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However, Ye's brows were furrowed even deeper at this point.

    With a blank expression, he looked at the Sword Saint and asked in a deep voice, "So, when I told you to go to Jiangdong to contact that Ye Fan, you didn't go."

    "Instead, you sent the people below you?"

    When he said these words, Ye Qingtian was full of displeasure.

    In the beginning, he had personally come to the Martial God Temple for this matter, specifically instructing the Sword Sage and the others to not put on airs, not to be arrogant, and not to put on official airs, he must personally go there.

    However, Ye still didn't expect that they would take his instructions and take it all in stride.

    Sending someone to find Ye Fan and asking him to meet in Yanjing?

    What's this?

    It's a summons!

    From the very beginning, they had treated others as servants.

    It was still light that he hadn't come, but if the War God's temper were to prevail, he would have to kill them on Yan Mountain and teach them a lesson.

    Let them know what it is like to look down on others!

    But in the face of the War God's questioning, the Sword Saint didn't say anything, but the Champion snapped, "That's natural."

    "The Sword Saint and I command the Chinese Martial Dao, and we have our hands full with our days, so how can we have so much time to meet a little-known person."

    "We're not as leisurely as you, War God, who shakes hands and doesn't care about any martial affairs.We just know how to give orders behind the scenes."

    The Fist King laughed coldly.

    The tone of his voice was full of ridicule and squeeze

    Just now, they had happily told the War God that their son, Mo Wu Ya, was going to be given the title.

    However, who would have thought that this War God would be so unreasonable.

    He didn't even say a single word of congratulations, and as soon as he came up, he questioned them about a junior from Jiangdong.

    What did he mean?

    Did you come here to inquire about a crime?

    Do you really think you're the Emperor of China and treat us as your subjects?

    The Fist King was naturally displeased.

    However, as soon as the Boxing King's words fell, the War God's face went cold.


    "Boxer, are you having a problem with me?"

    "Still not convinced of me?"

    "What's the point of all this shade and yang bullshit here?"

    "If you have a problem with me, fine, let's go, let's fight at the top of Yan Mountain."

    "A martial artist should use martial arts to settle grudges!"

    "It's just as well, I, Ye Qingtian, have been so suffocated these years that I haven't exercised for a long time, so I'll take this opportunity to stretch my muscles and bones."

    Ye Qingtian's words were low and his face was indignant.

    The majestic might was only like waves sweeping, radiating out from the War God.

    In a split second, a wild wind swept.

    The majestic might swept across the four directions.

    Under Ye Qingtian's anger, Boxing King Mo Kuo Cheng fell silent, his face iron blue, no longer uttering a word.

    What is tyranny?

    That's domination!

    What is power?

    That's power!

    If you don't like it, let's go to Yanshan and fight.

    I'll beat you up!

    What the hell Pillar God General, what one of the three permanent directors of the Martial God Temple.

    Ye Qingtian doesn't care about this nonsense.

    If you piss me off, the Emperor will beat you down!

    The War God of the country, the world's number one powerhouse in Huaxia, should have the temper of the world's number one powerhouse!

    Even the normally majestic and unbelievable Champion Mo Kucheng was too shocked to say anything.

    But come to think of it, even if Ye had said that, what else could Mo Kucheng say?

    Are you really going to fight with Ye Qingtian at the summit of Yan Mountain?

    That's a death wish!

    Mo Liao Cheng was just as proud as he was, but this self-knowledge was still there.

    In Huaxia, in terms of strength and power, the God of War, Ye Qingtian, that had absolute dominance!

    Anyway, up to now, no one in the land of China had been able to challenge Ye Qingtian's position as the number one strongest man.

    Not the Sword Saint, not him, not him Fist King, not even more!

    Seeing that things were getting out of hand, the Sword Saint hurriedly mediated between them, "Hey?Brothers in arms, why is this still a fight?"

    "If you have something to say, just say it properly."

    "After decades of friendship, we're not going to fall out over a nameless junior, right?"

    The Sword Saint was busy advising.

    "Nameless junior?"

    The War God listened and laughed back.

    "Sword Sage, don't forget that we were also nameless before we became famous."

    "What you have lost in your arrogance and contempt at this point may be a peerless powerhouse who can rank in the top ten of the Heavenly Rankings!"


    "Top ten in the sky list?"

    "Old Ye, you're overstating things, no...It's not that exaggerated."

    Hearing the first dozen words of the Heavenly List, the Sword Saint's face changed.

