Dish Best Served Cold 901-905


Chapter 901


    "Son of a bitch, son of a bitch, I'll fight you~"

    After seeing Moonwatching River being seriously injured by Ye Fan, Shi No Ryuichi's eyes immediately turned red.

    He roared and howled as he turned around with his seven-foot long sword and slashed towards Ye Fan.

    "Disregard your own strength!"

    Ye Fan shook his head, turned around, and a Yun Yang Kick was instantly applied, kicking Shi No Ryuichi's sword.

    With a resounding sound, the longsword in Ryuichi Ishino's hand instantly crumbled.

    After Ye Fan kicked his longsword, the residual power of the kick did not diminish, and the kick then landed on Shi No Ryuichi's chest.

    With a bang, ribs broke and blood flew everywhere.

    As the crowd watched, Shi No Ryuichi's chest caved in at a speed visible to the naked eye.


    Under heavy trauma, Ryuichi Shiano could no longer endure, and with a sweet throat, he spat out a mouthful of blood mixed with pieces of internal organs in a crazy, free money spit.

    Outside the Sword God Palace, it was as if a bloody rain had fallen.

    Then, the remnants of Shi Ye Long Yi's body fell towards the earth like a kite with a broken string.

    And at the same time, Ye Fan's sleeve robe followed with a wave.

    In the void, the broken sword that had just been interrupted by Ye Fan was actually directly struck out by Ye Fan's sleeve.


    The broken sword was bladeless and flew into the heavens.

    And then, a sword was stuck in Ryuichi Shiano's right arm.


    A miserable scream echoed the heavens and earth.

    Ye Fan's sword actually pierced directly through Ryuichi Shiano's right arm.

    An eventful through wound was revealed.

    Red blood, gushing like a spring!


    "Bastard, you beast~"

    "How dare you lay such a cruel hand on my senior brother and the others."

    "I, Nakai Yami, am not going to stop with you~"

    "It's not going to stop~"

    After the two of them, Moonwatching River and Shi No Ryuichi, suffered heavy injuries one after another, but Yami Nakai, who had originally escaped a hundred meters, came after them with blood red eyes.

    In her opinion, Ye Fan was definitely at the end of his crossbow after a series of battles.

    At this time, if she fights again, she may not be the opponent of Ye Fan.

    Thinking like this, as expected, Ye Fan stopped moving after he severely injured Ryuichi Shiano.

    He just stood there, standing with his hands in the negative, indifferent gaze, gazing at the running Nakai Yami from afar, not moving at all.

    It was as if he was tired and stopped to rest on the spot.

    Nakai Yami was delighted at the sight of it.

    As she had expected, Ye Fan had consumed a huge amount after a long battle.

    Now, it must have exhausted itself!

    "Son of a bitch, it's time for you to die!"

    "Today, I will bruise you to the ground to preserve the divine prestige of our Sun Country's martial arts!"

    "After you die, I will still destroy your parents and kill your wife and children to vent my great hatred!"

    In a caracal laugh, Yami Nakai leapt to her feet.

    The brows and eyes were filled with malevolence.

    A pair of petite bodies was even like a roc spreading its wings.

    She only saw her hands holding her sword and chopping towards Ye Fan's head.

    The cold wind blew the sand and the sword stirred the clouds.

    Looking at the approaching Yami Nakai, Ye Fan's face was expressionless, and in his deep pupils, the killing intent was several times more intense than just now!

    He clutched his palm and whispered.

    "Since you are looking for death, I, Chu Tianfan, will send you to your death."


    As the words fell, Ye Fan's feet stomped the ground.

    The ground trembled and the energy swept across.

    The long sword that Moonwatching River dropped on the ground was suddenly shaken up by Ye Fan's foot and flew into the void.

    The sharp blade of the sword reflected the cold light of the blazing sun.

    Just as the sword, flew and shot in front of Ye Fan.

    Only Ye Fan stretched out his hand, bent his hand into a palm, and struck at the hilt of the sword.


    The longsword shot suddenly, leaping the sky river.

    The speed was as fast as electricity and light.

    Everywhere it passed along the way, it even brought up a burst of sonic booms.

    Just like that, in full view of the public, that long sword, flashed away.

    Before Nakai Yami had time to dodge, she was pierced into her chest by that seven-foot green peak.

    The cold longsword brought up demonic lines of blood.

    The majestic strength, holding Nakai Yami's hundred-pound body, like a cannonball, sliced through the long whistle, bringing up a miserable line of blood under the Heavenly River.

    With a final "dang" sound, the long sword dragged Masami's body and nailed it to the splendid hall of the Sword God Palace.



    "Don't die~"

    Above the ruins, the breathless Moonwatching River, seeing such a scene, near old tears, and miserable cries, quietly sounded.

