Super Son-in-law 321-340


Chapter 321

"The place where we first met?You mean South River One?"Shen Xi Yan said that she suddenly remembered on her own.

Then a blush rose on her face, yes, Lin Hao didn't say that she was about to forget, there was still one most important place in Nanjiang City that the two of them hadn't gone to, and that was Nanjiang First Middle School.The place where they met in high school.

Lin Hao was a transfer student and only transferred over at the end of the sophomore semester.

Only at that time, Lin Hao was silent and lived in his own world every day.

The clothes Lin Hao wore were also in tatters, giving the impression that he was poor, and very often Lin Hao did not have enough to eat, sometimes, Shen Xiyan gave Lin Hao some of her own food.

In fact, at that time, Shen Xiyan really didn't think that there was anything in her doing that, she just simply felt sorry for Lin Hao.

At first, Lin Hao didn't accept her food, but then Lin Hao was really hungry and wanted it.In order to take care of Lin Hao's pride, Shen Xi Yan only secretly put the food on Lin Hao's table and rarely spoke to Lin Hao.

In Shen Siyan's impression, during high school, the silent Lin Hao, more often than not, was secretly watching her from behind.This time after Lin Hao said that he wanted to go there, Shen Siyan suddenly looked at Lin Hao with shock.

Lin Hao smiled and nodded his head, "Well, Xi Yan, actually, since that time, I've liked you and thought that I could marry you someday.It's just that at that time, I didn't have the ability to eat on my own.Later on, after I graduated from university, I took care of some more things, and when I wanted to come back to you again, I just happened to run into your father who was seriously ill, so I hit it off with your father and became your family's son-in-law straight away..."

" you've liked me since then...Lin Hao thank you..."

It was only then that Shen Xi Yan understood the reason for all of this.The original Lin Hao had already liked her at that time. Remember the website

If you counted from the second year of high school, then Lin Hao had been in love with her for eight years!

At this moment, her heart was deeply shaken.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan arrived at Nanjiang First Middle School.

Today is Saturday, there are not many students in the school, not many people, just a quiet environment to walk around the campus.

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The school's forest path, Lin Hao pointed to a classroom in the front of the school building to Shen Xiyan said: "Xiyan, remember?That's where we used to have classes, back then you sat in the second row, and I sat in the last row because I was a transfer student..."

"Uh-huh, yeah, that's the classroom, let's go up there, shall we?"Shen Xi Yan said to Lin Hao with a lot of emotion.

This was the place where the two first met.It was also the place where Lin Hao had fallen in love with her, so it was natural for Shen Siyan to go in and take a look.

"Good..." nodded Lin Hao with a smile.

Lin Hao and Shen Siyan arrived at the classroom, and Shen Siyan walked through the empty and uninhabited classroom, her slender and slender fingers slowly crossing over one desk after another, eventually finding her original seat of her own.

Lin Hao, on the other hand, sat down on a seat in the last row of the classroom against the corner.

"Mmhmm, class is starting, let's have a good class..."

Shen Siyan sat upright in her seat.Lin Hao was looking behind him at Shen Suyan's stunningly beautiful back, and his eyes were in a trance, as if he was back half a year ago, in class, just sitting in the last row, looking at the figure of Shen Suyan who was sitting in the front row.

"Hello, classmate Shen... "Lin Hao smiled and spoke to Shen Xiyan.

"Hello, classmate Lin..." said Shen Xiyan, who also turned and smiled at Lin Hao.Then they smiled at each other again.

After spending some time in the classroom, Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan went for a walk on the playground, looking at the students on the playground, Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan felt out of place with them.

After all, they are adults and have been working hard in the society for several years.It's long past the age of youth.

As they walked, Shen Siyan suddenly stopped....


She turned to face Lin Hao and said, "Lin Hao, why didn't you chase me in the first place?How do you know if you don't try?I still had a crush on you at first...maybe you chased me around a bit then and I agreed...hmmm..."

Shen Xiyan pouted her little mouth and hummed very proudly.

Lin Hao was stunned, and after a moment of silence, he looked at Shen Xiyan with incomparable affection and said, "Classmate Shen Xiyan, my name is Lin Hao, I like you, can you be my wife?"

Shen Siyan was stunned when she saw that Lin Hao was suddenly so serious, so affectionate in his words of confession to her.

Lin Hao's reply made her unprepared ah.Shen Siyan was stunned for a while before she said, "Hmph, no, I want to study hard, studying makes me happy, I'm not going to fall in love..."

"Err... "Lin Hao was silly on the spot, and was trapped by Shen Xiyan's this full of routine, trap.

"Giggle...tease you, I'm willing... "Shen Siyan looked at this expression of Lin Hao and burst out laughing, laughing so hard that her stomach hurt, bending over to cover her belly and laughing.Lin Hao's face just got darker and darker....

After Shen Siyan smiled for a moment, suddenly all the smiles on her face disappeared for an instant, and instead, there were tears in her eyes.

She also looked at Lin Hao with great affection and seriousness and said, "Fellow student Lin Hao, I am willing.I, Shen Siyan, wish for you to be your wife, no matter if you are poor or rich, healthy or sick in this life, I am willing to accompany you, quietly accompany you, be your wife, be a good wife..."

Shen Xi Yan said, her tone paused, smiled at Lin Hao and extended her hand, "Fellow student Lin Hao, please teach me more for the rest of my life..."

The sunshine is so beautiful as Shen is smiling, happy and laughing under the sun. A second to remember to read the book

"Classmate Shen Xiyan, for the rest of your life, please teach me more... "Lin Hao similarly extended his hand and clasped it with Shen Xiyan....

In the evening the two of them ate dinner in the school cafeteria, eating the food that high school students ate, once again reminiscing about the points of their youth.

After dinner, Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan held hands and went for another walk in Nanjiang, where the two of them had stayed, with a trip to Linjiang Park in between....

At eight o'clock in the evening, Lin Hao drove with Shen Siyan to the only mountain range in Nanjiang City, South Mountain.

As night fell, on a platform at the top of the South Mountain, Shen Siyan nestled happily in Lin Hao's arms, her head resting on Lin Hao's shoulder.The two of them looked out over the night scene of Nanjiang City.

Nanjiang City wasn't big, this time most of the lights in Nanjiang City were extinguished, leaving only the lights on both sides of the Nanjiang River, and from high up, it was like a glorious golden submerged dragon, sinuous and beautiful....

"Lin Hao, I had a great time today, thank you, hubby... "Shen Shi Yan looked at the beautiful scenery at the foot of the mountain and couldn't help but emotionally kiss Lin Hao on the face.

It wasn't until eleven o'clock at night that the two of them returned to the Purple Bamboo Villa.Shen Siyan took a shower and then lay down on the bed and slept happily....

Late at midnight, at night Lin Hao stood on the balcony, looking at the time on his phone, the moment the second hand crossed twelve o'clock.He looked back at Shen Xi Yan who was in bed, even though she was sleeping and still showing a happy smile, a smile rose on his face.

"Xi Yan, I'm going to give you a big surprise today!"


The 30th of November finally arrived, the weather is particularly good, early morning bright warm sunshine through the white gauze window scattered on the sleeping Shen Suyan body, sleeping Shen Suyan as if it was a beautiful dream, giggling, subconsciously turned over to the next Lin Hao's position to embrace, just Shen Suyan fumbled a few, feeling empty.

The next moment Shen Xiyan sat up and stared at the empty bed next to her, but Lin Hao had already left.

Only then did Shen Siyan think that today, whether it was her or Lin Hao, there were many things.

Because today was the day that the new president of the Kyushu Group took office.The celebration started at 10 am.

Although she had already mentioned her resignation to Jiang Shao Ming, but even if she went through the resignation procedure, the earliest it would be next Monday.And today's occasion, although she extremely didn't want to go, she still had to go.

She was not afraid, but what she was afraid of was that Shen Ruoxue and the Shen family would take revenge on Lin Hao later, and that Jiang Shaoming would be particularly good to her.

Shen Xiyan sighed deeply, today she didn't have to think about it, she didn't need to know that when she met with Shen Ruoxue, Shen Zhiyuan and the old lady of the Shen family, they would definitely be sarcastic towards her.Shen Xiyan bit her lips and took a deep breath.

Boil it down, this is the only day, tomorrow she'll go to the company to do the exit formalities.Then leave this place with Lin Hao.

