Super Son-in-law 341-350


Chapter 341

"Lin... Lin Hao..." finally Shen Siyan slowly turned around and looked at Lin Hao who was also looking at her deeply on the stage, looking at the crying and laughing expression on Lin Hao's face.Shen Xiyan only felt pain and ache in her heart.

"You... didn't you say that we were going to resign from the company?"Shen Xi Yan cried and laughed at Lin Hao.

Lin Hao nodded on the stage, "Well, silly girl, the whole group is yours, why are you still going to work so hard?Waiting for a promotion and a raise?"

On the stage, Lin Hao smiled and chuckled as he looked at Shen Xi Yan, this silly girl was still thinking about resigning at this time.

"But... But didn't you say that we were leaving Nanjiang City?"Shen Xi Yan continued to stammer.

Lin Hao nodded, "Well, silly girl we haven't had our honeymoon yet ah, of course we have to go out and have a trip ah, we have played all over Nanjiang city ah, I'm not wrong ah..."

"But...but you, didn't you tell me the other day that the company would give you a good position?But this... "Shen Xiyan continued to ask Lin Hao about the doubts in her heart.

"Yeah, I didn't lie to you, the president is also a position ah, I'll give it to myself ah, no problem, right?"Lin Hao continued to smile at Shen Xiyan.

Shen Siyan shook her head and continued, "But, but the news out there... and the official announcement from the Kyushu Group?"

Lin Hao nodded, "Oh, I've been telling you ah, Yue Gu is also telling you.We're talking about Miss Shen, silly girl are you also surnamed Shen?Is it... wrong for me to say that I'm confessing to Miss Shen today?"Lin Hao continued to laugh on stage....

And with Lin Hao and Shen Siyan's question and answer on the stage, all the guests in the banquet understood.

That is, from start to finish, the CEO of the Jiuzhou Group is in love with Shen Suyan.

The company's CEO even gave up his company two years ago just to stay with Shen Suyan.What a boldness this is, with true love.The crowd's hearts were incomparably shaken....

Under the stage, Shen Xi Yan this time really couldn't say anything, yes, now that I think back, these past few days when she was with Lin Hao and Gu Yue, there were a lot of doubts...Everyone seemed to be unaware of today's events....

Shen Xiyan suddenly said, "Then... is it possible that they all know about it already, and I'm the only one who's still in the dark?"

Lin Hao smiled and nodded, "Of course ah, otherwise do you think that these people had a hard time when you invited Xiao Yuanshan Jiang Shaoming Li Jianghai Scar Six and the others to dinner the night before yesterday?Oh, I dared to let my wife toast them, but I taught them a few lessons that night, and that's something Mom can prove..."

Shen Siyan opened her mouth wide and said, "Huh?Mom actually knew about it?"

Lin Hao continued to nod, "Well, why else do you think Mom left the night before last?When she went to deliver the scarf to Jiang Shao Ming, she just happened to see it all..."

Lin Hao saw Shen Xiyan is still asking questions, so he smiled and waved his hand to her and said: "Well, silly girl stop asking, the world knows your husband is very powerful, just you do not know ah.But also every day worry about this worry about that, you do not think, your husband I will let you be wronged?Shen Siyan you listen well, I, Lin Hao, will not let you worry about me even if I'm negative to the whole world for the rest of my life!"


Shen Xi Yan's body trembled violently, and the tears of emotion continued to flow down as she bit her lips tightly, unable to stop the tears from flowing down.

Lin Hao on the stage took a deep breath and continued to Shen Xi Yan, "Xi Yan, the other day when you told me about remarriage, I told you that I hadn't proposed to you yet, I hadn't bought you a diamond ring yet, you could care less, but I couldn't let my wife suffer half the grievances that other women have.What other women don't have, my wife will still have, and it will be better..."

At that moment, off stage, Wang Lulu walked up to the stage and handed the Crystal Love's ring box to Lin Hao.Lin Hao kneeled down on one knee in front of all the elite bigwigs in Nanjiang City on the stage and said in a sincere and serious tone, "Classmate Shen Xiyan, my name is Lin Hao, I like you, will you marry me?"

When Lin Hao proposed to her in front of everyone in Nanjiang City, Shen Shi Yan was moved to cover her mouth....