    He cried out over and over again, and he stretched out his hand as if he was trying to grasp something.

    Seemingly hearing the call of the Sword God, the woman who was pinned in front of the main hall, her mouth trembling and her breath weak, even stretched out her hand in response.

    The surrounding crowd was delighted at what they saw.


    "Kenshin, is Lord Nakai still alive?"

    "She's still alive."

    "It's easy to defeat a clan master, but hard to kill one."

    "I knew it, Clan Master Nakai, it's not that easy to die."

    Many people celebrated this, and Moonwatching River was relieved.

    As long as Yami Nakai didn't die, then there was still salvation.

    Martial arts clerics were stubbornly vital, and as long as they could hang on for dear life, then they could still be saved.

    However, their celebration hadn't lasted a second.

    They only heard a "whoosh" sound.

    Another longsword was shaken up by Ye Fan.

    And then with an unstoppable momentum, it flew towards the direction of Yami Nakai again.

    When Moonwatching River saw this, he was shocked and filled with horror, and Jairus' eyes were split.

    "Junior, how dare you?!!!"


    In the midst of Moonwatching River's rage, the long sword entered his body and blood gushed out.

    In an instant, the second sword pierced through Yami Nakai's left breast again.

    With a dang, this second sword, after piercing through her delicate body, also struck into the wall behind her.

    This time, there were no more surprises.

    Masami Nakai was instantly killed.

    Red blood stained the high walls of the Sword God Palace.

    Just like that, with one move and two swords, Ye Fan directly nailed Nakai Yami to death on top of the Sword God Palace's main hall.

    Looking at it from afar, it was as if the demon was crucified on a cross.

    Icy, eerie, and yet terrifying and bloody!


    The bitter cold wind, wrapped around the ocean, blew slowly through.

    So everything fell silent.

    The heavens and earth once again returned to their previous calmness.

    There were only blood and gullies everywhere, indicating what kind of war had just been experienced here.

    Under the Heavenly River, Ye Fan was standing calmly.

    His gaze was indifferent and distant.

    The clear and beautiful face carried a monstrous majesty and anger.

    He raised his head and took a glance at Nakai Yami's corpse, while, after that, he shook his head.

    "You shouldn't have, threatening my family~"

    The words were eerie and carried a creeping chill.

    The crowd present all shivered subconsciously.

    Some of them, even more so, were scared to the point of numbing their claws.

    It was too cruel~.

    This teenager, he's so fucking mean!

    There was simply, no room for error at all, two swords directly nailed Nakai Yami, one of the three great masters of the Sword God Palace, to the high wall.

    However, there was no one else to blame, in the end, it was only her to blame, she had it coming!

    In his life, Ye Fan had no family.

    The only one who depended on each other was his mother, and now there was his wife, Qiu Mu Orange.

    These two, in Ye Fan's heart, were like reverse scales.

    Dragons had reverse scales, and if you touched them, you would die!



    "Son of a bitch, did you kill Yami?"

    "You deserve to die!"

    "I, Sun Country Martial Doctrine, will never let you go~"

    "I will crush you to dust!"

    Under the Sword God Palace, the cold wind was blowing.

    Two cold long swords, but one left and one right, pierced through Nakai Yami's chest, directly nailing her to the high wall.

    The ruthlessness of the means, but trembled the four directions.

    At this moment, heaven and earth were silent, and only Moon River's furious roar resounded across the world.

    His eyes were red, his mouth was filled with blood, he gritted his teeth and climbed up from the place, cursing at Ye Fan incessantly, and his words were filled with endless resentment.

    Not only him, but Ryuichi Shiye, who had just been run through his right arm by a sword from Ye Fan, also staggered to his feet, and looked at Ye Fan like this with painful and resentment-filled eyes.

    The monstrous hatred in their faces was almost as if they wanted to cut Ye Fan to pieces by a thousand cuts.

    However, facing the rebuke from these two, Ye Fan was unmoved.

    He was expressionless and stood with his hands in the negative.

    The indifferent gaze was only like that of a Nine Heavens Monarch, looking down on the courtiers.

    In the end, a long shout even cut through the long sky.

    "Kneel down!"


    The sound was like muffled thunder, but it contained a ten thousandth of a thousandth of a thousandth.

    The moment Ye Fan's words fell, the crowd only felt that there was a mountain-like majesty radiating out from Ye Fan's body.

    As if Mt. Tai was overwhelming, the old faces of Moonwatching River and Shi Ye Long Yi reddened.

    They gritted their teeth and stubbornly tried to hold on to their bones.

    "I, Moonwatching Moon River, the Hallowed Sword God, the martial leader of the Sun Country, will never kneel to a Chinese junior!"

