Super Son-in-law 301-320


Chapter 301

Inside the Purple Bamboo Villa, the meal that had made the four big men of Nanjiang City unbearable to the extreme had finally finished.Jiang Shao Ming, Xiao Yuanshan, Li Jianghai, and Scar Six only felt that this short two hours was harder than a year's time.It was good that it was finally finished.

"Lin Hao, you go see off a few of the CEOs, I'm not going out with Mom... "Shen Xiyan kicked Lin Hao hard under the table as she cleaned up, then desperately tried to give Lin Hao a face.

"No, no, no, we'll just go by ourselves..." after Shen Siyan's words, a few of the CEOs quickly waved their hands in shock.

What a joke, if this was to meet with Lin Hao again tonight, there would definitely be something good for them to eat.So this time one by one, their faces fused and they hurriedly waved their hands.

Lin Hao had a wry smile on his face, biting his teeth and smiling as he looked up at the four big bosses and slowly said, "Oh, Mr. Jiang, Mr. Xiao, Mr. Li, Mr. Liu, how can I not see you off when you come to eat at home?Didn't you say you had something to tell me, Mr Jiang?Then let's go to your place, Mr. Li, Mr. Xiao, and Mr. Six just happen to be you guys together..." said Lin Hao gloomily to the few people.

"Err... oh yes yes, I am looking for you for something, then let's go, let's quickly discuss, after all, the new president will be here the morning after tomorrow, there are still many things to prepare..." said Jiang Shao Ming, his heartbeat quickening and cold sweat appearing behind him.

Shen Siyan frowned and looked at a few people, she always felt that something was wrong, but she couldn't tell.

As she was thinking about it, Lin Hao got up and turned to her with a smile and said, "Xi Yan, then you and mom can clean up at home, I'm going to see off a few CEOs, I might need to talk to them about something, I'll be back later ah..."

Behind Lin Hao, Jiang Shaoming, Xiao Yuanshan and the others were extremely bitter when they heard the word come back later.Nima, it's going to be over tonight.A few people were apprehensive in their hearts.

When Shen Siyan saw Lin Hao say that, she also smiled and gave Lin Hao a gentle collar and said, "Mmhmm, husband you go, you talk about things that matter, I'll wait for you at home...."

Lin Hao then personally put up a low profile to send Jiang Shao Ming and the others out, while Li Jianghai and Xiao Yuanshan's wives all went home first.After all, after the few people went out, those two women saw their husbands, and their attitude towards Lin Hao instantly turned to fear, and their hearts were tight.Not daring to say a word or greet Lin Hao again, they hurried home. A second to remember to read the book

And the two of them decided in their hearts that they would leave tonight and absolutely no longer stay in the Purple Bamboo Villa before the afternoon of the day after tomorrow, lest they leak out.

Ten minutes later, in the living room of Jiang Shao Ming's villa, Lin Hao was sitting alone on the main chair in the living room, while Xiao Yuanshan, Jiang Shao Ming, Li Jianghai, and Scarlet Six were standing respectfully in front of him, one by one, with their heads bowed, not daring to breathe a word.

Lin Hao's face was incomparably gloomy, and tonight's meal was a tough one for him.

Lin Hao gritted his teeth and looked up at a few people and slowly said, "You guys are great, Jiang?Mr. Shaw?Mr. Lee?Six?How dare you let my wife pour the toast for you?Hmm?"

Of course, Lin Hao wasn't really particularly angry, but he was just a little depressed.How could his wife, Lin Hao's wife, bow down and pour wine for others?And especially since all four of them are still under their own thumb....


How Lin Hao thought how he felt angry in his heart.

The four people in front of Lin Hao heard, one by one, all of them were extremely bitter in their hearts, the expression on their faces were almost crying, really something happened.Xiao Yuanshan gritted his teeth even more fiercely kicked Li Jianghai's ass, Nima is the so-called dead Daoist friends do not die poor Daoist.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the next two years.That's why this happened tonight, it's all Li Jianghai's idea, it has nothing to do with us..."

I'm not sure if I've ever had a problem with it, but I'm not sure if I've ever had a problem with it before.

Didn't you fucking promise me you wouldn't talk to the president about this?

You're a dog face.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

It's just that this time her smile is uglier than crying, really want to cry ah, Li Jianghai now really are almost crying: "Lin... Lin, I'm sorry, I... I did not expect things to develop like this ah, I just invited Sister Wang to the house the day before yesterday to eat a meal ah, I'm not just thinking of more close relations... Lin, I'm sorry, I'm sorry ah..."

"Oh...that's right...well I understand, after all, my mom and Seiya don't know who I really am, do they?If this was left for the day after tomorrow, we wouldn't be having this awkward thing tonight for dinner, would we?"Lin Hao nodded his head.

"Mhmmm right right, even if Mr. Lin gave us a hundred guts, he wouldn't dare to let his wife pour wine for a few of our servants ah..." a few people nodded their heads frantically after hearing that, but Lin Hao's next words almost made them cry again.

Only Lin Hao gritted his teeth and said, "I understand, but I'm just not happy in my heart... Damn it, I dare to ask my daughter-in-law to pour wine for you old cunts?Against God you guys..." first website

Lin Hao stood up, copied a plastic pipe next to him, and smashed it over the four men's heads.

"I'll let you guys pour drinks... I'll let you guys swing, I'll let you guys act like big-tailed wolves... bang bang bang bang......Lin Hao hit from Jiang Shaoming to Scar Six, and from Scar Six to Jiang Shaoming.Well Li Jianghai's head was the one that took the most hits.

It was only after the beating had been going on for a while that the anger in Lin Hao's heart was out, and he let out a long sigh of relief.

"Mr. Lin, the anger is gone, hehe, we promise we won't dare to do it again, we promise we won't dare to do it again..."

Li Jianghai covered his head with a careful smile and said to Lin Hao.

"Well... the gas is almost gone..."

Lin Hao glared at Li Jianghai in a bad way, this old thing really left him speechless.

"Mr. Jiang, I lost your scarf at home, I brought it over to you..."

Suddenly there was a laughing voice from Wang Shufen at the entrance of the hall.The next moment, Wang Shufen walked in.Just when Wang Shufen came in and saw the scene in the living room, she snapped and the scarf in her hand fell to the floor....

Mouth agape....

Because she saw that the four most powerful vice presidents of the Kyushu Group, the four top bosses of Nanjiang City, were now standing respectfully in front of her aunt, while Lin Hao was seated....


Wang Shufen was shocked to see the scene in front of her.Lin Hao and Jiang Shaoming Xiao Yuanshan Li Jianghai and a few others, also turned their heads to look at Wang Shufen who suddenly appeared in the living room.No one expected Wang Shufen to suddenly come over.

Today was the 28th of November, the day after tomorrow was the 30th, the day Lin Hao officially revealed his identity, and today was almost over, there was only the last day left for a full reckoning.

Lin Hao had prepared for so long, made vows in Nanjiang for so long, and even went so far as to let the Shen family live for a little longer, for the sake of giving Shen a surprise a day later, wasn't it?

Isn't it just to give Shen Xiyan a world-renowned marriage proposal?

But now with the appearance of Wang Shufen, it's all over at once, and Wang Shufen knows it!!!!

We're all adults, so don't act like you don't know anything.The truth was that the four of them had too strong of an identity.

With that strong identity background, what excuse do you need to make to explain this matter of them standing respectfully in front of Lin Hao now?I'm afraid that doesn't explain anything, does it?

Do you really think she's stupid?And Wang Shufen has seen Scarlet Six before!

It was just that that time Wang Shufen was so frightened under Swallow's persecution that she hadn't paid close attention to Scarlet Six's face.

But now she suddenly remembered.Pointing at Scar Six, she trembled and said, "Aren't you... aren't you that big brother of Swallow's from the beginning?You you you...I remember you were standing right behind you, where's the scar on your face?"

Scar Six gave a bitter laugh: "Big Sister Wang, Scar Six here is courteous, the scar on his face had laser surgery to remove it... Hey..." and Scar Six sighed deeply. Remember the URL

"Did you really still recognize it..."

Lin Hao sighed deeply in his heart, and for a moment only felt that all of his preparation for so many days had been in vain, and for a moment Lin Hao only felt incomparably tired.