    The Heavenly Ranking was the most authoritative list of strongmen issued worldwide by an organization that integrated martial arts powerhouses from various countries.

    There were a total of ninety-nine Zongshi and above strongmen recorded on it.

    But so far, there hadn't been an extinct strongman in Huaxia who could rank in the top ten of the Heavenly List.

    Even the War God Ye Qingtian was only ranked twelfth on it!

    In the top ten of the Heavenly Rankings, there was not a single person in the magnificent Huaxia.

    It was a pity, a pity for the entire Huaxia.

    From this, it could be seen how heavy the weight of a top ten ranking on the Heavenly List was.

    That's why, the Sword Saint was so out of sorts.


    "I'm telling you, it's not an exaggeration at all."

    "When I defeated the Moonwatching River back then, his Aozuki Jinkei did not achieve great success."

    "After that, as far as I know, he returned to the country of Japan and closed his doors for painstaking training, vowing never to leave the gate if his Aozuki Jinken Qi didn't become great."

    "So, this time, Moonwatching River crossed east to China and reemerged."

    "It's highly likely that his strength is much stronger than when he fought against me back then!"

    "But what's the result?"

    "Ye Fan still won."

    "And, he's only in his early twenties."

    "If everything I guessed is correct, this Ye Fan's potential is still several points higher than mine back then."

    "You know, when I lost the Moonwatching River back then, I was already over thirty."

    "And he, in his early twenties, is a young master that is hard to produce in a hundred years."

    "This son, if cultivated well, it's almost a sure thing that he'll be in the top ten of the Heavenly Ranking List someday."

    "But what about now?"

    "Just because of your arrogance, you are shutting out a possible future generation of strong men."

    "Strong people have the temper of strong people."

    "If you guys act like this, I'm afraid it will be difficult to invite him into the Martial God Hall in the future."

    "Sword Saint, what you guys did this time is really confusing!"


    The War God's angry and indignant words echoed unceasingly in the hall.

    The old face of the Sword Saint was pale, obviously also realizing, the severity of the situation.

    Perhaps, he really should have listened to the War God in the first place, and personally went to Jiangdong to get in touch with this young man called Ye Fan.


    "Top ten in the sky list?"

    "Stop it!"

    And then, the Champion laughed once again.

    "War God, you yourself have said that all of this is based on the assumption that the Moonwatching River Sword Technique is a great success."

    "To be frank, it's all just wishful fantasy on your part."

    "That Moonwatching River is already ancient and would have broken through long ago, at this age, how likely is it that he can further his cultivation?"

    "Alright, let's not talk about these empty things."

    "I know, at this time, you're saying these things, aren't you still thinking that my son Wuya, who doesn't deserve the title, isn't qualified to be this seventh pillar powerhouse, wants that Ye Fan, to be this seventh title master?"


In the Martial God Hall, the cold laughter of the Fist King echoed unceasingly.

    Ye was expressionless as he returned in a deep voice, "A young master who is able to defeat the third strongest person in the Sun Country and who may be able to ask for the top ten of the Heavenly Rankings in the future, isn't it right that he enters the Martial God Hall and is named the seventh Pillar God of Huaxia?"

    Yes, the boxing emperor guessed correctly.

    Ye Qingtian, did intend to recommend Ye Fan, to enter the Martial God Temple.

    Of course, all of this was based on the premise that Ye Fan really defeated Moonwatching River with his own strength that day in the battle of Dongchang Lake.

    This performance alone, Ye Fan was qualified to enter the Martial God Hall.

    As for the son of the Champion, Mo Wuya, he was born and raised in the Martial God Temple, and Ye knew about Mo Wuya's strength naturally.

    He admitted that Mo Wu Ya's talent was good.

    But the current Mo Wuya was still almost a fire away from the realm of a title master.

    So, out of civility, of course, Ye Qingtian favored Ye Fan, who had more potential, over Mo Wu Ya.


    "When did it become possible to be the title master of our Sahara just by relying on the words guess and possible?"

    "War God, I still say the same thing, all of your judgments nowadays are just speculations."

    "You want to promote that Jiangdong junior Ye Fan to the Martial God Hall, fine, as long as he defeats my son Wuyou, I, Mo Guocheng, will have no second thoughts and will approve your suggestion with both hands."

    "But before that, it's useless for you to pull any more."

    "A nameless junior is a nameless junior, until he defeats my son Wuya, that Ye Fan, is in no way qualified to be crowned as a title master, much less qualified, to become the seventh pillar of my Huaxia!"

    The words were resounding, only like gold and stone falling to the ground, echoing in all directions.