"Marry him, marry him, marry him, marry him..." the atmosphere in the room exploded, and everyone clapped their hands and roared excitedly at Shen Xiyan.

"Mmm press, I'm willing..." finally Shen Siyan nodded her head heavily.

Lin Hao got up and walked over to Shen Xiyan, holding Shen Xiyan's hand and walking to the stage once again.Letting Shen Xiyan stand in front of everyone in Nanjiang City, Lin Hao once again knelt down on one knee to Shen Xiyan, Shen Xiyan stretched out her long, white fingers, Lin Hao gave Shen Xiyan the Crystal Love ring on his hand....

Suddenly Shen Xi Yan cried even louder, and when Lin Hao got up, she threw herself into Lin Hao's arms, "Sooooo, husband, I didn't even dress up today, such a romantic thing, you didn't even tell me, shame on you, shame on you..."

"Oh, it's already ready for you, go to the back and change first, Lulu Wang will help you..." said Lin Hao to Shen Xiyan and then nodded to Lulu Wang.Then Wang Lulu smiled and walked to the stage, holding Shen Xiyan's arm to the back.Below the stage, Yue Gu and Wang Weiwei followed....

Today's Shen Siyan is definitely the focus of the show, and she's already married Lin Hao and got a certificate.Then from now on, Shen Siyan is the mistress of the largest group in Nanjiang City, the Jiuzhou Group.The identity and status can be said to be a step up.

And at this moment, those reporters inside the banquet had gone completely crazy inside.What happened here today was just too dreamy and shocking.The first thing they did was to contact the station to make preparations and just wait for the meeting banquet to end and then cover it overwhelmingly! Remember the URL

After Shen Shi Yan went to the back to change, Lin Hao walked to the front of the catwalk and looked down on the audience in a domineering and unparalleled manner, the people here today were all elites from all walks of life in Nanjiang City, big shots, all respectable people.But right now none of these people dared to look at Lin Hao.Lin Hao's domineering kingly air was overwhelming the entire arena.

Lin Hao looked at the audience and slowly said, "Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to come over and participate in my appointment ceremony.From today onwards I will completely and comprehensively take over the entire Kyushu Group, and I hope that you all will give me more support in the future!"

As Lin Hao's words fell, the thirteen vice presidents of the Kyushu Group, led by Jiang Shaoming and Li Jianghai, stood up again at this moment and bowed to everyone in the arena.

There was thunderous applause....

Lin Hao smiled and said, "Don't be so formal, my inauguration ceremony is over, now everyone is just free to move around.All of today's consumption is paid for by me, so enjoy yourselves..."

After Lin Hao said that, he walked to the stage, while Jiang Shao Ming, Li Jianghai, Xiao Yuanshan, and Scar Six, the four most powerful vice presidents of the Kyushu Group, followed behind him, Lin Hao slowly walked towards the Shen family's crowd... Some feuds and some things should be resolved....


When the Shen family crowd saw Lin Hao walking towards them, one by one their faces changed greatly, until this moment they hadn't reacted, how could this trash Lin Hao be the president of the Kyushu Group?How the hell is that possible?

But now that the facts were right in front of them, they couldn't help but believe it.Can't you see that now Jiang Shaoming, Li Jianghai, and Xiao Yuanshan are all following Lin Hao so respectfully?Can't you breathe a little?So when Mrs. Shen and the others saw the attitude of Xiao Yuanshan and the other vice presidents of the Kyushu Group, no matter how much they didn't want to believe it in their hearts, this was the truth.And now they didn't even dare to move a muscle if Lin Hao didn't say anything.

After all, with Lin Hao's current status, it would be a matter of a single word to crush them.There wasn't much trouble at all, as long as Lin Hao said a word, there would be plenty of people in Nanjiang City to do it for him.

And these days they Shen family actually still fantasize about climbing the high branch of the new president of the Kyushu Group to save the Shen family and even go to give the Shen family a lifetime of glory.Now think about it but incomparably ironic, dead they would not have thought that the person they despise the most, who has been sarcastic and insulting, would be Lin Hao!

