Super Son-in-law 281-300


Chapter 281

I still remember those days when I returned to Nanjiang from Tianhai, Shen Siyan told him directly that she didn't want anything and would remarry with him, just to be very purely with him.

So these days, Lin Hao actually had a guilt in his heart, a deep sense of guilt towards Shen Siyan.That's why he had planned to prepare a grand marriage proposal for Shen Xiyan the day after tomorrow, in front of all the top people in Nanjiang City, in front of hundreds of news media in Nanjiang City!

But before he even announced it, someone else actually announced it for him!

Although the result was the same, Lin Hao's heart was still somewhat awkward.

Because he didn't need anyone else to interfere with his love for Shen Shi Yan.

And Lin Hao continued to scroll down the news, and then he saw that there was another news item saying, Miss Shen of the Shen family?That must be Miss Shen Ruoxue, and then there was the overwhelming coverage of Shen Ruoxue.

The first thing you need to know is how to get rid of the problem, and the second thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem.These news media made this easy and actually gave it all to Shen Ruoxue!!!!

Damn it, how do you work with Jiang Shao Ming?Have you been kicked in the head?Thinking of this Lin Hao accelerated his steps up the stairs!

The more Lin Hao looked at his heart was just furious, he didn't need to think about it, he knew that Shen Siyan must be in a bad mood right now.

Because when he went back last night, Shen Siyan's face had a burst of loss after she heard that Shen Ruoxue might be the scandalous girlfriend of the president of the Kyushu Group.Although she was hiding it well, she was still found out by Lin Hao.

After all, what woman didn't long for her man to be a Gestapo? First web site

And the true Lord President of the Kyushu Group was such a heroic figure ah.Before he even arrived, he directly integrated the various industries in Nanjiang City with his strong wrist.

Don't you see that in today's Nanjiang City, you can't even see a small punk in the streets and alleys?And it's very much regulated in various entertainment venues?The entire South River City is clear!

And rumor has it that the CEO of Kyushu Group is very young and very handsome.This was completely the persona of a high-cool domineering president ah.

"Jiang Shao Ming!You better give me a good explanation!"Lin Hao kicked open the door of the president's office with a thud and rushed in furiously.Just a moment ago, Lin Hao, who was full of anger, saw the scene inside the office after he entered the door.The entire man was stunned.

Because right now on his CEO's seat was sitting a beautiful woman wearing a long red skirt, with fair skin and tall figure, long hair, dumping all over the city, his own sister, Lin Qingcheng!

And Jiang Shao Ming would now be standing in front of Lin Qingcheng like a grandson, not daring to let out a single fart.

"Er... that sister, you... what are you doing here?"When Lin Hao saw Lin Qingcheng, he couldn't help but feel that his head was big.

Why was Lin Qingcheng here at this time of the day?You're not here to arrest yourself again, are you?After all, the last time Lin Qingcheng had come over, it could have been to bring him back to Yanjing, only that Lin Hao hadn't agreed to it that time.

But this time, Lin Hao had just killed seventeen members of his branch in Tianhai a few days ago, and this was something the Lin family definitely wouldn't take over easily.It was only a matter of time before the Lin family found him.When he thought of this, Lin Hao looked at Lin Qingcheng and his face was completely gloomy.

At this point in time now, he would never leave Nanjiang again, and he was now completely torn apart from the Lin Clan's branch.If Lin Qingcheng had to let him go back, then even if she was his own sister, Lin Hao would have to resist.

It wasn't that he, Lin Hao, didn't want to go back, it was because once he 9fc359a7 returned to Yanjing, it would be far from easy for him to leave that city again ah....

At this moment, Lin Hao looked at Lin Qingcheng, his own sister, who was as beautiful as a great enemy....

He quietly pressed his hand to the opening on his shirt and was about to summon Night One to come, after all, he wasn't sure how many people Lin Qingcheng had brought over...


Lin Qingcheng looked at Lin Hao's extremely guarded eyes, and then looked deeply at Lin Hao's thumbturn that went to the emergency communication.Not to be outdone, she opened her mouth and laughed, "Don't be nervous, stinky brother, sister is not here to catch you back to Yanjing!"

"What?"Lin Hao was stunned at the news, and the hand that went to press the twist quickly stopped.Confused, he looked at Lin Qingcheng.

Lin Qingcheng stood up, smiled and walked up to Lin Hao, slapped Lin Hao on the head with a light sound: "Stinker, you you can't take it anymore, can you?How dare you look at your sister like that?Who gave you the nerve!"

Smack, smack, smack... Lin Qingcheng said as she smacked Lin Hao's head a few more times.

"Eww... "Lin Hao was blinded by Lin Qingcheng, and he didn't dare to hide, this was after all his own sister who had been extremely good and nice to him since he was a child ah.

So a fierce person like Lin Hao could only endure.

Jiang Shaoming at the side even lowered his head low, not daring to look over there.

"That what, sis, sis ah, you don't fight, don't fight, and then hit it silly, I'm wrong can't I, I'm wrong ah, you come how can I not welcome you?Last time you came to Nanjiang, you wanted to take me back?I'm scared, aren't I?And didn't I kill a group of people from the branch in the Heavenly Sea a few days ago..." said Lin Hao weakly to Lin Qingcheng.

It was fine that Lin Hao didn't say what he did in the Heavenly Sea, but this time, Lin Qingcheng became even angrier and kicked Lin Hao's buttocks, well this time she didn't hit Lin Hao's head.

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This terrified Lin Qingcheng and quickly asked Lin Hao, "What's wrong?What's wrong with you?" Remember the URL

Lin Hao covered his stomach and said, "It's fine, it's just that when you beat me just now, the wound seems to have collapsed.It's okay sis, don't worry, I'm almost all better..." said Lin Hao, afraid that Lin Qingcheng would be worried and quickly advised her.

It occurred to Lin Qingcheng that before Lin Hao went to the Heavenly Sea to take revenge on the Lin Clan branch, he was seriously injured in the Heavenly Sea.

With an injury that serious, it was impossible for such a few days of work to completely heal.It was a total of not even ten days.

And when she thought that her brother's injury hadn't recovered yet, and she had just hit him so hard, Lin Qingcheng was incomparably self-conscious.

Lin Hao's pale face flowed with cold sweat and kept panting as he said to Lin Qingcheng, "It's okay sis, it's really okay, don't think too much, I'm almost done with this injury... a few more days of recuperation and it's probably almost done..."

Lin Qingcheng bit her lip as she listened to Lin Hao say that and looked at Lin Hao's concerned eyes, along with the face that was smiling at her.Her tears brushed her eyes and fell.

Now Lin Hao was even more anxious, what he couldn't stand the most in his life was a woman's tears.

And also the tears of beauty, he can't stand even more fc183f73.

He can only feel constantly to comfort Lin Qingcheng: "Sister, it's okay, I'm not dead, I'm not still alive and kicking, right?"

"And you say!Do you know how worried I was about you?Ten years ago Mom left and Dad changed.You're all I have left!If something happens to you again, how can I live?Take off your clothes I want to see your injuries!"Lin Qingcheng yelled at Lin Hao.

"Er... Sister, this is not good, I'm not a kid anymore, you're a woman ah, even if we're brother and sister, this is... "Lin Hao was a little embarrassed, after all, we're not all kids anymore.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the pictures you've been given.Get the hell out of here!I'm your sister!Take off!"


When Jiang Shao Ming heard this, he quickly ran out of the house in fear that the brother and sister fighting would bring calamity to the pond.

And when Lin Qingcheng met with Lin Hao, the two brothers and sisters must have more private things to say.Well it's better to withdraw first.When Jiang Shao Ming left, he also shut the door very sensibly and instructed the people outside that no one would be allowed to enter!

When there are only two people left in the office, Lin Hao and Lin Qingcheng, Lin Hao slowly took off his clothes under the pressure of Lin Qingcheng's eyes, and there were two circles of white gauze wrapped around his stomach at the chest, and there were a few cuts on his back, but they had healed and only left scars.

When Lin Qingcheng's slender hand incomparably careful and gentle touched Lin Hao's wound, tears continued to fall: "So badly hurt!Looks like they really want to kill you!Good, very good, they're looking for death if they dare to attack my brother!"

The more Lin Qingcheng looked at the wounds on Lin Hao's body, the angrier she became.

Lin Hao accosted Lin Hao and smiled, putting his clothes back on.After resting for a while he felt much better now.He said to Lin Qingcheng, "Sister, it's alright, I survived, and none of those Lin Clan branches in Tianhai City survived.Hehe..." there was more than a hint of killing in Lin Hao's eyes.

He could be gentle with his loved ones, but dealing with his enemies, that was absolute cruelty!

Lin Qingcheng nodded heavily and said, "Well good, if these branch people dare to attack you, kill them.Even if you don't kill, I will still do it.It's just that you're still too impulsive, in fact, I was already prepared to deploy people from abroad to kill those branch veins, but unfortunately, you got ahead of me... I was in Yanjing at the time, and I had to be careful with many of my actions.Those branch veins stared at me to death every day..."

Lin Hao couldn't help but feel a bit moved after hearing Lin Qingcheng's words.

It turned out that this sister of his was already planning to take revenge for himself, and had even started to put it into action.It was just that she was one step ahead of him.

