Dish Best Served Cold 896-900


Chapter 896

"Good you arrogant little boy!"

    "How dare you insult me like that?"

    "That I'm not qualified?"

    "Call me less than a dog?"

    "It's a travesty!"

    Under the Sword God Palace, Mo Wu Ya's old face was livid and full of anger.

    The monstrous voice was only like a sword.

    Morbidly cold eyes, just like this, looked straight at the youth in front.

    The words of anger even more so, exploded in succession.

    "Do you know martial dao?"

    "Do you know about the Valkyrie?"

    "Have you ever seen the Six Pillars?"

    "You're an upright, I'm afraid you've never even met a strong clan master before, but you dare to speak up here?"

    Mo Wu Ya was raging with anger.

    A body of pride, full of coldness.

    The clanging sound was only like gold and stone, wreaking havoc in all directions.

    "For so many years, I, Mo Wuya, have traveled across China and traveled to various countries."

    "The esteemed martial lords of various countries have treated me with courtesy, and the president of one country has welcomed me with sweeping couch."

    "The Boxing King is my father, the God of War and the Sword Saint are my uncles."

    "The six pillars of Huaxia have all bestowed favors upon me."

    "I come and go as I please from the Temple of War!"

    "Under the Pillars, I am the only one!"

    "After his day, I shall become a title and enter the Hall of Martial Gods!"

    "You nameless, ignorant erector, who gave you the courage to offend me as well?"

    Under the palace, Mo Wu Ya's furious voice was only like thunder roaring.

    Rolling thunderstorms swept across from under the Heavenly River.

    Under Mo Wu Ya's might, Rang Gong Ying Yue's pretty face all paled immediately.

    The strong men here were also horrified and filled with fear at the same time.

    A son of a boxing king had such majesty.

    Then how strong should the six pillars of Huaxia be?

    "Huaxia is worthy of being the number one martial power in East Asia."

    "The only martial power in the entire world that can compete with it is probably the martial arts of the European Union and the United States of America."

    The hearts of the crowd were filled with emotion.

    At this time, they undoubtedly distinctly felt that there was a huge gap between the Japanese martial dao and the Chinese martial dao.

    If this gap was to be bridged, it was feared that the only way to do so was to wait until the Moon Reading God was reborn.

    And while the crowd was trembling, facing the exuberant anger in Mo Wu Ya's heart, Ye Fan was extraordinarily calm.

    He looked calm and unafraid.

    After Mo Wu Ya finished speaking, Ye Fan instead even shook his head and sneered.

    "You talk quite a bit."

    "But, so what?"

    "I don't even care about your father, let alone you."

    The indifferent voice carried a majesty and dominance that defied the world.

    It was as if all things in this world, the multitudes of beings, could not enter Ye Fan's eyes.

    Yes, this was the pride that belonged to Chu Tianfan!

    Be proud of the world and not be afraid of it!

    This was, the confidence and majesty that the Cloud Dao Heavenly Book gave to Ye Fan.

    "Stinker, are you looking for death?"

    Mo Wu Ya's entire body was almost about to explode with anger at Ye Fan.

    All the anger was rising in his chest.

    He originally thought that he would reveal his identity as the son of the Fist King and this junior would kneel down and beg for forgiveness.

    However, Mo Wu Ya had never thought to death that this youngster in front of him would be so arrogant.

    Faced with his monstrous background, he only replied, so what?

    And said that he didn't even care about his dad.

    Holy shit.

    Fuck me, right?

    Are you fucking pretending too much?

    Mo Wu Ya was so angry that his old face was livid and the corners of his eyes couldn't stop twitching.

    In his life, he had read countless people.

    However, this was the first time he had met someone like Ye Fan who could pretend to be such a pushy person!

    It simply didn't know how to live.

    "In that case, there's nothing to talk about."

    "Kid, I gave you a chance, but you missed it."

    "Next, I'll have to kill you, the madman, on behalf of Heaven!"

    "Give an explanation to the Sword God and the Japanese martial arts!"


    As the words fell, Mo Wu Ya's eyes, suddenly became icy cold.

    In the next moment, his might exploded all over, and the storm swept away, bringing up dust in the sky.

    After that, his palm was clenched, and a heavy fist was thrown down towards Chu Yun.

    The fierce fist force brought a sonic boom.

    That mighty punch, as if Mt. Tai was overwhelming, it smashed furiously towards Ye Fan's direction like this.

    Ye Fan saw the situation, but he shook his head, "What's more, you call yourself the son of a fist king?"

    "With this fist technique, it's too slow."

    Between light chuckles, Ye Fan's footsteps moved his body and dodged Mo Wu Ya's attack with an idle step.


    Only a muffled sound was heard.

