Dish Best Served Cold 891-895


Chapter 891


    "I actually envy you sister Autumn."

    "I can't believe that you married such a good man like me."

    On the way back to the hotel, listening to Rangong Ying Yue's words, Ye Fan nodded his head in deep thought, his face not blushing and heart not jumping.

    When Rangong Ying Yue next to him heard it, that delicate and stunningly beautiful face immediately blossomed with an intoxicating smile.


    "Shame on you, master!"

    The moon was bright and the stars were rosy.

    The young girl's silver bell-like laughter, following the breeze, spread far, far away.

    Soon, the two of them, Ye Fan, also arrived at the hotel where they had stayed before.

    This hotel was still booked by Rang Gong Ying Yue.

    Ye Fan didn't have any money with him, and even if he did, the currencies weren't similar.

    So, basically, the spending of these days was the responsibility of Ranggong Ying Yue.

    The Liang Gong family was originally a winter capital gentry, and Liang Gong Ying Yue's identity was special, so the Liang Gong family naturally did not dare to treat Liang Gong Ying Yue badly in terms of material conditions.

    After all, this girl could soon be the Sun Country's Moon Reading Heavenly God.

    It's important to look at the Buddha's face as well as the monk's face, isn't it?

    So, naturally, Ranggong Ying Yue was a master who was not short of money.

    "Miss Ranggong, you're back?"

    The manager of the hotel went out to greet Ryouga Ying Yue respectfully after seeing her.

    Although, he didn't know Ryougu Eizuki.

    However, he knew the black card that Rangong Ying Yue had paid for before.

    That black card had the unique logo of a member of the Ranggong family, and only core members of the Ranggong family were eligible to hold it.

    The Ranggong family had a lot of prestige and power in Winter Capital.

    Therefore, this hotel manager naturally did not dare to slacken off, and respectfully welcomed the two of them into the room with Ranggong Ying Yue.

    "Manager, did you say that the person who went in with Miss Rangong, could it be the little white man that Miss Rangong is keeping?"

    "Doesn't look as handsome as me."

    After seeing Ye Fan and Rangong Ying Yue leave, but there was a bartender beside him, looking at Ye Fan's back with an envious and jealous light in his eyebrows.


    "Are you envious, Murphy?"

    "Want to go to sleep with someone too?"

    The manager snapped to attention, scaring the bartender into shaking his head.

    "No, no, no, no...No."

    "Miss Ranggong is so talented and beautiful, I...I'm not worthy."

    The bartender thought he had said the wrong thing and was suddenly filled with fear.

    Who knew that as soon as the bartender's words trailed off, the manager directly gave him a violent shudder and reached out to knock him on the head.

    "Just say it if you're envious!"

    "I'm envious too."

    "Paralyzed, that Ryouga-san is really pretty."

    "To die under the peony blossom, to be a ghost is also windy~"

    The manager let out a long sigh, his heart was undoubtedly all kinds of envious and jealous of that Ye Fan.

    This was also a man, why was someone's life so good that he could be favored by a rich white woman?

    If Ye Fan were to hear this, he would probably be furious.

    No, it wasn't really true.

    Anyway, Ye Fan had been a door-to-door son-in-law for three years, so I guess he would have heard similar words out of his cocoon.

    Probably got used to it already.

    As the two of them returned to the hotel, a day had undoubtedly passed.

    Tomorrow, it would be the day that Ye Fan would head to the Sword God Palace.

    On the last night of Ye Fan's time with Ranggong Ying Yue, Ye Fan personally cooked a table full of dinner for Ranggong Ying Yue.


    "Master is great."

    "And cooks hey?"

    "And it's so delicious."

    At the dining table, Rangong Ying Yue was glowing with light, completely looking like a little fan girl.

    On top of her pretty face, she was full of wonder and joy.

    Ye Fan didn't say anything, just smiled quietly.

    Looking at this little girl, like a hungry kitten, the wind swept away the food.

    Perhaps, this would be his and her, the last dinner.

    "You eat first, I'm going to take a shower."

    Evan said, and after that, he also went back to his room to take a shower.

    They had booked a two-bedroom suite, and each room had its own bathroom, so it was convenient.

    After taking a shower, Ye Fan also went back to the living room and sat on the sofa, watching TV while waiting for his hair to air dry.

    "Master, here you go."

    At this time, Rangong Ying Yue, however, came out from the kitchen with a cup of warm milk.

    The intoxicatingly pretty face had a warm and happy smile on it.

    All this time, Rangong Ying Yue had almost always been alone.

    The time she spent with Ye Fan, however, made her deeply feel the warmth of home.

    Just like now, heating up a glass of milk for someone you care about, to Rangongong Yingyue, she also feels extremely happy.