And now as Lin Hao and his group walked towards the Shen family, everyone's eyes in the venue also looked at the Shen family, and suddenly the expressions on each and every one of their faces were wonderful, and countless people began to point at the group of snobs in the Shen family, whether it was Old Madam Shen or Shen Zhiyuan, or Shen Ruoxue....

"Oh, this Shen family is really interesting, really snobbish to the extreme, I've never seen such a brazen person before!The grand president of the Kyushu Group put himself out of his way to take care of their families and went to make them sons-in-law, and they really thought he was easy to bully?"An elite from Nanjiang City whispered in mockery.

"No, heh, originally the Shen family has a path to heaven ah, but they were hardened by their own death, it's really interesting heh......." a beautiful woman carrying red wine ridiculed.

"Oh, if you want me to say ah, the most shameless here is the number of that Shen Ruoxue, actually went to take the initiative to seduce his own brother-in-law?Still thinking of marrying into the rich family?Oh, who's Roxie Shen?It's just a socialite, right?Who doesn't know who's who in our top circles in Nanjiang?Wasn't she with that Xiao Yi before?Shame on you. You want money, don't you?......." said another woman in a long white dress.

"Isn't it, and dressed so demonically, what a slut, you really think you're the hero of the day?The other Kyushu Group said from beginning to end that their CEO was proposing to Miss Shen today.Just now, that Shen Ruoxue actually shamelessly stood up and acted as if she was moved to death, how can this person be so shameless?What a shame..." another woman said sarcastically....

"Oh, these people of the Shen family, what a nest of snobs, we are actually with such people, it's really bad luck, disgusting pooh..." a woman spat in the direction of Shen Ruoxue's few people....

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A single sarcastic voice reached the ears of the Shen Family's crowd, reaching Shen Ruo Xue's ears.

Shen Ruoxue's face was pale, she could not wait to find a seam to drill into right now, she did not need to think about it, after today, the entire Nanjiang City would absolutely no longer have a place for her, as well as the Shen family's crowd to stand on.And that was still good.

What they feared even more now was Lin Hao's retaliation next.After all, Lin Hao's power was too great now.

And they knew better than anyone how they themselves had treated Lin Hao over the past two years!

And if Lin Hao was going to treat them the way they treated him, then it would be completely difficult for them, the Shen family, to die in this world!


In fact, the sarcasm of the people around them wasn't so much of a concern to them, but what made them feel even more ashamed was their own thoughts.

Because just now, an hour ago, when they met Lin Hao in front of the hotel.A woman who still flaunted herself in front of others, flaunting her Shen Ruoxue's impending status as the president of the Kyushu Group?Oh, now in thinking about Lin Hao's expression at that time, Shen Ruoxue really wanted to die.

At that time, Lin Hao must have been watching himself as a clown performing with the same mentality as a fool, right?In front of the real CEO of Kyushu Group, you say you're going to be his girlfriend later?It really is the biggest joke in the world, and how utterly ignorant it is!

When I think of the Shen family, these days the Shen family has exhausted its last reserves, and with the help of many parties, just to see the president of the Kyushu Group and to pull connections.But in the end, they found out that the real CEO of the Kyushu Group was right in front of their eyes from start to finish.And they were scolded by them one by one as trash and wimps.

At this moment, as they thought about it, they themselves felt incomparably stupid, really stupid to the extreme!

What an irony... The Shen family crowd looked at Lin Hao, who was now getting closer and closer to them, and their hearts were turning over.What an irony, what an irony....

And after feeling shame, there was a strong sense of regret that came out.This was most of all for Old Lady Shen.She was now incomparably regretful to the extreme, and she looked at the approaching Lin Hao with incomparably complicated eyes.

Yes, the big CEO of the others of the Kyushu Group was a good son-in-law of their Shen family from the very beginning ah.

And today, after knowing all of Lin Hao's previous stories with Shen Xiyan.She suddenly understood that Lin Hao was willing to give up everything for Shen Xiyan, but didn't he throw the Kyushu Group to Jiang Shaoming two years ago?

Oh... the funny thing is that I've really treated someone like a useless door-to-door son-in-law for the past two years.I'm really a dog's eye to look down on others ah.