    The heavy fist landed on the ground, bringing up dust in the sky.

    Mo Wu Ya struck with all his might, but it landed in the air.

    "Bastard, don't get cocky."

    "It's only the first punch."

    "You managed to dodge it by luck."

    "But what about the second and third punches?"

    "Do you seriously think that you're going to get this lucky every time?"

    Faced with Ye Fan's words, Mo Wu Ya was not angry at all.

    He copied up his fist and smashed it towards Ye Fan once again.

    Boom boom~.

    Several punches in a row, nearly exploding in unison.

    The fierce punches all shook the birds flying in the distant forest.

    However, facing Mo Wu Ya's stormy attack, Ye Fan was still smiling calmly.

    In the midst of the storm, he stood with his hands down, he walked proudly.

    The clear-cut face was full of defiance and teasing.

    "The speed is too slow."

    "Are you not eating?"


    "The force is also far too low~"

    "That's it, and the son of a boxer?"


    "With this much strength, you even dare to claim that you are the only one under the Pillar?"

    "It's just a joke after all~"


    Mo Wu Ya's attacks were still raging wildly, but Ye Fan was zipping through them like an idle stroller.

    Passing through ten thousand flowers without a single leaf!

    And, while dodging Mo Wu Ya's fist strength, Ye Fan kept commenting with a faint smile.

    "Son of a bitch!"

    "Shut the fuck up, you!"

    "Keep talking nonsense and I'll rip your dog's mouth off~"

    At this time, Mo Wuya was naturally no longer as calm and relaxed as before.

    His eyebrows and eyes were red and his face was eventful, as if he was a mad dog, cursing and beating wildly in the direction of Ye Fan.

    Nowadays, the heart of Wuya was clearly confused and panicked.

    Obviously, every punch smashed towards Ye Fan's chest, but every time, he missed by a hair, grazing the corner of Ye Fan's clothes and smashing into the empty space.

    It was clear that he had already thrown hundreds of punches, but not a single one had hit Ye Fan.


    "Why, exactly?"

    "Am I really too slow?"

    "Is it true that I'm not strong enough?"



    "No way~"

    "It must be this junior who's talking nonsense!"

    "How can I, Mo Wu Ya, who has been moving across the four corners of the world, not even be able to deal with this nameless junior?"

    In his ears, the fist gusted, but in his eagerness, Mo Wu Ya was roaring low in his heart.

    Next to him, Shi No Ryuichi looked on, his face also sank.

    Finally, worried, Shi No Ryuichi even asked Mo Wu Ya, "Wu Ya, do you want me to make a move to help you."

    "No need, killing him is enough for me alone!"

    "I can't believe he's so lucky every time if he stays long enough."

    Mo Wu Ya still held on hard, gritting his teeth and lowly roaring.

    Blood-colored cold light spread out in his eyes.


In the end, as if he was desperate, Mo Wuya gathered all the strength of his body on his fist and palm.

    Everyone could see that under the river, Mo Wu Ya's whole body was like a bow full of power.

    The might of ten thousand might was instantly released.

    "Beast King Fist!"


    In a low voice, Mo Wu Ya's majestic fist almost tore through the canopy.

    That fist was so fast that it almost broke through the sound barrier.

    Just like this, Mo Wuya smashed towards Ye Fan with a thunderous momentum.

    In the split second that Mo Wuya's fist fell, this heaven and earth was like a boulder entering the sea, setting off huge waves.

    "This...This is..."

    "One of the Six Pillars of Huaxia, Boxing Emperor Mo Kuo Cheng's famous martial art, Beast King Fist?"

    "Back then, Mo Guocheng used this fist technique to fight the six strong masters of the Chu Gate alone on the shores of the South China Sea."

    "Defending the enemy outside the gates of the country!"

    "So far, one battle has sealed the gods."

    "Completely establishing Mo Liao Cheng's leadership position in the Chinese martial dao."

    "Surprisingly, I never expected that the Yangtze River would now push the waves forward."

    "The Champion's son, Mo Wu Ya, has actually mastered this Beast King Divine Fist?"

    At this moment, outside the Sword God Palace, there was an uproar.

    Shi No Ryuichi was filled with tremors and was horrified.

    Before, when Mo Wuya was coming to challenge the Sword God Moonwatching River, Shi Ye Long Yi still felt that Mo Wuya was out of his depth and had no chance of winning.

    But now, it seemed that he was the one who had underestimated this Mo Wu Ya's strength.

    "It looks like this Mo Wu Ya, even if the realm isn't a Sealed Master, I'm afraid it's already infinitely close, right?"

    Shino Ryuichi was overcome with emotion and said in a low voice.


    "Deputy Palace Master, it looks like there's no need for us to do anything to slay this Huaxia youngster."