    However, the happiness in her heart might have been too much.

    Rangong Ying Yue had just walked in front of Ye Fan, not knowing what tripped her, her delicate body then stumbled.

    "Watch out!"

    Ye Fan quickly warned, but it was already too late.

    The cup full of milk suddenly spilled, most of it spilled on the ground, but still some of it landed on Ye Fan's body.

    Of course, for someone like Ye Fan, who had blood on his hands, spilling some milk on his body was no doubt a small matter.

    However, what made Ye Fan extremely embarrassed was that not only was there milk that fell on him, there was also the thousand tender girls.

    Like that milk, Rangong Ying Yue's entire body also fell down towards Ye Fan.

    In the end, a good death fell into Ye Fan's arms.

    Actually, if the whole person fell in Ye Fan's arms, it wouldn't be that embarrassing.

    The key point was that, since the two of them were a little farther apart when they fell, only Rangong Ying Yue's pretty face, fell into Ye Fan's arms when they fell.

    Prepared to say, it fell into, the position under Ye Fan's abdomen.

    At that time, Ye Fan's body was in a stir, and a pair of old eyes immediately stared.

    At Ye Fan's age, he was originally in the prime of blood.

    The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the new product.

    Ye Fan has just finished taking a shower, and is wearing a loose pajamas.

    As you can see, a certain spot on the pajama pants quickly bulged.

    A ~snap~.

    It hit Rangong Ying Yue's nose right on the nose, and at the same time, the milk that was splashed on Ye Fan's clothes naturally stained all over Rangong Ying Yue's face.

    Spare Ye Fan's thick-skinned face, at this time, the old face couldn't help but blush.

    "Hello, may I ask if it's room service you ordered..."

    At this moment, a female voice came from the door.

    Just now, Rangong Ying Yue had called and asked the front desk to send someone to deal with the dishes, and now it seemed that it was the cleaning aunt who had arrived.

    However, this cleaning aunt had just stuck her head in, and in the next moment, her entire body was directly stunned.

    Only to see in front, on the sofa, Ye Fan's clothes were disheveled and his old face was red as he sat.

    Beneath him, a gorgeous woman was kneeling on both knees, and after hearing the sound, she looked up in panic.

    There were still dots of milk droplets hanging on her pink and shy face.

    In the instant they looked at each other, Ye Fan only felt that time had stopped.


    A low roar.

    The cleaning lady didn't even have time to collect the utensils and just left after closing the door.

    "That, next time remember to close the door!"


    "Now this youngster, he's getting better at it~"



    "I'm...I fucking~"

    Looking at the sighs coming from outside the door, Ye Fan's old face turned red and a mouthful of old blood almost came out.

    What the fuck was he doing?

    He didn't do anything.

    Is this all a fucking misunderstanding?

    Ye Fan smiled bitterly, thinking to himself, "What's all this [Literary Museum] about?

    But fortunately, what I just saw was just a hotel cleaning.

    Let her misunderstand, Ye Fan didn't bother to explain.

    But if that person was Qiu Mu Orange just now, Ye Fan reckoned that this time he really couldn't even jump into the Yellow River.

    "I'm sorry."

    "Master, I'm sorry."

    "It's all because I'm too stupid to do anything~"

    While Ye Fan was laughing and crying, Rangong Yingyue undoubtedly reacted and quickly got up from the ground, bowing and apologizing to Ye Fan.

    Ye Fan waved his hand, "It's fine."

    "You, you were born to be a princess, not fit to do this kind of waiting on people."

    "Alright, go rest early."

    "Tomorrow, it's time to go to the Sword God Palace."

    In the room, Ye Fan's words echoed.

    After saying that, Ye Fan also turned around and left.

    In the living room, only Ranggong Ying Yue was left standing there alone.


    A night passed quickly.

    The next day, when the first rays of morning light shone on the earth, an innocent young man, a dumpy woman, they had already met up and walked on the streets outside of Winter Capital.

    Beyond the Heavenly River, the sun wheel rose in the east.

    The glory of the morning sun, shining the earth.

    The sunrise, but the shadow of the two, the extraordinarily long.

    These two are naturally Ye Fan and Rangong Ying Yue who went to the Sun Country together.

    Under the leadership of Rangong Ying Yue, Ye Fan stepped forward.

    The place where the sharp edge was headed was, Heck, the Palace of the Sword God of the Sun Country!

    Ye Fan came to the Sun Country for three purposes.

    The first is to clean up the gates, the second is to settle the grudge with Moon River, and the third is to find the holy relic of the Sun Country's martial arts, the eight-foot Qiong hook jade.