    "By no means!!!"

    Moonwatching River roared hoarsely, with an eventful face and fresh blood dripping from his mouth.

    However, in the face of Moonwatching River's roar, Ye Fan was expressionless and coldly drank again!

    "Kneel down!"


    The monstrous majesty exploded once again.

    It was as if the last straw that crushed the camel.

    This time, the Moonwatching River and the two could no longer support themselves, and with a bang, they kneeled down.

    Their legs bent, and their knees smashed heavily on the ground.

    The bluestone ground beneath their feet cracked open.

    Red blood, flowing down from their legs, stained the earth red.


    "Son of a bitch, how dare you make me kneel?"


    "I, Sun Country Martial Tao, will never let you go!"

    Under Ye Fan's oppression, Moonwatching River finally knelt down.

    The mournful and painful voice couldn't stop echoing.

    Allowing Moonwatching River to be majestic for a lifetime, he was allowed to be highly respected in the martial dao of Japan.

    But so what?

    In the face of absolute strength and might, he had no choice but to kneel his head!

    Under the Heavenly River, Ye Fan looked misty and stood with his hands in the negative.

    Behind him, was the blood-soaked corpse of Yami Nakai.

    In front of him, it was Moonwatching River, Mo Wu Ya and three others kneeling and worshipping!

    Here in heaven and earth, only Ye Fan's body stood proud.

    The people in the four directions were terrified, and no one dared to speak.

    Everyone was staring at the young man in front of them with dead eyes, like looking at a devil.

    Before this, who could have thought that it would end like this?

    Originally, they thought that a nameless teenager and the Sword God Palace killing him was not a matter of hand-to-hand combat.

    However, the result was beyond all expectations.

    The three of them joined forces, and the young man in front of them, surprisingly, swept away instantly with an invincible force.

    The three strong masters of the Sword God Palace, figures like the leaders of the martial dao of the Sun Country, ended up under Ye Fan, one wounded, one dead and one disabled.

    Who would have thought that it was this seemingly harmless teenager in front of him who had directly defeated the three great masters of the Sword God Palace with the force of destruction!

    "Even the Sword God Palace was defeated."

    "I'm afraid that only two of the Three Gods Court's two Court Masters can stop him in the martial arts of my country of Japan, right?"

    Many people lost their voices and were filled with emotion.

    Thinking a hundred years ago, they, the Great Sun Empire, had swept across East Asia.

    Martial divine might, rebuke the entire Eurasian continent.

    Back then, the number one powerhouse of the Japanese Empire, Snow Shining Sky God, even single-handedly stood above the Pacific Ocean with the strongest martial daoists of the rice country, killing three titles and five clansmen in a row.

    That battle, their Japanese martial dao, shocked the world.

    But who would have thought that now, only a hundred years from then, their martial power would have declined to this point.

    With just one junior, Huaxia had swept away the second most powerful martial power in their country of Japan.

    If they were to add the six pillar powers of Huaxia, their Japanese martial dao would still have the power to destroy the country?

    Ignoring the feelings of the crowd, the current Ye Fan was expressionless, coldly looking down at the Moonwatching River and the others who were kneeling at their feet, and his eerie voice, quietly sounded.

    "Be good enough to hand over the eight-foot Qiong hook jade, in that case, I can let you die a quick death."

    "You're dreaming!"

    "Even if we were to die, we would never hand over the holy relics of the Martial Dao of my country of Japan to you, a little Chinese child!"

    "By no means!"

    Faced with Ye Fan's sensible words, Moonwatching River gritted his teeth and roared, vicious curses echoing from all directions.

    "Since that's all that's been said, there's nothing left to talk about."

    "If you don't say anything, I'll go find it myself."

    "As for you guys, there's no point in living."

    Ye Fan didn't bother to talk nonsense with them.

    With a few cold words, he directly pronounced the death sentence on Moonwatching River and the others.

    He actually knew from the beginning that people like Moonwatching River would not be able to hand over the eight-foot Qiong hook jade obediently.

    However, it didn't matter.

    Ye Fan didn't like to trouble others, and after beheading them, he would just go find them himself.

    However, just as Ye Fan was about to behead the Moonwatching River, a graceful and delicate body came running over.

    She was kneeling on the ground, her eyebrows and eyes were red.

    There were even tears shining in her beautiful eyes.

    "Master, I can help you find the eight-foot Qiong hook jade."

    "But please, bypass my teacher's life, okay?"

    "Luna, you shut up!"As soon as Ranggong Ying Yue's words fell, Moonwatching River's appearance instantly changed.

    He raised his head, looked at Rangong Ying Yue, and cursed angrily.

    "You beast, how dare you tell him?"

    "That is a sacred artifact of my Sun Country's martial arts, a thousand years of heritage."