Bang... Suddenly Jiang Shao Ming slumped to his knees with a loud bang, "Brother, I'm sorry, it's my fault..."

Lin Hao smiled bitterly and waved his hand, "Forget it, sooner or later, it's just that you won't be able to give a surprise that big to Xi Yan ah..." said Lin Hao as he stood up and walked over to Wang Shufen.

"Hao'er, are you?What the hell are you doing with them..."

Wang Shufen had actually guessed it out in her heart, from the first time she came in to see the situation inside the house.

She also finally understood why when she met Li Jianghai and Xiao Yuanshan the day before yesterday, this kind of people were courteous to her when they were top big men in the entire Nanjiang City.

At this moment she also finally understood why the noblewoman with a status as high as Xiao Yuanshan Li Jianghai's wife, called out affectionately one Sister Wang one Sister Wang at a time.She even more understood why the faces of a few people at tonight's dinner party were so ugly when Shen Xiyan toasted them....

Lin Hao smiled bitterly at Wang Shufen and said, "Well, yes, Mom is what you think, I'm their boss, the real CEO of the Kyushu Group!I was planning to surprise you and your pity the day after tomorrow, huh... but now, you know all about it ah..."

Boom... Wang Shufen guessed, but now when she heard Lin Hao say it herself and a few people from Jiang Shaoming nodded.She still had shock waves in her heart.This was the CEO of the Kyushu Group ah!

That's a conglomerate valued in the tens of billions of dollars!This...this is actually your own aunt's?

"Hao'er... you... you're really the president of the Kyushu Group?So then why are you..."


Wang Shufen at this moment felt that the whole world was not real, the grand president of the Kyushu Group, a person with a clear eye, was actually a hardened son-in-law in their family for almost two years?And allow yourself to be abused?

Wang Shufen was shocked and scared now that she learned Lin Hao's true identity again.

If Lin Hao had some money, she wouldn't be afraid, she would be proud of herself, but if Lin Hao was too rich and powerful, she would be afraid of him.She naturally had fear of Lin Hao in her heart.

Before Lin Hao even opened his mouth, Jiang Shaoming fiercely turned to Wang Shufen and knelt down, "Auntie Wang, please don't ever tell your sister-in-law, my brother prepared for so long just to give her a surprise ah!I'm begging you, I'm begging you ah, back then my brother came to your house as a son-in-law because he liked his sister-in-law in high school ah, so he was willing to bear everything for her!Auntie Wang please, make sure you don't tell your sister-in-law when you go back later..."

"Mr. Jiang... this can't be made ah, you quickly get up, you quickly get up, you're such a big status you don't kneel to me ah..." wang Shufen saw that Jiang Shao Ming had kneeled to her, directly anxious.

Lin Hao took a deep breath and looked up at the sky.

In his heart, he just felt incomparably lost, not expecting that in the end, it was just a day away, or that it had gone so wrong!

Jiang Shao Ming was all anxiously crying, this time with real tears falling down, begging to Wang Shufen, "Auntie Wang, I beg you, my big brother has been really bitter these past two years, very bitter, he's just thinking of giving his sister-in-law a big surprise, a grand marriage proposal in front of the whole South River City the day after tomorrow.Aunt Wang, I'm begging you..."

Buzz... Wang Shufen listened to Jiang Shao Ming's tears and cries about Lin Hao and Shen Shi Yan.

Even she, a woman long past her fragrant age, felt only full of emotion in her heart at this moment....

At this moment Li Jianghai is also bowing deeply to Wang Shufen, one bow to the end, his face incomparably sincere pleading: "Big sister Wang, I also beg you, our CEO is really not easy ah, please wait just one more day, just one more day ah..." One second remember to read htt.p://

"Big Sister Wang, we also beg you... "Xiao Yuanshan and Scarlet Six also bowed deeply to Wang Shufen.

At this moment, Wang Shufen was considered to have completely reached a pinnacle in her life.

One of the four top big men of Nanjiang City kneeled down for her, and the other three gave her deep bows.

The shock in Wang Shufen's heart at this moment was so great that she couldn't control her tears....

She was also deeply shocked by Lin Hao's practical actions over the past two years, how devoted was she to her daughter that she was able to get Lin Hao, the grand president of the Kyushu Group, the top person in Nanjiang City, to make it that far?

Well... Wang Shufen wiped her tears and quickly lifted Jiang Shao Ming up and said to Jiang Shao Ming, "Good boy, auntie promises you..."

"I promise, I'll leave here later, I'll be back the morning after, I won't say hello to the pity party, I'll go straight away, straight away!Get up, y'all..."

One by one, Wang Shufen helped several people up.

"Mom, you... "Lin Hao heard Wang Shufen's promise and was not moved.

Wang Shufen carefully looked at Lin Hao, touched Lin Hao's face, tears fell down again, it was too much to bear, she was deeply moved, "Good boy, good boy, Xi Yan has you by her side, it's the biggest happiness in her life, Mom understands, Mom understands all ah, Mom is leaving, I'll be back the day after tomorrow, Mom is waiting to see the day after tomorrow when you give Xi Yan that big surprise... good boy..."


"Mom...thank you, don't worry, I won't let pity suffer again in this life, and I won't let you suffer again, so I'll really have to begrudge you these two days..."

Lin Hao looked deeply at Wang Shufen and thanked her.

I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, but I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," she said.I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers, and to help them meet the demands of the market.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the photos you've taken, and then you'll see what you can see.

"Well...well, that's it then, everything will be the same the day after tomorrow, you guys take care of the arrangements.I'm going back... I'll leave it to you guys, so don't let me down again you guys!"Lin Hao said heavily.

"Yes!"A few big men hurriedly bowed their heads and promised that from now on the four of them would take turns for 24 hours preparing for the day after tomorrow's celebration, absolutely no mistakes would be allowed!

At 10:30 p.m., when Lin Hao returned home, Shen Xi Yan saw Lin Hao return and asked in confusion, "Where's Mom?Why didn't Mom come home with you?"

Lin Hao smiled and said, "Mom and Mrs. Li went to a charity gala, so she won't be back tonight.Tomorrow is also hard enough, that charity dinner will be open for two days, Mom and Mrs. Li are quite happy together, you can rest assured..."

"Ooooh, so that's how it is... "Shen Shi Yan nodded her head to show her understanding.She understood Wang Shufen that mood, after all, Wang Shufen had never participated in that kind of high-profile banquet before, and this was not Wang Shufen's excitement didn't even say anything to her ah.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the photos of your friends and family, and then you'll see that they're all over the place.

Lin Hao said with a smile, "Daughter-in-law, tonight mom is not here, can we enjoy the world for two?You can scream out tonight, and no one will know if you scream any louder..." First URL

Shen Siyan's pretty face brushed red, incomparably red, incomparably shy and hammered at Lin Hao's chest, "You... you just screamed out, how can you even say such things, shame on you..."

"Hahahaha... "Lin Hao laughed and just held Shen Xiyan to go upstairs, just Shen Xiyan still struggled to come down, to the room, Lin Hao is going to undress to do things, Shen Xiyan suddenly red face biting his lips said to him: "that, mom said, you're not good and complete injury, let me do that less with you... husband, or don't do it, you're really not good injury... "Shen Xiyan's blush is almost dripping out of water....

Lin Hao shook his head indifferently and patted the bed, "It's fine, you'll work harder then, you'll be on top... I'll be on the bottom, won't I?"

Shen Xiyan listened to Lin Hao's words, all wanting to find a crack to drill into....

How humiliating that position was, but she didn't really dare to let Lin Hao exercise too much, so she was threatened by some big devil from...


At eleven in the evening, Wang Shufen, who had found a hotel in Nanjiang City to stay in, was completely unable to sleep, she never expected that Lin Hao would actually be the president of the Kyushu Group!

And Lin Hao's love for Shen Shiyan was actually so deep.

After all, I'm afraid that no one in the world knew better than her what kind of life Lin Hao was having as a son-in-law in her home for over a year.The reason is that half of the insults to Lin Hao were inflicted by her.

When she thought of this, Wang Shufen regretted and blamed herself, raising her hand and smacking herself with two big mouths: 'Wang Shufen ah Wang Shufen, you are really blind, such a good uncle, how could you have missed it, hey.......''