    "Under the Beast King's Fist, this son will never survive."

    "He will die!"

    The other surrounding strongmen who were watching the battle also smiled.

    Shi No Long nodded, "Mm."

    "Farce, it's almost time to end it."

    "Brother Sword God's revenge has been avenged by the son of the Fist Emperor, too."

    The crowd was discussing and there was pity in their gazes towards Ye Fan.

    Apparently, no one thought that Ye Fan would survive the Beast King's Fist.

    After all, this Beast King Fist was famous, back then, Boxing King Mo Kiu Cheng was relying on this masterpiece, and all of them made a great name in the world martial dao.

    As for Ye Fan, a nobody, according to the Sword God, even in the original battle of Dongchang Lake, he only relied on the wheel fighting method and intrigues to injure the Moonwatching River.

    How could such a despicable and sycophantic person be able to block Mo Wu Ya's Beast King Fist?


    "You guys are lying!"

    "My master won't lose that easily?"

    Hearing all the people around him say that Ye Fan would die in defeat under this punch.

    Rangong Ying Yue argued at once like a fried kitten.


    "Do you know what you're talking about, you dead ninny?"

    "Could it be that you're going to betray the Sword God Palace and your teacher?"

    Rangong Ying Yue's words almost made Shiye Ryuichi angry.

    They were still thinking of asking Rangong Ying Yue to cooperate with them and kill Ye Fan together?

    Now it's good, not to mention killing Ye Fan, this dead ninny is even defending Ye Fan.

    While Shi Ye Long Yi was furiously scolding, Mo Wu Ya's fist strength was already in front of Ye Fan with a sharp and unstoppable momentum.

    Under the fist strength, between the storm, Ye Fan was still fearless.

    He stood with a negative hand, his eyes full of cold smiles.

    The corners of his upturned mouth were even filled with an inexplicable smile.

    "That's what makes it a bit interesting."

    "I just don't know whether it's your Beast King Fist that's laughing at the end, or my Blazing Mountain Avalanche that's better?"

    As the words fell, Ye Fan's brows and eyes were steeply cold.

    Immediately afterwards, the crowd only saw Ye Fan turn his hand over to cover the earth.

    The majestic power immediately gathered from the earth towards Ye Fan's legs, and finally condensed on Ye Fan's arm.

    Then, Ye Fan's right arm swelled up at a speed visible to the naked eye.

    The crowd was stunned at the sight of it.


    "Could it be that this punk, too, wants to use his fist technique to harden against Mo Wu Ya's Beast King Fist?"

    "Is he crazy?"

    "A boxing match with the son of a boxer?"

    "Isn't this a death wish?"

    "It's simply out of your league!"


    The crowd was full of sneers.

    They only felt that this Ye Fan was as stupid as an idiot.


    As the crowd sneered, Ye Fan's arm was finished saving its strength.

    And then, a fierce fist, with incomparable might, smashed towards the front, with a crash.

    It was like a boulder entering the sea.

    A punch that actually had the momentum of a rock!

    "It's just gold and silver~"

    The power of Ye Fan's fist did not attract the attention of the crowd.

    Even Ryuichi Shiano sneered, thinking that Ye Fan was just bluffing.

    However, as everyone was waiting for Ye Fan's rout, who would have thought that a miserable scream would follow the split second their iron fists touched.

    Yes, there was no hindrance at all.

    The moment their fists clashed, Ye Fan instantly broke Mo Wu Ya's arm with the momentum of destruction.


    "This...How the fuck is that possible?"

    Shi No Ryuichi was confused then.

    In one punch, he had broken Mo Wu Ya's hand?

    It's a joke, right?

    The surrounding crowd was even more horrified, their pupils crinkling.

    Ye Fan, however, ignored the trembling of the crowd, he still did not relent after one strike, and followed with several punches.

    Boom boom boom~.

    The first punch landed, and Mo Wu Ya's right arm was broken.

    The second punch landed, his chest caved in.

    The third punch landed, blood and flesh flying~.


    It was only like an autumn wind sweeping away the falling leaves, or like boiling oil melting away the remaining snow.

    Who would have thought that after the instantaneous clash, Ye Fan would directly sweep Mo Wu Ya with an invincible force.

    The last punch was even like slapping a ball, directly knocking Mo Wu Ya a hundred meters away.

    The Sword God Palace was located on the outskirts, surrounded by mountains on three sides and lingering green forests.

    Mo Wu Ya's body, just like this, knocked over countless grass and trees, and finally, with a bang, smashed into the small mountain behind.

    Boulders crumbled and rocks rolled down.

    Just now, the majestic and arrogant Mo Wu Ya was immediately smashed into the ruins by Ye Fan's punches.