At this moment, Old Mrs. Shen only had one thought in her heart, that is, if she hadn't treated Lin Hao so much, not so much Shen Xiyan.Then is there still a need for the Shen family today to be so troubled?Why go around begging on your knees and licking your face?If the Shen family was in trouble back then, wouldn't Lin Hao's words be the perfect solution? First web site

The road to heaven that was originally placed in front of the Shen family was so forcefully buried by yourself.

Old Mrs. Shen's regret at this point had reached its limit.But a lot of things are done is done.In the hearts of adults, the word forgiveness is basically non-existent.

And Old Mrs. Shen shifted her thoughts, if she were Lin Hao.Then she wouldn't have let go of the Shen family that went against him like that.What's more, the Shen family had never given Lin Hao a reason to forgive from the beginning to the end.

Old Mrs. Shen suddenly took a look at her eldest son, Shen Jiancheng, and realized that at this moment, Shen Jiancheng was already in tears....

Old Mrs. Shen's heart trembled, understanding, she understood it all.

She now finally knew why her own eldest son, who had fought to give up everything in the Shen family that night a few days ago, had gone to apologize to Lin Haodu for Shen Xiyan.

She also finally understood why the deep despair in Shen Jiancheng's eyes when she was just at the hotel door....

So this eldest son is the smartest person in the Shen family, he might have guessed it, and he really tried to stop it, but he didn't listen.......

"The Shen family, in my hands, is ruined..." murmured Old Mrs. Shen in a complicated heart.


While Old Mrs. Shen was still thinking, Lin Hao had already walked up to her, and the moment Lin Hao walked up to Old Mrs. Shen, the voices in the room quieted down quite a bit.Although Lin Hao had just said that everyone was free to move around, not many people dared to actually move around freely at this moment, after all, Lin Hao's energy was too terrifying.Everyone was being cautious at this moment.

And regarding Lin Hao's relationship with the Shen family, almost everyone present knew about it at this moment.Let's just say that those who were able to come to this banquet today were all top figures in Nanjiang City.Not one of them was an idiot.Even if there were those who didn't know before.But before seeing Shen Ruoxue was the focus of the entire crowd, and all of them thought that Shen Ruoxue was the woman that the president of the Kyushu Group liked.But in to just that kind of violent reversal, Miss Shen is actually not Shen Ruo Xue, but Shen Xi Yan!

This reversal made the crowd all understand, there must be a lot going on here, and right now with a little prying.Those who didn't know, they all understood.

That Shen Ruoxue had met the Lord President of the Kyushu Group and said that people wanted her to be their girlfriend.Presumably, it was Lin Hao who had deliberately retaliated against the Shen family, making that group of snobs suddenly fall even harder after standing even higher!At this moment, the elites present began to automatically brainstorm the image of Shen Ruoxue seeing Lin Hao in their heads.

Lin Hao ignored the thoughts in the minds of the people present, so what if they guessed it?Leaving aside the fact that he himself accounted for the greater good, even if he did it on purpose, so what?Today when he announced his identity.Who will dare to act recklessly in front of him in this small place, Nanjiang?

Lin Hao looked at Old Mrs. Shen: "Oh, shocked?You've been yelling at one loser and one loser after another for years, right?How about showing your status as the head of the Shen family?Didn't you say you'd let Kyushu's CEO screw me over?Aren't you going to marry my wife to someone else?Go on now, keep yelling, I'm listening..."

Old Lady Shen bowed her head as she listened to Lin Hao's words, if it was a novel, that silly character would still be making a lot of noise.But facts were facts.Old Mrs. Shen had been tyrannical and domineering all her life, but she wasn't brainless.At the moment no matter how much she regrets in her heart, how cebfc41 furious.But all have to endure!He didn't even dare to give Lin Hao a stink face anymore.

"Heh... What do you think you're doing that for?After graduating from college, did you get your hands on the Shen family business?Or how powerful your Shen family is and how awesome the company is?What do you really think we're looking for?Mrs. Shen, I don't care how you've treated me all these years, and I don't care how you treat me, but why do you have to force Xi Yan?Why do you have to die?Do you think it's a difficult task for your Shen family to become the number one family in Nanjiang City even if you don't force Xi Yan?Why do you have to die when you're almost dead?Why you?"Lin Hao leaned in to Old Mrs. Shen's ear and whispered sarcastically.