When he thought of this, Lin Hao couldn't help but feel a bit more touched as he looked at Lin Qingcheng and said, "Sister, don't worry.Mom's revenge, if that person doesn't take revenge, I'll take revenge sooner or later.The Lin Clan branch, regardless of whether or not the person was involved in that rebellion back then, I... will definitely not let go!"Lin Hao tightly c420b643 shook his fist. A second to remember to read the book

Lin Qingcheng nodded, "Well, I trust you, and you have to trust your old sister me as well, I've been in Europe all these years, but it's not like I haven't done anything.When you fully launch, let me know in advance, and I'll give you all my accumulations!"

Lin Hao's heart was moved and nodded more, "Well sister, let's not talk about that.By the way, why did you come to Nanjiang this time?Did that man send you here?"

Naturally, Lin Qingcheng knew that the man in Lin Hao's mouth was their biological father, Lin Yan!

It was just that Lin Qingcheng had already gotten used to Lin Hao's name for Lin Yan.This time, however, she shook her head at Lin Hao....

"Well?Sister, you..." asked Lin Hao when he saw Lin Qingcheng shaking her head.

Lin Qingcheng said, "I've broken up with him by grace!The day you were assassinated by someone from the Sky Sea branch.I approached him and I asked him if he was clear about your assassination and he said he knew.I asked him again why he didn't go to save you, and he said you weren't dead, and then I argued with him, and the argument ended with him beating me out of the door.Oh...I was completely dead to him from the moment he beat me out of the door.Then I spent a few days making arrangements for the Yanjing side of things, and I came to Tianhai to find you..."

Lin Hao nodded and narrowed his eyes, "That man actually even beat you up, huh... Just wait, one day I'll make him kneel in front of Mom's grave to apologize and repent!"Lin Hao's eyes flashed cold.


Lin Qingcheng sighed deeply, which sighed out the despair she felt for their biological father.

Lin Qingcheng's face then filled with a smile again, smiling at Lin Hao, "Brother, how is it, are you still satisfied with the arrangement I gave you?"

Lin Hao was stunned, "What about?What arrangements?"

Lin Qingcheng smiled and said, "Of course it's a bride-price for your daughter-in-law, huh?I'm your elder, okay?I was forced by Jiang Shaoming's kid to say everything, saying how hard it was for you and Shen Shiyan, and how much you love Shen Shiyan in your heart.That's why I can't come empty-handed, right?I'm a mother-in-law, I have to give you a long face anyway, don't I?"

Holy shit... Lin Hao was shocked on the spot, his mouth wide open, looking at Lin Qingcheng incredulously.

Before he came up here, he was still thinking that even if that brat Jiang Shaoming was bold enough, he wouldn't dare to make an official announcement without his permission.The feeling was that this pressure was Lin Qingcheng's doing ah.

And what's with the old face you look like you're waiting for me to praise you ah?

You're a beautiful woman who's a menace to the country and the people, why are you still acting like a little girl?

Lin Hao was silly, and Lin Qingcheng was stunned, a little unhappy 2714951e a little bit on Lin Hao's head: "How many meanings do you have?What's that face you're making?Did I do something wrong?I'll give you a hundred million dollars as a bride price. Isn't that enough?That Crystal Love jewelry set is the same one I had someone bring back from Europe overnight!"

Lin Hao quickly waved his hand with a bitter smile, "No... no, sister I'm very grateful to you, but there was some misunderstanding in the past two days, ah, now the people of Nanjiang City, do not think that our bridal gift is for Shen Shiyan...."Lin Hao said to Lin Qingcheng with a wailing face.What do you call this?This was supposed to be a good thing.

Lin Qingcheng was completely stunned and asked in confusion, "Er, what's wrong?Why is there a misunderstanding in the middle of this?Is it any wonder those people still think you're not marrying Shen Xiyan?" First web site

Lin Hao nodded his head, then told Lin Qingcheng about how Jiang Shao Ming had made rancid ideas with him the day before yesterday, and how he had met with Shen Ruoxue twice.

Lin Qingcheng laughed and giggled after hearing this, and when she, a great beauty, smiled, it was really a flowery one.It was very beautiful, very beautiful.

"Sister, what are you laughing at?I'm now big-headed, you said I'll go back tonight, my daughter-in-law and all sorts of sighs, hey..." sighed Lin Hao helplessly.

Lin Qingcheng hugged Lin Hao's shoulders and said, "How big of a deal is it, sis didn't say that this bridal gift is for her Shen family, Miss Shen Ruoxue ah.This way you'll let Jiang Shao Ming go out and make an official announcement later, won't it?When you're inaugurated as the CEO of Kyushu Group the day after tomorrow, you can just say it's Shen Sik Yan, right?And that way you can also hit the Shen family snobs in the face hard, right?Hehe, the wimp who dared to scold my Lin Qingcheng's brother for two years, this time I'll see how his Shen family will die!"

Lin Hao was thinking about Lin Qingcheng's words, well, it felt as if it was the same thing.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm not sure if I can.

You love what you think!

And there's also an advantage after this matter ferments, that is, when the time comes, you can directly wipe out those wallflowers, all at once.

Those forces that went to please the Shen family in the past two days, when the day after tomorrow is over, they will all be liquidated.That way Lin Hao's position in the Southern River would be completely stable, wouldn't it.

When Lin Qingcheng saw Lin Hao nodding, she suddenly said to Lin Hao as if she remembered something, "Brother, there's one more thing I must tell you, this time you must listen to me!"Lin Qingcheng's face was incomparably heavy.


When Lin Hao saw how serious Lin Qingcheng was suddenly, he got serious.

After all, Lin Qingcheng was his own sister, she would never harm him.So he nodded his head to Lin Qingcheng and said, "Well, sis, go ahead".

Lin Qingcheng took a deep breath and said to Lin Hao, "Brother, to put it bluntly, even if those branches were the ones who assassinated in the first place, you went to the Heavenly Sea and killed seventeen people from their branches in a row!In the end, he even killed his youngest son right under Lin Jiuyin's nose!The branch is definitely going to be in trouble over this, and they were already close to discussing it when I left from Yanjing.That means there really isn't much time left for you, you have to be ready!"

Lin Hao nodded solemnly, "Well, I know what you're saying in my heart, sister, the Lin Clan branch has been holding back for ten years, and this viper has been secretly developing for ten years ah.Aren't they just waiting for such an opportunity to make a move on the main vein.Don't worry sis, I've already prepared for this..."

Lin Qingcheng still shook her head, "No, those preparations of yours are not enough, you think I don't know about those preparations of yours?Oh... brother, you're not even close...".

Lin Hao frowned and said, "Sister, I'm definitely more prepared than you can imagine!Now even if all the Lin Clan branches came over to start a war, I wouldn't be afraid!In the end, it's still not certain who the deer will die..." there was a strong confidence in Lin Hao's eyes.

Lin Qingcheng continued to shake her head and patted Lin Hao's shoulder, "Your preparation?Ten years of preparation for you?And you really think of those old men from the Lin's council of elders as trash?Lin's legacy is a thousand years old, and even those old men in the Council of Elders have saved up for a lifetime, and all that preparation of yours, compared to them?Oh..."

Lin Qingcheng took another deep look at Lin Hao and said, "Brother, you should be clear, your sister I'm just telling the truth, I don't mean to belittle you in the slightest, in my heart, you are definitely my Gestapo, but the enemy really isn't as simple as you see on the surface..."

"Well?Just tell me straight, sis...I believe you!"Lin Hao nodded deeply to Lin Qingcheng.

Just in my heart, I was torn between Lin Qingcheng's words, You are the Gestapo of my heart.Err stop it, I'm your brother....

Lin Qingcheng said to Lin Hao with a hmmm, "Brother, after the Nanjiang incident is over, you should go to the Heavenly Sea as soon as possible to meet Mo Lao, he has been waiting for you for ten years, now is the time for you two to meet ah..." Remember the website

"Mohammed?Didn't he die that one time ten years ago when he was maintaining the main vein?"Lin Hao soared to his feet.There was an intense shock in his eyes!

Not many people knew Mo Lao's real name anymore, but Lin Hao had seen him when he was very young, and that old man's impression of Lin Hao had always been as deep as the abyss and majestic, and Mo Lao had spent his life running to protect the interests of the Lin Clan's main vein.

It could be said that in that battle ten years ago, if it wasn't for him, the main vein would have been annihilated.

Originally, Lin Hao thought that he had died ten years ago, but he was still around!!!And you've waited ten years for yourself?

"Wait, Murao waited ten years for me?Sis, you mean?"Lin Hao suddenly turned pale, and some inferences flashed through his head.

Lin Qingcheng smiled happily and said, "Well good, huh, otherwise you thought that with just a hot-blooded middle-aged boy like you in the beginning, you would be able to establish the Kyushu Group step by step smoothly?Did those in the Lam branch really just let you develop over the years?Oh, this is all Murao behind you secretly taking care of a lot of Marfa ah..."

Lin Hao mumbled in a stunned mouth, "Is it possible that my success all these years wasn't because of my own efforts?"

Lin Qingcheng hurriedly stood up and looked at Lin Hao with an incomparably heavy face.

Because she felt that Lin Hao had developed some doubts about himself at this moment.

In the next moment, Lin Qingcheng solemnly and incomparably said to Lin A7de7f5b Hao, "Lin Hao!Remember, your success is all about your own efforts!Murao has only helped you once in a while, just once or twice!"


Lin Qingcheng stared at Lin Hao's eyes with a deadly stare, gripped Lin Hao's shoulders with both hands, and said to him incomparably solemnly!