Shen Xiyan intended to be open-minded, even she was ready yesterday, and today she was taunted by Shen Ruoxue and the Shen family.Shen Xiyan took out her cell phone, which had a message sent to her by Lin Hao.

"Xi Yan, there are too many things today, I'll go over first, the celebration will end at noon, after that we'll go home together again, love you Lin Hao..."

Shen Xi Yan looked at the tweets sent by Lin Hao and smiled shallowly.She then got up and started packing. The first website

When I went out, I wore the same long black down jacket that I had with Lin Hao yesterday, with black stockings on my slender legs and red-soled, black-sided heels on my feet.

It wasn't that sexy, but it was very pretty on closer inspection.

Before going out, Shen Xi Yan in front of the mirror constantly cheer herself up, she kept telling herself in her heart, no matter what she encountered today, she must endure, she must not be angry, she must endure, just endure through this morning.

Only when she actually went out and onto the street outside, she suddenly realized that she was wrong.Her heart still rose with a hint of jealousy and resignation, and her mood dropped.

Because today's Nanjiang City seemed to have completely changed into something else overnight.

The screens on the streets and alleys were all scrolling and playing some images, following some words of expression.The images were of millions of dollars worth of crystal love jewelry, and the words were some romantic words of love.

And the one that appeared the most was three words: "Miss Shen!"

Shen Xi Yan's heart sank hard, very romantic, very romantic, and as she got closer to the Half Moon Bay Hotel, her mood sank harder and harder.

Because more and more white roses began to appear on the roadside, with fresh flowers floating in the sunlight, and white romantic balloons.When Shen Xiyan was halfway there, she shockingly looked up at the blue sky above her....


At this moment in various parts of Nanjiang City, one by one, colorful hot air balloons began to rise into the sky, the entire sky of Nanjiang City are dotted with colors, romantic like a fairy tale city.......

Shen Ruoxue's heart was not feeling good, because this was also her heart's favorite scene ah, she remembered telling Lin Hao about it before.

But now it was Shen Ruoxue's boyfriend doing all this for Shen Ruoxue.

The next moment Shen Xiyan simply stopped looking, that is, she lowered her head and walked, because she was afraid that if she looked more, she would be even more annoyed and unhappy in her heart.

"Shen Xiyan!Good for you. Didn't we say we'd go together?You yourself ran away first, get in the car for me!"

Just when Shen Siyan was in a very low mood, suddenly her ears heard Yue Gu's furious voice.Yue Gu was driving a red Ferrari, wearing a long red dress, dressed in a mature and sexy manner.

"Ah?Ooooh, I'm sorry ah Yue Yan, I... I forgot... "Shen Xi Yan hurriedly got into the car and apologized to Yue Gu.

Yue Gu stared at Shen Xi Yan in an incomparably weird way, that look had deep resentment and helplessness in it, Yue Gu sighed deeply, "Hey..."

"Uh, what's wrong?Yue Yue, why are you looking at me like that?Do I have something on my face?"Shen Siyan asked to Yue Gu in confusion.

Yue Gu was speechless, she was going crazy in her heart, now I'm afraid that apart from Shen Suyan herself, everyone around Lin Hao knew that Shen Suyan was the main character today!But it's just that Shen Xiyan, the silly white girl herself, doesn't know!!!

Ahhhhh... Yue Gu was going crazy, her two small hands grabbing at her hair, looking like she couldn't live without it. Remember the website

"Yue Yue what's wrong with you?Why don't you just say it?What the hell is going on?"Shen Xiyan frowned and looked at Yue Gu and asked.

"'re wearing this today?Do you know what today's occasion is?Miss, don't joke with me, okay?It's winter, but the party is indoors!!!You're going in wearing this down jacket?"Yue Gu said to Shen Xi Yan in a ten-thousand-degree voice.

"Oh, Yue Yue, it doesn't matter, it's not like I'm the protagonist today, I can wear whatever I want, I've discussed it with Lin Hao, next Monday we'll both go to the company to get our separation paperwork done.Then we'll leave Nanjiang..." said Shen Xiyan with somewhat dark eyes.

"Xi Yan you're so beautiful, are you really not going to change one?It's not too late, it's only nine o'clock, why don't I take you shopping for a new set?"Yue Gu still struggled a bit to persuade Shen Suyan.

Shen Shyan smiled incomparably bitterly and shook her head as she looked out the window, "Forget it Yue Yue, I'm really not in the mood, Lin Hao is also in a bad mood these days, I don't want to dress up too much at today's banquet, he'll be unhappy.And I'm not in the mood either, let's just get it over with..."

Yue Gu bit her lips, she looked at Shen Xi Yan's face and opened her mouth, wanting to stop speaking several times.

In the end, Yue Gu could only sigh helplessly in her heart.This was...fine.

Anyway, with Lin Hao here, even if Shen Suyan didn't do any dressing up, she was the most beautiful woman in town today, the happiest woman!Because Lin Hao would give her everything, so...well....


Inside the CEO's office of the Jiuzhou Group, Lin Hao stood with Jiang Shao Ming, the two of them used to stand in front of the floor-to-ceiling window looking out of the window.

Lin Hao looked at the hot air balloons over that city, a total of 1,314, the pomp and circumstance was unprecedented, all the roads in Nanjiang City were lined with rows of white roses, no matter if it was a wide road or an alleyway, they were all filled with rows of white roses, it was very beautiful.Lin Hao's heart couldn't help but get excited even as he looked at the scenery outside.

"Oh, big brother, today after sister-in-law finds out that you did all this for her, she will definitely be very, very touched... Big brother, you and sister-in-law have really had a hard time these past two years, you must be happy ah..."

Jiang Shao Ming stood behind Lin Hao and also said with deep emotion.

"Well, it will, my Lin Hao's wife is going to be happy for the rest of her life, she's going to be the happiest woman in the world!"Lin Hao nodded his head firmly and said.

Then Lin Hao took a deep breath, turned to Jiang Shao Ming and smiled and said, "Alright, time to go!I'm going to come out on stage today!It's no fun to keep hiding it all the time!"

"Well, hehe, I'm looking forward to the wait, the expression on the faces of that group of jumping clowns from the Shen family..." laughed Jiang Shao Ming's smile was meaningful.

Lin Hao and Jiang Shao Ming didn't chat any more, but directly left the company and headed towards the Half Moon Bay Hotel.

The parking lot around Half Moon Bay Hotel early this morning, both sides of the road are full of cars, thousands of reporters, media friends are waiting in front of the Half Moon Bay Hotel, nine o'clock, they swarmed into the inside.

Only the limited space, and eventually only the top ten South River City, the top ten news media to enter the inside.

The same venue door opened the moment, South River City's all walks of life celebrities, family, social elite are models stepped on the red carpet into the venue.The two sides of the red carpet has news reporters in continuous taking pictures. A second to remember to read the book

Everyone who entered on the red carpet was dressed sharp and elegant.

The men are in suits, and the women are pretty and sexy.In addition to these people, it is the thirteen vice presidents of the Kyushuaa6482ad Group, as well as a hundred executives.The entire first floor of the venue landed on three to four hundred people, all of whom were top people in Nanjiang City.

The front of the venue has a red-carpeted T-table extended out, T-table on both sides of the sitting is the Kyushu Group's 13 vice presidents, this position is arranged, because the president of the Kyushu Group, the real president will come out of here.

And as the vice presidents of the Kyushu Group, the 13 of them naturally had to get up to greet him.

Just after Lin Hao and Jiang Shaoming arrived at the entrance of the Half Moon Bay Hotel and got off, there was a stir inside the venue, as well as the sound of countless clacking photos.

And now, including the people outside the venue, they all stretched their necks to look inside.One by one, they were all extremely excited.

So no one was looking at Lin Hao and Jiang Shaoming at the entrance for a while.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, including a wide range of products and services.There's also Shen Ruo Xue's pretend ladylike temperament, no matter how you look at it, it's not as real as the temperament on her sister-in-law's body ah......."

Lin Hao also took a look inside and saw Shen Ruoxue standing alone in the middle of the red carpet, smiling elegantly and generously at the surrounding reporters and at the elite bigwigs from all walks of life in Nanjiang City.

He couldn't help but shake his head and say, "Wasn't it still your bad idea in the first place?Oh, now I'm afraid that I'm dying of sourness in my heart, ah.I tell you ah Jiang Shao Ming, if my wife says me tonight for this, you can be in trouble ah."


I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, so I'm going to be able to do that.And don't you feel good about it now?You can't cross the river and tear down a bridge..."