    Now, the matter of the Dragon Rock King had come to an end, and it was time to settle the grudge with the Moon River.

    At first, Ye Fan had been careless and let him escape.

    This time, Ye Fan will behead him!

    "Master, is it true that this battle cannot be avoided?"

    "The Sword God Palace's position in the Martial Dao of the Sun Country is pivotal."

    "Even if my master can defeat my teacher and step on the Sword God Palace, it is bound to arouse the public wrath of the Japanese Martial Dao."

    "When the time comes, the Three Gods Palace, will never sit idly by."

    "And you, master, will be in deep trouble, most likely, with no way out ah?"

    On the road, Rang Gong Ying Yue had a heavy heart.

    Her pretty face contained worry and she couldn't stop advising Ye Fan.

    Both Ye Fan and Moonwatching River were extremely important people to Rangong Ying Yue.

    She didn't want to see them saber to saber and fight to the death.

    More crucially, this battle was almost a death match for Ye Fan.

    Because, regardless of success or failure, Ye Fan's final destination or both would be a fall.

    If he lost, naturally, needless to say, the Sword God Palace would never spare him.

    If he won, and he killed the Sword God as he wished and trampled the Sword God Palace, how would the other peak powerhouses of the Japanese martial dao let him go in peace?

    Even the strongest Three Gods Pavilion master of the country of Japan, the title of "Snow Shot" Snow Shot God will also participate in the battle.

    At that time, what Ye Fan would face might be an even more cruel situation.

    However, facing Rangong Ying Yue's concern, Ye Fan shook his head and smiled calmly.

    "Deeply trapped?"

    "There's no going back?"

    "What, Luna, you just don't have that much confidence in me, do you?"

    Ye Fan laughed softly.

    "Yue'er, do you know that to me, what is the Three Gods Pavilion and what is the Martial Dao of the Sun Country?"

    "I don't even care about the Chu family, let alone a small Three Gods Pavilion?A little Japanese martial art?"

    "Wait and see."

    "I'll show you, your master, the majesty of the world!"

    Ye Fan proudly said.

    The low, deep voice was like the sound of a sword, echoing the four directions.


    In a split second, the cold wind rose and rolled up three thousand fallen leaves.

    Under the Heavenly River, Ye Fan was full of cold smiles and proudly stepped forward.

    No one knew what kind of storm the young man in front of him would stir up in the Sun Country in the next period of time.



    The outskirts of Winter Capital.

    A huge palace stood here.

    With red walls and green tiles, it had a few remnants of China's prosperous Tang Dynasty.

    Yes, this palace in front of us was the one that ruled the martial arts of the Japanese Kingdom, the Sword God Palace!

    In the martial world of Japan, the Sword God Palace could only rank second in terms of strength.

    The number one ranking was the Three Gods Pavilion!

    The most powerful man in the Sun Kingdom, the God of Snow, is the head of the Three Gods Pavilion.

    However, the Three Gods Pavilion has always been mysterious and kept out of the common world and strife.

    It was detached from the world and almost never got involved in the martial affairs of the Japanese Kingdom.

    Therefore, to the martial arts people of Japan, the Three Gods Pavilion was more like a faith, a holy land that could be seen but not reached, and could be viewed from afar but not desecrated.

    It was under these circumstances that the Sword God Palace became the highest authority in the martial dao of the Sun Country, commanding the martial dao and fully managing the martial affairs of the Sun Country.

    "Senior Sword God, junior Mo Wuya has been waiting for many days once again."

    "I wonder when will senior be willing to give teachings and fight with junior?"

    In the hall, Mo Wu Ya said politely.The tone in which he spoke was rather respectful.

    In any case, Moonwatching River was also a big man who had already become famous, an extremely strong man who belonged to the same era as his father and War God uncle.

    As a junior, Mo Wuya naturally treated him with courtesy.

    Moonwatching River sat on the ground and closed his eyes and whispered.

    "I told you, now is not the time."

    "After I've finished settling a grudge, I will agree to a date with you."

    "So, go away."

    "When you return, send a message for your father for me."

    "Just say, congratulations on your Huaxia, you have a genius demon."

    "It's just a pity that this demon, we, Sword God Palace, will collect it for you."

    Moonwatching River said coldly.

    But Mo Wu Ya was in the clouds and didn't know what the demon in Moonwatching River's mouth meant.

    However, he didn't care.

    What he cared about now was when Moonwatching River would be able to fight him.

    "Back then, Uncle War God defeated Moonwatching River in a standing battle and became famous, becoming one of the top powerhouses in Huaxia."

    "Today, if I can defeat Moonwatching River again, I, Mo Wu Ya, will surely become famous in the Huaxia Martial Dao as well!"