She was afraid now that Lin Hao was thinking wrong.After all, it was true that the Kyushu Group had been built up by Lin Hao all these years.Mo Lao had helped with some things in it, but the number of times he had made a move was very small.

When Lin Hao saw Lin Qingcheng looking at him so worried, he couldn't help but smile and say, "Sister, you're thinking too much, I know it in my heart, the meaning of my words just now was to say that I've always had a doubt in my heart all these years, that is, there were a few times when I ran into difficulties, I suddenly turned it into a disaster, at that time I knew that someone was helping me, but I never thought that that person would be Mo Lao, after all, he had disappeared ten years ago ah..."

Lin Qingcheng was only heavily relieved when she saw Lin Hao say that.She was really afraid just now that Lin Hao would doubt himself.

For a true king, he could doubt anyone, but he could never doubt himself!Even if he's wrong!Hang in there too!Go ahead, too!

Lin Hao smiled and lit a cigarette, taking a deep drag, "Sister, do you mean that Mo Lao is in Tian Hai?Then what is Mo Lao's plan for me to go to Tian Hai City?"

Lin Qingcheng said seriously, "Brother, Nanjiang is still too small, so small that even if you control the entire city.You're far from being able to fight against the Lin Clan branch!But the Heavenly Sea is different, the Heavenly Sea is an international big city where you can once again get a chance to take off.And with Mo Lao in town, then your development in the Heavenly Sea will definitely be smooth sailing!"

"Well... yeah, Nanjiang is too small, Tianhai, I'll have to go there sooner or later..." nodded Lin Hao deeply.

When he moved the Jiuzhou Group to Nanjiang two years ago, he knew that this place was too small.

Nanjiang's geographic vein, with its nine curves and eighteen bends, was a subterranean dragon's deep pattern.But now that he, Lin Hao, had shown his sharp edge, there was no need to hide here anymore.It was also time to go to the Heavenly Sea.

Lin Qingcheng also nodded and said, "That's right, over there in the Heavenly Sea, the Heavenly Sea Group would have been within the family is you, it was appointed by grandmother!Even that man can't change it!And a few days ago, you killed Lin Xi again, then the Tianyao Group is also yours, and I'll help you manage the Tianyao Group then!" One second to remember to read the book

Lin Hao frowned deeply and took a few puffs of smoke, his eyes were heavy, "Sister, Tian Hai Group and Tian Yao Group are too big, their influence is even bigger than my Kyushu Group, how could those people from the Lin Clan branch let me have such a big cake?"

Lin Qingcheng looked seriously into Lin Hao's eyes and said, "Don't worry about this, I already communicated with my grandmother when I came here, the Tianhai Group is yours!And the Tianyao Group will be controlled by Mo Lao, and Mo Lao will give it to you!Maybe you'll have to give something in the middle of it...but it's definitely worth it in the long run, and it'll get those people in the Presbyterian Church, to take their eyes off you..."

Lin Hao raised his eyebrows, "Like, my first 8748fb30 down the line heir?"

Lin Qingcheng nodded, secretly saying that his brother was really very smart.

Lin Qingcheng said, "Brother, with that person there, the inheritance you want from the Lin family will need to wait for a long, long time, ten birds in the forest is better than one bird in the hand.You first obtain the power to develop slowly, as long as you agree, then I will go to the Heavenly Sea today to interview with Mo Lao!"


Lin Hao stood up, walked over to the window, looked in the direction of the Yanjing Lin Clan, and said indifferently, "Heh, what do I, Lin Hao, not dare to do?It's just a chance to be first in line for the throne. If he doesn't die, how can I take the throne?It's never better to rely on others than on yourself!"Lin Hao secretly clenched his fist.

He was originally worried that this time, he was directly and completely against the Lin Clan branch.

But he hadn't expected that the Lin Clan actually had two old men helping him openly and secretly!

That was enough, and even originally he was ready to give up his status as Lin's heir completely.But now, I'm afraid that he didn't even need to give it up, he just needed to inherit the obedience and rank a bit backwards.

It was the equivalent of an ancient prince being abolished, but still a prince.

And now that Lin Hao had the support of the family's two powerful old men, then he was even more fearless.

Lin fought on his own, and he just watched silently from the Heavenly Sea.Even if it was those few branch heirs who were ahead of him, so what?He could kill one Lin Xi, couldn't he kill a few more?At this moment, Lin Hao's body rose with a monstrous dominance!

With the support of Mo Lao and his grandmother, he believed that Lin would be his one day.And with him building up some more strength in Tianhai, he even wanted to go straight north to Yanjing to break bread with that man face to face!


Jiang Shao Ming was still very efficient, after Lin Hao had told him about the official announcement.Jiang Shao Ming was interviewed by hundreds of reporters at the entrance of the Kyushu Group at 11 am.And these reporters interviewed only one issue.

I'm not sure if this is the case, but I'm not sure if it is. The first website

After all, in the morning, the person who had announced this news was only on the official website of the Kyushu Group, and the person who had released this news was only an executive at the grassroots level of the Kyushu Group.

But at this moment, Jiang Shao Ming clearly stated his affirmation as he faced a question from a reporter.

"Yes, the president of our Kyushu Group, is indeed going to propose to Miss Shen at the press conference the day after tomorrow, with a bridal gift of a full set of Crystal Love jewelry worth ten million, a set of Townsend's house in Tianhai City worth thirty million, a yacht worth thirty million, and a private jet worth fifty million!The news that the group's official website sent 9c2a731a cloth this morning is true!"

Right now those reporters were all excited after hearing Jiang Shao Ming's own words.After all, this was the most luxurious appointment gift in the history of South River City.

At this moment, a long-haired beauty with black rimmed glasses asked Jiang Shao Ming, "May I ask, Mr. Jiang, is that Miss Shen that you're talking about, is that Miss Shen Ruoxue Shen?"

Jiang Shao Ming smiled and replied, "I'm sorry, I don't personally know Miss Shen Ruoxue Shen.I'm also not sure if the Miss Shen that our CEO is talking about is Miss Shen Ruo Xue Shen or not."

Although Jiang Shao Ming said so, those reporters subconsciously thought that the Miss Shen in his mouth was Shen Ruo Xue.

At this time, another beautiful reporter asked Jiang Shao Ming, "Then may I ask Mr. Jiang, the night before last, did the president of your group have a separate deep chat with Miss Shen at the Half Moon Bay Hotel?"

Jiang Shao Ming smiled and nodded, "Well yes, our president did have a chat with Miss Shen for over an hour the night before last.As for what was chatted about, I'm sorry but I can't tell you..."

Jiang Shao Ming was smiling calmly in front of the Kyushu group, responding to the questions of hundreds of reporters....


In the Shen family living room at noon, Shen Ruoxue, after seeing Jiang Shao Ming's answer playing on her phone, her entire body was in ecstasy, caught up in the longing for romance....


"Did you see that, Sis?Did you see that?Quickly look at the news, quickly look at the news, brother-in-law to you under the appointment gift, wow, a yacht a private jet, Tianhai City, the best part of the Townsend's house ah, there are worth millions of full set of crystal love jewelry ah, ah ah ah brother-in-law is so rich ah, so happy ah, sister you really good happiness ah ... ... ..."

Shen Ruoxue's room door was pushed open, and the next moment Shen Yuno, dressed in a bad girl outfit, ran in and said to Shen Ruoxue in a flourish.

Shen Ruo Xue is her own sister, the better Shen Ruo Xue the better she naturally, to the time Shen Ruo Xue a little promotion of her sister, then she will not fly to the sky?So what if you were expelled from school?And then it's just her brother-in-law's word against hers?

It was the equivalent of an ancient prince being abolished, but still a prince.You'll have to change that temper in the future, and let your brother-in-law introduce you to a quality man when the time comes!"

"Wow, thank you Sis, really Sis is the best for me..."

Shen Yuno jumped into Shen Ruoxue's arms.Then the two sisters sat in the room together and turned on the computer to watch the news.

"Ah ah ah, sis, look, the official website of the Kyushu Group has made an official announcement again, spending 100 million to buy all the places in Nanjiang City the day after tomorrow outdoor advertising, and began to harvest all the white roses in Nanjiang City, but also from the outside to transfer over.To make Nanjiang City in the day after tomorrow rose floating city, romantic, sister, really romantic, I am about to cry, how to do...... "Shen Yunuo is really moved by the official announcement of the Kyushu Group.

Roses all over the city ah, how romantic that would be ah.

And continue to look down, Kyushu group on the official website and sun out that set of millions of dollars worth of crystal love jewelry, earrings ring necklace a whole set, just these three pieces together is worth more than ten million.

The whole body consists of high purity white gold with shining diamonds, really beautiful....

Not only Shen Yuno, at this moment Shen Ruoxue looked at the news on the official website of the Kyushu Group, she also looked crazy, her eyes directly filled with tears.Really beautiful ah, and when the time comes, the day after tomorrow rose floating city she wore a full set of crystal love, that is definitely the most glorious moment in her life. Remember the website

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at this.

This moment when the Jiuzhou Group official announcement, not only Shen Ruo Xue and Shen Yuno saw.It is important to know that today almost all the women in Nanjiang City are looking at the news of the official website of the Jiuzhou Group.

In the company, Shen Xiyan, Shen Xiyan looked at the page of the official website of the Jiuzhou Group on the computer, listening to the discussions of those female employees outside, she felt very, very difficult, she grew up with Shen Ruo Xue, and her own looks and figure are not worse than Shen Ruo Xue, and even when Shen Ruo Xue was in charge of the power of the Shen family company.

