Super Son-in-law 271-280


Chapter 271

But what Wang Shuwen didn't expect was that Shen Jiancheng looked at him coldly, shrugged off his grip on his clothes, and spoke in an icy tone: "Who are you?Do I know you well?What did you just say to my niece and son-in-law?Are you calling my niece-in-law a loser?I'm sorry, but I can't afford to be a part of your Wang family.Please don't contact me again!My niece's son-in-law is a trash, then I, Shen Jiancheng, am also a trash, since they are both trash, hehe, then we won't go up to your Wang family..."

Shen Jiancheng sneered and laughed coldly as he distanced himself from Wang Shuwen.And ruthlessly satirized Wang Shuwen a few times.

Err... this... Wang Shuwen's face shifted sharply and his face was cloudy, not knowing what to do.

At this time, Wang Shutao, who was standing beside Shen Yiming, hurriedly said to Shen Yiming, "Haha, Yiming ah, you go and explain to your father, our many years of old friendship, do you explain to your father properly, next time you come to the Heavenly Sea, look for your Uncle Wang, how you want to have fun in the Heavenly Sea!"

Wang Shutao began to curve and put on a kindly elder face to Shen Yiming.

Who was Shen Yiming?Don't think he's really changed, but he's a dude in his bones.

So when he saw this idiot Wang Shutao actually put on an elder face with him, he got angry: "I go, who are you?Who the hell are you?How can you be my uncle to Shen Yiming?You're the only idiots who look down on my brother-in-law?Who the hell are you guys?Get out of here. It's embarrassing, isn't it?Where's the face?Let the dog eat it?"

Shen Yiming's words were much stronger than his father's soft knife.

Wang Shutao's black face was about to drip out of water, he never expected that a junior would actually be so disrespectful to him.

But he still really didn't dare to provoke Shen Yiming, he already knew that Shen Yiming was completely South River City, famous dude.

Wang Shutao saw that Shen Yiming didn't buy it, and quickly smiled at Shen Xiyan and said: "Xiyan ah, you help me and your uncle to persuade your mother and your uncle, we really didn't mean that ah... we...." One second to remember to read the book

"Stop it!"Wang Shutao hadn't finished his sentence before being coldly interrupted by Shen Shiyan.

Shen Suyan this heart is also furious incomparably, soaring to stand up, deadly stared at Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao two people: "No one has the qualifications in front of me so scold my husband is, said my husband is trash, said my husband is uneducated!Get out of here!I don't have an uncle like you!"

Up until this point, surprisingly, even the best-tempered Shen Xiyan stood up and scolded the two of them, and the two brothers, Wang Shutao and Wang Shuwen, finally recognized a very frightening fact.

That was that Lin Hao was the core of this group of people.And they had actually been wrong from the very beginning, and very wrong.

When they looked again this time, they found that the seat Lin Hao was sitting in was actually on the throne.

"Lin... Lin Hao, we're sorry ah, me and your second uncle..."

In the end, Wang Shuwen was capable of giving in, and this time also quickly apologized to Lin Hao.

"I don't accept your apologies!Still not rolling?"The killing intent in Lin Hao's eyes was even thicker.

After his mother died ten years ago, this was a great heart disease for him, and the world was closest to his mother before he met Shen Shi Yan.And Wang Shuwen and the others scolded him for being uneducated, that is, they even scolded his mother who had died ten years ago, in Lin Hao's heart, he would never forgive.

After things were over here in Nanjiang, he would make that Wang family in Tianhai disappear completely!

"Lin Hao, don't go too far!We're still elders even if we just said something to you!How dare you talk to your uncle like that?"That idiot Wang Shutao jumped out again and pointed at Lin Hao's nose and cursed.

"I'm going to fuck you, how old are you, keep chattering non-stop, you fucking don't get out, I'll beat the shit out of you!I'll let you talk about my brother-in-law and I'll let you yell!"

Shen Yiming knew that his chance to show off had come, and kicked Wang Shutao directly in the stomach, and then smacked him in the face with a big, fierce slap....


"Ahhhhh..." the Wang Shutao was beaten by Shen Yiming with a strong scream, but Shen Yiming did not hold back at all, hitting him harder than one at a time.Soon, he beat Wang Shutao to the doorway.