    The mountain wind rolled up the green leaves, and three thousand plants and trees rustled.

    Apart from the sound of the wind, there was nothing but silence in this place.

    Everyone was muddled in place.

    Outside the Noble Sword God Palace, there was even silence.

    Shino Ryuichi stared at it, and the rest of the crowd's hearts trembled greatly.

    One by one, they all looked at Ye Fan like a ghost.

    Who would have thought that the battle would end so abruptly!

    Mo Wu Ya, who was known as the son of the boxing king, didn't even walk a single move under Ye Fan.

    The first punch broke his arm, and the following punches were even more lopsided and frenzied.

    "This...This teenager, this...So strong?"

    Ryuichi Shiano's eyes twitched and he lost his voice.

    Clearly, all of them had miscalculated.


    Amidst the long silence, there was suddenly a mountain of rocks rolling past.

    Immediately afterwards, a pair of bloody hands actually poked out from the ruins once again.


"I...I haven't lost yet."

    "I, Mo Wufei, haven't...I haven't lost yet~"

    A hoarse voice, like the sound of crushed stone crushing, came out from the ruins.

    Immediately afterwards, Mo Wu Ya, covered in blood, staggered and actually stood up again.

    The bloodshot eyes flickered with the light of unwillingness and resentment.

    He looked at Ye Fan, as if he was crazy, and his mouth let out an unyielding low roar.

    Then, he even lifted his legs and attacked towards Ye Fan once again.

    "Go to hell~"


    As soon as Mo Wuya's voice fell, Ye Fan had kicked out.

    In his prime, Mo Wu Ya was not even a match for Ye Fan, let alone now.

    Thus, only a bang was heard.

    Mo Wu Ya was once again kicked into the ruins by Ye Fan.

    However, Mo Wu Ya still didn't give up.

    He clenched his teeth and climbed out once again.

    "I, Mo Wu Ya, am the Queen of Boxing, how could I fail?"

    "I'm undefeated, it's...It's undefeated~"

    Mo Wu Ya was roaring as if he was crazy.

    Until now, he was still unable to accept the fact that he was defeated by Ye Fan.

    From his childhood, Mo Wuya had been going smoothly and had barely experienced any setbacks.

    Especially, after he stepped into the Ancestor realm, it made his heart expand extremely.

    He had always believed that in the Huaxia Martial World, apart from the powerful Six Pillar States, there would be no one else who would be his opponent.

    Therefore, apart from the Six Pillar States, Mo Wu Ya no longer cared about anyone in his eyes.

    But now, he was defeated in the hands of a nameless pawn.

    And, a total defeat.

    The feeling was as if the pride in his heart for decades had been shattered.

    It could be imagined how frustrated and disoriented Mo Wu Ya's heart was.

    In response, Ye Fan had no pity.

    His indifferent gaze fell forward like this.

    There, the blood-covered Mo Wu Ya staggered and came again, still wanting to attack Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan saw this, but he shook his head.

    "Only after going through the torment of hell can one refine the power to create heaven."

    "It's a shame that you're still the son of a Champion, yet you don't even have the courage to face up to defeat, so what do you have to enter the Martial God Hall?Take charge of the Chinese martial arts?"

    "If that's all you have, your journey of martial arts will end."

    In his anger, Ye Fan snapped.

    Waves of air exploded, setting off sand in the sky.

    Immediately after, Ye Fan's monstrous rage echoed for a long time.

    "You violated and insulted me before, you should have died."

    "However, considering that you and I are both descendants of Yanhuang, descendants of Huaxia."

    "For the sake of the same ancestor, I will spare your life today for the time being!"

    "However, death is forgiven and life is hard."

    "Today, I'll abolish your arms and break your limbs in order for you to remember it for the rest of your life."

    "I, Chu Tian Fan, shall not be insulted!"


    The moment the words fell, Ye Fan kicked two kicks in a row, all of them on Mo Wu Ya's knees.


    In a miserable scream, Mo Wu Ya's legs were broken, blood soaked, and his entire body was also kneeling on the ground like this, powerless.

    After the boxing king, the prince of the Huaxia Martial Dao was beaten into oblivion like this by Ye Fan.

    However, who could be blamed for this?

    After all, it was just his own fault.

    Originally, today was a grudge between Ye Fan and the Sword God Palace, which had nothing to do with Mo Wu Ya.

    But Mo Wuya took the initiative to fight in order to curry favor with the Sword God Palace so that the Sword God would promise to betroth Rangong Ying Yue to him, and even threatened to kill Ye Fan on behalf of Heaven and clear the door for the Chinese Martial Dao.

    But in the end, his skills were inferior and he was crippled by Ye Fan!