    "If you give it to him, you are the ancient sinner of my Sun Country."

    "Even I, the teacher, will never forgive you!"

    Looking Moon River was obviously really panicked, he didn't think that Rangong Ying Yue would tell Ye Fan about this kind of thing, Chengya.

    Didn't she know what the eight-foot Qiong hooked jade represented to the Sun Country?

    These artifacts were much more important than his life, ah.

    "Yue'er, I forbid you to tell him!"


    "By no means~"

    "Otherwise, I will definitely kill you!"

    Looking Moon River kept roaring.


    Ye Fan frowned and backhanded a slap right over, at that time, Moonwatching River was paste on the ground, blood flowing out of his mouth.

    The people beside him looked at this scene, but the corners of their eyes couldn't stop twitching, and some of them even clenched their palms in anger.

    They only felt that this Ye Fan was bullying people too much!

    The highly respected Sword God of their country of Japan was actually under Ye Fan, like a pig and a dog, rubbing at will.


But Ye Fan was unmoved, his profound brows devoid of sympathy and pity.

    It is an eternal truth that the winner will be the loser.

    Just like at this moment, if it was Ye Fan who lost, no one would doubt that Ye Fan's fate would be several times more miserable than Moonwatching River.

    The weak are the prey of the strong, the strongest are the most powerful!

    This, was the law of the martial world.

    After slapping Moonwatching River until he shut up, Ye Fan's gaze fell on Rangong Ying Yue again.

    "Yue'er, are you seriously going to plead for him?"

    "This Moonwatching River is nothing more than a hypocritical hypocrite."

    "What he saw in taking you as his disciple was not your talent, but the person inside you."

    "In his eyes, you're just a sacrificial offering.And considered it an honor for you."

    "This inhumane beast, why do you need to plead for him?"

    Ye Fan's words burned, and he kept asking questions to Rangong Ying Yue.The low words echoed back to the four directions.

    Looking at the Moon River, Ye Fan didn't have any good feelings to begin with.

    This person boasted of being a martial arts senior, pretending to be open and honest, but his actions were all villainous.

    In order to take revenge on himself, he not only inflicted harm on the people of Jiangdong, but also coerced a woman to force him to show himself.

    What Ye Fan despises most is people like this.

    A truly strong man, who was honest and upright, would not do such shameless acts.

    Even, Ye Fan suspected that the kind of soul imprint on Rangong Ying Yue's body had nothing to do with this Moonwatching River.

    However, in the face of Ye Fan's words, Ranggong Ying Yue shook her head.

    "Master, I know."

    "In their eyes, I'm just an offering to be sacrificed."

    "No one has ever really cared about me."

    "But the teacher he, after all, has taught me and raised me."

    "When I was seven years old, I learned to sword with Sensei."

    "He was the one who trained me."

    "Sensei, too, was good to me."

    "Perhaps, his care for me has other purposes embedded in it."

    "But ten years of kindness, how can Yue'er forget?"

    "I implore my master, spare his life."

    "Yue'er, I'm willing to exchange eight feet of Qiong hooked jade for him."

    Ranggong Ying Yue kneeled down to serve and said softly.

    On her pretty face, there were tears spinning.

    The sound of misery slowly echoed.

    However, Rangong Ying Yue only said that she didn't want Moonwatching River to die, but she didn't say that what she was more worried about was still Ye Fan.

    After all, Moonwatching River was the Sword God of the Sun Country, the Master of the Sword God Palace.

    Ruling over the entire Martial Dao of the Sun Country for decades, he could be said to be one of the great chiefs and leaders of the Martial Dao of the Sun Country.

    In the entire Sun Country, in terms of prestige, only the number one strongest God of the Sun Country, Snow Shining Sky, was above him..

    If Ye Fan killed him, he would definitely cause the public anger of the martial world of Japan.

    At that time, what Ye Fan would face would be a country's pursuit and retaliation.

    Even the strongest person in the Sun Country, the Snow Shining God, would take action.

    This would undoubtedly put Ye Fan in a desperate situation.

    Therefore, whether it was for Ye Fan's sake or for his own, Rangong Ying Yue didn't want, Ye Fan to behead the Sword God Palace to the end.

    If you leave a line, then there is still room for everything to be turned around.

    This silly girl, by now, what was in her heart was still the safety of others.

    "Master, may I?"

    Lian Gong Ying Yue asked again, her stunningly beautiful face full of begging.

    In the end, Ye Fan shook his head and sighed, "It's just that, for your sake, I'll spare his life."

    "Just as you said, use the eight-foot Qiong hook jade in exchange for his life."

    Ye Fan's whisper echoed.

    But Moonwatching River was anxious, and he shouted, hoping to berate Rangong Ying Yue.