In order to prove that she is not inferior to Shen Roxue, she went out and created her own company, just so that one day she could prove herself in front of Old Mrs. Shen.To prove that she Shen Xi Yan is not inferior to Shen Ruoxue.

Women are like this, especially women like Shen Suyan who is very strong in her bones.

But now as she listened to the excited and envious discussions of the employees outside, and then looked at the official announcement of the Kyushu Group on the computer page, she knew that she had lost.

It's not that she doesn't work hard, but I'm afraid that no matter how hard she works in this life, she won't be able to reach the height of the president of Kyushu Group.And Shen Ruoxue is now completely one step ahead.


She sighed deeply in her heart, she didn't care at all about becoming the wife of the group's president, because she had found the love of her life, and she would never leave Lin Hao again in her life.And to fall in love with another man.

But if she looked at that beautiful and noble set of Crystal Love jewelry without the slightest bit of emotion, that would be impossible.

Not only her, but any other girl would probably not be indifferent to that set of Crystal Love set that was worth millions of dollars....

Shen Xieyan picked up the remote control on the table and thumbed the thumbscrew, lowering the window, she didn't want to see the crazy envious, excited faces of the female employees outside anymore.Because the better Shen Ruoxue is, the more ironic it is to her.

Since childhood, Shen Ruo Xue had looked down on her in various ways, especially when Lin Hao came over as a door-to-door son-in-law last year, Shen Ruo Xue's sarcasm and mockery of her was to an extreme.

"From now on, I'm afraid that Shen Ruo Xue will be even more proud of herself, and those people in the Shen family..."

Shen Xi Yan murmured in her heart, she was somewhat unwilling, just those snobs of the Shen family, actually were able to obtain such glory.And the result of her hard work and hard work to walk on the right path is only a small executive in the group.

Yes, the Kyushu Group was too big, especially after completely annexing the Xiao family, the Li family, and the Sixth General's power a few days ago.There were hundreds of executives like her within the group....

And the thought of the future she met in the group Shen Ruoxue scene, Shen Xiyan heart is very uncomfortable, this moment she suddenly has the intention to resign, she first considered Wang Shufen said the night before that suggestion, really can't sell the house, no longer stay in this city, just as the so-called out of sight, not bothered by it.

With her and Lin Hao's ability, plus the money from the sale of the house, even if they go to Tianhai or Yanjing, their family will live well....

Shen Xi Yan didn't go to talk to Lin Hao this time because she didn't want Lin Hao to know what was really in her heart.Because that would put a lot of pressure on Lin Hao. One second to remember to read the book

Until now, Lin Hao's new position hadn't been decided yet, and he had been idle at home for ten days, if it had been before, Shen Xiyan would have desperately wanted to help Lin Hao keep his position at the Kyushu Group.

But now she suddenly didn't want to anymore, it was good to leave....

Just as Shen was thinking, a message was sent from the company group within the Kyushu Group: "In order to celebrate the new president's inauguration the day after tomorrow, this month all employees' salaries doubled, bonuses doubled, this afternoon off, Sunday morning all the employees of the Kyushu Group went to the Half Moon Bay Hotel to attend the new president's inauguration ceremony!"

After Shen Xiyan read the news, the employees in the outside office had squealed with excitement.

After all, wages doubled bonuses doubled ah, every single employee was very excited!And everyone still gets to eat at the Half Moon Bay Hotel on Sunday!That's the Half Moon Bay Hotel, five stars....

"Waaaahhhh, our new president is so bossy, so bossy, I love it..."

"Oooh, moved to the point of tears, Lord President I'm a small employee under your banner, may I ask if you still have a shortage of babysitters at home...I'll warm the bed..."

The female employees outside were talking excitedly, while inside the office, Shen Xiyan sighed deeply and was in a somewhat low mood.

Shen Suyan picked up her cell phone and called Yue Gu, "Yue Yue, are you free?I'm not feeling well, can you stay with me for a while?"

There was a voice from Yue Gu on the other end of the phone, "Oh my little Xiyan, what's wrong?Are you upset?Ummm I'm free ah, you go back to the Purple Bamboo Villa, I'm right here..."


"Well okay, we won't be working this afternoon, I'll be right over..." said Shen Xiyan after two sentences and hung up the phone.She hurriedly cleaned up and walked out with her head down, the office staff greeted her, but she didn't return.

"Hey, what are you doing, and you're adding to Shen's troubles, aren't you?It's not like you don't know about her relationship with the Shen family!You're still talking about this with Mr. Shen!I guess Shen is feeling very bad right now."The beautiful front desk, Xu Xiaofei, said to a female employee.

"Huh?No way, isn't Shen also a member of the Shen family?Shen Ruoxue is her cousin ah."The confused female employee said in confusion.

Xu Xiaofei quickly covered her mouth, "Stop it!You don't know what you're talking about!Those snobs in the Shen family have been looking for trouble with General Manager Shen, and now Shen Ruoxue is on top.I guess Shen won't even be here long, with her pride, she'll probably resign..."

When she reached the door, Shen Shi Yan, her body made a break for it, and the sound of Xu Xiaofei's discussion with the female employee behind her was small, but she still heard it, and then her heart was very, very uncomfortable.Only she didn't say anything more, but quickened her pace and left.

As the most upscale villa area in Nanjiang City, Purple Bamboo Villa naturally had a restaurant inside, and it was a nearly four-star upscale restaurant, after all, half of Nanjiang City's top wealthy people lived here.And naturally, this restaurant was also her Gu Yue's property.

In an elegant private room, Yue Gu sat opposite Shen Xiyan, her sexy and seductive red lips gently mined a mouthful of red wine, Yue Gu shook the transparent glass goblet and said to Shen Xiyan: "Okay, can we talk now, beautiful lady?Why are you in a bad mood again?Are you on your period or are you pregnant?"

Shen Xi Yan was speechless on the spot, really shocked by Yue Gu's amazing brain circuitry.Couldn't help but shake her head, "What are you talking about blindly, listen carefully, first I'm not pregnant!!!Secondly I didn't have my aunt either.I was just simply in a bad mood..."

"Oh..." laughed Yue Gu, continuing to shake the goblet in her hand, "You... should be for that second cousin of yours who is about to become yourYou're not happy about the wife of the group's CEO, are you?After all, this morning Kyushu Group's official announcements one after another, that set of crystal love, I know, a very long history, is hundreds of years ago, a princess of Europe.The meaning is only for the most beautiful woman in the world to wear.I didn't expect your president to buy it though, huh..."

Yue Gu looked at Shen Shi Yan meaningfully, with a hint of envy in the depths of her eyes.

Because she was aware of Lin Hao's identity.It was just that she couldn't tell Shen Xiyan yet.She just thought that when Shen Caiyan wears the Crystal Love the day after tomorrow, she will also borrow it and wear it properly. The first website

Shen Xiyan sighed a long sigh and nodded her head, then lifted her wine glass and also took a big gulp of red wine down, then said to Yue Gu, "Well, Yue Yue you also know that my relationship with Shen Ruoxue is not good, it's been bad since childhood.That's why I'm going to resign the day after tomorrow, and I'm not going to go to the new president's inauguration ceremony the day after tomorrow either.Oh, and also, don't get the thing I asked you to help Lin Hao... We're planning to leave this place in Nanjiang..."

"Gobble gobble..."

Yue Gu laughed and looked deeply at Shen Xiyan, saying in her heart, if you don't go as the protagonist, is it still meaningful to hold that conference?Yue Gu's smile was very meaningful.He shook the red wine cup in his hand without speaking.

It was only after a while that Yue Gu raised her head and looked straight into Shen Xi Yan's eyes and said, "You underestimate the power of the Kyushu Group, he used to claim that he could rank in the world's top 500, that was just them flaunting themselves.But nowadays, the Kyushu Group is developing wildly and rapidly, and if nothing unexpected happens, it will become a real world top 500 enterprise next year.If you leave now, do you think that new president of the Kyushu Group and Shen Ruoxue will let you go?So anyway, not only can you not leave now, but you have to go to the inauguration ceremony the day after tomorrow... ah..."

Yue Gu narrowed her eyes as she said, looking deeply at Shen Xi Yan once again: "Xi Yan, you're not a child anymore, there are things that you have to face, this society is like this isn't it?And I also watched the official announcement of the Kyushu Group's Jiang Shao Ming in the morning, and they only said it was Miss Shen, and didn't explicitly point out that that Miss Shen was Shen Ruoxue ah...."

At this point, Yue Gu leaned forward, a little closer to Shen Xiyan, staring at Shen Xiyan's beautiful and pure face slowly, "Have you ever thought that maybe the Miss Shen in the official announcement of the Kyushu Group is you?Your last name is also Shen..."


Yue Gu was spot on, and didn't go on, saying too much would be bad instead.

Shen Xiyan was stunned: "Er... Yue Yue you can't make fun of me, our CEO has not been in Nanjiang for a few days yet, I don't remember seeing anyone with that kind of CEO aura these days..."Shen Shi Yan shook her head speechlessly, feeling that Yue Gu was being sarcastic.These past few days, besides going to work or going home, she hadn't seen many outsiders at all.How could she know that new CEO?Isn't this just a joke on her....

"Maybe people are already in Nanjiang City..." said Yue Gu with a leisurely look in her eyes.