When Old Mrs. Shen heard Lin Hao's words, she couldn't help but get so angry that she almost spewed out a mouthful of old blood.The whole person just felt black, and it was good that she was quickly held by Shen Yuno who was beside her.

"Lin... Lin..." when Shen Yuno saw that after she held onto Old Lady Shen, Lin Hao was looking towards her again, she was suddenly scared and trembling.After all, Lin Hao had put her in the detention center for seven whole days before, and had also gotten her expelled from Nanjiang University.

In fact, she was still confused before, it was just a fight outside, but why was she even expelled from the university?Now she all understood, it was all a matter of Lin Hao's words. Remember the website


And she was now thinking that she had previously asked someone to beat Lin Hao and threatened Lin Hao to touch Shen Xi Yan.

She was scared to death now, afraid that Lin Hao would find her to clear her name.If Lin Hao didn't let her go, then her life would be over.

But some things are done are done, and some things shouldn't be said but if they are said, you have to suffer the price.

After all, there were times in this world when vicious words hurt more than a knife!

And there are some women who do all kinds of whatever they want just because they are good looking, and they are a potential problem without any consequences.

Lin Hao stared at Shen Yuno and slowly said, "Why are you afraid?Hehe, Shen Yuno you are also an adult, you yourself have said what you have done, do not be naive to think that I will still let you go.I've checked all your information, and you've been a delinquent girl since your middle school days, bullying those poor kids in the school campus, and bullying all kinds of classmates from bad families by virtue of your Shen family's power.People like you Shen family can't control you, but I can... Your life is over, I'll give you a few more days to enjoy the world, after a few days, believe me, you'll be living in despair for the rest of your life..."

"No... don't, yes, I'm sorry Lin Hao, I'm sorry, I was wrong, please let me go, please let me go..." begged Shen Yuno with a thud as she knelt down to Lin Hao, her face pale with fear.

"Oh, let you go?Shen Yuno I didn't know until I met you that there are some wicked people in this world, and that the bad, evil, and cruelty in her heart really knows no age!I let you go?I'm sorry, I'm not that broad-minded, when you said that you were looking for someone to coerce Xi Yan, you were finished, I'm sorry, in my heart, some things are done are done, without the word forgiveness, I'm really not that generous Lin Hao..." said Lin Hao and stopped paying attention to her.

And Shen Yuno was also incomparably desperate, sitting on the ground, her face pale, her eyes dulled, as if her body had been drained of strength....

"Lin Hao!I've got a job to do, so take it out on me!Don't touch Raino!"Shen Zhiyuan clenched his fists with both hands, gritted his teeth, and stared at Lin Hao with a pale face.

Lin Hao turned his head to look at Shen Zhiyuan and sneered, "Oh, Shen Zhiyuan, who do you think you are?Do you think there's no reason why you're not the reason why these daughters of yours were able to raise such a character?It's not that I want to target your daughters, it's you, it's you Shen Zhiyuan who ruined their lives with your own hands, even if I let them go today, with your two daughters' scheming, do you think anyone will let them go in the future?Heh...childish." One second to remember to read the book

Shen Zhiyuan's body couldn't help but take two steps back, looking at Shen Yuno who was sitting on the ground in despair, and then at Shen Ruoxue who was also blind not far away, he took two steps back again.

Lin Hao didn't pay any attention to Shen Zhiyuan, this jumper had been beaten by himself twice before.

There was no need to do it again this time, his heart was almost out of anger towards Shen Zhiyuan, and in his heart, someone like Shen Zhiyuan was a complete idiot....

Lin Hao crossed over Shen Zhiyuan and walked to Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao, these two people in his home the night before, but a mouthful of a waste, a wimp scolded vigorously, with a high posture scolded very cool ah.......


The two brothers, Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao, were now completely dumbfounded.

To their death, they had never imagined that the real CEO of the Kyushu Group was actually Lin Hao!If they had known Lin Hao's true identity, then even if they had been given a hundred guts, they wouldn't have dared to say an insult to him, ah?

But the problem was that they didn't know ah, and the two of them now hated to smack themselves hard.If they had known Lin Hao's true identity, then Lin Hao was Wang Shufen's son-in-law and Shen Shi Yan's husband.And the two of them were Wang Shufen's real brothers.Then wouldn't their Wang family be rich in the future?