    The eight-foot Qiong hook jade was a sacred artifact of their Sun Country, thousands of years of inheritance, and he would rather die than see their Sun Country's martial sacred artifact fall into the hands of a foreigner.

    However, it was useless.

    No matter how much Looking Moon River called, Rangong Ying Yue did not listen.

    She got up and bowed slightly at Moonwatching River, "Teacher, I'm sorry."

    After saying that, Ranggong Ying Yue entered the Sword God Palace.

    This eight-foot Qiong hook jade was previously kept in the Ranggong family.

    Later, it was brought into the Sword God Palace by Rangong Ying Yue and handed over to Moonwatching River to keep.

    After all, the Sword God Palace commanded the martial dao of the Sun Country, and had three great masters in attendance, so it was only fitting that such a sacred item of martial dao should be given to the Sword God Palace for safekeeping.

    Rangong Ying Yue had followed by the side of Wang Yuehe for nearly ten years, and naturally knew about the place where the Idiot Qiong hook jade was stored.

    These were things that Wang Yuehe didn't hide from Rangong Ying Yue, and there was no need to do so.

    After all, the things were all brought to the Sword God Palace by Rangong Ying Yue.

    Soon, Rangong Ying Yue walked out and handed a wooden box to Ye Fan.

    "Master, inside is what you want."

    "I hope you can use it to protect the person you want to protect."

    Without any attachment or hesitation, Rangong Ying Yue stretched out her hand, and just like that, in the red eyes of Moonwatching River and the others, she handed over the holy relic of the Martial Dao of the Sun Country to Ye Fan.

    "Yue'er, you're confused~"


    "Do you know what that eight-foot Qiong hook jade represents to our Japanese martial path?"

    Looking at Moon River's miserable contained shout.

    At that moment, his heart was dripping blood.

    He wanted to stand up several times and run over to grab that wooden box.

    However, the current him was heavily injured and dying, unable to protect himself, let alone anything else.

    He could only watch as one of the Three Divine Artifacts, the eight-foot Qiong hook jade, fell into the hands of Ye Fan.

    Looking at the wooden box in his hand and the smiling girl in front of him, Ye Fan's heart was slightly moved.

    "Yue'er, come with me."

    "I'll take you back to Huaxia."

    "You gave me the eight-foot Qiong hook jade, in the future, this Sun Country Martial Dao will not tolerate you."

    Ye Fan said in a deep voice.

    Ranggong Ying Yue shook her head and smiled lightly, "Master, it's fine."

    "Have you forgotten that I am the reincarnated and reborn body of the Moon Reading Heavenly God."

    "They won't, and wouldn't dare to do anything to me."

    "Alright, master, you should leave now."

    "Didn't you promise Sister Autumn to return home as soon as possible?"

    "Don't delay any longer."

    "Otherwise, if the powerful people from the Three Gods Pavilion arrive, you're afraid that you won't be able to leave."

    Ranggong Ying Yue smiled in amusement, but pushed Ye Fan outside to leave the place as soon as possible.

    However, who could see the reluctance and attachment in the depths of her brows and eyes.

    The beautiful days were always so short.

    She and Ye Fan, after all, still have to part.

    After this trip, the two of them would eventually meet again without a date.

    "Have you seriously thought about not coming with me?"

    "If you return with me to Huaxia, I will find a way to remove the soul mark from your body."

    "But if you stay here, you will surely die."

    Ye Fan looked at the girl in front of him and continued to speak in a deep voice.

    But Lian Gong Ying Yue smiled reluctantly.

    "Master, thank you."

    "Just, it's useless.My body, I know."

    "Everything is irreparable."

    "The next time I see you again, it'll probably be another person in this body."

    Laughing and smiling, Ryouga's emotions, however, were gradually dropping.


However, soon Rangong Ying Yue was smiling once again.

    Perhaps, she didn't want to end up leaving Ye Fan with the appearance of herself crying.

    Therefore, she tried to control her emotions and forced a smile, "Master, maybe later, I'll be able to beat you oh."

    "Alright, alright, no more, master, you should leave now."

    Rangong Ying Yue once again urged Ye Fan to leave.

    When Ye Fan saw this, he didn't try to persuade any more.

    This was Ranggong Ying Yue's own life after all, and he respected her choice.


    "In that case, in the future, take care of yourself."

    "With that, farewell!"

    Ye Fan said indifferently and finally helped Rang Gong Ying Yue gather her hair on her forehead before turning around and leaving.

    Under the Heavenly River, Ye Fan stepped forward.

    The slanting sun outside the sky stretched that thin figure, very long.

    Looking at the young man who was getting farther and farther away, the girl here, in the end, could no longer control the emotions in her heart.