"Alright Yue Yue, if you keep poking fun at me, I'll get really angry ah!By the way you're also number one in Nanjiang City, the eldest Miss of the Gu family, owner of the Purple Bamboo Villa, so you've received an invitation to our president's inauguration ceremony the day after tomorrow, right?"Shen Siyan frowned at Yue Gu and asked.

Yue Gu nodded, "Mmhmm, yes the day after tomorrow I'm also going, just like you said, as the new president of the Kyushu Group, all walks of life in the Southern River including the relevant departments will be there then.After all, it's a grand event in the Southern River..."

Shen Jiyan nodded, "Mmhmm, then since I have to go, you can sit next to me ah, I'm also more solid with you here..."

Yue Gu nodded with a smile, "Must ah, in case you're that Miss Shen, won't I here follow the glory, hehehe... When those reporters shoot you, they'll also shoot me up, haha..."

Shen Xi Yan speechlessly stared at Yue Gu and said, "Yue Yue, if you poke fun at me again, I'll pinch you ah, really you don't have a boyfriend either, how come you're so big... angry at me huh..." said Shen Xi Yan and stretched out two cute little paws on Yue Gu's chest as she said that.

"My God, you can't, my sexual orientation is very normal, okay..." said Yue Gu quickly protecting her chest with both hands, afraid that Shen Xiyan would actually come over and scratch a few times.

"Hey, really, what's the use of being big, cool is not myself, I really envy my future husband ah.......hey....... "Yue Gu pretended to be a beautiful woman feeling sorry for herself.

Over there Shen Xiyan looked at her like this and had started to grind her teeth.After a while Shen Suyan said seriously to Yue Gu again, "Yue Gu, it's still the same thing I just told you, didn't I say a few days ago that I wanted you to help Lin Hao run his operation?Don't operate now, he's still idle at home by now, it's good, after this incident, I'll resign, to save myself the trouble of seeing Shen Ruoxue in the company in the future..." Remember the URL

Yue Gu nodded her head, not saying anything more to Shen Shi Yan.She had said everything that needed to be said, and now more and more people in Nanjiang City knew Lin Hao's true identity, just Shen Shiyan and the Shen family didn't know anymore.But it was soon, that is, the day after tomorrow.

From the day after tomorrow, Shen Suyan, the silly girl, would be the woman standing at the pinnacle of Nanjiang City.When Yue Gu looked at Shen Shiyan, she couldn't help but feel envious, not only of Lin Hao's true identity, but also of Lin Hao's dedicated, deep love for her....

The CEO of such a big group, he was actually willing to go to the Shen family as a small son-in-law and be bullied, just to accompany her....

"Xi Yan... I admit that I'm jealous of you at this moment... "Yue Gu looked at Shen Xi Yan who was eating and sighed deeply in her heart, but then her face showed a happy smile for her friend...

At the same time, at noon, the Shen family was completely gated, those suppliers, partners, small families who had previously cooperated with the Shen family in Nanjiang City, this moment all gathered to the Shen old lady's home.Because now in their hearts has been a stone hammer, now not in advance of congratulations, really have to wait until the day after tomorrow?If the Shen family was displeased at that time, they would be finished....

The smile on Mrs. Shen's face didn't fade throughout the day, and Shen Zhiyuan was even more receptive to the gifts.But Shen Ruoxue never showed up from start to finish.She has now positioned herself as the wife of the CEO of Juzhou Group.Naturally, she can't always show her face to disgrace her man.

So after lunch, Shen Ruoxue had been locked in her room, changing her clothes, then taking pictures with her phone, then making up, then taking pictures and then looking at pictures.

She was going to be in the perfect posture initially on top of the ceremony the morning after.

As Shen Ruoxue was looking at the photos in her phone, suddenly she flipped to a previous photo of her and Xiao Yi.Shen Ruoxue's heart trembled.After all, before this month, she and Xiao Yi had been together for nearly two years.The two of them had even made a marriage contract.It was just that a few days ago, Xiao Yi suddenly broke off the relationship with her, no matter how much she begged, it was to no avail.

Is Shen Ruoxue really fond of Xiao Yi?No, she didn't even know that herself.

It shouldn't be, after all, she was just thinking about how to use the Xiao family's power to her own ends before.But even if she had a dog for almost three years, there would still be some feelings, wouldn't there?

Looking at the photos of the two of them again this time, Shen Ruoxue also had a lot of emotions in her heart.

Tomorrow was the last day, and she had already made an appointment with the best make-up and costume artist in Nanjiang to come to her home.

She wouldn't have time tomorrow, and after that she thought she would have even less chance to meet with Xiao Yi.Then, since she was on her way to becoming someone's bride, let's meet with Xiao Yi one last time.


"Xiao Yi, will you regret seeing the me nowadays?I was almost on my knees begging you not to leave, you're so desperate, Xiao Yi, let's meet..." Shen Ruoxue said to herself, then took Shen Yunuo's cell phone and called Xiao Yi.

An hour later, in an elegant and quiet café next to Nanjiang, Shen Ruoxue, who was dressed in a delicate makeup, sat very elegantly in front of Xiao Yi.Xiao Yi was wearing a silver suit, but he was in a bad state and his eyes were topped with large black circles.He had seen all the news about Shen Ruo Xue in the past two days.

He liked Shen Ruoxue in his heart, otherwise he wouldn't have been able to chase Shen Ruoxue for two years.But a few days ago his father suddenly decided to ask him to cut off all ties with Shen Ruoxue.He could only do as he was told.

After all, for people like them, feelings were no longer important, what was more important was the benefits.And all along, he, Xiao Yi, had no shortage of women, having fucked no less than a hundred and eighty women, and all of them were top-notch beauties.

But then again, he and Shen Ruoxue were more or less in love.

So after he saw Shen Ruoxue's news, his heart was also filled with complexity.

"Oh, Xiao Yi, when you broke off your relationship with me more than ten days ago, did you want to be in this state today?"

Shen Ruo Xue sipped her coffee and questioned Xiao Yi, she had a lot of fire in her heart towards Xiao Yi.More than ten days ago, Xiao Yi broke off relations with her and even withdrew her marriage from the Shen family, a time when her reputation was ruined, almost forcing her into a desperate situation.

But today, she Shen Ruoxue is about to become the most noble woman in Nanjiang City, she doesn't need to look up to Xiao Yi like before, but now Xiao Yi must look up to her.

She had come to see Xiao Yi today, not so much because she wanted to see Xiao Yi, but rather because she wanted to see what Xiao Yi's expression was like now!

And now when she saw Xiao Yi's cautious appearance in front of her, she was incomparably satisfied.It felt very pleasurable! One second to remember to read the book

"Ruo Xue... I... "Xiao Yi just opened his mouth.But in the next moment, he was forcefully interrupted by Shen Ruo Xue.

"Is Ruo Xue also something you can call!Mr. Xiao Yi Xiao, shouldn't you put yourself in your place?Your Xiao family has been completely integrated into the Kyushu Group. Don't forget that you're just a small executive in the Kyushu Group.When you meet the president's wife, don't you know how to spell respect two?"Shen Ruoxue slammed her coffee on the table and snapped coldly at Xiao Yi.

"Right... I'm sorry, Miss Shen, I apologize to you for what I did in the past, and I hope that you will let me off the hook as an adult... My Xiao family is also truly dedicated to the Kyushu Group..."

Xiao Yi's heart trembled, but he did not dare to complain in the slightest.After all, this was not the same nowadays, and the current Shen Ruoxue, he Xiao Yi... really could not afford to provoke.Even his own father, Xiao Yuanshan, could not be provoked....

Since time immemorial, even in the mighty and powerful, it could not withstand the pillow of the beauty beside the king.This has been the case since ancient times.So now, although Xiao Yi was incomparably frustrated, he should endure on the surface!

"Oh, leave you alone?Mr. Xiao, aren't you thinking too nicely?When I begged you so much, you kicked me away when my Shen family was at its most dire, huh... You just wait, Mr. Xiao, I came over to see you today just to let you live in fear..." said Shen Ruoxue and stood upGetting up, he finally looked deeply at Xiao Yi and sneered, "Oh, wait..."


Shen Ruoxue walked away, walking in a breezy manner as she did when Xiao Yi had abandoned her.This time when she saw Xiao Yi, Shen Ruoxue only felt that her entire body was much more relaxed.After all, in the future, Xiao Yi was the kind of person that she used to take great pains to befriend.After the day after, they would only be able to lick her shoes....

In the afternoon, all of the Kyushu Group was on holiday, and Xiao Yi went to find his father, Xiao Yuanshan, after all, Shen Ruoxue was going to target him against the Xiao family, and he had to talk to Xiao Yuanshan about such a big child, otherwise if the Xiao family was really unprepared, it would be the end of the world.

In Xiao Yuanshan's office, Xiao Yuanshan listened to his son's trembling speech and then said nothing, he just calmly sat in his chair and drank tea.

Xiao Yi waited for half a day without seeing any reply from Xiao Yuanshan, so he could not help but look up towards Xiao Yuanshan, "Father, you... are you really not worried at all?"

Xiao Yuanshan smiled and shook his head, "What are you worried about?That Roxie Shen?Oh..."

Xiao Yi nodded his head and said very eagerly, "Isn't it?Dad, she can officially become our CEO's woman the day after tomorrow ah, even if you're the third vice president of the Kyushu Group, then you can't afford to offend her, right?"Xiao Yi was very anxious, not understanding why his father was still indifferent.

Xiao Yuanshan sneered with ten thousand disdain, "Heh, who told you that she, Shen Ruoxue, is the president's woman?Our official announcement said it was just Ms. Shen, have you seen Jiang face questions from reporters and say it was Shen Ruoxue?Heh...what ignorance..."

