, so you're a wimp?OK, if you think calling grandpa won't work, let's change it, if you can walk VIP, I'll let you slap three times, if you can't walk VIP, let me slap three times, I dare you to take it!"

Looking at the security guard who acted like he was winning, Ye Fan was somewhat speechless, how come there was still someone who was actively looking for a fight now.At the same time, he was also a little angry, this security guard really treats him as a soft tomato, the tiger does not get angry, you think I am a sick cat?

"Pick it up!"


Ye Fan snorted coldly, after making the call, he asked the manager to quickly come to the lobby to pick him up.

The security guard's eyes turned and sneered, "You made the call too, but who knows if you're not faking it, if you don't come all the time, I can't keep waiting, let's limit it to ten minutes, if your so-called manager doesn't show up yet, then I'll be rude!"

As soon as the conversation ended, without waiting for Ye Fan to reply, a middle-aged man in a suit hurriedly ran into the hall and asked loudly, "May I ask which one is Mr. Ye?"

"Qian Qian....Manager Money?"

The security guard obviously knew the man, but if he normally appeared, he would at most say hello, but now he was betting with Ye Fan, although he didn't know Ye Fan's name, but eight-nine times out of ten, it was this teenager beside him, right.

"Don't ever be him, don't ever be him."The security guard prayed in his heart, hoping for a miracle to happen.

"I am!"The one who spoke was not Ye Fan, but a person who took a number in line.

Seeing this, the security guard almost sprang up and said excitedly, "I knew it wasn't this kid."

Saying that, the security guard grabbed Ye Fan's collar and smiled fiercely, "Kid, aren't you pretending, keep pretending, the one who manages the VIP access here is Manager Qian, although he is here, unfortunately it's not you who is looking for him, it's someone else, what else do you want to say now?"

"Cut me loose!"Ye Fan blushed with difficulty. The first website m.kanshu8.net

The security guard grabbed him by the collar, strangling him so much that his brain was too dizzy to use half his strength.

"Let go?Have you forgotten the bet you just made? Eat my three slaps first!"The security guard grunted coldly and reached out to slap Ye Fan.


Just then, the security guard only felt a sharp pain in his buttocks, and his body lunged out, along with Evan, who also fell on his heels.

"Which bastard kicked me?"The security guard turned his head to look furious as he got up from the ground, but when he saw the visitor, he smiled accusingly, "So it's Manager Qian."

"I kicked it, what happened?"Qian Duo frowned.

The security guard waved his hand repeatedly, compensating for the smile: "Nothing nothing nothing, recently just sore buttocks, the manager kicked a kick, but it is exceptionally comfortable, much stronger than those fart doctors in the hospital, is simply wonderful."

Qian Duo snorted, "Put away your set, honestly explain why you did it in front of the bank, do you know that as a security guard, you will greatly damage our bank's reputation by taking action against customers!"

"Manager Qian, I know I'm wrong, but this matter is not my fault, this kid insisted on going to the VIP channel, deliberately disrupting the order, but also said that a manager took the initiative to invite him, I thought our money manager is what kind of status, how would take the initiative to find this kind of turtle, a time but not angry and he bet, just now he lost the bet, I just want to slap him, this is also a deterrent to some curfew generation.Sort of killing the chicken as a warning to the monkey, otherwise if anyone comes to cause trouble, our bank's reputation will be completely finished."

Watching the security guard speak almost to tears, Ye Fan could not help but cursed in his heart, this guy really knows how to pretend, bad things to his mouth instead turned into a righteous good thing, it's a pity not to go as a lawyer.

Qian Duo also couldn't help but frown after hearing this, and said to Ye Fan, "Are you here to cause trouble?"

Ye Fan shook his head and said, "I'm not a troublemaker, I'm Ye Fan!"

"Are you Mr. Evans?"Qian Duo Duo suddenly let out a scream, he just called out Mr. Ye in the hall just now for personal privacy, so he didn't call out his full name, and if Ye Fan could answer so calmly, it was definitely him.

But after all, there were too many people with the same name, so to make sure he hadn't found the wrong person, he kept his eyes open and asked the person who had just struck up a conversation, "Sir, what's your name?"

"I'll night bright, dark night, tomorrow bright."The man replied honestly.

Hearing that, Qian Duo completely confirmed Ye Fan's identity and hurriedly helped Ye Fan up from the ground, carefully patting the dust on his pants, "Mr. Ye, it's my mistake at work, I'm really sorry."

Qian Duo Duo's heart was also a bit lucky at the moment, in fact he could have not asked about the security guard's action, but he knew that Ye Fan was in the hall, so he took the initiative to leave a good image for Ye Fan, but he didn't want to save precisely Ye Fan, it was really a good man with a good reward.

"You you you, are you really a VIP's big customer?"The security guard was already sweating like rain at the moment, his back was soaked through at some point.

"Mr. Ye, do you want me to teach him a lesson?"Qian Duo inquired to Ye Fan.

Just now the security guard's words, although adding oil and vinegar, but also told the general idea of the matter, in other words, if he did not arrive in time, Ye Fan really was beaten by the security guard, and the big customer with an income of 100 million, if he was beaten here, not to mention his job is not guaranteed, perhaps even dragged his family into the matter.

Thinking of this, Qian Duo also cold sweat, the more he looked at the security guard, the more unpleasant it was.

"Whether to teach him or not is a matter for your bank, I have no right to ask, but?..."At this point, Ye Fan's eyes flashed with a hint of ice as he continued, "The bet I made with him just now still counts, and I won, I'm definitely going to slap these three!"

The previous clubhouse attendant had only insulted him and didn't really hurt him, so he let Wang Lung handle it, but just now, this security guard had not only grabbed him by the collar, but had almost slapped him, which he absolutely couldn't tolerate!

"Weren't you just mad, and didn't you try to hit me?"

Ye Fan snorted coldly, then grabbed the security guard's collar, waved his hand and smacked the security guard's face with a slap.

The security guard's eyes flashed with anger, but he still smiled with a smile, "Mr. Ye, I know I was wrong, I'm willing to gamble and lose, I'm willing to accept the punishment, I hope that you are generous and don't implicate my family."

"I'm not you, not that small-minded, you lose mine, I'll just slap it, I won't find anyone else's trouble."Ye Fan was somewhat disdainful, he obviously saw the anger in the security guard's eyes, and thought that the security guard was going to resist, and had left his back hand ready to dodge, but he didn't want this guy to be so tolerant.

But able to endure, right, then you can endure for the rest of your life!

Ye Fan doesn't actively stir up trouble, but he's definitely not afraid of trouble when it comes to it!


Ye Fan slapped out two slaps in a row, almost with all his strength, and the effect was really good, directly slapping a few of the security guard's teeth.

Seeing Ye Fan stop, only then did Qian Duo stepped forward and said, "Mr. Ye, the bet is three slaps, but this security guard is so rude to you, a few more slaps will be fine."

Ye Fan shook his head and said, "That's enough, a bet is a bet, I slap if he loses, it's as simple as that."

Verbally, he actually wanted to slap a few more times in his heart, but his hand was a bit painful, and any more slaps wouldn't have the same effect as earlier, and he was quite satisfied with the few - slaps that slapped this guy all over the place just now.

Looking down at the security guard who was bleeding from the corner of his mouth, Ye Fan coldly snorted, "Don't look down on the dog's eyes from now on, think of the consequences before you do it!"

With that, he headed off to the VIP area with Chandos without looking back.


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