    The first thing you need to know is that you can't afford to buy a new one.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the scenery and take a look at the clouds.

    There will be no one who, in order to make her happy, will make the trees bloom with a single word.


    Suddenly, a low sound rang out, and the gorgeous girl in front of her, in the midst of everyone's trembling eyes, actually knelt down in the direction that Ye Fan had left.

    Her pretty face was tearful, and her eyebrows were filled with sadness.

    "Master, goodbye."

    "Thank you for so many days of companionship."

    "It was you who made Yue'er feel, the happiness and joy that she hadn't experienced for so many years."

    "It's Yue'er's disloyalty, and she can't accompany her master on the road in the future."

    "But if there is an afterlife, Moon vows to still be your slave and only your slave!"

    Tears, rushing down.

    Rang Gong Ying Yue's pretty face was filled with tears as she cried out to the heavens.

    This heaven and earth, surging, was all as if tidal waves of sadness.

    When Ye Fan asked her just now if she was willing to go with her.

    At that moment, how much Rangong Ying Yue wanted to nod her head, how much she wanted to recklessly jump into Ye Fan's arms and return to Huaxia with him, to stay by his side forever.

    However, she couldn't.

    She was the Moon Reading Heavenly God, and she was carrying the expectations of her family members and the future of the entire Japanese martial art.

    She couldn't leave, nor could she.

    What's more, in the future, the Moon Reading Heavenly God would break through the seal and come back to life.At that time, she would definitely not remember who Ye Fan was, right?

    There was even the possibility that it would hurt Ye Fan.

    Therefore, Rangong Ying Yue could only choose to stay.

    Moreover, by staying, she would have to buy time for her master's safe return.



    After Ye Fan left, several strong men soon arrived outside the Sword God Palace.

    The person leading them was a middle-aged man.

    A magnificent robe was added to his body, his face was sunken, and his tiger eyes were powerful.

    The mere moment he appeared here, the crowd only felt that a majestic pressure was unleashed from his body.

    "This...This is..."

    Seeing this person, Mo Wu Ya, who had been severely injured by Ye Fan before and had all his limbs broken, was still spread out on the ground, his pupils crinkled.

    "This is, the Second Master of the Three Gods Pavilion, the second strongest person in the Sun Country, the Sealed Master, Suzaku Naruto?!!!"

    When Mo Wu Ya spotted him, Moonwatching River and the others naturally recognized him as well.

    "Ming Zun, you've finally arrived."

    "Quick, that Hua Xia little boy just left."

    "You quickly chase after him and take back the eight-foot Qiong hook jade!"


    Looking at the red eyes of Moon River, he endured the pain in his heart and shouted loudly to the arriving Susumu Naruto.


    "Are you saying that my Japanese artifacts were taken by the Chinese?"

    The moment he heard that, Suzaku Naruto frowned and asked in a deep voice.

    Shino Ryuichi also returned in a bitter voice, "Yes, Naruzon."

    "You should go and snatch that holy object back, ah."

    "Hmph, a bunch of losers, what use is it to you if you can't even look at a single thing?"Suzaku Mingzun was a little unhappy, and he snorted in a cold voice.

    He then prepared to go after Ye Fan.

    However, at this moment, the tear-filled Rangong Ying Yue, suddenly stood out.

    She tilted her head up and looked forward to Suzaku Naruto.

    In her hand, at some point, there was already an extra dagger, placed just before her neck.

    "I forbid you to go!"

    "You are not allowed to hurt your master."

    "Otherwise, I'll die in front of you."

    The stubborn words were full of determination.

    No one doubted the girl's determination and intent.

    "Yue'er, you~"

    At that time Looking Moon River was in a hurry.

    A pair of old eyes stared huge.

    It was hard for him to believe that the future guardian god of their country of Japan was now doing this kind of act for a foreign teenager.

    "Yue'er, don't be confused."

    "Pay attention to your identity position!"

    "You are the people of my Sun Country, and in the future, you will be the guardian of my Sun Country's martial path."

    "And that Hua Xia junior, killing the strong people of my Sun Country and slaughtering my Sun Country's subjects."

    "He is the public enemy of my Sun Country's Martial Dao, you should have hated him and killed him, how can you protect him?"

    Moonwatching River went crazy, his blood-red eyes roaring at Ranggong Ying Yue.

    He had never thought that he had gone to Jiangdong to avenge his disciple's death.

    He was defeated, but now he was also involved in the destruction of the Sword God Palace, leaving his junior sister Nakai Yami dead, his junior brother Shino Ryuichi crippled, and now even the heart of his disciple Rangongong Ying Yue was on the side of Ye Fan.

    It could be said that this Huaxia trip, Moonwatching River had lost his wife and his army!