Wang Shuwen, who remained in the house, was also livid, his own brother had actually been beaten.But even if he was given a hundred guts he wouldn't dare to do anything to Shen Yiming, Shen Yiming was the future heir of the Shen family after all!

So he could only stare at Lin Hao: "Very well, I was the one who was pecked in the eye by the wild goose that I've been shooting at all my life, I admit it.But Lin Hao, we're not done with this today!Just you wait!"

Wang Shuwen turned around and walked away after saying that, and before he left, he gave Lin Hao an incomparably gloomy look.

"Ahhh Lin Hao, wait for me, I won't spare you!You don't think you can buy a villa, you're awesome!Just you wait!"Wang Shutao's threatening words also came from outside the door.But then another extremely loud slap followed by a scream was heard inside the house.

Not long afterwards, Shen Yiming, who had driven Wang Shutao Wang Shuwen out of the door, came back, and even when he reached the house, Shen Yiming still had a stomach full of anger.

He looked at Lin Hao and said, "Lin Hao you don't get angry, I gave you a good lesson, these two are in too damn disgusting, I used to think that I was even enough dude, these two are even more disgusting than me!Bah!"

Shen Yiming was that angry, now he was fighting a real fire, his fire was really not faked.

Ever since Lin Hao had just forgiven him, Wang Shufen was even more like defending him like a child.Somehow, there was suddenly a hint of emotion in his heart.He felt that it was best for the family to get along like this instead.

So this time Shen Yiming was genuinely speaking to Lin Hao, and then to Shen Xiyan, "Xiyan, don't be angry, brother has given you out, if these two dare to come again in the future, you call me, I'll call a few people, if they can get out of Nanjiang, I'll write the word Shen backwards!"

After speaking with Shen Yiming and Shen Xiyan, he advised Wang Shufen: "Third aunt don't be angry ah, it's not worth it to be angry for those two fools, come come come you quickly sit down, I'll pour you a cup of water..." First website

The way Shen Yiming was busy, Wang Shufen's heart also felt a lot better.And this time the preconceptions she had about Shen Yiming and Shen Jiancheng in her heart also disappeared a lot.After all, this father and son were on their side this time.Shen Yiming had beaten Wang Shutao with his own hands, and even more so did it thoroughly.She saw all of this in her eyes.

Lin Hao looked deeply at Shen Yiming, and when Shen Yiming saw Lin Hao staring at him, he suddenly didn't dare to meet Lin Hao's eyes, so he could only accosted and smiled, "That sorry ah, Lin... Lin Hao, I... they just scolded you so much.I...I couldn't resist!"

"Thank you..." said Lin Hao to Shen Yiming.

"Sh?What?Uh thanks, no thanks, it's all I should do..."

When Shen Yiming saw Lin Hao say thank you to him, he was so shocked that he started to stutter, this was Lin Hao.

And he had just felt Lin Hao's strength again, which made his heart even more sure of Lin Hao's true identity!So when he was sure in his heart of hearts of Lin Hao's true identity, he simply didn't dare to be casual in front of Lin Hao.


"Well, Mom, Uncle, Yiming, you all sit down and eat, and you go get two more sets of dishes..."

Lin Hao said to everyone, and whether it was Shen Jiancheng or Wang Shufen or Shen Yiming, Shen Xiyan, all felt that this was the right moment.

The table Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming both sat upright, face to face with Lin Hao eating, they were both frightened.

Shen Jiancheng was even more aware that even Xiao Yuanshan had to be respectful in front of Lin Hao.He, Shen Jiancheng, let alone Lin Hao, was far inferior to Xiao Yuanshan.

The meal was naturally very, very harmonious, and Shen Jiancheng's father and son's posture was as low as they could possibly go.Shen Jiancheng personally poured wine for Wang Shufen, and Shen Yiming even kept accompanying Lin Hao with a smiley face.

Shen Siyan felt as if something was wrong with this, and she was sure of what she felt in her heart.

It was reasonable to say that even if Uncle and Shen Yiming came to apologize to their family, there was no reason for them to take such a low stance, right?

Although she suspected in her heart, she had no evidence, and could only attribute the reason to the fact that after the Shen family suffered a great disaster this time, Uncle and Shen Yiming lived to understand.So Shen Xiyan stopped thinking about the doubts in her heart, after all, the family is now in harmony, isn't it also quite good?