After Wang Shufen finished beating herself, after her heart was moved.It was the incomparable excitement: "Hahahahaha, my Wang Shufen's uncle is actually the grand president of the Kyushu Group!Hahahaha, do I still have to worry about the rest of my life?Hahaha, you don't know that, do you, Chewie?Our daughter has found a Gestapo, hahaha..."

Wang Shufen suddenly froze as she smiled and said to herself, "Qiu Ya?".

The smile on Wang Shufen's face instantly disappeared when she mentioned the word Qiu Ya, and was replaced by an intense complexity.

Her thoughts couldn't help but return to more than twenty years ago, when her best friend, Leng Qiu Ya, was holding a little girl who hadn't been born long ago, kneeling in front of her and begging her to be her mother and raise her.

Although Wang Shufen also liked that boyfriend of Leng Qiu Ya, but that man had a child with Leng Qiu Ya after all.

And if she allowed herself to marry that man, it wasn't her own daughter that she was raising, she was more or less a bit grudging in her heart.

Wang Shufen didn't agree, but Leng Qiu Ya just kept holding still kneeling in her doorway for the entire night.I'm not sure if this is a good idea. Remember the website

The day after Leng Qiu Ya entrusted Shen Shi Yan to Wang Shufen, she was taken away by the Leng family.

Since then they hadn't seen each other again for twenty years, and then Leng Qiu Ya naturally contacted her, but at that time when Wang Shufen got married and found out that she could only raise Leng Qiu Ya's child when she couldn't have a child in her life, her resentment towards Leng Qiu Ya was already huge.

What's more, because of this, the Wang family knew about it as well, and Wang Shufen was even expelled from the Wang family!

So after that, Wang Shufen vented half of her heart's anger on Shen Xiyan and half on Leng Qiu Ya.Wang Shufen knew that the Leng family watched Leng Qiu Ya closely and would never let her come to Nanjiang in her life.

So Wang Shufen never went to meet with Leng Qiu Ya as a way to make Leng Qiu Ya suffer!

Let her feel the pain she suffered at Shen's house in Nanjiang!

It was just Wang Shufen who had gone through so many things this year, especially after she was now living such a quality life.When she thought back to those happy days with Leng Qiu Ya in the past, she felt a little intolerant.

Shen Xi Yan was Leng Qiu Ya's biological daughter after all ah.All these years, she had been lying to Shen Siyan, saying that Leng Qiu Ya had already died.But the reality was that Leng Qiu Ya wasn't dead ah, and with Lin Hao's strength, Shen Siyan was definitely going to go to the Leng family once in the future.

Their biological mother and daughter meeting was 5a726a78 sooner or later.

And Wang Shufen also knows that Leng Qiu Ya these years I'm afraid it's not a good life, the gas in her heart is also almost gone, twenty years, no matter how big the hatred should also be over.Wang Shufen let out a long breath.

And the day after tomorrow, Lin Hao would give Shen Xiyan a grand marriage proposal ceremony in front of the entire Nanjiang City, and on that day, Shen Xiyan would become the most noble and happiest woman in the entire Nanjiang City.

So that scene, Wang Shufen also wanted Shen Suyan's own mother, Leng Qiu Ya, to witness it!

Take out the cell phone dialed the number that she would never dial again in her life outside of her original, Wang Shufen waited for a moment, the opposite side of a very nice woman's voice: "Hello?Hello, who are you?"

Wang Shufen paused, her voice somewhat hoarse and somewhat muffled, "Hello Qiu Ya, I'm Wang Shufen..."

Snapping... Wang Shufen heard the sound of the phone landing across the street....


Two o'clock late at night, Tianhai City, a 24-hour hotel room, Wang Shufen and a long-haired face in a white coat is very delicate, well-dressed beautiful woman sitting relatively.

The woman is Leng Qiu Ya, twenty pairs of years ago Leng family's eldest daughter, 6aa6a6a3 is also Shen Xi Yan's biological mother.

The Leng family is a top second-rate family in Tianhai City, with a hundred years of heritage standing.The family is illustrious and wealthy, so although twenty years have passed, Leng Qiu Ya is still well maintained, and if you go out others might think it's just a thirty year old woman.

"Shufen... are you... finally willing to see me, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry..."

Leng Qiuya's eyes were incomparably complicated as she looked at Wang Shufen.Wang Shufen was different from her, not seeing her for more than twenty years, Wang Shufen's face had been incomparably vicissitudes, and just by looking at the surface, one could tell that Wang Shufen had lived a very bad life all these years.

Leng Qiuya naturally saw it at a glance.More than twenty years ago because of her, it also ruined Wang Shufen's youth.

It was just that at that time she was thinking about her child surviving and being taken care of, so she had to do that.

More than twenty years ago, the Shen family didn't even exist in Nanjiang City yet, it was very, very poor ah.

So how could a family as big as the Leng family allow the eldest daughter of the family to marry a poor boy?Impossible.

And when Leng Qiu Ya was pregnant, she also avoided the Leng family's ears and eyes, so the Leng family didn't even know that Leng Qiu Ya had given birth to a child until the very beginning.

The Leng family only knows that Leng Qiu Ya stayed in Nanjiang for a year, and then Leng Qiu Ya's father sent someone to capture her back, thinking about that era, it was very particular about the door to the family. A second to remember to read the book

But Leng Qiu Ya was also a hard-tempered person, and after returning to the family, she had been single for so many years to this day.

More than twenty years had passed, and the Leng family's restrictions on Leng Qiu Ya were much, much less, and ever since last year when they learned that Leng Qiu Ya's good-looking one had died, they had been completely at ease with Leng Qiu Ya.

Wang Shufen looked at the face in front of her, which was somewhat similar to Shen Shi Yan, and felt a lot of emotions.

"Qiu Ya is all in the past, and to say I'm sorry, I also owe you an apology for never allowing you to see the side of Xi Yan for so many years.This is also my intentional revenge against you, so I'm here to say sorry to you as well..."

After Wang Shufen finished speaking, Leng Qiu Ya's tears fell, grabbed Wang Shufen's hand and said, "Shufen, it's my fault, I'm sorry, I'm sorry to you, I'm also sorry to Xi Yan, I'm also sorry to Xi Yan's dead father.I'm sorry, I'm really sorry... I'm thinking now that I'm not even qualified to appear in front of Xi Yan anymore..."

Yeah, there really weren't many people in this world who knew that Shen Xiyan was Leng Qiu Ya's biological daughter now.

And Leng Qiu Ya was now even more afraid of seeing Shen Xi Yan, afraid that Shen Xi Yan would ask her, "Why didn't you come to see me for so many years?"Every midnight dream, Leng Qiu Ya was in tears, before she didn't dare to go meet with Shen Xi Yan, she was afraid that the Leng family would do something bad to Shen Xi Yan.Now that Shen Xiyan has grown up and has her own life, but her, she doesn't dare to meet with Shen Xiyan even more.

Just because she, as a mother, hadn't accompanied Shen Suyan since she was a child, even if it was just for a day.

There are no parents under the heavens who don't miss their children.

Leng Qiu Ya is even more so, she misses Shen Xi Yan with a broken heart.

Just over twenty years ago, in that era, if people knew that she, the Leng family's eldest daughter, had a child.Then that child would probably not grow up well, and the Leng family would never let their own family be disgraced like that!


Leng Qiu Ya has been living like a zombie all these years, knowing full well that there is still a daughter in the world, but she can't go to meet with her.

Leng Qiu Ya cried like a baby, so Wang Shufen kept comforting her, and Leng Qiu Ya cried for more than half an hour.

Wang Shufen took out her phone and opened the photo album and handed it to Leng Qiu Ya: "Qiu Ya, take a look, these are all the photos I took of Xi Yan, Xi Yan is really beautiful just like you...."

Leng Qiu Ya took a deep breath and then looked at it seriously, looking at the picture of Shen Xi Yan's smile, she was smiling and laughing very, very happily on her face as well.

Leng Qiu Ya said to Wang Shufen as she smiled, "Shufen, look, look, how much she looks like me, she's smiling so happily..."

Wang Shufen also smiled and nodded, "Mmhmm, more than twenty years ago you were hailed as the most beautiful woman in Tianhai City, our daughter inherited your genes, can she not be beautiful?"

"Ummm that', who is this man beside Xi Yan?"