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website, and then you'll see that the company's website is a great place to start.

"The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website and see how they are doing.

Lin Hao also bowed and curtsied to Jiang Shao Ming, "Well Mr. Jiang you should go in quickly..."

After Jiang Shao Ming left, the large group of people from the distance that had rushed over to this side, just in time to see Jiang Shao Ming walk in.Lin Hao looked at Shen Ruoxue, who was still staying in the middle of the venue at the moment, like a star-studded Shen Ruoxue, and couldn't help but smile coldly in his heart."Next, it's time for my performance ah, Shen family, Shen Ruoxue, are you ready to despair?Heh..."

Lin Hao muttered in his heart and lifted his foot, intending to walk inside.But as soon as he took a step, he was stopped by a cold voice behind him.

"Huh?You're a piece of shit and you deserve to walk the red carpet?Lin Ho, are you that shameless?Can't you see my Rachel is in the middle of the red carpet?Who the hell are you?Hmm?"

Lin Hao's body, this voice he was too familiar with, it was the Shen Zhiyuan who had insulted him for two years.Lin Hao turned his head and saw that it was indeed Shen Zhiyuan, but at this moment, he was not the only one around Shen Zhiyuan, there was also Mrs. Shen, Shen Zhiyuan's wife, Shen Yunuo, Shen Zhiyuan's youngest daughter, and actually there were Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao.

When Shen Zhiyuan saw that Lin Hao did not speak, he took two more steps forward and said to Lin Hao with a sneer and an incomparably mocking tone, "What are you looking at?Are you not convinced?We, Ruo Xue, are the heroes here today..."

As Shen Zhiyuan said that, his body leaned back in front of Lin Hao.His face was almost all over Lin Hao's face: "Rubbish, wimp.Do you think you've turned over a new leaf just because your wife climbed into Jiang Shao Ming?Oh, Lin Hao, Lin Hao, you're just a toad after'll never turn over a new leaf in your life...heh..."

Lin Hao's eyes narrowed and he looked deeply at Shen Zhiyuan, "Shen Zhiyuan, are you Shen family members too happy too soon?Today's protagonist is Roxie Shen?Oh, are you blind or deaf?Today's banquet is the inaugural banquet for the CEO of Kyushu Group, who is Shen Roxue?A woman who was played by our CEO?Did our CEO say he was going to propose to your daughter?Aren't you guys too self-involved?" First web site

"You!You trash you dare to insult Ruo Xue?"Shen Zhiyuan's eyes stared at Lin Hao with gloomy eyes.

Lin Hao looked at Shen Ruoxue, who was still stuck in the middle of the red carpet, and said to Shen Zhiyuan: "Heh, a woman who stays in the middle, a wild woman who doesn't even know the most basic manners, and really thinks our CEO will like her?Is it really your daughter, the perfect inheritor of your deafness and blindness, no, she's supposed to be brain-dead and heart-dead..."

After Lin Hao said that he didn't want to pay any more attention to these people of the Shen family, he wanted to walk inside, he really wasn't interested in these brains of the Shen family.But as soon as he took a step, the furious voice of Old Lady Shen came from behind him again, "Surnamed Lin, you stop right there!"

Lin Hao was going to go in, but Old Mrs. Shen actually spoke up and berated him again.The fire in Lin Hao's heart came up, and he turned to look at Old Madam Shen and sneered, "Oh right, I forgot there's an old thing like you..."


"What did you say, you piece of shit?"Old Mrs. Shen turned black with anger at Lin Hao's words.Her body was trembling violently.

Lin Hao turned around and squinted at Old Mrs. Shen, "I said you old thing, huh?Is it wrong to say you're relying on the old?It's been almost two years since we got married, and you forced her to marry Li Jing-ze some time ago?Do you really think she's your granddaughter?Previously, you sold Xi Yan to the Li family to save your company.Now you're selling Shen Ruoxue to our CEO, huh, what else can you do other than selling your granddaughter?"Lin Hao's words were word for word, and now that it was at that point, there was no need to pretend any longer.

When Lin Hao had come to the Shen family last year, he had been holding back because Shen Xiyan had just gone through the loss of her father.He didn't want to add to Shen Xiyan's heart, but now the Shen family was forcing Shen Xiyan to cut ties with them.Since they were enemies, they should be treated with the same posture as enemies, and besides, Lin Hao hadn't taken the Shen family's snobbishness seriously throughout.In the past, he just didn't care to take care of them, but he's still sticking his nose in the air?

"You you you you... "Old Mrs. Shen's fingers trembled as she pointed at Lin Hao, but she couldn't speak for a long time, and finally just felt a blackness before her eyes, and her entire body fainted backwards... Scared, Shen Zhiyuan and Shen Yuno hurried forward to help Old Mrs. Shen.

"Surnamed Lin, don't go too far!You can't be complacent for long, today I'll let my brother-in-law fire you, and a good check of your accounts, Oh, you buy a car to buy a villa money are Kyushu Group, right?If you dare to embezzle public funds, you'll be waiting for a prison sentence, my brother-in-law will never let you go!"Shen Yuno stared fiercely at Lin Hao and cursed, her hatred for Lin Hao was now bone deep, if it wasn't for Lin Hao, she wouldn't have been locked up in the detention center.If it wasn't for Lin Hao, she wouldn't have been expelled from Nanjiang University!

Lin Hao laughed coldly in disdain, "Oh, your brother-in-law?You Shen family snobs are really one in the same, and your brother-in-law shouted at you before you even started?I'm sorry, you take the CEO of Kyushu Group as your brother-in-law. The CEO of Kyushu Group can't take your snobbish sister-in-law!You're thinking too much..."

Shen Yuno stared at Lin Hao with her deadly gritted teeth, but she knew that she couldn't talk to Lin Hao, so she kept her mouth shut, and anyway, in her heart, Lin Hao's good days would never end today.So now she was just looking at Lin Hao with eyes like a dead man, her chest rising and falling violently with anger.

Shen Yuno did not speak, but Wang ce4c66ac Shu Tao and Wang Shu Wen came out again and walked in front of Lin Hao and stared at Lin Hao with a deadly stare.Wang Shutao sneered and said, "Lin Hao, we will not say anything else, when the president of the Kyushu Group takes office later, we will watch how you die!"

"Heh... "Lin Hao was about to speak when suddenly a low, cold voice came from afar, interrupting his words.

"What are you guys?It's our own business, when did you two outsiders get involved?Or is our Shen family well acquainted with your Wang family?"Shen Jiancheng walked over with a gloomy face, followed by Shen Yiming who was dressed in a silver suit behind him.

"Brother Shen... you?How do you speak for this loser?"Wang Shuwen frowned at Shen Jiancheng.He couldn't understand how the boss of the Shen family, Shen Jiancheng, could be on Lin Hao's side. 


Shen Jiancheng's face was livid, and he snorted at Wang Shuwen, "Brother Shen?Don't call me that, I don't know you that well..."

After Shen Jiancheng encouraged Wang Shuwen, he paid a deep obeisance to Lin Hao and said with a complex face, "I'm sorry Lin Hao, I'll accompany you for the Shen family... hey..."

Shen Jiancheng sighed deeply, he had just been watching from behind.He hadn't wanted to come out and speak.After all, he had already determined Lin Hao's true identity in his heart.How could today be a day of glory for their Shen Clan, today was completely a day of despair for their Shen Clan!He knew it in his heart, but he didn't dare to tell the Shen family the truth now.And the other thing was that even if he told Old Mrs. Shen and Shen Zhiyuan, they would never believe it.

After all, people ah will always go to believe the side that is beneficial to them.He was watching from afar all the way to the last minute.The fact that you have a few relatives actually to Lin Hao all sorts of ridicule despise scold, really skilful own death not fast enough, not thorough enough?And he, Shen Jiancheng, is still a member of the Shen family in the final analysis, it's fine if he can't see it, but the Shen family is now dying right under his nose, so he can't just sit back and do nothing....

"Oh?Oh, you're apologizing to me?I'm the loser in your Shen family's mouth, huh?"Lin Hao looked at Shen Jiancheng with amusement, his eyes long....

Before Shen Jiancheng could speak, Shen Zhiyuan shouted at Shen Jiancheng, "Shen Jiancheng are you crazy?Can't you see this piece of shit is pissing Mom off to the point of passing out?Huh?Do you have to kill Mom to do that?Huh?"