Just when she thought of her second uncle Shen Zhiyuan, and her second sister Shen Ruoxue, she still sighed deeply in her heart.

In the conversation at the dinner table, Wang Shufen and Shen Xiyan also knew that the Shen family was now in power with Shen Zhiyuan and Shen Ruoxue, and that Shen Jiancheng and his sons had been thrown out of the picture.

After a meal, Lin Hao personally sent Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming to the gate of the Purple Bamboo Villa. Remember the website

After waiting outside the gate, after Shen Caiyan and Wang Shufen were no longer around.The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the other side of the door, and then take a look at the other side of the door, and then take a look at the other side of the door.

Lin Hao took a deep drag on the cigarette and looked at Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming and said, "You father and son are quite interesting, not stupid, huh..."

"I don't dare, Mr. Lin... Mr. Lin, we apologize to you again for what happened in the past, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry... "Shen Jiancheng shivered and quickly bowed his head to apologize to Lin Hao.

Lin Hao waved his hand and said indifferently, "Okay, I haven't taken your matter to heart yet.The two of you are not as bad as Shen Zhiyuan's family.Listen!I'm not going to beat around the bush, since we're all sensible people.I don't care what you two have guessed.But from today onwards, you two will stay in your home and come out again in three days, and in the meantime, no more contact with the rest of the Shen family will be allowed, do you understand what I'm saying?"Lin Hao narrowed his eyes and looked deeply at Shen Jiancheng and his son.

Boom... Lin Hao's words sent shock waves through Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming's hearts!

Lin Hao said for them to just stay home and wait until three days later.That meant it was obvious, why three days later?Because three days from now is when the real CEO of Kyushu Group will show up!!!!

Then Lin Hao's true identity was... Thinking of this both Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming struck a nerve.

Father and son looked at each other and both saw the meaning in each other's eyes.Their two hearts were shocked to the extreme.Although the two of them had already had some speculations in their hearts.But guesses were just guesses after all.Now after hearing Lin Hao's words, there was no more doubt in their hearts.

"Yes, we'll stay at home for the next three days and won't go anywhere, nor will we divulge the slightest news about you to anyone, including the Shen family!"The next moment Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming said in unison.


Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming left with their hearts full of shock, and they were both very quiet on the way back.

Even if it was father and son they didn't say anything because they both understood in their hearts.And they were also very fortunate that right now this first hurdle was considered to be passed.As for whether the Shen family would still exist in the future, that would be discussed later.

They were already very satisfied with this result now.

Taking a step back, even if the Shen family was gone, their little family was still there wasn't it....

Tonight's purpose was successfully achieved, Shen Jiancheng's heart would have to thank the two idiots Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao.If it wasn't for the two of them, this wouldn't have been so easy tonight.

"What a... good man... "Shen Jiancheng and Shen Yiming sighed quietly in their hearts.


At the same time when Shen Jiancheng and his son left the Purple Bamboo Villa, a furious Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao came to Shen Zhiyuan's home with a generous gift and asked to see him.

After receiving the gift, Shen Zhiyuan naturally invited them to a restaurant for dinner with great enthusiasm.

At the table, Shen Zhiyuan looked at the bruised and swollen Wang Shutao, and then listened to Wang Shutao's words after they went to Lin Hao's house tonight.He slammed down on the table and stood up with a start.

Shen Zhiyuan said viciously, "Little Lin Hao is really a bully and has no respect for others!Don't worry brothers, I won't let him go, what a disgrace to our Shen family!" One second to remember to read the book

Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao saw Shen Zhiyuan so angry, they were confused, even if it was acting, Shen Zhiyuan you're not acting too much ah?Or are you too puffed up?

The two brothers don't know anything.A few days ago, that trash, personally sent my youngest daughter to the detention center and caused my daughter to be expelled from school!Then I went to talk to him and he slapped me in the face!So can I stand it?"Shen Zhiyuan distorted the truth.

He made it sound like Lin Hao slapped him as if he was going to find Lin Hao's theory.But the real situation was that on the day Lin Hao bought the house, he insulted Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan in various ways.Lin Hao couldn't help but hit him!

But Wang Shuwen and Wang Shu Tao, who didn't know the real situation, were shocked, "Oh my God, that trash even dared to beat you?It's...really hey!That sister of mine too, how come she has recruited such a son-in-law, what a shame for our Wang family!"