    Ye Fan wasn't a saint, it couldn't do anything to repay a grudge with virtue.

    Leaving Mo Wu Ya alive would already be Ye Fan's great mercy.


    "It hurts~"


    Mo Wu Ya kneeled on the ground, the severe pain in his body making him nearly dizzy, and miserable howls spread throughout the Sword God Palace.


    "What's going on?"

    At this time, after hearing the commotion, the two Palace Masters, Moonwatching River and Yami Nakai, also rushed out from the Sword God Palace.

    Seeing Mo Wu Ya, who had lost all four limbs and was kneeling in front of Ye Fan, Moonwatching River and the others were undoubtedly instantly shocked.

    "Bastard, you actually crippled him?"

    "Son of a bitch, do you know who he is?"

    "He is the son of the Champion."

    "It can be said that he is the prince of your Huaxia martial world."

    "You really don't know how to live, you even dare to touch him?"

    Moonwatching River panicked then, his old face was livid, and he gnashed his teeth at Ye Fan and cursed wildly.

    Of course, the reason why Moonwatching River was so angry wasn't because he was concerned about Mo Wu Ya.

    What he was worried about was the reaction from the Martial God Temple's side.

    This Mo Wu Ya, although he was injured by Ye Fan, it was always something that happened in their Sun Country.

    They, the Sword God Palace, would inevitably have to take responsibility!

    At that time, if that Fist King was so eager for revenge that he went crazy and beheaded their Sword God Palace as well.

    This might not turn out to be the cause of a martial state war between the two countries.

    With so much at stake, how could Moonwatching River not be anxious?

    However, facing the wrath of the Moonwatching River, Ye Fan did not care.

    There was even a cold smile on his clear and beautiful face.

    "Moonwatching Moon River, you've finally appeared!"

    "You know, I suppose, why I have come to the Sun Country, don't you?"

    "I won't say anything unnecessary."

    "Hand over the eight-foot Qiong hook jade and I'll spare your life."

    "Otherwise, today, I, Chu Tianfan, will trample down your Sword God's Palace!"


    The wind was chilly, but under Ye Fan's words, he brought up endless killing intent.

    Moonwatching Moon River had been the scourge of Jiangdong before.

    Because of him, Copper Mountain lost an arm.

    Also because of him, Xu Lei almost lost her life.

    It could be said that Ye Fan had already given Moon River a death sentence since the beginning of Jiangdong.

    Now that the enemies meet, they are naturally jealous of each other.

    As soon as he opened his mouth, he was already boiling with killing intent.

    "Teacher, will you listen to your master and hand over the eight-foot Qiong hook jade?"

    "Master's word is his word."

    "As long as I get the eight-foot Qiong hook jade, I'll self persuade my master to leave."

    Seeing the Moonwatching River, Rangong Ying Yue also came out and advised in a bitter voice.

    She really didn't want to see that Ye Fan and Moonwatching River had come to the point of you and me dying.

    "Bastard, do you know what you're talking about?"

    "You even called him master?"

    "And you want me to give him the Japanese martial arts sacrament?"

    "You're a tree-eating beast!"

    "The face of my Japanese martial art has been disgraced by this beast of yours~"

    "You deserve to die!"

    After hearing Rangong Ying Yue's words, Moonwatching River was truly mad.

    He had never thought that he, a disciple of the Sword God, would become a servant of Ye Fan.

    If this spread out, how would he and I, Moonwatching River, still have the face to hang out in the future?

    However, when he heard Moonwatching River's words, Ye Fan laughed.

    "Moonwatching Moon River, you have the nerve to call Yue'er an animal."

    "You planted a soul imprint in Yue'er's body without her consent, depriving her of the right to be born, so that her life will come to an end in the flowery year."

    "To be able to do such a depraved thing, I think you are even worse than animals, right?"


"Shut up!"

    "How can I allow you, a foreigner, to dictate the martial affairs of my country of Japan?"

    "What's more, it would be an honor for Moon to be chosen by the Moon Reading Heavenly God!"

    "How many people have begged for it."

    "How is it that when it comes to you, it's a lost cause instead?"

    Faced with Ye Fan's words, Moonwatching River retorted in a furious voice.

    Morbidly angry words, only like a gale sweeping the four directions.

    And still, Ye Fan was smiling and the sarcasm on his face grew stronger and stronger.


    "If death is an honor to you as well."

    "Today, this Dragon Lord will be able to give you an honor."

    Ye Fan smiled morosely, and his monstrous laughter was filled with anger.

    The icy cold words were only like rolling thunder, sweeping the four directions.

    The temperature of this side of heaven and earth plummeted by several points.

    As far as the eye could see, the air was almost condensed into frost.

    No one knew how furious Ye Fan's heart was.