    The boxing king's words were cut and thrown.

    He was not confident that he could defeat Ye Qingtian.

    But he had absolute confidence that his own son, Mo Wu Ya, would be able to defeat that nameless junior, Ye Fan!

    However, just as the Champion's words fell.


    Outside, a muffled sound suddenly sounded.

    It was as if helicopters were flying over.

    The dull roar, only like the roar of a wild beast, echoed throughout the summit of Yan Mountain.


    "What's going on?"

    "What happened?"

    The Sword Saint and the others frowned and drank in a deep voice.

    Very soon, outside the main hall, someone ran in with a flurry of fire.

    Perhaps it was because he was too terrified, but after entering the main hall, this person actually knelt straight down.

    "Boxer, Sword Saint, no...It's not good."

    "Mo...Young Master Mo he, he..."

    This person was trembling all over, and halfway through his words, he had sobbed.

    Hearing this, Boxing King Mo Kuo Cheng was suddenly nonchalant.

    With a bad feeling in his heart, he then walked up and drank, "Say, what's going on?"

    "What's wrong with my son, Endless him?"

    Mo Guocheng roared harshly in a low voice, his heart racing.

    The subordinate was forced to endure his trepidation and finally spoke up, "Young Master Mo,...He...He's been crippled!"


    "That's impossible?"

    "You must be talking nonsense!"

    "My son, Endless, has the strength of a title clan."

    "And the only son of my Fist King."

    "In this world, who dares to cripple him?"

    "And who can disable him?"

    "It must be you who's talking nonsense, you punk!"


    At first, Mo Lone City didn't believe in it at all, shaking his head and roaring low incessantly.

    And then, Mo Wuyou's corpse was carried in.

    He was covered in blood, his limbs hanging helplessly.

    He was dying, as if he was an old man on the verge of death.

    That appearance, as miserable as it was going to be, was not human at all.

    If it wasn't for the fact that the heartbeat was still there, it was unlikely that anyone would think that he was still alive.

    The moment he saw the corpse, Fist Emperor Mo Lone City only felt a rumble in his head, like a thunderbolt from the clear sky, directly splitting him in place.

    At that time, one of Mo Kusheng's old eyes turned red, and he ran over like crazy, hugging his son, tears running across his old eyes.


    "Wake up, Endless, wake up!"

    "Don't scare father, don't scare father~"



    "Who is it?"

    "Is that beast the one who dared to cripple the son of my Champion?"

    "If I don't get my revenge, I'll be a father in vain!"

    "I'll bruise him, bruise him, bruise him~"


    At the summit of Yan Mountain, the sad and grief-stricken voice of the Champion echoed for a long time.

    In the hall, he was holding a bloodied Mo Wu Ya in his arms, old tears streaming down his face.

    A few minutes ago, the Champion Mo Lusheng was imagining the future glory of a double title, imagining the scenery and glory of his son when he was crowned on the top of the Martial Dao on the fifth of May.

    He was even just hollering to the War God that his son, Mo Wuya, was so powerful that he deserved to be a master of the Martial God Hall.

    However, who would have thought that immediately afterwards, his son would be carried in with broken limbs.

    It was like a slap on Mo Guocheng's face.

    His eyes were filled with hatred, and his heart was even closer to dripping blood ah.


    "Who the hell is it that ruined my son?"

    In the Martial God Hall, the Champion was still roaring miserably.

    But no one responded.

    At the summit of Yan Mountain, only the noise of the wind remained, chilling the bones.



    The scene that happened in the Martial God Hall was unknown to Ye Fan, who was far away in the Sun Country.

    However, even if he knew, it was unlikely that Ye Fan would care.

    After all, Mo Wu Ya was to blame for such an ending, there was nothing to sympathize with.

    Martial strife was inherently so cruel.

    If Ye Fan was the one who lost instead of Mo Wu Ya, Ye Fan's fate would have been even more miserable.

    At this time, Ye Fan had returned to the hotel.

    Preparing to rest for the night, he would leave tomorrow to return to Huaxia.

    At the same time, within the Sword God Palace, Rangong Yingyue was under house arrest.

    Twenty-four hours under guard and surveillance.

    Even the second strongest man in the Japanese Kingdom, Susa Mingzun, personally went over to check on Rangongong Ying Yue's neck injury.

    Fortunately, this ninny hadn't stabbed the carotid artery earlier, or else even the gods wouldn't have been able to save her.

    It was already evening, and Suzaku Mingzun pushed open the door to his room and brought dinner to Ryouga Ying Yue.