Shen Zhiyuan easily formed a strategic alliance with Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao at this moment, after all, both of them despised Lin Hao and had a grudge against him!

"Brother Zhiyuan, from now on, we brothers will be at your service, and we hope that you will bring up our two brothers more often in the future.More deepen the cooperation between our two families, you can rest assured that any future cooperation projects, you take seventy percent, we only take thirty percent, just ask you to leave us two brothers a mouthful of soup...."

Wang Shuwen incomparably solemnly said to Shen Zhiyuan.And the gesture was placed extremely low and extraordinarily low.

Shen Zhiyuan was in a great mood and glanced at both Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao with his wine cup high in the air.In his heart, he secretly said, didn't the two of you used to look down on our Shen family?Oh, now you're flattering?

But the compliments from the two brothers, Wang Shuwen Wang Shu Tao, were still very much appreciated by Shen Zhiyuan.After all, this kind of feeling is very, very good.

Shen Zhiyuan patted his chest and laughed: "Brother Wang is serious, after that we will make money together, hug the group to warm up, um help each other?... Three days later is the time for Ruo Xue's boyfriend to take office, these days you two will eat in the South River to play well ah...."


Wang Shuwen and Wang Shutao nodded their heads with a smile. When they saw Shen Zhiyuan raise his glass, they also quickly raised their hands and deliberately lowered their cups a bit to Shen Zhiyuan.

Shen Zhiyuan smiled and the three of them drank it all....

Inside the Purple Bamboo Villa, Lin Hao and Shen Xiyan, who had packed up for the evening, were ready to go upstairs to sleep.

Just as Lin Hao was about to rest, the person in charge of Half Moon Bay, Lucy Wang, suddenly called him.After Lin Hao spoke to Shen Siyan, he went to the balcony by himself to pick it up.

After Lin Hao picked it up, a respectful voice from Wang Lulu came on the phone, "I'm sorry Mr. Lin, but I have to bother you at this late hour.It's like this, Miss Shen Ruoxue Shen has come to me again, and she's been sitting here for over three hours.She wants to see you, do you think you want to see her?If you don't see her, I'll let her go's just that I see her as if she's very distraught..."

"Shen Ruoxue wants to see me?"Lin Hao frowned deeply.

Originally, he hadn't considered seeing Shen Ruoxue again after last night, but from last night until now, gossip about Shen Ruoxue in Nanjiang City had been flying all over the place.

And the Shen family was now extremely inflated ah, thinking of this Lin Hao did have a hint of interest.

He did want to see Shen Ruoxue and wanted to say something to him.

So Lin Hao smiled and said to Wang Lulu, "Yes, but tell her, just like last night, put on a mask, open a room, and I'll go straight in..."

"Okay, Mr. Lin, I'll tell her..." First URL

Wang Lulu was a top smart woman, knew what to say and what not to say, and hung up the phone respectfully after the matter was over.

Lin Hao told Shen Xiyan that there were some matters in the company that he had to deal with.

Shen Xiyan has no doubt, after all, now in her heart, Lin Hao's future is very important.

And a full account, not counting tonight, the day after tomorrow morning, Kyushu Group's new president will take office.The various affairs of the Kyushu Group were indeed particularly numerous lately.

Lin Hao said goodbye to Shen Shiyan and drove to the Half Moon Bay Hotel.

At 10:30 p.m., Lin Hao arrived at the Half Moon Bay Hotel, and when he entered the lobby, he actually met Shen Ruoxue who was walking upstairs.

Lin Hao saw Shen Ruo Xue, and Shen Ruo Xue also saw Lin Hao the first time.

The two looked at each other for a moment.Lin Hao's heart burst, secretly wondering if Shen Ruo Xue would recognize him.

But he figured he shouldn't.After all, with Shen Ruoxue's character of always looking down on herself and despising herself, she would never believe that Lin Hao was the man she had met last night.

And the lights were very dim at last night's party and later in the room.Shen Ruo Xue shouldn't be able to recognize it....

And in fact that's what Lin Hao was thinking, at this moment the news reporters of Nanjiang's Shen Ruoxue, who was being held up to the sky, didn't even associate Lin Hao with that man last night.

She was just confused that she could actually run into Lin Hao, a loser here too!