Soon Leng Qiu Ya pointed at the picture, the Lin Hao beside Shen Xi Yan, and said to Wang Shufen.

The smile on Wang Shufen's face disappeared and said to Leng Qiu Ya very seriously, "Qiu Ya, this is the reason why I came to Tian Hai to find you tonight!"

"Well?Okay, Shufen you say, I'll listen, I'll agree to whatever you say... Do you think it's because Xi Yan and this man are getting married and are short of money?I'll give you all my savings, all of them..." said Leng Qiu Ya, and took out a bunch of bank cards from her pocket.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past few years, and has been working on a number of new products...." first URL

Leng Qiu Ya's face was a little anxious 24254a6c, when she saw the photo of Shen Xi Yan holding Lin Hao's hand, when she looked at the happy smile on Shen Xi Yan's face, she knew that her daughter was absolutely true to the boy beside her....

Such things didn't need to be said, just because she was Shen Xiyan's own mother, that point was enough!

So she missed out on Shen Xi Yan's growth, then when her daughter is getting married, she will have a happy wedding for her, so that she doesn't have to worry about money for the rest of her life.

Only in the next moment, Leng Qiu Ya was confused because Wang Shufen pushed back all her bank cards.

"Shufen?You do?"Leng Qiu Ya asked in confusion.

Wang Shufen shook her head and laughed, "Qiu Ya take this money and use it yourself, Xi Yan... there is no shortage of money..."

"How is that possible?Shufen did you just mishear me, I'm not talking about ten or twenty million ah, but there are ten or twenty million here..." said Leng Qiu Ya seriously.

Just Wang Shufen continued to smile and nod her head, "Well yes, I know you're talking about 10 to 20 million..."

Leng Qiu Ya was anxious, "Then you still?Shufen ah, you just don't hold it, now this society why don't you want money ah, and this money is my incompetent mother to Xi Yan ah, please just take it......."

Wang Shufen shook her head and laughed, "Qiu Ya, you've misunderstood.The reason I said that Xi Yan doesn't lack money is because the husband she married is really rich..."

"Very rich?How rich is that?"Leng Qiu Ya continued to be puzzled.

Wang Shufen laughed and said in a very derring-do manner, "It's not much, it's just a few hundred million... Oh..."

"What?"Leng Qiu Ya soared to her feet, her face full of shock.


"Shufen,'re not kidding me, are you?"

Leng Qiu Ya looked incredulous, after all, she also knew about Nanjiang, was there such a rich person in that place?This could be on the national rich list, right?

Wang Shufen proudly drank a mouthful of tea and slowly sipped it to whet Leng Qiu Ya's appetite before smiling and saying, "Have you heard of the Kyushu Group?"

Leng Qiu Ya stunned face filled with shock, but then frowned again: "Well, I've naturally heard of the Kyushu Group, and a few days ago, the Kyushu Group's rapid expansion, its scale has been forced to the Heavenly Sea's Tian Yao Group, a Kyushu Group can top half of the Leng family!A very strong company!But Shufen, don't think that I'm not in Nanjiang, but I really don't know anything. The CEO of the Kyushu Group is Jiang Shaoming.And I've seen Jiang Shao Ming's picture, it's not the man that Xi Yan likes ah?"

"Oh, you that's ten days ago, Jiang Shao Ming is now the first vice president of the Kyushu Group ah, you do not believe that you open the news now, search the Nanjiang forum you see ah......."

Wang Shufen old gods drink tea, now also let yourself this lady friend good shock sub, also give money?

Oh don't make a fuss, this money of yours is just a matter of my good son-in-law casually buying a house.It's really a small amount of money ha....

This time Wang Shufen actually looked down on this twenty million.

Leng Qiu Ya took a deep look at Wang Shufen, and no matter how she looked at it, she didn't think that Wang Shufen was joking with her, so she really took out her phone and started searching, looking at it seriously....

Ten minutes later!

Leng Qiu Ya's face changed dramatically and she looked at Wang Shufen incredulously, "Shufen, it doesn't say that Lin Hao is the president of the Kyushu Group either?" Remember the URL

Wang Shufen leaned forward and stared at Leng Qiu Ya's face and said slowly, "Then it doesn't say that the new president of the Kyushu Group who will take office the morning after tomorrow is someone else, right?"

Wang Shufen narrowed her eyes as she said that, with a strong sense of confidence.

What a joke, Jiang Shao Ming had even kneeled down to Lin Hao!So if Lin Hao isn't the new president, then who is?Who qualifies as?

Leng Qiu Ya was choked by Wang Shufen's words, it took her half a day to slow down, she took a deep breath, but she still asked Wang Shufen uncertainly, "Shufen, is that Lin Hao really the CEO of the Kyushu Group?"

Wang Shufen nodded seriously, "Let me give you an example, just a few hours ago, Jiang Shao Ming and a few vice-presidents of the Kyushu Group, went to my house for dinner, and after dinner, Jiang Shao Ming's scarf was left at my house, so I sent it over to him.Then I saw Jiang Shao Ming and a few other vice presidents standing respectfully in front of Lin Hao while Lin Hao was seated.When Jiang Shao Ming saw me, he kneeled down to Lin Hao with a thud...and soon Lin Hao admitted it himself.Then Qiu Ya, you said that Lin Hao is not the new CEO, so who is qualified to be?"


Leng Qiu Ya's mind was like a thunderclap, she took a few steps backwards in shock and said to Wang Shufen in confusion, "Shufen, then why did Jiang Shao Ming kneel to you ah?"

Wang Shufen was silent, lowering her head, with a hint of tears in her eyes, and said to Leng Qiu Ya, "Qiu Ya, you just watched the news from Nanjiang City, you didn't finish it, did you?Then open the official website of the Kyushu Group again now and take a look... I'll tell you the story of Xi Yan and Lin Hao after you've finished reading..."


The company has a long history of developing new products and services, and has a long history of developing new products and services, and has a long history of developing new products and services.The day after tomorrow we're going to have roses floating all over Nanjiang and the new president is going to propose to Miss Shen?"

Wang Shufen's eyes reddened even more and she nodded vigorously, "Yes, this is the surprise that Hao'er prepared for Xi Yan.As for why Jiang Shao Ming kneeled down and begged me, it's because I knew Lin Hao's identity beforehand ah.Qiu Ya ah, do you know what Hao'er's identity used to be?"

"What happened to him before?"Leng Qiu Ya asked in confusion.

Wang Shufen took a long breath and said, "Hao'er came to my house last year to be a door-to-door son-in-law ah, I was treated as a loser by the entire Shen family by everyone around me, beaten and insulted ah".

"This, how is this possible?You just told me that he's the CEO of Kyushu Group. How could someone like that come to your house and give you a son-in-law?It's absolutely impossible!How could such a world-famous figure be bullied by you?Suk-fun, I'm not very nice, but isn't that the truth?This doesn't make sense ah... "Leng Qiu Ya was deeply confused.

Wang Shufen nodded her head, and tears came down, "Yes, I'm just like you, and even Xi Yan, and all the people in the Shen family don't believe in it.How could a multi-billionaire CEO condescendingly come to my home to be a despised son-in-law?Nobody's going to believe that.But it's the truth..."

Wang Shufen took a deep breath, stood up and looked deeply into Leng Qiu Ya's eyes and said, "Qiu Ya, it starts with Xi Yan, our daughter Xi Yan is really a good woman ah, kind, strong, independent, generous, beautiful."

"In high school when Xi Yan and Lin Hao were classmates, at that time she often helped Lin Hao, Lin Hao quietly fell in love with her, then after graduating from college, Lin Hao heard that Xi Yan's father had cancer and was dying, before he died, he was relieved that Xi Yan was dying and wanted to recruit a son-in-law, so Lin Hao went back to Nanjiang, in Xi Yan's most desperate and difficult time, silently took care of him and accompanied her ah...."

"This... "Leng Qiu Ya was also deeply moved as she listened to Wang Shufen's words.

Wang Shufen slowed down and continued, "But at that time, Xi Yan was immersed in the pain of losing her father and couldn't see her true feelings for Hao Er, so they divorced half a year ago.And it was only after the divorce that Xi Yan found out how good Hao Er was, and how much she really liked him too."