    "By virtue of this performance, it will be a matter of course for me to obtain the title, enter the Martial God Hall, and be given the seventh pillar powerhouse."

    Yes, Mo Wu Ya had come to the Sun Country this time to brush up on his achievements.

    In Huaxia, if one wanted to obtain a title and become a Pillar Grandmaster, one had to not only have great strength, but more importantly, one had to have outstanding achievements.

    And Mo Wu Ya's seniority was too shallow, even though his father was Boxing Emperor Mo Kucheng, but if he didn't have outstanding achievements, it would be difficult for him to be promoted as a title clan master.

    This was also why, Mo Wu Ya was so anxious to fight against Moonwatching River.

    However, Mo Wu Ya, who had been training outside, didn't know that Moonwatching River had already been defeated by Ye Fan.

    What's more, the person that Moonwatching River was waiting for now was Ye Fan!


"Senior Sword God, I have come from afar this time to admire the might of the Sword God, and I would like to ask Senior to teach me."

    "Now that I have waited for many days, you have allowed me to return empty-handed."

    "This doesn't make sense, both in terms of reason and emotion."

    "How about this, ten strokes!"

    "Sword God, I will only ask you for ten strokes."

    "After the ten strokes, senior will leave and will never be bothered again!"

    In the palace, Mo Wu Ya still did not give up, and could not stop talking to the Moon Gazing River.

    However, allowing Mo Wu Ya to try to persuade him, Moonwatching River was oblivious.

    "I told you, I've had something going on recently and I don't have time to fight each other!"

    "Please return."

    "Ryuichi, send the guests away!"

    Moonwatching River seemed to have run out of patience and waved his hand, ordering a direct send-off.

    "Sword God, I..."

    Mo Wu Ya still wanted to say something, but he was stopped by the accompanying Sword God Palace's Second Palace Master, Ryuichi Shi Ye.

    "Nephew Wuya, you shouldn't push my Sword God senior brother either."

    "He's in a bad mood lately and is being annoyed."

    Shi No Ryuichi advised from the side.

    This Shi Ye Long Yi had traveled to Huaxia to further his martial arts training, and was considered to be extremely close to Huaxia.

    Nowadays, among the six pillars of Huaxia, many of them had a few friendships with Shi Ye Ryuichi.

    Among them, Boxer Mo Kucheng could be said to have the deepest friendship with Shi Ye Ryuichi.

    If it wasn't for this friendship, Mo Wu Ya would probably have been chased away by them long ago.

    After all, boarding a challenge for such a thing could be considered a great disrespect to a senior in the martial world.


    "Senior Sword God is highly respected in the Japanese Martial Dao and ranked in the top five most powerful people."

    "What else could there be that would bother Senior Sword God?"

    Mo Wu Ya was confused at the sound.

    Shino Ryuichi shook his head and gave a long sigh.

    "You should know that Sword God once had three disciples."

    "But now, all three of his disciples, two of them were killed by one person, and the third disciple was also captured alive by the other."

    "Now that maniacal disciple is still trying to use the Sword God's disciples as blackmail to come to the Sun Country to ask for my martial holy relics."


    "And this?"

    Mo Wu Ya was shocked when he heard the news.

    No wonder, he found out that the Sword God had been in a bad mood for the past few days, it was because of this.

    "I never thought that there would still be such scum in today's country's martial dao?"

    "Fearing the Sword God, yet turning on the Sword God's disciples."

    "And now you're holding hostages to persecute the Sword God?"

    "Martial artists of my generation should act openly and honestly, how could they commit such a vile act?"

    "Such despicable people are destined to be difficult to become great."

    Mo Wuya said in a deep voice, his words filled with disdain and indignation.

    This person, Mo Wuya, who came from a martial noble family, his father was even one of the Six Pillars, and a member of the three permanent council members of the Martial God Hall, was arrogant and acted openly.

    He despised most of all, the despicable people who reached their personal goals through such vile acts.

    If you want something, just come and get it yourself.

    If you can, take it. If you can't, die.

    Taking hostages is a villainous act after all, and is disgraceful.

    "Uncle Long, since your Sword God Palace rules the martial path of the Japanese Kingdom, you can't just focus on the improvement of martial cultivation on a regular basis, but also on the cultivation of martial virtues of the Japanese martial artists."

    "If a man has no faith, martial virtue will not exist!"

    "A truly admired strong person is not only strong in strength, but also strong in martial virtue rest."

    "So, for this piece of martial virtue, your Sun Country should really focus on it."

    Mo Wu Ya said in a long-winded manner.

    However, once Shi No Long heard that, he looked at Mo Wu Ya with an odd face: "That person, is from your China."


    Mo Wu Ya's pair of old faces were staring at him then.