Shen Jiancheng was incomparably desperate and took a glance at Old Mrs. Shen and found that she was looking at him with hatred in her eyes.It was looking at him with the eyes of an enemy.Shen Jiancheng's heart was cold, and a despair spread in his heart... He opened his mouth, wanting to tell Old Madam Shen all the facts, but the next moment he felt a distant chill over his body.He found that Lin Hao was looking at him gloomily.

"Hey... just nothing..." sighed Shen Jiancheng deeply, only to be incomparably desperate.

Lin Hao smiled and said to Shen Jiancheng, "Oh, Shen Jiancheng, look at you apologizing to me for this trash, your family doesn't like it, so ah, why force it?Why don't you join them in calling me a loser?Why don't you just follow them and tell them that I'm going to die when Kyushu's CEO takes office today?Why make it so difficult for yourself?"

After Shen Jiancheng heard Lin Hao's words, cold sweat began to break out all over his body.He knew that Lin Hao was completely furious now.He quickly bowed his head deeply to Lin Hao, "I'm sorry Mr. Lin, I apologize again..."

Lin Hao smiled and waved his hand, not wanting to speak.The fire in the Shen family's heart grew even stronger when they saw that Shen Jiancheng was actually giving Lin Hao a whispered apology in front of their eyes. One second to remember to read the book

"Shen Jiancheng, you... have disappointed me too much..." sighed Old Mrs. Shen longingly, no longer suppressing her heart's thoughts about Shen Jiancheng in the slightest.

"Mother... "Shen Jiancheng turned to lower his head to Old Madam Shen again, just calling out just that, but in the end, he didn't say a complete sentence, but his face was already filled with tears.

Shen Jiancheng bowed first to Lin Hao, then to Old Madam Shen, despairing of his tears streaming down his face... and on either side of him, a smiling Lin Hao and a gloomy Old Madam Shen stared at each other across from him...


"O Uncle, are you really letting us down just because my father stole your head of the family?Then you don't have to bow down to this piece of shit, do you?Do you even care about our Shen family's face?"At this time, Shen Ruoxue, who was dressed in a long red dress and dressed demonically sexy, came out from inside and walked straight up to Old Mrs. Shen, who didn't even look at Lin Hao as she passed by him.

"Grandmother, don't be angry, okay?Today is the day of your granddaughter's big celebration and the day that will set off the Shen family's glory, so why get upset over a little wimp?"Shen Ruoxue supported the arm of Old Madam Shen and smiled at Old Madam Shen.

The old lady Shen saw Shen Ruo Xue actually came out from inside, her face is happy and worried, pulled Shen Ruo Xue's hand and said: "Well well, Ruo Xue ah, grandmother even if there is a big heart, in seeing you, this gas ah will be all gone."

After Shen Ruo Xue appeared, Shen Zhiyuan several people surrounded her in the middle, as if she was a star in the middle of the moon.Shen Ruoxue smiled and said to the old lady Shen, "So ah grandmother, you guys just hurry in, don't worry that jumping clown I won't let him live through today..." Shen Ruoxue's eyes were filled with incomparable confidence, and this confidence originated from her boyfriend.That domineering figure of the president of the Kyushu Group.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.Otherwise it's not good to be photographed by those reporters, so you should hurry in too...."

Shen Ruoxue gave her father, Shen Zhiyuan, a wink after she saw that Mrs. Shen's mood had turned for the better: "Dad, hurry up and send Grandma in...I'll be there later..."

Shen Zhiyuan frowned and knew that Shen Ruo Xue was afraid that she still had to talk to Lin Hao, so she advised, "Ruo Xue, you are the protagonist today, so don't waste your time talking to that trash.Your grandmother is right, with your current status, if you talk to that crap, it's not good to be photographed by reporters..."

Shen Ruoxue waved her hand, "Don't worry dad, I know what I'm doing.I'll just say a few words to him.It's nothing even if those reporters caught it on camera, after all, that loser is nominally my brother-in-law... You guys hurry inside, find your places, and try to keep a low profile inside..."

Shen Zhiyuan nodded his head and then helped Old Madam Shen in.When Old Mrs. Shen and her group went in, there was only Shen Ruo Xue, Lin Hao, and Shen Jiancheng and his son left at the door.

Lin Hao looked at the confident Shen Ruo Xue with interest, "Heh, Shen Ruo Xue, why do you, the main character, want to have a word with me, the loser?"

Shen Ruoxue also smiled and took a deep breath and said, "Lin Hao, why did you have to die yourself?I will be the one to join your group and become the mistress.And no matter what, Xi'an is my sister.When the time comes, as long as you and Xi Yan give me a good apology, apologize to my father and my grandmother, then you and Xi Yan will still be able to stay in the Kyushu Group, and be your executives with a monthly salary of tens of thousands of dollars, isn't that good?" First web site

Lin Hao laughed at the words, looking at Shen Ruoxue like a fool, "Shen Ruoxue, aren't you overconfident?Are you thinking too much?When did the president of Kyushu Group say that you would be allowed to join Kyushu Group?When did I say that the bride price on the company's official website was for you?"


Shen Ruoxue's eyes narrowed, her body leaned a little closer to Lin Hao, looking deeply at Lin Hao, Shen Ruoxue's eyes looked at Lin Hao full of pity, sighed deeply and shook her head, "Still doing the dying struggle?Well, since you don't even want a last chance.Then don't blame me for being merciless later on.Lin Hao, remember, you're the one who personally pushed the happiness of the rest of your life with Xi Yan into the abyss!"

Shen Ruoxue stopped paying attention to Lin Hao after saying that and turned to Shen Jiancheng, "Uncle, why do you think this is necessary?A small Shen family, my father wants you to give it to him that's all, later I'm compensating you with a company that's not worse than the Shen family, no good?"

Shen Jiancheng looked at the air of confidence in Shen Ruoxue, his face incomparably complex.He knew that even if he said anything now, Shen Ruo Xue would not believe it.So he simply lowered his head and didn't say a word.

Shen Ruoxue saw Shen Jiancheng bowed his head and remained silent, then he looked at Shen Yiming and said, "Shen Yiming, a few days ago, you also went to apologize to Shen Xiyan, it was uncle who told you to go, right?You're...still so clueless...huh..."

Shen Yiming took a glance with Shen Jiancheng and even did it more directly, he directly lowered his head and lit his cigarette, not even looking at Shen Ruo Xue the entire time.

Shen Ruoxue took one last glance at Lin Hao and the others.Very proudly, she turned around and walked into the venue.And when she walked towards the venue again, she naturally ushered in countless flashing lights again.Shen Ruoxue smiled as she walked with a confident stride, walking step by step deeper into the venue....

When Shen Ruoxue had gone far away, only Lin Hao and Shen Jiancheng and his son were left in place.Lin Hao looked up and smiled, while Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming still had their heads down.Now that it was just the three of them, there was no need for Lin Hao to hide them anymore.

Lin Hao smiled at Shen Jiancheng who had his head deeply bowed and said, "Shen Jiancheng, it seems that the Shen family doesn't appreciate your kindness, huh?I was thinking of letting them off the hook, but now I've changed my mind. When you go in there, keep your mouth shut!Otherwise you know what happens!"

Lin Hao snorted coldly and lifted his feet to walk into the venue.And until Lin Hao completely entered the venue and walked away, Shen Jiancheng still had his head deeply bowed, if you looked closely, you would see that his body was still trembling slightly, that was the despair and fear in his heart.

"Dad, forget it, what should be done you've already done, second uncle and grandmother don't believe in you, it can't be helped, big sister will be coming soon, you're in this state, it's not good to let her see it.Big sister is developing very well in the Heavenly Sea, we can also still go ten thousand steps back..." shen Yiming walked up to Shen Jiancheng and reached out his hand to assist Shen Jiancheng up.

Shen Jiancheng sighed at the words, it was as if he had aged ten years at this moment.Yes, his own son could figure out things, but he couldn't.After all, he's old, and he's starting to think about many things.He laughed to himself, yes, the Shen family was so hard on Lin Hao, how could Lin Hao let the Shen family off so easily... There's a cause, there's an effect ah.Today, no matter how painful it was, the Shen family could only bite their teeth and swallow the bitter fruit they had planted with their own hands over the past two years... Remember the website

"Dad, I'm here, I'm bd0a1b50 here, it's not too late, is it?I just finished trying on clothes, what do you guys think?"A long black dress of Shen Yutong smiled and walked to Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming.