    "Have something to eat."

    "You still have seven days."

    "In seven days, the Divine Awakening Ceremony will take place on top of Mount Fuji."

    "At that time, there will be no more Ryoumiya Reflecting Moon in this world."

    A faint voice sounded.

    But Ryouga Reflecting Moon didn't care and only asked softly.

    "You're here?"

    "Did you deliver what I asked you to deliver to my master?"

    Rangong Ying Yue stood by the window, her back to him.

    The fresh breeze lifted her green silk, dazzling the sunlight, making it impossible to see her appearance.

    It was as if dark clouds were covering the sky.

    What there was on the desperately beautiful face, was only a grayness.


    "I've arranged for someone to send it over."

    "It's almost time for that,"Suzaku Naruto whispered back.

    "Okay, thanks, you're out."

    Without any more words, after the question, Ryouga Etsu stopped talking.

    Alone at the window, her godless gaze looked out the window like that.

    Looking towards, the street that she had once walked with Ye Fan.

    In the distance, the Clear Sky Tower towered above the clouds.

    The air is filled with the fragrance of cherry blossoms.

    In the ears, vaguely hear the roadside couples clinging to each other, occasional love words.

    Suddenly, tears gushed out uncontrollably, Rangong Yingyue could no longer hide the wretchedness and sadness in her heart, burying her head and bawling.


"Master, Moon really wants to see another cherry blossom with you, a movie, and the sky tree high into the sky."

    "But, it's impossible~"

    "Never again~"


    Before the room, the young girl huddled there, her pretty face buried into her knees, bawling.

    Tears were falling like rain, sad like a helpless child.

    The first thing I want to do is to be with my master all the time, to watch the spring and summer breeze with him, the autumn leaves and winter snow with him, the blossoming of the trees when it's sunny, and the ripples of the lake when it rains.

    The sunshine swept the romance of the city, to taste the breeze through the beautiful fingertips.

    However, it was too late, it was all too late.

    She had no chance.

    After seven days, there would be no more Rangong Ying Yue in this world of people, only the Moon Reading God who stood at the top of the world.

    At that time, it was likely that everyone would forget that a girl named Rangong Ying Yue had ever existed in this world.


    Outside the window, the spring breeze was gentle and the sunlight was still beautiful.

    But in the room, only the sound of weeping filled the room, and the intense sadness swept through the world like a tidal wave.



    That same night, the Sword God Palace and the Three Gods Pavilion jointly released a message.

    Seven days from now, on the first day of May, on the summit of Mount Fuji, a "divine awakening" ceremony will be held to welcome the Moon God back to life.

    "All who belong to the kingdom of the sun are the subjects of the moon god."

    "All who are within the reach of the moon are subjects of the Holy Spirit."

    "At that time, strong martial artists from all cities must hurry to Winter Capital and gather on top of Mount Fuji."

    "With the most devout heart and the most reverent posture, kneel to welcome the return of the Moon God!"

    This news, upon its release, swept across the Sun Country like a twelve-stage gale.It could be said that it instantly stirred the entire martial world of the Sun Country.

    The country of Japan, Kyoto.

    The Toyotomi family, as a martial arts family with a hundred-year heritage, had a high prestige in the land of Kyoto.

    That night, several highly respected seniors in the martial arts world in the city of Kyoto rushed to the Toyotomi Family's manor overnight.

    "Master Toyotomi Family, have you heard?"

    "Something big has happened, our Japanese martial art, something big has happened."

    As soon as the Toyotomi family's master appeared, those people surrounded him, saying even more excitedly.

    "A big event?"

    "What other big deal could it be?"

    "Is it hard to believe that Patriarch Snow Shine, is out of the gate?"

    The middle-aged man, however, did not care in the slightest, sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, sipping his tea as he calmly spoke.

    As the martial arts leader of Kyoto City, the top ten people in the power rankings of the Japanese Kingdom, it was only the matter of the number one strongest person in the Japanese Kingdom, Patriarch Snow Shine, which was considered a major event worth paying attention to for him.

    As for some other trivial matters, he didn't even bother to pay attention to them.


    "Toyotomi Family, don't you know about it?"

    "Just now, the two departments of the Sword God Palace and the Three Gods Court jointly issued a notice that in seven days' time, a divine awakening ceremony will be held at the summit of Mount Fuji!"

    "Welcome, Moon Reading God, back from the dead!"


    The teacup in the middle-aged man's hand fell to pieces in response to the crowd's words.

    His entire person, who was also no longer able to remain calm, swished and sprang up from the sofa.