But now it was all over, when the two of them went to Lin Hao's house before, toe-curling wooden empty everything.Not to mention Lin Hao, even Wang Shufen and the two of them didn't take it into consideration at all!That night had even forced Wang Shufen to sever ties with their Wang family.Now they were both desperate, even if Lin Hao let them go today, then when they returned to the Wang family in Tianhai, the old man of the Wang family would definitely pull their skin off their backs!

Lin Hao walked up to the two of them and looked at them with gloomy eyes as he slowly said, "The night before last, you two had a great time scolding me at my house, didn't you?Go ahead, keep yelling.Come, come, you two continue to yell at each other now, I'm right here listening, come continue...don't be a wimp...aren't you Tian Hai Wang family awesome?Why are you so afraid of seeing my useless son-in-law now?"

Wang Shuwen stammered with a pale face, "Lin... Lin Hao, yes... I'm sorry, we were wrong, it was our dog's eyes that blinded us..."

After Wang Shuwen said that he smacked himself in the face twice, Wang Shutao also apologized vigorously and smacked himself big and hard.

"Oh don't ah, what are you guys doing?By generation, you two are my uncle and uncle.So you two uncles, in front of me, you hit yourselves, are you forcing me?Or are you morally abducting me?So that people can say that the nephew forced the uncle to beat himself up?Hmm?"Lin Hao was constantly sneering.

Do you really think that he, Lin Hao, has no temper?

When he was in Tianhai City, that night, he wanted to avenge his five dead brothers.Even though the other party was from the Lin Clan, he killed seventeen people in a row in one night?

He wouldn't let go of a force as big as the Lin branch, 3a84a825 not to mention these jumping clowns in front of him. First web site

The most disgusting thing about these jumping clowns is that you don't want to talk to them, but they just keep bouncing around in front of your eyes.And they spew shit all over the place.

If you want to give an analogy, it's like a shitter lying on its feet.It doesn't hurt to bite, but it's fucking disgusting....

And that was how Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao were, plus the scene at the entrance of the Half Moon Bay Hotel earlier.These two had managed to disgust Lin Hao.

"Don't dare, don't dare, we were wrong, we were wrong..." when Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao heard Lin Hao say that, they quickly bowed their heads and apologized, and they were now looking forward to hoping that Lin Hao would let them both go and let the Wang family go.

But Lin Hao's following words made the two of them completely despair.

"Oh, let you guys go?I'm sorry, I've accumulated two years of resentment in my heart, which originally had nothing to do with you.After I returned to Nanjiang with Xiyan, my relationship with my mother-in-law, Wang Shufen, has improved a lot.Originally, if you guys didn't come to Nanjiang this time, then I would still help your Wang family in the future for my mother-in-law's sake, but why did you guys have to come?"


"After coming here, you still disgusted me and Xi Yan in various ways, but instead you went to kneel and lick Shen Zhiyuan and Shen Ruoxue?Hehe, you guys go back, go back and tell the head of your Wang family to enjoy himself as much as he wants, when I arrive at the Heavenly Sea in a few days, your Wang family will be finished... "Lin Hao let out a long breath of turbid air from his heart.

Just like Jiang Shao Ming had said, after things were almost done here, he would then have to go completely head-on with the Lin Clan branch.Not only with the Lin Clan branch, but also with his terrifying father, Lin Yan, the head of the Lin Clan!

The thoughts in his mind might have an effect if he didn't get through to them.Lin Hao had never underestimated that father of his.Even in his heart he had always looked up to Lin Yan.Yesterday Lin Hao his grandmother had bought him seven days.But after seven days, he would have to make a trip back to Yanjing, and it would be absolutely impossible to avoid Lin Yan then....

After Lin Hao finished speaking, he stopped paying attention to Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao.

When they saw Lin Hao turn around and walk away, the two of them wanted to catch up and kowtow to Lin Hao again to apologize, but Scar Six no longer gave them that chance.Scar Six directly took care of a few people and brutally blasted Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao out of the hall....

It wasn't just Wang Shuwen and Wang Shu Tao, Scar Six knew what Lin Hao was going to do next.Now Shen Siyan was going inside to change her clothes.Then before Shen Shyan came out, all those obtrusive people in here, Lin Hao was going to remove them one by one!