"What?, not Shen Ruoxue? is that possible?"Xiao Yi's eyes were wide open.A face full of shock.

Xiao Yuanshan nodded and squinted his eyes, "Not bad, Yi'er, your eyes are not even close..."

Xiao Yi bowed deeply to Xiao Yuanshan, the person he admired the most was his father who had started from scratch.In just over ten years, he had created a huge foundation in Nanjiang, becoming a recognized giant crocodile in Nanjiang!Xiao Yuanshan's vision is very accurate.

Xiao Yuanshan looked deeply at Xiao Yi and said, "Yi'er, what you are lacking now is an eye for great events, and since you mentioned this Shen Ruoxue today, let's take Shen Ruoxue and analyze it." The first website

Xiao Yi respectfully said, "Willing to listen to father's teachings!"

"Hmm... "Xiao Yuanshan nodded and took a sip of tea, "What kind of woman is Shen Ruoxue?Although she's not bad looking, she's a pretty girl, but she's a scheming woman who's extremely sophisticated at a young age.And what kind of person is the CEO of Kyushu Group?What kind of woman have you never seen before, controlling such a large group of companies with businesses all over the world?How could such a desperate and ruthless person actually look at a product like Shen Ruoxue?I'm not talking about her looks here, but her mind. I'd have told you to watch less of those brain-dead TV dramas, but in reality, those scheming women can't get to the top.For example, what kind of woman do you think can take the position of the wife of the president of Kyushu Group?Absolutely excellent in every way!Whether it's looks, stature, or heart, mind, one is missing..."

Xiao Yuanshan paused and continued, "So, that Shen Ruoxue you're talking about, she lost from the very beginning.Now... do you... get it?"

At this moment Xiao Yi only felt a huge wave in his head, yes he understood, he understood when Xiao Yuanshan said that.Yes, how could a peerless figure like the president of the Kyushu Group fall for a scheming girl like Shen Ruoxue?Isn't that like giving your own career a hard time?He had actually had a vague suspicion before.But his insight was still too little, and now that he heard his father say it, he suddenly understood it all.

"Father, I understand, hehe... the funny thing is that I'm still in front of that Shen Ruoxue today, whispering... if I had understood earlier and always believed in my heart, I wouldn't have been so humiliated today!"Xiao Yi said mockingly to himself.

Xiao Yuanshan suddenly frowned and said, "No, you did the right thing today!If you really show your disdain for that Shen Ruoxue, then that's what's going to happen, and our Xiao family might all be in big trouble..."

Xiao Yi's face changed sharply, "Father, why is this ah?"

Xiao Yuanshan took a deep breath and shook his head, "This involves that person's personal matters, it's better that you don't ask about it.From now on, you will stay here, your cell phone will be turned off, you will not see anyone, and you will not go to find Shen Ruoxue or meet any of the Shen family members.You give me two days to completely disappear.Wait for the morning after tomorrow, I'll come back to pick you up, remember, from now on, you don't contact any of the Shen family, any of them!Don't ask me why!There is a taboo of that existence here!"

Boom... Xiao Yi's heart trembled wildly, he did not understand what his father meant by that.However, he had never seen his father have such a heavy look in his eyes, which hid a trace of fear in its depths.After thinking of this, Xiao Yi's body trembled twice, he quickly bowed his head and said, "I know father, I'm turning off my phone, I'm not going anywhere from now on, I'll sleep in your office tonight."

"Mm..." nodded Xiao Yuanshan with a heavy face.In his heart, he really didn't care about Shen Ruoxue and the Shen family that was in the gates of the city today.Just wait, you bunch of turkeys and dogs don't have a few days to hop around, there's only one day left for a full day tomorrow ah.I just hope that on this last day, there won't be any more mistakes ah....


But sometimes, it's the kind of thing where the more you worry about what's going to happen, the more things will go wrong.Like at four o'clock in the afternoon.Wang Shutao and Wang Shuwen, the two brothers who were kicked out of the house by Lin Hao last night with a grudge, found Shen Zhiyuan as soon as they learned about the matter of the Jiuzhou Group's president giving Shen Ruoxue an astronomical bridal gift.

After finding Shen Zhiyuan, they first complimented him in various ways, and then they were about to drag him to the Purple Bamboo Villa to find trouble with Lin Hao's family.Or rather to show off, as the saying goes, a gentleman's revenge is never late for ten years, but a villain's revenge comes from morning till night!The first time I saw him, I was so excited that I lost my mind. I thought about the other day when I was slapped by Lin Hao at the Purple Bamboo Villa, and how my eldest daughter, Shen Ruoxue, had been beaten by Lin Hao, and how my youngest daughter had been sent to the detention center.

At this moment, with the encouragement of the two brothers, Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao, they decided to go to the Purple Bamboo Villa tonight to humiliate Lin Hao and even smack Lin Hao a few times.But outsiders couldn't enter the Purple Bamboo Villa.But soon Shen Zhiyuan found a noblewoman in the Purple Bamboo Villa, Yang Tao, who had the authority to bring people in.After talking to Yang Tao, Shen Zhiyuan's face showed a hint of grimness!

"Lin Hao, I can't wait, all the humiliation you inflicted on my Shen family before, tonight I want you to return it a thousand times!"Shen Zhiyuan gritted his teeth and said, and beside him, Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao had a hint of ruthlessness in their eyes!

At Lin Hao's house in Purple Bamboo Villa, Lin Hao and Shen Siyan returned at five o'clock.Because Shen Xiyan was going to host a banquet for Xiao Yuanshan and Li Jianghai at her home today, Lin Hao had been helping in the kitchen ever since he returned.Lin Hao couldn't help but cringe as he watched Shen Xiyan also personally help with the cooking and so on.

Nima, really giving you guys a few faces, having my daughter-in-law personally cook for you, this fucking... Lin Hao had the intention to tell Shen Shiyan to take a break.But Shen Shiyan just refused to agree.

Later on, Shen Suyan heard Lin Hao say that he was tired of pushing him out: "Okay you can't help, but also a strenuous effort to make a mess here, so that time is almost up, you go to call Jiang, Xiao and the others over, I'm continuing to prepare with my mother...."

Got to... and got kicked out, Lin Hao was that speechless in his heart.But it couldn't be helped, after all, his identity hadn't been revealed yet.This was the first and the last time!Lin Hao said to himself inwardly.

The next moment Lin Hao walked out of the villa, he now wanted to see what kind of expression they would have when he went to invite those old stuff....

Let him go and get it himself?It's really to give them face also, Lin Hao just don't take them a few seriously.I'm not going to be able to do anything about it, but I'm going to be able to do something about it," he said.Hit the send button, then felt unsettled and hit three more hard exclamation marks!!!!

The four big men from Nanjiang City who had returned to the Purple Bamboo Villa at this moment received Lin Hao's WeChat at the same time.They looked at this WeChat and cold sweat ran down their backs as they saw Lin Hao's fire from this WeChat. Remember the URL


The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years, and is now in the process of developing the new product for the future.Now the president's wife is personally cooking, you can really have face ah, admire admire admire, you this, I will have to give you a good praise in front of the president later ah......."

Li Jianghai's face turned black on the spot, and cold sweat broke out straight down his head.He had thought that Wang Shufen and Shen Shiyan were just being polite at that time.But who would have thought that they would actually be invited over for dinner tonight ah.And the most important thing was that the two women were personally cooking ah.

This damn it, one is the mother-in-law of the president, and the other is the president's wife.Thinking of this, Li Jianghai was incomparably afraid.Although he thought that with Lin Hao's character he wouldn't really mind.But what if he wasn't afraid of the unthinkable?After all, their identities were on display.How big must their faces be to have the CEO's wife personally cook for them?

Li Jianghai swallowed hard and said to Xiao Yuanshan, "Brother Yuanshan, don't mock me, I'm scared to death, what should I do?Do you think with the kind of personality of the president-sama, he... he shouldn't be bothered with me, right?"

With a deliberately worried look on his face, Xiao Yuanshan sighed deeply, patted Li Jianghai's shoulder heavily, then shook his head with a deep sigh and walked off to the side.

"I fucking... how many times do you mean ah?Xiao Yuanshan!Don't go too far. Who are you showing your dead face to?Don't forget I'm second vice president now, and you're still behind me!Eh eh eh... Brother Xiao, Mr. Xiao, wait for me ha..."

Li Jianghai scolded Xiao Yuanshan a few times, and when he saw that Xiao Yuanshan was leaving, he hurriedly chased after him.

Xiao Yuanshan was incomparably happy, secretly saying that this old yinbi was finally lifting a stone to smash his own feet, only he was also depressed.In his heart, he secretly thought about how he should eat this meal tonight.If the president were to give them a personal toast, holding a senior courtesy toast, should they take it or not ah....

Thinking of this, Xiao Yuanshan had an incomparable headache, rubbing his head and staring at Li Jianghai who was standing to the side.At this moment he could not wait to go up and die this old pit pusher, isn't this roasting everyone on the fire?Hey headache....

At half past six in the evening, in the living room of Lin Hao's house, a large round table was set up with a dozen exquisite dishes.Half of the dishes here were made by Wang Shufen and half were made by Shen Xiyan.In addition to the dishes, there were several bottles of good red wine and white wine on the table.This wine was brought by Shen Siyan from Yue Gu.