    His pupils crumpled, and he looked at the crowd with a horrified face.

    "You...What did you say?"

    "The top of Mount Fuji, the Divine Awakening Ceremony?"

    "Moon...The Moon reads the gods, re...Rebirth?"

    "Is this fucking true?"

    This middle-aged man peed right then and there, and his heart was excited and trembling.

    The summit of Mount Fuji was the highest mountain in the Sun Country.

    Only the strongest person in the Sun Country could hold the God Sealing Ceremony here.

    Now the Moon Reading God, reappeared in the world, and at the summit of Mount Fuji for the divine awakening ceremony.

    There was no doubt that their Japanese martial art, the new leader, was about to be born.


    "Inform down, all the martial powerhouses in our Kyoto City, seven days from now, will follow me to the summit of Mount Fuji and kneel to welcome the Moon Reading Heavenly God!"

    The words of excitement and reverence were hurled and echoed in all directions.

    Similar scenes appeared all over the Sun Country.

    Martial artists everywhere were trembling and excited.

    Some, even drove to Winter Capital that night, booked a hotel, and guarded Mount Fuji in advance.

    Moreover, not only the country of Japan, even an online martial artist forum appeared with a related post.

    "Stunning news, on the first of May, on the first day of May, the Sun Country's Heavenly God Moon Reading, after a thousand years, is reborn in a bath of fire!"

    As soon as this posting appeared, it was like a nuclear explosion, and the entire martial world, boiled over.


    "A moon reading god?"

    "Could it be that it's the guardian goddess of the mythology of the Sun Kingdom, the Moon Goddess?"


    "How strong does that have to be?"

    "Guess the martial arts, it's already in the realm of the gods, right?"


    "God Realm?"

    "What is the Divine Realm?"

    "Is there a realm above the title master?"

    On the martial arts forum, users from all walks of life undoubtedly exploded, competing to talk about the matter of the Sun Country's Moon Reading Heavenly God.

    Among them, some even spoke out of the blue about the existence of the "God Realm".

    "Martial dao cultivation, from initiation, to innate nature, to the realm of gods, to the realm of divinity, to the realm of transformation, until one opens a sect and becomes a master."

    "These realms, my generation of martial artists know all about them."

    "It has always been thought that the top of the martial dao is the title of the title clan master."

    "But is it true that there are no stronger realms above the title?"

    "Of course not!"

    "There was a record in the ancient texts."

    "In the land of the east, there is a rainbow out like a dragon."

    "Stepping on the heavens, a void across the sky, flying across the sea, transcendent."

    "It will be the realm of the gods!"

    "This is the earliest record of the divine realm in an ancient martial dao book."

    "I thought that I would only be able to read about it in books in my lifetime."

    "Now I didn't even think that there was actually a divine realm that had appeared?"


    In the forum, all sorts of posts sprang up like rain in an instant.

    Without exception, they were all about the discussion of the Sun Country's Heavenly God, Moon Read.

    It was estimated that Rangong Ying Yue had never thought that she, who was once so small and insignificant, would one day cause a huge uproar throughout the entire world .

    Huaxia, the Martial God Hall.

    In the great hall, the War God, Sword God, and Fist Emperor were all present.

    However, compared to before, there was one more person in the hall at this time, and that was the Hao Tian Clan who had been in closed-door cultivation, Tang Hao!

    Compared to the Sword Saint and the others, Tang Hao was unkempt, with messy hair and beard, and his entire person was slightly sloppy.

    However, anyone who knew Tang Hao would never underestimate him in any way because of his appearance.

    On the contrary, the more this kind of appearance, the more terrifying it tended to be.

    Yes, Tang Hao's strength was among the top three, if not the top two, of the six pillar countries.

    In terms of strength, the two of them, the Sword Saint and the Fist King, were below them.

    Among the four people present, it was only Ye Qingtian, who could steadily overpower him.

    "I didn't expect that the Moon Reading Heavenly God, is still alive?"

    "You guys are saying that his strength has really entered the divine realm, isn't it?"In the palace, the low voice of the Sword Saint echoed, anger slightly subdued.

    The country of Japan and Huaxia were neighboring countries.

    Nowadays, if a God Realm powerhouse appeared among the neighboring countries, then the regional martial dao balance would undoubtedly be broken.

    This would definitely threaten, the leadership position of Huaxia's martial dao in East Asia.


Therefore, after learning that the Sun Country Moon Reading God was about to reappear in the world, the Sword Saint and the others were naturally extremely solemn.