    In just a few days of being together, Rangong Ying Yue's understanding and kindness were all deeply touching to Ye Fan.

    To be honest, Ye Fan really sympathized with this girl.

    Sympathize with her background, sympathize with her encounter.

    Seventeen years old, obviously the most beautiful age of a girl, the best years of her life.

    If it wasn't for the soul imprint in her body, she could have wanted to live like a normal person.

    Go to school, go on excursions.

    Watch the cherry blossoms roam the sky with the teenager she loves, and climb the Clear Sky Tower with her crush.

    Seeing the thousands of blossoms blush and the layers of forest dip.

    But now what?

    Just because of the benefits of the martial arts of the Japanese Kingdom, but she had to sacrifice her life.

    But if Moonwatching River and the others had a trace of guilt because of this, Ye Fan wouldn't be so angry.

    But Ye Fan had never thought that Moonwatching River and the others didn't seem to think that they had done anything wrong.

    And righteously said that it was her honor, something that everyone was begging for?

    My fucking pleasure?

    A bunch of Gryphons, how the hell are you qualified to decide whether she lives or dies.

    And you're still shamelessly saying that it's Yue'er's honor?

    The wind was cold, and at this time, Ye Fan's body was already swept with killing intent.

    Although, Ye Fan had yet to make a move, the might that erupted from his body had already chilled everyone.

    Many people looked at Ye Fan with fear in their faces and trembled tremendously.

    A single drink caused the temperature to plummet.

    How powerful should this person's strength be?

    Rangong Ying Yue, who was on the side, was also startled as she watched this scene.

    The stunningly beautiful face was filled with emotion.

    Her long-lost heart, also at this moment, rippled.

    It was as if a warm current flowed through her heart.

    Inadvertently, Rangong Ying Yue, had actually burst into tears.

    After so many years, Ye Fan was still the first person who cared for her so much.It was also the first, who felt injustice and injustice for her.

    Tears couldn't stop flowing, no one could understand what Rangong Ying Yue was feeling at this moment.

    That feeling is like a person walking on a long winter night, feeling the sun shining and seeing the spring blossoms.

    All along, everyone thought that it was an honor for her, Rangong Ying Yue, to be able to provide a body for the Moon Reading, something that everyone was begging for.

    No one gave her a second thought, and no one cared if she lived or died.

    What her parents saw in their eyes was the family interest.

    What Kenshin saw in his eyes was the martial destiny of the Japanese nation.

    No one had ever really cared about her, about Rangong Ying Yue.

    But the only exception was, Ye Fan.

    Before this, Rangong Ying Yue had never thought that this young man in front of her could bring her, so much emotion.

    "Senior brother, what's the nonsense with him."

    "This bastard is sharp-tongued and arrogant."

    "Only sword and blood can make him succumb!"

    "I'm going to kill him with my hands and avenge my senior brother's death!"

    As Ye Fan coldly drank in a low voice, Ryuichi Shiano, who was behind him, was clearly running out of patience.

    He held a long sword in his hand and drew up on the ground with his feet on the ground.

    Only a piercing sound~.

    Green light swept across the sky, and the sword was spreading.

    With one fierce stroke of the sword, Shi No Long Yi had already cut down on Ye Fan.

    The speed was as fast as lightning.

    "Master, be careful~"

    Seeing that Ryuichi Shiano's attack arrived in an instant, Ryouga Ying Yue was shocked and shouted subconsciously.

    However, in the face of that longitudinal sword qi, Ye Fan was fearless.

    Under the Heavenly River, he stood with his hands in the negative.

    Only when the sword qi had arrived in front of him, did Ye Fan's right hand, then probe out.

    Reaching out his hand, he grabbed towards the empty space in front of him.


    "What does this jerk want?"

    "Could it be that he's trying to pick up a white blade with his bare hands?"

    "And you really don't know what you're talking about!"

    The crowd laughed sardonically.

    When Shi No Long looked at Ye Fan, it was also as if he was looking at an idiot.

    It only felt that Ye Fan was hitting stones with eggs and was not self-important.

    However, just as the crowd was sneering at him.Only to see Ye Fan's outstretched hand, grabbing in the air.

    The original overpowering sword qi that Shi No Ryuichi had displayed was like entering a muddy swamp, unable to go any further.

    In the end, it was even flicked by Ye Fan's finger, and the fierce attack was actually bounced right back by Ye Fan.


    As soon as Shi Nolong dodged, an eventful wound was sliced open by the sword qi on his chest.

    Red blood then spilled out.


    "Actually...It bounced back?"

    Everyone was shocked at what they saw.

    Yami Nakai, one of the three great masters of the Sword God Palace, was even more worried and ran over to support Ryuichi Shiano.

