Super Son-in-law 231-240


Chapter 231

When Bureau Sun saw the busy commanding Scar Six, he thought he was mistaken.

At this moment, Scar Six's face was actually free of all the scars, his face was calm, and he was wearing a suit.It didn't look like a person who had been walking around in the dark for years.Instead, it was more like a business elite, or a world family owner!

"Scar Six, what the hell are you doing?Are you crazy?"Sun Bureau frowned at Scar Six and snapped at him.

Scar Six smiled with a calm face and said to Sun Bureau, "What is Sun Bureau saying, I'm sorry I don't understand".

"You... you're a black worker, what business are you involved in!What are you plotting?Or what kind of agreement did you make with the boss behind the Kyushu Group?"Sun Bureau didn't believe Scar Six's words at all.

Scar Six smiled breezily, walked up to Sun Bureau and whispered in his ear, "Then I'll tell you now, I was originally the fourth vice president of the Kyushu Group ah, my boss said that Nanjiang City was too chaotic and he didn't like it, so for a period of time I came out to help integrate the integration.How come I am now shutting down all the entertainment clubs in Nanjiang City and completely self-examining, Sun Bureau is reluctant to do so?Why don't I just keep doing what I've been doing?Are you sure?Oh..."

Sun Bureau was stunned at the news, he took a deep look at Scarlet Six and also whispered to Scarlet Six, "Are you sure you want to do this?You'll lose a lot of money that way..."

Scar Six looked away from the sky and said, "The sky is big and big in this world, lose some money?Oh, do you think my boss he's short of money?"

The Sun Bureau was stunned and stood there for a long, long time before turning around and taking all the police officers back to the police station.

By doing so tonight, Scar Six had actually relieved them of too much of a burden.

Not to say anything else, let's just say that from now on, the law and order in Nanjiang City would definitely be much, much better... Remember the website

Just on the way back, when Sun Bureau saw that some of Scar Six's elite men were all converging towards one place, his brows furrowed deeply, because the place they were converging on was the Purple Bamboo Buffer House!

Sun Bureau didn't know what was going on in the Purple Bamboo Buffer Courtyard, but he had a feeling that everything that was happening in Nanjiang City tonight was related to someone in the Purple Bamboo Buffer Courtyard.

"Could it be him?"At this moment Sun Bureau's heart floated to Lin Hao's image, the young man he had caught at the police station that day....

In the Purple Bamboo Villa, in the living room, Shen Siyan and Lin Hao were sitting opposite each other.

Lin Hao had just told Shen Siyan that he would be going to the Heavenly Sea later, and after that, Shen Siyan had been silent because the last time Lin Hao had gone to the Heavenly Sea, he had come back like this.She was really, really worried in her heart.

"Must we go?"Shen Xiyan bit her lip and asked Lin Hao worriedly.

"Definitely go!"Lin Hao nodded his head in a resolute manner.

Shen Siyan took a deep breath and slowly said, "Okay, I'll still say the same thing, no matter what, I'll wait for you at home!I'm your wife, and I'll be home making dinner for you!"

"Well, don't worry nothing will happen this time, I'll be back tomorrow!"Lin Hao nodded deeply to Shen Shi Yan.

He then walked out of the villa's gates and got into the vehicle that was parked in front of the gate night one to pick him up....

At 11:30 in the morning, Lin Hao and Night One arrived at a training base in Nanjiang, a place where Night One secretly trained combat sequences.When Lin Hao got off the bus, he saw the courtyard full of more than a hundred soldiers wearing black combat uniforms with cold breath.

"Young Master!"In the next moment one hundred people knelt on one knee towards Lin Hao in unison, one hundred people in unison, and not a single noisy sound came out.

"Tonight, you are coming with me... to... kill!"Lin Hao's voice was icy cold as he roared at the hundredth combat sequence in front of him.


There was an extremely luxurious presidential suite on the top floor of the Tian Hai City Tianyao Group's headquarters building.