    However, the War God shook his head.

    "In today's world, the most powerful person recognized is only the number one in the Heavenly Ranking and also the realm of the title clan."

    "As for the divine realm, whether or not human resources can reach it is still under theoretical verification."

    "It's only a few strokes that have been recorded in the ancient texts."

    "From this, we can see how ethereal the divine Realm is."

    "Therefore, I feel that the likelihood of this Sun Country Moon Reading God reaching the God Realm is extremely low."

    Ye Qingtian secretly guessed and said in a deep voice.

    Only after hearing this did the Sword Saint and the others let out a sigh of relief.

    "That's good!"

    "Otherwise, if the Sun Country really produces a God Realm powerhouse, our Huaxia's martial security will be seriously threatened."

    This was a matter of national security, and could not allow the Sword Saint and the others to not take it seriously.

    One had to know, how powerful were the God Realm's strongest people?

    Going up to the heavens and disappearing from the earth, it was feared that this was already infinitely close to the existence of an immortal.

    In other words, the existence of a divine realm powerhouse was equivalent to a nuclear weapon in the mundane world.

    So far, only nuclear weapons could deal with nuclear weapons.

    In other words, if the Moon Reading Strongman really reached the Divine Realm, their six Pillar States combined would probably be hard to match.

    Unless, a Divine Realm strongman also appeared in Huaxia to counteract it, Huaxia's martial security would be under constant threat.

    This was naturally unacceptable to Sword Saint, the martial dao leader of Huaxia.

    But fortunately, Ye Qingtian's words allowed their terrified hearts to be quiet for a moment.

    "Since it's not the Divine Realm, then fear them for fuck's sake!"

    "Kenshin, don't stop me."

    "My son was ruined in the Japanese Kingdom, and I must go to the Japanese Kingdom and make them give an account!"

    The boxer's eyebrows were red and he clenched his palms.

    The majestic words were full of majestic anger contained within them.

    Mo Wu Ya's injuries, they had already seen them.

    Both arms were broken and all four limbs were useless!

    The cruelty of the other side's actions was outrageous.

    The Boxing King had such a son like Mo Wu Ya, and all this time, he had never been willing to beat and scold him once.

    But now, the son that he loved the most was beaten like a dead dog.

    How could the Fist Emperor, who had always protected his calves, possibly endure it.

    If the Sword Saint and the others hadn't been stopping him, the Boxing Emperor would probably have already killed the Sun Country by this time."Solitary City, don't be impulsive, stay calm!"

    "Everything is still unclear right now."

    "It's still unknown whether or not Wuya was injured by someone from the Japanese martial arts."

    "It's better not to be impulsive until we investigate it."

    "Don't worry, once we ascertain that Wuya was injured by someone from the Martial Dao of the Sun Country, at that time, the six pillars of our Martial Temple will all travel to the Sun Country to seek justice for Wuya."

    "How can the prince of our Huaxia Martial Dao allow others to bully him?"

    The Sword Saint was worthy of being the Martial Hall's Hall Master, old and well thought out.

    In just a few short words, not only did he pacify Mo Lone City, but he also made the Boxing King feel very moved.


    "Sword Saint, I'll listen to you."

    "However, it's agreed that once it's ascertained that it's related to the Sun Country, I will definitely go to the Sun Country myself then to seek justice, and no one can stop me."

    The low, deep voice echoed in the palace for a long time.

    The Martial God Hall then sent its eyes to the Sun Country to begin investigating Mo Wu Ya's matter.

    Of course, it also incidentally pried into the matter regarding the Moon Reading Heavenly God.

    While the Martial World was boiling with noise, Ye Fan, who had just returned to the hotel, naturally did not know.

    It was now evening, and the sun was setting in the west.

    The afterglow of the setting sun dyed the entire world red.

    The hustle and bustle of the day's Winter Capital finally ushered in a moment of pause.

    On the road, there were often people coming and going home from work.

    Women rush home to cook, men meet up to find a restaurant to rub a meal.

    The children, who were off school, were playing and running home.

    In the evening, the city seems even more crowded.

    Thousands of cars are blocking the road, the screeching of sirens can't stop thinking about it.

    The whole world is noisy, as if boiling water.

    At this time Ye Fan, has returned to the hotel to stay.

    He had already had his plane ticket booked and would be returning tomorrow.But tonight, he still had to spend his last night here.

    On the table, there was still the milk that Rangong Yingyue hadn't finished when they left in the morning.

    On the couch, there was still the long dress that the young girl had changed into.