    It was as if someone had slapped him in the face.

    The face was blue and white, embarrassed.

    "What did you say?"

    "That vile man, is he one of us from Warsaw?"

    Mo Wu Ya asked gloomily.

    Shi Ye Long Yi nodded and said, "Yes."

    "I won't lie to you, my Sword God senior brother, a few days ago, to avenge his disciple's death, went to Warsaw to fight with that mad disciple."

    "But I didn't expect that Huaxia junior to be despicable."

    "Not daring to fight in fear himself, he actually used wheel tactics, sending various strong men to take turns fighting my senior brother in order to deplete my senior brother's living strength."

    "In the end, he even plotted to harm my senior brother with a treacherous plan, and my senior brother inadvertently fell prey to that junior in a careless manner."

    "It was also fortunate that my Sword God senior brother's martial arts were superb, and in the face of all sorts of treacherous tactics, he was unperturbed, and in the end, he retreated in desperation."

    "My senior brother's disciple, however, was a bit weaker, so naturally he was captured by that maniacal disciple."

    "Now even more so, that villain is being used as a hostage to blackmail my Sword God Palace."

    "I never thought that the Huaxia that is known as the global holy land of martial arts would produce such a villain?"

    "Nephew Wuya, your Huaxia Martial Dao will have to focus on the cultivation of martial virtues in the future as well."

    Shi No Ryuichi said with emotion as he patted Mo Wu Ya's shoulder.

    But Mo Wuya's old face was flushed with shame, and he could not wait to dig a crack into the ground.

    He had just thought that this was a dispute within the Japanese martial arts.

    But he didn't expect that it would involve them in Huaxia as well.

    At this time, Mo Wu Ya was both ashamed and angry.

    Finally, a bang.

    A palm slapped down and the long table in front of him split apart!

    "Uncle Long, since this villain comes from my Huaxia Martial Dao, it's right that I should be the one to take care of it."

    "Don't worry, let me handle this matter!"

    "I, Mo Wu Ya, am going to kill this son and clean up the portals of my Huaxia Martial Dao!"

    "I guarantee that I will definitely give a satisfactory explanation to the martial arts of the Sun Country, and to the Sword God Palace!"

    In his anger, Mo Wu Ya's killing intent was boiling.

    He threatened to kill Ye Fan in order to give the Sword God Palace an explanation.

    However, just as Mo Wu Ya was about to leave and turn around to chase and kill this person, Moonwatching River, who had been silent, spoke out.

    "This son is deceitful and cunning, incomparably evil."

    "I'm afraid it's not right for you to go alone."

    "Long Yi, you personally bring a few people with you and go with your nephew Wuya."

    "Several of you will work together to ensure that nothing goes wrong!"

    Looking Moon River said in a deep voice.

    Shino Ryuichi nodded instantly, "Okay, senior brother!"

    "I'll go and order the strongest people in my Sword God Palace to work together and slay him!"

    Shino Ryuichi was also a thunderous temperament, and after receiving the Sword God's instruction from the Moonwatching River, he immediately gathered ten strong men from among the martial dao of the Sun Country to gather under the Sword God's palace.

    "Gentlemen, today there is a Chinese junior who has committed an offense against my country of Japan, killing my people and undermining my country's prestige."

    "I, Shino Ryuichi, have been ordered by the Sword God Palace Master, Wang Yuehe, to personally lead all of you to kill the thief!"

    "If we don't kill that Chinese junior, we vow not to return it!"


    "If I don't kill this son, I swear I won't return it~"


    "If I don't kill this son, I swear I won't return it~"

    Under the Sword God Palace, Ryuichi Shiano and Mo Wu Ya stood toweringly.

    At their feet, dozens of powerful people of the Sun Country worshipped respectfully.

    The voices that rose and fell were only like waves sweeping and killing intent raging!

    However, in the midst of the rushing torrent, no one saw that at the end of the celestial river, there was a skinny young man, welcoming the sunrise and carrying the heavens and earth on his back.

    Stomping proudly towards this place!


"Oh, are you trying to kill me?"

    Very soon, an emotionless voice came quietly from somewhere ahead.



    The crowd shuddered at the sound.

    All of them, all of them turned around, and their eyes, all of them coincidentally, looked towards the source of the sound.

    There, they saw a clear-headed young man and a delicate young woman, just like this, walking together.

    Soon, they arrived in front of the crowd.

    "You...You are that Hua Xia junior?"

    "And what nerve!"

    "We haven't asked for you yet, and you have the audacity to come to our door yourself?"

    "It seems that he doesn't take me Sword God Palace seriously!"