Shen Yutong was dressed very sexy and beautiful, even more beautiful than Shen Ruoxue.Because she had a premonition in her heart that she would be here today and meet that man, so she wanted to show him her most beautiful side....


Shen Yutong had expectations in her heart, that kind of peerless man, no matter how excellent the woman was he was worthy of it.Even those top excellent women might not be worthy of him.

The first two times she met with him, she didn't show him the most beautiful side of herself as a woman, which was the biggest regret in Shen Yutong's heart these days.She and that peerless man had only met twice, once when he saved her and once when she saved him, so no matter what this time when she returned to Nanjiang, she would never let herself miss that man again.

And there was a hidden feeling in her heart that she would meet that man again here today.There was no basis for it, it was just a sixth sense as a woman, or a hunch, that that man would definitely appear at this grand event today.

"Sis, you're dressed up so beautifully, who are you showing it to?Is it someone you have a crush on?"Shen Yiming, a dude who had dated hundreds of women, was all bright at the sight of his well-dressed older sister.He joked with Shen Yutong jokingly, but the next moment Shen Yutong's words shocked him.

Only to see Shen Yutong nodding her head unabashedly, "Well, I have a feeling he's going to show up here today..."

Shen Yiming's mouth was wide open, even Shen Jiancheng was shocked to see his own daughter.As the saying goes, there is no better way to know a daughter than to know her father, Shen Jiancheng knew this daughter of his too well.The bones are very, very strong.It wasn't that there weren't any outstanding men pursuing Shen Yutong over the years.In fact not only there are, but there are many.But Shen Yutong just simply couldn't see them.

Now that Shen Yutong personally admitted to having a favorite man, this also made Shen Jiancheng's heart wonder.Exactly what kind of man could make this strong daughter of his bend....


Inside the Half Moon Bay Hotel venue, Yue Gu excitedly dragged Shen Xiyan around.But Shen Shi Yan was clearly distracted.Yue Gu was strolling vigorously, chatting with the elite bigwigs of Nanjiang City.But Shen Suyan was not in the mood at all.She found a seat near a corner and sat down.

"Xi Yan?"Not long after Shen Shiyan sat down, she heard a familiar voice call out to her.Turning her head to see it was actually Wang Weimei.When Shen Siyan saw Wang Weiwei, a smile finally appeared on her face and she quickly stood up, hugging Wang Weiwei who had walked up to her.

"Weiwei, what are you doing here?I thought you said you weren't coming back until the end of the year?"After holding with Wang Weiwei for a while, Shen Xiyan asked Wang Weiwei in confusion. A second to remember to read the book

Wang smiled slightly and said, "Last night, General Manager Jiang called me and told me to go to work at the Kyushu Group.He said that the Kyushu Group has been expanding a lot recently, and many senior management positions are vacant.So he pulled me back.I'll start tomorrow.Hehe, how is Xi Yan happy?Haha, we'll be colleagues again from now on..."

Wang Weiwei smiled at Shen Xiyan, but Shen Xiyan's eyes darkened, sighed softly and bit her lips to Wang Weiwei, "Weiwei I'm sorry ah, I've resigned from Kyushu Group.I'll go to the company tomorrow to do the exit procedures..."

"Huh?Ji-Yan, why did you quit your job?And didn't I hear that Lin Hao is also in the Kyushu Group?"Wang Weiwei asked in shock.

As Shen Siyan was about to speak, her body suddenly trembled slightly and called out to Wang Weiwei behind her, calling out to her cousin.Wang Weiwei turned her head to look and saw Shen Ruoxue wearing a long red dress.


Wang frowned slightly and moved to one side of Shen Xiyan, took Shen Xiyan's arm and greeted Shen Ruoxue nonchalantly, "Hello Miss Shen..."

Shen Ruoxue gave a slight nod to Wang as a response.Then she said to Shen Xiyan, "Heh, Xiyan, didn't you say that you've cut ties with our Shen family?Then don't call me this cousin in the future, I can't afford to be a cousin... "Shen Ruoxue's tone 0ac2aa8d has mockery in it, and when she spoke to Shen Xiyan, her attitude was also high.

Shen Xieyan Weiwei lowered her head: "Cousin is serious, I hope you don't take the matter of the other day to heart, I apologized here..."

Shen Ruoxue hurriedly waved her hand: "Heh don't, I really can't afford to be the ah.Since you've severed ties with the Shen family, so be it, we'll be colleagues from now on, and after tomorrow I'll be working at the Kyushu Group as well.I hope to cooperate well in the future..."

Shen Ruoxue narrowed her eyes as she spoke, and in the end, the four words of good cooperation were bitten very, very heavily....

Shen Siyan's body trembled fiercely, while Shen Ruoxue turned her head and walked away without waiting for her to say anything else.Very coldly walked away, leaving Shen Siyan with a proud back.

Wang Weiwei saw that there was something wrong with Shen Xiyan, so she pulled Shen Xiyan's arm and asked: "Xiyan, what do this Shen Ruoxue's words mean?She's joining Kyushu tomorrow?And so high and mighty?Who does she think she is?"

Shen Xiyan sighed deeply, incomparably bitter to Wang Weiwei shook her head: "Weiwei you don't understand, Shen Ruoxue is now the girlfriend of the new president of the Kyushu Group, didn't you see that she is now a star-studded presence wherever she goes?And I don't have a good relationship with her, that's why I'm going to do the exit formalities tomorrow... Lin Hao has also resigned, and we've agreed that we'll leave Nanjiang City tomorrow after doing the exit formalities and packing up a bit... I......."

When Shen Siyan wanted to continue, she was interrupted by Wang Weiwei waving her hand, "What?You told me that she, Shen Ruoxue, is the girlfriend of the new president of the Kyushu Group?"Wang Weiwei looked at Shen Xieyan with an incredulous face.

Shen Siyan nodded bitterly and looked at Shen Ruoxue, who was surrounded by a crowd in the distance, and said bitterly, "Well, just look at the news of Nanjiang City in the past two days..."

Wang slightly opened his mouth, wanting to say something to Shen Xiyan.But eventually swallowed it back.Just looked meaningfully at Shen Ruoxue, who was holding the stars in the distance, and murmured, "Heh, she Shen Ruoxue wants to be the woman of the president of the Kyushu Group?I'm afraid I'm thinking too much..." First URL

"Well?Vivian, what did you just say?Your voice is too low, I didn't hear you clearly..." asked Shen Siyan when she saw Wang Weiwei mumbling something, but she didn't hear it clearly, so she opened her mouth to Wang Weiwei.

Wang Weiwei smiled at Shen Siyan and shook her head and said, "Oh oh nothing nothing, I just wonder how a peerless person like the president of the Kyushu Group could look at a woman like Shen Ruoxue?What kind of woman does a man like that want?How could you find such a scheming woman?It doesn't make sense..."

Shen sighed helplessly and shook her head, "A lot of things in this world don't make sense, maybe people like it that way?"

Wang Weiwei disdainfully said, "Che, I don't believe that people's big president would like this kind of woman anyway.If he wants to like it, he'd like to like the likes of you, ah, beautiful and kind-hearted..."

Shen Siyan was so frightened that she quickly reached out to cover Wang Weiwei's mouth: "Weiwei, don't talk nonsense, it's not good to be overheard by others..."

Wang Weiwei nodded, and only after Shen Xiyan released her did she whisper, "Anyway, I'll say whatever I think in my heart ah, and the news you said I saw, people only said they like Miss Shen, there are more girls surnamed Shen in Nanjiang City, they didn't say it was her Shen Ruoxue, what if it's you... "Wang Weiwei took a deep look at Shen Xiyan....


"Oh, Weiwei stop joking with me, I don't envy anyone, I have Lin Hao in this life and that's enough.Right, Weiwei, thank you, if you hadn't told me the truth in the first place, I might have missed him for the rest of my life..." said Shen Siyan, turning her head very seriously to say thank you to Wang Weiwei.

Wang Weiwei's body trembled, and also looked at Shen Siyan incomparably seriously, "Siyan, the matter between you and Lin Hao, Jiang has already told me last night, the two of you are really not easy, and Lin Hao also really really loves you, I hope that no matter what happens in the future, the two of you will be together for the rest of your lives, you must be happy ah..."

Shen Xiyan nodded vigorously, "Mmhmm I will, but thank you.By the way where is Chen Jie?She didn't come back?"