    "Ryuichi, are you alright?"Yami Nakai asked worriedly.

    Ryuichi Shiano spat out the blood from the corner of his mouth, his old face livid, and waved his hand, "I'm fine."


    "However, this guy is a bit weird, it's not as bad as we thought it was before."

    "Mo Wuya's defeat doesn't seem to be luck,"

    Shi No Ryuichi said in a deep voice.

    Previously, Moonwatching River had been saying that he had been wounded by Ye Fan's trick.

    Therefore, none of Shi No Ryuichi and the others had paid much attention to Ye Fan's strength.

    However, now after the brief encounter, Shi No Ryuichi undoubtedly began to be solemn.

    "Senior brother, let's join forces."

    "The three of us will join forces and kill this son with a thunderbolt."

    "We can't spend any more time with him."

    "Our hallowed Sword God Palace is being killed by a junior, if this is delayed any longer, will it make the world sneer at us?!"

    Shino Ryuichi knew that if he fought alone, it would be difficult to deal with Ye Fan.

    To be on the safe side, he suggested that their three palace masters join forces and fight together.

    Moonwatching River had already experienced Ye Fan's might, so naturally he wouldn't refuse this suggestion.

    He immediately nodded, "Okay, the three of us will work together to exterminate him!"


    The moment the words fell, the might of the three exploded in unison.

    Immediately after, the long swords were unsheathed and the buzzing sound was endless.

    "Cyanwood Sword Intent!"


    "Ishino Sword Secrets!"


    "Hidden Kill!"

    In a low voice, the three fierce attacks all swept out.

    The three of them, Moonwatching River, surrounded Ye Fan in a half-moon formation.

    The three powerful attacks blocked all of Ye Fan's retreat paths, leaving him with no way to avoid or hide, and he could only die by the neck!


Under the Sword God Palace.

    The three palace masters were all together, and their terrifying sword qi criss-crossed the four directions.

    The majestic attack was only like an ocean storm, sweeping towards Ye Fan.

    Wherever the blade passed, green stones exploded and grass and trees crumbled.

    The earth here was nearly trembling unceasingly under this attack.

    Ancestor like a dragon!

    When the martial dao was refined to the best of its ability, destroying gold and breaking jade, and opening mountains and cracking the earth were no problem.

    The three of the Moonwatching River, the weakest, were all martial dao grandmasters.

    And Sword God Wang Yuehe, in his prime, was even at the level of a title grandmaster.

    The combined momentum of the three of them was naturally terrifying and unparalleled.


    "Is this the majesty of a strong cleric?"

    "Actually horrifying as hell!"

    Watching the might sweeping in front of them, the strong men of the four directions all trembled.

    It was said that one could only know one's own insignificance when standing under the Heavenly River.

    Now, in front of a truly strong man, they too felt their own weakness.

    On the path of martial arts, there was no end to learning.

    Today's battle was also absolutely beneficial to them, the onlookers.

    However, as they marveled at the strength of Moonwatching River and the others, the gazes they looked at Ye Fan undoubtedly carried a bit of pity.

    "To be able to force the three great Sword God Palace masters to come together."

    "This Huaxia teenager, even if he loses, it's enough to be proud of himself."

    "The death of a martial daoist at the hands of the three great masters is considered a fitting death!"

    The crowd shook their heads and sighed.

    Although, the might that Ye Fan had just displayed was a bit surprising to them.

    However, that was the end of it.

    After all, no matter how strong Ye Fan was, the crowd didn't think that he could have the strength to fight the three great masters by himself.

    Come to think of it, Ye Fan was only a young man in his early twenties after all.

    Even if he started cultivating from his mother's womb and practiced martial arts until now, it would only be more than twenty years.

    As for Wang Yuehe and the others, who had been practicing martial arts for half their lives, the three of them were nearly two hundred years old combined.

    The amount of time spent on martial arts was as much as ten times that of Ye Fan.

    But any normal person, I'm afraid, would not think that Ye Fan would be their opponent, much less, would survive their combined attack.

    However, while the crowd was sighing with regret, Ye Fan, who was at the tip of the storm, was still calm.

    His clear and beautiful face had no joy or sorrow.

    The combined attack of the three men of Moon River didn't raise any waves in his heart.

    The indifferent appearance was like looking down on a mole cricket.

    "Bastard, to the point of death, you're still acting calm here."

    "But that's the end of it!"

    "That day's battle at Dongchang Lake, the humiliation of Jiangdong, today, let's take your life to pay for it."

    A cold and eerie voice quietly sounded.

    Moonwatching River's face was like frost, and his gaze towards Ye Fan was filled with coldness.

    "Is that so?"

    "Moonwatching River, you lost to me last time.This time, are you so confident that you won't repeat the same mistake?"