    After seeing Rangong Ying Yue by Ye Fan's side, Shiye Ryuichi instantly decided that the young man in front of him was the Chinese kid who had wounded Sword God and killed Ying Tian and Ying Long brothers, Ye Fan!

    It was just that Ryuichi Shiano had never dreamed that this punk kid would dare to single-handedly kill his way up to the Sword God Palace.

    Was it youthful arrogance?

    Or are you really not afraid to die?

    Shino Ryuichi's face was gloomy, with anger rising in his heart.

    Previously, their plan was to have Rangong Ying Yue lure Ye Fan to Mount Fuji.

    However, they ambushed Ye Fan under Mount Fuji.

    Now that Ye Fan had directly killed the door, their plan was undoubtedly disrupted.

    "Yue'er, what's wrong with you, Nee-chan?"

    "Can't get anything done at all!"

    "How did you lure him to the Sword God Palace?"

    Shino Ryuichi raged at Ryouga Etsu.


    Ryougu Ying Yue lowered her head and didn't know how to reply.

    When she was in Warsaw before, her teacher, Moonwatching River, did instruct Ryouga Ying Yue to lure Ye Fan to Mount Fuji.

    However, Rangong Ying Yue didn't want to deceive Ye Fan.

    Her master wanted to come to the Sword God Palace, so she naturally brought her to the Sword God Palace.



    "Could it be that she is the hostage you said was captured by this junior?One of the three disciples of the Sword God?"

    "Actually, born so gorgeous and beautiful?"

    Upon seeing Rangong Ying Yue, Mo Wu Ya was stunned and filled with amazement.

    He asked himself that he had seen many beautiful women over the years.

    However, Ranggong Ying Yue's beauty still hit him instantly.

    At that moment, he only felt that any of the charms that were praised in this human world were not as good as seeing her for the first time.

    It was also like breathing, not interrupted for a second!

    "I've met countless people, but I've asked myself if there's a woman worthy of the word 'stunning', Aunt Feng is one, and the one before me is the second."

    "I didn't expect that the Land of the Rising Sun would still be able to produce such a stunningly beautiful woman?"

    Mo Wu Ya was full of amazement, and in his eyebrows, there was shock and admiration.

    All people have a love for beauty.

    Even Mo Wuya, who has entered the state of a master, is naturally no exception.

    The tone in which he spoke all contained a few hints of fire.

    "Uncle Long, this Miss Yue'er, has she ever been married?"

    "And can there be a matchmaker?"

    Mo Wu Ya was the one who dared to love and hate, and the moment his heart was moved, he turned his head to ask Ryuichi Shi Noi, who was on the side, to find out if this Ryouga Ying Yue was single.

    Shi No Long Yi shook his head, "Of course not!"

    "Yue'er's status is noble, and no one in the land of the Sun Country is worthy of her."

    Hearing this, Mo Wu Ya nodded his head with a smile.

    "Well, Uncle Long is right."

    "The only one who can be worthy is me, Mo Wu Ya!"

    "After this is done, I would like to ask Uncle Long to act as a matchmaker and facilitate this marriage between me and Miss Moon."

    "When I ascend to the summit of Huaxia Martial Dao on another day, I will be the Martial God Hall's Master."

    "At that time, Miss Yue'er, will be the Queen of the Martial God Hall!"

    "One man under, ten thousand above."

    "I believe that this will be a story that will be extolled for a thousand years for both martial dao."

    Mo Wu Ya proudly said, and in his words, all that came out was a sense of confidence.

    It was as if, in Mo Wu Ya's eyes, there was no one or thing that he couldn't ask for!

    And he, too, did have the capital.

    He had been born from a noble family since he was a child, and his father was one of the six pillars of Huaxia.

    Even the martial dao leaders such as the Sword Saint and the God of War were all grateful to Mo Wuya for teaching him.

    It could be said that those six giants of Huaxia were almost all close to Mo Wu Ya.

    This kind of martial dao background was too hard, absolutely unparalleled in the Huaxia martial dao world!

    It was also because of this powerful background, Mo Wuya had undoubtedly had a smooth life and no one dared to provoke him.

    Even when he came to challenge the Sword God Palace, Shiye Long Yi and the others all stayed well.

    After all, to a certain extent, Mo Wuya could be considered the prince of China's martial arts.

    The slightest mistake in this was an international martial dao strife.

    Naturally, none wanted to offend him.

    It was precisely because of this that it fueled Mo Wuya's arrogance even more.

    What he wanted, he would definitely get.


    However, when he heard Mo Wu Ya's words, Shi No Ryuichi's old face turned green.

    Motherfucker, it was fine to give other women to Mo Wu Ya, but not this one!

    Rangong Ying Yue still had the soul of the Moon Reading God sealed inside her.