"So Xi Yan chased after Lin Hao again to Yan 85e5bb5d Beijing, and then to Tian Hai.Half a month ago the two of them finally reconciled and went back to Nanjiang again..." one second to remember to read the book

"And even though they went back to Nanjiang, Xi Yan had always thought that Hao'er had no money and was very poor, so she didn't even ask for a wedding, so she just remarried with Hao'er and got a new marriage license."

"So Hao'er said he wanted to give Xi Yan a grand marriage proposal, isn't that set for the day after tomorrow, the morning after tomorrow, Hao'er will go as the president of the Jiuzhou Group to surprise Xi Yan and propose to her in front of everyone in Nanjiang!Prepare her for the biggest surprise ever!"Wang Shufen said in a resounding voice.

As she spoke, her mind was imagining the romantic scene in the day after tomorrow, the ultimate glory that belonged to Shen Xiyan.

Leng Qiu Ya's heart was shocked and turned upside down, tears couldn't stop flowing down: "Mmhmm, my daughter can meet such a good man, I'm really happy for her, happy for her, Shufen so you came here to find me for......."

Before Leng Qiu Ya finished speaking, she was interrupted by Wang Shufen: "Yes, I was thinking that the day after tomorrow when Xi Yan is so happy, you, her own mother is no longer by her side, will be a regret for you and Xi Yan's whole life ah, so I came this time, is to invite you to go together, a piece of our daughter's blessing!"


"So Akiya are you going?Even if you don't recognize her, just watch her silently at the wedding and bless her silently offstage, okay?I'm not her real mother after all, her father is dead, and when she's happiest, won't you, her real mother, be there too?"Wang Shufen looked at Leng Qiu Ya with tears in her eyes, her tone sincere and heartfelt!

"Go!I'll be there!And like you said, I, my own mother, have to be there on the day my daughter is happiest!"Leng Qiu Ya nodded her head heavily.

Then she looked deeply at Wang Shufen and bowed her head deeply to her, "Shufen, thank you, really thank you... Although Xi Yan was born to me, she was raised by you!You'll be her own mother from now on too!"

"Well, then, we, the two mothers, will go and give our blessings to Xi Yan... "Wang Shufen also nodded her head heavily.


The time went back to ten o'clock last night.

After sending off the last group of guests who came to congratulate her in excitement, Old Lady Shen went back to her room alone.

After staying by herself for a while, she picked up her cell phone and called Shen Jiancheng, but found that his phone had been turned off.

After all, before Shen Ruoxue became the girlfriend of the president of Juzhou Group, the one she liked the most was Shen Yiming.It's just to find out that Shen Yiming's phone is also off.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.I know you two feel uncomfortable because I gave the company to Zhiyuan.I know you two feel uncomfortable because I gave the company to Zhiyuan. Hey, but don't you think about how the Shen family will develop in the future?And for Roxue, she really won't care about the Shen family's little family business ah.The two of you are really short-sighted ah, if you get in touch with Roxue now, then wait until later, Roxue a little help you, you make a company by yourselves, is it really difficult?Is it hard?"

The old lady Shen sighed deeply, she had planned to wait for her death, the company to Shen Jiancheng, after all, Shen Jiancheng is the oldest thing, but now Shen Ruoxue and the relationship between the president of the Kyushu Group, she can only give the company to the second Shen Zhiyuan. The first website

Old Mrs. Shen thought about it and picked up her phone to call Shen Yutong.

For Shen Yutong, Old Mrs. Shen had a great deal of guilt, but was also incredibly proud.

Shen Yutong didn't ask for a single resource from his family after graduating from university, and went to the Tianhai to work hard by himself, but now he is already the general manager of a large group, very good.In the past, Shen Yutong was the proudest granddaughter of Old Mrs. Shen's heart.This time it's through.

Old Mrs. Shen smiled and said to Shen Ruoxue, "Yutong ah, you'll go back to Nanjiang tomorrow..."

A confused voice came from Shen Yutong on the phone, "Grandma, why did you suddenly let me go back?Can I help you?I'm pulling projects for my home company in Tianhai, and it's almost a deal these days ah..."

"Oh... "Old Mrs. Shen laughed, laughing very pleased, so this oldest granddaughter of hers is in Tianhai, also thinking of helping the family do something, this point is much stronger than that Shen Shiyan ah.Old Mrs. Shen was very pleased.

"Oh, to help pull projects for the family?No, it's okay, Yutong, don't be so hard on yourself.You've got a good heart, since the family is over.I'm here to tell you a great thing.The day after tomorrow morning, the new president of the Kyushu Group will take office, and the president of the Kyushu Group is your sister Ruoxue's boyfriend, and he will propose to your sister with a bride price.So ah you as a sister, are you going to come back for a trip ah?"Old Mrs. Shen smiled at Shen Yutong and said.


"The new president of Kyushu Group is Ruo Xue's boyfriend?And to propose to Ruo Xue the day after tomorrow?"The phone came from Shen Yutong's shocked and incomparable voice.

Old Mrs. Shen nodded with a smile, "Well yeah, would grandmother still lie to you?You'll know for yourself later if you look at the Nanjiang news with the official website of the Kyushu Group.The day after tomorrow will be the most glorious and romantic moment in your sister's life ah, you as a sister, you have to come back ah...."

"Well okay grandmother, don't worry, I'll rush back tomorrow afternoon, you pay attention to your body ah, rest early..." the other end of the phone came back to Shen Yutong's sweet voice.

Shen Yutong hung up the phone in an upscale district of Tianhai City, wearing a black lace-edged nightgown with her long black hair spread over her bare white feet, plus her 170 height, she looked especially beautiful and sexy.

After Shen Yutong hung up the phone, she came to the table to make a cup of coffee and turned on her computer.

She was busy with all sorts of things in Tianhai these past few days, things that the company's CEO had explained to her, as well as helping the Shen family pull projects together.In short, she was busy as hell.And she was always thinking about that man's figure in her heart, thinking about seeing him again.

So these days she hadn't read anything about Nanjiang City at all, not to mention the news of Nanjiang City, even the news of Tianhai City she hadn't read.

Just this time to look at it, Shen Yutong was also deeply shocked, she looked at the set of Crystal Love jewelry released on the official website of the Kyushu Group, she was really envious.

And when she saw that the day after tomorrow was going to make the entire Nanjiang City, rose all over the city.She felt incomparably romantic in her heart, not to mention the best location in Tianhai City, Tomson's house, yacht, private jet....

Shen Yutong coffee couldn't care less about drinking it, and her heart was also really happy for Shen Ruoxue.It's just that she's the same as Shen Xiyan, her heart somewhat has a trace of loss.

Because of Shen Ruoxue's character and personality, she also knew it. Remember the website

But it was a woman like Shen Ruo Xue who was able to meet such an excellent man, and she, she worked so hard to become the best woman in every way.But yet she didn't even know the name of the man she liked.

Shen Yutong walked to the window with her coffee, she lived on the 25th floor, which was very high, from this position she could see half of Tianhai City's night view.

Tianhai City was one of the largest cities in Huaxia, an international metropolis.It is a nocturnal city, and the night scene is very 8479dacb beautiful.A slightly cool night breeze blew in, blowing Shen Yutong's long hair fluttering.

Shen Yutong murmured to the window, "Tomorrow I will return to Nanjiang, this time, I will meet you again... I guess I will..."


At the same time, within the study room of Jiang Shao Ming's villa, Jiang Shao Ming was having a video call with Shen Xiyan's former business partner, Thicker Thicker's best friend, Wang Weiwei.In the video, Wang Weiwei was wearing a silver-white silk nightgown, her long hair floating in front of her chest.She suddenly received a video invitation from Jiang Shao Ming, which also startled her.

"Jiang... Jiang, you... what is it that you're looking for me at this late hour?"Wang Weiwei was a little nervous about Jiang Shao Ming.

Of course she wouldn't think that Jiang Shao Ming would have any thoughts about her.

In truth, with Jiang Shao Ming's status, what kind of woman did he want?There were many more beautiful sexy sensible women than her.Of course Wang Weiwei herself wasn't bad either, and was also a high quality beauty.

Jiang Shao Ming smiled at Wang Weiwei and nodded gently, "Miss Wang, the day after tomorrow is the day my big brother officially takes over the Kyushu Group, please be sure to appear in Nanjiang the morning after tomorrow, at the same time we want to show our gratitude to you, we specially invite you to take up the position of operations supervisor of Kyushu Group's fifth division, with a monthly salary of 50,000 yuan and bonus in addition, very much looking forward to Miss Wang joining us."