    The wind was bitterly cold, blowing Ye Fan's shirt hungrily.

    Between the sword qi, Ye Fan stood proudly with a cold smile on his face.

    His lean body was standing under the world like that, as if a spear was standing erect, not moving in the slightest.

    Between all the smiles, there was all the domineering power contained.

    "Kid, so much nonsense even at the end of your life?"

    "Let the men see the truth!"

    Shi No Ryuichi couldn't stand this high-minded, pretentious tone of Ye Fan's and couldn't help but scold him.

    "Fine, as you wish!"

    The corner of Ye Fan's mouth was lightly opened, and a wry smile appeared on his clear and beautiful face.

    In the next moment, Ye Fan, who had been stony still, finally made his move.

    Under the Heavenly River, Ye Fan's arm was stretched out, embracing the heavens and earth.

    Facing the vertical and horizontal sword qi in front of him, he raised his palm and fiercely grasped at the void.

    As if, grasping the light!

    Again, it was like, grabbing the electricity.

    Right after that, Ye Fan drew his finger like a knife, slashing at the sky!

    "I have a sword that can end the mountains and rivers, break the sun and moon, and cut down the heavens!Down!Man!"

    Rolling boom, just like thunder rolling by.


    Only the void flashed with electricity.

    A blue light strength, like a blade light and sword mane, actually cut out suddenly from under Ye Fan.

    It was like a rainbow running through the sun and moon, and the electric light shot straight into the heart of the sky!

    Just like that, the blue light, which sliced through the canopy, collided with Moonwatching River's three respects, instantly.


    A boom sounded as if thunder had exploded.

    Beneath the feet of Ye Fan and the others, the blue stones cracked, and an eventful gully suddenly appeared in the earth.

    The overflowing wind was like an ocean storm, wreaking havoc in all directions.

    On the ground, cobweb-like cracks, centered on the place of collision, spread wildly in all directions.

    However, just when everyone thought that the attacks from both sides would be in a stalemate.

    Who would have thought that there would be no stalemate at all.

    In the split second of the collision between the two sides' attacks, Ye Fan's attack was like an autumn wind sweeping through falling leaves, boiling oil melting away the remaining snow, and with the force of destruction, it instantly defeated the combined force of the three!

    The sword qi was only like falling glaze, shattered.Scattered in all directions.


    Moonwatching River was shocked.

    "This...How is this possible?"Shino Ryuichi's pupils crinkled in horror.

    "The three of us together can't even block him in the slightest?"Nakai Yami was even more pale, Tsaku, losing his voice and shouting.

    The rest of the people, looking at this scene, their hearts were even more monstrous.

    Because of the horror, a pair of eyeballs, were close to jumping out of their sockets.

    Countless people wailed.


    "Is this.... this strong?"

    Before this, the crowd thought that the three great masters of the Sword God Palace, working together, might as well torture a dog to kill Ye Fan?

    But now it seemed that they were overthinking.

    It wasn't that they were torturing Ye Fan like a dog, but that Ye Fan was torturing them like a dog!

    In a single move, they swept away the three great masters.

    With such might, Moonwatching River and the others, there was no doubt that there was no longer any possibility of overturning the situation.

    "Master...Senior brother, now...What should we do now?"

    Shino Ryuichi had peed.

    The usual high and mighty Second Palace Master of the Sword God Palace, now there was only trepidation left in his old eyes.

    Yes, although it was only a single strike just now, Ye Fan, however, had already crushed his heart and soul.

    The Moonwatching River was also by no means calm at this time.

    Faced with Shi No Ryuichi's trepidation, Moonwatching River also said urgently, "What else can we do?"

    "Run away first!"

    "Go away~"


    "Go to the Three Gods Pavilion and ask the Snow Shining Sky God for help!"

    Moonwatching Moon River made a quick decision, knowing that if they continued to fight, the three of them were in real danger of being beheaded by Ye Fan.

    Therefore, Moonwatching River then ordered to run away first.


    "Do you think, you guys can walk away?"

    However, just as the three of them fled in fear, a cold voice, like the chanting of death, quietly sounded.


    Then, the fist wind whistled and a low sonic boom had exploded in Moonwatching River's ears.

    "This is?"

    In great shock, Moonwatching River turned around and saw that Ye Fan's thick iron fist had reached him.

    With a bang, Ye Fan's fist smashed directly into Moonwatching River's face.

    The old face caved in, and broken teeth flew away.

    Blood mixed with flesh and blood, directly vomited into the sky.

    Just like this, under Ye Fan's punch, Moonwatching River's entire body was smashed into the earth like a useless dog.

    The blue stone shattered and the earth exploded, splattering the sky with dust!


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