At this moment Shen Ruoxue thought about the time she went to the Kyushu Group half a month ago to run for the Shen family's business.She was slapped by Lin Hao, who at that time was the director of business operations at the Kyushu Group.At that time, she Shen Ruoxue can only endure.

But now it, Shen Ruoxue saw Lin Hao consciously backward step, feel is Lin Hao afraid of her.

So she took a step forward towards Lin Hao and sneered, "Oh, how come I can meet you anywhere, you piece of trash?Lin Ho, Lin Ho. You didn't expect this, did you?I'm on the line with your new president, don't worry ah, the slap you gave me half a month ago, I'll pay you back ten times a hundred times in three days..."

Lin Hao deliberately lowered his head to prevent Shen Ruoxue from thinking too much as she pressed him.But the depths of his eyes were odd to the extreme.He didn't expect to actually meet Shen Ruo Xue in the hall.

He was also now very much looking forward to what Shen Ruoxue would do when he arrived in the room later.Still in the same pose you were in last night?

The lowered head of Lin Hao raised an evil smile at the corner of his mouth....


In order for Shen Ruoxue to completely let her guard down, Lin Hao once again took a step back and deliberately lowered his head even lower.

When Shen Ruoxue saw Lin Hao retreating again and again in front of her, she felt incomparably happy and sneered, her eyes filled with contempt and disgust, and sneered at Lin Hao, "Oh, what?Now you're scared?You can quit right now, can't you?You can, can't you?Don't worry, even if you resign, I won't let you go.Surname Lin, from now on, I'll have plenty of time to accompany you and take my time..."

Shen Ruoxue would have wanted to humiliate and shame Lin Hao more, but now she was in a great hurry and Wang Lulu had told him that the gentleman would be arriving soon.She didn't have time to waste with Lin Hao's trash.

So after glaring at Lin Hao once again, Shen Ruoxue stepped on her black, red-soled heels and tramped up the steps towards the upstairs private room....

It wasn't until after Shen Ruoxue turned around and went upstairs that Lin Hao lifted his head to look at Shen Ruoxue's back with interest.

Originally, this was just a bad idea that Jiang Shaoming gave him to meet Shen Ruoxue earlier on purpose.But now, he fell in love with the game instead.

Shen Ruoxue thought that she had played Lin Hao for a fool.

But the real situation was that she had been playing with Lin Hao from start to finish....

The smile at the corner of Lin Hao's mouth grew thicker, Shen Ruoxue had just gone up, and Lin Hao had purposely found a room to stay in for an extra half hour so that she wouldn't suspect.Only then did he change his clothes, put on a mask, and walked into Shen Ruo Xue's room.

It's still last night's room, Half Moon Bay Hotel's top room with the best view, and the room's light is also very dark, very ambiguous, Shen Ruoxue sat on the edge of the bed, anxiously waiting for the arrival of "Lin Hao".

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The man last night, the man that she had been thinking about for a day and night, finally walked in.

Shen Ruoxue incomparably gentle and respectful said, "You're here..."

Lin Hao nodded, and the corner of his mouth beneath his mask once again rose with an evil smile.

The current Shen Ruoxue and the Shen Ruoxue that he had just met downstairs were completely different from each other.The current Shen Ruo Xue that was to be as respectful as possible.

Lin Hao didn't go to the bed, but sat down on the sofa opposite the bed and said to Shen Ruoxue, "Sorry, I just ran into one of my group's employees downstairs and had a few words with him."Lin Hao deliberately lowered his voice and said to Shen Ruoxue in another domineering voice.

Shen Ruoxue's heart lit up, and it was suddenly clear that the person he had met was that punk Lin Hao.

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, and to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.Instead, she gently nodded her head and gave an incomparably well-behaved hmm.

"Come sit down by my leg..." said Lin Hao to Shen Ruoxue as he patted his thigh.

"Mm... "Shen Ruo Xue blushed and nodded, then she was incomparably good and walked over to Lin Hao and sat down at Lin Hao's feet, resting her head on Lin Hao's thighs, and her hands were actively hugging Lin Hao's legs.If you want to be as gentle as possible.

In fact, tonight Shen Ruoxue insisted on seeing "Lin Hao", for this reason, she did not hesitate to beg with Wang Lu Lu, all kinds of promises and so on, in exchange for this opportunity to see "Lin Hao" again, the real reason is her heart's fear.