"Huh?This...Mr. Jiang, are inviting me?Such high treatment?No, no, no, I'm not worth the price ah... "Wang Weiwei quickly waved her hand.

Jiang Shao Ming smiled and shook his head, "No, you're worth it, even on this treatment we're still giving less, compared to your help to my big brother, this is truly nothing, so please Miss Wang, please don't dislike it..."

Even if Wang Weiwei was stupid, Jiang Shao Ming said twice that she had helped his big brother, and as if Wang Weiwei suddenly remembered something, she quickly asked Jiang Shao Ming, "Mr. Jiang, are you saying that Lin Hao and Xi Yan have reconciled?"Wang Weiwei's face had a hint of anticipation.

Jiang Shao Ming nodded with a smile, "Well, big brother and Miss Shen have already remarried, they remarried a few days ago.So the day after tomorrow morning big brother wants to give Miss Shen a big surprise, as well as a romantic proposal, there is still a day left, so no matter what, please Miss Wang rush back to Nanjiang.After all, without those words you said to Miss Shen in the beginning, she and my big brother might still miss out for a long, long time..."

"Ummmm, well I'll be there, yay!Haha, I guess the day after tomorrow Xi Yan will be moved to cry, really looking forward to it, I'm in Yanjing now, I'll book a ticket, tomorrow absolutely rushed to Nanjiang..." Wang Weiwei excitedly jumped up.

Jiang Shaoming Weiwei smiled, the next moment he put away the smile on his face, took a deep breath, and with an incomparably serious face, he bowed deeply to Wang Weiwei: "Once again, I sincerely thank you Miss Wang, on the 30th at 10:00 a.m., Half Moon Bay Hotel in Nanjiang, I look forward to your presence...." One second to remember to read the book


At the same time, inside the Lin Clan Residence in Yanjing, the empty and cold Lin Clan Ancestral Hall, Lin Yan who was dressed in a black Zhongshan suit was sitting alone in the darkness, the moonlight irradiated outside the door only reached the front half of the ancestral hall, while he was sitting in the shadows.

The next moment a man who was also dressed in a black robe and could not see his face appeared at his side.

The man said in a low voice, "Master, Young Master formally proposed to Miss Shen Shiyan of the Shen family in Nanjiang City on the morning after tomorrow, and officially announced his appointment as the president of the Jiuzhou Group."

"Confused!Huh?He was the first heir to the Lin Clan, and he went to marry a woman from such a small place!Where do I put my face?How can we put Lin's face on?I disagree!"

Lin Yan slammed the table in front of him, his tone cold and gloomy 587d4b65sen.


The man behind Lin Yan slowly said, "Master you know that your consent is useless..."

The man's voice lengthened and said something very meaningful....

Lin Yan slowly narrowed his eyes, a hint of murderous intent rising from his body as he slowly said, "Daoist One, what do you think would happen if I sent someone to capture him tomorrow?Take him to Yanjing, does that mean he can't get married?"

"You try it?"As soon as Lin Yan finished speaking, suddenly an old but middle-aged woman's voice came from the entrance of the ancestral hall.The next moment an old lady with silver hair and crutches walked inside the ancestral hall.

Dao Yi smiled helplessly when he saw the old lady come in, and the next moment the figure slowly disappeared into the darkness.


Lin Yan quickly stood up and greeted the old lady respectfully, this was his real mother and Lin Hao's real grandmother.

Old Mrs. Lin poked her cane fiercely and shouted angrily, "You dare to touch my grandson, try it?"

Lin Yan's pupils contracted sharply at the words, he couldn't imagine that Old Lady Lin was so determined.

But he still said slowly, "Mom, Lin Hao is your grandson, but he's also my son.He killed seventeen people from the branch in the Heavenly Sea a few days ago in a row, this has already created huge waves within the Lin Clan, the branch is already dissatisfied with him to the extreme, and now he's going to propose to a woman from a small family as the Lin Clan's first in line heir, and it's even more disgraceful for the Lin Clan.And I'm just capturing this ungrateful son back, I'm not going to do anything to him, and the branch vein side can't drag this out any longer..."

"Heh, ungrateful son?Are you calling my grandson an unfilial son?Let me ask you, are you Lin Yan a filial son again?Hmm?"Old Taijun Lin stared at Lin Yan with narrowed eyes. The first website

Lin Yan's body trembled fiercely, and after a silence he still said, "Mom, the Tian Hai incident really can't be delayed any longer!Don't you really care that it happened again ten years ago?"

Old Grandmaster Lin's pupils also contracted violently at the news.

She took a deep look at Lin Yan.Found that Lin Yan was all but unassuming in front of her, sticking to the opinions of her heart.

At this moment Old Lady Lin understood, she knew that she had lost control of this son, once upon a time this most excellent son had changed after taking charge of Lin's power, becoming so cold-blooded, so ruthless, disowning her own sons and daughters, disowning her own mother!

Old Mrs. Lin sighed heavily, "If you dare to bring my grandson here, then I will kneel down and die in front of you in front of everyone..."

Lin Yan frowned deeply, "Mother-sama's words are important, but he will have to come back sooner or later, and even I can't delay for much longer... He must come back for a trip, there are many things he must step in to resolve!"Lin Yan looked straight into Old Lady Lin's eyes.

"Seven days!Seven days later, I'll call him back myself!You are not allowed to make any move on him for seven days!"

Old Mrs. Shen was condensed.

"Okay..." a smile squeezed out on Lin Yan's face.

Old Madam Lin turned around and left, but when she reached the door of the Lin Clan's ancestral hall, she suddenly paused and turned her back to Lin Yan and said, "If I keep blocking you like this, are you moving to kill me as well?"

Lin Yan, who was behind Old Madam Lin, smiled at the corners of his mouth and bowed, "Mother, it's serious..." although Lin Yan was smiling, his smile was filled with bone-chilling chills inside...


As the 30th of November gets closer and closer, the more powerful the storm clouds in Nanjiang City become, and the outside world is also in turmoil, and the celebration of the 30th Kyushu Group's CEO taking office is like an open net that has all the related and unrelated people all king in.......

Just no matter how turbulent it was outside, it was all very quiet in Lin Hao's villa at the Purple Bamboo Villa in Nanjiang City, untouched by the slightest ripple.

The naked Shen Xi Yan gentle and happy lying on Lin Hao's chest, raised his head on Lin Hao's face gently kissed, and asked Lin Hao: "Honey, your wounds really do not hurt?You're still wounded, and you've just moved so much..." there was a hint of resentment in Shen Siyan's tone.

Lin Hao smiled and hugged Shen Suyan's shoulder, "It doesn't hurt, it's almost better now, my body is strong in recovery, and that wound wasn't deep.Don't worry, it's really fine..."

Shen Siyan nodded, "Mmhmm, then husband, I also resigned from Jiang at dinner tonight, and we'll both be out of work from next week ah..."

Lin Hao nodded, "Well, yeah, we'll both be out of work from next week, ah, you're out of class too..." said Lin Hao.

Shen Xiyan bit her lips, "It's okay, husband I trust you.With our abilities, we can definitely find a new job, if we can't, we'll leave Nanjiang City and go to Tianhai, or go to Yanjing, do you think it's okay?"

Lin Hao smiled, "Well yes, I'll do whatever you want..."

After Lin Hao said that, Shen Siyan was a bit unhappy, and sighed deeply, with more than a trace of deep helplessness in the depths of her eyes: "Hey, but Nanjiang ah, we've been here for a long, long time ah, suddenly leaving a bit reluctant ah, and this house is really beautiful, you said it would be a pity if we sold it......."

Lin Hao lowered his head and gently kissed Shen Xiyan's forehead, "Silly girl, where you are, that's my home.It doesn't matter where you go, the important thing is to have you by your side to accompany you..."

Shen Si Yan's eyes were moist as she listened to Lin Hao's words and took the initiative to kiss Lin Hao deeply, "Mmm, thank you husband!" Remember the URL

Lin Hao looked at the beautiful Shen Xiyan in his arms and said to Shen Xiyan, "Xiyan, the day after tomorrow is when the new president of the Kyushu Group will take office.Tomorrow is Saturday, Mom is not here, I want to have a good tour with you in Nanjiang, okay?Just the two of us, let's do nothing tomorrow, let's just walk around all the places we used to be familiar with in Nanjiang and take a look at them all, okay?"