Wang Weiwei's face was a little speechless: "That girl played crazy and went to Europe with a foreigner, she probably won't even come back for the New Year..."

Shen Siyan nodded her head and was about to say something else when suddenly the entire hall went quiet.When Shen Siyan looked up, she saw Jiang Shao Ming walking to the middle of the stage.Standing beside Jiang Shao Ming was Half Moon Bay Manager Wang Lulu, dressed in a black evening dress.

The moment Jiang Shao Ming walked up to the podium, the following was completely quiet.After all, even though Jiang Shao Ming wasn't the president of the Kyushu Group anymore, he was still the first vice president of the Kyushu Group, still powerful and a giant crocodile in Nanjiang City.And whether the external rumors of his conflict with the new president of the Kyushu Group was true or not, no one knew the truth either.

At this moment everyone off stage quietly settled into their seats, looking up at Jiang Shao Ming on the stage.

Jiang Shao Ming's face was incomparably serious and solemn as he said to the audience, "Hello everyone, I am the First Vice President of the Kyushu Group, Jiang Shao Ming, and the host of today's banquet is the General Manager of Half Moon Bay Hotel, Miss Wang Lulu Wang.But before we begin, I will once again officially clarify one thing in front of everyone in Nanjiang City!"

Jiang Shao Ming paused, seeing that everyone off stage was staring at him at this moment, he continued, "The Kyushu Group has never been mine, and in the two years since the Kyushu Group came to Nanjiang City, I've only helped my big brother manage it on his behalf.From its inception to now, everything in the Kyushu Group belongs to my big brother alone!I hope there will be no misunderstandings in the future!Okay, that's all I have to say, the back stage is in Miss Wang's hands, and Miss Wang will be hosting tonight!"

After Jiang Shao Ming finished speaking, he turned around and walked off the stage, sitting with Li Jianghai Xiao Yuanshan Scar Six.And after he finished speaking, the elite class of Nanjiang City sitting under the stage were still shocked in their hearts.Although Jiang Shao Ming had made an announcement ten days ago.But that time was within the Kyushu Group, this time it was in front of everyone and said it himself.Then the shock brought to people was naturally different.

Jiang Shao Ming's opening statement had completely sedated everyone present, and now everyone was expecting the true president of the Kyushu Group to appear.At the same time, everyone was also wondering why the true owner of the Kyushu Group would have such a grand ceremony. Remember the URL

Just as the hearts of the people on stage were shocked and confused, Wang Lulu walked to the front of the stage with a microphone and smiled, first bowing very elegantly to the audience before slowly saying, "I declare the inauguration ceremony of the President of the Kyushu Group officially begins!"


"But before we begin, please take your time, I'm sure there is a lot of confusion in everyone's mind as to why the CEO is holding such a sensational inauguration ceremony.Right?"

After Wang Lulu finished speaking, the crowd offstage nodded and then all stared up at Wang Lulu, waiting for what she would say.

Wang Lulu nodded and smiled, "Well, hehe, let's not rush, before the president comes out, let me tell you my impressions of the president Da9d7e7aeb..."

"The president and I actually met before I came to Nanjiang City, which was in Tianhai, and the first impression that Lord President gave me was that he was gentle and elegant, but he had a natural kingly temperament.It made me very fascinated, even Half Moon Bay Hotel came to Tianhai City to open a branch because Lord President's Kyushu Group is here, and the reason why I, Wang Lulu, was able to become the person in charge here from a small manager in Tianhai City is also thanks to Lord President's blessing, so I would like to thank Lord President here.......Thank you!... "Wang Lulu turned to the back of the stage and bowed deeply.

Boom... Wang Lulu's words fell, and the hearts of the entire audience were again shocked by the waves.The hearts of the crowd were even more shocked at the terrifying influence of the president of the Kyushu Group!

After Wang Lulu gave the crowd below the stage time to buffer their hearts.Then she said to the audience, "Actually, the president used to stay in Nanjiang City, but at that time, he was full of disappointment in this city.It was only a few days ago that he suddenly came back and experienced the beauty of this city all over again.That's why he decided to stay in this city, so in a very short time, he has taken under his wing Li Jianghai Li, Xiao Yuanshan Xiao, and Liu Liu Liu of Nanjiang City, preparing for the Kyushu Group to officially hit the global top 500 at the end of this year!"

At the time when Lucy Wang spotted Li Jianghai, Xiao Yuanshan, and Scarlet Six, the three of them.All three of them got up and looked around the arena and nodded their heads to everyone.Each person stood up and ushered in an extremely warm applause.And the shock in the hearts of the crowd climbed to a new level.

After all, before the president of the Kyushu Group subdued these three, these three were either Li Jianghai or Xiao Yuanshan, or Scar Six.They were all powerful and rich crocodiles in Nanjiang City, and the fact that the president of the Kyushu Group had taken them under his wing in just a few days, made the crowd treat the upcoming president with awe.

After Scar Six finally took his seat, Wang Lulu on stage was incomparably satisfied as she watched the reactions of the crowd, her two simple words had already raised the status of the new president of Kyushu Group to the highest.After the status was there, then the next step was romance.

Wang Lulu smiled and said to the whole audience, "Aren't you all wondering and curious why our Lord President is holding such a grand inauguration ceremony?Oh, because he's going to be here today, going to confess to the woman he loves in front of everyone in Nanjiang City, a most romantic confession!"

Lulu Wang paused to take the microphone and yelled with a smile, "Attention all units!Rose floating city, start!" One second to remember to read the book

Boom.......As Wang Lulu's words fell, there were countless white rose petals floating down above the banquet hall, and 1314 projections appeared on the walls around the banquet hall, which were the scenes of 1314 hot air balloons over Nanjiang City, throwing rose petals down below.......

For a moment, roses floated in the city, a real rose floated in the city....


Boom.......23ac948c at this moment the whole arena directly boiling up, everyone couldn't do it, horrified at the scene of the city full of roses drifting, this is an unparalleled pomp and circumstance.This is the unprecedented pomp and circumstance of Nanjiang City.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, including a full range of products and services.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.The previous time when she was at the entrance of the hotel, she watched the news of the Jiuzhou Group, and at this moment she also had a trace of jealousy towards her sister, Shen Ruoxue.

Rose floating city ah, what kind of romance is this?How dreamy?1314 hot air balloons represent a lifetime.There were too many girls who were moved to tears at this moment.

The more romantic and dreamy the scene here is now, the more she wants to escape, to completely escape from here....

Outside the hotel over the city is still sprinkling rose petals down, but the hotel inside the rose petals are beginning to gradually less and less, the stage Wang Lulu reached out to catch a rose petal, took the microphone and said: "At this moment in the sky over the city, with the president of the Lord for his beloved woman, carefully prepared 1314 hot air balloons, on behalf of his love for her.Once in a lifetime, huh, I'm sure you can't wait to meet the president now, right?But now the Lord President is not here, oh, because our Lord President, he is going to sing a song to the woman he loves the most, on the roof of the hotel, come on, so let's give the camera to the Lord President now!"

Wang Lulu's words fell, and the whole place went completely quiet, and now the rose petals inside the hotel had finished falling, and a large screen appeared behind Wang Lulu on the stage.

The scene on the screen was the rooftop of Half Moon Bay, and right now on that rooftop, a man with his back to the crowd and a mask on his face wearing a white suit was sitting next to a white piano, and a piece of white rose petals on the sky was floating on the man, and the man's two long, white fingers were elegantly placed on the piano....

When the scene on the roof appeared, Shen Ruoxue's heart swelled with infinite sweetness, although the man on the screen was with his back to everyone, the mask on the side of his face that the camera swept slightly made her heart incomparably sure that he was the CEO of the Kyushu Group!

And similarly, it wasn't just Shen Ruoxue whose heart was shocked, there was also Shen Yutong!

The moment that man's back and side face appeared on the screen, Shen Yutong's heart was shaken! First web site

Her eyes snapped open.She was incredibly sure this was the man her heart had been yearning for!

"He... how could it be Ruo Xue that he likes?He...what do I...what do I do?"Shen Yutong's tears brushed against her eyes and fell.At this moment, her heart recalled what Night One had said to her.My big brother has someone he likes, you give up....

At that time Shen Yutong's heart was not taken seriously.But at the moment associated with the Jiuzhou Group's news, that beautiful crystal love jewelry set, as well as today this scene after scene of romance.All of them made her have to believe.She didn't believe that all of this today was prepared by that man for himself.After all, she had only met him twice, and had never received any acknowledgement from him.