Yes, she was very, very afraid.


Since last night, the news outside had been overwhelming, with rumors that she was the girlfriend of the real president of Kyushu Group.

And she has been waiting for a whole day, but she has not seen any response from Kyushu Group.

Originally, in the afternoon, her father and her grandmother all sorts of comforted her, saying that since people have acquiesced, they are interested in you.The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past three years.

The reason for this is because last night the man did not get on her from start to finish, just let her pose a few very ambiguous and shameful actions.

If you want to say so, people take her as their girlfriend.This is something she Shen Ruoxue herself doesn't believe.

It's just that everyone outside was now thinking that way, and the current state of the Shen family also needed such an identity from her.

So she thought about it, so she had to sit that fake reputation out completely!Let yourself be the girlfriend of Kyushu's CEO!

That way she wouldn't be doomed and the Shen family wouldn't be doomed.

And if it succeeded, then both she and the Shen family would be completely flying high.So now there were just two days left before the Kyushu Group President's Conference.There really wasn't much time left for her Shen Ruoxue.

And if at the conference the day after tomorrow, after people showed up and didn't admit that they were his girlfriend, then she and the Shen family would instantly hit rock bottom.

As high as they rose today, how badly they fell three days later.Shen Ruoxue, who was smart, understood this truth of the present moment very well. One second to remember to read the book

"I'm sorry, I was wrong... "Shen Ruoxue looked up pitifully and apologized to "Lin Hao" with an incomparably gentle tone and a pitiful expression on her face.Even Lin Hao was trembling in his heart after seeing this expression on Shen Ruoxue's face.

Shen Ruoxue was still wearing the long black lace dress from last night, with a white face and black hair like a waterfall.

Now it was like a kitten, curled up by his leg, tilting her head up to pathetically apologize to him.

But the next moment Lin Hao's heart threw Shen Ruoxue's this gesture to the wind.

What a joke, the Shen Ruoxue that he had just met downstairs was the real Shen Ruoxue ah.He couldn't let himself be fooled by this snake beauty!And his own wife Shen Shiyan is a hundred times stronger than her!

Lin Hao was very sure that if he was not the president of Kyushu Group, but a junior employee below.Then how would Shen Ruoxue, who had successfully risen to the top, treat him the same as Shen Xiyan?Lin Hao thought about it and his heart was sure.

But the drama still had to be done ah, so Lin Hao said to Shen Ruoxue, "Oh?How are you wrong?Where is it wrong?"

Shen Ruoxue bit her lips as if she had made up her mind and said, "I, my dad told the outside that I was your girlfriend, and then today the reporters outside reported it blindly, although my dad was drunk before he said that, but it must have had a very bad effect on you, I'm sorry ah... I'm really sorry..."

Although Shen Ruoxue was saying apologetic words, Lin Hao instantly understood the meaning of Shen Ruoxue's words.This woman was testing herself by saying this.

Lin Hao was also a thousand-year-old fox, so he stroked Shen Ruoxue's hair and said in a very domineering manner, "Misunderstanding?... Then how do you make it up to me?Just an apology?"

Shen Ruoxue's body stiffened, but she didn't know what to say for a moment, so she could only fidget and say, "I... I... I..."

Lin Hao said, "Then, how about you really be my girlfriend?You should make it up to me, right?"

The evil smile at the corner of Lin Hao's mouth is getting thicker and thicker, Shen Ruoxue ah Shen Ruoxue, since you want to play, then I'll accompany you, heh... just I can play, can you play... heh....


"Huh?What?"The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the company's website.

Lin Hao lowered his head and looked into Shen Ruoxue's eyes, "What? You don't want to compensate me?"

"No, no, no, I...I do, I do..."

Shen Ruoxue was afraid that the other party would go back on their word and hurriedly nodded her head in a strong manner.Her face was incomparably pretty, even the root of her neck was red at this moment.Shen Ruoxue did not expect things to actually go so smoothly.It was much smoother than she had imagined.

The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the shoes you are wearing.

If a woman like Shen Ruoxue, the more she knows what kind of man to fear, and the man in front of her is the top of the line in Nanjiang City, even if he is out there.

"Go dance for me, will you?You're smart you should know what kind of dancing I like, right?"Lin Hao said to Shen Ruoxue.