So at this moment, in addition to Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao, Old Mrs. Shen, Shen Zhiyuan, and Shen Yunuo three, were also called by Scar Six to blast out, and now the entire audience inside the obtrusive people, there is only one last one left: Shen Ruoxue!

Shen Ruoxue watched as Old Lady Shen's few people were blasted out by Lin Hao's people, and watched Lin Hao step towards her with her own eyes.Her heart was also complicated to the extreme.

There was fear, confusion, doubt, and apprehension....

Shen Ruoxue was still different from the others in the Shen family, but this time when Lin Hao walked towards her, she was staring at Lin Hao's face.She was looking to see if Lin Hao was the same person as the man who met her those two nights.

She felt a little bit like him, but then she didn't feel like him.She was still frowning until after Lin Hao walked up to her. Remember the URL

Naturally, Lin Hao knew what was on Shen Ruoxue's mind as she looked at herself.And those two nights, just what happened in this Half Moon Bay hotel room, only Lin Hao and Shen Ruo Xue two people knew!

So Lin Hao just smiled and said to Shen Ruoxue, "Is it because you're wondering if I'm the same person you met with those two nights?"

Shen Ruoxue gritted her teeth and nodded heavily, "Yes, you can't be him?How could you be him?With the overbearing air about him, how could he come to our Shen family and be a son-in-law at our door for two years?"

Lin Hao didn't answer Shen Ruoxue's words directly, but instead said slowly to Shen Ruoxue, "Miss Shen, why don't we play a game?"Lin Hao looked at Shen Ruoxue with a smiling face after saying that....

After Shen Ruoxue heard Lin Hao's words, her face blew white and she fell weakly onto her chair.Yes, if she hadn't been so sure of Lin Hao's true identity before.Then now she was sure.

Because there were only the two of them in that room that night.The first time they met, the domineering man wearing a mask said to her with a smile on his face, "Miss Shen, why don't we play a game?"


"You... you're really him, you you you... "Shen Ruoxue's face was white and red at this point, and she hadn't really despaired until this moment when Lin Hao said that himself.And she felt a boundless humiliation in her heart.

Yes, even if no one else knew about what happened in that private room those two nights, even if it was only her and Lin Hao who knew.She also felt boundless shame and humiliation!And it wasn't even imposed on her by Lin Hao.It was her own scratching her head in front of Lin Hao, voluntarily striking that cheap pose.

And to think what a proud woman she was, Shen Ruoxue.How dare she voluntarily strike that pose in front of the trash she despised the most, waiting for that trash to enter the scene.Shen Ruoxue would have been furious at this, and she fiercely spilled a trace of blood from the corner of her mouth.

She actually took the initiative to strike that pose in front of Lin Hao!She, Shen Ruoxue, had actually made so many humiliating gestures in front of the man she despised the most, and even then she had been expecting Lin Hao to enter!

She was still fantasizing these days about becoming the mistress of the Kyushu Group in the future and getting a lifetime of glory.But now when the president of the Kyushu Group actually showed up, she realized how ignorant and stupid she really was.How stupid!

She didn't even dare to think now about Lin Hao's state of mind when he was in the room watching her initiate that kind of downward position.Lin Hao's heart must have been very happy, right?

"You... "Shen Ruo Xue's face was pale, and there was no trace of blood anymore.

Lin Hao smiled at Shen Ruoxue, "Shen Ruoxue, don't care about those details, but seriously, I'm curious right now, when you found out that I was the night you knelt on the ground and begged me to be your man.What kind of mentality are you in right now, huh, okay, you don't have to say it, your expression has already let me know the answer, well, seeing this look on your face right now, I feel very relieved and relaxed... Now you can roll, the next moment of glory, your Shen family, and you Shen Ruo Xue, are not worthy of it!......."

Shen Ruoxue clenched her teeth tightly, but she couldn't say anything.No matter how much and how deep her heart was, there was nothing she could do at this moment in front of Lin Hao, the president of the Kyushu Group.If it was someone else, their Shen family might still be forgiven, but if the other party was Lin Hao, they themselves were incomparably clear about what they had done to Lin Hao in the past two years.Their Shen Clan would never be forgiven!