Right now on the suite's massive living room sofa sat a young man in a white suit with a sickly pale complexion, the youth's eyes were hazy, and just by looking at his face, one could tell that this young man was extremely unpleasant to mess with.

His name was Lin Xi, the grandson of the third house of the Lin Xi branch, and one of Lin Hao's younger brothers in the Lin Clan.The plan to exterminate Lin Hao in the Heavenly Sea a few days ago was from his handwriting.

He stood up with a glass of red wine in his hand, looking through the window at the distant Tianhai Group across the street.He took a gulp of red wine and slowly narrowed his eyes.

In the living room behind him, there were two beautiful actresses who had been on TV with collars around their necks, lying behind him like a dog, while in the doorway stood a man with a very similar scent to Night One.

He was Lin Xi's protector, Night Three!

Just what kind of master, what kind of protector, the air on Night Three was almost identical to that of Lin Xi, incomparably gloomy.

The scale of the Tianyao Group was a notch lower than the Tianhai Group, but it was also far larger than the Kyushu Group before the merger.

Originally, Lin Xi wouldn't have done anything to Lin Hao so soon, but Lin Hao suddenly arrived from Nanjiang a few months ago and actually took over the Tian Hai Group in the first place, which made him have a slight killing intent in his heart.

After all, Lin Hao had been in exile for so many years, and he had been operating in the Tianhai Sea for so many years.

He had long considered the Heavenly Sea Group to be his own bag. One second to remember to read the book

" you think it's bad that you're at ease being the loser you are?Why did you have to come back?Have you forgotten how your mother died?Brother, it's been a long time since I've seen you..." a wry smile rose on Lin Xi's face.

"Young Master, Lin Hao's true battle prowess is strong, I'm afraid it's not weaker than mine, and the game you set up against him a few days ago was very thorough.But a discerning person can tell at a glance that you did it.Lin Hao might retaliate, my advice is that you should leave Tian Hai quickly and return to Yanjing, it's safer there!"Night Three frowned and said to Lin Xi.

Hehe... Lin Xi waved his hand with a smile and said, "You're overly worried, Night Three, even if that brother of mine didn't die this time, he's still badly injured, and if he wants to take revenge, he'll have to follow the rules, or else he'll start the Lin Clan's civil war, won't he?Moreover, ah, that uncle of mine who is greedy for the position of head of the family would never allow him to do that...", Lin Xi's eyes became incomparably deep.

Although Lin Xi said so confidently, Night Three still felt something wrong in his heart, although Lin Hao was at ease in the Southern River these past few days recovering from his injuries, there was always a haze in his heart with a very bad premonition.

So he thought about it or said, "Young Master, listen to me, go back, even if Lin Yan is greedy for the position of head of the family, Lin Hao is his own son after all!His position will definitely pass to Lin Hao in the future, won't it?"

Lin Xi suddenly lowered his head and let out a devilish smile, "Giggle... Hahahaha... Yes Lin Hao is his real son, but who told you that his real son is only Lin Hao?"

"He has another ah, although he's hidden deep and deep, but we've already found and controlled him."

"Just wait for that puppet to take over, and the Lin's main lineage will be completely destroyed ah..."


Night San's eyes rounded up fiercely and he couldn't stop trembling all over his body, right now even a cold-blooded character like Night San felt a slight icy chill at Lin's branch's approach.

Lin Xi continued to sneer, "Lin Yan is smart for a lifetime ah, but he is also a sexist ah, after his wife died ten years ago, we arranged a chance encounter with a woman who was excellent to the extreme in every aspect, that woman has been with him for the past ten years and gave birth to a child for him, and now that puppet is only nine years old ah."

"And Lin Yan has kept that child with him in Yanjing, cultivating him as a future heir..."

"Now then, do you think that I, the big brother, will he still have any hope of inheriting Lin's in the future?"

Without waiting for Night Three to answer, Lin Xi shook his own head and said, "No more ah..."