"Mm... good" Shen Ruo Xue blushed even more, she didn't understand why the man in front of her liked to make women do that incomparably shameful action?It was probably his special fetish.

Shen Ruoxue didn't think too much about it, and since she did such a shameful action in front of "Lin Hao" last night, she actually felt a little excited in her heart.It's a little bit of a morbid excitement.

The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

The hip twist on the twist, the shake on the shake, the seduction on the seduction. First URL

In short, this moment's Shen Ruoxue, completely made all the solution, and even 45ebe1b7 she herself felt, she is a bit overplayed.

And after a hot dance, this time she didn't wait for Lin Hao to open her mouth, but instead she lay down on the bed herself and put on that humiliatingly shameful action from last night, and even she very actively blindfolded herself.

"Maintain this action for ten minutes... "Lin Hao's deep voice reached Shen Ruoxue's ears.

"Mm... "Shen Ruoxue softly mmmed, incomparably shy, but with a hint of excitement.

After all, she had just heard the other party say in person that he was going to make her his girlfriend, this was a great honor.

In the future, she, Shen Ruoxue, would be the top woman in Nanjiang City!Most glorious woman!And the Shen family would soar to the sky.With a black ribbon over her eyes, Shen Ruoxue envisioned the future....

Even at this moment she was expecting the man on the couch to hurry over and enter from behind.

But her expectation was in vain after all, she herself silently calculated the time in her heart, when it was almost time.Sure enough she heard the voice of Half Moon Bay Hotel manager Wang Lulu again.

"It's okay Miss Shen, time's up, that distinguished gentleman has already left.Congratulations Miss Shen, you got your wish..." said Wang Lulu sweetly to Shen Ruoxue.

Even though this was the second time that Lulu Wang had found herself posing her body like this, Shen Ruoxue still felt incredibly embarrassed.

After all, that action was just too humiliating.And this was actually seen by someone else, and Shen Ruoxue felt her face flush and hot.

"Ohhh, Mr. Wang, thank you for tonight, if it wasn't for you asking him out for me, I wouldn't have been able to see him..." said Shen Ruo Xue in a blushing whisper to Lulu Wang.


Wang Lulu waved her hand: "No need to be polite Miss Shen, now you're relieved, I advise you not to come tomorrow night, there's only two days left in total, after two days, you'll be the most glorious woman in Nanjiang.You don't want to be in a hurry to spoil things ah..."

Shen Ruoxue's body trembled at the news and quickly nodded her head, "Mmhmm I know, thank you for reminding Mr. Wang..."

Shen Ruoxue left the Half Moon Bay Hotel after she spoke to Wang Lu Lu again.

And this time she was really happy, in fact, yesterday she was happy for the Shen family because the other party promised to let the Shen family go.

But today, she was completely happy for herself.Happy for the fact that she was fortunate enough to be the girlfriend of that overbearing president.

In fact, the bottom line in Shen Ruoxue's heart was very, very low, even if it was that the other party was just playing with her, promising her to be his woman, even if it was just for a month.That would be enough for her.

And Shen Ruo Xue was still very confident in her own body with that kind of kung fu!

As long as she could stay by that man's side for a year, no even half a year.She would be able to gain a huge amount of profit with her mind and tactics!

When Shen Ruo Xue returned home, Shen Zhiyuan and Old Madam Shen looked at each other.

After all, tonight Shen Ruoxue was dressed like that, dressed very sexy, the two of them still knew.And no need to guess to know that Shen Ruo Xue was out to meet that man.And now when the two of them saw Shen Roxue come back with that heartfelt smile on her face, a stone in both of their hearts fell to the ground.

"Ruo Xue, you saw him, right?How was the talk?"Old Mrs. Shen was happy to ask Shen Ruoxue. Remember the website

Like a little girl, Shen Ruoxue nodded her head shyly and very nicely mmmed, "Well, I'm his girlfriend now..."

Boom... Old Lady Shen and Shen Zhiyuan stood up in excitement at the news.The excitement in their hearts simply could not be expressed in words.

After all, this time it was the other party's own words that admitted it.

Then the future of their Shen family was a completely predictable flight to the sky!

"Wakizashi!Good job!"Shen Zhiyuan took a deep breath, but now he didn't know how to speak to Shen Ruo Xue, so he could only pat Shen Ruo Xue's shoulder heavily.