    If they had known such an outcome, Moonwatching River would never have gone to China to provoke that Ye Fan even if they had been killed.

    But it's come to this, they have no choice.

    Ye Fan must die, otherwise, how could they lose face in the Japanese martial arts?

    "Ming Zun, leave her alone.Hurry up and go after her."

    "Never let that bastard, escape back to Huaxia!"Moonwatching River gritted his teeth and shouted.

    But Ranggong Ying Yue was smiling reluctantly, "If you don't want to welcome the return of the Moon Reading Heavenly God, you can go after it without bothering about me."

    In between the words, Rangong Ying Yue fiercely exerted, the sharp dagger in front of the neck, then stabbed open Rangong Ying Yue's skin, a few points of ardent red, has dripped down, the

    "Stop it!"Moonwatching River was shocked and shouted incessantly.

    Rangong Ying Yue had the soul of the Moon Reading God sealed inside her body, if she died, then their years of planning would undoubtedly be reduced to nothing.Moonwatching Moon River and the others were naturally anxious.


    "Okay, okay, you win, we're not going to go after it, no more."

    "You put the knife down now~"

    Suzaku Mingzun also looked slightly anxiously at Ryouga Ying Yue and promised, "I promise you to let him go, but you can't do anything foolish again."

    "More than that, I also make you promise that from now on, you will not be allowed to go after my master either."

    "I will make you promise that the martial path of the Sun Country cannot hurt my master in the slightest!And you can't go and take the eight-foot Qiong hook jade and let your master return home in peace!"Ryouga Ying Yue said once again, with a firm tone that had no room for spin at all.



    Moonwatching River and the others were a little hesitant.

    At this time, Rangong Ying Yue once again pushed, and the dagger in front of her body went a few inches deeper again.

    As far as the eye could see, it was about to cut into the blood vessels and endanger their lives.

    "Moon, don't be impulsive~"


    "I promise you to release that Chinese junior and return home in peace!"

    "In the future, it won't hurt him in the slightest!"

    In the end, Susumu Naruto and the others gave in and agreed to Ryouga's request.


"What to do?"

    "Are we just going to sit back and watch our Japanese artifacts go missing in a foreign land?"

    At this time, outside the Sword God Palace, the crowd had dispersed.

    Moonwatching Moon River and Shi Nuo Long Yi were also brought into the palace to be treated.

    The previous battle had undoubtedly come to an end.

    And under the blackmail of Rangong Ying Yue, Suzaku Ming Zun did not go after Ye Fan anymore.

    However, Moonwatching River had a reluctant heart and looked at Susa Mingzun.

    Suzaku Mingzun shook his head, "The eight-foot Qiong hook jade has been passed down through the ages, and was even the personal treasure of the Moon Reading God back then."

    "The holy relic of the martial arts of my country of Japan, naturally, it cannot fall into the hands of the Daoist Chinese."

    "However, this matter is not urgent at the moment."

    "The priority is still to perform the Divine Awakening Ceremony as soon as possible to welcome the Moon Reading Heavenly God back."

    "At that time, with the powerful strength of the Moon Reading Heavenly God, I'm sure that without us having to do anything, that Huaxia Martial God Temple will be good enough to send us back the eight-foot Qiong hook jade."

    "If we don't send it back, we'll just ascend to get it."

    Suzaku Mingzun said slowly.

    After hearing that, Moonwatching River also felt that it made sense and nodded his head in deep agreement.

    "Good, just as Naruto said."

    "I'll have someone start preparing for the Divine Awakening Ceremony."

    "However, before that, it's better to send this son of the Fist Emperor, back to Huaxia first."

    As he spoke, Moonwatching River turned his head to look at Mo Wu Ya, who was already unconscious beside him.

    Mo Wu Ya had just tried to kill Ye Fan, but his skills were inferior and he ended up being abused back by Ye Fan.


    "The son of a boxer?"

    The Six Pillars of Huaxia is famous far and wide.

    The boxing champion, Mo Kucheng, is unrivaled in his boxing skills.

    Suzaku Mingzun naturally knew him.

    "However, by the looks of it, his limbs are all broken."

    "If we want to save him back, I'm afraid the Martial Hall side will have to pay a lot of money."

    Suzaku Mingzun looked at Mo Wu Ya's injuries, while shaking his head and saying in a deep voice.

    This kind of injury would be almost certain death for an ordinary person.

    However, the Martial God Hall commanded the Huaxia Martial Dao and had a profound background, so if they did whatever it took, this Mo Wu Ya could still be saved.

    However, this was only the best case scenario.

    It was also not ruled out that Mo Wu Ya would end up falling.

    "I didn't expect that Hua Xia junior to be so ruthless in his actions."