It was just that the perfect man that she liked in her heart was actually her own cousin, which made Shen Yutong's heart incomparably complicated.At this moment she didn't know what she should do?She turned her head to look in Shen Ruoxue's direction.Finding Shen Ruoxue looking at the screen in front of her with tears on her face....

Shen Yutong's heart was incomparably complicated, what should be done?What should she do?She didn't know.But soon she looked at Shen Ruoxue and made a decision in her heart: even if he liked Shen Ruoxue, so what?Himself also had to snatch him away.Because she knew very well what kind of woman Shen Ruo Xue was, she felt that a woman with a deep heart like Shen Ruo Xue was not worthy of such a desperate man.

She didn't know if she could be worthy, but it was her Shen Ruo Xue anyway, absolutely not!Absolutely not!She's not qualified!

Shen Yutong made up her mind to herself.On the other hand, Shen Yuno, who was beside Shen Ruo Xue, jumped up happily and said to Shen Ruo Xue, "Wow, sis, brother-in-law is so handsome, although I haven't seen his face yet, but I just feel that he is so handsome, and he can play the piano and sing, so handsome oooooh...."

Shen Zhiyuan also smiled and looked at the big screen in front of him, his heart surged with blood, this was their Shen 89431f80 family's good son-in-law ah.Rich and powerful, and looking at this body's aura is also very strong....

Old Mrs. Shen looked at the screen in front of her, and the more she looked, the more satisfied she became, nodding her head with a strong smile.

At this moment, half of the entire audience, after looking at the screen, cast their gaze on Shen Ruoxue's body again, one by one, incomparably envious, especially those women present who were not inferior to Shen Ruoxue in looks, that eyes were even more hateful to spit fire....

Shen Ruoxue was moved to tears as she enjoyed the focus of the entire audience while looking at the man on the screen in front of her....

"Xi Yan, Xi Yan, look, the president is going to play the piano and sing?Look at that... "Yue Gu was madly screaming with excitement, and Wang Weiwei was the same.

Only this time, no matter how they both screamed, Shen Siyan stopped looking up and sat in her seat with her head down playing with her phone.In fact, she was upset to death, this moment Shen Ruoxue is the focus of the whole field, enjoy the pursuit of all the people, and her character with the heart, does not allow her to Shen Ruoxue so obsequious, and she felt a little disgusted.Just think of this banquet to end quickly and then go straight home, as for what will happen to Shen Ruo Xue in the future, she never wants to know again in this life....

It was just that the more she didn't want to, the more excited those two girlfriends beside her became, and they were even moved to tears.Shen Siyan frowned deeply, now she was somewhat dissatisfied with Gu Yue and Wang Weiwei.They were her BFFs, but now they were helping Shen Ruoxue cheer, this made her feel bad, if it wasn't for the fact that there would be too many big names in the banquet hall, she would want to just leave... Remember the website

On the stage, Lulu Wang took the microphone and said, "Lord President, you may begin..."

On the roof of the hotel, Lin Hao, who was sitting next to the piano, nodded his head, his fingers jumped on the piano, and a deep, emotion-filled voice came down....


Lin Hao purposely changed his voice so that the sound he made was different from before, so that Shen Xiyan wouldn't be able to hear it now.

Lin Hao's slender fingers played deeply on the piano, and his mouth began to sing.He sang "The King and the Beggar", and the next moment's voice full of emotion reached the ears of the crowd in the banquet hall....

How how how a love lost its luster face to face back to back repeatedly struggle how all the pain thought love is solid like a stone who knows a second and then crumbled do heartache have to constantly polish to hold you tight I was richer than a king had how happy I was to lose you than a beggar down how deep the pain.......

Lin Hao talked and sang on the rooftop, and he chose this song because it was the true reflection of his heart.When he had Shen Shi Yan, he did feel like he had the whole world.And when he lost Shen Siyan, it was like when he left Nanjiang half a year ago and went to Tianhai City.At that time, he was a beggar, a walking corpse.Even if he had monstrous power, his heart was not happy, but very, very low....

As Lin Hao sang, tears fell, popping, popping, popping... drops of clear tears fell onto the piano....

And right now when the big screen showed Lin Hao's tears falling on the piano.Everyone in the banquet hall's heart was blown away!They could never have imagined that the CEO of the Kyushu Group would be so deeply moved by the woman he loved!!!!

Boom... the entire audience at this moment could hear the needle drop, and the only sound in the entire banquet hall was Lin Hao's deep and low piano singing.Yue Gu and Wang Weiwei, who were beside Shen Xiyan, couldn't help but cover their mouths at this moment when they saw that scene on the screen.Because the two of them knew who the man on the roof was.Because they knew all of Lin Hao's stories with Shen Xiyan.That's why they were even more touched at this moment....

And Shen Xi Yan was closing her eyes and lowering her head, although she didn't want to hear it, her ears were still filled with the voice of the man on the roof, she was also moved but the thought that the man was singing to Shen Ruoxue.She was incomparably upset....

Slowly the man's fingers on the roof hit the piano keys one last time, a song was sung, the man got up and began to walk down the stairs, and as he walked down the screen was showing the whole time....

And now the thoughts of the entire crowd were pulled back to wait for the appearance of the president of the Kyushu Group, and after the man in the picture entered the stairs, the crowd saw him take off his mask, but it was still being pointed at the crowd, so they couldn't see his face....

On the stage, Lulu Wang, holding a microphone with tears, said: "Lord President will soon come down, but there is still some time.I'm going to say again about the president's feelings for Miss Shen, although I believe that everything the president did for Miss Shen today, we are all incomparably sure that the president is true love for Miss Shen.But I still have to say again, I'm here to take advantage of the Lord President did not come to the stage before, or want to bless Miss Shen once.Miss Shen wishes you happiness..." one second to remember to read the book

Wang Lulu finished smiling at the stage Vivian, after she finished speaking, everyone's eyes in the audience focused on Shen Ruoxue's body.Shen Ruoxue was even more moved to stand up, but her face was full of tears, and this time when she stood up, she wiped her tears vigorously, but still smiled and waited for that man to appear....

At this time, the whole arena resounded with the song "The King and the Beggar", Shen Ruoxue had dried her tears and was incomparably waiting for the appearance of the man behind the curtain....


The first time I was in the audience was when I was a young girl, and I was so happy that I was able to get to know her.It's not easy for the two of them to come this far, they have too much sorrow and misses along the way, today the president is going to propose to Miss Shen, I hope everyone will join me in wishing him well... After the president appears, I will tell you the story of the president and Miss Shen.......Now I'll talk about Miss Shen..."

When Wang Lu Lu said this, Shen Xi Yan, who was sitting under the stage, finally couldn't endure anymore.She was incomparably irritated, feeling that this kind of show was really disgusting to the extreme.What do you mean there was too much not easy?How many times have you seen that man and Roxie?How long have you been together?Why isn't it easy?

And she looked at the corner of her eyes at Shen Ruoxue who stood up incomparably expectantly, her heart was just irritated incomparably.Thinking of this Shen Rengyan could no longer help but quietly stood up and walked towards the door....

And right now everyone's eyes in the arena were focused on the stage, all waiting for the real CEO of the Kyushu Group to appear soon.So no one at all noticed when Shen Xiyan left at this moment.Even Yue Gu and Wang Weiwei who were sitting beside her didn't even notice....

Because the crowd in the banquet hall, at this moment 3c76d94f had already heard the sound of footsteps that were sounding on the screen, getting closer and closer .And when no one was paying attention, Shen Xiyan began to walk out....

It wasn't until after Shen Xiyan had taken a few steps that Wang Weiwei and Yue Gu suddenly realized that they had seen Shen Xiyan walking backwards.They got nervous, they couldn't get up just yet, if they got up like that, it would ruin the atmosphere Lin Hao had worked so hard to create.So now the two girls would have to do nothing but be anxious.

"Lin Hao, hurry up, hurry up, Xi Yan is almost out of the doorway ah... hurry up..." yelled Yue Gu and Wang Weiwei in their hearts...

At this moment the stage had reached the back floor of the first floor, Lin Hao looked down at his phone.The only thing displayed on that phone was Shen Siyan's figure, and now when Lin Hao saw that Shen Siyan had actually quietly walked out.He was in a hurry.