    When Ye Fan sat down, he could even smell, the body fragrance that remained on the moon.

    It's a strange thing to be a human being, but for some reason, the room is so much emptier than when you arrived.

    He could no longer see the blushing, pretty face and hear the bony voice of "Master".

    The feeling was as if he had lost an important person.

    Thinking of this, Ye Fan also shook his head slightly lost.

    In the future, he reckoned that he would never meet a girl like Yue'er again.

    So kind, so kind, so honest, and so stunningly beautiful.

    However, just as Ye Fan was losing his mind, the door of the room was suddenly knocked open.

    A waiter walked in.

    "Hello, sir."

    "This is something that someone asked me to give you, please accept it."

    The waiter put it down and left as well.

    Ye Fan opened the exquisite gift box and found that inside, there was a piece of red rope.

    "This...This is..."


    The first time he saw it, Ye Fan recognized that it was the one on Rangong Ying Yue's wrist.

    In these few days of morning and evening, Ye Fan naturally knew what ornaments Rangong Ying Yue had on her body.

    Especially this string of red rope, Ye Fan even asked her before, other women wear gold and silver, why she only wears a string of red rope.

    Ye Fan remembered that at that time, Rangong Ying Yue didn't answer, just looked at Ye Fan and smiled idiotically.

    The pretty face showed a blush like wine dizziness.

    But I didn't expect that now that he was leaving, Moon had sent this string of red rope to him.

    "Guess, it's to leave me a souvenir."

    Ye Fan laughed lightly and didn't think much of it.

    And then he began to pack his things and was ready to leave tomorrow morning.

    As for Rangong Ying Yue, it wasn't that Ye Fan was desperate and disregarded her.In fact, Ye Fan also quite sympathize with her, this is a fragrant age, but it will wither away.

    Such a kind and beautiful girl, her life has just begun, but it's about to end.

    But what can sympathy do?

    Ye Fan couldn't save her after all.

    After all, that soul seal had been planted in Rangong Ying Yue's body for ten years.

    Under this subtle influence, it was feared that the soul of that Moon Reading God had already taken root and fused within Rangong Ying Yue's body.

    Ye Fan was not an immortal, and he could still try to heal the physical injuries, but something that went deep into the soul, Ye Fan was powerless even if he had the heart to do so.

    What's more, under the Sword God Palace, Moon herself had chosen to stay.

    She eventually chose that path of no return, and Ye Fan had how could she go against her will.


When he thought of this, Ye Fan shook his head and didn't think about it anymore.

    He and Rangong Ying Yue were just a chance encounter after all.

    Once they parted today, it would probably be forever.

    There was no need to spend too much time on this matter.

    However, just as Ye Fan was clearing the table, he suddenly noticed that there was a notebook on the table.

    The pink book-covered package was full of girlishness, with cute cartoon drawings printed on it.

    "Guess, it's left by that Niko."

    Ye Fan shook his head and laughed lightly, while he also casually flipped through it.


    April 15th, Yin.

    The first day with the master, starting to travel to the country of Japan, but unfortunately, the heavens were not beautiful.

    However, the owner is really nice to Miss Aki, and she treasures everything she buys like a treasure.

    I'm so jealous of her.

    How great would it be if in the future, I could also meet, a young man like my master.

    It's just that I'm afraid there won't be a chance~


    April 16, sunny.


    It must be dangerous if you take your master to the Sword Shrine.

    Sensei and the others must have ambushed a lot of strong people to do harm to master.

    Should I tell Master?

    But if you do, you'll be betraying your teacher.


    So irritating.

    Regardless, let's drag the owner on a tour first and try to drag it backwards.


    So much fun today.

    Turns out Winter King is so much fun.

    Why didn't I feel it before?

    Is it because of the company of the owner?

    Oh, I don't want to think about it. Let's think about where we're going this afternoon.

    Oh yeah, going to see the cherry blossoms, then the sky tree and the ocean.And then go to the movies at night.

    What would it be like to stand closest to the sky with the owner?

    It must be so happy.

    It must feel like there are no more regrets in life, right?

    So looking forward to it.

    Also, today my master asked me why I'm wearing a red string on my hand.

    It's actually called the Three Lives rope.

    Mom said that this rope is to be given to the person you like in the future, which means it is destined for three lifetimes.

    But mom, it seems like I've met the young man that Tsukiko would do anything for.


    April 17, Sunny.

    Tomorrow we're going to the Sword Shrine, the time to part, is it finally time?

    I really wanted time to be eternal at this moment, so that the moon would be able to stay with her master forever.