    "However, you're right, this Mo Wu Ya remaining in the Sun Country is a burden."

    "In case he dies in our Sword God Palace, it would be hard to explain."

    "Let's hurry up with the plane first and send him back to Warsaw."

    "It is no longer our business whether he is dead or alive when he leaves the Japanese Kingdom."

    Susumu Naruto waved his hand, while he let the others do their work.



    For these things that happened in the winter capital of the Japanese country, the land of China naturally did not know.

    Inside the Godless Hall, the Fist Emperor was still leisurely drinking tea.

    Sword Saint Xiao Chen lowered his head and polished his sword.

    "Sword Sage, you said that it has been some time since the Endlessness left, right?"

    "How come there's no word on this yet?"

    "By all rights, it's time to come back."

    The Boxer asked with some worry.

    The Sword Saint smiled faintly, "There's no need to worry, Wuya has been with us for so long, I know his strength very well."

    "If the land, the ones who can threaten his safety can't exceed three people."

    "Besides, Endless is the only son of your Champion, and has a very shallow relationship with our six pillars."

    "To a certain extent, Wuya is the prince of my Huaxia Martial Dao."

    "I dare say that there is no country in the world that would dare to harm him."

    "Besides, who doesn't know that you, the Champion, protects calves, and this if someone hurts your precious son, you wouldn't have to kill him directly the next day."

    "So Boxing King, you can just wait for the good news."

    "All that's missing now is a share of victory for Endless."

    "As long as he can achieve all the victories in the Japanese Kingdom, on the day he returns, I will immediately summon the six pillars and give him the title."

    "It will be called, Little Boxer.What do you think?"

    "One door and two seals, ah, in the future, you father and son will definitely become a good story in our Huaxia martial world."


    The Sword Saint laughed.

    After hearing that, the Champion also felt relaxed and full of pride.

    Just as the Sword Saint had said, in the future, if his own son Mo Wuya also became a title master, they could be father and son masters.

    This honor was enough to be passed down to the ages.

    However, just as they were talking happily, outside the palace door, a gale suddenly rose.

    Immediately afterwards, a white-clothed figure quietly appeared outside the palace.

    The mountain winds were bitter, blowing his robe and hunting.



    The only one who could do it without a sound, appearing outside the Martial Hall, in the land of Huaxia, was the War God Ye Qingtian.

    Seeing this first person of the Huaxia Martial Dao, the Sword Saint and the Fist King were delighted and got up in a hurry to welcome him.


    "Oh Ye, you're just in time."

    "I was about to tell you something good."

    "I've discussed it with the Boxing King and the others, on May 5th this year, at the summit of Yan Mountain, there will be a sealing ceremony."

    "Seal Wuyou as the Little Boxing King and enter the Hall of Martial Gods."

    "After many years, the seventh pillar powerhouse of our Huaxia has finally appeared."

    "On that day, we raised the nation to celebrate!"

    "You military, you have to send people over here too, to give the Boxer and the others a show~"

    The Sword Saint smiled openly.

    The Boxer didn't say anything, but the relief and happiness on his face was overflowing.

    But after hearing about this, Ye Qingyi did not comment.

    No emotion could be seen on his rigid face.

    He turned to ask, "How's the investigation of that Junior Sect Master going?"


    "What Junior Master?"The Sword Saint was slightly confused.

    Ye Qingtian frowned at once.

    "It's the young master who defeated Moonwatching River in the land of Jiangdong a few days ago."

    "I remember, his name, it's Ye Fan, right."

    Hearing this, it dawned on the Sword Saint.

    "You said him ah."

    "I sent someone there, just a nameless junior, not worth caring about."

    "When he was able to win against Moonwatching River, it was only through wheel tactics, as well as conspiracy tactics that he succeeded."

    "So, this Ye Fan was able to win in the first place, it was mostly due to luck as well."

    "Moreover, this son is extremely arrogant."

    "Extremely disrespectful to my Martial Divine Hall!"

    "Having a bit of a track record, one becomes proud and complacent, and a mind like this is destined to be difficult to achieve greatness."

    "This kind of person is not qualified to have our attention."

    The Sword Saint shook his head and said, his words filled with contempt for Ye Fan.

    Thinking about it, this Ye Fan was out of God and humble, just a small, unknown person, and the Fist Sword Saint and the others were positioned at the top of power, so naturally they wouldn't care about him.

    "That's right."

    "I've seen too many of these arrogant youngsters."

    "More than seventy percent of them have died from their own arrogance."

    "The remaining thirty percent are also devoid of the public."

    "Nothing to be concerned about."

    The Champion waved his hand and also said without a care in the world.

    In his eyes, other than his own son, Mo Wu Ya, everyone else was hard to get into his eyes.


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