"He's lost that qualification since ten years ago ah... When Lin Yan was suffering the most, he rebelled and ran away from home, that's why he caused the birth of that little puppet, he did it himself ah."

"Do you think it's bad that he waited well to inherit Lin's?Why do you have to do that?In a family like ours, there shouldn't be such a thing as emotions. What a man should want is power!What do you want with absolute power without?"

Night Three suddenly took two steps backwards, his eyes frightened and scared as he looked at this, obviously not having any battle power, young man in front of him.

He had heard too many words he shouldn't have heard tonight, and according to normal logic, he would be close to death after knowing this... At this moment Night Three's mind even began to plan an escape route....

Night Three's reaction was naturally in Lin Xi's eyes, Lin Xi looked at him with a smile and said incomparably mockingly, "Oh... Night Three, you're afraid of me?"

All of Night Three's muscles tensed up and said, "Yes, young master I'm afraid of you!"Night Three spoke directly from the heart. First URL

Lin Xi slowly said, "Yes, what I want is your fear, you have to know that there is no such thing as an immortal god in this world, there is only wisdom.The more you fear me in your heart, the more relieved I will be.Because I'm a person, ah, unlike my big brother, I trust anyone but myself.Including my own father."

Lin Xi paused to look at Night Three and continued, "Right Night Three, then you can run now, I'll give you one night to see if you can run out of the Heavenly Sea?Why don't you try it?"Lin Xi incomparably smiled expectantly and looked at Night Three.

Night Three fiercely knelt on one knee, "Please chastise Young Master!Night Three vows to serve the young master."

Lin Xi waved his hand and sneered, "Promises this thing is just fool a fool...I don't need your promises, I only need to see your actions..."

The reason why Night Three had just kneeled in front of Lin Xi was because of the cold sweat that had flowed down his body at that moment just now.

The moment Lin Xi had just told him to run away, there was a dark murderous intent locked behind him.

He didn't even dare to look back!

At this moment, he realized that Lin Xi had never believed him all along.


Lin Xi clapped his hands and looked at Night Three slowly, "Wise choice, oh right, I forgot to tell you, your body has already been heavily poisoned, if you dare to leave my side for a day, your whole body will turn into black water..."

Night Three knelt on the ground, his heart trembling violently as a trace of regret grew in his heart....



Lin Xi walked up to Night Three and raised his foot on his head to slowly say, "I'm sorry ah, you protectors are trained by that one after all, and that one is only loyal to Lin."

"That's actually true, but Lin's not under our control after all ah.So we don't trust you guardians of the Way, understand?"

Night Three only felt endless humiliation at the moment, but he didn't dare to say a word.Only the remorse in his heart was even stronger.

He had followed Lin Xi to fight for his life hundreds of times over the years, and he had even blocked for Lin Xi seven or eight times in a sure death situation, but in the end, he couldn't even trade his trust in exchange for control under the poison!!!

The first thing that I said was: "I'm a person who said what I said, at least I let you know the truth, as for the others, they probably don't even know the truth.So, you just follow me with all your heart, after all, your strength is also first-class.You follow me well, and I'll guarantee you a lifetime of glory, okay?"

Lin Xi took away the foot that stepped on Night San's head and took a black gold card from his pocket and handed it to Night San.

Night Three took the black gold card and bowed to Lin Xi, "Thank you Young Master for your reward!"

"Oh, that's right, you'll die if I die, so then we'll still be good brothers in the future..." the smile of Lin Xi was very gloomy.

Night Three was incomparably bitter in his heart, yes Lin Xi died he will die, and his death, for Lin Xi it was just one less right-hand man.And for the Lin Clan, a man with high battle power was truly nothing.

It was just that they didn't know that right now, right around their Tianyao Group building, Lin Hao had already rushed over with a hundred elite battle sequences... Remember the URL

Under the night, more than a dozen top security personnel who were patrolling around the Tian Yao Group, suddenly their bodies fell silently.Only after they fell did the black-clothed combat members holding daggers behind them emerge.