Lin Hao looked directly into Shen Shi Yan's eyes, and he had both anticipation and a hint of loss for the day after tomorrow.

Naturally, anticipation was unnecessary.But the loss was that it was very likely that from now on, he and Shen Xiyan would never be able to return to such a quiet day as today.

It could be said that tomorrow would be Lin Hao's last day as a small employee and a son-in-law.

It will also be the last day of the quiet twenty years ahead of Shen Xiyan.


From the day after tomorrow, Lin Hao would be the president of the Kyushu Group, the most prestigious person in South River City, and she, Shen Shiyan, as Lin Hao's wife, would be held up as a princess by everyone after that day, and even if they appeared on the streets of South River City after that, there would be people talking behind them.

So if it came to that time, then the old quiet days like this would be gone.So Lin Hao's heart just wanted to be with Shen Xi Yan, think of nothing, do nothing, see no one, just the two of them walking together in Nanjiang City.Go to some of the places you've been before, sad or happy.

Naturally, Shen Xi Yan does not know why Lin Hao said so, she thought about it, thought Lin Hao is heart tangled and complicated, thought Lin Hao heart unhappy.And she also had a lot of unhappiness in her heart.

So she nodded and said, "Mmhmm, okay, then let's walk around Nanjiang City tomorrow and see, no one's missing, just the two of us..."

Lin Hao gently kissed Shen Xiyan on the forehead again, "Well, then tomorrow it'll be just the two of us alone on a date, phone off, no one to see..."

"Mmhmm... "Shen Siyan nodded her head and promised Lin Hao.

Half an hour later, Shen Siyan fell asleep, sleeping sweetly, slowly all snoring softly, she was really worn out and mentally exhausted these past few days, and just physically very, very tired from being tossed around by Lin Hao.

At midnight, after Shen Xiyan fell asleep, Lin Hao got up and walked out onto the balcony, wearing a white nightgown, and lay down on the window sill against the cold night breeze.

He just received a text message from his grandmother: "Hao'er, in seven days you go back to Yanjing, grandmother misses you.By the way wish you and that Miss Shen happiness..."

After Lin Hao replied to Old Lady Shen, he deleted the text message.That's why he couldn't sleep.

His grandmother had personally sent him a message asking him to return, and Lin Hao already knew in his heart how serious it was. One second to remember to read the book

"Seven days?..." muttered Lin Hao as he looked back at Shen Xiyan who was already sleeping inside the house, and he quietly clenched his fist.

He knew that he was afraid that it was just these seven days that his grandmother had put a lot of effort into fighting for him.

Otherwise, with the character of the Lin Clan's branch, he wouldn't even be given these seven days.In fact, in Lin Hao's mind, the projection was that there were at most three more days.The Lin Clan Branch would turn on him, but now there was an additional four days.

And these seven days were already enough time for him to arrange all the things around him.

Things on the Nanjiang side were almost arranged, and his next step was to go to the Heavenly Sea, and after meeting Mo Lao at the Heavenly Sea, he would go straight north!

This trip north might be about to go head to head with the father he hadn't seen in years, with the father who was ruthless but in control of all of Lin's power.

"Lin Yan!"The coldness in Lin Hao's eyes rushed to the heavens, there was a time when that man was the one he revered and respected the most, but now this man was a nightmare that he couldn't escape!

Lin Hao fiercely shook his head, trying hard to keep himself from thinking about Lin's business, trying hard to keep himself from thinking about anything, he just wanted to spend a quiet day with Shen Xiyan tomorrow, and give Shen Xiyan a big surprise the day after tomorrow.And then go back to face all those messy things outside....

Lin Hao stomped out the cigarette butt and returned to the house, gently laying down beside Shen Xiyan and closed his eyes to sleep....


On November 29th, it was also the last day that Lin Hao announced that he would take over as president of the Kyushu Group.

On this day early in the morning, Lin Hao got dressed and went downstairs early to cook for Shen Siyan, just like last year when he first came to the Shen family as a son-in-law, he got up very, very early every day to cook porridge for Shen Siyan, because at that time, Shen Siyan had just lost her beloved father, and her heart was heavy and she didn't want to eat at all.She soon got a stomach disease, and Lin Hao got up very early every day to cook rice porridge for her.

As Lin Hao cooked the rice porridge, he boiled eggs at the same time.When it was almost done, Shen Siyan suddenly came down from upstairs in her white pajamas with her small, bare white feet, walking lightly.In fact, no matter how much Shen Xiyan tried to hide it, she couldn't hide it from Lin Hao.Lin Hao acted as if he didn't know, and continued to earnestly cook the porridge.

Shen Siyan walked lightly behind Lin Hao, looking at Lin Hao's seriousness in making her breakfast.Just feel that Lin Hao is so handsome at this moment, Shen Siyan blissfully opened her arms and hugged Lin Hao from behind, putting her head quietly on Lin Hao's broad back, Lin Hao smiled and said, "Right away oh, little glutton..."

"Mmhmm, thank you hubby, don't move let me hold you for a while longer..." said Shen Siyan to Lin Hao when she saw that Lin Hao was about to move.

Shen Siyan hugged and suddenly said to Lin Hao, "Lin Hao, I remember, when you took care of me last year, that's how you woke up early every day and made me breakfast when you got up... It's just that at that time, I still didn't eat, and even threw away the porridge you made many times..." said Shen Siyan and her little nose started to sniffle, and her eyes were a little red.

Lin Hao felt that Shen Xiyan was about to cry again, quickly turned around and touched her head, pinching her face: "Don't mention the past, it's all in the past, isn't it?And the best part is that we're together and married now, aren't we?"

"Well...but I still want to tell you I'm sorry, Rinho sorry!"Shen Siyan incomparably serious red eyes said to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao smiled and said, "Alright, hurry up and get dressed for dinner, the porridge is ready and the eggs are ready.Be good, hurry up and eat..." said Lin Hao incomparably spoiling Shen Siyan with a gentle kiss on her face.

"Just no, let me hold it for just a little while longer... "Shen Chyan began to pamper herself in Lin Hao's arms, a big beauty like her pampering herself really wasn't something any man could bear.

At this moment, Shen Caiyan was both pure and very alluring. First URL

The body was only wearing a white nightgown that came to the thighs.

The long white legs were exposed, the long hair was spread out behind her head, and her little head was humping around in Lin Hao's arms, very cute.

Err... Lin Hao was a little overwhelmed, because at this moment he was carrying porridge and eggs in his hands while holding the eggs, he didn't have the hands to hug Shen Siyan at all, but this feeling of being happily hugged by Shen Siyan also made him incomparably satisfied.

Uh-huh... Shen Siyan's little nose inhaled fiercely in Lin Hao's bosom, as if the smell of Lin Hao's body made her very obsessed.Shen Caiyan got bored in Lin Hao's arms for a while longer before she left in love.

Then Shen Siyan rushed into the bathroom as fast as she could and started to wash up, after which she started to change her clothes again.Soon after changing her clothes, Shen Siyan was completely different from the way she had just been pampered in Lin Hao's arms....


She was wearing a long black turtleneck sweater, warm black stockings on her legs, and black fleece off shoes on her feet.

The black clothing further set off Shen Xi Yan's white skin.After the makeup was applied, she was a top-notch beauty, especially the long, straight and sexy legs.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the newest addition to the list.

It really can be cute 0f997870 can be cheap can be slutty ah.

"Wife, you're so beautiful... "Lin Hao couldn't help but exclaim from the bottom of his heart to Shen Siyan.

"That's right, don't even look at whose wife I am!"Shen Siyan held Lin Hao in an indistinct manner.Then very elegantly Vivian smiled, well, after changing her clothes, Shen Siyan, in front of Lin Hao began to go, the route of the intellectual beauty.

"Uh... "Lin Hao smiled and shook his head, then gave Shen Siyan porridge, their breakfast was very light, just white porridge with pickles.

After eating, Shen Siyan put on a black cotton windbreaker, as it was a beautiful day outside, the sun was full and it wasn't too cold.On her feet, she also put on a pair of high heels with a red sole and black face.Lin Hao, on the other hand, was dressed in a black suit.