"Xi Yan, don't go..." yelled Lin Hao in his heart, and in the next moment, he directly ran up and ran as fast as he could.And at this moment, the faces of the crowd in the banquet hall changed dramatically, as they all heard the sound of footsteps coming from the screen begin to become incomparably more rapid, and it was accompanied by the sound of violent breathing...

Wang Lulu, who was speaking on the stage, was also pale at this moment, her subordinates' reports came from her miniature earphones, and she only then saw that Shen Xiyan was almost at the door.But she followed Lin Hao's orders, she wouldn't be able to remind anything at this point.She could only dry anxiety.

At this moment, Wang Lulu's voice stopped, and the banquet hall only played the "King and the Beggar" song, as well as more and more rapid footsteps with more and more violent gasps........

Finally just as Shen was about to walk to the door, the sound of the stage kadata stopped and the music was heavily slapped on the pause button!There was only the sound of violent gasps on the stage.

"Hello...Shen...hoo...hoo...hoo...hoo... "Lin Hao appeared on the stage breathing heavily, holding a microphone to Shen Xi Yan who had reached the door, and said with deep emotion, after saying this, Lin Hao burst into tears....

And Shen Shi Yan who was at the door right now, her body shook so hard that only those five words echoed in her mind.And there was Lin Hao's voice, Lin... Lin Hao?Shen Shi Yan at this moment her body couldn't move a single point anymore.And was just standing there so straight and upright....

In her heart, she could not help but think back to yesterday, when she was at school with Lin Hao and Lin Hao said those five words to her seriously, "Hello... Shen..."


" is that possible?Lin... Lin Hao's voice?"Shen Caiyan's heart was filled with incredulity.

At this moment she completely lost control of her body, she didn't dare to turn around, because she was afraid, she was afraid to turn around and look, it was the man on the stage who said to Shen Ruoxue....

And it wasn't just Shen Shi Yan who was shocked at this moment, Shen Ruoxue was also dumbfounded, and all the people of the Shen family were dumbfounded at this moment.

Because what they saw appearing on the stage was actually Lin Hao!

"No... no... no it's not..."Shen Ruoxue's heart was screaming madly, how could the president of the Kyushu Group be Lin Hao?It's impossible!It's absolutely impossible!

But just as she wanted to open her mouth to question, at this moment, the 13 vice presidents of the Kyushu Group on both sides of the catwalk, Jiang Shao Ming, Li Jianghai, Xiao Yuanshan, Scar Six... one by one, they all stood up respectfully and bowed their heads to Lin Hao...

Pouncing... Shen Ruoxue sat down in complete despair after seeing the 13 vice presidents of the Kyushu Group get up and salute.

"Him?That loser?How could he be the CEO of Kyushu Group?No...that's absolutely impossible?That's impossible?"Old Mrs. Shen was incomparably shocked, and Shen Zhiyuan and Shen Yuno were also completely dumbfounded.

"What?He...he was looking's Lin Hao?"Shen Yutong's eyes also fiercely opened wide....

The atmosphere in the banquet hall was very strange at this moment.

Because two years ago, the matter of Lin Hao going to the Shen family as a door-to-door son-in-law was still known to many people.After all, the Shen family was barely a third-rate family in Nanjiang City, and they had a wide social circle.Many people here had even met Lin Hao!!!! Remember the URL

But wasn't it rumored that the Shen family's door-to-door son-in-law was a loser?Then... then how come you've changed into the CEO of Kyushu Group now?What...what the hell is going on here?


Lin Hao ignored the thoughts of the crowd below, right now he was just standing on the stage, incomparably affectionate and dazedly looking at Shen Shi Yan's back....

Wang Lulu, who was beside Lin Hao, was already in tears, holding the microphone and fiercely saying, "Yes, that's what you're thinking!Lin Hao was that door-to-door son-in-law of the Shen family two years ago!It's that door-to-door son-in-law Lin Hao who is looked down upon by everyone in the Shen family!"

At this moment, after Wang Lulu's words, the eyes of the entire crowd in the banquet hall were again looking at Shen Xi Yan.Shen 惜2a715e13yan tears slid down with a bang, her body trembled tremendously, but she still didn't dare to turn around....

At this time on the stage, Wang Lulu's voice was heard again: "Eight years ago, General Manager Lin and Miss Shen Siyan were high school classmates, at that time, General Manager Lin was very down and out, so Miss Shen Siyan helped her in various ways.At that time, Mr. Lin fell in love with Ms. Shen in his heart.At that time, General Manager Lin planned to return to Nanjiang to marry Miss Shen after graduating from university...."

"A year ago, when General Manager Lin finally took care of everything and was ready to return to Nanjiang to find Miss Shen, he just happened to run into Miss Shen's father who was dying of illness, and when Uncle Lin was dying, he was afraid that Miss Shen had no one to take care of her, so he wanted to find a son-in-law for her.And General Manager Lin just happened to show up at Uncle Lin's side, which can only mean that everything was destined by fate..."

"At that time, Miss Shen was deep in the throes of losing her father and couldn't extricate herself from it, so Mr. Lin gave up everything, even the Kyushu Group was all given to Mr. Jiang to take care of, and he was just dedicated to taking care of Miss Shen, because as he sang in his song just now, even the whole world is not as important as Miss Shen to him...."


"Below, leave the stage to Mr. Lin, to Miss Shen... "Wang Lulu couldn't go on, her voice was incomparably choked, she had something to say, but she just really couldn't go on.As soon as she got off the stage, Wang Lulu cried on the side....

Not only were the women present, but many men's eyes were moistened, deeply shocked by what Lin Hao had done.

A big shot who was the president of the Kyushu Group was actually able to give up everything to be a son-in-law who was at the mercy of insults?

The people here were all prominent and respectable figures in Nanjiang City, and they asked themselves, if it were them, they would never be able to do this, and because they couldn't, that's why they were shocked....

And now when Wang Lulu named Lin Hao and Shen Siyan on the stage, Shen Siyan at the door finally decided that the man who was now on the stage behind her, the man who was the new president of the Kyushu Group, was Lin Hao!!!!

Shen Siyan's tears were popping and falling, she was silently shrieking, she had already felt that she knew everything about everything Lin Hao had done for her.

But it wasn't until today that she realized that she didn't understand at all, she didn't understand how much Lin Hao had done for her before!!!!

Shen Xi Yan at this moment no longer knew what to use to describe her feelings, or rather at this moment in front of all that Lin Hao had done for her, any words she had seemed so pale and powerless.

Roses floating all over the city, Crystal Love Jewelry, in front of everyone in the entire South River City, propose to her!!!

At this moment Shen Xiyan's heart is not only touched, but deeply touched, to the depths of her soul....

At this moment, she finally knew why Lin Hao had made such a big scene, it was completely to make all those who had looked down on her before, in front of the entire Nanjiang City, know that she, Shen Shiyan, had married the right man, a peerless man! One second to remember to read the book

But he, Lin Hao, had such monstrous power, yet he had been a door-to-door son-in-law in his own home for over a year, allowing himself to be beaten and scolded, but he still loved himself so righteously....

Shen Xi Yan inhaled deeply and tried to keep her tears from falling.

Because all of this today was a surprise that Lin Hao had carefully prepared for her, and she didn't want to ruin Lin Hao's hard work.But her tears just couldn't stop falling down....

At this moment, the entire arena was incomparably quiet, and at the entrance Shen Xi Yan's body was trembling and sobbing continuously.Lin Hao, who was the president of the Kyushu Group on the stage, was also in tears at this moment, and was similarly unable to control it....

Everyone in the venue didn't dare to disturb this touching scene at this moment, and neither did the Shen family, if they dared to make any noise at this moment, the crowd in the venue would probably be able to kill them without Lin Hao's help.Not to mention the incomparable fear they were all feeling at the moment....

Lin Hao, who was on the stage, looked up at the ceiling above him and took a deep breath, he was the man, he was Shen Shen's man!He absolutely would not allow himself to shed tears in front of Shen's face.He tried hard to hold back his tears.

In the next moment, Lin Hao smiled and whispered to Shen Xiyan who was standing in the doorway, "Hello classmate Shen Xiyan, my name is Lin Hao, I like you, will you... will you marry me and be my wife?"

Lin Hao smiled, just like yesterday when he and Shen Xiyan were at school, standing on the playground he said the exact same thing to Shen Xiyan, the tone, the words were exactly the same.

"Hello, classmate Shen Xiyan, my name is Lin Hao, will you marry me and be my wife?......."


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