It was followed by hundreds of combat members, like a black stream of water, with endless cold killing intent, but silently pouring into the Tianyao Group Building.

Layer after layer, advancing upwards at an extremely fast speed, Lin Hao walked at the end, always guarded by four of the toughest combat sequences around him, while Night One personally led the rapid advance upwards....

At this moment in the luxurious suite on the top floor of the Tianyao Group, the red wine in Lin Xi's hand suddenly caused a small ripple.

Lin Xi's heart trembled and looked down at the red wine glass in his hand, although that slight ripple had calmed down, he still frowned deeply.

Buzz... A 61c7daa2 to ripple suddenly appeared in the living room, and in the next moment a black-clothed woman with a black scarf appeared behind Lin Xi, her eyes incomparably guarded as she stared at the door of the suite.

Night Three also changed dramatically, the first time he drew the three-pronged military spike at his waist, and the two actresses lying on the floor were even more frightened to hide behind the sofa.

"Is it really here?"Lin Xi fiercely turned to look at the door of the room.

Boom... Suddenly the room door was lifted out by a huge force, the huge storm caused Night Three to step back behind Lin Xi, and the strong female beside Lin Xi was also lifted out of her hair.

The next moment in Lin Xi's gaze, Lin Hao, whose face was equally pale, walked into the room under the protection of Night One and the dozens of combat sequences, and Lin Hao's eyes met Lin Xi's.

The ghastly color in Lin Xi's eyes intensified, and he stared at Lin Hao with a deadly stare, "Brother, you understand yourself, you shouldn't have come... now..."


Lin Hao nodded, "Well, it's true that it's not the right time yet, but the rules Lin Yan set with your branch, why should I have to follow them?Heh..." said Lin Hao with a faint sneer.

Lin Xi's eyes narrowed as he slowly said, "If you kill me today, then you will never have the chance to be the head of the family!"

The sneer on Lin Hao's face grew even stronger, "Who told you that I was going to be in that position?And the person in that seat now is Lin Yan. I'll never be in that seat if he doesn't die, will I?So what? Instead of waiting for decades, why don't we just let Lin Yan have his headache to go, I'm only responsible for killing you, it's Lin Yan who should have the headache, not me, isn't it?"

Lin Xi's face was still very calm, and she looked deeply at Lin Hao and said, "Brother, your injuries are still not healed, right?Do you think you can kill me tonight?Five minutes, you only have five minutes, in five minutes Lin's underpinnings in Tianhai will arrive, do you... do you think you can do it?"

"Well, with that renegade ninja behind you?"Lin Hao smiled and didn't even look at Night Three the entire time.

Lin Xi's eyes narrowed and nodded, "Yes, her battle power isn't worse than your Night One, do you want to give it a try?"

Without waiting for Lin Hao to speak, Night One stood in front of Night Three and said to him, "Brother, let's go outside for a walk?"

Night Three looked deeply at the night and slowly nodded his head, "Good, please teach senior brother!"After saying that, he followed Night One to the outside.

When Night One left, the smile on Lin Xi's face became even bigger, even he just sat down on the sofa, while the female rebel stood in front of him coldly, staring at Lin Hao with murderous intent, two black light daggers appearing in his hands.

She only waited for Lin Xi to say something, she would plunge the daggers into Lin Hao's heart, in her eyes, she didn't even care about those combat sequences around Lin Hao, she had absolute confidence that she would kill Lin Hao before those people could react.

Lin Hao also laughed, as if looking at Lin Xi like a fool, "Brother, what era do you think it is?Who still knows how to cold war?Oh, aren't you too naive?Still following ancient laws?" One second to remember to read the book

As Lin Hao's words fell, a micro-charge was raised in the hands of the dozens of combat sequences in the house, and the cold muzzles of the guns were all aimed at Lin Xi.Lin Xi's face finally changed dramatically when he saw this scene....