    The Moon Reading Heavenly God was like the Emperor to the people of the Japanese martial world, it was an existence of faith and gods.

    This kind of existence, when it was ice-clear and pure, high above the world and could only be worshipped in temples, how could it marry and become someone else's subordinate?

    This damaged not only the reputation of the Moon Reading God, but also the majesty of the entire Japanese martial arts!

    So, naturally, Shi No Long Yi could not agree.

    However, before Shi No Ryuichi could say this, Mo Wu Ya waved his hand and said, "Uncle Long, I know what you want to say."

    "Don't you just want me to kill this junior first before we talk about the marriage?"

    "Don't worry, it's just a hand up."

    "I'll go over and capture that junior teenager."

    Mo Wu Ya smiled proudly, and between his words, he was about to head over towards Ye Fan's direction.

    But Shi No Ryuichi was a little uneasy.

    "Mo Wu Ya, this son is treacherous."

    "To be on the safe side, it's better for you and me to join hands and kill it with a thunderbolt."

    "Otherwise, if something happens to you in my Sun Country, how will our Sword God Palace explain to your father?"

    Shi Nuo Long Yi advised in succession.

    But Mo Wu Ya shook his head and smiled faintly.

    "Uncle Long, you're overly worried."

    "A district junior is just a junior, beheading him, I alone will suffice!"

    "Why should anyone else interfere?"

    "As for any schemes and tricks, they are all empty in the face of absolute strength."

    "One power breaks all laws!"

    "I, Mo Wu Ya, am the son of a boxing king, could it be that I still can't deal with a nameless junior?"

    "It's also just as well to take this opportunity to give my future wife a taste of her manly majesty as well!"

    Under the Heavenly River, Mo Wu Ya smiled proudly.

    The words were full of heroism and confidence.

    As he said this, Mo Wuya didn't even look at Ye Fan, all of his mind's gaze was on Rang Gong Ying Yue alone.

    "If I get a wife like this, what more could a husband want?"


Mo Wu Ya's heart was so enthralled that he had almost seen the scene of marrying her in the future .

    "Miss Yue'er, these days have caused you to suffer ."

    "But you need not be afraid ."

    "I'm going to kill this thief and rescue you ."

    Mo Wu Ya didn't pay any attention to Ye Fan, but took the initiative to accost Rang Gong Ying Yue as soon as he came up .

    But unfortunately, Rangong Ying Yue didn't seem to appreciate Mo Wu Ya's kindness.

    On the contrary, after hearing Mo Wu Ya's words that offended Ye Fan, her pretty face immediately took on some indignation and defended, "Shut up!"

    "Who are you?I forbid you to offend your master."

    "Besides, I'm happy with my master and don't feel afflicted."

    Rangong Ying Yue pursed her small mouth and said angrily at Mo Wu Ya.

    The stunningly beautiful face was filled with hostility.

    It was obvious that Rangong Ying Yue did not have any good feelings towards this strange man in front of her, who was disrespectful to Ye Fan right off the bat, and even had a bit of hostility.

    But upon hearing Rangong Ying Yue's words, Mo Wu Ya was stunned.


    "What master?"

    "Who are you calling master?"

    Mo Wu Ya's mouth twitched and his entire body was a bit confused.

    Wasn't this gorgeous girl in front of him a disciple of the Sword God?

    A disciple of the Sword God is considered an honorable person in the martial arts of Japan.

    But what the hell is this shouting "Master"?

    "Well, what do you care!"

    "In short, I forbid you to offend my master!"

    Rang Gong Ying Yue's beautiful eyes widened as she waved her show fist and threatened Mo Wu Ya with fangs and claws.

    At that time, Mo Wu Ya's entire body was confused.

    "Did you...You said that he is your master?"

    "You.... you're her slave girl?"


    What's wrong with you?

    The first woman that his Mo Wu Ya heart throbbed for is someone else's slave?

    At that time, Mo Wu Ya only felt his heart shattered into glass crumbs, and it hurt like pins and needles.

    "Uncle Long, what the hell is going on here?"

    Mo Wu Ya, who was in the midst of confusion, was completely confused about the situation and could only ask Ryuichi Shiano behind him.

    Naturally, Shi No Ryuichi didn't know what was going on either.

    In shock and anger, Shi No Ryuichi immediately glared at Rangong Ying Yue and said harshly, "Yue'er, what are you talking nonsense about?"

    "What the fuck master?"

    "Are you out of your mind?"

    "You are noble and majestic, and in the future, the entire country of Japan will prostrate at your feet."

    "In this world, no one can be your master, and you cannot be anyone's slave."

    Shi No Ryuichi roared in anger.

    He knew about Ranggong Ying Yue being with Ye Fan.