    Unfortunately, it's just an extravagant wish after all.

    Today my master asked me if I wanted to spend another day with him.

    At that moment, how much I wanted to nod my head, but I knew I couldn't.

    I'm just an insignificant little person, a person who is not long for this world, how can I let my master delay for so long because of me.

    However, it's really a shame that those plans, after all, couldn't be completed.


    Master, you know what?

    From a very young age, I imagined, with the teenager I loved, going to see sunsets, climbing snowy mountains, going to the movies, climbing sky trees, standing closest to the sky, and experiencing all the beauty."

    I had thought that for me, these were all unattainable luxuries.

    But until, the Master came along and showed me that these wishes of mine were also achievable.

    It's just that I'm afraid that those unfinished plans will never be fulfilled again.


    In another hour, it will be dawn.

    Everything, is it about to end?

    But Master, Moon really doesn't want to go, doesn't want to leave you.

    I still have so many things to do with Master.

    To go to the movies, to climb the sky tree, to see the sea...


    There were many more after that, and Ye Fan looked at them bit by bit, but when he saw the end, he found that the words were blurred, as if they had been washed away by tears.

    At that moment, Ye Fan seemed to see the way that night when the moon wept with tears and wrote her diary in tears.

    It was only now that Ye Fan understood that this sensible girl had so much hidden in her heart.

    She obviously could have told Ye Fan, she obviously could have asked Ye Fan to stay with her for a few more days.

    But she didn't, instead, with a heart full of regret, she accompanied Ye Fan to the Sword God Palace.

    She didn't want to delay Ye Fan's time.

    She also knew that Ye Fan wasn't obligated to accompany her.

    She was just a servant of Ye Fan, an insignificant little girl that no one cared about, a dying person whose life was coming to an end.

    But even so, she still tries to be good to Ye Fan, to do something for him.

    She doesn't know how to cook, so she tries to heat milk for Evan.

    He didn't wash his clothes, but secretly took Ye Fan's soiled clothes to wash on nights when Ye Fan was asleep.

    She was born in the country of Japan and was taught by the Sword God, but she risked the world by giving Ye Fan the eight-foot Qiong hooked jade, despite her position.

    She is obviously a coward, but in order to protect Ye Fan, she is willing to risk her own life to force Susa Mingzun to give up hunting Ye Fan and force them to swear an oath to let Ye Fan return home in peace.

    There were many things that Ye Fan didn't know, but Rangong Ying Yue didn't care.

    If you like someone, there was no intention to return the favor.

    It only wanted to stay with him silently and give, regardless of everything, to be good to him.

    As long as her master, could be good, that would be enough.

    Outside, the night was thick and the wind was quiet.

    In the room, however, Ye Fan was startled in place.

    The note was lying there quietly, and the three life rope in Ye Fan's hand was swaying in the wind.

    When one encounters this world, fate determines three lives.

    At a certain moment, somewhere within Ye Fan's heart, it was as if it cracked open and sour water flowed out.

    He lifted his head and looked around.

    It seemed to see, again, a clumsy girl, carrying warm milk, walking in.In the most touching voice, she kept shouting for her master.


    "Master, I'm sorry, I'm sorry~"

    "Luna really didn't mean it."In front of the couch, with a heart full of apologies, she wiped the milk scale for Evan.


    "Master, look at that dolphin, it's so cute~"

    "I've heard that your Warsaw pandas are especially cute too, how about we go see them together in the future?"


    "I can't, I'm too tired master."

    "Let's rest and go to Asakusa Temple later~"


    "Did you know, Master?"

    "Cherry blossoms are a symbol of love oh."

    "It's the happiest thing in life to see cherry blossoms with the person you like, right?"


    The past was like a tidal wave, a calendar, a scene, like an old slide show that kept surfacing in front of Ye Fan.

    Everything was both so real and so unreal.

    It was as if the girl called Ranggong Ying Yue was right in front of him, and hadn't left for a moment.

    The enchanting face, the delicate body, the silver bell-like laughter, and even her gestures were all like the most beautiful gifts in the human world.


    Suddenly, a cold wind blew in from outside the window.

    Ye Fan's body, shivered abruptly.

    When he looked back, there was no one around, only the flickering dim light.

    There was no intoxicating girl, no silver bell-like laughter, and no sound of the "master" call as if no strands.

    Only the bright moonlight outside the window, broken familiar scene, good quiet.

    Who's laughing, who's warm hand, I'm fascinated ~.

    The scars, it's like they all became once...


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