Lin Xi wanted to speak, but Lin Hao didn't give him another chance to speak, but looked at the female rebel patience blocking Lin Xi and said: "I, from the beginning to the end, I don't have the slightest bit of affection for you rebel patience from the East Japan, but I'm just a bunch of trash, oh yes, I'm now seriously injured, you can also kill me.It's just a bunch of trash, oh right, I'm seriously injured, you can also kill me.But that was after I killed your master, wasn't it?So ah, do you come on offense first, or do you go on defense first?"

The female rebel patience turned pale, Lin Hao didn't follow the rules, making her panic as well.

At that moment, Lin Xi quickly spoke up and threatened, "Lin Hao, this is Tian Hai, how dare you use a gun here?"

"Oh, you know this is the Heavenly Sea, too?Do you still know that this is Warsaw after all?Why didn't you say anything about your clan colluding with Shinobu?And again, who told you I'm in charge of the aftermath?This is Lin Yan's business, isn't he awesome?Let him handle it, then?How is it that I'm also the first heir of the Lim, right?Heh..."

Lin Hao sneered.

In the next moment Lin Hao raised his hand and pointed at Lin Xi and said, "Don't mind that woman, everyone aim at him and fire at full power..."


As Lin Hao's words fell, the black-clothed woman in front of Lin Xi violently threw off the black metal harness around her waist, her harness was made of special metal that bullets couldn't penetrate through, she now had to defend herself with all her might.

As the black-clothed woman danced her black harness, the timely combatants around them opened fire at full force, but with silencers added.

Dozens of tongues of fire shot towards Lin Xi in the middle of the room, the woman in black could only desperately wave the belt, she was a top assassin, her combat strength was extremely strong, right now under her full power, the black belt was danced by her airtight.......

Lin Hao's eyes looked through the black bundles flying around the sky and locked eyes with Lin Xi who was sitting on the couch with an incomparably heavy face, and when he saw fear in Lin Xi's eyes, he smiled and said to Lin Xi with his lips slightly parted, "You're a brother after all..."

Lin Xi's eyes were incomparably gloomy, but there was nothing he could do about it at the moment.

Because he had miscalculated one thing, and that was that Lin Hao had far less regard for the position of Lin Clan Master than they thought!

They were convinced that Lin Hao would make the same choice as Lin Yan to go into hiding, to set things up slowly and secretly, and eventually get rid of their branch and take complete control of Lin's power!

So until then, Lin Hao would only endure!

And the most important thing was that he, Lin Hao, hadn't died in their assassination of him the other day!

"Why?You could have put up with it!"Lin Xi, who was protected in the middle by the black harness, also said to Lin Hao with her lips.

Lin Hao's eyes Vivian darkened, then stared endlessly coldly at Lin Xi and said, "I'm not dead, but I lost five brothers that night!" First web site

"That's just five ants!Lin Hao it's not too late for you to stop now!"Lin Xi continued to speak gloomily.

Lin Hao shook his head, "In my eyes, the talents of your branch are insects, and the lives of everyone in your branch are no match for the life of my brother alone!The Lin's liquidation began with just the first!"


At the same time, Lin Jiuyin, who was far away in Yanjing, couldn't sit still at all, he was in his quiet room, frantically giving orders to Lin's combat sequence stationed in Tianhai, telling them to rush to Tianyao Group as fast as they could to stop Lin Hao from killing Lin Xi at all costs!

After giving all the orders, Lin Jiuyin could only sit in Panxi on the futon in the quiet room and wait.

Not to mention that he was far away from Yanjing, even if he was in Tianhai right now, it would be too late.

He could only pray silently now that Lin Xi would be able to hold on for five more minutes!Yes, just five minutes!

Once the five minutes were up, with the power of the Lin branch, it would be absolutely impossible for Lin Hao to do the slightest bit of damage to Lin Xi.Just could it really last until five minutes?Lin Jiuyin didn't even have a bottom in his own heart.