Shen Ruoxue walked away with her head bowed and her back hunched, while she left exactly as she came.Everywhere she said, she was still photographed by countless flashbulbs.The only difference in this moment was that she, Shen Ruoxue, would become the biggest laughingstock in the city.

And the same goes for the Shen family, the Shen family's company will no longer be unsealed by bde2f517.And also have to face the compensation to those suppliers, in the moment Lin Hao just walked off the stage, Jiang Shaoming has already arranged the staff, go to the Shen family to do the inventory of assets, the Shen family has gone bankrupt, the amount owed to those supplier partners, must be paid back. A second to remember to read the book

And with what back?Naturally, it's all the liquidity left in the Shen family's accounts, along with all the Shen family's fixed assets, I believe that with Jiang Shao Ming's hatred for the Shen family, he will never leave a single penny for the Shen family.And not only will he not leave a single penny, he will also make those snobs of the Shen family carry a debt of nearly ten million dollars, and those of the Shen family will live in complete regret in the future.


As Shen Ruoxue walked outside, there was a person watching Shen Ruoxue in a corner inside the venue.He was Xiao Yi, and at the moment Xiao Yi's face was also incomparably complicated.

In his mind, he couldn't help but recall how high and mighty Shen Ruoxue was who went to see him the afternoon before yesterday, and how afraid he was at that time that Shen Ruoxue would take revenge on him later today, and even on the entire Xiao family.Only later, after he told his father Xiao Yuanshan about this, he didn't quite understand the meaning of Xiao Yuanshan's words at that time.But until today, he completely understood.

Everything that had happened, everything that had come before and after, was just because the true CEO of the Kyushu Group was Lin Hao.Yes everything that had happened was just because of that, and that was enough....

The Shen family's bunch of snobs, along with the disgusting Wang family's two brothers, were all driven away.Lin Hao exhaled deeply, only feeling that this moment had become incomparably easier, today he had finally given out the fire in his heart.And all that was left was to wait for Shen Xiyan to change her clothes and come out later, giving her the most romantic and dreamy happiness....

Lin Hao, who was out of breath, was about to go greet a few big shots from Nanjiang City.Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of Shen Yutong who was sitting off to the side.The moment Lin Hao saw Shen Yutong, Shen Yutong naturally saw him as well.

Shen Yutong's eyes were red and puffy, and she was dressed so beautifully today, so sexy.Black strapless lace dress, white skin, long black hair flowing down, and a fair and pretty face.How to look at Shen Yutong was a top-notch beauty.But right now, this beauty was looking at Lin Hao with tears in her eyes, her eyes incomparably complicated....

Shen Yutong's sixth sense or her intuition was really right, she had a hunch in her heart that she would meet the Gestapo she had in her heart here today.There was no factual basis, and she didn't even know what his name was.But she just had a hunch that she would meet him here today....

And it was true, she really did meet him right here...only he was the husband of her own best, most recognized sister.

Shen Yutong still remembered the day she was at Shen Xiyan's house, listening to Shen Xiyan's story about her and Lin Hao.It was so poignant, and Shen Siyan loved Lin Hao so much... When she thought of this Shen Yutong had more tears on her face when she looked at Lin Hao....

If the woman that Lin Hao confessed to today was Shen Ruoxue, then she still had the confidence to snatch Lin Hao back from Shen Ruoxue, but if it was Shen Siyan, she really didn't have the confidence.

Because the kind of girl Shen Siyan was, she had an inherent temperament that would attract many men, especially excellent men. The first website

And then again, she herself, she completely watched Shen Xiyan grow up from childhood, Shen Xiyan's personality and other aspects are very similar to her.She is strong on the outside, but inside she is very gentle and kind.And she and Shen Xiyan are also the best sisters.

But Shen Yutong had already fallen in love with Lin Hao in her heart.

A woman like Shen Yutong who outwardly rejected all men.She was a top-notch strong woman who was excellent in every aspect, and what she couldn't resist the most was a man like Lin Hao who was domineering and peerless.

It could be said that as long as a man like Lin Hao appeared, they would fall....

Shen Yutong looked at Lin Hao obsessively, recalling in her mind the two times she had met Lin Hao....


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