"Lin Hao, you've notified everything, right?Why aren't they coming, Mr. Li?"Shen Siyan looked at Lin Hao with some doubts, after all, she had asked Lin Hao to go out and call someone before, and Lin Hao came back soon, not even ten minutes before or after. A second to remember to read the book

I'm not going to be able to do anything about it," he said.Secretly those four goods actually dared to be late, Lin Hao took out his phone and sent another WeChat over: "In the fucking where, hurry up, the food is put on the table, but also let me personally go to pick you guys is what?"

Then Lin Hao smiled at Shen Xiyan and said, "Shao Ming replied to my WeChat 3e520a62, they'll be here soon, they'll be here soon..." as soon as Lin Hao finished speaking, he heard footsteps coming from the doorway, he was relieved and said to Shen Xiyan, "You see, here they come..."

As the sound of footsteps came, Lin Hao and Shen Siyan looked towards the door together.Just the next moment Lin Hao's face was completely gloomy!!!!Because the visitors were actually Wang Shuwen Wang Shu Tao Shen Zhiyuan, and a couple that Lin Hao didn't know.Shen Jiyan's face was also very unpleasant.

Lin Hao picked up his cell phone and called the security department of the Purple Bamboo Villa over the first time: "Someone come quickly, someone from my house broke in and threw me out!If you don't recognize me in five minutes, I'll smash your security office!"


Lin Hao's words on the phone weren't even behind the backs of the five people who had come in, so all five of them had heard the real thing.The strange couple's face changed.

The woman was Yang Tao, and the one next to her was Sun Ming, whose husband was in real estate.Right now Yang Tao was confused, she never expected that Lin Hao's relationship with the Shen family would be so bad.Yang Tao's husband was also looking at her with a confused look.

Yang Tao herself didn't know what was going on, so she could only give her husband a shake of her head.

Sun Ming was a shrewd man, and with a twinkle in his eye, he quietly pulled Yang Tao back to the doorway position behind a group of people.

This was obviously someone's family matter, it was better for them not to get involved, now after all, the Shen family was the new noble family in Nanjiang City, no one dared to mess with them for a short period of time.

Shen Zhiyuan ignored the retreating Sun Ming and only took a deep look at Sun Ming, who was already written down in his heart.Waiting to retaliate against him later.

Then Shen Zhiyuan swaggered to the living room, and even more so, walked straight to Lin Hao, nostrils pointed to the sky and sneered at Lin Hao, "Oh, you trash dare to chase me away?Lin Hao I heard that you are now suspended, waiting for the new president to arrive before placing you again?Oh, I'm telling you you're overthinking it, just keep being the loser you are for the rest of your life, you're kneeling and kowtowing to me now, maybe I'm in the mood..."

Pa...Shen Zhiyuan hadn't finished speaking, but suddenly his body flew backwards, and Lin Hao smacked him with a big mouth.Originally tonight he was very upset in his heart, Shen Zhiyuan this idiot actually came over again, this is a moment he didn't hold back, he just gave him over....

Shen Zhiyuan, who was smacked over on the ground, was completely confused, Lin Hao dared to hit him?You know it's not the same as it used to be.Now his daughter is the girlfriend of the president of Kyushu Group, and she will probably marry him as well.After all, people's big presidents worth hundreds of millions of dollars had given away their bridal gifts.But even if that was the case, Lin Hao still dared to hit him?

It wasn't just Shen Zhiyuan who was confused at this moment, but also the two brothers who hadn't spoken since entering the door, Wang Shuwen Wang Shutao, were also confused.Sun Ming and Yang Tao who brought them in were also completely silly, who was Shen Zhiyuan?That's the future president of Kyushu Group's father-in-law. How dare Lin Hao hit him?Sun Ming and Yang Tao were both scared silly.

At that moment, Lin Hao looked over at them and said, "Ordinary people can't enter the Purple Bamboo Villa, you two brought them in, right?You guys are... very good... "Lin Hao's eyes were icy cold. The first website

The moment Sun Ming and Yang Tao came into contact with Lin Hao's eyes, they couldn't help but take a step back, it was because Lin Hao's eyes were so sharp, they didn't dare to look at each other.Their faces were instantly white.

At that moment, Wang Shutao, who was standing at the door, stammered and pointed at Lin Hao, saying, "Lin... Lin Hao, you're finished, you're finished, do you know who he is?How dare you hit him?He's your second uncle and cousin Shen Ruoxue's real father, you're finished!"

"Get out!"Lin Hao fiercely looked at Wang Shutao, the killing intent on his body already roaring up.Wang Shutao had just been beaten here last night, this was really scared, and he was so frightened that his body hurriedly stepped back.

Shen Zhiyuan, who was lying on the ground, also finally came back to his senses: "Ahhhhh, Lin Hao I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you..." yelled Shen Zhiyuan, and pounced towards Lin Hao like a mad man.

Pa... Shen Zhiyuan rushed fast, but he flew out backwards even faster.He was directly smacked back again by Lin Hao with a big mouth.The few people who were standing by the door this time, seeing that Lin Hao was talking about hitting Shen Zhiyuan, let alone them, quickly retreated in fear.

This time, before Shen Zhiyuan could even get up, Yue Gu personally rushed in with eight security guards.Yue Gu and Lin Hao looked at each other and nodded their heads.Then Yue Gu swept a glance at the whole place and pointed at Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao who were standing at the door and said to his men, "Throw them both out and teach them an unforgettable lesson!"


"Yes!"Two security guards, went forward and took control of Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao, no matter how much they struggled, it was useless, they were directly racked out, and soon the house heard the increasingly distant screams.

Lin Hao pointed at Sun Ming and Yang Tao at the door and said, "These two are residents of your community?"

Yue Gu nodded, frowned at Sun Ming and Yang Tao, and said to Lin Hao, "Well yes, the man's name is Sun Ming is a real estate developer in Nanjiang City, and the woman's name is Yang Tao, she's his wife".

At this time the human-like Sun Ming saw this scene and quickly apologized to Lin Hao: "Mr. Lin I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, it was Shen Zhiyuan who came to me in the afternoon and said he wanted to come to the Purple Bamboo Villa to catch up with you, I didn't know anything ah, I really didn't know he had a problem with you ah, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, I'll never bring anyone inside again..."

At this time, Yang Tao also hurriedly begged Wang Shufen bitterly, "Sister Wang you quickly say something, I'm Yang Tao, we really didn't know you had a problem with the Shen family, we really didn't know ah..."

Yang Tao was not stupid, and now she directly mentioned Lin Hao's mother-in-law, Wang Shufen.

She didn't know why her husband was so afraid of Lin Hao, but she trusted her husband, so eaaed81f now saw her husband was so low and begging.She would just quickly beg Wang Shufen and ask her husband afterwards anyway.

Wang Shufen frowned and looked at Yang Tao, then nodded to Lin Hao and said, "Hao'er, this is Yang Tao, she's on good terms with me, we often walk together..."

Lin Hao nodded and said to Sun Ming and Yang Tao, "Get out, next time!"

"Thank you, thank you..." said Sun Ming with a vigorous thank you, then pulled his wife and hurried out.

It wasn't until he returned to his villa that Yang Tao asked, full of puzzlement, "Hubby, why are you so afraid of that Lin Hao, he's a small executive of the Kyushu Group, Wang Shufen told me about him... Why are you so scared?" Remember the URL

Sun Ming's face was pale, "Great horror, that Lin Hao has great horror.God damn a small executive of the Kyushu Group.If he really is a small executive, would he dare to hit Shen Zhiyuan?If he was just a small executive, could Yue Gu Gu be so obedient to her?You should know that the Purple Bamboo Villa is Gu Yue's after all.There are rumors out there that the day after tomorrow Shen Ruo Xue will move into the Kyushu Group, but I don't think it's that simple ah, forget about the water in the Kyushu Group is too deep, don't get involved, don't go anywhere these days, just stay at home, just stay at home...."

Sun Ming swallowed his saliva in fear as he said, he had naturally excelled from a small man who had crawled all the way to now.The skill of observing words and colors was practiced by him like fire.

After listening to her husband's analysis like this, Yang Tao also nodded in fear: "Fortunately, fortunately, my relationship with Wang Shufen is still good..."


Inside Lin Hao's living room, Shen Zhiyuan, whose mouth was bleeding, had been racked up by two security guards, but he was still staring viciously at Lin Hao, unable to stop growling, "Lin Hao, if you have the guts, kill me today!If you can't kill me today, I'll kill you the day after tomorrow!I'm absolutely going to fuck you up!"

"Throw it out!"Yue Gu frowned at the security personnel.


The two security guards nodded and racked Shen Zhiyuan to go outside, but just two steps away, Xiao Yuanshan and Li Jianghai, with their wives, came in through the door.They just happened to run into Shen Zhiyuan, who was being held up to go outside.

Naturally, Shen Zhiyuan knew the two of them as well.Especially Xiao Yuanshan, with whom he had both almost formed the Qing family, and Li Jianghai, with whom he was also very familiar.This time, he saw the two come in.A trace of ruthlessness rose up in his heart.Don't know where he got the strength to fiercely break free from the control of the two security personnel.

In his Shen Zhiyuan's heart, Xiao Yuanshan and Li Jianghai now belonged to the Kyushu Group.Under the jurisdiction of the president of the Kyushu Group, and he was about to become the father-in-law of the president of the Kyushu Group!With his current status, Xiao Yuanshan and Li Jianghai would still have to kneel down and lick him?