Lin Jiuyin had deep sunken eyes, a cold, stern face, was very thin, and wore a black tang suit with high cheekbones.

He didn't go to Lin Yin about tonight's incident, because when they did the bureau on Lin Hao a few days ago, Lin Yin didn't come to them to ask for punishment either.So he was waiting, and he was staring at the projection on the wall, which was the scene of Lin's combat sequence rushing out....

Lin Jiuyin didn't say a word, just waited quietly....

Right now in Tianhai City, in an empty floor in the middle of the Tian Yao Group.Night Three and Night One were fighting relative to each other.

Night Three stared at Night One with heavy eyes, "Senior brother, I'm offended!"

After Ye-san finished speaking, a monstrous battle intent surged out of his body, and also wielding a handful of military spikes, he rushed towards Ye-yi.

Night San's rapid dash brought up a gust of wind that blew the clothes on Night One's body backwards.

But even as Night Three rushed in front of him, he didn't move, and only when Night Three's dagger was at his neck did Night One's form move.The military thorn pulled his head up and back, and the thorn stabbed at Night Three's abdomen....


A minute later, Night Three was half-kneeling on the ground, breathing heavily, his arm holding the military spike stabbed with a hole in Night One.His right hand was trembling, and he couldn't use the strength in his whole arm.And Night One was still standing in front of him with a light breeze.

"Brother, Lin Hao is in a bad situation right now, don't forget that there's a rebellious ninja up there whose battle strength is as good as yours!And Lin's combat team should be coming up soon!"Night Three said to Night One in a low voice.

Night One said to Night Three without expression, "I believe him!"

Night Three was stunned for a moment at the words and nodded, "Understood..." and Night Three finished fiercely sending the military spike into his heart.

Night One's face finally had more than a hint of volatility and frowned, "Why did you do that?"

Night Three shook his head bitterly, "I'm with the wrong person, I'm poisoned, and the Lin Clan isn't worth our division brothers fighting to the death for them.Senior brother, I've always disobeyed you, I've always thought of fighting you, even though I can still block you for a while now.But there's no need, go up and kill Lin Xi!We'll exterminate the Lam clan!Revenge for all the brothers and sisters!"

After Night Three finished speaking, his mouth overflowed with blackened blood, and his entire body fell straight down in front of Night One.

Night One looked at Night Three's corpse that had fallen to the ground, his eyes were icy cold, and his ancient mind was up for the first time with killing intent.


The female rebel endurance in front of Lin Xi on the top floor was now kneeling on one knee, she had a dozen more bullet holes in her body.

She couldn't stop bullets even if she was powerful in this world.In fact, she'd done well before, sustaining herself for a minute under dozens of micro-charges! Remember the URL

Behind her, Lin Xi, who was sitting on the couch, looked down incredulously at a bullet hole in his stomach.

Bright red blood flowed out of that bullet hole.It stained his white suit red.Until then, Lin Xi finally rose up with the fear of death.

He didn't want to die!He hadn't even taken the seat of head of the Lim family!He's got a lot of life ahead of him!

It would be at least two or three minutes before Lin's combat sequence arrived, but would Lin Hao really still give him that chance?

Although the wound in his abdomen was not fatal, he was already weak and without a shred of battle strength, but now he didn't even have the strength to move.He could only sit paralyzed on the couch.

The female rebel endurance who was half kneeling on the ground in front of him with blood spurting from her mouth looked back at Lin Xi, "Young Master..."

Lin Xi slowly raised her head to stare at Lin Hao in death and said to the female rebel, "Kill him!"Lin Xi's tone was incomparably cold.

As Lin Xi's words fell, the female rebel patience stormed up, leaping high with her last ounce of strength, the dagger in her hand pointing straight at Lin Hao.