"Honey, where are we going today?I'll do whatever you want, I'll go with you wherever you want to go, okay?"Shen Xiyan smiled at Lin Hao as she walked to the door.

Lin Hao nodded and said, "Xi Yan, let's go to the cemetery today to offer incense to your father first, let's leave Nanjiang next week, we probably won't come back much after that, I also want to see your father before we go..."

Yes, if it wasn't for Shen Xiyan's father, then there wouldn't be the current Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan. Remember the website

And before Shen Siyan's father, Shen Congwen, was dying, Lin Hao had promised him that he would take good care of Shen Siyan in this life.

Shen Siyan was also stunned when she heard Lin Hao's words and looked up at him, "Lin Hao, are we leaving next week?"

Lin Hao nodded, "Well, let's go next week, to the Heavenly Sea..."

The first thing that she did was to ask Lin Hao why, because she knew in her heart that Shen Ruoxue would never let her and Lin Hao off the hook after she took the throne, especially Lin Hao, so Shen Xiyan didn't feel the need to get to the bottom of Lin Hao, a good wife just sometimes doesn't need to say what she knows in her heart.

The cemetery in Nanjiang City is in the direction of the West Mountain, and when Lin Hao and Shen Ciyan arrived here, it was just nine o'clock in the morning.

The cemetery was very quiet, a terraced hillside, because it was morning few people came here.But occasionally, a handful of people could be seen coming over to offer incense to their loved ones here.

Shen Xi Yan was very depressed ever since she came here, and her eyes started to turn red.

After all, since childhood, she had lost her own mother, stepmother Wang Shufen, although she said that she had raised her, but to her and her father were not very good, often angry at them.And back then it was her father who protected her.

So it is not so much that Wang Shufen raised her with Shen Congwen, but rather that Shen Congwen, the father himself, raised her.He went out to work during the day and came back at night to take care of her....

And when Shen Xiyan was very young, three years old I guess, she developed a habit.

That was to start squatting at the front door every day at five in the afternoon, waiting quietly by herself for her father to come back....


Soon Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan came to Shen Congwen's tombstone, the tombstone around very clean, Nanjiang City's West Hill Cemetery is someone to clean, and for Shen Xiyan's father's grave, Lin Hao also spent money to take care of the special people to take care of.

The tombstone made of marble, hanging Shen Congwen's photo, Shen Congwen national face, with glasses on the face, people look very handsome, look at the photo can also be seen, Shen Congwen body has a scholarly atmosphere.

When she saw the posthumous photo of Shen Congwen, her eyes turned red, and tears fell as she couldn't stop them: "Dad, I'm Xiyan, I came to see you, and I'm with Lin Hao.Dad, thank you, thank you for finding such an excellent husband for me before you died, Dad thank you..."

Shen Siyan sniffled hard, trying hard to keep the tears from falling, but she still couldn't stop.

Lin Hao handed Shen Caiyan a tissue to wipe the tears from her face, and Lin Hao gave Shen Congwen a pillar of incense.Speaking to Shen's portrait, he said, "Dad, do you see, I have lived up to your expectations of me, and today I promise you once again that for the rest of my life, I will always do my best to take care of Xi Yan, please don't worry..."

"Dad...I miss you...ooooh..."

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the photos.In her mind, she recalled the scene she had with Shen Congwen after hours.An image flashed in Shen Xiyan's mind.

One rainy day when Shen Suyan was in the third grade, all the other kids went home, and she was alone in the classroom, waiting for Shen to pick her up from work.Wang Shufen would never pick her up.

It was seven o'clock on that rainy night when Shen was drenched in the rain himself, putting his jacket on Shen Xiyan and carrying her on his back as he walked home step by step in the rain.

Whenever Saturday, Shen never goes out to party or anything like that, he is at home, playing with Shen Xiyan, drawing with Shen Xiyan, reading books with Shen Xiyan, and telling Shen Xiyan stories.

The first thing that you need to do is to get your own copy of the book, and then you'll be able to get your own copy of the book.It's just that he took all the money from his pocket and gave it to her. One second remember to read the book

Shen was smiling at the time, only it was all black except for his teeth, which were white....

Shen Xiyan has no mother, and when she was in the rebellious stage of youth, she often asked Shen Congwen why her mother didn't want her.

Every time Shen Congwen's expression was incomparably depressed and painful, but he still endured the pain and explained to Shen Xiyan with a smile, her mother Leng Qiu Ya is a good woman, beautiful, just no longer in this world....

At that time, Shen Xiyan didn't understand ah, when she went to college and understood, Shen Xiyan understood how painful that expression was at that time.


One by one, fond memories kept flashing in the heart of Shen Xiyan's mind.

Shen Xiyan was in tears like rain.So when Shen passed away last year, Shen Xiyan, who had lacked motherly love since childhood and only had fatherly love, was really devastated.Her personality was all twisted at one point, and that's why many times last year she would yell at Lin Hao in various ways.

Lin Hao gently hugged Shen Shiyan's shoulder: "Shiyan, don't cry, Dad will be sad to see you in such pain under the nine springs.Now that you've come out, you have to be happy from now on, okay?"


"Mmhmm..." shen bit her lip and nodded vigorously, then looked up at the sky and took a deep breath, when she looked up and saw the blue sky above her, she just felt that the sky was so big, so blue....

After a long while, Shen Shi Yan stopped crying and looked at Shen Congwen's tombstone from the new, and slowly said, "Dad, thank you, thank you for finding Lin Hao to love me for you, don't worry, he was really, really good to me, I'm very happy right now...".

Lin Hao and Shen Suyan stayed in the cemetery for a while longer before leaving, the portrait of Shen on the tombstone behind them, Shen's smile seemed to grow a little more....

When Lin Hao and Shen Siyan reached the entrance of the cemetery, Shen Siyan suddenly stopped and asked Lin Hao, "Lin Hao, I haven't asked you about various things lately, where are your parents?"

Lin Hao's figure slumped, his heart rising with an extreme pain, his voice somewhat hoarse, "He died ten years ago..."

Shen Caiyan's body trembled fiercely, and after a while, Shen Caiyan quietly held Lin Hao's hand, holding it tightly, tightly... So he was just like her, just like....

"Honey?"After leaving the cemetery, Shen Xiyan smiled at Lin Hao and called out.

"Hm?What's going on?"Lin Hao looked back at Shen Shi Yan and asked.

"I'll be your closest relative from now on... I'll take care of you for the rest of your life..." said Shen Xiyan with a smile to Lin Hao.

"Mm..." said Lin Hao, also smiling and nodding vigorously.He shared the same pain as Shen Xiyan.

Just compared to the dead Shen, Lin Yan was still alive, but in Lin Hao's heart he might as well be dead and clean. First URL

"Lin Hao, so where are we going next?"Shen Xiyan asked Lin Hao again after getting into the car.

"Go to the place where we used to live and take a look, I've always let mom keep that house and didn't sell it, there we used to live there for more than a year, there are always some memories..." said Lin Hao to Shen Xiyan.

"Well good..." agreed Shen Xiyan with a nod of her head, she also kind of missed the place where she lived in the beginning, Lin Hao only lived there for a year, but she lived there for 20 years.

Half an hour later, Lin Hao and Shen Siyan arrived at the place where she used to live, that tiny two-roomed room.

The reason for this is because when you first moved, all the furniture in the other side of the Purple Bamboo House was there, so this home is still the original furniture, all of it.

After entering, Shen Siyan pointed to a corner in the living room and said to Lin Hao, "Hubby, you used to sleep there, sorry ah, let you sleep for more than a year...."

Lin Hao shook his head carelessly and smiled, "It's all in the past, Xi Yan, I do miss this place, it's small but it's nice, and the memories we had for over a year, although we were only nominally a couple back then..."

Shen Siyan also nodded with great emotion, "Mm... then let's eat here at noon, the pots and chopsticks are here..."

Lin Hao smiled and nodded, "Well good, then we'll eat here at noon!"

Afterwards Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan went shopping for food, mainly Lin Hao did it and Shen Xiyan did it.After eating, Shen Siyan asked Lin Hao, "Honey, then where are we going this afternoon?"

"In the afternoon, go to the place where we first met..." a hint of reminiscence rose in the depths of Lin Hao's eyes.


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