So Shen Zhiyuan was very proud and gave orders to Xiao Yuanshan and Li Jianghai: "Xiao Yuanshan, Li Jianghai, you've come just in time, that Lin Hao is a small executive of your group, right?He just actually hit me, so tell me how this is going to work out, don't you guys?"

Shen Zhiyuan finished with a gesture of being on top of the world, waiting for Xiao Yuanshan and Li Jianghai to flatter him.After all, he had already enjoyed too many compliments from yesterday until now.

As for Li Jianghai and Xiao Yuanshan, they were both local giants in Nanjiang City, but he hadn't enjoyed the level of compliments from these two people yet.Now was just the right time to do so.

It's not surprising that Li Jianghai and Xiao Yuanshan looked at each other and saw the speechlessness in each other's eyes.

Is this Shen Zhiyuan a retard?Li Jianghai sneered, "Excuse me Master Shen, may I ask what does Lin Hao beating you have to do with us?Didn't you hear he quit a long time ago?Is he long gone from the Kyushu Group?"

"Er... "Shen Zhiyuan was stunned, he suddenly remembered as if there was such a thing.

Li Jianghai sneered in his heart, if it wasn't for the fact that the president can't expose his identity now, he would let your Shen family be completely finished tonight.Wait, there's just one more day, Li Jianghai looked at Shen Zhiyuan like a dead man.

Xiao Yuanshan even more did not even look at him squarely, walked straight to Wang Shufen smiling 0887f13a and greeted him, then chatted amiably with Wang Shufen.As for Shen Zhiyuan, he was racked out. One second remember to read the book

Shen Zhiyuan was still shouting at the door as he was led to the door, "Lin Hao, wait for me, you wait for me!Even if you resign, I won't let you off the hook!You're finished, you're completely finished..."

Shen Zhiyuan's voice was getting farther and farther away, and Shen Xiyan's face in the house was directly white.

She knew that with Shen Zhiyuan's character, he had been beaten up twice by Lin Hao at their house tonight.Then when he went back, he would definitely find Shen Ruoxue to complain.

Thinking about it, Shen Siyan became even more determined to resign as well, and after a while, Jiang Shaoming and Scarlet Six also arrived.Shen Suyan directly said to Jiang Shaoming, "I'm sorry Jiang, I'm resigning!"

"Well good, I'll give personnel a call, Miss Shen you won't have to go to work tomorrow... "Jiang Shao Ming directly agreed, that's a clean and clear.

"Err... "Shen Shi Yan was dumbfounded, so clean and simple?Not even a question?Not even a word of advice?Jiang Shao Ming's clean-cut attitude caused Shen Siyan to not react for a moment and simply freeze in place.

When Jiang Shao Ming saw Shen Xiyan react like that, he also knew that he had promised to be too crisp.

But originally, even if Shen Xiyan didn't say anything tonight, Lin Hao also pointed out that he was the one who persuaded Shen Xiyan to leave.After all, the day after tomorrow, the entire Kyushu Group is her, but also when what small supervisor ah, this is not a noise it.


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Yue Gu who was standing on the side almost laughed out when she saw Jiang Shao Ming like that, and quickly gave Shen Shi Yan a greeting.Taking people away, tonight is after all a party within people's Kyushu Group, she in somewhat inappropriate.

After saying a few words to Yue Gu, Shen Suyan looked at Jiang Shaoming and nodded, "Well, you don't have to say much, Mr. Jiang, I understand.Then tonight's meal can be taken as Lin Hao and I thanking you for taking care of us for more than half a year, but you should also take care of yourself in the future..." Shen Shiyan said and stood up with her wine glass.

Shen Suyan stood for a moment and didn't see Lin Hao get up, so she kicked him under the table, her eyes indicating that she should raise her glass to Jiang Shao Ming once.Lin Hao reluctantly stood up and lifted his glass towards Jiang Shaoming, "Mr. Jiang, thank you for taking care of us..."

Jiang Shao Ming had the intention to hide, but he was given a fierce stare by Lin Hao.So when he couldn't hide, he could only accept Lin Hao and Shen Siyan's toasts as if he was above them.

Then Shen Xiyan pulled Lin Hao again and gave a toast to Xiao Yuanshan, Li Jianghai, and Scar Six respectively, and when everyone had finished drinking, Shen Xiyan got up and took the bottle to pour the wine for a few people herself.Lin Hao just sat there and watched as Shen Xiyan toasted those people, and his face darkened.

This time, the meal was very, very difficult for everyone, and the atmosphere was extremely depressing and awkward.Because no matter whether it was Xiao Yuanshan Li Jianghai several people were covered in cold sweat, even their wife was the same.Because before arriving, they had instructed their wives countless times that they absolutely could not show their faces to Wang Shufen and Shen Xiyan at today's dinner table.Otherwise, the consequences would be very, very serious.Both of their wives were also people who had seen the world, and when they saw Lin Hao for the first time, they knew that Lin Hao was not simple.They also knew that there must be something going on here....

So the atmosphere of this gathering was bizarre to the extreme.Wang Shufen should have been the lowest status person at this table.But whether it was Xiao Yuanshan's wife or Li Jianghai's wife, all kinds of people were talking around her, centering on her, calling out one Sister Wang one Sister Wang at a time, that's a knowledgeable ah.If you don't know the true character of these two women, you will really think that they are easy to get along with.It is not surprising that these two women are also bullying habitual owners out there....

And Xiao Yuanshan Li Jianghai scar six Jiang Shaoming four old men, the whole time sitting straight, to Shen Shiyan that is how polite and polite, did not dare to put up a hint of the boss.In the past, he was the young master of the Lin Clan, the heir to the first position, so naturally no one dared to let him make a toast and give him a lecture.Now then, the Kyushu Group is all his.Letting him personally pour wine and toast to these few underlings, he really gave them face....

So the entire time of this meal, Lin Hao was sitting in the same place, with a black face.

And Jiang Shaoming a few people are in the way of Shen Xiyan unaware of the situation, also did not have the good sense to take the initiative to toast to Lin Hao, otherwise absolutely have to wear. The first website


So this bizarre situation led directly to one result.That is, Shen Xiyan hated to beat up Lin Hao.

Even if we both resign now and no longer at Kyushu Group.Then we have to do what we have to do. Which one of us here today is not higher in status than you?People are polite, no pendulums, you also put up.

It's just that the heart grumbles back to grumble, Shen Xiyan is also really reluctant to say Lin Hao's, and now the outsiders are still there.She also has to save face for Lin Hao, right?So if Lin Hao didn't take the initiative, only she, the wife, could take the initiative.

Well, then it created a vicious circle, that is, the less Lin Hao took the initiative to toast, the more Shen Suyan took the initiative to pour wine and toast for Jiang Shaoming and Xiao Yuanshan, and then the more ugly Lin Hao's face became, and then the more cold sweat there was on Xiao Yuanshan and Li Jianghai... and then Shen Suyan's heart became even more anxious....

Lin Hao's side was eating and drinking, while in the Shen family hall, a gloomy-looking Shen Zhiyuan was drinking liquor by himself, chugging it down in one gulp.

Originally, he thought that he would be able to go tonight to avenge his past shame.But he could never have imagined that after tonight passed, not only would he not have avenged his shame, but he would be beaten up by Lin Hao again!He was spewing anger!

And when Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao saw that Shen Zhiyuan's face was not right, they sat to the side, not daring to breathe a word of air, quietly accompanying Shen Zhiyuan.

"Pah!Lin Hao is too much. So what if you resign!I'll never let you go, just you wait, you wait!"Shen Zhiyuan ruthlessly slammed a wine glass to the ground, incomparably furious in his heart.

At this time a black long dress dressed incomparably sexy Shen Ruoxue came in from outside, is also really difficult for her, this is winter, even if the South River is in the south, but the winter is also quite cold ah.

But Shen Ruoxue wore it like this in order to stay pretty.

As soon as Shen Ruoxue entered the house, Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao, who were still sitting, hurriedly stood up and called out respectfully to Shen Ruoxue, "Hello Miss Shen..." Remember the website

Shen Ruoxue nodded her head, if it was about seniority, she would have had to mind calling these two people uncle.

But what status did she have now?So she just nodded her head, even though she was very much giving face to Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao.

When Shen Zhiyuan saw Shen Ruoxue come in, he also hurriedly stood up, even though he was Shen Ruoxue's father.But Shen Ruoxue's current status was too noble, and in the future, he, Shen Zhiyuan, and even the entire Shen family, would have to point at Shen Ruoxue.

"Ruo Xue, you're back, have you eaten yet?I'll ask your mother to make it for you if you haven't eaten?"Shen Zhiyuan smiled affectionately at Shen Ruoxue and said.

Shen Zhiyuan shook his head and frowned at Shen Zhiyuan's red and swollen face and said, "Dad, what's wrong with your face?"

Shen Zhiyuan sighed deeply, next to Wang Shutao righteous indignation then added, said tonight the three of them went to the Purple Bamboo Other House to find Lin Hao trouble.

Shen Ruoxue nodded slowly, a trace of killing intent in the depths of her eyes, "Dad you're too insecure, there's only one day left in a full count!A day later, Lin Hao is just an ant beneath your feet, and you can crush it by lifting your foot..."

Shen Zhiyuan accosted and nodded, "Mmhmm I know Ruo Xue, I won't go out tomorrow.Then I'll let that punk Lin Hao live in one more day of pleasure!"

"Mm... "Shen Ruoxue nodded, now she didn't put Lin Hao in her eyes at all....


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