This was the last strike of her life, and the pinnacle of her life.Regardless of success or failure, she would die after this strike.So in the final moment of her death, she was willing to eliminate a great enemy for the Lin Clan so that her organization could gain more support from the Lin Clan!

Just as the female assassin was fast, Lin Hao was even faster. Just as the female assassin's dagger stabbed in front of Lin Hao's eyes, Lin Hao fiercely gripped the female assassin's wrist and backhanded her dagger into her own neck.

Then like throwing garbage, he threw the still-undead female assassin to the side....

Ta-da-da-da-da...The female assassin landed on the ground before she could react again, hundreds of bullets poured into her body, tearing her body right into pieces.

Poof... Lin Hao spurted out a mouthful of blood, his face as pale as paper... He was severely wounded and had just mobilized all of his strength to kill back at the female killer.So his injuries were torn apart again, and there was bright red blood oozing out of his chest and abdomen....


Lin Hao didn't care about the injuries on his body, so he just stared at Lin Xi, who was sitting on the sofa without moving, and then walked towards Lin Xi step by step....

"Are you ready to die?"Lin Hao picked up the dagger of the Female Rebel Endurance from the ground and walked up to Lin Xi, pointing it at Lin Xi's head.

Lin Xi stared up at Lin Hao with a death stare, her face incomparably dark, but her eyes were filled with endless fear: "Lin Hao, you can't kill me!If you dare to kill me, my father will never let you go, all the branches will never let you go, you can't afford the consequences!"

Lin Hao said indifferently, "Can I afford the consequences of killing you, you can't see it, can you?"

Lin Xi looked stiff, and his words changed to a bitter plea, "Big brother, let me go this time, will you let me go this time?I give you the Tianyao Group, all my wealth!I'm only asking you to let me go once. Did you really kill me for five men?For five men who can be trained at any time to go to war with the Lin Clan branch?"

As Lin Xi's words fell, the dozens of warriors around them all fell silent.

It was true that they incomparably wanted to avenge those five dead brothers in their hearts, but they knew even better that their young master was now far from being ready to start a war with the Lin branch.

So right now there was a combat sequence that said to Lin Hao, "Young Master, now is not the time!Please think twice!We'll avenge our brothers later!Please think twice!"After saying that, he directly knelt on one knee.

"Young Master, please think twice!"Boom... all the surrounding combat sequences were all on their knees in the next moment.


Just then there was the sound of intensive footsteps outside the door, it was a combat sequence sent over by Lin Jiuyin, but this moment was blocked by Lin Hao's men, and Night One pressed in. One Second Remember to Read the Book

One of the Lin's team members outside threw a projection device into the house, and soon Lin Jiuyin's figure was projected on the wall of the house.

In desperation, Lin Xi, upon seeing Lin Jiuyin's figure, quickly and frantically begged, "Dad, save me, save me..."

Lin Jiuyin didn't even look at Lin Xi, instead his eyes were dark and deadly as he stared at Lin Hao.

He didn't have to say a word, but his eyes already indicated everything.There was both a threat and a hint of compromise within his eyes.

He was the one who fought with Lin Yan twenty years ago, and for him to open his mouth to beg Lin Hao, to beg Lin Yan's son, he couldn't do it.

Lin Jiuyin didn't speak, Lin Hao didn't speak either, and there was a quiet confrontation between the two combat sequences outside the door, with dozens of other combat sequences inside the house on one knee.At this moment everyone was waiting for Lin Hao's decision!

Lin Hao narrowed his eyes, with endless coldness and battle intent in his eyes, and walked behind Lin Xi, right in front of Lin Jiuyin's eyes, and slowly slashed the dagger across Lin Xi's neck....

Cough cough cough... Lin Xi died in despair, covering his neck that was spurting blood outwards, his mouth was also spurting blood, he couldn't say a word, slowly his consciousness became more and more fuzzy and silent, his body slowly fell to one side....