    Previously, Moonwatching River had instructed Rangong Ying Yue to fake submission and then lure Ye Fan into a trap.

    However, what Shi No Ryuichi had never thought to death was that this ninja respected Ye Fan as her master?Now he's even defending Ye Fan?

    Is she in too deep?

    Or are you suffering from Stockholm Syndrome?


    "What the hell did you do to Luna?"

    "Today, I have to kill you!"

    Under anger, Ryuichi Shiye was angry, but he took all his anger out on Ye Fan alone.

    In the next moment, he lifted his sword and was about to charge towards Ye Fan's direction.

    However, Mo Wu Ya stopped him.


    "Could it be that you're going to shelter him?"

    Shi No Ryuichi's words were cold and his words were full of displeasure.

    There was a great gesture that even Mo Wu Ya would be cut down if they didn't agree.

    After all, Rangong Yingyue would be the guardian god of their Sun Country's martial dao in the future, and now that he was taken as a slave, if this matter was spread out, it would make their Sun Country be laughed at by the world.

    Therefore, he had to kill Ye Fan today no matter what.

    Mo Wu Ya shook his head.

    "The scum of Huaxia deserves to be beheaded by my Huaxia sword!"

    "I told you, I alone am sufficient to deal with him."

    "No need for anyone to interfere."

    "You just have to watch."

    Mo Wu Ya's icy words carried a monstrous killing intent.

    As soon as Shi Ye Long saw this, he did not interfere anymore and let Mo Wu Ya alone.

    "Junior, do you know the crime?"

    Under the Sword God Palace, Mo Wu Ya stood proudly with his hands in the negative.

    His deep eyes looked down on the young man in front of him in such a condescending manner.

    Although, before Shi Ye Long Yi said that the Sword God Looking Moon River was all injured by him, Mo Wu Ya did not care.

    Because in his opinion, Ye Fan was only relying on conspiracy and trickery to injure the Moonwatching River, and his true strength was afraid that it was not enough to be feared at all.

    Therefore, until the very end, Mo Wu Ya didn't really care about Ye Fan.

    The words of Moran were also full of contempt.

    Ye Fan heard it, but he only felt funny.


    "I'd really like to know, what's wrong with me?"

    Ye Fan smiled faintly with a bit of teasing.


    "You're a beast, you're dying and you dare to talk tough to me?"

    "You slaughtered the Sword God's disciples before and framed the Sword God with trickery after.Now, for your own greed, you even used a weak woman as a hostage to blackmail the Sword God Palace into handing over its treasures."

    "All of the above acts, which one of them is not the work of a villain?"

    "My Chinese Martial Dao, up and down five thousand history.For generations, the most important thing is martial virtue."

    "And you, you are unkind, rude and virtuous!"

    "The face of my Huaxia Martial Dao has been disgraced by you bastards."

    "Today, on behalf of the Huaxia Martial Dao, I, Mo Wuya, will clean up the gates, kill you, the scum of the Huaxia Martial Dao, and give an explanation to the Sword God Palace!"

    The words were morose, and there was no emotion contained within them.

    What there was, was only endless chill and killing intent.

    It was as if, in his eyes, Ye Fan's life was only like a blade of grass, which could be cut off at will.


    Ye Fan shook his head and laughed as if he heard, the best joke in the world.

    "That's a beautiful thing to say."

    "Full of benevolence and morality, pretending to be grandiose."

    "But do you know, what I hate most in my life is you fools."

    "You~" Ye Fan's words almost infuriated Mo Wu Ya to death.

    After all these years, this teenager in front of him was still the first person who dared to call him a fool.

    However, where did Ye Fan pay attention to his anger and still said coldly.

    "What? You're not convinced?"

    "Did I say something wrong?"

    "You only say I killed the Sword God's apprentices, but do you know why I killed them?"

    "And that I have conspired to frame others with intrigue, and to hold them hostage for the taking of treasure, and I ask you, who have you heard all this from, and have you sought to prove it?"

    "Do you really know if it's true or not?"

    "Still not just listening to other people's side of the story?"

    "You don't know black from white, you don't know right from wrong, so what are you if you're not stupid?"

    "Besides, even if I'm really at fault, what qualifications do you have, to behead me on behalf of Warsaw?"

    "Could it be that you are the sovereign of Warsaw?"

    "Or the Master of the Martial Temple?"

    "How dare even something that's not a dog dare to yell at me?"

    Ye Fan's words were incessant and eloquent.

    He asked several questions in a row, and his words were as merciless as a sword, directly dislike Mo Wuya's old face red and speechless.

    In the end, he was so angry that Mo Wuya clenched his fists and his eyes were red.


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