Old Mrs. Shen also nodded heavily to show her affirmation of Shen Ruo Xue: "Ruo Xue, grandmother has decided that the Shen family will be in your hands from now on!"Old Mrs. Shen is going to make a decision!

"Grandmother, the Shen family is still yours, I won't have time to manage the company and the family in the future..."

Shen Ruoxue hesitated and then directly refused, if it were in the past, she would absolutely agree, and not only would she agree, her heart would also be very happy.

But this time is different, now she just needs to be at ease and be that man's girlfriend, is there still a lack of money?The Shen family she truly kind of despised....

Old Mrs. Shen was stunned, then she laughed and said, "Well yeah, after Ruo Xue you follow him, how will you still look at our point of small family business ah.In the future Ruo Xue you have anything to say directly to your family, the family will never be ashamed of you!"

Shen Ruoxue smiled and nodded, "Mmhmm, then grandmother, you can talk to my dad, I'm going to sleep first ah... "Shen Ruoxue went into the back room with her red face and head down, but her excitement was simply too strong to hide it.


The next morning after Lin Hao got up, found that Shen Xiyan has been absent, he picked up the phone and saw Shen Xiyan sent him a WeChat, "husband, you came back too late last night, you're very tired these days, you are not good and complete it, I saw you sleep well, so I did not call you, there is porridge in the kitchen, I personally give you boiled oh, you must drink oh, love your wife, Miao Da ......."

After Lin Hao read Shen Xiyan's WeChat and sent her a few red roses over, he just felt incredibly happy.

There were just two days left until he announced that he would personally take over as president of the Kyushu Group.

Today, he planned to go to the office to take care of some of the last things that should be dealt with.

Tomorrow was Saturday, so it was just a good time to take Shen Shi Yan for a good stroll in Nanjiang City.

Take a good stroll as an ordinary person, after all, by the time the day after tomorrow, which was Sunday, if he was imagining being an ordinary person and strolling with Shen Suyan, I'm afraid he wouldn't be in that state.

At that time, he would be pampering Shen Xiyan in his arms in a very domineering manner!

What class?The whole group is yours!You're working for yourself?Or are you working for your husband?

Oh, eat whatever you want, buy whatever nice clothes you want, change whatever luxury car you like!

Your husband doesn't have anything else, but he does have money!I don't believe you've spent all the money you've got.

Lin Hao was now incomparably looking forward to the shocked little expression on Shen Xi Yan's face when his identity was announced. One second to remember to read the book.

As Lin Hao was thinking about it, he received a message back from Shen Shiyan: "Right hubby, don't forget ah, you have to come back early tonight, I've agreed with Mr. Xiao and Mr. Li, let them come to our home for dinner tonight, right there's that sixth general manager, he also just moved to our community.It just happens to be together, you remember to call General Manager Jiang ah, come together......."

Lin Hao looked at Shen Xiyan's message, and only then did it occur to him that the day before yesterday, Li Jianghai had invited Wang Shufen and Shen Xiyan to a banquet.Didn't Shen Xiyan want to return the gift tonight.

When I thought of this, Lin Hao replied to Shen Xiyan, "Well, don't worry, wife, I'll be sure to go back early tonight, and I'll also bring Shao Ming.".

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services, including a full range of products and services, and a wide range of products and services.

Only this time he entered the door, just like yesterday, and found the employees of the group, all whispering about something again.

Lin Hao had learned well this time, and didn't need to look for Jiang Shao Ming, he just took out his phone as he walked to the top floor.Just the next moment even he was completely shocked.

The news headline in front of him at this moment read: the president of the Kyushu Group is going to propose to Miss Shen the day after tomorrow!And the Kyushu Group has announced the gift list!Gift list: a set of Crystal Love jewelry valued at over $10 million, a set of Townsend's in downtown Tianhai, a yacht, and a private jet!It's worth billions!Shock, shock!

Lin Hao looked at the news and was completely stupid, I fucking... when did I say I was going to give a gift order?I do have the idea, but I haven't even thought about it myself yet ah...who did this, Jiang Shaoming!!!!

Yes, Lin Hao was actually preparing a romantic marriage proposal for Shen Xiyan on that day, after all, he owed her that.


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