The color of Lin Jiuyin's face on the screen did not change, but he was still staring at Lin Hao with an expressionless face.It was just that his eyes were filled with endless coldness.Lin Hao was staring at him with the same eyes.After Lin Jiuyin locked eyes with Lin Hao for a while longer, the projection on the screen faded away.

The Lin's combat sequence outside the door stared at Lin Hao with one eye wide open.


All of their hearts were incomparably shocked, they never expected that just after they all arrived and Lin Jiuyin appeared, Lin Hao would still kill Lin Xi!

Lin Hao looked icily at the combat sequences outside the door that were infiltrated by the Lin Clan's branch, "I am still the young master of the Lin Clan, the first submissive heir..." said Lin Hao as he narrowed his eyes.

One of the captains who confronted Night One outside the door gave Lin Hao a deep look before turning around and leaving, taking away all the combat sequences that had arrived....

"Big brother!"Night One walked up to Lin Hao and looked at Lin Xi's corpse, his eyes were heavy and he frowned deeply.

"Continue, the Lin Clan branch that was involved that night was definitely more than just Lin Xi, all of them were buried tonight!"Lin Hao gave the order to Night One.

Night One bit his teeth and nodded, bringing more than ninety combat sequences pouring out of the Tianyao Group.

This night, Lin Hao had killed seventeen people from the Lin Clan branch in a row!Kill all the Lin Clan's branches in Tian Hai City!

It caused the entire Lin Clan in Yanjing to set off a monstrous earthquake.

This night, the heads of the Lin Clan's branches around the world all rushed to Yanjing at once....

At three o'clock in the morning, Lin Hao and Night One were on the road at the Tianhai border, looking at Yanjing from afar.Night One was incomparably worried, after all, what Lin Hao had done this time was just too much.

"Big brother, I've already issued an order to the outside world that all the brotherhoods scattered all over the world will gather at Nanjiang tomorrow.Big brother, do you think this time will cause an all-out war between the main and branch veins?Like that war ten years ago?" First web site

Night One was incomparably worried and asked Lin Hao.

Lin Hao shook his head, "No... you underestimate Lin Yan.What he wants to control is the entire Lin family.If there's a war, what he controls will become less and less the older he gets... And those old men from the Lin Clan branch won't agree, they're just scrupulous on both sides..."

Night One's eyes lit up, and he was now also afraid that Lin Hao would directly go full-on with the Lin branch.

They weren't ready yet, Lin Hao was still a little too weak.

Lin Hao thought about it and continued: "But they won't let me off so easily, I guess my ranking as the first heir will be lowered, and I won't be able to get any support from Lin Clan for a few years.But it doesn't matter, such an outcome is something I've predicted for a long time, if we want to get a foothold in this world, we'll have to rely on ourselves after all ah..."

Lin Hao's eyes were deep, and the heart that Night One had just put down was raised again.

The Lin Clan Branch would definitely use this incident to force the palace on Lin Yan, but there was no shortage of time for the two sides to tug at each other.After all, the branch vein was no matter how much it had hidden and grown over the years.The current Lin Clan was still Lin Yan's to call the shots.It was nothing more than Lin Yan's big exit this time.A portion of the authority was divided by the branch vein again, but what did that have to do with him, Lin Hao?

The year his mother died, he no longer recognized Lin Yan as a father in his heart.

His mother's bones weren't even cold then, and Lin Yan couldn't wait for his pregnant new lover to approach the gates of the Lin family!

Lin Hao will never be able to untie this knot!

From the day that woman approached Lin Yan, in Lin Hao's heart, there was no longer any father-son relationship between him and Lin Yan!

"Let's go, go to the hometown of those five brothers, in a few hours they'll be buried, let's go see our brothers off for one last ride..." sighed Lin Hao, with more than a hint of sadness in his eyes.The road he was on with Night One was the road where those five brothers, a few days ago, had died in battle to buy him time to escape....

Now Lin Hao had avenged them... by plugging the trouble of a head-on confrontation with the Lin branch more than a year in advance....


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